Schweiss Doors - General Information People Ask About Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic Doors

1 We are planning on a 60' wide x 40' deep x 20' high hangar. I have multiple questions such as what size hydraulic door will conveniently fit, what size bifold door will fit, and what would be the cost of each door. I am also wondering what would your cost be to install it if I do not have someone local do the installation? When I ask for the cost I also need delivery fees to 86334 area code.

2 I'm an architect looking for details for a one-piece hydraulic door. The door will have a glazing system attached to the exterior. Can you advise on required steel posts/headers for door mounting? Required Loads? Our door is nominally 10'W x 12'-8"H.

3 Which system puts the least stress on the header/truss? Current door is sliding folding panels on floor tracks. Opening is 14x58. Needs insulation

4 Trying to learn options and pricing for industrial building door. 16' x 16'. Infrequent opening. Able to be insulated.

5 Good afternoon the hangar I use has Schweiss bifold doors. They are electrically driven. There are chains for both driving the drive shafts and for timing the door as well. I was wondering what type of maintenance is required for both types of chains. Do you have a maintenance manual you could send me?

6 How much height do you loose with a bifold door vs a hydraulic door?

7 Looking for pricing and detail of how both style doors (one piece and bi-fold) are insulated and seal to building frame. Does bi-fold doors sections have some type of seal between sections. Are windows in door double or triple pane? Looking at installing in Northeast Wisconsin.

8 In the bi fold doors are you able to put windows in the door? And might be a silly question but do the straps have to be yellow? Thanks

9 Hey, I am building 2 twin buildings, for 3 boats each. Buildings will be 48ft wide in total. I need doors that will be absolutely MAXED width to allow 3 boats to fit. How large can your doors be? Roughly 14ft minimum ceiling height, so possibly higher. Also, we are in the elements, near onshore winds at the ocean, how does your product handle in that environment and or how can we treat it to keep It in excellent working order. Lastly we are designing the structure now so if you have a material or building recommendation to better accommodate the door, I suppose now would be a time.

10 I have a Schweiss bifold hangar door installed on my hangar. I'm learning that we're going to need to spend $700 per hangar to do the annual maintenance with a service. But I am also learning that owners can do this themselves easily and at minimal cost. Can you please send me the manual / instructions for whatever is required? It's a basic t-hangar with a strap system electric motor lift that splits the door horizontally in the middle to raise it. Thank you!

11 We have 15 of your hinged hangar doors installed at our airport. We are interested in having regular maintenance inspections conducted on the doors and drivers. Is there an authorized tech in our area who could do this work or is this a service that you could provide? Thank you in advance.

12 Hi, I'm an electrical contractor working on a project in Bremerton WA and your strap lift door is specified. The spec only says 240v 1ph for the power requirement. My question is can that be 208v 1ph? If you could provide acceptable voltages and amperage, that would be great. Trying to avoid providing another transformer on the project. Thank you. Call me if necessary.

13 Looking for a door tech to maintenance a bifold door. Schweiss serial no.

14 I have a strap style Schweiss door at our farm here. It is approximately 25 years old. Due to the age, I would like to have a service technician come to the farm to get the door operating and also to do a complete check and update. Is this possible?

15 We have a set of your bifold doors on a gallery/warehouse that we use for art installations. We are looking for someone to come maintenance the door. Can you recommend a company in the Boston area that can help us with the doors? Thank you, Roy

16 I need access to a trouble shooting guide or wiring diagram for my Schweiss bifold door opener I can’t find my manual so I am hoping for a download

17 What weight hydraulic oil to use on an older (15 year) 42x12 hydraulic door? Thank you!

18 Can you please provide me with a Preventive Maintenence check sheet for the Schweiss Bi-Fold Hanger Doors? Thanks KD

19 As a student of Aviation, I was wondering if I could get a copy of your database of aircraft dimensions? I can access an excel document or MS Access data file. Thank you very much. Joseph Campbell

20 Does Schweiss Doors have contractors that you work with to install the doors? I am in need of a contractor to handle the entire project. Located in SE WI near Milwaukee and Chicago Thanks

21 Hello. Is there an authorized Schweiss service company/ technician in the Edmonton Alberta area? I have a hydraulic cylinder actuated door that I need some help with. It has Schweiss stickers on all the components. Any help you can provide will be appreciated Thank you Bill

22 We currently have a Schweiss door for our hangar. I would like to have someone come do some maintenance. I am wanting to find a dealer or at least someone that can work on it. Please let me know.

23 Do You have contractors that install your doors near Cumberland Wisconsin?

24 A project here on the Monterey Airport has numerous Schweiss bifold strap doors. Is there a site to download information for checking operation for general maintenance? Door is ~ 60' wide X 20' high. thanks for any help, Tex

25 We have a Hydraulic bi-fold window from Crown Doors is ther anyone in Idaho that you use or recommend to install hydraulic doors? Wouldn't have bought this door if I'd known they don't install here in Idaho. Can Schweiss help me out. thank you

26 Looking for a vendor that can help service our existing bifold sports arena doors at Allianz Field.

27 I recently purchased a hangar with a Schweiss bifold door and Schweiss Hydraulic door and would like to know what the periodic maintenance should be for it. It is 42' wide with a 13' high opening. Automatic latches and with remote control. Thanks, Mike

28 Just installed one of your hydraulic doors but would like to buy the kit for the close button to stay until the door is closed. So I don’t have to hold the button down

29 Hi, We closing on a hangar with a Schweiss 60' bifold door on it. A few of the lifting straps look like they are getting frayed on the edges. I'm a certified rigger and they aren't even close to tearing but wondering if the door needs some kind of adjustment when that happens? Also wondering about sealing options. The door seal appears to be in great shape other than at the corners. Wondering if there is an additional seal kit for the corners or if the entire seal needs to be replaced. The Hangar is 15-3 at KRNH. I can get photos of the straps and area of sealing concern on wednesday after we close. just wanted to get the conversation rolling with winter being so close. Love your hydraulic and bifold door styles, they are built to last.

30 I have a Schweiss 40FT bifold door on my hangar. Mod. SC 150-21-C, Ser. No 121610200000059. I need to do some hinge lubrication and maintenance and cannot find my owners manual. How can I get one? Thanks Gerald Neuwirth

31 Looking at the manual for the Schweiss Bi-Fold Liftstrap Doors we have, I cannot find what oil is used in the gear box, as well as what kind of lubricant to use on the drive chains/sprockets. Do you have a list of recommended oils and lubricants for your Bi-Fold Doors? I can't seem to find it in the manual I have. Thanks!

32 I have an older Schweiss hydraulic door.....i removed hinge cover and don't see grease zirks anywhere What lubricant should I use? How do I get lube into the hinge pin? New hangar for me.....I do t think its been greased in years..... Jon

33 Hi. I’m building a high end home and we are installing a Schweiss Hydraulic garage door. We are now in the process of installation and I noticed all the hoses will be exposed on the inside of the garage. Is there any way to hide the pipes, etc? Do you have any pictures so I can show the builder? I really don't want to have all the hoses exposed and I did not know this was going to be like that, otherwise I would have chosen another mechanism. Also I was lucky to hide the motor inside a cabinet so that part was solved. Our door is not very tall and anyone (specially a kid) can grab the hoses and start playing TarzanThank you.

34 Is there a local dealer that offers routine maintenance for your hydraulic hangar doors in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho or Spokane, Washington? Thanks, Sean

35 Need to know who is certified in North Texas is certified to install/service my well running hydraulic door please. I have had it over a year and think it may need service work/ parts.

36 I am also looking for connection detailing to the existing industrial door structure, do you have any standard details for where the hydraulic rams anchor to the wall?

37 I have two 2006 Schweiss bifold aviation hangar doors. These are the standard electric motor driven/cable roller doors. The door size is 14' X 50'. What is the maximum height I can expect on these bifold or hydraulic doors? Please advise. Thank you in advance. Wray Pedro

38 Hi - after the dimensions of your Schweiss Red Power pumps. we are using one in an aircraft hanger being built and I need to locate and dimension the pump on plans etc. thanks Ben Neeson Murcutt Architects Sydney, NSW

39 Hi, I have a few questions about your door system. What is the lead time on your product? We are potentially looking to install this product in an office space. We have a conference room that we want to open up into the larger workspace and are trying to figure out what will work best in our space. Are there any mechanical components we have to factor in for clearance above the door? We have 13' 8" clear from top of floor to underside of slab with ductwork that may run interference. Thanks

40 Hi - We are facade consultants and engineers working on a project with hydraulic doors that are 23'-7.5" wide by 10'-10" tall. We are hoping to speak to a Schweiss representative about the feasibility of building these doors without an intermediate horizontal profile.

41 I am interested in getting instructions on how to wire our Schweiss door to open with the push of a button rather than holding the button down. Can you also send me information on remotes for this door as well as photo sensors for the automatic close feature. Thanks, Chris

42 Previously I had a Schweiss bifold door with automatic stop. Push the remote and let go and it opened or closed until it hit the stop. My current hydraulic door does not have that feature and I must hold the button until it is open or closed. Do you sell a kit to allow automatic open or close to a stop for my hydraulic door?

43 Do you manufacture Vertical Bi-Fold door sets or hydraulic custom made doors that have openings for catenary wires for bus or rail facilities? If so, please forward any product cut sheets for your products, specifications, etc. Also, if you have any photos from rail or bus industry projects or lists of end-users and architect/designers/builders for these applications, that would be terrific. Also, do you have any size limitations? any limitations on custom color coatings? Many thanks.

44 Need to be able to raise and lower in case of a power failure, please advise me on what backup systems for Schweiss bifold doors are available.

45 What would be the difference between the Schweiss  side column types "I-beam" and "steel tubes"? And could I get a quote for both? Thanks!

46 We would love the opportunity to sell your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

47 Hi, I have a garage with two 9' wide x 10.5' opening that is curved at the top. (1) Will a bi-fold or hydraulic garage door work? (2) Can it be faced with pine boarding to match the existing surface? (3)Any suggestions? Thanks, Sam

48 I would like to know if there is a Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door dealer in Amarillo TX , and if not what it would take to become a schweiss dealer

49 It's been around six months since we finished the hanger. One of your doors was an integral part of that hanger. Your Schweiss door has proven to be reliable, tough and attractive. I'm pleased with the installation and operation. One thing could have been better. The size of the hanger and the door was based on the width of the wings plus enough extra to allow moving the airplane in/out without fear of worrying about the wing tips. It was not obvious to me that the Schweiss auto-latch arm mechanism would protrude into the open-width of the door. Of course, that would not be a problem except my airplane's wings line up with the auto-latch arms. Instead of having 1 1/2' extra on each side, after subtracting for the auto-latch mechanism, I only have 9". Now that may seem to be more than adequate, but pushing an airplane into a hanger with a tug is a challenge. 9" is barely enough. I'm not griping, just encouraging you to alert your prospective pilot-customers that the functional width will be narrower at certain heights above the floor.

50 I LOVE my Schweiss Bifold installed 3 years ago at my private field. Am now wishing I had put a walk door in it. What would I have to do to get that done. Also, is it possible to get an extra handheld remote?

51 I recently purchased a hangar that was built last fall in Welland Ontario. It has a premier SCHWEISS hydraulic  door. I am looking at insulating the door with spray foam. Will I void or compromise the warranty in any way by doing so? The spray foam will not add a significant of weight to the door

52 I'm a Lieutenant in the New York City Fire department. A few years ago we noticed that new style doors, a Schweiss bifold and hydraulic model, were installed in our area. We spoke to the owners of the property with our concerns of gaining entry to the building with the doors closed in case of fire. I think the design is great but we are not used to such a high quality door/gate. Our SOP for gaining entry to buildings with traditional roll down gates is by cutting the gate, the one we have in our area looks to be made of 1/8" steel face with 2" steel framing along with electrical wiring for lights Any information would be greatly apreciated. Great looking doors, we might be interested in glass one piece doors for our new fire station. Can you forward us some brochures of your Schweiss doors products.

