Schweiss Doors - Architecture Hydraulic Doors

1 I am an architect working predominantly in residential area, but I do institutional and even high-rise work. Am intrigued by the smaller scale schweiss door applications, like the SWAY THAI restaurant's. How do I price your system vs. traditional garage door openers, generally. I realize that the structure probably has to be designed so it can take the loads and that makes it 'different'. Thanks.

2 Currently designing a high end residence and I would like to incorporate the hydraulic awning door into the patio. Do you have CAD or Revit drawings that I could look at?

3 looking for 36 x 12 architectural hydraulic door series with glass

4 We are pricing a residential door remodel. The architect has requested we use a Schweiss one piece hydraulic pool house door. Please send me door model options, glass options, color options, etc. 

5 Need quote on one hydraulic designer style copper-clad door per sizing below. I have architectural door details that I can email to show door design. 

6 I'm an architect bidding on the glass and metal door part of a designer door project that requires an overhead hydraulic operated glass garage door. I would like to forward the sketches to you so that I can get a price. 

7 I'm an aeronautical architect wanting more details as to how exactly your Schweiss hydraulic pump system and patented bifold door liftstraps and autolatches work and if they can be installed by contractor. I'll be contacting you soon to place a large corporate jet  hangar door order.

8 I'm Chu Chan from an architecture firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We need a private bungalow door. We looking for the one-piece hydraulic door system for two external louvre doors, opening (size is 5m height x 5m width). Can you ship your Schweiss hydraulic pump system and spherical bearing cylinders to Malaysia.

9 I'm an architect designing a project for tractor dealership hydraulic door in IL. I'm planning to include two  of your hydraulic glass doors in the design. Building is a pre-engineered metal building. The lifting wall doors will be 50' wide and 22' tall. I'd like to have Schweiss Doors review our door design drawings to answer questions about lateral gravity door loads, glazing and insulation. 

10 We are an architecture office in London, UK  looking for some sort of Schweiss glass door, vertically lifting hydraulic or bifolding strap style. We are having difficulty finding door systems that are thermally insulated enough to pass residential building door regulations and I wanted to check with you whether you might have a system for this.          

11 I'm writing for a architectural door project that our architectural office is designing in CA. We need two story, two-garage car lift doors and we have specified Schweiss hydraulic garage doors at location. Preserving clear height is critical as we will be placing a car lift inside. Our structural engineer has informed us that the door design loads for the header for the hydraulic doors will need to be generated by Schweiss Doors based on the actual installed doors. We are specifying the hydraulic doors as "custom" hydraulic doors and are hoping you will further educate us on the door model for this project. Also am interested in learning more about available finishes for the hydraulic car lift doors.

12 I work for an Architecture firm based in Oakland CA, and we're interested in knowing if a Schweiss Door representative could come talk to us about your engineered high rise hydraulic glass building doors going on a door project we are putting together.

13 My architecture firm is out in Phoenix. We are researching options for two hydraulic doors that will be school gym doors connecting outside spaces to the gym. We are thinking the size might be between 48' wide to 20' tall. It will be a new construction door. Can you quote door with glass and all door safety options available. 

14 I am an architect in Roseville, Minnesota and would like to get a quote for a hydraulic one piece garage door for my house. 12' wide, 7' tall. I like the way they lift out and up and cantilever out from the garage to give a canopy. I would like to do it in a translucent material so light comes in and very modern detailing. Please price with a remote opener.

15 Hello! I am an architect looking to specify a 4m wide x 2.5 m high glass exterior hydraulic door for a pavilion. Probably vertical bifold. Can you please email me some PDF details of the winder mechanisms, motors, side rails etc that I need to consider when designing this pavilion. I was told your Schweiss doors seal well.  Also: do you have an agent in NZ or Australia? Yours, Marc

16 I'm and architect looking at hydraulic door options on a clients door. It will be in a heated shop, are you doors insulated? Can they be built with and entrance door and insulated windows? Building is 60x80 with 20 foot eave. The door will go in the endwall. Thank you for your time.

