Hangar Types

1 Looking to replace our sliding doors on our hangar with a hydraulic hangar door. Does it matter what hangar type we have. Door opening is 24%u2019 wide 16%u2019 tall. Building is 16%u2019 to the square so no room for an overhead. Are your doors insulated and can we get windows in it?

2 Can I get a price on a bifold strap door to fit a 50'w x 20'h hangar type opening for new construction in a wood frame. Tell Dave Kevin in Kansas says hi. See you at the SOS tent at Osh.

3 Due to ceiling height restrictions, we are having to change my hangar type door to a one-piece hydraulic door design. I need a quote ASAP as we're finalizing design (hangar home at Pegasus Airpark in Queen Creek, Arizona).

4 I am budgeting a hanger type with a 50x14 hydraulic door and need a price. please call or email ASAP! I am located in Salem, OR.


6 Have customers with existing airplane hangars and would like to replace the doors on these hangar types. We are looking for a hydraulic hangar type door that will not put excessive stress on the existing structure. The new door will be approx. 46'x11' (will verify size if interested). Please send information and pricing. Thanks, Gary

7 41'x12' hydraulic Hangar Type Door with Wall switch remote Location: Sealy, Texas Wind: 125 MPH, exposure C Will be installed on 48' wood framed double fink trusses with 20" wedge (call for clarification if large wedge is required to minimize loads) Internal Wood Space Framing for hinge loads.

8 I have purchased a new steel hangar building. It will be designed for a 46'X 14' hydraulic door. The building is a 52'X75'X 18'. I am looking for the best hangar door type option cost is a consideration. I will need steel to cover the door. I would like a man door and would like auto locking and a remote system dependent on cost. Thanks

9 Looking for price on two hangar type doors 50 x16-6 60 x 16-6 Both doors in bi-fold and hydro-swing . Thanks

10 Hello, We are in the planning process of building our home and hangar on an air park lot. We are trying to find a hydraulic door to fit a hangar 60x50 or 70x50, with the door on the longer side. Does it matter what type of hangar we use or how a particular hangar has to be reinforced for a big hydraulic hangar door like this? Thanks in advance for your help.

11 I am interested in your hydraulic hangar type  product for a residential garage door application with limited headroom. Do you have a price list for standard sized garage doors? Thanks, Philip

12 Bidding a job that has 50x12 doors on different hangar types. Please send specs and bifold and hydraulic advanced airplane pricing delivered to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

13 This is new construction 1 steel building partitioned to make 4 hangar types with hydraulic hangar doors.

14 Need hydraulic hangar type doors at Sumner County Airport, Gallatin, TN. 40' x 18'. Model S-13, No. L-9, Ser. #6840. to replace cable doors that are getting bad - photos available. Airport wants two prices: with and without windows and remote openers.. Robert Qualls

15 Please provide budget pricing for one (1) hangar type hydraulic operated door for a 60' wide x 20' high opening

16 I am looking for more information on hangar types that will accept your hydraulic hangar door that we could install ourselves. Clear glass window panels. Approximately 46' wide by 14' tall. Thank you, Scott Loehrer

17 Looking for a budget for 4 each of 16'W x 12'T, and 7 each of 12'W x 12'T one piece hangar type doors. These hangar types will have an acrylic panel exterior wall system attached as manufactured by CPI Daylighting. Please call for details

18 Hi, My name is Dave a month or so ago we got a quote from you on a hydraulic hangar type door similar to the ones I purchased from you for my hangars. I am trying to convince one of my airplane customers to go your way for a hangar door at his ranch in Oregon. Anyway, the hangar is a wood frame with a door opening of 44 x 11 1/2. It will need an external header. He wants a walk-in door probably on the left (facing front). Could you work up a quote with cost and delivery to Vale, Oregon as well as estimated delivery time. If you could email the info to me I'll try to convince him. I'm very satisfied with your product (two doors here and one on our leased building in another town at my request). Thanks, Dave Savage

19 Do you offer kits for hydraulic hangar type doors? - I will need a door 40 feet x 13 feet. Best Regards Tom Pescatore

20 I have a job I am bidding with several hangar types and hydraulic door sizes required. Please get back to me where I can list what is needed. Thanks.

