Schweiss Doors - Designer Hydraulic Doors

1 Hi - we're interested in your hydraulic shipping container doors. Are these custom manufactured or do you have off the shelf models? We'd ideally be interested in a door that is integrated into a 20' long high cube container with the bottom 3' fixed. The door would be approx. 19' wide by roughly 5.8' high. Would this be feasible?

2 Email correspondence works best. I have a theater project that wants to have a bar open to one of the theaters and close during performances. I would like to look at using one of the canopy doors if possible. Do you offer doors that carry a fire rating and that also are sound absorbent? I look forward to hearing from you

3 I work in New Mexico, and I will like to request a quote for a bi-fold garage door for a restaurant. the dimensions are 15' wide and 8' tall. thank you

4 Do you have in house designers? I have historical garage that houses historic cars. I want to remodel but keep the look from outside building.

5 Hi, we are looking at your hydraulic and bi-fold products for a high-end boathouse/cottage project in Port Carling, Ontario, CAN. There will be 2 bi-fold (10'Wx9'H, clear) and one large hydraulic (18'Wx10'H, clear height not as critical). I would like to get a better understanding of details and constraints. Please provide CAD to work with. Do you have canadian distribution? I noticed a project in Newmarket, ON. with RDHA. Please call to discuss. Thank you.

6 I need a bifold or hydraulic door with a clear opening of at least 16 ft. by about 34 ft wide to fit in the end of a 36x64 frame building. I need to be able to insulate and line it with steel inside and out. I will want to put some kind of architectural designer doordecoration on the outside.

7 Would like to price 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors that can operate with 1 power pack, similar to the doors you installed at the Las Vegas restaurant. Call me for more details please. Quite impressed with your new compact pump and door style.

8 I am in need of a detailed quote for a one piece  specialty designer hydraulic door 40x14. This is a museum door clad in tempered glass. Has to be weathertight secure door. Fast opening cylinders  and pump are required. Price door with aluminum frame and steel door frame.

9 We are looking for a special fermenting and aging  room doors for our winery building. We are wanting it to look like a designer cottage barn door. We are liking the ones that come up to almost a "covered patio door look."

10 Our exclusive high end hotel door project here in Hollywood specifies (2) Schweiss O/H hydraulic glass doors. Door frame is metal or aluminum door  with infill of tempered door glass on both the top and bottom panels. They are 6'-0" wide and 8'-0" tall. Do you provide an absolute complete hydraulic door system? In that you provide the motor, the frame (panted/powder coated) and the glass infill? Or do you just provide a door frame with motor?

11 I am a designer working on a new single-family home in California and we are looking to spec. one piece designer style garage doors in our project. Can you install the hydraulic garage doors in a flush-mount condition and also can we attach vertical solid wood slats (3/4"x2-3/4" @ 3" O.C.). The garage doors measure 18'6W x 8'H. Let me know how we can make these engineered hydraulic doors work.

12 Working on a hydraulic retail door project and I like the idea of incorporating signage, like in the Under Armor hydraulic corporate doors, and the idea of door security systems from Schweiss, used in Schweiss lighted designer door project. I'm looking for a general price for the Schweiss designer doors, hydraulic designer doors, if we were to order 10 Schweiss one-piece corporate doors. 

13 Support. This is one of the two hydraulic doors sold in Florida that I told you about onto which we will need a lifting porch door. You wouldn't believe how many compliments we get on it. I have a friend who is considering doing this too, he is wondering if it can be accomplished and lift door as fast with the use of your Schweiss bifold straplift systems instead of hydraulic door cylinders. I told him to go with the hydraulic porch door. 

14 I am interested in getting a quote on several custom one piece circular glass doors. Aluminum frame designer door project has 2 - 4'x10' hydraulic lift doors, 1 - 4'x7', 1 - 7'x19', 1 - 7'x7'. These are height by length-- hydraulics, hinges and related Schweiss hydraulic door hardware/pumps your type "H" configuration, remote door openers. 

15 Can we get an estimate on three Schweiss hydraulic glass and aluminum frame showroom designer doors to be installed at our motorcycle shop? Size will be 22 ft. x 12 ft. These Schweiss designer doors will be configured nearly the same as the hydraulic glass designer doors you supplied for Harley-Davidson Motor Cycle City in Maui, Hawaii. 

16 I am looking at replacing the roll-up door with a  lake home art studio door using your Schweiss glass designer door system. Opening is 14'-0" high x 20'-6" wide. I would like to talk with someone about Schweiss door design and hydraulic door finish options. Kate

17 Do you have an Australian distributer? Either way, I want to order a hydraulic lift glass designer Schweiss museum door for our antique World War II aircraft hangar door. What information will be needed.

18 I am looking to get pricing for some Schweiss overhead one piece hydraulic doors to use as aircraft museum doors. Below are some  descriptions of the sizes of designer doors we are looking for: 1. 50' wide x 40' tall 2. 30' wide x 20' tall 3. 10' wide x 16' tall Decorative cladding on the doors will be others, I am just looking to buy the Schweiss hydraulic museum doors.

19 These designer style doors are for the first floor of a new university dorm building. Our client is interested in seeing one of your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic glass doors in person. Are there any Schweiss glass doors installed in Oregon that they could take a look at?

20 Please price two (2) 30 x 18 one piece hydraulic  designer doors with top two thirds of door clad in etched glass. I will provide some basic architectural drawings.  

21 Send information about residential designer doors, need 14 foot by 14 foot glass door, probably one piece Schweiss hydraulic door or maybe bifold liftstrap door.

22 Impressed with your Schweiss designer doors. We are building a concrete Octagon Castle that needs custom made one piece doors. It must look like it belongs; can you place faux brick door styling or faux cast iron door hinges on a hydraulic door to achieve a castle door look? I can send a jpeg.

23 I have a client requesting six (6) 20' - 22' wide x 16' tall hydraulic glass mini-mall designer doors with photo eye sensors to be installed on a new pre-engineered building. Concrete block building doors 160' x 125' x 28' with a 4:12 pitch. 

24 I am looking for a unique Schweiss designer style  pool cabana door. I would like the one piece etched glass door to be quoted with glass and without. 

25 I am an architect, and want some information on your Schweiss Specialty designer doors, hydraulic and bi-fold, aluminum frame doors, and a quote for this restaurant door. The application is for an existing turn of the century brick building restaurant that is 10'-9 w X 9'10 h. 

26 Looking to install two custom hydraulic glass designer doors with aluminum door frames in a commercial office building (steel stud exterior wall construction with brick veneer) and need more understanding of the custom door detailing. AutoCAD drawings would be a benefit. Thank you.

27 Getting architectural info for (1) 12x10 and (1) 10x10 aluminum/glass hydraulic door. The projected designer door will separate the restaurant from the patio area at a brewery. Stained glass upper portion on door. Aluminum bottom door cladding.

28 The one piece doors are for a project we are working on here in Montreal. It`s a photo studio door project and the hydraulic cylinder designer style Schweiss doors will open from the studios from an exterior terrace door.

29 Architect requested we obtain pricing from Schweiss Doors on a hydraulic designer glass office door system for a new construction club room door. Three aluminum frame doors with glazed glass. All 16 ft. wide x 10 ft. tall. Photo eye sensors.

30 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic designer door 8x7 clear anodized aluminum frame door with single pane clear glass with option for tempered glass, with photo eye sensors.

31 We are repurposing a large warehouse 1940s bldg. into a small batch brewery. We have four store front type door openings in the front of the building that look awful and want to dress them up with Schweiss designer glass hydraulic doors. Four 16 ft wide glass doors. Halfway up glass door for light and appearance.

32 Looking for a hydraulic door similar to the Schweiss website Scripps Ranch door application for a "party barn door" in NY. Door opening is  8'x8'. Need to understand what options are available (and structural door requirements for framing).

33 20' x 9' High hydraulic soundproof glass door for unique interior office door application. Provide  with cost estimate and hydraulic door leadtime.

34 I'm interested in your full glass storefront door system to be used for a new mixed-use designer door project in Hollywood. Can you send me some generic specs of the structural and electrical door  needs for this type of assembly utilizing Schweiss hydraulic and glass & aluminum frame doors?

35 We are designing a middle school stage door. Want one piece hydraulic door with an insulated opque glass door. Stage door opens out to exterior. It is basically an airplane hangar door. Price with all Schweiss safety door items and  door backup systems.

36 Looking for a glass bifold or hydraulic designer door similar to the Redbull designer door. Door to be placed in an existing opening. Header is a 3x12 steel channel, jambs are 3x8 channels. Can Schweiss energy code doors meet commercial (U.45)? 

37 Need a budget quote for a Schweiss designer art studio door. Electric opening one piece hydraulic  door with some glass in it. Not too large, about 10 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall. Powder coated color door frame.

38 I have a new designer door project in a lower Manhattan office building requiring 2 Schweiss  corporate glass doors approximately 25'-0" total length. Quiet hydraulic doors and remote control operator.

39 I am bidding a door project that lists Schweiss Doors as the preferred manufacturer of a hydraulic door. Contact me about materials and door quotes for a series of 8 designer restaurant and hotel doors.

40 Opening a restaurant that was an old gas station. Has 3 garage doors 10x10. I need to get a price on the hydraulic doors to retrofit old rolling doors. (see attached door photo). Can you provide one piece  glass doors or bifold partial glass designer doors? I'd like two of your doors to replace these three roll up doors.

41 I'm working on a museum copper clad louvered door project. It calls for your hydraulic loading platform doors. Schweiss Doors has already issued internal door shop drawings. Please send AutoCAD drawings so we can move this specialty designer door process forward. 

42 Need a price quote for 6 Schweiss hydraulic specialty doors. Would like doors with an all aluminum frame with a black anodized or a black powder-coated paint finish, with 1/4" "Clear" laminated glass for panels. 2-or-4 panels going across and 4-sections going up. Or whatever hydraulic door panel layouts will work.

43 What exterior bifold beachfront cottage door choices and colors are there for hydraulic doors? I would like decorative custom shopping center door windows, with decorative exterior wood cladding on the doors.

44 Need a price quote on clear glass hydraulic executive office door. Tempered glass etched door on aluminum door frame with quiet running electric door motor. Size 14 ft. x 9 ft. Door to be installed by Schweiss Doors.

45 Give me a price on one 40' x 12' bifold X-Ray system door. Hydraulic lift, with lead lining. Will need engineering data on weights, etc. 

46 Hello, I'm working on a middle school in Powell, WY. We have 3 classroom wings that each have a flexible breakout space. The doors are all interior, and open up the wall between classrooms and the breakout space. We'd like them to easily disapear overhead, but also be useful when they are closed, so we may be looking at your Schweiss hydraulic  model doors. The doors should be partially glass, and possibly semi-translucent. We need a price quote to know if this is going to be an option on our budget. If you could give us a price range for that size, with partial glass. We would have 9 identical doors. As far as structure, we can put in whatever is required, as this is new steel construction. Looking forward to hearing from you! Please let me know if you need any more information to give us a starting number. 

47 We design a wind tunnel laboratory to the University of Saudi Arabia and we have the doors of the dimensions of 12.4 x 12.00 almost important that you have these Schweiss hydraulic doors dimensional models with noticeable that Henaq high pressure in the case of running fans of the plant will affect in the case of Doors models which will be part outside the building please send us the model

48 I have a 8'6"x 4'6" Window Opening for a Bar window that the customer wants a lift up window (hydraulic door) can you at Schweiss Doors make this, it must hang from the top, must look like a window. Alum Bronze Anodize, dual pane low E Glass. thanks for your help 

49 I would like a quote for a client for a 10-12' x 26' hydraulic door. He wants to put it on his boat house, but after seeing your web page video on the Lake Vermillion boat house I am trying to talk him into a hydraulic instead of a bifold door. Can you price that as well and if you have any recommendations as to which style door will work best for a boathouse, pass them along as well.

50 Please send me literature on your Schweiss hydraulic designer doors like the Red Bull project I am looking for glass or translucent glass doors

51 I emailed you before I saw this form... I also sent a photo from your website of the TGIF Schweiss Designer door example that would be perfect for our application as well. My main question is once we place an order for a hydraulic door, how soon can we expect delivery, what further information will you need to give us an accurate quote.

52 I need an cost for two hydraulic doors for a hotel pool. These are to be glass Schweiss designer one piece doors with aluminum frames. Size: approximately 24 ft. wide x 12 ft tall.

53 I would like to obtain more information in regards to your hydraulic doors. We are working on a bar in Houston, TX, and would like to introduce your product into an outdoor bar that needs to be closed after working hours. The doors will go up to the bar countertop, Do you have any specifications for Schweiss glass designer doors? Or where could I e-mail our drawings to get a better estimate and specifications on these doors. Note: Aside from the doors specified below there is another one that is 15'-0"W x 8'-3"H All doors are R-panels.

54 Please provide pricing for a hydraulic, double glass architectural Schweiss designer glass door for use in an existing pool room, along the exterior wall. The size of opening is 13'-4" wide x 10'-6" high

55 I am building a 10' x 15' Schweiss hydraulic door for a boat house. I would like to get a price for the motor and pump drive system with remote opener  controls.

56 Having a building construction project which require Hydraulic Sun Shade door. Looking for the operating mechanism including the motor, hinges and the movement parts. The sun shade is to be made of stainless steel perforated sheet with minimum hollow section as frame. Tom.

57 Would like a quote for a 24'x16' hydraulic designer patio glass wall door. Can you forward me or direct me to some photos of patio doors you've done. I've seen a couple and they look great,but want to see what's all available. 

58 Insulated mostly glass hydraulic door overlooking lake Michigan. approx. 12' x 8 ' or possibly 12' x 5' opening up over indoor/outdoor bar. Your Schweiss designer doors on your website really helped me out with this idea. I think it will look great. Thanks

59 I am interested in an insulated Schweiss hydraulic designer door for a garage/studio application, measuring between 12-14 feet wide (this width is somewhat flexible) and 9 feet high, although it could be lower. The hydraulic door does not need a window in it, although a man-door may be a good idea if possible. We would like to put wood on the outside. However, metal is fine if wood proves to be too expensive. Please call me asap as the project is moving ahead quickly and I need to figure out what the structural requirements are for the door. The garage is being built out of wood framing, but I am using a couple of steel columns around some windows, so I could use steel around the door if we need to-- Thanks!!

60 Hi, I'm an Interior Design student. In studio we are developing a small project, that is basically a storage room of around 12' x 20'. Still in the research process, I was wondering if it's possible for the Schweiss team to design a 7'x 6.8' hydraulic one piece designer door that will go on an indoor restaurant, hand operated (not electric) with glass and aluminum frame. Also if it is possible, what would be the price if the whole structure material is Aluminum. Thank you.

61 Looking for an oceanfront Schweiss hydraulic designer door for a small bar. Your hydraulic glass door will be a great solution. Owner wants maximum usable width and height. A rollup door is not desirable because we lose 8 inches from the concrete ceiling space needed to house the rollup canister.  Rough opening for this bar is 115.5 inches wide x 38 inches high. We may consider enclosing the entire bar with your Schweiss wall system glass hydraulic door which would then make the opening 240" x 125". Please advise me of your thoughts, I know you are the experts. Material made of vinyl panels and a galvanized or aluminum frame would hold up best in tropical salt environment.

62 We are currently designing what is meant to be a specialty door from a corridor into a lecture space. Everything will be inside the existing building. This will be a glass one piece hydraulic designer door with all the safety features Schweiss Doors provide. Aluminum frame please.

63 I've been kicking around your web page, as advertising and marketing is something I've dabbled in for 40 years, writing grocery ads, television ads for US House and Senate candidates, gubernatorial candidates and state fairs. Hence, it is with some experience that I can tell you that YOUR Schweiss Doors informative Hydraulic and Liftstrap Bifold Door web page may just be the best I've seen in the past ten years. I'm serious. Your page is extremely well-done. (Enjoyed the video that shared the 'boat house' on Lake Vermillion, but it shook up my wife a bit. When the guy started his boat, Sheila heard it all the way from the other room and thought I was having trouble with irregularity.) Your Schweiss Designer Doors are to die for. I'm gonna get you to put together a glass designer hydraulic wall door for my patio this summer. I'll be getting back to you very soon. Again, thanks...and congratulations on having such an impressive company.

64 Looking to order a Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Hangar Home Door to have redwood skin on exterior and hickory skin on interior. Skins approximately 2" in thickness. Is this something you can do. If not, I will start looking for these skins right after I order my hydraulic door from you later this week.

65 I would love get some specification of installation. Design is oriented using Schweiss designer style hydraulic doors for the enclosure. Should be lightweight materials. Could you also send me a different options for the materials? Best Regards

66 We are a different type of home builder. One of our styles  of home is an Intruder resistant home, and we are looking for a door that can withstand a truck running into it. If this the type of product that you have we are interested in installing your Schweiss hydraulic security or blastproof doors in all of our homes. Will you also install the door? And do I need to (sheet) the outside of the door or is that something else you can do?  Thanks, 

67 We'd like to get some information and quick quote on a manual operated hydraulic aluminum frame one piece Schweiss door. The application is for a glass designer door pool cabana bar area. We'd be happy to forward more detailed drawings for clarification Thank you!

68 I would like to get a quote on a hydraulic glass designer door for a client. This door would be similar to the picture you have of the bar on your web site. The difference is the door will close on the bar top so it won't go to the ground and only needs to be 50" tall. The width is 16'. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Our time frame is mid to late Spring for install. My crew would install the door.

