Schweiss Doors - Glass Hydraulic Doors

1 Hello, looking for an estimate for glass bifold hangar door

2 We are a construction company in Guatemala and we have a project that has a heavy architectural glass door. Would like to know if you guys would sell and install your products for a project in Guatemala and what information you need for a quote. Please let me know

3 I want glass fold up doors on my porch want to know if there is a dealer near me. My porch is 24x24 not built yes wanting to know what I have to do before we start. Thank You

4 Looking for glass panel hydraulic bi fold door for our home bar that is open to the outside patio. 12 feet wide x 10 foot tall opening. What is expected price?

5 I need 3 bifold hydraulic glass doors: 2 for a drive-through garage, one for a living room onto back patio.


7 Hello, In need a a hydraulic window wall system that will open up to our patio. We are close to the ocean- so any options to protect the door would be helpful. Please send me pricing for 10x8 hydraulic door.

8 Interested in getting a price quote for 2 Sway's designer-style glass doors 9x8.

9 Vanston/O'Brien has been hired by the Owner to complete a conceptual/Schematic Design construction estimate for a renovation project on an existing wood and steel frame building on main street just north of downtown Ann Arbor, MI. The drawing notes indicate these are to be "operable screen with hydraulic strut(s)". These will function more as a window covering and will expose the full glass window when in the open position, functioning more like a sunscreen while open. The building is to have Centria metal panels on the exterior with aluminum storefront windows. Quantities and size as follows: - (3 units) opening size 8'W x 5'H - (1) unit) opening size 10'W x 5'H Can you help me with an installed price for these units, first quarter of 2024. Thanks.

10 Hello, I'm looking for a bifold door with insulated glass for a garage to home gym conversion. I only need one door that is 95" wide by 83.5" high.

11 Hello, we have a quote from you for a custom bi-fold door, and now we have a contract for the job. But, we have a glass specification for the door and now we want you to supply and install the bi-fold door with exterior glass with supporting hardware (Glass will be supplied by us). I contacted the ADMOR industrial, may be your Canadian supplier and he advised me. Could you please contact me by email? So, I can send you the all details and spec sheet with door model number. I will wait for your response. Thank you.

12 We are looking to price the following: Project: Willmete GOlf Course two (2) approx RO (36" x 50") one (1) approx. RO (58" x 50"). Prefer your bifold strap door with glass cladding.

13 Interested in a Schweiss custom-made Liftstrap bifold door, tempered glass (unsure whether insulated or not), anodized black frame.

14 Interested in 2- 16'x8' glass designer doors for residential use; need to know where to purchase, estimated cost;who installs; installation costs; weather proof to meet California T24 requirements.

15 I need a quote on one 12'x10', one 12'x6'6", and two 9'x10' Bifold Glass Doors with color of Anodized Aluminum frames and a handheld remote that can be used on each door. I also need all the specs for the needed glass.

16 I have an inquiry regarding an exterior glazing systems involving your bifold liftstrap door for the ARC Technical Education project in Sacramento, CA. We are pursuing a series of add alternates for the project, and we were wondering if there were any glass hangar style doors that lift vertically (as opposed to lifting out and creating a projection) that can span up to 27’ in height. The opening when fully opened only needs to be 10’-15’, but we couldn’t find any systems that come as a tall 27’ assembly. Any thoughts? Thank you

17 I am building an art studio and I would like a quote for a 16 W x 8' T glass full view garage door on my art studio with 5 windows across and 2 windows vertically. What colors are available and what type of metal to you use? Aluminum? Can they be painted or powder coated?

18 Architectural Hydraulic or strap bifold door / glazed wall system for 15x8’ residential opening. High performance glazing with black metal frame

19 I have two 15 foot openings, I want to know what would be the least amount of obstructions i could have on your doors to get a perfect view of my outside scenery using a couple of Schweiss glass designer doors. Thanks and price ranges?

20 Good morning, I would like to request a quote for a strap-lift bifold glass door, for a high school project in Southern California. The designers are currently deciding between this door and a nanawall. The door will have 32' length x 15' height, and will have to be semi-customized. The interest comes from this example: Please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you, Karen

21 would like pricing for a one piece hydraulic door 16'x9' opening. door will be glass. building is cmu and tie beam construction. the building is existing.

22 We are working with a nationwide bank on a project that could become the Schweiss Doors prototype nationwide. We are looking for a door that would be glass/glazing to allow transparency. It would go between the ATM vestibule and the main lobby space allowing the bank to open up the vestibule to the lobby during business hours and close it down after hours. Either the Schweiss bifold or the hydraulic designer doors seem like options on initial review. We would like to have a quote for both options, if possible, to pass on to the client for review.

23 Steel frame Bi-Fold door by Schweiss Acid etched impact resistant glass doors mim 5/16'' double pane laminated glass. Include installation

24 Hello! Elder Construction has secured a remodel and addition project in Fort Collins, CO and the Architect found your Bifold Doors as a potential option to replace four (4) existing windows. The openings are all the same size at approximately 9'-10" wide x 9'-4" tall. We are thinking a Schweiss  all glass option would work well and the space is intended to be a Restaurant so you would want lots of viability. The existing structure is wood framed. Please call me with any questions and thanks for your time! 

25 Hey, im going to build a garage in glass. Its gonna be freestanding, 6x5.5 meters, 2.80-3.0m high. All sides will be in isulation glass with wooden pillars behind the glasses in each corner and in the middle of each long side to hold the roof made of wood. I have for the last couple of months contacted several firms in Sweden and asked them for a garage door in glass, but all of them are so comfortable, scared and not service minded. One problem has been to find something suitable to lift those heavy door. I see by your Schweiss Doors website that you have built a lot of them and I wonder if you could pass on your Schweiss expertise in making all glass doors. Pivot, bifold, hydraulic lifting, sliding,, doesn't matter as long as its one big piece or maximum 2 pieces. It has to be safe since a single door for a garage can weight around 300-400kg. Please respond with what you have, i would prefer pictures.

26 Good morning, I'm with MNDPC Architects in Manhattan and am looking to spec your Schweiss designer bifold doors for an upcoming project. I have a few questions for you as we work to implement these doors into our drawings: 1. We would like to inset a glazing system into the bifolds rather than to install a curtain wall to the exterior of the doors; would this be possible? 2. I've noticed that in some photos of your finished projects there is a bottom truss at the sill. What conditions would require this truss? Is this only required for aluminum, or would a steel frame also need this bottom truss? 3. I found a few details of your top drive doors online, but am having difficulties finding a bottom drive detail- if there is a detail of this condition, please email me.

27 We are looking to quote (4) One Piece Hydraulic operated Single Swing Doors that are 18'-0" wide by 12'-0" tall. We are looking to have the panels infilled with insulated glass. Thank you.

28 I am working on a project for which the client would like a fairly large Schweiss moveable glass designer door wall, or window located on the second floor of a building. I believe the sizes are about 30'W by 12'H and I am looking into the feasibility and cost of different systems. I'm also interested in the requirements for your system, electrical and more importantly structural. If you could give me a call or send me an e-mail, I would appreciate it. Thank you, Shane Cary

29 We are looking for a one piece Schweiss hydraulic glass door. We want clean minimal designer door  look. We would like to not have a truss at the bottom of the door. Please send us design criteria for the door. We would also like to minimize the thickness of the frame. We would also like to know if there is a distributor here in Vancouver, BC CANADA

30 Are there any Schweiss hydraulic glass door systems in the east coast area that I can view and see more of the seals and installation? I would like to see a single hydraulic door setup, and I would like to see with glass installed in it. Doesn't matter if it's a big or small Schweiss commercial, residential, or hangar door.   Thank you.

31 I need three Schweiss glass hydraulic glass doors for my green house. Both automatic doors 12' wide by 9' high without remote door openers.

32 Interested 36 ft x 20 ft municipal building door. Quote me on a one piece hydraulic glass and aluminum frame door with entry door, remote door opener.

33 Looking for a one piece aluminum frame door system that is as much glass door as possible. 15' wide by 4' height. Hydraulic lifting designer door will go over a bar top. Door needs to expand full width.

