Schweiss Doors - Engineered Hydraulic Doors

1 Hello: I'm working on a project that in MA that has an oversized (about 5'H x 8'W) vertical lift interior door that is set with its still at counter height. The door panel would be a flush plywood/MDF panel (no folds), and I'm not sure if it would be manual or motorized operation. Can you advise if this is something Schweiss could engineer? Thank you.

2 I am quoting a Steel building for a customer. Could I get the design/loading information so I can pass it on to STAR Building estimator

3 I am currently working on an operations center for the New York Botanical Garden which will require (3) overhead doors, 22’ width x 13’ height. Our goal is to design a net zero building, so we are looking for maximum thermal performance, but we also want to introduce as much glazing as possible for natural light. Would there be any advantage going with a bifold vs conventional sectional door? Do you have any information on the R-values or U-values of a fully-glazed bifold door assembly? Our baseline is R-3.22 min. / U-0.31 max, but it would be great to do even better. If a bifold door is an option, I will also need some additional information for structural loads. The building structure is going to be mass timber, instead of steel, so it will be important to know what additional reinforcement is required. If you have any other options or suggestions, I would also like to know. Thank you very much

4 The Project is for Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids Michigan. You all may have provided some early design assistance on this new installation. We have your standard details for structural connections but we need some basic structural loads or reactions for a 49'-0" wide by 12'-7" tall door that will have a curtainwall "VENEER" detail illustrated in your standard detail literature.

5 Does Schweiss have a sample CSI specification that you could provide?

6 Looking for some technical data, specifications and BIM modeling for your overhead folding door for solid metal finishes (not glass).

7 Hi, Looking for cut sheets/data (weight for structural engineering) on a counter height hydraulic door similar to doc b's on your web page but smaller: 8 ft. wide by 8'-6" high opening starting at 3'-6" above floor. Also a cost estimate. Thanks, LC

8 Hello, I'm looking for a contact to help us specify a couple of hydraulic doors for an upcoming project in southern California. We are an engineering firm working on construction documentation and would like to specify Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors. If you can get in touch with me with a contact we can get engineering and installation specific information for our design it would be greatly appreciated. At this point I know we will be needing windows, a walkthrough door and remote opener prices also.Thanks, Jonathan T.

9 I would like to replace a current 14 ft. x 20 ft. roll up door with your hydraulic or bifold door on an existing structure. I also want another quote on 28 ft. x 16 ft Bifold or Hydraulic door for a new construction that will be wood framing also in need of a freestanding header. I need to know the weight of door ready to hang so we can engineer building for it,

10 Attention Sir/Madam I am Esther Spiegel, Manger,Procurement California Department of Education, USA We are top buyer of your engineered door products in the American market. One of your customers who is in same line of business with us recommended your company to me when I met him in trade fair some time ago and I have decided to give your company a trial. Kindly send quotation of your company bifold and hydraulic door products FOB. Please kindly reply ASAP Thank you! 

11 We are in the planning stages of a hotel at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. The roof top bar, similar to the Schweiss roof top bus bar engineered doors in Nashville would be a perfect fit for a couple of these doors. I'd love to speak with someone about options and putting a budget together. Thank you

12 i have a pre engineered building being constructed by Olympia we require a quote on a Schweiss by folding strap door that will meet the specification laid out in our drawings

13 I am working on a library project in OK and would like to use a bi-folding or one-piece Schweiss door in the loading area. the design intent is to match the door finish with the stainless steel wall finish and flush the door surface with the wall surface. I haven't used your door before and it seems much different but better than the typical overhead door. The project is in DD phase and I need to talk to the structure engineer Can you send me information regarding the structural requirements? If you also send me the CAD shop drawings it will be much helpful to understand how your door works and what the clearance around the door should be. Thanks and looking forward to hearing your response.

14 I saw an advertisement for your doors in a magazine recently showing your new hinge design. It appears the endplate on the hinge doesn't interfere with the connection between the tube header and its support. That's a great Schweiss engineering feature.  How does this connection work? Do you have any more details available on Schweiss greaseable hinges for hydraulic and bifold doors?

15 45'x18' Schweiss one-piece door to be installed in a pre-eng. Chief helicopter hangar structure. Door installed in endwall. Building to be 60'x60'with 18' clear under frames. Door sheeting insulation, and liner by others. Door labor, freight, and material quote.....

16 Hello, I saw your product online while researching a way to attach and remotely control metal stairs for entry to my man cave on the 2nd floor of my detached 24 x 24 garage similar to the Schweiss lifting stairs you installed for Gene in Minnesota. The stairs would, most of the time, remain in the up position. I believe that a single cylinder, your hinge system(for attaching stairs to deck), and your pump system would work nicely. I'm thinking it would have a metal mounting plate for the cylinder's bottom attached to a concrete pad. Or it could mount higher on one of the deck posts like the mounting positions shown in your videos??? The top of the cylinder would mount to the underneath side of the stairs. Are your cylinders weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use? Please let me know if your Schweiss design team would be interested in helping me make this engineered Schweiss lifting staircase happen. Thank you sincerely, Andy

17 I'm looking for engineering door specs and design loads and provisions for a one piece hydraulic commercial use Schweiss door. 46'x16' Thanks


19 With the hydraulic doors or strap bi-fold doors are there any structural additions that need to be engineered into the building? My farm shop will have 20' eaves. What would a 22' door cost (bi-fold strap or hydraulic door w/hydraulic and hardware?

20 We are bidding engineered hydraulic doors for a 75' x 150' x 45' new construction steel building. The client has specified (2) 35' x 30' Schweiss industrial strength one piece doors. I am needing 1) building loads for frame engineering. 2) pricing on these two engineered doors. 3) recommended installers, or door installation instructions.

21 Please provide a quote for 40 ft. x 10 ft pre-engineered hydraulic steel door to be installed in a pre-engineered steel building. Include freight. Steel door "finish" will 26 ga. metal building wall panels.

22 I need a information (for a structurally engineered  metal building door) and a price for a customer. We are selling him a 80'x100' and he wants the option of a bi-fold straplift door. (I am requesting a price for the Schweiss bi-fold door and the hydraulic door). I have installed many your doors so I am familiar with your outstanding product. 

23 I'm a structural engineer and need price for six aesthetically pleasing winery doors in Napa Valley, California. They want walkdoors in each 14 ft. x 9 ft. one piece hydraulic doors. The aluminum specialty doors will need to have decorative etched glass.

24 Send engineered door design requirements for 70 x 16 clear hydraulic door. Exterior one piece door truss, walk door. Six windows, and remote door  openers. 

25 I am an engineer working on designing a pre-fab building door for a customer. This building will have concrete foundation doors, with wood framing on top. I need guidance on how to fasten hydraulic door jamb posts to foundation for superior door strength. Need to know weight of steel door for truss manufacturer to properly size trusses. Building will be 70'-72' wide so we should have adequate headroom. Call with questions.

