Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Door Installation

1 Do you have any factory authorized service / maintenance personnel to perform periodic inspections in our local area? Thanks for your help.

2 looking to install Bifolds for schweiss. Any dealer opportunities?

3 Replace vertical multi folding doors with vertical bifold Liftstrap Schweiss type door.

4 My metal livestock building in Arkansas is now ready for the two hydraulic steel doors which I ordered a month ago. Have your Schweiss Door installers come as soon a door can be installed.

5 Have a customer looking at replacing a sliding door. Interested in a price on a hydraulic and bi fold door with liftstraps and autolatches. Which is more popular for a wood building door? Also approx. hrs to install hydraulic and bifold doors?

6 Looking for the list of qualified door installers in Washington state for when my Schweiss hydraulic ampitheater door arrives in April.

7 Quote on the type of rail dump door with respect to its size. Hydraulic or bifold with lift straps. I can pick up at Schweiss Door factory and do the install myself. Schweiss doors are easy to install.

8 I need a budget price for a Schweiss hydraulic door 33'X15', for a new wood construction building in Mexico. Also wondering if you can send Schweiss factory door advisor to supervise installing and site preparation.

9 I have a small shop door with one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors on it and was wondering if there is a remote control door opener that can be installed. 

10 I have an older steel shed with sliding doors. I want to retrofit with hydraulic doors. I have 2 door openings that are 10' high and 10-12' wide. Do you have one piece doors for this small opening? I don't have exact size, but I'm trying to get a shed door of this size. Do you install or offer door kits for owners to install? 

11 Want to convert my 13 x 45 old sliding shop door to a hydraulic Schweiss door. Do you have instructions once I get it so I can do the install?

12 Hi, please inform if Schweiss Door agents and bifold and hydraulic door installers are available in South Africa. We'll be needing four of your very large corporate hangar doors upon completion this spring.

13 Please email me a door quote. We have four garages already built for standard size one piece garage doors, like your hydraulic style garage doors. We like the Schweiss Doors idea better because they are virtually maintenance free doors. Can we install ourselves, or are there local garage door installers?

14 I have a 40 ft. Schweiss hydraulic aircraft hangar door at a Nevada Airport.  I was wondering if I could get a "man-door" installed in the lower segment of the door. Great door, I'm now sold on Schweiss hydraulic doors.

15 Please price me six 20x16 hydraulic farm doors to St. Lucie County. I have installed bigger Schweiss doors before and I have installed your bifolds before. They're easy to install.

16 Prep hydraulic door, 48x18 ft. for interior steel, we will be using 1/2 thermax under the exterior steel, also two framed door window openings 4'x3', prepped for wainscot on exterior.

17 We placed an order for a large hydraulic airport hangar door in Pueblo, Colorado and have now decided we would like the Schweiss team to install the door. We still want this to be a hydraulic door feature.

18 I will be ready to put up the custom made green doors this spring. Go ahead with hydraulic door production. I will pick up doors at Schweiss Door factory and install doors myself.

19 Do you have reps in Ontario, Canada that will install your hydraulic hangar doors? We purchased two floatplane hangar doors from your company which will be delivered in May. 

20 Have a steel commercial building with side sliding doors. App. 24 x 14. Interested in a retrofit to a Schweiss hydraulic door. How soon can you get me this door and have the door installed?

21 What is the lead time required for you to install the hydraulic shop doors you quoted for me?

22 I am looking for Head and Door Jamb details of a Schweiss door. You provided Bid #8613-SW. The building is concrete framed. I need to be able to detail your hydraulic door system on my drawings. Is the door free to the exterior? We were thinking of providing a steel channel at the head and jambs to receive the top hinges and track (if there is one). This should allow the door to sit within the concrete opening and be flush with the exterior of the building. 

23 Building not yet built can be adjusted for door  installation. I ordered a bifold hangar door from you 20 years ago for our hanger in Alberta. We're  very pleased with the door. Current hangar door project is cost sensitive. The building is 16' high. What is the maximum door opening height with each option, hydraulic and bifold doors? 

24 Our building does not have ceiling height or I beams above the museum door opening beyond 24", how do we avoid the use of the "lateral brace on a hydraulic door"? Is there a beam dimension that we could use as a header to eliminate the brace?

25 Do you do any work and installation information on conventional doors? I need work on the tracks of a Hydraulic Hangar Door. If not, I'm seriously considering replacing my door with your Schweiss bifold door. My neighbor has one, it works really slick.

26 Please help me spec your Schweiss hydraulic door: 40x60 x ?, pre-engineered steel bldg.  My client has a Cessna, 210 1. How big a door do I need for this Plane? 2. I don't know how I'm going to lay out this bldg yet. Why do you ask if this is being installed on and End Wall or Side Wall?  3. Please let me know what your clearances are for the door you spec. i.e., If the door is 10' tall, is it just like a rollup and I need to build a 12' eave?? also, need the clearances for the jambs. do you have a motor that hangs off the side?? etc.. In other words, before I design the building and send it in for pricing, please i.d. the size of your door and my install requirements. thank you.

