Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Helicopter Hangar

1 Hello, We are looking for a recommendation for a hydraulic or bifold door for a helicopter hangar. We are leaning towards a bi-fold door w/ windows, but would like to understand the cost vs. benefit of using a hydraulic or bi-fold. The clear opening required is 40ft wide x 16ft high (clr.) The door will need to be run off of a battery or solar-powered, etc. since there is not electric service at the location of the hangar. What type of backup systems can you provide?

2 Hi, We are approached by Skeena Helicopters in Terrace BC, with a Quote request to replace two overhead doors for one big Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. The span will be roughly 16' high by 32' wide. No windows needed and will be cladded with black roofing tin pannels. We are looking for the most affordable option to for fill there needs. Can you please contact me (preferable by email) with some options and prices. Best regards. Nedcan Construction LTD.

3 We are working on plans for a aircraft hangar for a four blade helicopter the client would like a fast and quiet opening Schweiss hydraulic helicopter hangar door,  the building is 45-8 inches wide maybe a 40 ft door

4 I need information and design info on your helicopter hangar hydraulic doors. I am designing a helicopter storage and need a Schweiss windrated door . I need price and design info. The building is 50 X50 the opening has to be 12' clear and 40' wide. Blades on helicopter is 36 wide.

5 I want to know if your Schweiss hydraulic doors are designed to be kept normally open for extended periods of time in normal and strong wind conditions? I have a feeling they are because from what I've seen, they sure have strong cylinders and the steel frame bracing is very strong. But for my peace of mind, tell me what you know. I'm looking at getting a 46 ft. x 19 ft. helicopter hangar door this summer on my new hangar. I like the hydraulic door best.

6 I am currently on duty in Afghanistan. I'm in design phase with a professional helicopter hangar engineer / designer. At what point do I need to contact Schweiss Doors to build a hydraulic powered  hangar door and deliver Schweiss aircraft door by early summer to Nevada? Communicate with me by email.

7 In the process of getting hangar door quotes... Steel  buildings. I need a quote from you for a 60' hydraulic hangar door. My eave height is 18'9," so whatever door height will fit that .. highest possible. (Can you please give me open door  clearance with that) Would also like #'s on a 54'  Schweiss one piece steel hydraulic helicopter hangar door and price to ship to Canada.

8 Would you email standard Schweiss engineering door specs needed to complete the hydraulic helicopter hanger door design (such as mounting details and forces). Also, what is the required lead time. I would not need the hydraulic helicopter  hangar door until ~July 1.

9 I'm in Switzerland needing a helicopter hangar door for a door client in BC, Canada. All I need at the moment is an door quote by email for a 1) bi-fold straplift door and 2) hydraulic door. The helicopter hangar doors should be thermally insulated doors up to R-20. Clear opening 18' x 70'. 

10 Google is a wonderful thing. It led me to your door site today. We are at the design stage to build a new emergency service rescue helicopter hanger, either 100 X 100, or 100 X 80. Likely a steel frame. I've looked at Schweiss Door website photos, am totally impressed. Looking at several hydraulic hangar door scenarios. 1. End hangar door - 20 ft high by 60 ft / 70ft wide or 2 X 40 ft. If the post can slide off to the side providing a full 80 ft space 2. End door and side door - side 20 ft high X 40 ft wide. Hydraulic door will likely win out over bifold door as having the door sticking out provides a canopy into the helipad area. Shipping cost, if unable to come to Canada, could arrange to terminal in Sumas, WA. Ready for door soon. How does the door covering work, a glass paned door is an awesome thought over a metal skin door with port hole windows. Also interested in keyed cylinder lock pedestrian doors.

11 In early stages of planning for hydraulic aircraft and helicopter hangar doors. We are certain of the maximum hydraulic door dimensions as specified below. Total entry-wall door width will be 65 feet.

12 My customer requires a quote and specs for hydraulic driven helicopter hangar cylinder  doors. Will also like door installer information. 

