Hangar Design

1 We have been contracted to replace an existing hangar design door and would like to request a quote for a replacement door. We have used your product in the past and have been very satisfied with your doors. The opening size is 17'10"H X 51'10"W. A man door is not necessary. Power source is single phase.  Most interested in your one-piece hydraulic hangar design door. Thank you.

2 I am in the hangar design phase of a 60' X 60' metal building & need information for a 55' Wide X 16' clear opening bi-fold door; How much total headroom is required? As long as we're at it, will you please put me in the ball park on price [For now, let's assume 8 ea, 4'x4' dual pane, tinted windows - ] Let me know at your convenience, please. Thanks!

3 We would greatly appreciate if you could provide us a budget price for a Hydraulic Hangar design door 75 feet wide by 20'height including all relevant information. Thank you in providing this proposal.

4 I am looking for 2- 40x12 Bi Folds and a 40x12 Hydraulic door for an airplane hanger design we are looking to build in Canton, SD. Please give me a call. Thanks

5 Hydraulic One-Piece Hanger door, 48x15 on pre eng hangar design steel building. We have other hangar designs that we will also be needing hydraulic doors for.

6 Interested in bi-fold or one piece open outward hangar design doors. Thank you!

7 I need a quote for two 40' x 12' hydraulic hangar design doors. Need quote by 11/10/16

8 I have a wood frame 40 x 50 hangar design with old no good bifold door assisted by a cable / counter-weight system. Interested in options to retrofit with hydraulic hangar design doors. Especially interested in strap systems. Thanks.

9 Just completed our new home and hangar. Bought metal building thru Rapid Set which we had your hydraulic hangar design door included. Perfect!! Would like information on buying and installing windows, matching the ones in the doors of our garage.

10 I would like a quote on a hydraulic hanger design door 39' w x 12' h. also please include one for a hydro door. Building is of all steel construction. Thank you. Ellen Engler

11 I need a quote on a hydraulic hangar design door for a rough opening of 11'8"x 45'6" on our hangar

12 interested in your Schweiss hangar door design for a client that has a boat storage facility in Michigan. Peter

13 I am interested in a quote for a hangar design hydraulic quiet operating door for a 40'wide x 15' tall opening. I need the full clearance of 15'. There is a 30" I-beam header spanning the opening that I can secure the door too. So the door can have up to 17'6" of opening height. I am open to either the Bi-fold or the hydralic door. Thanks for your help in advance! Jeff

14 I work for Menards and would like to know what would be required of the headers and walls to hold those hangar design doors up one 1 building? Thank you.

15 I am in the planning hangar design stage of building a hangar that will be 64' X 60'. The height of the building is what we are waiting to determine. We want to build it tall enough to house a King Air 200 (15' tail clearance) in the future. We are open to input or suggestions as to what will be better for us. (Bi Fold or Hydraulic) The width of the door will be either 52 or 54. The building will have a wood frame for the door opening. Please feel free to contact me anytime so we can discuss options or suggestions you may have. Thank You, Todd Haifley

16 I am looking for a 50' x 18.5' Schweiss hydraulic one piece door for my office hangar. My hangar design should work well for your hangar door.

17 Planning to build a duplex door hangar design hanger, each side to have a 42 ft. x 12 ft. bi-fold door. Hanger to be constructed at the Buena Vista, CO airport (Central Colorado Regional Airport). 

18 Looking for a hangar design door for either a 42 x 14 opening or a 50 x 14 opening. I'd like to price both a bifold and hydroswing if I could. The building will be in Cleveland, GA 30528. Thank you much! Jeremy

19 I am in the process of planning a 60x80 hangar for an aerial spray business and I would like to discus a 60' hydraulic hangar design door for this new hangar.

20 I am Interested in the B.Y.O.D. kits. I will build a pole barn hangar design for my plane, and I want to build a self support steel frame, with hydraulic door. (40ft. x 10ft.)I own a welding company. Thanks, Brad

21 I need pricing for hydraulic hangar design doors; 44' wide x 14' high Project Base Bid will have 3 hangars with two doors each. Project located on Oahu, Hawaii 96707 

22 I'm building a residential hangar in Willow, Alaska with approximate size of 40' wide x 20' high and am interested in a hydraulic hangar design door. - Do you have dealers/installers in Alaska? - What are options and prices? - Do you have engineers who can work with my builder? (Covenants require an engineer to approve the hangar door structure; is this something you can assist with?)