17 Hi, I am an architect and I would mostly like any information regarding your Schweiss hydraulic doors for use indoors. We are interested in the glass doors, both hydraulic and bi fold. The main intent is to use on the interior, in the first floor of a four story structure, with the door facing an atrium space. Any information provided and pricing for these door would be appreciated.

18 Dear Sir, I am an architecture student from Hungary, and I am working on my thesis in this semester. I would like to use your hydraulic one piece hangar door in my building, but I couldn't find any drawings that I could import to my programs. How can I get one? Would it be possible to send me some drawings in dwg, or pln, where the dimensions are correct? I would be really glad!

19 I'm an architecture student from the University of Auckland and am interested in using your product for my architecture design, was wondering if you had a revit/autocad file of the Schweiss hydraulic one piece door? thanks.

20 Hello, I am an architect working on a restaurant project in Pittsburgh, PA. We are interested in using a hydraulic door that would lift up to horizontal in one piece. The dimensions of the door are approximately 6'-4"h x 14'-9"w. Could you provide information about your Schweiss designer hydraulic glass door including cost information? Do you supply the door or just the hardware/hydraulics? Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. 

21 I have an architect here that has bought an old fire station and is remodling it and asked to see if he could get your Schweiss glass designer hyddraulic  doors in his budget. What information will you need to give me a real accurate quote.

22 We require a hydraulic door for a new airport hanger to be constructed early spring in Cambridge, MA. Dimensions are 15'h x 50' wide. I am the architect for the project. Kindly contact me asap so that we can establish your capabilities and submit specs. to engineer of steel structure. This should be similar to the last two hydraulic doors our   firm worked out with you late last year.  

23 To whom it may concern I am a Grecian University student of architecture and i am interested in your product Hydraulic one piece Schweiss door for my project title. I need information about this system product and if possible drawings of the component parts. attentively

24 To whom it may concern: We are interested in learning more about the Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold Liftstrap Doors. Please, forward the pricing and lead time for this item. It will be much appreciated. Kind regards, Architects, Oklahoma City, OK

25 I'm an architect looking at a potential application for Schweiss bifold or hydraulic doors, and would like to discuss feasibility and technical questions. Would be easiest to exchange a few drawings to describe the application prior to discussion. Please give me a call or email to put me in touch with the appropriate person. Thanks! Randall S.

26 I am an architect here in NYC, and we are working on a new condo project in which we would like to use your Schwiess hydraulic doors. There is a door for a residential garage that is adjacent to the main resident lobby. As such we would like to match the exterior finish (stucco curtain wall) at the garage door. It looks like this is something that you would be capable of doing. I would like to discuss this with you further, and determine how best to proceed. Thank you 

27 I am and Architect and am renovating my apartment in Hong Kong. I am considering adding solid, likely aluminum clad, hydraulic doors to our window wall that leads out to our balcony. Requirements a. The functions of the hydraulic doors are: a sunshade and rain protection when open: a security shutter and noise reduction when closed. b. As we are by the sea, corrosion resistance is necessary (even 316 grade stainless steel can get rusty here after some years) c. Anti-drumming, likely by using an aluminum insulated panel, is preferred to mute the sound of rain d. The inside, especially, must have a neat designed appearance as we can see through it when the shutters are down.  e. Hurricane/typhoon resistance is needed f. We prefer as lightweight a door and frame as possible so that minimal stress is put on the existing structure. For sizing we are considering OPTION A - 3 sets of hydraulic doors S1 - 5400mm long by 2800 mm high * - motorized S2 - 6000 mm long by 2800 mm high* - motorized S3 - 2400 mm long by 1800 mm high - manual is preferred. Also, this one does not need a pretty inside as it will cover an outdoor kitchen counter) OPTION B - four sets of hydraulic doors (replacing i & ii) to allow for flexibility in opening and ease of delivery S4 - 3300 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized S5 - 2100 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized S6 - 3300 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized S7 - 2700 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized * For all heights, assume 2300mm h for clear opening. Fixing would be to either a concrete side wall or steel frame. 1. Are 2 inch squared frames possible for the size suggested noting hurricane/typhoon resistance needed? 2. What are the suggested depths of the internal and bottom truss?  4. What loading must the structure and fixings be designed to withstand to support the doors? 5. What is the maximum wind speed gust the door can be left open in? 6. Please advise location of LEESON motor. 7. Can cladding, say a heavy duty vinyl fabric, be used to conceal mechanisms when viewed from inside? 8. What are the suggested depths of the internal and bottom truss?  9. Are there any standard fixings recommended for the concrete or steel fixing? 10. What is the maximum wind speed gust the door can be left open in?  I would be grateful for a rough cost estimate to ship to Hong Kong. 

