Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Electric Doors

1 I'm requesting a quote for a 38 ft. bifold electric door. What other information will you need from me, and what is your turnaround time?

2 I have 2 of your bifold doors and two hydraulic doors and want to make sure I have the correct size fuse and if it should be a fast blow, standard, or time delay. I have a 30amp breaker for circuit protection upstream. Order 13632-6, and would you please advise me the date of manufacture. The stamped data plate has been removed from the bottom rail, can I order a new one? Thanx, dj

3 Good day, looking for a price on a door to suit an opening 37' wide x 30' high, insulated, electric operation Schweiss bifold door, please provide suggestions and pricing thank you Brian

4 I recently bought a 1.5 hp motor from you for an old bi fold door. The wiring diagram sent with the motor only showed 220 volt wiring. I need the 120 volt wiring diagram please. My local electrician couldn't figure it out today. My old motor had three hot hot continuously, black hot when door up, white hot when door down and green is ground. Can you email me the correct diagram? Thank You. 

5 We've purchased two Schweiss bifold doors from you through our contractor in Chattanooga, TN. They are scheduled for delivery soon. Our question is: how much electricity does it take to operate the motors for both doors (I believe one is 14' x 14' and the other is 14' x 40'). We wont't have grid power for six months and are looking into a portable solar unit for lights and the doors. Also, what sort of Schweiss electrical or battery backup systems do you offer in case of a power outage?

6 We are electrical contractors currently engaged to install power to Bi-folds doors for a client. The doors are 11 mtrs across and have 2 x 3 mtr panels with 2 x motors . Can you supply a diagram or information to enable us 1 / Where to run the power supply to too and how it attaches to the door and if there is any other wiring we should have to under take and if so the method of installation. These are Schweiss bifold electrical lifting doors.

7 I'm providing electrical design for new hydraulic  doors at an airport hangar. I'd like to know if there is any additional power connection requirement for the remote door opener system on a one piece  hangar door, or if it can tie into the power pump  unit on the door for any necessary power requirement. From the electrical door schematic, it appears that it connects to the power unit, but I'd like to confirm that there is no additional external power source required to the hangar door remote control unit.

8 In need of OEM price for the following; (1) 14' x 14' hydraulic electric operated quick acting door, to be located in Bad Axe, MI. Explosion proof hydraulic motor and pump on door if inside building. Door to be mounted on a steel frame building.

9 Please provide a quote for (2) electric powered green doors, both hydraulic. One is 40'x 18' and the other is a 30' x 12'. Please include remote door openers. Thank you, Donna

10 Looking a 60 foot wide x 24 foot high machine shed ranch door. Schweiss one piece hydraulic  style. Fast opening electrical door, insulated.

11  I want to know if the 208 volt single phase 2 hp motor, fla=9.8 amps, 1.0 sf, has overload thermal protection built in to the door motor. This is for a Schweiss type hydraulic door 38 ft. 11 in wide, 13 ft. 3 in high, wedge 24 inches. Canadian electric code requires thermal overload door protection. Please state if the motor and hydraulic pump unit  has built-in self resetting overload protection. 

12 I am an electrical engineer working on a new building project. The architect specifies a Schweiss hydraulic custom designed door, 14' high, 30', insulated. I have 120v, 208v, and 480 volt power available. What voltage do you recommend for best lift? Provide motor HP, full load amps, and a recommended door breaker size? 

13 Information on converting my non motorized hangar door to a electrical lifting motorized hydraulic door. Door width 38.5 ft 12 high. Sleek frame construction 1 1/2 box door tubing works well.

14 I just bought a used Schweiss hydraulic door from an auction and don't have the wiring schematic for it. Can you email me one. Door was made on 06/30/99. The motor is 220v and its a 24 volt system. I also need a door up down stop switch. This is a hydraulic lift door. 

15 I will be needing 2 biomass hydraulic building doors, 60' x 16'. 3-phase electric doors. Need to be fast opening doors. Price with one walkdoor each with a window in it.

16 What are electric hydraulic door power requirements for a strap lift door? 2. Delivery time to Idaho. Provide a quote and additional door information needed for a wood constructed building door,  and internal door bracing options.

