Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Concrete Buildings

1 Wanting to build a 50x50 Concrete Block hangar in FL. Would like to have a 14 ft tall opening and as wide a door as can fit on a 50x50 hangar. What eaves height and hangar door width do you recommend in order for me to get a hydraulic Schweiss door? Can you provide a ballpark cost estimate? Many Thanks, Ken

2 The existing concrete building is a CMU wall system with a Double T style concrete ceiling. 60 feet x 19 feet. opening Wind at 160 mph. Cat 3, Exp D Existing 230 power source. One 3070 mandoor 4 feet from the right side, looking from the interior of the building. Need auto bifold liftstrap door opening and closing. Battery back-up pump unit. soft close cylinder.

3 new construction in florida. concrete block walls with standard roof trusses. would like 12 x 48 opening hydraulic wind rated one piece door but would consider bi-fold depending on cost. are there any structural considerations with either?

4 Do you have a dealer in the Houston area? I would like to get a quote on a hydraulic glass door that can sit outside of the industrial steel door we have now. It is a confusing set up so it would be great if I could have someone local to discuss it with. Insulated Foam Concrete building with 20" inch thick exterior wall.

5 New construction hydraulic multi-use door. Reinforced steal beam and footers. Commercial concrete building door containing windows and key lockset separate entry door. Price two extra handheld remotes for this 32 ft. x 16 ft. door.

6 I need a 12' high 40' wide hydraulic lifting dock  door. To be installed on concrete building as a railroad dock door in Anchorage, Alaska. Steel door with remote control door operator.

7 I want to order your Schweiss hydraulic one piece  commercial grade doors, looking at mid spring delivery. Concrete building. Insulated. 42 ft. x 16 ft. steel door with one pedestrian door.

8 Looking to purchase Schweiss hydraulic-powered swing doors for a building with tilt-up concrete door panels. Please contact me. Thanks Joe 

9 I was told to contact Schweiss Doors because you specialize in large hydraulic lifting doors in the 90' - 110' range. We are needing a 25'T x 100'W metal door.  If you can do that door, please quote it with two walk doors and 5 or 6 windows. Concrete building door.

10 Looking for two Schweiss hydraulic concrete panel doors. 18' door  clearance 50' width. How soon can you deliver Schweiss doors to west Texas?

11 Please bid Schweiss hydraulic commercial door, 44x14 With remote control operation. Solid door with no windows or walkdoor. Going on a concrete building.

12 Need 60 x 18 hydraulic tilt up concrete panel door in a 50 x 90 x 18 concrete building. End wall is open now. Tilt up concrete panels were poured 6 weeks ago and are now ready for door installation.

13 I am working on a Tenant Door Improvement project in San Francisco. Interested in four (4) steel Schweiss hydraulic doors to two (2) concrete buildings. These would be custom-made doors that fold up to form awnings.

14 We purchased a concrete building in Michigan with a sliding door. We'd like a Schweiss 45X18 hydraulic operated door retrofitted and installed on an end wall to replace it.

15 28 ft. 1/8inch wide x 16 ft high custom made Schweiss hydraulic concrete building doors needed. Quote separate for door remote controls.

16 I need a 40 x 16 Hydraulic Vertical Lift Door. Door will go on concrete building and is an industrial use one piece door that needs to be a sound insulated  door that seals weathertight. 

17 Process order for translucent glass and metal doors. In addition to the four 10'x10' doors, I also need an 18' wide by 10' high door and an 18' wide by 8' designer door of matching door finishes (primarily glass with clear anodized aluminum door framing)- all hydraulic concrete building doors.

18 I was looking for a hydraulic tilt up concrete panel door 24' wide 16' high open height with a walk door on the left end. Supply a 4"x 4" square tube industrial strength door frame for this unit. 

19 I have an overseas hydraulic door project for an existing door opening of approx. 18'-4" wide x 16'-10" high. It is a concrete framed building, with concrete columns forming the jambs of the door (the door head condition is most likely concrete as well). I'd like to get it with ballistic rated door panels (UL 752, Level 8) which weigh 15psf. I need to get the project detailed soon. Do you have typical head and jamb details that you can provide (assuming you can do the hydraulic door).

20 May I have quote for Schweiss electrical operating hydraulic door. My building has tilt up concrete panels. Will you require opening size or other specs for this bid?

21 I'd like to know what the cost may be for a 12' wide by 14' high hydraulic door or whatever exterior mounted door you may suggest for a concrete building. Both of your Schweiss doors appear to be ideal for this type application, but we're leaning toward your hydraulic door.

