Hangars for Lease

1 I am writing an offer to replace a stack door. I was interested in your door i have hung a couple when in the field. my overall opening is 72 w x 21 tall wind load is minimal. structure is steel red iron aircraft hanger for lease using a hydraulic hangar door. Could i get quoted both style doors.

2 For this hangar for lease hydraulic or bifold door we will require a clear opening of 15' as this will potentially be used for aircraft. We are currently looking at a 40' width for the door. However, our building has an overall width of 70' so our client may desire a wider door, perhaps 60' would be appropriate. Thank you!

3 I am building a hanger for lease and will need a hydraulic hangar lease door for it- construction is to start soon. I am interested in getting a quote on 12x40 door and delivery time. thanks

4 Pricing a hangar for lease door. Our customer is asking for your hydraulic lease door. Looking for a 40'L x 18' T

5 Stephen Brooke, Burns & McDonnell contacted Shoreline concerning Lockheed Martin, Palmdale Door Work project in Palmdale, CA. The task is to repair or replace two each 80'-2" wide x 29'-6" high hydraulic hangars for lease doors for which we have a two-page Schweiss drawing set. Option 1 would be to replace hinges on existing doors with H10 hinges at top and H6 hinges at the mid-point. Stephen Brooke said you quoted hinges at $250 each delivered to Palmdale. I need a price for the two replacement doors. I am told that Schweiss has already worked up a price for a heavier replacement door. Jim Owens

6 I would like pricing for a 40x12 hydraulic hangar for lease door for a hangar.

7 Looking to build a hangar for lease. Will be looking at either one big door 70-80ft or two doors 40-50 ft each.

8 I have one of your larger bi-fold doors in my hangar at the Stevensville Airport (Built 2005). I want to enter into a long-term lease with the United States Forest Service, but they require three things on my Schweiss Hydraulic hangar for lease door. I don't have and need to have: 1) A way to open the door when there is a power outage, 2) Door operation controls on BOTH sides of the door where now I have only one set of controls, and 3) An electronic "safety shut off" eye that will halt the door operation similar to today's standard garage doors. I would like to find out what options Schweiss may have concerning these three issues and how I can resolve them. Thank You. Brad Larkin

9 Looking to build a hangar for lease. Would like pricing on a hydraulic door. 50'W X 18'H. The 18' dimension would be the clear height and not the actual opening.

10 Hello, I am looking to get pricing on hanger for lease doors for a project in Toronto. Please call me directly at ex. 231.

11 Building a new hangar for lease 100' wide 200'. Need a one piece clear span door. @ 80' wide X @ 30' tall.

12 Hello, I am a new manager of an aircraft hangars for lease business equipped with your hydraulic hangar door that was installed approximately 7 years ago. Overall, the performance is great and we haven't had any operational problems. I'm curious as to how often these types of doors require maintenance as there does appear to be a slight bow when the door is fully open.  Primarily, I'm just looking to ensure our door remains in top working order, as this hangar houses aircraft used for commercial purposes on a daily basis.

13 We are rebuilding a rowing club after a fire. It was recommended to go hanger doors and I love the idea, but have ZERO clue on pricing. Our total exposure is 75ft wide, so we are thinking 2 doors each about 30 ft wide that we can advertise as hangar doors for lease. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

14 Looking on ideas for hangar lease hydraulic doors for a project I am working on.

15 Need estimate for replacing an existing leased hangar hydraulic door on a leased building for as cheap as possible.

16 I need a quote on a 48' wide by 18' high bi-fold hanger for lease door. With electric operator.Delivered to Chattanooga TN. Do you install? Thanks,

17 We are losing our hangars for lease on our current building at the airport, the good news, if there is any, is that the airport will let us take whatever we want from the building as it is going to be demolished. Currently we have a bifold lease door, I believe it is a 45x16, and we need information on disassembley and removal of the door, and if it is possible in the future to have you reinstall said door on another building, if so what is a typical install price, I am assuming new support structure would be needed. Currently we are only in the planning stage of the decom as we were just notified, and it is between 1 and 5 years when the hangar door lease will be terminated for airport growth/changes. Additionally is there an after market retail, assuming we can't find property and wish to sell the door, if we sold it could the buyer use you to have it installed somewhere else? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim Perry

18 I'm working on a hangars for lease door project (hangar) and I'm using hydraulic doors at the exterior openings and would like additional information on your product. Specifically, I'd like a BIM file to incorporate into the model to show the client. One opening will be 37' x 19'-6' and two openings will be 14'x17'. I will really appreciate if you can send me your bim file of your hydraulic doors. Thank you.

19 Looking for a quote on a 55-16 ft hydraulic hangar for lease door for our banker. The sooner we get the quote, the better. We are also wondering how far out you are from the order of the bifold hangar door with lift straps. I would like the receive the door as soon as possible.

