Schweiss Doors - Commercial Hydraulic Doors

1 Does Schweiss happen to have a CAD detail for a bifold door with the details submitted? We want to have it ready to send to our client for a commercial project once the product is approved.

2 i have a customer interested in bi fold commercial business doors, and would like a quote on some of the hydraulic doors you offer. (4) 7'6" x 8'2" (2) 61" x 8'3" they currently have stationary maroon Ykk storefront in place. would like a price on a maroon color and a clear annodized color. thank you

3 I am renovating an old hot dog stand that is literally a building in the shape of a hot dog. The service area has an awning that lifts open 90 degrees and is approximately 6'6"w x 5'h weighing close to 100 pounds. I would like to speak to someone who could help me figure out the best hydraulic lifts for this commercial door. I do have CADs and some engineering for this. Thanks, Dick

4 were thinking of expanding the commercial car lot shop, Our building is 50x100 with the door going on the gabled end , the building is steel structure 14ft sidewalls and hoping to get a 16ft high bifold shop door and 35-40 ft wide , And what would be the time frame from ordering to installation thank you, John Johnson

5 Hi, I'm interested in your bi-folding commercial designer doors, the ones with the straps, no cables please. May you provide catalogs and estimated prices for the same? Also, what is the lead time for one typical unit?

6 Wondering if I can get a price list on hydraulic door options for standard storage containers. Door will be used on a commercial food distribution container.  Thanks. SK

7 We are looking at building a shipping container kiosk for commercial food service and interested in learning about your hydraulic door lifts.

8 We are building an on demand mobile commercial  shopping trailers that can be outfited and parked anywhere (including any legal boston parking spot) that allow retails to instanly create full service pop up stores. Whether an existing retailer looking for more mobile locations, an online retailer looking to move to physical locations or concept stores. Flextail offers a completely customizable soup-to-nuts mobile store that can be towed by any SUV and parked anywhere. Like food trucks for any retailer, but on demand and turnkey. We are interested in seeing if your Schweiss hydrolic doors can work with our application.

9 We are working on a commercial project and want to use a single door/hyrdraulic system for the openings - these are for a restaurant type space so we would like as much glass as we can and within reason. Are there limits to glass opening sizes, what are your framing member sizes. Do you have details, CAD files that we can use. We also want to understand what we will see in terms of operators, etc. when the door is closed. Can you provide a Schweiss Door cost based on the size and quantity below.

10 Hello, I am interested in purchasing your doors for a commercial warehouse a client is building. I am looking for 1-6 one-piece hydraulic doors either regular or bifold lift with windows(either partial view or full window). We are currently in the building process and our existing openings are 14'W X 14H',  20'WX14'H, and 8'Wx8'H. We are not limited to these sizes - if there are doors that are significantly cheaper - but a little smaller or possibly bigger - we can work with it! Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you with more information and possible quote. Have a great day, 

11 Hello, We are working on a project for a Beer Company and we are looking for a curtain glass hydraulic / bifold door that will open up completely for the loading dock but that will also have a man door combined with in it. I am trying to see what possibilities we could do with the man door combined within this curtain glass bifold/ hydraulic/rotating door (what ever it may be..just not garage style). Dimensions: Width: 11'11" max Height: 14' max Height of door: 8'6" Width of door: this will be based on the custom design of the mullions and if there will be two man doors or one. Project time frame: Beer Company is looking to get this going quickly! Ideally, construction would start in April and be completed June/July. Thank you,

12 I am contacting you to inquire about the vertical bi-folding door system. We are looking to install (2) 6'-0" wide x 5'-0" tall exterior bi-folding doors at a restaurant in Oakland, CA (similar to the Barrel & Bushel project) Would you be able to give me more information on the following: 1. Estimated pricing 2. Lead times 3. More information on how the doors are raised and lowered. Thanks!

13 I have 4 hydraulic one piece commercial doors and with storefront glazing. Can you Email the cost of the doors and I can budget the glazing part. Thanks I will need the price asap

14 Hello, I would like to request quote for commercial door project located in New York, NY. We are looking for similar door type as Schweiss Hydraulic or Schweiss Bi-Folding System with the following parameters: Options we are considering: -Metal frame construction -Commercial grade -Job Site Location: Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn Navy Yard) -Building type: Steel, Existing Structure with existing rough opening for the doors -Load Wind Requirements: None for interior doors installation. One is exterior door installation. -Door Quantity: Manufacturing facility grade -Header Material: Steel -Jamb Material: Steel -Door Opening Sizes: Interior (6 ea) 14'-0" x 10'-0" x 0'-4" ?and.. exterior (1 ea) 19'-11" 1/2 x 17'-0" x 0'-4" -Type of Door Covering/Skin: Glass -Options to Include in Door: The (1) big exterior door to have Schweiss integrated single swing door in the middle. Door schedule is available per request with door elevation and sizes. Quote should include: Shop Drawings, Field Measurements, Installation of the doors, or authorized company supervisor for installation by others (if installed by local crew hired independently). 

15 request for a estimite 24'- 5" x 7'- 7" hydraulically operated Schweiss commercial parking garage door.

16 I am looking for hydraulic lifts for a custom interior hydraulic door (the door is approximately 14' wide by 5' high), and the lift needs to be power operated (i.e. by a push button by daytime staff).

17 I have a new hydraulic show door application in a 32' sidewall. This is an addition to an existing building so we are stuck with eave/header configuration for a nice look. I would like a 14' high X 20' wide single piece door. The reason for the single piece is header height VS eave height, there is only about 16" to work with. I also like the idea of its awning benefit. The door will be insulated, a man-door would be nice, and no windows for security reasons. I am planning on using Fabral Grandrib 3 steel siding

18 Please quote a one piece hydraulic door and a bi-fold door asap and email me the price. Door clear opening size is 24' x 16'. This is for an automotive paint shop door, so it needs to seal well.

19 Want to order two 30 by 18 one-piece warehouse doors. Door needs to be fast opening and closing hydraulic door as truck drivers will be using these warehouse doors often. Want insulated steel doors with six handheld remote operators. Include backup door systems in case of power outages.

20 Hydraulic Schweiss designer door information for 35 x 16 ft. commercial business door on concrete  building. Glass door to have aluminum frame, pedestrian door and remote door opener.

21 We need to order some retail/restaurant doors. These street service doors incorporate a overhead one piece lifting door that also has a man opening or walk door (so that when the restaurant door is closed we would still be able egress to the street in an emergency). Has Schweiss Doors done anything similar to this. If not, would you be able to come up with a hydraulic door solution? 

22 I need a small welding shop door. Actually it is a  powder coating booth door that will need to be 30 ft. wide x 16 ft. tall. Hydraulic one piece booth door is best for this work because hydraulic pump unit can be mounted outside powder coating booth door.

23 I'd like you to do custom hydraulic doors for me? I like the Old Navy Store fold up bifold strap doors, but would like to do a modern take by using louvered tube steel frame doors, using 2"x2" with 2" gaps. It'll be used as a one piece security door as an enclosed mall patio door. I have a concept 3d door drawing should you need to see it. 

24 I have need a commercial greenhouse shop door  with a 14x20 door opening and am looking for a glass hydraulic door with an aluminum frame. What would your delivery time be.

25 Need quote for two 70' X 14' overhead hydraulic lifting commercial doors. Include price of remotes and automatic door latches.

26 We have several overhead rollup furniture factory doors that open hundreds of times per day. We'd like to retrofit these to use your handheld remote opening hydraulic doors because we are opening them so often and we think your hydraulic doors will hold up much better, seal better and open and close faster.

27 We are a General Contractor located in Calgary, Alberta Canada and are completing pre construction services for three new restaurant doors in Edmonton Alberta. These Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors, two at each site, will need stainless steel inner door skins. 1. Do you have a preferred installer in Western Canada? 2. Are your insulated  doors fabricated to withstand Canadian winters? What is the R-Value of these doors. Estimated Schweiss door delivery time?

28 I have a low eave; 13' 8", could decrease semi truck door height. Need a new Schweiss hydraulic  commercial door, have manual door now, buyer may not appreciate present design, ( barn door roller ). Will install slab for your entire frame in front of present structure which houses semi truck. Man door and 2-3 windows similar to first picture in door section/page, color is same, red.

29 Planning a 56'w x 50' deep fish processing building with hydraulic tilt up concrete panel doors. 14' walls and a 4.5 to 12 pitch truss roof. I want a 42'x 14' Schweiss hydraulic door on the building. Quote on the door delivered to Alaska and door design specs  on the door header. With my pitch there is room to mount door hinge location up on the face of the gable to allow for a clear door opening of 14' in the open position. Double door truss at the gable will meet the load, but I would like specific design info from you. I'll install and insulate hyd. commercial door. 

30 Looking for a large hydraulic boat storage crane door. Crane inside so I can't put overhead. Customer wants a windowed full view aluminum door. Similar to a service station. Will also  consider liftstrap door with autolatches.

31 Needing a new paint booth door in my autobody shop. Would like a price on a one piece Schweiss hyd. door that needs to seal well. Paint booth door needs to be 16 ft. wide x 14 ft. tall with hydraulic pump unit mounted outside the booth.

32 I would like to price both the bifold liftstrap and hydraulic doors for commercial door use. Sizes on two seperate steel doors : 40' wide x 18' clearance height, and 30' wide x 18' clearance height. I will need the costs of these Schweiss commercial doors shipped directly to location near Lubbock, TX. 

33 I'm interested in a glass filled one piece door, it's an upscale retail commercial restaurant  door. The dimensions would be 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Could you email me some pictures of glass filled hydraulic doors as well as door pricing.

34 We need a Shavings Mill door with a 16' wide X 14' high Schweiss door. Need quote on replacing rollup door with a Schweiss Hydraulic Mill Door. I want  someone from Schweiss Doors to measure door opening and give options on hydraulic mill door upgrades. 

35 We're looking to install a 5-7m tall store front door. We would require 2-3 hydraulic doors with  windows. Photo eye sensors, door base safety edge and remote openers. 

36 I have a small door request. Only 12' wide by 13' tall for a auto repair paint booth door. Quote me hydraulic one piece door and a bifold liftstrap door. Door needs to seal extremely well.

37 We are renovating a brewery. I need to get a quote for a hydraulic, clear glass brewery door. There is another existing door we would like to take out and retrofit with a Schweiss liftstrap glass / aluminum bifold door so that we don't lose head space.

38 I need a pub/restaurant door. I want my storefront door to open to the street/sidewalk and will consider using either a Schweiss bifold strap door or a one piece hydraulic door. Can you quote a 30 ft. x 14 ft insulated door with a glass entry door.

39 I have a 46' x 14' bifold commercial door with cable lifts. I want to order a Schweiss hydraulic door to replace the door.

40 I would like an estimate for an insulated wall door for a commercial business building. The size is about 20 feet wide by 12 feet height. We have side rolling doors now and want to retrofit with Schweiss hydraulic door and locking combination walk door. Windows will be useful.        

