Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Garage Doors

1 Hi, We're building a new garage/workshop accessory structure on our property (planning for 2025) and we're interested in a schweiss single swing garage door instead of the standard roller garage door. Are you able to help with a ballpark price estimate/range? We anticipate it being approximately H8' x W10', solid panel(s) on the bottom half, window panes on the top half. Are you also able to provide more details on insulation and window options? Does you catalogue have this info?

2 We're looking into installing custom garage door for a new build museum in the Charleston, SC area. We want the door to blend in with the exterior wall. We're looking into cladding it with tile material to match the wall.

3 Morning, Looking for a quote on (2) 10' x 7' (clear opening) garage doors for a wood framed residential build. Doors will both be wood clad by contractor to match surrounding. Assuming strap system is more affordable, but if comparative we'd consider the hydraulic.

4 I am curious to know the cost of the bi fold door that looks like a regular garage door but is actually. 16' hi and 13' wide. I would like to order two if possible to to avoid any architectural review board problems of new garage.

5 Want new doors on my garage at my house small one 94" high by 110" wide inside measure. Big door haha 181" wide by 94" high . Thinking electric not hydraulic . 3 inch or 4 in angle iron outside mount smooth front at least 2in thick for installation lite duty door but big frame. What do you think. Not used much. Thanks.

6 Hi, I'm near the Aylmer area and am in need of a custom door due to the low clearance and little headroom. Would like to go garage door but it most likely will not work. My opening is roughly , 8' 9 * 6'9. It is a remodel. It would need to be insulated. Thanks if you could get back to me

7 Looking for a 12’Wx7’H hydraulic (full or bifold) glass garage door for a new build.

8 We are working on a barn conversion and need to include a 16x7.5' garage door. Because the barn is used as an event space part of the time, the clients do not want an overhead sectional door. It appears the horizontal bifold doors would work in this setting. Do you do small residential projects such as this? How would go about getting pricing on a project? Thanks!

9 I am interested in a garage door that opens outward.

10 I have a client who would like to remove 2 - 8ft wide garage doors and replace it with a signle of 5415mm wide x 2880mm high vertical bi-folding garage door. Project is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I would like to speak with a local Architectural rep that can provide recommendation, answer some technical question, supply technical info and details as well as budget pricing.

11 Greetings. I am going to build a detached 3-car garage with a one-car opening and a two-car opening. I’ve seen your doors on much larger commercial structures. I would prefer not to have a traditional garage door. My garages would be normal openings. Is this something I should consider. I’d like to get some idea of cost relative to trafional roll up doors

12 I need 3 bifold hydraulic glass doors: 2 for a drive-through garage, one for a living room onto back patio.

13 Hi Gang- do you fabricate smaller doors as well? I'm looking for a 48"82"ish for a motorcycle project and possibly two for a standard 8' auto garage. Thank You.

14 I work in New Mexico, and I will like to request a quote for a bi-fold garage door for a restaurant. the dimensions are 15' wide and 8' tall. thank you

15 looking for estimate for hydraulic garage door remote controlled for a 14w x 16h door.

16 total dimension at 4m x 2.4m for bifold garage door

17 Need a quote on a Hydraulic door 18' wide, 12' tall. We are going to skin it with siding to match the rest of this new 2 story detached garage. We would need to have this door installed

18 I have need of two light duty front opening doors . One for standard insulated 8x9 residential garage the other 10x14 insulated door both aluminum no windows. Thank you for your time

19 Looking for a 20'x9' single hydraulic lift garage door for a single-family home in south Florida. Must be hurricane rated. Possibly glass.

20 I am awaiting a quote on a bifold strap door. The opening on my garage is 9' high by 16' wide. I am definitely buying this style door.

21 I need a hydraulic door that is approximately: [19'W x 9'H] to be installed onto one side of a 20' ISO (shipping container) that will be transformed into a garage. Thank you.

22 Hello, We would like to get a quotation for a 18'x10' garage door in a hydraulic and a strap door system Best, Mark Lumley Builder

23 Looking for a 18ft wide by 10ft high door for a residential garage. The garage is being built to accommodate a 4 car lift (2 up and 2 down) and we need a door that opens outward. Can you please provide rough quotes for both door designs, and approximate delivery dates?

24 I am having a three car garage built on my property at the above address . I am interested in having your hydraulic garage doors installed in each of the three ports that are approximately 7 feet high and 9 feet wide. I would like discuss this with your contact person. Thank you, MT

25 Can you provide high level cost estimate? I'm building a new house and the fiancé does not want garage doors that look like garage doors, so I'm thinking this is a good garage door solution. Thanks M

26 Would like to use a hydraulic door on my garage. I want to use my own siding so that it can match my house. Would like pricing and to discuss door operating options. Please give me a call or send an email. Thank you, Lewis

27 Good morning, My company is going to be starting a new project towards the end of the year and I am looking for different options on some oversized garage doors and was hoping to talk to someone at schweiss doors about them and get some different options.

28 Hi. My name is Tony Conti. I am with TMG Builders Inc. We are a custom home builders in South Florida. I have a customer interested in using your garage bi-fold designer windowed doors in his new home. Can they span a 32ft opening? Are they hurricane impact resistant? If the answer to these 2 questions is yes, do you have a distributor in South Florida that also does installations? Please let me know.

29 I’m looking for 2 bifold doors for my new garage. The openings are both 7’ tall by 8’ wide.

30 I need to get pricing for materials and installation for a Bi-fold garage door with lift straps and windows. also interested in the price difference utilizing a hydraulic door of the same dimensions. Rough dimension are 23'-0"w x 8"*.0"h. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Herb Carter CRW Construction, Inc.

31 Do you have a dealer in Arizona for a residential garage door? I prefer the hydraulic one-piece garage door that will give me a good overhead canopy when opened.

32 Looking for a two 10x10 hydraulic one-piece Schweiss garage doors with some glass and metal sheeting.

33 Good day I would like to enquire about Bi-fold or Hydraulic Schweiss domestic garage door hardware including automation and liftstraps. Is this something that you could sell to me? We don't have anyone supplying these types of doors in South Africa that I know of. If you do, please let me know your clients details. Many thanks I look forward to your response. Kind regards Kay Petersen

34 Do you have distributors in Alberta Canada? Wondering about a bifold strap door for a carport that is 13 ft wide and 8 ft high. What would an approximate cost be for this?

35 I am just in the design stage of building a 70' by 40' RV Garage and guest quarters. The RV Garage will be a 70'by 25'drive through with a 2 car wide garage in the rear behind the Motorhome. The 12' by 16' RV drive-thru bi-fold door would be perfect, and I know your quality bifold for that large door for 2 car garage wouldn't create problems with high usage of the garage for cars over only RV storage.

36  My husband and I are building a home with an RV garage and we are considering the bifold RVdoor as shown on the Schweiss Doors website. We are looking for info on building within residential construction. Our Rv garage will be 20%u2019 wide opening and for a Motorhome we are guessing 14-16%u2019 tall opening. We would love to see the construction and quality of the door prior to deciding what direction we would like to go.

37 Was wanting to know more about the new hydraulic garage doors. I have a 16'x 27" I'd like a price on.

38 We are working on a garage and may consider a bi-fold "airplane hangar" door. The door opening is 8 ft. height x 27'4" /- width. Can you call and / or e mail with some ideas and ball park costs? Thanks much. Jerry

39 We have a client that collects sports cars - a new 3 car garage has been framed up per our designs, for three conventional doors, but now we'd like to explore a continuous bifold or hydraulic one piece door about 28 feet to 30 feet long and 8 to 10 feet high. The client is interested in this idea ! Need an elegant door as it faces the rear yard of an historic house we recently rebuilt -

40 I'm currently renting a space for the business and the landlord has agreed to consider updating the garage door at my cost and in lieu of freezing my rent for a few more years. The Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold doors are a strong contender. I look forward to speaking. 

41 Looking for solutions to replace garage door on custom home built with steel frame. Can only loose 7-8 inches at entry for vehicle access. Would probably prefer to use your hydraulic built-in steel support system because I don't have construction blueprint to verify limits etc.

42 Hello Schweiss Doors Is it possible to have a small door? I'm looking to replace my garage door in order to install a hoist because the door rails will be in the way & I have a 4X8 shelf directly above this garage door. I'm interested, if you make hydraulic garage doors for my size. My current side garage door is 6' X 7" tall, Can you help? Cost to Canada? Thanks Dennis

43 We are looking to get a one lift-up piece garage door for a residence in Washington, DC. Let us know about your products, options, and prices. Want the hydraulic pump mounted 20 ft.from door.

44 We are working on a project where the architect has specified a garage door to be a Schweiss wood overhead monolithic slab door. Door to be clad in mahogany louvers with semi transparent finish. We came across your products and would like some more information.

45 We are the GC on a new construction home in Atherton CA. Garage is free standing structure adjacent to home. The approximate size of the door is 28' wide and 7' tall...a single opening. We have limited head room...8' ceiling height and are realizing a traditional sectional door will not work as well as a Schweiss hydraulic one piece garage door due to required head clearance for over sized motor. Home is extremely modern. Door would be clad in vertical grain clear western red cedar planks mounted horizontally. Structure is wood framed with structural steel elements.

46 I live in Los Angeles CA..I would like a Schweiss non wood bi fold doors for my garage. Is this something that you can help me with?

47 Looking for 2@ 24' x 10' tilt up style hydraulic doors with your new updated hydraulic pump with open pickets, powder coated black, high cycle parking garage application with Radio receiver and 250 radio remote transmitters. Non-resettable cycle counter. What is the warranty on such a beast? 

48 I'm interested in a hydraulic one piece garage door, residential. the size is 8'x7', something with glass to let light in. horizontal lift with remote control and photo eye sensors.

49 Looking for a 12 X 14 ft high door. One piece single fold Schweiss hydraulic model RV garage door with remote opener and two 4 ft. side-by-side windows at eye level.

50 Hydraulic one piece door needed. Include auto remote opener. Provide preliminary door spec sheet with quote. Aluminum frame door 28 x 14 ft garage door with a remote control opener, insulated.

51 I have a new detached garage and want to place a large hydraulic door on it. Garage is 60x80 and drive thru so was looking at two hydraulic garage  doors 34' wide. Garage door cladding will have wood on it and it will be an insulated door.

52 Looking for a garage door opener for a Schweiss  canopy style hydraulic door. Thank you

53 The new home owners have contacted me and told me they want to go ahead with installing two 20x9 ft. remote controlled low voltage hydraulic stucco doors on their garage. How soon can the one piece doors be delivered from the Schweiss factory to Arizona?

54 What's the price of a 13'9" x 19'6" hydraulic metal garage door? Will want to use wood outer cladding on the garage door to match home exterior.

55 We are working on an addition to our existing plant that includes a hydraulic chemical truck bay door. That bay will have a 18' wide by 16' door in it. We would like a quote on the Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with two windows, remote opener and photo eye sensors. Installed by Schweiss Doors in a metal frame building. 

56 I am interested in 2 hydraulic Schweiss wood garage doors for my residence. Both 10' wide by 8' high with automatic door openers for each.

57 Need accurate Schweiss door quote for two - 14' 0" x 9'6" hydraulic motorized telescopic doors, remote door openings, photo eye sensors, to be wood clad. These are residential garage doors.

58 Interested in a new-construction single car standard sized Schweiss residential garage door (8' tall x approx 8'-9' wide) that our architectural firm is designing. Interested in any special building requirements for the horizontal, etc. loads, what the closest distance an outside car can park to the hydraulic style garage door and pricing info. We would like to have a row of windows on the door, likely a carriage-style exterior look. Thanks

59 Hello, I saw the excellent Washington state RV door on your Schweiss website "Photo of the Day" meant to look like a regular door and was wondering about pricing. How much would a same size RV garage door in a hydraulic one piece door  like that cost?   

60 Interested in a specialty garage door that opens out not in. Saw your Schweiss hydraulic design and thought it would be perfect for a residential use door. This is for a garage door replacement on my home where we converted most of the drive in garage to a large dining room and laundry/mud room after we built our 2 story detached garage. With 6 feet of available head room under our new dining room floor joists, I want to access this area for storage and keep the look of a garage door on the side of the house for aesthetic reasons.

61 I have a older bus garage door (36'x18'), the rollers are broken/bent on the bottom. I'm thinking now is the time to retrofit to one of your fine electrical lifting Schweiss hydraulic  doors. Tell me what you need to know. 

62 My RV needs 10 foot 4 inches to fit under a RV garage door. Local resident building regulations stop me at 9 ft. I saw on your web site what a guy did in Washington to blend his garage door in and would like to use the same Schweiss custom door solution using a hydraulic garage door. I'd like opening 12 ft. clear x 8 ft. wide.

63 Can you send photos of residential garage doors  with approx 20 ft openings using Bi-fold doors and hydraulic garage doors. I want a Schweiss custom made designer door, but need to see some  of your unique design ideas.

64 We need two Schweiss garage doors with photo eyes and auto latches. We want the fastest hydraulic  doors you can make, even if it costs more. Looking for a door quote and also a spec sheet to give to builder. Residential garage doors are each 14 ft. wide x 9 ft. tall. Remote door openers please.

65 I am working on a private residence and would like to order your Schweiss hydraulic garage door for a detached single car garage. A simple 10' wide door opening is our intent. I would think an 8' tall door would work. Hydraulic door design intent is for the garage door to appear flush with the exterior wall cladding, effectively disappearing. Price without entry door. But needs remote door opener.

66 We would like a residential garage door that is 23' feet wide and 9' tall. The door is to be glass with as few divisions as possible. We are open to a straight one piece hydraulic door or the bifold door with your liftstrap design. Please give us your Schweiss Doors expert recommendation.

67 Hi there, I am interested in a quotes on two residential hydraulic garage doors for a residential 2-car garage. I'll need to clad them in cedar and insulated.  

68 Looking for a hydraulic 12X14 RV garage door that will be almost identical to the Schweiss specialty door on your Must See Photo website. The one in Washington that passed the building code rules by blending the top half of the door into the home to make it look like a smaller door than it actually is. 

69 I'm interested in a bifold strap type or one piece hydraulic garage door 12 ft x 18 ft with windows. Must be capable of being a stucco covered door to match house and mounted flush. Will stucco adhere to hydraulic one piece doors best?

70 Garage has a new foundation put in with 3/8 thick square steel tubing in concrete 5 feet deep goal posting for the opening of the garage door. The garage is 18x18 feet. There is a 4x16 header spanning the door opening. How does the Schweiss Hydraulic Door work, I would like them on a small garage door like this?

71 Looking for information regarding vertical lift one piece hydraulic garage doors for a residence. Doors will have heavy wood cladding. Insulated with remotes.

72 I am removing my two 18 ft garage doors and want more headroom. I like your one piece hydraulic door but would consider your Schweiss bifold liftstrap garage door. I am ready to purchase now. Size: 36 ft wide and 13.6 high

73 Looking for a pair of Schweiss hydraulic  residential doors in a garage door application. We would like to clad the door in the same material as the house (wood or steel panels). Price two 12 ft. x 9 ft. hydraulic doors with remote door openers. I will insulate and clad the door.

74 I would like to know if I can buy your hydraulic  door for my new garage directly from your Schweiss Door factory. I want a 16 ft. x 10.5 ft. garage door with windows, a remote control opener and photo eye sensors.  

75 Our garage opening is 84 1/4 inches high by 16 feet wide. We'd want a solid Schweiss hydraulic garage door, 2 inches thick. Include both door and door  mechanism and remote door opener.