34 I would like this quote on 2 Schweiss hydraulic  glass doors 10'x10' to include remotes. Also, one of these hyd. designer doors will be on a sidewall and the other on the gable wall. We will require as much glass as possible. 

35 We have a project in Tacoma WA that will need some simple one piece window doors. Who I should contact at Schweiss Doors to find out more about your hydraulic operated window doors. Schweiss door would be the right solution for this window door project.

36 Smoke Evacuation Door: We are interested in 12' wide x 23' tall all glass hydraulic Schweiss emergency exit door to be located in a central atrium in a class 'A', LEED certified office building. This hydraulic smoke evacuation door will be part of our alert door system and needs to fully open in 90 seconds. 

37 Looking for a quote on a 20ft x 12ft insulated hydraulic glass clean room door with aluminum frame. Schweiss hydraulic door has to seal better than weather tight.

38 Want to use a two sizes of Schweiss quiet operating hydraulic cylinder church doors. The doors are 16' width x10' height and 19' width x 18' height. Do you recommend hydraulic or lift strap doors? The desired door material is frosted glass or just a regular glass door: Can we make it a dual pane insulated glass door? Is it possible to seal at the jambs, head, and door sill? How do we go about getting cut sheets for a custom made door?

39 I am looking for a horizontal hydraulic door with window 14'x5', interior door opening size. There is a picture of the window door in your  "Must see Photos" section of your website.

40 I'm looking for pricing for a one piece hydraulic  type designer door with as much door glass area as possible for a commercial structure door. The net door opening needs to be about 16' by 13'. We are in the feasibility stage now, but hope to start this commercial hydraulic door project in spring.

41 Residential application. 16 ft x 7 ft glass patio door. Aluminum frame door with Schweiss hydraulic door pump and cylinders. Can you price with a remote door opener?

42 Please construct a Schweiss glass designer door with metal frame in a black finish. Project site is located in NY. Following delivery, hydraulic door  will be loaded onto a freight barge to transfer across the bay. Please provide door lead times.

43 I am a general contractor and really like your hydraulic doors. I'd like direct pricing for hydraulic commercial and designer doors that require glass. Clients have asked us to provide glass and glazing door numbers so we need to see details. Please e-mail us glazing details.

44 Could I please get rough pricing estimate for a 7' H x 10' W Schweiss hydraulic insulated glass designer door assembly? 

45 I want to install a glass hydraulic cabin door, size 16' x 10' to go on my mountain cabin. Should have insulated glass and aluminum framing.

46 I would love a Schweiss hydraulic lake home door for my residential garage. I will be using the space as an art studio. The art studio door will need windows or better yet, an all glass wall door.

47 I called yesterday and have received approval to buy three Schweiss hydraulic glass doors at an exclusive hotel in Los Angeles. The hotel doors conceal buffet equipment. The glass doors are  20' long x 6' high. I need custom made door details for this application. CADD files would be great!

48 Looking for info on 40' wide x 24' high showroom glass door for equipment dealer. He wants lots of glass on a aluminum frame and a fast hydraulic opener with weathersealed latching feature.

49 We have a project in which we are considering using 2 hydraulic glass designer doors clad with a glazing system. (Approximately 8' wide and 11' tall.) In the case with glazed glass system doors, does Schweiss only provide hydraulic door and then its clad w/ other manufacturer's glazing system? Also, cost for a glass door of this size? 

50 Please quote a 12 X 12 glass door, Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. How secure are doors from someone ramming them? Can Schweiss beef up glass doors similar to wind rated doors?  What is ship and build time-frame? Do you install?

51 We are looking to get a price on a hydraulic greenhouse glass door with straps (no door cables) at 40' wide x 14' open height. Also price a glass walk-in door.

52 Would like a window door. Would also like to have a installation quote for two 21x14' hydraulic  Schweiss designer window wall doors. This is a residential door application.

53 I'm in need of a quote for Schweiss hydraulic doors for a customer. Below are the dimensions. My customer wants to have as much door glass showing as possible. We are a glass door supplier so we would need aluminum door frame only with all door lifting equipment. 

54 Need fast door delivery of an insulated glass door. It's a 16 ft x 16 ft. 1-piece hydraulic door. How soon can Schweiss Doors manufacture this door?

55 I am working with a bar owner who is wanting patio doors using Schweiss hydraulic glass doors. Currently they have flower beds about 3-4 feet high to avoid. They use drop down canvas curtains to control wind and temperature. Your canopy style hydraulic doors came up in our discussion. The openings are 9-0 x 5-5. There are 7 of them. They would like to have as much clear glass door view as possible. Recommendation on which style door to use?

56 I need to specify two Schweiss hydraulic glass greenhouse doors. Size: 24' x 12' with insulated glazed glass doors. Price with aluminum door frames and remote door openers.

57 Need price range for a 3 glass hydraulic doors similar to some of the restaurant door shots on your website. All three glazed glass doors will be the same size. The sill would be counter height. Sizes and some additional info is entered below. Include designer door installation. We are curious if you come out to install, if the contractor does install or if you have glazers you'd recommend for install. We can provide rendering images, prelim drawings, etc. if helpful for pricing. 

58 I want Schweiss Designer Doors. Glass restaurant doors to open up and act as a door awning. Two hydraulic doors. Must be good sealing photo eye doors.

59 We would like to use your designer glass hydraulic  door product in some schools that we are designing. Four aluminum frame glass doors with photo eye sensors and door base safety edge. School door sizes will all be 18'w x 12' h. 

60 Please figure a row of insulated glass windows in both hydraulic commercial cold storage doors. Size 42' x 12.' Also one entry door within steel door.

61 I need a 13.3 x 14 Schweiss glass hydraulic door with a glass walk through door on left side. Electric operated pump door with manual door backup system.

62 I like the design of your hydraulic doors Price me an insulated door, 10' wide by 8' tall glass door. How much wall height do I need to use this type hydraulic door? I am planning on using a standard glass framed overhead door 10x8 about 18" into the inside of my building creating a dead air space and protecting it from hail, vandals and for privacy. 

63 Looking for price on 48x16 hydraulic one piece  fire station door. Glass door, aluminum frame, needs to open very fast for emergency response door. Price emergency service door with two backup systems. Also include remote door opener with one extra handheld remote. 

64 Hello, I'm in need of a good natural lighting door. Prefer hydraulic door with clear door polycarbonate or glass window wall door design. Door will have to be 22' wide x 12' tall.

65 I am interested in 2 matching glass hydraulic one piece designer style Schweiss Doors with steel frame doors. Please price with hydraulic door safety photo eye sensors.

66 Can your Schweiss hydraulic designer doors be fabricated with openings (windows) in the top panel? When I order, I'd like 5 windows on a 48' hydraulic door.

67 Please quote the two electrical pump/cylinder  lifting Schweiss hydraulic doors with 1/4" Guardian IS20 Glass. Custom Painted Frame ( Color to Be Determined) 4 Glass Panels Wide x 2 High. Please feel free to call with any questions and I will do my best to answer them

68 We're currently remodeling a location for a new Brewpub to be opened in late August of this year, and we are looking at different options of replacing our windows. We've been looking into changing them out with glass commercial garage doors, but I love the look of your hydraulic window wall door and wanted to see what they cost. We have 3 windows that are 5' 10" wide and 6' 5" high, is it possible to get a ballpark figure on doing these in a glass commercial bi-fold, to see if it's even an option in our budget?

69 I need to install 2 glass Schweiss hydraulic doors. width 240cm height 250cm I would like to know more about these doors like insulation values, lifting time, windloads, backup systems, remote openers, freestanding headers, etc. Thank you

70 I would like all aluminum All-Schweiss hydraulic  glass door, for a restaurant with a pedestrian door. If this is not possible the dimension is 13 'wide instead of 16' as asking in my submission. thank you very much Pierre, Project Manager

71 Local distributor near me in New Jersey? Would like information on hangar Style glass doors for my helicopter hangar. Hydraulic door, insulated, walk door, remotes and insulated. Schweiss Doors to do the install. Should be flush mount prepped for interior liner.

