Schweiss Doors - Architectural Hydraulic Doors

1 Our Architect, Workshop APD has specified Schweiss hydraulic garage doors for our project. Could you please call me to discuss how we proceed with this? We are located in MA. Thanks! Deb

2 Hi I’m a designer at Workshop/APD, architectural firm in NYC. We are currently working on a residential project in Martha’s Vineyard and considering using hydraulic flip-up garage door. It will be a wood framed building and we would like to clad the door with wood siding finish. Would you be able to connect me with the local rep via email so I could further discuss details? Also it would be great if you could send me brochure and CAD (showing head/sill/jamb detail) for relevant product. Thanks so much. Best

3 Hi I'm looking to bid a project spec. for a Schweiss Door.

4 Vanston/O'Brien has been hired by the Owner to complete a conceptual/Schematic Design construction estimate for a renovation project on an existing wood and steel frame building on main street just north of downtown Ann Arbor, MI. The drawing notes indicate these are to be "operable screen with hydraulic strut(s)". These will function more as a window covering and will expose the full glass window when in the open position, functioning more like a sunscreen while open. The building is to have Centria metal panels on the exterior with aluminum storefront windows. Quantities and size as follows: - (3 units) opening size 8'W x 5'H - (1) unit) opening size 10'W x 5'H Can you help me with an installed price for these units, first quarter of 2024. Thanks.

5 I would like an email to send architectural plans to so that I can get a door quote.

6 I am working on a building design for a customer that is interested in incorporating your hydraulic door into their structure. We are flexible at this stage as we are currently working on concept design for this residence. If you would be able to give us a rough estimate of your products price it would be very helpful in determining whether we will be able to incorporate your product in our budget. Thank You for your time.

7 Do you have Revit models of your hydraulic doors so we can use you as our design basis? Exterior: 14'-0" Roman Brick coursing 6" Cast stone cap Interior: Sound proof gyp / fabric sound absorbing material No glass on this project.

8 Interested in schweiss doors and the bi fold design on a project we are building. Would like to set up a teams call so that we can go over what we are looking for and go over design.

9 I am working on a hangar in Midland. Will you please send me specifications on a bifold door? And any architectural details or reactions that you have. It will be in a pre-engineered metal building. There will also need to be an integral man door. Thank you,

10 I need a price for a full glass door to go in a large "barn" with tennis courts inside. The architect gave me a link to Schweiss products. Can you get me a bid?

11 Looking for a door for residential use. Hydraulic powered door for moving window wall door. Need rough pricing and specs to understanding operating features and how it can be included in design

12 Architectural project- looking at the one piece hydraulic door. Need CAD or Revit model to incorporate into design and initial hydraulic door pricing. Thanks WH

13 Do you have any hydraulic door system install in florida? Can you let me know. I have an architect that want to check your systems.

14 Hello, I am an architect at Michael Baker International and I'm working on a General Aviation Terminal in DeFuniak Springs, FL and need some input on specifying and incorporating a bifold liftstrap or hydraulic hurricane rated hangar door in the project. We are looking to accommodate an opening that is approximately 80' x 20' and would prefer a hydraulic one piece door instead of bi-fold as to keep the height of the hangar down. We are also interested in presenting a glass door option to the client for their consideration. Thanks, Mike

15 Looking for ballpark pricing information on range of Architectural hydraulic one-piece low maintenance doors for residential use.

16 Ladies and Gentlemen: May I please have a spitball, rough estimate, of the cost of a hydraulic door like Mr. Bruce Hamon's featured on your Schweiss Doors Must See Photo website? I'm presently at the planning stages of a home addition/remodeling that call for an extensive use of glass in the back portion of our home. Your hydraulic door seems like a wonderful alternative to what my architect is presently contemplating. I'd just like a rough estimate of the cost it that is possible. Thank you for your time. john

17 I am an architect working on a hangar project in southern California. The project consists of 3 buildings containing 41 individual hangars, each having a bifold or hydraulic hangar door. I am preparing the drawings using Revit BIM software. Do you have any of your drawings and/or details for your hangar doors in electronic BIM files, specifically .rvt or .rtf files? Thank you for your assistance.