76 What is the price of a Schweiss hydraulic bus garage door and system for the end wall 60 feet wide? Ideally I'd like 14 handheld remote door openers for each bus driver. Is that possible?

77 We have Japanese client who will renovate with a small low celling garage door. We are interested in the Schweiss hydraulic garage door. Quote the one piece garage door with steel, W 8' x H 6', shipping to Tukwila WA. 

78 Only 110 volt power is available in our home. Please specify power requirements for your one piece Schweiss hydraulic residential door. Door size is 18' x 9' and is a garage door.

79 Need prices on 12 X 14 insulated Schweiss hydraulic utility door and an 8 X 10 insulated bifold residential home garage door.

80 I need a W18' by H10' hydraulic pole building door. I need door cost, required door framing, etc. Will replace a sliding door. I need the extra clearance for a RV door into the building. 

81 Do you install bifold or hydraulic garage doors for residences? I saw images of those on your informative Schweiss Door website.

82 I am looking for an alternative to an RV garage door like the "partially hidden" bifold liftstrap RV door you did for a fellow in Washington, as seen on your Must See Photo Schweiss Door web site. Can this also be built as a one piece hydraulic door.  I've seen your photos and need door cost data.

83 I am looking for an alternative door solution to a cable lift bifold RV door. I have seen your hydraulic  multi-use doors and that's what I want. 

84 I want a Schweiss one piece hydraulic garage door in a detached garage at our residence. Garage door will be clad in stucco and insulated against the Arizona heat. Hydraulic stucco door is 22' x 9'. 

85 We are looking for custom made hydraulic garage doors for a home in Tucson, AZ. The projects that are similar to what we are looking for are the storefront rust mesh door you did in San Rafael, CA. Do you have a Schweiss Door design department or door sales rep we can contact? 

86 I have a special request door, opening is 163 inches tall x 96 inches wide. This custom made door is a RV and truck storage shed door. I want a weather tight hydraulic door with manual door locks and a separate entrance door within the main door.

87 I purchased one of your bi-fold doors about 9 years ago on my garage. I live on the side of the mountain without a lot of room to turn around so I didn't want traditional garage doors.  I just purchased a new home and now I have enough room for a hydraulic door.This garage door  gets opened and closed often. Do you sell extra remotes separately for the door? I noticed on your website that the remote is different now -- Will your new remote door opener give me better range and a faster opening door?

88 We'll be presenting a hydraulic garage door option to our clients for their residence. We want to get a wider door opening than the standard 16' overhead doors. Looking at a 20' wide by 8' tall door, clad in wood siding. With wood cladding will this have to be a reinforced steel door, or can we go with standard aluminum frame hydraulic doors?

89 I am building a garage/shop. looking at your hydraulic doors, one apx 10'H x 10'W, the second 15'H x 12'W. I've seen your doors in action on a hangar and was most impressed with the workmanship and detail to quality.

90 Have a 24'X8' opening for door..carport with wood frame..6x6 uprights with 2x6 framing..and metal roof.....Prefer one piece hydraulic Schweiss Door with remote opener.

91 I have a residence in Palo Alto that I might be considering for this type of Schweiss hydraulic   door. If my door size is 7'-0" and this moves up? Can you park a car or SUV inside? is there enough clearance. Please call me to discuss further. thanks

92 Pricing on 16' hydraulic door, to replace existing 16' 2 Car door opening. Door to have insulated glass installed in panel. Door will be insulated. Door being installed in San Fernando Valley, which has high heat ex-streams in summer. Looking for preliminary quote including shipping costs.

93 I work for a Seattle Construction Company. We are building a residential house and I was wondering if you can give me an estimate for 3 hydraulic model garage doors. Each door would be 8' wide and 8'8" high.

94 Have a approximate garage door rough opening of 12' wide and 8' high would like a one piece hydraulic door with a built in 3' walk in door thats well insulated and possibly a window. Please give me a call

95 I have designed three new hydraulic garage doors for my client. He has asked about long term maintenance on these doors. They have a series of windows in a horizontal band from halfway up to the top. And then on down with trimming and color panels looking like wood on the drawing. What are my options for weather resistant finishes; fiberglass, hardy board, something else? The doors 16'x8', 8'x8', and 16'x9.5' Can you help me? I also want to talk about price, shipment and hydraulic door specifications.  

96 Hello; I'm building a 40 x 60 x 16 garage and I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door in one end;14 x 24. There is going to be a 12 x12 side door also. I'd like glass on the 24 footer.

97 To whom it may concern; We would like to use your hydraulic door product on a high end residential garage renovation we are currently working on. What specific info will you need to get me an estimate and when the door can be delivered.

98 We need to design a closure for a boat garage on a coastal Florida site. The current configuration is (2) windrated hydraulic swing doors, each 8-0 wide x 15-4 high, finished in cedar to match adjacent O/H doors. As such we are concerned that the doors will be too heavy to operate, and cannot find hinges etc. that will work with this size/weight of door. Can you help? Was also wondering if a hanger type arrangement, that folded horizontally would be an option, and if so, how the cost would compare to hydraulic swing doors, and what headroom we lose with this configuration? Appreciate any help Schweiss Doors could offer.

99 I am looking for horizontal hydraulic one piece  garage doors that swing up to the top of the garage. Is Schweiss Doors able to do that? If not, will you point me in a direction? Thank You, Rochele

100 My Schweiss hydraulic garage door works perfectly with the up/down switch, but occasionally when I use my remote control from a long distance it won't open. Do you have a long-range remote opener, or can I just put some stronger batteries in it for better range. I'm not sure if it needs repair or just something simple.

101 This is a residential property. I have a 2 car garage. I would like a quote on hydraulic doors for each garage (both are identical). This design would resemble hydraulic Schweiss closet doors that meet in the middle, but lift vertically.

102 Hello, I am looking to do a hydraulic Schweiss  garage door for a house near Aspen, CO. The doors would be clad with metal panels. The opening would be 9 feet tall and 23 feet wide. Is this something that can be done? What would be my options? Thank you, Mike

103 We are looking for a garage door into a undergound parking area for a project here in WA. It needs to be a hydraulic grille style door that allows the air movement into the garage for the mechanical requirements. I got the idea from one of your Schweiss Designer doors you sold in Chicago. The door opening is 10'-0" wide and 7'-4" tall. The head room from the top of the opening to the slab above is 15". Do you make a horizontal hydraulic door or a hydraulic door that might work in this location? Do you have a sales rep. in the Spokane area? 

104 I have a 9x7 folding garage door with ceiling mounted garage door opener but, the ceiling in my garage is so low it rubs the ceiling when it opens or closes and I cannot put the legal 5/8" fire safety drywall. I am looking for a better solution and I think a Schweiss hydraulic opening door would do the trick. Really concerned about price and shipping. Thank you. Kelly Reid

105 Interested in smaller garage door for an older building. Need the one piece door. Hydraulic door will be 9 ft. x 8 ft. Please call.

106 Hi, I am looking at purchasing (2) 12'-0"W x 8'-0"H hydraulic doors and (1) 15'-0"W x 8'-0"H Door or most economical around these 2 sizes (Width & Height flexible). I am also interested in a garage door 16'-0"W x 8'-0"H. What cladding options does Schweiss Doors offer. I'm looking for something in wood with decorative round windows. 

107 We are currently working on a project that requires two large garage doors: 11' wide by 12' tall. We are interested in using the hydraulic doors with custom wood paneling outside. Can you give me a rough idea about the price for a Schweiss door like this with a remote controlled opener?

108 I have a unique garage door condition. The house is a 1953 modern post and beam style construction with a few "I-Beams" exposed to give credence to your hydraulic door design. I do not have any clearance beyond a couple of inches above the height of the door jam of the garage (14'-2" x 6'-10"), so the bifold design seems interesting to me. I am wondering if I may speak to a rep regarding the possibilities of this. Thanks.  

109 I received a quote from you in Sept. Sorry it has been so long in getting back, I got delayed by the county and weather. We are going to start soon. What I need is a hydraulic door 30 feet wide by 14 feet tall. 14 feet should be the opening when door is open, or I have a 16 foot opening with no door. The door will be used on our county truck shop. Include remotes.  Thank you, Jeff

110 Looking for an hydraulic garage door 28 x 18. Will be converting a large brick garage which is 34 feet wide and presently has 10 x 10 and a 12 x 13 overhead doors. Need to know how to reframe for the hydraulic door as well as approximate cost. I will want delivery about June 15th. 

111 I am building a garage / shop on Vancouver Island. I saw your doors on a hangar in Alaska and they look really good. Are they practical for a door much narrower than a hangar? I am thinking of an RV door, say 16' high by about 14' wide. Schweiss hydraulic door design. Is it possible to get them for Vancouver Island BC and are you able to provide an estimate? I have not built the shop yet and so it will be possible to include whatever design details are necessary to support the door.  

112 We are an architecture firm in the Washington D. C area. We are currently designing a 5000 square feet residential apartment complex. Many of our clients are very interested in installing liftstrap bifold doors and Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors in their garages. We would like to have some information about the product and the cost of it. Your Schweiss Door website shows some outstanding examples. Thank you.

113 Looking for a cost to replace my conventional 8ftx16ft garage door with a hydraulic door. I would like to have door cladding match my stucco on my house. I realize stucco comes in different colors or fades from weathering. How can I get an exact match? Your doors look terrific. The stucco door in Arizona pictured on Photos of the Day is really nice.

114 Due to low ceiling height and lolly column placement in my 2 car garage, I currently have two large swinging doors that are sagging, and don't open when there's snow on the ground. I'm interested in a single hydraulic door as a practical solution to my problem. Does Schweiss Doors have a dealer nearby, or can you give me a rough cost estimate?

115 Hi, I'd like a rough estimate to convert my Schweiss  overhead garage door to a hydraulic door. Thxs

116 We have 4 residential projects located in and about Paris, France in which we would like to specify a Schweiss one piece hydraulic garage door. I would like to know if you have product approval or French Product approval or if it is even needed. Thank you.

117 I am interested in a 10x8 hydraulic door for my garage. Wondering if you can supply exterior cladding to match my brick home. It can be faux brick as I would assume real brick would be too heavy. Will only consider a hydraulic door because extra power is needed for brick cladding.

118 Looking for 2 overhead hydraulic doors for a residential garage. I have height issue with wanting to have a car lift. Looking for info on Schweiss hydraulic door frame so I can finish outside myself. Thanks.

119 Hello, We will be building a Wash Bay/ Semi storage shed this spring and are looking at Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors as options. We would have 3 of them around 24 ft wide. My question is how do your remotes work? When we pull the truck out to take off can you just hit one button and take off or do you have to hold a button until the door is all the way shut. Thanks

120 I'm looking for a residential garage door in 18' an 16' wide by 8' high, wondering if you have something we could possibly put vertical vinyl siding on, or something that would match a house with standard vinyl siding. What works best for this, a hydraulic door or bifold Schweiss door?  

121 Hi, I am looking to add a Lean-To addition onto my exisiting spray plane hanger. Want to price a 14 x 14 hydraulic door that allows a Class A Motor Home. Planned dimensions on the end wall are 24' wide, 16 ' tall at roof on hanger - sloping down to 14 " on short side. Need a remote opener with it?       

122 I will be moving a metal bus garage next spring and raising it up. I will be taking two roll up doors out of the end and would like to put in a hydraulic door. 24' wide x 16' high. I am curious to know if there a price break if I purchase two Schweiss hydraulic doors.

123 I am building a new garage and would love to use one of your quality hydraulic doors. It will have a 16 foot wide 8 foot tall opening. The plan at the moment is a steel reinforced concrete filled block wall up five feet and a 3 foot 2x6 wood framed wall on top of the masonry. Is this building design enough for your door ? Or should I incorporate more structure around the opening to carry stresses when the door is fully open, I imagine there will be some stress on the wood structure. Should I design a heavy steel door frame for example and design that into my new construction? Or carry my masonry wall up to my header? Also do you sell plans for your hydraulic doors and sell the hardware so a customer can fabricate there own door and save on some shipping? Can I get a quote for a door shipped to California. Thank you.

124 We are Detailing a Bus Maintenance Garage in Toronto, Canada with Hydraulic curtain wall window sections. Our specification calls up your Schweiss hydraulic door so I have some details worked up that I would like to send you to see if they would work. Anything specific that you will need at this point.

125 I would like to see one of your doors (hydraulic) in operation. Do you have a dealer anywhere close to my Virginia locale or a door in use locally? I have a block (8") garage with roughly a 22 ft. opening. There is no header at this time. I've used this bldg. for years with no door but now I'm planning to close it up. I like your one piece hydraulic door idea better than a cable. I'm in Virginia but just across the state line from Tn. If you have one anywhere close I'd like to see if one. Your web site describes good qualities about your doors, just would like to see one in action. 

126 I have a three car garage, with an 8' x 8' door and a 16'x 7' wide door. I put a lift in on the 16' wide side and before I modify the rafters I thought I would get an estimate on replacement doors. Hydraulic Schweiss door would require less modification.

127 I have a two car garage, with an 9' and 26' foot wide door. Both are approximately 7' tall. I would like to replace both doors with hydraulic door  design to allow room for a lift. My existing cheap steel doors are not insulated and need to be replaced. Hence I would like to get a quote on your quality built Schweiss hydraulic doors that I've heard so much about.

128 We need pricing for 2 14'Wx12'H hydraulic doors. These will be going on my garage and was wondering if you can clad with Red Cedar to match house exterior.

129 Door clear height to be 16'. Framed opening will be 18'. Door to be used on metal building to house my large RV. Should be insulated, Hydraulic door will be fine, unless you have a super deal on a bifold door.

130 I have a garage door that I'm looking to have replaced with a Schweiss hydraulic door. Before I provide sizes I want to know if you can match the outside bottom of the door with a false rock front which matches my home.

131 We have a customer interested in hydraulic garage doors. We are new to your product and would like to get some information on your product. Roughly our customer is looking for a 10 - 0 x 14 - 0 with no headroom

132 Found the company on YouTube and love the idea of having a hydraulic door. My garage isn't as big as what you advertise but hope it can still be done. What would a hydraulic garage door 15 wide by 10 high run me?

133 Need one 116" X 96" single and one 189" X 84" double. I am only interested in hydraulic door   (lights, windows) as I need to eliminate the rails inside the garage. It is on a home.

134 Do you have a distributor in British Columbia, Canada? We just erected a steel garage, 25' x 30' in size. Do you recommend your hydraulic door for us? Can the door be on a remote control? What would an estimated cost be ?

135 Find attached a drawing of the garage, we have circled the two sections of interest to you. Please manufacture the hydraulic door to those dimensions. If our interpretation of the drawing on your website is not correct as shown on the attachment please notify me by phone. If correct send me your shop drawings for review.

136 Hi just asking for a price: a Schweiss hydraulic door with insulation for a 18' wide 7' height garage door.

137 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door similar to that shown in the steel mesh or greenhouse frame door for my garage. The rough opening is 16'-0" x 7'-0". I might be able to get additional height but not width. Can you send me a shop drawing for an equivalent door and other general design info for a door like this one?

138 Are your Schweiss doors approved by the Miami Dade or South Florida building code? Are NOAs available? FYI, house will be built in Florida (Broward County). I'm looking for a one piece hydraulic door for a garage which will be 19 ft. wide or up to 22 ft. wide going on an attached residential (secondary) garage. Ideally we need doors with do not compromise internal usable height. Code will not allow regular garage doors over 18 ft wide and it does not allow for roll downs either. I appreciate your feedback.

