Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Door Quotes

1 We are interested in your bifold doors for a large warehouse that we own.

2 I am interested in seeing who a dealer is close to me so that I can get pricing on a door, or getting a price from you here. I need a 12x12 door for new construction, a barn and I want the door to be able to seal in the winter and open in the summer. Thanks

3 please provide lead time for both types of doors once order is received with quote. Looking for a quote for 2 doors with different dimensions, both will have the same design criteria as noted in the form but have the following dimensions. They will be installed on opposite end walls. 1. 30' x 20' (W x L) - QTY 1 2. 20' x 20' (W x L) - QTY 1

4 I am buying a hangar with a 40 wide bi-fold door in it. I am just wondering if there is a way to find out what the price of the door is to include it in an appraisal of the building. The appraisers around here have no idea how to handle a sale like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

5 Currently having a plan drawn up for a hangar. the hangar opening is 14x44. Looking for information on quotes for a door and if you guys supply any special structural design specs that I can pass on to my structural engineer for the weight of the door

6 I am currently in a project planning phase for a personal hangar and looking for a rough price estimate and price difference between a 50'x16' bifold door and a 60'x15' bifold door that will be installed on a 100'x80'x16' general steel building.

7 Would like a quote on a door, need someone to measure it and make sure it’s right. 30x17.5’

8 Email would be great. Needing pricing on a job

9 I am looking for a pair of hydraulic doors that are waterproof. I have a warehouse in a flood plain and we have investigated passive flood gates, but I would prefer something we could operate on a switch. One would be 8' wide and 4-5' tall. The other would be ~14' wide and 4-5' tall. We might be able to install ourselves but might be easier to have a dealer help us. The building is cmu construction and the floor is concrete. We have plenty of 3 and 1 phase power as needed.

10 Good morning, Need an estimate on a hydraulic lift door. Please feel free to call if you have any further questions.

11 58x16 strap bifold door Ashland Wisconsin Airport

12 I have a budgetary bid due for Nutrien Champaign Innovation Farm Maintenance Shed on 11/3/22. Can you please quote two (2) Hydraulic Door for finished openings @ 26'-0" W x 16'-0" H. 460/3/60Hz power. There are no specs so please add any options that you fell are necessary. Thank you, Jeff Labuz - DH Pace

13 I have a quote from another door company for four doors. Their lead time is about seven months. What is your lead time? If you can improve on that, I can forward you our specs.

14 Looking to get a quote for a 10'-2" tall x 6'-8" wide bi-fold vertical lift for a project in Glendale, AZ

15 Quote a 40'w x 14' one piece hydro door into wood frame.

16 We are looking into getting quote for a hydraulic super sealing door. What further information are you needing if any to get this accomplished? Is it possible to have a man door built in? Also is it possible to have the bottom 6 feet windowed with option to open windows and screened for insect and rodent control? Thank you.

17 Needing a bid on a 45-50 ft. bi-fold door or hydraulic door to go on an aircraft hangar in Kansas. I actually like the hydraulic door for the shaded canopy it delivers, but will consider the bifold if it saves me a bunch of cash.

18 I would like a price on a 60x18 bifold with lift straps, auto locks and a remote opener delivered to Rockland Maine Thank you.

19 Does Schweiss have more technical information on installation, sections, drawings, specifications, AutoCAD .dwg or .dxf files for your designer doors? We need to understand how these work, are motorized (where is the motor), how do hinges work, etc.. We are more interested in residential glazed type doors, bi-fold or single leaf. Also, how small can the bi-fold be made for more of a window type opening if it's possible? Project is in Beverly Hills.

20 Hoping someone can help me with pricing on a bifold Liftstrap door, it looks like you guys only do a bi-fold door and a one piece hydraulic door. would you happen to do a slider door as well? Thanks,

21 Good Morning I wanted to get procong for a hydraulic door. We want to use it as a window (32” aff sill height) if possible. Height of opening 9’.

22 We require design assistance and preliminary pricing for a new student center in Amherst, MA. I'm also hopeful you can provide section details for 2 types of hydraulic doors: upward-acting bi-f old doors and one-piece hydraulic door.

23 I am interested in pricing for updating a 40 Ft bi-fold Schweiss hangar door from cables to a strap lifting system. Tired of wrestling with cables every other year. My door is: Model S-13 No. EM Serial# 13219919

24 Looking for hydraulic or lift strap bifold door. Either 38ft or 40ft wide by 14ft high. Please price auto locks, photo eye sensors and one walk door

25 I've been promoting your doors since ya'll were the chicken pluckers - you should never have done away with that moniker. what I need is the data sheets for a 40' x 20' Schweiss metal building hydraulic door going to Dagmar, MT for estimating purposes for my metal building quote. if you would, please e mail it to me at johnc@sbslp,com thanks, John, Craver

26 We are currently bidding a designer door project in Valley Glen, CA and the drawings care showing 3 Schweiss hydraulic doors with glass. There is (1) door at 22'-0" x 12'-6" and (2) doors at 16'-0" x 16'-0". I am looking for a quote for these doors. Please reach out if you need any more information from pricing.

27 Need a quote on a 17 ft. tall by 44 ft wide hydraulic vs strap if possible, I have worked with you all before.


29 We supply windows and large doors for high end new construction. Three office's - Boise, Sun Valley and Jackson Hole. Could use your products in some of the applications I see. Would like more info and possibility of purchasing through you. thanks Jack

30 Dear Sirs Schweiss Doors, You are invited to bid in our project Proyecto Punta Catalina, a 2 x 360 MW Coal Power Plant in Dominican Republic, right know the biggest project in the Caribbean. Attached you will find a requisition of our needs and the formal invitation, as well. Please let us know if you received this mail and if you will be quoting it.

31 We are bidding a project for a customer in Stuttgart, Arkansas that is wanting 2- 40' x 17' hydraulic hangar doors installed in the open ends of an existing building. Doors would be mounted on steel structure independent of the building structure. Other issues is the customer wants each door to have foam core insulated panels on the top 3'-4" and bottom 5'-8" and 1" polycarbonate on the middle 8'-0'' of each door. Could you give me pricing for the 2-doors and also lead time for fabrication to delivery. Thank You,

32 I'd like to get a quote on a Schweiss glass bifold or hydraulic door for a project we are working on. Please send contact information. Thanks. 

33 Want two doors, bifold and/or hydraulic, end wall and side wall. New construction. 2*6 wood construction. Steel exterior. Quote bi fold and hydraulic. Two doors 20'w*14'h Insulated doors. R value at minimum 10. With openers with remotes. Quote with and without 2 windows each. Quote with and without installation. Please text me a contact and I will get back with them after the quote arrives via email. Thanks

34 I'm looking to contact someone in you estimating dept. I'd like to see if you have already worked up a quote for a Lucius B Hydraulic door BBQ project located in Cincinnati, OH. Please email me at you earliest convenience and I can send a takeoff of the project.

35 Looking to get a price on a hydraulic Schweiss door that is about 16' high and will fit between two 6" square steel posts that are 29' apart.

36 Need price on 40x16 bifold strap lift door with auto latch design delivered to billings mt

37 I am looking for information / pricing on bifold doors that are clear, full view, insulated glass. The sizes are 9'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-2) and 19'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-1). These need to be motor operated to include all applicable seals. Please include frame material options (i.e.: aluminum, steel) and color availability. Also, tell me more about the automatic latch strap option. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

38 Please quote me on the following: QTY 1= 14' Tall by 50' wide bi-fold,well insulated QTY 1= 12' Tall by 50' wide bi-fold,well insulated QTY 3= 12' Tall by 40' wide bi-fold,well insulated QTY 3= 12' tall by 40' wide swing-up,well insulated Delivery to Boundary County Airport. Note- I will want either one 50' door or three 40' doors. All bifold liftstrap doors with auto latches and remote openers.

39 I'm pricing a shop for a farmer who wants a 40' x 18' hydraulic door, what information other than this do you need?

40 I am submitting a RFQ for a 60ft x 18ft Hydraulic  Helicopter Hangar Door. Design for 140 mph wind load. Door to have windows and walk thru door. This will be going to Puerto Rico. PR.

41 I talked to someone at Schweiss Doors about retrofitting my cable lift bifold door to a lift strap door. How soon can you send me a Schweiss door kit? Also would like to add a hydraulic door to my farm shop, 33x16', can you shoot me a price for that as well?

42 We had your Schweiss Door company quote a 30 foot wide by 14 ft tall hydraulic quonset farm door building back in October of last year. Owner wants us to order this door so we need an updated door quote and delivery date to Canada.

43 Quotes needed on both styles of Schweiss doors with a pass door and 2- 3'x3' windows. Please quote for 40 ft. x 18 ft farm shop door,  door installation also. Looking for best price option Bi-fold manual latch door or Hydraulic one-piece steel door.

44 I have talked with you about a 17 x 55 Schweiss bifold door but we are changing to a 15 x 55 one  piece hydraulic door. I need a price on everything it takes to complete this green door. Thanks Nicky

45 I am looking for 12' high and 18' wide Schweiss hydraulic insulated door. I am curious the difference in price from the bi-fold and hydraulic doors. What's your best R-Value insulated door?

46 Quote 40 foot wide and 12 foot tall structurally engineered hydraulic door, not sure yet if going with metal or wood building. Quote me and put me on  list for early May door delivery and installation.

47 Can I get a quote asap on a Schweiss green door. I will be sending door specs for two options, hydraulic one piece door and bifolding door!

48 We're looking for a quote on a 16x12 bifold liftstrap door or hydraulic door with wood jambs. This is a boathouse house door. 

49 I would like to install a new bottom door seal on a 58 ft bifold door. I am also thinking about building a new hanger and was wondering what the cost is for a new 58 x 20 ft one piece hydraulic steel hangar door? 

50 What is the best insulation value of Schweiss hydraulic or bi-fold straplift door in a 43 ft. by 20 ft wood building and the price of this new green door in both styles.

51 Very busy , please contact by email only. 12 x 40 Schweiss hydraulic door. You Schweiss guys have the best built hydraulic door on the market

52 On 50x18 hydraulic Schweiss door I just called about, I forgot to mention: 1. Please option labor to install it. List labor to install separately. 2. Provide steel door design information so we can send in. 3. Need 18' clear on hydraulic doors Please return revised quote today.

53 I have to bid on 2 hydraulic 1 piece doors, 80' x 25'. Can you supply military blastproof doors this big? Can you also provide door weights and specs on these hydraulic blastproof aircraft doors? Please itemize accessories and add-ons separately.

54 Exploring hydraulic steel door options for a 30 wide 18 ft. tall door for a tilt up concrete panel building. Quote only Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with remote door opener and walk-in access door.

55 I need a price on three each (3) hydraulic doors 38 feet wide by 10 feet high, one insulated walk through door on each door. Delivered. Immediate order. Door installation is to steel uprights and laminated 8.5 inches thick by 24 inches high wood beam. Door wood beam is recessed .5 inches.  

56 I have a 70x18  bifold door with cables that are about 18 years old. What would it cost to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic door? 

57 I need to get a price for a metal hydraulic door bid in Laredo. Its calling for (3) vertically lifting doors. Hydraulic doors are 28 ft. wide x 12.5 ft. tall.

58 I am in need of that architectural quote on hydraulic Schweiss door upgrades. Can I get it yet today? 


60 I had you quote Schweiss doors for a customer  weeks ago, since then the project size has changed, the semi truck door has gotten larger. Now it is a 70' wide x 20' high door. Previously it was 50' x 16'. Would like a revised quote on each, the bi-fold strap door and hydraulic truck door. 

61 I am bidding Houston office building doors with some unique ideas. One idea is for two Schweiss hydraulic acoustical doors. One @ 52' long and one @40' long. Both are 12' tall. Could you provide the door frame and door operator and I could clad door  with acoustical panels?

62 Please quote a 20 foot wide by 16 foot tall green door on side wall. What is the space between top hydraulic door edge and the bottom of door edge when door is open (meaning how much space is needed on sidewall for the door header and framing of green door).