41 I'm working on a restaurant door installment project in which we are planning on having three large hydraulic doors. We want them to be glass commercial doors, and have our custom mullion spacing. Contact me so we can discuss door details and door pricing, etc. 

42 I'm detailing a building w/a Schweiss Hydraulic  door that calls out for liner panel to 8' on a commercial door. How far up from finished floor does the door liner panel stop in order to detail the correct length of door panel? Order # 61013.

43 Need input on paint booth door 16H x 20W. Door needs to seal extremely well. Open to Schweiss Door input on hydraulic or bifold door  w/straps.

44 Looking for a store front entrance door for a business. All glass look with aluminum door frame. Hydraulic door that turns into an awning. I need two options: 1) 9'10" x 10'.  2) 6' x 10'. Not looking for cables or liftstraps, only hydraulic commercial grade door. Include photo eye sensors.


46 Looking for hyddraulic glass garage style designer brewery door that lifts up into 2 pieces with rectangular windows. Door has to have stainless steel frame. My architect highly endorsed your high quality and dependable one piece hydraulic door systems.

47 Slide up lift gate system similar to the one shown at the PAW dog training resort in Minn. For a classic and import sports car dealership in SF. This would be a main entrance door for clients and cars to drive thru, 13'6" w and 8' h. Interested in learning more about Moving gate system using liftstraps and quiet running electric door motors. Schweiss Moving Gate is a great room divider idea.

48 Provide a hydraulic basement entry door quote with siding and insulation. This is a storage room door for our sales business. Door needs to be 8 ft. tall x 10 ft. wide. Door cladding is steel siding. Can a locking entry door be built into this small door?

49 I wish to have two 36 inch entry door openings in a hydraulic door, suitable for use by public.(low threshold), by the way I hear good things about your hydralic doors

50 Do you manufacture vertical up and out lifting  hydraulic doors for commercial door use? Size needed is stated below. Each hydraulic door would require two openers.

51 We are searching for a body shop door and paint booth door. Body shop door should be large Hydraulic one piece door big enough for semi's to enter. Paint booth door is a 18' tall x 12' wide one piece hydraulic super sealing door with hydraulic door pump to me mounted outside booth.


53 Please price 2 doors end wall for a paint booth. Both same size 20x15. column material can be adjusted if something other than wood is preferred. Do your bifold doors work well for paint booths? If a hydraulic is better, please let me know.

54 Looking for a 16.5 x 8 ft Schweiss door for a paint booth with specifications for placement and size of hydraulic equipment needed. I would also like it to have an entrance door with a window.  thank you

55 I would like a quote on 2 garage doors to be used on a rental boat storage house. Please quote for a folding door and also on a hydraulic door. Seeing your website video, I think the hydraulic Schweiss door may work best for this. 

56 I need some Hydraulic Doors for a strip mall project. Require 1 ea 77 x clear height 28' 2 ea 57 x Clear hieght 20' 1 ea 47 x Clear Height 16' 2 ea 42 x Clear height 16' Please provide necessary Rough Opening Size. Could you also price these as aluminum frame doors?

57 I'm looking for some rough cost estimates for a set of hydraulic Schweiss doors similar to the Wyckoff Exchange building, but instead of COR-TEN steel using wood slats as a screening device. Also, I would like to know the cost difference between (1) 25'x16' door and (6) 4'-4"x16' doors.

58 We are looking at making a paint spray booth that would have two openings on each side that would need a door that is 13' Tall x 80' wide. Include one walk door.  Is this something you can do? Pretty big door, I suppose Schweiss hydraulic would be best. What do you think.

59 Please send me the offer for 3 hydraulic one piece  large paint booth doors: 20 000 mm wide, 4000 mm high and 2 bifold doors 4000 mm wide, 4000mm high. Door finish: sandwich panel, galvanized steel plates thickness 0,8mm, self-extinguishing polyurethane foam, density 40kg/m3, panel thickness 55mm. 

60 We are looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door system for a 25' wide by 22' tall opening for our automotive and implement paint booth. Is this something that you can provide? Thank you.

61 I have a 10 x 40 auto repair shop door with three sliders. I'd like to replace it with an insulated Schweiss hydraulic  door. No walk door, two thermal windows. Options and pricing please. Keith

62 Please send me a quote for a 50' wide by 15' tall single piece Schweiss commercial hydraulic door. What would the actual "clearance" be for under this door? The top frame of this hangar's current opening is exactly 15' and we need very close to that 15' clearance for the object to fit through the door. I can send you pictures of hangar.

63 We are working on installing four 17'x35' glass hydraulic doors on the 50th floor of an existing high-rise building for use by a window washing rig. We would like to discuss differnt types of Schweisss doors (or custom) and which may work best for our project. Please contact me.

64 We need to install 2 hydraulic doors at our recycling center in SC. Would you be able to help me. The doors on there now have damaged brackets and have some fraying cables. I'd be interested in converting both doors to hydraulic doors. Can you quote me a price? I understand they are fairly easy to install.  Thanks

65 I'm trying to design a large door for what used to be an RV garage that is being converted to a car showroom. Interested in a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold glass wall door. What further information will you need from me.

66 I will be building a soon. I need a quote on a crane  door about 38 x 10. It does not have to be exactly those dimensions. I can design the opening to fit the door. Please send quotes for both types of doors, bifold with straps and hydraulic with Red Power pump. Thanks, Jake

67  I need a Schweiss hydraulic commercial door 30' wide X 14' tall for my storage facility. The opening will be 16' high -x 34'. Insulated with lockable walk door. Thanks, Jeff

68 I need a budget price for (1) 16' x 16' hydraulic door for a washbay. Let me know if you need more info than that. It would need to be electric. Do you supply motors that can be waterproofed in some manner or another. I'm thinking mostly of your hydraulic pump motor.

69 Hello, I'm reaching out to you for information on your bifold liftstrap and hydraulic doors. I'm on a design team with currently working on an existing commercial office building upgrade in Los Angeles, and we're interested in using glazed doors to open up the ground level of the building. We will need 12 of these operable doors throughout the project. The office building currently has a 30 ft. O.C. structural bay, and we're looking at openings approximately 28w x 12h. There is clearance on both the interior and exterior for either a bifold or hydraulic system. We like the industrial feel of the hydraulic pistons; is there a difference in convenience between the hydraulic and bifold system (speed, maintenance, manual operation capability)? Send me all the relevant information you have on these products? We'd like to know about the pricing, weight, and dimensioning of doors in both a single glazed and double glazed IGU application. Also, any cut sheets/CAD drawings you have would greatly help to hardline your products into our drawing set. Best regards,

70 We have a customer that is requesting a 36" x 48" x 7' Pneumatic Hydraulic Door for a paint booth they would like to order from us. Would you please quote as soon as you can? We are in Wisconsin.

71 We are in the process of raising this steel building 4' to have more room to operate a boom truck inside building used for machine storage. We would like to remove the 2- 12' wide doors and replace with a wider door. Can you provide a Schweiss hydraulic one piece Schweiss Door? I can send a copy of the specs by email. Need loads for building redesign.

72 I am planning to construct a garage with an entrance 26 wide (for a single Schweiss hydraulic door) or double 10' wide doors with a a 6' wide walk-through door between then! Height to clear with vehicles is 9.5'. I like your single piece doors with hydraulic lifting rams. When the doors are open in the summer it would provide shade. Which would be less expensive a single 26' wide door or two 10' doors? Please provide an estimate as I am doing the design work and hope to be ready within a few months. Also, if I installed a system for the door or doors could it also provide hydraulic power for a lifting work table for bikes? Also, I would need two remote controls for the vehicles. Thanks. 

73 We are interested in hydraulic hangar style doors. We'd like to get a estimate on a 7' x 9' door for my auto repair shop. Can you send us information on the hydraulic door? Look forward to hearing from you!! Thank you, 

74 Please quote 24 wide X 10 high hydraulic door (6 are needed). All with windows, New Style Power pumps and remote openers. These will be going on steel non-insulated rental storage units.

75 I am estimating a farm fresh produce storage  building that is specifying a liftstrap Schweiss hydraulic door. 55ft wide and 16ft tall. It is in Utah, 28 miles west of Salt Lake City. I want the option for a Red Power hydralic door also.

76 Have projects coming up were looking to start designing with hydraulic doors on some commerical buildings. At this time looking for information and catalogue on hydraulic doors please forward sale person information so that I can contact, looking to show our customers your hydraulic Schweiss doors. Thank you.

77 I am looking for a glass hydraulic door for a bar project with a outside courtyard that I would like to open up to the outside, also a counter top hydraulic one piece door for a outside / walkup bar element.

78 We are interested in having folding glass sound proof hydraulic doors installed in our Arlington law offices. If possible, I would like an estimate quote on the cost and to set up a consultation appointment, during which, the installation details can be clearly established. Have seen some of your work on your designer door Schweiss website and we're quite impressed. Thank you.

79 Interested in budget pricing for a hydraulic   commerical grade Schweiss door to replace a rolling dock door on a commerical building. Rough dimensions of opening are: 24' wide x 15'6" tall. Photo of existing door available for review. How soon can you deliver, and can you install on a weekend vs. weekday?

80 I need 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors 16 tall x 14 wide for a commercial storage building. Is this an unusual request to have a door taller than wide. Will that pose any problems. I know you have done thousands of doors, so I trust what you'll have to say?

81 Hello, am interested in more information regarding your commercial hydraulic doors. More along the lines of image (24) from your Schweiss Doors home page. Thank you.

82 Dear Sir, Project- Lexus Car Show Room -Doha- Qatar. Please provide SCHWEISS MORTORIZED HYDRAULIC DOOR AND MECHANISM for, Swing up glass doors; 3750 x 4200mm overall; complete; including opening mechanism, factory installed and supplied electromechanical devices and wiring, reinforced framework, supports, hardware, sealants, and the like, modification to framework to suit opening section; reference drawings. Approx. weight -1275 Kg. We will provide cargo ship for container pickup on east coast of USA.

83 Hello, Im looking for a quote on a set of outward lifting Schweiss hydraulic doors for our media blasting room. Rough dimensions of 16' wide by 14' tall. Id like a quote for sound filtered doors as well as solid doors.

84 We have 4 of the large hydraulic Schweiss doors on the front of our yacht center. Just wanted to let you know this was a great move on our part. The doors work even better than we anticipated. Really like the fact that the doors open and close faster too.  I'd recommend them to anyone.

85 This concerns a hospital quote you have given in Billings, MT. I have been asked by the hospital and  construction company to take over the proposal for replacement of our current door with your hydraulic door. Door is to be a hydraulic door 26x70 ft, must operate in 45 mph wind, prepped for interior steel. delivered to Billings, MT, installed by me. I need price on door delivered door only.