69 I am looking for information and pricing on 2 hydraulic glass designer Schweiss doors for a restaurant project we are working on in Colorado Springs. I like quote to include installation on my building and aluminum frame.

70 I am in the market for a hydraulic one piece door to cover an explosion proof room. Steel reinforced door measuring 45' X 12', no windows. Please provide a quote. Thanks, Kevin

71 Not ready to buy yet, just would like information  for future ideas. Can you send me brochures on your Schweiss designer doors. The ones I've looked at on your website look fantastic. Most interested in your hydraulic designer doors.

72 We have 4 custom designed benches that are hinged to permit access to fountain controls below the benches. Unfortunately, each of the hinged sections weighs @ 800lbs. We need to provide a lift system to permit a single worker to access under the benches daily. Do you offer a product suitable? The application is exposed to the weather. I'm thinking maybe your Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump door system might be the ideal ticket. Your thoughts?

73  I purchased a travel trailer less than 10' tall and less than 8' wide, and want to store in my garage by adding a hydraulic one piece door on the side. The door needs to be hidden, so needs to be clad with vinyl siding, same as the house. We are replacing the vinyl siding on the house. Along the back 11'-3" of the garage the ceiling height is approx 12'-6". There is presently both a 3'x3' window up high and a service door in the area to be replaced with the large garage door. Goals, prioritized: 1)Hidden and clad with matching vinyl 2)Anderson territone color window(s) that can open up high for ventilation and security. 3) Use existing window having 3'x3' rough opening. 4) Service door.

74 Please provide me the Miami Dade County NOA number for your designer doors (specifically looking for one piece hydraulic door windows for a restaurant) Thanks.

75 Dear sir/madam, I am wondering if you could ship the hydraulic door to Japan. If it is possible I would like a rough estimate. Also, please let me know about how much it would cost to ship it to Japan. Is it possible to put an angle of about 3 degrees on the lower edge of the door? The entrance of the building is facing on the slope. Thank you very much. Shipment to Tokyo, Japan

76 I would like to speak with a representative regarding a hydraulic designer Schweiss door for a small storefront in NYC. We would like the door to serve as an awning when in an open position, and it should be able to close down and lock (from the street, rather than from inside as is typical in most of the scenarios I see on your website. The total storefront is rather small, measuring approximately 8'8" wide by 10'2" tall. These are the dimensions. Please give me a call to discuss at some point today. 

77 I'm building a new house next fall or early spring. Its a house on the lake, about a 2500 square foot ranch with walkout basement/ seaplane hanger. I have a Maule MX7-235 on Edo 24440 straight floats. Its about 12 foot tall on dolly. Im thinking a hydraulic door with 14 foot of clearance and 36 foot wide. Wing span is 32 foot. I want a one piece door with several windows and doors. I don't want it to look like a hanger. I want it to look like the back of a house. Can you insulate and put a bunch of windows or are you weight limited. Could you give me an idea of how many windows I could do, and an estimate of what it might cost.... or is this just too heavy. And also it is in Michigan, we have cold winters do they seal up good on sides and bottom when shut.

78 I am a designer who is working on an upscale  restaurant project. We are interested in your designer, glass bi folds using liftstraps or possibly even your Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors for the facade, so our client can seasonally open. If you can direct me to someone to inquire about the process that would be great.

79 We are considering the idea of using your hydraulic designer doors between the main frames of a pool enclosure in lieu of standard garage doors drawn. Is it possible to have clear fluted polycarbonate sheets attached to your doors. Please call me to discuss if you are interested.

80 Mr. Mike, This is quite a big designer door project here in China on one of the Island's Hotel. The Architech is from Singapore. They may need 8 sets of Hydraulic or Bifold Doors for their project. They emailed to me the 2 attachements of doors from your web site and asked me what is the cost. By the way, how do you quote your client on this door. Is it by the number of motors/pumps needed or the number of Nylon lift straps applied? Or by the Sq. ft. What is the basic cost?  There will be a Glass louvre at full height and width same as the doors. The Bifold and hydraulic doors must be fully automatic from Opening to Closing and lock. So that when the door is in open position the sun light and air will flow through the Glass Louvre Blade minus the rain water. It means that they can't access the door from the inside of the building to lock it. Do you remember showing me your door while I was there in your factory? And you have designed a rotor to pull back in the door in order to lock it instead by using our hand to pull it? I have a rough idea of laying a wire rope inside of the door frame (hollow section) with small pully and a small motor to reel in and guide the top and bottom door frame into a straight line so that the door can lock by it self.

81  I am interested in your one piece hydraulic Red Power designer door in a size of 16 ft wide and 7 ft tall and isolated. Paint grade metal inside and out. No windows but I want to send you a drawing to see if you can do a simple design of looking like smooth wood planks.

82 I want to screen in a large outdoor room with a pool that is attached to a house. The home is still in the design stage -- please see the attached drawing.  Is it possible to have a hydraulic door that measures approximately: 52' wide x 20' high -- with screen panels? A section of the door would rest over the pool. The main function is to provide protection from insects when closed. Can a flap of some sort, along the bottom of the door, extend slightly into the water? I assume a hydraulic door of this size is more practical than a bifold door. Where is the motor (or motors) located? Please advise. An operable door is preferable to a fixed screened wall, but the budget may preclude this expense. 

83 We are working on a 110,000 sq. ft. indoor baseball training facility on a 74 acre baseball site. The largest portion of the pre-engineered metal building will be 170' X 36' X 42' Tall. On the east and west end we would like to install 2-4 large hydraulic  pump doors'. Either (2) large 70' L x 20' H or (4) smaller 35' T x 20' T door. Is there an economy of scale for budget (if we go taller is there a cost difference vs going longer etc.) We are sending this project out to bid in a couple of weeks (Fast paced) and need to specify a door exactly like yours with your more powerful and smooth operating cylinders. Any fast paced assistance in understanding budgets, economy of scale, design criteria would be greatly appreciated. Attached are some quick drawings to assist in understanding.

84 Our office is designing a high-profile community boathouse for the City of New Haven and we are interested in your hydraulic boathouse doors for the boat bays- do you have a local sales rep that could come to our office to discuss and provide specs/CAD drawings?

85 We are working on a job in Manhattan, Kansas USA; Kansas State University Indoor Basketball Training Facility and the contractor has asked us to get a quote for the Automatic hydraulic door  Acoustical Wall. I have included the drawings and specs.

86 Greetings Schweiss Doors, I have a designer door project in Las Vegas in regards to installation and maintenance of  four hydraulic restaurant kiosk doors. If you provide this service, I am interested in a quote from you. Please contact me if interested so we can discuss further. Thank you.

87 We're waiting for the information from the client regarding the necessity of vehicle accessibility to the atrium space where we're considering to put a hydraulic designer type door. Could you give me some answers to questions below? 1. Is there any rule of thumb in deciding height ratio of door? 2. I noticed a hydraulic swing door is integrated with your door system in Shigeru NYC shutter house. We'd like to take that same idea in our project, but I have a concern that ours is for the commercial use, not for the residential. Do you think that integration of commercial grade doors in the hydraulic door system is feasible and durable? Details shown in the previously provided documents seem to imply that the bottom frame of the hydraulic door will remain when integrated swing doors are opened.

88 We're designing16 new homes in the first phase of a hilltop ocean view property on the island of Oahu. We want every aspect of the homes top be useful without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Can you please give me some idea of costs for the Schweiss hydraulic doors approximating the San Francisco doors you fabricated and also other examples of designer doors you have created. We'll be funded for the 1st 2 homes in 2 months. We'll be building in 4 months. Delivery port is Honolulu.

89 We have been given an interesting problem by a client. We are building a concrete tilt up building in the Sacramento area and the customer wants to lower equipment through a hatch we build in the roof after he moves in and this equipment arrives. This equipment will be lowered by a crane through a 40 x 40' hole that we have to have weather tight, remove the roof, and make it weather tight again after the equipment is in. One of the biggest problems is how we make this removable roof section strong enough to be clear span so the equipment can be lowered through the hole and yet light enough to be lifted. I have cruised your website and you have hydraulically single piece doors that are large but is this size hydraulic door  a possibility? It would have to behave like a conventional roof so a man can walk across it, etc.  To make the span maybe we install removable trusses under the single piece hydraulic door to be removed and replaced after the equipment has been lowered. This opening will be in the corner of the building so we can get a crane along side the building and load the equipment and remove the roof hatch in one piece and set it on the ground if that is the solution. The tilt up walls will be about 30' high but this section of roof is a special pop up area that could be 20' higher. Any ideas? 

90 I'm a new employee for Architects in San Francisco, California. I've been given the task of acquiring some CAD drawings for a glass hydraulic door. From your website's "Designer Doors" section, the: Redbull, Stanford, and Santa Clarita Gov. Center all appeared to be what we're looking for. I know very little about the project and cannot explain too many specifics at the moment. This can maybe be discussed later on as it seems your company does specialized projects. Do you have any general CAD drawings (plan and section) that could be used for a 11' wide 8' 3" high opening? We're just trying to put in a somewhat accurate hydraulic door system into the drawing (as a placeholder really). Thank you, and sorry for the lack of info.

91  I'm interested in the glass door you show in the 'Designer' door catalog at Kenyon College, It does not look like it has the strapping that some of the bi-fold doors have, could this be a Schweiss hydraulic designer door? When are the straps necessary and when aren't they? 

92 Wow! I saw your storefront door in Wyckoff Exchange project magazine. Is that the so called Bi-Fold Door with lift straps? What spec is that? 2. We're in Taiwan, so if we want to buy your product, but wondering if we can get similar door as a hydraulic Schweiss designer door? How does the entire process go?  I saw on Schweiss website that you can ship worldwide. Do you ship the finished doors or just components? Will it be hard if we have the local contractor install by ourselves? 4. Our door width is 5.5 meters, and height 2.4 meters. How long does it take to fully open to 2.4 meters (=7' 10.5")? 5. Judging from your experience, the hydraulic door is durable of how many times of usage (one open then close counts as one time of usage) before it needs any repair? 

93 Would like quote for a 10ft wide 8ft tall one piece hydraulic door with 3/0 walk door in center glass panels, except for bottom row would like metal panels. Want appearance of a garage door but with walk door in center. Would be going in a red iron frame building used for Parts store/machine shop that works with race cars/tractors/cars/trucks etc. Like the man cave look. Customers like to appear as if walking in to a garage.

94 We are designing a building in which we are highly  considering using Schweiss designer style hydraulic doors. We were hoping that there is a local rep that could come chat with us about the Schweiss products. Our preferred meeting time would be on a Wednesday. Perhaps we could do a webinar or three-way teleconference.

95 I am looking for some pricing on custom built Schweiss hydraulic doors for a large commercial project near San Jose, CA. I would like to speak with someone from sales because I want this door to have a designer look similar to two that I saw on your web site. Thank you

96 I want to get information and a pricing estimate for a hydraulic door for our boathouse in New London. The dimensions are: 10'11" X 5' and so I am envisioning one sections at 10'11" X 2'6" with  hinges at the top. The plan would be for these to lift up over the inside of the boathouse during the summer and be lowered down during the winter. The boathouse does not have electricity to it so a manual operation or some sort of Schweiss Red Power battery backup system is required. I see your hydraulic doors have several backup systems, maybe that's the route I should be going. Your thoughts? Consequently light weight doors are desired but they need to be strong enough to bear the winter winds and snow on the lake. Please let me know if you have any products that fit this description. Thanks, 

97 We are beginning to detail the openings for the anticipated hydraulic door system. Could you please send the designer door example drawings in dwg? opening sizes are 18'-10.5" and 12'-11" is there anything else you need in relation to the project? Thanks, Corey

98 I am going to buy a 55 wide and 13 ft clear open hydraulic door from you and am wondering what the delivery time might be to northern Washington state. Also, can you do the install.

99 We have two openings that will be leading out to a outside patio at our bar/restaurant. It is an old brick building (former post office) and are mid construction. They are both approximately 10x10 openings...would like to discuss some of your delightful hydraulic designer door options like the ones displayed on your web site. When is the best time for me to give you a call. I'm in Chattanooga and I think that is the same time zone as Minnesota. 

100 We are working on a unique timber-framed wedding chapel/barn project in northern VT. Owner would like (3) doors along the long side of the barn that can open and provide indoor-outdoor space and support themselves. We've been trying to detail what this might look like if site or shop-built by the builder. Just found your site. Can you guys do 9'x9' openings with hydraulic door (or hydraulic), or too small? If yes, what would be your price per door? Schweiss knows best, what do you recommend. Like the backup systems.  Thanks, 

101 We're looking at ideas for the parking garage/ loading dock door gate for an apartment building we're designing in Washington DC. We're trying to find something secure, accessible, and attractive. I found your Schweiss designer hydraulic door photos and particularly liked Target's solution (same issues we're facing) and the perforated still security hydraulic doors that also function as awnings. We're wondering what the clearance in front of those doors needs to be when they open. For example, if a person walks by or a vehicle pulls up to the door, how far back do they need to be to avoid being hit. This may be a determined by how  high the hydraulic door is would suspect. 

102 I'm working on a prototype design for an high  school, and we're thinking about putting something like your hydraulic doors as an interior divider between a gym & commons space. What are the maximum dimensions (or recommended dimensions) that can be constructed? Depending on these dimensions, we may want 1-4 doors. We currently have a width of 56'-0" and a height of 24'-0" (although we are not necessarily interested in having the door be that tall - what are price savings to make the door 10', 12', 16, etc? I think we are looking at glass door, interested in aluminum. Advise if Schweiss bifold or hydraulic one piece would be better for this application.

103 Would like a quote on two upward lifting hydraulic  doors - one is 30 feet long by 10 feet high and the other is 12 feet long by 10 feet high. I plan to use them as interior walls for a conference room and hope to have high quality finishes - either aluminum panels or wood panels. Can the 30 foot door have a swinging door in it? 

104 I'd like to get more information on your large hydraulic powered designer doors. I have seen the unit installed at Sagan Peichota's office in San Francisco and think they might work in our office. Please call as I have questions about size, structure, glass, mechanical, and cost. THANK YOU

105 Need design information for a 65' x 18' clear hydraulic designer door. I kinda like the Cycle City Harley Davidson door featured on your web page. Looking forward to hearing from you. My time frame is short, would like to have it installed by early summer. 

106 We install traditional overhead garage doors, mostly mid to high end carriage house style. We have a need for a 15 x 7' 5" carriage house design that would benefit from a one piece hydraulic or possibly a bi fold system. My thought is to have the wood stain grade door (approx. weight 400 lbs.) attached to one of your steel frames and Schweiss one piece hydraulic or bifold systems. Since we have no experience with this type of product, we would prefer to sub out our first install. Do you have an experienced installing dealer in our area?

107 I found your site via Google "bi fold doors). You may be amused that I am looking for a laundry  door, perhaps 4 - 5 feet wide. You don't by any chance make small one piece hydraulic doors? That would be a really attractive solution! I like your designer doors, might be interested in glass.

108 I'm working on a project (restaurant) using hydraulic doors at the exterior openings and would like additional information on your product. Specifically, I'd like the CAD or BIM file to incorporate into the model to show the client. Two openings will be 8' x 10' Got my idea from your Old Navy door on Schweiss web page 

109 I have an opening of 12 feet high by 16 feet wide on my restaurant which will lead to an outdoor eating area. I would like a one piece hydraulic designer door similar in looks to the Old Navy door you put in the Dallas Mall. Can you shoot me a price? Delivery and installation would be to Atlanta, Georgia.

110 I am a designer working at an architecture firm based out of San Francisco. I am interested in using your hydraulic one piece door product on a new construction project. Couple quick questions. The first being about the insulative qualities of the doors in a space that will be used for large events and gatherings. Another consideration is cost and functionality. The openings are relatively small 9'x9', is this cost feasible given their size? Thanks and I look forward to discussing further. Randall M.,  Junior Designer

111 Hi, I am looking for a quote and some prelimiary reactions for a hydraulic door we are looking to install in a project at our University. The top half of the hydraulic door will be clad in polycarbonate (1.5 - 2 lbs/sqft) while the bottom half will be clad in double glazed curtain wall. Thanks

112 We want to maintain the look of an old barn being converted to a shop so we are proposing one of your doors and taking the existing wall material and applying it to the door. I'm caught betwixt a bifold and a hydraulic one piece. Need your expert Schweiss input. 

113 Can get a quote for the big hyraulic X-Ray radiation door with Schweiss pump system? Steel industrial quality door size is 68' x 22'. Door will be lead lined heavy door needing good horsepower hydraulic lifting system.

114 Local YMCA - bidding tomorrow. Has a one piece hydraulic glass hangar door on an aluminum frame for opening performing stage to outside. Can this door also be equipped with photo eye sensors for added safety? I can email back specs & drawings.

115 Are there any dealers in Saskatchewan for your new Schweiss lifting gate as pictured your Schweiss website story for The Paw, animal resort business? Will want two vertical moving gates to be equipped with strap lifts and remote opener. If not, how long would it take to ship to Saskatchewan, Canada. Will follow with details as soon as I hear from Schweiss Doors. 

