Schweiss Doors - Farm Shop Hydraulic Doors

1 I would like a quote on two 35 foot wide by 20 foot tall doors. They will be going into a steel building. The building will be an insulated, heated, and cooled farm shop. We need 35x20 when the door is open. We have not decided on the steel building company yet, but we will build this summer.

2 Hello, I am looking to build a new farm equipment repair shop and am looking for a quote on a 25'wX16'H door. Thanks

3 Looking for a door solution for farm shed looking to convert/finish to a shop. Will get more shed details. Two different sheds to decide which to convert.

4 I got an estimate awhile ago for a door. I plan to get a door built and installed summer/fall of this year, 2023. I would like to get a rough idea on lead time so I know how far in advance I should place the order to get the door built. Webster, SD

5 Looking for a 30'x18' hydraulic door for a new farm shop. Need to get a price for it as soon as we can. The new building will be PEMB. Thanks

6 We want to replace the sliding doors on our farm shop with an insulated hydraulic or strap bifold door. We would look at a man door and a window in the door and it has to be equipped with remote opener

7 Hello, I am looking to build a farm workshop within 2-4 months, and would like to use a hydraulic single panel door. The building with be roughly 100' wide by 30' deep, single pitch roof, front 15' tall, back 12' tall. I believe I want a door 12' tall, 40' wide, however I may go slightly wider, possibly 42' or 45'. What would Schweiss workshop doors this size cost me?

8 Have an existing byfold door for my farm shop was looking to see if I could up date the cable system to straps? This is not a Schweiss bifold but I see Schweiss does strap retrofits on other manufacturers doors.

9 I have a machine storage that I wanna cement the floor and put in a heating system and was wondering if I could convert the sliding doors I have now to hydraulic farm shop storage doors I didn't have the money to do something like this 2 years ago when I built the building and was trying to figure out ideas

10 Looking for a square foot estimate and some information about R-Value for a 46x19 ft. one-piece hydraulic farm shop door with a walk-in door.

11 Looking for large Farm Shop door, 48'x16'. Steel door to be installed Pre-engineered metal building. Not sure what type door would be best bi-fold liftstrap or hydraulic one piece farm shop door.

12 18'x42' new hydraulic farm shop door to replace old sliding door. Raising header up about 2'. Include price on freestanding header if needed  for this shop door.

13 Quote request for two 70x18 hydraulic machine shed doors going in the end wall. Steel building doors on I-beam new ranch door construction in western ND.

14 We have one of your strong bi-fold doors on a hanger and are very pleased with it. We have a farm shop we would install a hydraulic lift door (38x16 ft). Quote us a hydraulic steel door price on both.

15 Door rough opening is 13 ft. by 50 ft. It is a wood farm shop building door scheduled for installation  in early 2014. Only need quote for your Schweiss hydraulic door with walkdoor.

16 I would like an estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic farm shop door with windows, 40' wide and 14' 11" tall. This is the opening size. It will also have 1 walk in door with window and 4- 3x3 window openings. Give me the height we would need above the shop door header.

17 Needing a 45 x 45 shop door with 14' ceiling. 2x6 framed with a 38x14 opening. I would like to know what would work best, a Schweiss bifold door or hydraulic door. The steel frame door would have to have the appearance of garage doors. The shop door is going on the gable wall. What kind of door framing would be needed to withstand the windloaded door load and shear.

18 I'm looking for a hydraulic cold storage farm shed door that is 26'-8" wide x 16' high. There is 4-2x6 uprights together for door frame. Only 6 inches of clearance on the inside until one gets to the rafters. I was hoping that this shop door would go on the outside of the building? Are Schweiss hydraulic  shed doors better suited for this?

19 Interested in two of your both style doors, each 24 wide x 20 tall. One Schweiss bifold liftstrap and one hydraulic one piece door. Two different farm woodshop doors.

20 Looking for new overhead shop door. 10' wide 9' high metal door. Hydraulic 1-piece design. I hear door cost is similar to traditional overhead door?

21 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic ag shop door, 40 footer by 18 high. Price hydraulic door with  remote control opener and a few windows and lockset entry door.

22 Looking for a new cable the length of the bifold door for my brother's byfold door. Can buy the cable locally if I knew the length. The door Model #is S12, Serial # is 3322 NO is 261.  Also, I would like you to quote a farm shop hydraulic door for me, 33' x 14' with walk door and window.

23 Please give me a quote on a 45 foot and a 24 foot shop door. I will be building a farm shop in the spring and am interested in installing Schweiss hydraulic doors. Price with remote door opener and two handheld remote controls.


25 Need 25' clear in doorway for Schweiss hydraulic door on my biodiesel shop. Please let me know the height where I'll need to place our header for the Schweiss door.


27 I have your Bifold machine shop door 14X50 feet on our shed, it's working very well. We would like to have pricing for one more hydraulic machine shed ag door, 18X48 with auto latch and remote door opener. 

28 My farm shop ceiling is 12 feet high and I would like to get the most head room possible in the opening using a Schweiss hydraulic door. Shop door width is 21 feet. Price a walk door in it.

29 Need design specs for a Schweiss hydraulic remote opening shop door on a 40'x 14' framed opening. This insulated door is for a wood ag shop building.

30 Need a steel ag shop door price 40x14 straps & auto latch's. Steel building 50' wide 16' tall, hydraulic door needs a spot for 3070 Dominion walk door. What will the wedge height be (I would like it to be 24") Installed door price.

31 Need hydraulic vertical lifting door 40 foot wide 11 foot high for a ranch workshop door. Price with your best new compact pump, beefed up door cylinders and spherical bearings.

32 I need a price on 14x40 foot hydraulic shop door for wooden truss farm shop. Will require walk door and remote door opener.

33 We would like a insulated metal door approximately 25 ft wide X 14 ft high. Hydraulic Schweiss farm shop door will  go on the side wall of an existing metal building that has 16 ft sidewalls and has steel beams (columns) on 25 ft centers. 

34 I'm inquiring about hydraulic shop doors for  a new shop. Door opening is 28' wide by 17' high. I have looked at my neighbors Schweiss shop door  and really like it. I would like to know availability of a door that size and what type of options such as windows in the door and remote door openers. 

35 We need information for a hydraulic shop door for our metal shop building and need pricing, door frame information, and availability. We need a 20 ft wide hydraulic door, ceiling height is 16 ft. 

36 I want to place order for a new 40 ft. x 14 ft. hydraulic farm shop door. Door will mostly remain closed during winter, so I want a good sealing insulated door with a locking access door to one side. Also provide three door windows at eye level across the 40 ft. shop door.  

37 Putting quotes together for a new farm shop door. Size: 42' x 22.' All steel construction door with powerful hydraulic and shop entry door.

38 Combination heavy equipment repair shop door and fab shop steel door. Note: Will be insulating the doors with closed cell spray insulation and cladding the doors inside with 10 Ga. sheet steel. You may want to factor this into the hydraulic door specs.

39 Can our farm shop could be modified so a 36 ft hydraulic lift up door could be fitted. It now has two 16 ft wide roll up doors with 4 ft between them. There is a H iron door upright between the two doors that has to be removed and the building strenghtened to compensate for one strong farm shop door.

40 I have a bi-fold door now that I would like to replace with a one piece hydraulic door to gain more clear door height. Can someone come out to measure the current farm shop door opening so we know how much door height can be gained.

