Hydraulic Barn Doors

1 We are needing a quote for two 24' tall x 40' wide hydraulic barn doors for a 80' wide x 120' long metal building with an eave ht. of 24. The hydraulic barn or ranch doors will be in each end wall. We need 24' under the door. Thank you Robert in Sikeston,Missouri

2 Would like an estimate for a small hydro-operated  barn door 16 ft.  x 12 ft. I really like this Schweiss canopy door.

3 I am in the process of pricing and gathering information on building supplies for the new farm machinery shop that I am going to build. I am very interested in using a hydraulic main barn farm shop door for my building. My main question that I would like to have answered is how much should I expect to pay for a hydraulic door that is 20' wide and 16' high? It will be going on either a 40x60 building or a 60x60 building. Thank you for your time.