63 I contacted you this fall for a hydraulic door bid, (contract12610-ds). We're  now ready to move on ordering the four specialty designed winery louvered hydraulic doors 14 height 20 wide.  

64 We want three designer glass Schweiss moving gates to divide large interior spaces in a office remodel project. The dimensions of the Schweiss gates are 41'-6" wide by 8' high, ceiling height is 24 ft. The door needs a high level of finish and motorized operation. Concealment of the door side tracks and electric door motor in adjacent walls is also a concern. I have plans and door elevations.

65 I need a bid on 4 doors. Schweiss bid one bifold  t-hangar door earlier, bid me one hydraulic door too. I need to see a package price for 4 doors. I want the bi-fold door belt system with options on all doors and can send pictures with door clear opening dimensions. Also...need to know the amperage of the electric door motors.

66 We got an older bid for a Schweiss BiFold industrial grade commercial door. Customer is  ready to build, I need an updated door quote for a hydraulic door instead. Note time frame for the door delivery to Texas.

67 I had spoken with a Schweiss Door rep earlier regarding pricing of (6) 50' x 18' clear hydraulic and bi-fold doors in North Dakota. There will be no man doors or windows in these doors. Please provide a revised  quote for (6) doors without man doors / windows.

68 Could you please change bifold steel door bid # 73113-RS from a 21' framed opening to a 18' framed opening. Don't need as much door or headroom  clearance as I first thought. These are the hydraulic powered emergency ambulance and rescue doors.

69 I need an idea of what a 44 X 16 hydraulic door  would cost me. This is for rough budgeting purposes, so a ball-park price is what I need. THANKS!

70 I am inquiring about placing an order for some Hydraulic One-Piece or Bifold "Strap" Doors for my Client. I am looking for high quality at an affordable price. Would you be so kind and let me know the types of Doors you carry. Also, would you please let me know what types of payments are accepted at your establishment. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back soon.

71 We are a contractor looking for a price for your hydraulic crane door to install in our customers new building. I would also like a separate quote for you to hang the door. PLEASE call if you have any questions! Thank you 

72 Looking for a price on either Bi-fold (Liftstrap) or Hydraulic door, the opening will be 18'x13'6", and they need full opening height so the door would have to be mounted on the exterior of the building. I just need the pricing of the doors for now, we know that the building would need a great deal of reinforcing, and just want to know if cost-wise if  this or a freestanding header is a feasible option. 

73 I would like a price for a 14' high by 24' wide green door. Please price both the Schweiss bi fold (with straps) and the hydraulic one piece models.

74 Hello, Thanks for the quote (Bid) #53013 DW. Unfortuatedly, I am now unable to retreive the information on my computer. Please send it to me again, as I am sure this is the hydraulic Schweiss  door I will purchase. Thanks!

75 How much for a walk door to be included on the 42 x 16 hydraulic aircraft bifold hanger door that I just ordered from you.

76 Just ordered two hydraulic lift doors from you. Forgot to mention I need walk doors in each of them. Please requote.

77 I am looking for some pricing quotes on a few doors. 1. Hydraulic door 30' wide with a 16' head clearance when opened. (What is needed for eave height on door to allow 16' clearance) Sidewall installation 2. Hydraulic door 35' wide with a framed opening of 35'x 16' Endwall installation 3. Hydraulic door 35' wide with a framed opening of 35'x16'. End wall installation 4. Bifold door 30' wide with 12' head clearance. (What is needed for eave height on door to allow 14' clearance) Endwall installation 5. Hydraulic door 30' wide with 12' head clearance. (What is needed for eave height on door to allow 14' clearance) Endwall installation Price each with all supports and necessary hardware and installation. Straps on the bifolds please.

78 Also, how much does it cost to convert my current 30' sliding door to new hydraulic door with a more powerful electric motor for faster lift in cold weather?

79 Hi, I am Yoshi from Los Angeles, Design build office. I am now in charge unique golf course/fly-in community home project, using 40ftx8fx8.5ft tall shipping container for office/housing. I want to use your hydraulic Schweiss model door (very perfect fit my images.) and using side of container. so 20ft width door, 8'-6" height, 2 bifold, if possible ,just one 40ft long door...awesome. Can you please make this quote and email me? Thank you very much and have a nice weekend. Yoshi

80 The size I have listed are approximate. Does that give enough info to give a approximate quote to order these two hydraulic doors? Also, are walk-in doors available to give added access to my present doors? Can you quote me a Schweiss Doors price on two of them?

81 I am presenting a business plan and would like to obtain financial numbers for the proposal. If possible, please provide the cost for both your Schweiss liftstrap bifold and hydraulic doors in 40x12. Also list prices on any upgrades.  

82 I have a 15 foot wide 14 foot high opening in a farmshed. How much is both the hydraulic door and the bi fold strap door? Also how much height clearance will both types have when opened?

83 Could you please provide me a quote for your hydraulic door, a 60'w x 16' tall. I have had the opening designed by Steel Buildings. (We are a dealer). We have installed a couple of your doors, both hydraulic and bifold, now for our clients. Great product. Really like the straps.

84 Ref project has some exterior Hydraulic Doors. Can you price this? INVITATION TO BID Project: Aircraft Corrosion Control Facility Solicitation. Location: Naval Air Station (NAS)  TX. Local Construction Company is bidding ref. project & respectfully extends you this Bid Invitation. This project includes a new 77,765 SF Aircraft Corrosion Control Facility & includes but not limited to site development, demolition, concrete, masonry, structural steel, roofing, insulated wall panels, stucco, glass & glazing, translucent panels, vertical installed Schweiss hydraulic doors, doors & hardware, floorings, paint & coatings, casework, specialties, gypsum board, sprinkler, mechanical, & electrical. All work to be completed within 87 calendar days. You can review & download the plans & specs. @our website listed above   Please let us know one way or the other if you will be submitting a hydraulic door bid. Sincerely,

85 We bought a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door in 1995, and now want to order another one exactly the same size. Can you forward a quote please. 

86 I need a quote on bifold and hydraulic Schweiss  doors. 35' x 15' w/4 windows. Also how soon can I get delivery to Kansas. I will do the install. The bifold door we have now from you works terrific. Sure like the straps and autolatches.

87 Could you please send a quote for hydraulic biomass door 30' X 14' Delivered to Canada. Also need a quote on a 35' x 18' as well. Window and remote opener.

88 I think you might have quoted me a crane door last fall but I cannot find it. It will be a 45' by 18' Schweiss one-piece industrial hydraulic steel door. Could you please resend out a quote? thanks, Dan


90 I am bidding a project in Olympia Washington for Dept of Natural resources. They have Schweiss Doors spec'd out for the new hydraulic door on the hangar. What info do you need for a quote? 

91 Need to verify opening sizes required along with pricing on (10) hydraulic doors Call before providing a quote. I need price to include material, tax, delivery and labor. 

92 I am requesting a quote for a bifold door and a one piece hydraulic door. My building is 40 ft wide and 16 ft tall. The building is a Steel Q model. The end wall is open at the present time. I would like to get a door opening that is at least 13 ft tall and as wide as I can get. At this time, I would like to get an idea of the cost of your Schweiss doors. Please email me. Thanks Roger

93 About two and a half weeks ago a guy came out and measured for a hydraulic farm, door. I was wondering if you had a quote for the dimensions that he gave you. The dimensions were clear opening of 22' wide x 16' high. Please send Schweiss Doors specs for building requirements also.

94 Pricing out to build a Hanger, door opening would be 50'x 18', either a bifold liftstrap or a one peice Schweiss hydraulic. Is this something you could supply the pricing for me? My company would be doing the erection of the hangar building.

95 Looking for a price for my customer a 24 x 16 hydraulic door. Looking for all costs, does door price to include shipping or delivery, installation, steel by you or me, r factor on insulation, footing size post size.any questions please call or e-mail 


97 Thank you for providing the previous quotes. Now, can you provide an installed price for a 50' wide x 18' high Schweiss steel hydraulic door? Also, can you direct me to the detail page that shows the load reactions? 

98 We have a residential project upstate NY. The owner is looking to install a Schweiss designer style hydraulic garage door with glass panes, and likely aluminum frames. Simple and inexpensive in terms of design. We also need optional pricing for (4) 20'x14' Schweiss Hydraulic doors for two farm machinery sheds in this same area of New York. What would quickest delivery time be on the farm doors. Garage door not needed for another two months.

99 Just checking to see if you have any winter discounts currently going on. I requested and got a quote last fall on a 56' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic door.

100 Purchased two hydraulic doors from you in the past, please provide quote including shipping. Please let me know if additional information is required, I have all original invoice and specifications on the last door I purchased in 1998, can supply as a PDF. Only major difference this time around is that I would like hydraulic doors to be equipped with walk doors.  Great doors.

101 I am evaluating renovating a current building or building a new one. The hydraulic door quote requested below is the current opening size. Please do not share my contact information with any other companies or individuals.

102 We've been an owner of your bi-fold doors for about 7 years now and they are still awesome but now I'm looking at getting four hydraulic shop doors, 24x14 ft. Send me a quote, or call if you need more information. 

103 I would like quote with and without interior skin and insulation. Existing opening is 24ft wide 14feet tall in post framed building. Schweiss hydraulic door with extra remotes.

104 Need information for a 40 ft wide 13 tall approx. door or maybe 2 doors 20ft wide. Can you tell me what the difference in cost would be to go with one versus two doors for this opening. I'd like a hydraulic door with remotes and insulated.

105 I need a quote on a bi-fold liftstrap as well as one piece Red Power hydraulic for my metal building. 45x12 clear deliverd to TX 76048 Thanks

106 I requested information in regards to a 28' x 10' opening for a Schweiss hydraulic door. That has now changed to a 30' x 12 opening.  Please let me know when I can receive revised pricing information.

107 I would like information about a hydraulic door with a walk thru door option. The door is 15'w x 12' h. Do you have a dealer in my area? Can I get an approximate idea of the cost for the hydraulic door plus installation?

108 Hello, We received from you the offer T-hangar doors /see attachment/. We would like to modify the dimensions of doors. We need 3 hydraulic Schweiss doors in size: height- 5,5m x width - 13,5m, height- 5,5m x width - 17,5m, height- 5,5m x width - 19,0m. Could you modify this quote?

109 Can you send me a quick price on 8 hydraulic doors 48'x14' and 6 hydraulic doors 52'x18' all with access doors delivered to Topeka, KS. This will be a new steel frame building. Customer wants me to get them some budget figures together by today.

110 Find attached an Invitation to Bid for a Airport T-Hangar Addition project. Plans and specs are available for Hydraulic doors. Please respond with your intent to bid by Friday. Bids are due in our office by Tuesday @ 5pm. If you have any questions regarding this project, please call the office. As always, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

111 We would like to update the recent hydraulic door quotation to include a battery backup system. Also to resolve some technical details, and revise some minor dimensions (see attached revisions). One concern is the mounting point for the upper bracket hinge mount where the 2 doors come together on the column. Your drawing shows a 3" dimension to the center of the bolt and the column is 6" wide. Please also advise: delivery lead time shipping costs payment methods (mastercard?) are there any local area installers for your doors near Victoria or Vancouver BC? extra cost to include item 7 - Emergency back-up hand crank

112 I thank you for having passed on to us the quote 2110-MG for a bi-fold lift strap door. I would like to have another quote with the same dimensions except for a hydraulic door with all necessaire constituent and the specifications including delivery to Canada. Thank you.

113 I am a member of the Edmonton Soaring Club located outside of Alberta, Canada. We have a Quonset type hanger which is 60 ft. wide at the base and currently has a full width 4 sectional sliding door suspended on overhead rollers. The opening is about 9 ft. high. Do you supply, retrofit and install hydraulic doors in our part of the world, and if so, what information would you need from us to give us an approximate price quote? 

114 Good morning, Recently, you emailed to us a quote for a 50 x 20 ft. Hydraulic door for a customer. We've had a little email trouble, and it seems the quote has disappeared. Can you resend it to me?