139 Looking for info and advice on provision of a hydraulic garage door for a door 7'8" height X 20' 6" Long. We wonder if we can have a support / drive shaft spanning the opening at the head of the hydraulic door opening for structural support and mechanism for raising lowering the door. See attached detail section. Are there distributors of your Bi-fold product in British Columbia?

140 We are doing a project just outside of Dallas, TX and we are looking at a hydraulic door system or possibly even something similar to what was used on the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Our building is mostly insulated metal panels and curtain wall, and the hydraulic style one piece doors we want  would be clad in metal panel and ideally be frameless from the outside so you wouldn't hardly be able to tell they were there when in the closed position. The size of the door is about 12x18 and I believe we have 2 of them. They are designed for a Car or fairly large truck to be driven into the building through these doors. I would like a follow up and some more information on what are options are and possibly some CAD details and specifications that we could use to begin to document the system in our drawings.

141 Could I please get a quote for a hydraulic lift or bi-fold lift strap garage door for rough opening of 16 x 24 ft wide? I am located in Rock Dell, MN which is 18 miles SW of Rochester, MN.

142 I am looking for a local rep where I can get pricing and supply and install the following (3) Schweiss  Hydraulic Garage Doors. (1) door 30' 6" wide and 10' 1/2" tall, insulated with 1x8 western red cedar lap siding. (1) door 19' wide and 12' tall, insulated with 1x8 western red cedar lap siding. (1) door 30' 6" wide and 12' tall, with 40mm polycarbonate and 2x6 cedar louvers. Please let me know ASAP.

143 I have a 3 sided carport that is 3 cars in width. I would like to fully close in but conventional doors would make the area less flexible. I would like to understand more about the design and materials for your hydraulic door and also the design criteria required for the installation. I estimate the hydraulic door would be roughly 8' high and 29'. The variability on the height would be based on how far the door can go up (ground clearance). I would plan to actually add to the front of the car port several feet and would also like to mount the drive on a bridge from the existing carport head to the door frame header. Is this possible? The house is painted stained cedar siding, so I would want some sort of residential looking veneer. How much weight can be applied to the door per square foot? For this type of installation what might be the range of price for your door, excluding the veneer, and carport port alternations?

144 We are looking to replace two standard size garage doors. I would like to do them the same as the "San Francisco Architects Go Hydraulic" doors with remote openers and photo eye sensors. Could you ballpark price for this with self install? Thank you 

145 Need a price on 2 hydraulic doors. One is 18x12 the other is a 12x12. These are to go on my garage and should have windows and insulation. Wood exterior to match house.

146 Need quote on two types of Hydraulic Doors: 1. One garage door, 18'x9' with remote opener. 2. Hydraulic door RV garage door Door specs: - glass panels with metal framing - 20' wide x 9'-6" tall (finished opening) - existing 2x6 framed building. Please quote the price of the doors and what shipping costs will be. Our contractor will install door. Please let me know if there are special support requirements other than the 2x6 framed walls. I have drawings of the application in pdf files. I can email them to you. Please include insulation cost. I understand the hydraulic door comes with your new pump and backup systems. 

147 We are doing a project where we are designing the provision for 2 overhead Schweiss hydraulic doors, each approx. 10' wide x 9' high. I realize this is a small door and although we really like your bifold door with lift straps, we would consider having you make a hydraulic door for us if you think that it would be a better option for our garage door use. We also want stucco siding on the door to match our home. Any help is appreciated.

148 Am building a "toy barn" approximately 40'x60' and need a clear span hydraulic one piece door of 29-32'. The largest garage door I can find is 24'. I need at least 12' high opening to drive my RV  through when the door is open. I was planning to have 12' walls on the structure, but the building must not be more than 20' high for code restrictions. The door will be on the gable end of the structure. I am planning to use metal for the building - sort of a residential hanger. Who handles your Schweiss doors in the Omaha area, and what would be the ball park cost I should budget? 

149 I would like a quote for both door types (Hydraulic and Bifold) for a residential garage where I need as much vertical inside as possible but need a nice outside appearance which precludes using a roll up door... Is it over kill to use your door systems on a 8' X 18' application? Saw a garage door on your website that I really liked that matched the exterior of the home. Do you do stucco?  Thanks

150 We have wide span garage (23'10" wide x 9'8" high) that has limited interior space for an overhead roll up door (limit track space due to angled concrete wall). Your hydraulic door looks like a solution and I'd like to discuss advantages of it over bifold lift strap door. Door will be used multiple times each day. No insulation needed.

151 I have a car port at my house and I don't have the headroom to put in a normal door would like to get prices for a hydraulic door white with a few windows in it Thanks

152 Have an existing steel building with 12 x 26 side doors. Used as a garage so need a hydraulic door with auto opener, would also like windows across entire width. no walk door needed. Has steel header above current opening 12"x26'

153 I have a project where we are considering three garage doors of the hydraulic type - sized about 9'-0" h x 10'-0" w. can you please have a local rep call to talk about whether this is an appropriate application of your product. thanks

154 We are interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door for our garage. Wondering if you can match the cedar siding on our home and if we can get windows put in it.

155 Looking to buy some garage doors for my house. It currently has manual doors that swing into the garage. There is a steel I beam carrying floor joists to the second floor that prevents me from installing a typical garage door and opener. Can I get one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors that swing to the outside. I don't know whose invention the door I have on there now is from.

156 I am thinking of a new garage/shop. I would need two 9 X 10 doors. How do your bi-fold with lift straps compare to hydraulic door prices? I live in the middle of Wisconsin, will be wanting an insulated door?

157 I would like a quote on 1-14'x14' insulated hydraulic garage door with opener, installed in Mt. Pleasent, MI.       

158 We are working on a high end custom garage project in west Texas and would like more info on you glazed, hydraulic doors. Doors need to open quietly. Two remotes for each of the 8 doors. I can send you drawings so we can discuss in detail. 

159 I am building my 48' x 64 Man Cave, debating on which door to put in. I want a door on the north side to back in a mobile home. I am thinking a 14' x 14' for that door then the door for my hoist a 12' x 12' door. then under the loft which is the south side of the the shed, a 9 x 7 garage door. I'm leaning toward your bifold with lift straps, but also like the idea of shade that your hydraulic door provides. It's nice to sit under and have a cold one on a hot or rainy day. Thanks for your man cave opinion on this matter. I can e mail you more detail plans if needed. 

160 I am looking for 1 8'x8' aluminum and glass Schweiss hydraulic single section garage door for a residential project. Do you carry something like that? Do you have the option of double paned glass? I would like to have two remote openers. Can you assist me with pricing? Thanks.

161 Beginning construction of a large three-bay garage addition to my home. The garage is 31' x 50' with three doors measuring 12' wide by 10.5' high. I am considering true carriage style doors because the "garage" is being designed as a multipurpose family room finished in red cedar with decorative concrete floor. The carriage style doors swing out and thus avoid the overhead rails of conventional rollup doors leaving a clean interior ceiling. Also, they may not be as child safe when opening & closing. Seems like your Schweiss hydraulic door could be much better and designed with a carriage door look. I especially like the safety features your hydraulic doors offer that other don't. Could we fabricate it out of red cedar inside and out? Can the lift mechanism be mounted at the top and concealed in "boxes"? Thanks. Cecilia

162 About a month ago, we received a quote from you for a hydraulic garage door. As we have not officially made our decision yet, we were curious to see if there were any near-by locations in the north-central Indiana we could go look at to see an example of this type of door. We've heard good remarks about your hydraulic doors and have looked at your web page, but my wife wants to see one in person. Thank you in advance.

163 Do you build hydraulic door systems for a common residential structure for garage door operation? I am seeking aircraft hangar style hydraulic one piece  doors that operate upward and outward. A response by e-mail is appreciable. 

164 I have a design for a series of standard size garages. I want a cool operator and am looking at a hydraulic ram solution. The exterior finish is a blind cedar wall where the door wants to effectively disappear. alignment of the exterior finishes is important to the look. Thought you might have the product I needed via your Schweiss hydraulic models. Please let me know.

165 I am building a garage on the side of my house, and looking to keep that look of a normal house for 'athesics' appeal. Looking for a estimate on your hydraulic door to get the ball rolling. I want a door that opens and closes with the least amount of noise, so when my wild son comes home at 3 a.m. she doesn't wake me and mom up.  

166 Please mail info on a hydraulic door for my garage as I do not hear well on phone.  Thank you, Shiney Smith in Harrisburg       

167 I have a garage door opening that is approx. 6'8" high and 11'9" wide with a ceiling to door opening of 6". I have the following questions. 1. Is it possible to install a Schweiss hydraulic door in this small opening with such a small ceiling clearance? 2. Is it possible to have an operator for the door? 3. What is the distance from the garage floor to the door when it's in the fully open position for the above heighth? 4.Is the door all metal construction and is it possible to put wood on the exterior? 5. Approx. cost for such a door. Thanks, Chas.

168 I am looking for a horizontal lift hydraulic door, 18x7 for a client. He does not like to have horizontal tracks inside the garage as the ceiling is finished. I don't want to lose head room either. The door can be taller inside or outside depending on the swing to be in or out. The door has to have an insulated factor as the garage is heated. Do you have a door that would fit my project. Thanks Gregory 

169  I would like to get contact information on who to send drawings and specs to for pricing and do you have someone in California near the Napa Valley that can do installs of your Schweiss hydraulic  garage doors for a private residence. I've seen quite a few of your doors in the three state area and am most impressed. No one can even come close to the quality you put in your designer glass doors. I also like the fact that you have been in business for over 30 years. Makes me feel safe I am dealing with a reputable company who puts its customers needs at the forefront. 

170 I would like to know the price of a Schweiss door 14x18 and/or the price of a 13x18 garage door. I would only want a Schweiss hydraulic door. Also the approximate time for shipment!

171 We are looking for a hydraulic door system for insulated wood clad garage doors in a condo resort. The doors are 12 feet wide. Do you have representative in the Montreal area who could assist us with the tecnical and evaluation cost. If not, I'm more than willing to speak with your Schweiss Door factory technicians.  Larry C

172 I live in a condo on the floor above our Schweiss commercial garage door. The door is rated for hurricanes so you already know it is heavy metal. The opener motor is attached to the wall, but very little if any sound reverberates right up the wall into my living room Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your Schweiss doors. We have 4 doors in total, hydraulic and bifold. I truly appreciate the workmanship you put into your product. I have friends that have the same living situation as me with different brand doors below them and they say the sound reverberating up their walls wakes them at all hours of the night.

173 Can you give me an idea of pricing for a single piece Schweiss hydraulic garage door 9' x 8' that opens out and provides shade? I will apply wood cladding, but will need you to provide three window holes which set about five feet from ground level. Please also price remote opener.

174 I just got done installing my self locking mechanism on my 60 foot bifold liftstrap Schweiss door, serial #3938. The entire installation procedure from hanging the door to hooking up everything went like clockwork because your directions were right on the nut. I'd now like to order a hydraulic door for my RV garage. I'll send you the architectural specs soon, but put me on the list to get it manufactured.

175 I got a quote couple years ago, what is your best price now on those 3 RV garage doors-24x16 tall and 2 standard garage doors 18 wide by 12 tall with windows and remotes. Three big doors are to be hydraulic one piece doors. Two smaller doors are to be Schweiss straplift bifold doors with automatic latching door systems. 

176 Owner has a wood framed garage and needs larger opening for class "A" motorhome door. Have a rough opening of 10'-10" wide x 13'-2" tall. Would like at least a 10'-6" wide x 13' tall opening. Your single piece hydraulic door will work best.

177 I plan to have a 14' garage door opening and I need 11' 5" to clear my RV that I want to park inside. Prefer your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door as door cladding will consist of heavy wood to match house.

178 Please email me a quote on a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic garage door size 7x15.3 with 2 double insulated window and one walk door with window. thank you

179 I saw a brown wood finished garage on a residential home with one of your Schweiss one-piece  hydraulic doors. I am building a new garage this summer and would like to have that door on my garage. Where would I get the specs for how to pour the opening and what the size would need to be? What is the cost of that door? How much time is required to order the door for the project?

180 Looking for a price on an insulated hydraulic white panel garage door. Size is 12' wide 14' high. I need it to swing out fast in one piece with Schweiss hydraulic  cylinders.

181 Looking for a 14x24 overhead hydraulic garage door. Exterior of my home is stucco, can you place a stucco exterior on the door as well.

182 Hello, Could I get a quote for a hydraulic garage size liftstrap door: 15ft W x 7ft H, no window, aluminium, with remote control option? 

183 Need a 10' X 10' garage door most likely with header. Building has opening and frame but door not supplied. Want to consider hydraulic as I have had other types. Insulation safety and security and backups are features I am looking at. Building is all metal 22 gauge to be used as residence. Email only please.

184 Looking at 25' by 12' tall hydraulic garage door, with 2 windows and insulated.

185 Can you get me a quote on a 44 x 14 foot hydraulic moving door for a parking garage. We heard Schweiss Doors makes large, moving parking garage doors that are dependable and built to last. Please provide parking garage one-piece hydraulic door quote. Thank You.

186 My garage door is ancient and the top seal has finally worn-out. Need availability/price for replacement with a new and better quality Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system.

187 I am interested in a residential application for hydraulic one-piece lift garage doors that can have metal or other siding applied for a flush appearance in a contempary home. Please send me a catalog on your new Red Power systems and if you have a distributer in my market.

188 I am looking for Doors to enclose a loading/critical vehicle storage bay in an Emergency Operations Center. the Door opeings are 12'x 12' and or wind criteria is 149/-172 PSF. Do you have a hydraulic lift product that will work and or can be engineered to work? Schweiss door should be fitted with your Red Power pump. This project is just beginning construction so your timely response is appreciated.

189 I have an elderly lady with an equally old sliding garage door. She wants a Schweiss door. It is top mounted door.  Can we convert it to Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece bottom motor. Also want it to have Red Power Safety Advantage. You can call me anytime today. I need to get her door fixed now.

190 I built a detached garage from 6 inch D logs last summer it is a stick built structure. Dimensions of garage are 16 x 24. Garage door opening is in end and is 10 feet wide by 8 feet high. Am wanting to know if a Schweiss hydraulic lift door would work in this application? can you send me info on your Red Power backup system and lift straps bifold system also, If so, what would be estimated cost with shipping to Alaska. Can homeowners purchase direct from you and arrange or perform own installation? Thank you for your help.

191 I am looking for a hydraulic lifting garage door for a 16'wide x 12'high opening. Would like to keep as much space open as possible. please contact me for weight and price with Schweiss Red Power Electrical System.

192 I am interested in either buying Schweiss Hydraulic lift or Bifold garage door. Appreciate your response to my below questions: 1- which  door Hydraulic or Bifold is less noisy, I hear your new Red Power hydraulic pumps are whisper quiet. Given the door will be 7 feet? 2- which door costs less to maintain and what type of maintenance required? 3- which door is more reliable in the long run and requires least amount of maintenance?


194 I am a contractor who is bidding another job. I would like to request another quote for a 20' wide and 10' high Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I will sheet and insulate his garage door. Add your new Red Power pumps. other options I need included in the bid was safety sensors.

195 Looking for 2 Hydraulic lift doors 9 foot high 10 foot wide for my garage. Need photo sensors and remote control as well as insulation and Red Power pump, Please give a price Thank You, Debbie V

196 I am interested in a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift garage door for my upcoming wood garage construction project. I believe you would consider it a sidewall placement as the trusses will be perpendicular to the door. A flush mount would be the most desirable install. Please include prices for options such as your new and improved Red Power motor, insulation, remote and door rubber. Things that would interest a homeowner. Please include shipping costs. Thanks

197 My mother is interested n putting a Schweiss hydraulic one piece lift door on her garage to replace the cumbersome sliding door she now has. The opening is 10 ft. high x 9 ft. wide. Will this be a custom door. Will it come with your Red Power Safety Advantage or Backup system. Please price.

