Hangar Rental

1 I am renting a hangar owned by San Juan County at the Monticello Airport (U64) in SE Utah. The hangar is equipped with a Schweiss bifold door (door dimension is about 46 feet in length). The hangar was built in 2018 and I assume the door was installed at that time. The door is not closing completely when it shuts down using the "close" button. I think it likely needs an adjustment that may be simple for the installer. The County authorized me to get it adjusted. Are you able to connect me with the installer of the door or a suitable tech in the Monticello/Moab area? Thanks! DAC

2 Our Client desires a hydraulic hangar rental "aircraft hangar" door for a metal building garage to service railroad locomotives. Front face of building is 75 feet. They want as large an opening as possible so, say, 70' x 25' opening. The door should also have a 3-0 x 7-0 mandoor included. We are in the design stage at this point. Please contact me. I will be in the office all next week. Thanks, Patrick

3 Please provide pricing for a 46.5? wide by 16' high hydraulic hangar rental door to replace an existing vertical slider in a t-hangar at KVGT (North Las Vegas Airport).

4 Hi, we have 3 rental hangars 120x120 with sliding doors and we are looking for a better solution to insulate and climatize our hangars, at least 1 or 2 of them. Does your hydraulic door seal good enough to have the hangar air conditioned? Will we lose a lot of the height of the gap? How can we get a quote? What do you need from me to provide a quote? Thank you. Gustavo. PS: You can call me or email me back, doesn't matter to me.

5 Hi, I would also like to get a quote for CONVERTING a sliding door to a hydraulic hangar rental door. That door is 14 x 40. Thanks.

6 Hi there, I am considering building an aircraft hangar. I like your hydraulic hangar doors - I use one currently in a rented space using a expensive rental hangar door. Thanks. Louis

7 Dear Sir/Madam; I am trying to design a building to meet my aircraft hangar rental needs. I am limited to a 60' x 60' area to build the building. I want to use your hydraulic lift system hangar door and need at least a 53' width of an opening. I need specs that show the metal building structure requirements for a 53' wide and a 54' wide opening. Can you please provide specs for each? I am being told I can't do a 54' wide opening for a 60' x 60' metal building. I am not limited by height of building.

8 I need to get pricing on hanger rental door. I will forward prelim drawings and specs when someone responds to let me know where they want me to send file link -- Door is one piece hydraulic - 135?-8? wide x 28? tall ---

9 Our EAA Chapter is building a hangar next spring on Ford Airport, (KIMT). We are looking for a quote on a 14' (clear opening) by 60' bi-folding or hydraulic hangar rental door.

10 I am planning on building an aircraft hangar soon and would like to get a quote on a hydraulic hangar rental door. Leaning toward a bi-fold but would also like know the cost of a hydraulic door. I've found out that any hangar I have with a Schweiss door on it rents out much quicker than hangars with other manufacturers doors.  Thanks 

11 Hello, We have a rental hangar that has a sliding door installed. We were considering the new one piece hydraulic hangar door. How do we approach this potential upgrade? Thank you Jeff Johnston

12 Prospecting the cost to build a hanger design. im not sure when we would build but I would like to know the cost of a hanger to be able to determine the benefits verses hangar renting. Thanks!

13 Looking for info on a 50' x 18' hydraulic type hangar door for an airport rental door project coming up soon. A ballpark estimate on lead time and costs, delivery are what I need now. Sizing and detailing info soon. thanks Jeff

14 Currently have a requirement to replace hanger rental doors. one would be 65-70 foot width and one would be 35-40 foot wide bifold door. 14- 16 foot in height. Hanger location is in City of Lake Elsinore, In Riverside county, Ca. Can you advise me of a company in the area who can install these hangar rental doors.

15 I have a customer that needs a hydraulic hangar rental door 40' wide x 18' clear Building 80'x140'x20' eave metal building, roof slope 2 to 12 ,Door in center of endwall, Ky Building Codes 2013 105 MPH wind, I Low Hazard Ag.building, wind exposure B Please have hinges points 5' or less to match up with roof purlins Strap lift , Auto lock Bowling Green, KY.42101

16 What is the price of a 35 x 16 hydraulic rental space hangar door delivered to St Charles county airport in Missouri. Zip code is 63373

17 Hello Schweiss Bifold Doors, I have purchased a couple of hydraulic hangar rental doors from you in the past. The last one was in 2009. Would you be able to pull that order up and update it for pricing? Also I would need the weight of it for truss designing. Just by chance would you be able to pull up an earlier order under my name? I don't have an order number for that one that I can find but I'd like to talk about the differences between the two orders. Thank you, Dave Kimberling

18 I am looking for design data for a hydraulic hangar rental door with a 50' wide X 14' high minimum clear opening. Specifically I am trying to find the dead weight of the door, as well as any reactions (vertical and lateral) when the door will be in the closed, and in the open positions. I am also trying to find out what the minimum vertical obstructed height is when the door is in the fully opened position (vertical "wedge" height). Finally, can you provide me a rough budgetary estimate for a door this size, with lift straps, to be installed on a new wood framed (wood truss roof and door wall) building located in Green Valley, AZ (I would use 20 p.s.f live load and 110 mph wind speed.). Thank you.

