Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors in Foreign Countries

1 Hi there, does Schweiss have a representative in Australia that we can work through in obtaining a quote for two single hydraulic doors/windows with dimensions of 2400mm x 2050mm that can also double as shelters on our patio once opened. We can provide sketches for further details if requested. thank you. EC


3 Hello We require 3 hydraulic powered horizontal bifold doors distance floor to ceiling is 3090mm (10.137 ft) width 1 x 14000 mm (46 ft) 1 x 4400 mm (14.43 ft) 1 x 4382 mm 914.37 ft) to be shipped via container to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. With best regards Terry McNally operations manager

4 Hello, My supervisor asked me to contact you for more information about your services and bifold doors. He would like to speak to you (preferably by phone) as soon as possible. You can reach him on 995 557 055815 or call the central on 995 557 055814 and ask for James Christos. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Konstantin Vodennikov

5 Dear Sirs, I am looking at a special hydraulic interior door installation for a private client in Dubai. I am interested in a vertical door like the one you show at Red Bull HQ in US. I need to know whether you can build something to give me a 5,400mm (wide) by 2,130mm (high) clear opening. I would need to know what opening size would be required and also the required space opening behind the door for the operator mechanism and what if any other associated plant needs to be accommodated if these are hydraulically powered. A budget price would also be helpful. If you need any other information please let me know. I look forward to your response. Best regards, Iain Forbester

6 dear sir i called you last day . we have a project in shanghai china ,which will apply 6 bi-fold doors with lift straps. your brand was recommended by the project's architect from the U.S. cor-ten steel pannel of 3mm thick will be fixed to your bi-fold door frame sheel ,which will be fixed by ourself in china after your bi-fold door frame arrived . the dimension of each bi-fold door is 2300mm*3000mm(W*H),6 pieces . the bi-fold door from you should include the frame sheel ,liftstraps ,all accessories ,but not the corten steel cover pannels . i will send you some pictures and drawings ,and pls accordingly send me your quotation , your delivery time and your suggest product solution. look forward to hear from you soonest

7 We came across your contact online. We are an international hospitality design consultant based in Kuala Lumpur. You can browse our company detail from the website below. Currently we are developing a service apartment for One & Only First City Hotel in One Zaabeal, Dubai. There are 94 guestrooms involved. It's part of the 490 rooms hotel development. Part of the operator brief i.e. Kerzner International is to have horizontal bi fold doors for the kitchen.Seamless effect when not in operation. We are trying to develop this detail for our construction drawing for the kitchen. Should it work we will specify them part of the tender specification. Can you please propose which system from your range that could cater for this design requirement. Will discuss in detail should you system/mechanism be able to achieve this detail. Ideally something not too industrial. Or at least something we could conceal somehow?..& hydraulic. Something light weight for guest to handle? By the way do you have a distributor in Dubai? Your prompt attention is appreciated. Regards, Steven Interior Designer 

8 My customer in India requires 7 units of the Schweiss Hydraulic Bifold glass doors. The frame of the door needs to be fitted the clear laminated glass. The size for each opening is : 7meters width x 3 meters height. Will appreciate your response. Thanks !


10 Hi, i am after info on two ag. barn doors at 21' H x 27' W. I am in Panama and would like to know if this can be shipped? Can you install in Panama? If not can you just send the Schweiss hydraulic build your own door kits? 

11 I'd like to ask for a quote for hydraulic doors width 16m, height 8m. This door would also serve as shade once opened. It is planned to fix on the door cladding matching building facade, weight of the cladding would be up to 25 kg/square meter, wind load 1.4 kPa. Surely like your hydraulic door design.

12 We have an inquiry from our client in Abu Dhabi for Schweiss bifolding straplift doors, the description and dimensions are, Bifolding door with 2mm thick 45% perforated corten steel panel cladding fixed to steel framed insulated metal panel wall system including door frame, sub-framing, folding mechanism, hardware, support fixing and accessories. Overall size Qty 7160mm x 6000mm 01 7385mm x 6000mm 01 8160mm x 6000mm 02 Kindly let me know the prices for the same.

13 Am looking to install a hydraulically operated garage door ( approx. 19'x 8') for a client and wonder if there are any distributors in Australia

14 I own a garage door manufacturing business in Australia specializing is strong, light, clear door panels perfectly suited to large one piece doors. We also use solidworks. Would Schweiss Doors be interested in designing for me a solidworks model using my panels to meet my customers particular needs for large hydraulic commercial, industrial and hangar doors incorporating weldments and Microsoft excel? I'd like to be able to easily quote on different size hydraulic doors for you to get more door sales here. 

15 Please send us your complete Schweiss Door product range binder; Architectural, door installation and operational door manuals. Inquiry: Residential Garage Doors: Looking for a hydraulic and bifold straplift garage door system, opening of 3m x 2.4m (w x h. Mounting to the concrete ceiling. No vertical or  frame supports. New steel building door located in Dubai.

16 Could you provide a quotation for hydraulic steel doors. Opening width 12m x Opening height 6m 3 units. Also hydraulic door shipping cost to Malaysia.

17 Provide a Schweiss Door email address so I can send you the details and specs of a hydraulic  helicopter hangar door project in Paris. We are looking for a designer and supplier. 

18 Do you have a Schweiss Doors supplier/ dealer in Melbourne Australia and if so could I please have their contact details. I see a lot of your hydraulic doors and bifold straplift hangar doors here and feel they would be good doors for all building styles.

19 Please make us your best quote for a Hydraulic  Lifting hangar door with cleat opening size Width 14500 mm Height 4000 mm. Include price for overseas door shipping to Holland. Regards

20 Nice to see your products of Hydraulic and Bi fold Straplift door. I'm interesting to know about this product pls send the detail of this door ..and also want to know if you have any dealer in India. Thanks be to you. 

21 I'm interested in Schweiss's Hydraulic business door products. Also your lifting gate and cubicle gate systems. Do you have representative in Asia? If so, please, let me know where should I contact for Schweiss doors.

22 I am interested in a hydraulic cylinder and pump  assisted manufacturing door of the type Schweiss Doors makes. (A) Ship to Australia? (B) Do you make one piece doors at a domestic garage door scale - opening 2700mm wide x 2100 high (approx 8'10" x 6'10")? (C) What vertical depth does the garage door occupy when fully opened (it needs to nest under an overhang and be no more than 300mm vertical depth). What would be the approx cost and time to manufacture door and ship hyd. door? 

23 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic glider plane hangar door. This needs to be a windrated door. Do you ship to Germany?

24 I am looking for a price on both your Schweiss hydraulic and strap operated powerful Schweiss doors. Give info on motors and hydraulic door pumps for a door of 5.4 meter by 5 meter. Freight to South Africa

25 We would like to know if you would have us as Schweiss door representative in Croatia. Our main activity is producing aluminum doors, windows. We are most interested in your Schweiss Hydraulic and Bi-Fold straplift doors. We find them very interesting. We also need an offer for hydraulic commercial use doors, width: 10 meters and height: 5 meters,  second doors dimensions width: 8 meters and height: 4 meters and we would need an offer for the price of door shipment too. 