72 Project originally called for another manufacturers Hydraulic or Bi-fold door. The customer is now looking for some value engineering. They are interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door. And we have used Schweiss in the past and recommend Schweiss. The hydraulic biomass aluminum door is to be 12'-0"x 23'-0". What are my options for finish/color? The rest of the storefront is to be dark bronze, I believe. I have a local glass company lined up to do the glass. Glass will be 3/16" PPG Solarban 60 low "E" tempered, insulated. Unfortunately, I don't have more information than this. There were no specs, really only a link to another website. Thank you for your help. Please call or email with any questions.

73 I need 2) 9 x 8 Glass doors to go in a bedroom to a deck on the 2nd floor. Either Schweiss straplift bi-folds or 1 piece hydraulic doors. Can you call me and we can talk about it more? Also what are the wiring requirements? Does it have a motor?

74 I am interested in the hydraulic full glass Schweiss door. I have 3 - 10'x10' openings. What kind of structural system is required for something like this. Can you give me an estimated ball park cost for something like this? Thanks

75 I am an architect interested in your Glass Paneled Hydraulic Designer Doors. Could you please send me a copy of your handbook, and any other literature with typical details and specifications? I have an upcoming project which will call for three large glass moving wall doors.

76 Request additional information about glass panel hydraulic designer doors for a indoor glass moving wall. Hydraulic door only. 

77 Can you provide a cost range for both the Hydraulic and Bifold liftstrap doors. I am looking to put in a Glass door in a wall that is 15ft wide. Is there a minimum height? 

78 Looking at two openings. One is 5' wide by 4' high. The other is 4.6" wide x 4' high. Could you give me a rough price on these two glass doors. They are for a bar area in our pool house. Most interested in your liftstrap bifold, but would also like price on your Schweiss hydraulic glass doors.  

79 Re: "SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC Glass door with 19mm. door size 19ft. w x 16ft.h. with 4.8Kpa Wind load. 2 set.This Project in Hong Kong. Please advise the best price & Delivery time & Detail Catalogue information by e.mail send me. Submit recommend your this door gear systems. Please follow up on this e.mail, Immediately be send me. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks .

80 I have a nearby customer that is interested in getting a quote on a 28'(W) x 15' (T) Schweiss one-piece hydraulic outswing glass door. He currently does not have the height on the interior for a overhead door. He wants numbers for the Hydraulic out swing and a bifold with straps for comparison. This is to be installed on a wood building.  Thank you

81 I would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic designer style glass door, 46'x12' earth tone color on bottom third of door, mandoor for my man cave, insulated, aluminum frame please

82 I have a customer who would like a quote to install a hydraulic door in his new Ag Equipment dealership. He's leaning toward the designer Schweiss hydraulic glass doors. Probably two side by side doors that can operate separately from each other on a Red Power Pump unit. 

83 I have a customer that needs a 42' X 15' hydraulic door. Please send information on doors with opener and appropriate way to be able to mount glass panels on. Shipping to Seattle or California, where I will handle further shipping to Hawaii. I also need the door specifications for mounting, including weights to determine compatibility with our Outback building. Wind load 105, exposure b

84 Interested in hydraulic glass doors for restaurant. What caught my eye were the designer doors on your Schweiss doors website. What information do I need to supply you so I can get a bifold hydraulic glass door from your company?

85 We have to build garage and Pool house with bar same as photo of the day, Custom Schweiss Hydraulic Doors on the internet. We are pricing this job for a costumer who has indicated that he prefers this type of door to close up bar area facing pool patio. The doors will be placed between brick pillars. Please provide quote for 2 glass Hydraulic Doors, shipped to Ont. Canada

86 Is it possible to have a hydraulic Schweiss door with fully glazed glass panels? What are the space requirements for the frames, opening hardware, and hydraulics? What is the lead time for fabrication once shop drawings are approved? Would it be possible to send CAD details for both Schweiss hydraulic and bifold strap systems?

87 I would like to get an idea of rough opening size and appropriate system to use for a glass hydraulic shopping center door. Currently we have room for a frame of 9'-4"H x 12'-0"W frame to frame door in an 8" CMU wall. Contact me asap 

88 I am looking for a preliminary quote on (6) 12'-0"W X 11'-6"H glass Schweiss designer style hydraulic doors. This would be installed in a restaurant. We will want photo eye sensors.

89 Hello I am interested in a glass and dark bronze anodized door for an opening that is 10'x8' wide. I want it to be a one piece door with your hydraulic cylinders for opening. This will be for a commercial store, so I want it to look really special. Can you help me? Martha

90 Looking for prices on garage doors for a fire station. We want a lightweight, fast opening doors, probably on an aluminum frame, with lots of glass.  Three doors, all 18 ft. wide by 15 ft. tall. Quote in liftstrap bifold and hydraulic.       

91 Hello, I would like to know, preferably today, the cost for glass paneled hydraulic doors of 12' x 52', with a price that include all the glass, frame and technical consideration. Same style as the one used for the Redbull Headquarters or the Stanford Global Ecology Center with a nice glazed aesthetic. Thanks

92 Interested in a 14x14 hydraulic glass door. Wondering about pricing with remote opener.

93 Looking for Schweiss hydraulic glass doors for a restaurant space. Probably 4 of them 8' wide and 7' high. Looking for a guesstamate. But really need to know if they are hurricane rated and which door, bifold or hydraulic seals up best. The restaurant is on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore. Thanks, Vito.

94 Hello. I need a price on a designer style Schweiss hydraulic door with lots of glass that is 19.5' wide and 14' tall. I live in Oxnard California. Do you have a local installer here. Looking forward to finally getting one of your hydraulic doors on my restaurant. Email me if you need more info. 

95 Please send brochures on Schweiss hydraulic horizontal glazed doors. I'm looking to do a designer door project similar to one or two of those depicted on your outstanding website. Thx

96 Hello Schweiss Doors Europe Representative, I am currently working on a boutique hotel in downtown Villach, Austria. It will have a restaurant on the bottom floor with a pretty large sized takeaway counter/window opening to the exterior on the side of the building. I am interested in a Schweiss one piece hydraulic operated glass garage door for this space. The door will not be the full height. We want it to rest on top of the counter which is at 1.6m ht. Also, the building exterior is an existing brick wall and I was wondering if the door can be placed in the interior of the wall instead of on the outside/center of wall? I can send drawings to get a more details on this door? Thanks and look forward to hearing back. Best, Glenda

97 We are undecided whether we are going with wood or steel motorcycle shop. We are in the planning process for a hydraulic or bifold glass door. Do you have any information which one would be an advantage over the other? I'm particularly concerned if I need a freestanding header on a wood structure. Love your hydraulic doors.   

98 Do you have a dealer/sales rep in the Vancouver, BC Canada area? We're looking for a glazed glass  hydraulic door similar to those shown in your designer door section, for a residential application. Please contact me via email or telephone. 

99 Looking for price for 12 foot wide 10 foot 6 inch high Schweiss hydraulic model glass door for a dress shop, with hardware.

100 I am interested in getting some pricing on a custom hydraulic designer glass door with fake rock on bottom outside one third of the way up. What additional information will you need from me.  Sarah

101 We are looking for a quote on a hydraulic commercial grade door clear opening 32 ft width 24 ft height. This is for a new commercial glass door project we are quoting

102 I had a few questions regarding the Designer storefront glass hydraulic doors. What is the insulation properties on the storefront? Is there a width limit on the storefront doors? Possibly looking to a 50'-0" long by 9'-0" to 10'-0" high opening.  If we used it on a 9'-0" high opening, would it provide sufficient head clearance (6'-8") when closed? Pricing per linear foot? Safety measures? Is there an emergency stop? Can we get manual? I am assuming the system is hydraulic? Would there be a large price difference if we could get manual? That would be it for now. Looking to hear back asap. Thank you.

103 I am looking to put a Schweiss one piece hydraulic glass door in my dining room. The opening is only 6' x 9' tall. Do you offer a manual product? Would you consider selling the lifts for a steel door that I could have made by a local fabricator? Looking for the most cost effective opening. Thanks! 

104 I am a glazing contractor and have been requested to get a budget price for the supply and install of the following: Hydraulic open up glass storefront style doors 28'W x 10'H clear area concrete substrate. Insulated glass units 1" overall Metal color custom color match My customer referenced the Westmark College project. Please email or call me to discuss.