28 We are currently working on a hangar project in Stuttgart, Arkansas. I am in the process of working up the specifications for the Project Manual that will accompany the drawings for the bifold and hydraulic Schweiss Doors and motors. Could you please provide me with an architectural specification in Word format that I can use for our Project Manual? Please call me if you have any questions.

29 I am in early talks with the architect for this project (See attachment). I have recommended the motor operated hydraulic door. We have an opening of 40' 0" X 16' 0" that I need to get a Budget price for please.

30 I am looking for some more information on your hydraulic door with a battery backup system and horn and lights. We are thinking about a door that will require approximately a 14 ft. clear opening to the ground and 40 ft. wide. We are working with an architect and will likely need a stamped shop drawing for submittal to the design team as well. Also we will need to know what additional structure, like header/jamb support we will need to include into the design of the hangar building. And of course we will need to know an approximate cost, installed, with a one year warranty. This building will be in Ft. Stockton, Texas.

31 We have an unusual application where the architect is requesting an above counter canopy which pivots 18" below the top. (please see attached sketch). We were looking at your site photos where you show similar single piece Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Applications. Specifications of the door in the sketch are 144" wide by 90" high and 3" thick. The estimated weight is 1200 lbs. If you would be able to provide further assistance in applying your product to this design we would be grateful.

32 Attached are some architectural drawings for you review and estimate cost for (2) hydraulic garage doors. Approx. size of 10' wide x 9' high , (12) lites, aluminum framed, (3 lites wide x 4 lites high). Aluminum frame to be finished custom color 'Kynar 500' complying with AAMA 2605. Call or email with any questions. Best Regards

33 We are currently working on budget pricing for this museum in Texas. The architect is currently leaning towards traditional doors on slider tracks. Are you willing to propose an alternate solution such as your hydraulic door or your patented lift strap bifold door. Please contact me at the number below and I can forward current design drawings.

34 We are architects for a new art museum, which has an insulated loading dock door 10' w x 12' h. Because of a number of limitations, we are considering a hydraulic door but it would need to lift to the inside, not outside as they usually do. Can you provide that configuration? If so, please provide contact to whom I can e-mail some drawings and start a dialogue about clearances etc. 

35 Working on a job and was hoping you could provide me with CAD files for my architect to figure out our trims and panels on your hydraulic door. I can't find anything regarding clearance required. We are sheeting the door with 2.5" insulated panels. 

36  Looking for quote for a hydraulic door unit 8 ft high. Frame structure is 16 ft wide with metal siding so assume 15' - 9" for clear door and frame. Looking for hydraulic glass door similar in concept to photo of Stanford Global on website to be used at Lakehouse as a way close off "dog run" between two units. I can send preliminary architectural plans on Monday? Side columns must be either steel or aluminum tube based on your recommendation. 

37 I am an architect looking for pricing on a pair of hydraulic doors for openings that measure 20' wide by 10' tall. They should be aluminum clad with no windows. Thanks for your time

38 Hello i'm a student of architecture at the Technical University Dresden. At the moment i am working on a project where i want to use your big hydraulic doors. My problem is that i can't find any comparable gdl-objects for archicad. i have to build and render a genuine cad-model in good quality. Could you please send me a simple GDL-Object if possible? Many Thanks! Slyvester