116 We have begun construction of our project in downtown Raleigh. We are an Ale House on the third floor of our building, and we are interested in the Schweiss Hydraulic glass designer door system in 13 openings. The openings will be approximately 9 ft. high and 12 ft. wide. Was hoping you could provide some budget numbers for a turnkey installation which will include your photo eye system, so we can determine if we should further explore. Thanks for your response.

117 Need price on Schweiss moving gates: 20 feet wide and 12 feet high and 20 feet wide and 10 feet high to separate room of large commercial building.  Top five feet of each gate will have plexiglass see through top, bottom of steel siding. Remote opener, liftstrap design.

118 I have a customer interested in your Schweiss hydraulic swing door for entertainment stage door use. Please forward any info we need to use in our ampitheater door opening design. Our engineer  should have info needed but want to verify door load weights and any other information you can provide. Opening is 80' wide and 16' clear height. 

119 Can I please get pricing and availability on a hydraulic door with glass on it for my patio area.

120 Could you please provide head and jamb details for a Schweiss hydraulic single panel lift up door and bi-fold designer door for a stage door project that is in architectural design development? Also, clearance info would be helpful. CAD or PDF. 

121 I am working on a project to design shipping containers into retail usage, we are looking to incorporate hydraulic container doors and  operators into the design. I see Schweiss specializes in one piece container doors. We are looking to open the doors down to align and extend the container door floor area. Please contact me with some feedback. Do you have door installers in Canada?  

122 Hello guys! I have boathouse at my lake home that needs a one piece hyd. door like the one on your Schweiss website at Lake Vermilion. My boathouse door will have to be 12 ft. wide and 10 tall. I'd like to get in on before the lake ice melts.

123 We purchased a hydraulic glass patio door that leads to our tennis court last year. Just wanted to tell you we love it and get many compliments on your fine Schweiss door workmanship.

124 We would like to speak with you about a hydraulic designer garage door for a new home. The "green door" is approximately 18 feet wide and 9 feet high. We hope to create a "living wall" of plants and totally camouflage the fact that it is a garage door, yet allowing light through it. Cost is not a factor, we want the best Schweiss door. 

125 We are bidding a project at East 46th Street roof here in NYC. They have one of your Schweiss hydraulic designer doors specified and want us to include it in our scope of work. Do you know about this project? If so can you send us your proposal? Do you do your own installations? Please call me on my cell to discuss at your earliest convenience. 

126 Looking for an large glazed architectural Schweiss designer style garage or bi-folding hydraulic door for a large hi-tech company in the San Francisco Bay area. Would like to see some typical CAD details/ revit model families to understand basis of design in order to decide if use is appropriate.

127 We are specifying a large number of your Schweiss Designer style bifold and hydraulic doors for our project that is currently under construction in Los Angeles. The general contrator would like us all to meet your technical representative as we have some constructibility and structural questions. Please be so kind and call me ASAP. Thank you.

128 I have a number of customers that may have an interest in using your Schweiss hydraulic and liftstrap bi fold doors for design integration on projects - both current and future - curious as to how close to us you have a distributor - or we may be interested in being one - thank you - Patrick

129 Hello, We are renovating an old gas station for a small catering kitchen in St. Louis, MO. We saw your hydraulic doors on a restaurant in New York. I am interested in getting a rough estimate on 2 hydraulic Schweiss Designer style doors from you. The doors are 10' w x 8'9" h. I have no idea the costs and would like to see if it is a possibility. I prefer email as a way to communicate. Thank you for you help. 

130 Need more info about your Schweiss Designer series doors. Please send my more info on your hydraulic doors. Very impressed with your designer doors and looking to put one on my art studio.

131 I am building a wine cellar. The door is in the living room, floor. I want to offer this guy an auto ''door opener'' which I believe will fall under your Schweiss Designer door line as either a one-piece hydraulic or a liftstrap Bifold door. I built a dumb waiter with a garage door opener, lasted 25 yrs? imagine, touch a button and the floor opens. a mind blower. a 32'' x 84'' ''floor door'' opens. weight-200lbs? I will mount a light on it too. I'll patent it if you can deliver the system these people can afford. even if theres no warranty, send all infro you have and I'll figure it out. Thanks, he's in a hurry as all my cust are. 

132 I saw you at the state fair. I want to add a hydraulic door that opens the whole side of my sun room. We want this to be a Schweiss designer door similar to your Web site Santa Clarita, California glass door. What do you need from me to get started with plans or production?

133 I need info on a hydraulic door that could be converted into a stage for a park and rec building theater. Can Schweiss Doors turn your hydraulic door into a hydraulic stage/theater platform? We need a custom-built theater/stage hydraulic door application from Schweiss Doors.

134 I would like a quotation on a hydraulic one-piece door that functions as a hydraulic opening roof. The hydraulic one-piece roof door size is 50' x 16' - need hydraulic door roof shop drawings. Also include hydraulic door installation.

135 Hello, I'm a general contractor pricing out a building for a client that will be used as a theater and the theater project calls for (2) 40' x 16' hydraulic theater doors. Can you please quote. One-piece hydraulic doors to be installed onto pre-engineered metal buildings that will be used as theaters. Please email with any questions. The owner is also considering hydraulic doors that function like a retracting theater stage. Can Schweiss Doors make a hydraulic theater stage door along with the other one-piece hydraulic metal building doors?

136 PRICE FOR HYDRAULIC STADIUM DOORS. This is a new sports arena, so we want custom designer one-piece hydraulic stadium doors that fit our unique stadium design. These hydraulic  doors will be very large and the hydraulic door design also includes windows.

137 Please quote a 57' wide x 17' high one piece hydraulic door with remote opening system, location in NC. This hydraulic door will be used as a moving billboard system. We need to be able to open and close the hydraulic door billboard every night too. Thanks.

138 I need a price on a 16*24 large moving hydraulic door with windows across the top and bottom. I've seen a lot of Schweiss designer doors used for restaurants and non-standard applications. I need a very slick looking custom made hydraulic door that also serves as a moving wall. 

139 I'm bidding a project in Salt Lake City, Utah known as Hospital Main Lobby Remodel and they've spec'd one of your doors at the gift shop. Architect is Architectural Nexus. hydraulic lift door. The project bids soon. Thanks for your help. Other details: Schweiss Doors Red Power Electrical System, Op cycles min 50,000; glazing panels 1/2\" minimum fully-tempered; weather seals for smoke, full perimeter; locking devices; electric door opener..

140 Dear Sirs, we need an estimated priced for two Schweiss hydraulic lift glazed doors with Red Power motors ( /-30 m2 each) for a project in Brussels (Belgium). Could you give us a preliminary estimate (without engagement) of the price per m2 (or square feet) for such glazed doors, including shipment and building in Belgium? Best regards

141 Hello, My husband and I purchased land on Maui and built a 3 car garage like structure to use as our main home. Due to budget limitations we installed 5 regular garage doors and lift them to create an inside/outside living feeling. I cannot stand the look of the garage doors on the ceiling and would like another affordable option. We were looking at your Two Glass Paneled Schweiss Hydraulic Lift  Designer Doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems (we would need 5) and was wondering if you could price them for us. If you could please include all costs including shipping to Maui and possibly an estimate on how much we should expect to pay to have them installed. Also, we installed roll down screens on each opening (on the outside). Let us know if you have any options to accommodate screens. Door width and height below may be off by 1-13/4 inches. I will have the exact measurements when you contact me. Many thanks,

142 Hi, I am working on a project where there is a need to have some kind of retractable hydraulic lift  partition in auditorium. Schweiss Red Power electrical system seems like a good option and we have a limited space above the 9' ceiling and we don't want to use a bifold door.. Have you done any projects with similar interior applications and what is your advice on the best solution? Thank you, Regards, Mark Lovelace

143 I need a Schweiss designer hydraulic lift door to cover the roof of a interior room used to refurbish aircraft engines and generators. Equipment to be worked on is lowered over the top and then door is closed to maintain climate control. I see by your Schweiss Doors website that something similar was installed and labeled \"Schweiss to the Rescue.\" What looked like a near impossible situation without some totally new engineering design instead turned out to be a remarkable solution to an extreme challenge. Which goes to show that when you say \"Nobody does it better\" you guys at Schweiss Doors know what you are talking about. Here's my challenge: How to fit a \"roof door\" (with your new Red Power backup System) over a 20' by 30' sandblasting chamber. I know this is a bit of a rush, but if you could call me in Pennsylvania I'd appreciate it because I'm looking at a deadline.

144 S - style; US Building 40' wide - Schweiss designer  hydraulic lift door for one end. This fancy building is 16' 3\" tall Need 'Round' Building type solution Entry door should be glass insert and Red Power Electrical system.

145 I would like to speak with an engineer and a salesman to design and price a hydraulic lift swing door for the sidewalls in a bunker silo. I need to know about the thickest sheeting you have or if I can supply and sheet it myself and if the extra weight I put on it, will I need a bigger Red Power Schweiss pump?

146 We are interested in using a glass hydraulic lift door for a project we are currently working on and would like to have someone walk the site with us to give us input on what we can do. One of your classic  Schweiss Door projects at a Palm Springs resort is quite similar to what we would like to do for this project. We especially want to utilize Red Power to lift this door. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if this would be possible. Thank you.

147 I am bidding a stage door opening for the Challis Comunity Stage. A Schweiss hydraulic lift door designed for this would be ideal. The opening is 32 feet long by 12 feet high Looking for product & advise on your Red Power backup system. Thanks

148 I am looking at a price on custom made crossbuck Schweiss hydraulic lift steel, man doors, Red Power pump. Is something you can quote if I provide a drawing and some specs?

149 We are looking at specifying a hydraulic lift hangar door for an exhibit hall. we need a 45 ft wide x by 22 ft high Schweiss designer custom made hydraulic lift door. I am looking for a conceptual budgetary price for the door and an estimate of installation costs. Please add to the pricing of making it out of aluminum instead of steel fit it with your Red Power Safety Advantage System.  

150 Need full support frame to fasten and support door. I think you called it a free standing header. Need quote on delivery and installation of hydraulic lift door by your qualified installers. Don't forget, I want your new and improved Schweiss Red Power System for this designer door.

151 I have a project that has 2 interior hydraulic lift  doors that act as interior partition. One is 12' x 8' and the other one is 9' x 8'. I am budgeting for the general contractor at this time as wondering what these would be worth? The 12' wide door has 12 lts of 1/4\" clear tempered glass and the 9' wide door has 8 lts of the same. Finish will be clear anodized. Need one of your quiet and dependable new Schweiss Red Power Systems for it. I need to submit this information to the GC soon. Thanks for your help.

152 I'd like a quote on a Schweiss Designer hydraulic lift door that has your Red Power electrical system and Red Power backup system. Door in question is 18' wide x 12 ft. high with C channel frame. Also looking for suggestions on material to use. I'd like it to match exterior of building. What can I Get?

153 Seeking Detailed Information, availability, material spec, motorized operator, Architectural residential application - 2 openings 12'w x 9'h light bronze anodized aluminum frame, /-90% insulated 4'vertical module sightline glazing, along the lines of Schweiss web site photo - Palm Springs resort Red Power hydraulic lift door and/or New York metal Shutter House Photos.. Motorized operation - Santa Fe, NM project location. 

154 I am very interested in receiving info about your products, in particular Schweiss Red Power designed hydraulic lift doors - different designs- suitable for renovating a hotel bistro and bar area. Do you have suppliers in Australia? Looking forward to a reply at your earliest convenience.

155 I have an opening roughly 9' wide X 7' tall on my pool house. I want a price on a hydraulic lift door/window that we can open on nice days. When closed it needs to be safe and seal good against the outside, so I want your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage Systemm too.  I need something that won't break the bank also.

156 I'm looking for a basic quote for a designer quality  hydraulic lift swing door with clear windows, possible aluminum finish, and whether or not you can build an energy efficient model (door will face south) thanks! This will be a large door and I'd like to incorporate your Schweiss Red Power pumps to lift it. You guys sure do great work on your designer doors. I was amazed by some of the professional quality work I saw on your informative web site. 

157 Would like price on Designer-quality hydraulic lift one piece door below and also on 32 X 20. Saw some of your designer work in a brochure from Schweiss Doors. Wow! You're right when you say \"Nobody Does It Better.\" Can you mail me one of these brochures and also some information on your new Red Power hydraulics. Deanna

158 Good Morning. I just found your web site, very cool products! We are doing a small commercial store front project and are looking for a unique way for the front to open up on nice days, yet giving a modern look when closed. The all glass Schweiss Doors hydraulic Red Power door projects that you've done would work perfectly and we would want it to include your Red Power Safety Advantage System. I am working with two (2) identical rough opening sizes: 175\" wide x 140\" tall. Do you have any kind of short swing option? Wow! You guys (gals) do some very impressive and high-tech work on your designer doors. I can hardly wait to hear back from you. I'm surprising my husband with this.

159 The hydraulic lift Schweiss custom made one piece doors are to be used as passive solar sunspace on the rear of a new home. The sunspace is a concept that wil allow for a winter solarium/heat and open in the summer for a covered porch. The interior needs to be finished as it will be seen as part of the interior of the home. The finish should be either aluminum or a color. A color needs to be very durable, such as powdercoat. The total length of the house has not yet been determined so the 16' hieght is not in stone. It can be any length that allows for best price, ease and cost of shipping as well as ease to install.We want these doors to be fitted with your new, and more importantly, quiet Red Power Safety Advantage System.

160 We are currently constructing a new library building for Johns Hopkins University. The owner has asked that we provide budget pricing to replace a curtain wall system at a proposed cafe area with an aluminum/glass Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door system to match existing curtain wall. Lift should come from your Red Power hydraulic. Can you please help in this budgetting process? Thanks

161 Can a Schweiss Hydraulic lift door be made to fit a swimming pool that is 45' x 5'? We would want it to slide over the top to keep debris, etc. out. Have you designed anything like this in your Red Power Door line. This will be for an outdoor pool in California.

162 We have an application for 2 hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss doors on a restaurant to separate the bar from the patio dining. Need a glass door from the bar top up. I would also like to investigate a new door with Red Power Safety backup system on my hanger at FCM.

163 We have a customer with an opening size of 30 ' 0\" wide X 8' 0\" high and he has asked for a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. This will be a designer door. He was quite impressed with the designer work he saw displayed in your colorful brochure and amazed at the amount of work you do for huge companies all over the U.S. He and his wife also want the Red Power Safety Advantage System for this door because they believe they will need the extra Red Power to lift a heavy door.  Look Forward to your earliest reply.

164 Hello, while in San Francisco, CA, we came across your awesome Schweiss hydraulic lift designer doors! I am interested in one. I wanted to install this in a city of the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Is this doable? Am I looking at something totally expensive? I don't have the exact dimensions, just yet, however guessing close the measurements would be approx. 8feet wide by 9 feet high. I would appreciate a quote for this aluminum garage door and all the best Red Power system hydraulic systems you have available.

165 Hello, we are currently exploring different shading solutions for the construction of a large kindergarten project in Canada. The design calls for a innovative way of shading, as we are trying do this without air conditioning. We have established a module for the classrooms, which will have a large glazed front, facing south-east / south-west (9m wide x 3,4m high). We will have 32 of these fronts. The structure will be coreslab and concrete block. Is it possible to clad the hydraulic lift door system with only a perforated metal screen, over the width of one module? The idea is to mount the doors on the outside of the structure, in front of the glass facade and use them as shading screens only. Could you please send me a quote if this is something you can do. Would this be considered a Schweiss Designer Door? Could you recommend or give details on your Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thanks.

166 I am looking for a designer door for a boat storage building, full glass, aluminum frame (white painted) 24' x 24'. A bifold door will be acceptable, but I think a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system would be better. I would like to see an elevation of what you could propose, along with pricing. The door will be going into an existing building with a new endwall designed to meet the doors' design requirements. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

167 Attended Palm Springs and saw your work at the Palm Springs Resort. I would like the same glazed style Schweiss hydraulic one piece designer door on my property, who should I contact? approximate cost for this door with Red Power back up system? Very nice door, well built too. thanks

168 Hey, I work for The University of Texas at Austin and need a new garage door for the sculpture studio. I have a door opening that's 10' hight X 9'4\" wide. I need some pricing for your Schweiss hydraulic lift door, I'd like it to have a normal size door and maybe a window installed into it as well as your Red Power Safety Advantage System. Could exterior and interior of door contain some sort of art design to fit in with our studio? Cost on that?

169 Please mail a complete product information. We are designing a tropical restaurant place in Colombia (S.A.) It is a 3 facadas corner lot with multiple window openings (7'8\"w.x9'h.) We think your Schweiss Designer hydraulic lift product with smooth operating Red Power may match our ideas.

170 I sent you an email and a pdf file showing what I'm looking for. Have you had a chance to look at it? This is for a Tiki Bar hydraulic lift designer door enclosure here in Ft. Lauderdale on the beach. We will want your Red Power backup system. Thanks

171 PROJECT CONSISTS OF: construction of an 3,200 sq ft amphitheater containing a stage, greenrooms, restroom facilities and loading area. Site improvements for the amphitheater include sidewalks, paver walkway, signage, lighting, site work, installation of site furniture. Also included is the construction of 1,200 sq ft restroom bldg for the Scott's Place playground. The park will contain concrete walkways, installation of signage, lighting, landscape and will include a 44 space parking lot containing lighting and landscaping, surveyors, site work, underground, paving, striping, fencing, landscaping, irrigation, pavers, concrete, pre-cast concrete, masonry, misc. metals, structural steel, aluminum items, rough carpentry, wood trusses, millwork, insulation, metal roofing, gutters, waterproofing, doors,overhead coiling doors, stucco, drywall, painting, acoustical ceilings, flooring, bath accessories, signage,fire extinguishers, lockers, louvers, hvac, plumbing, electrical. Hydraulic lift doors to be included with best Red Power Electrical System. Thanks

172 Hello, I would like to speak with you about doing a custom door for my motorcycle shop in Brooklyn, similar to this rust mesh door in San Rafael. I would also like to see this actual door. I will be out in SF over Easter and I will be opening up shops in LA and SF next year and will need custom doors for those as well. Interested in your Schweiss Bifold as well as you hydraulic lift doors with Red Power safety advantage system. Please e-mail me to coordinate a time to speak about this project.