18 We are a Hufcor dealer that also sales through Hufcor the Crown doors. We are looking for a more direct way to market your bifold and hydraulic door  product for which we have had success with the architectural community. We have our own full time installers and cover the state of Oklahoma. If you have any interest in having a dealer in our state we would appreciate an opportunity to discuss same. We only work the commercial construction market promoting our products to the architects. Most of our success has been in the School market, but we also do a lot of Indian Casino's which are starting to use the Schweiss Doors designer door product.

19 Hi, I am with MIA interior architects and design and I just wanted to know some general pricing examples for your Schweiss designer hydraulic and bifold style doors. Thank you

20 I am an architect working on a large, slope-side training facility doors in Utah. I'd like to learn more about your hydraulic one piece doors similar to your project in San Francisco, House of Air glass doors with aluminum door frames. I need to learn more about the thermal door winterization options. Your hydraulic and bifold doors look  like a great product.

21 I'm an architect based in Los Angeles. I'm trying to reach out to a Schweiss Door engineer at your company. I currently have two clients interested in bifold and hydraulic doors of the designer door caliber. Can I forward door engineering data in order to facilitate quotes on these glass designer doors. They are both commercial doors.

22 Please provide any architectural autocad or revit hydraulic door details for your one piece doors as well as any relevant price information on adding freestanding hyd. header doors. 

23 Architectural designed aluminum and glass door for finished opening 32'4" x 14'. Wood construction commercial recreational use door.  Require self supporting one piece hydraulic door. Quote for remote opener also.

24 Our architectural firm is pricing out specialty vertical louver cedar kiln clad pierced stainless steel winery one piece doors project for a Napa Valley winery. Very similar to the unique bifold doors you built for the Opus One winery. Quote Hydraulic liftstrap doors: 30 ft. x 12 ft. 6" and a 18.6 x 11 ft. 6 " hydraulic door. We'll need more specialty doors of each of these sizes, but not sure yet how many. 

25 We are looking for industrial grade hydraulic designer doors that are 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Also 12 W x 17 H. The architectural design firm calls for one piece exterior mounted hydraulic overhead doors.

26 I would like to send my architectural building  door sketches to begin a conversation about the applicability of your Schweiss Door products and services for our glass designer door situation. I'm most interested in your hydraulic door at this point, but will consider purchasing a bifold designer door.

27 We purchased a 24x96' greenhouse from a property in Indiana. The house has 96' of wall doors in 12' sections. Wall door hgt. is 12.' Think with your Schwiess hydraulic door system sheathed with polycarbonate it would be ideal. We are reconstructing it for retail greenhouse use. We wish to upgrade the current doors and ask if any design specs. might exist for this particular style our architect can use to develop construction specs. 

28 I am bidding a architectural specialized hydraulic  X-Ray door project. Need to get a price on a Schweiss hydraulic pump motorized radiation shielded hospital service door. Gloss black power coat frame door. 16 panel, Low-E double pane stainless steel cladding, 15/16" liner over lead core door. X-Ray lab door size is 12'x12'.

29 Do you have a sales rep near the San Francisco, California area? My architectural firm will soon be advising client on series of four Schweiss designer glass hydraulic university doors for new project.

30 I am working on a small architectural door project where I am considering the use of (2) hydraulic doors with a full glass veneer. One door would be 10'x10' and the other would be 12'x12'. These will be glazed glass hotel doors.

31 Need a Schweiss hydraulic specialty door 80 ft-W x 30 ft- H to be used as a corporate headquarters door. This door is to be specially made with a lot of glass and powdercoating. Call to discuss door  details with my architect.

32 Considering a steel structure & glass hydraulic  doors  at a high school I'm currently in Architectural Design Development for. I want the door opening to be 8' tall, (I do not need it to be wider than 40', but I'm curious if that's possible), as well as the recommended width (in terms of door cost). Is there a width/height at which the price of the glass door starts to climb steeply?

33 We are an architectural firm preparing a bid for designer doors in New York. We have two doors specified as Motorized Hydraulic Overhead doors  at 6'w x8'h; Do you furnish only, or can you include door installation?

34 Please contact my architectural firm about door pricing for an upcoming commercial designer door project in California. I'll be incorporating glass into hydraulic one piece door and want an aluminum door.

