Helicopter Hangar Doors

1 Good Afternoon We have a heli-hangar on the estate which is fitted with Schweiss Hydraulic doors. We are looking for a company who carry out servicing/maintenance to these doors. Do you know of anyone here in the UK who can provide this service? Many thanks

2 Looking for a bifold door for a jet aircraft and helicopter hangar. Wondering pricing for a door 70 feet wide 25 feet tall. Also for 100 feet wide 25 feet tall. Must have all the Schweiss safety features, horns, lights, photo eyes, remote openers, auto latches.

3 We are building a new corporate helicopter hangar. It is being manufactured in Houston, TX We will need four 61'-2" wide X 20'-5" doors. Please provide a quote for the Schweiss corporate helicopter hangar doors, hydraulic piping and pump/motor unit shipped to the address above. Thanks. Tommy Benn