115 Back in 2013 you gave us a bid for a hydraulic door. We are actually in construction now, and dimensions have changed slightly. The clear opening is 45'X12'- 6" (there may still be some small changes in these due to acquisition of the top beam and your answer to some of the questions below), but we are in the ballpark of your original estimate in terms of size. We asked for galvanized door frame. Do you provide a frame only? If so, how do you guarantee the 120 mph wind resistance, as it would seem that would depend greatly on the sheeting material? Can you make these hydraulic doors with a man door in the door? How does the door install in the clear opening? Does it overlap the outside walls? If you could provide these answers along with details of construction and installation, I would appreciate it greatly. And of course an update on the estimate to now include the new pump unit, though you can wait until we have the exact dimensions if you wish.

116 I've attached a estimate for a 60' door that I spoke to you about at EAA 2011. Unfortunately the engineering is only going to permit a 45 foot hydraulic one piece door. Could you update the pricing to reflect this change? I would also need it to include a mandoor. We are ready to get the door on order as I've got an Africa trip planned, so hoping to get this wrapped up this week. I had received a preliminary bid used for budgeting from your Company a while back.

117 I was sent Specs for a Hydraulic and Bi-Fold liftstrap & autolatch door we would be using on a Hangar. Lately there have been some changes on the aircrafts' height we're considering. The door height we had before was 5560.06mm. The new height we're needing is 5800.00 which is about 19 ft. I'm sending you the specs you sent us before. In order for us to make the appropriate changes on the hangar layouts we need the new measures, and the new weights in case we have to change something on the structure. Could you send me the quote for the door with the new height?? 19 ft. The width stays the same. Thank you so much in advance. 

118 We are quoting a building to a customer at our Municipal airport. He is interested in having one of your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic doors installed. When I get the particulars of the building together, what information will you need from me?

119 Hi I bought a door from you in about 1988. I'd like to get a couple of hydraulic doors for my new machine shed. What information will you need to give me a fairly accurate quote?


121 Looking for a price on a hydraulic door that's a 16 wide by 14 tall and what the rough opening would be. Also a time frame on a hydraulic door being available and shipped to Illinois.

122 We are needing to install a hydraulic door to a container mounted simple shelter building. Door opening size 6000 high x 18000 wide. What sort of door would you recommend? Also can you please provide a price for the hydraulic door and the framework required to support the door? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards

123 We have a boat storage building that has an opening of 18'3" by 68'. How much would this door cost in a bi-fold lift strap and the hydraulic models? Price door with labor.  Tom

124 Thanks  for the quick response, I would consider the next standard size larger metal hydraulic door larger than 40' width. 45 or 50' ? Please quote installation by Schweiss.

125 Good morning I am in need of a quote for a 45'W x 25'H hydraulic door Complete with all operating compnonets and all saftey devices Door is being mounted to steel framing.Your Schweiss website answered all my questions.   Thanks

126 I am looking at getting a price on a 32' wide hydraulic door. My customer's total height of his building is 21'. He is wanting to get the max height he can on this door. Can you help me with the information you will need to give me a quote? We are most interested in a hydraulic door, but will consider a bifolding strap door if you think that will be better for this size building. Sally

127 Hello, I am quoting a group of hanger doors and would like to submit a spec to have your company quote on your hydraulic door options and accessories. Thank you

128 We just purchase an aircraft hangar with your Hydraulic doors, model 300-H. The basic door size is 60'wide by 20'tall. Do you make a remote control for this hydraulic operated door? If yes, can you please provide the price. Also interested in a hydraulic door for new hangar the same size.  

129 I am looking for 16 ft. by 40 ft hangar door insulated. What would be my installed cost for your hydraulic door product. Thanks D.

130 ALTERNATES PER CUSTOMER 90 X 18 90 X 22 90 X 24 This is what they are asking for on their current hydraulic door order. Can you please requote for these hydraulic door sizes?

131 Hello - I have one of your bi-fold doors: The door has stainless steel liners and I'd like to order a  hydraulic door the same size. Can you give me price and delivery. I prefer email. Thank you, Brett

132 I want to know approximate cost of a 20' wide by 13' high red hydraulic door. Just a ballpark figure is all right. I know it would be a guestamate and I would not hold anybody to it. Have a list of accessories available when you call, I'm sure you'll be able to convince me to buy some of those. I'm easy! Rick. Please call on cell phone.

133 I received your quote on the bi-fold door. I also wanted one on a 40x14 hydraulic as well, same specs. Thank you. Are there any show specials coming up?

134 I need to get pricing on a Schweiss hydraulic door but I don't know if I have enough information for you. I am currently working on a project where the Architect changed one of my insulated coiling doors to a 12'-0"x 11'-0" insulated, hydraulic, canopy/tilt-up, door prefinished. That is all the information I have. No new specification or anything.

135 I need a quote for a 42 x 15 bifold door and a 45x11'6" hydraulic door delivered to Tullahoma TN. Should have your patented lift straps and walk thru doors and extra remote openers. Hydraulic door with fast opening pump. Please separate quotes they are for different customers.

136 Last Oct. you provided a quote 33108-NC for a 70' x 18'/22' hydraulic door. Is the price still valid, and can you provide a separate price for erection. Maurice in North Bay, Ontario. Keep the price the same and I'll take you fishing.

137 Our customer is looking at several operational hydraulic door sizes. Base is 90' x 18'clear. Option #1: 90 x 20' clear. Option #2: 90' x 22' clear. Option #3: 90' x 24' clear. Hydraulic doors with walk thru doors, insulation.

138 I would like a quote for a 15H x 24W single piece 3 phase electric powered hydraulic lifting door.

139 I was quoted on a hanger door a couple years ago. Could you update and change that quote to a Schweiss hydraulic door instead of your bifold strap door. I am ready to move forward. 

140 Need a price on 14-22 foot door maybe some one to come out and give us a plan. Not sure if I want your Schweiss hydraulic or bifold electric powered door.

141 We are looking to put a hydraulic door on one of our agriculture buildings. I need to know some of your prices on your Schweiss hydraulic doors. Let me know what information you will need from me.

142 I have a machine shed with a 24' wide by 12' high opening. How much height clearance would I lose with a straplift bifold door or a hydraulic one piece door? What would the estimated cost be for each door? Thanks! Ed

143 I had requested a proposal a couple of months back on both bi-fold and one piece Schweiss doors. I would like to update this request. I am in the process of building my hanger at this time, and it shall be a 60x60x16 building, and I wish for a 45x14 one piece hydraulic door. My delivery date should be sometime in May, if that is viable. Please provide an updated proposal as specified above. I will also need details in order to prepare for the door on the hangar frame. Recently saw one on your Hydraulic doors in action and that sold me. Very, very nice door.  Thank you.

144 My dad got a quote from another door company for a 26x14 door with these options 3-36x25 windows, 1-3.0x6.8 walk thru door, remote control option.  How would your hydraulic door compare in price. Thank You. Just trying to make sure he gets the best door for the money.

145 We are bidding an airplane hangar with six (6) 60'-0 wide by 12'-0 tall doors. The project will be located in Shreveport, LA. The owner ask that we price both the bifold door with straps and autolatches  as well as the Red Power hydraulic door, both with backup systems. Please provide a quote on the above that includes 3 windows on each door and  installation. Thanks, Bart S. Construction Manager

146 I need a 30' x18' Hydraulic one piece door with all the bells and whistles.  Would like a line item price. Door will be needed for installation by March 1. How does that time frame work for you?        

147 I would like to receive a budgetary quote for two (2) door types: 1) 60' wide x 18' high single piece hydraulic door with all rams pumps and controls. 2) 60' wide x 20' high bi-fold lift strap door with clearance when opened at a min. of 18' This is only budgetary at this time, but I think it is pretty much a go for spring installation.

148 I will need either a bifold or one piece hydraulic metal door for new construction, wood/frame 20 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Must have remote capabilities. Figure in lift straps and auto-latches on the bifold quote. Thanks

149 Please quote two, one piece Schweiss Hydraulic  doors as follows: The top of the door frame will hinge on the steel frame of a 40' cargo container. We want the shade the single, one piece door will provide when opened. The "high top" cargo container is 9 feet tall. The steel frame is 1/2" thick and six inches wide by 40' long. We will carefully remove the steel siding where the doors will go and this siding can be used as the sheeting to be applied to the door frame.

150 Good afternoon, We are a general contractor, located in NC. We have been asked to prepare a proposal for a new airplane hangar, including a  one-piece hydraulic door with the size of 80'wide x 22' tall. I would appreciate your time in preparing a  hydraulic door quote for us if you could Regards.

151 Please price 4 one-piece hydraulic doors for a 22ft x 16ft high opening. One-piece hydraulic doors would be mounted in a new steel structure building. Two hydraulic one-piece steel structure doors in each end wall with 18ft between hydraulic Schweiss Doors. Will one power pack operate two hydraulic doors?

152 Please provide a custom quote for the following hydraulic door specs: side by side 8' wide with 2' block in between and 6' 7" height. 

153 I would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door that is 43 1/2 x 12 with 4 windows. Thank you

154 Wondering which Schweiss Doors close and lock automatically, bifold, hydraulic, or both and what would they cost?

155 Please quote budget price for each: 50' x 12' AND 4O' x 12' hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulics. Thanks.

156 I need a price for 2 each 30' wide x 16' tall doors. Please price both hydro power and bi-fold doors with Schweiss Red Power Systems and with lift straps. No windows or other special options.

157 Please price the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors listed below. At this point we are only quoting this residential  project. Can you let me know what the typical installation cost would be for these and include Red Power pump (Just a ballpark cost) Thanks.

158 I need a qoute and specs for a Schweiss Doors  30x16 hydraulic lift  and a 25x16 bi fold door. Both doors need to be designed with your Red Power backup systems.

159 Need a price and specs on a 35'x16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I just about put in a traditional roll up door till I seen your website. I can thank my lucky stars I didn't because your doors have 10 times the quality and I know your Red Power pumps will have the power to lift a heavy door this size.   thanks

160 I've received a price from Schweiss on a hydraulic lift door already. I was wondering if you would be able to provide a quote for the install or if there are any installers around me that you would recommend. Also just noticed on your updated web site that you now offer a new Red Power Motor, include that in quote also. I'm not sure if you do work outside of the U.S. in Canada.

161 Would like price quotes on both a 40 foot wide and a 30 foot wide Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors. Both being 18 foot tall.Both installed with your new Red Power Backup Systems.

162 i need a price on a Schweiss hydraulic-power lift door asap as it is part of a bid tomorrow morning  i need a bit more info for your new Red Power hydraulic options and i.e. insulation, etc.

163 Could you give me a ballpark quote on complete (hardware and Red Power electrical system components) drive unit for an existing 15' x 17' hydraulic lift door. The door is constructed of 14 gauge 2\" X 3\" rectangular and 2\"X 2\" square tubing.

164 We are in urgent need of Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Automatic Locks and Red Power  Hydraulic Arms for Two Steel Gates with Electrical Operation Controlled System to be operated from Guard Room. This is required for our project for Embassy Project in Qatar. Could you please provide name of your distribturos in Qatar for quotation. Thanks and Regards

165 I am uncertain as to the specific type of side column at this time but should be steel supports throughout structure. Also wanting any information on pricing for Schweiss automated hydraulic lift doors with remote device (if available). Same for Red Power motor/controls features.

166 Hello, I need you to send 50 Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift door catalogs and Red Power Hydraulic Pump brochures. I want to do a mail out early this week to some interested clients in Australia. Please express post to address mentioned above. Regards

167 Can you give me some cost comparisons of the two types of doors your company provides in bifold and hydraulic lift. We will need between four and eight doors, not sure yet. Probably 40' x 12'. Hydraulic Schweiss doors should be priced with Red Power motors for optimum lift.  And does steel vs wood construction affect door price?

168 I need Price and availability for a double door system. The opening is 11-ft x 11-ft. 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift door, panel 'exterior doors' are required. It must be a 'swing out' type door system with Red Power back up system.


170 Please provide quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift door, as per specs below. Provide labor quote as option as well as Red Power System as per your recommendation.