198 I'm interested in more information on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for my one car garage. I need a garage door that does not slide into the garage space when opening. I use my garage for multipurposes and am looking to get rid of the garage door 'tracks' that run in along the ceiling. I'm also looking for something more insulated then my current door. Please include Red Power pump to lift it.

199 In the spring I will be building a garage at our cabin in Truckee, CA and am interested in the Schweiss hydraulic lift door to get more usable space in the garage. How do the new Red Power hydraulics work in the cold environment of an out building? It will be built of wood but will have an I beam across the door for snow load.

200 1. I am looking for a single car hydraulic lift garage door. 2. Desire simple low tech manually operated or small Red Power motor for door for installaiton in an existing block wall construciton garage. 3. Can you email me: a. Photos of standard Schweiss doors b. Dimensions of door and required opening c. Prices and or range of prices before shipping d. Distributors in the Norfolk, Virgina area Note, if you call, be aware that I am currently in Baghdad. It would be best to email and provide a time and POC for me to call you. Thanking you in advance.

201 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece lift door, for a customer to put on his garage door.  He is old and has a hard time opening his sliding door, especially in the winter, and is afraid he'll fall down and break his hip. His garage is small, about 8 ft. tall x 8 ft. wide. He'll want a remote control with this and I recommended he install it with your new Red Power Safety Advantage System. If you need exact dimensions before you can quote me, I'll get them for you.

202 I am looking at a Schweiss hydraulic lift door  for a 7' high by 8' wide garage door opening, I would choose to clad with wood. Do you have some options besides your new Red power hydraulic pump? Remotes, walk through sensors.

203 Looking for a price on a hydraulic lift door to replace sliding doors on side of a building. I'm concerned about how much headroom I'd lose, appears to be about 12 to 16 inches above door to bottom of soffit.This project will basically be used to house cars and trucks and we want you to price your quiet and powerful lift Schweiss Red Power doors for this.

204 We have been asked to obtain a budget price to replace 3 existing garage doors and replace them with a hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. Please include price to have your Red Power hydraulics included. Thanks please feel free to call with any questions you may have.

205 I am interested in getting a preliminary quote on a hydraulic lift door for a garage opening that is 14' wide and 10' tall installed with your Schweiss Red Power Electrical System. Thanks.

206 Need a quote for a insulated glass paneled hydraulic lift one piece garage door. The width of the door is set at 16'. The height can be 18' to 24'- whatever the size limit, I'm thinking you should include your Schweiss Red Power system for this door.

207 Existing 24' x 24' stick-built, residential type garage. Can the hydraulic lift door have windows installed at your factory and with your Schweiss Red Power Systems included. Existing door is a standard 16' door.

208 Would like to price a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. This will be for my grandmas garage door to replace an old sliding door that she can now hardly move. Door will need Red Power motor and remote control so she doesn't need to get out of her car in the winter. Can it also be insulated? please call

209 I need a 14 ft opening so what size hydraulic lift one piece door would I need? And A price on a Schweiss Red Power Door system that swings out. This is for a garage door. Thanks

210 I am planning to remove an existing overhead garage door and raise the door header such that the bottom of the header is on the same level as the interior ceiling. Hence, I will have zero vertical space for interior apparatus. I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I am working on a wood structure, and I envision a face mount style. The dimensions I provide below are nominal. For what increments of openings do you typically manufacture doors? What size do the side columns need to be? What choices are avaiable for exterior finish? Is insulation an option? I am interested in pricing for your Red power system application.

211 hello I really like the look and operation of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. i am looking for a garage door 12' wide 7' wide.  Is this something that is available for my application and can I have it with your Red Power Safety Advantage system?

212 We need a quote for three new Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to be installed on a new metal prefabricated garage building.if you contact me I can forward drawings for better understanding. we would like to know if you can include a window slot and Red Power hydraulic pumps as well on them.

213 Would like to know the price range for two hydraulic lift doors to be installed in a new garage. We have issues with the building height and accomodating a car lift inside. Solved with a voulted ceiling, we are considering two Schweiss Red Power motors for maximum lift on doors with the following opening dimensions: 9' wide by 8' high.

214 We have a new construction-single family home. For the garage, we are looking at installing a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. The home is constructed of 8\" block at the garage; the wall is flush at the jamb - - no columns or bumpouts. The door opening is approximately 7'-8\" high by 16'-4\" wide. There is a distance of 9'-9\" feet in front of to the rear fence. We are interested in a door with lifting power from your Red Power hydraulic line, plus installation .

215 I have a small work shop and I would like to replace the garage door with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Some options I am looking at are Red Power backup system, remote control, lift straps and photo eye sensors.

216 Looking for a faux wood exterior, hydraulic lift  door, no windows, insulated, that fits a standard 2 car garage. The garage is finished and I want it to have a finished feel. It seems your door will offer me no railings on the ceiling like a traditional garage door. I would appreciate a range of prices you offer for Red Power Systems. Thank you in advance... and great product your company makes! 

217 The Schweiss bi-fold door and hydraulic lift door are exactly what I have been looking for. Our church just purchased a building in our village that we will use for outreach events. We want to turn an existing garage door opening so we can open the building up when we are playing live music and such.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

218 Please send pricing ASAP for all glass hydraulic lift Schweiss door and standard garage door with windows and Red Power Safety Advantage system. Please call if additional information is needed for quote.

219 We are building a new home with a sub-grade garage. We would like a garage door that can be installed with very low head room. Your hydraulic lift doors with your Red Power safety advantage system hydraulic pumps sound like it could be our answer. The homeowner wants to park their travel trailer in the two-car garage so we need at least a 10' tall opening at 16' wide. Thank you

220 Can you supply the mechanism for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to be installed in Mexico? Or can you ship to Texas on the border? Please e mail me. The door is for a single car garage. We cannot use the space inside for an overhead mechanism. We will want your best Red Power motor for this.

221 I am looking for 2 garage doors - one is 16'wide x 8' high the other is 8' x 8'. I am looking for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door to make sure no parts of the door are entering the garage - I need the clearance for the auto lift inside. Interested in doors with Red Power backup system without windows and grey in color. I would probably install myself, but would like a quote for install, too. I am on a project out of town currently, but would want them ready for install around 2nd week of June of this year. Thanks in advance

222 Rebuilding a 30 ft wide wooden truss building with a 5/12 roof pitch. Looking at alternatives of standard 9 ft wide x 8 ft tall garage door framed with a single person access door or full width Schweiss hydraulic lift door with 1 personnel access door to accomodate an LSA. Building frame is 6inx6in (wood) anchored into 4 inches of concrete at corners and a top truss (wood) at 8 ft 3 in clear. Include Red Power hydraulics if you think I need them.  Cost???

223 I would like a quote for a 14'2''w x 18'8''h Schweiss Doors hydraulic garage lift door system, with Red Power electric opener system, 575volts 3 phases, I want to put a wood side wall outside of the door by myself.  How much time I have for installation? I will organize by myself the transport to Quebec.

224 I'm looking for a one-piece hydraulic-lift Schweiss door for my rv stall. Size is 12' wide and a minimum of 13' high. The side wall is 14' with a 2' overhang. I need as close to 13' opening as I can to give my rv enough hight to clear the door. Want Red Power fast opening hydraulics with remote control.

225 When in Spain we saw Schweiss garage doors that were bifold, except that the pivot point was half way down on the top section so that when open the door closed half inside and half out. Do you have anything like that? Also, could you give us quote on hydraulic lift one piece doors with Red Power Safety Advantage System. They look very nice.

226 Schweiss hydraulic lift door needed for 16' x 7' standard home garage door opening. Quote and info please. Will want Red Power option. Opening is cement block covered in stucco/pain. You guys put out some outstanding doors.

227 We have a distance from floor to the ceiling of 95 inches,inside the room and out side too. The opening is 8 feet width and 7 feet height..there are some options to install this kind of hydraulic lift garage door with Red Power Electrical System. We will install this door like a patio door in a private house. Hydraulics should be quiet, but strong.

228 24\" wedge required-number of hinges per hydraulic lift door is as per Schweiss requirements - we have provided a continuous steelbeam header for support Can you please confirm a few issues:1. How is the door controlled from the exterior (ie. remote activation button from car, or remote sensor)? 2. How far away from the door can the interior garage controls be mounted?3. Our residence is wired 3 phase, 120/208 volt. Please confirm that the garage door motors are compliant. 4. How much noise do the door motors produce? Should I have Red Power Electrical System to reduce noise? I notice a number of \"upgrade equipment\" options on the quote, which I'm not familiar with. Perhaps we could have a discussion to go through all the specs and confirm exactly what is required in order to assemble a final quote.

229 We were previously in contact with Schweiss Doors regarding specification and pricing for two garage doors, to be installed at a custom residential project in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We had received a full preliminary hydraulic lift door quote/specs from Jerry in late 2011. We are prepared to place an order for these doors soon, but I want to review the specifications/sizes, Red Power Hydraulic pumps, etc with you again and get a final revised quote before we proceed. See attached file \"garage doors. pdf\" for all plans, sections, details, etc with dimensions for reference (7 sheets total). As per the previous quote, we need:-two (2) Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for new construction (steel structure)-both are bottom drive w/ cables (the straps are acceptable if they are white, - please advise)- truss design to be interior-we require full delivery and installation.

230 Hey, my business is garage doors. I have a customer that is looking for new hydraulic lift one piece garage doors on his house. He lives in a community that has covenants. I looked on your Schweiss Doors website and did find one garage door and was wondering what you had to offer in a 9 x 7 size with Red Power backup system. I'd appreciate an email or a phone call . look forward to hearing from you.

231 I am a structural engineer and get requests for design of columns and headers for your doors. Does the steel framework and Red Power hydraulic pump(s) come with the door or is it an option? Is the Schweiss Door one piece hydraulic lift door practical for residential garage use? 16' to 18'

232 We have a high end residence in the sf bay area, and we would like to use one of your hydraulic lift  garage doors. we need catalog information when the doors are fully opened and projecting out Does a one piece door require your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps/advantage of same. please send dimensioned cross section of unit at full open and relationship to overhead construction.

233 I would like to get a ballpark estimate for a Schweiss residential hydraulic lift garage door assembly to be clad in cedar siding (19'Wx12'H). Please give me a call to discuss the project and your Red Power hydraulic pumps in more detail once you've had a chance to review the drawings.Thank you.

234 I am in the process of building a shop at my residence and would like an idea of the cost of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for the garage portion. The two sizes are 16' x 14' and 24' x 14'. Will want Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks

235 Hi -am interested in a glass, hydraulic lift door for use as a residential garage door: 14' x 7'.Do you have insulated glass? do you have laminate or obscure glass? Can this be fitted with your Schweiss Red Power Safety and backup system. We are in SW Colorado.

236 Good afternoon,We are the company from Lithuania dealing in garage doors.We are interested in automatic heated Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold Red Power system doors. The measurements are indicated in schemes.We will be waiting for Your reply.Yours respectfully in Lithuania

237 We would like to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door as a gate to our backyard. We live in a townhouse and park our car in the back yard. We do not have a covered garage structure and would like to put wooden posts in the ground to support the weight of a garage door. We cannot install a standard swinging gate because the alley that connects to our backyard is very narrow. We need an overhead door system and the Red Power Safety Advantage System looks like it will work best. Also - is it possible to have an automatic door opened for this door?

238 The customer would like a hydraulic lift/self closing Schweiss door with Red Power hydraulic motor and  remote. It has 8 feet headroom how much head room is required? Customer would like it to match other garage doors, is it sided or do we side it? do we figure freight or do you?

239 I have one of your Schweiss doors that was installed about 20 years ago. I want to now have you install a hydraulic lift door on my new garage. The door is 42 feet wide by 13.5 feet high.Can you please have the Red Power hydraulic system installed. My old door is still running like a clock. Great doors!

240 Could you also please quote a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a 22' by 14' opening with walk door. It should have Red Power Electrical System and two remote controls. It's for my house garage.

241 I'm looking for a 22x13 Schweiss hydraulic lift door and I need to save all clearance at top. It is for a truck storage garage. Will want your Red Power backup system and three remotes.

242 I need to purchase three garage doors for a restuarant that was originally a Ford dealership. I wish to put the garage doors back in the original door locations and will want your Schweiss hydraulic lift style with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thank you 

243 Looking for a one piece hydraulic lift garage door approximately 20 ft wide with a clearance of 8 ft. Since this is new construction we can build the steel building accordingly to your specs. I would like the face to be plywood so we can attach the covering we want for appearance. We want you to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulic backup system.

244 Do you make Schweiss hydraulic lift closet doors in metal that are inexpensive and can be custom sized? We own and manage apartment buildings and may need many for the attached garages. Give price to include Red Power pumps and remotes. Thanks.

245 Please Price a 30'wide x10'high vertical hydraulic  lift door for our garage to match wood siding of attached house. Will want Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System on it.

246 Estimated garage door opening is 14' high x 24' wide. In the beginning stages of replacing sliding doors with your acclaimed Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Wondering if I need doors this size to have your new Red Power hydraulic pumps on them. Please advise.

247 Recently, I received a response from one of your sales reps. However, it was sent to my spam email and inadvertently deleted. We are working on a new hotel project in Jamaica, NY where there will be an entry to an underground parking garage. We were in the process of specifying a hydraulic lift Schweiss door that was attractive that had the ability to automatically open quickly with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps by a remote sensor. I have filled out the size we would need below. Not sure if our situation would be a side wall or end wall configuration. 

248 I need two hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss garage doors for a new building. One door opening is 10 feet wide by 8 feet high and the other is 16 feet wide by 9 feet high. Nothing fancy needed for these doors. Need not be insulated and no windows needed.Will consider Red Power hydraulic system.

249 how do i get a door to canada i want one of these hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss doors for my garage its a 10 foot ceiling by 16 feet wide how much would it cost for a door this size with Red Power backup system. do you ship to alberta? where can i look to find if you do not ship here???

250 Need quote on 40'x16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door for my new garage. Door should have two remote controls and use Red Power Safety Advantage System. Installation by Schweiss to Indiana. My dad has one of your doors on his garage, pretty slick! Attractive and quiet too.

251 Looking for a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door that is 10' wide and 8 ' tall for a garage. Would you recommend I have Red Power hydraulics for this size door? These pumps are really nice, but wondering if I need that much power to lift it.

252 I need a garage door that swings out in the manner of your Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. The over head clearance is minimal and a conventional garage door would be limited in height to six feet or less. Need a quote? What Red Power hydraulic pump types and styles are available? Your web site looks promising and I look forward to your reply.

253 Need a one piece Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift  garage door about 9' by 10' Quote price with and without Red Power Hydraulic System?

254 Hi--please give me a rough cost of a hydraulic lift Schweiss garage door 12' tall and 12' wide. I'd like to finish it in wood here on site. Advise if we should have your Red Power hydraulic motor for it.

255 How much would residential Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors be for my garage opening size of 9' x 9'- include pricing of your Red Power backup system in bid.

256 I am looking at different alternatives for enclosing a 24' wide car port with a door therefore making it a garage. Can this be done, and can it be done with your hydraulic lift one piece door. May want two doors, price with Red Power backup system.

