Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Aviation, Agriculture and Industrial Buildings

1 Looking for a schweiss hydraulic door 42x10 door 175mph wind rating

2 I am interested in pricing out a few schweiss door systems - 18x4’ hydraulic door as well as a 16x4’ and 20x4’ hydraulic door. Wood or metal siding is alright with me.

3 looking for a quote on a 45x16 hydraulic door


5 Hi, I manufacture/install custom garage doors in Southern California and am interested in using your systems for a couple projects I am working on. I would like to talk to someone about your hydraulic one piece doors.

6 Dear Sirs, Kindly find below a product inquiry for a hydraulic door for a stand-alone chemical processing plant.

7 Looking for a price on a 40x16 one piece hydraulic door.

8 Can you please give me a quote for three door widths all the same height. One 40' wide X 16' high. One 30' wide x 16' high. One 20' wide x 16' high. We erect metal buildings and generally use overhead doors but have had a few customers requesting hydraulic doors.

9 Needing pricing on a 1. (1) 24’ wide x 15’ tall With two windows 2. (1) 30’ wide x 16’ tall

10 We are working on designing a small 40'x42'x12' high hangar. It will have precast concrete wall panels and wood trusses. We would like to use a single panel hydraulic door 12'x42' with a walk door and a few windows in it. I need some information on how the door is mounted and how the side jambs need to be for a good fit. Eventually I will need some pricing information as well as lead times.

11 I have a customer who wants a 40'w x 18'h hydraulic door.

12 Need a door 14x40

13 We are looking for a door system for a 35' x 35' opening on a pre-engineered steel building, we can provide preliminary drawings if need be.

14 Dear Schweiss team, I am representing companies in Europe - SAKRET and ALBAU. Our HQ is in Riga and our markets are in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. I am interested in your hydraulic door system. Could you please tell me if you have hydraulic door systems that can be controlled by a mobile app? Thanks!

15 we are looking for a quote for a 14'x7' one piece hydraulic door to apply cladding to.

16 Hello I am looking to put in a hydraulic door. I would like someone to measure it so I have the right dimensions for the quote. I think it’s an 17.5 x30’ door. I had to build the header down to put in an overhead door. I want to take that out and install a new hydraulic door. I would like it installed and insulated. Thank you. It has a steel header with post sides

17 90’ or 100’x 20’ high hydraulic hangar door delivery time? Building hangar this summer, requiring early/mid September delivery.

18 Looking to price a hydraulic door. 30x18’ I think I need to check the height.


20 I am looking to get a quote on a 30x8 Hydraulic swing door for a project. I can provide more info upon your response. Thank you.

21 I have a 80ft wide steel building and would be interested in installing a hydraulic door on the end.

22 Need pricing on one 60' x 14' clear height Hydraulic door.

23 The building is 60’ x 128’ - 16’ ICH the bay spacing is 8’. The door will be placed in the side wall about about 28’ to the center over the door from the right corner of the building. There will be a partition wall about 5’ to the left of the door.

24 Looking for a quote for a 18'W x 7'H Hydraulic Door that will be installed on one side of a 20' ISO container. The door needs to lift straight up and stay fully extended (no bifold)

25 Looking for a price on a 43x13 hydraulic door from schweiss

26 Hello I would appreciate a price sheet or a ball park figure for a simple hydraulic door.

27 I need to get a quote on a 116x28 door and 110x28 hydraulic powered door

28 40W X 10H single raise door unit. Could I get a quote and lead time for a Schweiss Door?

29 This is a one piece hydraulic door. We wish to buy two seal kits for the cylinders. Please provide price and availability for the two kits. John DAMF

30 48 x 18 hydraulic power lift door

31 I need a price for a hydraulic door -18' tall x 40' wide opening. Could that be priced out and sent to me?

32 15 x 25 door needs to be replaced, Could I get pricing info and lead time.

33 Can you also provide a quote for a second hydraulic door that is 20 wide by 18 tall. Thank you!

34 I need one Hydraulic Door quoted with the door in the Side wall (60x18) and one with the door in the end wall (25x18). Thanks

35 Hello, we are looking for a quote and possible a distributor ship for Hydraulic doors. Until we get going they would mostly be for smaller applications such as homes and storage container bars. for now I would need a quote on a 8x16 to be installed into wood framing. The finished outer panel we would supply on this one. We would love to talk further with you if this is of interest. Please reach out at your earliest convenience. Thank you

36 We are looking at HP Hydraulic door and yours- 100' 30 foot opening What is the clearance we will have with your hydraulic door on 30' opening What are the differences of your door vs HP-

37 I could use a 40 wide x 18 tall bifold commercial hospital X-Ray door with door strong cylinders  and auto lock and auto remote opener. Quote lead lined hydraulic medical door installation.

38 Question on Engineered building doors by Schweiss Doors. Commercial shop doors will have 20' eaves. What would a 22' door cost (hydraulic) w/hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pump and spherical bearing door hardware?

39 Please quote a Schweiss 30'x14' hydraulic shop door with a pass door and 2- 3'x3' windows. If you still install please quote labor also. 