171   My customer solicited a quote from you for the hydraulic lift doors, but this has not been awarded yet. We are required to post a synopsis/solicitation on FBO, because we are requesting brand name only for the Schweiss Red Power option doors and also because of the dollar figure. We are looking for a company who can both provide the doors AND install them, we do not want to pay for these 2 items separately for several reasons. We would appreciate receiving a quote from Schweiss that includes the price for installation (you would subcontract with Bob, for example, and pay him yourself). If you are willing to do that, we would appreciate you assisting other vendors who would like to bid on this opportunity who can also install the doors, by giving them pricing for the doors.Thank you.

172 I would like to get a price on two different doors for my shed. I have a shop that I would like to consider putting in a hydraulic lift Schweiss door. This one would need to be well insulated with windows also. And I have a shed that I would like to put in a bi-fold door. Could you get me prices for these doors and Red Power hydraulic backup system?

173 Last January you gave me a quote for this project in , WA. The job has changed a bit, so please requote:We need one 70' x 20'9 clear open, one 50' x 20' clear open and 6 each 60' x 20' clear open. And all hydraulic lift doors need your Red Power hydraulics in sizes you recommend. Thanks

174 Change the size of the Schweiss hydraulic lift door on this order and add Red Power back up system. New opening size is to be 50'x17'6\" with the same options. Visited with Dave about this change last week, he said when final size had been determined I was to notify, you will send out revised proposal showing new size and spec. sheets. We will revise and send you a new sub-contract.Thank you

175 Here are some pics of the rear doors. You have a hydraulic lift upper door that basically pulls up tight to the upper structure of the house, due to a bridge crane that has to pass by door to exit rear of machine and two doors that swing out. Currently, upper door is raised and lowered by a winch/cable device and two other doors swing out by manually pushing and pulling on doors. We want your outstanding Schweiss Red Power motors to lift these heavy doors. If you think you can be of assistance please advice us in options available and pricing. We can also arrange you to look a our application for questions and dimensions.These are pics of our Dragline, we have a 8100 and 8200 dragline that will also need Red Power Electrical system opening devices installed. They both have two sets of doors that swing in instead of out. Here is a pic of doors like installed on 8100 and 8250 Draglines.

176 I would like several quotes please... Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic Lift for a 16' X 54' clearance. How much height do I need for a 16' high clearance for each type of door? Next quote, Bifold and Hydraulic for a 14' X 48' clearance. How much height do I need for a 14' high clearance for each type of door?

177 Please quote 44' wide 12' high Schweiss hydraulic lift door outside truss and 60' wide bifold door 14' high when open and 60' wide 14' high hydraulic door with outside truss, doors will need to be insulated, this could be done on site. Small glass windows at 5 ' across width and Red Power backup system.

178 Please quote Red Power electrical system operated Schweiss hydraulic lift door as described below.

179 I am looking for some prices on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, and info on how heavy and what dimentions I am going to need to build my door frames for two different doors. One would be 14x14 and the other 20wx16h or possibly 24x16 with a walk out door built in it. Also wondering about how these doors can be insulated and specifics on your new Red Power hydraulics. Thank you.

180 Need to price out 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a customer 18'8\" wide by 14 foot hi need two of them or unless i go with one door 38w by 14 hi like price delivered and also break out what it would cost to install your Red Power hydraulics.

181 Please quote me a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with information supplied below. Forgot, I also want you to include your Red Power backup system for this door. Call. Susan, Maude Fabricating, WY recommended your company. Thanks

182 I am planning on buying the materials to build a 40 x 60 steel building this summer. I would like to know if Schweiss Doors has discount sales at any time throughout the year, especially on your Red Power hydraulic lift doors. Also, I am curious if you have anything like \"slightly damaged sales\" or doors of any size that have been ordered but not purchased. Price your door plus shipping to Texas.

183 Please price me the door with and without the Red Power new Schweiss hydraulic lift pump, resivior, and valve, as we have a large quantity of these supplies. thanks Deleno 


185 Please provide a quote for a new Schweiss hydraulic lift door from the below information. Please also provide any preliminary details and all applicable load requirements. If possible can I get separate pricing on your Red Power hydraulic pumps and for remote controls. Darren


187 We're a steel building contractor in northern Illinois, are you interested in quoting 20' x 16' height hydraulic lift door, 24' x 16' and 30' x 16'. Installed with Schweiss Red Power Systems, all our work in Illinois and Wisconsin.

188 Need Schweiss hydraulic lift door quote. Include Red Power hydraulic pump. ASAP

189 We would like to get installed pricing on (5)  Schweiss hydraulic lift doors of approximately 16'-0\"w x 10'-0\"h as well as three bi-fold doors of approximately 9'-0\"w x 10'-0\"h. All quotes should include Red Power hydraulics. Thank you, Kevin

190 Earlier today we sent via email a request for quotation for the Project in Littleton, Co. I was just windering if this request was received and if we might possibly receive pricing tomorrow? Don't forget to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulics in price. Big doors will require great lift.

191 I have a Schweiss strap bi-fold door which you folks installed on my pole barn a number of years ago. It has worked flawlessly since installation. I would like a quote on another door on a building at the same location, but am considering a hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump for this door. Contact be email is preferred. Regards HK

192 Hello, I need a quote for: 1. (3) 47' wide x 17' high framed openings. 2. (2) 42' wide x 17' high framed openings. Option: change the height of the doors to 16' and include Red Power hydraulics on all Schweiss Doors. The job site is at  Concord, CA

193 Need estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door  Can someone assist me in getting specs on your new Red Power Hydraulics and a quote? Regards, Stephanie

194 You sent me a bids for a 45' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power System and a bifold strap system door, thanks. Can you also do 43' doors with the same windows? 43' door would give me a bit more space for my 50' building width. Thanks 

195 To Julie, Please requote my Schweiss hydraulic lift door to include Red Power Safety Advantage System and two remote openers. Originally I only asked for one opener. Not sure if your Red Power pumps are already standard in price.

196 The company we deal with in Canada is 3 months behind on doors. Do you ship to Canada wondering if it would be worth getting doors shipped from United States. We are approximately 20 minutes just north of North Dakota. Could you give a price on a 40 x 20 Schweiss Hydraulic lift Red Power Schweiss Door? Just something to compare with our prices up here. Then we can check with customs to see how much it would cost to get doors across. 

197 I am one of your regular contractors and I need a quote for 2 sizes of doors. 52x14 in bifold and hydraulic lift and 45x14 in bifold and hydraulic. Please bid these with Schweiss Red Power backup systems and remote controls. Thanks Brad

198 I need a quote on 5 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors total. 3 doors 39 feet 8 inches by 14 foot tall, and 2 doors at 41 feet 8 inches by 14 foot tall. Price with door openers and one without, both with Red Power motors. What is your time frame to recieve these? I am approx 50% done with construction and would like doors within 3-4 weeks. Thanks, 

199 Please quote for hydraulic lift 40x12 door including Schweiss Doors Red Power unit for best lift with shipping to 93314 zip.

200 I would like a quote on 10 each 42' X 12' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with as many options as you have, Red Power hydraulic pump, Red Power electric system, remotes, etc.

201 I had you price me on 11 doors at Sun N Fun in the spring.Ive lost my paper work in a storm that flooded our building.The doors were 43 ft by 16 ft.Could you please re quote me or if you can find the original please resend. Please include Red Power hydraulic pumps if not in original Schweiss Doors quote.

202 I had a quote on 3/15 however customer now asks for a quote with three windows (say 3'-0\" x 3'-0\", unless you have something standard), Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift motor and a man door. They would also like a remote opener and want to attach insulation panels (likely 4\") to the door. 

203 Wondering if we can get a dealer price sheet on Schweiss bi-fold & hydraulic lift doors for various size aluminum shop doors. Include Red Power System price list as well as price for remotes and any other accessories you market. Great quality in all your doors, they sell themselves.

204 Hi, In reference to the above bid I am going to need to adjust to Red Power hydraulics because I am concerned about the weight and size of that door. I need to come down to 45ft wide 12 ft opening can you please fax me a bid based on this size please include estimated weight of steel door for me and also include a three button automatic switch and remote control for the Schweiss door. Thanks Matt 

205 I have had several inquires about Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift doors. Being we are a overhead door and glass co. I think I could sell some of your doors. If you don't mind I need a quote on a 26' x 14' and a 22' x 14' hydraulic lift doors all with Red Power backup systems. Thanks so much, Jeff

206 Please advise our cost FOB Brantford, Ontario. 1 only Schweiss hydraulic lift door 70 x 23 Red Power Electrical System. Insulation and siding by others Thanks Bill

207 Please quote the following Schweiss hydraulic lift doors (Include Red Power options) with lead time and any requirements for installation, such as headroom , ect. Thank you, Crystal

208 There was a quote generated by Schweiss Doors last year for a project in Coatesville, PA. The height of the door is the same however the width is only 54'. We would also like your Red Power hydraulic pump and a weather seal kit included.

209 Please send literature on your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece and bi-fold doors and an estimate using Red Power hydraulic units from the info I have sent. Door would be installed in Montana by your crews.

210 We are interseted in your Schweiss Doors Hydraulic Lift and Bifold Doors and have submitted request for quote via your website. Our requirement is as follows, 1 unit of 20mtrs(W) x 11mtrs(H) and 1 unit of 30mtrs(W) x 20mtrs(H) to be used on steel frame building with I beam columns. Detailed Technical Specification as follows; 1. Fabric hoist up door : spec- Heavy duty vinyl polyester weight - 900g/m2 Tensile strength 4000/4000N/5cm Tear strength 800/750N, Flame Retardant, weather proof, resistance temperature -35deg to 70deg C. UV, mildew and rot resistant. Standard Blue color with translucent layer for daylight. 2. Blasting and Painting: Surface preparation SSPC SP-3, All metal surface Priming Coat of rust inhibitive paint - Primer coat 65micron epoxy zinc 2nd coat 110micron epoxy paint, Top coat 50micron Acrylic Polyurethane paint Design Life 10 years. 3. Door System: a) Structural steel framing and door fabric sheets for door leaf (canvas) b) Complete guide rail system in the canvas door c) Complete side guide rolling wheels, bearing not required d) Complete top operating system & reducer assembles e) Complete hardware for motor operation f) Complete worm geared drive motor operator system for door leaf g) Complete electrical control cabinet h) Safety device system to prevent falling down i) Protective coating system Type and brand of paint and DFT (Dry Film Thickness) j) Safety features : Motion siren with hazard lights (both in & out side), anti-fall brakes/ safety catch, interlocking control with dust extraction system and proximity sensor 3. Materials : All framing members coply with British Standard, Canvas please propose 4. Motor : Red Power pump, Weather proof and mounted inside 5. Guide Roller & hinges: Polyurethane heavy duty roller/ washer/ bush, Grease packed maintenance free bearing 6. Door seal: Durable heavy duty seal for air tightness, bottom bar of door furnised with cellular rubber seal, side guides have waterproofing seals 7. Lifting straps: Polyester straps with slack strap switches and catchers 8. Operating System : Maximum speed of door at 0.06m/s 30m/s windload condition, power drive units consist of gear head worm drive motor with high speed shaft brake or separate motor with high speed brake coupled to separate gear reducer. Provide operating drum system with reducer and acceptable means of hoist for canvas doors. We hope that you are able to provide us with more information on the Bi fold doors or proposal as per required specs above. Thank you Regards, Adeline

211 Will you be quoting the doors for the Sturgis Airport as well? I'd like to get a number from you for this job. If you need plans or specs. Let me know. They are missing it if they don't have a bid from Schweiss Doors. Think they want hydraulic lift doors. Your Red Power pump should get your the job because of its better lifting power.  Regards

212 Hello, We are a General Contractor who will be bidding this project and would like you to work with our team. I have attached the Invitation to Bid your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power systems with our contact information. Please confirm what you will be bidding along with contact information. Thank you, Judy

213 Dear Sirs! We are company situated in SLOVENIA and we have a inquiry from private airplane owners for reachable price on Schweiss Red Power Doors hydraulic lift and bifold doors. If you are interested please give us most favourable offer for doors written dimensions, type is not important, doors should reach least expensive price. Transport is not a problem, we even have a mounting team so you don't have to give us installation price. Thank you for your cooperation and answer! Have a nice weekend. Kind regards. Director Bogdan

214 Please can I have a price for a Schweiss Doors  Hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical system, opening door size 15 metres wide by 4 metres high, delivered to the UK. Many thanks Jez

215 Are you going to be bidding on the doors for the  County Airport Project in Panama City, Florida and the  County Airport in Blountstown, Florida? If so we would like to get a quote from you on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift and bifold doors. Please contact me as soon as possible.