173 Dear Sir,I would like to introduce our company to you. We are a Interior Design company, Stick, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We specialize in high end hospitality and F&B. We are in the process of building our material library. Currently we are working on an F&B project in Shanghai and we are designing on Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift Red Power Electrical System doors and a bi-fold door with horizontal fold, in glass on metal/aluminum frames as similar to a curtain wall. Approximately the door measures 11 (W) x 6 (H) meters. Could you possibly tell us the price for this? Can you get back to us as soon as possible, we require the information on an urgent basis. Awaiting for your reply.Thank you. Best regards

174 We are asking for your input, suggestions and recommendations for your Red Power hydraulic lift door product. Such as, What door height to use? Wedge size? Type/style Installation? Is your glass thermal pane/insulated? and other advice you may have about your product for this type of year-round- use wood framed multi-use building. Summertime use involves concession sales with common area and restrooms for softball players, disc golf, in-line hockey league, skate park and trail walkers. Winter time use concessions sales with common area as warming house and restrooms for ice skaters, hockey players, and cross country skiers. We are considering use the Schweiss Overhead hydraulic lift Red Power Door System at three locations of the Commons Area. I have attached PDF's of the floor plan, exterior elevations and cross section of the building. Please reply to this e-mail or contact us by the numbers below with any information you may have.Thank you for your time,

175 I would like to obtain information about the Glass Covered Designer hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors. (Please view attached images).Our project is currently in its design phase and requires two hydraulic doors with the following requirements: Dimension: Height: 2710mm (top of fixture)Width: 3705mm (centered on fixture of columns)Materials: Steel or Aluminum frame Please note that is for a residential application and we require that the Red Power Electrical System motor is not attached to the door panel. Also, I wish to obtain a CAD file and specification details which include dimensions of the product.In addition, if available, we would like your Schweiss Doors product catalogue for both interior and exterior door systems.Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you soon.Kind regards,Architectural Assistant For and on behalf of An International Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects Central, Hong Kong

176 We are currently designing a new hotel in Jamaica, NY and were looking for an overhead hydraulic lift Schweiss door that can be used at the parking garage entry to our site. We were hoping for something that would open quickly via your Red Power hydraulic motor,  and possibly on a remote sensor. We are looking for something attractive as this will be part of the main facade of the building. Please forward any information if you manufacture a product that meets these criteria. Thank you.Best regards

177 Attached are the latest construction drawings for your use and information  As discussed we are looking to using the Schweiss hydraulic lift door system with a wood slat screen (built by us) mounted to it. The doors to the north will swing out and the south breezeway door will fold to the inside of the breezeway space.Also included are the steel shop drawings showing the C-channel sizes and overall steel structure we are utilizing. The approximate sizes of the doors would be 10'-6\" height and 8'-0\" width and would be for 5 total doors including 1 that has a reverse/ inward fold. Also, as discussed the door will be more of a \"designer\" door as those shown on your website. That being said we would like to keep the inside part of the door as clean as possible, and would like to try to hide the Red Power System hydraulic motor and components as much as possible. Being an academic competition where we work off of a limited grant and must fund-raise all the costs of the competition including materials, transportation & shipping, as well as sending the students to Madrid to re-assemble the house and participate in the 2 week competition. For overall schedule purposes we are looking to ship the house to Madrid in the end of March for the SolarDecathlon competition in the beginning of June. Best Regards, John

178 do you carry a vertical lift hydraulic door that would be used for a patio entrance? 16 ft.? Can it be designed to match the rest of the house and can it be fitted with your Schweiss Safety Advantage System?

179 We are designing an outdoor bar for a restaurant in Las Vegas, NV. We came across the Schweiss Photo of the Day showing Bi-Fold Doors at the TGIF Bar and want to design a similar style bar using Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Do these doors come in standard sizes? Or is it all custom? We are looking for pricing for three (3) 8x8 or three (3) 10x10 doors with glazing and Red Power Safety Advantage System. Please call if you need additional information. Thank you so much for your help. Ava        


181 Dear, We are very interested in your hydraulic lift glass designer door style for our outdoor patio addition. It is very elegant. If any chance to do it in our place that is so exciting! Could you send information on your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System. Looking forwards to hearing from you soon.Gladys R. in Alabama

182 I have a designer project in Los Angeles CA. We're looking at a 12' x 20' opening and I'd like to learn more about what type of one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power options you can provide. I can e-mail drawings if that would be helpful.

183 Need 18' Clear on Door. Please send Schweiss Doors designer door  (hydraulic lift) information.. Need price for door and installation separately. Also need Red Power hydraulic pump quote and free standing header and labor to install priced separately as well.

184 We have a client who is interested in installing one your hydraulic lift doors on the interior of their facility. The opening size is 12' x 14'. We want this door to be attractive with quiet running motor like I was told your Red Power System provides. The siding we have to match the wall is 1- 1/2\" thick. Is this going to work and can we install this on both faces of the door? I'm not familiar with your doors, but heard Schweiss doors were the best.

185 Looking for Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power electrical lift operator. Custom door is for skylight application on roof top. Max size of total door opening is 4.5 mtr x 3.5 mtr. Seen some of your work and know you can do this for us?

186 Sirs; I would like to use designer quality hydraulic lift Schweiss doors in a project I am designing. Can you give me a budget price for 7 hydraulic lift doors with insulated obscure glazing approx 8'-6\"w x 9'-4\" tall with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems.

187 We are bidding on the La. State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame and would like a quote from Schweiss Doors for two designer hydraulic lift doors fitted with Red Power Hydraulic Electrical System and insulated for quietness. Should be fast opening.

188 Need a distributor to get a quote on a few glass custom made doors here in Canada. First of 44 new restaurants opening in Alberta. Anyone dealers in Alberta or nearby? Saw your designer doors on Schweiss website. All I can say is Wow! I want three now. Also interested in Red power safety advantage system. It's quiet too, right?  Amira

189 Hi, I have a client that lives in a high rise in downtown Chicago and wants to demolish the living room wall put in a 12'-9\" wide x 8'-6\" tall designer door to help expand the city views. The building is steel structure with a concrete ceiling. Could you give me a general price estimate for the Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System? There is a gyp. board soffit we could add a header to...or can you bolt directly into the concrete ceiling? How much space would be required between the top of the door and the ceiling to conceal all the structure/mechanical components? Very excited to have found your product! Thanks, 

190 I would like some information on your Schweiss designer hydraulic lift doors, with all glass exterior. the doors would be used on the side of a wooden structure and we will want your Red Power Safety Advantage System for them.

191 Could I get a quote on the designer doors shown on images labeled \"Pair of Glass Covered Designer Bi-Fold Doors/Doors on brick wall.\" They will be going on a restaurant facade and the openings are approximately 10'4\"x14' and 7'4\"x14'. I need a quote for both sizes of doors, but in your Schweiss hydraulic lift design with Red Power Electrical System and the delivery fee. Thanks!

192 Quote Request: Job name: Horizontal Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power back up system No specifications Black aluminum finsih anodized Full view door Installed on steel tubes 4ea- 7'4\"x9' 1ea- 12'x9' 1ea- 15'4\"x9'  - project bids soon.

193 Looking to replace a 16x8 garage door on a wine tasting room. Custom made Schweiss designer door, (with Red Power Safety Advantage System) ideally clear/tinted insulated glass and aluminum. Your company does some exquisite designer work. Awed by your web site. Want to do business with you. Any suggestions welcome.

194 Have a Golf Training Facility with three (3) 14x10 door openings. May be good application for your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors. Would want Red Power hydraulics with remote controls for each Schweiss Door. Can these doors be custom painted? Price aluminum for me.

195 Job is in Eastbourne East Sussex, England on residential pool. I would like someone to quote for 4 windows and two Schweiss hydrauli lift doors approximately 3.2m in length and 2.5m high. We also need Red Power hydraulic pumps, cladding of pillars and matching fascia. Regards Kevin

196 Intended door is positioned at end of 2 story Atrium, located in the most prominent area of the campus. When the need arises, this glass hydraulic lift designer door is to be lifted to obtain exterior ambiance within. We'd like to be able to lift the entire panel with Red Power hydraulic system, maintaining weatherstripping at the side guides.

197 Dear Sir, I would like to take this opportunity and introduce our company to you. We are a new Interior Design company, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We specialize in high end hospitality and F&B. We are in the process of building our material library. Currently we are working on an F&B project in Shanghai and we are designing on a decorator-style hydraulic lift door with horizontal fold, in glass on metal/aluminum frames as similar to a curtain wall. Approximately the door measures 11 (W) x 6 (H) meters. Could Schweiss Doors tell us the price for this with Red Power Hydraulic Pumps, we require the information on an urgent basis. Awaiting for your reply. Thank you.

198 Upcoming bid for a College in CA. 7 ea. designer quality Schweiss hydraulic lift doors approx. 26x17, complete with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems. Sheeting and glazing by others please call to discuss Thank You, Mike

199 I am looking for a window that can be hydraulically raised. Concept I have is to take an oversize double hung window and raise the bottom 1/2 up into a cavity in the wall. the width is approx 5' and the opening would be 6'-7\" the overall track can easily be 13'2\" in height. We want Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps for this hydraulic lift door.

200 We are biding on a job at a community college  Two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 26'-0\"x19'-0\" Two Bi-folding doors 26'-0\"x17'-0\" One Bi-folding door 15'-0\"x17'-0\" Two hydraulic lift doors 26'-0\"x14'-0\" I can get you specs and details if you do not alredy have. Looks like Alum/glass top and bottom with horizontal steel panels in the center. Hydraulic lift doors should be fitted with Red Power hydraulic pumps.

201  We are planning our new home which will include a second building, a large shop and storage area. We would appreciate prices for two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 18 feet wide x 14.5 high and four standard hydro-lift doors 9 feet wide x 8 feet high (all clear span numbers). Please include freight estimates and all related hardware. Building engineering requirements and recommendations would be appreciated too. As a pilot, I have used other bifold doors but never your products before. Now that I've seen one of your doors, the others don't even compare in quality. And I think your Red Power electrical systems have the best lift. As things develop, we may add some designer features. Thank you kindly and have a great Thanks Giving, Cory

202 Two Quotes requested: 1.) Non-Fading, non-staining polycarbonate glazing 2.) Glass hydraulic lift designer doors for restaurant I am building. I've looked at your designer doors on your Schweiss web site. All I can say is \"Wow!\" Include Red Power Safety Advantage System on quote please.

203 The door application we a looking at is the end wall of a pool building. That being said what a the theraml/ moisture qualities of your products? Also what materials can they be coated... Want a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power Safety Advantage System and remote control. Installed in Indianapolis, Indiana.

204 Price ASAP: Enclosed Amphiheatre Stage will have Schweiss hydraulic lift door in the back to be able to open in the summer. Project in Pittsburgh, PA Door is 50' Wide x 30' Tall Please supply all Specs, as we need to load the framed openings.. This is a fast track project - will need Red Power Electrical System. Needs to be quiet and fairly fast lift.

205 We are working on a design that requires 3 vertical hydraulic lift doors with glass panels similar to the door shown in your web page header. The door opening will be 19'-0\" x 9'-6\".Will want your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System.

206 We are currently designing a cafe where we plan to install a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift designed doors. If you could provide a rough cost for budgeting purposes. One door 15'-6\"w x 11'-8\"h One door 12'-0\"w x 11'-8\"h glass options: dual glazed, low-e divided glass approx 18\"w x 24\"h Color of frame: anodized brown manual vs mechanical door options Red Power Electrical.

207 I like to learn of your hydraulic lift and bifold products and possiably help you here in CA. Pls call me and send me a video of your product if you have one. I want to specialize in designere doors built by Schweiss Doors. Your web site shows some dandy ones. Best regards Paul

208 I am looking for a mirrored Schweiss hydraulic lift  door 30' x 16' and can't seem to find any locally here on Maui. Can you ship to Hawaii? What would be the shipping cost? How much is the cost of the door with Red Power backup system? Thanks, Brent

209 Can I get a quote for a Schweiss door (like Stanford product, only we want a hydraulic lift designer door). Looked at your Schweiss Doors Web Site and see you have a superior motor in your Red Power System. Have your receptionist give my receptionist a call so we can get together over lunch. I'll be in the Twin Cities in two weeks.


211 Looking for two 7' tall x 9' long Schweiss decorator style hydraulic lift glass doors for a pizza shop, dining area.What have others you've sold to done to \"Jazz\" up their doors to make them really attractive? Oh yes, we want your Red Power Safety Advantage System on these doors.


213 I really liked the look of the glass doors I saw in your Web page photo gallery and I would like information. Durability with glass can be a concern so I would also be interested in Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift options and factors that would allow the light to come through without opening the door. This will be used in a Sports complex our hope would be to get as much natural light as possible without having to repair it. Your expertise welcome. Great looking functional doors.

214 Hi: I'm planning new construction in Stanfordville, NY. We are building a painting studio where the north wall will be made entirely of windows. I'm looking for a door for the bottom half of that wall that would allow large paintings to be moved in and out of the studio. I have sketches of the wall and would like to get an estimate for Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power product, specifically your backup system with remotes.

215 I have a remodel for a recreation facility. In the basketball gym the Air conditioning system is completely shot, and we are looking at possibly making the upper walls open up by using some sort of overhead hydraulic lift door to allow for natural ventilation. Upon searching for bifold doors your Schweiss website came up. But I would like more information regarding your hydraulic Red Power equipped doors. Project is located in West Texas where the winds can be high for weeks at a time. And these doors might be left open alot. Looking for an opening approximately 60' Long x 14' Tall can use multiple doors if needed. Can you give me an approximate price for each type of door?

216 I need a framed mirrored hydraulic lift closet door measuring 30\"x 79\". Can Schweiss Doors provide this for me. I've seen some of your designer work on your web site and amazed what you can do with your bifold and hydraulic lift doors. What is a Red Power Safety Advantage System. I'm thinking that is something I should have too.

217 Hello, I'm looking for some pricing for 2 Schweiss Hydraulic lift doors with Red Power components. I would like a 20 x 18-20 h door for our shop (agriculture) and a 38 x whatever would typically be used for a general aviation hangar door. This is a project we are looking to complete by the end of this summer. Thanks, Jason

218 I am an architect working in Switzerland and I am interested in your product. In particular I am interested in the example of your door under \"designer doors\" the final image on the bottom of the page. In this case it is used as a door for a hanger. I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift or bifold door the opens like that for a community centre. Please could you forward me some drawings/plans of how your Red Power hydraulic pumps work? .dwg is preferable. thanks in advance, kate

219  We are working on the design of a kiosk that will be located in a park in downtown San Antonio. We would like to have some kind of Schweiss hydraulic lift door on three sides starting at the counter height. We would appreciate any information you could send us on these door types. Here are a couple of concerns that have come up so far: 1. We are unsure of how the doors will meet at the corners of the structure, but would like to limit the size of the columns in the corners as much as possible. Right now they are 6\" x 6\". 3. The height of the kiosk is fairly limited so we will need doors that don't restrict the height much when open. (The counter is at 4'-0\" AFF and the ceiling is at 8'-6\" AFF.) 4. On one elevation there is a change in counter height. Will that be a problem for the door? 5 Your advice on what size Red Power Hydraulic pumps needed. Please let me know if the drawings are unclear or if you have any questions. Is anyone located in this area that we could meet with? Thanks, Anne

220 I'm hoping that you can answer my questions on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for Northern California. I am looking to specify an overhead one piece door with Red Power Electrical system in a new steel construction application. The door opening is to be 15'-6\"H x 27'W and is currently designed to be framed with W14x68 columns and an HSS14x8x5/8 head. The door surface will mainly be glazed, and as the interior space is a performing arts center, the material will need to form an acoustical buffer. If you could give me feedback on structural needs for our door size and some typical CAD details, that would be fantastic. Thank you. Kainoa

221 Dear Sirs/Ms, I'm writing on behalf of a designer/ architectural firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are currently in the construction phase of a custom beachfront residence here. (already 60% complete) and are intent on integrating into the project an operable Schweiss hydraulic lift or  bi-folding door system with fixed louvers. After seeing your advertisement in a trade magazines and your web page we are intrigued to see if your products could be incorporated into our design. We seek a system composed of aluminum fixed louvers  mounted on aluminum frames, which would  open/ close (and anywhere in-between). These would be a total of twelve (12) units (six [6] per floor), aprox. 12'-6\" x 9'-0\", on the North-facing (the beach) facade. This system will have to work mechanically and be controlled electronically with your Red Power hydraulic system. The concept is to give the owners the option of completely opening up the house towards the view, while at the same time permitting them to control levels of privacy and direct sun light (only in the summer). We believe this system could also be used as hurricane shutters, to help protect the house during a storm This in addition to the hurricane-resistant sliding glass doors (by others) directly behind the proposed door  system. We look forward to discussing possible design options for the system. If you have any questions about the project or need more information, do not hesitate to contact me. Jose

222 I am building a steel farm equipment building in Saskatchewan and am interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift or bi-fold doors. I would need a 16 to 18' high by 42' foot door. Please advise on the cost and weight of the door, what specs for the steel building supplier, Red Power advantage.  Iain

223 Need to find a hydraulic lift door to cover the opening to a pit. The pit would below grade, but I am thinking that the door could be at a convenient angle to the building; maybe 60 deg above the horizon or more. Can Schweiss Doors design such a door? Dumb question, I know you can!