26 I'm helping a metal building company, looking for a door retrofit to an existing building. A 30' wide by 20 foot high industrial strength hydraulic commercial door is needed. The building people want a Schweiss overhead hydraulic door. I'm a structural engineer designing the new door framing. 

27 I am pricing a Pre-Eng. Steel building in Alberta, Canada. The customer requests two 40' x 18' Schweiss Hydraulic Door Systems in either end. Provide me with a door quote. It is a steel door for agricultural purposes, and our steel provider will supply the steel door cladding to match the building.

28 Looking for a price on a pre engineered hydraulic door to close up a 52 x 10 opening in the back wall of a concrete building. This a firing range door for the parolympic team so it needs to open easy. It can be a pair of Schweiss hydraulic swing doors or a large bifold liftstrap door.

29 Quote on a 36 x 18 pre-engineered Schweiss steel  hydraulic door, and a quote on a bi fold strap lift door the same size. New construction with one piece door going in a steel building, provide any door drawings or door spec info with the quote.  

30 Need Schweiss Doors engineering info to spec hydraulic opening doors for a project in northern VA. Door finish, electrical system, weatherstripping.

31 I'm working on a pre-engineered steel building that will have a hydraulic Schweiss door on it. I'm needing the door loading specs & a quote to provide the client. The building will be a 60x60x14 (1:12). Large steel door will be centered on one endwall, 40x12. 

32 I am a structural engineer, need quote for a 42 wide by 20 foot clear door opening for a large industrial strength hydraulic door. Can I get Schweiss AutoCAD door drawings to better understand and explain to my client.

33 I'm interested in having your door engineers draw up a Schweiss hydraulic door setup for here at the Convention & Exhibition Center. The convention doors we now have were built in place and are the wrong doors for the type of operations. Included should be 4 pedestrian doors due to fire code egress. Too many safety features are never too many. I saw Schweiss doors in Paris Island when I was vacationing. They seem to be more efficient doors than what we have. List all safety add ons?

34 Could you provide a quote on a Schweiss engineered building hydraulic door with straps, 60 ft. x 26 ft. I would also like any CAD drawings Schweiss Doors could provide for the door header construction of the wood end wall where the door will go. Include windows and walk in entry door.

35 I have a door opening that is 16' wide and 14' tall. I need to get the door engineering specs on a hydraulic aluminum door so that I can engineer the trusses.

36 I have a 40x25 steel building, and want to fit it with a 36x12 hydraulic steel door. From seeing your website this size opening and door shouldn't be a problem. Engineer is telling me they need to put 13' 4" walls just to fit a 10' opening. Can I get some door opening specs to support your Schweiss  hydro-engineered  door?

37 Interested in pricing two pre-engineered hydraulic doors 28' wide x 18' high, to be installed in steel building in Texas. Building is 61'-4" wide, 92'-6" long, with 20' eave height and 2:12 roof pitch. Doors centerline both endwalls. Design Loading 20# LL 90 MPH Wind Load Door 20# Grd. Snow Load. Door design is based on using bearing endwall door  frames, with sectional steel overhead doors. If we switch to hydraulic doors, will we have to switch to full-load endwall door frames? Will Schweiss Doors come and install the framing. Can my door  erectors do the door sheeting and trimming? Do you include jambs & freestanding door header?

38 Need Schweiss hydraulic hangar door 66'w x 16'h. To be mounted on Alaskan structure building (Fabric w/gable steel frame). King Air 350 aircraft door  (58'w, 47'l, 15'h) Windload is 75 MPH, Snow load 10 psf. Can you provide eng/arch requirements?

39 I need Schweiss technical door assistance for a newly ordered engineered ag door, bid number 61213-AS. We will be producing the structure and end framing. I want to coordinate hydraulic door design and fabrication of end framing to accomodate the door.

40 I want a main door for a new wood post-frame hangar. My builder will probably adjust the engineered hydraulic door order somewhat based on final building design. Please quote hangar door with man door feature. Proposed start date for the hangar door install is early summer.

41 We are adding some large operable opening doors to an existing building. I have some wall sections and photos to share. Now in the early stages of engineering and hydraulic door design, would like to have operational steel door in place by May. Is Schweiss Doors able to help with engineered hydraulic door detailing and coordination? 

42 Hello, I am needing to get some spec information on a hydraulic door for one of my potential customers. The door size he is wanting is 16 1/2 x 40 with windows and a door in the hydraulic door. I need this for my building supplier so they can engineer the structurals to handle the load this door would put on the building. Thank You Mike

43 I sent out this request yesterday, without the engineers door specs. please review the basic specs below. I also need this to include its own frame columns and header, and to include the concrete pier specs required to support this Schweiss hydraulic door. is there any chance to get these concrete specs ASAP? Thank you for all your help, and quick response! 

44 A customer wishing to have a Schweiss hydraulic  door installed on the two ends of the new hangar and they have talked with you. But also have asked for T&E to install the doors. We are the pre-engineered building builder in the area and wish to have the information on the engineering of the building requirements to handle your hydraulic hangar door. can someone in your co call me to chat about these doors. Thank You Ted 

45 Hello, I'm a structural engineer and my client wants to replace the storefront in a 14' wide x 10' high opening with a Hydraulic door, with storefront window panels provided by others. Please provide pricing for an entire system, with your cost to install, although the client will most likely do so. I would like to get a spec sheet that I can forward to the storefront fabricator so they can verify their pricing, also... thank you.

46 Please send a price on 1 -50 x 24 high, 5 - 12 wide x 20 high all hydraulic doors sizes are feet. These are all structurally engineered doors.

47 Hi: I am planning on building an aircraft hanger at our Municipal Airport and am looking for a hydraulic hanger door quote. The building designers are calling for a 50 ft by 14 ft door. if a man door was located in the hanger door it would help. The hanger will be steel framed and clad and typical rectangular construction. I am looking for a quote FOB to Ontario. I understand the company erecting the hanger adds the door cladding and insulation, or can I do that. You make some mighty fine hydraulic doors at Schweiss, the guys that have them up here really like them.

48 I need a quote for (2) 30x30 clear hydraulic Schweiss doors going in a pre-eng bldg. I need to know the clearance I must keep the bldg. to. Include freight to NY Least expensive door for now. Include (1) man door and remotes for both. The first time I saw one of your doors I was sold on them and said I'm going to get one someday. That day has come.

49 I am looking to get a little more information and/or a technical drawing of the hydraulic door opening. This power pump mechanism and big cylinders are  exactly what we have been looking for to specify to our client. If it's safety she wants, this should do it. Thank you Schweiss Doors! I just need some information and a drawing to convince them as they have not seen this type of opening before. I have added details of the dimensions. If possible I am looking for a quote and either a standard technical drawing with dimensions or if a drawing can be produced for the dimensions I have submitted then even better!

50 Please send design information so I can provide to pre-engineered metal building supplier. Please email and FAX all information. Thank you. 36x16 Clear One-piece Schweiss Hydraulic Door. Door will be insulated and lined on the inside for a biomass building. Any suggestions you might have before my building is completed will be appreciated by me and the engineer.