86 Could you please quote me on providing and installing 2 -16 ft x 14 ft hydraulic doors for a building I am bidding. The owner has two of your hydraulic doors on another building now so if need be I can try to get some additional info off the doors if that would be required to price. The building would be concrete construction. The outside skin would be a poly carbonate panel to let in light. I can send pictures also if needed. They are for a fertilizer mixing room if that influences the type of operator motor or a protective paint applied to doors.

87 We are interested in your premier hydraulic pump/cylinder door products. This will be a commercial retail storefront application along a blvd in Westwood CA. 1. The building type is combination of existing timber with new steel seismic reinforced framing. These will create possible conflicts for interior swing allotment. 2. We are currently working on the wind load requirements at this time. The exterior part of the hydraulic doors cannot overhang more than 4' from lease line. 3. Header and jambs will be steel. Intermediate supports between doors will be 4x4"  steel beams. 4. Each door opening would be approximately 16' width x 14' height. 5. We prefer clear powder coated 2x4" hot rolled tube steel w/ 1"glazing stops w/ (2) layers of 1/4" laminated and tempered glazing. If you do not offer steel, we would consider using an aluminum product and powder coating. 6. No pass thru doors will be necessary. 7. Installation may be contracted by GC, supervised may be preferred. 8. Please see the attached schematic package for your reference. 

88 I am working on a commercial building project and trying to decide on an door for the front of the building. I am interested in using one of your solutions but I not sure of how the end result will work, I also don't know how you recommend to insulate the door. I like the look of the commercial overhead doors and they come insulated and ready to go. Attached is a photo of what I am building. I plan to use your hydraulic door approximately 18' X 14'. Please give me some examples of how to achieve a clean finished look.

89 Please contact me about some prices on a few more of your Schweiss commercial doors to be placed on a 50' x 60' metal building on the south shore of Lake Apopka in Oakland, Florida. One 44' x 14' single panel hydraulic door and three 12'x 14' overhead hydraulic doors, preferably automatic. The color of the building in the signature 200 siliconized polyester " Burnished Slate" color. ( I'm told its a common metal building color. 

90 We are proceeding with permits at this time and plan to incorporate your hydraulic restaurant door into the design. I noticed that the specs show stripped down weights with no finish installed. My question is this: what would be a safe limit for additional weight, I was considering cultured stone and wood siding with windows. I fully understand that I am responsible for the design of the frame etc., but what can your door handle? Please advise.

91 For boat storage. Steel framed fabric covered building. Budget is big factor, but I do want a hydraulic door. I can insulate the door myself.

92 What is the max clear that I can get on a 45x15 ft older Schwiess hydraulic door. I need 12 1/2 feet vertical. Is this possible? If so I must need controller with wider end points as I only get about ten feet of clear.  This is my second Schwiess door. The first is strap lift with auto latch which I like very much. I would like to update to the old commercial door to this hydraulic door specs if possible. Thanks


94 I would like to get a price quote on both a bi fold door and hydraulic door for my commercial business. How difficult would it be to install myself? Thanks! Gary

95 I am looking to quote a 40' wide by 16' high (or 17' high) hydraulic Schweiss door in a new metal building. It would be on the sidewall of a building with a jack beam to hold a roof rafter. The clear under this jack beam is approximately 16'-3". The building is not insulated. The building is used for sandblasting. It is located near Waverly, Nebraska.

96 We are pricing these doors for a new retail shop that we are thinking of building this fall and I would like to have the specs for these doors. The new building is being added to a building that is already there and the overall hight is a deciding factor of which door, bifold or hydraulic, that we will be using. We have a 30 foot Schweiss hydraulic door in another building and it works great. thanks.

97 I need a retractable roof over a 30'x50' beer garden. This hydraulic door of yours seems like the perfect answer but I need to know the cost. It could be attached to one side and then lift out so I guess 2 15'x50' sections would be the best or do they not come that long.

98 I am building a boathouse the end wall of the building is not done and I think a hydraulic door  would work It would be 34.5 ft wide and 10.5 ft tall the clear opening is 8 ft and there is a 2.5 ft truss to hinge from also I would like to add a wooden sacrificial section 2 ft tall and 24 ft wide to the bottom center of the lower half of the door That will be done so that if the ice should ever hit the door it will break the wooden section and not harm the door. Good thinking huh?

99 Hydraulic door frame only. We are going to cover the frame with canvas. It is to inclose a restaurant patio. Do you do canvas? If not we would consider a similar fabric. We want a rustic look.

100 We are a dealer referred to you in Ontario. I have been speaking with both private air hangers and some large equipment dealers about buildings and the timing was great to make me aware of Schweiss Doors. One building for sure that I need a quote for a hydraulic door is below. What is the price difference between the hydraulic door and bi-fold commercial door? We would install the door separate from the building in its own frame. What other details would you need to make an accurate quote?

101 I am considering building a 10,000 sq ft. building for auctions. Your hangar door looks like it may fit well into my plans. I am interested in getting a pricing idea on your one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors. Can your doors be insulated and fitted with walk through doors.

102 Please could I get a price on creating an approx 30" w x 24" hydraulic doors (similiar to a one piece paneled closet door type hydraulic door. This will be at a family grocery storage facility.

103 I have an 18 ft. opening in my building; can I maintain that 18 ft. with your hydraulic door? Will your hydraulic lift door give me better head room. I need all I can get, because I have large livestock semi trucks coming in and out.  

104 Buying and redesigning a restaurant in Hoboken, NJ and want to do something similar to the bifold door windows you did in NYC only I want a hydraulic door instead. We have a 18 ft and a 16 ft wide openings at about 9 ft high. Exact numbers to follow once we discuss options

105 We are John Deere dealers and I need to build another building for clean up shop just wondering about price on your hydraulic insulated doors I would need 2 18x20 and also an 18x30 or even 36. I want an attractive door painted in John Deere green (what else).

106 Hello, looking to price two doors, hydraulic door  types: location- San Diego, CA use- for outdoor cafe patio access on nice (most) days. approx. dimensions each- 11'3" wide by 9'6" tall. These are spec'd by a design firm, unknown engineering for the framing at this time. The wall appears to be brick. The existing openings contain aluminum framed windows. Header construction unknown. The open hydraulic doors will serve as patio covers above tables and chairs. I think your hydraulic  doors provide more overhang, but are they more expensive. You can call me to discuss. Bud S.

107 I need a quote for four (4) horizontally lifting hydraulic doors for a commercial project in San Antonio, TX. Please contact me via email for specifications, etc. (3) doors @ 17'-10" clear width, 11'-2" clear height, 13'-2" overall heights (1) door @ 8'-3" clear width, 8'-8" clear height, 10-8" overall height

108 Schweiss: We are looking to use one of your hydraulic doors in our current project. We would like pricing and information on a 14 x 50' hydraulic  door for an bulk fertilizer storage application. Any information you could provide us with, safety options, motors, etc.  


110 I would like to price a 40' x 20' hydraulic and a bifold door for a project for a equipment dealer in Pasco WA. Quote with Red Power pump and bifold with lift straps and remotes for both.


112 We are looking for hydraulic strip mall doors of this size 40'x20' with 18'clearance I would like a quote for 2 of them and as well for 6 of them all the same size. Lightly insulated with remote openers.  Thank you sincerely Darvin

113 I am currently working on a commerical project in NE Minneapolis. I am looking for two glass doors: one 16'w x 12'h and one 12'w x 12'h. We are haven't cut the rough openings yet. The hieght to the roof deck is 14' and the hight to the ceiling trusses is 12'. We are looking to maximise the hieght of the doors am I right in assuming that we could a 12'h door with your hydraulic door system? 

114 Placing order for a 16 foot tall by 28 foot wide hydraulic door on our farm supply shed so we can get our trailers in and out. Having a man door built into your hydraulic door is very appealing. Want to know door price shipping estimates and how long before door can be delivered and installed.

115 I have a 40'X16' door opening with two twenty foot sliders now would be interested in a price on one of your commercial doors. I struggled with these sliders long enough and don't even want to deal with them during another winter. From what I've seen and heard, your Schweiss hydraulic door is the best way to go. Please also price remote opener and four windows and a walk door. I can apply insulation.

116 I am looking to build a heated furniture store shop summer of 2014. I would need a 32 x 16 door and possibly a 14' x 14' door. Quote me on hydraulic door for all the doors. I would like to use spray foam insulation which I can apply. I like the fact that your pump can lift my door faster, saves on the heating and air conditioning bills. Sure like your doors. My neighbor has one and told me to give you a call and not to waste my time on any other manufacturer. 

117 Looking at your website, I was delighted to see that somebody finally manufactures a commercial use lifting gate. I'm talking about the gate The Paw dog resort had you build for them. Interested in the use of one of your Schweiss moving and lifting gates as a large room divider. Room is approximately 60 feet wide with 12 foot ceiling. Was also curious if there was a way to put man doors at each end of the liftstrap gate. I've installed three of your liftstrap bifold doors, so I believe I could also install your gate.  

118 Please quote a 44x10 hydraulic door and a bifold w/strap operator and autolatch system door delivered to Circle Pines, MN. We need a winter boat storage door with your highest R-Value insulation. Please list an installation price also. 

119 I am erecting a new building and need a small paint booth door, a 30' x 12' Schweiss one piece hydraulic paint boot door. Please give a cost estimate and installation quote. I like your new self-contained pump because I can mount it outside the paint booth door.

120 I need lumber storage building doors. Two 48' x 16' steel doors with specs or drawings on how the hydraulic door gets attached to the wood truss building. Will your new Schweiss pump mount away from the door off the floor?

121 I am building a 70x55 ft block cold storage shed for a grocer. I need a one piece hydraulic fast opening insulated door 54 ft x 18 ft. single panel door by Schweiss.

122 I have a customer that wants me to order him a automotive sales building insulated glass showroom door that is big enough to bring cars and trucks in and out. I am interested in costs for two side by side 24' x 20' Schweiss hydraulic-powered doors and installation.    


124 We are building a steel commercial building and going to have a 35' wide by 16' tall opening for a Schweiss Hydraulic one piece door. Would like a quote to include a man door and remote opener. What have you got for non-electrical backup systems. Thanks 

125 I'm looking into converting one of my moving cement trucks to where the door opens up at 90 degrees straight up and out. I will need your Schweiss Red Power heavy-duty hydraulic pistons to accomplish this and I am wondering if you guys might have something to help me out with this. My crew can do the instaliton and everything I just need the parts and pistons. Thank you.

126 I would like to order a Schweiss crane door and wanted to double check the specs. If you could send the last ones to me again. I'm leaning more to the Schweiss hydraulic door because of its large size and think the hydraulic pump/cylinders will handle the load better. Correct me if you think I should also be looking at one of your liftstrap bifolds instead. thanks.