27 32' W X 12" high. hydraulic door width opening is actually 31'7.1/2" inside to inside. Going on old wooden building requiring free standing header.

28 Looking to put a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door in our shop. Will need a big door, but not sure how to measure it up. Can one of your guys stop by and measure it. This is a bonifide order. Love your doors and your hydraulic pump unit and spherical bearings are what really sold me.

29 I have an airplane hangar with a Schweiss bi-fold strap door, it's a steel hangar order number 9579 and serial number 9579 style "S", internal truss. My lift cables and springs are starting to wear and I'd like to convert to your patented liftstrap system. Would also like a quote for a hydraulic door, the opening is 40 by 14 feet. Thanks for your time

30 We purchased some Schweiss hydraulic doors (job 20319, Dallas TX) and they were delivered about a week ago. Do you install? How much would it cost to get these installed? I was hoping I would have the time to install them myself, but things suddenly got busy around here. Doors look great.

31 This hydraulic door will be installed in a Metal Building. How much field labor should I allow to install the Schweiss hydraulic door? Do you furnish a technician.

32 Can you email me the installation and adjustment instructions for my Schweiss hydraulic door. I have one (40' wide). I seem to have lost the instructions which came with the door. You can bill me.  Thank you.

33 I will need some information on the fine adjusting, if there is any for installing a hydraulic door.  This sure fixed my Brand Z door troubles. Now I'm going to take your advice and order a remote opener for it. Thanks. 

34 I am a service/ installing dealer in Illinois and I want to know if you offer any type of service course for my installers to go through as we run into your hydraulic door owners on a regular basis. Probably not much service work, but more installation as I hear your Scheiss bifold and hydraulic one piece doors stand up very well.

35 I am looking for a way to become a certified Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Door servicing/installation technician for Schweiss Doors company. Do you have a qualified service technician for the VA area? If so, how do I contact them? 

36 I have a wood frame farm building with 21x14 sliding door would like to replace with Schweiss bifold or hydraulic, don't have much hight to spare don't know which would best and if there is much price variance would like a rough price and to know if I have to install them or if you have crews that do the installing. Terrific doors you make there.

37 Looking at installing a hydraulic door in an existing hangar. Wondering what type of preparation will be needed after I rip out the old sliding door. How about dimensions, can I get more height? I  will probably need a free standing header. You think?

38 Hi, Any dealers or installers in Toronto for the standard single hydraulic garage doors (X2)? How much does it cost for a one piece Schweiss Hydraulic door with us doing the installation? Thanks. Regards, Ken

39 I would be very interested in becoming a installer and dealer for your doors in our area. Please contact me. I have several customers considering putting in your fine Schweiss Bifold's with liftstraps and hydraulic Red Power doors.

40 Need price on door and installation for metal building with a 14hx40w opening. Hydraulic  insulated door with walk through door within door.

41 I am interested in the price for a quote on a 20 foot wide hydraulic door that is 14 foot high. Usuable space. Would the door frame have to be taller than the 14 foot to get a full 14 foot of usuable space? Is the price installed or can a contractor purchase the door and install it. I have installed a lot of overhead doors but no hydraulic doors --yet! I hear tell that Schweiss Doors are easy to install.       

42 We are interested in the ability to increase door size and expand our product line. Possibly becoming a dealer/distributor/installer. I believe in my metro area, I could sell dozens of your Schweiss hydraulic designer doors and bifold doors. I'd be willing to come meet you at your factory.

43 The hydraulic hangar door I just ordered from you is to be installed on a existing concrete block constructed hangar with pre-engineered roof trusses and wood door framing. The location is at  Englewood. Florida. Looking forward to seeing your installation crew come down. I'll show them a good time. Do they like to eat alligator tail?

44 Can I get the Schweiss door hydraulic frame to install myself. I want to remove sliding doors for yours for better seal in winter aprox size is inches less than 12 high x14 wide.

45 Steel and Aluminum Construction Price. Hydraulic door, Manual and Electric Drive Price. Needs to include a man door. Depending on prices, possibly replacing 16 doors. With and without Free Standing Headers. Cost of full installation. Supervision, and Checkout if we were to do our own installation.

46 I own an executive hangar in Hemet, California (HMT) with 60' traditional Schweiss bifold strap door. My preference would be to have someone more technically savvy than I to install another door for us on an adjoining hangar.  So, two questions: (A) do you have technicians in the SoCal area who would be qualified to install a Schweiss hydraulic door? (B) What is the cost of installation and how long will it take?

47 We are bidding on a project that you have provided a quote for an 60 foot by 15 foot Hydraulic door. We inquired about door erection and you told an estimator here that we could install it. Can you share the crew size you would use and the length of time you would estimate for your crew to install. I feel we can then adjust this time to come up with a resonable time to put in our quote for the building and door to the owner. Thanks 

48 Please quote a 40x16 clear hydraulic door and with hydraulic door installed. Please also include option for free standing header installed. Please also FAX design information for both a bifold and hydraulic door for metal building manufacturer. 

49 In addition to a quote on your hydraulic doors, I was curious if you have any contractors local to West Fargo, ND that you work with to do the installation of the doors for me?