13 Looking for pricing for a 60 foot by 18 foot helicopter hangar door. Schweiss hydraulic power one piece cylinder door with Schweiss spherical bearings. Door windows across, insulated, remote opener, backup door system and one access door.  

14 I need a quote on two 40' x 22' Hydraulic  Emergency Rescue Helicopter Hangar doors. Need to be windrated and have photo eye sensors, door base safety edge and remote door opener. Fast opening hydraulic door opening style only.

15 Needing a free span helicopter hangar door 100' wide. The steel company is recommending a 70 x 18 Schweiss hydraulic door, but I'm looking for wider 75' door. Also need a 50 x 18 steel door  on the other end. There shouldn't be any concern over putting a 75 ft. steel door on this big building, should there?

16 I am pricing for a new 100'x125' helicopter hanger door in Arkansas. Interested in a 80'x22'  hydraulic one piece door. Pricing on delivering and installing Schweiss door. This will be a door with no openings. Thanks

17 We are bidding a large hydraulic helicopter hangar door. Need price for a 60' wide x 16' high helicopter hangar door. Would also like a price for a 54' x 16' hydraulic-powered door. Both will have walk doors, windows and remote door openers.

18 Can you to join us in Vancouver for the largest gathering of the Canadian Helicopter industry Annual Conference & Trade Show. Many of our pilots are interested in your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold strap helicopter hangar doors.

19 I need a helicopter hanger door and structural requirements for the company's I am getting a hanger quote from. I like the idea of a Hydraulic canopy door because it can also be used for shade. Which door, Hydraulic or Bi-fold door requires less maintenance? At times the wind will blow in Oklahoma, can I get this door windrated?

20 Starting build on a 4 door military rescue helicopter hangar that will require 4 hydraulic doors 60' wide, two at 16' tall and two at 20' tall. Give me a price range on steel windrated doors with walkdoors, windows, installed. I assume I'll  supply a set of actual bldg plans for a firm quote?

21 Have to place a hydraulic helicopter rescue hangar door in our helicopter building. The width is 14 meters What do you propose for faster opening door? Is is easy to install? Does Schweiss Doors export? 

22 Our customer is working with their client to add and addition to and existing helicopter hangar to support a new Schweiss hydraulic door. Gable end is 60' wide x 20' high, and looking to get as much door as possible. Price with your best backup system.

23 I am working on bids for 60 x 40 helicopter hangar in Craig, Colorado. I want a 45' x 14' hydraulic  door. Do you all price these from manufacturer or only through dealers? Do you all have any promotions for Airventure for attendees or anything like that? Thanks 

24 I am considering building a new hangar in another location. I currently have two hangars with your amazing Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors. (a sixty by fifty foot hangar at 18AZ in Carefree AZ, and a fifty by fifty at KEGE) As I consider my options, I am looking for a ballpark on a simple hydraulic  door, 60 wide and 15 tall (to fit Pilatus) This will be a helicopter hangar door. The hangar is nearly completed.

25 Is it true that your Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic hangar doors are built better than others? Can you give me some examples why. I'm in the market for a new hydraulic hangar door, but I want a good one and am willing to pay more money for a top quality hangar door I know will not be having me to repair it down the line or a door that will malfunction and do something bad to my helicopter.

26 Our client is planning a new hangar for his helicopter business. This time around he wants a big 65 ft. Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door. He said he studied your web site and thinks your doors are better built than the other one-piece metal door he has on his other hangar which has tallied up quite a repair bill over the years. Also, he was wondering if someone could look at his other hangar door which needs some repair work to the hydraulics. Please forward upgrades and options that are available with quotation.