51 Can you provide typical CAD drawings for: OPTION 1: 3.6M tall glass hydraulic door. OPTION 2: 2.5M tall glass bifold We have glass on 3 sides and want to use a system similar to Santa Monica Place. Door with liftstraps, not cables and also add autolatches.

52 I represent an Engineered Systems team that provides thermal coating facilities to customers globally. We often have a need for indoor acoustical rooms with large hydraulic custom designer doors to accomodate work pieces to be inserted and removed with overhead cranes. If we could set up a meeting at our NY facility I think our company is ready to purchase some of your doors, we're just not sure at this time whether or not we want Schweiss hydraulic or straplift doors. We do want to go with your respected company, because we've seen the workmanship in your product and design.

53 Do you provide some type of information for what is needed for the free-standing header structure to mount the Schweiss hydraulic crane door to, or do I have to get an engineer for that.

54 My name is Thomas and I'm the project architect for a Texas golf course renovation. We have incorporated your hydraulic doors into the design and I'm in the process of detailing these connections for our construction documents (due on 2 weeks). I could use some cut sheets on the doors as well as all the structural loads that I can pass onto my engineer. We have a total of 6 doors (5 - 12'h x 20'w & 1 - 12'h x 10'w). Thank you

55 Greetings, project is in Longview Washington, owner has requested pricing for Schweiss hydraulic  doors in a pre engineered building used for steel storage. Need the pricing by Friday at noon.

56 Need a quote on two each 124' wide X 20' high hydraulic doors for overhead cranes to travel from inside of building to the outside of building. Would you prefer to see the engineer specs and architectural drawings prior to sending a bid?

57 Please email and fax hydraulic door design specifications so I can provide to pre-engineered metal building supplier. Need 18' clear on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door, how tall will the building need to be? 

58 We are currently assisting a client conceptualize a project and are developing an estimate on construction costs. With this being a very large item I was hoping to get your input. This door should be able to accomodate wide body aircraft such as 757, 767, 777 etc. Wondering mostly if the hydraulic Schweiss door would have an advantage over the bifold liftstrap door for aircraft this large.

59 Conducting engineering market research on a door frame that will support a net fabric with a weight of .065 #'s per square foot and span an opening of 190' wide and 60' foot high and push button operated. Can you supply specs on both your bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors, any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated

60 This door is to be installed in a conventional steel not pre-engineered building. Thank you for the previous quote on a 50' hydraulic steel door.

61 Pricing a building that is 16' tall with 4" borrowed from available height for concrete floor. Do we have enough head clearance for either hydraulic door or bifold door unit? Customer indicates a need for 15'x30' door, with a radio operator. Has formerly had one of your bi-fold lift strap units and says he will buy from no other manufacturer because your doors are the best. This unit will be a hydraulic door, insulated. Do we need special engineering provisions for that?

62 We're building a hangar in Boone Iowa using a engineered building. I need a budgetary price for a hydraulic door large enough for a Pilatus PC-12. We current'y have a Cirrus, but I'm building with growth in mind! Thanks

63 Please quote a 50x18 clear hydraulic one piece door installed in endwall of new Pre-engineered steel  building. Please quote separately free standing header, man door and labor to install. Please FAX design information for metal building supplier

64 Gentlemen, I am in need of pricing for a hydraulic door project which requires two (2) insulated 45'0 wide x 26'0 tall (called opening) with one (1) walkdoor located in each. These doors will be installed on a pre-engineered metal building. Our firm specializes in pre-engineered metal buildings with the majority being for marina / boat storage applications and which utilize hydraulic doors. Since 1996 we have been purchasing our bi-fold and hydraulic doors from you and are very satisfied with your product quality. 

65 I need 3 hydraulic door quotes please. I also need the preliminary reactions for engineering purposes. All Three hydraulic doors are going on new pre engineered steel buildings. Door #1 46' Wide by 14' clear opening Door #2 56' Wide by 15' Clear opening Door #3 65' Wide by 16' Clear opening We are in the process of determining a hangar size for our company airplane and we are also trying to figure out the size of hangar we need. 

66 I am looking for the load reactions and drawings for your hydraulic doors that a customer is considering using in a pre-engineered metal building we are proposing to him. He is looking a direct purchase with your company, so all I am after is the load reactions so they can quote the building accordingly. The hydraulic doors sizes are 1) 60 x 16 and (1) 40 x 20' These would be for a project located in Buffalo Center, IA, using the IBC 06 building code, 90 MPH wind load, B exposure & 25 lb roof load.

67 What is the weight of 8' w x 7' one piece hydraulic door without a truss? I want to give that information to my structural engineer?

68 I am an engineer in upstate New York. I have a client who is building a hangar for light sailplanes. His requirement is for a very wide but fairly short door. 70 ft wide by 14 ft tall. We do have experience with industrial buildings but not with large doors like this. This is a private use hydraulic door. My feeling (unconfirmed) is that the door will be used occasionally but not subject to high frequency use. The owner is probably looking for the least expensive hydraulic door solution. What can you suggest?

69  I am preparing a proposal for a client that is asking for a 50' Wide by 30' Long by 13' High (at Eave) pre-engineered metal building. They are wanting a 40' Wide by 10' hydraulic lift door. In order to design the structure I need spec sheets A-1 thru A-5. Our office has requested this information from your company. I am in need of this information soon.

70 I have a customer looking for a quote for a 60 wide X 17 high hydraulic door. It would be installed on a pre-eng steel building the job is in Fort St. John, BC Canada If you could get back to me with a price as soon as you can that would be appreciated.

71 I need a price on a 40' x 14' hydraulic door. It will be installed in Obion, TN. It will be installed in a pre engineered metal building. I will be contacting you for some loading information on your door. Also what is your electrical requirement for the hydraulic unit? 

72 Please quote a price to supply four 40' wide x 18' clear height thermal insulated hydraulic hangar doors with  for a municipal project located in Swan River, Manitoba. I would appreciate receiving your A-1 to A-6 Spec Sheets with your price so I can ensure I have the correct framing in the endwall of the pre-engineered steel building. 

73 I am in need of your Data on two sizes of hydraulic doors that are going in a Metal Building our engineer is designing. One door is a 60' x 18', One is a 40' x 18' Design loads are IBC 2009 30# Snow 90 MPH wind load. Job Site is Provo Utah. Hydraulic Doors will be going in End Walls of a 80' wide x 22' eave height 1 on 12 roof pitch. I need your data sheets to design my framed opening for your door system.