17 Can Schweiss Doors Email me a door wiring schematic for a control box? Inside I have a double contactor made by Telemecanique, a 24v transformer a 120v coil DTDP relay and 2 limit microswitches made by Omron, the motor is 1 HP split phase. This unit was under sea water during the hurricane Sandy in 2012, and I will try to refurbish myself. Someone tried to fix and I think that miswire the auxiliary relay. Any help will be  appreciated. I'm an electronic technician for trade.

18 I need a maintenance manual and electrical diagram for my bottom drive Schweiss hydraulic door on my hangar. Bought it from someone else who can't find it. No hurry, no problems.

19 Dear Sirs, we are very interested in your items for one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors. Please let us know if you can supply us. We would need three sets. Solution /a hydraulic pump motor will be according to your recommendation. Because of middle European electricity regulations an motor with control unit is different to American one so I expect to manage it by ourselves. Or do you have a solution for Europe? A door frame is local, size 6,7 x 3,2 m. Best regards Ivo 

20 I am a civil engineer, doing final work on a green door project. It consist on concepting and building a wood made aircraft hangar. I am very interested on your Schweiss hydraulic green doors. I 'd like to ask you some informations about the weight to be able to size my elements. And also,  will be very thankful if you can give me the information about your hydraulic door that consumes the least amount of electricity because I expected a roof with solar panels and the goal is to be 100% energy self-sufficient. My building is 29,5 meters between poles axes is 12.5 meters free height. With best regards. 

21 I am trying to provide my contractor wiring details, could please provide the power requirements and wiring diagram for the Schweiss hydraulic doors? Any recommendations as to how to connect a senor switch if we were to close the door during high wind speed?

22 Mike, Just want to let you know that you've got some real talent (besides yourself) working at Schweiss Doors. I recently had an electrical problem which I thought was a major deal. Talked to Riley and he gave me a couple of phone repair instructions and Walla! The big hydraulic door is back up and running just like new. Put Riley in for a raise. 


24 Need a price for a Hydraulic Schweiss door. The voltage for the motor is 220 volt, we need the exterior white siding, no insulation. Shipping to our summer and winter fishing and resort place in rural Quebec, Canada. Also information on backup systems in case of power outage.

25 Please quote a Schweiss hydraulic door 23'2" x 10'0". We plan to clad outside with 5/8" plywood and then 18 gauge sheet metal. I'd like to know electric power requirements and mounting clearance requirements. Thanks.

26 We have had a very bad fire and we need new electrical systems for our three Schweiss hydraulic doors, probably need a whole new pump. We will be building a new shop, and we will need additional doors. Call me on my cell tomorrow or asap. 

27 We are looking for a hydraulic door for a new large hanger for the P-M Airport in Canada. We are having power problems to supply power to the door motors Would like to use 208 3phz. Could you send me information or give me a call regarding what sort of hydraulic door backup systems other than a hand crank that Schweiss Doors offers in case we have further power outages and need to get the door open.

28 I am looking for a Manual version of your bi-fold or hydraulic hangar doors. Also if possible any other door that you may offer that will fit onto my Steel International Q-series building. I wish to have a door that lifts vertically. The building will be located in West Africa where electricity is not always available or can be erratic. For this reason I desire a door that can be used in the event that electricity is unavailable. From perusing your Web site, I believe the hydraulic doors with backup systems may be the answer. Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated.

29 Are there safety features built in to your hydraulic doors to prevent a door from falling down in the case of power outages. I hear Schweiss Doors are the safest doors on the market and have numerous backup systems in case of electrical blackout failure.

30 We are specifying your hydraulic garage doors in our current Community College project and would like to talk with someone about getting some additional electrical connection information for the pump and motor units. Specifically we are looking to determine; - What size horsepower does the 8-foot motor door and the 16-foot motor door take? - Are the hydraulic door motors dual voltage rated? (Can the doors take 208V along with 220V?) - Is there an additional cost for having the door motors 3-phase instead of single phase? - Is it possible to get an electrical diagram of the wiring and motors? We will be installing 4 one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors in this project - (3) 8-foot doors and (1) 16 foot door. It appears from your website that each door size has a different motor, is that correct? We appreciate your responsiveness in having someone contact us.