127 I need a bid on 2 14x24 commercial grade hydralic doors, can be shipped to my yard and I will put them in. Non-insulated with alarm and lighting option plus extra remote for each. This is the fourth order from you, doors are all working great and quite easy to install.


129 I would like to know what a Schweiss insulated door that is 35' 8" wide and 13' tall in one piece would cost to put on an existing metal building. I need real good R-factor insulation for this hydraulic commercial grade door.

130 Require quote on 60 x 15 hydraulic door for a motorcycle showroom. We came to Schweiss Doors because we know every hydro powered hydraulic door is custom built and quiet. So we need a custom-built one-piece hydraulic doctor's office door.

131 I am looking for a 20 feet wide by 16 feet high insulated one-piece hydraulic door for a strip mall. Would you give me a a quote for this strip mall moving wall hydraulic door? Thanks.

132 I would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic one-piece overhead hospital door. The hospital hydraulic door openning is 9'-4" tall x 20'-0" wide. The one-piece hydraulic door jobsite is in Texas.

133 We are building a unique storefront and we're looking for a custom-built 50 ft. by 16 ft storefront one-piece hydraulic door. I need a hydraulic door price with shipping and technical  structural info for the one-piece hydraulic storefront door.

134 We are looking for a 26x13 one-piece hydraulic door to retrofit the shipping platform door around the back of our large grocery store complex. We need a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic shipping platform door built to last, as the store shipping dock is loaded daily. Can we get a custom-built one-piece hydraulic door?

135 Bidding a 60x40 metal building job for an airport hotel and they are wanting a 54x16 clear height one-piece hydraulic airport hotel door. i need price for door and one-piece hydraulic door opener. thanks

136 I am needing a price on a 12ft wide 14ft high hydraulic zoo door. I am a zookeeper at the county zoo, so we need strong, durable, foolproof one-piece hydraulic zoo doors so the lions won't get out. We have heard about hydraulic door failures, so in this case especially, we've decided to only trust Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors for our zoo. 

137 I need a quote for a 24 foot wide x 16 foot tall hydraulic overhead door for my machine shop. Please send quote to my email asap. Delivery location is in Illinois.

138 Please quote: we need six (6) large commercial hydraulic doors, 24' wide x 18' high. We also need one (1) hydraulic door 40' w x 18' h that must lock when open and closed for safety.

139 I have a door now and we are building a building to house a hay rebaling business. Building is 150' long and I want to be able to open up one side. Will have 30' bays and am thinking a door per bay. 14' high and say 28 to a short 30' long. Which would need 5 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. I would like to get a quote on the doors, all with 2 remote openers which I'm hoping will open all doors.

140 Pricing for a 40' x 10' Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door with Red Power back-up system and a 3' wedge or 1' wedge to Midland, Texas.

141 Would like a quote for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic ag door 40' w x 12' h for a commercial use steel frames pole shed. Impressed with your new Red Power pumps, include that too.

142 Looking to price a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulics for an 8'x10' warehouse door configuration. The application is an acoustical type application with neighbors complaining of noise from warehouse.So I want a quiet door with a quiet motor which I assume can come from your Red Power pump system.

143 I am a steel building eractor & have a customer who wants a commercial building with a 30' X 16' and a 20' X 16' Insulated Hydraulic Lift Schweiss doors. I need the price with Red Power Systems and the loads that it will put on the building to get my quote together. I hope to hear from you soon Doug Hurlmeier

144 I'm updated a beef plant where the old overhead door has seen better days. Looking for a bid on a Schweiss hydraulic lift system 18ft.wide by 16ft tall. Also considering that it have your new Red Power pumps. Thanks Vince


146 Could you please email me the specifications for a T-Hangar Schweiss hydraulic lift door system with Red Power unit. It calls for a 44'-0\"W X 16'-0\"H door. We have an eave height of 24'-0\" if that helps. I thank you in advance. Regards.

147 Good morning, I need a bid on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door system with Red Power Electrical System. 40x12. Next month we start the construction on the structure.

148  I want to contact with your Schweiss Door company, because I have to project that the customer requests big hydraulic lift doors and big Red Power hydraulic pumps to open it with. Well, it's hangar doors, and the doors size is; 76ft width, and 16' 4\" clear height. One of then the wind load will be 75MPH, and the another one will be 90MPH. For our design; what it would be the doors request in support for our buildings, or connection too. Please send me a proposal for both doors separate, both with Red Power motors, EXWORK cost, with all the shipping information, we need to move to South America. if you can, please send me information, or brochure if it's possible. best regards

149 Wondering what a 20' x 20' Schweiss hydraulic lift door will cost. going on a wood frame cold storage commercial structure with tin on it. Request that you include your Red Power backup system for it. 

150 This Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your Red Power hydraulic pump is needed to replace present sliding door on commercial building. We visualize an outside header and side support members, which will be attached to the face of the clear span beam, which is 100 ft. Each bay is 20ft,and the door is one bay in from the end, which gives an overhang from the weather. So the door needs to be mounted up high under the overhang roof. There is a full building width footing under the door frame as well as the end frame overhang bay. Detailed measurements can be made so that whatever support structure needed can be designed,since we need a complete installation.

151 I would like a price on a 24 ft wide by 16 ft high and that would be in a sidewall and I would like that priced both hydraulic lift (with Red Power option) and a Schweiss bi-fold. Below is the other door I would like priced as well. As soon as you can get back to us would be great I am close to purchasing the building. Thank you

152 We need to have a 15' x 50' Schweiss hydraulic lift  door with Red Power System installed in Florida. We need a competent commercial door installer, do you have a list of qualified installers.

153 I am looking for a 14 x 14 shop door. It will be for my truck shop? I haven't completed the structure yet so I can adjust the size a little. Is there a standard size in your Schweiss hydraulic lift line  that I could get that my be less custom, cheaper and quicker? By quicker I mean with your new Red Power motor.

154 We are a coiling & sectional dealer / installer and are bidding a commercial  project that includes 2 Schweiss Hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Systems in our Bid Category. Do you have a Michigan distributor or will you quote us directly? What is your fax # so I may send you the specifications??

155 Hi, I love your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. The new Red Power motor lifts it with ease and quiet operation. Can you build some for us in Shanghai? If you cannot, do you know another company in this area? Thanks a lot, Brad R

156 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a truck terminal. In the quote can you please add a 2 remote openers and your new Red Power backup system. 

157 For my auto maintenance shop I have one other door that is 15 wide and 11 high. I may frame to 12 wide and 11 high. Would like to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Only quote the door with your new Red Power motor..

158 Could you please provide me with a quote for a bi-fold door as well as a hydrolic- lift Schweiss door. the dimensions are 35ft wide by 18ft tall.We also want you to include you new Red Power hydraulic pumps for this job. This is for a commercial building.

159 I need to order two of your new Red Power Hydraulic lift Red Power motors. I'm tired of lifting the current door I have. Do these new Schweiss motors come in different sizes. This is for a large commercial door.

160 I live in Canada. Do you have a supplier close by? I have a commercial use shop 40' by 72' that needs 3 hydraulic lift doors. Two 16' by 14' and one 12' by 14'. Would like info on your new Red Power Schweiss Electrical Systems. Are they as quiet as your web site indicates?  Thanks

161 I am preparing to construct a shop area in my 54' x 72' building. I want to replace the sliding end door with a hydraulic lift one piece door. The door is 24' x 14.5'.I want you to include your safest and quietest Red Power motor for this because heavy public traffic will be in play.

162 We will also be installing a second shop door next to the big one. 18 wide by 16 high. Is there any extra requirements from the building for a 36' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door, will we be needing your new more powerful Schweiss Red Power motor for it?

163 Need a quote on two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, one 30x18 & one 32x18. I will be constructing a potato storage building that burnt down. A couple of lites in the 32x18. The owner wants hand latches, and Red Power hydraulics. The 30x18 will be in a \"wet\" area, can the operator be mounted in the attic space? 30x18 in endwall & 32x18 in sidewall.


165 I am a Truss Designer and a customer of ours was looking to install a Schweiss Doors 40' x 16' Single panel hydraulic lift door of yours on his commercial building. I was hoping to get some design specs to determine what kind of header is needed as well as the columns needed to support the hydraulic mecanism. If you could send me the point loads for the door and specs on your new Red Power hydraulics. Give me a call I would appreciate it. 

166 looking for a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 32x10 for a commercial project , plain panel , no glass. Should have Red Power Electrical System with best lift power available.

167 Need 40x17 Clear hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors. Please price each door with a free standing header separately. Price Red Power hydraulics separately.  List labor to install door and free standing header separately as well. Please send design spec's. Doors are for commercial use. Thank you

168 I am looking at building a commercial shop and need to know an idea of what a Schweiss hydraulic lift door would cost... I am looking at 20' wide and 14' high and will consider installation of your new Red Power backup system... thanks!

169 I am interested in the hydraulic lift window system you have. We have 2 restaurant projects where they possibly would like this solution. one is for a 37\" wide by 40\" tall window opening. the other is 7 openings that are 54\" wide by 70\" tall. Want your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Backup System for better lifting power.

170 Are you pricing the above referenced project that calls out for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors? If not, can you? Please see the information below on how to access drawings: Construction is soliciting subcontractor pricing for the construction of the Rocky Essex, MA. This project is a 4,000 sf complete addition and 2,000 sf renovation. The project includes all exterior and  interior fit-out work and system installation for the new addition; new terrace, modifications to existing terrace & drive, new generator and enclosure. There is an extensive new structural package (Steelframe with metal studs, concrete floors & roof, and precast concrete walls) as well as a state of the art HVAC and lighting systems. The addition calls for a very high level of finish for both interior and exterior. Please look thru the drawings before deciding to bid, this is not a typical residential addition (It is more commercial). And we want your doors to include Red Power Electrical Systems We are currently soliciting subcontractor pricing. Drawings can be accessed from our FTP site following the instructions listed below. Please fax the proposals Should you have any questions during the bid process, please contact us Thank you,

171 Hi, I am currently working on a retail project and the client would like to utilize your system. Elevations of the store front are attached for your review. The areas highlighted in yellow are the hydraulic lift door locations. The areas in blue are fixed with the exception of a man door and awning windows in one and just awning windows in the other. I haven't had a chance to double check but it appears as though our client used a Schweiss Door system for a converse store that opened at the Irvine Spectrum. If so can you give me the contact information for the person that worked on it and the specs on the system used there? Could you just brief me on the Red Power hydraulic options for your system? For example:1. Do you have standard style's for the hydraulic lift door? 2. What materials can you make the door out of? Aluminum, steel, etc. Would you be interested in making the other doors/windows highlighted in blue? (we would want the frames and style to match with the doors) 4. How much equipment do these doors require? How far from the door can it be located? 5. Do you provided locking mechanisms? As stated before this is for a retail application so security is of high importance.