41 I am in process of building a shop and are planning on an overhead door but thought i would check into the Schweiss hydraulic farm shop door. It is a 14 tall by either 16 or 18 wide. Looking for insulated door with a bronze color. This is a wood frame structure and could you include installation and would like a keypad plus a remote opener. Thanks

42 I have 14x24 cable door on my farm shop. How much shipped to replace it with a hydraulic door? This isn't a Schweiss Door, if that makes any difference. 

43 Hydraulic door is for an existing farm shop that is being renovated opening is 20x16 ft door would be required in 2-3 weeks. Looking for a door with 3 or 4 windows must be insulated total ceiling height is 18ft 6in.

44 I am looking for pricing on a 50' x 16' ranch shop door in WY. What sizes do your Schweiss Hydraulic doors come in and are they custom sizes or just standard sizes?

45 Need hydraulic 39' wide x 13" high Schweiss metal shop door. I was going to try and repair my other wooden sliding hangar door, but it saved me the trouble by falling down all by itself.

46 Requesting a quotation and design for a metal building on two [2] each 40 feet clear x 22 feet clear hydraulic farm shop doors. Use for a ag. shop and storage. Would like remotes and a backup system and well insulated.

47 Was wanting an estimated cost of a well insulated Schweiss hydraulic door for a 16ft x 40ft opening. This is for a farm shop. Door should be sealed top to bottom and with motor that will give fast lift and closing.

48 I am building a 60'x 124'x 18' farm shop. I would like to price 2 doors. 20' x 16' Hydraulic door on one side and a 40' x 16' Hydraulic door on one end -  insulated with remote control. I would like to have an estimate what 2 doors cost and what extra framing is involved.

49 I currently have a 14 ft rolling door on my farm shop. It is a converted flat barn with a 8 ft ceiling. I have about two feet on one side of the door to get to the corner post (6"x6" post frame building), making the door dimensions 16' long by 8' high. I would like to keep as much clearance as I can (thus not wanting a conventional garage door.) What prices do you have for both the Schweiss hydraulic and liftstrap bi-fold doors? Also include price for walk door and insulation. 

50 I am building a farm shop and I am interested in your hydraulic doors. Shop will need a 30 ft. wide x 15 ft. high hydraulic one piece steel door with wood exterior cladding.

51 Would like a bid on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door 40x18 for my farm shop. Door needs to be insulated, remote opener and with a man door and three windows across. Thank you.

52 We were thinking about getting new doors on our farm shop, as of right now we have two doors that slide together and they are getting very hard to open and close it takes two sometimes three people to open and close them. What I was wondering is what is a round about price of the bifold doors and also maybe the hydraulic door. Thank you, Martha

53 We built a farm shed 2 years ago and put hydraulic doors on the end. Just wanted to tell you they were the best investment we ever made. Great operating doors. 

54 Hi I need a price with shipping for a Schweiss hydraulic farm shop door 48 X 16 clear opening motor 240v 1 ph Already got one for a 46 X 16 on a submission by another company. 

55 Looking for two 50x15 hydraulic doors and would be very interested on a price quote for a one-piece hyd. door package that is insulated. And it would be for covering a 30'w x 16'h opening. And I would like to know the dimensions you would need so when the contractor puts up the farm shed, they will be able to frame up the proper opening.

56 Have a roll up door on our equipment shop. 22' wide by 14' high. would like to change it out to a Schweiss hydraulic door as the strong wind pressure bows the door in. It is a heated shop with electricity. Wish I'd have ordered a Schweiss door from the very start. Oh well, live and learn.

57 Please quote a 50x18 clear hydraulic door installed in a new farm shop. Please quote a free standing header and labor to install separately. Please fax quote and design specifications for metal building supplier. Thank you.

58 Just exploring costs to build a farm shop building. Need to know minimum building width to allow 30 ft. door. Interested in your Bifold with liftstraps, however I would like to compare price on a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door as well. I really like the sleek look of your doors and workmanship appears to better than any others I've seen.

59 Wanting a Schweiss hydraulic door for a existing ag shop. 20'x14' Can we buy a remote control or do they come with the door?

60 I need price for 12'x 46' hydraulic door. This will be installed on our farm shop and if possible I would like to have it prior to spring planting season. I prefer to have windows on it.

61 I'm building a farm shop and I'm needing doors. I'm needing one door that is 60'wx18't. And either two others that would be 20'wX18't or maybe just go with one that's 40'wX18't. Which would be the better option? The Schweiss hydraulic or the liftstrap bifold?

62 Would like a price on 30x16 hydraulic door, New Construction Farm shop SIP Construction Pricing is for a promo building hoping to sell 3-4. Make sure you price walkdoors. How much more for an aluminum frame?

63 I am looking to price a hydraulic door for my farm shop. 13' 1" high, 16' wide. wood frame 4x6 vertical and 2x4 across top. Cement floor. The other bifold I bought from you years ago is still working great, but I'd like to put a hydraulic door on it too. Is that a pretty easy operation?

64 Planning to build a farm shop in summer. I like the building to be built around your hydraulic door, so wondering what I should have the builder do ahead of time to accept your door.

65 Thinking about adding on to a existing farm shop and was wondering $$ on the Liftstrap Bi-fold and  Hydraulic doors in 30 ft wide by 18 high, insulated door with lockable entry door.

66 I am building a new farm shop and will need a 40 X 16 hydraulic door with a man door. Call me on my cell phone. If you call the home phone, please leave a message.

67 40x16 opening. Wood frame farm shed. Single I-beam over opening. No existing door. Would like close estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic door and remote opener.

68 I have a shop on the farm with an overhead door, and would like to replace it with a hydraulic one piece  door. The opening dimentions are 13.6 high 15ft 11.5 in wide. Please give me a quote on a door. I have two of your hydraulic doors on two other shops already, and really enjoy them. The reason for going hyd. this time is head room. 

69 Would you please quote 35'x16' insulated hydraulic ag shop door with a man door for me. If you need more answers please call me on my cell. 

70 I'm a builder and have customers that want bi fold liftstrap and hydraulic farm shop doors in their new shops that we are bidding. I'm shopping and looking for numbers to add to my bid. They will both be 16 ft tall not sure on widths one maybe 26 on a gable and 20 on a eve side 

71 Can you tell me what size of opening would I need for a 40'-0" x 12'-0" clear hydraulic door on a wood farm shop building.

72 I'm looking in future maybe for a one piece hydraulic farm shop door, it is 13 ft high and 16 ft wide. Want it insulated. Need aprox cost drop ship and installed. Can you install in Nebraska?

73 We are building a new farm machine shed and it will be a steel frame building and the manufacture wants to know how much weight to engineer the end wall for? This will be a hydraulic door with a walkdoor. 34 ft. x 16 ft.

74 Need a Schweiss custom-made machine shed door - rough opening of 14.5' high, 26' wide. What would you suggest, Bifold or Hydraulic? This is going in a shed already constructed and will replace the rolling doors now on this farm shed.

75 Hi I am from Mn and am looking for a quote on a 30'X16' high insulated hydraulic door. The farm shop door will be on the end wall. Looking at the single piece  door. How much head room is needed. Please give two quotes for the doors with labor to install, thank you.

76 We are building a new farm shop building and would like more information on your bifold and hydraulic doors. The size will be 30 wide and 16 tall. 