31 I have a newer construction hanger, I have gone without a door since we built the hanger in 2012. Looking for: Remote operation hydraulic door. The opening is 40'7" wide by 10'0" tall, there is a 8x8 column on each side of the opening, and there is flat wall above the opening to 4' above the header. Basically I built the hanger with intention of putting a bi fold on it but have decided to go with a hydraulic door instead. We have either 240v or 120 v power available. 

32 We are interested in an electric operated hydraulic  door for our new airport hangar, in Germany. The complete clear opening or wide should be 20000 mm and the clear opening or height should be 5500 mm. Please inform about the costs of such a hydraulic electric door. Additionally we would be interested about the isolation due to the winters we have in Germany and the electric power consumption to open and close the door. We are ready to order. The building should be finished by end of month and we would need the door until this date. We have the same Schweiss hydraulic door  already in our US factory and it is well respected for its fine modem of operation.

33 We have one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors in our hanger. We have a hurricane heading towards us at the moment and I am trying to prepare for a potential power outage by getting a backup generator. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the power demands are to operate the electrical box that controls the Red Power pump. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

34 Looking for a price on a single panel hydraulic  door. 42' wide x 10-8" tall clear. 2010CBC, 85 mph wind. Framing information clearance for header support and jamb supports for door. Electrical information is important and any addtional information I may need to give to my metal building supplier.

35 We have bought a few of your hydraulic door  systems. (That's a great way to go) I am putting a saftey switch on the door latch. The manual I had here has seemed to of grown feet. I need a wiring diagram that showes the door latch safety switch on a 220 single phase system W/ 2 motors and one control. If you could Email that to me it would be greatly appreciated Thanks.

36 I have a hydraulic door with an up-down button you have to hold. I understand the switch can be rewired so you don't have to hold it. Can you give me info on how to do this?

37 Need new hydraulic door for hangar bldg. Need to talk with local Schweiss rep. regarding electrical and installation. I do want extra remote. Door should be lightly insulated.

38 We need to furnish and install a new hanger door to replace the existing sliding hanger door. Door Manufacturer shall be responsible to design and construct the footers/foundation for the hanger door. We shall supply all incidentals and hardware for a complete and fully automatic and operational hanger door. The Hanger door shall be a hydraulic door that has a minimum 4-year warranty. The hanger door shall be electrically operating. The Contractor shall be responsible to measure the width and weight of the hanger door opening and install the largest possible door. The hanger door shall be a Schweiss Door or an approved equivalent. Need the motor operator located looking out on the right side of the door. AZ Game & Fish.

39 Hi. I love the Schweiss hydraulic doors - we have a new 40 unit project in Hawaii - On the island of Oahu, community of Kailua. The project is located on an 8 Acre hilltop I would like to send you the first unit house plans, match a garage door to it and put a cost on its as well. Send an e-mail address I can use to transmit the house plans. We are almost ready to submit for building permits. To get an idea of the project search "na pali uli" on google and look at the idea books. There is one (1) Schweiss hydraulic door All of the designs will be one-off designs and I want Schweiss doors to figure prominently in the project. I need technical specs, electrical power requirements and such for the garage doors all of which should have their mechanicals in the ceiling or tucked away from the hydraulic door and then present the garage spaces as interior spaces. Please contact me asap.


41 We installed one of your 65ft x 20ft doors in our new hanger last year and I'm interested in getting a quote for an electric door bottom safety switch so I can have a one push door close function. 

42 Could you please send me a PDF copy of the wiring schematic for the Schweiss hydraulic door  Iwould like to change the up/down button to a constant hold for both up and down but have no schematic for that control box. Thank you Carlton

43 Can you provide me with schematic or wiring diagram for the Schweiss SCH 4 door controller. 

44 I am a garage door dealer and have a customer with one of your hydraulic doors. He wants to add remote radio controls to the unit. I may need help with the wiring in the receiver. 