105 I an interested in hydraulic doors with a reasonable R-Value and also glass glazing options, such as sealed, double glazed units for use in a school in our cold climate. Any examples and information would be appreciated. Architectural appearance will be important. Really impressed with some of your other work as shown on the Schweiss website.

106 Looking for a hydraulic lift door with glass panels. It'll be in a house to close a whole area of 34 feet wide in two sections (19' 15'). Can you void the supporting frame in the middle of the two doors so I can have the whole 34' with unobstructed view? I understand your pump unit can be placed away from the door itself. How far away?

107 We are working on a high-end addition to a single-family residence, and are interested in incorporating one of your glass panel hydraulic doors in the project. It would be a 8'wide by 9' tall door opening on to a patio. A quote would be very helpful. 

108 I am renovating a old industrial block building that is going to be used for weddings and other events and I'm interested in a designer-style glass hydraulic door. The opening is 10' 4" tall by 10' 8" wide. Along with a quote for the door I would like to know what a factory installation would cost. I'm located just across the border from Kentucky. 

109 I am a designer who is working on a restaurant project. We are interested in your designer, glass bi fold lifts for the facade, so our client can seasonally open. If you can direct me to someone to inquire about the process that would be great. Really like the one piece hydraulic door idea, it will provide the strength and quietness we need for this project.

110 I am writing to you from Estonia. Renovation floatplane hangars. There is a glass facade for the gates that move up and down. These regulate the light. Are you able to offer a solution? Do you have a dealer in Europe? I attach a description and some pictures.

111 I am working on a project in which I would like to use several hydraulic doors with the new Schweiss Power pumps. It is an interior installation for a board room that we would like the walls to swing open. We are early in the design phase so the dimensions are flexible to allow for standard sizes (if necessary). Right now we are looking at four 16' long by 9' doors with glass. Acoustic separation is an issue. I've not spec'd a system like this so any assistance or recommendation you can offer would be very helpful.

112 We are involved in a design to open an exterior glass storefront and create an exterior seating area. Attached is a plan of the area. The width of the opening would be the 20'-9" dimension. We would like two hydraulic glass doors. There are existing steel 2x4 columns at approx 42" OC. The height is 8ft. We are interested in something similar to the Stanford Ecology Center design you have on the Schweiss website. Can you provide details of your specialty doors along with an estimated cost, delivery timeframe from approvals.

113 I need a quote on a 40'x 12' Hydraulic door with a Walk Door and an option to add a row of windows and an all-glass front.

114 We are currently working on a development in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a luxury apartment building and interested in your one piece hydraulic glass style doors. Can you please provide us with more information. (Especially maximum door spans). We are planning on using these doors in a number of locations that range from roof gardens to master water closets. Hence there is a fair attention to detail required. If you are able to provide us with typical CAD sections that include head and jamb connection details. Look forward to hearing from you soon as we are under a bit of pressure. Kind Regards,

115 We would be interested to specify a hydraulic door 8' X 18', designer type in glass. We also need to get a quote for our client. Please tell us how you would like to proceed. The job site is located in Quebec Canada. If you can install over here, can you ship custom package? Do you have model of frame and system that are adapted for very cold climate with snow? We have a definite idea for the finishes. 

116 We are about to open up a bar in Houston, Texas. I saw the custom bi-fold door made for TGIF that is posted on your website. I was hoping to get an idea about pricing for a door like that one, 18' wide and 12' high. I want my door to be a hydraulic glass designer door. 

117 We are interested in your glazed hydraulic glass  designer doors. Do you do something similar in the UK that would be suitable for a large garage?

118 Subject: Lager House - Hydraulic Door RFQ We are sending you the information we have available for quoting the Schweiss designer style hydraulic doors. The finish is black anodized and there are 3 identical openings (W111, W112 & W113). The plans, elevations, details and door schedule. We are lacking a specification other than it calls for a hydraulic glass door. We will be installing the rest of the exterior glazing on this project and to make sure it matches we would prefer that you quote your product open for glazing by others. The glass we will be installing is 1 inch thick overall insulated glass. I don't know what thickness your doors are capable of accepting but please let me know right away. I will need your quote ASAP and I believe the product will be required in early summer.

119 It was good talking with you this afternoon. I am an independent Architectural Product Representative in Dallas, and work throughout the Texas market. Our focus in Section 8 including Custom Windows, "Unitized" WindowWall, CurtainWall and Folding & Hydraulic Glass Door Systems. As mentioned, I am interested in the potential of working with your products here as I have heard really good reports about the Schweiss Hydraulic door and Bifold Lift Strap/AutoLatch Doors, and look forward to your catalogues on these doors as well as your outstanding designer doors. Thank you.

120 Hi, I've looked through your website photos and really like your designer folding glass storefront systems. Is everything you do custom or do you have glass systems that are prefab? My office is starting on a building project that may have a lot of outdoor space and we liked the idea of using the patented Schweiss hydraulic glass door system. We wondered if there is a way we could get average door sizes and prices so we have an idea of what will work when we get to the point of budget, design details, and specifications. Please let me know if there is any information you can provide.

121 I am working on a project where there is a need to have some kind of retractable attractive glass partition in auditorium. Hydraulic doors seem like a good option because we have a limited space above the 9' ceiling and we don't want to use folding doors to avoid pockets in the walls. Have you done any projects with similar interior applications and what is your advice on the best solution? Please see attached drawings

122 I am making an inquiry on the Schweiss Designer bifold door series. We are remodeling a hospital lobby and would like to use a glass/aluminum designer hydraulic door at the entrance to the gift shop from the main lobby. While the door has two purposes - security and to resist passage of smoke (not required to be rated, but will need the weather stripping, etc... that an exterior door would need) Our opening is 12'-0" tall and 10'-0" wide. Would it be possible to do a face mounted glass (single pane) so that all the structure happens behind? I've attached some sketches of what we are thinking and some of our constraints. Are you able to fabricate something like this? Also how do you seal off the sides of the door?

123 I am in the process of considering various manufacturers for hydraulic and bi-folding doors on a transit station. The 4 rough openings are 20' high, with widths between 20'-36'. We had success using your liftstrap doors on the Showare Center in Kent and would like to use a similar installation, but with glazed glass units. Can you send information and photos about the glazed units?

124 I'm a designer in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and we are currently working on a restaurant that will need glass hydraulic doors. The client found you online. I did a quick once over on your website, but would like to know lead time. The restaurant is schedule to open at the beginning of July. We have a conference room we'd like to use the glass hydraulic doors on. The approximate opening size is 16'W X 9'H. Are we able to design the doors ourselves and send over a drawing for you to replicate or is there a standard design options we have to choose from. I get the impression you can pretty much design anything we come up with, just want to verify before we start the process with our client.  I also noticed the pricing was quite reasonable for what you offer. Since we have contractors onsite, we'd have them install, what does that bring the cost a linear foot down too.

125 I have a question about cost on your Schweiss hydraulic doors. We are designing a chiller plant for a client and they want as much light into the building to showcase the pumps, piping, etc. So, instead of an overhead roll up door, we are looking into transparent hydraulic doors. We cannot use sectional doors due to the overhead piping that would conflict when the sectional door opens back into the space. The building is an insulated metal panel with 8 inch CMU backing and steel structure. There are (4) 11 ft wide x 12 ft. high doors. We are thinking of something like the attached two photos and perhaps using some frosted glass. It appears these are aluminum frames and that is acceptable. I am really just looking for a rough estimate installed based on the above parameters. The project is in Columbus, OH. The hydraulic doors can be based on the simplest and most cost-effective solution as they will only be opened a few times a month. The project is currently in schematic design, but is fast track. Also, based on the details shown on this page it does not appear there is any structure that sticks inside the space and the structure is on the exterior side. Please confirm.

126 We are Las Vegas based Architectural company and usually our work is related with gaming industry. At this moment we are working closely with one of the properties to remodel entrance doors. The designer series hydraulic glass and aluminum frame doors offered by your company looked appealing and we would be glad to use your product. Would you be able to manufacture this kind of door? What would be the main aspects I should know before presenting this idea to client? And finally would you be capable to do 3 sets, one next to each other as shown in pictures? As I understand the frame of door has to be continuous so we were thinking to make a slot in floor to accommodate the bottom frame and when its open the slot would be covered manually or automatically. Thank you.

