Hydraulic Airpark Doors

1 Hello, I would like a quote on new weatherstrip for my bifold hanger door. This would include the top rubber strip and the bottom strip. Below are the specs for my door I purchased from you a many years back. Mod#M22 No 261 Ser#6933 The door is 34 feet long. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Ron

2 Could I Get a quote for a 36' x 16' Hydraulic airpark  door sent to my email please.

3 looking for a 40' X 9' hydraulic door for an airpark home in Paulden AZ. This will be installed in a gable wall. What is needed to install? I am the owner/builder. Thanks, Rob Beauchamp

4 Follow up on prior Email for lift cable. The door opens to 12 feet and is 50 feet wide, Model #S 13. Can I order from Schweiss Doors direct?

5 Just bought a home and hanger looking to replace cable system with lift straps. Do not have model number do you need more information. Can I order direct from you? Thank you please reply by Email. Also do you have a manual for the door so I can order parts if needed?