22 I am trying to price a Schweiss hydraulic door for my garage. The opening is roughly 16 -W x 10 -H. It is concrete block construction.

23 We are interested in installing a 40'x16' door in an existing concrete building. I an interested in getting budget pricing to see if this is a viable option.  Can you quote me the bifold and hydraulic door prices. Liftstraps please, remote opener. Please call me to discuss or for more information .

24 I need a revised quote on a Schweiss hydrualic crane  door specs are as follows. 50x14 with one walk door located on left side if facing door from outside of concrete block building. thank, you.

25 We are constructing a concrete building in Peterborough Ontario Canada which will need a hydraulic Schweiss crane door. Your product is specified. Do you have recommended installers in Ontario? Please let us know who you recommend. 

26 Need quote on the two hydraulic doors below, 15' high x 18' wide. What is the opening size you require for these doors in our concrete foundation building? Please call me at my business cell below. 

27 Working on a quote for residing an existing concrete block building being used as an aircraft hangar with sliding sectional doors. Customer is looking to upgrade doors to bifold with liftstraps, not cables, or hydraulic lift doors. Dimensions below are approx. Basic manual operation required. No remote control. Standard locks. One door to have man door integrated in door. Looking for preliminary pricing at this time. 

28 I am planning 50' X 64' lateral side type building with a concrete foundation and floor. I am not quite sure on the exact door size but am leaning toward a 30' to 34' hydraulic door. Depending on how much headroom one loses with the door and could get by with a 16' but willing to go with an 18' door. I am getting pricing on the building from SD. Thank you for your time. 

29 We are looking at your Hydraulic door for a project in Golden, Colorado. We have 15'-4" clear to ceiling/structure and need this full height opening for a loading dock entrance on a concrete building. We would appreciate dimensioned details for our use in determining if your door system will be an appropriate use for our project. We are wanting a fast opening/closing door. Thanks

30  I have another commercial project we are working on in Utah. The Hydraulic door clear opening is 26'-0" wide X 14'-0" high with building code: IBC 2009, Wind Speed: 90 MPH, Wind Exposure: "C", Concrete Building Height: 20'-0", Enclosure: enclosed, Occupancy: standard, Roof Slope: 1:12 and Topographic Factor: 1. Please send me your Hydraulic Door Quote with Preliminary Hydraulic  Door Specifications (Sheet A-1 through A-7) as soon as possible.

31 I have a concrete block building with a brick face, 22 ft. high that I need to put a large hydraulic door in. It will require an external frame. I don't have the opening cut in yet, but would like a rough estament for cost and installation. Hydraulic door is to be insulated, with exterior truss, windows and walk door.

32 I would like to discuss details and specification options on a 40 foot wide x 16 foot high insulated and windrated hydraulic door for a Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Facility we are designing. The building will be constructed of 10 inch thick precast concrete panels. If we could have a representative call on us to discuss would be our first preference. Thanks 

33 50' x 14' 8" opening. Quote Schweiss hydraulic  door 45' x 14' 8". Insulated package. 4 windows, walk thru door. To go on a concrete building in Ontario. See a lot of your doors up here and people I talk to really like them.

34 I need a budget quote for an 18' tall ' 50' wide hydraulic door. This will be going on a concrete industrial building. Door should be sound insulated and also remote controlled.

35 I Need A quote on a hydraulic and a bifold door. It will be 50x14, jams will be steel I beam. Installed in concrete building industrial center.

36 SCHWEISS BIFOLD ORDER: Please add: - standard walk door - windows (light-band) on top and bottom of hydraulic door (exempt walk door) - top and bottom rubber seals - cold weather kit - free standing headers for concrete building.

37 Pricing a job for a GE Railcar repair facility, they have existing Schweiss BiFolds on one end of the concrete building, and want matching hydraulic doors on the unenclosed end. We would need a delivered and installed price for 6 units, openings approx 14'6" w x 20' 2" h. Do you have a Dealer / Installer in the Elmira, NY area? Thanks. Burton B. Estimator/ Project Manager

38 I'm looking at one piece hydraulic doors for 2 auto repair bays 12'x 12' in a concrete building. Can we use one power source for both?

39 I am needing info to design our concrete building to support your hydraulic door only. My customer will be purchasing the door, and I recommended your Schweiss hydraulic door. What info will you need from me.  Thanks for your help.

40 Looking for a 40' wide 10' or 12' high bifold, for an upcoming concrete industrial building. Can you give me quote on door with walk thru door and lift straps?

