Aviation Airports


2 Hello, Tina at Ironbuilt hangars has given us a quotation on a 100'x100' hangar which would have a door that is 80'x 22' tall. Can you please send a quotation on the various types of your hydraulic or bifold doors which would meet these specifications, including shipping to Nogales, AZ if possible. We would take delivery there and transport about 400 miles to the airport in Sonora.  

3 I would like a quote for a 40' wide x 14' clear Schweiss Hydraulic aviation airport door. This will be going to Bonner County Airport in Sandpoint, Idaho. The vertical clearance requirement is 14'-0" with the door in the open position. Please include freight to the jobsite, and what the height of the opening needs to be. Please give me a call if you have any questions. Thank You! Mike 


5 Building an aviation airport hanger in Pilot Country Estates, above address. Interested in one piece (no bifold) hydraulic aviation hangar door. Dimensions 12 feet high by 40-50 feet wide. Two simple opening windows. Metal skin. What type of span construction is needed? Are there certain size dimensions that are less expensive? What would be delivery charge to above address? Where would door be coming from? Do you also sell regular rollup metal garage doors 18-20 feet wide by 10 feet high? This one would be for side of hanger. Thank you, Norman

6 I need pricing for 2 large hydraulic aviation airport doors  for a two-bay hangar to be located at Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO. Each door will need to provide a clear opening of 73'-0" W x 28'-0" H. Doors will require a Vult wind load design of 116 mph exposure C. The doors will each require (1) 3070 walk door assembly within the door. Exterior sheeting will be 26 ga. R-panel. There will also be 8'-0" high interior liner panels of 26 ga. R-Panels. Need pricing and availability ASAP. project is currently scheduled to begin March 1, 2017. Doors will be required by May 15, 2017. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions. THANKS!

7 Modify existing steel hangar with a steel Header and Jamb material. 90mph wind rating for aviation airport hangar use. Can you install 70f or know someone that can and please provide a price.

8 Building aviation aircraft hangar (40 x30x16 ft in Davenport Washington. Need quote on price and availability on hydraulic aviation door. Thanks

9 Price on 90 x 17-6 hyd and or bifold or 70 x 17-6 aviation airport doors.  We are looking to build a hanger in muscle shoals al 100 x 80 or 80 x 80 building door fob muscle shoals 

10 looking for a 40x12 hydraulic door for an aviation airport aircraft hangar. not sure if the building will be wood or steel frame yet.

11 I need a 90' wide by a clear 12' high aviation airport hangar door for an opening in the end of a steel and fabric building.

12 Need design specs for a 70'-0 by 20'-0 hydraulic aviation airport door. IBC 2009 B exposure 90 mph Our steel is initially going to Houston where it will be loaded up to ship to Guyana(South America). Thanks so much. Call or email to the above address with the specs. Thanks guys

13 Looking to get a quote to replace a Miller folding door with your hydraulic aviation airport door  system. This door is on our Police Aviation hanger. The door is approximately 12 years old. Thanks, Tom.

14 I am pricing a 219' long Aviation Airport T-hanger with 9 hydraulic lift hangar doors which are 44'-6" cl to cl of posts. Maximum 14' opening height. I see your Schweiss aviation bifold and hydraulic airport aviation doors all over Deleware and surrounding states.

15 Hi I have a query about your horizontal hydraulic aviation airport hangar door system, also the Lift Strap Bifold door: 1)We have an internal architectural opening 4000mm wide by 1500mm High, is this a size you could consider? 2)We would need an usable height of 1200mm when the bifolding aviation airport system is open hence have the two panels taking no more than 300mm when folded. Is this achievable? 3)If the design is feasible, would you ship the kit to the uk or do you have partners in Europe/UK that could assist? Many thanks Andrea

16 we have a 60' x 40' x 16'eaves height. what is the cost of a hydraulic aviation airport door quote a 22'wide x 12' tall and a 22' wide x 14' tall

17 This is for an aviation airport aircraft hanger hydraulic door. Construction will start soon so we would need to know how to prepare concrete for hydraulic door. FOB your factory would be best. I could send our truck down. Please let me know quickly as decisions are being made. Would like windows included in quote. Also would like to know up and down times.

18 To Whom it May Concern: I would like a price on a hydraulic door 60 X 14 feet for my new aviation airport hangar. The door will have 5 windows in and one double French door in the middle. I have attached a drawing of the front of the building. The structure is all completed and I am ready for the hydraulic designer hangar door. Please also tell me how long until the door could be manufactured, and the terms of the agreement, whether shipping and installation are included or could be added. Please let me know as soon as possible, because I am ready to make a decision and will be making a decision in the next few days, at least by Monday or Tuesday. Roger Weaver

19 Interest hydraulic and bifold doors for a commercial aviation airport project in San Diego. Would like to have a preliminary quote for a 50 feet wide x 24 feet tall hangar door system. Door panel to be made by cementitious board slats. Information needed: -cost -warranty on system -delivery and lead time for ordering. Please feel free to call me with questions. Thank you Camila

20 I am working on an aviation airport storage building hydraulic door project that the Owner for ease of moving equipment in and out would like a 50'Lx16'T hydraulic operated door. We are in the preliminary stages and needing design information for this type of installation. I like to know jamb & head requirements, loading information, headroom clearance, etc. If there is further information you need please let me know.