74 One of our employees saw your doors at Oshkosh last year and got a brochure. Far North Holdings Limited owns an airport here in New Zealand and we are interested in your bi-fold lift strap / autolatching doors and a one piece hydraulic lift door for a hanger we have on the airport. The hanger currently has an extension for the tail of an aircraft that currently doesn't fit into it. We would like to remove this and extend the total width of the hanger out as far as the current small extension protrudes. The width of each opening is 18m (59ft) and 13m (42.64ft) respectively. The height required is 5m (16.4ft). The roof line of the hanger slopes up and should be able to accommodate the extra height required. As you can see there is also spare height from the door opening height to the hanger roof line. I would prefer an internal truss door. I would like an indication of the price for the two doors ready to be shipped to New Zealand. With this extension you may even be able to make one door that spans the whole doorway instead of two doorways that are currently while leaving the bracing of the current doorway in place. We can get engineers to sort out any specifications that you may require from the existing building. We also have drawings of the existing building.

75 I'm bidding a building for an individual that wants 4- 30'x18' hydraulic doors, 2 in each end of the building. The building is 80'x150'. What I need is some specs on your doors to send to my engineers so they can design the openings for this project. Could you please send me this info. also whatever you can on the newer pumps and any accessories or upgrades available. Thanks

76 We are quoting a project in Sacramento, CA. We are furnishing a pre-engineered building. Yesterday we were asked us for an alternate to furnish & install 4 ea 50'x 18' hydraulic air-hanger doors. That is their spec. I would add 85 mph windload, we will furnish framed openings, figure shipping. You have quoted us hydraulic doors before for Hayward airport which went very smoothly. 

77 I need a quote for a hydraulic door,  42x10' (clear opening) going to CA. Door will not be insulated. Please provide pricing and specs so I can design pre-engineered building to accommodate your product. The design criteria are: CA2010 and 85mph 3 second gust wind, exposure C, seismic D. Thanks

78 I would like a current quote for a hydraulic engineered door 44 feet wide and 14 feet high with windows and a walk door. Please include what the delivery cost would be to NC.

79 I am in need of design loading and column/stub spacing and minimum material requirements. Our builder is doing a design/build project and has not purchased your Schweiss hydraulic door yet and is looking for information to take to the end owner and utilize for deisgn purposes on our building system. Please price walkdoor and remotes.

80 Would like information for a hydraulic door with lift windows for planned hangar door opening 40/45' x 13/14' clear opening. Corporate engineer  requests load points and strengths for your door. Expect to commence construction this spring at Fredericksburg, TX. Hangar is planned at 50' x 80'.  

81 We are looking for three hydraulic doors for our hangars. Size: 18 meters wide, 7 meters high If possible with some glass elements. our structural engineer asks for the approximate weight to check if we have to some reconstruction.

82 Hello We are quoting a pre eng. building for our local airport and would like pricing on two hydraulic doors as noted below. Please contact me with any further questions. Thanks Rusty

83 Used steel building 40' by 50' Gable ends measures 50' Side walls 10' increasing to @ 14' at center of building. Getting ready to pour concrete and need a hydraulic door engineering plan. Building to house a Supercub so @ 40' opening required.

84 I have a Bid Invitation for this hangar door replacement project. We have an engineer that will provide design. Right now we are just going by the scope of work provided and existing building As-Builts. The Bid Invite will provide the necessary information to access these As-Builts along with the Scope of Work. Does your company provide installation services for the hydraulic door we may be interested in?

85 I just learned about hydraulic doors, and am interested in them. I need 3 for the custom endwall to an arch-steel building. I am interested in weights, pricing, deliver schedule, etc. I plan to purchase these doors by May if they are the right choice. 1- 12w x 8h 1- 12w x 16h (with standard walk-in door frame) 1- 9w x 8h Do you have any information stating wall structural requirements (reactions) than I can give to the engineer designing my endwall?

86 Need pricing for a 50'x18 clear opening hydraulic  door for a cold storage building in S.D. Could I also get a price for two 30'x19' clear opening hydraulic doors for a cold storage building in N.D. Both jobs are on pre-engineered structures. I will need clearance dimensions for installation of each hydraulic door.

87 This is for a pre-engineered building we are going to sell. I need an estimate on a 60x15 hydraulic door. Also, a 60x15 hydraulic panel door (3 @ 20-foot sections). Also, a 30x12 electric hydraulic overhead door. How much extra for remote openers?

88 Airpark Hangars in New Milford, CT. We need hydraulic engineering specs to design hangar door opening. GC has explained that Schweiss is the only manufacturer they will deal with. Guess they want the best and won't settle for the rest. Thank you

89 We are building a new farm shop, 60 x 40. We want a 24w x 16 h hydraulic door in end wall. Can you give a quote? The building is pre engineered all steel in Pennsylvania. Do we need any extra reinforcement to support another hydraulic door that is 30 ft. x 16 ft. h?

90 I'm a Engineer and I would like some info on your bifold strap doors and hydraulic doors and door backup systems for a clean room door project. Will want your best sealing door.

91 I need a price and Engineering requirements for a 80' wide x 24' tall single panel hydraulic door for an airplane hangar. The location is for Juneau Alaska The Wind loading is 116 mph per 2009 IBC I need to know any loading that is placed on the Metal Building from the Hydraulic one piece door. Also tell me what shipping avenues you utilize such as trucking and/or barge. I hear Schweiss Doors can make all the arrangements for a turn key operation.

92 Request for: qty. 1 Schweiss  - 57' x 14' -  industrial built fireproof door (hydraulic cylinder) - 230 volt - 1 phase - end wall of pre-eng. steel building. Walk door with window and (2) remote door openers. Include separate price for free standing door frame. 

93 I need pricing for a couple of engineered building doors I am quoting. The first is a 36x16 Schweiss hydraulic door in a 18' tall metal building. The second is a 32x12 or 13 in the gable end of a 14' tall building. I need to know how much door  headroom is required, customer is thinking about scissor trusses to get the 13' hydraulic door to work.

94 Could you send me the specs for a 18' X 65' Schweiss hydraulic engineered door. I need the dimensions and weights to send to my metal building mfg. company engineer. 


96 Please provide me cost for two engineered hydraulic one piece door sizes 40x16 and 40x12 Ray

97 I will soon build a approx. 40' x 60' hangar. I would like to get a budget quote on a 40' x 12' hangar door either liftstrap bi-fold or hydraulic. This quote is needed to add to the engineers punch list to be used to calculate total cost of the building. Thank you, 

98 For an engineering design course, we are designing a small airport, and I am looking for a price estimate for hydraulic hangar doors. We are planning on having two types of hangars, one that is 45 feet wide and 13 feet tall, and another that is 70 feet wide and 26 feet tall. If you would be so kind, could you give me a very rough price estimate for your hydraulic Schweiss doors for these two dimensions?

99 Do you have BIM files for your Schweiss  hydraulic hangar doors. We use Revit and are looking for a .RFA type file. 

100 I am quoting a pre-engineered metal building for a customer and he was wanting a price for (1) 50'w X 18'h hydraulic door. I was wondering if you could send me a quote and also if you guys install the doors or if we would be responsible for the installation. Project in Richwood, OH. Thanks.