257 Need Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for 14x21 five times, some Red Power Electrical Systems with remotes would be nice,no windows and max insulation.prices and options would be great. These are all garage door replacements to New Mexico.

258 Please give me your price on 1 double garage door and 1 single car garage door. Both one piece with Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Price Red Power hydraulic Electrical Systems separately please.

259 NO door in place at this time. Insulated  garage door required, building to be heated. Opening just shy of 12' no additional clearance available inside. Schweiss hydraulic lift door opening would have to be reduced. Red Power hydraulic pumps wanted.

260 I have a purchase order for you. A quote was sent and we would like to order your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece garage door with Red Power option, insulation and remote control. Please give me a call. Thank you, Laurie

261 I need a hydraulic lift garage door for an opening 10' wide and 8' high. One piece for a contemporary design garage. I'm estimating the cost of the project and am wondering what roughly such a door would cost with Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pump.

262 Our building, not yet erected dimensions are; 30 W x 30 L x 12 H with 4:12 pitch and has 26 gauge/ 80,000 PSI steel PBR siding with 200 series Colony green siding, Fern green trim Please quote total price ie; Shipping/handling/taxes all parts, Red Power  motor driven opening, and Insulation etc. Do they come insulated? Do you have any photos of smaller Schweiss hydraulic lift garage doors on metal buildings that you've installed in California?

263 Need 1 walk through door on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. This is for a garage and needs to match wood siding on my home. I want it with your Red Power Safety Advantage System and with two remote controls. Also want it insulated to resist hot temps here in Arizona.

264 I have a 16' wide opening and a 10' high ceiling. I would like to get as much space as possible and the traditional garage door manufacturers are expensive for custom doors. Do you have a side sliding hydraulic lift design instead of an overhead design? Is there an installer in the Richmond or Norfolk areas of Virginia? Can I obtain a price for a 16'x10' door with Red Power Schweiss opener? (Again, prefer a side slide to an overhead if it's an option). I really like your doors and heard your hydraulic pumps are tops for great lift and that Schweiss Doors can custom do almost anything. Brad

265 To whom it may concern, 1. Do you do standard garage door size ranges? 2. And If So, would they be cheaper then a custom made garage door? Also could you give me a price list for standard garage doors with Schweiss Red Power backup systems on hydraulic lift doors.? Regards, 

266 To whom it may concern, I have garage door space of 7ft X 8ft, and am looking for estimate for a one piece hydraulic lift garage door and delivery. Do you have a small size Schweiss Red Power motor for this that has remote control. Please get back to me at your soonest convenience. Thanks   Kyle

267 I would like a price on a 12 x 12 and a 10 x 10 garage doors that comes in a one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power Electrical System. Sure like your quality doors and your installation crews are very talented. Could someone please call me. Thanks, Jill

268 Does Schweiss Doors have a metal and glass garage door, bi-fold or hydraulic lift flip up? Please contact me as soon as possible. Your web site Red Power pump sounds interesting. Thanks, Linda

269 I have a 14' x 20' wide opening that i am thinking of putting in a Schweiss hydraulic lift garage door. What is the price on a complete Red Power hyd door system including installation.

270 I have design a cart port in Washington DC and the owner wishes to install a Schweiss Red Power  hydraulic lift door 8 feet x 14 feet, with acrylic and translucent material panels. Please advise if this is possible and what do I need to provide. Stephen R. Architect

271 I need two one-piece hydraulic lift doors for my garage that don't have rails that extend into the building. One door is 18x9 and the other is 9x9. These doors are on a house garage. I need to know how the prices compare to traditional doors and openers. Also interested in your Red Power Safety Advantage System. A friend referred me to you, said Schweiss Doors are the best on the market.

272 I am looking for a hydraulic lift configuration to replace an older overhead door setup. I have two independent doors, standard residential garage size. Requesting Schweiss Doors Red Power Electrical System and four remote controls.

273 Can you quote me a price on a 12' X 12\" one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power option for my shed. I use the shed to store old refurbished cars and pickups so I want your good Schweiss door for a tight seal to protect from the elements. Garage is only as good as its door, right?

274 I have a 24 x 26 garage with a 10 x 16 door opening and am looking for hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss door suggestions and prices to replace an older existing door.  Total cost is important to me, but so is inclusion of having door with Red Power hydraulic pump. 

275 How much is a standard double hydraulic lift one piece garage door, nothing fancy, except your powerful Schweiss Red Power motor Also could we use your door instead of an 8'x 6'8\" sliding door from our house to the screened porch? Very interesting!

276 Could I please get a quote along with loading information and details for your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for garage door use on our home? Please explain and price your Red Power Safety Advantage System. Sounds interesting. thank you.

277 I am interested in using your one piece garage door for a single family house and would like to talk to a sales rep to discuss hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors  design options. We have a unique adobe surface on our house and want it to match. I'll also ask about your Red Power Safety Advantage System.

278   I am an architect in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and was referred to you by a contractor friend, who is using your doors on a project here in town. I have built a single attached garage on my own house and am having trouble finding a door because of a structural beam running only 77\" in front of the door opening. I am very interested in your one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door design and am curious what options you can provide. The door rough opening is 7' high and 9' wide and there is only 11 5/8\" clear above the door. I would ideally like it to have Red Power backup system. Can you please give me a ball park price on some options that would come with an auto door opener, bottom sensors, and whatever other hardware needed for install? I can also forward pictures and other dimensions if needed.

279 I have an existing carport, I am looking at options to enclose into a garage. The clear space inside is 19'-6\" by 17'-10\". 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors would be needed for the 19'-6\" dimension. The roof is a simple slope so 1 door would be 8' tall and the other would be 10'. Both would need remote control and Red Power hydraulic options. Assume the existing beam has adequate structural capacity to handle the door. Please develop pricing for both a glass and wood skin option. Any questions, or need additional information, please let me know. Thanks.

280 Please give us a quote on a 16'w x 7'H flat threshold vertical hydraulic lift garage door with adequate Red Power hydraulic pump. Looked at your work and professionally built doors on your Schweiss Doors web site. Very informative.

281 I have a need for a door. I have an 11 X 11 opening on a 24 X 48 shop. It currently has a door which slides along front. Would like to know an estimate on a Red Power electric system for regular garage hydraulic lift Schweiss door with opener.

282 I'd like to get a quote on a garage door. 15' 7\" wide X 7' 3\" high. I would like to buy a parts kit and install myself. The door comes as just a metal frame I bolt together and then I install whatever external paneling i like, correct? Is there kit that details your Red Power hydraulic electrical system? Also Id like the Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door to seal as tightly as possible when closed, if there any options for weathersealing etc let me know. let me know if there are any other dimensions/info needed . I prefer to be contacted by email. Thanks,

283 I was going through the montly issue of The Garage Door News, May issue again and was interested in getting more information on your hydraulic lift doors for the residential market. I guess my first concern would be the reverseing of the door if it came in contact with something on the way down and also in case of power failure, is there a way to manually open the door. I think there is a market for the the bi-fold and hydraulic door in the residential market if they can meet the safety requirements. I see Schweiss Red Power has a safety advantage system. That probably is what I need.

284 My construction company is in Victoria BC, Canada We are requiring information on your hydraulic lift garage door system for a project we are working on. A Sketch-Up model is available that I can email. The doors would have to incorporate all of the best Schweiss Red Power hydraulic systems, insulation/ sealing options, remote openers available. Sizes required- 1 @ 20'x8' and 2@ 10'x8' Please either email or call me to discuss further.

285 Hi we need to get a price on a 10 x 9 Hydraulic Lift Garage Door. Could you let us know if this Schweiss door will come with Red Power backup system and how much this type of door would be. I see by your web site you can custom build to correlate with color and design of houses.

286 I spoke to you on the phone a couple weeks ago about a Schweiss hydraulic lift garage door. We have reviewed much of your website info. You will note that it is a small door and we would like to extend the door and bottom roller tube beyond the opening and truss stiffeners to allow the door to cover the front of the building flush. Please provide a quote or estimate for this door and Red Power hydraulic back up system and remote openers.

287  I have looked at your website. I realize you can do more or less any dimensions, but for the immediate purposes just think in terms of a series of single and double hydraulic lift garage doors, all of which would be the same height of between 11 and 12 feet. All with Schweiss Red Power Electrical Systems.

288 Good Afternoon, We know that you worked on a project for Club Industrial here in Monterrey some years ago. Right now we are building Mr. Fernandez home and he referred us to you for cars storage's bi-fold or hydraulic lift Schweiss door solution. The architectural concept for this storage room is that from the exterior it must look as if there were no entrance, so material modulation in the facade is extremely important. We are working with 3.60m by 1.22m and 1.22m by 1.22 Corten steel panels for this. We already saw the catalog you send to Club Industrial and so far we are thinking that using hydraulic Red Power pump doors will be the best option considering what I mentioned about modulation and the specific characteristics of the actual construction. Of course we are open to any suggestion. Also important to take under consideration for the design:  1.-Total interior insulation 2.-Corten steel for the exterior facade. 3.-A suggestion for the interior facade (light weight material) 4.-Exterior modulation 5.-Less operation equipment as possible, or located in strategic spots as the upper space. 6.-A door for pedestrian entrance while the door is closed. 7.-Steel panels' thickness will be approximately 1mm and it will be added a concrete-fiber layer to it to add resistance.  Tomorrow we will have a meeting with the client so we will appreciate a promptly answer. So what we basically need for tomorrows meeting is:   1.-Technique schemes for the solution. 2.-Cost estimate: - Considering just the structure, we will provide and install facade materials. - Different options. Only sending the structural elements or having some technical assistance. 3.-As much information you can send about the project so the client can give an opinion about it and continue working on it. Thanks in advance, ENRIQUE

289 I need 4 one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss garage doors for USDA Forest in North Bend WA. I'll send the specs to you to make the doors and hinges, hardware and lock....completely everything as specification need including Red Power electrical system and installation. Please give me the quote for completely the 4 garage doors on the warehouse as in the picture. Thank you very much. Nguyen

290 Looking for a hydraulic lift one piece garage door for a new 3-car garage construction project. Price with Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System and three extra remotes.

291 We have used your hydraulic lift and bifold products in the past for smaller doors. I have a customer that is looking for doors to fit 3 openings. They have one opening that is 120' x 44' and two openings that are 100' x 28'. Is this a size that Schweiss Doors can manufacturer? Please let me know if they will come with Red Power pumps.

292 Do you make doors for small Garages. 9'x7' opening. I think your Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door would be perfect for this. If so how much would that cost with install? Can I order extra remote controls.  Lydia

293 How much would a Schweiss hydraulic lift / carriage/craftsman like garage door cost for a standard two car garage opening? I would want it with Red Power Safety Advantage System and remote door openers. - shipping to California?

294 Have a garage door measuring 8'.1\"x 6'.6\" trying to enclose garage & expand kitchen. Are these hydraulic lift doors weather proof in the interior once installed? Do they come with Red Power Safety advantage systems and remotes?  Lida 

295  Sir, I am designing a Garage with some large garage doors and have some questions: 1. Will Schweiss's one piece hydraulic lift Red Power system work for a garage door that is 44' wide and 10'-8\" tall? 2. In the open position, at what angle do the doors sit? 3. Is there a limit to the cladding thickness? We would like to use something that is 2 3/4\" thick. We also want something attractive. Thanks, Holly

296 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift garage door 7ft by 23ft wide, without the unsightly hardware that other doors have. The opening is supported by by a wooden engineered truss but I do not know its weight bearing capacity. The builder said that the truss should be able to support your doors. A price quote on Red Power pump and/or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Ellis

297 I am looking for a hydraulic lift door that is 12ft high and 12 ft wide form my RV trailer garage. I am looking for pricing on your Schweiss doors that size, with Red Power Electrical System. Please send catalog through mail, Thank you.

298 I am looking for a residential one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss designed garage door that I can mount to the outside of the door opening. Add Red Power Safety advantage system and an extra remote opener to this order. Your doors are the best I've seen.

299 The interior of garage has 10' ceilings. I have 9 foot tall RV that needs to go inside. Current door is 8 tall x 18 wide. I can increase the door opening to 9'6\". Will your hydraulic lift doors work for this? I currently have a cedar door built on a metal frame. Is this possible with your Schweiss Red Power door. If you supply the metal frame, my builder can add the wood. If that's not possible (due to weight or other reason ) I will go with a metal door and paint it. What is your price & delivery for something like this. I live near Dallas Texas. Thanks, Terry

300 Quote for (9) 14 x 13'-6\" Schweiss hydraulic lift garage doors for residential project. All with Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage Systems and two remotes each.

301 Interested in hydraulic lift hanger doors to replace an overhead residential garage door. Please include your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System and two remote door openers.

302 I would like to know the price of a 40 ft x 10 ft high hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a large garage. This comes with your best Red Power hydraulic pump, right? How about remote openers?

303 I just purchased a house with an aircraft hanger which is stucco. I plan to use it to store my cars and motorcycles. Your doors look very interesting, I would like to price out both the Schweiss Bi-fold and Hydraulic lift styles. I hear your Red Power motors are quiet and safe.

304 I am in the market for two of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for an opening on a garage that is 14 x 14 Ft.Can doors be matched to house siding. Can we get your Red Power Safety Advantage System and two remote controls?

305 I would like pricing on a 16' x 8' and a 16'x 9' Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power Electrical system for an existing residential garage application.

306 New quote for 18'x 9' \"garage\" door. Hydraulic Lift with Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System and remote controls (2).  Thank you! please send asap -Rusty

307 We need to design a garage door for a single family residence in San Francisco. We are interested in your bi-folding or hydraulic lift Red Power garage doors because we will be cladding the exterior with a panel material which requires a 1\" furring space for its installation. Would Schweiss Doors be able to provide the frame for this garage door upon which we would apply the finishes? Can we request a quote for a 7' high x 8' wide door like this?

308 Needing a quote tomorrow afternoon on 16 X 14 Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for my garage. Please include cost of Red Power Safety Advantage System and two remote openers.

309 We are working on a six unit apartment building with a garage for 8 cars. We want to face the front of the garage, including the garage doors, in translucent polycarbonate sheets with as few seams as possible. Your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors seem like a good fit in terms of of appearance, but if you have any information on their use in a small, residential setting with wood stud construction as opposed to large agricultural and aviation uses, it would be helpful. Also specs on Red Power hydraulics.

310 We are specifying a pair of Schweiss hydraulic lift garage doors for a project in Watertown. The two units are not large (one at 10'-8\" wide, one at 7'-8 1/2\" wide-both at 7' high) and are interested in your product (aluminum frame, insulated glazing). Could you please forward to us a brochure or architectural binder so that we can explore if your doors and Red Power hydraulic systems would work in this application? Thank you.

311 Could you tell me the minimum door size to create a 10 foot vertical opening on a garage door setting. I'm casing out one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Safety Advantage System. Looks like an awfully fine product. Do you install in New Mexico?  Thank you Andrew.

312 Your Schweiss hydraulic one piec door would be a simple elegant solution for my residential garage door situation. I'm looking for a white, light weight, maintenance free material for the door itself, with a traditional garage door appearance. Will want your new Red Power Electrical system for good lift.

313 I am looking at building a new residential garage and while looking for doors I came across your web page setup. About how much would one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors run to fit into a standard garage door opening of 16' wide x 8' tall? Include door to have Red Power hydraulic pump.

314 Looking for a quote for 2 hydraulic lift doors. One door is 12x16, the other door is 14x16. 16feet is the height for both. I would like glass doors which open with your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic system.