21 We currently have a client that is requesting a hydraulic aviation aircraft airport hangar door. What would be the cost estimate for a door approximately 20 X 80 Ft. delivered and installed at Gilmer TX Municipal Airport? No windows or personnel doors are being requested. Thank you, Phillip

22 I am building a large aviation airport hangar and I want to have a clear opening of 60x16. What would be the eave height? Hydraulic hangar door requested. Thank you,

23 Please provide budget proposal to furnish, deliver and install one (1) 40'wide x 18' tall horizontal automatic hydraulic door for new aviation aircraft hanger on meriden CT

24 I am preparing to buy a Aviation Airport hangar with a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door already installed- Is there an authorized company agent in the vicinity of Memphis TN that could come out and inspect/ service my door? I would also appreciate anything you can email me with respect to maintenance and servicing these doors. The hydraulic door is functioning smoothly, I just want it checked out.

25 Hi, We currently have a bifold door ran on cables and we were wondering if we could convert our door to the straps like many Schweiss doors that appear at aviation airports worldwide.

26 Hello, I currently have a aviation airport hangar with an existing slider door and planning to replace it. I'm looking at options to insulate the door and like your insulated hydraulic door panel systems. I would likely go with either the 17/8 or 23/8" thickness panels. The door is 42 wide and 12' high. Do you sell to Canada and can you provide pricing for both the 17/8 and 23/8 thickness panels? Looking for materials only pricing. I can pick up at a depot in Buffalo if cross boarder shipping is awkward. Thanks David Haddock

27 Need pricing on a 56' x'16' clear span hydraulic aviation airport door

28 I'm looking for pricing for a hydraulic aviation airport hanger door for a 38' x 14' opening.

29 Am needing pricing for a 70'x18 bifold for airplane aviation airport hanger in Urbana Ohio 43078 new Nucor pre-engineered steel building this is a design build project

30 Need a quote for two 100ft wide by 16ft clear aviation airport hanger doors. you can call me on my cell.

31 We are looking for a 50' by 10' aviation airports hangar doors that can be installed.

32 I am looking for budget pricing on 28' high x 44' wide hydraulic aviation airport doors. The project is going to be at Port Columbus Airport for a corporate hangar. Please contact me with pricing information. Thank you

33 I accidentally opened my aviation airport hydraulic door with the man door opened. I need to replace the man door. The frame is ok, just the door itself is required. It measures about 70" x 35.75" and is 1.75" thick. Would you also have the self closing hinges? Would need 6 in total (I think I should change hinges on my other hangar door as well) Also, I notice 2 of the 3 springs on the closure latches are broken. I'd like to order 6 new springs.

34 Hello: Regarding the aviation airports project at Morris IL airport, have you provided a price quote for this door? Also, to confirm, the hanger opening is designed as 26' high and 74' wide. Plus, the door is to be  hydraulic with Schweiss remote-control openers, and with 4 windows installed in the door. Thank you.

35 Developing a plan to build a 60X60 aviation aircraft hangar and looking to understand the door cost. Will need to clear 15 feet. Width could be 46 to 50 feet. Basic hydraulic hangar type door at this time. Likely will insulate longer term, but would not be insulated initially. Thanks, Tom

36 wood hanger at Newport OR airport with old wood bifold door. need to replace approx. 40' with an aviation airport hydraulic door.

37 What Aviation Airport door models are available in a 40' x 20' ?

38 Would like a quote on one piece aviation airports hanger doors, they would be 45' wide and 14'high.

39 Hello, I am Cameron Bissett and am looking to import hydraulic advanced aviation airport doors (8m wide, by 5m high) to Australia and would like an estimation on the aviation doors (either with or without the steel frame and cladding). Also I could organise freight but would have to know location where it is coming from and approximate amount of space for logistic purposes. If viable there could be quantity involved. Would be interested in whether you would just supply the aviation airport door hydraulics needed.

40 Need to get price on 40' x 14' Aviation Airport hanger door for helicopter hanger.

41 need a quote on two doors installed at aviation airports. We want hydraulic door remotes walk door on both doors wondering if the the pumps can be 480 3 phase electric

42 I am/was attempting to contact by phone?? I am intersted in purchasing 2 of the "aviation airport hydraulic hangar doors" as shown in one of the Must See photos on your website. The photo is of a large aviation airport hangar door." Please send email as I have not been successful by phone. And/or the name of a rep in the Alexandria Virginia USA area.

43 I am writing specifications for a replacement of a aviation airport tail door at a hanger at San Bernadino International Airport. I would like to know if your company can make a hydraulic electrically operated tail aviation door. The tail door should be made to accommodate a 747 tail.