26 We are a leading door automation provider in Azerbaijan Republic. We are highly interested in both styles of your quality bifolding and hydro powered doors to add to our line of residential home doors. I can call at your convenience. 

27 I am a door dealer based in Malaysia. I would like to enquire about your door services on whether you can manufacture tip-up hydraulic doors with the following dimension: Height: 17 metres Width: 45 metres. We are currently looking for a tip-up Schweiss hydro-power or bifolding door system (for aviation hangar doors). Looking forward to hear Schweiss door possibilities. Warm Regards

28 I'm based overseas in Kuwait. Kindly provide me with information of any Schweiss hyddraulic and bifold straplift door agent in Kuwait. I wish to install Schweiss hydraulic metal one piece doors on16 meters wide building.

29 We are a procurement company based in Nigeria. Have need for a Hydraulic one piece Schweiss door. Characteristics below. The aircraft door will need to be insulated (the temperature in the buidling needs to be below 30 degrees C) we will take care of the door shipment, kindly give us your best ex-works door price. 

30 Oversea's hydraulic hurricane doors needed for elementary school in Okinawa, Japan.  Earthquake proof highly engineered glass doors required. With galvanized or aluminum frames. Schweiss Door hydraulic door design. List with all door safety features and power outage backup door systems needed. 

31 Hello, I am currently pricing a building to be erected in Trinidad for work on aircraft. Could you please give me a price for doors opening 40 feet wide by 16 feet high, and possibly the same width perhaps 18 feet high. Most likely a one piece hydraulic door, if there is a cheaper option please include that price. If you would also like to include shipping costs it is in Trinidad. Thank you

32 Are you represented in South Africa. We have a requirement for some large industrial doors, approx 9 meters by 6 meters high. We are very interested in both your straplift bifold and one piece hydraulic doors. We have found no one else that matches the quality of your workmanship.

33 Dear Sirs, We are interested in a SCHWEISS hydraulic aviation hangar door for an Airbus 320 aircraft = W:44 meters H:14 meters. Thanks. Lucas, Infrastructure Manager Armenia International Airports AIA Building Yerevan 0042 Republic of Armenia 

34 Dear Sirs We woul like to have information of your hydraulic one piece door product PUERTA BASCULANTEPLE-LEVA 13000x4500 mm. The place that we need to install is in the front of the building. hight is 4500 mm.leng. is 250000 mm. divided to 3 pcs. If its possible without columns between the pcs. Thank you in advance from Israel.

35 Dear Sirs, Please quote us for a suitable Schweiss aluminum frame hydraulic hangar home door to suite clear opening dimensions:- 1300cms x 770cms - Qty 1 No. to Bahrain.

36 Hi, I am building a hanger home and interested in your hydraulic door. I require a 13mx5 door with shipping to Australia. Could you supply a price for this. We will attach the exterior cladding and do the install.  Thanks Richard

37 Hi, I am building a hanger maintenance shop and interested in your hydraulic door. I require a 13mx5 door with shipping to New Zealand. Could you supply a price for this. 

38 I just need a Quote for a Door 100 feet wide and 15 feet high for a Steel Hangar and do You have somebody in Europe Germany to be able to compare the price? Most interested in your Schweiss hydraulic one piece door system. We would do insulation and cladding.

39 We are interested on the Schweiss hydraulic garage door for one of our projects and we would like to know if your have a local dealer here in Singapore that we can speak to? Thank you.

40 Hi, I'd like to know whether you have any distributors located in Asia and in particular, Japan. We're much interested in Schweiss Bifold or Hydraulic glass doors for a new luxury motel.  Thanks, Caroline

41 Can you ship a hydraulic door to Ireland for assembly and installation on site? If so, I'll forward you the size and other details I'll need on one of your quality doors.

42 We have a warehouse that I need to have a very big entry. The opening will be 26.4 meters wide x 7.6 meters overhead clearance. I am interested with your Schweiss hydraulic doors. Can you provide me a quotation ex-works and also CIF Manila? Please advise me also the resulting forces on the door jamb and header so I can check if I need to reinforce the existing structure. It would also help if you can send me some drawings to see if how I will fit it to the opening. Thank you.

43 Hi, please can you tell me if you have an Irish or UK agent, We have your liftstrap bifold doors on our Hangars in the states and want to install a couple of your hydraulic doors overseas. Your doors are everything and more that you told us about them. Thank you.

44 We need a Schweiss hydraulic door for a helicopter hanger, 23m wide and 8m high. Can you please make your recommendation and quote a remote opening device. What would be the approximate shipping width and dimensions? Could it fit in a 40ft overseas shipping container?

45 Hello Sir, We are a 25 yrs company engaged into marketing of Industrial Machinerys PEBs& other machinerys related to infrastural development we shall interested in marketing your brand of Hydraulic and Straplift Bifold doors in India, India is a fast growing market for several products. kindly let us have your product literatures overseas pricing. with best regards 

46 1. Do you have any agents in Sri Lanka. 2.Need to install Schweiss Hydraulic door to a two concrete columns of a free standing boundary wall. Desired clear opening 4m wide and 3m height.  Height is flexible to suit the requirement. Please let me know the feasibility. 

47 The phones are in Costa Rica where I am now living. The address is my courier mailing since CR does not have mail service. Plan to build a storage facility in Belize. Require sixty 8' x 8' Schweiss hydraulic aluminum storm type doors; and thirty 5' wide x 8' tall hydraulic aluminum storm type doors. A friend of mine has one of your liftstrap doors on his ultralight hangar. They really work slick and have held up extremely well in this damp rainforest climate.  Please provide a quote to include your remote opener. Thank you.

48 Sir, One of our client is looking to swing a horizontal hydraulic door panel. the panel weight is 100kgs. the dimensions are 3000 x 2400. The same would be divided x 2 of 1500 x 2400. They need a 240v-single phase motorised hydraulic system to open the same and close it. Is it feasible for a horizontal application. Also we would be intersted in your other solutions for offering in the Indian market.

49 Dear Sir, I would like to purchase some Schweiss Biomass Straplift Bifold and hydraulic door products from you. May you quote the best price and lead time as soon as possible base on the following information: ASH06-FR-SR-MD-10-X1-01 1pc ASH09-FR-SR-MD-10-X1-01    1pc Thank you from Shanghai

50 Hi. I live in Zambia and own a Cessna 182S. We are looking at putting up a hangar for her on the farm. Would it be expensive to ship one of your Hydraulic or Straplift Bifold hangar doors over here or we could buy a simple design off you that could be fabricated here. If you could give me a design for a Cessna 182S hangar I'd be more than willing to pay for them. Quote on the same complete hangar and the shipping cost.