224 I have a few questions. 1. What is the maximum height that you can do for a Schweiss hydraulic lift  door? 2. How much would it cost for a 12'W x 8'H  door? Cost to ship these door to CA? 3. Cost for a 18'W x 8'H door?  4. How long does it take to manufacture a 12'W x 8'H door? 5. How about your Red Power hydraulic Electrical Systems. Do they have better lifting power? 6. These will all be designer restaurant doors, any ideas or samples you can recommend?  Thank you.

225 Need a prices on a 20' 25'and 30' wide x 14' high Schweiss one piece (designer quality commercial use) hydraulic lift doors fitted to specs with Red Power Advantage System. Read your informative Schweiss Doors web site. You have so much to offer, need to pick your brain. 

226 We are looking to enclose a swimming pool so that the pool can be used in the winter and during the summer the doors would be open to give the feeling of being outside. The doors would need to be aluminum and we think for economy sake we would glaze a Red Power System Schweiss hydraulic lift door with kalwal or some sort of polycarbonate insulative clear panel. This is a project that is in the preliminary stages.

227 We're working on a kiosk design project and would appreciate some more information about Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and the Red Power hydraulic that it comes with. The space is small so we are trying to figure out how to get the doors to fit. Do you have cad details of the overhead equipment and the rollers at the columns? Thanks.

228 I'm looking for a closure solution for openings on our high school stadium ticket booth. The openings are 3'-0\" X 7'-6\" . Would you suggest we opt for one of your one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Do you think it needs to be motorized with Red Power pump described on your Web Page?

229 I'm looking for four clear glass hydraulic lift doors to enclose my back patio. The \"two glass paneled hydraulic lift designer doors featured on your Schweiss Doors web site are similar to what I am looking at. Would be interested in your Red Power Safety Advantage and backup system for this door, with and without installation costs. Thanks, Mildred in Scottsdale.

230 To Whom it May Concern, I am interested in your product our company is designing for a school as well as two (2) hydraulic lift Schweiss doors for my personal garage. The door quote requested herein is for my personal use and I will need a second one that measures 10 feet wide by 8 feet high. The exterior skin on my personal doors will be wood, similar to lap bevel siding only it is actually a thin half round log made of \"Douglas Fir.\" The door for HMC project would be attached to a steel frame, new construction building. the dimensions are one each at 24' wide by 12' high. We would like it to be thermal pane, low \"E\" glazing. Option would be minimal glazing with some type of decorative metal panel skin. This is to be used for an Olympic size swimming pool enclosure. Thanks you as I look forward to your response. Red Power hydraulic system is of the essence for the HMC project. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Samuel

231 I need budget pricing for a project you may already be aware of, The CULTURE WORKS Center for the Foster City Jewish Center. The architect would like to use a Schweiss hydraulic lift designer door 28'wide and 15' 6\" tall. It should be one piece and powered to lift by Red Power motor.

232 Hi, My name is Nicole. I am interested in using the Hydraulic Lift (vertical) designer door in a restaurant storefront. Requesting a price quote for the client. The rough dimensions are approximated and written in the form. Also, how does the Red Power, fabrication/installation processes work? Do we provide the drawings or is there a contractor provided? Please call or email back. Thank you!

233 Hydraulic lift door needed for a residential project. it will be a window and door for a mudroom facing a backyard. i would like it to look similar to the 6th and 7th doors on your \"designer doors\" page. since it will be to open to the main living space of the house it will need to be air and weather tight. Will also want Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System. Also, can you provide a line item price for installation of each type of door?

234 We have pole building like shelter over our RV. It is 22 X 36 with the RV on one side and the deck on the other. We are making a 12 X 20 sunroom and there is going to be a loft over the trailer. We want something unique but not too expensive to open into the loft for ventilation. My husband and I both grew up with pilots for Dads, when it was cheap enough to have your own plane. So we like the idea of the Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift hanger door and Jon is a truck driver so he is a believer in your Red Power quality hydraulic pumps. The opening has a big beam at the top and the bottom, the total hight is almost 7 feet. we were thinking 6-8 feet wide. What would something like that run? We like the look of barn doors, but can't think of much else that will seal out the cold/heat so we don't have to pay for electric to heat the loft when we are not using it.

235 Hi, I am looking into the possibility of using your Schweiss line of designer hydraulic lift one piece doors. Should have Red Power Safety Advantage System. It will be part of an outdoor performance stage/assembly hall. The door size is 24' wide by 14' tall. It will be glass panels. Could you give me a rough estimate on its cost? Thanks Connie

236 Schweiss hydraulic lift designer door needed soon for my restaurant business, fir exterior finish (1x6 horizontal) 7'0\" tall x 7'-2' wide. what is interior finish? is exterior wood exposed on the interior? Include Red Power Electrical system. How much extra for a glass door?

237 We are looking for pricing for approx 56 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors @ 8x12. The one piece designer quality panels are to be prep. for all glass polycarbonate panels. Each door to be lifted with Red Power motors.  How can we start to obtain pricing for this? Nice website, it sold me.

238 We are designing a gallery and would like to use a Schweiss Doors designer quality hydraulic lift glass garage door to separate the gallery from an outdoor garden space. Please send me your relevant Red Power hydraulic pump product information, and any information about the structural requirements for your door. The garage door would be approx 12' wide and 10' high, and have 1' insulated, low-E coated glass. Thank you!

239 I have a project for a Graphic Arts studio here in Denver. We have an existing wood shop we are remodeling into a Schweiss designers studio, we looked at your designer door pages and really liked the Old Navy doors. On the south facing exterior wall(lots of sun) there are four garage door openings we would like to use hydraulic lift glass doors, low E glass, power openers, each opening is 6'0\"X7'0\". If possible we would like to have Red Power Safety Advantage Systems installed. We are ready to get the project moving as soon as possible. Could you give me an idea of what our lead times are as well as a quote for these functional doors?

240 I am interested in receiving information on your Schweiss doors, specifically a hydraulic lift glass panel door to match anodized aluminum curtain wall system. This door will be used in a new museum in IA, a renovation of an existing department store building. The door itself will be approx 14' tall by 23' wide. Please email available details on Red Power Safety Advantage System, specifications, pricing information. Thank you!

241 Considering Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for service entry doors on an auto dealership. Will want these to be swanky, just like our cars. Should have your Red Power electrical system hydraulics. Talk to you about any other options.

242  I am looking for a way of separating off a section of our school assembly hall. Can I use one of your hydraulic lift doors to do this? The door would be used internally. The door would close off the stage area used during school assemblies from the larger area of the hall which would be used as a gymnasium when not in use for assemblies. With the door in the open position during assemblies we would need to seat students under the open door. Can we get your Red Power Safety Advantage System for a one piece designer quality glass Schweiss hydraulic lift door? Thanks Darla.

243 We are working on a event center project where it is desireable for a window wall hydraulic lift door to open up to the underside of the existing wood bowstring truss. Height approximately 14' width 26'. Can the window wall be clad in wood? Sound control (Schweiss Red Power electrical system hydraulics) would be desireable.

244 We are thinking about using some of your exquisite  designer doors for a small restaurant project we are working on. Would it be possible to get a set of dimensioned drawings or details for a top-mounted Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift Red Power hydraulic pump unit door? We are looking for it to be a glass window. No more than 20 feet wide by 10 feet tall. Feel free to call the office or email .dwg or PDF files directly to me. We are looking to do this quickly, so haste would be appreciated

245 Looking for information on vertical Schweiss hydraulic lift door(s) to close flexible use conference / meeting room between office and retail space. Glass may be an option. Red Power Hydraulics are a must. Interior use.

246 I'm interested in pricing on two 10' X 10' glass Schweiss hydraulic lift doors similar to the jpg \"designer 6a\" on your website. Do you install in Texas? I will need black mullions with 4 large windows. Red Power Advantage System. Give me a call to discuss. Willy

247 I have a large pool house that looks like a Greek temple that I am interested in having decorative Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift doors installed in. Also with Red Power Safety Advantage System. Do you have a local rep.We would require someone to come and measure and discuss with the contractor as the building is pre-existing and in not standard construction Thank You Rita O.

248 I have an old barn that I am coveting into an art workshop. I would like to have a large glass hydraulic lift door (with Red Power backup system) put on the south end. A real artsy type door, similar to those on your Schweiss web site. What info do you need from me?

249 I need pricing on :4- designer series, 10 foot high X 20 foot wide, two glass panel one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors alternate: aluminum frame with 8-10mm extruded double wall polycarbonate instead of glass. Your designer doors with Red Power Safety Advantage is just what the doctor ordered. They have class.

250 We are currently looking into different sytems for reducing the wind on our patio overlooking the St Lawerence River. I noticed the one piece Red Power Safety Advantage System Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with windows and think they would be ideal for us. We are located in Canada, Do you have a Canadian distributor in Ontario? or could we purchase directly from you?

251 We need to replace the door on the front driveway side of our garage. Because the garage has french doors on the side wall opening into the garden, in the summertime we use it for a party room when the rain comes in. So rather than having a traditional overhead door which when opened intrudes into the interior space, we are looking into your Schweiss hydraulic lift glass doors (With Red Power Safety Advantage System) that open outside the space and found your web site in a Google search. The opening is 7' high and 8' wide. We like the idea of a door that looks like either your greenhouse doors or the indoor restaurant style windows shown on your site on the \"designer\" page (the name was \"Sidney's). They will be exterior doors and being in coastal Rhode Island we do get high winds including hurricanes. The doors will need to be weather resistant and if possible insulated. Is this enough information to give for you give me a quote? I can provide by email a photo of the front of the garage if that would be useful. Thanks, Anna Marie

252 I am trying to find an attractive metal interior hydraulic lift doors. Saw some of your designer doors on the Schweiss Doors web page, I think that's what I want, along with the Red Power hydraulic pump, hope you can help. thanks Justin

253 Finish on Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door == aluminum with kynar finish exterior and interior (finish to be verifed ) A low iron - low e - dual glazed glass Standard Red Power hydraulics and hardware for now -- 3 Panels total. Schweiss trained installation in Oregon.

254 We are working on a building requiring 3 interior glass finish exterior plaster(?) Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. We are on the SD stage of our design and would like typical CAD drawings that we and our Structural Engineer can use for dialog. Could you please supply some along with specs on your Red Power hydraulic pumps? Or can we supply drawings that you can then get in touch with us. Ultimately, we will also need a quote. Contact me.

255 We are interested in Schweiss Door products of hydraulic lift and bi fold doors for the application of our glazing system projects. Are there any agents located in Eastern Asia for ours further contact? Besides, could you kindly mail a catalogue of the above items and Red Power hydraulic pumps for our reference. Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.  Mr. Gee Ng

256 Interested in installing Schweiss hydraulic lift doors into the sides of 40' steel shipping containers. could you pls give me an idea of cost for one piece steel doors and Red Power hydraulic pump systems? Have you ever done a job like this? It may be a hair brain idea, but if it works it will be grand. Thanks, Edgar J. Wippington III

257 Please, if you would quote a designer door for a new smoking parlor we'll be building soon in Oregon. We'd like a unbreakable glass hydraulic lift Schweiss door that will face the streetside sidewalk. Door should be about 15 ft. wide by 10 foot high and include your Red Power Safety Advantage System. I saw some of your fine designer doors on your web site last night and any suggestions you have will surely be appreciated. I've never done this before.

258 I'd like a walk in door on a Schweiss designer style one piece door. Also include remote electric openers, Red Power Safety Advantage System and is it possible to place a walk-in door on a glass hydraulic lift door? Your web site displays some pretty impressive work along this line. Congrats on a very attractive product.  Lilly


260 Looking to enclose a deck of a waterfront resaurant/bar and am interested in the Schweiss one piece designer doors made of glass. How much wind load can a glass door have, that's important as we are on the coast at Virginia Beach. Gets pretty dang windy out here come Hurricane Season. Any suggestions you have will be appreciated. I've seen your glass doors used inland, they look terrific! Your Red Power hydraulics lift them so easily and quietly.

261 Looking to specify a 'designer' glazed Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for a restaurant project in Vancouver. Material should be black anodized aluminum and door should be thermally broken if possible. Please could a sales/technical rep call me back to discuss your Red Power Electrical System. Sample details and spec for this door by email would also be appreciated. Kind Regards, Adeline B.

262 Want price 13 by 20 one piece hydraulic lift door requiring Red Power Safety Advantage System. What other options can I get on this Schweiss door, i.e. insulation, remotes, colors, etc. Besides steel, can I get other inside and outside materials. If you haven't guessed, I'm looking at a designer door. It's for my wedding dress shop in Havre, Montana.  Best regards, Lillian

263 We have a train car wash building that has overhead catenary wires through the building. The train cars get their propulsion power to drive through the building. We are looking for a new type of hydraulic lift door that will allow accommodate overhead wire when door is closed. Possibly with a block out for overhead wires. The current door sizes are 15' wide x 23' tall. We'd want a good powerful Schweiss Red Power motor to lift this. Please contact me.

264 Hello, I am interested in a quote on a glass panel door. This will be a designer door for my wedding supply store. I'd be interested in your Schweiss Doors web site described Red Power Safety Advantage System. I suppose you'll need a door size. Just email me what you need.  Missy

265 We're interested in a few glass hydraulic doors for classroom use in the Los Angeles area. I've looked over your Schweiss web site. Have you installed any of these doors in San Francisco or the Bay Area that we can visit to see them in place? Or any in Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley (Burbank, Van Nuys, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, etc.)? These classrooms will contain little kids. Do you recommend we order with a Red Power Safety Advantage System? Lovely doors you design.  Thanks. Jackie

266 Do you have any more information or details for the Rust Mesh door that you have on your website? Does it come in hydraulic and bifold Schweiss designs. Would it come with Red Power backup system.

267 We are designing a specialized car display room for a client and need to create a \"garage\" door opening that does not look like a garage door. Could you design something in a one piece hydraulic Schweiss door with Red Power Safety Advantage System. Contact me right away to discuss options?

268 I belong to a 100-year-old church, which has two sets of solid oak double doors. There is a considerable gap between where the two doors meet, which allows a substantial amount of cold air to enter. We have the funds to replace, or repair, these doors, but I'm trying to find an inexpensive way to correct the problem and am thinking your one piece Red Power lifting electric system hydraulic door with a double walk door might work. Can you do this. My first thought is to add a strip of insulation along the vertical edge of each door, but I don't want it to look tacky, we want it to match wood trim. Do you have any suggestions as to what type of insulation would be best in this situation? (The set of side entrance double doors is 8' high, the main entry set of double doors are 12' high.)

269 We are looking for a horizontal timber Schweiss hydraulic designer door for a shopping centre entry. In Dubbo NSW, Australia. Is there anyone in Sydney who can help us with this quiery. If so, would he have information on Red power hydraulic systems?

270 Interested in purchasing a commercial overhead door with glass panels (designer)approximately 9x10 ft. Should have your Schweiss Safety Advantage System. Thank you.

271 We are particularly interested in the Schweiss Door designer models: designer 6a designer 14 designer 18 designer 20. Leaning toward glass or wooden outer finish hydraulic doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems. Pretty impressive Schweiss Doors Web site, bet it works well for you in getting the word out.

272 Hello. We are looking to have a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door product on the interior of a Country Buffet restaurant. We are working on designing a new prototype for Country Buffet that will be the standard from here on every time a Country Buffet is redesigned or built. These drawings and the companies that we purchase products from will become the standard from here on. Can you help us out? We can send you rough openings on our proposed openings. We will need your direction in materials (i.e. glass, aluminum, Red Power Safety Advantage System, etc) providing direction for clearances in our rough openings. Please call or email very soon. Our completion date on these drawings is next month.

273 We are looking at using either two Schweiss bi-fold or two hydraulic doors for an interior application. Your web site \"designer doors\" gave me some insight on what is available for infill panels, but I would like to know costs and other options. A generic price quote on both doors (with glass panels) would be helpful as well, in both steel and aluminum construction. With and without Red Power hydraulic systems. Beautiful doors! , David.

274 This is new construction, finally have a firm CO date. Would like delivery of your Schweiss hydraulic designer style glass one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pump 8/6/12 or later. Thanks for all your assistance and consulting on wind loads, etc, without it, I'd have been lost and still sitting on a Florida beach sipping a cold one and wanting a quality Schweiss door. 

275 I was looking for designer doors for my pool house in Colorado and noticed the fine array of these type of doors on your web page. The rough opening is 40 ft wide by 16 ft tall. I would want a one piece hydraulic door, probably in glass. Do you think a glass door would fog up a lot, maybe I should go to a frosted glass. These must be hurricane proof, and I would want your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System on it.