45 I just aquired a 36' wide by 18" tall hydraulic door. Its 240v single phase. Not sure on the motor hp. I was wondering if you could tell me what amp circuit I should put it on. Thanks Stuart

46 I purchased a hydraulic door from you last fall and am currently in China. The door is in Kodiak Alaska. I will be installing it soon and even though the instructions came with it I do not have a way to access them. Can you email me installation instructions? I am not sure if the hinges get welded or bolted to the hangar structure. Also where is the placement of the motor on the door?  What size motor and amperage so I can size the wire correctly. It is probably 100 feet or less from breaker box to door going up the hangar wall over and to the motor as the box is on the right hand side facing door from inside the hangar. Thanks so much Joel

47 What is the cost difference between the lift strap bi-fold door and your hydraulic door? Where is the point of electrical tie in? How is the door managed at the hinge points? Could you recommend any steel fabricators in central Oklahoma?

48 Looking for a quote on two hydraulic quiet electrical opening commercial doors that are 16.5' tall and 46' long and one fast opening hydraulic  door that is 18.5' by 48' long. 

49 We recently installed 2 of your hydraulic doors (supervised by Schweiss installer from Houston) and I was wondering if there was a way to have the lights in the hanger come on when the door opened at night. I have a 24 volt lighting contractor so I thought that you might have something that I could hook to it to make this happen or know of something I could use if you do not have such a device. 

50 Want pricing for hydro-power Schweiss one piece  type door for hanger that I am building for customer. Building is Post Frame wood construction 60' wide x either 96' or 120' long. 18' eave height, the door will be installed at the gable end which is 60'0" wide. The hydraulic door needs to be 57'0" wide x 16'0" tall. Need price for material and labor to install. Also, need to know power requirements in order to make sure 200 amp service is large enough to handle electrical requirements for the door.

51 I'm planning an addition for 2014. I plan to use one of your fine Schweiss hydraulic doors. I have a quote from you, bid number 21412-jm from 2/14/12. The power company is asking me to identify all motor loads in the new space. I need to know the motor name plate ratings of your new  power hydraulic pump. I assume the motor is a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC)induction design. Please send me the starting and running ampere draw, the motor KVA and KWH or either rating (KVA or KWH) and power factor. If the motor is rated 10 hp or higher (which I doubt) please also supply the motor code. Thanks in advance!

52 I have a 60 wide 80 long hangar . I need a price quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power Electrical System on a  60x 12 opening

53 Would like a budget quote on a 70' x 50' Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door System going in a PEMB. Please quote engineering, furnish and install in CA. Red Power Electrical Motorized with my sheeting on it. Thank you, Allen

54 We have an application for the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and would like to get a quote which should include installation of your new Red Power electrical system. Also would like to know if you have a horizontal style door. Greg

55 Jeremy, About a month ago you sent us preliminary quotes and info on 75x16 hydraulic lift and bi-fold door systems for a new hanger building we are designing in Hot Springs. The owner has revised the door size to a 70x 16 hydraulic Schweiss Doors Red Power Electrical System door. We are working on the drawings for the building right now and I am assuming the spec details will not change do to the width change. The Electrical Engineer is requesting power amperage requirements and/or motor horsepower requirements for this size of door. If possible we would like to give the owner the updated door spec info based on a 70' wide door and get the electrical requirement to the engineer this week.Really, really like your quality doors.

56 Please update my quote. This new Schweiss hydraulic lift door that I am requesting will go in at the same time as this one. Red Power Electrical System Bottom Drive,  4x3 Slding Bottom 1/2 windows (2) Need design spec's on this door as well. Thank you

57 I have a 15 year old door and both of our hanger remote controls have failed. Other than making sure the batteries are good, how or what do we troubleshoot to find the source of the failure? This is not one of your doors and think the original manufacturer has gone out of business.  What is the price for a new Schweiss hydraulic lift door with remote control system and your Red Power Electrical System. Does one need to be an electrical person to install?

58 Please send me the time factor and cost of hydroaulic lift power doors that have a opening of 24' high and 65' wide, with a personnel door in it. Should be fitted with your Schweiss Red Power electrical system.

59 We have a client who already researched and also received pricing on your Schweiss doors. (Hydraulic Lift) After developing the project furthur, could you provide me a quote for 3 electric doors delivered to Saskatoon, SK, Canada? State if costs are American or Canadian, please. 1 - 60' wide x 20' clear opening c/w 2 doors and 4 windows 2 - 20'wide x 18' clear opening (60' in endwall, 20's in sidewall.) Include Red Power hydraulic style pumps The customers name is Greg Kulberg --politically minded person

60 I want to replace older door with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with remote and Red Power Electrical System. I want 3 windows and metal siding on both sides with insulation between. 59 x 16 is current size

61 Please quote following hydraulic lift door for export. 60' wide x 20' clear open height.IBC 2006 code, 150 mph wind exposure C, importance factor normal. Red Power Electrical System for 120 / 240v, 120 cycle power supply available.Price Schweiss door delivered to Florida. Door for export, sections must fit on 40' flat rack. Door panels will be a 24 ga. R type panel. Appreciate your assistance.