50 We are a metal building manufacturer. I am quoting a small building for gentleman in Gold Hill, NC. He says that he was told by his friend that he can fit a 38' wide hydraulic door in a 40' wide building. In my experience, I need at least 30" on each side. What's your experience?

51 Hello I have some questions about installing your hydraulic doors 1st could I get a quote on two hydraulic  doors @ 70' long by 25' tall. Other question would be easier on the phone please call at your earliest convenience thanks 


53 I have an old corrigated metal Columbia building. I would like to know the materials available for the skin of your hydraulic doors? I am considering installing myself. Also wondering how complicated, or should I say, easy, it would be for me to do the install myself.

54 I am a structural engineer in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I have a client that is planning on building a private hangar in the Appleton, Wisconsin area and he will be installing your hydraulic doors in (2) 45'Wx14'H openings. Can you supply me with loading info and details for installation. The building is wood framed but I am not sure what type of frame I need to supply to support the door. There will be one sidewall door and one endwall door.

55 I am looking at purchasing a steel building, I am looking at a hydraulic door and if I remember correctly you require some room higher than the clear opening height to accommodate your door in the full up position, or is that just for the bifold door? That being said, your door frame would have to be outside the building. I am trying to wrap my head around how to tie the building to your door frame for a weather proof installation. If you have any details to help me better see how this is done, it would be greatly appreciated.  

56 A local construction company called yesterday to ask if my son and I would hang 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors for him. One is 28 wide X 23 high s and one is nearby and a 62 wide X 16 high. I don't have any kind of a pricing guide because we do not keep track of the time it takes on our own jobs as it is just part of the overall installation labor cost. Can you tell me what you would charge to hang these doors if they were about 100 miles from your shop? Also, when will they ship, or have they already been sent? FYI....It looks like I finally have enough buyers to build the 6 unit hangar at Longmont.

57 Can you recommend a hydraulic door installer based around the Colorado Springs or Denver area? I may have a new lead for both of us but first owner wants us to replace his old sliding door. Please send me a list of hydraulic door installers you've worked with.

58 Do you know of anyone that can sell and install air floatplane hangar doors. Something like 50 ft x 16 ft white hydraulic, insulated with remotes?

59 We have a new Schweiss hydraulic door coming to central NY, and now are interested in getting it installed do you have any installers in our area. Thought we could do it, but we're just too busy this time of year. Thanks

60 I have a hydraulic door (hanger) and would like an installation guide site or papers or manual. I know this sounds weird but I have built about everything to do with commercial and residential but have not put a hanger door together and I don't want to screw your door up. Thanks for your time my client will appreciate your door when it is completed.

61 You guys sent info on hydraulic door for my hangar bldg. quite some time ago.  I'd like a local rep to discuss hydraulic door installation issues. Please contact me about this door. I have many questions about many details

62 Do you do any installation of the framework or just deliver it to the job-site? We will be replacing an existing door that got damaged in a severe wind storm with one of your hydraulic doors providing we get the bid. Thanks Carl

63 Prep hydraulic door order for full height interior liner. Please quote installation by Schweiss at location just outside of Branson, Missouri.

64 We are building a concrete salt shed with our own crew but want Schweiss Doors to install our hydraulic doors, or recommend one of your installers on the east coast to us. Installation by September in New Jersey.        

65 Wondering where the closest Schweiss Doors dealer/installer is and if they will do installs in NW Minnesota. Initially we were going to install the two hydraulic doors, but are getting too busy, can you guys work it into your schedule?

66 I need a price on a 30' hydraulic door to be installed by your crew in South Dakota. I want  two remotes. Also let me know when you can install. Thank You, Rob


68 I am looking for a local installer operating in New York metropolitine area. I decided I don't have time to install the Schweiss hydraulic door myself afterall. Who can you recommend?

69 This is Door number two of two hydraulic doors for you to deliver. Please apply the building construction type of this door to the previous quote request. This will be all new construction. The first hydraulic door went in like a breeze, really like it. Your installers do a great job and don't waste a second of time.

70 We just purchased a 72' hydraulic door which was just shipped and is scheduled to be installed on Monday. We are supposed to provide the lift equipment, and I need to know specifically what kind of lift unit is required. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP AS I NEED TO LINE IT UP TODAY.  

71 Considering bifold and single piece door for a machine shop. Would like a kit I can assemble myself. Door size is 14 high by 15 wide. Can you include insulation and remote opener too.

72 Do you offer weight and load specifications for your Schweiss hydraulic doors? We are looking to include these in an upcoming ballpark and I am preparing specifications for the project.

73 Looking for employment installing your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold specialty door systems and hangar door systems for over 25 years as foreman and project manager. I've installed many of your Schweiss Doors, especially like installing your designer doors. I have also installed your crane doors, ag, hangar, garage, industrial doors and residential doors in both the bifold liftstrap, cable and hydraulic one piece models. The install instructions you supply with your doors are very understandable and your Schweiss Door website tells me everything I need to know. If you'd like, I can give you a long list of satisfied Schweiss Door customers who love your doors and who have been satisfied with my work.

