Hangars for Sale

1 We have sold three of your 50 ft. bi-fold hangar doors in service and planning to install a fourth hangar for sale with your hydraulic door on this hangar. I would like contact info for a local service rep for inspection, maintenance and repair. Can you help me with that? Thanks

2 We have a customer who purchased a building for a hangar and they have asked us to get some quotes on hydraulic hangars for sale doors. Dimensions are 40 x 13. Jobs site is Elbert, Co. We need 115 MPH Exposure C wind rating. Cheers

3 I have a customer looking to build a new hanger or purchase an existing hangar for sale and will be needing a new door in either case. The hanger he is looking at buying has a 46'x14'8" Opening and has a bifold door with only a little over 12' clearance. He needs a hydraulic door solution to get the full 14'8" Clearance for his plane (I think actual is right at 14') The other option is build a completely new hanger and in that case he wants to have 50'x16' Clearance in case he later decides to upgrade his plane. I'd like to get quotes on both doors to help him make a decision. For the new building please quote both bifold and One piece. That building would be a metal building if he goes that way Could you please contact me about this. Thanks (one more thing. He would like to insulate the door)

4 I would like to price out a bi-fold airplane hanger for sale door and would also like more info on your hydraulic door products and install.

5 I am still attempting to purchase land and build my new hangar because I couldn't find any hangars for sale. I would prefer to stick build the structure out of wood. On a hydraulic door opening of 14' x 50'. I am not sure if the structure around the door would be better to be made from steel instead of wood. I am getting information from the local builders. I am also looking at the differences in the bifold vs hydraulic doors. Thanks Brian G

6 I'm interested in installing a hydraulic door in a new construction hangar for sale built with ICF block. Could you send me some information that shows how to install the door to ICF. I need a minimum of 12'6" of clearance and would like to keep the ceiling as low as possible. The hangar will only be 44' wide.

7 This is for budgetary purposes. I am pricing out two 50x50x14 hangers for sale with a 44ftX14ft. Hydraulic Doors. If you could please give me pricing for bifold and hydraulic doors through my email address. Thank you. Respectfully, Bernard Kiernan

8 Good morning, I have a customer interested in a hydraulic hangar door for a building we are selling them. They aren't sure if they want to do a 38' or 40' wide door by 16' tall. What would be the approximate cost they would be looking at for both hangar for sale doors plus any extra costs for install and delivery? My customer is located by Bemidji, MN. Thank you!

9 Quote to provide and install a 40x14 Bi-Fold hangar for sale door

10 Looking for a quotation on a 60' hydraulic hangar for sale door (with out the bed in it) for an air hangar, we would like two quotes. One with windows in the top 1/3 and one without windows. Please call for Parker

11 We are in the process of planning a project to replace hangars for sale that we purchased with better hangar doors. Will need a 160' x 25' bifold hangar door. The new door could be made as small as 100'x25'. I am looking to see if I can get some sort of budget pricing for new doors. Thanks

12 Not sure if your hydraulic hangar for sale doors are in my price range, but i'm needing a garage door that flips out so we can have continuious wood siding going down the face of the hangar home

13 I have an old bi-fold door on my hangar for sale  at a residential airpark, with cables, that was installed years ago. It seems to be barely operating. My husband passed away last year and the hangar was his domain and he often talked about replacing the door with your superior one piece hangar door. Can you give me a quote on a 39 ft. hydraulic hangar door.

14 Looking for a quote for a hydraulic hanger for sale door 42 ft wide by 12 ft high. I am talking with miracle truss on a hanger and need a quote before I decide on a door, and they need to know for the design of building.

15 Very interested in a 50' wide by 16' tall insulated hangar for sale door. My wife and I have a hangar home built at an airpark and I am very interested in both a swing open door and a bi-fold so we can get the residence sold. I would like to get pricing options for both as well as lead time and shipping costs to zip code 85142. I am currently on business travel and may be hard to reach by phone. Please email me and I will get back to you asap. I am meeting with my General contractor on Thursday and I need some preliminary cost numbers to discuss. Thanks Justin Dyster

16 Our company is bidding on a job to build a hangar at the Peterborough Airport. Could you please provide a price on a hydraulic hangar for sale hangar door approximately 60 feet wide and 16 feet tall. Also, can you please tell me approximately how long it takes to get a door once the order has been placed. Thanks for your assistance. Joyce

17 I currently have an airplane hangar for sale at home with sliding doors. I'm thinking about possibly changing out the doors to hydraulic. If I extend the building. The building opening is approximately 49' wide and 13' tall. Power is 240/120v single phase available. Can you provide an approximate door cost? 