172 Please see attached details of Schweiss Designed hydraulic lift motorized doors for (3) loading docks. Door opening sizes are:(1) 21'x16'-6\"H(1) 15'x17'H(1) 24'x17'-6\"H. Doors are located between column lines 1.0 and 4.0. Include steel frame clad with 1/4\" thick finish painted steel panels in the exterior face and composite aluminum panels in the interior face. 6\" rigid insulation infill is required. Please see attached specification for further details.Please quote budget price to furnish the doors with Red Power backup systems. Please include a complete assembly including tracks, metal cladding, finish paint, vertical support steel and all required hardware and operator. If you have any questions, please contact me.

173 Hi my name is Norman , I'm looking for a quote for Two hydraulic lift one piece doors for my cold storage building.The openings are 24' wide x 16' High. The building is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.Can you include insulation package and Schweiss Red Power hydraulic back up system. Shipping fob Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Thanks

174 Looking for 2 hydraulic lift doors for a restaurant covered patio area. Similar to the TGIF images you have and the residential install. 28.5'X14' Do your systems come glazed? Any additional cost for Schweiss Red Power Electrical system?

175 Hi, Need pricing on a 80' wide x 20' frame opening height hydraulic lift door to be locate in Mesa. Door to be placed on commercial building - include Red Power hydraulic pumps in your Schweiss Doors bid. See a lot of your quality stuff down here in Arizona.

176 Please see our interest below - these Schweiss hydraulic lift sytle doors are for a restaurant in New York - please also tell us time/schedule for production and delivery. Please fit these doors with your Red Power backup systems. Thank you

177 Looking for possible two one-piece hydraulic lift Schweiss doors that are at least 12' and about 40' wide in the hydraulic Red Power pump door design. For metal commercial use building.

178 I need a 40'wide X 60' high hydraulic lift door for a yacht service building we are currently designing. Please contact me asap so we can design around your product. I would like to use the Schweiss hydraulic lift system with Red Power motor if possible. I also need this to meet 130mph winds.

179 Looking for a price on a hydraulic lift door 40'x 18' for a farm equipment dealer. This would be for an addition on the existing building which is rigid steel frame building we would also be looking for the highest R - value available and want great lift with your Schweiss Doors  Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thank you Mack

180 Please quote me a 100x28 clear hydraulic lift Schweiss door going to New Iberia, La 70158. Commercial use. Will want Red Power hydraulic backup system for smooth and fast lifting. 

181 I need a quote for these Schweiss hydraulic lift doors as soon as possible. Please call me or email with a quote which will include your Red Power motors. Door will be used for commercial storage and should be insulated. If you have any questions. Thank you, Jose

182 We just buit a new hanger of 110m long and 15m high we need a hydraulic lift door for it. Will want it fitted with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. this is for commercial use.

183 Currently working on a remodel, Shop and retail with 5-large overhead doors 20'x14'h. Could you provide basic cost standard insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door plus the price for a glass door of the same size and include Red Power unit? 

184 We need a quote complete Schweiss hydraulic lift doors kits-1- 24'x 14' 1 pc door and 2-12 x 14 -1 pc doors- we will put 29 gauge steel sheeting with 1.5\" insulation under siding-Red Power backup systems. Need shipping to same location as address above. Plan to start warehouse addition by June.

185 We are interested on the price of a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door for a commercial building, it should be 6225mm. x 7200mm., in milk white color. Of course we need to know also the cost of shipping to Italy. Thank you

186 Interested on pricing for a Schweiss hydraulic lift  door 50ft wide 25ft high. The Steel Structure has open bay used for sorting onions.Door needs to have your Red Power hydraulic back up system and remote control.

187 Truck wash entrance and exit. Aluminum or opaque  Schweiss bifold or hydraulic lift doors as per your recommendation. Building is concrete block with brick veneer.Will require Red Power Safety advantage system.

188 Please send one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door quote for our Cantina in Laredo. How much for a glass door vs. Schweiss Designer Door. Looked at your web site and you build some very attractive doors for restaurant type use. Would want door to have Red Power backup system.

189  I have put in a couple of requests for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, and wish to thank you for your co-operation, I do wish pricing of one more max lift  size Red Power pump should as my plans may change. Sleepy Hollow I need 15 feet of open height and 60 feet wide. Thanks Brent Banardy

190 This door is replacing an existing sliding door. The trusses and header on the building is already built for a hydraulic lift door. The current door is going to be moved to the other end of the building and we want a new modern Schweiss door on the opening that we use daily. Commercial door will need Red Power Hydraulic Pumps for good, fast lift.

191 Looking for a quote for nine Schweiss hydraulic lift doors complete with Red Power hydraulic pumps. 40ft wide by 13ft high commercial application doors. thanks.

192 Looking for commercial auto dealership-style door for a showroom. Must be able to accomodate large car in/out. Also need a customer in/out door. Can this be a combined door or just on the side? Will a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door be best for this. Does it come with Red Power hydraulics for fast lift? We need fast to beat the Alaska cold.

193 I need a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door delivered within 12 miles of my tiny Alabama one horse town. The door width i need is 30 ft. the clear door height I need is 10 ft. It will go on my gas station and small motor repair shop. I want your Red Power motor on it and want it to lift fast.

194 I am interested in your aluminum glass panel hydraulic lift doors. i am looking for something in the 16' wide x 12' high range that would be installed with Red Power backup systems in an aluminum storefront system. i would like to get in touch with an architectural representative in my area/region. can you provide any contact information. in addition, does Schweiss Doors have any installations that you are aware in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas?

195 I have 2 14'x14' openings to fill. they did have standard doors on this commercial storage building that were taken before i got here. My biggest concern is price and insulation as it gets cold here. Most interested in Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors with Red Power back up systems.

196 I am renovating a restaurant. My client wants to do a facade improvement using an overhead window. There are actually 4 windows Would like a quote, all are 5'-6\" tall (2)7'-0\" long (1)10'-0\" long and (1) 4'-0\" long. Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup will be the ticket here. 

197 I am looking for a 18'w x 16'h door for a fertilizer building can be Schweiss styles of Hydraulic lift or Bi Fold. Need 2 (two).Also wondering what power Red Power hydraulic pump to install, they do come in different sizes, don't they.

198 Please provide a quote. I am converting a 20'x 8' shipping container into a retail kiosk. the long side walls of the container will be cut out and used as doors that will lower down to ground level. basically, it's the inverse of the hydraulic lift garage door that would lift with a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift piston. Rather than lifting, it will be lowered to stop blocks for support, creating a floor.

199 Do you make a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that does not use an upper guide rail with the bottom rail being able to be sub set in the concrete. The opening would be 12' and used in a wash bay. We only want hydraulic with Red Power unit to lift it.

200 We are looking at building a house boat dealership in Arizona. We need 2 doors that will have a cleared opening space of 22 feet wide and 28 feet high. It will be installed in a pre fab metal building. I would be interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage System.

201 I was the general contractor for a marina in Niantic CT when we installed their Schweiss bi fold door purchased by the marina direct from Schweiss. The owner has asked me to contact Schweiss Doors on his behalf to setup a call because he now wants to order a hydraulic lift door from Schweiss Doors. He said he really likes your doors and wants to know more about Red Power hydraulics.  Rick

202 Dear Sir or Madam, I'm interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Can you please let me know what the minimum size is, do you have a minimum size Red Power motor for them? We would like to use it for a small commercial project and the door would not be much bigger than 2700mmx1500mm. Is this visible? Could you please come back to me with any information as soon as possible, as we are meeting the client tomorrow. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Katharina


204 We are a General Contractor in the Philadelphia, PA region. Your product is specified on a project we are bidding. We would like to know if you bid direct to GC's or have a local distributor. Typically in Philadelphia construction labor is required to be union. I've taken the liberty of attaching a drawing showing the exterior of a patio bar. The attached sketches were sent after the drawings were issued eliminating one side of this assembly. We are looking for a hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thanks, Steve

205 I currently have a 26'x60'x14' cinder block shop built in 1979. I am in the process of opening my own auto repair business. I would also like to do some truck work in this shop. I was interested in your hyd. lift Schweiss door. My opening in 18' wide and 13'6-14' tall. I would like it insulated for heat. Give me Red Power to lift it. Thanks Klint

206 I would like to get a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 45'x12'6\" with Red Power back up system for commercial use, please let me know if aluminum is possible and how we can set up shipping to California as well as an account. Charles

207 Very interested in your upscale Schweiss Door products. We have 2 hotel properties in Niagara Falls and numerous other restaurant outlets that these hydraulic lift and bifold doors would work on perfectly. They would be work well on our valet decks during the winter and great for restaurants in the summer. Please contact me and I will send photos and site plans for better dialogue on our requirements. I look forward to your reply. One of the hotels is Embassy Suites. Dennis

208 Would like commercial door price alone and also an installed price. Need door installed this Summer-Fall. I need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that will not loose any height to my opening. Will consider only your Red Power hydraulic pump. I want the best. I like your sturdy doors.

209 Hello, we're quoting a large paint building and would like to get a quote on some Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. I'll forward you the building drawings once I get a response. Oh yes, I'll want your Red Power backup system. Wade

210 Our firm works with many potential door buyers, and we are bidding a commercial project location in NYC. The GC has asked us to bid the three Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Hydraulic lift pumps and Safety advantage systems on the project. We will either install or accept your quotation to install. Please let us know what information you require for quotation. We need to go in on this project ASAP. Thank you.


212 We are doing a Market building. 35' tall with opening of about 8' wide by 29' tall Can I get you to answer some questions on your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulic pump systems and maybe get a quote. Nick

213 We're discussing the practicality of using a one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door as the main entry to a conference room in an interior commercial office space. The door size is roughly 8'wide by 12' tall. Material is either glass with aluminum trim or possibly wood with glass resembling a barn door. Can you give me some options and pricing for these? Are Red Power hydraulic systems quiet?

214 Price 20'3 1/2\" x9'0\" upward one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System, aluminum and glass job. For new auto detail shop. Name is Drexel

215 Would like to get pricing for two Schweiss hydraulic lift garage doors...please price each door separately. Garage doors: 12'Width x 8' Tall: 12' Width x 8' Tall Price out three(3) glass panel on bottom and three (3) glass panels on bottom. Since the opening is only 8 feet tall...please recommend and price with best Red Power pump lift options. * The doors will be used for a restaurant/bar with an alley I need to be able to secure the doors tightly at night to avoid possible tampering.

216 We're looking to see if you have anybody in our area that sells and installs Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Our building has 3 bays and we need to replace a broken motor with one of your Red Power motors. Thanks, Louis at Hartge Yacht, MD

217 Building a boat storage shop. Need a 36ft door about 18ft high. Not sure if a Schweiss bifold or a Red Power System hydraulic lift door is better. Could you give me options on both and price. Thanks

218 I would like to request a Red Power hydraulic system product binder and an immediate quote for the following: (4) 14'-0\"w x 7'-0\" (h) (2) 9'-0\"w x 7'-0\"h Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. The project is new construction, ICF (insulated concrete form work, and the door would be used as an awning in the open position and hurricane shutter in the closed position. I am also interested in a wood door for a garage application (2) 10'-0\" x 7'-0\".