127 Good afternoon, I am currently working a project at the Buffalo Zoo in NY and, we are looking at using your doors for the project. I have attached a pdf with some drawings for the area. Dimensionally the area is tight but, I'm hoping we can figure out a way to make your hydraulic glass doors work for the project. Please call at your earliest convenience.

128 We are hoping to specify hydraulic glass doors for a new construction multi-family project in the amenity spaces. I couldn't find a specific spec on the website for the light commercial glass hydraulic doors like the attached photos. What kind of support do these types of doors need and how much room do we need to leave above the door? We'd like it to go all the way to the ceiling if possible. I have also attached an elevation showing one of the locations of the hydraulic door/windows. We also have two floor to ceiling hydraulic glass doors in our Fitness room. Could you please send me more information on the support and installation needs of these types of doors? We have a meeting with our client tomorrow and would like to be able to give them more information at that time if possible. 

129 We are currently designing a new science building at a College in California, and we are interested in Double Glass Hydraulic Designer Doors. The building is 3 story with Eccentric Brace Frame system. Please find an attached PDF for your review and advise following items. 1.0 Is Double Glass Hydraulic Designer Doors motorized? 2.0 What is the maximum height and width of glass doors? 3.0 Can we match finish and size of glass frames with curtain wall above? Please also provide cost of the systems and standard details, if available, in CAD, REVIT or PDF for us to develop details.

130 We are doing a restaurant in Santa Monica, CA. We want eight (8) hydraulic doors above an 18" wainscot wall with small member steel frame and glass muntins. We want to know the sizes of steel frame and muntin for a horizontal span of 8' and vertical span of 6' to 8'. I need to know width and depth of track at jambs so we can size & detail the wainscot wall. Can you send me CAD files of those details? (The hydraulic door to be horizontally hinged with clear view glass and steel frame painted black.) Style similar to the two projects below.

131 We are considering a couple of glass hydraulic doors for interior school openings, i.e at a music room, at a media center and at a computer lab that open to commons spaces. We are seeking a legitimate competitor to hydraulic door products. We need to talk to a Schweiss door representative ASAP. We need to have costs and specifications. The hydraulic doors are to be approximately 20 feet wide x 10 feet tall. Please contact me.

132 My company has the contract to build a new High School and the have specified 5 hydraulic lift doors. I would like to get a quote from your company to include glass doors and to have these hydraulic doors installed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

133 Need quote as soon as possible on a Schweiss hydraulic designer door with glass all around like you put on the Red Bull headquarters shown in your company brochure, except this will be an exterior door for an upscale restaurant. I like the idea of a one piece door, not only because they have great lifting power, but because they have numerous backup systems. My door will be 22 ft. wide by 14 ft. high. Headroom is no problem, but I want it too look good.

134 Residential boat garage, new construction. Need to have front facing garage door look like wall for architectural reasons. Looking at your designer style hydraulic glass doors, would it be possible to place a couple port hole windows in it. Door will need to be 30 x 14 clear and insulated. Also want design with horn alert.

135 New Restaurant project in Bastrop, TX, Architect currently calling for roll up, but I would like to look at option of your hydraulic doors instead because I saw one a couple years ago in Oklahoma. I think a roll up is too noisy and I want glass on my door. Do you have any one in the Local Dallas/Ft Worth area that can show me one?  Thank you

136 We are an automobile dealership and making a showroom which is having a height of 22 fts and breadth of 65 fts. For the front opening we are interested to install complete front opening door in your hydraulic design with glass front.  Looking forward for your support and cooperation. Regards

137 I am interested in speaking with someone about a specific glass designer door for my sales room for some pricing and additional info. You show some great looking doors on your Schweiss Web site. I'm most excited about getting a hydraulic door  soon.

138 I am putting together a budget estimate for an owner, budget pricing on six (6) Hydraulic  Aluminum Doors ~ 13'-9" wide x 10'-0" tall. The application is for a new office building. The doors will be located on the side of the building and are to be used to open the cafe to the outside. It looks like the doors are to be mainly glass. An exact estimate is not needed, I am more interested in knowing more about the glass installation process.

139 I am looking for Schweiss hydraulic garage doors for a home I am building in NY. The doors need to be about 8' high by about 8 or 9' wide. This is a home so we are looking for a softer look, maybe wood with glass panels all the way the owner wants to let as much light as possible and then be able to open the back end of the house up with the hydraulic doors .... you seem like the best game in town for this, the house is going be brick tuscan style is this something you guys can do

140 Need to know the weight of the glass horizontal hydraulic one piece door. Could be as large as 20' wide by 20' tall. Actually all info pertaining to building structure loading imposed by this door would be of help. Can we get an insulated glass door.  Thanks.

141 2 openings in existing storefront to be replaced with a bi-fold or hydraulic glass door pivot project near Crater Lake. 10'4" H x 15'4" W and 10'4" H x 12'10" W. Doors should be wind loaded and have back up systems.       

142 I am contractor looking for an exterior window that could lift externally to create a more open feeling in a living room. I have looked at your Schweiss hydraulic designer glass garage doors, and I want this too. The opening is roughly 12 - 16 ft wide and 6-8 ft tall. I have some flexibility in these measurements if it makes a difference in the structural aspect of it. I have a second opening roughly 10x6 also. It would need to make proper seal as it is conditioned space on the inside The window would be butting up against a timberframe.  

143 Can I have a price quote? My Customer is in hurry for a price and installation of a Schweiss hydraulic door on his new commercial building!! He wants an aluminum and glass door, probably a hydraulic door featured on your web site. 

144 Interested in hydraulic glass doors that I can use for an outside bar. I think I would need 8x20. I want it to have a designer look so when people are sipping a cold one, they can see my restored cars. Is this possible? Please let me know!! 

145 I have an upscale restaurant in NY that we are renovating and I would like to talk to someone about your hydraulic glass designer doors, similar to those depicted on your Schweiss Doors web site, to see if it is a viable alternative. Not sure of dimensions yet, I seek your professional input.

146 I have a home in Panama that I would like your hydraulic glass doors to be used on , 12' wide by 8ft tall. dual pane . low E , with tint option please , Please quote FOB I would like the min amount of cross bars please. Approx. shipping time please.  Thank you for your time

147 Two Schweiss doors: 1 - 16x8, 2 - 14x8 Glass hydraulic, laminated, glass, electric operator with remote.  Please include installation and local installer reference. Love the looks and quality of your glass doors, couldn't find any other company that even bothers to make them.

148 I have a customer that would like a price on 3- 18'wide X 8' high all glass hydraulic doors. Could you please call or email me please, this is just for budget number at this point. I directed this guy to your Schweiss web site and he was pretty impressed with your work. Should be a sure sale.

149  I'd love to get some pricing info on a custom glass hydraulic door. This would be for a gallery space in a business & technology building in NC. Hydraulic door dimensions would be anywhere from 12-18' wide and 10-18' tall. I look forward to hearing from you and just let me know what other info you need! 


151 We are designing a fire station where we would like to use fast opening hydraulic doors. There are four (4) doors, which are 14' x 14' in size. they would be mounted to the exterior to the outside of the building. These are to be highly decorative such as glass and aluminum. Do you have a budget cost for each door? We are meeting with the contractor this week to work through budgets. lastly, do you have a simple brochure you could e-mail on your Schweiss  hydraulic doors that I can take with me to give to the contractor?

152 I am looking for an aluminum and glass hydraulic  door for a 8'w X7' tall opening. The project is in Seattle. Can you quote me this? Do you have installers near here?

153 We are interested in pricing (x4) hydraulic glass panel doors that are approximately 14'9" wide x 8' tall each window opening. We would like to have only one vertical mullion sub-dividing each system. We have some 3D renderings and a floor plan which we can send to you to assist in pricing. We are also interested in options for over-cladding the system. Could one hydraulic pump and motor system be used for the four adjacent windows?