77 You sent me a bid for a 37 ft. hydraulic door. I am very interested in the door but want the local contractor that built the structure two years ago to look at your specs and the building to avoid any surprises later. As soon as he gets out I will be in touch. One other question, does the door lock into the floor in any way? Right now the floor is gravel. Do I need to cement under the door? I am also considering replacing a sliding door on a farm shop building. I would like to widen the door to approximately 27 feet from the present opening of only 18 feet. That hydraulic door would need a 12 foot high opening and I would insulate that one. Could I get a rough estimate for this door? It is an existing pole building about 20 years old. I would want the remote control. I see people leave the  doors open most of the time. I am a believer that doors should be closed, but wondering if there are any worries when opening the doors during a storm to get the equipment inside?

78 Please e-mail me info on what type of hydraulic doors would fit the 40'X40' farm shop-hangar we are building, and the cost? Priced to include a man door and insulated.

79 I am wondering approximate cost for a hydraulic  door for my farm shop. It is approximately 30 feet across and 14 feet tall. can you get me a quote and information? I'll want the hydraulic door insulated. Give me a separate price on a walk thru door.

80 Could you please provide me with a quote for a single one piece hydraulic farm shop door for a opening size of 28' wide and 15' high. Please include all necessary materials for installation and include freight.

81 I am looking for pricing and loading requirements for a shop door on my farm. The opening is 32'x 18', hydraulic one piece door will be clad both sides and insulated.

82 My customer is building an addition to a farm shed 54' x 100' x 18' and will be a pole building. He is wanting a 40'x17' hydraulic door in the end wall and a 30'x17' hydraulic door in the side wall. I understand that with the hydraulic lift door this would work? Could you confirm this for me and price these 2 doors for me? I work in a retail lumber yard in Manitoba, Canada

83 Hello I am looking for some more information on your Hydraulic door. We have a 26 by 16 door now with a steel header. Just kinda wondering where a rough ball park figure would be for a this door. What do you supply? What would we supply? Do you have condensation problems with these doors in a heated farm shop? Do you install the doors? Is there a remote option? Any information you can give me would be great. Thanks

84 Please quote me a door that I need to put on the gable end of our building. Our farm shop will be 40' wide. I was thinking a 28-30' one piece hydraulic shop door. Our sidewall will be 18' tall. I am expecting a 16' door in height. I assume we can insulate and place windows in at our discretion. 

85 Good morning, Do you have service to the East? I have a prospect looking for approx.. a 38' x 16' Schweiss Hydraulic door for a proposed farm shop. Any info. You can provide me would be great.

86 We are replacing a door on our ranch shop. The measurements are 14 feet wide by 16 feet tall. We do not want it insulated nor do we need windows. This is to be a hydraulic one piece insulated door with a walk door.  We would like to ship to a location in Montana. Can you tell me what the estimated quote would be? Thank you.

87 Looking to buy a 24 ft x 24 ft hydraulic door. Insulated with battery pack backup system. This will be going on my farm shop. I'd like to have it before fall harvest. I'm sick and tired of dealing with the sliding, or should I say a "sticking" door that's on it now.

88 I have a farm shop building with a door opening of approximately 11'9" tall by 19' wide. The door is offset to one side, would it be possible to install a hydraulic door? Also I need a minimum of 11' 3" clearance. What would the cost be for such a door? Thanks for your help. Albert

89 We want a second hydraulic door also. 12 ft by 12 ft. We are in the process of remolding a farm shop. Just send estimates as we are investigating making the doors as tall and wide as possible. Questions please call. Sure like the first hydraulic door we got from you. Should have replaced that slider years ago.

90 Job is in Greenbush, MN. Please include labor to install a 26x14 hydraulic door on my farm shop. Insulated.

91 Just trying to find pricing options on finally getting hydraulic doors on our farm shed. Door will have to be 14 wide x 12 high. Lift straps, insulated.

92 Looking for pricing on hydraulic and bi-fold doors for an insulated farm shop. I am looking at (1) 25'WX17'H hydraulic door in a 50' endwall and possibly (1) 18'WX16'H hydraulic or bifold in an 80 or 90 foot sidewall. My shop will have 18' ceiling height. We intend to build it out of SIPs (structural insulated panels) so I need to get as much design and construction guidance as possible both from the SIP company and my door manufacturer for installation and engineering. We are putting the budget together now and hope to start construction later this fall.

93 We need two doors 18 w x10 h. With glass window panel Approx four panels high and 7 panels wide. We think this will be ideal for our farm shed. Quote as hydraulic one piece doors.

94 Looking for price on a 14' high by 16' wide hydraulic door for a farm shop. Should have remotes (2). We're located in Pennsylvania. Do you have installers on the east coast?

95 We are building two new ag shop buildings each will have one opening at least 35' x 16' possibly 40' x 16' I would like a quote on hydraulic and bi-fold doors for these openings. We will also have 2-20'x14' doors and 2-22'x16' doors. and one 24'x16'door I am thinking of using overhead doors for these but if you can be competitive with a hydraulic or bifold door and would like to quote them as well that is fine I will consider them. I'm pretty impressed with your new Schweiss  Hydraulic pump.       

96 Getting bids on a new farm shop. Looking at your hydraulic doors 40 ft wide. One contractor highly  recommended your hydraulic door. The other contractor subs out his doors, but also gave Schweiss Doors high marks. Any door people install your product in my area of New Mexico?

97 Please fax quote and hydraulic door specifications for a 40x18 hydraulic door with 18' clear, installed please price separately free standing header (not sure if I need one) and labor to install free standing header Hydraulic door to be installed in a Farm Shop not far from your factory.

98 I need a hydraulic door and opener for my farm shop. Opening is 20' wide x 12' tall. What would your pricing be? I also need two 22' x 12' bifold doors on my machine shed to replace the clunky old sliders. Can I get a walk through door price on this. I also want the handheld remote.

99 I have a 42' by 14' opening on a farm shop that I need a door for and would like to use all the 14' height therefore I think a 16' hydraulic door would be best. How much is the bare door frame with 12 volt opening motor. Only one remote needed.

100 We need a hydraulic door for our farm shop and we would like a quote. The size is 32 feet 4 inches by 18 feet high and we would also like to have an electric opener and walk thru door. Thanks

101 Hello, Please give me a quote on a 30x18 insulated hydraulic door and remote controller that would be used in a heated farm shop. Thanks.

102 We just purchased an acreage and are looking to update a ranch shop door. Currently there is a sliding door that we would like to replace with your hydraulic door. Could I get some infomation about your hydraulic doors. I do not have a lot of clearance between the door opening and the ceiling. I am not for sure on the size of the opening since we have not taken position yet. Thanks

103 30' x 30' farm work shop, post tension building, post are concreted 2.5' in ground, concrete slab to be poured within a couple weeks, building closed in with metal siding with metal girts. Want your hydraulic door and three remote openers.

104 I need a steel hydraulic ranch shop door to be installed in Havre Montana. I also need to know the headroom needed for this 30'x18' door if any?  

105 21'10 and 3/4 "wide by 12'7" tall Schweiss hydraulic shop door. I have 1 and I want to do soon maybe 2 more hydraulic doors the same size. Could these all be shipped at one time to Nebraska to save on shipping costs?

106 Request quote on 40 x 12 foot Schweiss hydraulic shop door zip 12158. What would I have to do to get a taller door (15 ft.) for more clear height. Can your Schweiss engineers give me some recommendations on how to do this. I'm open to using a freestanding header. 

