Hangar Door

1 This door is for a hangar. Door size: 40'x14' Freeport FL

2 Hello, remodeling my hangar and would love to have a hydraulic door on it. Could I get pricing for a 70x20 and lead time.

3 Purchased a hangar at KMIC in Crystal, MN - current door is bifold and older as is the cable mechanism and counter weight. Wondering about replacement costs for the door that we should be budgeting for and would like to keep the business in MN.

4 Talked with you at Sun n Fun. 75x18 Hangar Hydraulic door. I am planning on insulating the hangar so please include insulation.

5 Looking for a hydraulic or strap bifold hangar door. Possibly interested in walk-through door located in the hangar door.

6 I’m interested in a 48x14 hydraulic hangar door for an existing hangar. Would like the details of adding windows and backup system, and cost please

7 I am looking at 40x12 or 50x12 one piece or by-fold.

8 Customer is looking at putting up a hangar building in Door County. Building will be 50'w x 50'l" x 16' truss bearing. would like a hydraulic door width from 44'-42'.