Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Door Parts

1 looking for hydraulic door parts --a pair of cylinders that would lift a wood frame door with sheet metal on the outside. Door is 14' wide by 9' tall. Would like a price on this if possible.

2 Can I order a replacement gasket/seal/sweep for the bottom of a bi-fold door from you? model number: S30 No. L9E Serial NO. Thank you, SL

3 Need a quote on the rubber that goes on the top of the hanger doors. I have a 40 foot door and would like the rubber to be 12 inches wide

4 I have older Schweiss bifold doors on my hangar and the pulleys need to be replaced. They are 3" OD and 5/8" ID. Do you sell replacement pulleys and how much are they (I need all four). Thank you, CM

5 I would like to get a quote on a motor and hydraulic pump with remote if possible for a hanger door. Thanks

6 We have an aircraft hanger bifold door that needs the 240V, 2hp, 1 phase hydraulic opener replaced. Do you have a parts manual or is this a service you provide and do you have a contact for the Austin, Texas area. Thank you.

7 Can i get cost and availablity on a radio controls for one of your Schweiss bifold doors please

8 . I have a hangar door s/n 16071 and decided I'd like to replace the 6 springs that are part of the center mechanism. Do you carry? If not, do you know where I can get them? Thsanks Dan

9 Need to order a new bottom seal for my door. Can Schweiss help me with this?

10 Need a remote control replacement. Thanks, Barron

11 I help PSA Airlines at the Cincinnati Airport with maintenance at their hanger building. Do you do any work or provide Leeson motors and hanger doors?

12 I need a seal kit for the Schweiss hydraulic cylinder on my door. What info. do you need from me, or can you tell me what I need to know to get the seals locally? You can send it to me by e-mail.

13 We have a Schweiss door that was installed give or take 2012. We are in need of a new hydraulic ram that was damaged by a fork truck.

14 Please advise price and availability for one K6036G-1 Drive Shaft for a hydraulic door.. Regards, Steve

15 Put in some doors in 2009 w/ remote openers. Of course fobs have been lost. Are they replace able or do I need to replace the whole remote? What is the cost for this now? Really like your hydraulic doors. Thank you Leonard Andrew

16 We are in need of a hydraulic pump motor URGENT Induction motor MAX.AMB. C:40 TENV P/N AM61-8GAK-3BA2R-N M/N 808200821 KW 1.5 RPM 1700 IP 44 PH:1 YLX90L-4F HZ: 60 RATED 24/12 Duty. S3. INS CL B. Current motor received storm damage.

17 Hello I would like to build a bifold door for a hangar in Australia. Is it possible for you to supply the mechanical components for a door that I may be build here in Australia? Thanks Kent Corney

18 Currently have "homemade" bifold door with cables that would need to be removed and replaced with liftstraps. Also want a price on a hydraulic pump and two cylinders.

19 Looking for weather seal for the top of a hydraulic hangar door. Needs to be 20" and we need approx. 81'. Is this something we can get. Thanks Kevin

20 looking for a quote on a 60'x 18' hydraulic door with remote and auto-locks for a new hangar.

21 Attn: Brent Sorry this took so long. Turns out I sent my inquiry through your site. I am looking to hinge a heavy table with your grease zerk hinges, 100lbs to 175lbs, so that it can rise and drop easily. It has a span of 87 inches and height of 30 inches on a pivot bar. Please get back to me. I cannot add jpegs for you from here. Let me know. Thanks

22 Hello' Please send us a quotation for 2 cylinders and 3 hinges for container hydraulic door. Also need installation instructions.

23 If anyone can help, it's probably Schweiss. My hydraulic door was built by Hydroswing. They used a thick fabric weather (flashing) strip along the top. I will try to include a picture. Mine is weathered and failing and I can no longer contact Hydroswing. Should have ordered a Schweiss door.. Please help me find a proper replacement. thanks, ernest

24 I am looking for a replacement cylinder for one of our doors. The cylinder is approx. 115" long by 3" bore. This is not a Schweiss door, so I may have to order two cylinders to match each other. Thank you

25 Hello, Kindly provide us your best price for the following item; Enerpac Hydraulic Pump -10,000psi. 40 pieces Looking forward to doing business with your company Thank you. Sincerely yours, Esther Zimmerman Director, Purchase & Strategic Sourcing CVS Health Corporation One CVS Drive Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895

26 Heard that you all make a top loading seals for hydraulic doors. Do you have any pictures of these hydraulic door seals.

27 Hi, I just came across your Schweiss ball screw electric Linear Actuators for opening a large side door on a shipping container. I am trying to work out a way to open a 5m x 2.3m door on the side of my 6m shipping container. Would i please be able to get a quote for 2 of your ball screw electric Linear Actuators? Cheers, Tyler


29 Hi , We installed a 40ft Schweiss hydro door on a Wick Machine shed in the late 70's. I need a new rubber seal for the bottom of the door . Wondering if I can get it from you and how much it is. Thanks , Jon

30 We have a automatic hydraulic door needs some parts if someone get back to me I have pictures and numbers I can send to try to explain what I'm looking for, thank you

31 We have a hydraulic door with the remote door latch. I'm looking to purchase additional remotes. I can I buy them through here or where do I purchase them?

32 Can my existing year old bifold strap door be changed/altred to include remote control?

33 Looking to get a bottom seal for a 40' hangar door with a 3 1/2" gap at the bottom. Thanks Travis Teigen

34 Looking for a top seal to a 50' hydraulic door and possibly a bottom seal.


36 We have one of you doors installed on one of our storage buildings, I was wondering if I could purchase just the control box to raise and lower it? Not the motor just the control.

37 I need all new weatherstripping/ seals all around a 14x50 hydraulic hangar door. I will need it asap.

38 I am on our hangar association board and we have a water problem with our hangars. The roof has no gutters and the slope is such that water dumps off the roof in front of our hydraulic doors and we have water running under our doors. We have 35 hangars that need a better quality seal under the door than the other manufacturer supplied. Can we get some of your hydraulic door seals?

39 I am interested in purchasing what appears to be an H style hydraulic door lift kit capable of lifting  wooden garage doors that are eight feet wide by ~8 feet high weighing about 400 pounds. Please supply me with Schweiss door options and pricing. Also please consider any door safety features like interlocks or a safety door sensor bottom.

40 Do you still have my hydraulic door information on file. I need a new bottom seal on my big steel industrial door.

41 I need to replace the top and bottom rubber seals on my 40' wide Schweiss hydraulic biomass door. Would like to get a price estimate for the two seals with the bottom door foam seal kit and corner foam door seal kit.

42 I would like to add a remote control hydraulic swing door opener for our one piece Schweiss hangar door. Thank you in advance.

43 I have a customer with an existing Schweiss hydraulic door on his shed. He will redo part of the shed now and wants to put new weatherseals around his hydraulic door. Door closes onto gravel, he needs to have a 3" seal on the bottom. 

44 Looking for 2 more hand held door remotes for our Schweiss hydraulic garage door.

45 I am interested in a remote control for my Schweiss bifold seaplane hangar door. I have a 42X14 hydraulic door. I purchased a remote a few years ago for my last hangar and miss having it so it is time to get one for my new hangar door. 

46 I am trying to find replacement door hardware for the locking mechanism of a man door hangar door lock. I have several hydraulic and bi-fold hangar doors in the Dallas area. We have Schweiss doors on most of them. They are reliable doors that the pilots like a lot. 

47 Have a 42 ' wide hangar door and need a  weather/bug seal at the bottom. Ground is uneven under the hangar door. It is on another manufacturers hydraulic hangar door with a round flexible seal at the bottom that lets bugs crawl through now. I'm assuming your Schweiss door seals will work fine.

48 We have an existing hydraulic door at our farm and we need to purchase a weather seal kit as the door has never been weathertight. Door was purchased from another manufacturer who is no longer in business. Can you help?

49 I see door seal photos on your Schweiss Door  website. Is it possible to get door seal in bulk? We have a hangar we need to replace the door seal on. We have (10) 40 ft bifold doors and (2) 60 ft hydraulic doors. I figure we need about 580 ft of 12" door seal.

50 I am looking for another handheld Schweiss hydraulic garage door opener. I lost the other spare. 

51 I need a 60 X 120 jet hangar door at our airport that has your hydraulic door installed on it. Hangar was built 15 years ago. I want new door seals on the bottom and top of the hangar door. Schedule a time when you'll have a door installation ready. 

52 Have new style Schweiss 45 ft. hydraulic door of yours. How much to put a remote control on it. I can have my electrician hook door up.