107 Estimated cost for a 40x14 Schweiss hydraulic farm shop building door. We are looking for a metal  building door to be installed outside of Bismarck. 

108 Need to get a quote on a hydraulic driven insulated farm shop door with your automatic backup door system.

109 Schweiss 25x16 hydraulic door quote for a Wyoming ranch shop door, would like your nearest Schweiss door dealer contact information.

110 I am putting up a building and would like a price on a 30x14'6" hydraulic one piece farm shop door  It's a 24'x14' retrofit hydraulic door to retrofit a sliding.

111 Looking for a quote, We will be needing a 40X60 farm shop door this fall, Considering putting in a 12' tall X 20' long one piece hydraulic Schweiss metal building door.

112 Looking for price and delivery time on Schweiss hydraulic one piece shop door 14 ft x 55 ft. Need all the door headroom I can get.

113 Price on 40x10 Schweiss non-folding door, hydraulic operated farm shop door. Insulated door with walk door and windows.

114 We have sold a farm shop building and they indicated they were going to use your hydraulic door-45 x 18. Will you please fax me the specsfor this opg? I am cutting out the building now. 

115 Wish to replace two sliding ranch shop doors that open to 35 or 36 feet with your Schweiss hydraulic door. Upper rollers are worn out making doors very hard to slide. I'm in Texas panhandle 65 miles north of Amarillo.

116 Am considering a 16x30 or 40' farm shop Schweiss hydraulic door on end of a steel building, like the look of the hydraulic door. Interested in quote.

117 Lookin for a quote to install a 12' tall x 14' wide hydraulic lift Schweiss door on a steel ag shop building. Should have a walk-in door within the door.

118 I am looking into building a heated farm shop this summer with 20' sidewalls and I want one 24' wide door as tall as I can get. The Schweiss one piece hydraulic door will be in the gable end wall. In addition to the cost of a door, I would like to know if there will be any additional modifications, such as a free-standing Schweiss frame, to the building needed up and above what one would need for a hydraulic door and who provides the steel and insulation for the door. Thanks, Matt 

119 I need a bid for shop building hydraulic Schweiss doors to replace an existing overhead 3 door system. A center door 14x14 with 14x10 doors on either side.

120 Would like to get a quote for a 40x18 Schweiss  Hydraulic farm shop door. Head room is going to be 20'3" on the outside edge of the door. Any other questions please give me a call. thank you

121 Want to put a 12 by 12 door in for our farm shop, want to know info and prices. Headroom is no problem. I'm aware of the many qualities of each Schweiss style door, price may or may not have a bearing on my decision to buy a hydraulic or bifold from you. Either way I know I'll be getting a quality door at a fair price.

122 I would like to get a price on a 30 x 18 door. hydraulic. Does the price include delivery and installation? I am located in Tennessee and am in the process of building a new farm shop and I've just decided that at least one hydraulic door would be nice. I'd also like insulation and remote opener. If I can apply insulation, I'd prefer to do that to save on cost.

123 I would like a price on a 50 foot one piece insulated Hydraulic Schweiss door. Would like to know what is required to install in new construction ag shop. Would like windows, man door and remote opener.

124 I am looking at building a shop with a hydraulic door 12 high x 25 foot wide. It will be installed on a side wall of a steel structure building. I have the trusses for the building and I will have the trusses am planning 30 foot between the trusses and 2 end walls another 30 from each truss. The over all building will end up 120 foot long and 110 foot wide, with 15 foot on either side being unsupported overhang. The door will open up under the overhang. I will only have a section 40 x 30 enclosed the rest will be open. I would like a quote on the Schweiss Hydraulic door and backup systems. The building will have insulated steel panels on all walls as well as the door. 

125 Looking to price 2 hydraulic farm shop doors, 36x18 and 30x18, delivered and installed to central ND. Both doors with windows and one with a walk thru door, insulated.

126 I would like a quote on an 18' by 40' hydraulic  door. The door will be for a new farm shop that I am building. I'd like it insulated and with a walk thru door.

127 Looking for a "Schweiss hydraulic door" either 12'h x 12'w or 27'w with insulated glass for my farm shop. Even though this is a small door I will want it wind rated for North Carolina. Will this have the new pump and spherical bearings. I'd sure like one.

128 I would like a quote for a 18' tall x 46'wide hydraulic pump driven hangar door for my farm shop.

129 I'm adding a 40 X 54 addition to my ag shop and I need a 40 foot by 18 foot door. I want to know how much it would cost for a hydraulic one piece door with your new and improved pump.

130 I would like a price quote on a 20 FT WIDE, 11FT HIGH HYDRAULIC or BIFOLD DOOR for my farm shop, which is a squarepost, metal building, with a metal skin. Please include a walk thru door.

131 I need a 18x42 hydraulic door in my ranch shop. Rollup door is in need of replacement. 

132 I've already recieved a quote for a 30x16 bifold and excited to receive it. We'd now like a quote for a  30x18 Schweiss hydraulic lift system with Red Power hydraulics and remote access.

133 Looking for the lease cost soultion for a 36 foot Schweiss hydraulic lift door on a rural property. Old sliding doors aren't working any more. Should have more powerful Red Power motor. Will be in Sheridan, Wyoming, so door needs to be insulated. Thanks for help. Brian G

134 I am looking for a price for a door for a farm work shop. Door opening is 16 ft wide and 12 ft high. I need specs and pricing on a hydraulic lift and bi fold door both with your Schweiss Doors Red Power Electrical systems.

135 to whom it may concern looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door price for my farm work shop, clear opening 16' wide 13' high could you give me price and delivery thanks

136 Insulated hydraulic lift doors with Schweiss Red Power to lift door for farm shop. Two (2) doors 40' wide x 20' high. One (1) door 20' wide x 20' high. I need a man door framed in on the right side of the door.

137 Hello, Can you please provide a quote on a 24 wide 16 high Schweiss hydraulic one piece door for a new construction Farm Shop. I want the Red Power System for better lifting power. Delivery to Illinois

138 Need 42x18 Clear Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift door quote installed. Please price a free standing header, Red Power back-up system and labor to install separately. Please also email design information so I can send to ASAP.  This will be installed on a Farm Shop

139 Would as like walk thru doors for a hydraulic lift Schweiss door designed around your Red Power backup system for our farm shop doors. Thanks

140 I'm building a small farm shop and looking for a hydraulic lift Schweiss door that will not take up ceiling space. I was about to order a roll up door when i came across your web page i like what i'm reading but all i see is large doors. do you make them for smaller workshops?  My shop is post frame steel truss with perma colum,door openings will be well braced 6x6 and 4 2x10 girders all the way around building. Should I also be ordering your new Red Power motor for this project?

141 We currently would like to see the current farm shop door replaced with a hydraulic lift one piece door. Please contact me (via cell phone) with additional information about your new Schweiss Red Power motors. Thank you!