35 Hi, I am a structural engineer working on a project in Utah. The architect would like to incorporate a glass bi-folding door. It is an internal door in a public building. There is a lightweight steel roof structure and there are static glass wall panels either side of the door. We are trying to reduce the visual impact of structure as much as possible with frameless glass elements wherever possible. Your door mechanisms look very interesting to us and we are especially interested in your hydraulic door  system. Could you give us an idea of the details - size of motor, side rails etc. which would be required for such an application. I have included the door dimensions below. We anticipate a glass door weight of 1400lbs. Many thanks

36 70 x 18' clear hydraulic door needs to be insulated and have metal liner panel on inside needs 4 windows in door 7' wide x 3' tall need cost to include installation We have architectural plans...will try and send them to the general email. Need door reactions and details to send to building manufacturer so they can design and price the building for me Thanks

37 Do you have revit models or any 3d models of your Schweiss hydraulic doors? I would like to use them on an project and need to show them in an architectural rendering. Thank you, Daniel

38 We are an architectural firm currently working for a CONFIDENTIAL client in CA. On the Exterior skin of the central utility plant the architect has design (4/ea) hydraulic door "storefront" all glass Schweiss hanger doors such as the ones you have on your photos. The dimensions of these doors are 24 wide by 14 high. Current we are looking for budget cost to furnish and intall turnkey. Could someone help us with a quote?

39 I need an estimate for my New York restaurant storefront. I have architects renderings for a glass hydraulic door 40 wide x 14 ft. high. Would like this door to have a walk in door. Can you shoot me an estimate after I forward the architectural stuff to you?

40 I work for an Architecture firm, and we are exploring opportunities to install an operable Schweiss hydraulic door in one of our building's existing masonry openings to establish a better connection to our side yard. We're interested in mounting a storefront system to your Schweiss  hydraulic lift door. First, we would like to get a better understanding on what our options are and what those options would cost.

41 Good morning, I am working on the design of a community center in New Jersey and we are interested in specifying a hydraulic door from you. We would be looking for something with a storefront look that is all glass. The building is an existing wood framed building that we would be adding a new 14'-0" by 16'-0" opening in which to place the door. We would like to know what the cost premium is over a glazed hydraulic door. Please call me if there is any additional information you would need to provide a preliminary quote. B. Smith, Architect

42 We're looking for preliminary budgeting pricing for 10' wide by 10' tall aluminum hydraulic greenhouse glass door with motor. The doors will be clad with insulated glass units, 2x2 grid of 5'x5' panels. Project is in Brooklyn NY. Building is former mechanics garage, heavy wood frame roof, block wall. There is currently a lintel above the 10' wide opening. I am a registered architect and will work with structural engineer, but I'm curious what engineering service Schweiss offers for design of structural beams to support the door. Also want to know about installation services, coordination with IGU/glass fabricator. Thanks. Dan 

43 I was thinking of installing a Schweiss hydraulic  door as a security door in the main entrance to to the offices of a warehouse in Chicago and would like to get more information. I am not sure if the doors needs to be within the confines of a wall or can it be a box 3' off the face of the building. I could send a preliminary architectural plan of where I would like the door located. Thanks

44  We are an architectural firm interested in the Schweiss Hydraulic and Liftstrap Bifold Doors. Please, forward the pricing and lead time for this item.

45 Hello, I am researching potentially using one of your hydraulic door systems on a project our architectural firm is working on in Memphis. It would be great if we had a rough quote to give to the client to help us move forward in our design. Door design and specs are given below. Please respond.  Thanks! Gavin

46 We would appreciate a fairly close price for two hydraulic Schweiss doors so that we can include in our building estimate. 1.In an existing wood post frame building endwall: 18'H x 50"W 2.In a new steel [not pre-engineered] building: 18'H x 36'W These will be purchased by the General Contractor but it would be preferred that you include cost of installation in your estimate. This would not include the cost of required extra bracing in either building. We would build this cost into our architectural firms building estimate. Thank you 

47 My company has been contracted to design and build a garage with a hydraulic Schweiss door. You come highly recommended from a couple of local architects and I am excited with what you have to offer. I am assuming you deliver to Canada? Also, do you send a spec sheet for the required framing of the building to support the stresses from the door? 