41 The Company is looking for someone to replace our current sliding doors and install overhead Schweiss hydraulic doors. These are industrial doors on a concrete block building, quantity of four, each 36 ft. x 20 ft. One is a crane door. Will require a walkdoor in each and three windows across. Windrated for Florida.

42  Looking for price to provide and install a 50 ft wide, 20 ft clear height hydraulic concrete building door in framed opening of a pre engineered metal framed building. 25 ft bldg. clear height, pre cast concrete walls. Looking for push out door, one piece Schweiss hydraulic door with 20 ft clear at top. 


44 Would it be possible to provide me with your standard hydraulic door framing details? Will be ordering a 60 ft. metal door for spring delivery. this is a new concrete building door.

45 14x50 no fold hydraulic Schweiss door needed for concrete block building. Insulated, remote door  opener and walk door.

46 This project is bidding in July and has a sizeable amount of hydraulic operated overhead doors on it. Would you be interested in bidding on the job? If yes, I'd like to send you specs and plans on it. All these door will be installed on concrete buildings.  


48 I am constructing a new block building at my industrial site and need a crane door. I hear your Schweiss Door company specializes in hydraulic lift crane doors.  I am looking for suggestions as to design, etc. Please email me the correct email address for me to forward the building plan to. Thank You

49 Looking for price on 25 or 30 foot Schweiss hydraulic door, looking for a door where I have 13.6 to 14 foot high. Door to go on concrete building.

50 I would like to compare quotes for a hydraulic & Bi-fold door with installation for a 16ft high 36ft wide opening on a concrete building. Bifold should have straps, not cables.  Thanks Don

51 Looking for prices on a 30x16 and a 30x18 foot hydraulic door. Windows on both. Include one extra remote control on each. Going on concrete buildings.

52 We are looking for a 16 by 40 Schweiss Hydraulic  door,  need some info asap. Hyd. Door will be going on a concrete commercial building. Needs to be insulated with a walk through door. 

53 I am interested in getting a hydraulic door installed on my concrete building that is 24 wide and 36 feet deep. I would like this door to be insulated. How soon can you get one delivered and installed?

54 I need a price on a 50x18 hydraulic lift one piece hydraulic door. This is mounting on a concrete building. We want one extra remote and walk thru door. Can the pump motor be mounted off to the side?

55 I purchased a door a couple of years ago, installed. In order to do the recommended maintenance, I need a manual for the motor and gearbox assembly. Please advise on how I can get one. It is a hydraulic lift door put in a concrete building. Also need information on your new Red Power backup system. Call or email. Thank you Kerby

56 Please quote 2 each Schweiss hydraulic lift  40' doors with remote openers, Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote control. The concrete building is 16\" tall so I am not sure of the exact height of the door opening, assume 16' rough opening. Also with these doors, how much headroom is lost when the doors are full open? Thank you,

57 I have a existing concrete building. Would like a qoute of a Schweiss outside mounted hydraulic lift door my door opening is 20 feet wide and 14 ft tall, color is white. I want one of your best Red Power motors to do the heavy lifting. thanks

58 Need to know the loads of a 65'x 18' hydraulic lift door in new construction for an industrial concrete building. Do you recommend we install your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulics? Thanks for your help.

59 To whom this concerns,i would like to get a quote on a door. It's a 40by20 hydraulic lift door. I need the quote to include installation and door in the door with new style Schweiss  Red Power pump. Concrete building.  Thank you,

60 I have a client looking for a Schwiss hydraulic lift  door in the end of one of our structures. He have been working with Schweiss on putting some hydraulic doors with Red Power pumps in our concrete building structure, but I don't have any info on the bifold doors. I need a side view so I can determine how much room I need to fit the door in our end wall.

61 Looking at a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. It'll be mounted on the side wall a steel commercial use machine shop and the rough opening is 36' X 15'. Add Red Power System, this concrete building door will be delivered to Atlantic, IA and installed by your company.

62 Need quotes on 3-12'x11' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to attached in a cmu block wall. Include Red Power System and list of accessories available for this door.

63 I have a potential client who is going to be constructing a building in Texas for an owner who is going to be moving there. The building design calls for a 40'-0\" wide x 14'-0\" Schweiss hydraulic lift door in the sidewall of an 80'-0\" wide post frame structure on a floating slab. I am looking to get the door specs so that I can design my building around it. The header will be driven by the load of the roof trusses, but am looking for the total door height that is required so that I make my sidewall high enough. Would you be able to help me out with those specifications? Include your Red Power Electrical System for this bid.. Thank you.

64 I am doing a pricing out a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a cast in place concrete T hanger. Want you to include Red Power Safety Advantage System.