53 Your website indicates you provide on-site training for facility maintenance of bi-fold doors and hydraulic doors. We'd like to take Schweiss Doors up on that. Let us know your schedule.

54 I bought a Schweiss hydraulic door that only has 1 remote. The other was misplaced. Can I reprogram the hydraulic door remote opening unit so the lost remote won't work if it shows up? How much is a replacement door remote? Can I use a door remote purchased from elsewhere, or does it take a special handheld remote door opener from Schweiss? 

55 Can you email a copy of the Schweiss installation door manual? The one sent with the door got ruined. We are only looking for the electrical hydraulic door requirements.

56 I have a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door that I understand it can be modified for "one touch" door  operation. How do I go about this? Or perhaps a remote operating door opener will do the same thing.

57 I received the Schweiss safe door work procedure manuals for the install of a Schweiss hydraulic laboratory door that was purchased for a worldwide door project in Saskatoon. Thanks for your quick reply. 

58 Do you have a certified Schweiss door service technician that can inspect industrial factory doors on an annual basis? We have several 30 w X 15 h Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors that we are required to have a "factory" safety inspection on. Let me know our options, we can perform the door inspections ourselves if we know what to look for. 

59 Just to let you know, our Schweiss 50 ft, 2 motor big hydraulic hangar door opened like a charm in our unheated hanger. It was -15F. But wondering if we should we change the hangar door lube to a lighter grade? Hanger should be heated soon.

60 As requested, I received the hydraulic doors two days ahead of scheduled time. Your door installer thanks you for fast response.

61 We are very interested in your hydraulic Schweiss Door products. Do you have a standard door size? Any further structural door  information will be greatly appreciated, Thanks

62 Thanks for the information on your hydraulic door spherical bearings. I can now clearly see why they are a big advantage and add to the life of a door, especially if it is a large steel door.

63 We have a customer that we do maintenence for and he has a Schweiss overhead hydraulic door. We would like to have a door installation manual for it and a operators manual. The owner that installed the door said these documents are lost. 

64 I'm hoping to get some Schweiss Door literature on your top and bottom bifold and hydraulic door seals for our customers who have and have not  purchased doors from you.

65 Wondering if I lose any height with Schweiss hydraulic green doors? Can I get a price quote on a insulated hydraulic door 14.5 ft tall and 19 ft wide. I can't lose height on the green door.

66 I'm a General Contractor specializing in the construction of pre engineered steel building systems, and I really like your well built doors. We have been asked by an airline company at a Canadian airport to service their Schweiss Bi Fold Liftstrap and Hydraulic One-Piece Door Systems. Could you provide us with Door Service Manuals? We have requests for both your Schweiss Door Systems on construction projects.

67 Do you work with Do It Yourself door projects? I am wanting to build a 24' wide Pole Barn door for my RV. Looking at 24'x40' with a hydraulic door on end wall. Wall height is 12' with 4:12 pitch roof. What is the overall door height for a 20' wide RV garage door to get a 12' opening height? Do I need a 18' wide RV door for more header space? Price difference for a flush mount door vs a face mount door? 

68 We sold a 30'x16' hydraulic general use door that was just installed. The customer is wanting to know if he should have "diagonal and horizontal" door braces on it. Are they necessary on a small door?

69 Greetings, I installed 32 of your doors 6 or 7 years ago in Idaho. These are 42 x 12 hydraulic pump actuated doors. I am in need of a hydraulic door install book. Please advise availability and price. I would also be interested in cost and installation details about conversion to your strap system. Several customers may be interested in this upgrade. 

70 I have two Schweiss hydraulic doors on my hangar. I would like to do periodic hangar door maintenance service on the system and the door hinges. Can I do this on these Schweiss low maintenance doors?

71 We purchased a Schweiss hydraulic utility door, now the door has arrived and is installed. It's a better door than we could have hoped for. 

72 The Schweiss airpark door owners at our airport are trying to schedule a group hangar door service call to conduct ongoing preventative maintenance for their hangar doors which are both bi-fold and hydraulic one piece doors. This can be a webinar door call or by having a factory door rep here.

73 Please let us know how often the bifold straps need  to be replaced. Our Schweiss door has had them on it for many years. They don't show any wear at all. Undoubtedly the best door choice over a cable lifting door. Happy Schweiss door owner.

74 We have several of your Schweiss hydraulic doors  on our hangars. Do you have a suggested checklist for annual maintenance? Our first door is now eight years old and hasn't given us a lick of trouble. We'll be your customer for life.

75 Great Schweiss doors. Best website I have ever seen in my life. Now I know why many want to know the last 200 questions someone asked. There's something in there for everybody. Your whole website answers most any questions anyone would ask. Thanks Minny

76 Just looking to expand my product line. Have a couple customers who have shown interest in a Schweiss bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic designer door product. Thanks Clark

77 Any way to have a manual opening door without power? How about if we order your Schweiss hydraulic door with a manual backup system or  using a gas generator?

78 Good day; we do not build hangars or garages, but leases lake land to tenants who do. As such, any information on your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door product that I would be able to pass along to prospective builders would be beneficial. (Sizing & Pricing). Thank you.

79 Dear Sir, we had received your mail, we also a deal with Rolling Shutters, Doors, Gates, Etc., but would like to carry your superior quality bifold and hydraulic doors. Please send the Schweiss Doors catllouges and price list of Doors Hydraulics,an all the things in which you deal Thanking you.

80 Mike, just wanted to let you know that since you installed my Schweiss hydraulic hangar door back in 1993, I haven't had to do one bit of repair on it. That's 10 years running. Bet other door manufacturers can't brag that up. Thanks for the great door.

81 My big Schweiss hydraulic doors have never needed any repair work or tweaking since we ordered them 14 years ago. I know they are low maintenance hydraulic doors, but is there something we should be checking to keep them that way?

82 One side of my hangar door doesn't make solid contact with the ground. My hangar building is built on slanted ground. Is there a way to adjust the door or is there something that can be done. Have you guys at Schweiss Doors ever run into this problem before?

83 We recently installed three 24 meter wide Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors for hangars at an Airfield in Brunei. This project is for Shell Aviation. I am required to turn over electronic copies of all manuals, installation manuals, etc. Where can I find .pdf electonic copies of the manuals? If possible can your attach them to an email? Hydraulic doors are operating just fine.

84 We would like a catalog or brochure from your company. We are a design/build firm in California and have been getting more projects lately. Our firm is interested in working with you in the future and would like some information to show our clients. We've seen a couple of your Schweiss bifold strap doors, but would also like information on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door models.   Please mail the requested information to the above address. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, Christine

85 Thanks for faxing the quote to Bob, we need to know if you can mail us some brochures, we are out. thanks Deb. Also, we are getting many inquiries on your Hydraulic Schweiss Designer and Glass doors. Can you send some more brochures on them as well. 

86 I have one of your Schweiss hydraulic operated doors, 45 ft wide, bought about 3 years ago for a hangar. It's doing fine, but I have done no maintenance on it, and don't seem to have any guidelines on what should be done. Particularly, I'm wondering how often the hinges should be greased, there are grease zerks on the hinges. I sure love this  quiet running door, never poses any problems.

87 Which door opens and closes the fastest? Do I lose any head room with either door? I only have one truss rafter on the end wall how much bracing will have to be done to support either door? This is for a crane door so it needs to be structurally strong like I'm sure all your Schweiss liftstrap bifold and hydraulic doors are.

88 We recently serviced an off brand bifold door at the Dickson airport (tn) My tech said it was a rather old door and that needs some cable. Is there anyway that I can order this from you, or he said the owner mentioned something about converting it to a liftstrap system. Do Schweiss Doors have liftstraps?  

89 We have a customer with your Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors and I need schematics on the motor - I have pictures I can send w/ model, etc. if you will send me an e-mail address. These are very old, but still reliable doors, however client wants to upgrade to your new pump / motor.  Wendy

90 We have a Schwiess hydraulic door already installed and I am tasked with its upkeep. However the owners maual has since been misplaced. If I could get a copy of a sevice manual for it that would really help me out. thanks for your time.

91 We are doing work for Customs here in Arizona, and we need the serial number for the hydraulic hangar door. Where can we find it, and is there anyway we can get a copy of our ordering history with your company so we may see if it is documented in our paperwork. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated before our door gets ripped off and stolen! Thank you for your time.

92 We are interested in using your Bifold or Hydraulic one piece door product for a new building. However, the door is on a busy pedestrian street, and we would like more information about the speed at which these doors typically go, and whether or not it could harm pedestrians. Thanks!

93 Do you have any solutions for insect/bug screens for the hydraulic hangar door opening. There are many times throughout the year we desire to leave the door open but need to keep out the mosquitoes.       


95 I own a Schweiss hydraulic door with remote control. Can I program the remote to open the door with a single, momentary press of the open switch versus holding the open switch until the door is fully open?

96 We purchased a hydraulic hangar door from you for our Boeing project. I am doing my closeout on this project and need a copy of your warranty. Please email to the address above. You people at Schweiss Doors have been a joy to work with. Your knowledge of doors is the best in the business by far. And what great doors. 

97 I have a Schweiss door installed @ one of my clients bldgs. It is a rather old hydraulic door and I would like to know if there is any maintenance issues I should be aware of? Door still works good. Charlie

98 I am a steel building contractor and have had some interest in your Schweiss well built hydraulic doors. Do you have any dealer information I can get or do you sell factory direct thanks. I'm seeing quite a few of your hydraulic and bifold doors in northern Minnesota.

99 We are metal building contractor in east Iowa. We have customers interested in your doors. Most of them really want to know about your new Power Pumps on the Schweiss Hydraulic doors, others are showing great interest in the lift strap Bifolds. Can you give me a call, I can supply you with some names and phone numbers so you experts can better describe your Schweiss doors to them. They are coming up with questions I can't answer.  Rick

100 Planning stage for new hanger. Could you give me some contact names of people in the Billings, Montana area who have installed both bifold and hydraulic styles of your doors on their hangars? I want to take an elbow's length look at both of them before I decide which way to go. I am however sold at this point on your doors over other manufacturers because of the quality you put into them from what I've studied on your web site and others.

101 Please email a .pdf of your product catalogue. Prices for materials etc. I'm interested in the designer doors, bifold liftstrap style and hydraulic doors. How much time will elapse from time of order to time of delivery?

102 I have a Schweiss hydraulic door on my hanger. The switch has to be held in the up position the entire time the door is going up. Is there a way to set it to go up and stop at the top. Would a remote control solve this?

103 I manage a small general aviation airport in New Hampshire. We have two old hangars on the airport with bi-fold doors. They are electric, cable operated. Do you by any chance have an inspection checklist that you could forward on to me? What are the intervals between checks?

104 We purchased a hydraulic door from you around 6 years ago. We are very happy with the door but have had a flood and would like a copy of the following manual that got destroyed: Schweiss Hydraulic Doors Safety Information & Operations Manual. Do you have a .pdf file for this?

105  I am looking for an address to send a FedEx package with a disc of photos to Schweiss Doors. This is in regard to a helicopter hangar project for a resident who was assisted by Mr. Schweiss with regard to the hydraulic hangar doors from your company. Please advise the best address for us to use.

106 I need 3 copies of Operation & Maintenance Manual for the hydraulic door we purchased last fall (Order No. 17519). Is this something I can download from your web site or do you need to send them to me?

107 I spoke to you about a visit to your hi-tech bifold and hydraulic door facility to pickup some tips on preventative maintenance and regular maintenance on our Schweiss doors at the airport. Look forward to meeting and visiting with you folks. I will call a couple of days prior to solidify our plans.

