Fold Up Doors

1 I heard both styles of your Schweiss fold up bifold and hydraulic doors can do the following? The door is fully automatic. The door has obstruction detection with automatic anti-crush controls. The door can be controlled by the Lenel system through dry contacts in addition to the typical push button operation. The door closes at about 4 seconds per foot - depending on the configuration. Is that correct?  Thanks

2 Do you have any suppliers in Australia. I am looking to specify some Schweiss Door perforated metal Horizontal folding screens.

3 Have a blast bldg. and a paint bldg. that need Schweiss vertical bi-fold doors with 35' horizontal opening and 30' vertical opening with a 26' clear height opening. In Chambers County (Baytown) where the wind loading we think is 130MPH and I will verify. Is this something you can do? Please call me as soon as possible.