51 Hello! I'm looking for a hydraulic lifting crane door with a free opening of: 36ft 2inch times 9ft 11inch. 11m times 3 m The walls are made of wood but can easily be reinforced with metal. Please send me some of Your suggested options including price. Fredrik

52 We have spoken over the phone and expressed our interest to have both your bifold and hydraulic door  products listed in Qatar municipality and government tenders under our company name. For the time being we need to ship us an sample with 4m Width * 3m height for the Schweiss hydraulic  door with window in the middle of the door for a garage door. Need your best price and estimate for this door and your positive interest to elevate business between our companies Best Regards         

53 Dear Sir: We are specialized in the automatic door control and related products field for many years, and we offer quality products with competitive price for all customers. We have seen your Schweiss Liftstrap Bifolding and Hydraulic Designer Doors in China and are highly impressed with their quality workmanship. We would like to establish business relationship with you in this field,  Thanks. Shenzhen city trade industry, Shen Zhen City, China. 

54 My name is Lu Hui (Mr.).We are interested in your Schweiss Doors Hot product "Lift-Strap System" and Hydraulic System door. So please inform us the unit price and possibility ship to China area. As your webside saying"worldwide sales and ship anywhere".

55 Could you give the price for the size of the Schweiss hydraulic doors. Opening of our hangar has the following dimensions: Door Width - 54 feet, Door Height - 16 feet. It is possible to have your company has dealers in our region? What are the conditions and prices for the delivery (Our location - Russia, Ulyanovsk city. Thank you in advance!

56 Hi, I live in New Zealand. Firstly I would like to say I love your industrial strength hydraulic doors. Would it be possible to purchase a two SINGLE Schweiss hydraulic doors as a kit just the steel framing all the running gear, I will clad the door in cedar and glaze the upper door. By my rough calculations the door will weight in at 480 Lbs if 2" by 1" steel is used I have some drawings to hand the opening is 4.920mm (16.14 Ft)By 2.510mm (7.053 ft) its a new build. I look forward to your comments 

57 Bonjour, do you ship hydraullic door to France ? Have you a seller and Schweiss Door installer in France or in Europe ? Regards Fred

58 Dear Sir I am of housing corporation in Japan. This is first contact. I am looking for Schweiss  Hydraulic or Straplift Bifold Door. Please contact me by email. Bests regards Kakii

59 Need quote for 40 x 14 Hydraulic door for export to Uruguay. Shipped to Elizabethton, TN  for combining with our steel building shipment. Max part length 38' - Truss must be spliced! Door should operate via Schweiss power pump and have backup system. Door needs to be prepped for interior liner. Remote control with 2 handhelds. Will need clear set of assembly directions.

60 I would like to request your quote on the following sizes, (opening size, in meters) 5.0 x 3.66 = 1 no. 7.0 x 3.66 = 3 nos. 6.8 x 3.66 = 1 no. (with one piece hydraulic door) 6.3 x 3.66 = 1 no. (hydraulic  door) 6.3 x 3.66 = 2 nos. Shipment cost to Sweden.

61 We need to design two garage doors, overall dims 6.2x2.6m. These hydraulic doors will be covered with wood same as building cladding. When doors are closed, these should be flush / concealed with the building cladding. Please advise if you supply such items to outside the US (Saudi Arabia). Many thanks, B. Peraque, Architect

62 Do you have any European reseller for straplift or hydraulic doors? I've heard there is a Schweiss Door manufacturer somewhere in Britain or Germany. I do see quite a few of your doors in these two countries.  Please include average shipping quote to France if shipping from the USA. Otherwise please give me contact person for European office.

63 We are one of the leading construction companies in Egypt, Africa & Middle East, are now studying a tender for construction of deportation prison in UAE, one of the required items for this project is Hydraulic self locking strong gates. So, kindly advice if you have agent/ distributor in UAE or Middle East in order to contact to get the quotation or advice if we will get the offer directly from your company. Waiting your reply and your prompt action will be highly appreciated. Best regards,

64 Hi, I need a quote for a hydraulic one piece door. The dimensions are 25 meters X 8 meters tall. Please let me know if you need pictures of the hangar. Thanks, Alejando in Xalapa

65 I am planning to build our hanger and want to use your hydraulic door. When we send you a drawing of the Door, can you build the Door and fit your mechanism? What shipment method do you utilize for oversea delivery?  I am looking forward to your reply. best regards, Aiichiro 

66 We require 1 set - full parts and accessories for one-piece electronically driven hydraulic door. We will use it for a 3.285 mt wide x 2.500 mt high door that has an approx weight of 500KG. How soon can Schweiss deliver to Albania? Please respond with costs involved and if you will do this for us.

67 The existing whole building exterior is constructed by aluminium 50x25mm hollow-finish, as well as the door opening. Hope to hear from you soon regarding your fine hydraulic and patented Bifold door systems. We look forward to working together with you soon. Thank you! Best Regards,  Pte Ltd Singapore 

68 We are one of fabricators for Facade Curtain Wall System in Bangkok, Thailand. We are now looking for a hydraulic door window wall for one of our projects here. We have drawing with quantity of window which would like you to give us the quoation. Once you get our requirement, please contact us via our e-mail immediately so that we will send the drawing for your ref. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards,

69 Hello my name is Katrina  and wish to request some information for a gentleman out of West Africa. He has purchased a steel building. He has requested me to find out information on a Verticle Fabric or a Verticle Schweiss Hydraulic one piece  hanger door. He uses the building for the storing of planes. However it does not have the appropriate doors. My question is might there be a way that your company can help us with this request. I have the dimensions that he wishes if needed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Katrina 

70 We need a hangar door (hydraulic): width 15,30 meters, clear 3,50 meters with insulation, electric  hydraulic operation. Your quote should include shipping, time to delivery and installation (if practicable) to Hamburg, Germany. Thank you

71 Bonjour, we are located in France, next to Paris. We would like to change a traditional door by a new one piece hydraulic door on a aircraft hangar. How do you work with French customers, for shipping details and information to supply a quote? Best regards.

72 Hi, can you get me a quote for a hydraulic Schweiss door.  My opening is 16,00 mts (meters) X 5.50 mts (meters). More specs in ft below. Do you arrange for overseas shipping. Thank you!

73 Dear Sirs, I am building a new seaplane hangar and would like to install the Schweiss hydraulic one piece Schweiss door. Please send me a quote incl shipping to Germany. Door opening is 14.80m wide and 4.0m high. If the door can be shipped in a 40 ft container, you may also quote shipping to Newport News. Thanks & best regards

74 Sir, Please Quote for the following two sizes, Door Size : 1) 8500mm clear Width x 4933mm Clear height (6000mm Overall Height)--6nos. 2) 6000mm clear Width x 4933mm Clear height (6000mm Overall Height)--5nos. These are airport hangar hydraulic doors to be shipped overseas. Will need by Spring.

75 Dear Sir/ Madam, We have an inquiry for the Vertical bifold doors, hydraulic style. Sizes : 1) 8.5m(W)x 6.0m(H) : 12Nos. 2) 6.0m(W)x 6.0m(H) : 10Nos. Can you point me in the right direction as to how I can proceed with this request in order to receive these fine Schweiss products.

76 Could you please send through a quote for 2 of Single Hydraulic Panel doors with flashing lights and sound horn and also allow for a back up motor 12V DC sizes are as followers 2off 4200mm high x 12000mm wide.