216 We are tendering for the captioned project and we would like to request your quotation for the supply, delivery and installation of the following: Option 1) Hydraulic Lift Door Top Hung Entrance Gate - CW 15 size: 3900mm (W)x4440mm (H) Aluminium Frame with Acrylic panel top hung entrance gate Qty: 1 nos Option 2) Bi Fold Door Top Hung Entrance Gate - CW 15 size: 3900mm (W)x4440mm (H) Aluminium Frame with Acrylic panel top hung entrance gate Qty: 1 nos Please quote us 2 options one for hydraulic Red Power unit door and the other for bi-fold door. Thanks, with regards Chau

217 What information do you need to provide a quote for one of your free standing headers & a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump which is attached to a round building like the diagram you have shown in the \"Free Standing Headers\" link? Also, can you ship to Qatar?

218 Please send me the costs of Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift doors (with your Red Power hydraulic Electrical System). Opening size is 58 wide x 18 high. Zip code for shipping is 04631. Recommendations welcome. Thank you, Steve

219 I'm looking for quotes on door options for a new hangar project. Specifically I'd like to try either Schweiss bifold or hydraulic lift options on 44' and 50' widths at 16' height. Which would you recommend. Your Red Power unit may be ideal for this door. Thanks.

220 Need a price on a one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door: 18' x 8' 5 hp hydraulic Red Power motor battery backup hand crank safety sensors steel frame (painted) mounting on a concrete wall receiver with two transmitters we will cover the frame with fire treated wood. please include delivery charges with your estimate. thank you, John Wesley, manager

221 We are interested in your Schweiss Red Power line of hydraulic lift  doors for steel construction. We are a building dealer and erector. We have a job that is requiring several doors. Please contact me as soon as possible about a quote.

222 It would be appreciated to add to your quote. The complete cold package, The single lever latching system, the inside liner panel, single insulated windows (8 in two rows), Red Power hydraulic pump and the price for each upgrade equipment items. Shipping to Quebec. Thank you

223 Need a quote (budget price) for a 100'-0 X 25'-0 Schweiss hydraulic lift door also considering Red Power hydraulics and remote openers, do you supply/install? Pls. quote material delivered and alternate for installed.

224 Need a price for (2) 60' x 21' clear Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors with alternate price for Red Power electrical system operators to be delivered to Louisberg, NC 100 mph Exp. B

225 Need a number for (1) 48'x 16' hydraulic lift door, clear opening of 47'6\" x 14'0\". Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump 230v 1ph top mounted motor, per. w/s, manual latching w/ interlocks. Thanks- Rick

226 Can you let us know if you have a distributor in the UK... we need prices for all of your style hanger doors (Bifold, hydraulic lift with Red Power and designer doors.... David

227 I have a 8' x 16' opening and would like a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door and a bi fold door. It is a wood framed structure and delivery will be Bakersfield, CA. I can still raise the beam over the door if it needs more head room. How much advantage will your Red Power System give me. Looks pretty impressive. Thanks Melville

228 I had recieved a quote from Schweiss Doors several months ago for a 47 ft. wide by 18 ft. hydraulic lift door. Could you please requote with your new Red Power hydraulic pump and best price installed, we are ready to place an order. Thank you, Tom C.

229 I need a revision for a quote given on your Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door Size: 48'wide X 16 clear with 30\" Wedge an option for Door size: 50'wide X 16 clear with 30\" wedge, please also note that I requested this door to be fitted with your Red Power hydraulic pump, that's the only way I want to go. Thank you George Johnson

230 Are you familiar with this project being bid in Manitowish, WI with four hydraulic lift hangar doors? If not I can send plans and specs. They're wanting hydraulic lift doors like you produce. With your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps, you should have a real good shot at winning the bid. Good luck.

231 Please provide me design information and shop dwt. and quote for 40'widex 18'-0\" high Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Delivery is Chautauqua County New,York 14701. Contact me for questions. May I have your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump design,weight and clearance dims by Tuesday or sooner. Nicely built doors you have. Thanks

232 Please to quoat on Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power pump door options 1-2ea 10'Wx8'H option . option 2.-2ea of previous phase two, two each 12'x12', and option 3.-1 each 10'WX8'H. F.O.B.86337 These will be 1-2 each 8x10 for entry exit of gedescic dome 54'DX84'L phase two will include q-hut 50X100 building incorporating visual integration in N. Arizona please advise on fenestration and insulation options. Thanks Chris

233 1. Is Schweiss Doors interested in quoting for: a) 1 Bi-Fold Hangar Door 11m width, 2,5m free height b) 2 Hydraulic Lift Red Power Garage Doors for the same hangar 2. Do you have a representative and/or support in South Africa 3. The building is new (now being designed) steel beam structure; do you have documentation to assist our architect?

234 I talked to Jeremy this morning and he is getting me prices for me on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. please tell him I need these doors insulated. I forgot to mention that I want Red Power hydraulic pumps on these doors if not included. Thanks. Carl Johnson, Manitoba, Canada

235 I had contacted your company way back and requested Red Power hydraulic pump catalogues, which you had sent me. I have refered the product listed there -in. Currently i have a enquiry which i want you to price me on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. May i request the concerned to get back to me, so we can take this matter further. Best regards,

236 Project: Q. Convention Center Extension & Link Bridge. Design Consultant : H. Venue Design Manager : B. & McD. Program & Construction Management : KEO Client: Q. Petroleum Location: Doha Q. Dear Sir , Please submit your best & competitive offer for supply and installation of Schweis Hydraulic Lift Red Power Motorised door according to attached documents

237 I am in the market for 3 Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece insulated doors. ( 1) 16', (1) 14', and (1) 12' all by 14' tall. To replace sliding doors. Looking for windows and well insulated doors. Will these doors come with Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers?

238 I really need this info. I have talked to 2 different people and they both said they would send info right out. I haven't heard from their companies, so to heck with them. I'm going Schweiss. This is for a bid project for two hydraulic lift doors. We need the design data for our steel building design. The price w/ Red Power hydraulics can wait if need be.

239 I was wondering what the price difference is between Schweiss bi-fold and Hydraulic Lift. Door is 41.5' x 12.5' clearance.Will want strong motor like your Red Power unit provides.

240 I need a quote on the Red Power hydraulic lift cylinders and switches for a one piece Schweiss  hydraulic door. Please include remote opener.

241 Need a price for a Schweiss (Red Power) hydro-lift swing door or a bifold door for a 50x80 hangar. The door will go in the end wall of the building. The owner wants a 45x15 framed opening with a 13-6 clear height. What eave height do you recommend for the building? Roof slope 2:12. Please email or fax the prices for each type of hangar door.Thank you. Danny Dowright

242 Would like a price quote comparison of both Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors. Minimum door width would be 45 to a maximum of 80'. Most likely dimensions of the hangar are 80w x 70d x 16't. 14' door height. Interested in quotes for standard door sizes from the 45 to 80 range. All doors should lift with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thank you.

243 Good Afternoon, We are about to build a new Hangar and are very interested in your Hydraulic Lift door system. I have spoken to Dennis T. at an airport in Auckland and have seen his doors. Our hangar at this stage we,would like it to be about 25metres x 25metres x 6m high.I believe Ray J. looks after Australia and New Zealand and would love some more info on these doors and Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pumps before we too far down the planning track Regards Dave.


245 Just need a quote on the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift pump system with the switches and cylinders to open a door of size 20ftX7ft.

246 We are currently providing budget pricing for a project in Austin Texas. I need the name of an approved subcontractor to furnish and install  Schweiss hydraulic lift airplane hanger doors in the Austin area. Subcontractor probably also needs to know about installation of Red Power Electrical.

247 I would like a budget price on a door that won't be built for a year or so (please don't spend too much time on it). Door will be 50'x 12'. If you can give me a price on the Schweiss bifold and a hydraulic lift door. Latter would have Red Power hydraulic unit to lift it. thanks

248 Want to price out both a Schweiss Bi-fold and a Hydraulic door. Add options of Top Overide Jiggle Switches, Three-button automatic switch, Door base safety edge, 3' walk in door, and Automatic latch assembly, Red Power hydraulic pump. The clear opening will be 44'6\" wide by 14' tall. Call if you have any questions.Thanks Steve


250 Jeremy, On 01-09-06 I ordered a Schweiss bi-fold door on quote for the Rick V. job. He is planning to build another building and I would like a quote ASAP on a hydraulic lift door. The clear opening we would like is 50'-0\" wide by 18'-0\" high. Could you please run this & send me a spec sheet on your new Red Power hydraulic system so I can design the building accordingly? Thank you, Mark M.

251 Dear, please quote your best suppy & instalation price for the Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors with Red Power Hydraulic Pump (24 Nos.)The Price should be as per the below details & you Standards. Project named as 'Al Khawaneej Bus Service Station Phase-1, PTP-017'. Client:- Dubai Roads & Transport Authority, Duabi UAE. Thank You with regards Dileep R. Estimator.

252 We are one of the general contractors bidding on the County Emergency Services Complex project. Schweiss Doors is listed as an approved quality manufacturer for the Industrial Hydraulic Lift Door. We are taking the subcontractor quotes on Monday,  and would appreciate receiving your quote for this project. Please indicate if your quote is including Red Power hydraulic pump, freight, tax and installation. Thanks, Suzanna

253 Please provide a quote on different Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power doors with weight total and shipping costs to Juneau.

254 Please provide a quote for (10) 44'x 16' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with service entries, Red Power hydraulics and extra remote openers.

255 You sent me a quote for a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door with an opening of 40 x 14 (or if I understand with an actual opening of 40 x 16) but I need clear opening of 12 ft only. Is the door insulated? What Red power does it need? What load is imposed on lintel? Is any special bracing required for lateral at top or are wind loads transfer to side posts and then back to structure of roof? What is the delivery timing, would need it only in June? What is the difference in cost for installation or no installation? Is you quote in Canadian dollars or US dollairs? Thank you Alain

256 Please e-mail a quote and sen me info on Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors and Red Power Electrical System in mail Thanks Ferdinand

257 This opening has changed you quoted a 39x14 a couple of days ago on a hydraulic lift insulated door with Red Power hydraulic pump. It is now 40x14. Sorry, hope this doesn't delay my Schweiss order. I can hardly wait to get your door in place. The Slider in there now is killing me.

258 Would like a price on auto door locks, remote door opener, Schweiss Doors Red Power Hydraulic Lift Electrical System, walk in door in the left corner outside looking at the building. This will be insulated and lined inside and out. Thanks Brendan

259 Please send a quote for following Schweiss hydraulic lift door, size of building 110x110 Eave: 30' Door Opening 100 x 27 Single Door with one walk through door. Red Power hydraulic pump, insulated and remote control.

260 I am preparing a bid packet for a customer, and I am enclosing several door options. I would like to receive information on both Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors and a comparison. In bid packet include your recommended Red Power package. Thank you, Renault

261 I am interested in buying 2/ 9x40 hydraulic doors delivered to Grand Junction, Colo. with one man door each and with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic back up systems. I would appreciate an approximate quote by e-mail today. How much extra for an additional remote opener? Thanks.

262 Looking for 2 36' wide by 16' tall splits. Also will consider your Schweiss hydraulic lift \"one piece\" door with Red Power hydraulic pump. Can you shoot me a price?

263 Interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I have previously emailed project Red Power and door specifics to the company email address.

