Schweiss Hydraulic Doors in the Dakotas

1 My bifold door was installed a few years back. Now that I want (and you recommend) to grease the hinges, I have no way to install grease fittings in the upper hinges (without taking the door down). Do you have folks in North Dakota that can install grease fittings? Cost? Thanks, Stephen

2 I am interested in a quote for the bifold and hydraulic doors to replace a 14' X 7' garage door -- I like the glass door designs. If you can give a general price range, and a shipping price to sioux falls, SD that would be great. Thanks!

3 Making some renovations on a Hospital in Fargo, ND. In our scope they are calling out for 1 hydraulic door, size 45' wide x 16' high. Can you please send me pricing and literature. Do you install as well or not. Thanks, Carl

4 Looking to replace sliders on a Butler brand building with your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic  door. I picked up a brochure at Dakotafest in Mitchell SD, but did not get a chance to talk to anyone. Not sure if I'd like a one piece hydraulic door, or a bi-fold.

5 Need info on the Schweiss hydraulic BYOD kits. Am unable to print the BYOD page on your website. Would like to print this for the BOSS so he can see what comes in the kit. Any info you can email to me in North Dakota would be helpful. Thanks.