65 Dear Folks I got A 50 X 100 Building And Would like A Price On A HYDRAULIC LIFT DOOR I Need Everything That Goes With The Door, MEANING INCLUSION OF YOUR SCHWEISS RED POWER BACKUP SYSTEM.  I Have 2 Sliding Doors On The Concrete Building At This Time I Wood Like To Replace Them With One Door If Positable My Two DOOR Are 12 Each A Total Of 24 FT

66 I have the 44 foot opening on a new concrete building that will need one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. In your quote, could you also make sure it provides for your Red Power hydraulic pumps.. Thanks

67 I have a 80' x 125' x 16' concrete building that my customer is looking for a 30' x 16' hydraulic lift Schweiss door in endwall. He demands that this door be equipped with your new Red Power hydraulics. 

68 I would like to get a price on a Schweiss hydraulic  lift door, opening is 23'6 w by 14' H Concrete Building side door, will absolutely need your Red Power motor to lift this door.

69 Need Quote on five 56'x 20' hydraulic lift doors to be fitted onto concrete building. Hydraulics should be along your Schweiss Red Power line strong enough to lift these doors.


71 We need 4 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 18' High x 24' wide  need someone to install them also not insolated End walls are Concrete 8' high rest is steel frame. Utilize only your Red Power hydraulic pumps for maximum lifting power.

72 I need the free standing header with this Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door quote. Price also needs to reflect installation of your Red Power System. This will go on a concrete building.

73 I want prices on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door and what we need to do to install on the concrete building. Also want door to be stocked with your Red Power hydraulic pumps as they will need the best lift they offer.

74 My building is going up the 1st of May this year. The concrete building is 42 X 60 16 foot sidewalls. I want to put a 14 high by at least 30 wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door on it with Red Power hydraulic pumps. 14 X 32 is also a possibility. Please quote both, with shipping.

75 The quantity for the requested quote should be for one 8 ft High x 14 ft Wide door. Is there a Schweiss Door installation close to the DC area, the client wishes to see an installation and function of your hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic lift pumps. Are there winches, pulleys, and motor location. the opening is an extension of concrete walls hence concrete jambs, overhead is a LVL structural beam 10\" vert. x 18\" horz. and with steel angles at its bottom edges, the gateway into the court yard.

76 I need a door for an outdoor truck dump pit. The opening size is 20' x 16'. See the attached sketch.The pit walls are poured in place concrete. The one side of the door will rest on a header beam.The cylinder on that side could be tied off to this steel. Right now I have the door frame flush to the inside of the pit walls. It could seal off to the top of the wall with a SBR rubber strip or other means. It's not important that it is absolutely weather tight.The hydraulic lift door should be insulated with 2\" foam. Aluminum rib siding can be used on both sides of the door for sheathing. This is new construction and we have not finished the plans for this pit.Installation location is Zanesville, Ohio. Power available is 480 3 phase, will want your new Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic Electrical backup system.The door open/close push buttons will need to be in a NEMA4 box and will sit outside. I want limit switches included for each position. Looking for delivery time 8-10 weeks ARO.

77 Please quote for my customer a 14' x 42' Hydraulic Lift Schweiss door. What are the concrete building requirements for the support of the Red Power System door. Can you email me the specs. I have done door business down in the Houston area before.

78 Please give me a quote on 2 different size Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift doors The other size is 20 foot x 14 foot. The larger door 40 x 18 needs to have your Red Power hydraulic pumps. These are to go on a concrete building.

79 I would also like a price on a 24wx14h end wall hydraulic lift Schweiss door. The building I am going to build is going to have concrete block knee wall 4-5 feet tall and 2x6 stud framing on top. Door price should include your top of the line Red Power hydraulic pumps. I feel the need for speed.

80 I have a question about a single sliding door, The Co. director wants to get rid of it and replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. This door should have your Red Power backup system. For a existing concrete building, the opening is W=51'8\" H=16'2\"

81 Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door needs to be insulated with (1) 3070 walk door unit. The wedge to be 24\" for actual door height 16'-0\". Equipped with Red Power hydraulic pumps for better lift. This is for a concrete building.

82 I have an existing concrete building with a 20 ft. wide by 16 ft. high door. I would be interested in a quote on an insulated hydraulic lift Schweiss door. Head room is a concern. Wondering if I should have you put your new Red Power hydraulic pump on it.

83 Need price on Schweiss hydraulic lift door for concrete building with a opening of 13.5' tall, 24' wide, price with Red Power hydraulic pumps, windows, remote, etc Do many people put aluminum doors on a concrete structure?