77 We are about to carry out an important and big project for an airport and we are looking for a hydraulic doors with technical specifications mentioned below. Hydraulic Door Dimensions (Clearance): 18 m x 6 m Quantity: 12 looking forward to your earliest reply, best regards.

78 We are tendering the subject project and require 1 hydraulic door of width 81.47m x height 14 m with 2 nos 2.2 m ht wicket gates. Please find attached elevation drawing for details We invite you to submit your most competetive price for supply, deliver, fix and maintain for 1 year defect liability period for the same. Appreciate your hydraulic door quote at the earliest.

79 Could you please confirm your interest to price for the hydraulic pump hangar door?  Subject: Design & Build - Temporary Hanger at Bahrain Int'l Airport Gentleman / Madam We are tendering the subject project and require 1 no hanger door of width 81.47m x height 14 m with 2 nos 2.2 m ht wicket gates Please find attached elevation drawing for details We invite you to submit your most competetive price for supply, deliver, fix and maintain for 1 year defect liability period for the same. 

80 We are an aluminum & glass company here in Doha, Qatar and we would like you to quote us your best price for a Schweiss steel door for one of our clients warehouse with a dimension of 3.9 meter width and 4.5 m ht.. If possible, please give us two options for this door, hydraulic and bifold with  lift straps and cables. Kindly include the freight cost in your quotation and your delivery date.

81 Sir, We are located in India and we have requirement for a hydraulic Schweiss door of size width 8 ft height 6 ft. Please let us know if you supply to India and Do you have any Installators or installations made in India?.

82 We are in the process of pricing a Mall project in Amman, Jordan in which your product was specified for a BI Folding Lift Strap door and hydraulic one piece door as below. Including all necessary fixings, fittings, accessories, ironmongery and painting : Overall size 12900 x 4600 mm high, to basement parking Quantity of 1. Please provide your quotation as soon as possible. Also please advise if there is an agent in the region for installation of both styles of Schweiss doors. 

83 We are a door and gate installer based in Ireland. I am interested in your hydraulic and bifold liftstrap door products. I currently have an enquiry for a helicopter hangar. Do you have a distributor in Ireland or the UK.

84 I am the director of a small airport located in Hungary. I am writing to you in connection with a purchase of four hydraulic doors. As you may recall, we were in contact in the past and I have requested your proposal for a hydraulic door, but that time we did not purchase the door. Now we are in the position to reconsider your offer, please see details below:- As we are in contact with excellent locksmith companies here in Hungary, we could build steel structure of the door, and we would purchase all the critical hydraulic parts and frame from you. The elements which we would like to buy from you are as follows: 220V, joints,  hinges, cylinders, pump, mounting elements, drawings Summarizing the above bullet points, we need all the elements where there is no locksmiths work required, as we would do this part of the work ourselves. Please note, that your offer you indicated Free Standing Header, but now we do not wish to purchase that element. Please note that we would like to place sandwich panels on the metal frame for insulation purposes. The weight of the sandwich panel is 13 kg/m2. The size of the requested door is: 22,75 meter X 7,1 meter (72,18 feet X 22,97 feet). Please also note that we do not need walkdoors to be created on the door. Also please, kindly indicate the estimated delivery time.

85 Gentlemen, for our air sports club, we need a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door with a width of 11.00 meters and a height of 3.25 meters. The delivery is the airport Rechlin Larz in Germany. Please tell me about the price, transport price with extra. Alternative embodiments also. Best regards

86 Dear Sir at Schweiss Doors, We are bidding for a project in Dubai airport, it is an airplane hanger building, we are proposing a space frame structure to cover the roofs and walls of the building, we need your best proposal for hydraulic hanger doors on the 60.0 m width , the doors should cover at least 42.0 m length. We need your best possible and economical proposal for these hydraulic doors. I am attaching a preliminary proposal for the structure, also advise what is required to fix these doors on the space frames (or you need separate concrete frame to support the doors ?). Note that the loads should be transferred to the ground and not the steel supporting structure. Awaiting your early response with proposals and prices . 

87 Our company in Lithuania is highly interested in buying of hydraulic operated hangar doors of the following size: Height: 8.50 m Width: 40 m Please send us an offer and contacts of responsible person in your company. Thank you for fast response.

88 We are from Estonia, and we find your Schweiss web site online. We're interested in the Hydraulic Doors you guys makeng there. First I want to know if you have a Dealer in Europa and if yes, what is the location and cantact aadress? We are intrested in all the parts go to that Hydraulic Door. The Door we are intrested is 13X13 Meters.

89 This mail is to make inquiry on the below question. 1- Do you carry overseas? (though I already know of a freight forwarder that will pick my packages from you, since they ship lesser than any other courier and they are so effective in shipping my goods to me here in Queensland, Australia is estimated to be 3-4 days) I have used their services in the past and it was splendid. 2- Do you accept credit card for payment (my U.S.A Master and Visa card to be precise)? Kindly let me know your comments on these, before I send the items I am interested in purchasing a Schweiss hydraulic door  from you. 3-Give me your website so I can choose what I need Or send me your Catalog.

90 I am very interested in your Hydraulic & Bifold door systems for wide access openings here in Western Australia. Do you supply door construction plans and motor kits complete with bifold door straps and fittings? If so do you have costing for plans and hydraulic doors and motor kits?? Is there a dealer in Australia? Your door systems look very practical, but strong and reliable after reading your very comprehensive Schweiss Doors website I look forward to hearing from you soon!

91 Please price the following Hydraulic corporate hangar doors. I know we have a national account with you Main office in Verona. These are also for T-hangers (same size as before). Your other bifolds we got from you a few years back are operating admirably. You got a good door there, and we continually receive thanks from the pilots who use them.  

92 We got your reference through one of your satisfied overseas customers. We need the below air craft hydraulic hanger doors for one of our projects in Afghanistan. Let us know your contact details so that we can send the drawings we have. Thanks        

93 For a project mattering on aerodrome we are interrested by your door Hydraulic door, to move forward our etude with the carpenter can send us to you elements in French (weight of doors ect) Our batiment contain doors height 500m widths different from 20,30 m Thank you

94 Dear Sir, Please Quote for the Hydraulic Schweiss door as per below details, 1)8.50mx4.933m ----18Nos. 2)6.00mx4.933mm ----15Nos. With 1)Wind Load : 90Mph : IBC 2006 2)Electrical : Single Phase 230V 3)Oversized Motor 4)Jamb Locks: Manual 5)Floor Lock : Automactic 6)Control Box: 3 buttons 7)Others :Redcontrol,Sensing Edge Red oxide Primer And Quote as a option for below listed items, 1)Electric Photo Eye Sensor 2)Door Base. 3)Warning Lights & Horns. 4) Emergency Back up & Hand Crank. We Are looking forward for your early reply. Regards, R. Marajah in India

95 Please quote for hydraulic doors for the following sizes: 1) 6000mm W x 4000mm H 4 5000mm W x 4000mm H  2 nos. Include price for extra remotes on each door. These hydraulic doors go on a metal building in Dubai.