108 I recently purchased a first rate hangar that is equipped with a first rate door -- a Schweiss hydraulic. Unfortunately, I do not have the manual that must have come with the door. I am very keen to obtain a manual so that I can keep my door operating optimally. Can you help me with my quest? Thank you.

109 Do you guys provide all the headers and columns needed to support the hydraulic door? Is installation included in the price?

110 Do you have autocad files of your Schweiss Hydraulic and Bi Folding doors? Thank you Rick

111 I live in Dayton Nevada and had one of your 60 foot bi fold doors with cables and manual locks. I upgraded my door with your automatic locking system and changed to straps. Sure like the improved operation of my door.

112 Can you ship a hydraulic door to me or do you have to ship to dealer? If so where is nearest dealer to me? Harrisonburg,Va.

113 We are getting some renewed interest in bifold and hydralic doors lately. We would like to have some literature we can put in our new building information packets,when quoting a building. Can mail or ups to adress above in Indiana.

114 Sirs - I recently bought 4 hangars, one of which had a Schweiss hydraulic door. I called to get an owners/parts manual and also literature on new doors for my other three hangars. Just want you to know that I received the manual promptly and will be getting back to you with door dimensions on the the other hangars so you can shoot me a quote. I want this job done before August and assume you will tell me if that is possible here in northern Montana. I'll be wanting the metal doors insulated with remotes using your unique new pump. Out of the four hangar doors, I can honestly tell you the Schweiss door works much better than the other cheaply made doors on the other three hangars. Looking forward to doing more business with you. 

115 Please have someone call asap. we bought one of your bi fold and hydraulic doors about 12 years ago. They still work like a charm, but wondering if they should have some maintenance done to keep it working for another 12 years.

116 I own a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door and would like an installation manual, all the other manuals were there when I purchased the condo-hangar in 2005/2006 at The County Airport in Appleton, WI. Thank you for your prompt reply, Carl

117 Are the Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors you sell able to seal out rodents ? How about sales people and other unwanted politicians and door knockers :)

118 Could you please send a building plan showing hydraulic door frame and header. I think I should start here and design the rest of the building. Do you need any specific information from me? 

119 I am needing a quote to replace metal and add windows and a walk door on a large hydraulic door on an airplane hangar. Is this something that can still be done on an existing hydraulic one piece  door?  Please call at your earliest convenience.

120 I have a door patent that I believe you would be interested in for either your bifold or hydraulic doors. Please have someone from your company that deals with this contact me. Thanks, Mark A.

121 We have been in the overhead door business for 59 years, serving the northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan areas. We would love to add your bifold and hydraulic one piece product line to our selection.

122 Old building with angle iron construction, will need free standing header, end of building is 36 feet wide not sure how wide should my hydraulic door be with your header

123 Good Morning, I am currently trying to put together some information concerning the companies that have submitted bids on equipment and bifold and hydraulic door projects in the past. We are trying to update our files and get current information. Please email me back with the following information if it is available: Current employee that is in charge of submitting bids: Email address for that employee (if available): Thank you so much for taking the time to help out. Have a great day. 

124 We have just about finished a duplex aeronautical hangar building with one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors and one of your liftstrap bi-fold doors on each 2500 sq ft hangar. Upon inspecting the doors closely today, as hard as we tried, we could not find even one flaw. The work your installers accomplished was on time and their work ethic was commendable. Just wanted to let you know that your workers are as good as your doors. It was a distinct pleasure doing business with Schweiss Doors and we will highly consider you and no one else for any future orders.   Thank you.

125 I am in the process of designing and building an airplane hangar and am curious about how you price your top quality Schweiss hyrdraulic lift doors?

126 I am constructing a new addition and I need the installation instructions again which I lost for my hydraulic door I need the directions no later than Monday night. I like this type of Schweiss door. I may be hard to contact as I work a fulltime job of 75 hrs per week and farm 1,000 acres. Thanks for all your help so far, sorry for the inconvenience. You guys are the best!

127 I am looking for a commercial hydraulic door 12' x 42'. I am concerned about additional forces on my existing building. Can you tell me about your free-standing header?

128 In the last couple of years we have been building a hanger in Deadhorse, Alaska and used one of your doors. The information on the door is: Schweiss Bifold Doors Phone 1-507-426-8273  We are now in the final stages of the build out and have noticed you now offer a new hydraulic system for your one piece doors. Can you give me additional info on that as we may want to go to a hydraulic lift door instead. 

129 We have a rodeo in Maynard, MN and we would love to have you guys get involved by displaying your large array of products. I know that many of the ranchers (and farmers) in this area already have Schweiss doors, but we draw from a large area for this rodeo. Thank you, Bill 

130 I'm really interested in the options you have for your doors. Especially the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift backup system. Please include optional pricing for photo eyes, interior liner panel provisions, 3 button automatic switch and emergency back-up hand crank.

131 Need price on 50' x 16' clear opening, bottom drive with Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Need to know \"D\" or head dimension and also price on your new Red Power Systems.

132 I'm in the soil conservation construction end and because of one of my scrapers I will only have about 10\" of headroom. Need specs on your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and new Red Power hydraulics. Thank You, Peter

133 Would you also quote only the Schweiss hydraulic lift parts including a remote,hinges and cylinder brackets, Red Power pump, and I build my own door?

134 I have had my insulated bifold door damaged and twisted in the recent tornados here in Alabama. My insurance wants a detailed quote for a replacement door the opening is 19X60. I prefer this Schweiss door to be a hydraulic lift model with Red Power backup system. Also insulated.


136 The requested door size is prefered, but the project can be changed if a little bit smaller if a Schweiss hydraulic lift door would be mutch cheeper. Due to this - please quote the price for 12meters on 3,5 meters with Red Power Systems as well. Also aproximate shipping to Lithuania, Vilnius

137 Im doing a 60 by 60 with 16 ft walls I need two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors one one each end of the building Could you call me with a price on Monday. Do you have discounts for standard sizes. How about your Red Power hydraulics, why are they better. Eager to hear back from you.

138 Sir, Interested in your HYDRO-LIFT DOORS. Please kindly send us your brochure with details. Also interested to act as your agents and representative for Schweiss Doors and Schweiss Red Power Systems in Pakistan and neighboring regions. Thanks and regards

139 I have a Kansas customer looking to add some sort of Schweiss hydraulic lift door, looking for any words of wisdom regarding such. Can you also send me a brochure or something which outlines your line of Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks

140 I,m looking for 30-32 feet wide and 15 feet high hydro powered lift door, bid the door with 2 windows framed, Schweiss Red Power pump, and I will install and sheet the door myself. If I get stuck who would you recommend for an installer in Ontario.

141 We would like to use a Schweiss hydraulic lift door but only have a 12\" header. Is there optional hardware that will allow the door to open higher. Your diagrams show 2' needed to accommodate the hydraulic lift door/motor/stiffeners in the open position. Since this is a small door, can the motor (one of your new Red Power units) be mounted on the inside of the header with a cable / pulley system to open the door into the 12\" header space?

142 Along with the quote of my Schweiss Hydraulic  door, I need Red Power Electrical System to go with it. I would also like to discuss a potential business relationship going forward. Thank you, Jim R

143 I received your response on a 36ft hydraulic lift one piece door and agree this door should have your new Red Power hydraulics. I now need a price on a 32x15.5 ft hydraulic door and also a Schweiss Bi-fold door of this size.

144 Can you send standard detail drawings for Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift doors in .dwg or other cad format? Also please mail us a brochure explaining further what your new Red Power hydraulic pumps can offer us.

145 Would you please email me with the cost of the manual door crank for our hydraulic lift doors?  I am referring to the emergency crank in case the power is out. Also, do you know how long it takes to crank down a 50' or 60' door by hand, and will your new Schweiss Red Power backup system alleviate the need for a manual hand crank. Thx.

146 Hi I am a overhead door dealer/installer and would like to offer Schweiss hydraulic lift doors also and I am wondering what it would take to get a dealership on all your doors and Red Power Systems. Thanks

147 Would like to have Schweiss hydraulic lift door, remote,entrance door and 4 windows and cold weather kit. Have room for at least a 24\" wedge above the 14' 7\" Is there an extra charge for your new Red Power motor, or does that come standard?

148 I would like to buy a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Please, give me the price without installations. And will send me your catalog on your Red Power motors and other accesories you offer. Thank you.

149 hi, i have a Schweiss hydraulic lift door and i want to know, what size door can move a single electric motor or the transmision system??, having a good day thanks.

150 Need price on hydro-power lift Schweiss Door for General use. Want your new Red Power hydraulics in this bid ASAP. Call with any questions

151 Please give me a cost estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 20m x 8 m high. Send Red Power motor designed for best lift. and shipping cost overseas.

152 Dear sir/mam we are in need of Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for an area of 6metre in width & 4metre in height we want to have a Red Power backup system as well as a manual door also if possible where a person can walk through when the  door is closed. pls confirm at the earliest the cost & availabilty ASAP

153 Do you do sell doors in South Africa, or can you recommend anybody here? I have several people interested in your Schweiss Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Lift Doors. Do you price your Red Power hydraulics separately or does each door come with this more powerful lift system. Thanks in advance.

154 13 meter widw and aprox 3 meter high. what is aprox price for a Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift Red Power equipped door with shipping to Europe?

155 Hello, Please send me a product binder with everything you have offer to include your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. My boss is very interested in your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors. He's hoping to use them on our future jobs.

156 This is for a project but if project goes really well it could be implemented in our college. (I do not represent the college...i'm just a student. Needing information on your Schweiss hydraulic lift and Bifold doors. Will you need door size and what door will be used for. Your web site is very informative and noticed that you now offer a new Red Power Hydraulic pump system. That is something I think the college would be interested in.

157 We are a wholesale dealer here in Singapore, and have a customer who has enquired about your product. He's an american designer who has specified to use the hydraulic lift or Schweiss bi-fold system. Therefore, i would need your support to present what he wants. He said I should mention that we want spec/prices on your Red Power hydraulic pumps.

158 Need to replace an old sliding door. 16'x 30' opening. Looking at either bifold or hydraulic lift door, anything adequate Schweiss Doors has to take the work out of opening it. Wants your recommendation on installing Red Power unit.

159 Can either a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic lift door be designed so the side jambs, sill & head are skewed sideways 4 degrees on a vertical wall face? Will your Red Power hydraulics work for this, I hope so because I need power. (I can send a PDF showing the design appearance.) Please advise.

160 We are interested in your products of hydraulic lift and bi fold door for the application of our designer glazing system projects. Are there any agents located in Eastern Asia? Besides, could you kindly mail a catalogue of the above items and more detailed information on your new line of Red Power Hydraulic Systems for our reference. Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.Thanks and regards,

161 Hi, I was looking at your product on the web and am very interested in trying your doors. I am a designer in north central Minnesota and currently have a client interested in a hydraulic lift door. I was just wondering if you could send out some literature on your doors and Schweiss Red Power hydraulics.

162 My office is interesting in using Schweiss Door products for one of our project. And I have couple questions that you might be able to help me out. 1. If I'm using your hydraulic lift door for the same opening of a building, in general which one of your hydraulic pumps is cheaper and what advantage will your Red Power pumps give me? And for a 18' wide by 9' tall size opening, what's the cost? I know it's kind of hard to just give me the cost via the insufficient info I gave you, but could you please give me a basic idea of the cost, that will be super helpful for my office. Could you also please send me any specs or cuts for the door via email by any chance? [either pdf or cad format is fine]. I could probably find these answers on your extensive web site, but thought an email would be quicker.