21 I have different hangar types and would like the doors to be insulated with a standard window detail. Needs to provide at least 12ft of clearance and I am assuming that when up the door exposes the full height of the opening. Any reinforcement or engineering to the structure would be handled by myself and I am only looking for someone to install the door and its components only.

22 I am interested in a quote for purchase and installation of either a bi-fold strap-lift or one-piece hydraulic doors on two different hangar types. Approx 12 foot high by 42 foot wide opening. Hangar is located at a home on a small private airstrip in western Washington State. Thank you.

23 I want to get rid of my sliding doors on my 30x40 work shop and replace it with hangar type doors opening is 21 ft 2in high and width is 32 ft. I  want a insulated hydraulic Schweiss hangar door with remote opener.

24 I have contacted you in the past but have decided to build a new Hangar in north Fl. It will be a wood constructed hangar with wood trusses over the opening. Opening size should be 42 feet wide by 15 ft. High to bottom of trusses. Let me know if a hydraulic hangar type door can be engineered to something like that and ballpark cost for your door. Thanks. I am a previous owner of one of your doors when I lived in Aero Acres Airpark in Fl. Great Schweiss doors.

25 I need a general price quote for a 50' hydraulic hangar door for getting an idea what it is going to cost for my aircraft hangar. 60 wide x 80 deep hangar with a 50 foot hydraulic hangar type door, I have 20 foot eave height on the building. Just a general range will get me headed in the right direction. 

26 Looking to replace an existing roll-up hangar type door with a hydraulic one piece. I would like to have an estimate.

27 Please quote two doors at 18' high by 16' wide for a fab shop hangar type doors project we have in Winnsboro, Texas. Outdoor duty and electrical operation required.

28 I am building different hangar types in Boca Raton, FL and have a 25' wide opening by 3'-4" high calling for Schweiss tilt up door frame with an Impact rated glass window attached to it. I would like to send you a set of plans or find a local installer

29 I would like information for a hydraulic doors and wondering what hangar types suit these doors best

30 I have your quiet operating hydraulic hangar door and would like to have remote opener installed. I am located at SC99 in SC. Does it matter what hangar type I have to make this work best. Thank You look forward talking to you. Eva

31 Looking for information and a price quote on a one piece hydraulic door retrofitted to my hangar. My hangar types are T-Hangars Door dimensions of 47' wide X 18' tall. Location is st George Utah.

32 Looking for a pricing estimate on an airport hangar bifold door. Does it matter what hangar types your doors go on. Approx 60'x18' clearance. Thank You, Thomas

33 Looking for a pricing estimate on an airport hangar type hydraulic door. Approx 60'x18' clearance. Thank You, Thomas

34 need a quotes for a 100ft wide by 16ft clear hanger door types. you can call me on my cell?

35 I need a budgetary quote on aviation hangar type  doors to fit into an opening 36' wide x 15' tall. I am working with Peak Steel on a building, and this is the size opening they have engineered. I will appreciate an emailed response; I need to see how much the project is going to cost overall at this point. Thank you.

36 Where can I find pricing on hydraulic doors for different hangar types? I am thinking of building a small Scandinavian modern hangar home ( with lots of light, in/ out living) in Arizona but have a very limited budget. Maybe I can work the hangar type design around one of these doors! Thanks, Eivor

37 we need an aircraft hangar type door width 28 to 30 ft and 10 to 12 ft hi somewhere in those ranges made out of steel or other recommended material. what would be the price for a bifold hangar type door we are considering, money is an isse thanks Russel

38 Hey Guys, Quoting hangers going to Corning AR. 66' x 17'Doors. Need door loading for hangar type building design. Please send as soon as possible. Thanks, Mike

39 Mainly interested in a price for a 36x18 hangar type hydraulic door. Could you price both bifold and one piece hydraulic? Its for a new wood pole building. Also, do you have recommended Canadian hangar door installers in Alberta? Thanks

40 Need Quote for a couple of hangar types with Schweiss hydraulic doors. Project we are working on, 6-Each 45' x 14' Hydralic Lift Doors