96 Hello, within the framework of a new project of house in metallic skeleton, I would need documentation and price lists for your system of Schweiss sectionless hydraulic doors. Have you a contact of retailer in France?

97 Just wondering whether you could supply plans for a hydraulic Schweiss door measuring 14.5 metres wide x 5.6 metres high please our postal address is in AUSTRALIA, not far from the Barrier Reef. 

98 Dear Sirs, Please note that we need quotation for Schweiss hydraulic doors (4 units) with dimensions of 8 meters by 17 meters of height. If you can give us information about what material can be used for this, i.e. aluminum, steel, glass, etc. Also please inform if you have other system to this open size too. Perhaps your hydraulic one-piece door would be better suited, please inform. For your guidance this doors are not for security reasons. Are only to close warehouses inside one big industry complex. Many thanks for your cooperation and feedback. With Best Regards, from Montevideo, Uruguay

99 We are designing a small aircraft hangar at our airpark. Our requirement is for a 58ft wide X 16ft high Schweiss hydraulic door. The local design wind speed is 85 miles/ hr. Can we buy the mechanism only and locally fabricate the door to your specifications as this would greatly facilitate shipping overseas.

100 I am interested in four hydraulic doors for a project I am working on - However we are based in the UK, do you have any dealers over here, I don't  know of any companies here or stateside that make a similar product as good as your Schweiss Doors? 

101 Good Morning Through this I would ask you quote two Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors. The dimensions of these are as follows: 18.00 meters wide and 5.00 meters high. wind speed considered in this part is 90 miles We require they are hydraulic doors with windows. Delivery in Laredo, Texas or Queretaro, Mexico.

102 I'm interested in 24 hydraulic doors to aircrafts T-hangars with the following dimensions: 19 m large x 7 m high. We need on the doors sandwich panel 50 mm thickness or equivalente material for thermic insulation to have U = 0,54 W/m2.K. This isntalation will be done in Algeria (south - desert) Best regards Alihandro C. If you need more details contact me by mail.

103 We require some prices on your hydraulic hangar doors. We require 6 off with sizes 11 000 mm W x 9 000 mm H (36'x30') Complete with operators in 380 Volt 3 phase 50 Hz. Push button control 1 station per door. Kindly provide ex works as well CIF to port Durban South Africa. 

104 We've got the aircraft hangar facility under construction at the moment; to be mentioned that the operating temperatures are C -50 / 40 required. We are in Italy - could you indicate please your European / Italian dealer for Schweiss hydraulic  doors if available?

105 Dear Sirs, I'm a Brazilian doors manufacturer mainly working with rolling shutters. Once I have a commercial and technical partnership with  (Taiwan), they have showed to me your website as an indication for this special need. Could you please send me a quotation for these Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors for our reference? And also, could be very interesting for us to establish a partnership also with your company. Very bets regards        

106 G'Day, Last year you quoted me on 3 bi-fold doors (Bid# 11011-SM) could you update that quote using lift straps, and without any external sheeting and trims (we will match local sheeting and colours) Could you also quote for another 2 doors using Hydraulic doors.The daylight opening will be 18 metres x 4.5 metres. Power available is single phase 240V. Again leave off external cladding and trims. Could you also indicate what shipping cost to Bendigo Australia might be and how much space or what size shipping container is required. If there was surplus space in a container we may wish to add additional freight to reduce shipping costs. If you have any questions, please email me. Regards Steve


108 We are looking for a hydraulic hanger door and require a quote dimension: 23.695 mtrs wide 5.8 mtrs height do feel free to suggest different solutions and door types as well as shipping instructions. We look forward to your response. We are based in Tanzania, East Africa. kind regards Deven K.

109 Hello......I need hydraulic doors for four villas that I am building in Costa you have a supplier here? Also wanting brochures or information which lists what I can get on these doors and bifold doors such as lift straps, safety devices, remote controls. If you don't have a supplier here, what information do you need from me to get this project going. I only want Schweiss Doors, just looking for best method of getting them.

110 Hi Looking to put two 2200mm x 2800mm glazed window doors into a corner of my house, so that when open they also provide shelter outside. Your top pivoting hydraulic hangar door system with strong hydraulic arms would be perfect. I'm in New Zealand, what will you need by way of specs to figure out Schweiss hydraulic arm designs?

111 Dear Schweiss Team, We are a Construction Company in Qatar. We noted both Hydraulic Doors System single and Bifold straplift doors. Requesting interest to provide us supply and installation of Helicopter Hangar Hydraulic Fireproof Doors as follows: 1) No. 03 Doors 17,00mm width 6,000mm Height.  2) No. 01 Door 23,000mm width 7,000mm Height for AW101. Military facility hangar doors will be installed on which No. 4  Helicopter Fast opening hangar doors will function as Emergency Medical Services and Search And Rescue doors, where rapid opening door is mandatory. Main Structure is Pre Engineered Steel Building and door skin will be of composite door  panels. Wind speed not less than 177 Km/Hr. All must be dust proof and fire proof hydraulic operating doors.

112 We have some projects to do in Jeddah, Saudi. Please quote the Schweiss hydraulic doors as below: KAEC project, Qty:1, Dimention: W(mm)=12510mm, H(mm)=4726mm; Jeddah Railway Station, Qty:4, Dimention: W(mm)=6255mm, H(mm)=6000mm; Qty:1, Dimention: W(mm)=8340mm, H(mm)=6000mm; Qty:1, Dimention: W(mm)=4170mm, H(mm)=6000mm; Please consider : Design, Supply, Delivery, Customs Duty&Clearance, Installation, Doors, operators, manual & remote control, and All Accessories. Transportation: Shipment, customs clearance, Delivery to site. Installation: The costs of visa, accommodation, transportation, salary and other items of workers and engineers. Warranty period. How long will it take to design, fabricate, deliver to site after PO/contract date? Most impressed with Schweiss hydraulic one-piece doors and excellent pump, cylinders and spherical bearing components. I have seen them in operation in Saudi. Have viewed other manufacturers doors which don't hold up to Schweiss Door standards. Looking forward to doing business with you in the near future. 

113 Do you have supply and install in Melbourne Australia? I have a need for a 15m wide x 7metre high single panel electric powered hydraulic  hangar door. Can you arrange shipping from your factory if needed.  Wayne

114 I see you have a dealer in the UK? We currently have wind storm trouble with roller doors and looking perhaps for something like your exclusive  one piece hydraulic door? Will need to be windrated and will prefer your backup system with a remote controlled opener.  We are in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK Look forward to hearing from you.

115 Am emailing Schweiss Doors from Uganda. I'm inquiring about opening up a market for your hydraulic doors and bifolding doors in Africa-Uganda, is this something you can think about? 

116 I ask you to inform me about a price for the kit: Schweiss hydraulic motor with automatic, two cylinders and spherical door cylinder bearings. Door kit to work reliably on hangar door 14 x 40 feets size. Best Regards, Boris in Moscow, Russia.