48 I am an architect working on a residential project in Los Angeles, California. We are trying to figure out a way to open up a glass wall in a way that doesn't use sliding doors, rather we would like to use an aluminum-framed glass wall that either tilts up and into a horizontal position or that folds up and into an almost horizontal position, much like the hydraulic and bi-fold liftstrap doors shown on your website but of an architectural character with aluminum frames and glass panels. In the open position the horizontal door would act almost like a sunscreen/trellis. Is it possible for you to engineer a wall/door, made of aluminum 2x 4 frames with additional mullions as required and with insulated  tempered glazing, say 10x12wide by 8x9 tall, that would tilt, all in one piece, up and out and be held in a horizontal position some 8 to 9' above the floor? I see on your website that you have a few hydraulic doors with aluminum and glass but the only outward tilting doors seem to be industrial type. If not a bi-fold door could possibly be used but we would like to explore the possibility of using a single wall-like tilting hydraulic door.

49 I'm contacting you from an architectural firm based out of Toronto, Ontario. I'm currently working on a vehicle bay that will require three (3) 18' x14' horizontal hydraulic doors and was wondering if you have any product information and CAD details that would help me draw and spec the door for our project. I look forward to hear back from you. 

50 I am an architect who has designed a residential project for which I would like to use your hydraulic  doors for a louvered sunshade. I see you have  experience with your frame and hardware being used this way on the Louisiania Sports Hall of Fame hydraulic doors. Attached are drawings showing how we would like to use it. Please send me your feedback or questions.  

51 We would like to request a product information binder for our office. We like the bifold doors at the small kiosks along Broadway at the newly remodeled Santa Monica Place mall. We would like to spec bifold doors like that on some of our commercial/creative office TI projects. If you can, also include binders on your hydraulic and designer doors. We already have one client that wants your door. Will get back to you very soon.  Thank you,  Design Architects 

52 I am needing an information package on all the doors you offer. I have a meeting next week at our architectural firm with multiple clients and would like to use your information in my proposal. Please also include information on your Schweiss Designer Door line in both hydraulic doors and bifold doors.  If you could overnight the package, it would be appreciated. Thank you

53 Hello, I am working on a architectural door design project for my capstone class at Southern Poly Technic state University. My project requires a door 148 ft long by 20 ft tall, or 2 doors 74 ft long by 20 ft tall. Is this something applicable to your Schweiss hydraulic or Bifold Door products and if so what would the cost be? Thanks for the help.

54 Hello, I'm an architect from Bucharest, Romania. I've found your site and I like your products. I'm very interested, especially in the  Schweiss Hydraulic Lift and Bi Fold Doors with your Red Power systems. I would like to use it for commercial spaces (showrooms, magazines, terraces). Can it be made with glass? Also, can you tell me if you have distributors in Europe? Thank you,

55 Thanks for the earlier specs. Now I need specs for your Red Power Systems for my Schweiss hydraulic lift door, 76'-0\"W X 18'-0\" clear height. Thanks for such a quick response last time. Regards, Victor

56 We are architects/engineers doing a report for repairs to an existing airport hangar facility for the Forest Service. Just trying at this point to get some \"ballpark\" figures to replace the orignal (rail/telescoping) hangar door with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red power backup system. Please let me know if you have any questions.

57 We are architects and would like to use a glass Schweiss hydraulic lift door and bifold door  for display showroom that we are designing. Can you provide details that have required dimensions needed to fit a door that we would be able to use as a guideline? Also, can you send brochures explaining your new Red Power System line. Or would it be possible for us to send the drawings to one of your reps to take a look at?

58 Looking for hangar hydraulic lift door 40 x (14 or 12) clearance depending on price, well insulated with your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. This will be for a architect who is quiet fussy about the quietness of a door this size and the ability of your motors to lift it quietly. 

59 The architect has spec'd your hydraulic lift door for a special residential job (Garage) It will need to match siding on the house and architect, after reading your web site, recommends installing Schweiss Red Power backup system.

60 I am an architect in Denver and I would like some pricing information regarding your Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors. Send brochures on your Red Power hydraulics. Please contact. Thank you!

61 The attachment is your hydraulic lift Schweiss Door quote. The 2nd attachment is additional door detail information provided by the architect for this project. Would you please review the architect's details and modify your proposal to include Red Power Systems if necessary. I understand that the door installation and the glass glazing is included in your quote. I notice on your original quote that the \"ship to\" city is incorrect. I am not sure that will make much difference in the shipping costs, but it should be corrected. The \"ship to\" city is Santa Barbara, CA 

62 My name is Rogelio and I work for Architects in El Paso, TX. We're currently working on a project where we're proposing an aluminum/glass Schweiss hydraulic lift door (12'W x 10'H) similar to the one shown on your website for the Global Ecology Center - Stanford University. Could you please send me your product information/specifications for your Red Power Hydraulic Safety Backup  Systems and price list for this particular door so we can show our client how it works. Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.Thank you.