84 I have a potato farmer in Idaho who wishes to install a 24' x 16' hydraulic lift door in an existing cement spud cellar. We can do the building modifications, but how do I go about getting a price on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps and door?

85 Door will be installed in an existing concrete opening. Overhead section will be mounted to face of a concrete beam (not underside) but there are concrete walls on each side. Due to clearance concerns I cannot use a sectional door so we are hoping the Schweiss Red Power pump on hydraulic lift door is an option. I can send a fax with a drawing of the actual condition.

86 What is the cost to change a sliding door 20'wide 18' to a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Also what is the cost of remote control and Red Power Hydraulic backup system. This is on a concrete building.

87 Please quote Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door ASAP with Red Power options. Large door will go on concrete building and should be insulated and have remote controls and power for best lift.  Mt Airy, MD 21771

88 This Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Powered door will be in the gable end. Sidewall height is 16'. There is 6' clear above the door opening on the outside of a concrete building. Please price with two remote controls. Thanks Tim

89 Schweiss quote on 80'wide by 20 high clear hydraulic lift one piece door with 25' eves. Concrete building, industrial use. Quote should include best lifting Red Power motor backup system just like the one we ordered from you last year. Very satisfied with your doors.

90 Can you please provide the specs for a hydraulic lift door that will fit in a 70 x 23 clear opening. THE OVERALL OPENING SIZE FOR THIS DOOR NEEDS TO BE 23' NOT 27'. My eave height for this concrete building is 29'. Provide price on Red Power hydraulic motor and remote control.

91 We have a Schweiss Bi-fold door. This door is sealed very well and I suspect it was from good installation. We now have need for your crew to install a hydraulic lift door on a large concrete building. Do you have a representative in my Washington State area that I could contact? I am wondering what Red Power Hydraulic System I should put on this large door. Thank you! Mike

92 We have a concrete building built in the 1960's which has been storage and we would like to now convert into a shop. The building is 60' wide by 120' long we would like to put a Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power pump door in the end of this building and would like to know if this would be a possibility with your company. The door would need to be 16' tall by 40 wide.With remote openers please.

93 I am trying to find out what your Schweiss Red Power hydraulics would cost me for a 48 foot  hydraulic lift door to be installed on a concrete building.. Thanks for any information.

94 I would like a price and availability for a 40' by 10' hydraulic lift one piece door to go on new concrete building. How much more for aluminum vs. metal? Provide with Red Power options and remote opener. Installation in Troy, Ohio. Thanks for your help. We believe Schweiss does it better!

95 Please furnish a quotation for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The opening is on the side of a concrete block building and measures 12'-0\" wide x 10'-1 1/2\" high. No passage door required. Windows preferred. There are no side columns except for the concrete block construction. Red Power Electrical System requirements are 220V single phase 60HZ.

96 Have an opening approx 38ft x 10ft need Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump door options. This will be going on a concrete building. I want good power for a good seal and door needs to be insulated.

97 I would like to get budget pricing on your Schweiss Doors Hydraulic Lift Doors. This project is a new construction and the walls will be concrete wall panels with the door being located in the non loadbearing end. We are looking for a 40'-0\" wide X 18'-0\" high clear opening. Door should have internal truss. We would like your recommendation on Red Power Hydraulic Pump, and wedge size for this size opening. We would like to know the pros/cons of a bottom drive unit vs. a top drive unit- please provide pricing for both if there is a difference. The concrete floor option would either be gradual slope from inside of the building or gradual slope beyond the exterior edge of the columns. Let me know if you need any other information to provide a budget estimate. Thank you- Holli

98 I thought I'd send you some visuals for assembling a hydraulic lift door between two concrete walls, 6'8\"w x 6'8\"h. I have attached drawings to give you a sense of the space that we are working in. There will be a fixed metal deck pitched roof; the material of this roof will be the same 3\" deep deck that we will provide for the door. I would be interested to hear what ideas you have on this matter, and any relevant information you have on your new and better Red Power hydraulic system would be great. Schweiss Doors always comes through. You are my knight in shining armour.  Vanessa

99 I'm trying to determine the best size door for a 50 x 80 concrete building. Could you provide a quote for a 40' x 14' and a 44' x 14' both in a one piece hydraulic lift (with Schweiss Doors Red Power System) and bifold configuration. Potential purchase in about 8 weeks. Thank you

100 I need to know the Red Power Electrical System voltage and amperage of the operator. Will be needing a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to go on a concrete building. I checked around and have determined your doors are the best buy for the money.