117 Been a while since I've gotten a quote from you guys, hope all is well. Need a quote on 2ea 60 x 17 hydraulic doors with walk doors and windows. Ship to the port in Jacksonville, Florida. Will be put in a container headed to Haiti. Same company I did a hangar for in Boise. Plz call with questions. They are looking to move on this asap. Thx, Andy 

118 I contacted you earlier about a 40' bifode door and told you that it would be for a 12' clearance opening and requested a quote. The door size is still 40' wide but I have now decided that I will have a 14'tall clearance. How tall will the door height need to be? I would like a quote and some installation instructions so I will know how you recomend fastening the door to the end trusses. I purchased a 40'X12' Schweiss door from you around 2001, and love it, I placed the door on the lower side of the end truss but don't think that this will work because the celing or bottom of trusses will only be 14' tall. Thanking you in advance. 

119 I would like a quote on a Schweiss Doors hydrolic door 37 feet wide by 12 feet high. As light as possible. The installation will be on a hanger in Costa Rica so no insulation is required. I would like the outside siding to be a smooth surface as I want the hanger to look more like a high end home garage. As shipping is a concern, please let me know what would be involved. Thx Spencer

120 Dear Sir, I have visited your web site and very interesting, informative and very comprehensive. I have plan to set-up Aerospace College in Malaysia, including training center to train Pilots and many other applications such as Aircraft Repairs and Maintenance, we have airstrip/runaway to upgrade for all the above purposes. On the Hangars we are building I believe that the Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power Safety Advantage doors will be ideal for this project. Later to be used for Air Cargoes and also turning the Airport for Disaster relief within Asian Region. Do you have agent in Malaysia or plan to nominate an agent?

121 Contacting you from Kingston Jamaica. I have a Citation 500XL and am building a new hangar. Your Schweiss hydraullic doors  with Red Power hydraulic lift options were recommended to me by US Buildings because of your high quality, so I am looking for a quote.

122 Dear sir, we are lift suppliers in India, Looking for a quote on a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door. Your web site promotes new Red Power Hydraulic Pumps and I believe we would want them as well.Will soon provide door sizes for more accurate quote by you. Will also need shipping information and additional information on you fine line of patented Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. Most looking forward to converse with you.

123 Do you have any distributors in Scandinavia? We're interested in your popular bi-fold doors with latch straps and the new one-piece hydro power hydraulic doors by Schweiss Doors with the red power LEESON motor. 

124 Great one-piece hydraulic doors you guys make - got an agent in Australia??? If not, what's the chance of obtaining all components in kit form for six bifold doors for aircraft hangars that are 50 Ft wide by 12 Ft clear opening height? All electrics need to be 240V 50 Hz. Many thanks.

125 Currently looking at the possibility of constructing a facility at Uganda in Africa. The preliminary one-piece hydraulic door requirements are: Capacity: Two aircraft, one Cessna 206 & one Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, but with the possibility of extending to double that size hydraulic door opening in the future. Our preliminary understanding requires 50 M2 of office space and 50 M2 of lock up storage. The climate requires no climate controls or insulation. Proposed erection date: 2008. Some of the big one-piece hydraulic door questions we are struggling with are hydraulic door shape & hydraulic one-piece door size; construction materials for this one-piece hydraulic door and type of hydraulic door. I would appreciate any one-piece hydraulic door information you can provide particularly on your bi-fold door or hydraulic door system .

126 Hi, I need an estimated cost about a bi-fold door or a hydraulic door for an private hangar in Mexico, and ask you, have you have any hydraulic hangar door experience in Mexico?, Could you send all one-piece hydraulic door parts to Texas and how easy to install the one-piece hydraulic door by our self? What do you suggest? regards.

127 Do you have any Schweiss Doors distributors or hydraulic door or bifold door companies that you are linked to in the UK. Or would you be able to send any information on aluminum bi-fold doors or aluminum hydraulic doors as we have been asked to provide this in a door job we are currently tendering for here in Scotland. Thank you.

128 Dear Sir We have read your data about your Schweiss hydraulic door products it was very much interest for us .We have a good door market in this .And we would like to have a safe business with your company in UAE area.If you it is interest for you please tel us about your hydraulic one-piece door policy. (aT THIS MOMENT WE HAVE A BIG PROJECT IN IRAN ,,HOSPITAL) BEST REGARDS

129 Hello, I am in France. Do you have a hydraulic door seller in France ? I'm searching for an 10 meters large X 2.5 meters high hydraulic hangar door for my plane. I'm interesting by your Hydrolic doors.

130 I am an Architect in Hong Kong and very interested in your 'designer' glazed bi-fold doors and Schweiss 'designer' glazed one-peice hydraulic doors for projects in Thailand and Hong Kong. Are you able to export hydraulic doors to Asia? Best regards.

131 To Schweiss Bifold Doors. I am interested in a Schweiss Hydraulic door , opening 39x 8feet. Would this be door possible , The cost for such a one-piece hydraulic door installation and how such a one-piece hydraulic door set could be shipped to the UK ? best regards.

132 Good Morning! Do you have any representative in Brazil ? Please let me know, as we are interested in looking into some of your Schweiss hydraulic Red Power door products to manufacture and market in Brazil. Thank you. Kind regards, Marco

133 I am a staff of aviation technology company in China. I am very interested in your Schweiss Doors company's one-piece hydraulic door products.I want to know more specific information about Schweiss hydraulic doors. And I also want to know a approximate price about your hydraulic doors products. If I have similar hydraulic door order in the future I will introduce your one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door products to my client. I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Regards

134 Need Schweiss hydraulic door supplier SOUTH AFRICA

135 Dear Mr Mike Schweiss, I believe your bifold doors have considerable sales potentiality in the middle eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,Baharain, Qatar, UAE and Oman. i have extensive business contacts and indepth knowledge of these markets. I can effectively assist you organize marketing, distribution, installation and after sales service channels by building a select group of dealerships across all the countries I have just mentioned. This is the time to expand overseas before others move in. My business terms are : exclusive marketing rights to these countries, a percentage point on sales invoices and your willingness to assign a budget of $ 2000 towards a part cost of my travels across these countries to make presentation to potential dealers. I believe we should be able to sell about 1000 doors across these countries during the first year. Should you be interested to pursue this proposal further, please let me know asap. I am planning a visit to United States in the first week of October and would be pleased to pay a visit to you, if you agree to refund my New York Fairfax New York travel expenses. With best wishes 

136 Dear Sir /madam, I had visited your site, we are interested in Air craft Hanger hydraulic door for our private Air port situated in INDIA. If your are interested to do a hydraulic door hanger project in INDIA, we are looking for simple Hanger of 40 mtr x 30 mtr x 12 mtr with sliding door or Bi fold door or hydraulic hangar door.  Or only door of 30mtr x 12 mtr export to INDIA. Regards,

137 Dear Sir, We at PAT K Consultants Nigeria have been mandated by the Federal Ministry of Housing and Estate,Nigeria to source for a reputable and capable supplier to handle the supply of 1,000(One-Thousand) units of wooding doors within a four month period. Payment is 100% Telegraphic Transfer upon contract signing in advance before delivery. Therefore if you are ineterested and capable of handling the contract,contact us as soon as possible via telephone or email for further details. Thank you, sincerely, Derrick K.