53 What would be the price for a pair of Schweiss hydraulic door backup systems with shipping.

54 I have a 40' X 12' 4 1/8" Hydraulic Schweiss floatplane hangar door. I'd like an extra handheld remote for it.  It has a 1.5HP 220 volt motor. 

55 We have door service contract appointments for several Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door owners.  Wondering if we need some door parts or bifold door kits? Two bifold cable door owners indicated they are interested in converting or retrofitting doors to liftstraps. 

56 I need Schweiss door hardware, hinges, bifold lift and hydraulic cylinder and pump lift accessories, etc. My door openings are 41'x12' and I will be building the steel door frames.

57 Need new top and bottom door seals as well as remote control door installation for a hydraulic one piece Schweiss door.

58 Is there a door photo eye safety device for a Schweiss hydraulic door?  Door is 38'x14' hangar door.

59 Include remote with (2) hand helds for the hydraulic green door I just ordered from Schweiss Doors.

60 I am interested in replacing the remote door opening  system on my experimental plane hangar doors. They are another door manufacturers hydraulic automatic doors now, so I am wondering if your system is generic to any bifold doors or only works with yours. 

61 We recently bought a house with hydraulic doors at the above address. There is a space on one side where the door rests on the garage floor that we would like sealed. Looks like the rubber seal may have been damaged. Perhaps, just a new seal will do it for us. I can send some photos if that helps. Other than that we really like your quality doors. Can you help us?

62 I have a hydraulic door and would like to add a remote control unit to it and possibly a walk door. Please provide me with a quote, or contact me if you require any more information. Thank you.

63 I have a hydro swing door. I was wondering if I can retrofit the door to accept the new Schweiss spherical bearings, swivels on the cylinders? I am in great need of this feature.

64 Hi' I have a Schweiss hydraulic door. How can I buy a remote opener door kit for it? Great door, no problems whatsoever in the six years I have owned it. My wife wants the remote, getting it for her for our anniversary. Ain't that romantic? 

65 My son was greasing the fittings on my bi-fold door with a new grease gun.... Broke a couple fittings..... Need a package of fittings ( at least 5-6 fittings). Please advise how to obtain said fittings. Many thanks, Pete 

66 I have hydraulic door on my 60x40 aircraft hangar in Tucson Arizona. The door has been installed for over 5 years. The door appears to be operating normally. However, I have always wanted remote openers for it, can you ship and instruct me on how do I install it? Can you send me a install kit with instructions. Really like my door!

67 I received an email from your company regarding your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and if everything was functioning well, nice service after the sale. I thought I would take a few minutes and send you a message to let you know I am more than satisfied with the Schweiss quality. I will use your doors again and recommend them to my friends. Just thought I would share my excitement. Also, I don't care for the fact that I have to hold the button on the door as it opens and closes, I realize this is for safety reasons, so therefore I would like to order a remote opener for it.  Thank you

68 The lower seal on my old hydraulic door is kind of tattered and torn in spots. Can you send me out enough to cover 48 ft. No big hurry right now, but want to get it on before the cold weather sets in.

69 I'm not having any problems right now with my heavy hangar door, but looking closely I think it would be a good idea to replace my bearings with your spherical bearings. Can that be done?

70 My Schweiss hydraulic hangar door needs a facelift to make it purdy agin. I've made about six minor cladding repairs to the outside and inside of the door from times when people and myself have put dents and holes in it. Could you send me a new inside liner, I'll take care of the exterior cladding? You should still have my original order dated March 2008 on file. Thanks, Texarkana Tex. 

71 One of my electric eye sensors on my Schweiss hydraulic hangar door got busted beyond repair. Can you please ship me out another as soon as possible. If it's a case where you can't match the same sensor, send me out another one for the other side as well. I don't need a price, I know you'll be fair like you have in the past.

72 Please quote two new hydraulic door cylinders, the kind you stock with the spherical bearings. The cylinders on my  30ft. X 16ft. steel hanger door are beyond repair and need to be replaced. I trust your Schweiss Door cylinders will work on my "other brand" door.  

73 Please send me a couple of hydraulic hoses for my hangar which lead to my cylinder. One of them got badly damaged by a forklift. Rather than try to repair it, I just want to replace it. It's a Schweiss hydraulic 24 ft. tall door. 

74 I'm looking for hydraulic cylinders that I can use to help open the doors on the front of our signs. Can probably get by with the smallest Schweiss cylinders and pump you have in stock.

75 I have 56x16 Schweiss hangar door not yet installed purchased last year. Can I upgrade it to a remote opener and what other upgrades might be available for this door. Thx.

76 I would like to purchase an additional handheld remote control for my hydraulic door. 

77 Could you send me one more handheld remote for my hydraulic door, one of the other ones got misplaced. 

78 The bottom seal of my old, old bifold Schweiss door is in need of replacing. Its a 18 foot door, can you help me with a new one? Can you also price conversion to lift straps. I love this door and want to do something nice for its loyal service to me.

79 I have pictures of the motor from that other door company. Please have someone e-mail me and I can send over the photo's showing what the issue is and the model number. Hope you can help us with this door we should never have ordered from that company. From now on you get our business. JW

80 I need a complete wrap around seal for a 40ft bifold door. Please email a quote. This isn't a Schweiss door, hopefully you can help me out as I can no longer locate the original maker of this door.   Please do not call via phone. I'm in Europe at the moment.

81 What is the price for the Schweiss pump and cylinders. I'm building my own hydraulic door frame  Thank you for your help, Vinnie

82 Looking for a quote for a replacement walk door, prior to me buying the hangar it was broken into and they damaged the walk door by kicking and prying it open. Door needs a key lock on it.

83 Look for top seal for 60'-0 hydraulic door. Need a price for seal and shipping.This is an older door, what would it take to convert it to your new pump unit system?

84 Want to replace rubber seal on bottom of hydraulic  door. This is not a Schweiss door, but I heard you can retrofit any bifold. What do you recommend. Do you sell it?

85 I have Schweiss hydraulic doors on my hangar in Idaho. Due to a dumb accident, the plastic part of the up/down safety switch on the right side facing the hangar broke off and needs to be replaced. Can I get the needed replacement part. Great doors!  Thanks.


87 I rent a 60ft hangar at Lincoln, CA. with a Hydraulic lift door. Please send info on the remote control option.

88 I need some new door seals for the top of a hydraulic door. What widths do you offer and what is your price per foot of material? The door is about 40 ft wide. So I would like about 44 feet of material. The exposed seal now is about 10 inches, so about I am thinking an 18 inch width would work well. This is for another make of door, not a Schweiss hydraulic. Thank you.

89 Looking to purchase several remote control 3 button units for our vehicles for our Schweiss hydraulic doors. Please E mail me with availability. Doors are still working great day-in and day-out.  

90 I have an old (still working well) Schweiss bifold door on my airplane hangar in MN. The door is 32 feet wide by 12 feet high with a small passage door. How much would it cost to have you insulate the hydraulic door and put a remote door opener on it?

91 We purchased a hydraulic door earlier this year. ( 19731) We would like the price and availability of a remote opener for it. Our pilots are too lazy to close the door and leave it unlatched for a whole 12 hour shift. It is causing our heating bills to go up. I would appreciate a quote on these items as soon as possible. 

92 We have one of your hydraulic hangar doors at Spokane. I would like to know what the cost of converting to a remote opening activated system. Your door is still working great.

93 My concrete has a slight bow to it and the hydraulic door seal is not touching the ground and is letting in air and debris. I currently have a 12" rubber in it and am interested in making it longer. I need about 3/4" on one side and 1.5" on the other side. Can you help me out?   Thanks.


95  I need to get an additional remote for my hydraulic hangar door. Can you please provide me a price and instructions on how I can pay for it. My remote is the 3 button style. The door is working just great, love the speed the Red Power delivers.

96 We interested in introducing your products in Malta. Our first order will be for a hydraulic hangar door in our country until now only one has been built which was imported from America but there are 20 more to be built. We are able to manufacture the steel sturcture and panelling ourselves. However we would require the accessories such as hinges/motorization/cylinders, etc from your company. At first we will try out one so our first order will be small only for the one already built and it will serve as a sample for our client. The reason for not buying the whole door is to reduce the transport costs as these doors will be 50ft wide. Will you be able to give us a quote for these parts. Attached please find a drawing of the opening. 

97 Please quote retrofit parts for remote control for a 30x18 hydraulic door system. Give as a separate option audible warning system. FOB your factory. Give us approximate shipping weight, dimensions and lead time.

98 I have one of your hydraulic doors. I need a way to open it when the power fails in our area. Do you have a mechanical lift or battery pack that is made to fit? Door works like a champ, I just feel like if I don't have a backup I may get stuck if the power fails. It seems to do that a lot lately around here. Send me what you got.