219 Our client has already been in contact with you and received a price for 3- 24'x18' 3-26'x18'. Could you  send me some Schweiss Door Red Power Electrical installation specs for this hydraulic lift door. Also interested in combining this product with a curtain wall for a storefront, 23.5'x18'

220 This Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump is for a building supply fabrication building in an Alberta Industrial Park. If you have not already priced it to any other door companies in Edmonton, we would look at pricing it for them. They require a clear opening of 19'-6\"

221 Looking for a quote 34' wide 36' high insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a boat storage facility. I want your best Red Power motor on it. I've seen some of your big hangar doors in operation and think this door will work equally well for my business.

222 Door will have to be air tight since concrete warehouse is to be temperature controlled. Can you price me a hydraulic lift Schweiss door, heavily insulated. Red Power motor. Installed in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

223 I am looking to price both the Schweiss Bifold & the Hydraulic Lift door with Red Power backup system. The opening is 14'x14' Minimum overhead clearance of 13' Also need walk-in door integrated. This is for a commercial tool and die shop in Missouri in Springfield.

224 We are currently working on a design build project for a small business. We are general contractors located in Utah. Please contact me about using your Schweiss bifold and Red Power hydraulic lift door products on this project We are on a Friday deadline to complete our quote

225 Hello, Please send information for on your acclaimed Schweiss hydraulic lift doors now packaged with your Red Power hydraulic pump system. This will be for a large commercial wholesale outlet center. We will probably be needing a dozen doors or more. Thank you.

226 Looking at options for an small 18'W X 9'H one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss shop business door so as to keep a wide opening. Have you had any requests for this small of a door and is it a practical cost effective solution to put a Red Power hydraulic pump motor on this size door?

227 Converting two potato bin doors into one 40'x16' one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door on the end. The wall in the center is not a supporting wall but I would need to put a header in. The width of the building is 50' and is a wood frame building. I have plenty of steel sheets from the center wall in the bin to cover the door and insolate it. Just need frame, Red Power lift components, weather strip and installed properly. So far I am researching the costs.

228 I need to get pricing ideas for a commercial retail customer. He is unsure about which is better (Bi-Fold or Hydraulic Lift) and he is unsure what size Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump he would need. I need budget price on the following:36' x 18' 40' x 18'44' x 18'Also would like to have options for straps on the bi-fold door.Not sure yet if the door is in an endwall or sidewall since bay spacing will be determined by door size. Options for insulation? High R-Values are desired.

229 We have a project in the Hays, KS  commercial outdoor market area which prefers a 50'0\" width x 20'0\" Schweiss hydraulic lift door (Frame opening is 50'0\" x 20'0\") and an owner wants a quote on both Schweiss Bi-fold and single lift Red Power hydraulic system. Please quote both types.

230 I need a price for a Red Power system Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece garage door. I am building a pizza restaurant and the owner wanted to price out the option of your door versus a conventional garage door. The door needs to be 9' wide by 8' tall.

231 Looking for pricing on smaller scale hydraulic lift  doors for extended a space on to a balcony. The doors themselves will be about 5'-4\"w x 7'-2\"h with potential for being fully glazed (anodized alum storefront is the likely aesthetic). These doors are placed within an existing structural brick opening (that will probably be reinforced with steel) We are still very much in the initial design phases of this existing industrial building renovation to a multi-use commercial structure and are just researching prices on your Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power Electrical System.

232 I have a client that wants a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that is 72\" in length and 16/ /- in height. It is at a exit, divided by a grass area and standard height curbing. 2 lane traffic in and 2 lane traffic out. I imagine that we will have to have this out in front of the building as a free standing door system. This probably means constructing a header system that ties into the building and sits upon some steel post. I assume you'll put Red Power hydraulic on it.

233 Need someone to contact me regarding overhead hydraulic lift doors for a storage unit project I am bidding on here in Raleigh. 10ea-10'x 12'. Basically the working door frame work you would provide and I would provide a specialty exterior finish. I'll need some info on your Schweiss Red Power Systems.

234 I need a quote on a 30 ft. wide by 16 ft. tall commercial quality Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic system, shipping location would be to a suburb real close to Kansas City, Kansas. Your commercial doors are really attractive as well as functional. Just what I need.

235 My client would like to enclose the patio of their restaurant with a motorized glazed O/H hydraulic lift one piece door. We have 4 openings 15 x 10. The project is in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Is your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage door system applicable for this application? Please advise one way or the other. thanks Doug Terrington

236 Need $ on a 25x15 door, Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece style installed on my boardwalk fish shack in Baltimore. Red Power backup system mandatory. Exterior with some sort of designer finish. I'll send you some fresh crabs, oysters or Maine Lobster if you give me a good deal. 

237 I am a contractor in Seattle, we are looking at a store front re-do and are considering using a Schweiss hydraulic door, complete with your Red Power hydraulic pump for best lifting power. What is your general lead time?

238 I have a storage business in Northern Wi. with a 40x80 ag building with standard 16' sidewalls and would like to put a Schweiss hydraulic single door on the front. I would like to get a price for the largest door I can fit on the 40' end. And I want your biggest Red Power hydraulic pump/motor on it.  If you have any questions, please call me. Thanks, Larry

239 We are currently designing a warehouse for our own use (general contracting & misc use) We have an application for a large door that will open to a 20' x 20' span. I would be interested in pricing your Schweiss Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Lift doors with Red Power pump options for our application. Please have a sales rep. phone me. Thanks, Jerome

240 I need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door opening is 15' high X 29'8\" wide location eastern Ia. Include price with Red Power hydraulic pump. This is for an auto body repair shop steel door.  I'm in Davenport, Iowa.

241 I would like to get some info on your hydraulic lift Red Power hydraulic pump Schweiss doors. We are a fabricator of curtain wall, skylights and windows. We use polycarbonate for the construction of our products. I have a commercial building that we are currently working on and I need a door (12' x 14') that I can work my polycarbonate into. I look forward to hearing from you.

242 We have a project in Singapore for an hotel where we have a couple of openings around 6275mm w x 3750mm height; we would like Schweiss hydraulic lift doors air and water tight with good acoustic insulation and glazed with double glazed units 24mm thick or 30Kg/sqm. Could you please confirm your door and Red Power hydraulic pump product performances against our requirements. We scouted internet sites for doors and decided your Schweiss Doors were a step above all the rest. We admire a manufacturer that takes pride in his product and maybe more importantly, one who is an established business like yours. Good businesses stay in business.  Best Regards, Lionel 

243 This Schweiss hydraulic lift door is to be installed with Red Power hydraulic pump as shown on the Schweiss Doors web page, in a custom boat house (wooden rowboats) with a wood shingled exterior. No interior or exterior finishes on the door...frame only. Please quote two for steel frame, one for all aluminum frame. The cell # I gave you is for a China Mobile telephone. My main office is in Shanghai but this project is on Martha's Vineyard where I have a seasonal residence. Thank you.

244 In need of a Schweiss Red Power Back Up System hydraulic lift door for the back of my beauty supply storage building in downtown Queens, New York. Price with a walk in door with a window, and no windows in main door unless they can be barred. Door needs to be structurally tough and made of steel to deter robbery break-ins or looting. This is a tough part of town. Would Schweiss Door installation crews work here? Tell me what I need to do to speed up their installation. Once the wall is open, we need to get it on, or I'll have to hire guards for the building.

245 We are requesting for a quotation on 2 \" Schweiss Hydraulic Lift  Doors\": (18'10\" x 7'3\") and (13'6\" x 7'3\") . Please quotation doors with most honorable Red Power backup systems and remote controlled openers and closers. These door will go on a commercial restaurant build in China Town.  Sian Yew

246 I am looking for 3--12' X 16' hydraulic lift one piece doors for our outside commercial storage area. I see by your Schweiss Doors web site that you now have a beefed up Red Power hydraulic pump. Send me the \"Power\" I want the lift!

247 We are looking to replace existing 10' x 10' storefront glass panels (4) panes of glass with Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece glass doors that will match existing glass. Not sure if I want four doors or maybe just two. What would you recommend. I would want a Red Power hydraulic lift pump. If I order four doors will I need 4 pumps or can it be jury rigged to lift with just one or two of your strong pumps.

248 I want a 14' high x 12' wide, Schweiss hydraulic lift door, Red Power cylinder electrical system operated, insulated for my farmers market vegetable sales center near Bongaards creamery just outside Eden Prairie, MN. Economy. Price. Don't call! 4\" sch. 90 frame

249 I am looking for hydraulic lift doors, sizes  30'-0\" x 14'-0\" and 28'-0\"x14'-0\" with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems. These are for a series of storage sheds that I rent out to the public. Putting some new ones up. Might also be interested in replacing some of my older sliding doors. I'll get back to you guys at Schweiss Doors on that. I'm delighted to see you've beefed up your motor with a Red Power System and other manufacturers hinge systems don't hold a candle to yours.

250 I am renting a older building with old sliding barn doors that split in the center and slide each way. These doors would be alright for a barn but not a truck shop. They are drafty and don't seal the elements out. They have a problem with snow build up and are hard to open. Can I put one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors over the existing opening with out losing any head room. Will your Red Power motors seal up the door good and tight? .

251 Please send full architectural / structural binder of your quality line of Schweiss Door product information. Don't forget to include specs and diagrams of your latest Red Power hydraulic pumps. I'm pretty sure I'll have a commercial order for you. He's looking at a hydraulic door, but may want to do a bifold door instead. Kinda depends on price and looks. Thank you, Patrick

252 I need to replace a old wooden door on a metal warehouse building. It's 12'wide x 14 high. We'd like a Schweiss Red Power System hydraulic door with a regular, pass through door installed on the bottom. The pass through door will give the workers access to the warehouse without having to fully open the door. Do you have installers in Connecticut? I need to purchase the door before the end of July.

253 I have a Blasting Booth \"Hand Blasting\" with an entrance opening of 45'4\" X 6'2\". Door would have smooth side facing inside. I have cad drawings if you require. Your hydraulic Schweiss Red Power door system looks like it may work for this application.

254 I would like quotes for two Schweiss hydraulic doors on a commercial grocery delivery project. We are still in the design process - but feel we are far enough along that the openings should not change at this point. We'd want Red Power hydraulics for quick lift, especially when it gets cold outside as it does here in Vermont and probably about six or eight different remotes that we can give out to our delivery drivers. I have a pdf I can send you if you would like. Below is the first door I need a quote for.

