Hangar Space Available

1 building a 54x70 steel frame building and looking for price on two 16x20 hydraulic full doors, my available hangar space is limited. Also wondering if one hydraulic unit can power two doors. Doors will be in each end of the building. I am guessing you all just provide frame and I must factor steel sheeting. The building will be insulated. What insulation works best? Thank you, Phillip Schwarz 4 Land's Sake

2 I may have contacted you before. I now have hangar space available so we are building a new aircraft hangar and wish to access it with a 13m x 3.6m hydraulic door. Could you please send me construction and price detail

3 I am building a hanger the hangar space available hydraulic door opening is 40.9 x 16 I need a quote for a bi fold and hydraulic door along with deliver times

4 I'm about to bid on a project that has hangar space available and I would like to get a quote for a 42'x14' hydraulic door. The door would be installed in Fort Branch Indiana.

5 I have been asked to quote 10 small hangar space available airplane hangers and would like to use your hydraulic hangar door system for the aircraft access in the end wall, the building's will be 50' X 50' with a 18' eave height, the owner has requested the doors be 45' wide. I think that with the potential of purchasing 10 doors over a span of 18 months it would be in my best interest to inquire about becoming a dealer for your product, further more any tech data I would need to submit to the metal building manufacturer would also be of a great help. Hope to here from you soon, Sincerely, Torrey Clawson CKT LEASING Cell 801-557-0080

6 I am needing a price on a 44'x15' hydraulic hanger space available door as well as specs for the girder truss so I can get that quoted as well. Building is 60x60 with the door on a gable end. Thanks

7 Have a hanger space available project needing two hydraulic doors. 65'x18' and 40'x18'. Client prefers one piece hydraulic. Looking for options. Please call me. I have drawings.

8 The existing hangar space available hangar front has vertical steel I-beams supporting a horizontal steel I-beam. My hangar is catty-corner to another hangar you are installing a hydraulic door on right now. The current doors are hanging sliding doors that are in pretty bad shape.

9 I purchase a 40 ft x 13 ft high hydraulic hangar space available door from you 2 years ago. What maintenance is required for the hinges and other parts. I notice some grease nipples. Bill

10 We have a sliding hanger door that is currently inoperable and the hangar space that is available isn't being used. Your hydraulic hangar door is to be 40x13 ft. and will get this hangar door up and running again with your swift Schweiss Doors service, just like usual.

11 Bi-Fold with strap or hydraulic system. Hanger space available door is (H) 18' x (W) 45'

12 We are a pre-engineered steel building fabrication and erection company. We have a client who is looking for a small aircraft hangar space available and has expressed an interest in a bi-fold door. Can you provide a supply and install cost for a door 36' wide x 10' high. The door will be located in an endwall.

13 I have some hangar space available to me but would like to install a large hydraulic Schweiss door. Door size 42 x14 ft

14 Have a hangar space available project in Van Horn Texas and need a price for a 43'-4" x 15'-0" hydraulic or bi-fold hangar door

15 Hello - my family is building a house and we are looking into options for our hangar home space available for a glass paneled overhead hydraulic door (approx. 48' wide and 14' high). We require a door that meets our local (British Columbia) building code in terms of R rating. Options so far have been traditional overhead garage doors, but an architect friend recommended hydraulic doors and yours look very impressive. Is there a dealer in British Columbia (or anywhere in Canada) who could provide us with a quote? Thanks in advance, Janelle LaCroix

16 We are bidding a hangar space available project for Travis County that has need for your hydraulic doors on the existing hangers. Can you provide me with contact information for pricing in this area. I will need both provide and install for the door. Thank you, Michael W. Uker Tegrity Contractors, Inc.

17 I own a T hangar that is an interior sliding door(when I open my door, it slides inside of my neighbors hangar). The hangar to the left(if looking at my door) is a bifold. The one to my right is not. Can I get a hydraulic one piece door installed on my hangar with the hangar space I have available?

18 We are working on a project for a client that has hangar space available and needs hydraulic doors for some of his hangars and a Strap-lift Bifold door for the biggest opening. The openings have the following dimensions: - Width: 52 ft 5 82/89" - Height: 18 ft 53/99" We would need it shipped to Queretaro, QRO Mexico if possible, if not we could arrange the shipment directly from your factory The door will be convered with special design sheets that weigh around 1.37 psf Please let us know if you need any other information to send us a quotation W/regards, Jeronimo Alvarez

19 I am having a steel building put in and am checking on prices of hydraulic and bifold doors. Can you give me a ball park figure on these Schweiss doors for a 38x38x14 hangar space available building? Thanks.