99 Need pricing on lift system for 44X12 hydraulic door. 

100 Hi ! I am owning a Schweiss hydraulic door and have two questions: 1) can you send someone to do a service and check up. 2) can you check if the door can be upgraded with a remote system? This is an old door from the '90s, but just like a Timex watch, it keeps on ticking and doesn't take a licking!  Thank you! 

101 Please include a remote with (2) handhelds for each of the three hydraulic doors I just ordered from you. Vern in Castleberry

102 I am in need of the rubber top seal for a 50' hydraulic door. I believe it is 12" wide. This is a real old door, not even yours. Can you help me out? Please let me know the cost. Thank You, Buster

103 I have lost the remote control for my Schweiss hydraulic hangar door. It is the 433.92 MHZ type. Can you send me two more to replace it?

104  I am looking to build a hydraulic or bifold "door like" structure to a 20 or 40' long metal container. It should work when I press the button or remote opener, the small simi structure comes out from inside the container i.e: matchbox tray like. (Get the picture?) Can you please guide me which hydraulic parts I will have to buy? I can also send you pic on request. Please do send the details. 

105 Looking for a remote for my hydraulic door. Can you quote me a price. Hangar vjs a 50 x 50.

106 I need a quote on the cost of replacement of the manual locking mechanism on a bi-fold door here at the Yuba County airport, someone bumped into it hard and broke it. Also need quote on a 42x18 hydraulic hangar door with a walkdoor and remote opener.

107 We recently received our Schweiss door and it is being installed now. The problem we have is that originally we wanted a remote opener, we think the contractor left that off.  Is there a way to install the remote hydraulic door opener at this stage and what would the cost be? Thank you Steve B. County Sheriffs Office

108 Can you assist me with a part specification for your exterior hydraulic door; 30 ft. width by 20 ft. height. Manual operation? Steel construction. Looking for a backup system in case of a power outage.

109 Can you fax me a price of a free standing door frame and Schweiss hyd cylinders 18' hx 20' wide and price of your new and improved hyd pump, remote opening control separate. Where would I have to go to pick Up this Package or can you ship directly to Canada where we will do the install?

110 We had a Schweiss Door installed on our new maintenance shop and received 2 remote door openers for the door, however we were wondering if there was a way to buy more? We really like the Schweiss remote openers because the range on them is very good. Also your hydraulic cylinders with the spherical bearings and new pump are second to none.

111 Hello I called yesterday and got a price on rubber seal material for my hangar door that my neighbors new pup decided to chew up. 41' x 12. I would like to go ahead and order this. Really like your Schweiss hydraulic door and new pump design. It seals better than any other doors I've seen. Thank you, Kevin          

112 I am told that you can sell me a hydraulic door seal (rain fabric) to replace the weathered door seal on the top of my old hangar door. About 16" folded by 26' long. 

113 I"m looking for rubber replacement for the bottom of my hydraulic hoop barn door. How wide I can get them? The hanger has a little settling in concrete floor, and I need to get a wider piece to cover gap between the door and concrete.

114 I am looking to build a 18X14 electrically operated hydraulic door for my shop. I was looking at your doors and know I could build my own door and was wondering if you sell the cylinders and pump unit. If so what's your process for that stuff.  

115 Hello, I have a 40 ft. hanger door that needs a black rubber covering on the top of the door and also needs a new black rubber on the bottom of the door. Do you have the material to sell? I'm assuming your Schweiss hydraulic door seals will work on any make door.  Thanks

116 Can I buy the upper door rubber strip to seal my 40' hydraulic door? There shouldn't be a problem putting your strips on a different brand door, right?

117 Interested in installing hangar door remote opener on Schweiss hydraulic door, Do you sell the components? Could you forward installation instructions also.

118 I need 3/16" rubber 12" wide and 51 feet long to seal the Schweiss hydraulic door down to the floor when closed. If you can provide this please Quote the price for me. Thank You, Jonathan

119 Need Part Numbers. I have a Schweiss hydraulic helicopter hangar door Model # 6224 #9 S/N 6614 9. I need two walk door lock handles or Part Numbers and Price so I can Order these through my Part Dept. Thank You Zack 

120 Looking for someone in the Houston area to work on my hydraulic one-piece hangar door, installed in 1999 by a different company than yours. Needs the hydraulic door gasket material at the top of the one-piece hydraulic hangar door replaced and also at the bottom. Our hydraulic door faces west so the hangar door has deteriorated.

121 I recently purchased a hanger home at a Airpark in Ft. Myers. I have a non-folding hydraulic door by Schweiss. I am told that there is a remote for sale for that door. I want to be able to open and close the hydraulic door from my home or small aircraft.  I do not have a serial number or model number. Please call to discuss.

122 I am doing a home improvement project and need 2 pneumatic hydraulic door closers. They need to be able to lift a 4' x 8' x 3/4" sheet of plywood with a total weight of approx 120lbs. It will be set up as a trap door hinged on one end. When open, it needs to be 6 feet off the floor. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help.

123 I have a client who wants a hydraulic lift door They want a door base safety edge on it and Schweiss Red Power hydraulics. Is this possible to install and what would the detail look like? This is in a completely interior situation and an electronic eye system is not feasible. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss. 

124 Please provide a price for a hydraulic lift door with your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulics, and an alternate for locking straps. Door frame opening is 40' wide by 16' tall.

125 Hello: I was wondering if you have a Schweiss parts cataloge with a price list for hydraulic lift Red Power door. Thanks Margarette

126 Schweiss Doors: In quote please include: Bottom Seal, Top Seal, Middle Seals, is that all that goes into the seal door kit? Straps 4\", Blanket with White backer for insulation. Or do I find my own insulation? Manual Latches, Red Power motors and backup systems. What ever else you think I may need for bi-fold and hydraulic lift doors. Most likely building would be ready for door in May

127 I have a 10 year old Schweiss hydraulic lift door approx 48X17 I would like to add remote control feature to my controls. What would this cost with two remotes? Wondering about your new Red Power motor and if it is difficult is it to install?And I love my door, you guys are the best. Thanks

128 I would like to buy a remote control unit for my Schweiss hydraulic lift door, I see the unit in the upgrade list for bifold and hydraulic doors. I also see you have a new motor, the Red Power one. How much extra to replace my current motor with this one that opens doors faster?

129 We would like a quote on the hardware for a 15 ft. high by 18 ft wide Schweeiss hydraulic lift door. We would need all the equipment (Motor Gearbox, shafts, drums, etc.) for a Red Power hydraulic pump operated door. I would also like both top and bottom rubber quoted (especially the top). Please quote both manual and automatic latches.Thanks again for your willingness to sell components

130 Had a hangar fire and the motor and gear box burned up. Can you send me one of your new Schweiss Red Power motors to replace this?

131 I need to purchase a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift motor for a 49' door. (Not yours) Also I need a revolution counter limit switch and remote control. Please send cost and info. Gary       

132 Please quote a Red Power motor for hydraulic lift Schweiss manual opening door. Thanks

133 Please quote the following Schweiss door products per foot, if not per foot please quote it on however you package the product. Top Rubber Seal Door Edge Weather Stripping and Screws. Center Door Weather Stripping Bottom Weather Seals, Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks Joe


135 My Schweiss Doors remote opener never stopped working.  Battery is good, coaxial antenna cable is tight. Worked well all the time I had it. These are good remotes, just like the quality doors you build and install. Also like the new Red Power motors.

136 I installed a Schweiss hydraulic lift door at our property a little over a year ago. It does have the auto latches. However, I did not order the remote at the time. Can you tell me the cost of the remote? Does it come with two transmitters? How much are additional transmitters? Thanks. Tim


138 Need remote controls for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulics, both mine broke after my kid ran over them with my tractor. model #P220-3KA Let me know how to replace them.Sure like your doors, Red Power is great!

139 I just purchased a hanger with one of your doors. It was built by my contractor this past year, but he didn't order it with your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps which I would want for more and faster lift. Can we exchange motors or how much to ship one down to me in Tennessee.

140 sir/madam, pls kindly forward us your best price/ technical details/freight charges to port-harcourt, nigeria of the listed items; 1.fluid power part no;sj06p132nu00,material po test; distributor,piloted air model.serial no; 0701-0644, Schweiss Doors manufacturer; hydraulic lift door. qty;4pcs pls, treat as urgent b/cos we have limited time to respond to our clients. thanks for your usual cooperation.

141 Could you please send a screw on antenna for the remote ,we lost it? We have the bracket and all but nothing to screw onto the threads? Love your Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Red Power makes it even better for lift.

142 We purchased a size 56'-10\" Wedge 36\" x 19'-7\" Can you send a remote control for this Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door. Would you please call if you have a question?