27 Sir,  We have a current project of a hangar to receive a hydraulic door for one Puma helicopter SA 330. The helicopter dimensions are as follows : Rotor Diameter : 15,09 m Length : 14.06 m height : 5,14 m The hangar will include an office. No maintenance activities is scheduled We are looking for a cost effective solution with a Schweiss Hydraulic Door and remote opener. The hangar location : Morocco , Tanger Please provide me with your proposal showing Plans, specifications, available options, price breakdown, shipping costs 

28 I would like a quote on a 70, 75, and 80 wide door. They previously decided to go with the 70 door due to the cost, but the chopper rotor blade width is over 69 feet. They would prefer to go with the 80' door if we can keep the cost down. This will be one of a total of 4 doors. I would like an installed hydraulic door. They would like to quote an add for the remote. Thanks Bill 

29 I have a contractor building a helicopter hanger this spring. I would like a quote on a 45'x14' hydraulic  door. I am also wondering do we need to put extra loading on the trusses or use a 2 ply gable? Do you deliver direct to the jobsite and what is the cost of doing so? The jobsite will be located in Wis. Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing back.

30 I have an helicopter hangar with a approx. 40x16 opening. The framework is 12" I beam with the flat sides facing down on top an towards the center on the sides. The rest of the building is pole style. Can you build a custom hydraulic door for this opening and if so what would be an approximate cost. Either style is o.k. to me, but kind of prefer your one piece hydraulic door. If this is possible I will get more specific info. later by sending pictures and exact measurements. Thanks

31 Happened to visit your Schweiss Door website and understand you are looking for agents who are working in Construction Industry. I am presently working for construction group as sales executive and interested to become your agent for Middle East. Presently I have an enquiry also for your Hydraulic model helicopter hangar doors for a cash customer from Yemen and possibly another order for two of your Schweiss Bifold doors with lift straps and auto latches. Please find the available details and please quote us as follows at the earliest. a) Supply and installation at Yemen b) Supply the hanger door with all the accessories.

32 We are currently conducting a study for a helicopter hangar for Statfjord B platform. One challenge we are facing is the design of the hydraulic hangar doors. Attached is a 3D model snapshot of the hangar. The opening should be wide enough for a helicopter to pass through without folding the propeller blades. In addition, the doors must be able to withstand wind forces of 2.9 kN/m2. We would therefore like to seek your expertise to provide a technical and budgetary proposal for the windrated helicopter hangar doors accordingly. 

33 We need a quote for a hangar door to suit attached photo. We will be opening this up to allow access for a helicopter. We would like a quote for your hydraulic door. The building is 11 metres wide. Approx height is 4 metres.

34 I need a quote for a 60'x16' hydraulic helicopter hangar door ASAP. Thanks

35 I am working with steel buildings and need to design a 60x60 metal truss wood/metal hybrid aircraft/helicopter hangar. I was told I should ask  Schweiss to help since they have worked together in the past. The building has 16 ft sides and the peak is 26 ft giving it very close to a 4/12 pitch. You will have to work together to determine what max height/width hydraulic Schweiss door I can install and still have room for a standard garage door as well. Both would be on the front of the hangar. 

36 This is a 9 y/o hangar located near Billings, MT. The hangar was built for large openings). The hangar is 100' X 80' and the door is 70' X aprox 26'. It houses a helicopter and fixed wing air ambulance.  in Silver Springs, CO is our sister program (you have a couple of pics of their aircraft inside their hangar on your website). We would like a ball park price for installing a new insulated rescue chopper hydraulic door the same size on another hangar. Also include price for whatever backup systems you can provide.  Please let me know if you need additional info. 

37 We are designing a complex of 10 corporate high end aircraft and helicopter hangers for a Development Company at the Municipal Airport. They want to use either a bi-fold or hydraulic type door. There are seven doors 51 feet wide by 18 feet high, two doors 66 feet wide by 18 feet high and one door 66 feet wide by 20 feet high. Can you provide us with a set of specifications for the doors. We worked with Selkirk Helicopters who installed one of your doors last year. We were impressed with the hydraulic door design as compared to other doors we have worked with.

38 Existing cement block building with flat roof helicopter pad. We need a Schweiss hydraulic door for the sidewall of this building, 44' x 18' with a remote opening system.