255 I need a quote for a hydraulic door unit which is required to be 40' wide with a 18' clear height. I need this door to be insulated and it will be installed in Wisconsin. Please bid complete with opener and all required Red Power Schweiss hydraulic pump hardware in order to insure a complete package. In addition I need for you to provide me with loading information so that a header can be designed to support your unit and hardware. Please provide information on weather proofing and seals so that I can be knowledgeable about your product. This is going to be used in a gable end for a tractor dealership. As soon as you receive this email please call and provide timing of when I can receive your quote. Sincerely, Jaden

256 I talked with a salesperson earlier today. Please send this Red Power hydraulic pump  brochure out promptly. My project bids on Friday. I have a specific request from the contractor to supply your \"Hydraulic\" Door by Schweiss on an elementary school. Thank you kindly, Riley. Commercial Estimator

257 Please quote the following Schweiss Hydraulic Doors for a project we are involve with and is in the planning stage. This is a 40 ft. aluminum door with Red Power hydraulics for a fish market commercial operation. Wind loaded please. East Coast installation by you in Maryland. Your prompt attention would be apreciated Thanks

258 Please provide separate preliminary pricing for the following: Four overhead Schweiss hydraulic full lite doors @ 12'w x 9'h Four overhead bi-fold full lite doors @ 10'w x 5'h @ 3'aff Two overhead hydraulic full lite doors @ 12'w x 5'h @ 3'aff Doors are similar to your designer door photo gallery showing commercial application w/ red chair in front. Hydraulic doors would require Red Power pump systems. All doors with remote openers.

259 These doors will be used in a 200' x 50' business building that will be divided into 4-50' bays with one door in each bay. Is it possible to place a 3-0x7-0 walk door in the Schweiss hydraulic doors? If not we may have to try to reduce the door width enough to place a walk door in the wall next to the door. I understand that all your hydraulic doors now come equipped with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. Good deal! Thanks, Jameson

260 Is it possible to get a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door about 16 to 18' wide by 8' tall for a dumpster garage? Doesn't have to be anything fancy, but maybe painted a dark blue and have your Red Power hydraulic system with a remote opener or two for it. Tom

261 I need to get a quote on a all glass Schweiss hydraulic one piece designer door with aluninum anodized end caps and center stiles. This aplication is for a storefront. Do you have diferent drive options in your Red Power hydraulic pump line, and what is the price? This is for proposal purposes only and the door size may change.

262 I am constructing a new commercial wedding dress outlet shop and would like a quote on a hydraulic door (glass or glazed glass) with Red Power System: 20' high x 24 -26' wide. Please have a Schweiss Door sales rep call: Marie B.

263 Please give me a price fora 50X16 one piece Red Power equipped Schweiss hydraulic door. This will go on a commercial storage facility so I'll want a door that I can lock down at night and will require two extra remote openers. Thanks, Jay

264 I have two 14ft.doors now with about a six-eight wall in between. I would like to put in a Schweiss hydraulic door so I can get larger machinery in to work on it. I would like to have a quote on a price being installed near Devils Lake North Dakota with your new Red Power hydraulic pump system and insulated. Two remote openers please.  Cloudy Daye

265 I'm an interested in getting a ballpark figure for an overhead hydraulic aluminum/glass door. It will be acting as a side wall in an outdoor/indoor restaurant/bar. We are enclosing the existing deck of a restaurant/bar. We would want the Schweiss Safety Advantage Red Power System on this.

266 I'm intrested in a set of 3 x Hydraulic Doors for my garage/motorcycle shop. The opening are 8' x 8'. I'm interested in your ability to build these with Schweiss Red Power backup system, windows (like an old service station door). I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks, Cliff

267 A Schweiss hydraulic door will be used for interior application only, we do not need heavy-duty industrial doors. We are, however, looking to incorporate glass panels. Let us know if the doors can be operated on a 208V %u2013 3-phase Red power hydraulic electrical system. The walls of the store are drywall with metal studs. The doors are centered on the walls. If you need additional structural support in form of side columns or door header, please indicate that on your quote. Thanks

268 I was wondering what would be an approximate price (material and installation) for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door, 20'-2\" wide by 14' high, including a top drive Red Power motor. Project location would be a new building in San Francisco, CA. An answer by e-mail would be appreciated.

269 I am a general contractor in Omaha. We have a client interested in a glass hydraulic door (like the last picture in the commercial door section of your webpage, only in the Schweiss hydraulic one piece). It will go to a deck from the commercial space. There is an existing opening of 106\"W x 96\"H. The sides of the opening are steel. Can you email me a quote on one of these doors to fill the opening and Red Power hydraulic pump operate. Thank you, Corey

270 We have customer that requires security for a parking area. Opening is 30' wide by 12'0 high. We cannot use our stand sectional grill, or sliding grille due to lack of clearances. Can you provide a price on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door frame for this opening - manual operation & Red Power pump remote control operation.  Deb. Victoria B.C.

271 The commercial gem and mineral sales barn project that is currently being designed has three openings, one is 18w x 12h feet flanked by two 8w x 12h openings. All call for Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift doors with Red Power pumps and backup systems, and two remotes for each door.

272 I am building a commercial building in Santa Barbara, and am interested in using your doors. There are (3) openings 9' x9'. Could you help me with costs and installation details for one of your web featured Schweiss hydraulic one piece designer quality doors with the Red Power Safety Advantage System ? Thanks, Marla

273 Commercial project in our area specifying Schweiss hydraulic aluminum one piece door with Red Power hydraulic electrical pump system, need pricing. If some one would call me today. Thank you, Jesse

274 I need a quote on a custom made  30'w x 18'h  Schweiss delivered horiz. one piece hydraulic door for exterior mtg on a large spraybooth. Can the exterior have a light smooth colored surface, so I can put my biz logo on it?  Has to have your new Red Power back up system and pump.  Ringo

275 Our company is looking to immediately purchase 2 INTERIOR (non-insulated) Schweiss hydraulic doors to separate manufacturing areas. We are building a new factory-wide demising wall for this purpose. We would like to have both door openings to be 12'0\" X 12'0\". Our challenge is that we will not be required to open to 12' width on a regular basis, but we need that ability for the occasional custom large product. Would it be possible to have an /- 8' wide door with a companion /- 4' door for daily product and act as a mandoor? The area that we are demising has a slight positive pressure for dust control, so a supersized door creates a significant air balancing challenge. We're hoping your new Red Power hydraulic pump will seal the door significantly in the down position. Please visit our website to get an idea of our product. Not much different than a plane! Thanks, Bob S.

276 Can you please give me a quote for two 70X20 clear Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar doors, they will be going into a new metal building used for a skydiving business. Could this be a glass door? Please include alternate pricing for Red Power Pump safety devices and one extra remote control.

277 Need pricing information on Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors for a commercial restaurant. 5 Openings - 10' wide X 7' High. Red Power hydraulic electrical system. Hurricane rating required, on coast.


279 Would like to know the approximate cost of a 25x15 Schweiss hydraulic door. We are ready for a salesman who can tell us more about your Red Power hydraulic pump and sturdy hinge system. We are looking at all options like insulation, remotes, etc. for a commercial steel building.

280 Please have a Schweiss Doors sales rep contact me for a hydraulic door and Red Power hydraulic pump  application quote. I'd want this with a backup system. It goes on grocery storage facility in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA  Thanks, David M.

281 Please send a catalog for commercial bi-fold doors (typically 10'-0\" wide x 10'-0\" high).Would want to order one with your lift strap system, auto latch and remote opener.

282 We are particularly interested in exact detailing, including attachment angles, track sizes, required clearances, etc. The project includes two Schweiss hydraulic one piece Red Power pump doors, (9'x24' & 9'x12') for our ski resort storage units in Lutsen, MN. Thanks Olaf

283 We may be bidding on a pair of Schweiss hydraulic  doors for a commercial building in May. I would like more information. Max height/width. Average lifespan/warranty. Red Power Options. Catalog. Thank You Jerry P.

284 Can you please provide me with a quote for (3) Schweiss Red Power hydraulic one piece doors: (2) 18'X8' (1) 9'X8'. This is for a commercial clothing storage facility. Thanks

285 I would like a quote on a 1 piece Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system 19x40 super insulated for our new commercial ski shop.

286 Need a quote for (10, yes ten) 40w x 11 h Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors for a clothing outlet center. Doors can be metal or aluminum, whichever is less expensive. Should all have remotes and as I understand they do come with Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pumps.

287 I am interested in installing a Schweiss hydraulic door on my shop it has a 14x20 door opening I am located in Alberta and can't seem to find anyone supplying these \"Red Power\" hydraulic pump doors and are they insulated

288 Hello, Two items for you. One, I am considering replacing my double residential doors with one of your Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors. My home is in Florida. Do you doors meet the Miami Dade building code? Two, I am in the processing of designing a new Harley Davidson showroom in Massachusetts and would like to incorporate your doors into the building. The building is being designed as a high energy efficiency building with LEED certification. Do you offer doors made from structurally insulated panels that produce a high R value. Your Red Power hydraulic pumps interest me a lot. This would be important for my LEED score. Sincerely, Michael G.

289 I was looking for a price on a Schweiss hydraulic door for a new small engine shop that I'm going to build this summer. Would also like a list of dealers in my area that know how to install Schweiss Doors with Red Power Hydraulic Pump Systems.

290 I am building a concession stand and your Schweiss one piece hydraulic lifting door has been spec'd and I need to get some information on your Red Power hydraulic systems and accessory products. I can e mail a pdf drawing of the door I need as well as the specs on it. size 8'-0\" x 7'-0\"

291 Bidding project for commercial job at Macy's in Kenner. Need price for 31' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. They faxed us specs. Also spec. is requesting 1/8\" aluminum sheet attached to door framing. (D. brand)Q uote to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulics if there is an extra charge.

292 I have purchased doors from you in the past both as a sales rep. I am now a satellite store for a large Building Center. I had suffered a total wipe-out of my computer here at my office in Dec. due to lightning damage. So, I am resubmitting this information for your Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system option. Today, I need a quote. Sorry for the short notice.

293 We are looking at long term plans for building renovation in our Ag Mech Shop. Currently, we have a roll-up door with windows above it. I would like to remove the windows and put in one large Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump. I would like price quotes for a 15 x 14.5 door and a 12 x 14.5 door (this would be the door size if the windows remained in place). Thank your for your assistance.

294 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a commercial sales shop. I will need a 40-18 or a 20-18.Can you price with Red Power Safety Advantage System and a remote opener?

295 We have a door opening that is 35ft high x 30ft wide. Could you supply a large custom-built commercial door that size? Bi-fold would be my choice, but I'd like to know more about the hydraulic options too. Thanks.

296 I need quotes for the following opening sizes: three (3) one-piece hydraulic doors 26' x 18', one (1) powerful hydraulic door with the red power motor 36' x 18', two (2) bifold doors with lift straps 31' x 18', and one (1) 42' x 18' hydro power door that runs extra quietly. I need (for all doors) automatic motor operation with a remote control.

