Barn Garage Doors

1 I am looking at putting up a new barn. I’m thinking 16 foot tall by 50 foot wide. Would need the dimensions for the opening in the barn. An estimated cost

2 I have a large barn with 2 garage doors that I have converted into an event center, and I need to replace the old garage doors with a more modern look of Schweiss hydraulic doors and get rid of the old garage door openers. I am in colorado.

3 I am building a barn out of 3 40' shipping containers positioned in a U shape. On one side I will have a 24'x 9'6" opening so I can pull some of my smaller equipment in. I was going to use 2 12' wide roll up doors but they will cut down the door entrance height to 7'6". I am exploring all door options, bifold and hydraulic, at the moment and look forward to hearing back from you.