Free Standing Header

1 Trying to get a price point right now. Building is planned to be a Morton, 20’ tall, but everything is still in the air. How much more does it cost for the door to be a standalone unit and not have to be integrated with the post frame?

2 Also curious what drives the external horizontal truss brace? Working with a customer at an airport that prefers no brace.

3 I have a pre-existing 50x70’ truss type structure that I would like to put a free standing bi-fold door at one end. I have not poured the floor or apron area yet and would like to know what your footing requirements are for the free standing application. I do not require any external sheeting, but would like a single man door framed in the main structure. Thanks, Ken. PS: I have bought both your hydraulic and bi-fold doors in the past, when I lived in Tehachapi, Commifornia

4 looking at a approximate measurements hydraulic door, 16hx32 wide, side install on a wood machine shed, at present moment, I saw in your online site a illustration of cement forms for a self supporting frame work. Please direct me to the info., Ultimately i would like to install the door on a self supporting door structure thus eliminating strain on building. Thanks, John

5 existing Quonset building with light gauge by pass doors , new door must be totally self supporting with free standing header

6 We are looking to replace our slider door on our shed. Opening in 30' wide, by 16' tall. Will I need a Schweiss self standing header for this?