101 Need price on a Schweiss hydraulic door for hanger 80'0" X 22'0" for pre-engineered metal building for project at Brunswick County Airport 135 mph wind load, Door should be equipped with Red Power hydraulic pump capable of fast, smooth delivery.

102 We have a current project in which we would like to use a Schweiss hydraulic lift door in two places. The building is a combination of curtain walls, precast walls and metal panel all on steel structural frame. I would appreciate it if someone could contact us by email or we would meet with a rep in the area. Brief Overview: Door #1- 14'wide X 18'high door located in an aluminum curtain wall. Door would match curtain wall mullion spacing as much as possible. Door #2- 20'wide X 14' or 16' high door located in a precast concrete wall on steel structure. Please provide Red Power hydraulics in bid. Greatly appreciated, Email preferred - Robert

103 We are an A&E firm specialized in industrial projects, based in Costa Rica. At this moment, we're designing an office/warehouse compound for a company specialized in fire protection design and construction where, due to the kind of materials they handle, we were requested to install Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. We'll appreciate if you could contact us to provide you with additional info on the project characteristics to include your Red Power Safety Advantage System so you can help us with the detailing and quoting. Best regards

104 Need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift 66' door 16 or 18' high. What is the delivery time from the time of order. I'm putting a schedule together for a building conversion which includes replacing a warehouse knock-out panel (designed with a hangar conversion in mind) with a Red Power backup system. We'll eventually need technical support but at this time I'm preparing a schedule and need schedule advice. Thanks, George L.

105 Not to rush, but I need price asap I have a meeting tomorrow morning. I'm pretty sure the customer will ok the bid for the Schweiss single piece hydro-lift door system. I already explained to him that it should be fitted with your largest Red Power motor. Talk to you soon.

106 For installation in Washington state on a steel pre-engineered structure: Estimated shipping and typical installation costs for Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power back up system.

107 Good morning, I need a quote on a standard 40'x18' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with all standard hardware/motor/etc.... No cables, I want a good strong Red Power motor for lifting the base and a remote for an alternate. This will be going in a standard Pre-Engineered metal Building. Delivered to ND. Please holler with any questions. Thanks. Heather

108 I am a general contractor looking for a quote and specs on either a 60' x 18' Schweiss bi-fold or a 60' x 18' hydraulic lift door going to Oregon. Thanks! My client has a steel pre-engineered structure that is used mostly for implement storage, he wants your Schweiss Red Power hydraulics for this door, or does that come standard. 

109 Like a quote on both a Schweiss hydraulic lift door  and a 1 piece 16x24 end door unit. I am getting prices all together so I can put up a pre-engineered steel structure. Quote your Red Power hydraulics for this job because I'll need power to lift a heavy door.

110 I spoke to a couple of reps at the Louisville show. I need a few Schweiss hydraulic lift or bifold doors to go in an old school. I probably need someone to look at the building and tell me what will work. but the idea behind having a temp wall there is perfect. These will go in as a replacement for a load bearing wall. The building is a brick/block wall with 2/12 rafters.Tell me more about your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. Do you think they will be ideal for this project?

111 I need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door very quickly.It will be going to Jamaica but would be delivered to our pre-engineered building factory in Tennessee.The size requires a 58 ft. wide X15 ft. high clear opening. Door should have Red Power motor.

112 I am interested in an door for an 18' tall 45-50' opening. Mostly interested in the Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system. There is enough overhead for a 4' wedge. This will be a engineered door.

113 I reguire a bid for a 16' (wide) 14.5 '  hydraulic lifting electric door. Height Farm shop bulding. Supply adequate Schweiss Red Power Electrical system to lift this door with ease.

114 Need a quote for (3) door openings of 70'w x 14'h. Two openings are on the LEW and one is on the REW. The customer is wanting to split the openings into 3 different doors somewhat equally spaced. Reason being, the owner doesn't always want to open the whole space for other activity. Give me a quote on both a one piece hydraulic lift door per opening option and the three doors per opening. Include Schweiss Doors Red Power Backup Systems. Bldg is a steel bldg(Nucor) 180x100, 20' eave height, 1/2:12 Pitch.

115 I actually need quotes on 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. The first will be in a 30' x 20' framed opening in a PEMB. The second needs to be 36' x 25' (this needs to have 25' clearance when the door is lifted up, what height does the opening need to be?). I sell pre-engineered buildings and would like for you to send me some literature on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps.

116 I will need NOA from a Fl engineer for a Schweiss hydraulic lift power door. I am biding this job with three other companies and for sure I want you to include your new more powerful Red Power hydraulic motor system. I think that will give me a big persuasion advantage, even if it costs more. Thank You

117 We have 15ft 3in by 26ft opening for a engineered door. Cannot afford to lose any height. Will your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pumps work for us?

118 Hello, I have an opening of 38'6\" X 13'6\". I need to fasten on the face of the opening not inside the jamb. I have about 3' above the opening if needed. I am looking at Schweiss hydraulic lift door / Red Power hydraulic pump, with price being a factor. Thanks

119 Please email design information so I can send to Building Supplier for Quote as well. Thanks. Need 18' Clear on hydro-power one piece lift Schweiss Door. Red Power Electrical System.

120 I am quoting a pre-eng building with a hydraulic lift Schweiss door - building size is 60 x 70 x 18 - proposed opening is 55 x 16 - going into an endwall - Please provide specs for a swing door complete with Red Power hydraulics to lift it that will fit into that opening

121 I am working on a new elementary school in Arlington,TX. We are wanting to do a Schweiss hydraulic lift door at the gym. Having never done one in the past, I have a few questions.Do you have any photos of similar work which outline your Red Power Safety Advantage Systems.

122 We are in the process of specifying a large Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a monastery in NE. This needs to be a very quietly operating door, so will want your Red Power hydraulics to lift it. Please have a sales rep call as soon as possible. Thanks

123  I would like to use one of your single panel, swing up hydraulic lift Schweiss doors in a building I constructed. It was originally designed for two rollup doors with a removable verticle post. After seeing your ad I'd like to switch over. The rough opening is approximately 8ft high and 25ft wide. It is a wood building and the opening consists multiple 2x6 jack studs and 2 - 3ft x 26ft flat roof trusses for a header. There is no roof or floor loading on this truss assembly, it only supports itselt and a small knee wall above it. I have an engineering drawing of the truss/header assembly. The concrete floor has not been installed yet as I'd like to install the door first. What specific information do you need from me? I would like to send pictures. Oh yes, I want this door to have Red Power backup system. Thank you!!!

124 Hello; I am a structural engineer working on a project where the Architect will be specifying your Schweiss hydraulic lift door product for the front of the building across a few bays. Though the final design will be modified to incorporate actual design loads after the final product is selected and the calculations are submitted, I need to provide framing for the doors for a preliminary set. Can you give me guidelines on what reactions I need to design to handle? I am expecting a 22'-2\" wide door, approximately 12' high door made of glass with Red Power Electrical System.