39 Need a price on (2) 38' X 18' hydraulic helicopter hangar doors for our air-to-sea rescue operation.

40 Helicopter Hanger 48' wide 16' clear verticle. Need hydraulic door, non-insulated. Moderate wind load. Installed by Schweiss Doors.

41 We are looking to install a 55'W x 15'H hydraulic  helicopter hangar door. In ball park numbers, about how much will a door of this size weigh? 

42 We are budgeting for a new hanger for our K-max helicopters and the new hanger will have a 20'H x 40'W door on the end wall. They current hanger has a roll up this size and takes up a lot of space in the header. Please quote your hydraulic door for this size.

43 Please provide a cost for a Bi-fold & a hydraulic door for new construction helicopter hangar. The door opening will be 58ft X 18 ft. If I order the bifold, I want lift straps, if I order the Schweiss hydraulic, I want your new pump and spherical bearings.       

44 I need Schweiss 42w 14h hydraulic door with walk through door for my helicopter hangar.  Should be at least moderately insulated for when it does get cold in Utah. You do the install.

45 I am looking for close estimates for two sizes... 48' x 16' and a 50' x 16' in both Lift Strap and Hydraulic. Customer is currently looking for budget numbers for his helicopter hangar.

46 Sometime inqueries comes to us for all type  aircraft and helicopter hanger doors and as we are not so expert in hanger door, so we were thinking if U can help us with collaborating in designing the bifold or hydraulic doors. please let us know how we can work together.

47 Wanting a quote for a Schweiss helicopter hangar door with opening of 48' 2" wide by 14' 1" tall. Need it to be insulated and with a walk in door, possibly one window, as you recommend. Maybe a quote for the door and an installed price roughly. I am a member of the EAA.

48 Looking for a 14x50 hanger door for our helicopter spray business. What is my best buy? Would the  hydraulic or the bifold be my best bet. This door gets used a lot and needs good wind load as well as insulation value.


50 We have a requirement for Schweiss hydraulic  steel maintenance hangar door for a helicopter maintenance hangar. Insulated and windrated hangar door with remote door opener will be 60 ft. x 20 ft.

51 Price on a hydraulic door 45 x14 opening clear to be placed on a helicopter hangar. Could you price out all the Schweiss Door upgrades available, such as remote opener, safety attachments, windows and one walk door. I'd like the door prepared so I can insulate it and add decorative wood cladding. I've compared your doors to others, and there is no comparison. 

52 I am looking for a aircraft hangar door for a helicopter. Bell 429. Size 36' w x 16' h. Installed in a pre-engineered steel building. The owners are not as fond of the bi fold style. So a hydraulic door quote is what I would recommend. Remote opener please.

53 We have 7 of your bifold doors at our hangar complex, all but two have your liftstraps and all  are still working like the day we got them. I would however like to convert the two cable doors to hydraulic doors. This is for Air Life hangar at St Mary's hospital flight for life hangar. I'm not in a big hurry but would like by early summer. Thank you Schweiss, and thank you for manufacturing a quality door.  Larry P.

54 Building a helicopter hangar with 12 1/2 foot ceiling. Thinking of a 40 foot wide Schweiss hydraulic door. Need price on a steel door with remote opener, walk door and windows. Door will have to be windrated with wind pins. We will apply foam insulation and interior liner.

55 I need pricing for a budget estimate for (2) each Schweiss hydraulic 70'x 25 helicopter hanger doors single phase/220 w/push button operation. Material & Installation. Doors need to be windrated and with safety photo eyes, lights and horn. We will want to locate the pump about 20 ft. from the door.    Thanks

56 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic emergency rescue helicopter hanger door, opening size of 58'x 24' This is for a aviation building outside face finished in white steel. Strong hangar door is to be windrated. Insulated window design with locking entry door with window. Electric photo eye sensors and door base safety edge, warning lights and horn.  DC battery-motorized backup system in case of a power outage. 

57 I am building a 60x60 block garage for a helicopter hangar. I need a hydraulic hangar door with a remote door opener 54 ft x 18 ft., preferably has a reliable backup system.

