Hangar Door

1 Please email me. Looking for schweiss hanger door 54x18. Bifold hanger door. Door will need window kit: 4) Anderson dual pane, bronze tint e-glass 5'x 4' Window placement: 7' high above concrete slab, spaced equally across hanger door. Door color: light stone

2 I am interested in getting a quote for the cost of the hardware and installation, or just the cost of the hardware for a bi-fold hangar door (already existing) whose dimensions are 46'x13'7". The hangar is in Bozeman, Montana. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

3 I need to purchase either a bi-fold or hydraulic door for my hangar. I am adding on to it and getting rid of rolling doors so can do what I need to structurally to prepare for it. Can you give me a price for a 45’ wide, 12’ high door in three configurations? Stand alone structure, hydraulic and bi-fold. If I order today what is the lead time and does it differ based on the door selection? Thank you!

4 I would like to know the most affordable way to do a 32 x 10.

5 Hi there I’m building a hangar in the spring and am interested in getting a price on a door. I’m thinking I’d like a 40x10 door but am happy with any suggestions as this is my first hangar. Feel free to call or email.

6 I am bidding a project for a new FBO terminal in Upstate NY and need a price for hangar Doors.

7 Looking for a door quote for a new hangar in Stevensville, MT. Tenatively, building will be a insulated, pole barn style building on concrete slab. Looking for an insulated door. Assuming a 42'-0 x 12'-0 or 14'-0 tall door. Hangar will be for a C182 and C180. Also, are there any dealers / installers that service our area?

8 looking to get a quote on a hangar door 80'4"x19'11", opening size needs to remain un obstructed

9 Currently I have a Manual sliding door on my airplane hanger. Would like to find out how much it will cost for a Schweiss hydraulic door. I need to figure out how to measure for ordering and how far out is deliver. Thanks Kyp

10 I have recently started in looking into starting a hanger door division of my company and I am really interested in your product. Can you please send me any literature with specs and possibly pricing as I have some customers I am trying to bid out Thank you

11 Curious about hangar door construction options and pricing / install quotes. Also curious how much dead space is required when open. Would like to see the hydraulic and bifold door option.

12 Looking for prices on a 40x14 door for an airplane hangar.

13 Im looking for pricing for a bifold hangar door for 40 to 45 x13 or 14 opening

14 This door is for a hangar. Door size: 40'x14' Freeport FL

15 Hello, remodeling my hangar and would love to have a hydraulic door on it. Could I get pricing for a 70x20 and lead time.

16 Purchased a hangar at KMIC in Crystal, MN - current door is bifold and older as is the cable mechanism and counter weight. Wondering about replacement costs for the door that we should be budgeting for and would like to keep the business in MN.

17 Talked with you at Sun n Fun. 75x18 Hangar Hydraulic door. I am planning on insulating the hangar so please include insulation.

18 Looking for a hydraulic or strap bifold hangar door. Possibly interested in walk-through door located in the hangar door.

19 I’m interested in a 48x14 hydraulic hangar door for an existing hangar. Would like the details of adding windows and backup system, and cost please

20 I am looking at 40x12 or 50x12 one piece or by-fold.

21 Customer is looking at putting up a hangar building in Door County. Building will be 50'w x 50'l" x 16' truss bearing. would like a hydraulic door width from 44'-42'.