163 I will be attending Sun and Fun, Will you be at the show? I would like to sit down and talk hydraulic lift doors and what Schweiss has to offer, heard a lot good things about you guys and your new Red Power hydraulic pumps.Thanks,

164  Dear Mike: I wanted to say thanks for the quick work and recommendations to install our Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your new, quieter, stronger and better lifting Red Power Hydraulic Pumps. No one likes it when things get mixed up but your cooperation in coming up with a remedy to MY situation took a lot of the sting out of it. You folks make a fine product that you can be proud of and I am proud to put your door on my building. Your instruction manuals and illustrations are some of the best that I have seen. But I wanted to say a special thanks for sending up Dave. I apologize for not knowing his last name but a finer workman you could not have chosen. His hard work and attention to detail were a pleasure to watch. He always went the extra distance to get it right and took the time to make good suggestions and implement them. I think that he would have worked all day without a break if I would have let him. You can tell that he has a farm background where people know how to work. He was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with. I'm sure that you folks take good care of such a fine employee. By the way you can tell him that I got my tape measure back. Thanks. Best Regards

165 I am doing a 'designer hydraulic lift door' and have a number of questions. The door is relatively small -about 7'x7', cladding in siding/timber which has maximum depth of about 6' in front of glazed doors. This small beachut is for use by disabled people and has a little solar but no power. Can I likely accomodate the door in 6' depth? I plan to use the canopy when open. Is there any problem with leaving in the 'up' position for several days? To make this usable for disabled either it must be very easy by hand, or probably re-chargeable battery operated. Have Schweiss Doors ever done this,what kind of power would be needed Can I incorporate your Red Power Electrical System? What are likely rough costs for 4 such doors, installed?

166 I have the quote above from your company and have a couple of questions: Are there any other authorized resellers/installers of your hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors or is your company the only company authorized to see/install the Schweiss doors and Red Power hydraulic systems?

167 I have the quote above from your company and have a couple of questions: Are there any other authorized resellers/installers of your hydraulic lift  doors or is your company the only company authorized to see/install the Schweiss doors? Does this quote include installation and Red Power units? What is the completion time after receipt of an order?

168 This has reference to my web inquiry sent on 22 August. I'm a contractor operating here in Doha, Qatar. Your company,Schweiss Doors (USA), is listed as the preferred manufacturer for Hydraulic Lift and Bi-Fold Doors of the above-captioned subject, a project which is currently in the tender stage and for which we are actively tendering in. However, no contact person details were provided and I have taken the liberty of browsing your website from which I got this e-mail address.In this regard, I request your kind assistance in directing me to the person responsible who can help us with our request for quotation which, for hydraulic lift doors will include your Red Power Hydraulic Pumps for greater lifting of door. Kindly provide the necessary contact details including the contact person's e-mail address. Further, kindly provide information if you have authorized agents to whom we could more easily coordinate with in the Middle East, Qatar in particular.Thank you for your time and in advance of your anticipated response.Kind regards,

169 Hello, I am a Maintenance Supervisor in Aurora NC and would like to see if you have ever installed any of your hydraulic lift Schweiss doors on draglines or would be interested in doing so. If you would like, I can get you some pics and measurements on our current set up to give you a better understanding. I believe this door(s) would need your more powerful Red Power hydraulic system.

170 Can I get a catalog on your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps as well as some contact information of a company that supplies and installs your products in the Cincinnati area? Thanks kevin

171 Hi, I'm an appraiser and I have a replacement building value to do for insurance purpose. In my subject building there is hydraulic lift door opener, I would like to have an approximative replacement value for a steel door of 46' X 16' with the Schweiss Door Red Power hydraulic heavy duty opening system.Thank you from Montreal Canada

172 Do you have a three part specification for your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors? I have a client that might be interested. He visited your web page and was impressed with the look of your doors and also would like more info on your new Red Power Hydraulic pumps. Do you have a brochure?

173 Hello, Kindly asking you to inform me if there are any authorized dealers for your company's hydraulic lift and bifold door products in European reagion? Regards,

174 I have not bought a door from you but I design buildings to go around your doors. I just wanted to let you know that I love your door information sheets. When we get a door from you we are able to design our building so much more easily and accurately thanks to the abundant supply of information Schweiss Doors can give us. Many other manufacturers leave us wanting and asking many questions. Thank you for your thorough supply of information. If I ever do need a large hydraulic lift or bi-fold door I will know where to go. Your Red Power hydraulics are great.

175 Dear Schweiss, My wife and I are building a hangar in WI at an airport. I heard that you offer a discount for EAA memebers, is that true? Your hydraulic door with Red Power Safety Advantage will be the answer for us. Thanks

176 Do you have door dealer in France and can you provide an Schweiss hydraulic lift door 12 meters wide by 3 meters can you give idea of total price on door with Red Power hydraulic pumps.

177 We purchased a Bifold door for our customer a couple of years ago. Since then, we have many inquiries about your Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door. Since we are a Japanese Representative of American Shcelter Technologies in Illiois, we asked them to send us your catalogs. We did receive plural your catalogs last week, but would now request that you send catalog on your new Red Power Hydraulic Pumps. Hope to do more business with you and we'll now be pushing your hydraulic lift quality doors as well. Thank you.


179 I am interested in your hydraulic lift doors please send me some door literature and brochures on your Schweiss Red Power Systems.

180 We had a building destroyed by a tornado. The structure had 3 hydraulic lift doors and two are probably twisted beyond repair. Please get me a quote for the insurance company. Door 1 13' high X 16' Wide - bottom drive. Door 2 15' high X 31' wide - bottom drive. Both doors brown colored steel outside. We will apply foam insulation after installation. Please quote a separate amount for installation. Will want your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps this time. Thank You Sam

181 We will ask you informations about yuor products ,because we are interesting about your Schweiss Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Lift Doors. We have to build nr. 3 doors having size 10 mt x 5 mt (height). Do you ship to Russia. Thanks.

182 Is your Schweiss Doors maintenance crew going to be in north central Iowa in the near future? I would like someones recommendation on whether or not your new Red Power hydraulics will be worth replacing mine now. If you call, maybe you can just tell me over the phone.  

183 We occasionally get inquiries on Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift hanger doors. I fly and find customers in the course of my hobby. It would be good to not turn this business away considering that no one else in the area does hanger doors. A start up package would be appreciated for our information, including installation suggestions etc Thank you 

184 Hello, I am an importer of Aluminium and Stainless steel shutters in Australia, and am interested in bringing Schweiss Doors in to the country as there are very few suppliers here. Is it possible for you to send through to me your square meter rates for your hydraulic lifts and bifold doors so I can see if it would be economically viable for me to sell your product here. I have priced one job with 2 openings of about 30m x 30m I have offered a fabric shutter typically used on hangers. Is this an opening size you can handle ? if so could you send me an estimate for this. Could you email me an e-catalog on your Red Power hydraulic pumps.Regards 

185 I just purchased 2 hydraulic lift doors and have another on order. I do like how they work. Just one Question, Does it hurt anything to leave the door Half or part way up for a period of time? Doesn't seem to affect the Schweiss Red Power hydraulics. Respectfully yours, Jamal

186 I have a existing Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Would like a quote on how much to add remote and auto locks and possibly Red Power hydraulic motor. Door is 44' wide. Thanks

187 I am interested in purchasing a Hydraulic lift door from your Schweiss Door company and was wondering approximately how long it would take to get the door built and shipped after it is ordered.

188 We need more Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift door brochures and also brochures on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. People are really interested in learning more about them. Thank you. Perry

189 Do you have a Schweiss Doors dealer / installer in England? Very interested in your Red Power hydraulic lift doors, bifold too.

190  I would like to acquire a schematic of the door control circuit for a Schweiss Red Power Electrical System hydraulic lift door.  



193 Good morning I'm a previous Schweiss Door customer - was wondering if you've ever done a building with one piece hydraulic lift or bifold doors on all 4 sides?

194 Good morning, My name is Gina. I am interested in your products, you have a sales network in Italy or Europe of your Schweiss Doors, hydraulic lift and bifold doors and Red Power lifting materials. 

195 My company would like to sell your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift and bifold door products and install. Do you have distributors? if so how could my compney get setup.

196 Very nice and informative Schweiss Doors web site! Like your doors and designer products! You'll be hearing from me soon.  Jean in Virginia.

197 I am with a group of very talented internet marketers and major aviation enthusiasts. we are looking for aviation related affiliate programs. Please contact me if you are interested in letting us market your established and highly regarded Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift and bifold door products. Sincerely, Lori

198 We have a Schweiss hydraulic lift door installed. Can we find out the safe operating wind speed for this door? Thanks, Jake


200 We wanted to know if you are interested in bringing your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift and bifold door products to India and if you are looking at a partner for the same. Nobody over here makes a door nearly as good as you do. Could be a great market opportunity.

201 Nice website! I wouldn't change a thing! Also want to congratulate you on your new line of Red Power hydraulic pumps. Your other pumps were very good, but this one is even better! I applaud Schweiss Doors for always staying one step ahead of your competitors. Schweiss - a brand name you can always trust. Keep up the good work Mike.

202 Hi,we supply hangars in kit form in the uk, we are interested in supplying doors with our kits. do you have an outlet for Schweiss Hydraulic Lift and BiFold Doors in the uk? Looking at your web site, you appear to produce better doors than anyone we have seen.

203 Do you export to or have an agent in Australia? I am building and airport and we are looking at innovative hangar/door designs like you post on your web page. Regards

204 We would be interested in talking with someone about your Red Power unit Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold door products and potential supply to Canada.

205 Looking at buying a brick building needs a one piece hydraulic Schweiss door. Garage is facing the alley--only 15 feet to the building directly behind our wood be building. Will your hydraulic lift door have enough clearance for this. Can I get Red Power electrical system installed on it?

206 Manufacturing Today is doing an editorial piece about Global Industries. Sentinel Building Systems will be featured in the article as well as our sister companies; MFS/York/Stormor, Hutchinson/ Mayrath, NECO, Brownie, and Global Wastewater Treatment Systems. Manufacturing Today and Global Industries has asked that I give them the names of our top suppliers. Manufacturing Today would like to get background information and invite Schweiss Doors company to be featured in the project because of the high quality of your doors and components and because you have been a leader in the hydraulic lift and bifold door business for over 35 years serving customers all around the world. You are in some pretty awesome company here. Not just any company gets an invite like this. Waiting to hear from you.

207 I am currently working on the Construction Documents for an airport hangar project, and we want to specify your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps. Looking on your website, I could only find \"sample\" specifications. I need actual specifications for your doors, so I can include them in the Construction Documents.

208 Do you have literature on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps that you can ship us?

209 I already own your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors (14 X 40) purchased last summer. At that time, I ordered with the radio control. The radio control it a great accessory, and Red Power motors give outstanding lift. Just thought I'd pass this along. I'd recommend Schweiss doors to anybody. Thanks, Fred in Yuma, Arizona.

210 Hallo, I like known contact your European seller. I need hangar hydraulic lift Schweiss door 24 meters long and 3 meters high. Red Power pump too.

211 Could you please provide some literature on your 21'-0\" H x 65'-0 W, (18'0\" clear with 3'-0\" wedge) Schweiss hydraulic lift door and synchronized Red Power hydraulic pump unit for it. The Schweiss Doors I've seen are engineered to last a lifetime. Your company must have been at it a long time, because your doors ooze quality.

212 Thank you for the quick response for a quote on my Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar door. Questions? 1. I want to make sure, is your quote in U.S. dollars or Canadian Dollars? 2. Is there any additional duty that I would have to pay at the border? 3. Can I pick the product up at Schweiss Doors. 4. Is there any siding or insulation included with the price. How about Red Power hydraulic system. Thank you

213  I'm interested in Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for arch steel building. I'm going to buy first arch steel buildings and some of them will need a hydraulic doors like that you make. can you send me some other Red Power technical features in order i can understand if your hydraulic doors are o.k.? You do ship overseas, yes?  Best regards Fabio

214 I am trying to get a value on a door for insurance purposes. 50x16 Schweiss hydraulic lift (Red Power) door with no windows or doors. Mine was completely carried away by a ripping tornado this spring. When I get a new building I'll be contacting Schweiss doors for another one. These are dang good doors, except they're not tornado proof. Neither are semi's for that matter. Got one throwed into my yard, trade you for a door!