126 (2) 40'-0\" x 16'-0\" hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors without remotes(1) walk door and frame for existing hydraulic lift one piece. Door for pre-engineered metals buildings Wind load 110 mph equipped with Red Power hydraulic systems. Delivered to Valley Springfield, Texas Thanks

127 Dear Sirs,We are a Estonian market leader in manufacturing and selling sectional doors. We have 16-years experience in that field. In order to offer to our client complete range of products there are also products like docklevellers, speedrollers, barriers, gate openers included in our range. At the moment we are working with a project where is needed hydraulic lift Schweiss door. We found from your website that you are producing quality best doors. Please find in attachment documents about this request.The dimensions of the door (s) are:11490x9600 mm (WxH)12140x9600 mm (WxH)11490x9600 mm (WxH)We kindly ask you to make us a price offer to include Red Power hydraulic best pumps. Or perhaps you do have an distributirin Europe? And one more question: who sells these doors in Europe, for example in Finland? Thank you in advance Best regards, Oscarr

128 Would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, (Red Power hydraulic pump operated). Framed opening in end wall- 30' X 16' The eave height on building- 18', Roof Pitch- 4/12. Delivered to New Mexico Question: Does a pre-engineered building company need to know about the possibility of using a hydraulic door? Is there need beefing up the framed opening for door versus a sectional overhead door? I have a farmer client thinking of building a large equipment building. 50' or 60' X 100' Thank You

129 Would you please quote: 40' x 18' hydraulic lift door, the door will be installed in a pre-engineered steel building. Door should be fitted with Schweiss Red Power hydraulics. Can you quote freight to CA.  What is your delivery schedule?

130 I have an existing airplane hanger that currently has sliding doors. The client wants to install a hydraulic lift Schweiss Door. The clear opening size is 40'x12'. The header beam is a 24\" steel beam and the side posts are 6x6 wood. The roof is wood trusses with metal sheathing. I am an engineer and they have retained me to design the building structure to support the new door. Give me the design loads for the door with a 24\" wedge and a 36\" wedge? I am not sure which is best. I do know it needs your Red Power hydraulics pumps and remote control. I need to check the steel beam and the wood side posts for the added loads of the door.

131 Please quote on one Schweiss hydraulic lift door to be 50' wide x 13' high in the open position. Door with Red Power hydraulic pumps is to be installed in the endwall of a 70' wide pre-engineered metal building. Job is in Porterville, CA .

132 I am quoting pre-engineered steel building to local farmer who would like to see pricing on both a Schweiss hydraulic lift and a bifold door on a 30'-0\" by 18'-0\" opening, and a 20'-0\" by 18'-0\" opening. Can you include Red Power hydraulic pumps to complete the package?

133 I am needing a price quote and the door specs for a 32'x18' Hydraulic lift Schweiss door. The company I work for erects pre-engineered steel buildings. I need to know the weights and loads that the door will put on my endwall and lifting capacity of your Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thank you Niel

134 We currently are quoting a pre-engineered steel building with a 35' x 16' opening --- option with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic backup system. Please quote

135 Door side columns are 6x6 timber with a 3 ply 2x10 header above. Roof supported by steel I-beam above that. would like remote control and one man door (outside building facing in) on the right side and 2 to 3 windows across the front. truss on the outside of door bottom. would like to minimize impact of steel door frame on opening size but don't want to place on outside of building will remeasure and confirm opening size before final Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power hydraulic pump order thanks

136 Please send specs. (including clear height, rough opening sizes and any deflections) for a 16'hx44'w and a 14'hx30'w hydraulic lift doors to be installed with Schweiss Red Power hydraulics in pre-engineered metal buildings. thanks, Dave

137 Hello - we are working on an institutional project (adaptive re-use of a 1939 steel and masonry structure) in Atlanta Georgia and would be interested in talking with you about two large Schweiss hydraulic lift doors: The first is 12'-10\" wide and 25'-0\" tall door (alt: 12'-10\" x 12'-6\" with a 12'-6\" fixed panel above) that would maximize glazing area. This is an exterior door on an end wall. The wall will be getting reinforced by substantial wide-flange members we hope to get double duty out of as support for the door. The second would be approx. 48'-0\" wide and 9'-4\" tall, which we will be cladding in a tackable material (likely homasote), so the actual door frame could be whatever is most efficient. This is not an exterior door. There are existing I-Beams at 16'-0\" o.c. that we hope to tie into as support for this door. This door is located on a side wall. Bi-Fold would be an option, though we would also be interested in discussing the possibility of a pure vertical lift panel using your Red Power hydraulic pump for best lift. Please call at your earliest convenience. We will need budgetary pricing figures in short order, include cost of remotes!

138 New pre-engineered steel hangar 60' x 60' x 18'. Owner wants Schweiss hydraulic lift door placed in endwall. Wants 16' clear height and as wide as possible. Wants Red Power hydraulic pump. No man walk door in door. No windows at this time. Building designed for 85 mph 3 sec. gust.

139 Need price on Hydraulic lift door 40'-0 x 18'-0 clear It's going to be installed in a Pre-Engineer Building If can send some kind of detailed drawing for pricing of installing we can install or you can give Alt price to install Red Power hydraulic pump. The Schweiss door in Franklin Ky Need ASAP

140 I am working on a budget price for a pre-engineered metal/steel building and the owner has requested a 40' wide x 16' high hydraulic lift Schweiss door. The door would be skinned with corrugated metal siding to match the metal building. Could you please provide me with a ballpark figure as to what one of your doors of this size would cost with Red Power Electrical System.

141 I am working on 2 hangers both are 60'x60'x20' I need pricing on 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece  doors 50'x 16'or 18' Door sheeting is provided by my pre-engineered building co. But he didn't mention that I want your Red Power hydraulic pump for better lift it provides.

142 We are a pre-engineered metal bldg manufacturer. Our customer is requesting us to provide an opening with structural support for a 50'-wide x 16'-clear height Schweiss hydraulic lift door w/ Red Power options. What height opening is needed for your door? Our bldg eave height will be governed by this.

143 This one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door is planned to be installed in a pre-engineered metal building in St. Clair Shores, MI. It will be a large door requiring your Red Power hydraulic pump system. Remote door opener too please.

144 Both the doors requested are going in the end walls of a Pre-engineered building which is 120' long and 70' wide(end walls). The height of the door is to be 18' clear and I will require the rough opening..Is it true that you install Red Power hydraulic pumps on all your hydraulic lift doors. That's great.

145 We are pricing a new 90' x 112' pre-engineered metal building for an ag equipment dealer. Could you  quote a 30' wide x 18' tall hydraulic lift Schweiss door? The door will be located under a ridge frame endwall. I will also need loading information that I can pass on to the metal building manufacturer and details on Red Power hydraulic pumps.

146 Pricing for 56'W X 14'H (Clear) hydraulic lift door Door to be installed in a pre-engineered metal bldg 60'W X 80' D X 16' Eave Ht door to be installed in 60' wall of building need pricing for door, including Schweiss Red Power Electrical system installation and structural framing requirements to be provided by the metal building supplier for installation.