74 Est. on install for a 48' x 16' ag. barn door. We had originally decided to install the Schweiss hydraulic barn door ourselves, but find that we have been too busy with farm work here to get it done. How soon can you install door here?

75 I used to be with a garage door company in western KY as a installer, Just wanted to let you know that I have relocated to Missouri and would like to be put on your Schweiss Door installer list for hydraulic and bifold doors.

76 Do you have qualified door installers in our area for our Schweiss hydraulic door when it arrives? Our contractor got too busy to do it. I hear Schweiss doors are easy to install, maybe I could do it. Can you send bifold door install direction guide.

77 I have a 50X12 Schweiss Hydraulic hangar home door purchased in 2009 and installed myself. It's been wonderful. My neighbor now wants a similar door and is wondering if I can install it. Schweiss Doors are easy to install, what equipment will he need? I'll have him contact you with hangar home door size.

78 Can you please mail us some brochures and pricing on your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold straplift insulated industrial grade doors. can you assist with installation in Manitoba and Saskatchewan? 

79 INSTALL MANUAL FOR THE SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC DOOR I HAVE ON ORDER. I want to go through things before door shows up.

80 Just wondering what the price difference is between a hydraulic and bi-fold door and if we can save some money by installing one of your doors ourselves. I have a 30' x 16' space. The building isn't anything fancy its just a wooden pole barn. Price a free standing header for me too.

81 Just wondering if you have any dealers close to me to price a door and find out if they install. I'm located in British Columbia, Canada and looking to install a crane door in straplift bifold or hydraulic design. Impressed with your Red Power Pumps and spherical bearings. The hydraulic Schweiss door appears to be a very rugged and well built door. 

82 I was just wondering if you had any installers in southern Iowa and where they are. The two  hydraulic doors I ordered from you a couple weeks ago are due to arrive. I thought I would have time to install them, but something else came up. My hired hand on the farm doesn't want to do it either, even though I showed him the instructions and explained they were easy to install.

83 I'm putting in a definate order on a 40x17 hydraulic door with a man door. I'm in Le Sueur, MN and could drop by your Schweiss factory to load it on my semi and then install it. Give me a call one week prior to the time I can come get it. The Power Pump unit on my last hydraulic door from you sure works slick. Plenty of muscle.

84 I am bidding the erection of an airplane hangar with a 19' tall x 60'wide overhead lift hangar door system with opener and all related accessories, weather stripping and parts. They spec out a Schweiss Hydraulic Schweiss Door. Although I have erected hundreds of buildings, I have never assembled and installed one of these doors. Do you have a drawing you could e-mail to me on assembly so I know how much to add to my erection figure how much assembly is required for a door this size?

85 Please provide pricing for the following: (16) 41'-6"x12' hydraulic doors (1) walkdoor in each Shipped to a small town near Whitefish, MT. When it comes delivery time, can I get these shipped four at a time so I can begin the install. Your install directions on the Schweiss website seem pretty clear. I'm pretty sure an old boy like me with my sons help can "Get 'Er Done."

86 I have a customer looking for a hydraulic door quote the opening is 24' wide x 14' high, looking at bifold type door or hydrolic lift door to fill the opening, I 'm sure there are several options on these doors, he is looking at installing himself (has installed before) It is an existing opening in a post frame building. Need to get this info ASAP please. Easiest to contact me on Cell# above, If you need more information. Thank you, Jim Z.

87 14X50 door opening and frame, cost and how soon can I have one Schweiss hydraulic door delivered to Montana. Any extra cost for you to install.  I've seen your doors, you guys really put your heart into them.

88 Our dedicated team of installers want to learn more about your great hydraulic door products and different door styles, techniques are to be strictly followed to ensure that our clients from world over get the best Installation service. Please reply to this email so we can chat about your great door products.

89 Please email quote for 2 doors 14 X 14. Quote bifold & hydraulic lift Red Power Electrical Systems. It is a new construction to begin as soon as the rains quit. Thanks Lee Anne

90 I just submitted a request for a quote for a hydraulic lift one piece door and see that you do provide installation. I would prefer that you quote it with installation and also with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps, the most powerful you have. 

91 Do you make pre-hung doors with their own frames in both your Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic one piece door styles? If I go with your Red Power line how does that fit in?

92 Do your company install Schweiss hydraulic lift doors in France? Do you ship Red Power hydraulics separate from doors. Thanks for your answer Marcel

93 Need a 40 X 16 hydraulic door with Red Power electrically powered system opener. Door to be insulated and steel liner. Want installed price and installers to place steel on outside. This is the first time I've Schweiss Doors for a quote of this nature on a customers building so if sales could call me I would appreciate it so there is no confusion.

94 I have a nominally 8'x8' opening and would like to utilize an overhead Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power hydraulic safety system. Can you tell me who installs your product in my area of Washington State? Thank

95 Need price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 14 high 38 wide with Red Power Option (if needed) for a wood frame building with 6x6 post and structual truss header just the frame, will sheet on site Thanks Jake S.

96 Can walk doors be installed in the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors we already have? The doors are about 6 months old. And approx. cost? Really like the Red Power hydraulics on our door. It opens fast, quiet and smoothly every time.