142 need to quote a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a farm shop. opening is 16' wide, by 16' high 15.5' would be better). if we use a normal garage door we are going to loose 2ft of height, thus only getting a 14ft door. looking to have you include your impressive Red Power Electrical System. Shop is 2x6 walls on the end, large strong laminated header. quote all hardware required, including sealing material. door will rest on concrete. if possible we could clad with tin to match the shop, not sure how your doors work, other wise a galvanized surface or paintable surface and we can match. building is steel clad in galv. with blue trim. please quote an optional remote opener with two remotes. no wire or switches required, we run an electrical business and will install ourselves. quote fob your factory and also shipped to lethbridge alberta, canada. we have a cousin coming home empty and could maybe swing thru and get this for us. thanks,

143 Planning to build equipment barn/shop 50x80x16'. Designing building on computer with an overhead crane on rails and plan to install 12' x12' overhead doors on the side and a large hydraulic lift door on the ends.Will want your more powerful Schweiss Red Power pumps to lift this door, even though it is not real big it will be getting a lot of up and down use. 

144 We are going to build a new farm shop in the spring and have seen your hydraulic lift door at are local airport and think its what we need. We seen doors with and without your Red Power Schweiss motors and have decided to have the new, more powerful Red Power hydraulics with our door. thanks

145 I am currently in the proccess of designing a farm shop building. The dementions are 60' X 120' with 18' full sidewall and I need a quote for a 30' wide by 18' high hydraulic lift door equipped with your Schweiss Red Power pump(s).

146 I was looking to get an price on an new single Schweiss Doors hydraulic-lift swing door at my farm, 16 feet tall then eather 28 wide or 30 I was wondering the cost difference with remotes, Red Power hydraulic pumps and two windows in them. It is going to be an heated building.

147 Can you please provide a quote for 2 different hydraulic lift Schweiss doors? 32'W x 14' H (side wall) and 20' x 14' H (end wall). Both are for a wood building. Price with and without remote and each door should have 2 standard size windows. Does this price include the Red Power hydraulics, door frame, all hardware required for installation but does NOT include the door sheeting?

148 Looking for a price on a 24' wide X 15' high hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a farm shop. How much head room is needed for the installation. We have a 16' high ceiling in shop and would like as much clearance as possible. We want your Red Power motor to do the lifting.

149 Please provide a quote for a hydro-lift farm shop door, 12 ft wide by 7 ft tall. Should contain Schweiss Red Power backup unit. Thank you,

150 I would like to find the price for two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors form my farm shop. No windows or man doors. One side wall door 20'W x 16'H. The other is and end wall door 40'W x 16'H.Should have Red Power pumps, at least on the larger door for better lifting power.

151 The farm I work on is putting up a new ag shop and we are wondering on a price and info for a 40 foot by 18 foot Schweiss hydraulic lift or bi-fold door. Which do you recommend? Should a door this size require Red Power hydraulic pumps? Are they extra or included in the price?

152 We are looking to cut out a wall of an existing building and have an approx 28'w x 14'h hydraulic lift door installed by Schweiss. It does not have to be insulated. Looking at an inexpensive way to get larger machinery inside our farm shop and would like your Red Power hydraulics included.

153 Door Is about 40/12 this needs to be a 12V Red Power Electrical System one piece hydraulic lift door for agricultural farm shop use. I've seen and actually used one of your doors while working on a Montana Ranch. Schweiss, as far as I'm concerned is the only way to go.

154 I have A 16ft by 32 ft opening on my farm tool shed. Can you fit that opening with your hydraulic lift doors? What is the cost to add Red Power hydraulic pumps?  I'll probably need their increased power to lift this door.

155 I would like to have the design criteria / specs for Schweiss hydraulic lift door header and jambs. Let's say 14ftx14ft and 16ftx16ft doors and each door will be designed for two \"D\" dimensions: 18\" and 24\". What much horizontal loads shall the headers be designed for? How much are the door weights and what size Red Power motors should they need? What are the horizontal and vertical allowable deflections? This is a ag shop door.

156 I am building a new farm shop would like a opening 30 to 32 foot wide by 18 or your 17 1/2 foot tall. The bifold or hydraulic lift door would need to be insulated and will require your Red Power Hydraulic pump for best lift capability.

157 Please quote two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors one 24x16, one 28x16. Should I be asking for your new Red Power System to lift these doors, your honest opinion please. This is for a farm shop. thank you

158 I visited with a sales rep on the phone on Tuesday about getting a price estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic lift farm shop door. She said that I would have the estimate later that same day. It is a 24' insulated Red Power Door on the end wall of a 16' high building, I want to maintain a 16' clearance if possible.Thank You,

159 My name is Dean. I talked to you on the phone Thursday. about a hydaulic lift door with Red Power System for my farm shop. My openeing is 13' high x 24' 2\" wide. Mine is built in 1976. You can e-mail me with information Or call my cell Thank you for your help

160 Do you have a dealer or ship to southern Ontario? I am interested in a 22' X 14' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic backup system and with remote opener for ag shop. John

161 Looking to upgrade a 30' slidding door to a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door on our shop. please send any info. on this application and specs on Red Power hydraulics. Everyone I talk to says Schweiss Doors are the only way to go. Thank you Curt Jade

162 I need some contact information so I can forward a package for pricing. Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for farm shop is the specified door and will need to include Red Power backup system. So I need to get this to you. Thanks Dave

163 Price and installation on a 24x14 Schweiss Hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power hydraulics and remote controls for ag shop.

164 Planing to build a farm shop with one 24 foot door and one 14 foot door. I want the doors insulated and possibly with a walk door in them. Is a walk door a bad idea? How about Red Power hydraulic pumps for these hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. You have a good quality door, I've seen it.


166 I would like a quote on a 16' x 16' thermally insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door for farm shop with added Red Power hydraulic backup system, white exterior color.

167 Door would be installed for use on a heated farm shop area we need the head room we can gain by replacing an overhead door with a Schweiss quality hydraulic lift door. We would need an exterior free standing header for either door. I assume a hydraulic door would be simpler and faster to put up? I like the idea of your Red Power pumps. Include them.

168 Need a quote on a 30'x 16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door or bifold door with straps. Also, what insulation ratings you offer, Red Power backup system and cost of two remote openers.This is for a farm shop. You make some fine doors and I see a lot of them here in Iowa farm country.

169 I'm looking at building a 32 by 52 by 12 ft ceiling farm shop this summer. I'd like to utilize the full 12 ft by putting a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on the one end 12ft 16ft door. Estimate one what this would cost with Red Power Electrical System?

170 Please price a 32x16-6 hydraulic lift Schweiss door with opener for farm shop in Milbank, S.D. Include Red Power hydraulics and insulation. You put out a good sturdy door.

171 Trying to get a door to fit on a 19 foot wide opening and be 15 tall. my ceiling heigth is only 16' Is that enough room to get the 15' in a hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss door. If so please send quote. Also they would like it to be Red Power motor operated.

172 Am putting up a steel building for a farm shop. It will have a 20ft wide x 16 ft high door and a 18 ft wide x 14 ft high door on it. Want a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power System. Need this info as soon as possible. Thanks, Rick

173 Total height of hydraulic lift door will be 20 ft, not clear height. Clear height can be whatever it comes out to be. Impressed with your Schweiss Doors Red Power Back up system. Should a door this size for a farm shop need one. Thanks

174 Two Door Sizes 24' X 16' & 14' X 16 Looking for Hydraulic lift Schweiss door to be designed for farm shop building. Can you give me details on your new Red Power hydraulic pump system and convince me that I should have it.


176 We are looking to replace an existing overhead door on our farm shop building. It is an insulated door that is 15 feet by 34 feet. We would be interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power back up system. Want door heavily insulated.