101 Need specs on a 55'X15' hydraulic lift one piece door to go into a concrete building I am quoting for a customer who noted he wants your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic backup system for this door.

102 My contractor is in the quoting stages and needs to know what the eave height of the building should be for a Schweiss hydraulic lift 21' tall door. The drawings for the building do not provide any specifics for the building height. He wants to quote Red Power unit on this concrete building to meet the doors requirements.

103 Looking to quote a 32'x16' Hydraulic Lift Schweiss door for concrete structure building. Please make with Red Power hydraulic system for best lift possible. To remote openers also.

104 Needing a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door, a big one to go on a concrete building, insulated. Please quote the following w/ labor and your Red Power Electrical System. Also please email the specs for the support. Thanks

105 Need a large Schweiss hydraulic lift insulated door for concrete building ASAP. I will install the door myself. Building is in Montana to store ranch machinery and my airplane. I want your Red Power backup system on it and two remote openers. Also I am a EAA member

106 I am looking at adding a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to an existing concrete building. I would like a 100' x 26' door. Please send prices on adding to the  framed building as well as with the free standing header. I would also require the deadman controls and the Red Power back-up system and hydraulic hook-up for a tractor. The cold weather kit with seal kit is necessary as we see extreme cold temperatures and it would face the north where we get rain and snow with strong north winds regularly. Thanks

107 Looking for a heavily insulated hydraulic lift aluminum Schweiss door to be attached to a concrete building in North Dakota near Canadian border. Price with Red power hydraulic pumps. We want this bugger to lift and close fast. Thanks.

108 We are trying to budget a new building at the T. airport in Oregon, and would like to know the cost for an installed 45'w x 18'h Schweiss hydraulic lift  door with Red Power motor on a concrete building. We need a quote as soon as possible.Thanks, Buzz

109 Julie This door is the one that you quoted. I require a price for a fore frame to add to the front of the building as the existing building does not have enough headroom on the ends. There is also a 24\" high concrete foundation wall that we could fasten to on the bottom as well as opening up the middle of the front wall and attaching to the existing rafters. They have an existing sliding door now that will be replaced with Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your Red Power hydraulic pump.

110 I own a 50'X 50' steel \"quonset hut\" type hangar. Front opening is 40'X 12' and presently has Schweiss bi-fold doors which open horizontally (single-track at top of doors). I'm interested in a quote on a hydraulic lift door with Red Power System for a concrete building I just bought. I need to know how much reinforcement would need to be added to the building and whether the reinforcing structure would be inside or outside of the building. We recently insulated the entire building and don't want to rip out the insulation to install new doors.

111 I have a customer interested putting in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door in a new concrete building I'm selling him. It would be going in the gable end of a 50' x 104' - 16' Pole Building. The size door he is interested in is a 34'w x 16'h. Please figure in Red Power hydraulic lift system. I've sold and used both styles of your doors before, As Tony Tiger says... THEY'RE GREAT!!!!!

112 Need price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to go in the end of an exisitng building with a 7' concrete wall and an additional 8' to the bottom of truss. I am thinking we will need a full frame structure to support the door. Size will be 36' x 15'  door sheeted with steel. Large Red Power hydraulic pump. Opening is not made, we will build to fit door needs.

113 We would like a price on a 58' x 13' hydraulic lift Red Power Electrical System door to go on a concrete industrial building. Please equip with your most powerful Red Power hydraulic pump. We want good lift and not one of those cheap pumps that squeak and squeal and strain like an old lady trying to lift a big door. 

114 I have just installed a bi-fold that we purchased from Schweiss Doors earlier this year. The door itself is  outstanding. We now want to install a hydraulic lift door on our other commercial storage concrete building. Same size, with Red Power Electrical System pump for best lift possible.

115 I would like to get an estimate for a 40' x 18' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. This one piece door will be installed on the endwall of a new 68'x 120'x 18' concrete building. Could you also provide the rough opening dimensions and any cross sections that would be relevant. What size Red Power pump do you think this will require. I'm looking for the best lifting power available.  Thank you! Paul

116 Looking for price on a 18' tall 30' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door complete with Red Power Electrical and backup systems, and insulated.This is going on a concrete commercial building in Missouri. Saw one of your doors in action, that sold me on your product.

117 I need a price for a 40 X 10 door and a 35 X 10 door -- both are Schweiss hydraulic lift with Red Power backup systems to be placed in a concrete building. Please e-mail me or call me with any questions. Thank you for your time. Zach.

