Hurricane Doors

1 We are renovating a hotel in Miami and our customer has requested 4 lift type windows at their new bar areas. Do you have a distributor/installer in the Miami area that can assist with this project? Do these windows have a hurricane rating as requested by our customer? Thank you, Marc

2 Hello, I have a Schweiss hydraulic door that was installed in 2011 in Sarasota, FL. Hurricane Ian ripped the top rubber seal off the door. It's a 40 foot door. I will need a 41' by 12" piece. Do you guys have these for purchase or, if not, can you tell me someone local that has something like this. Thanks

3 I live in hurricane prone south Louisiana, and I'm still rebuilding after a double dose in 2020. Looking to change out my sunroom wall of windows with a hydraulic Schweiss hurricane rated door to provide a rain cover to the patio when open. I'd like glass, but would like to know how durable the glass is since hurricanes are known to send things flying into it. Just looking for something shatterproof (not bullet proof 😊)Just need a rough quote as the measurements below aren't exact, and I'm willing to reinforce the side columns if necessary depending on the cost of the door and install. Mostly just want to see if this is a viable option price wise for my rebuild. Thanks, Mike

4 Hello, I would like to have a quote for a complete system for hydraulic doors as you show in the video. These will resort hotel glass hydraulic doors and need to be wind loaded as hydraulic hurricane doors. 

5 interested in Schweiss hurricane proof beach house doors in galveston, texas

6 Please price the following: Design to be similar to the New York Restaurant Storefront doors on your photos page. Hydraulic Doors please include the entire system (frame, operators, glass, etc...) Opening sizes: (6) 7'-10" x 9'-5 1/2" (2) 15' x 9'-5 1/2" (4) 7'-10" x 9'-5 1/2" (2) 8'-6" x 9'-5 1/2" (1) 8'-0" x 9'-5 1/2" This is located on the New Jersey Shore Boardwalk. Facing the Ocean. Must have Hurricane rated glass. thank you Tom 908-624-1234 x116

7  We currently am proposing a Schweiss up-lift foldaway glass door for one of our new project in Westerly Rhode Island. The project is located at the beach front, therefore, the folding application would need to be Hurricane impact tested. In addition, we are also proposing two operable openings on two of the lites within the folding window (mainly on both end and at a reachable location). I hear this is  something Schweiss specializes in.

8 Need hurricane design vertical forces for 40 foot x 13 high and also 46 x 13 hydraulic hangar door

9 I am in South Florida, Broward County to be exact, and have a question on Schweiss hurricane wind rated bifold doors. Do you have any products that have the HVHZ Impact rating for large and small missile impact as well as windload rated? Possible with Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance or State of Florida Approval? 

10 I am in search of a bifold or hydro operated hangar door for a customer. 43ft 8in x12ft 6in. Must be a Schweiss hurricane rated bifold or hydro door. We are located in the Florida Keys