58 I need a quote for a 60'x20' one piece hydraulic helicopter hanger door with windows, keylock entry door and any safety and backup features you might have.

59 New emergency medical helicopter hangar under construction need 25 tall x 90 ft wide Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with walk door, windows and remote opener.

60 We have a large door opening on an old Army helicopter hanger. The 40 year old military surplus electric door we have been using has finally given it's all. We need to have a reliable hydraulic or bifold door that is opened multiple times per day (15-20 times) and that is heavy enough that it won't blow away at the first stiff wind that comes up. The door will be on the east side of our shop and it measures 46.5 feet wide by 24 feet high. I am hoping that the door will not have to be "hanging" onto the building but will be standing self-supported thus not putting excessive wear and tear on the building wall. Please forward information on pricing to me as soon as you can.

61 12' X 55' Schweiss hydraulic one piece insert door with man door built into it, row of windows near top, and insulated. will be used for a aircraft hangar 45' X 60', 14' ceiling. Building hanger soon for my chopper, would like completed by end of October.

62 I have a helicopter hangar project coming up and the homeowner would like to have a hydraulic door on his hangar. It is designed for a 48 x 14' one-piece hydraulic door I need to see if this is a size that you can do, or if the  hydraulic door plans need to be adjusted, and get a price quote for the one-piece helicopter hangar door

63 I would like a quote for a hydraulic outdoor highrise helicopter hangar door. The skyscraper building top opening is 40 ft wide and can take a 10ft tall one-piece hydraulic door. Please send me a contact number as well. 

64 Interested in quote on your Schweiss vertical lift hydraulic helicopter hanger doors 2 at 76'W x 20'H Schweiss doors

65 I have a 15 year old Schweiss Bi-fold door that is 50' wide and still runs like a clock. Now I want to order a Schweiss Hydraulic lift door for my new helicopter hangar.  Your quote needs to include Red Power Safety Advantage System. Can this be a glass door?  thanks Bartholemew

66 You recently quoted me a 70'x22' helicopter hanger hydraulic lift power door. Would you update to 72'x22'and also include price for your new Schweiss Red Power backup system.

67 I'm considering the purchase of 60' wide and 50' deep and 16' high metal building. It's a metal frame with I beams and has an accordian type door. The door is on the 60' side and is 18'' high. Right now I am looking for a very rough estimate of cost of a complete Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power System to replace the old door. I'm trying to determine if the helicopter hangar is worth the cost.

68 Can I get a Price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for a helicopter hangar? This door will be big and made of steel. It will surely call for your Red Power Hydraulic Pumps because we'll need the maximum lifting power available.

69 I have a project at our airport that I would like to give you a bidders list so you can quote hydraulic lift door pricing. This will be for several different size aircraft and helicopter hangar doors, all of which will need Red Power backup systems. Please give me an e-mail address so I can forward.

70 I am bidding for a project where a 32meter wide door that is 7-9meters high needs to be installed in a Helicopter hanger. Can you assist?

71 I want a hydraulic lift door for my chopper hangar which now has a sliding manual door. The opening is 42' X 11\" and the skin is re-usable (high quality steel). The building is metal skin on 8\" X 8\" wood posts. Please provide me with an estimate and indicate whether it includes Schweiss Red Power.

72 I need Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar doors with Red Power Electrical backup system for Eurocopter AS350B2 helicopter. Send me the information about what kind of doors or equipment I could purchase from You, pricing, terms and conditions, please. Thank You

73 Please quote for a 10 metres wide by 2.35 metres high Schweiss Doors helicopter hydraulic lift hangar door. Door with Red Power hydraulic pump and remote control capabilities to be transported by boat on remote island on Canadian fishing lake. Want you to install. 

74 Looking for a price on 2 Helicopter Hangar Bi-fold doors 70x20 One for Thunder Bay Ontario and one for Sudbury, Ontario. Both will require Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps for max lift possible. Thanks Justin Schmitz

75 Price for hydraulic lift one piece doors 16' high and 40' wide for helicopter hangar. Give me guidance on what size Red Power hydraulic pump this will need. Would like Schweiss door insulated. A chopper friend of mine has one of your doors and is very pleased with it.