118 Need quote for (2) Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 28'w x 14'h, to be installed in new concrete  warehouse building in Nevada. I understand that all your hydraulic lift doors now come standard with your new Red Power hydraulic systems. Let me know if otherwise.

119 Building will have three poured concrete walls excavated into a hill. I am looking for the lowest cost Schweiss hydraulic lift door and only concerned that we get Red Power hydraulic pumps, not with any other advantages / disadvantages. Please include any details that the concrete contractor should know about.

120 I've already priced these doors with you as Schweiss hydraulic. My owner after reading your web site now wants a Red Power hydraulic pump with a backup system. This is a concrete building as you may recall.   Gus

121 What eave height do I need for a 16 foot clear opening. Concrete building will be 50 feet wide with 1/2:12 pitch roof. Would prefer to have your Schweiss hydraulic door on it with Red Power Electrical System.

122 Replacing similar size sliding door in existing concrete building. Would prefer to have one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power Electrical System installed by your company in New Jersey, just across the river from Philly near Rutgers college. 

123 I am designing a building which have 3 Schweiss hydraulic doors, 2 are 60'X16' and one 60'X18', both with Red Power Hydraulic Lift Systems.The building walls are concrete 10''thick and the slab is wood joists. Could you please send me the door's weights. The doors would be supported by the slab or the doors edges. Regards

124 I have a customer for whom we are constructing a building. He is interested in putting a Schweiss hydraulic door in this concrete building. What would be an approximate price on 40' wide x 12' tall door with Red Power hydraulic pump? Thanks.

125 We will be specifying one of your overhead hydraulic doors for a concrete building in Victoria, BC, Canada. We will apply wood cladding on the exterior of your door. I require at this time some details of connections, weight, Red Power electrical system requirements of Schweiss Red Power opener etc. Please contact me via email at your earliest convenience so I can send you some drawings of the rough opening. Best regards, Vinny

126 My concrete building has a steel arch. Would I be able to use an overhead Schweiss hydraulic door? Because of being in a corner -cannot use a sliding door. Please give me a quote using a hand wench for opening as well as the Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thank You kindly

127 I have an existing building with sliding doors that I am going to replace. I have a 14'ceiling height with a 22' wide opening I must maintain that opening size. I would like to install a Schweiss hydraulic door but do not know if it is possible to maintain the opening size. The Building has a 40\" concrete wall with a 2X6 wood stud side wall above and wood trusses. Can you give me some information on this project and your new Red Power hydraulic pump.

128 I would like to know the approximate cost of a Schweiss hydraulic door to put in the end of a concrete block building. It has 8 foot walls with wooden trusses forming the gables and roof structure. Any suggestions as to which type of the door configurations you offer and what Red Power hydraulic pump, as well as the best way to attach to the block wall would be appreciated. I would like this door to be insulated, flush with the outside wall, secure and able to seal well.

129 I would like to get a quote on a 40X14 Schweiss hydraulic door with the following options: Red Power Electrical System, backup system and 2 remote. This will be going on a concrete building.

130 The concrete building will have 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors at 16'w X 24'h and 1 door at 24'w X 24'h (side and end walls) as well as listed below with new Red Power hydraulic Safety Advantage systems. This is preliminary only.


132 Finished cement structure with pillars (1200 sq ft). 7 Schweiss hydraulic Red Power hydraulic pump lift doors required. Have you shipped to Italy before? Installation included?

133 Concrete building will be 40 ft wide door will go in gable end would like 15 clear entrance door will have to hinge above the ceiling in trutsees if one pice Schweiss hydro door containing Red Power option.

134 Hello; I am looking for a price on a Schweiss hydraulic door with an opening 171\"w x 94\"h, electric operation. Price it with 2 or 3 double pane windows and without windows. Bottom Red Power  motor. The entire building is concrete, 10\" thick. I will need to insulate it and add my own internal and external covering. The locking will have to be automatic as I have to access from inside and outside. It is probably better to ship to Spokane Wa. as that is a main depot and saves a truck transfer. I can pick it up there. I would bring it across the border myself. I can't think of anything else at the moment. Thank you, Brian.

135 The clear opening is smooth concrete. Are the guide columns for the bottom door supplied by you or us? Can we get your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump on this one piece door, and how soon can you deliver.

136 Do you have experienced people in the my area who have installed your Schweiss hydraulic doors in new construction? I want it done right the first time and don't personally want to try to install. It's for a concrete building. Door to be 40 ft. x 14, insulated, steel, with Red Power hydraulic pump.