276 We're thinking about using Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors at exterior locations for access to bicycle storage areas. There are eight locations, 11 feet wide x 7 feet high. Please send literature and details on doors and your new Red Power hydraulic systems. We'd like a designer look on these doors like shown on your web page.

277 I am looking to have a hydraulic door made of clear glass/lexan type material similar to photo you have in your \"designer Schweiss Bifold Door\" section on your site. It will be used in front of showroom. Opening 16' x 7'. Probably open via Red Power hydraulics so I wouldn't see straps. Idea is that clients can see our products when we are closed but touch when we are available.

278 Hi I am an Architect in London working on an exclusive residence with an indoor to outdoor swimming pool and need a very large Schweiss Designer quality glass hydraulic one piece door which seperates the pools to be operated by Red Power electronically. Please give me a call or advise as to if you can do this in England. Cheers Chris

279 I have a need for a \"Schweiss Doors Designer\" hydraulic door that would have a glass /alum frame skin. The door will be for interior use with an opening aproximately 16\"wide x13\" high.I would like more specific information about this specific application and Red Power Safety Advantage System and what it does. This is for a project currently under construction.

280 We would like to present a client with more information on your Schweiss hydraulic one piece Designer Door Series. Application would be for an upscale restaurant. I know your Red Power Electrical System is powerful, but is it quiet. Client doesn't want a squeeky door. 

281 I would like a price on a designer one piece garage door 17'8\" w. x 8'0\" h. that will match our exterior wood siding on house. Also want extra remote and Schweiss Red Power backup system. Thanks


283 A contractor is asking us to bid on a Schweiss hydraulic door designer project in the Florida Keys. I would venture that this is not the first request for this project. There are 7 doors 41' x 14'  apparently Red Power motor driven. The contractor is hopeful of a proposal by Tuesday 7. I am way more optimistic and am hoping for a call on Monday 6.Specs call for wind loads of 44.2 psf & -44.2 psf. There should also have pass doors if possible on glass doors. Thanks, Celeste

284 We are looking to utilize a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door in one of our project and would like to learn more about what you have to offer in the door, designer style and Red Power Safety Advantage System. I would appreciate contact as soon as possible as the project is moving quickly. Thank you, Katy Q., Assistant to the CEO

285 We would like to get a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door with the following dimesions that would be similiar to the designer doors with all insulated glazing. It has to be one piece and with Red Power Safety Advantage System.  Marsha

286 Please provide a quote for hydraulic Schweiss designer doors with option for glass: 60' x 16' 40' x 14' 44' x 14'. Have you ever made a designer door this big. Will your Red Power hydraulic pump lift it quietly and fairly fast? Inquiring minds (my boss) wants to know.  Thanks Laurel

287 I am interested in the bottom rubber option/feature. I have an automatic pool cover that, when covering the pool, leaves a ~3\" gap between the 4\" square end tube and the concrete. This allows leaves and debris to enter the pool freely. I am looking for an item that can be attached to the square tubing and close the gap. It must be flexible to slide across the concrete, but stay in place when the wind blows. It would be a little over 16' of the product, and it would be shipped to Pendleton, Indiana. This would be on a Schweiss Doors hydraulic Red Power motor system. Cost? Thanks for your help... Dotty

288 Is it possible to use your Schweiss hydraulic designer door with Red Power Safety Advantage System on the interior of a building (one that does not access outdoors)? Thank you, Leah D.

289 I need three one piece Schweiss doors for my residential garage. They need to have full insulated glass. Exactly the same situation as the glass commercial doors you show under your designer door section. I need to get a quote on 10Wx 8H hydraulic Red Power Motor doors. Please call for more details I am in the budgeting phase at his point.

290 I need to get preliminary pricing for a hydraulic Schweiss glass and aluminum door to be installed in an interior application. Similar in look & feel to the ones you show on your designer doors/specialty doors pages that shows what looks like a conference room. The size would be 16' Wide by 10'-12' tall. I have to verify the final size, but am looking for a quick pricing exercise. I would need two to be installed on conference rooms that are across from each other with an informal meeting area in the middle. The client wants the opportunity to use these as separate rooms or open them up to one large room. I'm hoping you can help me with this. Thanks. Tina Also, have you ever done a hydraulic that would pivot a third of the way down instead of at the top? Looks like your Red Power hydraulics could capture that request.  I need that for another interior job and was just curious. Thanks again.

291 Looking for a insulated 16X40 Schweiss hydraulic door for an inside dividing wall in a large restaurant and boutique building. A 16X30 would also work. I want the insulation as a noise barrier and would like a frosted glass or designed glass door. I want your Red Power Hydraulic System because, as you say, it runs quietly and smoothly. This would have to be installed in Omaha, Neb. by late June, is that possible?

292 We live in a Grade 1 listed building in London designed in 1938 by Berthold Lubetkin, a famous modernist architect. We have a flat where the original owner took out the original steel windows and replaced them with PVC. We wish to re-instate the original window design. As the building is listed the replacement windows must be reproduced to match the originals. These are steel windows and can be matched in the UK. However, in the living room there is a long stretch of bi-fold window consisting of 6 windows (folding outwards) each window (glass) measuring 189\" (480 cms) height x 28.75\" (73 cms) wide) width a 4cms bar between each end and between each window excluding narrow window frame on each. In order to match the requirements for Listed (Historic) Building permission, we have to try and match this as exactly as possible which means we have to look for someone who can make a steel hydraulic lift, not a bifold window. Can your Red Power hydraulic pump unit be hidden in a corner out of sight. If this the type of thing you make? And if so, any idea of an approximate cost to make and then to ship to the UK? Kind regards, Della R.

293 Looking for two Schweiss \"designer style\" hydraulic one piece doors 10'0\"x9'0\" full glass view. Red Power Safety Advantage operation and remote opener. Installation by Schweiss Doors in Valley Forge, PA.    P.S, Your designer doors on your web page look fantastic, I can't believe you can make any door look that good. You must know what you are doing. Suppose you've been in business for a long time.  Harriet

294 I just got a job at an animal shelter in Upland, Ca. that requires me to lift 3 windows like a Hanger door. The largest is 14'x 10' they will be built from aluminum. I need the Schweiss \"Red Power\" motors controls and remote control units to lift a one piece hydraulic door. I can email you a couple of pages on the plans that almost detail them. Call me please, Cynthia

295 I need pricing on three hydraulic one piece Schweiss designer quality doors delivered to and installed at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  H x W 1. 10' X30' 2. 10' x 8'-10\" 3. 10' x 13'-9\" Please assume these have a finish similar to clear anodized with glass. I would alos be interested in some VE options on the finishes and Red Power hydraulic backup system. Please call me. Thanks, Milton

296 I have two picnic shelters that have old heavy wood doors that you have to lift up and hook. Very clumsy and heavy. We need a light sturdy easy to open door that looks good. Aluminum would be nice in a Schweiss hydraulic door with wood shake exterior. Can I also get a Red Power motor and an extra remote for each door.

297 Four Schweiss hydraulic overhead doors. 13'-9\" tall 27'-0\" wide Glazed bottom half w/ single swing door incorporated. Opaque materials in top half. Designer quality with Red Power options.

298 We are looking for a specialty Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with Red Power application for an interior application where we can divide two dance studios with this partition. The door can be solid, no windows necessary. The opening that we are working with will be roughly 30' long by 11' tall. Please call me so I can discuss this with you. Thanks, Nate G., AIA Architect

299 I'm looking for ideas on how to make a hydraulic door with 4 panels or maybe have the one piece Red Power pump provided Schweiss door appear to have 4 panels -- a designer door. I have 2 openings 12' x 7'6\" and 1 opening 8' x 7'6\". There is 30\" clearance above the opening. Any ideas? Egbert.

300 Do you ship glass hydraulic Schweiss designer doors to to Maui, Hawaii? Thanks

301 Would like to get a quote on a one piece hydraulic Schweiss style door. It is for a residential garage, but we would like the door itself to be aluminum with glazing, much like a storefront or the examples from Redbull on your website. Door would also be Red Power electrically powered. the size is 8' x 18' and we would like it to be flush mounted with the truss on the interior. the structure of the garage is steel and wood (the jambs are steel tubes and the header could be steel or wood depending. Thank you

302  I have an opening of 18 ft x 40 ft and I need an approximate price on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door for my stained glass fabrication shop. I would like it to be glass because eventually I will want to stick my own stained glass design on it. I need a smooth running hydraulic lift system like you advertise with your Red Power pump, no vibration, followed up by a proposal please contact me as soon as possible

303 We are a manufacturer of x-ray enclosures and have a requirement for a 40ft long x 8ft high shielded one piece hydraulic lift door. This door must open up and shielding will weigh approx. 5000#. Would be interested in one piece hydraulic door and would want one or two of your special Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps to lift it. Can exterior be covered with stainless steel? Please let me know if this is possible and I will provide more information.

304 Our architect has proposed a Schweiss hydraulic one piece glass door for our garage addition project... the door is to act as a large window that can be opened for ventilation. The door should utilize clear glass for viewing. The door is to fit into an 8' x 8' opening. Please provide a quotation with Red Power Safety Advantage System and tell me exactly what it does, and lead-time estimate. Thanks, Pete W.

305 I'm looking at putting a door in a existing building between parts and replacing a sliding hard to handle door as well. The overhead measures 12' W x 11' H. The new Schweiss hydraulic door would separate different parts of the building needs to fit in a 11' 6\" W x 9' H opening and needs to be insulated and fitted with Red Power system. I would like to put a walk door in it and order an extra remote opener but that depends on additional cost.

306 We are getting ready to bid a project called Gold Star Museum Addition/Alteration at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. Are there any suppliers/installers of Schweiss hydraulic Red Power designer doors in this area that you can recommend? How much would you charge to come down and install?

307 We are looking for a one piece hydraulic door for a shed to be built in our water conservation demonstration garden. The architect called for doors that open out as it is a small shed and doors would not be able to roll up inside of the building. We have the plans of the shed which are available upon request. The doors would be opened manually or could open by one of your Schweiss Red Power motors if we find price is right. Please contact us so that we can get pricing information. Clifton

308 Can Schweiss Doors make me a 13 meter wide one piece hydraulic door style with Red Power hydraulic pump:with a 2 meter high clear opening externally as inside the building there is a mezanine floor. Please quote me a price deliverd UK with windows in. Have you a UK agent?

309 Schweiss Doors qoute on 12'hx16'w hydraulic designer style door / Red Power pump ; is finish panels applied @ site ; how difficult is first time assembly (how much time should I allow); how much weight can I add for finished front (it will be a rusted metal skin)

310 Need a quote on a 31' wide by 23'6\" high hydraulic. Bottom of Schweiss door must be configured to close over two sets of railroad rails. Automatic Red Power powered operation required.Can you design a door for this that will still provide a fairly good seal when closed over rails?

311 Trying to build an indoor outdoor sport court. This would likely be one of your snazzy Schweiss hydraulic one piece designer doors. The width is about 40ft, and as to height I expect just under 20 ft. I am trying to get an estimate of how much such a door with Red Power Safety Advantage System might cost, assume a wood door, perhaps with some glass. Please also price an estimated install cost in Las Vegas. The building is new construction.

312 Hello I spoke to a Schweiss Door sales rep this morning. I would like to have cad drawings to be able to add to my set and also specs on your various size Red Power hydraulic pumps. The proposed door is 10'-0\" High by 15'-7\" Wide glazed as in the designer motorcycle shop photos, but in a one piece hydraulic door design. I have a meeting early next week and would it be possible to receive drawings to incorporate into my sections? Izzy

313 We are bidding a project called Upland Animal Services, Upland, Ca. There are 3 of your Schweiss designer hydraulic one piece doors on the project which specify your Red Power Electrical System. Are you familiar with this job? Do you have a local rep? Please advise. Gerry S. Estimator

314 I have a 4 foot deep \"Man Cave\" that has a door opening that is 83\" tall by 16' wide, with only 1' of headroom above the opening, the remains of the two car attached garage that was converted into a rec room. I've been looking for a one piece hydraulic door replacement to the old tilt-up door that will leave the opening at 16\" as this is very convenient. Your Schweiss one piece door with Red Power Safety Advantage System looks like it would solve my problem. Please send me a budgetary quote so I can see whether I can afford it. I need a simple door without windows, as it will always be operated from the outside, doesn't need insulation, should have remotes and we don't need to worry about wind.

315 We are an architectural design firm and interested in one of your Schweiss hydraulic door products, which is pictured on your website in the Designer Doors section of the photos tab - sixth picture down. We are in the early stages of design and budgeting. My question to you is for a 9' tall by 18' wide opening approximately how much can we expect to pay for an all-window, double insulated door? We are just trying to determine if this product will fit into our client's budget, so I just need a ball park figure which needs to include your new Red Power Safety Advantage System. Please call or email if there are further questions you need answered in order to provide an estimate. LeAnn

316 Do you make residential Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors? Can they be made with glass or wood facings. I'd like something more fancy, not just a metal door.  Lucinda

317 Hi, could you tell me where you can ship a Schweiss hydraulic door in Belgium. Is this someone who can install the doors to?? I am interested een hydraulic designer door in one piece with Red Power hydraulic pump you have on web page door. What is the price for a door in 93.6 x 97.5 inch. What is the price for shipping this door ? Do you know perhaps a supplier in Belgium ? Thanks a lot for your answer. Gerlinde.

318 We are designing a training facility for professional athletes. The training room has to open out onto a large outdoor field. The building is all storefront glass towards the field with 4 Schweiss designed hydraulic doors. We are incorporating some steel columns and headers to accomodate the doors. Red power pump doors will will have glass and aluminum frames to match the storefront. Can provide images for reference. Thanks Ben

319 We are dealing with a restaurant / hotel project in downtown Boston. Would your Schweiss one piece hydraulic window system work in existing fixed openings in place of folding windows. Does your Red Power hydraulic pump run as quietly as you say. If so, we want that too.

320 Hi, I am looking for a classy Schweiss hydraulic door (with quiet running Red Power motor) designed for a high-end Art gallery that will be showing vehicles. The glass pane I would like to replace has an opening of 14'w - 11'h and 6\" deep with a mix of wood and steel framing. The windows are framed in Aluminum. There are six panes of glass in varying sizes. Please send me any information you may have on price for this size and turn around. Feel free to contact me at any of the above information. Thank You Elvira D.

321 I am a builder in Michigan... and I have a client that gave me your information to discuss a glazing/ hydraulic Schweiss one piece door unit, in other words a designer door. He looked at your web site and found a Red Power Safety Advantage System that he also wants included. He thinks your doors are the cats pajamas. Pretty sure we'll get this order. He's looking at early summer delivery.

322 Hello, Just trying to get a ballpark figure on your Schweiss hydraulic designer doors. Saw the picture on the website of the door for the Redbull facility and liked the custom look. Our project requires a cover to the stage for a city amphitheatre. We would want your smooth running Red Power hydraulic pump to lift a door of considerable size. Thanks.

323 Building is a former auto service garage about 20', wood construction with stone facade. We currently use it as a food and beverage vending facility during special events. A Schweiss one piece door would place the doors out of the way and also create an awning for protection for customers. We are open to many options for facing and Red Power hydraulic pump sizes. Pictures available. Myles D.

324 I'd like to know a ballpark budget cost for a fully or partially glazed door. The application is for a school building and there would be 6 or 7 one piece Schweiss hydraulic doors of this size and type. We have never specified a door of this type with your Red Power hydraulic Safety Advantage System, so we don't have any cost history to work from. Thank you for your time.

325 Do you have specifications in Master Spec masterFormat 2012 format that you might send me electronically? Thanks, Dante A., AIA Project consideration is for a Schweiss hydraulic designer door the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas

326 Our office is designing a youth swimming pool house with 6 12' wide by 10' (8' clear) high Schweiss designed hydraulic one piece doors with storefront glazing. We are interested in information regarding cost, installation, head and jamb details, structural loads, forces and framing requirements, glazing (if provided or if the GC must provide the glazing system). We are not opposed to the possibility of using bifold doors instead, but are most impressed with your new quiet running Red Power hydraulic pump for faster lift.

327 Looking for an 8'x8' aluminum frame insulated Schweiss hydraulic one piece glass designer door for a shop/residence.

328 Hello, Our firm is considering specifying the Schweiss hydraulic designer doors in a building in Napa Valley. The building is maintenance facility for a Winery. We would like to get more information on the doors, Red Power Safety Systems, facings of glass, including cad details. Thank you

329 1. Please forward us a copy of your Schweiss Handbook mentioned in the architectural specifications page (\"The Schweiss Handbook should be read by anyone involved in the design, specifications,selection or purchase of an industrial bi-fold door operator or automated hydraulic Red Power pump door system.\") 2. We are looking to install a replacement door system on our Theresa Banks Pool in Glenarden, MD. 4-bays @ 20' col.centerlines (19'x10'h clear), 8x8x3/8\" cols typ, W12x40 co er columns; center bay @ 25' col.centerline (24'x10'h clear). One bay each side of the corner will also be replaced optionally, if such system works (24'-4\"x10'h clear). Thus, min. number of doors = 5, maximum = 7. Doors shall be glazed. Considering bi-fold, or hydraulic single lift door. Can you assist. TIA. 3. Building Construction: Masonry (concrete brick on CMU). Doors attach to both tube columns & W sections as described above (W sections @ bldg. co ers). Spandrel beam, 8x10x3/8\" above existing sliding doors also carries a barrel-vaulted greenhouse glazing system (also to be replaced with new greenhouse glazing system). The data provided below is the best I could do considering the choices offered.