147 Can you give me an idea what engineering I am going to need to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece type of door, ie Beam sizes and Spans. Also give me specs or sizes I can get for your Red Power hydraulic pump/motors. Your web site gives many options and information.

148 I am working on a presentation on the design of metal buildings with one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, which include Red Power hydraulic pump systems. What I need is a standard submittal for a door that would show loads, locations, stub locations, clearances, deflection reqmts,etc for a door approx 70 x 19, IBC 2006, 90 mph C exp. (Door size is not critical) If you could help me, that would be great. Thanks. Rob, Sr. Design Engineer


150 We are hoping to get a Schweiss \"one piece\" hydraulic lift door preferably around 90' wide with an open door clearance of 19' high. The door will be put in a pre-engineered steel hangar building 100'x100' (Gable style). Can you make a one piece door this size and will your Red Power hydraulic pump or pumps lift it easily.

151 Please provide engineering data and hydraulic lift door weights with Red Power hydraulics contained on Schweiss Door for the following. This is a hanger building 90x125 going to LA. The framed opening size will be 80x17.

152 Eastern Vault is a prestressed and precast concrete producer on the east coast. We are interested in retrofitting a bifold door to one of our pre-engineered metal buildings. Our newest building, erected in 2007 had one of your doors installed for our gantry cranes. The door has preformed very well and we are very interested in another unit. The existing door is a sectional overhead door, approximately 20'h x 30' wide. We would like to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump. Has a clear opening of 22'h and 40' in width. It would require the external freestanding header.

153 I need a price on a Schweiss bi-fold door and a hydraulic lift door for a job I am working on for an air plane hanger. Red Power pump, door size is 42'x 12' feet .It would be for new construction on an engineered steel building.

154 Our metal building salesman got a quote from Schweiss Doors. Now that we are getting further into the design of the building we need more design specs for the building frame, Red Power hydraulics and hydraulic lift door installation to pass on to the engineer.

155 We and Schweiss Doors have a mutual client and I am in receipt of your shop drawings bid. We are the structural engineers on the project, and as our client is away for the next week he has requested that I contact you in regards to hydraulic lift door jamb detail.... The structure has exterior tilt up concrete walls, and your shop drawings are showing a steel jamb. We would prefer if the door hardware mounts directly to the panel edge if possible. Without changing the actual size of the door that is going in for fabrication, can you please provide the required roof opening dimension in order for us to revise the panel sizes. Do you recommend a steel embedded angle on the panel edges for mounting purposes? Do your Red Power hydraulic pumps come with a backup system in case electricity fails. Any site drilled bolts must be 4\" clear away from the edge of the opening, so hopefully that does not pose a problem. Please contact me as soon as possible as this project is going into construction. Regards, K. P.


157 I would like a quote for both hydraulic lift and bi-fold Schweiss doors. Please include cost of options available, including free standing header, remote control, 4030 windows or preframed openings, inside truss, and top & bottom rubber seals. What is the minimum headroom consumed by the bi-fold & one piece doors? I would like the engineering requirements for your Red Power hydraulic pumps and other requirements to provide to the building engineer. I have not decided on building construcion type, but I am leaning heavily toward wood. Thanks, Jimmie Clyde Kerns

158 I am looking for commercial specifications of your Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Top Drive Schweiss doors. You gave me a quote a couple of days ago and we would like to specify your product  for a project that we are going to be bidding after the first of the year. If you have a standard specification for our spec writer, which should include info on your Red Power hydraulics, to start with, can you please e-mail it to me, preferably as a word document, but a pdf will work great too. Thank you,

159 I'm working in a preliminary design for a Pre-engineered steel building that we are going to install a Schweiss hydraulic door with total clear opening 79-0\" and a overall height of the door of 20'-10\". Could you suggest me dimensions (steel section) for the side columns, stud column, continuous header? Also your recommendations for which Red Power hydraulic pump system I should have. It will have to be a wind loaded door, gets pretty breezy down her on the Atlantic Ocean east coast. Thanks in advance, Kimberly R.

160 Need a quote for a 70' x 20' Schweiss hydraulic door. Pre-eng construction end wall, with Red Power options. Location in Romeo, MI call for additional information

161 Best price and delivery of Schweiss hydraulic door to Red Lake, Ont. 1-40 widw x 12 high to fit in a pre-eng building package. Delivery will be required for Sept. Please advise what you do not include in your door package (the Red Power hydraulic pump is included, right?) We would like a seperate price for1 key installer for 1 day to hang the door.

162 Gentlemen, I have placed an order for a metal building. The building was ordered without a door since my intent is to order a Schweiss hydraulic door to retrofit to the building later this year. Our engineer is asking for load data for the Red Power hydraulic pump door system. Are you in a position to provide the load information and dimensions I will need in order to accomodate your door system? Specific details follow. Design Wind Load = 120 MPH Wedge dimension = 1 ft Steel tube construction (not aluminum) Free standing header to be included. Bottom drive Red Power motor.We will frame the opening dimensions to permit your free standing header to be inserted flush with their wall. Your header should accomodate all vertical loads with only the horizontal tipping load and wind load restrained by connections to the building trusses. Given your framing options, I would prefer the smallest section of square tube possible be used for the door panels, consistent with meeting the load requirements. Where some variation in loads may exist due to options not yet specified, just advise the worst case not-to-exceed value for design. Then I'm covered no matter what we end up with. Many thanks in advance,  IMPORTANT The Customer, Contractor, Owner or Building Manufacturer When your hydraulic door is in the full open position,does  the door tends to pull away from the building at the hinge line, exerting considerable horizontal loads on the building structure in the open position. Your building header design must meet standard deflection and strength criteria, both in vertical and horizontal directions to support the door in all positions. GENERAL / BUILDING DESIGN CRITERIA - Helpful Ideas %u2022 The building header shall be designed to accommodate horizontal and vertical building deflections to support the bi-fold door in all positions (with the proper lateral bracing) %u2022 The buildings door columns must be framed of the proper design and size to reinforce the opening (with lateral bracing )and to carry all loads and vibrations imposed thereon. %u2022 Schweiss provides the A-1 , A-2 , A-3, and A-4 Spec%u2019s Sheets : Read through & understand them and have your building designed for our door. The door should have solid footing / sill directly underneath the door frame and extending beyond the door frame outward from the door to provide a base for the door%u2019s base weather seal also prevent.flow of water (into or Under) the door installation.

163  I am an engineer that designs many ag. & commercial buildings. I have designed many buildings with Schweiss bi-fold doors in them. I have a customer that would like me to design a building which has a 30' x16'7\" opening in the endwall. He would like to cover this with a hydraulic one piece door in the future. I was wondering if I could get a spec sheet for a door of that size and detailed information on your new Red Power hydraulic pump from you so that I will have all the numbers I need for column and truss design. The customer is there in MN, so our company will definitely try to steer them towards a Schweiss door since that is what the building will be designed for. Thank you for your help. Nick S.