137 Dear Sir: This new low-maintenance high-quality one-piece hydraulic door is to be used for a pre-fab hydraulic door construction totally made in cement. The side columns are also in cement. Because this is an initial contact, please send us your name and e-mail information and we will then send to you both a photo of the structure as well as proposed hydraulic door drawings directly. In this way you will have more accurate information regarding this requirement. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible about these red power Schweiss Doors. Thank you for your prompt reply. Regards Architect

138 I have a 12'X 7'6'' red power hydraulic door opening on my concrete building and would like to get some information on options with your concrete building hydraulic door Schweiss Doors products.

139 This is a concrete and block building with two existing one piece doors one with a pocket entrance door. This is an old warehouse we're retrofitting to create a skatepark. The one-piece hydraulic skatepark door hinges at the top with hinges welded to rebar that extends into the header. One skating park one-piece hydraulic door opening is 18' and the one-piece hydraulic skatepark door without the pocket door is 18'1/2\". Side column type is block. Hydraulic one-piece skatepark door placement is in the front face of the skating park building.

140 Looking for a hydraulic door for my 60x80x18, 60ft wide to open 56x18. I want your strongest Red Power motor on it and an extra remote control. This is going on a concrete and block building.

141 Please quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 15ft high by 40ft wide to go on my concrete building in San Juan. thanks

142 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door to cover an approx. area of 14' x 12'. Building is already preconstructed, project would be a retrofit. All measurments are approximate. concrete building

143 I need the door specs for a final price on the hydraulic door for my concrete building. I would also like a price on a 10ft. tall x 39ft. wide door. The building will be 40ft. wide. Will this size door work on that size building. I would really like a full opening of 40 ft. would this be possible? Please advise. Joe T.

144 I am looking for a budget price on a 50' Wide hydraulic door on our concrete building. We would like 20' Clear. Thanks. Bernie

145 Hello. Our company is very interested in your hydraulic doors. For our project we need more information about them. It should be a Red Power door for an existing building with concrete construction. Please send us all your information. Thank you and have a nice evening. Pamela

146 We need a quote on a hydraulic door for our concrete building: Dimentions 50' Wide 25'High Would you recommend a truss for this size door.

147 I would like to know if there is a Schweiss Door dealer in Saskatchewan and if you would sell your hydraulic one piece door without the frame to cut freight costs. This will be going on a concrete building.

148 Door opening on concrete building 45 feet by 14 feet (clear span required). Hydraulic lift door with insulation and wind rated. Shipment to Maryland. Do you install here.

149 Price / Delivery / Installed for (4) complete hydraulic door assembly- Opening is 18ft W x 18 ft. High. Aluminum door to go on concrete building in storage park.

150 A friend of mine has one of your doors on his shop. I need a door for a new building that I have just finished. I would like a ballpark price for a door to fit a 15'2\" wide x 13'2\" high opening. The walls are concrete, 12\" thick. I would like to get the \"Cold Weather Package\" with this hydraulic style door. Thanks, Jon

151 Sir/Madam We have not been able to get to the site yet however I would like an estimate and lead time for placing an order for a hydraulic one piece door with dimensions approximately for opening of 16' widex 20' high. The building is concrete block wthin a stell frame system thus we have columns to accomodate the required beam system on which the door will be connected. Thanks in advance Floyd G. Northwest Territories

152 Wanting a budgetary quote on a 9'4\" tall, 11'6\" wide on a concrete block building. Red Power and remote. Thanks, Scott

153 Would like price on one 14' by 40' cleared opening single \"one Piece\" Hydraulic door to go on a concrete building.

154 The top of the opening is a steel truss. The sidewalls are 8 in concrete blocks. Winter is coming and we have just completed the cement work. Hoping to get a insulated hydraulic door in before the white stuff starts falling.  Thanks

155 Request. need prices on 1 panel and 2 panel doors. concrete block construction(new).130mph wind zone 40 wide x 13 high. include Installation. please fax prices asap. thanks Felix B.

156 I looking to put a new Schweiss hydraulic lift door on my concrete building and I dont want to lose any head room. The building is 14feet high x 36 wide and i would like at least a 25 foot wide Red Power hydraulic pump equipped door.

157 We may be buying a concrete building and we want a 12 X 44 Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump system installed. Would you be able to provide a door on the same load that the building would be delivered with? The building would be delivered to Alberta ... OR Is there a Schweiss dealer in Edmonton, Alberta that we could purchase a door from later. I would prefer to make sure everything fits when we assemble and not have the problems of cutting and welding or waiting for missing parts to be shipped forever there after. I know you are a decades established manufacturer and know that won't happen, unlike some other manufacturers I've heard about.