315 I have a 16.6' wide by 7' garage door opening that I would like to replace with your one piece product. Can I get a Schweiss Doors Red Power Safety Advantage System for  it and can it be sided with cedar to match my house.  Martha

316 Looking to do a flush mount, one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss garage door that can be clad in Ipe wood for a residential application. The side columns could be steel if required, whatever is most economic yet functional. Want to assure the door can accomodate the horizontal 3/4 thick x 3 1/2\" Ipe cladding, seems as if the product should have Red Power motor. Is it a quiet running motor?

317 Need a quote on 2 one piece hydraulic lift garage doors 10x10. Will a door this size require a Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pump. Can I get an extra remote for my wife? 

318 I am interested in a Hydraulic lift Schweiss door that would fit in a 14' tall by 22' opening. It's for use on my garage at home. Can I get the Red Power Safety Advantage package with this? Love your doors.

319 Please supply a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 38 ft wide by 8 ft high for my triple stall garage. Will definately want your Red Power hydraulic pump and will want door to match exterior of my red brick lake home.

320 Hello, I have a 16.5' by 7' conventional wood construction garage door that I would like to replace with your Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power unit product. What is the cost range to replace this type of door? Can it match my wood exterior? Can you install in California. Thank you Jason

321 I just recently submited a quote for a 18'x8' Schweiss hydraulic lift garage door. The design has changed and I am getting a new quote for a 18' 3" x 8'  door with the Red Power Safety Advantage System. I don't want any of those cheap pumps that squeal like a pig.  Alfonso

322 19'X20\" Garage is wood frame 2X6 @ 16\" o.c. Door Opening in bearing wall. Door Requirements: Schweiss hydraulic lift, Red Power hydraulic pump door face flush with building face Building Contractor will customize with wood siding after delivered to site.

323 We have a two car garage with an opening about 8 ft h x 20 ft wide. Can you send me a Schweiss Red Power motor and electrical system for it? My neighbor has one of your hydraulic lift doors. That's what I should have got the first time. I'm pretty tight with the buck even though I have a lot of them. Thanks Clarence in Columbia

324 Would like price quote on 12'w x 14'h Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door to go on my garage. Do you have selections on wood siding that can go on this door. It doesn't have to match my house siding, but I want it to look nice.  Jeannie

325 Please provide pricing on three Schweiss hydraulic lift garage doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems and include auto locking and remote feature. Can you also provide pricing for installation? Any additional cost for wood and glass exterior applications.

326 I would like a price for two one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss doors for my garage. Want them with Red Power Safety Advantage systems and extra remote controls.  Patti

327 Building a custom garage. 3 doors. Each apprx. 10ft wide x 8ft tall. Would like to use your Schweiss hydraulic lift because garage will have car lifts. Std. overhead doors cause head room problems. I am interested in the Red Power Electrical operating mechanism. Face of doors need to be custom to match existing architecture. I will provide door faces. Thank-you, Jerry.

328 Dear Sir or Madame, I am inquiring about Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a project in Palmer, Mass. Construction is scheduled to start soon. The project is a pit building with 36 garage bays for a new auto race track. Each garage bay has a front and rear door, total of 72 doors. We plan to clad the doors with polycarbonate panels, and each door requires a 'man-door' for exiting. I have a few questions: 1. can Schweiss doors be installed on an angle? If so, what is the limit? We are sloping the exterior walls approx. 18 degrees as an architectural feature and would like to have the doors sloped as well. 2. Along the 757ft building length, the grade drops approximately 10ft. Would it be best to maintain all doors the same height and vary the head height along the slope? Or would it be best to have sections of 3-6 doors with aligned head heights, and varying door heights? 3. Could you please provide a preliminary quote, excluding cladding, but certainly include recommended Red Power hydraulic lift systems? Best Regards, Flavio.

329 Need a residential one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift  garage door. Door has to have Red Power hydraulic Safety Advantage System and be impact rated for Florida. Door opening is 16' wide by 6'8\" high. Need pricing and delivery time.

330 Please quote a 34'-0\"x12'-0\" Schweiss one piece Hydraulic Lift and/or a Bi-fold door. This door will be installed in a Garage. (White in color). I will want your Red Power backup system on this, and I want you to paint it with a good heat and wind resistant paint for me down in Georgia.

331 We are building a new home and will have a garage built for our 40' RV. This may not be a job you would work on but we need a 14' to 15' high door. If this is a job too small for you possibly you could direct us to a company that builds doors for RV garages. It needs to have a Red Power backup system and custom hydraulic lift Schweiss door to match our house.

332 I have a customer that may need a Schweiss one piece style door. I guess that would be a hydraulic lift variety. Can you call me with pricing for the door. The size is 18x8 and they will want to have a wood exterior because it is for a garage. She's also wanting a Red Power Safety Advantage System.

333 I would like to add a four car garage. Each door Schweiss hydraulic lift door being a standard 8x10. However, I want to install a real wood exterior to each door. I thought that the new Red Power motorized door system might do the trick. How much more for insulation and installed by you? Cost isn't a big factor, I want this to sparkle, just like my reconditioned 1968 Chevy convertible. 

334 I'm very familiar with your terrific hydraulic lift  doors, having 8 of them installed for truck loading drive through as my business. I'm interested in installing one on my new garage under construction but have concerns on vertical clearance. It is on a side wall, not end wall. I want the door to be 24 or 26 ft wide. The framed side wall is ~120 inches height. The eave extension height is 100 inches. Is is safe to assume that with a 12\" wedge that I can still achieve ~ 96\" drive through clearance? I am starting to build the support frame out of 6\" x 10\" x 1/2\" square tubing. I want your Schweiss Red Power hydraulics as usual. They also are terrific.

335 I would like a quote on a one piece garage door. 8' wide X 7' High Its for my boiler room outbuilding. Will it require your Red Power hydraulic pump, or is that standard on all your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors?  Please reply fast. Thank - You! Doc

336 Need two garage doors for private house. Measurements are approximate but accurate within inches. Cannot use traditional garage doors -- will need a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door -- not enough clearance inside garage.Can I get this with your Red Power Safety Advantage System and two remote openers for each door?

337 Hello, I'm putting together plans for a 2 car garage for my home. In looking for doors I found your website. Do you have standard one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for residential applications? I am looking to have an opening about 8' tall by 16' wide. The garage is a basic stick built design. Are there any special construction considerations? What would a door like this cost? I am interested a basic white steel \"panel\" style with insulation. Some type of window is desirable. Your website states that you install. Would you allow me to install? Do you have any specific literature or specifications for Red Power hydraulic pump residential applications that you could send? Thank you for your time. Regards,

338 Can these be used as hydraulic lift one piece garage doors? My father in law has low storage inside is garage that prevents the use of a standard roll up door and your doors look like they might work great. Your Schweiss Red Power backup systems are something I would also want.  Please contact me at the number above

339 Looking for price and delivery of two 9' X 8' insulated one piece hydraulic lift garage doors. Will a door this size have your special Schweiss Red Power motor on it? Can I get it with redwood exterior?

340 I am trying to gather information for my boss, who would like to do a garage remodel. his garage doors are carriage style and are two different heights. one is 6-4 and the other is 6-6. He'd like to have a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door or possibly a bifold door. Which do you recommend and what other options can we get with it?   Wanda

341 My garage building has 24x14 sliding doors. I hate them and want to replace with your better Schweiss hydraulic doors. Can you flip me a price to include your Red Power System.

342 I am thinking about a garage addition at my home and considering a Schweiss Doors once piece hydraulic door with painted siding to match the rest of the building. Looking for a price estimate for the the door Red Power operator and framing. I will locally add the siding.

343 I am currently designing a new home with a very large attached garage that will accommodate my Motorhome ( 13' high x 36'long x8'wide) The garage door must be large.( Probably 40' wide by 13' high). I realize that there are many factors involved in pricing, but I need a estimate in order to determine if such a Schweiss hydraulic door is feasible. I intend to insulate the door since I live in upstate New York, and the winters can be quite cold and windy. Would it be possible to obtain a ball park estimate on such a door fitted with a Red Power pump?

344 I am constructing a new shop and a carport at my business, the clear opening for the shop will be 20' wide by 12' tall with metal R panel siding. The opening for the carport will be 24' wide by 8' tall, I would like to skin these hydraulic doors with cedar siding to match details on existing building. I will install these doors myself [ have been building for 35 years ] If you could tell me close price for these units, and what is the space required for the Red Power motors and frame structure of the 24'X8' and if this unit could have skin on inside to cover any mechanical features of the door, this door requires a more finished look on the inside. Tommy

345 Our carport opening is 8' high x 24'wide. I would like an estimated cost for a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system to fill this opening.

346 Hi.....I am a very crafty person when it comes to building and construction and keep thinking of how tired I am of my garage door and it's always noisy opener...I can't stop thinking about a Schweiss hydraulic door especially now that you stock those quiet, smooth running Red Power pumps...not one that slides but one that is pretty much like a bi-fold door you would find on the interior of a home on a closet etc. one that open's horizontally on a upper and or lower track or a upper track with a jamb side pivot of some sort.....we don't park our trucks in the garage there simply too big..what do you think and any idea how much it would cost?? thanks Larry

347 Would like to install your hydraulic one piece door on my garage, the opening is 16'w x 7' h . what would be my price range with your Red Power hydraulic electrical system attached.

348 Please quote for 3 hydraulic Schweiss one piece garage doors x Width 9' 2\" HT 10' 1 door x Width 8' 2\" HT 10' Opening Height for all doors: 9' 11\" Can I get the Red Power cylinders and and extra remotes for this.

349 It would make my day to get a Schweiss Hydraulic Door with frame for external of garage made of concrete blocks. I'm tired of sliding the door open for my wife, especially in the winter.  I'd want a Red Power backup system and two remotes.

350 I need a Schweiss hydraulic door for an 18'X7 opening in a residential garage. It should be attractive but not ornate. It need not be heavy duty, but suppose all your doors are heavy duty. The garage will be used for auto restoration hobby work with an auto lift inside. Red Power opening with remotes requested.


352 I have an existing carport in Whitehorse that I want to enclose into a garage. There's a beam in the center of my carport with two posts supporting it, and I want to frame for two seperate insulated hydraulic doors. From the concrete to the underside of the joists is 8ft, and to the underside of the center beam is 7'4\". The width dimensions from where the outside curb walls will be, to the center of the existing support beam are approx.;12'8\", and 11'6\". How wide do I need to make the left and right curb walls, and the wall dividing the two doors? Also, I plan to run a 12\"w parallam beam from end to end, and run the center beam into it?? Can the doors be mounted directly to the parallam? And also, how far down does the Schweiss door sit when it is fully opened? Will Red Power Safety Advantage System allow me to stop door in mid operation and stay there? That's it for now. Thanks.

353 I am interested in pricing info. for a 10'x10' rough opening one piece hydraulic door assembly. The door is part of a remodel project for county health services and needs to be some type of metal panel (i.e. aluminum garage door) for the security of the medical supplies which will be stored there. The existing building has a steel structure with an exterior finish of EIFS. Also, there is an existing storefront window which will be removed before installation of the new garage door. Cargo vans and small shipping trucks will be the intended vehicles used to bring in the required medical supplies. Also, if you could price this with a Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System and five remote openers. Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to your reply.

354 I am in the process of planning for a 2 car garage. I have drawings for a 24ft deep X 28ft wide garage with a 10ft wall and a 14ft peak. I want an 8h x 16w Schweiss hydraulic door, but will an overhead take away space from an automotive lift. Your door with Red Power Electrical System seems like the solution. Can you give me a quote for a 8X16 door, with auto opener, shipped to upstate NY. Thanks



357 Looking for an RV garage door and it appears that a Schweiss hydraulic door may work in lieu of the normal roll up doors that look so big and ugly. The proposed garage door opening in 18' wide x 14' high and I'm hoping to make it look more like a normal garage door (18' x 8') with stucco & maybe even windows on the top 6' section to match the home. Can the one piece door be different heights (6' on top, 8' on bottom)? with stucco on the top section and wood on the bottom that looks like an upper end residential garage door. Another option would be to use a normal RV garage door 18' x 14' and just use your one piece door to drop down in front of the large garage door to create the appearance of a smaller garage door -- your door would only need to be opened when the RV is taken in/out of the garage, but I still want your exclusive Red Power hydraulic pump system for good lift. This is a residential property and the quality must be very good to be approved by the architectural committee. Thanks and please get with me soon -- final plans are almost completed. Thanks, Pauley.

358 I'm interested in converting my standard garage doors to Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors. I want to add lifts to my garage and the doors are in the way. I have three standard, single garages. What would I need, both door and Red Power pump automated opener? What would the cost be? I'd need them shipped to North Liberty, Iowa. Thanks, Jim

359 I have a 26 X 34 garage with a standard 10' garage door. I own a motorhome that is 10' 3\" and so will not fit in the garage. Inside he bottom of the rafters are high enough for the motorhome to clear but not enough higher for a standard roll up garage door with rails. Do you have one piece hydraulic door installations with Red Power hydraulics for residential garages like my application? I needs a size about 10' wide by 11' high. If you have such a door, which might it's price be? P.S. I have already accounted for the work that would be needed to increase the existing door header height.

360 Hi, we are doing a project where your Schweiss hydraulic glass garage doors might be suited. Can you send us more information on this type of system. Mabye some more imagry of installed system and pdf (cut sheets). the rough dimensions are 21' wide by 12' high (or 2 6' pieces). any information you can give us would help in this initial push so we can start specing them and your Red Power hydraulic pump units. Eddie.

361 I need a hydraulic door 16' wide 7' tal for a standard garage, and I am planning on using a carraige house door style which I will build but dont want the overhead track in my at home cabinet shop, I was wondering if I can get a blank insulated door like you make and apply a cedar frame work on the front to match my current garage door. I would need all your hardware but would like to add the trim to the front of it with some type of glass lights across the top when its closed. I was planning on using a traditional bifold set up and came across your Schweiss hydraulic that lifts up. I am not sure if I even need a mechanical means to raise if its something I can lift,. It wont get opened much, but if your Red Power system comes with it, put it on. The weight of what I would add would be less than 200lbs. please advise on your thoughts and cost for something like this, Thanks, Scooter.

362 I am looking for a outward opening hydraulic Red Power lift door for a auto garage. The door needs to be for a 16' x 8' opening and usable on a daily basis with an opener. Can you give me prices and options by e-mail please? I would love to have one that looks like a natural wood door.

363 I have a garage with a 9x7 opening that a conventional garage door will not fit because the head space inside is too low. I saw a Schweiss door that is hydraulic lift and it appears it would work well. I'm wondering about cost, installation, are they insulated, Can the Red Power system be put on an automatic opener, etc.? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa

364 I'm tearing down an old frame garage to rebuild. An alley runs along my property and garage in the rear. I will have regular garage doors(3) facing the alley. I'm interested in one of your one piece hydraulic doors powered by Schweiss Red Power cylinders on the side facing the house. Something around 8'wide and 7' high. Also, I live in a historical district and I'm limited to what I can use for siding. Is it possible to buy a door kit without siding and I use the same as I'm using on the garage? thanks, Nick

365 We are considering replacing the pivoting, pull-up garage door (original door for house built in 1963) with one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. The present wood frame and aluminum sheet metal enclosed door (faces west) radiates abundant summer heat into the garage space which has mostly been converted into a den. It seems that an insulated, one piece door would allow for energy savings in addition to enabling easy access to the attic space above the \"garage\". In concept, I am already sold by your Red Power hydraulic Safety Advantage System. It's the cost of one that I am worried about! Thanks, kind regards, Lidia.