215 We are looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for the entrance to a wet dock for a clients boat house. Your experienced recommendations would be good as the dock floods several times a year and needs either a remote Red Power motor or a motor on the top of the door. Remote control required Door frame and actuation only as we are providing louvred panels to the door to match the cladding on the rest of the dock.

216 Do u have any representative in nigeria? I have clients interested in your two types of Schweiss doors?

217 I would like to become an authorized installer of your Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors I currently have a customer who has requested a Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power one piece door, the dimensions are 16' X 7' under separate email I'm sending a photo of the model he has requested, please contact me to discuss optoins, thanks....Jeff

218 We are interested to learn about your products kindly request you to send your cataloged Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic Lift doors and Red Power Systems by DHL.

219 We are looking to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift  door with Red Power hydraulic pump and are seeking a fabricator supplier of your door systems in the United Kingdom or Europe can you advise if you have any?

220 Sir, could you send me a catalogue/literature on your standard Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift doors. We estimate a lot of hanger buildings and I am more interested in the engineering and Red Power hydraulic pump info at this time than the price. I would like to be able to design around you information prior to calling in for the price. Thanks.

221 We are the sister concern of Building S & S LLC, operating in Oman from 1977 onwards. There has been some requirements of specialised doors like your Red Powered Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold hanger doors. We would like to know more about you, interest in exporting doors to Oman, any installations done in Gulf countries. Awaiting reply.

222 I am considering a bifold door, but believe a Schweiss hydraulic lift door will be best on a cover-all building. it will have to be a self supporting frame and door. i was hoping to use a 35 x 18h door. how big a Red Power pump will be needed, how big a beam across the top would I need to support it?

223 I am building a hanger 50 X 40 in Elbert County, Ga. And am wanting price on Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power back up system. Your doors are all over the place here. You shouldn't even have to advertise, word of mouth on your quality doors should sell themselves.  (call.)

224 Schweiss Doors: The Flying Club of B. County Inc., a nonprofit organization, will be having its 63rd. Annual Scholarship Fly-In Breakfast in early June at Memorial Airport. This is the oldest continuous Fly- In Breakfast in the state of Michigan. All proceeds from this breakfast are used to award scholarships to students who are pursuing studies in all fields of aviation. To date, with your help, we have awarded Scholarships over the years. Last year we were able to award two $1000.00 scholarships. We normally have between 150 and 200 planes fly in to support our breakfast and serve between 600 and 700 breakfasts. The main reason for the great pilot turn out is because of our pilot goody bags, and the door prizes donated by Companies such as yours. Without this support we could not continue our scholarship program.We would very much appreciate it if you could donate one of your products to use as a pilot door prize and/or silent auction. We would also be happy to include any advertisements that you may have in our pilot goody bags. We are making our request early in the year to assure that your allotments for the year are still available. If you can, please send all donations to the address below. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me or call me.If you are unable to provide a door prize we would still welcome any advertisements for your products including literature, pens, etc. to place in our \"pilot goody bags\" given to each pilot. There is no better way to advertise directly to GA pilots.Thank you in advance for your help. We know times are tough and we truly appreciate any help that you can provide. Pilots here really speak well of your Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power Door,  bifold and designer doors. You are a leader unsurpassed in the industry.

225 Hello, I am in a construction management estimating class. I am doing a bid project for a fire station. Wondering if you can give me any ball park idea of a pricing for custom garage doors. Here's what I have to get a price for :7'x14'x1.75\" with two tempered glass panels in each section. total of 6 pairs for vehicle openings. If you can just give a range of price that would be great! I already learned a lot about Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift doors, bifold doors and designer doors from you extensive and informative web site.    Robyn T.

226 I am quoting a project that requires your Schweiss hydraulic lift upward acting doors. Door specs state Red Power pump system 220 Single Phase lift motor with complete wall mounted push button controls. The aluminum or steel door will be going to NJ and the drawings show a rough center to center of I-Beam to be 45'-1 and a alt to the building would be 68'-1 depending on which building they choose. I would like to see if I could get a quote and the design specs that my building must meet. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to get Chris

227 Dear Sir/ Madam,Can you give us a contact person or company name who sells your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps in The Netherlands? Thank you in advance. Best Regards

228 Interested in some literature about your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift doors also interested in Red Power hydraulic pumps and becoming a dealer for all three. I can see your doors are most likely an easy sell, their quality stands out. Thanks David H.



231 I would like pricing on Schweiss doors in two sizes. 44X16 &  60X18 I would like both sizes priced as Schweiss bifolds and hydraulic lift. On doors this size would your Red Power hydraulic pumps give better lift than a strap system you sell? Thanks; Cliff Hormel.

232 I need a price for 1 hyrauliclift door 12 feet X 42. I need a price for 5 door. Transport for 1 and 5 doors at Quebec city, Canada. Include price if optional for Red Power hydraulic pump and extra remote opener. These doors will go on a tool and die metal shed and welding bays and should be insulated. Does Schweiss install in Canada?

233 Hi we have a new hangar with your hydaulic lift Schweiss door that is Installed. Do you have any one in Oregon that can come and inspect it on the Installation. This door is a \"Red Power\" Hydraulic one-piece. Runs smooth, maybe it doesn't need to be inspected, just asking. Thank you Lila.

234 Recieved all the information requested today. Just wanted to thank Schweiss Doors for the quick response. That's great customer service. We're sold on your new and more powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps.

235 We were hired to put in a horn and light that will sound and flash while the Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door is going up or down. Do you have any suggestions on possible contact points that we can use as a triger for the activation of the horn and light. the assembly is a 120V Red Power Electrical System unit and we can us that or lower voltage for a relay if needed. Any help would be appreicated. This is for two tents being use by the border patrol at Fort Huachuca in AZ. Howard General foreman


237 Dear Sir, I'm the Regional Construction Manager for the Central Region of Morton Buildings. More of your doors are being sold there for I would like a Installation manual. Our Wanatah office has sold one of your doors and to be better able to help that crew, this would prove to be handy to have a installation manual available to me here. Thank you. Jerald, Cloverdale, IN

238 Dear Sirs,  It would be hihgly appriciated if you kindly send us your latest catalogues of your esteemed products to include Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic Lift Doors and the latter with Red Power Hydraulic Pumps. Shipping requirements. So, that we can manage relative customers for our mutual benifits. Awaitng for your kind earliest reply Best regards, Yours sincerely, Bishwo, Kathmandu.

239 I just want to say your Schweiss Doors web site is awesome. Always thought a pump was a pump, but your Red Power Hydraulic Pump IS a step above all others on the market. You definitely have a very good web master. It will be nice to do business with someone who cares about their customers and knows their customer needs.

240 I'm a college student designing an airplane hangar for a technical report. I would like to specify one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door systems. To do this I need some specifications about your header to incorperate it into my building. My building is simply supported, has columbs supporting beams which hold up open web steel jost that holds the steel roof. The wall receaving the door is 82ft long and 23ft high. i would like to have a door 50ft by 18ft. Please feel free to email or call Thank for you help Matt

241 I saw your advert in a UK magazine-LOOP Do you have agents in the UK, or do you ship your Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic Lift doors and Red Power pump products here? Could you please also email a price list or let me know if you require sizes

242 Need Quote On: 24x20 Hydro-Lift Schweiss Door Insulated Installed With Steel Attached Red Power lift pump system. Installed Door Will Go To Hamberg, Iowa. You must sell more doors here than any other state. I see them at airports, farms and even for commercial use.  Good doors.

243 Please send me any brochures and pricing information you have on your bi-fold and hydraulic lift one piece doors. Also include any details Schweiss Doors has on its new Red Power Advantage Systems. Thanks.

244 Do you have any archicad or autocad images of your Schweiss hydraulic lift door to put into my drawing for my client? Did I tell you he also wants the Red Power Safety Advantage System if he places this order. Thank You,  Charlotte

245 What standard dimension doors do you have? From your Schweiss web page I surmise that you can custom make any size door, hydraulic lift or bifold, is that correct? Can I get a choice on what power Red Power hydraulic pump I want?

246 What wall thickness is the 4 x 2 tubing used in your doors? Can you tell me if a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door is better or worse than a Bifold Door, or are they designed for different applications? I already understand (from your web site) why a Red Power Pump is better than a little black one. Sorry for all the questions, I'm a college professor. Some call me a \"Nerd,\" Thanks. Edgar.

247 Do you build open air gates similar to your Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors? Could they be hooked up to your new Red Power hydraulic pumps.

248 We are new dealer for EPS Buildings in Colorado. Would like info for future post frame and SIP buildings. We keep getting requests for your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps. Any help you can give us on this.

249 This is a pole building that is insulated and used for a heated shop.It calls for one of your one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Doesn't have to be too big, but big enough for your Red Power hydraulic pump to take the work out of having me lift it. Give me some ideas. You're the expert.

250 We have a fuel truck that has a rollup door on the back. We were thinking about putting a one piece hydraulic lift swing up door onto it. Do you have Schweiss doors for trucks like this? And if so, do you have any photos or literature on that type of setup and Red Power hydraulic pumps? Thanks 


252 Do you sell direct or do you have suppliers in the Kansas City area? If I were to give a potential client your information could he buy a Schweiss Red Power pump and/or a hydraulic or bifold door direct from you?

253 Looking for the most economical solution to purchase a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door. Application similar to Cycle City or Kenyon College. Pleae forward details -head/jamb/sill, Red Power hydraulic pump system.

254 To whom it may concern, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to GATVONLINE, a half hour long web based Aviation Show that can be viewed 24/7 via our web site which also includes Flying Resources, Flight Planning, Sponsors Links, Events, etc. The first episode is in production now and should air starting in mid January. You can visit the site now and watch the shows intro on the home page. Each episode will have three features with a wide variety of aviation topics including aircraft reviews, after market modifications, flying clubs, cross country destinations, training and weekly safety tips, just to name a few. One of the main focuses of the show will be to bring new people into the aviation community. The response that I have received so far about your Schweiss hangar doors and Red Power hydraulics from the aviation industry has been overwhelming, clearly most people feel that there is a need out there for this type of programming and want to be involved. Please take the time to view the site and the show's intro. If you have the desire to be involved with us on an on going basis or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Dave E.

255 Filled out information earlier and wanted infirmation on Red Power hydraulic doors but I think I marked down a Schweiss bifold door instead. Can you check this out?  Julia

256 I am purchasing a Hangar at the Rapid City airport that has one of your doors on it. I am trying to evaluate the value of the hangar. Could I get a price on what the Schweiss hydraulic door is worth. It is 15' x 50'. It has Red Power pump on it. Thanks.

257 Hi there, We will highly appreciate it if you could forward this mail to Purchasing Manager or staff in sourcing team, thanks for your assistance. My name is Wendal, salesperson at Shanghai, China. We are a medium-sized provider of injection molds and plastic injection molded products, stamping parts as well. With our State-of-art equipments and veteran engineers, we are able to deliver better quality at a tight schedule and budget. For further information about the products & services we provide, please visit or reply with a request and I will be glad to send you our brochure. Thank your for your time, we will highly appreciate it if you could consider filing our profile for future Schweiss Red Power pump and hydraulic and bifold door projects. We look forward to hearing from you for any inquiries.

258 looking for a 45'x14 door for hanger hyd lift or Schweiss bifold strap. What info do you need from me. Do all your doors come with Red Power hydraulic pumps? Thanks Ray.