62 Please see attached for more additional questions that we have about your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. I have also included a CAD drawing. Please provide us with more custom information on your Red Power Electrical System, specifically about our project. It would be great if you could provide us with CAD drawings. Trying to convince our clients to use the Schweiss Doors. I've seen them and your quality is beyond anyone elses on the market. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

63 Our company is bidding this project next Tuesday, and your hydraulic lift doors are listed as one of the types that maybe used for the project. As a electrical contractor I was in question of what your Schweiss Red Power System industrial grade door power connection and control connection requirements would be for this project. I would appreciate any information sent back to me if possible.Thank you and have a great day.


65 I have approximately an 18' by 16' opening I am wanting to put a hydraulic lift door in. I have my own exterior skin that I would like to use if possible. Do you have a ballpark estimate on adding the Schweiss Red Power Electrical System, I would do my own installation. Thanks, Sam

66 Schweiss hydraulic lift door will be insulated with 3\" thick fiberglass. Door will have 26 guage metal liner panels to 8' high. One walk door. Four windows and with Red Power Electrical System.

67 We need three \"Red Power motor driven hydraulic lift doors\" to be installed in three hydroelectric power plants. Two gates are to be installed in steel members 8m x 7.5m (26'-3\" x 24'-7\") (HxW) One gate in 8m x 6.84m (26'-3\" x 22'-9\") (HxW) I am sending you a file with the gates. Will want doors to be installed with Red Power Electrical Systems which should give optimum lift. Sicerely, Jon Chan

68 Please quote: Two (2) 64'-6 x 20'-0 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Electrical System 230V electric operator, pre-wired 3-station push button controls (momentary up & down), bottom rubber seals, and one 3060 white flush steel walk door with lever handle and cylindrical lockset in each Red Power door.

69 I am looking to buy a Red Power Electrical System  opened Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a 40' wide by 14' high opening. Is it possible to buy only the door frame and hardware from you and to clad it on-site. If so, could you give me a ballpark cost FOB at your location. Thanks, Marvin

70 I have been asked to bid the SANTA MONICA PLACE PARKNG GARAGE which calls for (9) 17'3\"x7'0\"Red Power electric system hydraulic lift Schweiss glass designer doors. pleas call me to advise if you will sell to me , etc.or if you bid direct.

71 Could you please give us a quote ASAP on: one (1) 40' x 14'6\" and one (1) 24' x 15' Hydraulic lift doors, both with 220 single phase Schweiss Red Power Electric System hydraulic pumps. Project name: Alvin Thank you, Henry

72 We are looking for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System to fit opening 10.140mm wide x 4.418mm high we would also need to know the max clearance that would be left under the door. Do you have remote openers for your doors.

73 Do you have any companies around Portland, Ore. that sell and install your products? I have a project that could use 5 of your Schweiss Red Power electric doors and 1 manual bifold doors. A friend demonstrated one of the hydraulic doors he bought from you. I'm impressed, they're top of the line.


75 One of our customers wants a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door that will fit into a 44'X 20'opening. Please let me know if this will come with the Red Power hydraulic electrical system that I want. Also remote controls.

76 Can your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors be setup to lift manually? Don't have electricity. Can they be insulated? I need a door that I can seal for root cellar. to keep cold air out. Would your Red Power Electrical system run off a portable generator if I bought one?

77 Good morning. I am an electrical engineer working on a project that will be using one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for an office service counter. Could you please forward me the Red Power Electrical System Diagrams and Electrical Schematics for this system? Thank you.