366 I'm interested in purchasing one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors for my garage .... the measurements are 80 inches high by 94 inches wide. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a door with frosted safety glass, double pained for insulation and Red Power Safety Advantage System to Winnepeg, Canada .

367 Looking for a one piece Schweiss \"hanger\" type hydraulic door for my garage at home. I think your doors are much more functional, not to mention appeasing to the eye over a conventional garage door. Looking at your Red Power hydraulic pump, I can see that certainly will be much better than the conventional \"screw type\" lift.

368 Need Schweiss garage doors 104 wide x 87 \" tall 104 wide x 97 1/2\" Tall. Hydraulic one piece model with Red Power backup system and remotes.

369 I want to install a Schweiss hydraulic door inside my double length garage - it would have to have Red Power Safety Advantage System, a 36 inch walk through door on the left and span approximately 18 feet. The height of the ceiling is 12 feet.

370 I am working on a private residence and we would like to use your Schweiss Doors one piece hydraulic product, we have two single car door openings, and one double door condition. I would like to design these doors, I have our conditions drawn up in autocad and would like to further discuss and detail our opening to work with your door Red Power  components, please put me in contact with a Schweiss engineer or contact person to design a door system that works best with our requirements, look forward to hearing from you, Best regards, Fred, Quebec, Canada

371 I will be constructing a 3 car detached garage in the near future, and need overhead clearance inside as I will be storing a 4th vehicle on a 4 post lift. I am interested in your one piece Schweiss hydraulic  doors with your Red Power Electrical System, and will need a clear opening size for one door of 16' wide and 7' high ; a second door clear opening size to be 8' wide and 7' high. What would the actual dimensions of the door be? The garage will be built to match a Tudor style home built in 1916; I tentatively would like the doors to have the appearance of wooden carriage doors without using wood - any suggestions on materials? I would like something without windows, and with some insulation if possible - do you manufacture doors in other that thin aluminum? Please send an estimated quote including shipping to the California address, as well as estimate of time from ordering to delivery and installation time.

372 I previously purchased a Schweiss custom made  40x14 hydraulic hangar door. Now I need a second door for my big garage for a clear opening of 34'x10' with max height of 15' to work with. I love your Red Power hydraulic pump safety advantage system setup, make sure you put the same one on this door. I'll have cookies and homemade caramel rolls waiting for your friendly assembly crew.  Melba

373 Looking for a standard Schweiss hydraulic one piece small 8'x8' garage door. Aluminum with glass, I can send you a photo of a similar door. I'm wondering if I even need a red hydraulic pump for a door this size. I'm almost 72 and not as strong as I used to be in my old wrestling days.

374 I'm looking for a residential hydraulic one piece garage door to eliminate the mechanics in my ceiling to provide space for auto lifts. The door opening is roughly 18x7 feet. Can the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump be detached from the side of the door, kinda out of sight?

375 I'm looking for a one piece hydraulic garage door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump. Clear opening size of 3,340mm wide x 2,183mm tall. Please can you tell me what the cost and delivery time would be and whether you are able to ship to the UK (and, if so, what the cost is)? Regards Donal

376 We are building a few homes to replace many of which were victims of the big burnout near Bastrop last summer. All of these will have the same size garage doors, please email me your best bid on your one piece hydraulic Schweiss Door with stucco exteriors to match homes. All doors will need extra remotes and Red Power Safety Advantage Systems. Do you discount for multiple orders of same size door?  No insulation needed in this part of southeast Texas.

377 We have two entrances to our parking garage; personal vehicles and our loading dock/waste/bus transit operation. Our loading dock operation is accessed by a large opening, 15' high, 40' wide. On a hydraulic door this size, how long would it take for your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic system to open and shut? The passenger car entrance is much smaller, 10' high and 24' wide, but will be opening and closing hundreds of times a day. Thanks, Nels .

378 I'm seeking a single lifting hydraulic garage door for my home (ie 2 car garage). With the option of a pass through door in the garage door. I'd want the Schweiss Safety Advantage System on it.

379 This is the inside opening size for a Schweiss hydraulic door. The side walls are block with a wood header. This is also our car parking and is the only entrance. We like the idea of remotes and how is the duty to be used as a garage door as well? We are a returning customer you built a bifold door for us around 1998. We have a Mooney so the open height is not as critical but would like to most Red Power hydraulic system options as possible.

380 Looking for a price quote on a Schweiss hydraulic  door for a private residence. On a small, townhouse lot in an urban condition, our home's back \"yard\" is a parking pad that is open to the alley behind us. The opening is 10 feet wide, and I would need a door high enough for a small car to clear. Thinking of budget materials for the frame, Red Power hydraulic pump, remote opening capabilities, and translucent panels. Plus delivery to Philadelphia, PA

381 Could you tell me the min. height for a Schweiss hydraulic door opening on an existing wood garage door opening? Do your small door orders come with Red Power hydraulic pumps or do you use a less powerful version?

382 I am very interested in the benefits of the bi-fold door versus the standard one piece hydraulic lift \"garage door\" style. Especially the cost difference. This will be a pretty big door to open three stalls so am thinking a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump would be the way to go. What do you think?

383 Looking for a one piece door for motor home garage, 16' wide & 13' high. door opening size. Should be fitted with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump and lift system.

384 I would like more information and pricing on garage doors - Schweiss designer quality with Red Power Safety Advantage System. I am looking for 2 single garage doors. Many thanks

385 I would like to explore the feasibility of installing a three car one piece garage door (I am assuming Schweiss hydraulic lift) The overall width would be approximately 28' and clear height at approximately 10'-11'. These dimensions I will confirm upon my arrival home. I have digital pictures showing current reconstruction of the premises which will show the existing/new steel spanning the distance that I am still contemplating whether or not I should abandon my search for a three car garage door. The website gives me some hope that a hydraulic door with your fortified Red Power pump would work which brings me to this inquiry. I have the structural calculations for the existing span/steel recently installed. The best way of contacting me would be the mobile #. Thank-You Sincerely Jonathan C, Montego Bay, CA

386 I am designing a garage/workshop at the back of my narrow lot and would like to receive some info on a single-wide hydraulic (8') garage door with the possibility of having an upper glass panel, kind of Schweiss designer style. Include Red Power Electrical System and extra remote.

387 I am looking for a one piece hydraulic Schweiss garage door for my house. The current opening is about 15'6\" and 7' high. I don't want to take up any room in the garage, so we are considering building out or putting the door outside of the current opening, so the door size can be larger and so that we don't lose any height going in. What kind of Red Power openers are needed? What room is required for the opener? Does the new Schweiss backup system come with it?

388 Can you please help me solve our height problem. The garage is grand fathered and we are trying to raise the floor due to water puddling. This leaves us with a opening clearance of 7ft or 84 to 85 inches. We noticed your Schweiss hydraulic doors as well as the bi-fold on your web site. Can you please advise us what would be the best solution for our home and quote us some options on Red Power hydraulic pumps and how they could benefit us for this tricky deal? Thanks, Rafial. I have pictures available if that helps.

389 We are rebuilding our detached garage. The garage door will measure 16 feet wide by 7 feet 6 inches high. We are considering using Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors, because a friend recommended your doors. The house is a Spanish stucco style from 1926, and the garage will be built to match. We want wooden framed doors with windows. (The wooden frames will match the rest of the windows and doors on the house and garage.) I am not sure what size Red Power hydraulic pump system to order. Is there a remote door opener or is it only hydraulic lift? How much interior space will the doors occupy? Thank you for the response.


391 I have a large garage that I am trying to store an ultralight in. Currently this garage has three sets of overhead doors side by side with about two feet in between each and then at the end there is a large RV overhead door at the far left end of the building. I am wanting to use the two middle sets of door area and put in a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door about 40' wide x 10' tall. Can you tell me what the price would be for a bifold versus a hydraulic door and is this something that most people can do or will I need an erector for it and Red Power Electrical System.

392 Interested in Schweiss hydraulic hanger doors for a residential garage. I like the idea of the one piece because when lifted it could provide and shade and rain shield. Also impressed with your Red Power Safety Advantage System. Please call at you earliest convenience. Thank you Erik

393 I am looking for a 12' high and 20' wide hydraulic one pc. garage door with remotes. I also noticed that your website had a color match and new Red Power hydraulic pump, etc. Can I get the frame and install my own skin? Thanks, Todd

394 Hello Schweiss, Would you have an agent in Australia who would be able to fit one of your Red Power Pump hydraulic Schweiss doors to a carport 5.3 mtrs. wide.The system you use seems ideal for our situation. Regards Norm C.

395 I am in Iraq right now so a phone call is impossible. Please give me prices delivered to my house for a Schweiss one piece garage door wide enough for two vehicles and a boat. Also, The various prices for you to install if I don't have the time to do it myself. I believe Red Power pump doesn't cost extra. Thanks, Joe

396 I am working on an 8' high x 24' wide vehicular parking garage door. Please recommend a bi-fold (with lift straps) or Schweiss hydraulic one piece door (with Red Power hydraulic pump) that would fit in this opening. Thanks Denny

397 This is for my home. I currently have 2 garage doors which I want to convert into one Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power Safety Advantage System.. They are separated by brick (just on the outside, both doors open into one large space. Is it possible to convert the 2 small doors into one large one and what would the cost be? I want it to look good to match my house like I saw on your web.

398 I'm looking to replace a 16' by 7' residential garage door (standard 4 panel vertical sliding). Because there will be some remodeling in the overhead space where the door currently slides into, we are looking at solutions which don't take up space inside the garage. I was talking to another manufacturer about horizontally sliding doors when he mentioned that I should also check out your Schweiss hydraulic lift product. I'd appreciate an approximate quote or range including approximate shipping by email, as well as any comments you might have about lead time and installing such a door in a residential project. Appreciate your response. John

399 Hiya. I'm interested in a garage door for an apartment building in Eugene, OR. 22' wide, 7' high. Needs to operate quietly, rapidly and frequently so I've decided on a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with Red Power Safety Avantage System. I also want a absolute minimum height for the door operator.  OK??  Rick.

400 I am interested in price of a commercial Schweiss hydraulic door for a three car garage on Long Island, New York. Please advise what information you need in order to provide a quote. I am interested in knowing the different types of material for commercial garage doors and information on your Red Power Safety Advantage System. Also, I need automatic feature. Thank you.

401 I am looking for a new one piece door for my one car garage in South Minneapolis. What kind of options do you have for me? Can I get your Schweiss safety advantage system for it and one extra remote control to open it?

402 I am interested in a hydraulic one piece door that can be covered on the outside with wood to look like a carriage style door. I would require two garage doors for openings 18'x 9'. The interior of the door also would need to receive a finish covering.Please include your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump and Red Power back up system.

403 We are looking for a 9x7 hydraulic lift Schweiss garage door for our basement garage. There is no header room for a traditional garage door. Do you have anything to offer that would work for us, and would be attractive? Will it come with your new Red Power hydraulic safety advantage system?  

404 Dear Sir, Madame I wish to purchase a hidraulic hinge Red Power pump one piece aluminum style door for a large garaje door. The Schweiss door size is 5 meters (aprox 5.5 yds) x 3.4 meters Weight of the door is approx 350 -400 lbs. Please send me a price quotation including oversea shipping container cost. Regards Alex N.

405 For my car garage... 16 high 16 wide opening. Is this cost effect for a small car garage. T111 siding. I sold my airplane but I always loved your doors, I thought it would look cool for my shop. How much for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with Red Power Electrical system shipped to Seattle? Thank you so much for your time Robert

406 I would like the price and/or availability of hyd door or bifold door for my two car residential garage. Our head room is limited for a standard garage door - the ceiling is low because it's on an older home. The door opening is approximately 20 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall. Can you provide a ballpark figure on cost, then I'll let you know if I want to continue and purchase the hydraulic door for my residential application. A remote control for vehicle would be required. I'm 10 miles west of Memphis, TN.

407 I would like to use the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door as a garage door, as it would also act as a sunshade when opened. I heard the hydraulic door can hang off my endwall like a canopy. Cool!

408 We are looking for a 10' wide by 5' tall one-piece hydraulic lift door to be installed over the upper part of a construction truck garage door that is 10' wide by 12' tall. The idea is to mask the height of the door and make it appear like a standard garage door. We will cover the door panel(s) with the same siding as on the building. We also want a motorized opening system for this door, but it needs to operate quickly and quietly. What's this I've been hearing about Red Power? Also, the new hydraulic door should not interfere with the movement of the existing 10x12 door.

409 My client likes your bi-fold doors for his new garage. Do you sell through a distributor, or should I direct my garage door contractor to buy directly from you? Also, I need to spec these doors. They will need insulation and to be covered with 22 gauge oxidized, corrugated steel (to match rest of the building detail). Is there someone who can work with me so my spec doesn't leave anything out and is good to go? Please email or call. Thanks.

410 We are interested in a Schweiss byfold or hydro. garage door 9 feet wide 8 feet high. Insulated, Red Power pump options. Can exterior have wood on it. Do you install in Ohio?  Thanks Mark

411 I'm looking in a Schweiss hydraulic door for my Residential Garage. I don't see a lot of choices out there but you and one other company, and I like Schweiss Door better. I have a 16' wide opening with 9' height, The sides of the opening is cider block (new construction) and the header is not installed at this time (until I find the door requirements) I'm not looking for heavy duty, but do like your Red Power hydraulic pump, just something to do this job at home in a smooth way. So is this something you can do? and if so would you give me more info on this. Thanks, John.

412 I am in need of a new garage door for more room. I current have a typical roll up garage door but it sits inside the building and I am needing a few more interior lenght inches to house a motor home. Does your custom Schweiss hydraulic garage doors fit on the outside of the door and the Red Power hydraulic pump units put within any range you wish. Please have some one contact me to clarify this and get a price quote. Thank you.

413 Hello, I am considering replacing my current rollup conventional garage doors with a bifold door solution. The current doors cover an opening 8 feet wide and 7 feet high. Can you tell me the range of prices I can expect if you could manufacture a bifold door to do this? I would like the top portion to have windows and for the door to look like a top grade wood door from the outside. Can you tell me how much of the 7 foot height would be used by the door when it is fully up? Can the lift motor assembly be attached to the wall above the door? Do you have any doors installed in the San Jose/San Francisco area on residential garages that I could see? Thank you.

414 I want to put a Schweiss one piece door on a new garage I will be building next year and need to get more information on design specifics. I expect the hydraulic lift door will be 9-10' wide and 9' high. I want to be able to drive in with canoes on top of my van and store them suspended from the garage ceiling - thus the desire for no support system as required for roll-up doors. Construction will be new so design is open at this point. I expect wood frame with concrete block columns between doors (probably a 3 door garage with the Red Power motor on the side). Steel columns could be placed along side or in front of the block columns to support the door. Do you have a design book that provides the data I need to work out the design details?

415 I am building a house for a client, where the Schweiss hydraulic door seems like a good solution. The client is building a 3 car stackable garage, and the one piece hydraulic or bi-fold door may be the only door whose retraction would not interfere with the cars, etc., as they are stacked. With that said, and I'll confirm dimensions with you, but I need a  door that is about 9' tall, and about 31' wide. We are planning on cladding the door with either brushed stainless steel, or polished stainless. If you do not have stainless capabilities, there are a couple of competent contractors locally, and I would simply need the Red Power pump door system and opener, with some door infrastructure that will allow me to attach my stainless. Please advise your capabilities and a budget price for this door. Regards, Dean R.