20 I am working on an airport hangar building that currently has Schweiss hangars for lease doors on them. Inside the bottom half is a walk in exterior insulated door with dimensions of 3' wide by roughly 5'10 1/2" tall. Those doors are damaged heavily by hail and needing to determine the cost to replace the insulated exterior doors. Can you please contact me by phone to discuss?

21 I would like a quote for 45 x 14' hydraulic or bifold doors for planned hangars for lease. The final plans have not been made. Therefore, the size of the door could be slightly changed if going with a "standard" size would be beneficial.

22 We're looking to specify one of your hydraulic hangar doors for a helicopter garage in the Yellowstone Club in Montana that will offer hangars for lease. The door will need a clear height of 17' and a width of 34', but we'd also like to limit the overall height of the door to around 16'. I'd like to discuss the necessary structure and dimensions of the door, and I can send drawings to show the proposed structure. Thanks, Brian

23 hello i am an architect working on a hangars for lease project in Israel. i am looking for a system that will allow a hole facade of a hangar to open. i saw the red bull project at your site. can you send me relevant info regarding the system? can it work with any glass curtain walls and so on? the opening is 6 meters high by 25 wide ( 19/ 82 foot) and has two doors in it.  I am most interested in your hydraulic doors but will consider bifold strap doors as well. thank you Dror

24 Requesting ROM budgetary pricing to determine whether a retrofit to this existing hangar for lease is anywhere near feasible.

25 Looking for bifold hangars for lease door 50'x13'6"

26 We need a quote for 2- 104' x 27'-10" hydraulic door to be shipped to Naples FL airport, this hangar for lease door will be going in a pre engineered metal building. Prevailing loads FBC Exposure C.

27 Dear Madam/Sirs We would like to have price offer for the folowing items one piece Hydraulic Doors with red power and Bifold Door with Lift Straps, as soon as possible. **In 3 hangars for lease doors we need to apply escape door size: Width 1.15 mt.Height 2.10 mt. Size all the doors is: Width 22.309 Ft. Height 19.685 Ft. 

28 I have two 40' hydraulic hangar for lease doors and I need new bottom seals on them. I am also considering putting automatic door openers on them as well. What info do you need from me to get a quote?

29 We are quoting a hangar for lease project in Weslaco, TX and the customer does not have any information on the Schweisss hydro-swing doors. Could we please get a quote with sizes and specs? The door size is 40' wide and 18' tall and there will be (8) hangars for lease total. Thanks

30 Need a quote for a 100ft wide by 16ft clear hanger for lease door. you can call me on my cell.

31 Looking for information and a price quote on a one piece hydraulic doors retrofitted to my hangars for lease. Door dimensions of 87' wide X 18' tall. Location is st George Utah.

32 I am looking for budget pricing on 28' high x 44' wide hydraulic doors. The project is going to be at Port Columbus Airport for a corporate hangar that will have hangars for lease. Please contact me with pricing information. Thank you, Chad 

33 Hello There, We need a customized solution for an aircraft hanger that will be a hangar for lease operation. Please send us your brochure for an automated door for a Boeing 787 hangar door. Thanks and best regards. 

34 We are quoting a hangar for lease project in Weslaco, TX and the customer does not have any information on the Schweiss hydro-swing hangar doors. Could we please get a quote with sizes and specs? The door size is 40' wide and 18' tall and there will be (8) of them total. Thanks

35 I need hangers for lease doors 35' wide by 10' tall opening. Prefer hydraulic hangar lease door operation if possible.

36 We are quoting a hangar for lease project in Weslaco, TX and the customer does not have any information on Schweiss hydro-swing doors. Could we please get a quote with sizes and specs? The door size is 40' wide and 18' tall and there will be (8) of the hangar doors to lease. Thanks

37 Door is to be installed in a new hangars for lease  facility with pre-cast concrete walls. Need 4- 48" sq framed openings for windows (by others)

38 We are planning for a project in the spring of 2016. This will require a 60 X 16 Hangar for lease door. Do you work through a dealer network or can you provide me with a quote on a hangar for lease door?

39 I am building a 30x50x14 metal hangar for lease and I am pricing a hydraulic hangar door for one end.

40 Bidding an hangars for lease expansion for Traxxas in McKinney, TX. Mac McCloud said it would have one of your hydraulic hangar doors like the one in Phase One. Need to give him a price by Thursday, 

41 We are looking for an 80'x26' Hydrolift door to go in a brand new airplane hangar for lease. We need to know the weight of the door before we can price the building.

42 We are preparing a preliminary budget for a local architect and he has requested we get a price for you hydralic hangar doors for lease. The following are the sizes(hydraulic doors)1 ea 40'x 14', 2 ea 44'x14'..I appreciate your quote..this project is so preliminary I don't have much info.