177 I am interested in a 18 ft high and 40 ft wide hydraulic lift Schweiss door for my farm shop. What price would this door have? What advantages does the Red Power hydraulic pump give me? Have seen some of your doors in Oklahoma, they're dang good doors, best I've seen anywhere.

178 Include Freight and installation for the following Red Power electrical system Schweiss hydraulic lift door for my farm shop.

179 Please calculate for me the maximum opening height for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump on my farm shop building. Endwall truss is doubled, and corner posts are double 6x8's. I will send additional photos and descriptions as needed. Rough opening dimensions are approximate.

180 Need price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door with remote and Red Power hydraulics, door opening is 24' wide 14'3' tall on an older farm shop wooden building which has a clunky sliding door on it now. Recommendations please.

181 Can you give me Quote for 2 Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors for a farm shop 36 x 18 ft. door. Include Red Power Hydraulic pumps and remote for easier opening. Shipping and installation to Ontario.

182 Have 40 by 60 farm shop with 14'x24' opening need insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door with max. height clearance need info on how to measure for a order and ruff price. Also will want Red Power Hydraulic Electrical System.

183 We have your hydraulic lift door for our farm shop, but we forgot to ask you to send a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump with it. Also please send me info on the remote control please. When I get busy in the field I forget things, sorry.

184 Building a 52' by 100' farm shop need a quote on two doors one 38' x 14' second 14'x14'. will be installing my self, need to be insulated with remote open. Want Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump. Cost not so much a factor, I want the best, that's why I contacted you.  Tulsa, ok,

185 I need to talk to someone about a one piece hydraulic lift door and Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump options. Also need a price on free standing headers for this door to be installed on farm shop near Versailles, Indiana. Your doors look good and strong.

186 The door will be used on the south end of my farm shop, have old sliding doors on it now, want vertical lift hydraulic Schweiss door. As snow always piles up in front of it, would I be better off with a bifold door, and do bifolds come with Red Power? I'm pretty impressed with your hydraulic motor.

187 We are in the planning stages of a new shop for our farm. Looking at 3 doors 2-24x18 & 1-12x12. I have never seen your products and was planning to use conventional role-up style doors. I saw your web page and would like more info on your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power pumps.

188 Price on two hydraulic lift doors plus installation and Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic electrical system. Door size is 24ft x 14 ft. and will be used for a farm shop near Clear Lake, Iowa.

189 Looking for a quote on two one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss doors / 1- 24' x 10' and 1-36' x 10' for our ag shop in Illinois. Doors should have Red Power Systems and two remote controls for each door. We want your crew to do the install. Love the quality workmanship you put into your doors.

190 Interest in the Schweiss one piece hydraulic door for our farm shop, do these doors all come with your better Red Power hydraulic pumps? How about additional remote door openers.

191 Please quote 14 ft wide 12 ft high insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door for farm shop. Installed with closer and your Red Power hydraulic pump. I will remove sliding doors on building. My dad has one of your doors on his farm. They take the work out of opening/closing.

192 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a workshop I am building. I need a rough cost of a door to see what is the best route to supply a door with Red Power hydraulic pumps for this building. Can I install your door myself? Do you have an installer in the area? Thanks.

193 Building a shop and was wondering what extra structural supports would be needed to put a 30' hydraulic lift door on the end wall. The building will be approx. 40'x 64' Thanks I'd also like a quote on a door 30'w x 16'h. Both doors with Schweiss Red Power Electrical systems for ultimate lift.

194 I am designing a new farm shop to be built this fall. Most likely it will be pole barn type construction but I am also considering all steel. Either way I want a Schweiss hydraulic lift door and your highly acclaimed Red Power hydraulic pump system.

195 I would like a quote for two Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors for a farm shop. Not sure what size door yet and am wondering if different size Red Power motors will affect price very much. Can you tell me more about your well spoke of Red Power backup system?

196 I'm looking for a door to go into a heated farm shop. 2x8\" stud walls. I'll plan to put steel on outside & spray urethane on inside. Am planning on 16 ft wall heights, vaulted ceiling trusses. Concerned to have a tight, winter weather worthy hydraulic lift door. Two windows and Red Power pump unit would be nice option for this door. Also planning to put in a 12 high x 10w overhead in the same end wall.

197 1 sidewall door and 1 end wall door Can I have a 30' wide Schweiss Red Power equipped hydraulic lift door in sidewall if my bays are only 10' apart? This is to enclose a lean to on my shop. I'm trying to get ideas yet and was considering standard overhead doors. I had a bi-fold door on a different property about 15 years ago, I think it came from your company. And yes I did like it.

198 I'm looking for a quote on a 38'x18' one-piece hydraulic lift door for a farm shop. The door needs to be prepped for an interior liner and if you could include a remote control, that would be great. The door will be shipped to Fowler, IN 47944. Do all your doors now come with Schweiss Door Red Power pumps. Thank you! Paul

199 Need Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 35\" wide by 87\" long for farm shop. Do you carry? How much more for Red Power Hydraulic pumps, or are they included on all your Schweiss Doors?

200 We are needing to replace our farm shop door on our building, presently the door is the original 2 piece sliding door. Besides it being a pain in the butt, we have serious head room issues already in the shed and cannot afford to loose one inch of space that way. I was wondering if a Red Power Schweiss hydraulic lift door with free standing header on a sidewall will work if it goes above the roofline, and how you address water and snow coming off the roof if the header and door go above the roofline. Thanks

201 Had one hydraulic lift Schweiss door when I lived in Stacy Minn-worked well. How much for a 24' by 11' opening on a dairy farm shop delivered to Michigan?Want this door fitted with your new Red Power pump, I hear it's the best in the industry. Doesn't surprise me one bit.

202 Have a customer in the Adrian, MI area looking at replacing his sliders with a quality Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Size is 16ft. H x 30 ft W. Need to be able to insulate it and needs to have a good seal when closed. (He heats the shop in the winter) and says only to put Red Power pump on it.

203 I would like a installed Quote for a 42' x 12' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power system, insulated and lined. For farm shop use in cold weather/windy climate in northern Minnesota.

204 Will need a 20 ft door 12 to 14 ft high price both Schweiss bi fold and hydraulic lift doors for farm shop operation. Please include price of Red Power Hydraulic if that isn't already figured in. Seen one of your doors here in Oklahoma. They appear to be a very good quality door. thanks

205 Looking to replace a 27' by 15' sliding door on a farm shop building with a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. Needs to have your quality Red Power hydraulic pump and two remote openers. This is on my kids farm, I already have one of your doors and like it very much.

206 Planing to build a farm shop in an existing building. Interested in cost of Schweiss bi-fold verses hydraulic lift opening doors. Roughly a 12x20 and a 16x20 doors. Would want your highly acclaimed Red Power hydraulic pump and man door. Also will you be at Farmfest again so I can see them. Might do the 12x20 this fall and add larger door later. Trying to plan. Thank you, Bob

207 Need price and specs on 30 x 30 Schweiss Red Power electric system operated hydraulic lift one piece doors (3 required for this farm shop project). Please include price, if extra (I heard it's not) for your strong Red Power hydraulic pump. 

208 Need a 24x14 and probably 12 foot high hydraulic lift door for our farm fertilizer/seed storage shed. Will need Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump on door for good lift. We need to know the cost plus shipping and handling. Thanks!