264 I received your quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power options. Thanks, are you still mailing me a catalogue, thanks. Jefferson

265 To Whom It May Concern: We need to get a quote on ( 1 ) 46'-0 x 16'-0 Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power motor. I am sorry but we do not have any more specifics other than this, we had a customer looking for quote on a phone in. You can Email quote or fax Thank you John

266 Studying hydraulic lift doors.. trying to get a Schweiss Door price.. on 10'10\" high by 15'10\" wide insulated hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pump and remote opener. Yours, by far looks like the best the industry offers. Thanks, Nick

267 Have you looked at the Merced Social Science and Management Building ? It has your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic systems specified and I would like to get a price. Let me know what you need, I do not want to send you a bunch of stuff you may already have Thanks, Tim

268 We are doing comparison costs on Bi-fold and Hydraulic Lift doors for a particular project. We don't know if this will be on end or on sidewall yet. I would also like a Schweiss Door quote on a 60x16. If we decide to go hydro, we would require a Red Power hydraulic pump for best lift.

269 Julie, Our offer stands, including 2 remotes. Flush mounted L door with external webbet truss with Red Power hydraulic lift door power unit located on the right side of door when viewed from the outside facing the door. 220vac single phase Schweiss Red Power motor The construction site is on a Fly-in Ranch, Fredricksburg, TX.  Harry Hohenberger

270 I am doing some preconstruction planning and need to know if you can provide a door that can give me a clear opening width of 100 feet and a clear opening height of 29 feet? If this is possibe, which of your doors would be most suited to the job, your Schweiss Lift Strap Bifold or the Hydraulic Lift with Red Power hydraulic pump? How do they compare in price for a door of this size? Thank you,

271 Give me a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. As a system we probably sell upwards of 40-50 doors in Manitoba simular to this each year. I would like to explore this oppurtunity to see if there are any $$$ to be saved by buying them from you. Here is a average door for us so please see if you can quote with delivery to Winnipeg. 30' wide x 18' high insulated door. Include the steel track angle or whatever system you use to fasten to wooden buildings, no cladding required. single lever locking system if available, Pre wired control box, Single phase HD 230v motor, as well as all other hardware required for mounting. Is there an additional charge to get your Red Power Hydraulic pumps on your doors, or do they come standard. Any questions please feel free to call. Please quote in CDN funds. Thanx and look forward to your reply.

272 HOw can we find the price for a door. 40ft Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. Insulated, Red Power opening and closing system.

273 You recently sent me a quote for the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump lift mechanism for a 42\" wide by 18' tall hydraulic lift door I have. Unfortunately my wife deleted it from our computer. Could you please resend, I'm ready to order. Thanks EDA

274 Marketing Manager - Exports Dear Sir. We hope our mail is receiving your attention, however we like to repeat, since it may work out uneconomical to Import Complete Hydraulic Schweiss Door with Red Power System and become uncompetitive and loose order, we are writing again with a request to quote your best offer for Complete System Hardware etc., BUT without Door Frame. Door Frame can be fabricated at our end as per your Drgs./Instructions etc., On hearing from you we can furnish further Technical details in the subject. We are hopeful this may lead to successful negotiations with Customer and starting of a long term Business Associations. I look forward to hear from you before long. Regards, Bharat, Mumbai.

275 Dear Sir, This is an inquiry for the bus-station Contract, Schweiss Shutter doors (Red Power hydraulic one piece). I have my engineering team to answer any questions you have from your Technical department This Outside roller shutters with roller Box 1-The doors size as follow //A--8.6 M width x 6.5 M height.quantity 16 B--8.6 M Width x4.3 M high Quantity 4 C- 8.6 M width X 3.2 M High Quantity 4 Total of the Garage doors - 24 hydraulic doors 2-we need Clear opening depends on the your suggestions please just look for the attachments, that will give you a good Idea about the clear open 3- the materials used for this door is Aluminum.  Our project is in the final stage & we need this doors to meet with our budget plan, your expertise in this area is highly appreciated 4-this shutter doors used for the maintenance work shop for bus station 5- the Shutter door should be working automatically and manually. 6-total of 24 Shutter doors, Please look at the attached files. PS/I need a sample of the materials used for such doors, my mailing Address PS/I have another project (four colleges and I need a large amount of steel doors , I am subcontractor for the projects, I will send the shop drawing if are intrested to qoute it Best Regards, Bodegaard

276 I would like the quote to be for a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump rather than the straps as there is welding and grinding occuring near the door. I also need a price on another door 10' high and 9'7\" wide this one could use the bifold door straps to lift it.

277 Please give me a quote on a Schweiss bifold door and a hydralic door with Red Power opener. The dimensions are 14 feet high by 18 feet wide. Thank you.


279 First, GREAT website! I found your advertisement in the November issue of the Atlantic Flyer magazine. I was doing an Open House at the Cessna dealer at Airport in Laurel, MD on Saturday and saw your ad. I knew that I was looking for some type of airport hanger door as I fly from time to time with a friend and that's what inspired the entire concept. Second, I'm in the initial design stage of expanding my growing dealership. I have already met with our engineer, architect, contractor and banker on the project. We have planned to add a second building across from the existing facility plus an expansion of the existing building so that everything that might be considered a structure for the side or overhead frame of your Schweiss hydraulic and maybe a few bifold door systems will be built new. We plan to have a covered courtyard with skylights with either hydraulic (Red Power option) or bi-fold doors at each end. The approximate size of each door will be 26'to 30' wide by 18' to 20' high. I would prefer that the doors are glass or similar material to allow full light penetration to give the area an outdoor feel even when down. In good weather they would likely be fully up on both ends of this roughly 26' to 30' by 80' long courtyard allowing for two way traffic and airflow for riders to ride in and hang out or simply ride through to the far end where the service department is located. We do not plan on storing motorcycles in the area overnight as I see the Harley Davidson dealership in your portfolio does. What I need at this point is a very rough idea of costs of a hydraulic door and bi-fold door in that size range and why I would select one over the other. I do not believe the GC I have worked with before on this 15,000 SF facility and will hire again has experience with these style doors so I also need general installation pricing.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Stub. Owner, Rider, Enthusiast

280 I am in the process of designing new shop. Haven't decided on material, am looking into ICF. Also looking into solar panels, would it be possible to mount panels on a Schweiss hydraulic door. and could we get teh Red Power Safety Advantage sytem with it too.  TIA


282 Please send quotes for both hydraulic and bifold Schweiss doors for 10x40 and 12x40. Hydraulic to include Red Power backup. We are located in Boone, Iowa.

283 I just wanted a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic Red Power door. Right now, we have three rol-up doors with hinged tracks.What information will you need for this quote.


285 Hello, My Name is Imanuel. and I work at a architect office in Lisbon. We would like to receive information and catalogues for \"Bi-Fold Door\" & Red Power Hydraulic \"One-Piece\" Door and if you have comercial office in Portugal that we can contact. best regards Emanuel R.

286 Quoting a building in SE Nebraska where a 70' wide x 22' clear Schweiss hydraulic door is req'd. Door located on endwall. Can you email me model info, weights/specs on Red Power hydraulic pump systems that I can use for estimate? Many thanks!

287 I would like approximate cost for a 16 ft. high 24 ft. wide Schweiss hydraulic door. Requesting Red Power Advantage System and extra remote opener. And what size rough opening is needed.


289 We are in the preliminary stages of proposing some possible changes for an existing shopping center in Oahu, Hawaii. I was wondering if you are able to build Schweiss hydraulic overhead doors that are only 6ft wide by 8 ft high. If so, what is the rough cost for these doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems included? FOB Oahu, Hawaii.

290 We are a distributor in Bulgaria. Due to the fact that no one here produces \"vertical\" folding or one piece hydraulic doors we kindly ask you at Schweiss Doors to quote the following doors for project near Sofia. - Hydraulic Red Power pump metal door with insulation for aircraft hangars with dimensions 10 500 mm ind width and 4000 mm in height automation - 1 piece. - Bi-folding metal door with insulation for aircraft hangars with with dimensions 4000 mm ind width and 3000 mm in height automation . We look forward to your prompt answer! Yours faithfully, Rumiana D.


292 How much for a bifold & one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door delivered to Hesperia, CA to be self installed into a wood framed 10' x 30' opening? Would want list of accessories, i.e., straps, remotes, Red Power hydraulic pumps, etc.

293 I previously requested quote for a 40' door, however We did not have enough room site a large enough building. We will be using 2x6 \"W\" trusses for the roof. There will be a double truss on the gable end over the door. Corners will be reinforced plus we will have knee bracing between walls and trusses. Our contractor would like details for the rough opening. (Dimensions of opening; lumber size, quantity, and orientation for attaching side legs) We are putting up the building now and will add the Schweiss Hydraulic Red Powered door later.

294 I need some direction on your bid. The job name is Splash Zone in Oberlin, Ohio.You sent me a bid but I ended up excluding it and only picked up the glazing of your doors now they want this in my price. Can you tell me what the average install time should be on one of these Schweiss hydraulic doors? Would you by chance also have anyone in the Cleveland Ohio market who is familier with your doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps who I might contact for an install price. Also, what thickness insulated glass can your doors accept? Please advises ASAP the contractor is looking for my complete package. Thanks, Aaron

295 Looking for aircraft Hangers sliding or upward hydraulic one piece shutter doors Nos: 3 Size: Width: 19M Heigt: 6.5M Operation: Schweiss Red Power electrical and manual chain operated doors Pleas send your quotaion and techincal details. Harv

296 Not really sure what I want or need yet but looking for prices if possible on your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors with Red Power hydraulic pump. Looking at maybe a couple 14'x16' or around that and a large end door. building a pole building and looking to insulate sometime.

297 In addition to the quotes for 2 doors (second set of specs will be submitted after this one to include Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System), can you please provide general timing on manufacture and delivery to California? Thanks.


299 With the hydraulic door order we just placed we would also like to have remote control with Red Power hydraulic pumps with both door options. It will be only one door. We would like to explore both door options. Jennifer


301 Julie Please quote a Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door (with Red Power hydraulic pump) for an existing farmstead building (1980) They currently have a slide door that was badly damaged by storms earlier this year. Their slide door is 30x15. Need a price on doors 30x15 clear as well as the free standing header for each and the installation for door and free standing header. As always please breakout the free standing header and all the labor. Project location is rural Kerkoven

302 I need a quote for the following hydraulic door opening size: 04- 18'6\" x 25'7\" 01- 20'4\" x 30'3\" 01- 26'11\" x 25'7\" 01- 36'2\" x 25'7\" 01- 39'5\" x 25'7\". All doors with remotes and Red power safety systems. Shipping to Iceland via air or ship.

303 Quote request for Schweiss Hydraulic Door 40' x 14', Design 120 MPH, Exp. C per IBC 2012. Red Power hydraulics, remote opener, insulated. One piece door with man door.

304 I am a District Manager for a southern states building systems company putting together a quote for an 80X60X18 building with hydraulic door included. I need price by Wed. morning to include Schweiss Doors Red Power pump/backup system & remote operner. Please give alterante price for installation of door 58 miles south of Nashville.

305 Please send me the following quote with spec sheets for steel lenghts and bracing, etc. for an approx. 42x15 ft. Schweiss Hydraulic Door with Red Power Hydraulic Pump system attached, assembled and delivered to Tempte, Arizona. Thank You

306 Can you get me a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door (with Red Hydraulic pump) delivered to Bloomington, Indiana? What info will you need to further this request?