143 Need price for a Schweiss remote for my Red Power hydraulic lift door? Can you help? Should tell you, we are delighted with your door, my wife really appreciates how easy it is now to open compared to the sliding door we had before. No more trips to the chiropractor for her, that's money in the bank, baby!

144 I'm looking for the bottom rollers for a Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar door, that are notched and run on a track that is in the concrete.Can you e-mail me some info on your new Red Power hydraulic motor and could it go on my door?.

145 We just had Schweiss hydraulic lift doors installed in the new construction and I am interested in getting a remote for the door. Could you give me a cost on that? Sure glad we ordered our doors from you. The Red Power system is the only way to go. You know your biz and treat customers right.

146 Do you have any Schweiss hydraulic lift or bifold door reps in my area in Arkansas? I'm looking to buy a Red Power motor to replace one that was damaged by a reckless employee who hit it hard with my forklift. I just hope I can salvage the door, if not, I'll be calling you on that too.

147 The 34' x 30' Schweiss hydraulic lift door is up and running. Can we set the opener to momentary contact and set up radio controls. Are there any safety add-ons that you would require if we do this to our door. Love your Red Power hydraulics. Good lift, very quiet and fast.

148 Hello, I am really impressed by the design of your hydraulic lift doors, and now with your Red Power Hydraulics. Can I order specific parts of this door? I would like to build my own door to save on the cost of manufacturing and transport to Canada.

149 I am looking for the metal trim that goes on the side of the door jam. It has a lip on it when you close the door it seals off the air from outside. Does Schweiss Doors carry that for a hydraulic lift door. How much is it for a complete door. Thank you David

150 Just purchased a hanger with your Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power System door. I'd like to see if I can get sent another set of manuals. Also, there a safety stop switch installed at the top? Thank you, your door operates wonderfully.

151 I have a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump. Can I get a remote control for it? Door works great, but I'm getting lazy in my old age. Remote will be really handy this winter . 

152 We have your competitors doors now and we're in the process of trying to come up with a modification for the one piece hydraulic door. As far as I'm concerned their black motor is junk and now I can't even get hold of them. Probably out of business. Can you help us out. A friend told me Schweiss Doors carry Red Power motors and they are top quality.  Ralph Turnquist, Arkansas

153 I'm looking for a Red Power hydraulic lift system to lift our doors that we make over here in Australia, the doors weigh about 1.5 ton out on the end when fully open (there heavy due to cyclone rating requirements) therefor needing a fairly beefy ram setup that Schweiss Red Power motors can supply. We have over 40 houses to build and where looking for a supplier to jump on board.

154 Please provide a price quote on the \"Standard Bottom Foam Cushion Kit B1\". My hydraulic lift Schweiss door is 43ft wide. Love the Red Power hydraulics that come on these doors. Smooth operating and reliable. Thanks.

155 Could I get pricing for replacement rubber for my rather old Schweiss hydraulic lift door. 12\" x 50' qty 2 17\" or 18\" x 50' qty 2. Winters here are a bugger and can be hard on doors, but your door has certainly stood the test of time.

156 Hi, I am looking for the hardware to open a residential garage hydraulic lift door automatically. Would you supply such a product? It's not one of your Schweiss doors, so will this work. I tried from the plant I got the door, but they appear to be out of business.

157 Please give me a quote on the bottom door seal rubber strip to fit a 48 foot hydraulic lift door. This is not a Schweiss door. Is that OK?  Wish it was a Schweiss door. I'll never go with this manufacturer again. He may even be out of business, I couldn't locate him. Thanks

158 I have a bifold door with a up-down switch that is malfunctioning. It appears to be the same as yours. It uses 220vac and came on a Miracle span door. I cannot find Miracle span anywhere on the web I would like to replace their switch with your Schweiss Door switch. Can you sell me just the switch box complete without any wiring?

159 I require a price for an automatic locking system for an existing door. The door is 49' wide with a bottom shaft. The customer would also like radio controls as well. This is for a hydraulic lift door not made by Schweiss Doors. 

160 I am looking for a price on the Foam Cushion Seal. Door size is 70'0'' wide. I would need a shipped price to include a replacement Schweiss Red Power pump. This isn't your door, hoping I can still get this stuff. If you need additional information let me know. Shipment to Ontario.

161 Price on automatic / remote door opener for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door? Should have ordered one right away. Your quality door is still doing the job for me. Great product if I must say so myself.

162 I would like to order a Red Power hydraulic system. My door is about 15yrs old and is a "Brand Z". It is 20" wide and 14'6" high. Is this possible for a door that is not a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door, what would the parts cost to do this and do you have instructions on how to do this? Thanks Greg

163 We are interested in a one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift walk door for a hangar. The width of the hangar is 63 feet and height on 20 feet. Also considering replacing hydraulics with Red Power units, please supply quote for same to be shipped to Miami fl.

164 I require a quote on the following: New bottom door seal for a 46 ft. hydraulic lift Red Power System door. Option 2 Is an auto latch option available on a cable actuated bi-fold ? Ia a remote an option with the above mod ? Thanks William

165 I need to buy an additional remote for my hangar. Do I buy it from you or are they available elsewhere? Sure like my new Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar door. You were right when you said the Red Power hydraulic system was smooth and fast. Best money I ever spent. Thanks.

166 I am looking into a back up system for a 50x30 hydraulic lift hangar door. What I mean is if the power was to give out or the motor fail I want something to open the door as in hand crank. Does Schweiss Doors carry anything or suggest anything. What's your Red Power backup system?  

167 I raised one of my Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar doors with the man-door open and made a mess of it. Need a replacement door including trim jamb-set frame, hinged left from the inside, for rough opening of 39-1/4\" x 65-1/4\". How much, how soon, and how shipped? Thanks.

168 I have a Schweiss 16'x50' bi-fold door with cables. I am interested in converting to straps. The door uses 4 lift cables currently. Also wondering what a similar size hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump would run me. I would be installing myself as we installed door. Thanks Rick

169 I am a maintenance supervisor for a government contractor. I am interested in your hydraulic lift Schweiss door control switches. UP, Down, Stop to install for existing roll up doors. Could you quote me a price for the switches only? I am now overseas and 7 hours earlier than CDT. Correspondence by email is preferable. Thanks you for your time. Billy A. Maint. Supervisor. Kwajalein Missle Range Republic of the Marshall Islands

170 We need a new Red Power motor to replace an old clunker on a hydraulic lift door. It's not a Schweiss Door, but think your motor will work. Let me know if otherwise.

171 Hello I've bought a hangar in Anchor Point, Alaska. It has a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Red Power pump door. I'm looking to put a remote on my door. Can you send me two remotes. Do you have a small remote? Is it a Intellicode system. Also looking at the cost. I talked with you at the trade show this year. Still a military discount? Thank you.

172 I was looking for a bottom cushion to seal off our door 50' wide Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door How much is the Rubber material? Thanks Tom

173 I have a hydraulic lift door from your company and need 4 windows that are in the door. All the windows are 40\" x 40\". Can you please contact me so I can get a price on these. Schweiss door has Red Power hydraulic pump on it, if that makes any difference. Great door, glad I got it.

174 I have a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, only need a Red Power motor mechanism, please send me a quote. Door is superb. Me and ma are getting too old to lift it.

175 I have a client who wants a pocket door for hangar Schweiss hydraulic lift door in Rhode Island. 76'x18. Do you have pocket doors? Any trick to installing one. Absolutely happy that we had our door equipped with your Red Power hydraulic pump. It's so smooth and opens quickly.

176 We need to speak with somebody right away about getting some motors expedited out. We are doing a conversion kit on a Civil Air Patrol Hangar door in St. Petersburg, AK, Two of the cover catch bolts that hold the motor covers on came off and ruined them. We would like to replace them with your better Red Power hydraulic pumps. Please call us in the a.m so we can get you the information to ship. We have (3) guys on site and this job in only accessible by way of an air line flight or boat. We are going to need to get them these parts to avoid a second trip. Please call. There is a three hour time difference between us. Wonder if that other company went out of business, we tried like heck to get hold of them. Their motors are lousy and their doors are shoddy. The doors you display on your Schweiss Doors website appear to be very well made. Next time we need a door, we'll call you. Too bad we didn't do it in the first place.

177 Hi Julie, Re: Quote or it may be an 8. Alpha Row-Auburn Randy S. referred me to you to get the Schweiss Red Power electrical system requirements for our doors. I need to know the size of the circuit (breaker size) required for each door too.  Scott

178 We received a Schweiss door from your company for a hydraulic door. Can you please email us a copy of your Red Power Electrical System wiring diagram for the electrician. The door is installed, looks great. Glad we ordered from your company. You've been very helpful and treat customers right. Guess that's why you've stayed in business for over 35 years. Thanks Earl in Alberta, Can.

