Private Hangars

1 I am in the process of building a hangar on my own property. I thought I should start from the door and go from there. I'm thinking of going with a hydraulic door but not opposed to a bifold door. I would like a building approximately 50' x 80' with 16' high sidewalls. I am thinking about a 40' x 14' door. I would like the gable to be on the 80' span. The door would be centered on the 80' span. I don't know if you have pre planned sizes that might work or be less expensive to build than a custom size door. If so, I can change the dimensions. Please let me know what other information you need. Contact me anytime. Thank you.

2 Having a 42 0r 40x40 airplane hanger built in W. Osspiee, NH., on a budget....what is the least expensive type of hydraulic private hangar door available?


4 I'm looking for a quote for a no-fold hydraulic door for a private hangar near the twin cities. Need a door that's 14 by 44 feet. Thanks.

5 To whom my concern kindly asking to get contact in Europe for delivery 1 set of hydraulic doors needed for private aviation hangar with door of size cca 15m x 4.5m. Best, PP

6 I am looking for a rough price on a 42x14 hydraulic hurricane private hangar door. It will be installed in New Port Richey, FL 34654. It can be either End wall or Side wall as the building will be 60x60. Thank you, David Schorr

7 I have a hangar with one of your doors with cables. The private hangar door has access doors on both sides and I guess it is 50' wide. Two questions A if I wanted to convert to your strap system, could you give me a ballpark range on that cost? I don't need precision. B the seal on the bottom of the door is a little rough. What would a cost estimate be for that. Is it an easy job? Hangar is in west Chester pa. 19380.

8 I'm looking to build a aircraft hanger for a Piper Twin Comanche (PA-30). I'm interested in your one-piece hydraulic private hangar door. Thanks, Stacy.

9 I would like a quote for 13 panels of stack aircraft private use hangar doors, 180' W x 28' H. Doors should be able to open in both directions. I have drawings if you need to see them.

10 I need a Quote for a hydraulic private hangar door 42?-0? wide x 14?-4? high. The project is located in Jacksonville, FL. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you require additional information. Thanks, Rich 

11 Looking for specs for a 60x18 hydraulic private hangar door

12 I am considering building a private hanger in Immokalee fla. I would like a price on a door, hydro and bifold. Rated for a 160 mph wind load. 15' clear and 54' wide. Tim Ashe

13 Have a 42 foot private hangar with sliding homemade doors. Want to look at getting a hydro hangar remote opening door to replace.

14 We have a 50' opening with sliding door panels. I need to have someone figure out how to re-engineer the opening for a 42' hydraulic private hydraulic hangar doors like the 10 doors we now have in our hangar building. Is there anyone in the Central Oregon region that could help? Thanks! Dave Campbell

15 We are bidding on a hanger 50x50x24, trying to nail down a price. What does it take to install a hydraulic private hangar door?

16 Looking for pricing on the hydraulic door build your own hangar door kit for my private hangar. We are a metal building manufacturer and want to build the frame in house.

17 need a quote on a 58' wide by 16' tall bifold door with straps for private hangers I am quoting for Bryan, TX>

18 We are very early in the process of working with an owner of a private hangar in St. George, UT. I need to find out what the cost is for a bi-fold and hydraulic private hangar door, 14 ft tall and 80 ft wide. It can come "naked" with no skin. What is your lead time after approval of shop drawings? I prefer email contact at this point.

19 My private hangar is constructed with standard 8" x8" x 16" concrete blocks. The outside dimension of the building is 42 feet. The opening for the door is 40' 8" wide and 15' 4" high. The face of the blocks where the door rollers run will be 1/4" steel. The door support will be a 24" X 8" steel I-Beam. The private hangar doors must be engineered to withstand a 170 MPH wind load with class C exposure.

20 Hi, I am building a private aircraft hangar and I am looking for a 44' wide hydraulic hangar door. I am looking for somewhere between 14' and 16' clearance through the door when it is fully open. What would the price difference be? My hangar will be 60' wide, and this door would be set in the middle of the end wall. How much would it cost for delivery and installation of this private hangar door?