63 Good morning, I am an architect in Phoenix, Arizona developing a LEED Platinum rated home locally. Primary wall construction is cast-in-place concrete. Nearly every other architectural element is rusted steel.The home stacks over its garage. The garage opening is 23'-8\" wide by 9'-0\" high. The primary window of the children's playroom is directly over the garage opening and measures the same dimensions.I intend to utilize a Schweiss hydraulic lift door across the garage opening, and a second, identical door over the glass of the playroom above. Both doors would be clad in a perforated rusted steel screen, effectively ventilating the garage, and providing a solar screen with limited view-thru for the playroom. Of course, when the playroom door is fully open an unobstructred view through the glass is obtained and the door acts as a horizontal shade above the window. While searching the web I found your company and photos of a home in San Rafael, CA that stylistically matches my intent. I need to detail these doors and have my structural engineer plan appropriately for their inclusion in the project. There are many unknowns logistically, and dimenionally. I presume someone at Schweiss Doors will work with me to design and specify appropriate doors and Red Power Systems for the intent noted above.Please contact me at your earliest availability to discuss my options further. Thanks

64 I am an architect working on a school project where we would like to use glass hydraulic lift doors. We are located in Plano / North Dallas area. Schweiss Doors should be equipped with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems. Do you have a local rep info we can contact and schedule an appointment?

65 Hello - I am an architect in Salt Lake City, Utah and was wondering if I could get some info regarding your Schweiss hydraulic lift designer doors. We are currently designing a new library that also has a multi-purpose component.We would like to open one end of the multi-purpose room (approx. 70' x 105') using a door about 62' wide x 18' clear. The room opens onto a plaza/amphitheater and they would like the option of opening this up into one contiguous space. They would also like to have the door be glazed to allow natural light into the space when the door is closed and should have your quietest Red Power hydraulics installed. It will be all new construction,steel framed with some type of veneer. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Does your company make such a door? What would a rough estimate of cost be on a door this size? Look forward to hearing from you.Regards

66 We would like to introduce ourself. We are the specialist for the design, supply and installation of aluminium and glazing works for building facade. Our products are wide-ranging for majority of the architectural aluminium requirements. We specialised in Aluminium Curtain Wall System, Aluminium Wall Cladding, Stainless Steel Cladding,Doors, Windows, Structural Frameless Glass Sytem and other architectural aluminium products forthe building and manufacturing industries.We are now tendering for a project in Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station, Malaysia, and need your favour to quote us the price for the Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic Lift Door System. Please find attached here with the architect design drawings for your kind proposal. Your kind assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you

67 Hi, I'm an Architect and am doing a studio addition to my existing garage, and will be making some improvements to the existing garage. I've been trying to find an opportunity use a hydraulic lift door on a project, but have met with client resistance. I'd like to use them on my own project, as it will be a showcase of many design ideas. The pertinent information for a quote is inputted below, but I also want to add a bit about the material. I would like the door to have a spaced 3/4\" horizontal stained wood finish, with a painted plywood backerboard. I would like the siding of the rest of the garage to plane out to the face of the door. I want quiet, but powerful Schweiss Red Power hydraulics to lift it. Thanks

68 I have a pole building that has a door opening 16 Ft Wide and 22 Ft tall. The door has a western Exposure and must be designed for a 110 mph wind load zone . Hydraulic lift Schweiss door should provide security and protection from the weather as well as safety factor described in your Red Power Hydraulics. My  architect is requesting two submittals one for \"economy\" solution ( minimum security and weather protection ) with a total cost of $2000 or less and a \"Luxury\" solution with (maximum security and weather protection) with a total cost of $10,000. or less

69 We are a New York City architecture firm looking to use your product as an insulated door over a series of exterior french doors. Have you done this type of an installation before? We are thinking of using SIP panels as the actual material of the door. Door we are considering is a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift with Red Power Safety Advantage system - I can follow up with a phone call and see if this may be a possibility. Your designer doors look terrific.