20 this is for a hangar space available aircraft hanger hydraulic door 20'x70'please send me a quote by mail and e mail

21 I have a customer who is building a airplane hanger to be used for hangar rental space available.  Looking for a door. 46'wide x 14' high has 16' walls probably a hydraulic one piece door.  thanks ron

22 I am planning a hangar with an attached shop now that I have additional hangar space available. I like what I read about your doors. I will have two 34 or 36 foot by 19 foot tall doors and one 30 by 18 foot tall door. I would like budgetary price information and understand that a specific quote would have to come closer to time of building. What information do I need to provide to my building manufacturer to assure the openings are properly designed and reinforced?

23 We are closing in on available hangar space and will need budget pricing on hydraulic zero maintenance hangar doors. We have 30% design documents with no specifications. The drawings do indicate: Schweiss hydraulic door, with self supporting  header, flush mount, truss: clad with GFRC panel, provide optional automatic wind pins.

24 looking for a 50 x 18 foot bifold door that I can add to my hangar space available hangars. 

25 below I am requesting a quote for 2 smaller hangar space available doors but I would also like a quote for 1 large door. size would roughly be 46 ft wide by 15 ft tall. thanks

26 we would like a QUOTE for a hangar space available doors (bi-fold and hydraulic)on an existing structure

27 I have hangar space available in need of  a 40 ft by 16 ft. Hanger type Door for this hangar space.

28 Hello, We have extra hangar space available so I would like to install a bifold door in a hangar conference room in San Francisco. I have a photo of the type of door I'm trying to achieve so if you email me back I can attach a photo of what I want. I would like the door to be manually operated and I would like to know my size options and limitations. Thanks!

29 The Bank owns a hangar at Front Range Airport (5190 Violet Hill Street, Watkins, CO). The hangar door has failed so now we need more hangar space available and we need a quote for Schweiss replacement hangar doors on a different hangar, to include installation. The current hangar type door is a Hydroswing door and is 70'W x 20'6" H.

30 Can I please get a quote on your BYOD systems for a hangar space available hangar I am building?

31 wood hanger at Newport OR airport with old wood bifold door. need to replace with hydraulic hangar door  approx. 40'. I need all the hangar space available to get my plane inside.

32 Hello, I am looking for pricing information on a bi-fold door for my hangar space available project. I don't have exact measurements at the moment but it is roughly 41'8" x 16'. Thanks, Jeremy

33 I have hangar space available for sale or lease and am looking for information and a price quote on a one piece hydraulic door retrofitted to my hangar. Door dimensions of 87' wide X 18' tall. Location is st George Utah.

34 I'm an Architect in Abilene. Tx. and interested in your opinion and budget about the use of your bi-fold and hydraulic door system for enclosing an existing hangar where I have hangar space available. Basic drawings are attached. The head hght can be dropped if needed. The drawings indicate two options; 1) where the full width of the opening is used and the 2) indicating how we could narrow the opening to an even 10' wide. The concept would be to get the doors in a simple frame and apply a "board and batten" siding to the door frame that matches the existing residence. We will be getting in touch with you again soon on another possible large installation for a custom pool house project for a new residence. Let me know what you think and contact me at he number below if you have questions. Thanks, Sorry but your form does not want to load our PDF drawing

35 needing pricing for a 70'x18 hydraulic doors for airplane hanger space available in Urbana Ohio 43078 new Nucor pre-engineered steel building this is a design build project

36 I have hangar space available and need a quote for a 100ft wide by 16ft clear hanger door. 

37 Looking to get a quote on a 40ft wide & 14ft high hydraulic door that I can use for hangar space available rental or lease. Thanks

38 Please provide budget pricing for one 40' x 18'  hydraulic door. I have plenty of hangar space available and am trying to upgrade all my hangars with liftstrap and hydraulic doors. 

39 Need price on a door for a Customer that is in a hangar space available contract with us. We want to build the airplane Hanger with a Schweiss hydraulic door 36' wide..

40 looking for a hydraulic door now that I have hangar space available. Looking at a hydraulic door 40' wide x 9'6" tall. Hangar has 6x6 pressure treated post construction with steel on outside, existing doors in place now are sliders. No doors or windows or anything extra for this hangar space available, door and hydraulic quote is all im looking for will do installation myself