97 Can you put a walk door in Schweiss hydraulic lift  insulated doors that have already been installed? Should have ordered them that way the first time. Would also be interested in your new Red Power hydraulic pump for faster lift. You guys sure make nice doors I recommend them to friends.

98 I would like info on hydraulic lift door installers/ distributors of your products in Northern Idaho. If there are none, can Schweiss Doors do the install. We want doors that will have your Red Power Electrical systems as they will need good lift.

99 One of our customers is installing a 40' Schweiss hydraulic lift door here in Alberta and I am wondering if the spec pages could be forwarded to us so that we can design the Girder needed to support your door. How about specs on your Red Power hydraulic backup system too.

100 I have a contractor looking for information on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door and or a Bifold door. He asked me to have you send brochure outlining specifics on your Red Power hydraulic pumps giving info on what size for what size door. Also strap lift info on bifold door.

101 I have a project with an existing Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door, 38'0\" wide x 12'4\" High. It has insulated foam panel on the bottom Section and Insulated Glass on the top Panel My customer wants to modify the door to create (2) Doors; 1 - 10'2\" (Aprox) x 12'4 High and 1 - 28'0\" (Aprox) x 12'4\" High Is is possibe for your engineering department to provide a quote on what would be required to do this modification in the field, or does the customer need to replace the existing door(s) with new doors for the new openings? He also wants your new Red Power pumps for better lift. Can he install them?

102 Please answer: What is the R value on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors? Can I get four remotes? Do I need to do any structural improvements to my pole barn style farm shop? It has double 6x6 posts on either side of the door already. Will the door, when fitted with Red Power hydraulic pump open slightly more than horizontal if I need it to?

103 I was wondering if Schweiss Doors is looking for any more installers or installation crews I have 23 years in the door business. I have experience in all phases of installation, mechanical, electrical. You name it I've done it. A foreman for over 15 years running 10 man crews. Flying all over the country installing from standard tip ups, aperture sliders, bi-folds, hydraulic lift doors, explosion proof, crane rail set ups. vertical lift panel lifts, high speed fabric doors, monster rolling steel doors with 10in slats, sound proof bi-folds, cantilever style doors with removable mullions. Countless retrofits for tail doors for the the new C-130. If at all interested or just want to talk drop me a line. Thanks Martin

104 Do you have experienced expert Schweiss Door hydraulic lift door installers that are familiar with your Red Power Electrical System that you would recommend or could send near San Jose, in Northern California? Thanx J.

105 Hi, Im looking for contractors in my area of New Mexico who can install your Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors...can you recommend someone? Saw your doors and accessories on the Schweiss Doors web site. Pretty neat doors, you seem to know what the customer needs.

106 could you install a Schweiss red powered hydraulic lift one piece door in guadalajara mexico?? how much would it cost me to bring the door and have it installed??Enrique

107 I am in need of Installation and Maintemamce manuel for a Schweiss Bi-fold door installed at West Houston Medevac's hanger. It is a bottom drive, jackshaft-strap model. Also will be contacting you for installation of one of your Red Power hydraulic lift doors in about a month. Thanks Jim

108 Have two questions on your 40 ft. x 12 ft. Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Can we get by with a 24\" to 30\" wedge height? This is a wood frame building with 2 x 6 walls and osb sheeting, siding is metal delta rib, do we have to sheet your door with osb sheeting before we install the delta rib on your Red Power System door? Thank you for your quick response

109 I have a question regarding the location of the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door side column. If the post is located 1/2(flange width) from the opening (7\"/2 = 3.5\"), the bolt for the upper hinge would interfere with the web with the bolt shown at 3\". It does not seem correct to move the column over 1 1/2\" for bolt room because the door roller would not fall on the flange. Does the bolt location get moved? Thanks.

110 We sell and install hangers all across Ontario, Canada. We are installing 2 hangers at our local airport and need pricing on your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors which should have your Red Power Electrical Systems and remote controls. Can you contact me. I've got a bunch of jobs coming.

111  I am looking for the best system to apply to a single-panel door for an application between two concrete walls. I have looked at the hydraulic lift systems but they kick the door out to the outside of the space. Do you have anything where the door moves inward to the interior, possibly counterweighted? I would be interested to hear what ideas Schweiss Doors has on this matter.

112 Building not yet constructed. Which is better steel or wood construction for inclusion of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic backup system. 

113 Do you have Schweiss Hydraulic Lift and Bifold Door representatives in Portugal? Are your Red Power Electrical Systems set up to work here? Best regards,  Paulo

114 Do you have a company that reps you and/or installs in the Los Angeles area? We're looking at a big commercial order for hydraulic lift doors, and really want to get them from Schweiss Doors because of your established reputation for quality. But once we order, we want them put in right away. Like your Red Power pump.

