Hangar Doors

1 We have a Hangar doors that need some maintenance. Just wondering if that was something you guys could help out with?

2 I require the price on 8 off hangar doors 15M W X 12M H wind factor 100km/h. Please include the cost of on site supervision.

3 Looking for a quote for a door. building is 80x100x20 door would go in the south gable wall. Customer wants the door to be 50ft wide and unsure of height at this time. What would be the maximin height we could do?

4 need marinn stain less steel 316L grade swing door with a60 insulation standard with hydraulic door closer. to be used for marin elevator landing doors

5 Looking for a quote for a 12 x 40 hydraulic swing door for an existing wood frame hangar at our location. Please call for any additional information. Will be purchasing a door in the next 30 days.


7 Require a hangar door to accommodate a 737-8

8 I visited your booth at Sun N Fun. I’ll build a hangar this summer and would appreciate knowing more about your product. I face tight height restrictions. Please inform me how much space your fully open door consumes at the top of the doorframe. Also, please inform me what special requirements you have for the doorframe. And, what is your lead time? Many thanks.

9 Hello, interested in schweiss hydraulic hangar doors. How much for 14 x25 bifold door installed in Illinois.

10 Looking for 2 Doors (1) 40wx20h (1) 32wx20h Hydraulic hangar doors. Lead time will have large impact in decision making. Would appreciate pricing estimate as well.

11 Looking for two bi-fold or hydraulic doors from schweiss for existing hangar steel building: one approximately 55 foot width and approximately 25 foot height, second approximately 40 foot width and similar height. Can send pictures and hangar floor plans to assist. Thank you

12 Need pricing on (2) schweiss hydraulic hangar doors, 70wx20' high, going to Apopka Florida, wind 135 mph, exposure C, going in endwall of Pre-engineered bldg.

13 Good Morning, Would you please, provide me with a quote asap for a 43x12 hydraulic hangar door? Thank you,

14 Hello, inquiring about a hydraulic hangar door from schweiss. I'm building a hangar in texas and would need the hangar door to be wind loaded. Could I speak with someone regarding my hangar door needs?

15 Looking for a rough quote for a hangar project. 60x50 box hangar. Great Western Buildings

16 Pricing out building a airplane hangar at KODO. 80' wide front. Thinking about a 70' bifold door.

17 Have a summer home on West Battle Lake. Looking at leasing a lot from the city and building a hanger at the airport in Battle Lake. Notice a new hanger being built, roughly a 50’ x 50’ hanger and one of your 42’ bifolds doors ready to install. Curious what the cost is? Other sizes, say 35’? Not ready quite yet to build, curious on pricing. Thanks, Don

18 We are in the planning stages to modify an existing hangar and build another next to it. We're interested in a 50' wide and 12' high clear opening on the existing hangar which has a 14' eve height. The new hangar will have a 16' eve height and we'd like a door 60' wide by 14' high clear opening. The bi-fold seems to be the best fit for our needs. Could you give us a cost estimate for these doors?

19 We have a set of drawings for an airport in Sulphur, LA that the architect suggests your hanger bifold or hangar hydraulic doors. Please give me a call and an email that I can forward you the drawings to price. Thank you.

20 Have a 15 foot by 34 foot opening for a airplane hydraulic hanger door. Looking for a price on your battery backup system.

21 Hi I'm in the process of upgrading my aviation maintenance business hangar. Hangar designs are as follows, 25 meters wide by 30 meters long with 6 meter high doors. Could you please provide a quote to supply plans for both a Schweiss Bi fold business hangar door 25 meters wide by 6 meters high, and a Hydraulic maintenance hangar door with associated hydraulic system to suit. Regards

22 Hello, Someone Please contact who specializes in Hangar Doors or Aircraft Hangar Doors. Call with any questions.

23 About a year ago, I was taking a tour at Kennedy Space Center and I noticed the Schweiss Door on the SpacEx Hangar. Because there were several pilots in our group, I pointed out the Schweiss door, noting it's almost 70' height. Everyone was pretty impressed. I am very interested in getting a bifold door on one of my hangers. Please email me so I can get a quote. Thanks, Frank

24 I am building a few hangers that need doors. I have been using Diamond but a few customers like the idea of straps rather than cable. Pleas price me a door 58x 16'6" high opening. Will be installed at Cooking Lake airport (Edmonton ) Alan

25 I need a price on a 12 X 40 hydraulic Hangar door. I would like a quote on a 12 X 42 foot hydraulic hangar door. Could you please quote me prices on these doors. Thank You. Grant