259 Hello! Our company is building in Russia warehouses, sports complexes, ice arenas, soccer fields, hangars for planes and helicopters. We often participate in various trade fairs in Russia and other countries. We can be your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold door representative in Russia. We often need a product like your. We need the doors for hangars for helicopters 4 m (Height) and 35 m (length). Was your price include Red Power hydraulic pumps, exterior finishing material or it was a price only with frame structure? Best regards, Maria, Development Manager

260 Looking for a total of three hydraulic Schweiss doors with Red Power Options. The center door has wood framed sides except for 1 course of concrete block at the bottom. The outer doors have the one course of block on one side and about 5 feet of block on their outer sides, wood frame above that. The wood frame (including sheathing) is flush with the concrete block, so I guess a track could be mounted that to the face.

261 To: Export Manager, We would like to find out more of your Designer Vertical Hydraulic and Bi-fold Systems for one of our project's requirement here. And basing on your Schweiss website information, there is a good possibility that the Client may be open to your system; However, the area where is specified is actually an open deck leading into a ballroom area. Please advise suitability of Red Power Safety Advantage System. We await your favourable reply. Regards from Singapore, Lema J., Project Manager.

262 Not sure if Creative Door Services have an account with you, but I did have an old brochure. If you have any up to date sales catalogues or brochures that I can submit to Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors, that would be appreciated. I have one project that requires a Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power unit at this time. North West Terminal Bi-Energy. Original door opening requirements were spec'd to be (1) 12'0\" x 12'0\" and (1) 12'0\" x 14'0\". Sizes may vary at the time of order, according to site dimensions.

263 I am interested in your Schweiss Doors one piece Red Power hydraulic door for my tool shed/ agriculture shop. Do you ship to the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean? I would like to discuss this with you, so can you provide me with a name and telephone contact with whom I can speak with one to one? Perhaps a fax number to an agent that will be able to help me. Thanks.

264 Dear sir, It's a pleasure for me to contact your company. We are interested on your Schweiss Red Power home doors we are base in Africa - Cameroon we need doors made out of Rubber desgin. If you have home doors please give your price sheet.Hope to read from you soonest. Best Regards Mr Douala

265 We just had our Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door installed past weekend. I brought the literature home to read and see that we are to check the oil level in the gear box. Is the gearbox prefilled from the factory? I just want to know whether I need to get oil for the door before my next trip up to our property. Also, is there someone with experience in Arizona you could recommend to do a post-install inspection for adjustments, etc? Thanks.

266 Hi I was just woundering if you have a branch in South Africa. If not, would you be interested in opening a branch? I've had two customers the past month ask me about your Red Power Schweiss hydraulic doors.

267 Je dois mettre en place pour un de mes clients une porte de hangar que vous propos. pour cela j'aurais besoins des ctes de constructions et dtails techniques de rservation. merci de me transmettre de la documentation techniques. dsol je ne parle ni crit l'anglais ou l'amricain. sincres salutations

268 Schweiss hydraulic flush mount door, 58X16, remote control, freight to zip 97211 delivery times. can you provide engineering, and drawings of door, and Red Power hydraulics.. which pump manufacturer and cylinder size are you providing. We have installed 6 of another competitors doors from Minn. and had some structure and hyd problems looking for better product.We hear that Schweiss Doors is in the know and has time tested and customer satisfaction doors.  Burt

269 I recieved delivery of my Schweiss hydraulic door last Thursday and was installed since. Everything went very well and looks great. Not only that, it is better than my expectations, especially with the Red Power hydraulics which lift it smooth as butter. Should have ordered one of your doors years ago. Thanks for putting out a great door.

270 We are a manufacturer of industrial and commercial buildings. For additional information as to what we do please visit our website. Because of our market, we require information regarding your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors and how we might establish a business relationship beneficial to both of us. I'll also need info on your web advertised Red Power hydraulic pumps. They appear to be just what my customers need for maximum lift.

271 I use to live in Minnesota and would always see your display at the Minnesota State fair. Since moving back to my native state of OR, I have started Two Rivers Garage Door. I was suprised to see your doors specified in a project out in Eugene, OR. So the reason for this e-mail is to find out how you will be bidding this project for the U of O? I was wondering if you will be just supplier, or supply and install doors? If you are looking for installers for this project, I would be interested. I do have some experience with bifold, but honestly not your Red Power hydraulic door product. I would even be willing to come to your location and receive training if that is necessary. Please let me know what your intentions are. You have some very sturdy looking doors and your garage doors appear to be every bit as good as mine. Your Schweiss line could here could help us both out in the long run.

272 I spoke with someone a few weeks ago regarding the Schweiss hydraulic door installed on our shop the latter part of June or first part of July. We requested a letter explaining the work that was done to reinforce the construction before the door was installed. It was not strong enough to support the door as constructed. In fact David reinforced it even more. Also would now like to have additional information on your new line of Red Power pumps. We need a response/letter regarding this request. I am sorry to say I do not recall the name of the person with whom I spoke.    Rosey

273 Hi, I am looking for your local distributor in Southern California for a large construction project involving Schweiss hydraulic doors and Red Power electrical systems. Best Regards, Dan F. Project Manager m. Construction Company

274 Could you please send a few more Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump brochures? We had one of each, and handed them out to a customer. Also: \"One Piece Hydraulic Doors\" - 30 page brochure \"Bi-fold Doors\" - 42 page brochure \"Door Comparisons\" 10 page brochure. Or if you have any smaller, less pages, that would be fine, as well. People here in Iowa are really thinking about doing some building. Could be a good year on and off the farm. Thank you!! Cassidy

275 I'm a student at Columbia state university and I'm doing a class project bidding an aircraft hanger. I was wondering if you could give me a price quote for a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door (which ever is more popular with pilots) that would fit a rough framed opening 40 ft by 14 ft. I would appreciate any brochures of doors in use by someone and a close up photo or brochure highlighting your Red Power hydraulic pump system. Thanks, Cory B.

276 I am bidding a job where we need to 40x20 Schweiss hydraulic doors (about 3 or 4 of them) in a wood building expect to make a buying decision within 3 months. Can you shoot me a figure on price of one door or if there is a price break on multiple doors and Red Power hydraulic systems. I'm pretty sure the buyer is sold on your doors. He pointed out specifics on how they are better constructed and he really likes your new and stronger Red Power units. Almost forgot, he wants to doors to have wood exteriors to match his wood building. Any problem with that?

277 hello sir... this is safroz persuing from mechanical engineering. this is my last year n i have 2 do my final year project. i have seen this Schweiss Doors system \"hydraulic doors\" which is very interesting. i m impressed and i want 2 do my project on hydraulic doors and red power hydraulic pumps. sir please cooperate me and give me some information regarding. thank you. Safroz

278 I am from South Africa. Do you have agents in South Africa. I am an engineer busy with the design of an aircraft hanger and my client want to make use of your Schweiss hydraulic doors with strong Red Power hydraulic pumps. I am not to sure about the side or end wall

279 I saw an article about your horse building in the Redwood Gazette, which led to your website about bi-fold and hydraulic doors. I work out of Browns Valley, MN (about 150 miles from Fairfax). I'm wondering if you send me a catalogue about your product. We quote airplane hangars all over the country, but do not supply hangar doors. And we can push a great hydraulic pump system llike your newly developed Red Power units. Thanks! Your website is very impressive!

280 Dear Schweiss Door sirs we are Najem International group working in Libyan market and we are intersted to be your agent in Libyan market for Schweiss bifold and hydraulic Red Power Pump Doors. So kindly send us more details with best regards Awad N.

281 We are in process of bidding one Covered Dry berth at Oman for defence. We require Schweiss hydraulic door, 40 x 27 M size 6 nos of door. Our of 6 nos, 3 nos are steel made and 3 nos are fabric made. Lifting with Red Power Hydraulic pumps, remote openers. Kindly let us know your interest and we will forward you the tender drawings and specification. Shipping to Mumbai, Kousik

282 I went to the link on your site: Aircraft Sizes Please refer to the Beechjet 400 on your site wingspan: 48'4\" Height: 3'9\" Length: 43'5\" I believe it should be the following for Beechjet 400 wingspan:43'5\" Height: 13'9\" Length: 48'4\" That was the only one I checked...I wonder how many more are wrong? Noticed you now stock a bigger (more powerful) Red Power hydraulic pump, looks like it would be ideal for larger doors.

283 In designing a Hydraulic Door, would 60\" Wedge be suitable for a 75' wide x 30' height actual clear opening (35' actual total height of door), with a 140 MPH Windload? Schweiss Doors new Red Power hydraulic pump comes with this?  Thanks, Jon

284 Dear Sir, We are an Import Export company Based in India. We supply Imported spares and machinery equipments to various Government organisations/ Airport Authorities in India. On one of our Visits to our Clients site where the Engines of Aircrafts are overhaulled. Our Client has door about 20 feet height and a width of 40 Feet which has a sliding Door and has to be pushed manually which they now need to automize We would be really glad to recieve some of your technical brochures for your Schweiss hydraulic door and Red Power hydraulic pump and Schweiss bifold door products along with the prices so we could represent your company to our end customer to procure some business Should you have any futher clarifications please feel free to contact me in Mumbai.

285 I'm working on transportation project, and we are interested in your Schweiss hydraulic (Red Power) doors fire rating. Can you please provide it? Thanks

286 Dear Sir/Madam: Do you have a Philippine Schweiss Red Power hydraulic or bifold door distributor/agent? We have a requirement for an aircraft hangar. Thank you. Michael D. C.

287 Hello I have a Schweiss hydraulic door from you. I follow up to notify it arrived in Reykjavik in fine operational condition and it now working lovely with Red Power hydraulic assist. Thank you to all at Schweiss Doors, Incorporated for this oversea coordination from your factory to U.S. port to Iceland. Best Regard Rognvaldur J.

288 Have you developed a hydraulic door that allows a small 8'X 7' garage type door (for vehicle traffic) within the larger Red Power Schweiss door? We are in the permit process for building phase one (70 hangars) and more often than not we are not able to place the garage doors on the side or rear of the hangars. Please let me know. Thanks. Rick A.

289 We are a the importer and distributor for various door applications on many different structures, i.e. hangars, ag, residential, commercial and industrial. We are essentially and Architectural engineering company as well as Survey engineering. Your link was provided to us by a project manager in Bavaria. We are very interested in your products for a large building, and especially for some Aircraft hangers and similar structures. Please let us know if your Schweiss Door hydraulic Red Power door product is being represented here so that we can get in touch with your offices or if you are interested in a possible representation arrangement. we look forward to hearing from you and remain sincerely Alexis.

290 Dear sir/madam, I'm interested to learn more about your Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power and BI-fold Doors.Could you please send me your products catalogs. Thank you, Jessie

291 We have several hangars at the airport that have Schweiss hydraulic and bi-fold doors on them. We would like to set up an account with your company in case we need to order parts in the future. Please e-mail or fax us a credit application. Thank you

292 We met Mr. Schweiss in Vegas. We would like to add you to our website as a vendor for hangar and barn doors. the site is under construction. May we list you and use some of your pictures. We have invested a lot of money in the development of our site and search engines. Hopefully in a few months we should see good results in the Central Florida Market. We desire to sell and install your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold door products and also your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. You have the best doors we've seen. Let me know, Deanna L.

293 Dear Sirs, I have an inquiry for offer for a Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump aluminum door 10 m (H) x 12 m (W). Can you help us? Is it interesting for you? Thank you for your support, Valentin A.

294 Good Morning, I received a quote yesterday for a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system and I'd like to follow-up by further investigating the use of your product. Is the design criteria and specifications available in a downloadable format? Thank you for your time.