154 Looked at your amazing "Designer Doors" on your web site. We want glass horizontal lift hydraulic doors with insulate glazing, low E squared. Not sure if the size and weight of doors would require a larger h.p. motor. I am indicating two doors, the first is the largest, and the second would be 13' wide x 11' 4" high. We are not sure how many panes of glass the opening should be broken into - what would you recommend?

155 Glass Glazing Type Panel at 9540mm width x 3600m height for glass hydraulic garage door. It is a tender quotation request. Must reply by end of month.

156 Hello, I have 4 doors I would like to replace with hydraulic glass designer doors . 2 doors are ~ 8'x9' and 2 are ~ 7'x9'. I'm looking for prices and installers. 

157 Prefer a one-piece hydraulic over bi-fold but may consider a bifold. I would like to install insulated glass panels, not cased windows, in the door. Basically for the center 6 or 8 feet of the door and then sheet metal for the remaining height bottom and top. This would span the entire width of the door or close to it. The door glass is intended to provide the majority of natural light in the building because I do not want sky lights or transparent plastic side panels. I want smooth, quiet operation,  Can you please provide an estimate for a door with and without glass.

158 We are interested in using Schweiss custom glass hydraulic doors in a restaurant we are designing. We would need 4 separate glass doors that measure 10' wide by either 10' or 12' high. Please let us know if this is possible. Any drawings or typical details you could send would also be appreciated.

159 We are looking for pricing for furnishing and installing Schweiss Designer Glass Doors on a project we are bidding for the University of Missouri Facility in Missouri. The doors are outswing hydraulic doors with electric controls. Please forward the appropriate contact information. 

160 Do you make a Schweiss Designer Door that's full view? I want to use it across my store front. It would need all windows in the panels. This may not work if this door is really expensive. My door would be only 9 feet wide by about 10 feet high. Not sure if I want the bifold or hydraulic variety. Let's talk it over, I can send pictures if you like.

161 Hi, We are a New York based contractor and we are looking to buy and install a set of hydraulic glass Schweiss Doors in the City of New York. The lead time for installation is around June this year. Can you see if it possible work on a price for us? We would like to have a separate proposal for installation as well. We have a set of drawings that we would like to send it to you. Please let us know how to contact with your sales rep or engineer. Thank you, Germaine

162 Need a quote on 46 17 Hydraulic door insulated glass window door. Also quote on same door in bifold style. 

163 Wanting an Aluminum frame with glass hydraulic door for a store. What other info do you need for a quote. I'm kinda in a hurry.

164 Interested in three hydraulic doors aprox 14' x 22' wide for a flower and greenhouse shop. Would like glass doors. 

165 Quote on hydraulic door, would be for a high school building addition. the glass doors would serve as an access point for a courtyard space. Safety features a must. Can we have this door open by remote control also. 

166 Insulated door with row of translucent panels to be installed by Schweiss Doors on my greenhouse hothouse. Prefer bifold design but will consider hydraulic one piece. Door will need to be 38 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall. Can an insulation package be devised to be put on only during cold months?

167 I'm currently involved in the design development phase of a renovation to an existing winery in Niagara Ontario, the overall intent is to create an upscale, contemporary image. One project scope involves converting an existing shipping, loading dock area to hospitality, replacing 2 existing in-place sectional doors to one wider hydraulic unit and providing an addition door in an adjacent exterior wall. The building in question and its siting also marks the entry into the winery, so requiring a specific level in quality and a clean unencumbered appearance. I want to retain an informality to the renovated space yet wish to avoid overhead ceiling tracks, unnecessarily dangerous jamb-mounted springs/ door hardware. I would like to incorporate clear glazing glass panels into the doors. I can provide pdf elevations for review. 

168 I am looking for Arizona Installers of your horizontal hydraulic lifting doors for the Gila River Indian Community new Casino project located in  just South of Phoenix. Also requesting rough order of magnitude budget pricing to furnish and install one (1) 30' long x 24' high decorative hydraulic glass door. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - Marvin M.

169 I am in the design stages of a residential recreation hydraulic lifting glass pool door. I will require a 20' door with a 14' clear opening. I need standard information to complete the building structure. Lateral and vertical forces on door roof header/purlins. Typical required bracing. Clearance Requirement for mounting, (2' 3', 4'?). Building Location Roane County, TN. Protection: Open Field on top of hill, no trees. I would like to consider a aluminum frame windloaded door.

170 Need Glass storefront that will open to Show floor for Motor Trikes similar to the Cycle City store you worked on in Maui, Hawaii. That project spells out class to the max. I can send you building particulars. I'm looking at your hydraulic glass clad doors with safety features and remote opener.

171 I have a builder who wants a price for a aluminum and glass hydraulic door. The opening will be 22'11" x 8' or 9'. They want 8' clear. Remote motor. They also want opaque glass, light in but unable to see in. The garage will have concrete walls.

172 Please provide pricing and delivery for a hydraulic restaurant glass door.   

173 I have purchased 2 doors from you already and very pleased. I'm pricing a building and (2) 60x18 hyd lift designer doors. I need to get a price and calculation on it so our architect / engineer can design the building to support circular glass doors. The doors are going to be on each end wall of a 80x70 building. When you price can you break out all the extras and hydraulic door backup systems. 

174 I'm in the architecturally planning stage for a new public  building and I want to use a Schweiss  hydraulic municipal door for the entire Southwest facing facade (river view). The glass door would be 24' wide by 18' high, all insulated glass on the door. Can you tell me, in rough numbers what such a glass door might cost? We're in a cold climate so a thermal sealed door is a must. Also include shipping and any door installation costs. I'll have my architect contact you, he feels we can afford this designer door so I want to know approximate costs before I wind him up. 

175 I am looking for a price on your one piece hydraulic Schweiss glass designer restaurant  doors for a high scale hotel door project in Staten Island, NY. Please contact me for information. 

176 I need a quote on a Schweiss aluminum frame hydraulic designer door, 40' wide x 16' high, that can hold a lot of glazed glass. This will be a corporate building door in Indiana. Quote this one piece door installed by Schweiss Doors. We will supply the glass.


178 Looking for a quote for 2 hydraulic-power Schweiss designer type glass doors 12'-4" x 8'-4". Project name is at University of Ca. Riverside. Need local supplier/distributor

179 We would like a quote for a schweiss glass designer Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The opening is 20' wide x 8'-1\" high. It is for a carport building that has a back side to an outdoor kitchen. We would like to have the ability to lift the door to open up the kitchen area. We like the style of the glass door with aluminum mullions and want you to include your new Red Power hydraulics, which I assume are very quiet. Thanks!

180 Hi, I have a qoute from you fro a 50'x16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I need a new quote for a 50'x15', same specs. except add the Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage system and Weather Seal Kits. Also give me an option for windows. What is your current lead time. Thank You, Harold Jacobson

181 Please bid: Schweiss Hydraulic lift door size of 16x16 equipped with new Red Power backup system. The bottom section is 9x16 with a three foot man door and to windows on both sides of the door. the windows are 3x3.

182 Looking for two garage door for each end of a planned building. I was hoping for plexiglass/lexan/glass type Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with automatic Red Power openers. Building design is in preliminary stages and a precise estimate is not required at this time - a ballpark will do. Thank you!

183 We need a budget quote of 2 - two panel hyraulic lift Schweiss doors sizes are 10' h x 17'4\" wide. Insulated glass with clear aluminum frames. Job site is in West Virginia. Project is an indoor pool facility. We are considering this approach in lieu of glass bifold doors. Will want Red Power to lift these doors. Do you provide installation services? What is the lead time ? Project is now under construction.

184 i am interested in Schweiss designer hydraulic lift glass doors. I am planning on building a shop on my property and i would like to have a a 10' x 20' opening. 10' actual clearance. how do i find out about pricing on it and your new Red Power Safety Advantage system. thanks

185 Hi - I'm looking to get a rough estimate for high-end glass/Aluminum frame Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a Bicycle Station in Los Angeles. Something similar to what you show in the Old Navy pics (and if you're familiar with the new Santa Monica Place, similar to that installation as well... i can send a pic). Include price on your new Red Power Electrical System. I need to get a super rough estimate out by the end of the week in order to get financing. Thank you so much!