40  I have your one piece Schweiss hydraulic door, 18 metres x 5 metres. I open it to the point where the hyd. door rams are horizontal but now need to open it more so the door is horizontal. The hyd. pressure was 1100-1200 PSI so I increased the pressure just a little bit and now have a faster horizontal hydraulic door. Is this OK?

41 Does Schweiss carry a hydraulic boathouse door with an NOA. Aluminum windrated door to be installed in Miami, FL

42 Not sure what door height means? I need a 13.5 feet clear opening. Schweiss overhead hydraulic door with your remote handheld opener. Door width is 22 ft.

43 I have about 60" of gable height at corner of door opening. Am open to either a one piece hydraulic door or side column bifold door type and would prefer for the door to have Schweiss freestanding door frame. Would also like to have 2 window opgs framed into the door frame (24x32).

44 We will be needing four insulated overhead hydraulic recycling center doors each 25' wide by 20' high. We want Schweiss doors with remote door openers for each door to give to our drivers. They should be equipped with hydraulic door backup systems.

45 Would appreciate a quick Schweiss door quote on two 46'x20' hydraulic convention center doors. Concrete block building doors. Doors should have passage doors and three windows. Price remote door opener separately.

46 I need container doors at my Montana mine. In need of some 10'x15' one piece Schweiss hydraulic operated sidewall steel container doors. Three containers, 6 container doors total have to be blast proof doors, with 3 remotes.  Please call soon to discuss details? 

47 Mountain logging operation doors needed in Oregon. 40'x40' equipment repair shop doors. Call me as soon as possible to discuss door specs and recommend which style doors would do me best, Hydraulic mining doors or Bifold  doors? 

48 I am building containers, it's a proto-type and will need moving display container doors for product my company will sell. Would like to integrate your hydraulic cylinder one piece doors into this design. A two-door purchase for now, with more future door purchases. I would like the face of the doors to be wood they can be painted on like a billboard door. I need a quote and info to modify my design to work with your container doors. 

49 I need a 12' X 12' one piece Schweiss hydraulic cylinder door. I only need the sub-structure, will finish the exterior door cladding myself. I have 6x6 posts on sides and a 2x12 header at the top. I want to mount the Schweiss hydraulic pump about 10 ft. off the ground and to the side.

50 Job Name : Washington County Court House. 2 Schweiss Hydraulic steel security fire doors: Prep doors for interior skin, wood frame door header, wood jamb, 2 windows each door, wainscot trim 1) 24 ft x 18 ft. Door (24'5" x 18' 5" RO) 1) 45' x18' Door (45'5" x18' 5"RO) Remote door opener. 

51 Need price on 40 ft x 18 ft Schweiss 1-piece hydraulic operated band stage door. Prep for interior skin and exterior wood cladding. Non insulated door. Remote opener and photo eyes. Can stage door have door lights and door horn?

52 Looking for a 30 foot wide x 14 foot high biomass door for generation of electricity. It's a concrete industrial building steel hydraulic Schweiss door.

53 Is your horizontal opening hydraulic steel door available with manual opening? I am building a small shop and will only need one std size door. No door power available, looking for gas generator powered door options. It needs to be able to be opened from the outdoor side of the door. The building is being planned, I am generalizing the size, it would be a standard one piece door opening.

54 Interested in a quote for a electrical lifting hydraulic pump shipping container doors or bifold lift strap container doors to retrofit a six foot wide double end steel container. Are they all spherical bearing doors?

55 Looking for a bid on two Schweiss industrial strength hydraulic overhead steel railroad dock doors, 16 ft high x 24 wide without windows and walk doors.

56 Contact me to supply door details on a Schweiss hydraulic door 60x18 with insulation, remote door opener and entry door. Can you also tell me if you have to tune in a new handheld remote to an existing door.

57 Looking for a 20' high by 30' wide one piece boathouse door using Schweiss hydraulics. Boathouse door needs to open fast and seal tight. Can you powdercoat the boathouse steel door frame?

58 A door project we are working on has (4) 18'4"x18'6" Schweiss hydraulic 1-piece doors that are tilt doors. I need to see if you guys can fabricate custom made hydraulic tilt doors and install by early spring.

59 Schweiss hydraulic style green door needed. Clear opening 14000 mm x 4000 mm (14meters x 4 meters). Green door should have excellent weather sealing capabilities.

60 Need price for Frame and hydraulic door  hardware for two 12 x 9 Schweiss marine grade boathouse doors. Non insulated, with remotes.

61 New boat storage building is in need of three one piece hydraulic marine doors. Has major supports above the doors. Will get exact door measurements prior to ordering. Are these marine doors quoted installed? Can one pump system be used to open both boat storage doors?

62 Looking to sell a Schweiss Hydraulic Door 60'x24'. It's all that's left after a tornado ripped through my Kansas farm and I'm not going to rebuild. Hydraulic machine shed door is in good shape. Schweiss Doors are tough, well built doors!