115 We want to quote this Schweiss Red Power unit with our 70 ft hydraulic lift door that you already did for us and we want them both insulated. Your doors are fantastic, couldn't have made a better choice. Your installation crews really know their jobs and treat customers with respect. Thank you

116 Hello, I have a Schweiss bi-fold door. It works great after all these years. Now I am considering putting a hydraulic lift door on my semi-trailer repair shop. Any chance I can install this large door. Is installation of Red Power Electrical system something I would have to hire an electrician for. How much would you charge to install. Still in Laramie, WY,  Thanks Rip

117 I wanted to pass along my commendation of your talented Schweiss Doors installation crew for their good work on hanging my door. They were professional, prompt and very nice to deal with. I would, and intend to, recommend them to anyone in southeast Texas. I appreciate your recommendation. I just wish I had known about them before I built my hangar. Alan D. New Waverly, Texas

118 Need a Schweiss Doors certified dealer to sell and install 4 doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps at a dairy near Prighar, Ia.


120 Installation: Do you have trained Schweiss Door contractors to install your doors or would we install the door? Specification calls for a hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power motor.

121 We would like to outsource the installation for our Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift hangar door. Can you recommend someone in our area that is qualitied to perform the maintenance for us? Or is your crew available to travel to Texas? Thank you, Jennifer

122 Some years ago I had an arrangement with a company in Eldorado Springs to manufacture their light series of bifold doors here. I sold my business a year ago and now work as a project consultant on a large plant installation. They have a need for many large doors, the first two are now being made with line shaft and aircraft cables, but I want to get hooked up with your better quality Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors. The first door I want is 72 by 24 and we would like to go for the hydraulic lift swing type. Due to shipping costs we are looking for an arrangement where we would be supplied the complete operating system and we would merely build the door frame on site. We operate on 415 volts 50 cycle 3 phase. Or 240 volt 50cycle single phase. Will that work OK with your Red Power Electrical System. If you are interested I would like a ballpark figure for the operating system and shipping weight. Regards Sidney

123 Our hangar has a opening of approx.50 feet wide by 14 tall, can your company recommend anyone who can install on the west coast, or can Schweiss Doors send out a crew? We want a hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System.


125 Hi there. I'm a contractor in Alberta, Canada, and I have a customer who is interested in a Schweiss  hydraulic door system. I do have a few questions. First of all, does your team have to install the door to retain warranty, or can my regular overhead door guys do it? Secondly, is there a weather stripping down the sides that the door closes against? I'd imagine the tracks would have to be exterior? If so, do you have any problems with ice getting in the tracks? Do I have to order a taller door to have the amount of headroom as I would have with a traditional overhead door? Finally, do the doors have any method to be locked, or do they simply lock themselves as they 'over-center'?

126 Mike, I have had my Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door functioning now for about 4 months and it is all you said it would be. I love it. But actually I'm writing to tell you, boss to boss, about my appreciation of your installation crew. They were very professional in every way, showing attention to detail, not cutting any corners, always polite, clean cut and respectful to me and my family. I too have a business that requires me to send out work crews and I always appreciate it when someone tells me something similar. It makes my day. These type workers bring back repeat and new business and are important to our operations. Thought you'd like to know. Take them out to lunch, I did. See you down the road.  Jack in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

127 Tried to download Red power electrical diagram. Pictures don't print. Interested in picture diagram for electrical overview or manual. We already ordered and received a hydraulic door with Red Power pump from you. Trying to install. I'm not very mechanically inclined and don't have many tools, so I may have Schweiss crew put it together for me afterall. When you do come to Utah next?

128 I have an all steel building and was wondering what it would cost for a Schweiss bifold or a hydraulic door for a 24ft. wide by 14ft. tall opening. I would install it. Might need some instructions on how to attach your Red Power hydraulic pump system. My wife finally gave in, I can't wait to get this Schweiss door in operation.  Thank you, Barney

129 I need a quote on a 100' wide by 28' clear opening insulated Schweiss hydraulic door. In central MI. How soon after I place an order can you get your crew up here to install it? My time frame is running shorter by the day.

130 I recently received a phone call form a gentleman at Schweiss Doors inquiring as to when I would like my door hydraulic door shipped. I managed to delete the voicemail accidentally. I would say that the schedule looks like the door would be needed sometime during the first week of June, although the schedule is somewhat indefinite as I have not received plans from my contractor for building permit submittal. Please give me a call to discuss further. We could wait until I submit my plans and then go out 3 weeks or so. I expect quick building permit issuance. Can't wait to operate your Red Power Door. I'm excited as all get out. Thank you for your patience, Schweiss Doors is a great customer oriented business to do business with. Timothy

131 Going into wood framed building. Do you think a Schweiss hydraulic lift door will work better than a bifold door for this type building. What Kind of wait will be on header? I'm thinking the Red power electrical system might work best for this. What do you think. I'm open to suggestions.