39 We are renovating an all-wood fruit stand for a client and are interested in incorporating hydraulic glass shop doors into the store front of the building. The project hopes to utilize four 8x8' hydraulic  doors arranged with two (side by side) on the building's northern end wall and two on a single side wall (also side by side). Can the doors be ordered without the drive unit and operated with a manual hand crank? What is the approximate pricing and weight for a door this size? Should a free standing header be deemed necessary, what is pricing on such? Please send response and price quotes. Thank you, Beaman Z., Architect

40 I'm an architect working on a campus fitness center that has limited access to daylight. We are going to be using a glass one piece hydraulic door to remedy this, and the client would also like the option of having natural ventilation without opening the door.    I think the Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors you supplied for the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame worked like that. Can you show me or direct me to anything like this that you've done before? I really enjoy looking at the Schweiss Designer doors you have supplied for so many others. 

41 Hello! I am in school and I need information for a class architectural project. It is my assignment to design a building, draw plans to code, list all materials and labor costs, create a contract, and bid the project to a theoretical customer. I need two (2) 36'0"W x 20'0"H insulated hydraulic doors. The R-value needs to be at least 21. I need a quote for the price for the doors, with windows and a walk door along with a price for shipping, and another for labor. (The costs will be listed in seperate sections on my bid so I will need 3 numbers). Would you be willing to help me even though I do not intend to actually purchase the doors for a real project? I prefer to be contacted by email, so that I have a hard copy of the information I can come back to. Phone is absolutely fine too, though. I had the choice of bidding any manufacturers door, but after scouting your website I could see that Schweiss Doors stood out as the top manufacturer of bifold and hydraulic doors. 

42 My architectural firm is designing a hanger home door with a mancave door. The hyd. door size would be for a Cessna Caravan with a wingspan of 52 feet & height of approx. 16 feet. Glass side door, (14' x 10') will open mancave to outdoor patio area. Should I go for a 55 foot hydraulic hangar door or a 60 foot hangar door. What is the approximate cost of each? Please e mail me.

43 I am an architect looking to get a price on a 38' wide by 11' tall hydraulic designer door.

44 I have a small custom Architectural project. It is a small pavilion for my waterfront the construction is wood. the door is /-3'-0" wide x /-7'-0" High framed with 2x4 wood. I would like this door to hinge up and stay in place. I would like a simple but elegant hydraulic door solution. Thank you so much for your time Best Regards, Roger

45 Hi, I am an architecture student possibly interested in using your Schweiss Doors product(s) for a small assignment I have. I have a couple of questions though. Firstly how wide do your hydraulic and bifold doors span, and how high do they go? I have a large space to enclose, approximately 20 feet by 120 feet and was wondering whether you custom make them that large? I am interested in the Schweiss  bifolding door with two panels that close vertically rather than the doors that raise as a solid piece. I was wondering whether you have any shop drawings available in CAD or any other format that I can have a look at. Thank you, Jose

46 Hi, Wondering where I might be able to look at an operating Schweiss hydraulic lift opening door, especially one equipped with your new Red Power motor. Thank you.

47 Our Architectural firm has purchased several hydraulic lift doors this year and I was looking on the internet and found your website. The most common door size that we sell is 30'-0\" x 16'-0\"...I would like to see how you compare on pricing, because it looks like your Schweiss Red Power doors are much better designed ( and with more options) than the ones we've been getting from this other company..Drop me an email and a contact. Thank You

48 I am a Louisiana Architect and a Commercial Contractor. Do you have info package for me that would include weights of doors and wind ratings for Hurricane areas. Am designing my personal residence, and will build it soon. It will use your Schweiss Hydraulic lift doors as operable roof panels with Red Power hydraulic pump units.

49 We are a Glass Company servicing may the needs for the top architects on Long Island's East end. Currently we have a project where the Architect is specifing your Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift door products. I believe you have already quoted on the project - Project Name: Hoffman, garage door size = 21'-4\" x 10'-0\". Does this project come with Red Power Hydraulic Electrical System.Can you forward me a copy of a current quote? Thanks

50 I just spoke with someone in sales. I was requesting pricing on a 8' x 7' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I would like a quote to include Red Power hydraulic pump. I have a Architectural design center in my building. Can I get a display (operating) and brochures for this center. We will be bringing Architects and Designers in to showcase products.