416 Dear Madam/Sir, I am a sales staff of China Aero Technology Co.Ltd. Right now my customer wants to build a garage. And he likes your Schweiss Doors company's product, and the one piece hydraulic lift door's specification is:width--6m,height--2.4m. And the quantity is 2. Right now we don't know which kind of your products is suitable for us. And if we can cooperate with you, in your opinion what's kind of cooperation form is better. We have two tentative plans about it:1.we buy your products directly; sell parts of your products, like Red Power pump technology which contain core technology (confidential) to us,and about the rest of them you can teach us to produce it by ourselves. I am not sure whether the second plan is possible, please give us some suggestions. And we also need to enquire the price of this product. If you cann't give us a accurate price, please kindly quote a approximate price for us because we need to compare it with budget.I look forward to your response(please reply it to my company's email,thank you very much). Best Regards, Zuo

417 Do you have a contractor handling your bifold door in the Washington area? Seen your Schweiss Doors one-piece hydraulic door advertisement in the local paper. We need a one-piece hydraulic door for our automotive repair shop so we need automotive repair shop hydraulic doors from Schweiss Doors.

418 I have an auto repair shop 72'x36' with 14' eaves. The car garage/repair shop I run has three hydraulic door openings on a side wall. Car repair shop is pole construction with a concrete floor. Need Two one-piece hydraulic auto shop doors that are 12x 14 on each end of the sidewall and a center one-piece Schweiss auto shop door that is 24x 14. each of the one-piece durable hydraulic doors are framed with 6x6 poles. The center Schweiss one-piece hydraulic auto repair shop door has a laminated header.

419 Hi there....I'm after a motorized bi-fold or one-piece hydraulic paneled garage door....with a vertical fold....the hydraulic paneled garage doors need to stack to one you have such paneled hydraulic doors....the size of the hydraulic door garage opening is 3000mm wide x 2200mm high cheers

420 We are looking for a steel foldup or hydraulic swing door that can have an integral egress outswinging door built into the garage door. This one-piece hydraulic garage door or bifold garage door will require that there be no tripping hazard at the bottom. The garage door itself is roughly 9' by 9'. Please let me know if you are able to manufacturer this product. Please let me know if this is not enough hydraulic garage door information and I can send a hydraulic garage door opening sketch. Thanks.

421 Looking for a energy efficient hydraulic garage door from Schweiss Doors for my home I am building in Mi. We need Schweiss custom built hydraulic doors for this round house. 8' panels turn 12 degrees every 8'. The garage level is furnished by precast walls. they are 10' high. can you help with a one-piece hydraulic door design , and , what about door cost. A Schweiss Door will work for my special application. I want a 20' quiet running one-piece hydraulic  door.

422 We have an inside garage storage door opening 10 ft. wide 5 ft. high 2' deep. will Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors or Schweiss Bi-folds work?

423 Hi, I have a garage 34ft wide, and I'm looking for one-piece garage hydraulic doors by Schweiss Doors. I have three garage door bays that is 11' 4\" wide each. the side door bays are 11 ft tall, and the middle door bay is 13ft tall and the front is all open know post but the sides. I was wondering how I could do this

424 Currently have a two car garage and would like to convert to a one door one-piece hydraulic door configuration. Total opening is now 18' by 7' high. New one-piece hydraulic door would be 13' wide with a 3' standard entry door into garage separate. There is room above new hydraulic door for header to attach door since garage is 8' high inside. Hydraulic door is on gable end of cape house. Is it worth trying to install bifold or one-piece hydraulic door by Schweiss Doors? Approx. cost of hydraulic or bi-fold Schweiss door? Thank you

425 I have a 14' x 7-3\" RO for a new Schweiss custom made hydraulic door. I need hardware for this hydraulic door too. The one-piece hydraulic door can be a steel carriage style. Ok with hydraulic one piece door or horizontal bi-fold door. I have no head room. The zero headroom hydralic garage door looks intriguing. The garage has concrete walls. Thanks!

426 I would like two 9'wx8'h bifold doors or one-piece large moving hydraulic doors installed in my older wooden garage. What is the cost of garage hydraulic doors, hydraulic door freight and hydraulic door installation?

427 I came across an ad for Schweiss Doors and I'm interested in the price for two 12' wide x 8' high bifold garage doors or one-piece hydraulic garage doors. Will you please send me the hydraulic door models and bifold door models available along with a hydraulic and bifold Schweiss doors price sheet. Thanks

428 want to put Schweiss one-piece hydraulic garage doors at the end of our shelter, We have very little clearance for a standard garage type door. Looking for something that will work for us. The hydraulic door measurements below are very close to the side of opening.

429 Hello; I have a garage door opening of 50x17. Is there any one-piece Schweiss hydraulic garage door that we can use that will allow us the full use of the 17 feet , currently have a bi-fold door that only allows us a little less than 15 feet of opening. The hydraulic garage door needs to be insulated well enough for New Hampshire winters. Thank you

430 We are looking for an alternative to our current bi-fold \"garage doors\" for a retailer we are working with. We will be doing 5 more stores in 2008 and 10 in 2009. We use the bi-fold doors as an alternative front entry into a department in the store. Our basic door specs are 3 separate hydraulic doors with glazing and aluminum frames, 10-11ft tall x 9-10ft wide. Could you please provide us with hydraulic door pricing and finish options. Thank you,

431 I am still not sure on which large moving Schweiss door application of your door product would best suit my needs. I feel the issue that I have is that is I am not sure how much door alteration will be required. I was looking at your hydraulic door products as a garage door replacement. Thank you for your time and attention.

432 We are looking for a large commercial hydraulic garage door that will need to be about 60 feet wide by about 16 feet tall. I do not have any specific kind in mind, whatever will be the most cost effective way. Can you let me know if you can do a large commercial hydraulic garage door and estimated large commercial hydraulic garage door cost. Thank You

433 Hello, I need to spec a bi-fold garage door or a residential hydraulic garage door for a residential project and would like more hydraulic garage door information and a price quote. The clear opening is 28'x7'-8\" in a wood framed garage. The one-piece hydraulic garage door would need to have an applied cedar cladding and sit flush with exterior wall.

434 Please provide us with your email address to send you our inquiry of a one-piece hydraulic garage door. Regds.

435 Can I get a Bi-Fold door or the one piece hydraulic door made for a two car garage? What would be an approximate cost of a hydraulic garage door? Or do you need specific garage door dimensions? I'm in California.

436 In planning stage for building a garage for 2 cars and a boat and need 2, later 3, functional, attractive garage doors. I am not sure about the exact size of the doors, only the function. These doors will be seen 24/7 since they will be in a court yard in front of our Lake Ontario cottage. Do you have an e-mailable list of options for design for the doors. I like the no loss of ceiling space feature of bi-fold doors. I had a hangar built which included 46 ft. bi-fold door which must have been a copy of your doors. It had cables. Straps would be better according to Mr. Schweiss. It would be appreciated if you could give cost ranges for the doors---just ball park high/low numbers on bifolds and hydraulic one piece doors.

437 This would be for a residential application. I'm interested in a door clad in wood trim for my garage. Prefer your hydraulic one piece door with red power pump and motor and safety features.

438 Was wondering if you could give me a price on a hydraulic garage door for my building, I will install the door myself or if this is too small of a door to get that way or what other choices I may have for this door that you have. I would want it insulated.

439 I am planning an auxilary garage/shop to be used to restore/ maintain my hobby automobiles. It will essentially be an oversize two-car garage. The door opening will be around 9 ft high and 10-12ft wide. I need full clearance inside for a lift. I saw your ad in Flying magazine which makes the bi-fold door and hydraulic door look ideal for my purpose. Can the door be made to match my existing (wood door) architecture style? Any special construction techniques required? I am in the Sacramento area --- any local dealers or installers? This is not an immediate project, I am collecting design ideas for when I have a little more time for my hobbies --- So a general brochure with basic cost, design & construction requirements will be sufficient for the present. Thank you!

440 Hi, I'm needing a ballpark quote on a hydraulic lift door (insulated) to replace the 10'W x 12'T roll-up garage door on my studio building. Please quote it w/out the motor, using the manual crank instead. I've already been quoted a price by another door company. for replacing the old existing door with an insulated roll-up, but I'm not sold at all on a roll-up and I'm wondering how your product pricing would compare to that cost. Thank you! Joe

441 Hydraulic door quote for a residential garage....with white translucent panels ( glass if possible) for a quote please include shipping...and lead time thanks

442 Dear Schweiss, Do you have cad details for your bi-folding and hydraulic lift door? I'm drawing up a garage door for a residential project here in San Francisco and CAD details would help me greatly. Please contact me by email or phone. Regards, Stephanie

443 My purpose in looking at this type of door is to remove all parts of the door from the interior garage space. I am particulary interested in how far the door extends into the interior (how deep are the trusses and motor). The building is a residential 1970's type wood building two stories over the garage. Do you think your hydraulic door would be better for this. Your website says the Red Power unit can be mounted in varied locations, and with the door opening outward it wouldn't take up an interior space. 

444 I need prices for two doors. One is 18'x8' One is 9'x8' I would like smooth flat metal doors. I would like the Schweiss hydraulic lift style. These will be for residential use on a wood frame house garage. Let me know $$$ ASAP. Thanks John

445 I have a residential project that I need a garage door for. Can you make an aluminum bi-fold door or hydraulic door with frosted glass panels (similar to the last photo on your commercial photos page on your website)?

446 I'm building an RV garage and would like a quote on a one piece hydraulic garage door with the \"M\" mounting style, internal truss, insulation (R-9?), and a covered/finished inside surface. The exterior of the RV garage hydraulic door will be either steel panel (to mimic a regular garage door) or stucco.

447 I have a customer that needs a garage door (18'x8'). We cannot install a regular door due to a car-lift inside the garage. Our options are a one piece hydraulic Red Power pump system. We can manufacture the door itself, just need everything else. Can you give a rough quote provided what little info I do have right now? Thanx, David

448 Hello We are looking to place a 7x18' hydraulic door on our garage and we need to know if you could provide us a detailed CAD representation of your door. We need it because we will start building next month and have to know the right dimensions for our concrete wall. Thank you

449 I am building a 30x40 garage and am interested in a ROM quote for a 16W x 12H hydraulic door to put into one of the gable ends. I am comparing it to a roll-up garage door, so cost will play a roll. A manual door would be fine.

450 I am in need of a garage door to fit an opening 10'tall x 15'wide. Originally searching for a sliding door system. Found your site and like what I see. Looks like sliding doors have gone the way of the dinosaur. One piece hydraulic interests me. I was concerned about loss of power operation, but noticed your Red Power pumps have not one, but three backup systems, that's outstanding. Please respond with different pricing options. Thanks. Richmond, Va.

451 Do you sell garage doors. I want the one piece with 12x8 feet. what is the price for that?

452 Price 2-24/16 one piece hydralic garage doors. Can these be designed with two windows in each door and and walk thru door.

453 I need a ball park cost to buy/install a hydraulic door on my home. It's is standard 2 car garage door. Can the outside of the door match the outside of my house.  thanks, Richard

454 Hi, We are renovating our home and need information regarding a 18 foot wide one piece garage door. We saw one of yours on the cover of \"Green Source\" magazine featuring the Global Ecology Centre in Stanford, California. We are in Calgary, Canada. We need as much ceiling height inside our garage as possible for a car lift so an outward opening door like yours would be perfect. Do we purchase the door from you and then have someone here finish the door with the wood, trim, etc., that we want? How much does a door like this cost approximately? Do you have 18 foot doors in stock for shipping? Thanks.

455 I am a contractor on Long Island and have a client that is interested in a 9' wide x 7' high one piece hydraulic lift garage door with vertical cedar siding. Would you please contact me regarding this request. Thank you, Rick K.

456 I would like a price for two 16'wide X 14'tall hydraulic one piece doors with remote controll for my garage. Can I get them with 3' tall insulated  windows that would be placed about three feet down from the top.

457 Saw your ad in Successful Farming magazine and was curious about putting your hydraulic door in a garage I am thinking of building soon. The garage will be a 30X30 with 10 or 12 foot sidewalls. Please quote a door in 10 X18 and 12X18. Also do you sell just the door frame that I can cover with the same material that is going to be used on the rest of the building?

458 Please send info & pricing for 39' by 12' hydraulic one piece garage door to: Robert at above address. Sincerely, BOB

459 I have a 10' x 7' opening how much for a single leaf  hydraulic garage door (knee knocker) no motor manual operation only ship to Kansas Thanks Ryan

460 Hi, Looking to get hydraulic garage door for new construction 12' wide 10' high, insulated for north coastal weather, raised panel exterior or textured exterior with weather-proof package. Red Power cylinder system desired. Row of small windows in top half also desired. How far beyond opening width is needed to have weather proof door?

461 My garage is 40' wide. I need a one piece door.  I moved the door from center to one side to have enough room to slide it. The opening is 9' x 16'. Can you help me? I also have another garage opening on the same building that is 16' x 8'. I'm guessing a hydraulic overhead will work there. If you sell standard overheads in addition to bifolds I would get them both from you. Sami G.

462 Do you have hydraulic doors for home garage I am not sure about the size just standard door sizes im sure

463 Replacement needed for sliding garage door. I'd like a one piece hydraulic door that is wind rated. Shipped and erected by Schweiss Door crew in Tarpon Springs, Florida. How do I go about giving you the dimensions. Can I just measure the size of the sliding door?

464 I am going to put a lift in my garage for my cars. I need to have a door that will open outwardly like your hydraulic Schweiss doors.  I have no room for a true roll-up door. My opening is the old standard 16' I believe. The height may be a little more than normal due to the face I raised it about 6 inches or so. Can you give me a general quote for a wood building door? Thank You, Mark


466 Hello: We are working on a high-end residential project in Freeport, Maine and have a garage door that we would like to do as a hydraulic. The door is 16' long and 7' tall and will be installed in a wood framed building though the frame around the door will be steel. Could you send me some details on how these doors are installed? CAD would be preferable if you have them. We want to have a traditional wood exterior on the door. Is that done by the contractor or by Schweiss? What power requirements are necessary for the door? Do you provide remotes? Sincerely, Corey P.

467 I need an estimate of a hydraulic one piece garage door that is 6'8' tall and 20' wide with a remote and something that would be either wood or wood grained. We also will be need a couple of hydraulic machine shed doors in the future so would like the catalogue.

468 Just need a ballpark cost for my garage measuring 40' X 10' Am interested in the one-piece hydraulic door which I would install myself--thanks---David

469 I would like to get some information that would allow me to determine the pracitcality of installing a hydraulic door at my residential garage. I have a standard 7x16 foot opening.

470 Dears sirs I have a 16 x 8 garage door , I would like info on your hydraulic product, but think I am more  interested in the lift strap for my door. I was looking to make my own door, but use your bifold system with the strap- hand crank. any info would be great.

471 I am interested in a hydraulic Schweiss door my garage opening is 19' wide by 16' high what would the cost be? I would like a price on insulated as well as non. Dean

472 Looking in regards to replacing two garage doors with your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors with Red Power backup system. My aunt has two of your doors on her house and you made them to match the exterior quite nicely. They work great for her, no more getting out of her car in cold/rainy weather. Which reminds me, I'd want extra remotes.  Please call soon.

473 Looking for a wood Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door for a three car residential home, in the Hamptons. This is a high end exclusive gated  neighborhood so I will require elegant doors, price is not a factor, looks and quiet operation  are. Will want Red Power Safety Advantage System and extra remotes. Do you have any installers in the area? If not I can put your crew up in our guest home for as long as it takes. Dotty