21 I'm looking for an economical option for a private hangar door in private hangar building to accommodate an ultralight aircraft. Door opening 38' wide x 12' high in the gable end of a wood frame building.

22 Hello Schweiss! My name is Eric, I'm writing you from North Carolina. My wife and I are soon to move to Enid, OK and considering building a new private hangar at Woodring airport in Enid. We were hoping to get a quote for one of your bifold doors and hydraulic hangar doors, approx. 40' wide with a 12' high opening so we can put together the total cost to build a hangar. Thanks for any help! Email is the best way to reach me since I'm working most of each day. Cheers, -Eric

23 One piece hydraulic Commercial private hangar door setting 32 x 18 Black aluminum thermal panes (low E) cold climate

24 Please provide me quote for 3 hydraulic Schweiss private hangar doors with clear poly and insulated joints.

25 Need a quote on remote system with 2 remotes for the 60' x 18' hydraulic private hangar doors we bought from you in August. These private hangars are in Cleveland, TN  Thank you, DeWayne 

26 I have a Schweiss 45 Ft private hangar doors that have to be opened / closed by pressing and holding control panel / remote buttons. I would like to have "one touch" door operation without having to hold the buttons during operation. A prompt response will be greatly appreciated.

27 We are in the process of building private hangars and would like quotes on your 13x40 doors. Please quote bi-fold and hydrolic. Also,please let me know what the cost would be to include windows. Thank you!

28 I am a custom metal building builder and am entering the private hanger of a customer who would like additional hangar information on your hydraulic door system and would like some prices on your hydraulic doors.

29 I need a replacement for the remote on two private  hangars in Show Low Arizona, Unit B It should be sent to: Ken at address above. Call cell number for any questions. rb

30 Hello: Regarding the private hangars project at Morris IL airport, have you provided a price quote for these private hangar doors? Also, to confirm, the hanger opening is designed as 26' high and 74' wide. Plus, the door is to be strap lift, with automatic side latches & remote-control openers, and with 4 windows installed in the door. Thank you.

31 We are looking for pricing for a private hangar hydraulic door with operator. 10'Wx12'H. Top fold with translucent panels. This is for a construction project that is currently in process.

32 I would like to obtain pricing information on a remote control kit to remotely open/close private  hangers that are currently about 12 years old, T-hangers about 44' wide.

33 Looking for a pricing estimate on private airport hangar doors. Approx 60'x18' clearance. Thank You, Thomas

34 Looking for a pricing estimate on private airport hangar bifold doors. Approx 60'x18' clearance. Thank You, Thomas

35 I need a private hanger door 35' wide by 10' tall opening. Prefer manual operation if possible.


37 Hi. I'm an architect working on a residential private hangar home project in Florida. We love the look of your private hydraulic hangar doors, but have no idea the cost implications. Can you give me a rough estimate range of what (2) 20'w x 8 or 9' tall doors might be. We would love a glass or see through acrylic, but that might not be necessary if it is too cost prohibitive. We just want to know if we can further explore this option. Thanks so much.

38 Request a quote for two 46'x14' Clear private hangar doors. Interested in either Bi-fold or Hydraulic Door. The hangar may be built out of Steel or Wood. Still in the hangar design phase of the building. Thank you

39 I currently have metal building private hangars with an open end. I want to close the end and install a large door (22' wide x 16' tall). I would like to be able to open half the door most of the time - build two doors that can be operated independently. In one of the doors, i'd like to include a personnel door that can be used when the large doors are closed. Can this be done and what kind of budget should I have? We are a metal fabrication shop, so we can weld and install anythign we need. We do need to buy/build a door frame/header as currently there is nothing but the building corner supports and the high roof trusses (approximately 18' elevation).

40 I am working on private hangars for a project in Dana, IN 40' x 16' Hydraulic door Can you put together a price 3 windows & 1 walk door

41 I need a quote on 2 private hangar doors one is 40' x 18'H and the other is 36' x 18'H.