51 We are an architectural firm in Israel working on numerous projects and we are very interested in your product of Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift and bi fold doors, in our case we would be interested in using timber shutters. See photo attached of a house done in a technique that we are interested in. We would appreciate receiving more details about Red Power hydraulic pump product and if you think it is suited for our needs. We would be happy to hear from you. Hanan

52 This is Bart from a Architect firm in Los Angeles. We are interested in using Schweiss hydraulic lift designer door for our school project in Santa Monica. We want to learn more about your product and would like to have your representative to show us the potential of the products, installation methods, and structural implications to include your Red Power hydraulics. Appreciate your reply. Bart

53 We are an architectural firm working on an Airport project. We have noticed that Schweiss Doors makes a wide range of hydraulic lift and bifold Industrial Doors. Please send us the specifications of your Large size Aircraft Hangar Doors. Please advise what is the Maximum size possible with your doors & approximate cost of related Red Power Systems. Many thanks in anticipation. Sunil

54 I am an architect in Raleigh, NC. I am designing a new project in Florida. Have your door products been accepted by the Florida Product Approval process? I am particularly interested in the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors equipped with Red Power hydraulic pumps. The building will have operable doors all 4 sides, sizes from 10' wide to 25' wide. The opening height will be approximately 11'. This project is on the beach in the Pan Handle and must meet the required wind loads by Florida codes. 

55 Designing two private hangers 60x60 and 60x70 in wood frame. Owners' want largest door opening wall can handle and most powerful Schweiss Door Red Power pump available. 60x16? I need weight and load information and any details you feel I need Thanks, Melvin Archer, architect

56 I am interested a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a commercial application. The opening size is 16x58 feet. We also need specifications for the drawings, specs on Red Power Electrical Systems and insulated door from your factory. Thanks Joe G.G. Architects

57 I am an architect trying to determine what type of special construction requirements are necessary, primarily additional structural support requirements, for the Schweiss Hyraulic Lift Doors and Red Power Hydraulic Electrical System Pumps. (12'widex16'high)

58 Dear Sir / Madam,We are London based architects working on a project in South Africa. We would like to use your Red Power System Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door system for our timber shutter / sun visor system throughout the building. Could you tell us;1) Can you supply your products in South Africa? 2) Would you be able to meet our requirements and design custom doors in South Africa? We would like to send you drawings so you can see where the doors can be applied. Please ring or reply to my email. Thank you very much. Charles.

59  My name is Morgan and I am in the masters of architecture program at Arizona State U. I am working on a project that involves a hydraulic lift door that is 70 feet wide and 15 feet tall. Your Schweiss Doors website has been very informative and helpful for my project. Right now I am working on some drawings that require me to detail the Red Power hydraulic pump. Are any technical scaled drawings that show the connection details to the door available? Specifically a section through the door showing the connection at the top and the hinge in the middle. My project will eventually show why your doors are a much better product than any other door company produces. Red Power pumps alone should prove that. Your door speaks for itself. Thanks for your time, Morgan P.

60 I would like preliminary pricing information on a pair of glazed hydraulic lift doors for an architectural application. Opening height for both doors is 12'-0\"; width of first door is approximately 8'-0\", width of second door is approximately 16'-0\". Both fitted with Red Power Electrical Systems.

61 We acknowledge your product thru Architectural Product magazine. Would you send us your product binder, please with specifics on Schweiss Bifold, Designer and Hydraulic Lift Doors that lift with Red Power hydraulic pumps? Thanks, Marco

62 My name is Sebastian. I am architect in New York City. I am interested in getting information and price regarding a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece garage door around 8' x 18' on a project we are working on. If Red Power hydraulic pump is extra, please let me know. Thanks. Nice looking doors on your extensive web site.

63 I am an architect and am designing a house in Monterey, CA. The owners want a thick glazed glass door with aluminum frame like the ones you do, is the hydraulic lift one piece door able to be weather stripped and fitted for the Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System? The opening is 10'wide and 8' tall. Do you install in California?