70 Looking at a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage System for a school to use at a gym location. Please send cost and have Kansas City Metro Architectural Rep contact me. Saw one of your doors used in a similar situation, they are really functional and attractive.  Joyce

71 I would like as much information as you can provide me about Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power units. I have a client that needs a 40' door as well as 30-32' door. I need to know the rough opening sizes, how they are installed etc. Any information that you can provide that will help the architect and engineer as well, Thanks Schweiss.

72 The specs attached to the above quote the architect designates Baked enamel, or powder coated finish on the aluminum sections. Do you have that and Red Power System in your estimate?

73 I am the lead design architect on an IPic Entertainment project in South Florida. I am thinking about using the Schweiss hydraulic lift or bi-fold doors on an outdoor cafe that I am designing. Could you send me a catalog of your products, specifically information on commercial restaurant and your Red Power hydraulic applications. 

74 Could you send us a documentation about your products. We're French architects and we're interested by your Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power doors and Bifold strap lift doors. Also, all accessories that can come with both style doors. Do you have any contacts in France.

75 I saw an application of hangar doors for window shading and storm protection on an architect designed house. I am interested in learning more about this application of the hydraulic lift hangar door and I would like to know the price for a door to include Schweiss Red Power backup sytem.

76 I am interested in specifying one of your horizontal hydraulic lift Schweiss doors for a new school I am designing in Oregon. The opening would be approximately 10' high by 50' long. It would allow us to open up the cafeteria to a covered outdoor patio. Could you give me any information you have regarding the thermal performance of a hydraulic lift door (assuming insulated glass)? Are the frames thermally broken? Do you have reliable air infiltration testing information? How do the Red Power hydraulic pump doors perform over time in terms of air coming into the building at the seams or tracks. Our concern is how the use of the door would impact the energy performance of the building.

77 I am an architect located in Barbados and I am interested in getting a quote from you regarding some Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic systems for a residential project. 2 types of doors that we would like to tender (they are really the same door, just different sizes). Each door has 6 panels, 4 are glass and 2 are louvers as shown. The surrounding structure is made of reinforced concrete for beams and reinforced concrete block work for walls. Ideally we would prefer that the doors be made out of wood. Can you do that? Also, are all of your doors operated by hydraulic mechanisms or do you also provide strap lift bifold door for opening and closing doors. If any of this stuff is within your expertise could you please provide me with a general quote showing clearly the price for hardware, door and if possible installation. Is it possible to just tender the hardware from you minus the door? If you have any questions, please ask. I look forward to hearing back from you.  Regards Clayton

78 We are an Architecture firm Located in Ketchum, Idaho. We are doing a residential project where we want to use Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors. I have some questions which are listed here.. 1.What is normal turn around time for your Red Power System doors once we place an order? 2. What would be the depth of the framing for normal 30' Wide x 9' Tall and 30' wide X 20' Tall Doors? as we want the glazing to terminate in the same plane for seamless aesthetics. 3. We do not have clear openings for the Door Structure 6'-0\" c/c and the one piece door is expected to close tightly. Is that something you think we can do? Do you have any Substantial framing that goes beyond the depth inside the occupied space? 4. How do you supply the door? Frame only and we can Glaze in Glass or you can supply with glazing as per our requirements? 5. If we want, can we get small Red Power motors 6' c/c posts (6' wide x 20' Tall) do you think that is something we can do? Any simple mechanism for these as they are smaller in sizes? Hope to talk to you soon. - Henry 

79 Having hangar plans drawn up. I plan on a 46' x 14' Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door. Two questions: 1. My architect says he will need to loads that the door puts on the hangar structure, and that you can supply the loads. Is this correct? 2. I want a 14' high clear-space opening. How high does the hangar opening need to be for this door? I assume that the door needs a few feet up on top. The side columns are not determined yet, but I think we are going with masonry. Like your doors.

80 We are a Architectural firm interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on a new construction fire house. We need a fast-opening door with Red Power hydraulic pump(s). Like to know if you had a color chart and what was considered standard finishes. Any other FD's using your door?

81 Gentlemen I have a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that has been spec'd by the architect. It will have Red Power Hydraulic Pump. Please have someone contact me. Plus do you have installers in the Tri-Sate area?

82 We are doing some renovations at a College in Springfield, MA this summer. The architect on this project would like to use 4 Schweiss hydraulic lift designer doors 10'-2\" x 12'-6\". 3 would be operable via your Red Power hydraulic pumps and 1 fixed. Whom would I contact to get a installed price?