18 Building on airpark and will be offering hangars for sale. Want prices on hydraulic and strap doors for  50' wide hangars with 14' ceiling. Thanks.

19 Considering buying a 90' wide hangar for sale that will need a new door. Would like to know what options i have.

20 I recently purchased hangars for sale on a wall building and am looking at putting in 2-50 foot hangar doors in it. They will be non-insulated and they will be installed in the end walls. I have single phase power here at the airport. I am looking for a price on doors right now as I will be proceeding with this project late summer or early fall. can you give me a price on supply only and a price on supply and install please. I would like to end up with a minimum 18 foot height opening. Thanks for now.

21 I am going out for bids to construct hangars for sale. I would like a quote for the hangars for sale doors. Im looking at the hydrolic self-supporting doors - but I do have a question. Can u put a Schweiss man-door in that hangar door? Looking for a standard outside door in the hangar door. I believe you quoted on my last project and will get you the request formally. Just checking on man-door Kelly

22 I am bidding on T-hangars for sale, two of which will require hydraulic door for 13.6 by 29.6 ft.

23 Hi I am looking for a quote on a hydraulic hangars for sale doors  Size- 14? high and 40? wide to be installed on a precast concrete structure. Please include cost of the door, installation and delivery to rural municipal district of Taber, Alberta Canada 

24 I just purchased some hangars that were for sale and am looking for pricing of hydraulic hangar door, Unsure of column type, I am open to input regarding this. Thanks-Rob

25 I would like more information on build your own doors as I want to upgrade my hangars for sale.

26 I have two 40' hydraulic hangar doors for sale on two new hangars and I need new latches on them. I am also considering putting automatic door openers with automatic latches on them as well. What info do you need from me to get a quote?

27 Working on a project at the MCRC Brooklyn NY that the A/E has indicated your Hydraulic hangars for sale doors with tube steel supports as basis of design. The project requires 7 ea 12' tall x 37' wide and 2 ea 14' tall x 37' wide doors. I need to complete my estimate very soon.

28 I need a hanger for sale door 35' wide by 10' tall opening. Prefer manual operation if possible.

29 We need to order ten (10) hydraulic T-hangars for sale doors. Our maintenance man said he had talked to you and you needed a credit card number. Is there a way we can do this on line. If so please give me the info to do it. What would the total cost be for the order? Thanks Steve

30 We are quoting a hangars for sale project in Weslaco, TX and the customer does not have any information on the hydro-swing doors. Could we please get a quote with sizes and specs? The door size is 40' wide and 18' tall and there will be (8) of them total. Thanks

31 Would like to send a set of plans for an estimate on a hangars for sale hydraulic door installation

32 I would like to replace my bottom hanger door seal because I want to put my hangars up for sale. What is the cost per foot for the reinforced EPDM rubber? I can replace it myself, or if you have a technician near Webster, MN Sky Harbor Air Park, I would gladly have them install it.

33 I have two 40' hangars for sale with bifold doors. I am considering putting automatic door openers with automatic latches on them as well. What info do you need from me to get a quote?

34 I have hangar space for sale and need a price for a hydraulic one piece door with the measurements 48 x 18 and also need price on a bifold with the same measurements. Thanks!

35 Building an aircraft hanger for sale, will have all permits by April 1st. Need prices on hydraulic door and installation . Currently thinking about installing sliding doors due to price.

36 Need a bid and information on 6 of your doors that will go on hangars for sale. ASAP PLEASE 

37 I am needing to get the preliminary specs and engineering date on this hangar door because the hangar is for sale and so I can put together a building package quote for my customer. Please call if you have any questions. 46x14 hydraulic door going in the endwall of a PEMB. Thank you

38 Require pricing on 2 qty hydraulic tilt doors Door size (both) 30M wide x 6.9M high. Proposed location is for two aircraft hangers for sale in north western Australia. The proposed work site is located in a region C cyclonic area (refer Australian wind speed charts) Tender closes in 7 days.

39 I am requesting a quote for (4) 16' wide x 15' high one piece hydraulic doors. I need a quote by this Thursday if possible. See the information below for additional details. As a side note, do you ever get notices from people who have hangars for sale or lease near me in Wisconsin.

40 I am going to be building a hangar home for sale at the address listed above. Looking to have a hydralic door that is 45 feet wide (the entire width of the Hangar itself will be 50 feet wide) The hangar for sale door height would be approx 12 feet tall. Looking at cost for install and door as I am still getting bids for the hangar that will have this hydraulic door as well as a RV door on the front side of the hangar.