19 Looking for hydraulic hangar rental door 16 feet high 50 feet wide. Thanks

20 Schweiss, I have rented a hangar with one of your bifold (40' wide) doors. The electricity hasn't been run to the hangar site yet. Other people are using portable gas generators to open their doors. We think it has a 2 HP motor on it and were wondering what watt size generator would we need to safely operate these hangar rental doors? Thanks, Les Field

21 Would you please provide me an estimate for a 70x20 insulated aircraft hanger rental door. Shipped to Bentonville, Arkansas.

22 Looking for information and price on hydraulic hangar rental door. Building will be 50ft by 50ft with a 16ft wall height. Would like to have a 45ft to 46 ft opening for the door with at least 14ft height. It will be a wood framed building with 2x6 constructing and a trussed roof system. Can frame the opening out of wood or steel whatever you recommend.

23 I just purchased a box hangar to replace my hangar rental door at (KRQB) Big Rapids airport. It has a old cable lift) bifold door approx 50" wide and 15' high installed by some other company years ago. What would be the cost and process (getting it installed) to retrofit to your newer hydraulic system 

24 Looking for a bi-fold door for a new rental hangar at Menomonie Municipal Airport. Approximately 60' x 15'hydraulic hangar rental door. Construction potentially in the next few months. Have a Crown Industries hydraulic bi-fold hangar door on my first hangar, but those are unavailable now so am also wondering if Schweiss could do a liftstrap conversion on this door. What are the advantages of a Schweiss strap bi-fold over Hi-Fold or Higher Power doors?

25 A neighbor, who owns a 206, is building hangers for rental and I am trying to find out the door clearance that he needs. Are the heights given the clearance required for the plane for example Cessna 206 of 12' 6" is the tallest point. Thanks

26 We have a bifold rental hangar door installed and we need a maintenance manual of some sort. Can you assist?  Airport Santa Teresa NM 88008 575 589-4586

27 need a price on a 40 x 20 hydraulic door delivered to Stinnet, tx (north of Borger, tx) to be installed in new steel hangar rental building. need a price asap as we want to get these hydraulic rental hangars ready to go . thanks 

28 We have a client who is interested in insulating two existing hangers that are set up for hangar rental. We're also interested in building a new hanger and I was interested in the insulated door panels. Cost? the existing hanger doors are 42' wide x 16' high.

29 Hello, We are building a new hangar rental facility and would appreciate some budget pricing for 2 of your hydraulic and two of your bi-fold strap operated doors that would be sized to have an opening approximately 38' X 12' tall. Thanks for your help. John G

30 I need a hydraulic hanger rental door 35' wide by 10' tall opening. Prefer manual operation if possible.

31 I have a customer wanting a price for a hydraulic and bi-fold door, largest possible on a 48'w x 14'h x 56'l hangar rental building. Wants door to open completely. What size and how much? Thank you!

32 wood rental hanger at Newport OR airport with old wood bifold door. need to replace approx. 40' with hydraulic door

33 I would like to replace my bottom hanger door seal. What is the cost per foot for the reinforced EPDM rubber? I can replace it myself on these hangar rental doors, or if you have a technician near Sky Harbor Air Park, I would gladly have them install it.

34 We are quoting a hangar for rental project in Weslaco, TX and the customer does not have any information on the Schweiss hydro-swing doors. Could we please get a quote on these hangar rentals with sizes and specs? The door size is 40' wide and 18' tall and there will be (8) of them total. Thanks

35 I am in the hangar rental business and need three  hydraulic hanger rental doors 35' wide by 10' tall opening. Prefer manual operation if possible.

36 I have a lot of hangar space for rental, but the many of the hangars need upgraded hydraulic doors to replace old rollup doors. I'm needing pricing to start with for a 70'x18 bifold for airplane hanger in Urbana Ohio new Nucor pre-engineered steel building this is a design build project


38 I am wanting aquote on a hydraulic lift door kit or plans that I will weld and assemble for a hangar rental .

39 Looking for approx. 18'W x 11'H hangar rental door for a metro airport area. Something that would simulate a historical hangar door front. Looks like we can make the door however we like. Would like to discuss. Neil

40 On the hangar rental hydraulic door I ordered please add openings for 4 each 3x3 windows. Also do you have an option for installation by your crews? Loren

41 Im looking for an hydraulic system for a 32ft length abatible hangar rental door entrance. I need a hydraulic door soon so the hangar rental can take place and start making me money.