179 Please email pdf file or manual for installing new Red Power Electrical System for your Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I can't wait to get them gem of a door in operation. Thanks for all your help so far. Schweiss Doors treats their customers just like they were your own mother. 

180 We just built 17 new hangars and installed Schweiss hydraulic lift doors on all of them. The contractor didn't order the weather seal that goes around the edge of the door and in the center area where it folds. I can see light all around the door opening and through the center fold area. Can you please give me price and availability to get these doors sealed up? There is a seal on the bottom (that kind of seals) and on the top. Love your Red Power hydraulics.

181 We have a customer who would like extra Schweiss Doors decals installed near their bi-fold and Red Power hydraulic lift doors.Can we purchase the safety decal sets and if so, what would the cost be? We may be looking at 30 plus doors. Your doors are working like a Swiss watch. Regards Randy H.

182 A have an old door from another company and need an up-down-stop switch and a automatic limit switch---my door was 14 foot tall and 40 foot long----I cut it back to 25 foot----it has a 3/4 motor---Can Schweiss Doors help me out. I can't locate the company that installed this door.

183 Is there any way to make a overhead door 3 wire radio work on one of your newer Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Please respond.

184 I am looking for types of weather stripping for a door in an airport hanger. Can you please call me or fax. I need to see several different types of weather stripping around the door. This is not a Schweiss Door, just hoping you can help me out. Please call and I can explain.

185 Looking to see if you offer replacement parts. Father-In-Law has a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door with Red Power option. One of the side rollers got smashed by a forklift. Please let me know if you offer replacements before I search aftermarket.

186 I am looking for a Schweiss Red Power electric (or other type) of motor that attaches to the back of the hanger and can whench my airplane into the hanger. There appears to be a conntection point at the back of the hanger but, I can't find the actual device anywhere in your Schweiss website. Is it a 3rd party device? This is a hydraulic lift door? Thank You.

187 I need 2 more door lever locks for our Schweiss doors

188 Could you please send us Brochures on Bi-fold Doors, Hydraulic Lift Doors and Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pumps, or your catalog ASAP. We have potential customer.

189 Need a price for your 12\" top rubber boot for a t-hanger door per linier foot. We're very thankful we ordered a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Thought otherwise at first but after comparing your door to others, they don't hold a candle on craftsmanship or reliability.  Thanks Hank S.

190 Looking for price on a Schweiss 36' x18' hydraulic lift door, header frame and Red Power motor. Can I order just these two items, or do I have to order the entire door? I've got some material here that I'd like to use.

191 Are Schweiss Doors remote controls analog or digital? If digital, do they use the same technology as the latest garage door openers? Are they subject to stray signals? Are they affected by electrical storms? How recent is your current model? If they are as good as your Red Power hydraulic lift and bifold doors, I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Thanks, Scott

192 Please send me your full Schweiss Red Power  hydraulic lift door and bifold door products range , I can specify for my project.

193 Great door! I purchased a (45'x16') Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump from you this year. I ordered the auto-latch and remote option. The only problem I have had is trying to find the one of the remote controls that dropped in the lake (oops!). Actually, it seemed to work well as a fish weight. Anyway, what would it cost to buy 2 additional remote controls. Thanks for the help.

194 Attention Jeremy, You faxed me the spec sheet for my door. Thank you. Could you please email it to me as some of the dimensions are hard to read. It is a 60' by 14'6\" hydraulic lift Schweiss Red Power door. I need the dimensions of the trim, and am planning on 1 1/2\"of foam insulation on the outside of the frame under the metal sheeting. Chuck

195 My remote control units suddenly started to work...maybe it is because you suggested new batteries...duh? Thank you, other companies would probably have tried to sell us new units. Schweiss Doors service after the sale is unparalelled. Everything about your hydraulic lift doors and company is top shelf.

196 I had a hangar constructed a couple years ago from another company, which we no longer can locate. The hydraulics and remote receiver was installed at the south edge of the door. The remote receiver antanae is about 12 feet above ground. We approach the hangar from the north side and use the remote to open the door from the airplane. The door opens about 4 or 5 feet and then blocks the remote signal. I asked you if there was an extension antanae available to raise the antanae up above the door? Or, is there an 80 - 90 foot extension that would place the receiver antanae on the north side of the door? Just want you to know that you fixed my problem with your superior remote system. I followed your Schweiss Door installation instructions to a tee which made it easy. I learned a good lesson, from now on we'll go with an established company like yours that has been in business for over 35 years. You've obviously stayed in business because you know what you do and have worked out all the kinks and made improvements (like your Red Power pumps and hinge systems) that others haven't yet done.   Thanks, Warren

197 I called your Schweiss Door office for installation information and was instructed to request an installation DVD. I really appreciate that you devised such a DVD. It answered all my questions and saved me a bunch of money. In case you haven't heard--you are a top notch company on the move. Next time you are in Chicago, give me a ring and I'll take you and the wife out to dinner where Oprah goes to eat. I also am a season ticket holder at Wrigley Stadium. Come and cheer on the Cubs, they have good hot dogs too. Thank you!

198 Hi: Does Schweiss Doors carry white rubber membrane for a top-of-the-door seal? If so, what dimensions and prices are offered? It isn't one of your hydraulic or bifold doors, but hoping you can help me out. Thanks, John


200 I am looking for a wiring diagram for the switch on our door we bought in 1995. It has 7 wires going in to it. My kids got frisky with it and messed it up. Sure like this Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door. Best time saving investment I ever made.  Thanks for any help you can give. Doug.

201 I need to replace a man door that measures 36\" w x 70\" tall including the lock. It would be shipped to Utah. This is a strange size but it came with the other companies door when we ordered it. Please send me a price for the Schweiss door including freight when you have time. Thanks Marsha

202 Please provide CSI 2004 format spec number for your products and a copy of your specification in CSI format. It's nice doing business with a company like Schweiss Doors that can offer this.

203 I forgot what the price of the remote control was, but I need to purchase one for my hangar which already has the auto stuff on it. My entrance door has snow piled up against it, so I figure I can just push a remote and the front hydraulic lift door can open and I don't need to worry about shoveling snow. Your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps have a lot of power, so I'm not concerned.


205 We are looking for Schweiss hydraulic door hardware (Red Power automatic) only. If we can buy only the hardware please let us know.

206 We do large scale parking decks/garages and vehicle maintenance facilities. Please send us a catalog of your product to include Schweiss Doors, hydraulic, bifold and Red Power. Thanks, Rochelle

207 I have been servicing hangar doors for about 15 years, My local supplier of motors went out of business. Can I purchase Red Power motors for their hydraulic doors. Will they work on doors other than Schweiss doors? Thanks, Ricardo.

208 I need price on remote control for my schweiss 46/11 hydraulic one piece door. It has a Red Power pump on it if that makes any difference. thanks Teddy

209 Cost of Single piece Hyd Red Power pump door kit to fit a 14'high x 50'width opening delivered to Kerrville, TX. Also order ship times. M. B. Please communicate through e-mail

210 Doing some work on a home made one piece door. 50 X 12. Looking for a pair of long stroke Schweiss Red Power hydraulic cylinders. Would you have any to sell?

211 I would like the price and availability of the motor-gear reducers and shaft bearings for a complete lift mechanism to put on my custom built 18' x 24' metal hydro-door if you are willing to sell it to me. Or would you also sell me one of your powerful Schweiss Red Power motors. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Regards

212 Dear Sir, would you please send me your full catalogues regarding the Schweiss one piece door with Red Power Hydraulic Pump attachment. Is it possible to get the cad files to be inserted in our drawings. Is it possible to buy the system without the doors being they will manufactured locally here in Beirut. The over all size of the solid wood louvered door is around 480cm width x 350 cm height. Best regards Jonathan

213 I bought extra (supposedly compatible) remote Transmitters from a local supplier but thye have the color coding backwards from the one you supplied with my door. I'm going to toss this one and would appreciate it if you could send me a couple more of your remote transmitters for my Schweiss hydraulic Red Power assisted door.

214 Looking for weather strip 14\" wide 65' long screw on in dark brown or black rubber composite for my Schweiss hydraulic door which I purchased years ago. Door is still doing its job without a hitch, but am contemplating trading in the motor for one of your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. What do you suppose that would cost me. Would you do a trade-in? I'm still out here northwest of Colorado Springs. I've been seeing a few more of both models of your Schweiss Doors out here.