138 I visited your stand at the Air Venture in Oshkosh, took some pictures and talked to Mike Schweiss. We would like to represent your company in Chile. We actually work in mining, forestry. celulose, construction, I'm sure that we can do an excellent job selling this bi-fold and hydraulic doors. Wishing to hear from you soon, receive our best personal regards.        

139 Hi Could you please quote for supply and fit of a hangar door for an opening of 6.54 m wide x 4.53 m high ? I would prefer no bottom track to assist movement in and out of the hangar. I believe your hydraulic and bifold doors would both fit the bill for our needs. Do you have installers in UK ?

140 Hi, my company would like to know if you have any distributors in Hong Kong or CHina, if not, can you please quote the price including the exportation fees, is it possible for us to install it by ourselves, Do you have a unit price for it, or can we get discount if we're going to buy in mass, pls reply asap, thanks!

141 Hello. Do you have a supplier in Sydney, Australia? If not, who is the supplier of your hydraulic arms for your new hydraulic door in your header image? Thanks, Kim

142 We are looking for your agent in U.A.E. (Dubai) Kindly advise. this is for our Red Power hydraulic hanger door requirement.

143 We are looking on using Hydraulic arms (Red Power pumps you call them) to open a garage door for a residention unit. As we are in the uk, do you have representatives here. Kind regards Alex

144 The hangar is in Sweden (Europe). It is build of plywood sections with wooden roof trusses. I can send detailed technical drawings. The door opening is 12 meters wide x 3 meters high (I have given approximate equivalent in feet below). Please let me know if you can supply hydraulic one piece door with lead-time, price estimate, shipping instructions, and who can install the doors?

145 I wish to know weather you have any representative in India who can tell commercial terms regarding Schweiss hydraulic and bifolding doors.

146 I have a hangar with an inner door of 20 mts of wide by 4,5 mts of stop and want that all the elements cotizen to me to transform it into hydraulic engineer. The Red Power is what I am surely having. I am of Argentina. Kindly Fernando C.

147 Sir , We are requesting a catalog regarding your product for our reference, As of now we are doing/design hangar for large airplane here in the Philippines. Most interested in your new Red Power hydraulic pump/motor because of it's fantastic backup systems.  Thanks, Best regards, Eleno

148 We are pricing up a new hangar and would like to know if you are able to manufacture a hydraulic Schweiss door to the sizes noted. The opening size is to allow for access of either a single Boeing 737-800 or 2 x Saab 340B aircraft (side by side). The opening size we require in metres is 51.0w x 13.5h. Please inform me of shipping options and time required for delivery.

149 Hi, I need a Red Power hydraulic or bi-fold door for a garage/workshop 5045mm wide x 2655mm high. Ideally, this would be timber clad, with high level windows for illumination. I'm in the UK, so would be interested to know if you have a European distributor? Drop me a line if you can help. Thanks, Nick W.

150 Airplane Hangars I need hydraulic Red Power door which is whith 12 meters and hight 3 meters pleasse send me some information abourt your doors and quot


152 Do you have a UK contact, or provide your product in the UK. We are designing an exhibition exhibition space in the UK and we were interested in your bifold and your new hydraulic Red Power door systems.

153 Dear/sir we are napoli for Trading and investment we would like to have you here in your second country Yemen as a contractors and we can give you alot o coustomer here in yemen we just need to have a frenshice of your steem company and to send us a few catlogs to yemen 

154 Please advise me if there are any Schweiss Doors agents of your company in South Africa. I am going to build approximately 10 T hangers of 100 metres long and I would like to use a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door like yours if possible Many Thanks

155 I Need to know approximately the price for a hydraulic hangar door 150 W x 150 L and 50 H constructed for installed in Venezuela Thanks

156 hi call me i would to sell your hydraulic one piece door in my country

157 Dear Sir, I just want to confirm if the Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold company planning to step in indian market, as it is the place in present time where all major international brands are entering. I am working in this industry from 10 years having good exposure in North india and have the capability to launch any product relating to constructio. Waiting for yopur reply ,if the company give me an opportunity to work with .Presently working as Hardware Consultant in Hafele India. Regards

158 Dear Technical Sales, I need your quotation for our National Carrier at hanger bay to replace a sliding door with mechanical assisted hydraulic door. The opening is 28m length X 4.8m Height. We need similar 5 sets .Hope you can advise me with the tecnical proposal and indicative price. We need extreme urgent for this matter. Hope to hear from your personnel very soon. Regards SK L.

159 As builders of aircraft hangars we are constantly looking for suppliers of quality products like yours at Schweiss Doors, in this case doors.We are located in Australia and you may or may not service this country. If possible, can you please provide me with some infomation, (a) If you are able make doors up to approx 51 meters wide & if so (b) what the cost of something that size might be worth. If you dont export here, would you consider selling componentry so as to allow the steel fabrication to take place over here? I would appreciate your comments Regards John

160 We have 3 doors 50 x 14 feet require to operate from one hydraulic system but individual door operation is required Door wieght 500kg per door please advice on price of the hydraulic equipment Best Regards Tony N., Dublin, Ireland

161 Hi I have two openings 15 feet 8 inches x 10 foot that suit your doors very well, using strap or hydraulic type systems The only thing I do not understand is, when the door is closed the pivot points are all in a straight line so how can the door open when the wind is blowing on it, or close fully when there is wind pressure is from inside. I know I am a long way from you but thats not a problem as we bring equiptment in from the USA regularly Regards Bill C.

162 Dear Sirs, We have taken your name and address from Taiwan Trade Directory made to understand that your biggest Manufacturer and exporter in your country. We take to introducing ourselves to you that Our company is well established import and export company in Bangladesh. Also, we are very interested to import and marketing with sales and control your products Bangladesh market whole area as a Sole-Agent basis . Please send catalogues with quote most competitive price by EMS or any sprite postal service for our selection and market evaluation. Upon receive your competitive prices we will place the order as early as possible. We are export Stainless Steel Scraps from Bangladesh . If you want to interested import Stainless Steel Scraps please contract us without hesitation. We shall be highly appreciated your early reply. Thanking you and looking forward to your favorable response by return mail. Lot of thanks & Best Regards

163 We are a uk supplier of steel frame buildings, we are at present priceing up a new building which our client is looking to have Bi-Folding and/or hydraulic doors . The opening size is 15m wide x 6m high and there would be 10 no all with one Personel door. At this stage we only need a guide cost for this doors del U K . Please can you e mail me asap a cost so we can give our client an overhaul budget cost,

164 I would like to get some more information about your company and your products. Your representative in Ontario, Canada to be specific. Thank you in advance for getting in touch with me.

165 Dear Sir or Madam, We learn that you are one of the leading companies in the line of the auto lift doors. We have the pleasure of writing to Schweiss Doors for the establishment of business relations with you. Our company has the experience of specializing in auto lifts in china for more than 5 years and our products enjoy a good market .At present , we are in the hope of enlarging our business in your aera and we believe that our cooperation will promot both business and friendship between us. We are look forward to your favorable reply. Best regards!