186 Need a price on a 50'-0 x 18'-0 (Open Hgt) Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door. 24\" wedge if possible (2) 3040 or 4030 windows with insul glass. Add Red Power Backup System info.

187 I hope to specify 3 glass Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors for a restaurant in Colorado. Want your new Red Power Electrical System with these doors. Please call so we can coordinate. Thanks!

188 We have a customer who is interested in a 50'x 16' insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door with windows. He also wants pricing to include your Schweiss Red Power Electrical System. How do I get pricing.

189 Good afternoon, We would like to have further information regarding the Schweiss hydraulic lift exterior doors for a current project we are working on. More specifically, the dimensions of the opening and the extension of the glass when it is open. Also, we need to make sure if we have a door height of 9'6\", we would still have enough clearance to walk underneath. Want to incorporate your Red Power Safety Advantage system. thanks so much and look forward to the response. Many thanks,

190 i have two jobs pending (1) 9'x13'-6\" raw steel with insulated glass going in a sushi bar on the exterior of the restauant # (2) i have an garage door steel that measures 22'-9\"x12' in a steel blgd i dont have dwgs i was going put two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors but i want my customer happy with end product. Also because of the glass/public customers, I want you to include the Red Power Safety Advantage System thanks in advance

191 I would like an estimate for a glass (double pane or most energy efficient) panel hydraulic lift Schweiss door in the dimensions indicated. We are interested in this door for the commercial part of our project, but if pricing is attractive we may order two similar doors (only 8 ft wide instead of 10) for residential area. Needs to be fitted with Red Power back up system.

192 Hi We have a shop that is enclosed by custom made garage type doors. We are looking into upgrading to a more decorative Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece glass door with and a new Red Power motor combination for them. If you could please send me any information (such as spec sheets, gear ratios, remotes, etc), it would be greatly appreciated.

193 Houghton's Pond Bath House. New Construction. Need two, glazed glass hydraulic lift doors (16x8) with a door embedded in both.Should also have remote control and be fitted with your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage system. Impressed with your custom doors and workmanship.

194 I need to know the size limitations for glass Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. We are looking at the potential for using these on a local university football stadium press box so they need to be functional as well as attractive. Can we order custom paint to match other buildings on campus.

195 This door will be used on an underground workshop. One end of the workshop will jut out into a timbered ravine with an attached deck. The hydraulic lift door will be used to create a wall of glass and allow the shop to open up into the timber and attached deck. We are comparing your new Schweiss Red Power motors to less effective competitor models and think yours is the only way to go. This workshop is being constructed to be super energy efficient. I plan to build a door on the inside of the building. This door will use structural insulated panels and will seal the wall of windows when the shop is not being used. Thanks, Dave

196 I'm looking for a 9' x 10' hydraulic lift glass door. this will be going in a restaurant and separates the inside from the patio. It will be going on an existing aluminum store front window. I want your Schweiss Red Power Electrical System because it is more powerful and quiet to operate.

197 Sir,Would like an estimate for a 60 ft X 15 ft hydraulic lift door, no walk through, but I would like as much glass or transparent material as practical. I'm in SE Alaska, not extremely cold but cold enough to require most of the door to be insulated. A line of windows or glass 3 or 4 ft tall with the center of the opening at 5 ft off the floor would be ideal. And set up with Schweiss Doors  Red Power System.Thank you

198 Another opening for a quote. He wants a Schweiss hydraulic lift  glass door on this opening. The size is 23'8 x 13'8. The customer has TWO buildings, so I need a price on TWO  doors. Both doors will have a man door and both doors require your Red Power Safety Advantage systems.Thanks!

199 We are looking at using Schweiss hydraulic lift overhead doors on an elementary school project. I have found the attached photos on your informative  web site. The doors would be all interior doors being used to close off sections of the school wings and at openings between the GYM and Cafeteria (see attached). Also, these doors will not be used that often. They'll normally be open or closed. We'd have 4 openings total:- 12'x16' mostly glass door (will be open most of the time and only used to close off the Gym/Cafeteria wing from the rest of the school).- 12'x10' mostly glass door (will be closed most of the time and only used for evening school functions).- 12'x10 metal door w/ some glass (will be closed most of the time and only used for evening school functions).- 12'x10 metal door w/ some glass (will be closed most of the time and only used for evening school functions).I notice some variation in the photos on your web site on how heavy the structure, frames, etc are for some of the doors... especially, the industrial applications. Again, we are thinking the doors for this project could be lighter since they are not used that often. All doors should be fitted with your quiet Red Power hydraulic pumps. Plus we'd like a lighter look compared to a heavy industrial look.We like the look of these doors compared to an typical overhead sectional door. I wanted to get a rough idea on the cost of these doors.Also, could you tell me any installations you have in the St. Louis area. Especially any in a school setting.Thanks

200 I am looking for a glass Schwiss hydraulic lift one piece door that is 10'-0\" wide by 4'-8\" high. Is this something that can be manufactured? If so what would the price be (with Red Power hydraulics) and what would the lead time be? Thanks

201 Good afternoon Sir, Can you please quote a  glass door going to Oregon for me?The clear dimensions are 56'-0\" wide X 16'-0\" high. Wind load is 85 MPH, Exp. \"C\". Will want hydraulic lift one piece door fitted with Red Power hydraulic pump. Delivery will be to OR If any questions please call or email.

202 To whom it may concern, Attached please find an image and drawings of the door that we are looking for. Notice that all the glass that should be used on the one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door is IGU glass. Could you provide us with the information below:- Can Schweiss build such a door and fit it with Red Power Safety Advantage System?- Could you provide us with some dimensions? Ex. Mullion depths and widths?- Dimensions of equipment that should be used?- Aluminum or Steel structure?- Roughly the Prices Quote?- Last but not least, do you manufacture products in China? Thanks

203 Hello, We use garage doors in 80% of the homes we design. I prefer your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Could we get a quote for a standard 10'x8' all glass and with your Red Power Safety Advantage System?

204 We are interested in info and cost of hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors quality glass swing out door. Would ideally like a 20' wide 14' high but don't believe our building design will allow. We probably will have to settle for 18' wide. Please give me a call so we can talk through the best alternative and which Red Power Electrical lift system to utilize. Thanks in advance.

205 We are interested in a glass hydraulic lift one piece  door for interior use in a K-12 school in Oregon, new steel structure with cmu shear walls. I need the clearances required to locate the steel to support and brace the door as well as the loading. Also, we are proposing using a cmu wall with attached angle, similar to your jamb detail with the tube steel. We want our door to be equipped with your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System.

206 We are bidding on a project for the University of Houston - Clear Lake Campus Arbor Building Additions and Remodel. There are 2 of your Schweiss hydraulic lift glass doors - each 30' w x 12' h. There are some special metal panels on the doors - perforated and corrugated aluminum panels to match Centria EcoScreen CS-260.Are you bidding the project directly to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulics and do you have a representative in Houston, Texas? 

207 I need quote on one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift glass door, 40x12 opening, delivered and installed. Would like Red Power System on it. email please

208 I am looking for a price for a 9 X 9' automatic hydraulic lift glass door with 16 equal glass lights. Your Schweiss door was specified by our architect  and I would like the other option of having you install your \"world changing\" Red Power hydraulic pumps. Please call tomorrow.

209 I looked through your design criteria on the Schweiss website, but am looking for more  info to provide structural engineer in detailing opening for a 10' high x 16' wide ( hydraulic lift) glass door in a new wood framed exterior wall for a restaurant/bar. Trying to determine what size jamb and header would be required for this size door in a 2 x 6 stud wall 19' high with wind exposure. Will for sure want your Red Power Electrical System.  Dean

210 Proposed project for these doors is in Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Wa. Washington State Ferry for travel. Want Schweiss glass hydraulic lift designer doors on luxurious home. Include Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System. Price is no object. 

211 I need to know if you mfg. a miami/dade approved hydraulic lift one piece Red Power Schweiss aluminum/glass door. i need pricing for 2- 10'8\"x 8'0\" wind loaded capacity. Aluminum Frame color would be either bronze or white. The impact glass would be solex with solarban 60, with a .090 pvb.