78 What are the Red power/electrical requirements for a 30'-0\" wide by 14'-0\" tall one piece hydraulic lift  door?

79 Can you please email or fax me the detailed specs on this Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power Electrical System? Top of finished floor to bottom of truss will be 16'. Thanks, Brent

80 Please provide a quotation to furnish FOB Lodi, CA. hangar Schweiss hydraulic lift door Red power electrical  systems for the proposed facility. Comply with all San Joaquin County, California building department requirements. 70' x 100' x 45' clear under the frames 2 ea. 25' x 45' clear opening doors centered in the endwalls 4 ea. 3' x 7' man door framed openings doors and hardware by others 3\" scrim faced blanket insulation in the roof and walls Standard rib siding / SSR roofing - both KXL finish The owner will consider bifold hangar doors but prefers a door system without a track across the opening. Thanks, Dave

81 Schweiss, Attached are the specifications and drawings for the hydraulic lift doors for the Benton County Fairgrounds project. The base bid calls for Schweiss Red Power hydraulic electrical system doors and there is an alternate to go with remote openers. We are looking for a quote for the supply of these doors, but were also wanting to get an estimate for the assembly and installation (approx. man hrs/door). The project is located in Corvallis,


83 I  need to get a quote on (1)40'x16' and (1)24'x16' one piece hydraulic lift doors. We will erect the doors, but would like Schweiss Doors to have the Red Power Electrical System ready to plug in. I need loading for the Steel building design.

84 I am interested in a 16 X 16 Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift insulated door kit with a walk door. Should also have Red Power Electrical System and priced picked up at your location.

85 Please provide a quote for the following Schweiss hydraulic lift door - see below. Also, please provide load information and specs for your Red Power Electrical System, by which we will design/engineer our frames. Thanks, Katie

86 I would like some price information on 41'6''X 14'0'' Schweiss hydraulic lift hanger door. Builder is in Kansas City, area. There are 5 to be installed , with 3/4 hp. Red Power Electrical ops . Thank you, Del

87 Hello Is there someone that can call us in dutch. We are searching for the doors that you offer. We are one of the largest Doors company's of the Netherlands. If there is someone that can contact us regarding Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Electrical Systems. Greetings Edwin.

88 Looking for a 40 x 12 Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar door price and Red Power Electrical system specs. Also want door to be insulated and installed by your crew.

89 We are looking to install 6 Red Power electric doors on an existing T-Hanger. The hanger now has sliding doors and will probably require a header above the existing one to get full opening space. Let me know if you can help me with your Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door. Randy,  Airport Manager

90 Customer needs a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for an existing project. Red Power Electric Operated System, appox. 62' wide x 19' tall. 130 mph wind, located in Covington, LA.  I need design information to rework our frames for this door and a price for them. You can contact Pete.

91 Planning on using 4 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Size range from 45-55 feet and aprox 16 height. May want one door 56 wide and 17 feet high. All fitted with Red Power Electrical Systems and remotes. We need to week. Gerry

92 I have another one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors ordered that is 90' wide and 24' high clearance. I am ordering a back-up generator. What capacity (kw) do I need and how many Red Power hydraulic drive motors will it have? Thanks, Jerome K.

93 Please Quote, 1 ea. 60' x 18' clear and 2 ea. 50' x 12' clear Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors with Red Power Electrical System and man doors in each. Thank you...Riley

94 Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump door the 45' x 16'  Red Power electrical motor 220 volts 1 phase Top and bottom rubber. When can you deliver, I want it yesterday! Schweiss Door salesman said you were busy but could probably speed a rush order for me. Whatever you can do, please.

95 I need price quot on 20hx40l Schweiss hydraulic Red Power system eletric door. please use email as always outworking.I will put skin on just neeed frame. also native american so no tax quot allowed will send exemption # when time right. thank you

96 Could you put together an estimate for a 26' x 15' Schweiss hydraulic metal door with standard Red Power hydraulic electrical system. Please also include rough opening size and cross section of building framing requirements. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

97 Customer would like a price on a 40' x 16' one piece Schweiss hydraulic door. Option for a 40' x 18' 3:12 PITCH on a 60' wide building with Red Power Electrical System. Thanks...I talked to one of you about Kevin C's door...building is supposed to be delivered around October 8th but will let Kevin know exact date for his Bi-fold from you.