83 We have an architect who has specified our DEGLAS 16 mm impact modified double-skinned acrylic sheet for several hydraulic lift doors in Cal. He has specified your Schweiss one piece Red Power System door. I thought this might be an opportune time to promote our glazing panels for incorporation into your product line. Visit our website then scroll down for technical data sheets, systems, etc. If you would like a DEGLAS sample kit sent to you, please forward the address, and to who's attention. I would be glad to address any questions you may have, provide pricing, and provide technical support.

84 I am inquiring about a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that an architect has specified on the Des Moines Art Center addition project. The door measures 12' wide and 16' tall. The specifications state, \"Framework for a motorized hanger-style one piece door, for applicaton of stone wall panels, Red Power hydraulic electrical system product by Schweiss Doors. Can you contact me by the end of the day with a quote. The architects have requested that I provide them with a budget estimate for this potential project by the end of the day today. Thanks

85 I am an architect working on some design options for a client who is building a shelter for a large taxidermy \"sculpture\" of 2 moose. We are looking at large door openings as a way of moving the sculpture in/out of the enclosure for transport, as well as allowing visitors to view the sculpture. I am interested in getting a rough quote to share with our client to determine order of magnitude cost impact. In addition, I am interested in learning about the custom door facing options that we have. Ideally, the hydraulic door panels would be a combination of wood (rough pine) and a good amount of glass for viewing. I'd like to understand how the door sub frame is designed, and what Red Power Safety Advantage options we have for working with you to maximize the glass viewing area. Thanks in advance, Carl R.

86 Please provide budget pricing for a Metal and Glass Hydraulic Schweiss Door approx. 20'-2\" x 12'. The architect has designed this to included 8 panes of glass wide and four tall and your Red Power backup system.

87 We are a design-build architect-general contractor. Project for a High End Residential Project in Palo Alto. Looking for Custom Glass / Steel - Full Canopy or Schweiss hydraulic one piece Canopy Door to Living Room. Needs to be Safe for children, quiet for home, so make sure it has your new Red Power Safety Advantage System. Please call. Note time difference from California to Minnesota, afternoons are best time to talk.

88 We ARe bidding a project located in Washington D.C. The Architect has asked us to provide a price for a Schweiss designer hydraulic lift glass garage door. The dimensions are approximately 14' wide by 9' high. Please provide all Red Power hydraulic pump system options. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you.

89 I would like to talk with someone about an application we have for an opening on a cooling tower that has an architectural screening material. The screening material needs to open up for a steel boom to lift materials through the opening and into the cooling tower area. Once loaded the screening materials need to be closed back up. Your Schweiss hydraulic door with enhanced lifting power of Red Power hydraulic pumps may be just what we need. Stephen Hunter

90 We are a young architecture office with a practice in Western Europe and on the East Coast. For a potential application in a building in Brussels, Belgium (dutchspeaking) we are interested in finding out of you have a distributor of your product in the area: Belgium, Holland, France, Germany? We already have two clients looking for your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic or bifold doors. One for a hangar and other for an industry.  Thanks Alexander

91 We are designing an office building in Culver City, and would like to learn more about your Schweiss hydraulic doors. Ideally, we would need 6 doors, each about 8' tall by 8' wide. We would like them to have glass/plexiglass panels with an aluminum/steel frame. Can you please send me some information that addresses the issues above? Also, pricing information on Red Power hydraulic pumps will be helpful. We are just trying to get numbers to see if this is possible. Ellen K. R. S. Architecture

92 Please send me your Schweiss Architectural Manual on bifold, designer and hydraulic doors with Red Power options. I have a project I am working on for KSTP with two openings, one at 31'4\" wide and one at 20'9-1/2\" wide. Both approx. 14' high. I need more info for door head and jamb details. Thank you

93 The new bifold door with auto latch or the new metal appearance one-piece hydraulic door would need to have the appearance of an architectural metal panel system with a series of joints. Need high Finish quality one-piece hydraulic doors with smooth metal panel. Red power hydraulic Schweiss Doors that are custom made hydraulic doors would provide unique architectural beauty. 

94 I am currently designing a high school and planning to use all glass (insulated) bifold doors or one-piece hydro powered hydraulic high school doors. The current high school door opening size is about 25' wide x 16' tall. There are multiple high school one-piece hydraulic doors. These large one-piece hydraulic doors need to be installed high school hydraulic doors slightly angled vertically for acoustic reasons.