132 We are seriously looking at doing a facility expansion to a project called B. L. D.'s in Lakeland Florida, there are (2) hydraulic one piece doors 50' wide x 18' high. I would like to get a cost of these doors including Schweiss Red Power hydraulics, engineering and installation

133 I purchased a hydraulic one piece door from you a few weeks back. Decided I won't have time to install it myself, will your Schweiss Door crew be in the North Dakota area soon. I did get the Red Power hydraulic pump unit mounted. Sheldon

134 I have an opening 20 feet wide and 15 feet tall. I would like a price Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors. The shop is a steel structure. I would pick the door up at your factory and install it myself. I'll need instruction on installation of your new Red Power hydraulic pump and backup. Thanks Scott

135 I would like detailed instructions of the correct installation steps for the Schweiss hydraulic doors. I have a company wanting our company to install 3 of these doors with Red Power hydraulic systems. Before we consider taking it on I would like to review the generally recommended method of installation. You may call me on my cell (faster) if you have questions or just email me at the above. Thanks, Devin

136 We are looking for a vertical opening hydraulic one piece door, the site is on the coast in a very windy position, your Schweiss doors to have maximum windows possible, if possible backup operation with your Red Power hydraulic electrical system, sizes are 8200mm wide x 8000mm high clear sizes, site is in Dorset, England. We have to submit our price on Tuesday morning !! Do you have a supplier in England? If not, we can arrange for shipment and traveling expense and first class accommodations for Schweiss installment team.

137 I need a 50x12 door at the Boise City, Oklahoma Airport --steel construction I need a 12x13 door at Keyes, Oklahoma about 15 miles east of the airport for a shop --Concrete construction. I need the Schweiss hydraulic doors installed and with Red Power hydraulic pumps. I do not know of anyone that can put the doors up I would like the price by e-mail for both type of doors

138 I have A Client looking for a 40' Wide x 16' tall hydraulic door, will need to be insulated. May need you to Install Schweiss Doors Red Power Electrical system, will be in MT Sterling OH

139 Require Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power options, with clear span of 14m X 4.2m height. I think your crew came to Victoria once to install at the local airport. If you can't install please direct me to someone who can.

140 Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to ask you to send me complete information and estimate for Bi-Folds gates that are 12 meters width and 5 meters high- 8 pieces total. It will be great if you give us information about installations and some documentations in CAD. In your estimate please include electric and manual opener, installation training, transport cost to place of overseas shipment, or if you have experience in shipment to Europe or Poland. Please give us as well terms of buying, eventual possible terms of the warranty from our side and basically all needed information.

141 I am looking for a durable bi-fold door. Please quote an option to install this door as well. Please also quote an option for strap lift.

142 I GOT A one-piece hydraulic door QUOTE. I NEED SOME INFO ON WHAT IS NEEDED TO INSTALL A 40X12 SCHWEISS hydraulic one-piece door?????? I HAVE INSTALLED Schweiss bi-fold DOORS, BUT NOT the one-piece hydraulic door. JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT TOOLS I NEED. IF YOU CAN HELP THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

143 About how long woild it take to install a 25' x 70' bi fold or hydraulic door if we do it ourselves?

144 This is a technical question about installation of a door. It is 40'x14'. Need a technical drawing of the top mounting steel beam and the side steel I beam columns to give building designer needed info to design and quote building. Any additonal info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

145 Our schedule for hangar build is around Sept of this year. We will be building a 48' x 56' pole barn construction hangar. Do you have a .pdf install guide available for a free standing door attaching to a wood building? We need information to determine door placement and stresses we may encounter with a 44' hydraulic lift door with 12' of free clearance. Thanks, Doug

146 Your add says you install bifold and hydraulic doors ??? If so I need the installer to contact me. However don't bother sending me a first timer installer experienced only with projects that I can go see.

147 I am looking for a 40 foot hydraulic one piece door that will open to 12 feet clearance. I have an installer, unless you have one in this area. Do I have to order backup systems, or do they come installed in your doors.

148 I did a more accurate measurement of the door opening and it is smaller than I thought. Wide: 114\" Height: 124\" Our building is on two lots both 25' x 80' and the building covers both lots as two connected buildings. So the garage is 80' deep and the firts 16' is not used for parking. It is used to keep open area to help the cars manuever out and has storage shelves on the sides for car cleaning stuff and also has a door entrance separate from the garage door. It is all cement building with wood rafters. As you may recall, we want a Schweiss hydraulic door. Thank you. We need to know if the Red Power unit is quiet. Mary

149 Need information on gutter installation on my Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors!

150 This Schweiss hydraulic door would be installed in an already constructed wood frame, brick veneer building. I can provide a picture of the building if needed. Can you provide the finish opening width and hieght dimensions with the quote? Also include best Red Power pump for this door and extra remote control.

151 I am the commercial estimator and I have a couple of projects I have questions about. 1) I have been asked to submit a bid for installing one of your hydraulic doors. Our firm has not installed one of your doors as of yet so some installation instructions would help in my decision to take the job on. 2) I also have a project I am looking at that requires a 48'x24' door. This must be electrically operated. Could you please supply me with a generic shop drawing so I can refer to the required clearances needed. I could also use a quote on this hydraulic door. Do you have any dealers for your product in western Canada? If not are you looking for dealers?

152 Can a walk door be installed in an existing Schweiss  door? If so, can I install it, and how does one go about it.

153 How thick is the wall thickness of your 1.5 and 2.0 square tubing on your hangar doors? I can't afford to buy a door outright so need to build one of my own (piece meal). I have the design penciled out but would like to know the metal specifications of the tubing you use in your doors. I see you at the EAA Arlington fly in everyear but haven't asked the question. My door will be approximately 40 ft wide by 16 feet high. I'm wanting to buy the tubing and metal from Schweiss Doors, but need to know what type/wall thickness to order. Any chance you could help?