98 I have a 50x50 aircraft hangar with a Schweiss bi-fold door that has cables. I now want to order one of your hydraulic doors for a bigger hangar. What is the cost and how do I get started? Would I be able to install or have an electrician install your Red Power electrical system. Thanks Floyd

99 Attn: Jeremy I am working on the Oberlin pools and I was looking at the information on your doors. it showed the operators being 240v-1ph and we do not have that voltage. we have 208v-1ph, will that work with your Red Power electrical system equipment on our new Schweiss hydraulic door?

100 Supply and installation by Schweiss Door experienced applicator of the front door, according to the following specifications: Supply system cloud Red Power electric doors of the building planes 63.13 meters Width: * 61.10 meters length * 9 meters high net for the crane, according to the following specifications: Type: Hnger hydraulic  doors operate Freimut. Dimensions: 60 metres net * 9-meter rise in the net. Shutters: Number 6 shutters are opened up shutters 3 in each hand to intervene in the walls of the building. Operating: by remote transmission system. Wind speed at 145 km an hour and specifications annexed Materials covered by the offer: structure of metal doors, wheels, railroad upper and lower limbs, Red Power electric operating system to fund operating only control the gate by remote. Mineral system coverage Extras: Number (2) individual sections of people, vehicles within Shutter each side. Shipping to Kuala Lumpur via ocean route and then by rail.

101 i am building a 24 x 36 building. maybe 2 one-piece hydraulic doors 32 wide . concrete floor. bi fold door or hydraulic doors with electric open . like to get electric opening hydraulic doors prices.

102 We purchased a 12 X 40 foot bifold door. The contractor has installed the bifold door, but we don't have electrical service installed and connected yet. Now we have to have a fire sprinkler company come in to hang fire sprinkler plumbing from the ceiling. He may need to use some large equipment (forklift, scaffolding etc.) to accomplish this. Question: Can the bifold door be opened manually somehow? Right now the lift strap system and related hardware has not been intalled. The door is merely hung on it's hinges. For example, could a fork lift be placed under the center of the door and used to open it without damaging the door? Any suggestions appreciated? Thanks, George H. Groveland, CA

103 If something happens, power or mechanical failure, can this door be opened manually with minimal effort.

104 We purchased a Schweiss bifold and a hydraulic door. They accomodate a 40X12 foot opening. I'm an owner and the contractor. The doors arrived last Friday. I'm subcontracting with an electrician to wire the door and run the electrical cable to the hangar. Can you tell me what the electrical specifications are? I know it requires 220 volts, but the electrician needs to know the wattage, amperage to size circuit breakers etc. Any information that you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks, 

105 I have a hangar with no electricity. Can I power your door with a portable engine driven hydraulic system provided by you or me?

106 I am looking for a residential garage door with a 8 ft high by 15 ft wide opening that does not run in below the ceiling of the garage. A hydraulic one piece door or Bifold door would seem to work. The door would be installed on the end (parallel with the roof truss) for a wood frame attached garage. It would need to open remotely. What is the approximate cost of each door? Does the remotely operated Bifold door meet the residential codes for electrical interlock and safe operation? How many backup systems on door?  Do you have a local distributor or contractor in the Seattle, WA area?

107 I need quoting on 2 each 18' x 70' insulated hyraulic doors operated by minimum 40 AMP, 7HP electric motors. Installed price as well Location is to be Georgia Bulloch County

108 We plan on installing a 16' X 45' hydraulic Schweiss door. Our engineers need to know the electrical requirements for the door. Thanks, Margy

109 Send quote on a basic one piece hydraulic door. Please list any options available separately, especially backup options. Do you offer a hydraulic drive for the bi-fold? My concern is opening the door if the electricity should happen to be off.


111 I would like a bid for materials only with me installing and one for a turn key installation. Does the hydraulic door come with an electical opener or is it manual? Where I am located has no power except my generator. Can I get a gas powered motor attached to the door to lift it? 

112 Do you have any hydraulic doors that will work in a 14' high x 36' wide opening for a new barn that has no electicity. Can a small gas motor be attached to your Red Power unit?  I am looking for two of this size. Thanks

113 On a 40 by 12 lift hydraulic Schweiss door, what is the max current demand and lift time for a 120 volt installation?

114 Would like to know if this Schweiss Red Power electrical system hydraulic lift door operates on 110 or 220 volt power.