76  We are looking at building our own hangar for a helicopter operation we own, we love the bi-fold door with straps but are also considering install of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Put together a price for both a small (60x20) hangar and a large (60x60) hangar. The small building would have a door 16 wide by 14 feet high and the large building would have a door 48 feet wide by 16 feet high. If you could give us an estimate on these two doors adding Red Power Systems we would greatly appreciate it.

77 Pricing on hydraulic lift door for helicopter hangar need door 30' wide and 14'high fitted with Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pump. Will only need one remote control door opener.

78 We are working on a house in the Turks and Caicos islands and we have some helicopter hangar doors that are 18' high x 45' wide that require hurricane withstanding Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. We have not found any that are satisfactory until we saw interest in your Schweiss door website. We would like for them to just hinge at the top and be lifted into a trellis condition. Prefer to try to do in a single piece using Red Power hydraulic Electrical System. Any thoughts? Rita Mace, Dallas, Texas

79 Would like a price on a Schweiss hydro-lift door for a helicopter building we are biding on in Calif. The door needs to be 46 ft by 16 ft tall by 3 in thick with Red Power hydraulic system and all parts installed by your experienced personnel.

80 I am looking for a door for my helicopter hangar, approx 30ft wide X 11ft high. I really like the look of your hydraulic doors, along with Red Power Hydraulic Schweiss pumps, but the thought of importing one from the US is somewhat daunting! Do you have an agent in England or in Europe? 

81 In design phase of hangar for helicopter and motorhome. Building attached to my home will be very large. I'd like one Schweiss hydraulic lift door on each side of garage part of hangar and just one door for helicopter entry/exit. Brick exterior. Please quote your best Red Power hydraulic system with 3 remotes. Color options.

82 Customer in Ashland WI looking at putting helicopter hanger up on Madeline Island. Looking at a 60' wide by minimum 16' high hydraulic lift door. need pricing and specs noting height we need to provide in building. Walters will provide exterior skin. Schweiss to provide delivery, materials and labor to construct and fit door with proper Red Power hydraulic pump. Customer is in a bit of a rush (have you heard that before?) but if you could provide asap that would be great. Send info via e-mail if possible. Thanks much, Jerry

83 I am looking for a price on two large hydraulic lift doors for a pre-engineered steel building which will be used as a small plane and helicopter hanger, one door should be approx. 50'x20, and the second door should be approx 40'x20. I want your best Red Power hydraulic pump on this door for smooth and fast lifting power. Also extra remote opener.

84 Have an existing 40 x 60 pole barn I need to add a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic system on the end with a 12' vertical opening for a helicopter. Looking for any suggestions, examples of other helicopter hangars you've done and quote. I bought my last door from you for my plane hangar. It still runs smooth as butter. Great investment too. Thanks Jon

85 Looking for mounting details for Helicopter facility hydraulic lift one piece door, openings that are 24 feet high x 50 feet wide.Schweiss Red Power Advantage System. Extra remotes. Installation (mounting) near Cape May, New Jersey.


87 I represent an engineering firm that is working with the Michigan State Police on a new helicopter hangar. We are currently in the preliminary design phase and comparing building construction types and door options. Any information that you can provide at this phase would be very helpful, specifically: -Do you have standard Schweiss Doors  bi-fold and hydraulic door sizes? Do they all come equipped with your Red Power hydraulic motors? I expect that our final specification will require a 20' tall clear opening; are there standards widths that we should design to? -Do you have budgetary estimate numbers for the door options that you can provide to aid in the prelimary design process? Thank you in advance for all of your help.