330 Hello, I am working on a large aquarium scheme in London, and we are looking for a Schweiss hydraulic designer door to the loading bay. This would lift vertically with your new Red Power hydraulic pump I saw on your web site, and create a small canopy where goods could be unloaded, providing some shelter etc. We have some basic design information that could be used for budget costing purposes. I would be extremely grateful if I could send you this information, and you could provide me with some budget costs for the supply and installation of a suitable product. If you could email or call me on the attached contact details that would be great. Many thanks, Stephen C.

331 We would like to replace an existing garage door on tracks with a Schweiss \"Red Power\" hydraulic pump door that opens out. This is a normal residential two car garage. Owner wants it to look normal when closed but use the garage as an art studio. Owner will put glass doors behind doors for light during day.

332 Have a bucket truck / welding truck. Would like to custom build side hydraulic doors to act as shade while welding, then cover tool box doors, when closed , to deter theft. Truck sits outside. Interested in your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic cylinders, systems, etc., and if you decide to offer this system to the open market as a custom design and make millions, a cut of the profits would be appreciated, since it was my idea. Already got shafted on another product invention in Pittsburgh, then bought it two years later. Thank you

333 We are building a new New York City showroom and workshop for our auto dealership. I need a designer hydraulic door similar to those you show on your web page between the showroom and the workshop 14 feet wide and 14 feet high. Must be accoustic panels so that noise from the service shop does not disturb the show room. Four sections each 3ft 6in would work with lock in center of aperture. I prefer that the surface is flat when closed. Would like a tight seal and feel your Red Power hydraulic pump will give me that as well as good lift. Money is not an object, but we want a good attractive door that befits Wall Street Jaguar and Mercedes clientele.  John 

334 From the top of a door to the bottom of a truss, how much clearance do I need?  Also, does a in-frame mount seal better than a flush outside mount? Could you provide me with cost of a 24' x 16' and a 24' x 15' Schweiss hydraulic designer door installed with Red Power hydraulic pump system. This would be in Grand Marais, Minnesota, right next to Garrison Keillor's place in Lake Wobegon :)

335 We are into manufacturing of designer gates in Uganda, using ornametal (casted) design, we have seen your products and would like to introduce your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic Red Power designer door products in Uganda. Please assist us , and tell how we can venture . You can also visit our web site to see our product range.

336 We will be providing the translucent finish material so we just need the structural steel frame to be bid on a Schweiss hydraulic designer style door with Red Power System. We would also like the quote to include the  remote controls, and photo sensor safety device. Non-insulated, installed in New Mexico

337 Need pricing information 3 Schweiss hydraulic one piece door systems, designer door quality glazing systems. Red Power Safety Advantage System. Installation by Schweiss Doors or qualified Schweiss applicators in Ketchum, Idaho.

338 I have a client interested in and in swing hydraulic, single slab one piece Schweiss hydraulic door. He would like to have an all-wood carraige style door attached to it. The finished opening would he approxinmately 13'-6\" wide x 11'-0\" tall. Waht are my options for Red Power pumps? Thanks

339 1. How much weight can a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door hold? I was hoping to finish the outside with vertical tongue-and-groove mahogany. 2. Since my door is roughly 8'x8' would I need a truss? 3. How are the steel frames finished? Painted? Powder-coated? Info you may need for the estimate: Main header over the door is 2 2x12s that run continuously across the 16' width of the building. Side walls are constructed with 2x6 (not 2x4). 4. What size Red Power Safety Advantage System would this house? Could you install in Metuchen, New Jersey a month or two from now?  Thanks

340 Smuttynose Brewery, Hampton, NH is requesting information on your Schweiss hydraulic designer doors in glass. They would like your quiet running Red Power hydraulic pump to lift it.

341 Would like brochures, literature on Schweiss hydraulic and bi-fold doors for agricultural, commercial, airport hangers,and other such type building applications. Also information on your 1 piece hydralic doors that are lifted with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Also looking for a door that is economical and simple , sort of one that hinges straight up and over, like a lot of garages used to use many years ago. Need a 10x12 for indoor / outdoor golf range, 7 of them.

342 I have a special application for a Schweiss hydraulic  door system in a private beach club enviorment. This would probably be a glass designer door with a Red Power Safety Advantage system. Please call, Spike.

343 I'm pricing this job for a N.Y. retailer. She wants me to install 1\" insulating glass into your door. It says glass system by others.When you ship this door to the jobsite does it have a frame built into it to accept 1\" glass? If not can you build black anodized aluminum glass frames into a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door so all I have do is glaze it? They want 8 glass panels in your door (2 high and 4 across). Please send us an ammended Red Power Safety Advantage system price and could you e-mail me a picture or a detail on how it would be glazed. It would be cheaper if you did the work (and look better). Can you send me this information this morning she told me yesterday that she needs a price by the end of the day. Thank You

344 Do you offer a fabric lift up one piece door that opens with your Red Power Hydraulic System. Opening is 42'X14'. Would this be considered a Schweiss Designer Door. Would it cost more or less? Could you install in Green Mountain Falls?

345 We need to get as much information on your Schweiss hydraulic doors for use in an office space as possible. It would be nice to know what the approx. retail prices are on your doors also if possible. Maybe a cost per lineal foot would be appropriate. We have some 20 foot openings we're thinking of putting them into. These would be designer style glass and aluminum doors. Thanks!

346 Looking for information on your \"designer doors\"....the glass ones like I saw on your Schweiss web site. Will want in the hydraulic one piece style with your Red Power Safety Advantage System and if possible a removable sheet of insulation to keep out the Arizona heat.

347 We are working on a house where the client wants the kitchen and the dining room to completely open up to the porch. It's still at the early stages and we were looking at using four 8' garage doors side by side. I would like a quote for one 8'x 8', one 16'x 8', and one 32'x 8' custom Schweiss hydraulic door. I would like all three because we would more than likely want to break it up into two or four doors instead of one giant door due to the small scale of the project. Please include Red Power Safety Advantage System and if possible one remote that could open all doors. 

348 Hello, I'm a student at Marquette University working a design project with Menominee Valley Partners and the Sigma Group in Milwaukee. We are assembling a feasibility report for a skate park (designed to open up via garage doors during summer months) beneath a viaduct, and need a price estimate to address budget concerns. If you could please provide a rough estimate (per Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pumps) for the following doors, it would be greatly appreciated. If there are standard dimensions near the dimensions provided, feel free to adjust as necessary. Thank you for your time.  Door: 35'W x 20'H & Door: 80'W x 20'H

349 Winery St. Helena, CA, I'm General Contractor: I am in receipt of the shop drawings for a Schweiss hydraulic door for the Winery project prepared by JCR dated March 24. Please advise if these doors will accept glass in the openings and if so, how and also if they will now come equipped with Red Power hydraulic pump system. Thanks. Yours truly, Marcella W., San Francisco

350   I am a interior designer and currently have a project for a client where I want to use a Schweiss one piece hydraulic style for wardrobes, possibly in glass. Can you tell me where I can purchase in Germany, and if you have a catallog on your new Red Power hydraulic pump could I please have one. I do need to know if there are any \"safeguards\" on your system. Regards Sandra B.

351 Need 2 hydraulic glass (clear or frosted) designer doors that are 12 feet wide by 8 feet high. These Schweiss-built doors also need to be transparent and have some insulation factor. And probably your smallest Red Power hydraulic pump systems. Love your doors.  Giuliano

352 We are building a room to cover a pool and these Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors look like an excellent solution for along one of the side walls. Please Provide information on how we can get a quote for a glass door. We are thinking we would prefer the frame to be painted black. We would likely prefer the size to be 16' X 7' with smooth operation Red Power hydraulic pump, although depending on price may consider 2 smaller doors instead (8'X7'). A guy I work with had you do something similar for his pool. His name is Harv and he works in Newport News.  Thanks, Jake

353 Hi, My name is Mandie B. I'm working on a recreation center and we are interested in using your Schweiss Aluminum hydraulic one piece doors. I have some specific questions regarding your product. I am also looking for a quote for (4) 12'x 10' aluminum doors, with more than 50% glazing and possibly insulation. Thanks for your time.

354   I am going to be adding a family room onto our home to replace the roofed patio which goes up to our swimming pool. I saw your windows, and thought it would be perfect to use the Schweiss hydraulic door \"Window\" to open the room totally to the pool when the windows are lifted. We would need three or four 8ft tall by 10ft wide windows. I want them similar in look to the Santa Clarita Government Center, with safety glass pains giving an elegant look that looks balanced as windows when closed and lifts into an awning over the pool. I think that this could be done with tracks in the end second story supports, and in two other supports dividing the south wall into three windows and the west wall would have one. The Red Power lift system could be built into the vertical supports on either end of the windows. The house is in Toa Baja Puerto Rico, so thermal pain is not necessary. The frame could be maid of a low weight anodized aluminum channel. Please contact me to discuss and then provide me with an estimate. Kind Regards Philip R. F.

355 I would like a quote for a 35'x15' Schweiss hydraulic designer style door for my motorcycle salesroom floor delivered to Santa Maria, Ca. 93455. Can you price with glass and with cedar on the outside. Red Power Safety Advantage System too. Thank you, Mark.

356 I am an architecture student at MSU and I am working on a project that will possibly use Bi-fold doors as one of the main design features. Could you please send me a catalogue and any other info you have on commercial applications and/or designer doors? I saw your Redbull project and find it very interesting. This Restaurant design project would be a similar application. Thanks for your help.

357 I very much like the modern glass Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors that you have in your designer doors section. What are the details of these doors? How is the Red Power hydraulic pump operation controlled? Do you have drawing details and pictures that you could send? I would very much like to specify soemthing similar on a project that I am undertaking. Thank you. Adam

358 Hi, We are disigning two small buildings which use are bicyle and Kayak booths. Our engineer ask us about the following issues about the one piece Schweiss hydraulic doors: 1 - If the product fulfills with UBC-97 2 - ASCE(7) 95 wind load. 3- Details on Red Power Hydraulic Pump System. We also need details in DWG. format, that can be send to: Miguel A. M. Thank You

359 I'm looking for a price on a bi-fold door for an existing interior wall. I have a multi-use commercial building and I need to separate two warehouse-type areas. One side is also a showroom, so I need this bi-fold door to look sharp and to match my interior in exactly the right way. I might even need a few really nice windows. I'm contacting you because I know you custom-build these type of interior wall designer bifolds, too.

360 I am a Project Manager located in Durham, NC. We are in need of more information in regards to your Designer Hydraulic One Piece Doors. We are working with Duke University on converting a portion of their Bryan Student Activities Center into a restaurant, which would need one of these doors to allow for open air seating. Please provide me with any information that will help us in getting you involved with us as early as possible. If you have a local rep, please have them contact me asap. In the mean time, please forward me some brochures and technical data on your doors and Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic Safety Advantage Systems that will help us relay to you what our situation is on site. Thanks, Benny

361 I'm putting together a budget to re-model the restuarant for the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta and have a Schweiss one piece glass door at the buffet in mind. I have listed the size below. I'd like a budget price for this door with Red Power hydraulic Safety Advantage System. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

362 We are looking at a designer bi-fold door to be used in a project we are doing at a major University. We saw the custom made glass paneled bi-fold doors on the Harley Davidson building and some amazing bi-folding moving walls built with Schweiss Doors in a local restaurant design. We're looking for something unique, creative and built to last. We would like Schweiss Doors to design our perfect designer doors. 

363 We have an idea for a large hydraulic door with glazing that effectively functions as a movable wall that can open up to the exterior. Is it possible to make a Schweiss door that retains the look of a glassy storefront system when closed but can still open up completely without structural instability? How much adjacent structure is needed? Building construction is CMU load/shear walls with steel beams, so there are currently no columns of any type planned for this particular building. Could you give recommendation on where we could place the Red Power hydraulic pump unit for best overall look and performance?

364 I need a bi-fold door 19'-4\" wide by 7'-6\" high. I would like a translucent covering, similar to the one shown in your catalogue for a greenhouse. What materials do you recommend? We are open to using glass, but we want to be sure we get both a strong AND eye pleasing bi-fold door.

365 Please quote 45 x 12 bi-fold restaurant door window w/ - Lift straps - Insulated w/3\"blanket - Auto latch - Remote control - Photo eye sensors - Manual emergency back-up (hand crank) - Interior truss - Bottom drive. We are concerned about a cool looking bi-fold or hydraulic door design for our new moving bi-fold restaurant doors. Can we make bi-fold windows too? 

366 I need 2 one-piece Schweiss hydro powered hydraulic designer restaurant doors that will fit 12'W x 10'H with no side clearance. These will be one-piece moving hydraulic restaurant doors for a modern new opening wall hydraulic door restaurant downtown.

367 please send price on one-piece designer hydraulic door listed below with data sheet for design of bldg. I also need the designer door custom built hydraulic door price and large moving wall designer hydraulic door data sheet for a 50' x 19' clear when open that will go in same endwall.

368 I'm looking at a complex architectural project in Minnesota, and need a designer hydraulic door price on (2) 50'-0\" x 16'-0\" hydraulic doors. The hydraulic doors must seamlessly integrate into our one-piece designer hydraulic door opening. Thank you.

369 We are in the planning stages for a new house here in Kaneohe, Hawaii. The house is to be built on a slope with the floor level at 26 feet above sea level. I plan to build a hangar into the hillside with a floor level of 8 feet above sea level, so allowing for a couple of feet for structure and bracing, I am going to need a door that is about 43' X 15' or 16' in size. This will have to be a concrete walled structure since it is buried in the hillside and supporting a house. I want a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power Safety Advantage System or a one piece designer door with an entry door built into it, and I would like it insulated against the afternoon sun so the door doesn't heat up the hangar and therefore the whole house. It would be nice to have some windows for light, as long as they don't pass to much infrared. I need a door that can withstand a LOT of wind when closed; like 120 to 150 kt. It's OK to have hurricane braces on the inside that are only put up when needed, but since the master bedroom wing of the house sits on top of the hangar, you can see why I would not want the hangar door to fail and let the wind get under the floor! If you give me an email address I can send you a couple of photos of what the end result might look like.

370 I am looking for a Schweiss Doors solution to a two car garage converted recently into an artist studio. Due to architectural review committee oversight and community standards, we are required to keep the standard look of a flat panel garage door. Because of the finished interior space, I do not want to have long tracks along the ceiling in the interior space. Your designer custom built Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door product looks like it is less intrusive and may be customizable to give the front the appearance of a flat panel garage door, except in this case, only the middle panel is hinged. I am trying to get a Schweiss Doors solution for a reasonable amount of money. Can you give me an idea what it would cost to create two custom studio doors for us? One door measures 7 X 10 and the other door 7 X 9. Also, do you install all Schweiss Doors hydraulic and bifold doors, can you recommend a door installer in our area or can this be installed by a handy homeowner? I can only be reached at my home number. Thank you.

371 I am building a large earth sheltered home and believe your custom-built one-piece Schweiss Hydraulic Doors are perfect for my application. I have 5 large windows/doors across the front that I want to provide security, Insulation, and keep the sun off the glass in the summer. The hydraulic door opening sizes are 10.5 tall x 23 ft wide, 10.5 x 13, 10.5 x 13, 10.5 x 10, 10.5 x 10. I also would need for the one-piece hydraulic door to open past 90 degrees and up to 135 deg if possible to let light in in the winter. Also can I power all 5 Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors from one Power Pack? As I would never try to open more that one custom hydraulic window cover door at a time. Please respond by email. Regards.

372 We are a Wall Company in China and the design required us to built an wide entrance for their cafeteria area. When the cafeteria area hydraulic door door is raised up completely, it will perform as a hydraulic door one-piece canopy for people sitting underneath the door.. The owner also want the cantilever portion to extend out to the maximum. The frames of the one-piece hydraulic door will have to be strong enough to accommodate one side door and glass to incorporate into our curtain wall system. Do design this door frame with aluminum extrusion? Also bear in mind that in your hydraulic one-piece door design, Safety features is priority no 1 as this an public area.

373 The Hydraulic one-piece hospital door to the operating room in the surgery center closes tight. The Hydraulic one-piece Schweiss hospital door was a great door choice for the hospital.

374 Looking for hydraulic door hinges for a glass window for an outhouse which will open up and extend over a sun deck the outhouse hydraulic door opening dimensions are given below.

375 We are working on a project for the Zoo which is an outdoor amphitheater and the stage backwall we are looking at your one-piece hydraulic doors to allow us to open up the space for other functions. We have 2 door openings 15'-6\" x 10' high and 2 hydraulic door openings that are 7'-6\" x 10' high where we are considering using Schweiss hydraulic zoo stage doors. The structure of the building is concrete. this is a state project and we're doing Design Development and budgeting. Could you give us an idea of cost for these 4 amphitheater hydraulic doors.


377 We are considering a Schweiss hydraulic door for our old garage in order to use it as an artisan studio using the door as a hydraulic door sun roof when open for business. What kind of additional hydraulic door building support do we need in order to change from our current barn doors to a Schweiss one piece artisan studio hydraulic door? We are interested in the lighter weight aluminum hydraulic door. Dimensions are small, approx. 7.5 ft high by 8.5 ft wide, and the building is an older stick-built wooden structure. Does any of the above sound feasible? If so, could you give us some kind of a hydraulic door estimate based both on your hydraulic door installation and on our contractor installing the hydraulic door. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us little guys.

