Hangar Designs

1 We [Hicks Engineering, PC] are Design Team Lead on a new hangar project in Belgrade, MT at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) for Summit Aviation. Our General Contractor, Langlas and Associates has already reached out for a quote on a 110'Wx28'H door, and I wanted to visit with a Salesperson about this project. Particularly interested in door style selection for our project, with wind loading a concern...our project consists of two hangars, so another door is also needed: 116'x28'. I look forward to hearing from you hopefully next week, after the Thanksgiving Day holiday!

2 I need five commercial doors 162" width by 114" height. I need you to provide the structure to insert fixed window in your structure.

3 Interested in an aviation hangar door. Can you provide me options on the both the one piece hydraulic and the bifold doors? Thank you JM

4 Please call me...Needing a quote for an airplane hangar we are looking to build in Terre Haute, IN. Looking for a supply and install number on a hydraulic hangar design door. Thank you

5 I have an inquiry for 10 Helicopter hangar doors in Sydney Australia. 6 x 22200mm Wide / opening 8600mm/ clear opening 7400mm 4 x 17200mm Wide opening hydraulic hangar designs as above

6 Working on a hanger design to be added onto an existing older structure. Would need a 40'x10' door. Interested in both types of doors you sell. Thanks.

7 I am doing the plans for a residential hanger designs , we are specifying your doors, one is a 60' x 16' folding door the other is a 25' x 16' hydraulic door. you sent me some proposals before but need then updated to these sizes. also my engineer is asking for some design criteria. do you have something you could send me. Building code: 2012 IBC Wind Speed (gust): 115 mph Wind Exposure: C Wind Type: Component for 25' door, Main for 60' door Enclosure: Enclosed (or should it be partially enclosed since many doors could be open?) Topo Factor: 1 Occupancy: Standard Building Height (mean parapet): 24' the walls are masonry with wood trusses. probably steel tube columns on each side of door or masonry. Thanks you

8 We are the architects for a renovation to existing hangar door designs. part of the design includes modifying the existing hangar doors to accommodate a "tail door" for large jet aircraft. I would like to speak to a sales rep that can give me technical information for a pre-manufactured tail door. can you help? thanks! Robert Byrd

9 Looking to add a hydraulic hanger door to the hangar designs side of my pole barn. need a 42 foot for wingspan and 13 for height. ceiling height in barn is 14 feet and side of barn is 56 feet

10 I have hangar designs to use a Schweiss strap-lift bifold or hydraulic door. I bought one from you before. It was a BIG one. I'm happy with it. The one I'm now designing for is a 12' clear height by 44' clear length (or narrower if necessary to fit a 46'overall building width). I'd like you to call me and/or email me the design detail requirements for both these style doors. Thanks

11 Looking to build a barn for an ultralight. needing hangar designs and ideas for the door. No one around me knows anything about how to install these types of doors. wingspan is over 32 feet.

12 Hello, I am in the beginning stages of hangar designs. I am just tying to get ball park figures on a 40' wide x 16' tall bi-fold door. Building is going to be a wood post frame with concrete floor, roughly 60x80. Hydraulic door would be on the end of the hangar facing south. If you could email me or call me that would be appreciated.

13 Good day I am doing a steel design project at Wits University. We are asked to design a hanger. We need door specifications. We want something economical and viable. The opening of the door is 15m (clear distance) and 4m high. Preferably a hangar designs door that operates hydraulically. The remaining distance on the sides of the wall opening is 2.5m on each side. Can I please have a quote for a hangar door that is most economical, and has low maintenance costs. Thank you

14 Hello. I am replacing an old Schweiss bifold door for a customer in Carlsbad, California and he wants to know what hangar designs Schweiss Doors can offer. The present hangar door is very rusted on the lower truss area. It's an old door! Can you look up all of the specs for this door from those numbers? We would like a quote for a new hydraulic hangar  door to go in its place. Thank you and feel free to call anytime! Jeff 

15 We have specs on a hangar designs doors you priced for us a few months back. Ready to finally go to permitting. Being in florida we need a Fl product approval number. Can you provide this? I cant find one on the fl building code website. Thank you.

16 Hi there, I am in the process of building a new Aircraft Hangar, and friends of mine suggested using Schweiss hydraulic hangar design doors. Hopefully, the info I have provided is sufficient to provide a quote. Regards, Roland

17 I am looking for a rough order of magnitude for a 42' by 12' hydraulic door to go on a Rapidset Hanger Designs hangar. The hanger is 46' by 36'. What height do you recommend with a 12' door? In very early feasibility stages.