209 We need a smaller one piece hydraulic lift shop door, with windows to bring light into the back. The sides of the opening are steel in a steel building. It measure 8 feet by 8 feet How much for an insulated door, to fit 8x8 with double pane windows in the upper half? How much for shipping to Canada? Would want smallest Red Power motor. Virginia

210 Would like an estimate on a hydraulic lift insulated door. 19 feet wide by 12.6 feet high. for my farm shop in Iowa corn country. Please apply Schweiss  Red Power pump and supply two remote openers.

211 I need a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system for my farm shop.  Can I get it insulated and with an extra door opener. Delivered to Syracuse, Indiana. Thanks, Pete.

212 I'm building a new farm shop , please quote a 30x18 door. If you could give me Schweiss Red Power hydraulic and hydraulic lift door prices, and bi-fold price.What framing requirements do I need?I hope to start construction this month. Thank you Paul

213 You gave me a quote on a bi-fold door, He now wants a quote for a 40x12 Schweiss hydraulic lift door. This is a farm shop. What is easier to install, the bi-fold or one piece door? I have seen both here in my town and both look fairly simple to operate but I know it will take some skill to install it. Thanks for any info you can give on Red Power pumps!

214 Could you provide an estimate for the farm shop hydraulic lift door listed below. I would like to steel line the interior of the door. From what I understand, all your hydraulic lift doors are powered with Red Power pumps. Is that right? Thank you!

215 I'm interested in a hydraulic lift door for my farm shop. Please call me for details on size and to give me info on your new Red Power hydraulic pump, which your Schweiss Doors web site says that it is far superior to the other guys pumps.

216 I am quoting an Ag shop to be constructed at Evansville, Wi. and my customer is looking at a 24'wide x 15' Schweiss hydraulic lift door as an option to a sliding door. Could you quote me an installed price for this door with Red Power hydraulic system for best lift? Thanks, Gary

217 I would like a price on a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with a Red Power hydraulic pump opener, internal truss, with the weather strip kit,and the top rubber gasket. If there is any other thing that you would suggest for a heated farm shop, please include it in your quote thank you

218 We're requesting a price on a 24' wide by 14'4\" tall hydraulic lift door for our shop on the farm. Studying your extensive web page I see Schweiss Red Power is the only way to go. Include it!

219 Looking for a door to replace the sliding doors on the end of my farm shop, without losing any headroom. Must seal well and be well insulated so I'm going with a one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Side door columns are 6X6 wood. N.D. winters call for insulation. Want Red Power unit.

220 It will be in a farm shop with heat and maybe a couple of windows in the door. Would like to order an insulated hydraulic lift door from you with your exclusive Red Power hydraulic pump. I'd like Schweiss Doors to install it in rural Indiana. How soon can you get to me?

221 We are constructing a new farm shop, and saw your doors in the Farm Show magazine. We are still in the early construction phases and have not yet decided on what we are going to do for our large door, but we do know it is to be powered by Red Power hydraulic cylinders and will be a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. We are looking to have 16'H and 24'W in the clear for our door, and we would like it insulated as it will a heated shop for our chilly Washington winters. I would also like a quote that includes windows and one without windows. I would like to know what size overhead we will need to get 16' in the clear. If you need any more info before making the quote, just email me and I will reply with it within 24 hours. There is no rush as we will not be getting back into construction till summer time. I hope we get to do business!

222 Looking at building a farm shop, putting cost together, would like a quote on your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power option. This will be a big door, I'll get you the dimensions in a couple of days, just put me on your waiting list for now. As I will want it installed no later than  early August before harvest begins. Glenn

223 Need door on 25 year farm old shop 12-8 high 21-10 1/2 wide. It has a slider on the side. Can I get a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, with a man door. It also should be insulated well.

224 Just wondering what a 36ft by 16ft one piece hydraulic Schweiss door would cost. The door would be used for a farm shop so it would have to be insulated an packed with Red Power. just a ball park price would be nice. thanks Kyle

225 I would like information for a small one piece  hydraulic door for a farm shop, 12 by 12. Will that come with your new Red Power pump.

226 Just purchased a farm shop that has 12' walls but only 10' doors. I am looking for a Schweiss built hydro door to maximize headroom. The door is going on the side, not the end of the building. I need to install a 20' wide door that will max out the headroom. Do you have anything that will work. And can I get Red Power cylinders for it.

227 Looking for a no head room one piece Schweiss hydraulic door to put on my work shop at the farm. I would also like a quote for a couple different widths for 20 up to 30 feet wide. Red Power hydraulic pump for this door please. 

228 I have a farmstead  steel building. I am wanting to put a Schweiss hydraulic door in the shop area. My problem is that we need to go in the side of the biulding. I do not see any plans to do that, but am sure you guys at Schweiss Doors can figure something out for me. This door will need your Red Power motor.


230 I am looking at building a 60x60 Farm shop Heated this fall. and I am looking for 2 Schweiss hydraulic  doors for it one on the eve side and one on the gable end. I was origanlly interested in the bifold door, but the hydraulic to me looks safer and better for staying open long periods of time. (which are cheaper) less maintancee) I am looking at a 22 wide by 14 tall. do I have to make my door opening 22 wide by 16 ft tall (to reach 14 open height) Does the hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump seal tight? How much head room do I lose. I have requested a price for 1 22w x 14h tall doors but if you could also price 1 30w x 14h with and 1 14w x10h with Red power backup system. Thanks alot my project start date is June 1.  Sylvester

231 I'm building a new farm shop. The building is 60x100x20 all steel construction. Will have (2) 20x17 doors. Would like price on Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power options and remotes. Thanks, Doug

232 Need to replace a door on a small farm shop. Will be checking the building to see if it is possible to open the door to 21' wide. Also need a price and availability on the listed hydraulic door and one 21' wide. Basic farm shop. Needs insulation and no doors or windows, but will want Red Power hydraulic pump. I need to make this decision in the next week to get out of trouble with the better half.

233 Recently purchased a wood framed building which we will use for farm shop. We have two bi-fold doors from your company in use now. Would like to have a quote on a door for rough opening 16' x 30' using a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a Red Power Hydraulic Pump system. Do you sell direct or can we purchase through our local lumberyard. Building will be delivered mid August so probably Sep. 1st would be a good time for delivery of door. Please send a quote along with information on suggested endwall installation. Thanks!

234 Price please on two single lift Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors for 8 X 16 openings on a steel shop  building. Would prefer you put your Red Power Electrical System on it.

235 Hi I am building a farm shop this summer could you give me a quote on a 16H X 24 wide insulated Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydo-pump lift system. I would also like the following options priced: auto. latch, remote and the cost of 36\" x 24\" dual pain PVC windows.

236 I have an older sliding door I want to retrofit with a new Schweiss hydraulic. Door is 12 X 40 door. Installed in the 1993 94 era. Please direct me to whatever size Red Power system you think it will require. This goes on my farm shop.. Jim O.

237 I am building a farm shop later this year. I need pricing on a 24x16 end wall door and a 32x16 side wall door. Please send me literature on both Schweiss bifold and hydrualic because I am not sure which is better for me. I do like your new Red Power hydraulic pump sytem. Thanks! Loren

238 Looking for door for farm shop. 14ft wide-11ft high-please send info and installation instructions for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door and Red Power pump system and prices-I will install it myself. thank you-CW Seaman

239 Need price on 16 high 24 wide hydraulic Schweiss door for farm shop give me call on cell phone or fax. I'm wanting to know more about your hailed Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup system.