308 Please incorporate the following into your Schweiss hydraulic door quote: Required Wind Load - 25 psf Deflection - 1/120 Red Power Motor only - 208-3 phase 60hz Automatic, Top Rubber Seal Weatherseal Kit

309 Please provide a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door including Red Power motor or pump lifting mechanism for a 40x14 foot opening. Building will be either wood or steel (not quonset). Building has not been purchased Thanks

310 RFQ as follows [1. Hydraulic single piece 48x14 Red Power motor door.] [2. price discount if buying 2 identical doors.][3. aprox shipping $ to 76408] [4. Prices for same size in bifold with strap system] Plan to buy Schweiss Doors  within next several weeks. Trying to finalize decision over next 10 days. Thanks and Best Regards Steve

311 Kindly send a quotation for the following Schweiss Red Power hydraulic doors: 100 ft x 40 ft Steel Frame building Floor to beam - minimum 15 ft. Wall from bottom up - 5ft Require specification for steel for columns and rafters The plan has to be approved by the Ministry of Planning as a result would require floor plan as follows: 2 side elevation plus back and front. Best regards, William G. Managing Director

312 One 70'x20' clear opening Schweiss hydraulic door. Three 38'x12' clear opening bifold or hydraulic doors. Hydraulic doors to be opened with Red Power Electrical Systems. Bifolds with strap system. Do you like the hydraulic doors more for lifting heavy doors like the 70 footer?

313 Recent quote. There is a note on the quote attachments about a backer plate. I need some clarification on this. What loads are on the side jambs. What is the size of the Red Power cylinder plate We will have two Schweiss hydraulic doors share a column, what column width is required? Bernie

314 2 buildings 1st 8 Schweiss hydraulics - 2nd 9 hydraulics each door would be 14 tall x 42' wide on a pre-engineered steel building and all will have Red Power hydraulic backup systems and remotes.

315 I would like a Schweiss hydraulic door quote with the following options: 1. Red Power pump with backup system 2. Man door 3. Remote Control 4. 2 36x48 Windows. 4. Insulated.

316 I was wandering what do u get for a 12' wide/10'tall insulated one piece Schweiss hydraulic door complete with Red Power Electrical System and ready to install, or send me more of a detailed flyer

317 What is a ball park figure for a hydraulic one piece Schweiss door with your Red Power hydraulic pump, 12' by 40 ' shipping to WA.

318 This is a follow up request from a quote on a Schweiss door with Red Power hydraulic system and a single piece hydraulic door. The building is all steel. I'm now ready to go! How soon can you ship and install in WY?

319 Hi. I would like a quote for both a Schweiss bi-fold door x 2 and a one piece hydraulic door x 2 sent to Auckland New Zealand. Door openings 13.5m wide by 3.7m high. Bifold in strap form, hydraulic in Red Power lift form. Thank, Nigel

320 This project is a plan and spec job that we are bidding. This project bids soon in the Dallas Texas area. The specs are as follows: C: Red Power Electric System Hydraulic Doors 1. One piece doors shall be integral with hangar building design. Door frames shall have pre-located top hinges factory located to align with door truss hinges. Structural steel shall be ASTM A500, Grade B square structural welded steel tubing. 2. Electric door operator can be either to-mounted at center of door truss or bottom-mounted per manufacturer's recommendations. Door operator shall be sized and provided by the manufacturer to properly and safely operate the designated size of the door. Red Power Schweiss Motor shall be thermally protected and supplied with a reset button. Motor shall be totally enclosed capacitor start. Door operator shall be equipped with \"any point\" stop. 3. Door shall be operated by a Red Power Hydraulic pump as manufactured by Schweiss Doors of Fairfax, MN or approved equivalent. We would appreciated a proposal from you. Please send quote

321 You quoted a Schweiss Bi-Fold and a Hydraulic door for me in February. The project is located in a heavily restricted area and is taking more time than anticipated to obtain permits and commence construction. The client would like an updated quote to include your new Red Power hydraulic pump to determine current costs. You don't have to refigure the bifold door unless something has changed. I would appreciate an update. Thank you,

322 Just trying to get a ballpark feel for price so I don't waste your time. Schweiss Hydraulic Door needed is approx. 10'h x 20' wide. With Red Power Pump and backup system. Also, installed in Baltimore-Washington corridor? Thanks KBR in Maryland.

323 Greetings, I'm estimating a construction project in Puerto Rico which specifies the use of the hydraulic  doors that Schweiss Doors company makes. I would like to contact one of your representatives so I can send the information about Red Power hydraulic pump systems available for the project. I would like to know if you have an autorized dealer in Puerto Rico and I would like to get a quote for the doors specified in the project.

324 This hangar is being built in Lithuania some indication of delivery costs for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pump would be welcome. Size is 12 metres by 4.5 metres

325 I was just in contact with Schweiss Doors Sales Department about job # - quote reference. We discussed getting an update on the door price (which now will be for 2 doors each containing a new Red Power hydraulic pump system). I am leaving the office for Nashville very soon. I will need the quote e-mailed to me (as well as faxed, will also be a good back-up) As I may miss the fax. My Estimate Package for the Project needs to be completed this week-end for the Customer approval Monday. All the pieces of my puzzle (including your quote) must go together this afternoon. Thanks! Look forward to working with you on this Project. Marshal

326 I need the quote sent to me for the 40ft by 18ft Schweiss door with a Red Power opener option and the cost option to have you install it. You have gave me a number over the phone for just the door but I need the details and specs for the customer before I can order the door. Please call me asap to get this going quickly. Thanks Scotty


328 Cost estimate for one piece Schweiss Red Power Pump System hydraulic door for an RV7. Approx 8' high 30' wide. Shipped to Cody Wy. I'm thinking this will need a medium size Red Power Hydraulic Pump. What do you think. This is a aluminum door.

329 Contact me for a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lifting Red Power door. I don't know what I need, I just know I need a good door. From looking at your web site, I think you'll be the answer to my needs. Thank you, Russ

330 Need pricing on 2 Schweiss Bi-fold doors and a option on 2 Hydraulic One Piece doors for commercial application in Santee, CA. One piece doors should be priced with Red Power hydraulic electrical systems.

331 I have a customer asking about a 40'0\" x 11'0\" hydraulic door. I have never sold any of your Schweiss Door products yet. Can you please quote a price on said door with Red Power hydraulic pump sytem. Please include freight to Tacoma, WA 98421. If you can provide shipping info, dims, pieces & weight so I can figure my ocean freight. If you can provide freight quote all the way to Anchorage, that would be great. Sure like sturdy construction of your doors.

332 We have your brochure/book for Schweiss hydraulic Red Power system and bi-fold doors, and I need to know: 1. We want to get a door with ALL glass panels, and remote controls and get an approx. cost of what a glass panel door that is 18' wide x 11' high would be in both styles? 2. Do you have any edge/jamb details for this type of door in a PDF or Auto Cad version that you could send us? (or fax us) Thank you! I have included contact info above in the required fields. Thanks, Julie R.

333 Some time back I received a bid on both the one piece and strap lift Schweiss doors. My plans have now changed and the door height will be 18'. The finished opening will still be 40' wide. What I need at this time is the engineering data for the support truss so I can get that ordered. I don't know which door I'll be able to afford when I get to that point so please send just the one requiring the most support. I'm hoping for a Red Power door. Thanks. Bob S.

334 I plan on building this fall/winter. I have been looking at both wood pole barn structure and all metal buildings. Still weighing my options on Schweiss bifolds or hydraulic doors with Red Power pumps. I would like door size to anywhere from 28-36 feet. Where are price increases? Would be installing myself and there might be 2 of my neighbors putting up buildings at the same time. We are going to shop for buildings the same way.

335 Please add (6) 2'0\" x 4'0\" 1\" Tempered Insulated Glass Windows to the Schweiss Hydraulic Door we talked about. Door to be insulated and lined, Red Power Electric System, remote opener - please add those components. Thanks for your assistance.

336 Please quote following doors F.O.B. Seattle, FYI you may have already supplied this quote to other contractors. (1) Schweiss International Truss Hydraulic Door Red Power pump style mount 64'5\"X16'5\" (3) Schweiss Bi-Fold bottom drive-strap lift 50'X 18'6\" (1) Bi-fold bottom drive-strap lift 55'X 18'6\" (14) Schweiss one piece bottom drive Red Power pump, 46'X 18'6\"

337 Would like a price on a 20x15 Schweiss hydraulic  door with Red Power options and insulation. I also need to have specifications for installation in an endwall of a wood frame building. call or email with questions. thanks

338 I am working on a project schedule and need to know the typcial lead time for your \"Schweiss Red Power Electrically Operated Horizontal Hydraulic Pump Style Hanger Door as specified on The Great Boston F. B. Project (Boston, MA). There are a total of 4 doors in varying sizes: 16'-6\" x 45'-5\" 16'-6\" x 46'-5\" 16'-6\" x 64'-8\" 16'-6\" x 38'-0\" Please provide typical durations in weeks for the following: Shop Drawings: Fabrication: Delivery: Installation (per door or total) The doors are going on a new steel building, on I beams, on a side wall.

339 Please provide a price for the my Airport Project. Note: each Bi Fold Door has a pass door in it 3/0 x 6/8. We need reliable, sturdy bi-fold aircraft hangar doors, so we came to Schweiss right away.

340 I am looking for a price on a large commercial hydraulic door. The building is steel with a concrete floor. Not exactly sure on opening size, but I wanted a ballpark price - it's around 35' x 16'. Please provide quote.

341 Need a quote for two strong bi-fold doors with a 140 mph wind rating & engineering stamp for same. Building already purchased with 2 Schweiss Doors (one is 50x30 and one is 25x25, to be changed to 25x30). We will order the two bi-fold Schweiss Doors once customer gets through permitting process. Thanks for your help on this one - I had to send the customer quite a few quotes myself! :)

342 The building has 16 inch diameter round poles at the base tapered to 10 inch at the top. The sidewalls are 20' high. The outside of the building is 50' 3\". I want as much width and headroom as possible. Presently I have 19'6\" headroom clear. I would like a rough estimate on bifold and hydraulic door options. Please list shipping and labor seperately as options. Please let me know how much headroom I would lose with each option. I would not be opposed to the ends of the door sticking above the roofline, but would need help with a design to make that happen. If the rough estimate is within my budget I will give you more specifics for a hard quote.

343 I need a quote on a Bi-Fold Door that's 75' wide by 22' clear. Please call me and I can forward spec sheet and misc information for project bidding for this large regional airport.

344 I have a one-piece hydraulic door quote but I'm not sure exactly what I've been priced. Is this quote for the door frame, not sheeted, delivered to me? I'm not planning to install it myself. Do you have any names of contractors in my area, or what do you suggest for me?

345 I am looking for the following additional specifications for a new one-piece hydraulic door: 1) Weather seal flap consisting of neoprene rubber weatherstrip at the top, center & bottom. 2) The hydraulic door shall be insulated with R-12 vinyl rein. fiberglass blanket insulation. 3) The hydraulic door shall be equipped with automatic Limit Switches to turn off the motor when the hydraulic door reaches the full open or closed position. 4) The hydraulic door shall be equipped with an auto locking/unlocking mechanism.

346 We have been in business for over forty years now and we have successfully represented british companies in Nigeria.There are quite a number of projects that require your products here in Nigeria and as manufacturer representatives we would like to have wide options and good aesthetics which we strongly believe your products can provide as such we would request you to send us a comprehensive products catalogue to study along with c&f prices on Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors.

347 Need a rough quote for your most basic bi fold door 70x24 or one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door - same door size to see if he is in the ball game. Don't spend too much time on it. It will all change if project becomes reality. Thanks.

348 Please give me a door quote on both types of doors: hydraulic doors and bi-fold doors. I need the hydraulic door insulated. Does the hydraulic door have to hang from top with the frame or can the one-piece hydraulic door mount to side posts? That would make my life a lot easier. How high above door opening does bifold door need? Miter cut?

349 would like quote for a 50'X16' Schweiss hydraulic hangar door

350 Please provide quote for a 65'x12' large moving hydraulic door opening.

351 Aloha Schweiss, I am contacting you in regards your hydraulic and bifold doors that I found on your website. I am working for a glass company named Kula Glass, which is a company located in Hawaii and we are currently looking for a new distributor. The doors that we are interested in are aluminum doors that are 8x14 feet and we would need 700 of them. I wanted to see if you do distribute the quantity that we need and also an estimate of the cost. We are currently using a distributor in Germany but are not satisfied with the quality of the product. I would be happy to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Linda

352 We have a Woodon Building with a 16x30 ft opening what do you recommend for a door and send me a price on hydraulic as well as bifold doors we can't loose any head room. The building is actually wood frame with metal sides and roof.