18 Please quote hydraulic door frame hanger designs   for a 45'x30' opening. This will be for a PEMB and the windload is 37psf or 130 mph. Delivery would be to me and go to job site 15 miles from here. Sincerely, Vinnie Clifton OHD New Bern

19 Need pricing, delivery time and specs for various size 18'  tall hangar designs with hydraulic doors

20 Hi, I'm curious about using your product on hangar designs on project of ours in Wisconsin. Could you provide me with some preliminary pricing of a hangar door using your hydraulic systems. Could you price out (2x) a 14'H x 38'W & 12'H x 30'W. Thanks, Karl

21 Hello, Looking at different hangar designs and needing for a quote for a hydraulic hangar door similar to this one: https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-baja.php Also I am looking for a steel builder that you recommend low cost in San Antonio, TX to complete my project. * I currently own a Cessna P210 Silver Eagle but would like to build to perhaps someday put in a Twin Commander 840. Thank You.-

22 Good day, I am looking for an estimate on both a hydraulic and bi-fold door for a couple of different  airplane hangar designs. It will be a new building and here are the approximate specifications: wood frame, 65ft wide by 70ft deep by 18ft tall. I am looking for a quote on both a 50ft wide door as well as a 60ft wide door. thank you, Brent Sherstan

23 Hello, I am looking for 42x18 hangar design door for a tractor shed.

24 We have recently purchased a hangar home residence with a large detached garage with 15' ceiling. Unfortunately, the hangar designs have a standard height hangar door and I'm needing 12'6" of clearance. Can you reasonably help and is there anyone near Davenport, Iowa to install if we DO come to an agreement? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

25 Looking for a quote for a 30'-0" wide x 17'-0" hydraulic hangar design door - residential hangar home project.

26 We are buying a house on a residential air park that shows several different hangar designs. Currently our hangar home to be does not have a hangar and we will need to build one approximately 45 X 18. I am hoping to put 2 of your hydraulic designer hangar doors in but obviously I would like to get more information and maybe a recommendation for a local contact for a builder /installer if you have someone in the Denver CO. Area. The doors would be installed on one end and one side.

27 I am interested in hydraulic hangar doors for a residential hangar home hangar designs project. Thanks,

28 looking for an all glass panel hanger designs style door for a lake home

29 Invitation to bid Beaumont Municipal Airport Improvements. View hangar designs and plans, specs and addenda at www.cziglobal.com/plan.html

30 We are looking hangar door designs for a 30x18 and a 24x18 door in an existing pre-engineered metal building. I have questions.

31 I would like to replace my bottom hanger door seal. Do you need to know my hangar designs. What is the cost per foot for the reinforced EPDM rubber? I can replace it myself, or if you have a technician near Webster, MN. I would gladly have them install it.

32 Developing hangar designs to build a 60X60 aircraft hangar and looking to understand the door cost. Will need to clear 15 feet. Width could be 46 to 50 feet. Basic hydraulic door at this time. Likely will insulate longer term, but would not be insulated initially. Thanks, Tom

33 I would like to obtain pricing information on a remote control kit to remotely open/close hydraulic hangar designs doors that are currently about 12 years old, T-hanger about 44' wide, currently uses a cable system and two manual locks (one on each side). Thank you.


35 Developing a hangar designs plan to build a 60X60 aircraft hangar and looking to understand the door cost. Will need to clear 15 feet. Width could be 46 to 50 feet. Basic door at this time. Likely will insulate longer term, but would not be insulated initially. Thanks, Tom

36 Hello There, We need a customized solution for  aircraft hanger designs. Please send us your brochure for an automated door for a Boeing 787 hangar door. Thanks and best regards. Dr. Bolaji Taiwo

37 Looking for a quote on a hydraulic hangar door and wondering if different hangar designs need different hydraulic hangar design doors.

38 I am building different hangar designs for buildings in 135mph zone. Would like a 20w x 14h hydraulic door. What would the cost be? This is shipped to New Iberia LA, 70560

39 84'-0" x 28'-0" Hydraulic swing door hangar system designs in metal building endwall

40 Looking for a door for my Hangar/Barn designs. I will be storing Farm Equipment and an Airplane. I would like a remote controlled door opener.

41 Please email me. I am wondering if you have hangar designs for an automatic door opener for your single one piece hanger door. We presently have a hanger with your one piece hydraulic door system which requires us to hold the switch constantly to open and close the door. We are just wondering if you have any other options. Thanks Dave

42 We are thinking of building a hangar. The door opening will be 40s x 14h. We would like to know the weight of the door so that the structural engineer can draw up the correct plans and hangar designs to support the weight of a hydraulic hangar door. Please advise. Thanks!

43 Have a one piece hanger door that is operated with a center cable. 40x12, do you have a cylinder kit that would fit these type of hangar designs? It is built right And not interested in replacing door. Thanks. Bill Aten

44 I am currently pricing a pre-engineered steel building. The contractor has only used roll up overhead doors on his hangar designs so I am wondering about this on my own. Almost 5 years ago I built one of your hydraulic doors from a Schweiss BYOD kit. It is 40' wide by 16' high and works great on my wooden building. This current consideration is a 40x16 single sloped hangar design (1/12) 3 bay open high sidewall with the closed low sidewall of 14'