240 The new farm machinery we're looking at purchasing is much larger than our old equipment and our old hydraulic door opening. The building isn't huge, so we really need minimal headroom loss. Please provide a quote for a 18 x 13 door for our farm shop.

241 I am building a 40 x 72 farm shop this summer. Could you provide me with the framing specs for each type of door for a wooden pole barn type structure? I would like your expert opinion: do you suggest I go one-piece hydraulic door, or bi-fold door with the lift straps? Can I get auto latches with the hydraulic door and/or the bi-fold? What are my options? Thanks.

242 IM GOING 2 BUILD A NEW FARM SHOP NEED PRICES@INFO ON BOTH BYFOLD farm shop shed doors with lift straps @ hydro powered HYDRAULIC farm shop shed DOORS. HAVENT BOUGHT SHED YET. EITHER custom-built WOOD doors OR custom-built STEEL doors from Schweiss Doors.

243 I just asked about the bifolds doors for farm shop. Would hydraulic farm shop doors be any better? Which large moving Schweiss Door opens faster? I also run school buses in and out twice a day.

244 I am looking at building a new 50 * 80ft wood frame farm shop with 16ft ceiling. What would a 26 * 16 ft insulated bifold door or one-piece hydraulic door be worth with electric opener? What is R value is available for insulation? Do Schweiss doors seal any better or worse than regular insulated overhead doors?

245 We are getting ready to put up a 40'x60'x18' eve height steel building for a farm shop. I would like to explore the possibilities of a hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors for one end. I'm thinking a one-piece hydraulic door 16'high, and 34' wide. Possibly a man door inside the hydraulic door. Need hydraulic door insulation as well. Feel free to call if that is easier than email.

246 I am considering replacing the large moving door on my ag shop. The existing ag shop door opening measures 17'3\" wide x 13'4\" high. Please E-mail me an estimate on a Schweiss single panel shade hydraulic door. I do have limited headroom in this ag shop application. Thanks.

247 I am thinking of replacing the door on my farm shop - it measures 12'high and 24'wide. Roughly what is the cost for your bifold doors or one-piece hydraulic shop door? Thanks 

248 I am looking for a hydraulic single panel door for my ag shop and was wondering what the price would be. It is 12' high by 16' wide with windows. I would also like a hydraulic door opener. Please email me back as I am at work during the week. Thanks

249 Looking for design drawings and pricing for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to cover a 12ft high x 50ft wide opening on my farm shop.?

250 I have a 25' x 30' farm shop, with a 19' (inside) vaulted ceiling that I want to keep clear/open. The door opening is 18' wide x 8' tall and I'm interested in a price for a \"one piece\" as well as a bi-fold door from you. Please include a price for turn key job as I may not want to do the installation myself. I live 20 miles north of Dallas. Thank you. Ed D.


252 Could you please send or fax us information on your hydraulic lift doors? We are interested in the price of a door installed on our farm shop. We would like a price on both a 15 x 15 door and a 15 x 16 ft. door. We live south of Storm Lake, Iowa.

253 Quote please for cheepest Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold options for approx 11m wide x 2.5M high farm shop building.

254 door opening 22' wide & 12' tall options & pricing?? This door, your Schweiss hydraulic one piece, is for a customer of ours that wants to put it on his agricultural farm shop.

255 Our farm shop/ office building recently burned. We are replacing with a 75 x 80 steel building. We are considering two drive-thru bays, one with 16' doors and the other with at least 24' opening. Would like information to compare your hydraulic door against a bifold door. I am not aware of any of your doors in my area. Please contact me with any information you may have. Also, if there are any dealers or Schweiss Door owners in my area. Thank you, Landy W.

256 I would like prices of the doors I don't know the size off hand call me. I seen the Schweiss doors a place of business and i like to see about putting the doors in my i don't loose any height in the shop.

257 We need to replace our sliding farm shop doors with an insulated Schweiss door. Our opening is 24'1\" X 14'8\". Please email a quote on the one-piece door. We don't want to lose any height of our opening. Thanks.

258 I was interested in a 20-30 ft one piece hydraulic lift door for a shop I am building, its a farm shop and shed. I wondered what these doors cost? Can you give me a separate price on remote opener and insulation. Thanks Jeffrey

259 I seen you at the farm show, I'm working on a price for a farm shop Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump, I need a 14' tall opening looking at going with a steel truss building, I'm getting all my prices in order and see if I can do it this year. the building size is 40x60x18. with a 4-12 pitch roof. I want to cover a 36'x 14' opening. (door) could you give me a price, or a close price so I can plug them into my budget.

260 I am remodling a barn into a shop. 36w x 60l. On the end wall the opening will be 24w x 15h. I would like a one piece hydraulic door for the barn and want the door to match the red exterior of the building. 

261 Just wanting a price quote. Also please price out a 20'wide x 15' high hydraulic door for the other end of the farm shop building. Thanks

262 thinking of putting new Schweiss hydraulic one piece door on my farm shed what will it cost me approx????????

263 I have a farm shop with two 14' wide by 12' tall doors. Interested in cost for bifold and hydraulic. thanks. Email me as I am hard to catch with a phone.

264 I am remodeling a shed on my Dad's farm and he would like to put in a new door. He prefers your Schweiss hydraulic one piece style over your bifold.  The shed has a concrete foundation 8 inches wide and 14 inches in height. The horizontal opening is 15 feet 11 inches between the concrete foundation. I would want to put the door on the face of the end wall in order to retain as much horizontal opening as possible. There is 25 1/5 inches of verticle height from the upper door corners to the roof line. We will be doing some repair of the end wall so we will build the door frame to your recomendations. If you need further information contact me.

265 We are looking for a door for a new farm shop that is almost complete. We are undecided as to whether a bifold or one piece hydraulic door would be the best. What have other farmers and ranchers been ordering? Will wind play any factor in which design to choose?        

266 How much will a hydraulic door cost that is for a 13' high by 16' wide opening? What kind of reinforcement will I have to do to the eave side of my building to install this door? Is it possible to get an extra remote for my hired hand. Thanks Ted

267 I need a \"a manual\" vertical hydraulic door (11' wide x 8' tall) any suggestions? its for a little farm storage shed and i would like a clear opening, thanks Bill

268 I am currently remodeling an existing building that was built in the early 1950s. This building was once used for grain storage. We are now wanting to remove the existing storage bins and add to the building to make a farm shop out of it. I have existing doors on both ends that I would like to widen out to make 12'X 12' openings. The way the building is build I will need the full 12' hight in the doors, as there will be very little head room inside the building above the doors. Please mail me a quote on two 12'X 12' HYDRAULIC SCHWEISS doors. Any other advise you can give me for this application is greatly appriciated.

269 I'm building a new farm shop need a door 12x14 with cold weather package and Red Power pump.

270 I am building a shop with two doors 12 feet wide 9 feet wide I need the height inside so can not use a standard rollup. Start building a couple of Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulics and I'll need a couple extra remote openers as well.

271 I am building a farm shop & I would like to put 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors in it. One Door will be 30'wide by 16'tall, insulated. one door will be 16' tall by 16' wide. Both doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Not sure what type of building it will be yet, but it will be a steel building. Maybe a Quonset style. Do your doors work well on quonset buildings or should I go pole barn?