215 Please send me a catalgue to my west coast  business address at your earliest convenience. I am an architect working on commercial projects including one small regional airport. Will want statistics on your Schweiss Bifold, Designer styles and Hydraulic Doors, lift straps and Red Power Hydraulic Pumps, accessories, etc. Thanks in advance. Rutherford B. Rawlings III


217 Do you offer garage doors which do away with photoeye sensors (which are subject to unauthorized manipulation of Schweiss Red Power hydraulic doors) with pneumatic or other sensors so that when a vehicle approaches the door from within the parkade it can open automatically without use of a remote? Ken C.

218 I need a replacement manual latch pin; it's the round and threaded piece with a 90 degree bend on one end. Can Schweiss Doors provide one and what is the cost? Can you send me information on your new hydraulic door Red Power motors.  Please respond via email. Thanks,

219 I am writing specs and details for Schweiss replacement openers for (8) existing hydraulic doors. I have the info on the openers but bottom wetherseal is part of the request for quote specs as well as re-weatherstripping (6) Red Power Electrical System. My question is, can we specify your weatherstrip material and if so what are the specifications. I am assuming you are using EPDM type. Thank you

220 I would like a price for 3 sets of the optional 12\" bottom corner door seals. I don't have the model number for the doors but they are all 50' wide  aircraft hanger doors installed within the last 5 years. Say, how much more would it cost me to replace my hydraulic system with your new Red Power unit? E-mail response is best. Joe

221 I have purchased a hangar that has your Schweiss hydraulic door. I would like to order two more remotes for the door. Can you please advise how I can order these remotes and will they be programmed to work with the door I have which has a Red Power hydraulic system or do you need more information. You guys sure put out a fine door. It operates so smooth and is carefree. Thank you. Regards; Dean S.

222 I currently have one of your Schweiss Doors 40 foot hydraulic doors. So does my neighbor. Do you sell the 12\" neophrene seal that goes at the bottom and top. If so what would 40 feet cost? Just curious, what would it cost to replace motor system with your new Red Power Hydraulic Pump system?

223 I have a 45' wide Schweiss hydraulic door with a clear vertical opening of 12'. Please provide a price for - side weather stripping that mounts to door - foam center seal between bottom & top sections of door Please submit pricing via email. Thanks, Brian 

224 Please foward us a catalogue/binder on your One-Piece Schweiss Hydraulic Doors and Red Power hydraulic pump selections as well as the \"Bi-fold Door.\" Thank you.

225 I bought a hydraulic lift door about 4 years ago from another company I can no longer locate. 40 ft. wide by 14 ft. high. The bearing in the 3\" bottom roller on one side of the door has gone bad. Can I get a replacement roller or roller system from Schweiss Doors? How much?

226 Would like prices on your new Schweiss Red Power pumps. Also for radio remote control. What back up  options available to close door during power outage? Would a 6000 watt portable gen set operate door or a portable hydraulic set?

227 I've got a Schweiss hydraulic door on my hangar and am looking for the manuals on-line. Are these manuals available in electronic copy (computer files)? Safety Information and Operations Manual - 300 Safety Decals Placement Guide Manual - 310 Bottom Drive Jackshaft - Strap Installation Instructions Manual - 325 Photo Eyes / Safety Edge Installation Instructions Manual - 415 Remote / Receiver Installation Instruction Manual - 875 Photo Eyes / Safety Edge Installation Instruction Manual - 880 Top Override Safety Switch Installation Instruction Manual - Red Power Electrical System Instruction Manual - 885 Auto Side Latch Installation Instruction Manual - 903 Auto Wind Pin Installation Instruction Manual - 930 Thank you. - Mike L.

228 Can I purchase a kit, ie. Scwheiss Red Power motors,  etc. as I will be fabricating and installing the hydraulic doors myself. I have seen your product on another Hangar in WA and am most impressed with it. What is the approx cost of supply and shipping.

229 Would like pricing info on remote control auto unlatching for Schweiss hydraulic door. Could you also give us a price on your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump. I'm looking for more lift.

230 What is the price for the electric photo eye sensor? I already have one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. Just curious, what would your new Red Power hydraulic pump system run me? This is a 48 ft. steel door that we use a lot. Super door! Red Power might make it even better.

231 I would like to add a remote opener to my Schweiss hydraulic door. Also interested in pricing out your new Red Power hydraulic pump unit. Could you have someone contact me in Little Rock?

232 Hi What would it cost to add auto locks and remote to an existing 50ft door, hydraulic? Parts? Schweiss Red Power hydraulic motor. Approx labor? Tom

233 I have a new hangar which was part of a large group of hangars built for our association. My neighbor has a beautiful Schweiss hydraulic door with a remote that gives him no problems. My problem is that I have very poor sensitivity or range with the remote. I can taxi right up to the door and it will still not allow the door to open when I activate the remote control. I also have a conventional side door which has a Liftmaster remote which seems to work well from a good range from within my car. Apco says that they left the antenna off of the receiver on purpose claiming it worked better that way. From my point of view it could hardly work worse than it does presently. Leaving the antenna off seems counter intuitive but they claimed it attenuated local interference. My Liftmaster remote receiver is not affected by interference and it was installed by someone else. Your Schweiss Doors website seems to show a remote antenna, a grounding block, and some coax to facilitate an exterior installation. I have none of this on my receiver, just a bare female connector on the receiver. I want to try one of your applications. Any suggestions?

234 The City of Fremont purchased a bi-fold door in 1991 for a hangar at our airport. The rubber seal at the bottom of the door is ripped. Is there any warranty on this type of seal? We are also about to bid a hydraulic door, about 70 ft. wide. Would like brochure or info on Schweiss Red Power hydraulic system and door operation and options.

235 I have a 40 foot Schweiss door on my airplane hanger in need of the bottom rubber seal. I see from your information on the web site that it comes in 12 and 17 inch sizes. I assume the 12 will work. Where can I get one and what is the cost? Please advise. Thanks, Doug E.

236 Hi. I am looking for two (2) Up/Down/Stop Switches for 220 volt current. I have the rest of the materials, although your large bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic agricultural shed doors look great. Next agriculture shop I build I will definitely look you up.

237 I'm looking to update my bi-fold door and I want all the available features and options. Please include quotes/additional costs for: an optional walk-through door, two large opening windows, the cold weather kit, the lift straps for the bifold door, auto latches with remote operation, manual latches, and top & bottom rubber cushioning. My large, moving bi-fold door must still be able to withstand an 125 mph, 3 second wind gust zone.

238 I have a new hanger with a Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic one piece door. Looking for pricing, on an extra remote control. This door works so smooth and quiet I sometimes find myself pushing the button more than once. Great door, non better for a hangar. 

239 We have a customer who needs to replace the top seal on one of your one piece hydraulic doors. How do we go about getting pricing on parts?

240 I am in need of a radio receiver for a client of mine. The unit looks like a Pulsar / Allstar, or some derivative of the two. My source for radio gear cannot locate the exact board I need and since the unit is fairly new in radio years, I would like to get the same unit if possible. The unit I need is a PCRECV REV-1 . (this one occasionally looses the code and has to be re-set... the location of the receiver creates a vertical challenge to the owner and us, as we must import a scissor lift to reach it. (fortunately we own one). I just don't want to see this thing loose it's mind again soon. Any suggestions or can I purchase one from you? Will your unit work on a non-Schweiss door? This installation is in Petaluma Ca. Ps. Our company is a 41 year old commercial / residential garage door company, and I like your new Schweiss strap design for bifold and your new Red Power pumps for hydraulics, nice web site too. Thank you Jim J.

241 I have been asked to find somebody to replace hardware on 4 hangar doors approx 93' X 23'. They are over 6o years old and hinge opposite the ones on your web site. Have you any experience with something like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is a government job located in St. Paul. I need to make sure this old door operates safely.

242 A friend has one of your doors with a remote, and I was wondering how much does the remote system cost for my Schweiss hydraulic door? And is it easy to install? Thank you. Danny

243 I have a 50' wide one-piece hydro powered hydraulic Schweiss Door that I purchased from Schweiss Doors and it is time to replace the rubber seal at the top of the one-piece hydraulic door. I ordered the door materials a few weeks ago and now are ready to install the one-piece hydro door. I thought I had seen hydraulic door instructions on how to install and cap the ends to keep the birds out. I found the part on how install the hydraulic door parts on your website, but not how to finish off the ends of the one-piece hydraulic door rubber seal. Please send hydraulic door rubber seal instructions to me so I can print it off, and forward to my installer. Thanks.