295 Please quote the following doors. (1) 12'6\" x 12' with a 30\" wedge. Actual hydraulic door height 14'6\" Red Power hydraulic lift left inside, 240-1PH. Top drive with weather seal kit, Manual latches, electric photo eye sensors, door base saftey edge. (1) 7'10\" x 8'6\" same specs as above. Actual door height 11'. Please include shipping charges, engineering papers to meet glass deflection, and special Schweiss hinges. Also please include the lead time. This job will be new construction.

296 I would like to speak to a Schweiss Door rep about some future ideas in the Seattle area incorporating your line of Schweiss bifold and hydraulic Red Power Doors, for commercial, industrial and designer uses. Need costs, finishes, glass types, and lead times are of interest. Thanks Jason.

297 Could you please provide us with pricing for a 60 by 18 ft. hydraulic door for our new hangar ? Also info on your Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pumps and a European dealer near Denmark would be ideal. Allan H.

298 Please provide me with a quote, drawings and installation specifications for Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors 14 feet high by 44'6\" feet wide, including remote control capability and auto latch capability. Also please provide me with pricing on 16'x 44'6\" feet wide door with teh same abilities. I am initially looking for a quantity of 10 sets of doors, Red Power Schweiss hydraulic pumps, remotes etc. The pricing should include shipping to Vancouver British Columbia. Shipping should be shown as a seperate line item in the quote.

299 I am interested in getting a One piece hydrolic door/window. The building is of wood frame. Can the door/window made out of aluminum anodized to reduce weight? Can I receive picture or drawing of your similar Schweiss hydraulic door products in the past. I have seen some pictures in your designer doors section that are similar but I am not sure. Also not sure what Red Power pump I'll need. Thank you for you prompt attention. Regards, Helen T.

300 Hi! I'm Carlos, Portuguese, I ask if you seel your Schweiss Door Bifold and Hydralic Red Power Pump door products to Europe and Africa, and, if is possible to get your representation to seel your products? If yes what are your conditions? I wait four you, Best Regards and Success! Carlos

301 I submitted a request for a 50x18 door and mistook country for county and put McHenry country. Sorry 1 door Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup will be on end wall and 1 on side wall

302 I would like to know if you sell or have some company that sell your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold door products in Italy or in Europe. Riccardo (Pordenone)

303 Hello - We are working on an overseas project that will include several types of operable glazed walls and are looking for some \"how to\" input. I wonder if you have ever built a Schweiss hydraulic door that was inclined and/or of unequal dimension at top & bottom? Would this affect how your Red Power pump could operate? Thanks for your time and attention. Please contact me at the above email address.


305 I need specs so I can size the Hydraulic door opening we talked about, I believe that my brother has already been in communication with you. But I have no specs to work with on the door and the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. The sooner that I can get them the sooner I can get the quote to the customer. Pretty excited about this door.

306 We are working on a project in Gibraltar and wondered whether you are able to supply Schweiss hydraulic and bi-fold doors to this location? We have three doors that are 3200mm high and approximately 2900mm wide. We are looking for as much glass as possible and also with Red Power Hydraulic Pumps and other options.

307 To whom it may concern, I am currently studying engineering and am required to design a hangar. I love the picture of your work and was hoping you could please email me the cost for a standard Schweiss hydraulic one piece door (with Red Power Hydraulic Pump lifting system) for the minimum dimensions of 13m wide and 3.8m at the lowest point once opended. Thanks for any help.

308 Having a great day, we are company for construction so we are interesting to know more about your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold items categories, Red Power hydraulic pump cataloges samples if that possible. I am glad to get reply from you . Best regards Ali Hammoud.

309 I want to replace a 14ft sliding door. I already have a Schweiss by-fold door on the other end of the building and it works better than the slider, because of the high humidity. Actually, I am considering installation of a hydraulic door in this spot with Red Power hydraulic pump. What do you think, will it look weird to have a bifold on one part and hydraulic on the other?

310 Please send The Schweiss Handbook. Application is 10'-0\" high (distance from finish floor to bottom of building sheeting) by 26'-0\" wide garage door. Wood frame building with Z-Wall pre-fab lateral stability steel walls flanking garage door opening. I would like to understand the required head detail for this application on a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power System (distance from top of clear height to center of mouting holes for single hinges).

311 Attention: Julie S. 1. Can \"slant-cut\" top corners as shown on page 28 of your bi-fold brochure be incorporated into my Schweiss hydraulic door? 18\" horizontal x 6\" vertical to follow roof line. 2. Update price? Add automatic latches and Red Power backup system. 3. Delivery schedule? Cliff N.

312 Mike, You won't remember me from Oshkosh , but I remember you. My bifold hangar door has been operating perfectly now for 22 years. It takes a good mid westerner to produce an outstanding product, and your Schweiss Doors company has done it. I don't fly anymore, but I think about it a lot. I built a Kitfox and a Wheeler express and I'm still alive. My son-in-law is a top sales person with PELLA windows and doors out of Pella Iowa.I was an installer with Pella for a number of years and saw a possible interaction for both venues. I'm a retired surgeon, and believe in your products.Check your old records.You sell a great product, and so does Pella. Sincerely Jim Kolberg M.D.

313 I just bought 15 doors from you for my Longmont project, and need the warranty on them to pass on to the people who bought these hangar units. Can you send it electronically? Your Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power hydraulic systems are working out magnificently. Thanks Cole.

314 This is in Monterrey, Mexico. let me know if you deliver Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors there if not I can have it shipped to Laredo, TX and then taken to Monterrey from there. Can you ship Red Power hydraulic pumps?

315 Hello, We are building a steel hangar (30m x 20m). We would like to you to send us a quote on a hangar door (hydraulic with Red Power pump). The clear opening size is 14m x 4m. As you can see I am writing from Poland - can you ship the door to Poland? How much would it cost? Another question: is there an option to buy the Red power unit alone? Thank you, Grzegorz

316 Invitation to Enterprises The rapid and stable growth of Vietnam has made it a promising land of safe and effective investment. Vietnam has been attracting more and more investors from all over the world in many significant projects which sped up the development of construction sector and created business opportunities for enterprises in the fields of construction and interior. It's asserted that construction is now considered a leading sector in the process of industrialization and modernization of Vietnam and therefore should be paid more attention by management organizations, associations and the related agencies. For that reason, it is essential to carry out such activities as support, promotion and investment in trade as well as international communication. With the aim stated above, Vietnam Association of Building Material (VABM) together with Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre (VEFAC) and VIASI - a stock company of Trading and Exhibition - hold an international exhibition fair specializing in Construction, Building Materials and Interiors. This fair will take place from late May to earliest June at Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre, 148 Giang Vo street, Hanoi. The organizer would be very thankful to receive brochures on all Schweiss Door bifold and hydraulic Red Power doors and designer doors, or even more beneficial to have a Schweiss Door representative come to Hanoi. If you can send someone, we can arrange house living arrangements We wish you all the best. Organization Board International Exhibition in Construction, Building Materials and Interior. Please for you to contact us. Viasi

317 Hello, My name is Grace and I'm currently and Interior Design Student. For a class project we are required to gather samples and information from various sources of companies and manufacturers. I was wondering if you would be willing to send me any information regarding the Schweiss Designer Door items and interior and exterior facings that you carry, in both bifold and hydraulic one piece doors with Red Power Safety Advantage and backup systems. These items will be shared with the class and be logged in a binder for our personal future use as we begin our Interior Design careers. Any help that you can give me is much appreciated. I will attach my shipping address below. Thank you, from a future buyer of your products! Grace M.


319 Dear Sir We are interested In your Schweiss bifold, designer and hydraulic Red Power doors. Please send us your brochures As we need to study the specification to put in our factory thanks for cooperation Ashraf Zaher Sales Manager, Cairo


321 Hello,I f'm INDIA{MUMBAI} can u send me u'r all Schweiss Red Power hydrdaulic and bifolding door product details.i working as a CONTRACTOR. still I wait for u'r reply. Thanxs. Regards, Sameer

322 What is B.I. Sheeting and what gauges do they come in? Can this be used on a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump. We have B.I., but are not sure if it is any good for a door, if it is we would only need door frame and Red Power and a couple of remote openers.

323 My question is, can Schweiss Doors fantastic production department make and install a hydraulic one piece door that is 100ft wide by 28ft high or is this too large for one Red Power pump/motor to lift? Have you ever made a door this big? What would be a budget price?

324 I am an aircraft mechanical engineer with experiance 16 yrs. in a&p maintenance (airframe and power plant) maintenance (transport aircrafts) With Damascuse lisence issued by(THE STATE ORGANIZATION FOR IRQI CIVIL AVIATION) specialest in (turbofan/piston engines) I am also flight engineer on aircraft type (IL-76MD) WITH LISENCE ISSUED BY (THE STATE ORGANIZATIN FOR IRQI CIVIL AVIATION) ALSO I AM A MAINTENANCE ENGINEER FOR LIGHT AIRCRAFTS (WARRIOR/SENECA /SESENA /PRAVO) (A&P) SEEKING FOR SCHWEISS BIFOLD OR HYDRAULIC RED POWER HANGAR DOOR INFORMATION FOR SALES HERE.  ABDULRAZZAQ

325 Dear Sir, Greetings! Please send us brochures and export price list on Schweiss Bifold and Red Power Hydraulic Pump Doors for our perusal.Thank you. Best Regards, Mario M R., Quezon City.

326 Looking to buy a new seal for a Schweiss Chicken Plucker door. I see you now just call yourselves Schweiss Doors and sell hydraulic doors too. If your present doors are anything like those you made 30 years ago, I'll bet they are the best on the market. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

327 We are an E/A firm in South Portland Maine with over 100 employees. We are looking for a lunch and learn (or box lunch) regarding large Schweiss hydraulic lift overhead doors. We do a lot of municipal, military, and airport work. Do you have someone that could come to Maine and talk to us during a lunch hour about your doors? We have our lunch and learns on Thursdays and are currently scheduling in July. We're hopeful of your being able to come to explain your new Red Power hydraulic pump system and also briefly on your Schweiss bifold door components. Thank you, Mercer B.

328 Talked to brook about a Schweiss hydraulic door  pricing: Also, please send some packets of broshures on your newest Red Power hydraulic pump unit and all upgrades for my costomers

329 Basically I am a electronics engineer . I am interested in doing work in your company in an electronics related job. Thanks.

330 Hello, Do you have a Schweiss Doors distributor in Europe? Can you send me shiping cost to Europe, Czech Republic, ZIP 68601? What is the delivery time of new bifold and Red Power hydraulic lift  doors? Thank you, Best regards Marek M.

331 We hawe inters to by your products: ...Schweiss Bi-Fold Door, Hydraulic Door, Red Power Hydraulic Pump...We whant to use doors for shield in front of structural glass fasade as protection against vandalism! ...dimension are: 700x220cm one,  950x220cm if is posible to split it on three parts.. Please can you send us calculation with delivery Franco Ljubljana (EU-Slovenia). Regards, Josip

332 I am greatful to you that before visit to Resale-2008 (Karlsruhe) fair and more thanks to FRAME in Dhaka organization. Dear producer, I come to Karlsruhe and after fair I meet with you and discuss about products. But before meet with you I have need huge knowledge about your Schweiss bifold and Red Power hydraulic door products and explain to retailer or customer. So, I have verry important your printed catalogue with price. I see and download your products catalogue, but this is not enough. Please send your full range of products with price by mail post today for moving and shown to sevaral place for description. Please don't delay and forget to send your full range catalogue due to I had abroad trip China Canton Fair, Singapore & India. So, my request accept and take action in short time. Thanks. Subhash M. Managing Director

333 Dear Sir/Madam, We are intereste in your products and we would like to cooperate with your company to sell your products in Turkish market. We would like to give you some information about our company. Armada Ltd. Co. is a Turkish company, operating mainly in defense industry. We represent some US, Italian and Israeli companies in Turkey and from Israel. I am the founder of Armada Ltd Co. and I have long experience in defence industry, nearly 20 years. Our company is a registered company to The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Compience and Registration Division (CRD), United States Department of State. Our registrant code is K-1566. We would like to represent your Schweiss Doors company in Turkey and introduce your Bifold and Hydraulic Red Power Door products to the related organizations and develop business. I will be glad to provide if you need further information. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, R. Tufan.