23 Convert sliding hangar design door to a hydraulic hangar design door . 42' 6" x 16'. Ballpark costs. Pete

24 I'm going to be building a hangar in a few months. I am very familiar with your door, that's why I'm writing. I would like a ball park figure on a 50'x16' hydraulic hangar design door and with one service door and no windows. At this time I'm just checking prices.  Do you install or do I install? If you do what is the cost? How much wind will a door that size take? Please email or text me, I have trouble hearing on the phone. Thank you. Danny

25 We own a 40x40 foot hangar with bi-fold cable doors, similar to but not schweiss. We want our hangar design upgraded with Schweiss hydraulic doors. can you give me a quote? Hangar is located at  centennial airport, Denver Co. thank you.

26 Hello, I have a 1970's hangar North of Burlington, CO. My North facing sliding doors 34' wide x 14' high (outside) have deteriorated and warped to the point of virtually no repair. I am exploring hangar door design options in any bifold or hydraulic hangar design fashion. Also, the same shop south facing 12' x 12' overhead door probably needs springs tightened or replaced, due to the heavy lift it now requires to open. However, I may consider a replacement on this one too. In order to assist with an estimate, I attached some pictures to possibly avoid a trip out.

27 In hangar design and budget phase of new 70x90x20 foot hanger at KFNL airport in Loveland Co. What is the cost of your hydraulic and strap system doors? Size is two doors 60 foot wide and 14 tall including installation at airport. thank you Roy

28 Need a quote for an aluminum hangar design door. This will be mounted as a bar countertop door. Motor should mount above door. Will need support requirements. For now I'm going to figure 1/2 inch insulated glass

29 I had requested a quote on a 40 x 18 hangar design door, just verifying that this needs to be a hydraulic hangar door.

30 Would like a quote for a 54' X 12' (Clear) bifold door system for an aircraft hangar currently in hangar design in Sisters Oregon.


32 We are working on an aircraft hangar design project here in Missoula, MT. There will be 7 hangars that will need 4-60'w x 16'h clearance and 3-50'w x 16'h clearance. We are looking at quotes for  hydraulic design doors if they are able to span that width? Please contact Ryan for more information.

33 In trying to get a Hangar Design door price. I'm going to need 2 Doors, one for each end of my hangars. Both the hangar design door rough openings are the same. 50' X 16'. I'm interested in the hydraulic swing doors, with a man door opening in each one. Let me know if you have any questions.

34 Hi, I would like the hydraulic do it yourself hangar design door kit.  Building is concrete. Side column type concrete

35 Need a quote and some hangar information on installation for a 100 ft wide by 16ft clear hanger door. You can call me on my cell.

36 I am looking for a quote on a 1 piece overhead door. Rough dimensions are 40' x 12' for my new hanger design. Wind load is minimal and should be considered given the address provided. Please email a quote for consideration. Regards, MW

37 Please send a budget price c/w electric operator 600 volt, R value 16 insulated hangar design door, What structure is needed for install I have seen your hangar design doors advertised in The Garage Door News and at IDA but have never installed a hangar design hydraulic door. Thanks, Gary

38 ( 3 ) 95'-0" x 28'-0" Hydraulic hangar design swing door systems Thomasville Regional Airport Project.

39 Hangar Design Frame, doors, w/32" Walk thru door, 2 Hydraulic Cyl. 230V Pump 3 HP.

40 I am pulling together the pricing for a new hangar design at our home at Sky Harbor Airpark. The planned hangar is 48 feet wide, I'm considering a 44 foot wide door. The type of aircraft will be Beechcraft Bonanza, so I don't need a lot of height, but 12 sounds pretty good to me. Pricing and cost to deliver it to me would be appreciated. I haven't started the new hangar design work yet, but your response is key to my decision making. Thanks, Dave

41 I was wondering if you could give a ball park figure for a 40 ft x 17ft hydraulic hangar design door with 3 windows. It's a standard hangar design, nothing fancy.

42 We have a 60 ft. machine shed hangar with a 32 x 14 ft. door and lamply arched rafters wanted to replace with maybe a 36 x 16 hydraulic overhead hangar design door. Get back to me or stop by not that far away. Thanks Bruce Hulke