Hydraulic Designer Doors

1 Hello, I'm an architect currently working on a renovation of a large grandstand project in Maryland with an expanse of glass roughly 700' long and about 50' tall. The client is interested in pursuing options of creating an operable glass system that allows the grandstand to be completely open to the outside. We'd like to understand a little bit more about the technical aspects of your bifold and hydraulic window (door) products; the weight of the systems, what typical spacing might be between panels, glass sizes within a system, etc. Thanks! Greg Tanski

2 Greetings Your site shows a Schweiss sea container door. It has hydraulic container doors on both the end and one side. What would be the cost to duplicate your example on a 30 ft. high cube with a 20 ft. wide door and the 2nd door on one end to match your prior project? Thank you

3 We build custom garage doors. I have heard and seen by your Schweiss website you can overlay your metal frame and hardware with wood. I am looking for details on how to do this. I have a customer interested in a Schweiss horizontal bi fold with horizon boards, probably teak as an overlay. What are the clearance specifications, power etc, Thanks Byron Ziegler www.zieglerdoorsinc.com

4 Would like to price a 7'-4" (h) x 14'-0" wide hydraulic designer door for a residence. Interesting in understanding costs and design options. Thanks,

5 Need pricing for a hydraulic designer door in glass. Material and installation. Might imagine that a local tradesman may have to install. Door should be approximately 16'-0" wide and 9'-0" tall. For use in a residential application. Thank you, Steve