334 To Whom it may concern; I am a practicing architect in both Minneapolis and Norway and we want to use couple of your smaller Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors with Red Power options in a school building we are building in Norway. Could you please let me know if you have a northern Eropean rep. that I could contact. Or do you sell directly to this market.

335 Please send a Schweiss Doors catalog; If possible I would like two door catalogs: one for our office library, and another for a client. Thank you and look forward to receiving the Schweiss Doors catalogs. Please confirm when they are in the mail so i know when to expect them.

336 We are a door company in the NV area and were looking into getting into the hangar door installation and maintenance business. We would love to be placed on your list of Schweiss door vendors for the area. Also, we would love to have the ability to use your one-piece hydraulic door product in any projects that may present themselves here. Thank You very much and we look forward to working with Schweiss Doors in the future.

337 Need Schweiss Doors pricing on both style doors for (2) 24' x 12' to replace cumbersome sliding doors with chain hoist.

338 Looking for a small fold up bi-fold door or a one piece hydraulic lift door: 6ft. by 6ft that would fold up into a small shed. I am building this to store items like by zero-turn lawn mower and wood splitter and don't have much space. I would like this door to either fold up or move to one side outwards or fold in two halves but would need to fold inward. The building is an attachment to my compact Kabota tractor barn that I built and is of an odd shape due to the trees that I don't want to cut down. I also could have a door that would slide to one side and open.  What options do I have?

339 If I order a hydraulic Schweiss Door, do you have a way to mouse and rat proof the door and Red Power unit? I work in the skid row area of lower Manhattan, it gets pretty nasty around here with all the garbage in the alley, especially on hot days, when the rats want a cooler place to do their breeding sometimes. Can your crew do an install for me. I'll promise to stand by with my shotgun so they don't get bit.

340 We need a 3'-0\" x 7'-0\" door in this one piece hydraulic Red Power model. Do you make them this small. If not, how about a bifold. I know this isn't a huge order, but I'm really tired of wrestling with my current sliding door, especially in the winter. Maybe your Red Power pump is too powerful for a door this size, what do you think?

341 We have a customer who would like to have a bi-fold or hydraulic door with the service door built in.  Do you also have walk-in doors with a window?        

342 Do you know of any rubber or foam material that could be glued into the fold area of the bifold door to prevent air from coming through that horizontal opening behind the overlaping gusset? It would have to be something of soft rubber or foam that is about 1/2 inch thick, 2-1/2 inches wide and 40 feet long. I might also be interested in the upgrades (auto door lock, fabric cable, remote opener) for my door depending on the price. Thank you. Norm

343 Hello, My colleague has just recieved a quote from you folks and I was wondering if you have any pictures of one of your doors on a dry kiln (used for drying lumber). It was mentioned to him that you had such installations. A location of these types of dry kiln installation would be very helpful as well. Thank you, Bruce

344 Please mail me a handbook for designers for your bi-fold, hydraulic and designer style doors. Thanks,

345 What is the difference in the Bifolding door and the hydraulic doors? Is there much of a difference in prices or are the about the same Price? How far do you guys travel to put them up? How long does it take to put on of those doors on a building?

346 We have already received general info for a residential hydraulic door from you. Questions: (1)We are not able to find a local installer to install your product from your list or referrals. What would be the cost for your company to install? (2) Will the door meet the City of Los Angles City Building codes? (3) Does your company come out to field measure to produce shop drawings. (4) what is the lead time for shop drawings, fabrication and delivery.

347 I recently requested an estimate for 32'(wide)x16'(high) Schweiss hydraulic door for one of my customers. Is it possible for your corporation to send information or literature on your bifold and hydraulic bi-fold units. Please mail the requested information to address attached to this e-mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank You, Robert

348 I'm looking for some info on accessories for your Bifold Door system. I presently do alot of maintenance for the RCMP, here in Labrador. They have recently had one of your door systems installed in their hangar here. The door is 80ft. wide x 28ft. high. a radio controlled unit. The hangar supervisor said that they have had no problems with opening and closing the door via remote. We are requesting  an interior/exterior light system the would alert the operator that the door system is all the way up. Do you have a light system available to let the operator know that the door is fully open. Let me know what you think of this and contact me via phone or E-mail. Regards; Jeff

349 Our new hangar was completed last August and we have one of your very large hangar doors. We have missplaced our owners manual or documentation including recommended maintenance scheduling. Would you please let me know how to go about getting this infomration? If you need more precise product information from the door please let me know where it would be located as well. Thanks in advance for your help. I prefer to be contacted by email if possible from Schweiss.

350 Please send 3 of your Schweiss Doors information packets on Bi-Fold, Hydraulic and Designer doors to be used for sales purposes. Also send complete listing of accessories available for all these doors. Send to address and attention to above.

351 Can you send details showing a Schweiss hydraulic door in the side wall instead of the endwall?

352 Good day Interested in becoming a dealer of your hydraulic and bifold door product we continually are getting more request for bi doors. We have been in business since 1973 and feel we have good market relations in eastern Wisconsin Please reply to : Tim D.

353 Hello, I saw your doors at the state fair a long time ago (1991) I just ran across your flier and thought I'd give you a call. I have a 10'x10' opening on my pole barn, it has a slide by now but would like a door like you build with the split in the middle or your one piece hydro door. If I could get a price for that and maybe inquire about just buying the hardware and opener, I weld and thought it would be fun to build my own door frame and sheeting. If this is possible could I get prices for both? I do like the yellow straps for lifting you show on your index page! good idea. Thanks Mike

354 hi I am civil eningeering student doing a project on hangar design. I am wondering if I can get the dead load of your Schweiss Hydraulic door and the Bi-fold door for the dimensions specified below for our design. Thanks for your help in advance.

355 I need 250 of the bi-fold and hydraulic door booklets. Also send me 50 of the Schweiss designer door brochures.  please advise of a ship date.

356 I am interested in specifying your door system for stores throughout the country. I would like to find out if it is possible to attach insul. to the outside of your fold up frames so that we can get a high r-value. The hydraulic and bifold doors would be 20'wide x 16\" high or preferably 40'wide x 16' high.

357 Do you have a dealer for this city in Edmonton? Please advise as we need a hydraulic lift door for an upcoming tender. Installer must be also the dealer in spec.

358 I request a quote of a isolated hydraulic operated hangar door. 16X 4,40 meters opening Norway. Can Schweiss Doors make all the arrangements for shipping overseas?


360 We were wondering if you do any Trade Shows and if so which ones. Anything in state of Virginia? Very interested in seeing how your hydraulic doors operate. Checked your website, very informative, and it looks like you really manufacture a quality, long lasting trouble free door. Thank you, Eliz

361 Morning, I'm a regional sales manager and we are a major manufacturer of rolling steel doors. I have a distributor who would be interested in supplying your type of door in his market. Southern GA. Do you have a distributor in Southern GA? If not, he would be interested in learning more about your business and your product. He hasn't installed one of these doors before so he would want to have someone visit with him to go over the installation process. There seems to be demand for these types of doors in his market, as he has seen quite a few of them popping up in the three state area, and he is looking for a relyable supplier. Please advise...James

362 looking for a door about 40x12, im building a building , and can fit up to 46x12 do you have any hydraulic or bifold doors that you can sell for a discount, because of a minor flaw, this will be for my personal building, thanks phil,

363 To whom it may concern, My name is Marisol and I am working with the University of Puerto Rico Solar Decathlon Team. The Solar Decathlon is a competition sponsored by the United States Department of Energy in which 20 teams from around the world compete to create a house powered by solar energy. Each house has to be transported to Washington DC to the National Mall in September. We are now in the process of researching materials and detailing the construction drawings. The team's search has focused on new, innovative, sustainable materials. It is the intention of our proposal to use these forward-thinking materials as a showcase and as an educational tool. For this reasons, we are very interested in your Schweiss Bi-fold \"Lift Straps\" Doors. It's clear your product is our best option. If you have any questions about the competition feel free to go to our team site. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Looking forward to your response, thank you for your time. Marisol

364 Love your Schweiss Door web site, love the pictures. I know you put lots of work into this. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He invented ways to mass produce it and make it available to a large market.

365 Do you have specs on structoral support on your hydraulic doors?? Can you cover it with a clear plastic material?? Does the door arrive rust proof

366 You quoted a 16X40 one piece hydrolic for me some time last year. I am finally ready to go ahead. What kind of actualy measurements do you need to proceed? George P.

367 Hi Julie! Could send us some more literature on the hydraulic doors and the bifold doors. Maybe 6 of each if you could. Thanks for your help! Travis

368 Hello, I am an appraiser doing valuations of some hangars. These hangars are equipped with Schweiss hydraulic and Bi-Fold Doors, and I am looking for complete costs for these doors. I need the new cost, including labor for each of these doors please. The first door is a newer bi-fold, it is 60'x18'. It is your strap door with two motors, on either end of the door. It has 7 straps.

369 Please mail me info on your doors and how to make an intelligent decision in the purchase of a hanger door and my choice of options thanks

370 Please send us a catalogue of your Hydraulic Doors. Also email us back a quote on Steel Hangar Doors, door frame tracks and door frame systems as standard componets: 20' high x33'long Thanks, B. E. Project Administrator

371 Hi, saw an article in \"plane & pilot news\" regarding a free dvd about your doors. looks interesting Will you please send me a copy? Thank you Dick E.

372 Please send me your door DVD which I saw in Plane and Pilot news.

373 I was reading my avaition newspaper and saw your full page advertisement. Please send me a copy of the free DVD with hydraulic and bifold door pics, etc. Do you have a price list yet? If so, please send to me with DVD. Many thanks! Rich

374 I have a 50x50 free span steel bldg and need an info pack to design a hydraulic one piece door. thanks

375 Please send me your new free DVD you advertized in Cessna Owners magazine. Thank you, Kevin

376 I would like to arrange a call to meet at the Airlake airport in Lakeville to have a person look at replacing my door sliding door with a hydraulic door. I would like to get this done before winter Mark S. 

377 We are a manu/distributor of Steel Building sheets for use as hangars or other steel clad frame building. Our business is primarily Aircraft fuel /lube/parts and aircraft distribution. Our customers need hangars and we believe your door is the best we have seen. We wish to be a dealer or agent to promote your doors as our preferred choice. We would act as a representative, dealer or local contact in Northern Ontario, but we would like to be part of the supply chain, we would be loyal to your products, we do not wish to carry additional options. Please advise if we can be of service. Thank you Stephen M.

378 Read about your free DVD and would like one sent to me. Also what is your lead time for ordering a hydraulic door. Looking at construction in Jan or Feb. Actual size of Aircraft hanger has yet to be determined. Planning size is a 60X60 for now. Thanks Larry C.

379 We are about to place an order for a 12'w X 14'h hydraulic lift door. Your Schweiss quote sheet requires the balance of the payment to be paid by cashier's check. The funding for this project is from an escrow company where the entire construction amount has been deposited into an escrow account. Would you accept a check from the escrow company? Please advise. Bill

380 I like how do you can lift your Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors when there is a power failure? You think of everything. I guess that's what happens when you been in the business as long as you have. You are definately not a fly-by-night or fly-by-the-seat- of your pants operation.

381 I am a metal building provider currently looking at a project involving several hangars and would like info primarily on your hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. The more info the better. I am putting together package prices and need prices on the different sizes of Red Power hydraulic pumps and options. Also specs with loads for my designers would be EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you.