167 I am looking for a price for 14 manually operated  doors, each door must be 12m wide and give a clear opening of 2.44m Also give quote for your Schweiss hydraulic door in these same dimensions.


169 Dear Sir, We Sahara one of the leading Trading, Construction and Oil field Service Company in Republic of Yemen. We are looking for Gate for Hangar for Air plane workshop. Please find the specification of gate. Gate should be opened by remote control Width of the Gate: 50 meter Height of the Gate: 60 meter Length of the Gate: 70 meter Dimension of Gate: 20 meter Width, 8 meter Height The Gate should be 4 parts, each parts contain 50 meter each We are looking forward to hearing form you at the earliest, hope you will provide your best offer in this regard. With Best Regards Mano.

170 We are interested to find a supplier for doors and windows to the new warehouse and factory buildings we are going to build. Would like to establish contact with one of your regional (asia) Schweiss Doors supplier or manufacturers

171 We need cuotacion of hydraulic door for the airport of HIGUERO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 30.00 m x 11.30 high We send the picture of the hole.. Thanks

172 Thanks for your references provided, after going through, we are interested in your hydraulic Red Power and Bifold door products. we introduce to customer and especially, make strong recommendation for your products in Shanghai. Now we got order for three 9 meter hydraulic Red Power doors, need your quotaion for this accordingly Concerning the low qty and short lead time, there will be limit during manufacturing and delivery, it wil affect the order implementation, therefore, suggest your company could offer technique support and provide the critial materials, components, including the controlling part, for the door itself, we can assemble in local under your guidance. Hope can consider my suggestion and whatever your reply is negative or positive, appreicate could get your quotation and sulutions asap, consequently, we can feedback to customers. PS: looking forward to discussing further for our future cooperation after this program.

173 Do you offer a manual door opening system? I have in mind a chain hoist type of arrangement. My application is in a third world country where electrical power is problematic. Thanks. John G.

174 We are interested in standard steel hydraulic Red Power door for our new hangar, basically the same you are currently providing to A company of Krakow, Poland (65 ft by 20 ft clear - could be also 70 ft by 22 ft clear). Could we combine both shippings we and A? It would save some money and I guess there is enough space in the container? Please send your offer asap for both versions.

175 G'Day: I had your door on my hangar when I lived back in the States. I now live here in Australia, and am building a new hangar at my place here. I need to put up a one piece hydraulic door, but the shipping, not to mention the regulation on imports here, Quarentine, Customs, GST, and all the rest, make me wonder over locally sourced doors, even though I have seen nearly a half dozen of your bifold doors here. The problem is that I have been spoiled with your doors for ages, nobody here makes them with the quality you put into your Schweiss doors. Is it possible to purchase just a Red Power drive unit from your company to incorporate into a door that I will build here. Or don't you have any problems on the import end of things. Thanks: Pat M. in Toowoomba.

176 1. Do you delivre in Spain 2. Do you have a representative in Spain 3. What is the price for a  Red Power Hangar door 14 m x 3m with sevice door. 4. I have no altitude to loose because the hangar is underground.What is the minimum higth you consume with the door (5- 10 cm are ok.) In any case I would like to know the US price. Do you have a representative in Europ or Spain? Attention:all indications are METRIC!!!


178 I am a property developer in South africa. I have been interested in the bi fold and hydraulic door concepts for some years now.I have seen the doors used extensively in the USA as hangar doors. This year i will be putting up a Business Park in my home town Bloemfontein SA. There are between 50 and 60 doors involved. Is there any way that we could viably import your doors for this project . I cannot locate any local manufacturer or supplier here in South Africa. Sincerely, jack O.

179 hi, I am an Italian reader of Trade a Plane, here I found your Schweiss Doors website, I am intrested to buy one of your doors for a hangar I am going to build here in Italy so I would like to know the prices for a complete door or eventually only for the designes and the gear for the hydraulic door system, and an eventual shipping to Italy. The dimensions of the door of the hangar are 12 meters large and 4 meters high. Thank you very much for your attention. Kind regards Fabio E.

180 Need quotation for 5 aircraft hangar doors 40 x 12 Schweiss bifold and hydrolic one piece delivered to Mont-Laurier Quebec

181 One of our clients is in need of one piece hangger door clear opening sizes are 24 mt x 10 mt qty-1 22 mt x 10 mt qty-2 21 mt x 10 mt qty-2 18 mt x 10 mt qty-1 Kindly send the detail technical and commercial details. for the hanger doors. thanks regards Jitendra S.

182 Hello. Please let me know a price only for orinteation for a Fast moving Schweiss hydraulic Red Power door. Airplane Hangar. Dim.: w=12m h= nearly 4m Please let me also know price for delivery to Germany. With best regards Bernhard

183 We request info for a hydraulic lifting Schweiss quality door 55 feet wide and 16 feet high. Weight price and delivery time shipping to Greece Regards Elias S.

184 I am in China.I know your company and products on web.My company is very interest your products and we wish to know them more.In particular about their structure ,capability, price, Red Power pumps .We inspect to receive information that we are interest.Furthermore,if your company is interest in the chinese market,we are glad to cooperate with you.

185 Dear Sirs We have customer how are interested to buy aviation bifold or hydraulic hangar doors The aircraft dimensions are following Wing Span 14.9m 49.0ft Aircraft Length 10.9m 35.7ft Aircraft Height 4.4m 14.5ft Best Regards Marten V.

186 We are looking at a project that will require 12 Hydraulic Red Power Doors, approximately 5.5m high x 5.0m wide. This is for a hotel complex and the client is looking for the doors to glazed with 6.35mm laminate glass. Can your doors be glazed? We ourselves make Bifolding double leaf doors that go overhead but our design does not sit on the outside of the building as your does. Ours pivot in the middle of each panel so that quarter of the door projects out of the door opening and quarter of the door projects in when fully open. Due to the expence of shipping we could make the door panels here in New Zealand and just import the tracks and motorising from you. Alternatively we could just pay you a design fee and make all the components here. Please let me know what you can do and I look forward to your reply. Regards, Paul B. Company Engineer


188 Dear Sir, I am currently building a small aircraft hangar. 12metres by 12metres, by 4metres stud. I would like to install one of your hydraulic doors, and wish to know if you sell the componentry in kitset form. Also, if you supply plans for construction of the door. If you can supply, please email me some pricing information. Thank you. Allan J.

189 HEllo Im building a hangar in Toluca's airport in Mexico and im interested in a hydraulic door. Id like you to give me information and prices. The hangar is going to be 50m x 9m . thank you

190 Good morning, excuse me for my english, I want to know what it is the cost of a one hydraulic doors, because my company think to made the village in the airport, with the house have your hangar. I see this doors near Sacramento, and i like it.- I hope your answer PD:clear opening size: Door Height: 14 meters Door Width : 4 meters Qty: aprox. 20/30

191 I own a hanger in South Africa. Can I construct this hydraulic hanger door from plans and purchase the associated hardware from you? Can you qgive me a budget quote on a feaseable option to have an idea whether it is a affordable option out here.