64 We are an architect firm located in Boston. I am interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door and Red Power hydraulic pump product and  wonder if your system could be applicable for smaller scale construction. We are designing this modular/replicable play shed for K-6 and we would like to find a system that intended to work with an operable translucent oversize window so when it open up, it could function as a canopy to provide shaded area, sort of like giant awning window. The ideal system would be a operable one-piece 18'w by 6'h panel, but we are also open for bi-fold system. Panel also could be divided into multiple panels without mullion in between. The space wouldn't be conditioned so the system doesn't have to be weather-tight. Let me know if you could help me with any information. Best Regards, Dino.

65 RE: Chartwell Hangar - Georgetown, Texas I am architect working on an aircraft hangar at the airport in Georgetown, The metal building manufacturer has coordinated the Schweiss hydraulic lift door design with you. I am concerned about overall door height. The bottom of structure is at 13'-0\"aff to allow for a clear opening height of 12'-0\". Will I be able to get a walk door your door? Will I also get your best Red Power Hydraulic Pump installed? Thank you, Matthew

66 Sirs, I'm beginning to define progect requirements for an industrial building needing (2) 70'w x 20'h Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and (4) 24'w x 20'h one piece hydro-doors. My need is twofold. First I need technical information, like a catalog, that provides an understanding of your doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps. Second is a need to define a budget for these doors installed in a County operated transfer facility. In this regard, it is most helpful if my budget is able to embrace good quality doors with a long life. The need is for approximate costs - not a quote, that I can use to define a budget for the project. An email response works best for me. Thank you, Devin Archer., Architect

67 Hello, I am an architect in Washington, DC, and I am currently working on a restaurant project that we would like to look into using Schweiss One Piece Hydraulic Lift Doors for. A couple of questions. 1. What is the best way to get started? 2. Will Schweiss provide AutoCAD drawings of the system once it is developed? 3. What is the typical lead time for a project that includes, (4) 8'5\"H x 6'2\"W doors? (5) What size Red Power hydraulic pumps will I need? (6) What insulation do you use? Looking forward to hearing from you all soon. Michelle

68 Dear sir/madam, This is Eugene from an Architect firm in Los Angeles. We are interested in using Schweiss hydraulic door for our school project in Santa Monica. We want to learn more about your product, especially your improved Red Power hydraulic pump selections, and would like to have your representative to show us the potential of the products, installation methods, and structural implications. Is it possible to arrange a visit to our office sometime the week after the 4th? I would appreciate your reply.

69 I would like to price a 16'x8' opening size for an architect in a residence. The contractor wishes to cover the Schweiss hydraulic door in wood lap siding. Any problem with that? Please advise what size Red Power unit I will need. Thanks, Mitchell

70 We are using your product for a project of ours. I thought that it wouldn't hurt to ask if you have a CAD detail drawing of your hydraulic door. I am looking at the door style Schweiss, drive type bottom drive, lift type Red Power Pump unit. I want to show just the bottom portion of the door like you have shown on the \"Your Cement Floor\" area of the spec sheet. Can you provide me with this detail so I can insert it into my structural foundation detail. If not, no problem, I'll just draw it the best I can. 

71 I'm an architect in South Carolina. We've got an unusual house that we want to use Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors on the garage. Two doors, each covering an 8'x8' opening. I'm interested in budget pricing and any drawings of door / wall intersections at the head and jamb so we can understand clearances. Does your Red Power hydraulic pump system come in a small size?  Thanks, Erik

72 Good Afternoon, I'm an architectural designer working for a large firm in CA. I found your website through Google. I'm interested in your  Schweiss designer doors, both bifold and hydraulic (Red Power) for public school applications. Thank you! Noah

73  We are an architectural Firm in Sun City, Az. One of our projects specify hydraulic lift doors for the airfield hangars. The door openings shall be 70 feet x 22 feet height Please advise as to how to obtain specs & AutoCad drawing on Schweiss door and Red Power Hydraulic Pump since we can not print the schematics / details shown on your web page Thank you Sincerely Vincent H.