244 We are in budget prep and would like to include replacing a specific number of bi-fold door operators per year in our plan. We currently have original bi-fold door top mount electric operators running a bi-fold door v-belt drive with a bi-fold door mechanical brake that turns a bi-fold door cable drum for three bi-fold door cables. The bi-fold door hanger was probably built in the 70's and the bi-fold door operator has no markings to determine what make it is. The bi-fold doors are 40' wide and I think 14' tall. We are looking for a bi-fold door price to convert to a new bi-fold door operator with minimal bi-fold door retrofitting. Have you ever provided new bi-fold door operators for older bi-fold door or existing bi-fold door doors and or what would you suggest for upgrading. 

245 Is there a downloadable version of the owners manual for the bifold in question? I am also looking for a one-piece hydro powered hydraulic door owner's manual. Do you offer a hydraulic one-piece door manual? Can I get expert one-piece hydraulic door advice on the phone or by email from Schweiss Doors?

246 I need a Bottom Drive-Jackshaft instruction manual. Could you please send me gearbox maintenence info. Page # 58-65 and also # 90-94. Or can I download entire manual? Thank you, Garry H. (currently leasing hanger with your door installed-long time back, will be building my own hanger soon and will want a Schweiss door for it too.

247 I just recently moved into a hangar with a Schweiss Bi-fold door. I replaced my old cable door system with the Schweiss bi-folding door with lift straps and I couldn't be happier my my Schweiss bifold door.

248 Hello Folks, I'm searching for a roll of thin rubber to use for flashing. The roll I need is approximately 8\" to 12\" wide and 25'-0\" long. If you have anything like this I would truly appreciate your letting me know. If so what would the cost plus shipping and handling be? Thanks and God bless. Dave L.

249 We are building two 60ft bifold doors and are interested in obtaining pricing on bifold door motor, bifold door gear reducer, bifold door motor starter and bifold door limit controls (rotational limits) ETC . Power available 1 phase 120/240 volts Are folks at Schweiss Doors able to help us?

250 I would like to purchase replacement rubber for the top and bottom of 5 bi-fold (40' wide)doors for a total length of 400 feet. Can you provide bifold door replacement rubber? Can you tell me the door rubber replacement cost, including shipping to WA? Thanks!

251 Hello! I would like to order a remote door opener for our new hangar bi-fold now being installed.You can reach me at work for bifold door remote opener pymnt/shipping information.(Ext 140).I look foreward to hearing from you.The bi-fold Schweiss door is looking GREAT!

252 Hi I just purchased the auto latch and remote for my 12X42 Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door here in Alaska. I got the hydraulic door auto latch and remote directions but the boxes got wet and ruined them. are the hydraulic door auto latch and remote directions on your web page or can you e mail them thanks

253 We primarily need costing on 2 rotary limit switches 40:1 We also would like pricing on motors gear reducing transmissions etc for a Schweiss bi-fold door or hydraulic door 60 wide X 18 ft

254 We have an existing bi-fold door that is in desperate need of a new bottom rubber seal. Do you sell those door seals separately and what would your estimate be for a 60' bi-fold door or hydraulic door? Thank You.

255 I need to see about instructions for how the auto lock cable door is installed. We are replacing the auto lock cable on a door we believe was hooked up wrong. The job is at the Airport in CA. About a year ago. We did not do the original door install. Thank you,

256 I purchased a bifold Schweiss hangar door from you last year for my hangar at the Airport. The hangar bifold door has bottom gaps at each side of the door (concrete not done right - Schweiss Doors bifolding door was great). I would like to add the optional \"Extra Seal Protection\" to my bi-fold door (approx 2 ft. on each side of the door). What would be the cost of door materials to add that? I can install the bi-fold door extra seal protection. Thanks,

257 I have five 44 x 18 ft. hangar doors which were installed 10 years ago by another company. We are constantly having trouble with the cables and I am interested in converting the door to patented Schweiss lift straps. Please get me the Schweiss lift straps information and anticipated Schweiss lift straps costs of switching over to the strap system. Will the straps work on these doors? Should have ordered doors from you in the first place.

258 How many watt generator would I need to operate my soon to be installed 40 foot bifold door. Going to hold off on bi-fold door electric work in hangar until spring.

259 this hanger has two sliding doors, one is 90' 16' high and has 5 sections. the other sliding door is 76 feet and 4 sections. these are sliding doors looking for electric door openers

260 I have an old 1 piece steel kick out garage door. I need a door weatherstrip seal that goes on the bottom. Do you offer a weatherstrip moving door seal that would fix my problem. Thanks for any help 

261 I am looking for a roll of 43'x 12\" top rubber door seal and one-piece hydraulic door information to get it to me ASAP Thank You

262 I'm looking for a replacement man door for my bi-fold door and my hydraulic door. Originally you shipped a left hand man door swinging out from my hydraulic door. I need a right hand man door swinging in.The man door dimensions of the door frame itself are 80&5/8' tall and 38&3/4' wide from outer edge to outer edge. You can check the original door order. Please get back to me and let me know what man door options are available; man door colors, man door styles, etc. Thanks

263 Need a new Up-Stop-Down hydraulic door switch. Please advise how to order hydraulic door switch or recommend local Las Vegas supplier. Thanks

264 Please send 1/2 inch by 7 inch hinge bolts with my one-piece hydraulic door. Thanks, 

265 We are looking for service instructions on replacing the the cables that winds up on the drum of the auto latches with lift straps, Do you have these that you can e-mail or fax

266 I am looking for hydraulic hinges for floor opening to basement. Flooring is made of this man made decking. I have the door. All I need is hydraulic door hinges. I would very much appreciate any door help I could get. Thank you

267 I currently have one of your Schweiss doors that is cabled, thinking of switching to the lift strap system. Do you sell a retro fit kit for the bi-fold door lift straps? If so, how much. Thank you 

268 We have two bifold doors and I need a couple of belts V for the bi-fold door motor. Can you tell me where is the closest Schweiss Doors merchant I can acquire parts for the doors? Thank You

269 I need a 30 ft. piece of top door seal.

270 Need installation instructions for the automatic latches for the door I purchased from you last year. I don't seem to have these instructions. Please forward to me asap.

271 Can I get 3 copies of your catalogue Thanks

272 I have a cheap old Bi-fold hanger door. It is 45' w X 12' h with an Aluminum Ceechannel frame and R Panel sheeting. Don't know who made this door, but I know it's not one of your quality doors. I need to replace the lift mechanism (motor, brake & gear box) Please price best option 220 volt 1 phase. If this is going to run a lot of money or if it can't be done, I'd be interested in having you quote a new Schweiss door to replace it.

273 Greetings; I have a 2007 Schweiss bifold door installed on my hangar at Olympia, WA. Wondering if I can convert the cable system to your better lift straps. Thank you, William H.

274 I have a 40' door purchased in 1994. The rubber bottom door seal needs to be replaced. Please advise cost for replacement materials.

275 I am interested in a remote for my Schweiss door that I purchased about 3-4 years ago. Could you quote me a price on this add on feature. I have the control boxes for the door itself but not the remote box, antenna, or controler. And if there is a price on 2 hand held remotes would you give the price per unit. I also have the auto latches installed now. The door works great too by the way. Rick T.

276 I need all of the springs that go with your self latching door system. what info do you need

277 I was wondering what the cost would be for a remote door opener for my hangar door.

278 i am currently in the country of Iraq and need motors for hanger doors, they are a 2 fold sliding door 35ft x 40ft high what size door motor with door purchase requirements will be required?

279 Can your auto latches be retrofitted to my Schweiss bifold doors? I have the older style cables instead of the straps. Thank you, 

280 Yes Sirs- I have a older hanger door that the weather stripping is all wore out along the bottom of the door and along the edges. Can I purchase that bottom seal door rubber from you? And what would you suggest hydraulic door rubber for along the sides? Thankyou for your time. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks again

281 I am looking for some bottom rubber seal (12 inch) for an older door we have installed. Is it posssible to purchase this rubber boot separately (probably about 55 feet)? Thanks.

282 I have your 60ftx16ft Schweiss hydraulic door. Not installed yet. AZ hot location in summer. Page 62 says \"Mobil 424 or Mobil DTE 13M (Automatic Transmission Fluid - Light weight hydraulic fluid)\" Found some hydraulic fluid without a spec. Also Dextron III. Use one of these? Or should I try to find Mobil 424 or Mobil DTE 13M? Which one and why for my hydraulic door? How many gallons of fluid do I need?

283 We have one of your bi-fold doors and want to upgrade with a bifold door remote. Please let us know how much one your remote door opening system is. Thanks,

284 I need a price for a bottom rubber seal for a 68' wide door. I bought this door from you 11 years ago and it's still working fine. Best investment I ever made. Thanks for your time in this matter. Mark

285 Are hinge locations figured on a per door basis? We are working on several hanger projects and would appreciate a catalog (if available) of hinge locations and point loads. Interested in both your bifold and hydraulic models.  Thanks for your input, Sincerely, Roger B.

