Hydraulic Airpark Doors

1 We purchased a pair of your hydraulic doors about 2-1/2 years ago. One of the electric motors on the HPU sounds like a bearing is failing. It works (for now) but the motor sounds like it has something in it which sounds like a bearing. What is your warranty for the HPU motor, and whats the best way to troubleshoot it without taking it apart and voiding the warranty? Thank you.

2 Hi, I have an old Hydroswing door and need replacement seals. These are for the top and bottom, and looks like 12” wide silicon rubber sheet. The door is about 48’ wide, so I’d need about 96’ of material. Will your seals work on hydroswing manufactured doors? Thanks. John

3 Looking for a install manual for the hydraulic one piece door quoted on Order number 26843. Air Methods, Englewood, CO 80111. They have asked us for a installation price to erect the door, insulation and metal panels. If you have a pdf file of the manual, that would be great. Please NOTE: our e-mail is .co Not .com I can be reached at 303-243-4086. Justin Gartner

4 Hello, I would like a quote on new weatherstrip for my bifold hanger door. This would include the top rubber strip and the bottom strip. Below are the specs for my door I purchased from you a many years back. Mod#M22 No 261 Ser#6933 The door is 34 feet long. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Ron

5 Could I Get a quote for a 36' x 16' Hydraulic airpark  door sent to my email please.

6 looking for a 40' X 9' hydraulic door for an airpark home in Paulden AZ. This will be installed in a gable wall. What is needed to install? I am the owner/builder. Thanks, Rob Beauchamp

7 Follow up on prior Email for lift cable. The door opens to 12 feet and is 50 feet wide, Model #S 13. Can I order from Schweiss Doors direct?

8 Just bought a home and hanger looking to replace cable system with lift straps. Do not have model number do you need more information. Can I order direct from you? Thank you please reply by Email. Also do you have a manual for the door so I can order parts if needed?