95 Please have someone contact me soon. I am an Architect working on Laguna Honda Hospital, currently under construction in San Francisco. We are making a change to our main security gate to the new facility, and need to work closely with a manufacturer for a custom designed hydraulic one piece door or bi-fold door. This door will need to mount to existing structure (some flexibility may be possible) and will be the housing for some type of metal (aluminum or possibly stainless steel) artwork that will cover the door. Please call me after 8 AM Pacific Time (3 hours behind Eastern Standard time) We have a deadline for the design. Additionally, the door will need to conform to structural requirements determined by our Structural Engineer due to the State governing body that oversees hospital construction. Thanks very much, 

96 Need Structural Spec Sheets (A1-4?) for the following M Style Bottom Drive (strap) Opening - 12'x42' 24\" Wedge Wind 75 mph, Exposure B Steel I beam Header(W21x111, 12.34Wx21.5D) Tube Steel Columns, size TBD Internal Truss Alta Sierra, CA

97 Architect interested in use of a Schweiss hydraulic one piece hanger door style for residenial garage. Please send product information or call Thank you.

98 Hi, I'm an architectural designer working on a residence with a modern industrial feel. We are hoping to have a one-piece hydraulic door as part of a two-story glass wall facing the view. The building will be new construction in steel, and we hope to have the one-piece door be framed either in aluminum or steel members with clear glass panels. Right now we have the 20' x 24' door divided into six panels high and six wide--36 panels in all. We thinking of having the truss on the inside. We're just in schematic design right now, but I figured it would be good to get a price quote early on. If there is any way to breakdown the cost of a steel frame vs. aluminum, that would be great. I look forward to working with you on this project. thanks, Ryan H.

99 I'm beginning to work on a corporate facility that will have two hangers. One will be 45,000 sq.ft. and the other will be 30,000 sq.ft. The long side of both will be 300 ft. As an architect, I like the bifold doors for purely aesthetic reasons but a hydraulic one piece door with your more powerful and safe Red Power pump may be more reasonable. I need to determine which door system is best for my client. What is the max span of a single bifold and hydraulic Schweiss door that will accomodate a 28' tail height?

100 Dimentions are approximate and we possibly need to have them shiped as soon as possible what is the leed time for the manufacturing and shipment of these hydraulic doors please contact me as soon as possible these doors are going to be in an architcts office and will be used as display as well i can send you a dwg or pdf of how we would like them to look. and they will be installed by our California  contractor. please let me know ASAP. Thanks 

101 I need quick design information on some hydraulic Schweiss doors. this project is in Fullerton, CA. Building eave height is 22'0\". CBC 2001 80 MPH Exp. C Seismic 4 Please call me if this isn't enough information.

102 We have designed a project in San Francisco that includes 4 Schweiss Doors hydraulic overhead doors that were considered to be of aluminum construction with translucent panels of Polygal or similar material. The doors are approx 10'-0\" wide x 8'-0\" high. The doors fit into a window wall 17'-2\" high x 23'-0\" wide - the door located at one side of the overall panel. Our initial thought was for a flush mounted door - in line with the exterior of the window wall assembly. Your thoughts or suggestions? Lew B. archhitect

103 I am an architect currently working on the design of my own house in Austin, TX. I've come across your product when looking for a new take to residential garage doors (thinking about opening a 3 car bay with just one door). After I saw your Designer Doors used as openings on what looks like a residence, I am now actually thinking about using your product as such. However, we hope to build a \"green\" and energy efficient house and I wonder how well-insulated and energy efficient can your glass doors can be? In Texas we have the concern of long HOT summers, but also very cold icy weather at times. Can your glass bifold and hydraulic doors perform as well as double glazed windows, like Anderson Windows? Thanks! Domi S.

104 Do you have architectrual detail and specification manuals available for your Schweiss hydraulic door line? Do you have a rep in this area? Nice products.

105 I am an design estimator with American Buildings Company. I am needing the deflection requirements for our rigid frame that will be supporting your door. 70' x 18'opening Thank you, and you have a great day!!! Mike Z.

106 We are an architectural firm in Los Angeles that does both residential, mixed-use, and commercial design. We are very interested in finding out more about your products--in particular your new, one-piece hydraulic doors with Red Power pumps. Please send us a catalog/brochure and as much information as possible. Thank you.