212 Custom Schweiss Glass Hydraulic Lift one piece Doors: One,(1) 11-11 x 12-10 Opening Size One,(1) 11-11 x 13'-5 Opening Size Has existing Glass Doors that they would like to match. Red Power Safety Advantage System required with remotes.

213 In Shanghai, China! We are looking into using a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on Entrance level at the corner of the building. Specification: North side - 9m wide and 3m tall West Side - 10m wide and 3m tall The door will be made of Glass!!! What is the clear opening that we will be left with if we use this system? Is there a formula to find out the clear opening height if we know the overall opening? Do you have experience with Glass? CHINA!! Do you experience working on Chinese projects? Do you have a branch office in China? Do you manufacture Red Power hydraulic pump doors in China? 

214 Are there maximum dimensions for using glass hydraulic lift Schweiss doors? We have a door span of approx. 54' wide x 21' high. Is that doable in a glass panel(s)? I would want your smooth running Red Power hydraulics to lift this heavy door.

215   I have need of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Budgeting for glass Red Power Electrical System doors for a resturant in irvine. Door size approx 108 wide x 168 tall - total of five openings.each door will have 8 lights of glass. I would like to see the jamb conditions your systems produce . Thank you Russ W. Design Residential Dept.

216 We are designing a K-8 private school in the San Diego Area, and are interested in using a glass Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage System on an art classroom wall to connect the interior space to an exterior \"art patio.\" It is primarily a wood frame structure, with steel in places as required. Exterior finish is a combination of cement plaster and 1\" thick thin brick over scratch and brown coat. The opening size is 22'-10\" wide by 10' tall, but that could be adjusted if it makes a big difference in cost. We are looking for something along the lines of the Stanford project that you have pictured on your website. Thanks...

217 Please quote 60 ft X 15 ft Hydraulic Lift Schweiss Red Power pump backup system door with glass/windows full length, center of opening at head height. Please see other email sent to info address.

218 Please furnish information about cost, lead time and options, including glass panel possibilities. The job I am specifying is calling for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors as an option, with operators. There are four doors- one 12' x 12', two 16' x 16' amd one 4' x 6'8\". Please include shipping and/Red Power backup system/ installer for the Corvallis Oregon area.

219 We are bidding on a project in Maryland that calls for Schweiss Vertical Hydraulic Lift Glass doors. Can we get a quote? Can quote include your Red Power Electrical System and remote openers. Your designer doors are to die for. Nice web site. Gave me a lot of ideas. Thank You.

220 Hello Jeremy, I am following up on a previous quote for Todd Hewett. We would like to get an estimate on a revised layout, utilizing the following larger hydraulic lift door sizes: two (2) @ 38'-9\" w x 9'-0\" h one (1) @ 30'-9\" w x 9'-0\" h All three doors need to have transparent glass ( green house application) an exit / man door, and Schweiss Red Power backup systems if this is possible. Thanks,

221 We are bidding a project, Garrett County Exhibit Hall, on which your Schweiss hydraulic lift glass designer doors with Red Power hydraulic systems are specified. We would appreciate receiving a proposal from your firm. Thank you, Tom

222 Need design guideline literature for 4 Schweiss hydraulic lift overhead doors at a University Science and Technology Building. Door sizes are 14' wide x 12' high. Designer style with Red Power backup system and glass doors.

223 I need an 8'x8' Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece glass door (cheapest possible) for a small room out in our backyard. Wondering about cost. We live in Chico, California. Can we get an extra remote? Will door have Red Power Safety Advantage System? We live in Monteray.

224 Working on an indoor soccer complex in MN that is considering the installation of Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to provide an \"outside\" playing atmosphere for a fully enclosed building. New construction this summer. Wonder about the use of glass doors and your Red Power hydraulic pump system on them

225 I am bidding on a County Trade Center Project that calls out for your Schweiss designer hydraulic lift  doors and would like to discuss it with someone as soon as possible. Can I get glass? What about your Red Power Electrical System? Thank you

226 I'm looking for a 4 panel 4 section glass door about 16'x8' that can open out overhead like your Schweiss hydraulic lift hanger doors, its for a multipurpose garage / room. Can I get this with your Red Power Safety Advantage hydraulic pump system. This is for a house garage .

227 Looking for a glass hydraulic lift doors for a commercial application. These will be fairly large doors so I think the Schweiss Safety Advantage System would be wise to incorporate. Let me know what information you need. 

228 Schweiss hydraulic designer door going to Palm Springs CA 92262 Riverside County Client wants 20x160 glass door. Include Red Power Safety Advantage and backup systems with this order.

229 Additional information for previous request, client is looking for something similar to the Global Ecology Center - Stanford University. They want as much glass as possible to the door and want the Schweiss hydraulic Safety Advantage System on it.

230 Currently looking at a Schweiss designer style hydraulic one piece glass door to use in a small project - Golf Course/Country Club (Indoor Driving Range) However, I do not see any CAD files to add to my Construction Documents. Can a data CD or files be emailed on doors and Red Power pumps.

231 Hi, University of Chicago hospital project team is interested in using a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door at loading dock. The door size will be 43'w)x 17'(h). material is glass, with Red Power Safety Advantage System. Please email me regarding feasiablity. Thanks, Hyun

232 looking for a bi-fold glass door for a Multi-Purpose building or a hydraulic glass door for a Multi-Purpose building - would like to get approximate multi-purpose building door cost for budgeting. Thank you!

233 please contact me on tuesday to discuss specifications for a 2 hydraulic glass doors or bi fold doors for a school we are in the process of designing thank you

234 Need a quote for a 20'-0\" x 8'-0\" glass hydraulic one piece airplane hanger door. Can a glass door be insulated during the winter months or should I just order insulated glass?  thanks

235 I need pricing on a 18' wide, 8' tall hydraulic lift door with glass panels for a residential project in Houston Texas. Please advise on pricing for preliminary budget purposes. Do you have insulated and tinted glass to repel heat.

236 Need information on all glass hydraulic door 24'w x 17'h with concealed motor (probably Red Power). Need insulating glass panels in thermally broken aluminum frames. This is for a residence where we desire to open the north facade entirely to Lake Erie. Noreaster winter storms are a fact of life. Winter surf will spray mist on doors which will become ice. Winter operation is not expected, but weather seal and glass insulation is a concern.

237 I am hoping to design an all glass hydraulic one piece or bifold door (with mullions) 20 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Can the motor location and strap rollers be reversed, fixed to the top instead of the bottom of the door? That way when the door is in a closed position, there is no disruption to the view outside (at least down at the floor). Also wouldn't this put less stress on the lifting of the mechanical device, you wouldn't have to lift the motor as high?

238 We are doing a project requiring two hydraulic  doors that can be clad with glass panels. Please email with a rough quote of available options. Thanks

239 I would like a quote on a hydraulic Schweiss door with windows. The size would be rough opening 14'3 1/2\" tall 29'63/8\" wide. Quote with 4 windows.

240 I am building a home in the area and am interested in getting some info on your doors. If you could please have a local rep contact me. I believe your doors are what I need for the hanger attached to the house. Interested if you can match my stucco siding. Perhaps a glass door would work for this.    Sincerely, Don G

241 Looking for a glass Garage door for pool house/with out crazy price. What do you have to offer in your Schweiss hydraulic model and do you need me to send dimensions before you can quote.

242 Need price on 50 x 23 hydraulic Schweiss door to be placed on an upscale commercial building. Door needs to be glass and aluminum, similar to some of the designer doors displayed on your web site , shipped to Houston.

243 I am interested in the one piece hydraulic door of 46 ft wide by 12 ft high. I would like it to have lots of glass on it.  Can you give me a price quote please. Thanks. Mark

244 Does your company offer a bifold or a one piece door for commercial applications in a full view glass door? i.e., 14x7 thanks, mike

245 I would like to receive a catalogue of your Schweiss glass hydraulic lift doors with specs on Red Power back up system and/or Safety Advantage System. I'll need one for indoor use at my business. Your web site gave me some great ideas. This is going to be a swanky looking door.

246 I am interested in product information/ binder for your one piece hydraulic lift doors. We are interested in doing glass garage doors, is this something Schweiss Doors will provide and with Red Power Safety Advantage System? Can you design door to match garage? Thank you, Maria.