88 We just took ownership delivery on a new aircraft hangar at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. The building was built by Northwest Hangars, Inc. We ordered Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power doors on both the north and south sides of the hangar (48' wide x 14' clear height). The doors are your bottom drive models. We have two requests: 1. Cost & options for remote control kits (2). The hangar we are leaving has a similar Schweiss door (60' wide) and remote controls (like garage door openers) that I am able to program into my car so I can open the door as I approach the hangar. The remote is in the helicopter so I can open the door as the rotor is slowing down. I have used it for 4 years and it works very well, especially when it is raining. 2. Safety optical eye (scans ~ 6\" above ground level) and safety strip (if door comes down onto something). Costs & installation? Our current Schweiss door has neither of these options but they seem like good ideas. Many thanks, Brendan

89 Need a hydraulic door for existing building, have 24ft opeaning going to put Schweizer 300c Helo need about 23ft door, About 12ft high. Will only want your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump, cause we need best lift possible. Can you wind load your doors?

90 I am a construction cost consultant and I require a budget installed price for a wood clad overhead Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump door for a proposed heliport project in Victoria (on Vancouver Island), BC, Canada. Alternatively, you can provide me with your sales representative here on the Island or Vancouver or West Coast of Canada. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

91 Building hanger for helicopter. 50 x 50 Interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door that would give 36 feet wide and 18 feet high clearance and plenty of lift like your Red Power cylinders provide.. Thank you.

92   I have an existing metal building built as a hanger with a semi non reliable roll up door 42 by 22 ft. My customer would like and needs something else very reliable such as your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump for smooth and fast lift. Medi Vac copters fly in and out of his hanger constantly. It has to work well here in west Texas. 80 to 100 mile per hour wind is not uncommon. Please respond with your ideas and we will approach my owner.  Tommy h.

93 I'm renting a helicopter hangar on a small airport in Germany. Since the 35 year old sliding doors failed (bad craftmanship), the airport management is now convinced to replace the doors. I know the bifold doors from flying in the US, but never seen one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. And I am very interested in your web advertised Red Power hydraulic pump with a 3-way backup system. Are you able to quote for a job in Germany ? Do you think you could be competitive ? Do you have a representative here in Germany ? There are two hangars to be done. One opening is about 78 ft wide, the other 39 ft. The clear opening height is presently about 11.5 ft and has to stay. The concrete door lintel is well high enough for the wedge. Best regards Wolfgang F.

94 Looking for pricing for Schweiss hydraulic door for a NEW building here in Fort McMurray. VORTEC Helicopters. I was directed to your web site, quite informative, however I need to know what you need to know to get this order going. I do know I'll want your new Red Power Hydraulic Pump.

95 Interested in either a hdyraulic or bi-fold belt lift door with latch straps for a helicopter hangar. Please quote me on that handy remote opener you offer, too. The pilots want to to open and close the hangar door without a lot of hassle. Thanks.

96 Gents, I am responsible for a roof top helipad for Hartford Hospital. We are renovating the pad, and I also want to get rid of the bottom roller dorrs that presently exist. Do you manufacture Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors to custom sizes, or are they only stock sizes? Also, strictly for budget, what number would you suggest that I carry for the supply and instal of a door approximately 14' high and 46' wide? It would require your Red Power backup and Safety Advantage system. Chris B. Director of Engineering

97 Please price for me two 42' wide bifold helicopter hangar doors with lift straps to provide an opening height of 16'. The doors are to be installed into a new helicopter hangar. Would like the straps and auto-locks. Please advise price and bifold helicopter hangar or red power hydraulic helicopter door shipping costs if able.

98 Sirs, I am looking for one-piece hydro doors because I recently purchased a small 2-man personal helicopter. My current garage is wood frame, 2x4 on 16\" centers. 22' x 28' overall, 8 ft. ceiling height. I have entry clearance for the helicopter on a 22' side. Can you tell me how large of a one-piece red power LEESON motor hydraulic door that I could install in this hangar building and approximate costs? I would not need remote control or hydraulics. Manual entry/exit is O.K. Thank you.