286 I am in need of a roll of weather stripping. The piece we need is 12\" W x 30' L, but we would like to have a roll on hand for future use. I believe we have an account set up with your company already. Please e-mail, fax, or call me with an order confirmation including our cost and when we may expect delivery. Thank you!

287 I have a Schweiss hydraulic door in our farm shop & want a remote motor controller. Local electrical supply dealers do not have one. Where is the closest place to get one?

288 Our company has installed a Schweiss hydraulic door with remote control and I would like to know what the range of the remote is. The transmitter is a 318MHz. The owner would like to have it work up to 500 feet or more if possible. Do they make a booster or some other devise to fit his needs. Thank-you Keith

289 Sirs, I assume that you do install a bottom seal with your hydraulic door. Could I get any info on this part? Thanks, Rex.

290 About 15 years ago we installed two of your hydraulic doors at our flying club hangar at an airport.. We need to see about getting a man door for one of the doors.. I am interested in some of the other upgrades and accessories such as backup systems, Red Power pump, etc. The doors have worked fine all this time. Please contact me by phone or email with estimate so I can get OK from Terry Y. Sincerely, Mel H.

291 Hi I just purchased a set of jiggle switches for my bi-fold door. The instlation manual that came with the switches made the job easy as pie. My door is a 36x19 with bottom drive.  Thank you for the help.

292 Can I buy an extra remote control seperately for my Schweiss hydraulic one piece door, and if so how much is it? Thanks

293 Hi, I purchased one of your one piece hydraulic doors about 5 years ago and it is working fine on my aircraft hangar. I never installed the door limit apparatus and have misplaced the chain that goes in the apparatus. What do I need to supply you to buy a chain? The door has a number marked on the side. Thanks,

294 The fellows stopped at my shop on the way back from down south a week ago. I need the best limit switch and guide shield - they said go Schweiss Doors. Just wondering when they will be coming back this way. Thank you,

295 Like to know what is the price for a set of hydraulic arms minus the hydraulic doors for my outdoor gazebo spanning only 7.5 feet wide by 8 feet high. Thanks

296 how much are the door springs used on your automatic latching doors. these are the door springs from the cable to the latch

297 I have your remote door system. The system and door were installed in 2001 and my remote door system is still working great! WE would like a Schweiss Doors quote for auto locks and liftstraps because we are so happy with our Schweiss door. Thank You

298 We are working on a door we don't believe is yours. It's gear box is leaking and we would like to obtain a rebuild kit for it. Perfection Gear Model # UC12691S Serial # 116385-12/94 Please advise if you can supply this kit and if your kit will work on someone elses door.

299 We have a heavy glass door at the entrance to our police department and the cylinder has been broken (top of the door, piece that lets the door shut slowly). Do you have this type of cylinder for replacement? I've been told your cylinders are built much better, send me two.  If so, what is the approximate cost?

300 We installed your bi-fold door in our concrete hanger in the late 1980's. We need to replace the bottom rubber seal. We no longer have instructions . Is it still possable to get the part we need? Thanks

301 I have a couple of old doors that need the top seals replaced, can I purchase this material from you? each door is about 48ft. Thanks. Jim P. Const.

302 I live at Stellar Airpark in Chandler Arizona. I have your hydraulic door. My question is: Do you offer a way to run the door up in case of a power outage? ie: a mechanical chain system, or do I need a generater or ? battery (220 volt system) Thanks, Tom C.

303 I am currently building a house that have your hydraulic doors. I have the panels being made, but they do not have the hardware. Is this something you can help me out with? Hardware and possibly installation. Thank you, Chris

304 I have just purchased a hanger with your remote control and I want to buy another remote can you give me the details on purchase. Also I have a hanger up north that I want to retofit with a hydraulic door and remote opener do you sell just the remote opening system so that I can use the same remote for both hangers?

305 My hangar is a condominium hangar on the Palm Springs Airport (PSP). It is 60x60, brand new and has a bifold door. The latching mechanism is very cumbersome, your Schweiss latching system seems to be much more advanced and workable. I have to hook the top latch with a long rod and then pull it down. Can I order your latch system and will it work on a door that was not manufactured by you? I'd love to have a remote operation, what can you tell me about yours and will it also retrofit mine.

306 I installed one of your hydraulic doors in my new hangar. The concept of the door appears to be good. There are others on the field that work, but probably not as slick as a Schweiss door. However, the door was damaged at my factory and needs repair. One of the two cylinders were damaged, badly damaged. I tried to remove and straighten on a hydraulic press. But it's still not right. Can you send me a replacement Red Power cylinder for the left side of the door. I need to get this door back in operation.

307 I desperately need a copy of the maintenance manual for the hydraulic Schweiss door on our new paint bldg. This has a Red Power pump on it. Thank you, Chuck M. Maintenance Analyst Products, Inc Ashland City, Tn.

308 I need some replacement top rubber seal (12 inch, I think) for my old but relieable Schweiss 40 foot door. Can I get it from you? If so, how much? Thanks, Bob

309 I need a bottom rubber for a 45 foot wide hydraulic  door. My dog got hungry! Maybe there is something to said about those dang cats after all.

310 I bought and had a door installed a several years ago. Recently the motor had been humming. We have several of your doors on the field and the others are not loud.  I called Schweiss office one time and was given immediate help by your gracious staff which sent me out a new motor the next day. The tech at Schweiss later told me that the motor brake assembly was dragging and is why it was noisey. I really appreciated how you stand behind your product and in reality if you would have just sent me out a new brake assembly I would have been more than satisfied, but your company went one step further.  You don't know how much I have appreciated  this and as a thank you I will try to sell some of my friends on your doors whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you again and again. Dave S.

311 I contacted you a few weeks back about a door opener on our hangar door at our Aviation hangar building, in Greenwood, IN. I received the opener post haste and it works fine. Just wanted to thank your efficient staff.

312 Please include breakout pricing for options: Weather seal kit 3 button system, insulation, Red Power pump, extra remote for the hydraulic door I ordered from you last week.

313 We own an old aircraft hanger located in greenville, n.c. it has a Schweiss hydraulic door model # S-12 # 381 serial # 35811. Could you please provide me with information about the required parts and a contractor to install these items. thanks, bruce s.

314 Dear Sirs, We have one of your hydraulic doors installed on our hangar, and I'm in need of another remote opener. There was some information on the back of the one we have. You installed this door on our hangar at the Greenwood airport. I want one with maximum range possible. If you can send me another one, that would be great. Thanks Phil

315 I have one of your hydraulic doors installed. It worked fine for a few years, but one of my wild employees delivered some damage to the electrical system. Do you have replacement parts for sale. I would like to replace the main disconnect switch and may need some additional parts later. Please quote a price for the control parts if possible. Thanks Karl

316 I have a 14X 60 ft door and my top seal could use replacing (nothing major or real urgent). Is that easy to replace and how much is it? Your door was installed in 1987 and still does it's job multiple times each day. Thanks

317 Is it possible to get a more neutral strap color for residential applications.? My Schweiss door is fantastic. Should have ordered one from you years ago.

318 We bought a steel building with 10 of your 42 foot Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. We were missing the bottom edge weather stripping for one of the doors. You sent the 42 feet of weather stripping in a flash and I just want to thank you for that. Incidentally, your door works magnificently and the Red Power pumps are outstanding. Nice doing business with a company that provides excellent service after the sale. Garry W., Sterling, AK

319  A few months ago our company ordered a complete Red Power hydraulic system for our locally manufactured door. This door, for the first time opens better than it ever did. I'd recommend a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump and system to anyone. Now I just wish we would have purchased one of your hydraulic lift doors instead of buying locally. It's not a bad door, but looking at your web site I can see your doors are engineered much better.  Best regards Frank

320  Is it possible to purchase just the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump system for my 48 ft hangar door, It is presently lifted with an old clunky motor from the top. I would require a new gear and motor unit as well as two remote openers. The shafting and pillow block bearings I will source locally. The door that I presently have is 48x16 ft and is constructed from 3x3 steel tubing. Thank you Kerry

321 I am looking for rubber seals for the top, bottom of our hydraulic lift hangar door. Do you at Schweiss Doors sell these and if not do you know who would. We need to seal the bottom of the door mainly. Got this door from someone else who I guess is now out of business because I can't locate him. I should have gone with an established manufacturer like you. Hindsight, as they say, is 20-20. Guess I'm blind.

322 I am a tenant in a hangar door complex, some bifold, some hydraulic lift. I am looking to add a \"remotes\" for a few hangars. Have any ideas of products that will work on a door that is not Schweiss built?