154 HI for H. Iron Works. I am doing the prliminary layout and design for the metal building and would like to get the hinge post spacing and minimum jamb size for this size hydraulic door Thank You, Tim W.

155 The hangar currently has an opening 39.5 feet wide by 8.5 feet high in the middle and sloping right to left. The opening also has gussets at the top corner each end. Does the opening need to be squared up for a hydraulic door to function fluidly?

156 I am working on a Metal Building with a 20'x70 door in it. What kind of loads are imposed on the structure by such a hydraulic one piece door size and or what magnitude deflections can be tolerated by the door, ie vertical frame deflection, horizontal frame sway. I get the impression the support member directly over the door needs to be braced for inward deflection normal to the wall. what deflection is this ?? Steven H.

157 Looking for a quote on a hydraulic door 65 x 18, also do you have contractors to hang your door, can I hang it and do you have Schweiss Door installation crews in Texas? Thanks

158 i am wondering how mutch head room is needed for a 12x14 Schweiss hydraulic door requires

159 Need quote on 12 units 41'6\" (-) width x 12'0\" height each with a 3-0 x 6-0 ( ) personnel door built into lower section of hydraulic door panel Electric operator F.O.B. Gainesville, TX Need installation details and typical head & jamb sections Thank you.


161 My hydraulic door is already up. What I need is your company to come and put weather seals in the door as soon as possible. I would like to have you do your work before I have foam put on the door. Please give me a call Thanks Gary M.

162 I need to know man hours to estimate for a budget for installing a hydraulic door . We will be installing 2 doors ( 1 ) 40 foot wide x 20 ft tall ( 1 ) 26 foot wide x 20 ft tall please breakdown as follows man hrs to hang and sheet doors man hrs to mechanically hook up a get door operational assuming electrical work is by others man hrs required to insulate doors

163 I am detailing the bldg. for your bid. The A-1 - A-5 sheet have been faxed a few times and some what hard to read, If I had some blanks of these would help and any other info. that may be helpfull would be great.  I have done some of your hydraulic doors in the past but it has been awhile. Thanks, Shawn

164 I need a quote on a hydraulic door. My frame around the door is 5 1/2 inch round pipe. Will this work OK.

165 Hello, We placed an order for a one piece hydraulic door and someone from your office called to let me know that the door would be shipped soon. I asked Schweiss for a list of installers which, was promptly sent to me. When I contacted one of your listed installers, the person I talked to told me he could not install the door because of an injury. Do you have an updated list with other installers close to Las Vegas?  HELP! Thanks, Bill K.

166 If I have to anchor above door I will run into eave. 3/12 pitch, building is 32' wide door starts 4ft from right side and is 16 wide. Eave is 8\" wide and sticks out about 5 1/2\" For reference there is 24\" clearance above door 61\" from the right side of door. Eave is lower than door on right side of building. Side posts of door are 6\"x6\". Will I be able to have your hydraulic door installed? If not, will the bifold work better?

167 We are a building Rep and G.C. and putting a Aviation Hangar together and need some information on the Free Standing Header system for our Hydraulic Schweiss door package. We are looking for a system that will have the least load on the building. I need (4) 60' wide openings on the Sidewall of a building, that we need to keep the overall length to a minimum. I also need to know what the minimum distance should be between the doors. There must be (4) 60' wide and 20' high doors on both the front and back sidewalls for a total of (8) doors. The building will be 120' wide--- so my minimum length must be? Please let me know what the load calculations would be so we know how to figure this into our buildings engineering.

168 Dear Sir or Madam: I have been speaking with Jeremy regarding this project. Bi-fold doors were not able to be installed in the canted wall (the cant of the wall is 5.09 degrees), since Jeremy felt the latching mechanism wouldn't work properly we've decided to go with your hydraulic door instead. The door is approximately 12' high and 38' long and would be clad in stainless steel mesh, over channel, over the Schweiss frame. I emailed a sketch for review to Please call me to discuss if the hydraulic lift would work better for our application. Thank you for your time and understanding. Sincerely, Chris

169 Can you quote us a price to install our 16 foot clear heigth door x 54 feet clear width that you sent us as if you lived in town, no travel costs and quote us the approx hours to install for a first timer. We did the door installation on our own but want to negotiate a discount with the contractor who was to install it. We find if the door clear heigth is 16 feet the wedge is only about 25 inches.and if the wedge is 30 inches the door heigth is about 15 feet 7 inches. Did we do something wrong. Give us a call to discuss.

170 We'd like to place an order for one of your 12'w X 14' h hydraulic lift doors.Schweiss delivers the door to the jobsite but, who installs it and the Red Power Electrical System? Do you have a list of approved installers for your door? Do you have a \"ball-park idea of how much the installation should cost? Please advise. Thanks, Cary

171 I need to know how the doors are shipped. How many sections etc. Are the skins on the doors or do I install skins? How about Red Power hydraulic pumps, are they installed or will I need to attach them? A catalog might explain this if you care to send one. Thanks, Dumont