297 I would like a quote on a bifold door. We are looking for a high efficiency bi folding door that will save us money in long term energy savings. The clear opening is 24'6\" X 14'. If you need more info please email me.

298 I'm looking for a price on a large, moving bi-fold door with remote operator. The size of this bi-folding door would be 36' x 14' with a wood frame. Please include price (with shipping and installation) in Wyoming. Thank You.

299 I am interested in a large bifold door about 14 ft wide and 13 ft high for my commercial manufacturing building. I would like to have a couple of windows in it. I would also like to have some insulation in it. I'm looking for specific features and I know Schweiss Doors will come through.

300 Please quote me on a bi-fold door with lift straps. The clear opening is 45'-4\" wide and 16'-3\" high. Also quote me a walk thru door and automatic latches. I need a custom-built bi-fold door with added security features, so we knew we should go to Schweiss Doors. Delivery would be to Arizona. Thanks!

301 We have dry kilns that we are needing to replace the doors on. I thought your one piece Schweiss hydraulic door might be an option.Not sure what information you will need for the door or Red Power hydraulic system.

302 Need a quote on a 16ft X 56ft Bi-Fold door. We're looking for delivery only; we will install the bi-fold door ourselves. We're looking for large commercial bi-fold doors with lift straps - because we move large construction equipment in and out of the structure, so it needs to be both sturdy and easy to use and maintain. Thank You.

303 Please advise as to electrical requirements (motor hp) for 54'-0\" wide x 16'-0\" high bi-fold. Building has 480 service. We are in design stage for 116,000 sf manufacturing and assembly building in Florida. Please tell me more about that red power LEESON motor. Thank you.

304 Putting a building up. I would like prices on installation and the prices on a bi-fold door with lift straps or one-piece red power LEESON motor commercial building hydralic door. The new state-of-the-art large commercial building one-piece hydraulic door size will be forty feet wide and sixteen feet tall. I also have an older bi-fold door, would it be possible to switch it from cable to straps?

305 We have a project we are working on that requires some custom one-piece moving hydraulic commercial doors. In addition to the two large commercial hydraulic doors listed below, there will be another one-piece hydraulic door 20' wide by 16' tall. All one-piece Schweiss moving hydraulic commercial doors are to have wood siding and cross bars to make them look like old barn hydraulic doors.

306 We are looking for one-piece hydraulic doors for our hardware store. Need no more than 30\" wedge if possible. 40x12 clear hydraulic door hardware store opening. We have a large dock out back and we're looking to equip the hardware store loading dock with hydraulic doors by Schweiss.

307 please call me tomorrow morning. i'd like to ask some questions about hydraulic door pricing for a restaurant hydraulic door and hydraulic one-piece door design to design a moving restaurant hydraulic door wall. thanks!

308 Request estimate for bi-fold parking garage door or a one-piece hydraulic parking garage door for rough opening 16' (height) x 75' (width). We will need the one-piece hydraulic parking garage door's siding to match the building exterior. Thank you!

309 Need price for a moving hydraulic window wall. Can we make your Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door into a one-piece hydraulic moving window wall for an art installation? The designer is particular about these one-piece window wall designer hydraulic doors, so this window hydraulic wall door will need precise dimensions.

310 I am looking for a moving wall hydraulic door for a movie set in Los Angeles. The one-piece hydraulic movie set moving wall door should be about 12' in length. Movie set hydraulic door Height about 12 to 12 feet. The size is under planning stages. Can you make a custom built hydraulic moving wall for this movie set? We need a very specific one-piece hydraulic movie set door. One-piece hydraulic door pricing? Do you have any hydraulic red power doors that resemble wood?

311 Looking for hydraulic door PRICES AND a hydraulic door CATALOG. We are looking for a one-piece hydraulic door for a new strip mall. These new strop mall hydraulic doors must be custom built. We are in the process of building, so we need one-piece hydraulic strip mall door options soon.

312 Would also like to price a 18 tall by 40 wide hydraulic door for my movie theater. This movie theater hydraulic door should protect the screens and open and close quickly. It will need to be a custom-built hydraulic door. thanks

313 We need a commercial bifold door, insulated to mount over an existing 10'w x 9'2\" high masonry opening with 24\" clear mounting wall above lintel.This commercial bifold door should be able to be opened by remote transmitters in addition to wall switch. We need this new Schweiss bifold (or hydraulic door) for a ground level loading entrance for a furniture restorer. we can remove the existed steel rollup door and install your commercial  door unit with just a little help from our electrician.

314 We are looking to replace the large moving doors on an existing building. Looking for a dry fertilizer storage bulk building one-piece hydraulic door. The front of the building is open and has wood pillars dividing the front into 6 sections. The custom made hydraulic doors we are thinking about could be one large hydraulic door or two smaller hydraulic doors.

315 Our customer is resizing an opening and would like to replace a sectional door with a Schweiss hydraulic insulated with exterior steel sheeting. Building is to be converted into an Aviation Mechanic school. -Vertical and horizontal steel support will be placed to support new opening dimension. Question: Can hydraulic or bifold doors be installed directly onto precast or do steel tubes have to be installed for mounting. Please quote as soon as possible. Call with any questions. Thank you

316 We build and install automotive paint booths. please send all available info you could supply to us to equip these booths with bifold or hydraulic pump doors.

317 Looking for information and cost on 40 x 17 Hydro Door. The door needs to be insulated as it will be used in a refrigerated building. Do all your hydraulic doors come with the new Red Power pumps?   Thanks

318 Want a Schweiss hydraulic door, clearance has to 10' high x 40' wide. Want pricing and let me know what spec building opening would have to be to have. This is a wood and block commercial building. Thanks

319 I am building a 12'X 28'wooden retail antique  furniture repair shop building, and I would like to put a bifold or hydraulic door in the short side if possible. I would like the width to be 8 feet -- this would leave 19 inches of wall to either side of the door. My maximum headroom inside the building is 7'10\" which I would like to maintain. The roof is pitched to one side, like a lean-to, with about 2 feet of room to the right, and nothing to the left. I have built the trusses, but have not put the roof on yet. There is no power at this location, so it would have to be light and manually operated -- perhaps like a hatchback on a car would operate. It needs to be lockable. There will also be a ramp at the entrance to the building. If you have any products that may suit my needs could you please e-mail me the descriptions and prices. Thank You, Preston L.

320 Could you, please send me A1, A2, A3 &A4 Spec Sheets as well as your catalogue. I'm designing a warehouse in Boston area, and we've chosen to use Hydraulic Doors spanning from 47 to 66 feet openings. We have a steel frame structure, and I'd like you to provide with all information I'd need on additional loads that these doors apply to the structure. Thank you for your help. Best regards, Annie V.

321 Hi, I am looking for Schweiss bi-fold doors for the front of a resturant here in Los Angeles. There are two openings that are approximately 20' wide by 13.5' tall. The openings could be split into four openings 10' wide if necessary. Clear safety glass would need to be installed. Is this something you can manufacture? I can forward drawings. Sincerely, Russ...

322 We recieved a call from Michigan Implement, in Michigan ND, they have a Red Power Hydraulic Schweiss door on their storage building, its approximately 50' wide X 18' high, 15'6\" opening height. I have a wood frame building which I would like to have a similar door put on. Do you know how this door would be attached the the building?  What would you guess the cost would be installed in North Dakota?

323 Schweiss Hydraulic Door price 16 x 8 24'-0'' wide x 18'-0'' high for commercial block and stucco building. Insulated and installation in Wisconsin.

324 We need pricing for a 36' x 18' Bifold and/or Hydraulic Door to go on a retail outlet store, concrete building. Door could be aluminum if not cost prohibitive. 

325 Please provide pricing & Availability for 2 ea Hydraulic and Bi-Fold insulated doors to be installed in a commercial warehouse, Door Opening 46' H X 25' W ...Plesase contact me to discuss

326 Looking for a commercial application hydraulic door that is 40' wide and 14' high with a minimum oc 12' clear. How much more or less for glass or glass aluminum combo?

327 I am designing a shop/garage for a client who would like to have the ability to build and work on planes. The preferred dimensions are 60'x 40' with the large door on the 40' side. Is a door approx 36' x 10' large enough for small planes? I would like to talk to a Rep from your Co to discuss some of the hydraulic door design issues etc. Also I am requesting some product lit. Many thanks, Pat R.

328 Please provide pricing for 6 ea 56'x15' and 6 ea 46'x15' hydraulic one piece doors with insulation. These doors will be used for a commercial fishing operation in Alaska and are used very often in the summer fishing months. I need a good dependable door.  Please provide quote FOB SEA

329 I need to find out the dimensions of your hydraulic door to see if it will work for my project. There is an existing tilt wall warehouse with 19.5' to the underside of the bar joists. I need a door with a clear opening of 18' x 18' minimum.  PS: the door will only be used to move very large equipment in, then out when testing is done. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

330 I am a property developer in South Africa. I am looking to buy 40 to 50 bifold doors for an Industrial Business Park development. I have seen the Bifold doors ( Aircraft Hangars ) and your Schweiss hydraulic doors in the USA and would like to investigate the feasible cost of importing them for use in my development. I have not been able to locate locally made Bifold doors yet and they are new to South Africans. Would you be interested ? Jack

331 Like to price a 45 foot hydraulic \"Red Power\" or bi-fold door with life straps & remote for a business park.  Thanks gayle c.

332 Am designing shop (120x70) will need three large doors, 14',24',36' x 16' or 18' height. Interested in pricing on your hydraulic model. What do you have for backup systems?  Gary


334 I need a quote on a 40x18 quiet and smooooooth  running Hydraulic Schweiss door for public commercial retail use. It needs to be attractive on the exterior and interior, but at the same time functional and safe. Tell me what you got to make me a happy lady.         


336 We are interested in any literature that your company may have. Also, any construction details would be helpful as well. Were looking to add buildings to our residential storage facility. Hydraulic doors will also have to have a padlock locking system. Thank you.

337 This door is to go in the endwall of a \"steel framed, fabric covered\"  commercial use building. I'll be wanting a hydraulic door with your new Red Power system.

338 Looking for pricing on 12x14 hydraulic door this door would be mounted in floor (between 1st & 2nd floors) they have in place a rolling steel but are having problems. I believe your Schweiss Hydraulic door will put an end to all our problems. Is the hydraulic door real quiet

339 Need quote. High 13' wide 40'. Please send options list. Do you install? Is sheeting furnished? Is Red Power hydraulic pump furnished on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. What type insulation do you offer, is it sheet or spray on. This is on a concrete building that will be used for grocery storage in Alabama. Wind load is a big factor.  Thanks Felix

340 We are building a structure for a park/picnic area. We want a building that will house a restroom, utility room, and tee-shaped service/lounge area. A Schweiss hydraulic lift door would provide security and openness, even extending the indoors as a canopy/awning during use. We are interested in a Red Power back up system for a fire-proof value-door for this purpose in the Montana woods.