164 We are structural engineers requesting infomation for project we are working on for Calgary airport authority. Request dimensions per your Schweiss hydraulic door section, Red Power hydraulics and elevation i.e., C,D etc.

165 Pricing on Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power pump systems to include: 1. Professional Engineer designed system for wind loads 2. 1/50 yr wind = 12.53 psf 3. Door to be insulated plus 24 Ga cladding 4. Door to be complete with all weather seals top, sides, bottom 5. Red Power electrical system, specify desired motor voltage) 6. Building endframe complete with structural header will be provided. 7. Wedge height to be 36\" or higher as economical 8. Allow framing for four (4) 3' wide x 18\" high windows - sill elevation at 4' appx.

166 We are a design/build contractor working with an owner for a pre-engineered hangar. I would like to get a quote for (2) doors for this hangar. I would like a quote for a Schweiss bifold with straps and also an alternate price for a one-piece hydraulic. The door sizes are: (1) 63' wide x 17' tall. (1) 44' wide x 17' tall. We will provide and install the fiberglass insulation and metal siding for the door.Please include specs for Red Power Electrical System.

167 I am an engineer and one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors is being specified for a pole building I am designing in Kennedyville, MD. I will need the hinge locations, door weights, Red Power hydraulic pump and other spec's for this door.


169 Hi. I am very interested in your large commercial bifold and hydraulic door products and accessories. I work at a joinery and I see that woodwork is also involved in this design. Do you manufacture this product in South Africa?

170 A client is interested in installing 2 - 50ft x 18ft Schweiss hydraulic aircraft hanger doors, I have tried to view your frame details, but with no success, can you send me some PDF's of what is required from an engineering point of view, or have someone call to discuss. Thank you JP L., P. Eng.

171 I need to get a spec sheet for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door so I can engineer my building for my customer. Also provide specs on your new Red Power pump. If you could send me that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

172 Dear Schweiss Door company, Would you be so kind to assist me in designing an airplane hangar with the hydraulic one piece door system. The info that I can provide is listed: Clear height = 20'-0\" Clear width = 80'-0\" From top of opening to underside of roof overhang = 2'-0\" Meaning total height from floor to underside of roof overhang is 22'-0\" Would you be so kind to forward this to the engineer and reply via email. Regards, Walter K.

173 Please send me your book so I can incorporate your specs and such into our drawings for tilt-up concrete walls. We are in the process of designing several plane hangars and hope to utilize your superior hydraulic doors with the new Red Power pumps.

174 I am a design engineer and have a project with a Schweiss bi-fold or hydraulic door in the sidewall of my building. I was hoping you could send me a Schweiss Handbook or catalogue. Is the handbook the same thing as your catalogue? If they are different I could use a new catalogue also. Thanks

175 Your Schweiss Door company was listed as an acceptable bi-fold and hydraulic door manufacturer for the Barnes County Municipal Airport Hanger by KLJ Engineers. Please contact our office for specs from the engineers.

176 Free standing Bi-Fold or Schweiss Hydraulic door needed for Wood building. Door size will have to be 38 x 14 or possibly larger, but not smaller. Do you doors come in standard sizes or can they be custom made to meet my needs? 

177 We are currently awaiting plan approval from the City, on our engineered plans for a 40'x40' hangar at the Airport. Our door opening will be 39' x 12'. We could hinge the top edge of the hydraulic or bifold door at the 13' level, or even a bit higher, if it would allow us to maximize our opening height. However, our aircraft will not exceed 10'6\" overall height. Your lift straps seem the best way for us to go. But maybe the hydraulic is best, your thoughts.    Thank you, Bruce R.

178 Please quote me two hydraulic one piece doors on metal building, will need to be 26'x24' clear height. The other will be 30'x24' clear ht. these doors will be insulated. They will be going into a heated boat storage building that will be a pre engineered building.

179 I would also like the spec's on a hydraulic one piece  door so I can engineer the building to hold this door. The building is 80x80x25

180 I am planning to build a new hangar this summer; it would be approximately 44x44, with wooden frame and truss and steel sidings. I would like a quote for an electrical remote opening hydraulic door with a 42' opening (the most standard one,). I would like to provide my contractor with as much design information and constructions requirements and instructions in advance. Is the information provided in the margin on your web site sufficient to give my contractor a good idea of what is required?...or can you send me an information package by e-mail or mail?.. Thanks in advance. Reinhardt

181 Hello, I am currently pricing a hydraulic door for a customer of mine ... I will require door specs so I can engineer his building properly. The Hangar size the customer wants is a 50x50x16. Thanks for your time Ryan

182 I visited your booth at Arlington this year. I'm going to have a hanger built this spring and need a quote with design specs for my engineer. Please provide both for a bifold and \"one piece\" hydraulic door. The size will be 40' wide by 14' tall. I will be skinning the door with hardie board & bat siding. The building site (for shipping purposes) is located in Sweet Home, Oregon. Thanks.

183 My name is Brian I have a general contracting business in Show Low, AZ. I have a client that needs a quotes for a 60' x20' and 19x60' hangar. As part of that structure, he wants a hydraulic door that is 55' wide & gives 16' of clearance. I need a price & the specs on the requirements for engineering, installation, etc. I need to tell the steel building manufacturer what the overall height that the building will need to be, Thank you for your assistance. Brian S.

184 I need pricing for a 60' x 14' hydraulic door which will install to a pre-engineered steel building in Rexburg, ID. I need the option of backup systems if not included in price. You can e-mail or fax the quote. Thank you!

185 Hello, we are a structural engineering consultancy who have been asked by our clients to design a supporting frame for one of your hydraulic bottom drive doors for an airport hanger located here in Ireland. We have an existing structure with a clear opening of 30.2 feet high x 128 feet wide. Could you please tell me what the ideal 'wedge' depth should be for our particular door. Many thanks, Claire B.

186 I'm looking for design loads for one of your hydraulic doors to fit in the end wall of a 62 ft wide Pre-Engineered Steel Building. We are looking for a 58 ft wide x 16 ft tall Red Power pump door 1. Weight of door 2. Vert. defection requirments.

187 I need to get pricing and clearance requirements for a Hydralic door 40' wide with 14' clear opening height. This will be designed into a Pre engineered structure. I have a preliminary meeting with the owner next week and need to get pricing and design completed by Monday. The job is on Orcas Island and is for an airplane hangar. I will need a walk door on the left end of the door. Please call with any questions Alan G.

188 Could you please send (mail) me some information about the Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door design criteria /specification/ manual, so I can design the building to match your specifications. Thank you. Teny M. Design Engineer

189 Could you also send me the hydraulic door specifications so that the building can be engineered to hold the doors. Thank you

190 Gentlemen: Can your product be fitted to a masonry building? Fire codes require 4 hr. exterior walls for my project, a 42X36 ft. hangar. My structural engineer will also require info on attachment of Red Power Electrical System for this Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Thanks Ty