74 We are an Architectural firm located in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently we are designing a recycling facility to be constructed. The building will be a metal building approx. 26,000 sf.There will be 20' wide x 25' high hydraulic doors. Please send a Schweiss Doors catalogue and information regarding your Red Power hydraulic pumps and detailing hanging of these doors. Head, jamb and s1ll details would help in the building design. Thank you, E. J.

75 Please mail a complete architectural binder with all information to my attention at the address above. We design a lot of fire stations and the request for 14' x 14' hydraulic with Red Power systems and bifold door pricing is for information purposes only. Typically a fire station will have a minimum of 6 bay doors. Thank you.

76 I'm an architect working on a medium-sized community center and we have been considering some overhead (glass) garage-type doors to open up some of our larger public spaces, but the custom product you show for the Stanford Ecology Center would be perfect for this building, but I would want a one piece hydraulic Schweiss Door. I would like as much information about installation detailing, operation, r-values and air penetration (this is going to be a LEED 'certified' building) and your Red Power hydraulic system, as I can get on a similar system. The project in question has a brick veneer cavity wall over a steel frame, and is intended to look generally 'old-fashioned' but with mode details. Thank You for information you can provide.

77 We are an architectural firm. We are looking for a way to open a pair of indiviual doors (each 7'2\" X 7'10.5 solid wood) that are horizontal when closed and need to be vertical when open. Basically it would look like the Hyraulic \"One-piece\" Door only rotated 90%. Would this application of your product with Red Power Advantage System work for us?

78 I am an Architect in Santa Rosa, CA working on a project where the client would like to put in a glazed Schweiss hydraulic one piece garage door in their bedroom (yes, bedroom) to maximize their view as well as open it up to the outdoors when the weather permits (which is pretty much always around here...) Please give me a call to see if this is something you guys can put your new Red Power hydraulic pump on. And is the pump quiet and smooth running? List options available.

79 Our architectural office is currently designing a pool house that will have six 12'-0\" wide x 10'-0\" high doors. All Schweiss hydraulic Red Power doors will be completely glazed to let in as much sun as possible into the pool area during the winter and then be opened during the summer. Our client would prefer a Red Power backup system for doors, but we would like to know the possibility, options, and cost of both the bi-fold and the hydraulic \"one-piece\". Thank you.

80 We are a small glass shop in NW Montana. I am working with an architect on an innovative design that is beyond our local expertise. However, recognizing the opportunity to build a specialty niche, I am doing the research to provide a solution for my customer. The architect wants a walk-out patio door for a residential project. Dimensions are roughly 15' to 20' wide and 10' to 12' tall. His vision for the framework is an anodized aluminum storefront wall that would lift up utilizing your hydraulic door system to create the walk-out opening. He would then match it with storefront aluminum around the rest of the house. From there, smaller matching bifold windows may be considered for other areas of the residence. Does this sound like a possibility for your company? Thank you for your time. Regards, Keith N.

81 We are an architectural design/build firm. We have an 18'-0\"x8'-0\" opening in a residential garage which we would like to use a Schweiss hydraulic lifting door and automatic opener on. We are looking for specifications and for costing information for preliminary pricing purposes. Anything you can send us will be helpful. Thank you; WL

82 I am an architect for Mr. Virgil Williams, Jr. for a building to be constructed in Monroe, GA. He has dealt with you in the past and received a quote from you approximately 2 years ago. The project is now hot and I need assistance for detailing/bracing/sizing door openings, headers, columns, etc. for your hydraulic doors. The building is pre-engineered metal building 80' x 120'. There is a 40'x16' door on the 80' end and a 70'x 16' door on the 120' side. I am most concerned, structurally, about bracing the side wall door. Your prompt response is most appreciated... (As mentioned, this is very hot). Also, do all of your doors open to the outside? Thanks in advance, Rich P. Architect

83 I need an estimate for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door sized 24' wide and 10' high. I will be making my own custom panels so it looks sort of like the image you fetaure on your website of the cedar ba with the vertical Wood panels. Need a ballpark price including red power hydraulic system so I know whether I can afford to pursue this solution. Am an architect and will feature this project on my website and in my press kits. Please advise on pricing and delivery info to a jobsite in Connecticut.