99 Building new home with attached Helicopter hanger. Looking for a helicopter hydraulic one-piece door. The hydraulic door siding needs to match the home and the helipad. need your one-piece hydraulic custom helicopter hangar door please call

100 I have a 14'tall x 17 wide' opening in a wood barn that I roll a R44 helicopter on a landing pad in. Total height of the r44 on the pad is 13'2\". Currently I have a sliding door (wood) installed. How much space at the top would I lose with a bi-fold door or a one-piece hydraulic helicopter hangar door? I would like an helicopter hangar door estimate on both a bi folding and a hydraulic one piece, white, metal, insulate hydraulic helicopter pad door.

101 I need a helicopter hangar door for a 42 x 10 foot opening in a new restaurant in the sky. The sky restaurant building will be a conventional stick built design, but it is only accessible by helicopter, so we need a reliable one-piece hydraulic door. The sky restaurant building will have 2x6 wall construction. The building with the restaurant in it also will be on a concrete slab with a 4 foot frost wall foundation. Do you have any information or design criteria on how the restaurant plus helicopter hangar should be built to support the horizontal load of the open one-piece hydraulic helicopter restaurant door? What kind of hydraulic door bracing, hydraulic door truss design and hydraulic door header do you recommend? Do you provide hydraulic door engineering specs.?

102 would like a quote on a 45 ft wide x 12 ft high byfold door with strap or the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door for my helicopter hangar.

103 This is going to be for a helocopter hanger.I hope I gave you everything you need if not please feel free to calll me.The hydraulic Schweiss door will need to installed in Rock Hill S.C.

104 I am preparing to build a helicopter hangar and am very interested in the strapped bi-fold door and your new Red Power hydraulic one piece door. What advantages does one have over another other than price. Thank you Todd

105 How does a Schweiss hydraulic door operate during a power failure? I heard you have as many as three backup systems available. Can you elaborate on this. I'm hoping to order one for our hospital emergency helicopter hangar. As you might realize, we have to have a backup system. When someone has a heart attack it's time to roll. Every minute counts.

106 I kindly require from you the technical option for the new EUFOR helicopter hangar that has to be constructed prior to next winter season. The entire work is in tendering procedure and has to be closed approx. before mid-October. But, I would like to have some options ready, because in BiH there is no many peoples that dealing with this type of products. Our hangars shall be steel structure with total size 2x29m(span)x35m(hangar depth) in a main frames raster 7.0 m.

107 Need a hyrdaulic Schweiss door to fit new helicopter hangar, with 45 ft opening and 14 ft peak height. Need all the headroom we can get for the rotors to clear top of door and then some. Price with Red Power pump and all safety options including lights and horn.

108 I got one of your doors last spring with a 12X42 opening. My hanger keeps getting nicer and I was wondering about adding auto latches and remote control. Do you have a kit to add this to a basic door? I was also wanting to add a hydraulic door to my helicopter hangar with a couple of insulated windows in the door do you have a recomended way to do this? Thanks Steve F.

109 We have a 20 acre project in Chandler Arizona in which we plan on building T-hangars and helicopter hangars on fee simple land. Please have a rep contact me regarding your well built hydraulic lift doors. Thanks, Tim.

110 We currently have the old style Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors on the 4 hangars in our strip. We would like a price to convert from cable lift to Lift Straps and automatic cinchers (latches). Please quote the price for 4, for 3, for 2 and for 1 door in case a member or two chooses not to participate in the purchase and installation. Also provide me with an option quote for Radio Control. I also have a friend that wants to get a hydraulic door from you for his helicopter hangar home. I gave him your number. Thank You

111 I recently received a call regarding building my helicopter  hangar door. At this my new home is under contruction with the plan to start the hangar in late March. As we get closer I will contact you regarding building the hydraulic door. I appreciate your follow up.

112 We have another customer that has a hanger with a bifold cable door, and he was wondering if he could get the Auto Latches for a 4 year old door. He also wants to order a hydraulic door on his new helicopter hangar. I believe the door is also a 55' or 60' wide. Let us know and we will go from there. Thank You Ava D.