378 We are working on an outdoor amphitheater and the stage and support building needs to have the stage and backstage open up to each other for other functions. We like the idea of a bi-fold door  or a one-piece hydraulic door having the partitions we want to move out of the way being positioning overhead. There are hydraulic door 2 openings at 15'-6\" x 10'-0\" and 3 openings at 7'-6\" wide x 10'-0\" and the doors are to set between the concrete columns. The concrete roof structure curves upward at the stage so the one-piece hydraulic amphitheater doors would have an open area above the doors. We have design development documents we could send to show the layout and configuration of the space we are referring. We would like to know if your hydraulic door would work well, can a side track be made to work between columns, and what limitations we have on applying our finish to your one-piece hydraulic doors?

379 Hi - we're interested in using bi-fold doors or one-piece hydraulic doors for a glazed application (each door approx 18' wide x 9' high). We would like to get CAD details from you so we can start to integrate the Schweiss hydraulic doors into our design drawings in order to inform the design. Can the hydraulic one-piece doors hold double glazing? Can the hydraulic doors be hung from the bottom of header beam instead of the top? (We don't mind seeing the hydraulic door from inside when its open). If you have two bi-fold doors or two hydraulic doors at 90 degrees to each other on a corner, how close together can the doors be? Your prompt response is appreciated! Thanks.

380 we saw metal bi-fold doors and Schweiss hydraulic doors that look like yours at the Global Ecology Center, in CA. The hydraulic doors look great ! We are interested in using the Schweiss hydraulic type of door \"Designer Door\" for one of our projects. There are 3 hydraulic designer doors : 14'-0\" x 8'-0\" (2) and 10'-8\" x 8'-0\" (1).

381 Hello, I have a client, we are designing a white oak post and beam constructed addition (sunroom) on the rear of their existing home. They would like for the sunroom to be able to be as open as possible to the exterior of their home. The homeowner located your company and asked me to inquire about Schweiss sunroom doors. We are looking to install two bi-fold doors or one piece sunroom hydraulic doors (both are currently 12'Wx20'H). Since this is a Sunroom the view to the exterior is of utmost importance and therefore we will be installing insulated glass panels over the hydraulic sunroom entire door. I would like to get some additional information about your custom hydraulic door product as well as find out what type of budget we should be allowing for the sun room hydraulic doors. Also, we will have one hydraulic door on an end wall and one hydraulic door on a side wall. Lastly, the side columns could be either wood or tube steel....we are open to both options. Thanks! 

382 Dear Sirs/Madams I am writing to ask you if you would have a single hydraulic door-type device for lifting a stair case. the idea is to utilize the space a stair could take in a small size room if I was to make use of the loft in my house. therefore, using the hydraulic, I want to pull down or lift the stairs (with appropriate hinges at the top end of the stairs. this way no one would know when it is folded and can make use of the space below. I hope you understand the unique hydraulic door staircase idea. thanks

383 I need a custom size one piece hydraulic door. My \"finished\" opening is 28\" wide and the height is 72 3/4\". Can you please let me know if you can custom build a door for me. Pine wood will be fine (unfinished) Thanks Stan

384 I need to replace two sectional wooden doors on a hip-roofed boathouse above tidal salt water. The openings are approximately 7-8 feet high by 12 feet wide. One of these openings has a spectacular view of the bay, and I'd like to have a hydraulic (lifting) door for it with the widest/largest possible clear glass panels, especially in the top half of the door. View is not so critical on the second door, which opens toward land, but I still need light from that direction as well. The third door shown in your \"designer door\" section of your web site is the general idea, although it would be better if at least the top portion of the door could be a single wide pane of glass. Vertical members would cut up the broad view of the bay. The doors would stop on a sill on top of a wooden platform which can roll in and out of the boathouse, but there might be some times when the outer, seaward door, would stop in the closed position without any bottom support or sill. Can you give me any idea of what such doors, and shipping, would cost? Thanks for your help. Walter

385 Dear sir, Kerr Brothers Exports LTD is an Australian trading company with the head office located in Sydney. I am the manager of the french pacific area. For my customers in Noumea, we are looking for a entry door for a restaurant. Size are : Pane width 200 meters. Door witdh 8 meters. Pane height 2 meters. Door height 1.60meters or 1.80 meters. We are looking for high standing product made with a noble building material. Will you please suggest a product (bifold and hydraulic door photos are required, also specs on lift straps and Red Power pumps), send specifications and exwork price. We also need to know the lead time for manufacturing.  Best regards 

386 We are looking for five 20'-0\" wide by 8'-0\" alum/insulated glass hydraulic door on the field side of a club in a new football stadium. Impressed with the designer door you built for the San Francisco Giants. We can't let those baseball guys outdo us.   Would you please send some details so I can see if your doors are appropriate for this application?

387 Looking for one piece hydraulic door to secure an outdoor bar on a deck / cabana at a golf course. How much shade and rain protection will the door provide when fully opened. What surfacing material is available, we want this door to have class. Thank you,

388 I need to price a hydraulic one piece door of yours that is specified for a residential art studio here in Houston Texas. The door opening is approximatley 18' wide and 8' tall. The archiect would like to have glass panels installed in the door. Can you give me some ideas for preliminary pricing for a door like this. If you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact me. This is for the W. Residence.

389 We are interested in using hydraulic one piece doors simliar to what you've done in your designer door section in a sales center. Please send me any information you have. Thank you.

390 We are designing a restaurant with an outdoor deck, and the client has requested 2 all insulated glass swing-out doors approximately 8'x24'each to the deck. The installation must have a clean look. I have looked at your Bi-fold's and Hydraulic doors. Can they be installed without the web at the bottom? We were thinking a reinforced tube as part of the frame to resist wind load. The building is a masonry structure.

391 I am interested in your hydraulic one piece doors for two applications. 1- to provide insulation and wind protection on an oceanfront home. The door will cover a south facing glass wall as well as other east and west facing walls on a modernist home 2 - I would like to use this door to cover a small swimming pool - 8' x 20'. I'm hoping that we can cover the door in wood decking and be able to use the cover as deck space when the pool is not in use. Please contact me.

392 I am an architect working on a restaurant tenant finish space in Salt lake City Utah. I would like to explore using the vertical bifold concept or the one piece hydraulic door (which would provide shade and rain protection to outdoor diners) to open up the storefronts of the space. It is in an existing building. Before I can propose this to our client, I need to know something about cost, availablility, lead times, etc. I have a drawing of the elevation that I can send to you.

393 We are interested in using you designer bifold doors or designer hydraulic doors in a library addition we are working on. The designer library hydraulic doors would need to integrate into an aluminum curtain wall as shown in the example photos from your web site(\"designer1\" and \"designer18\"). Our designer library hydraulic door opening would be roughly 12 foot wide (\"A\" dimension) and 10 foot clear height (\"B\" dimension). Can you provide we with information regarding this specific type of designer hydraulic door use? Most the information I have is in regards to airplane hangar hydraulic door or hydraulic door garages, not curtain wall hydraulic designer door systems.

394 Please send me information about Schweiss Hydraulic and Bi-fold Doors for commercial designer style application. Thank you!

395 Looking for CAD details for a 14'-0\" x 15'-9 3/4\" hydraulic lift door with glass panels to specify in our winery project. We want this to be attractive to the public eye. Can your design department give us any suggestions.

396 We are currently in the design phase for a custom single family residence in Eugene, Oregon, and are planning on specifying your hydraulic one piece door for the garage. We are hoping to integrate the door into the building's \"rain-green\" panel siding, and try to make the door disappear when in the closed position. As such, having accurate information & details of the jamb, bottom, and head conditions will be critical for our integrating the door and siding panels. Can you please send us a product binder, including dimesioned details. I have already downloaded all of the information from your website, so I'd appreciate any additional information. Also, if you have CAD details available. Feel free to call or email me with any questions or comments. Thanks, Allan F.

397 Dear, we are very interested in the use of the designer one piece hydraulic doors. 2 uses: A.garage 8'0\" h x 17'-0\" wide wood construction B.big space residential kitchen to rear terrace openning 12'0\" h x 13'-0\" wide steel construction. Can I have some CAD or any drawing to see details for our drawings. Thank you very much for your help Best regards, E esto b. note: b- fold door type is the one located in your designer section six and seven picture from top to bottom (glass w/ 6 partitions) System similar to the picture only in hydraulic design.

398 I am trying to creat a custom hydraulic door that is about 16'-0\" wide by 8'-0\" tall, that would have vertical wood slats 1\"x1\" appox. with 1\" to 2\" airspace between. It is primarily a gate to a courtyard but it is covered. I would be attaching the wood and installing the door myself and would only require the door frame, the hardware and the opening mechanism. My question is, would this be a way to speceify the door or would you need to completely manufacture the door using my design for the vertical wood slats?

399 Door qoute on a hydraulic designer style Schweiss door with 16 wide x11high finish opening. What kind of finishes do you have available. We want this door to stand out from any other door in the USA.

400 I need information about folding door for my church. I suppose this would be classified as a designer door because we want it to match exterior back side of church. We want a one piece door.

401 We are designing a coffeehouse in a bookstore and we would like to know whether Scheveiss Designer Doors will be able to match the building storefront. I will be glad to send Floor Plans and Exterior Elevations of the building. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. Nathalia

402 I am interested in the designer one piece doors for residential use. Please let me know information regaring a 8' x 16' door with prices and options. please also let me know if you have sold any on Long Island, New York. Thank you.

403 I requested a quote earlier for academic purposes for a senior design project at our mainland University in Hawaii. I was wondering if I could have the same done again for a 127' x 25' hydraulic door with a single unit hydraulic alternate including installation costs. Is there any way you could tell me installation times on the doors as well as time required to ship? Thanks in advance for the help!

404 Please send images of examples of glass vertical bi-fold doors for residential application either via Schweiss brochure or email. I'm interested in installing a ritzy designer door in downtown New York City near Times Square.

405 What options are there for a 28' wide 16' high hydraulic designer door for my Dinkytown flea market, and what kind of price are we talking? Thanks

406 Saw your bi-folding door on the cover of green design mag here in the office. Found same door in your photos under designer doors. I am interested in finding out details of construction, do we skin the frame with our own window system if we want all glass? I would guess the doors I want to do are about 8 feet wide and between 8 and 10 feet tall. Can these also be built in your one piece hydraulic door design, give me an idea of cost?

407 I would like to request a quote for a Glass Designer style Hydraulic Schweiss Door with a width of 8'-10\" and a height of 10'-8\". Thank you for your help. Can these doors be insulated against extreme Arizona heat?

408 Do you have any distributors in Ontario. I live approx. 50 miles from Toronto and I am interested in the designer Schweiss doors (mostly one piece hydraulic style) in order to transform my garage into a sunroom.

409 To Whom It May Concern, I am part of the team working on the DDAY Museums for here in New Orleans. We have a 26' opening requiring a one piece hydraulic door to be flush mounted. a) Do you have details with dims for a flush mounted system you could send me? b) I am particularly interested in the height of the opening when the door is open. This door will be viewed by the public for years to come and we want it to have class respecting the brave veterans who sacrificed all in World War II. If your design department at Schweiss Doors could give us some ideas we would be most thankful.    Please Advice. Best, Jill G.

410 I need a quote for a hydraulic designer style door with opening of 11'-1 and 1/2\" high and 38'-11and 1/2\" in wide. Do you do anything in stainless steel? This is for an upscale restaurant on the Alabama coast. Thanks Jackie W.

411 I would like a quote for two Schweiss hydraulic aluminum and  glass designer doors in a steel building. I am looking at a 25'x12' and a 25'x20'. Please give me a quote to ship to northern California dock. Thanks! Jennifer

412 We're looking for an off the shelf hydraulic Schweiss door with approximate dimensions of 43'10'W x 16'6 H. we're looking to support the door by hanging it from a structural i-beam above. can you send us some dimensions/materials/catalogs of products that fit this description? if you have any information regarding sound-proofing, please include that as well (we're looking to have around 25lbs/sf. soundproofing for the door). it would also be great if you could send us some prices (industrial grade material like cement board). if you need additional information or if you have any questions, please contact me. thank you! amiee l. p.s. i forgot to mention, this project is regarding a one-story classroom and music performance pavilion on the CalArts campus in Valencia.

413 looking for three hydraulic doors that look like the old swing out doors from the 20s size 12w x 9t

414 We're currently working on a condo project for a client in Hood River, OR. The condo units will be geared towards people who use the Columbia River for recreation, and therefore need room to store such things as kayaks, canoes, etc. in their garage. We'd like to use a garage door system that would allow the entire ceiling of the garage to be open and used for storage, which of course eliminates a traditional, roll-up door. A Schweiss hydraulic door is one type of door that we are looking into for this purpose. The doors would not be large (probably 8'x8') but would require having some windows and fit with the look of the project. It is a contemporary design, so there is some flexibility in the design of the doors. One door that caught my eye on your website was a glass panel door (alum frame) used in a retail setting. A similar style may be appropriate for this project, although instead of all glass, some of the windows would probably be replaced with wood, or colored panels. At this point, I am just investigating whether your door system would be viable option. Any appropriate literature and input you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you. Ryan A.

415 Interested in hydraulic boat house door, 8x8. Gray waterproof verticle siding.

416 I need a specially designed door to be used on a tall/wide Paintspray booth Please specify how you work around the sparking devices within a paintbooth. I think a one piece hydraulic door would be the best bet.

417 I have 16 window openings 9'-6\" wide x 50\" tall. I would like to have as much glass and little framing as possible on a designer style hydraulic door. Can you give me a sketch as to how this might look.

418 Please provide info for an urban mixed use building in Denver, CO. 7'h x 9'w exterior wall opening onto balcony in residential unit. Interest in hydraulic  door with insulated frame and glass. Like a storefront. Need ideas, description, cost, short term delivery. Thank you, Alan.

419 I need 6 doors, 8' wide x 7\" high, that swing completely outside the building. probably one piece but perhaps bifold. I realize this is a specialty door. Can you do if for me. thank you, bruce w.

420 I recently saw an advertisement for your doors that featured a recreation center for a College in Gambier, Ohio. Do you have details that you could forward of the jamb and head conditions. I don't really understand how your door would fit with adjacent construction to discern if the product is appropriate for consideration on some of our projects. Thanks

421 Interested on your one piece hydraulic doors for commercial use (restaurant) for future projects. Please send me a catalogue and if you have waterproofing details. Do you have a catalog on your designer doors.

422 Hi, I saw that \"no door too small\" statement in the custom door section, and was wondering if it might be feasible to have such a door to replace the sliding glass patio-type doors that lead out to my lanai. there is room overhead, but not much to the sides. Have you done that sort of thing? thanks, dmz

423 I need 2 doors for a prototype recreation building. The doors are approx 21' wide x 8' high. I prefer that they be one-piece with hydraulic lift and quiet. The purpose is to provide shade for the deck area once opened. The doors must be easily opened by mechanical/hydraulic/electrical means. The skin will likely be 22ga Corten corrugated steel. Please offer any suggestions.Thanks.


425 Interested in hydraulic one piece gate (door) for smaller designer retail application (public bike parking facility/vendor space).

426 Can you send me information and pricing on your one piece hydraulic doors for a project I am working on. Openings are 8' x 10'-8\". I am looking for two options, 1. a full glass door and 2. option of a door that can be covered to look like an paneled lattice wall in a garden.

427 I am bidding on a job in Canyon,Texas the job will have 3 each 60'wide 30' tall doors on one end the other end will have 3 each 40' wide 30' tall doors on the other end. The building will have a 40' eave height and a 3 on 12 roof pitch.  This building will be used for an athletic practice building so they can open to the outside air. I will need these hydraulic  doors installed by Schweiss

428 I am interested to see whether your hydraulic Schweiss designer door can be made of alum. frames and insulated glazing and whether this size of door can be manually operated without electricity. Can you send me some details for installation with wood struc. supports. furthermore, please quote an estimate on this door and shipping/ installation. Thanks,

429 Hi, I am a student doing research on different door types for a studio design project. If you could send any brochure or catalogue type information that would be great. I was also wondering what types of materials could be cladded to the hydraulic and bifold door. Thank you. Chas H.

430 This is for an institutional building (college) with a fitness area that we would like to connect with an exterior workout patio. What I like about your product is 1. the hydraulic door when up provides a canopy, 2. it is possible to have a man door in the bottom, 3 it is possible to put a custom finish on the doors, potentially to match the rest of the building. Question: how much glazing can we put it your doors?

431 Julie...Can you mail me the wood building plans using the double header board, plans 205G and 2.05H. Our one piece hydraulic lift designer door is going to be the best in the state. We can hardly wait to get your Schweiss Door name on it.  Thanks Donna W.

432 Need a email for glass hydraulic lift one piece designer Schweiss quality door. We intend to have a 6 metre (20ft) wide double glazed unit, each unit 2 metre (7ft) high. the closed position the bottom glass will be in water. Can you mount (elevate) your Red Power motor so it's not in the water.

433 Can you do the door like this: T shape door. Top width: 35.8m Bottom width: 28m Bottom height: 28m Total height: 32.2m Door needs to be fully opened. We'd prefer a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage Option but would consider a bifold door. Thanks Olga.