353 I would like to price a series of bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors for a proposed project. The list is: 1: hydraulic 80' wide x 18' high clear door 2: Hydraulic 72' wide x 18' high clear doors 5: Bifold 46' wide x 16' high clear doors Options Include: a) prices on both strap and cable types b) prices on std. latch, single lever latch, and auto latch c) each with walk door, no window d) full weather kits w/out insulation, (top, bottom, foam, white weather board) If you could please fax me a copy of the bid. Thank you very much.

354 Looking for Bi-Fold and/or Hydraulic lift 40x16 insulated door. It will be going on a Bldg. addition. Current building width is 60 feet. Need a rough price to see where I am at money wise.

355 I just received a quote for a hydraulic Schweiss door, would you quote a free standing header system to me ? If you were to deliver the door to my Wyoming job site instead of my to Montana headquarters would you have to charge me WY sales tax? Thanks Larry

356 I have a 55' x 200' steel building with overhead doors at each end. On one end (East) I have a 12' x 12' overhead door. I am going to increase this opening this coming spring to 14'or 15' wide x 14' high. I lease out space in this building for RV's thru the winters, the 12x12 door is getting too small for the newer RV's. The door on the West end of the building is 14' x 14' but the access is not as good as our home front yard is just accross from the building drive. The East end I have a acre of room to enter the building. Approximately what would one of your doors (with straps) cost if the door size was 14' wide x 14' high? How about price on hydraulic door?  Would you please send literature to: Dean A. Also, is there a dealer within say 100 miles of Omaha, Nebraska? Thanks

357 Hi, I emailed you requesting a quote for an insulated bifold door to replace the 10' W x 12' T roll-up at my studio's loading dock. Could you also give me an estimate for a hydraulic door? Same size.



360 I am trying to make a determination on the door my Customer wants. I ordered a quote (71007-ED) on a bi-fold with standard cable package. Then I inadvertently ordered a price quote (71707ED) on the same door with straps (optional, better, more money), and this price actually \"less\". Can you confirm this and why it is less even though the straps are an option? As well the freight to the same address has increased. Is this correct? The second quote I was intending to get was for the Hydraulic door unit. I will request it on this e-mail. Thanks for your help.

361 What is the price for a hydraulic or bi fold door 77 inches high by 11 foot wide. We need four or five for the carousel building, and two 77 inches by 5 foot wide. Thanks Rich K.

362 Looking for Bi-fold quote with automatic latch, remote opener, opening is 63'x23' with a 3' wedge. these are aircraft hangars and right now the quantity is 18 but if more land is obtained could go to 29 units. Please also provide a matching quote for your hydraulic door models.

363 Morning I have a client who is in need of 2 40 x 12 airport hanger doors - I have viewed your web site and would like to be able to quote him on your bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors. The hanger is located in Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Plz give me a call or e-maill with relevant questions and or quote. Thanx Danny


365 I would like information on the Bi-fold and Hyrdaulic style doors for agricultural application. Door: Width 40', 17' high walls on the building. I am considering a building, 60'W X120'L X 17'H in eastern South Dakota. I would like you to send me your catalog information in the mail. But, if could you e-mail me a ballpark price for each style door I would appreciate. I need some preliminary pricing information immediately. You can reach me on my cell phone at anytime with questions. best regards, Pete

366 Can I get a cost on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, quote both fob your plant and fob winnipeg, manitoba, canada.

367 Please revise your hydraulic door quotation 1507-ss to 80' wide with 19' opening. Design for 140 mph wind speed. Please provide the spec sheets by email for the new sized door. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

368 price on a 16 12 and 12 12 hydraulic lift doors delivered and installed by Schweiss in Missouri.

369 I need a Quote on a Bi-Fold Door. Size 50'Wide X 18' High Also Quote a Hydraulic 1 Piece Bi-Fold Door the same size. This is for a Air Port Hanger . Thanks Leo M.

370 Please quote a 54' x 16' bifold hanger door with auto latches and remote, shipped to Airport, Hayden, Idaho. This is to be installed on a wood pole building hanger. Hanger size will be 60' x 80' x 18'. I would also like a price on the one piece hydraulic door if it can be engineered into a wood pole building. Thanks! Bill B.

371 I need a price on two 40' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic doors. but I have a couple questions about them regarding what materials are available, i.e. aluminum, steel, wood, glass, etc. I know you make aluminum door, my friend has one and really likes it, wondering what the price differences are.

372 What would an approximate price for a folding two piece 14 feet high x 24 feet wide? also price on one piece same size with Red Power pump?

373 May have project that includes Hydraulic and Bi-Fold doors and trying to learn more about the new Red Power pump. I need one more door. 48' x 13' Wasn't able to list this door. Really pleased with the last hydraulic door we ordered from your company. It's now five years old and have had no problems with it at all.

374 Please include a separate cost for the labor to install the hydraulic Schweiss door that I just ordered from you. Please also figure the remote control option. I'm assuming this door comes with your new Red Power Pump. Thanks, Jake

375 please qoute landed cost on bifold and hydraulic door 1ea. openinig size is 48'x14'. insulated and shipped to central oregon. your doors seem to be quite popular around these parts. thanks, brad.

376 My door opening is approximately 44' X 11' I'm not sure if the Bifold door is within my budget. Could you give me a ball park price for a bifold and hydraulic door that size? Absolute basic door. Thanks Bob

377 We have a old, old 30' Wide X 20' High roll-up steel door that needs replacing. This design is very poor and we want to consider replacing with a more robust hydraulic Schweiss door. Please provide a budgetary quote for a bifold door as well, suited for this opening.

378 Please quote on the following items and lead-time. 1) 6 sets Schweiss \"Red Power Pump\" Hydraulic Doors (2L 2R) with all their frame and accessories for the openings of following: 2 sets (2L 2R) for 108%u201D (width) X96%u201D (high) opening 4 sets (2L 2R) for 96%u201DX96%u201D opening. 2)2 sets of double doors of size 35-1/2%u201DX93-1/4%u201D, or 2 sets of standard ones (35-1/2%u201DX83-1/4%u201D) All frames are clear anodized.

379 Please quote for 40x12 Schweiss hydraulic lift door, including lead time and delivery to Dayton, Texas Please call with any questions. Construction is starting on hanger next week. Thanks, Doug D.

380 To whom it may concern, We are planning to build a steel frame hangar (50x50). Could you please send info and pricing for a Schweiss 45x14 (planned opening dimensions) bi-fold, and hydraulic door system. If needed, please provide dimensions for a door that will allow a 45x14 opening when open. Thank you! Brad

381 Talked with a sales man at 2006 national frame builders show in nashville and you sent me a info pack but now I need a price on 2 hydraulic doors 1-18'x11' and 1-12'x11' both insulated any questions please call thank terry

382 I just sent a previous e-mail asking for a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door, I gave the dimensions of 44' wide x 13' high, could you also quote me a 14' high door. Thanks, Terry

383 I am currently building a 58'x 58' hanger.I was told about your bifold and hydraulic doors by Phil P. who has three of your doors. My door dementions are 14' high x 44' wide.Your hydraulic with Red Power pump is what I am interested in. I will install myself with your assistance as needed.I will also install my own siding and insulation. No walk through doors or windows.I am currently pricing all materials for the bank. Please respond with door and all assembly hardware etc.prices.Price for Freight charges to NORTH POLE, ALASKA. I estimate my delivery date around MAY if possible. Please e-mail quotes and availabilities soon. Thanks Kenny B.

384 I would like a quote on your Schweiss hydraulic and bifolds. 40'X 10' non-insulated- 40'X 10' insulated- 44'X 10' non-insulated- 44'X 10' insulated- How do you ship to Canada?

385 We would like to receive additional Schweiss Door  information/material regarding your hydraulic doors as well as a possible price list. Send to address above or email address for printing. Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.Sincerely, Vicki L.

386 Have a 12' x 14' opening on a concrete tilt up building. Would like hydraulic door pricing for this opening with a built in walk door with and without installation. What gauge is the metal? Pre-painted?

387 Hydraulic Schweiss Door will require three (3) ea 8'-0\"wide X 3'-0\"high insulated vision panels to be located in the middle of the upper 1/2 of the opening. Vision panels will be spaced equally across the door. Please provide power requirements, push button control, and inside truss configuration. Please provide alte ate for remote control operation. Please provide freight allowance for delivery to Chelan, WA Please provide separate installation quote. Please provide quotation as soon as possible as we are developing final quotation on this project at this time. List accessories available Thank you

388 I need 2 doors 25w 14h hinge at 16 foot one door will have a man door right side I am interested in cable lift and optional hydrolic lift. Will need to have door insulated. Building is on a high bluff in Idaho.

389 I am in the process of buying a new hangar with your bi-fold door already installed. I am curious how much an Upgrade to a remote opener and lift straps would be?

390 I need a price for an opening 60' tall and 16' wide. I would like one quote for a single hydraulic door, and one quote for two doors 30' wide each, if they can be installed side by side for a total opening of 60' thanks


392 Would like some cost for 48' X 12' hydraulic, one piece door system and separate list of accessories and prices. I'll be needing to order a door from you very soon. John

393 We would like to know your best quotation (cost and delivery time) for a door with following demand: clear width 41260 mm total width 41500 mm clear height for passage 11800 mm. with new Red Power unit.

394 We have a project that I want to spec your \"one piece\" hydraulic door for. It is an existing opening of 32'w x 14'h. What I need to know is how fast it opens/closes and what kind of cycle life it would have. This door would be opened appoximately 5 times a day.

395 I have a large shop and storage building that has a 24 foot wide and 15 foot high double sliding door and would like to go to hydraulic door. The side opening supports are heavy ten inch channel iron and the overhead beam is a twelve inch I-Beam. Is there anyway to get a ball-park estimate as to the approximate cost of the door ? Harris H.

396 I received a preliminary quote from you a month or so ago, and I'm sorry to say that I've misplaced the email. I've added the data below again. My building is being built right now. It will be a wood structure with a triple truss as header, and an 8\" column on either side. I think I received a hydraulic quote in late July or August. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my memory the most. Thanks for the help.

397 Can you give me a price for your door, both the Schweiss by-fold and hydrolic lift, for an opening 20X16 feet and 20X18 ft. I'm leaning more towards your hydrolic lift doors because of your Red Power hydrolic pumps which appear to have greater lift. Thank you. Harry.

398 Hi Julie, I haven't asked for a Schweiss Door quote for awhile, but this one looks like it has a good chance of becoming a reality. Quote hydraulic lift one piece door, Red Power Hydraulic Pump, auto latch optional, all the bells and whistles, installed by you. Questions call my cell or email. Burton


400 My boss is interested in building a new big hangar and he's looking for the hydraulic lift doors for thoroughfare area near 53,50 feet (weight), 13,78 feet (height). Could you send me the prices for such doors with the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers? We would install it by ourselves in Poland, but we would like to buy them from you. Please, contact me ASAP so I could give you more details of this quotation. I looked at your web site, very helpful. Thank you Alicia, POLAND

401 ATTN: Julie Thank you for the Schweiss Door catalogues. Please send quotations for (2) 30ft wide X 28ft high doors as specified in this form. Option 1 - Bifold doors w/ optional remote controls (break-out price) Option 2 - One-piece hydraulic lift w/ Red Power hydraulic system, optional remote controls (break-out price) I-beam columns are existing to provide support at each side of the 2 doors. There are existing structural channels headers for both doors. Please send separate quotes for each option.

402 Please provide a quote for this door by 3 p.m. on Monday. How's that for notice. I will need an automatic door opener included with the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door pricing. Please call me if you have any questions. Buzz in Baxter

403 Please submit quotation to supply and deliver a Schweiss hydraulic lift door per specs below. The clear door opening required is 40ft wide X 12ft high. Provide separate prices as follow: Option 1 - Red Power Hydraulic Pump operated Option 2 - Red Power Electrically operated Break-out price for Remote Control. Please list standard parts and features that are included in the price. Metal cladding any trims for the door will be provided by the Building manufacturer.