63 I need a price for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece general use door to fit in an opening that is exactly 40' wide and 10'7" high. We need (2) 3'w x 4'h door openings framed in this door at 86" off of floor. (1) remote, door prepped for inside liner. 

64 Schweiss Team, you can now begin door fabrication on the previously discussed hydraulic  steel crane door for our well drilling company building door in Chicago, Illinois.   

65 I'd like to get an approximate cost to install a  Schweiss 65' x 18' hydraulic door, ready for spring shipment to our door dealership in Iowa. Should have top half door glass and walkdoor locks. Include your estimated lead times.

66 Looking for a simple one-piece hydraulic door for the end of an enclosed motorcycle container trailer. We need two remote operated container doors.

67 Need a 38x18' hydraulic Schweiss door to be added to the side of an existing building. I want an independent door structure to support the new door on this wood building.

68 I would like information about large scale custom made hydraulic doors and Schweiss bi-folding liftstrap doors. I deal in small scale doors and would like to add the Schweiss door line for some big door clients.

69 We are an Australian company looking at installing  Schweiss panel lift hydraulic construction doors. Do you ship large hydraulic industrial doors to Australia?

70 Looking to get door specs and quotes on two different stage doors. First will be a hydraulic one piece canopy stage door 48x18'. The other stage door is on the opposite endwall and is a 34x18' liftstrap bifold loading dock door. Provide a remote opener for the smaller door and backup system for the large hydraulic canopy stage door. 

71 Good day, need you to quote me airport hydraulic  door with accessories. Best Regards Dan.  

72 We are looking for pricing for a 25' high 80' wide county snowplow equipment shed storage door. Should have two walk doors and six windows. We will thermal insulate steel door with foam insulation.  Door installation by Schweiss Doors.

73 Trying to order door seal rubber in 12" width, need two pieces each 48' long for another make of hydraulic door. 

74 I am looking for a hydraulic style security shutter door (see through, to go outside entry doors) to be installed in an existing opening 96 inches high by 72 inches wide. Opening is wood frame inside a cinder block wall. When closed it would offer some degree of security and when open it would appear to be an awning door.

75 I need 2 hydraulic fireproof doors. Doors are for a double unit wood frame building. A clear height of 16 feet, 60 feet, and an overall height of 20 feet. Steel clad doors with a backup system.

76 Looking for Schweiss one piece hydraulic exterior green door for approx. 8 x 10 ft opening. I can send photos if you like of this wood building.

77 I am wondering what your delivering time is now for a hydraulic door order.

78 We are designing an airport facility addition in Canada and are considering using hydraulic one piece doors that are 3600mm tall. Do you have a swing path drawing that you could send me or direct me to the spot on your website where you may already have that supplied? We want to put bollards of 900mm tall in front of the doors, realizing that they must be sufficiently far from the doors to allow for the swing-path. Thank you.

79 Tornado damaged my barn, and I am considering using a hydraulic door. It will be a large sidewall door. What information will you need from me for a quote. There was considerable damage to the barn as well, I can send photos, I may need a freestanding header.

80 I would like some information and pricing on a 40'wide by 14' high hydraulic door. I see you have a rather unique compact pump and motor system and think I would want that.

81 Hello, I am looking for a quote for 2 different green door sizes: All hydraulic doors, 50x12 door 40x10 door, nothing fancy of either. They will have recycled wood cladding on exterior that we will apply.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on my cell. Thanks, Tod

82 I would like a quote on a Hydraulic Door System 60' X 16' / 150 mph rated. Please have a sales person contact me so that I can send some plans to. FOB to site - Zip 02539

83 I need a 20'x14' Schweiss hydraulic door that would have a log face and which will need a heavy duty pump lifting system.

84 We would like to submit a Request For a Quote for a building job we are bidding at encompasses 2 - hydraulic one piece doors.

85 Engineered residential garage door to be prepped for interior liner. Remote control w/ 2 handhelds included. Most interested in your Schweiss hydraulic door.

86 Have I got a great Schweiss hydraulic hangar door or am I just lucky. I haven't had to do a lick of repair on it since it was installed 9 years ago. I haven't even done any maintenance to it, and it still continues to work as smooth as the day it was installed.

87 I want to thank you and your Schweiss Door crew for coming out and checking to see if my hangar door needed repair after the recent windstorm. It didn't need repair, but I feel so much better now that I know that. 

88 Good to talk to you guys again. Just a comment and a quick question. First off, my Schweiss hydraulic doors are running like a clock. I love them. Secondly, I want another for a new hangar going up in July, same size exactly as my past orders, nothing changed. Need you to do the install again. Lastly, I have a friend who is a fellow pilot who is having trouble with his bifold door which he got from a different door manufacturer. When he heard I was getting a new door he told me to ask you if you could repair something on his hangar door and replace his cables with your liftstraps. If so, I'll have him contact you to give you the specs on his hangar door.

89 Can you provide a price for the Schweiss hydraulic door and frame, then provide the extra costs for each of the add ons below? Remote, Walk Door 2 Windows (4x2 offset to right & 4x2 offset to left) Door Rubber? Siding?

90 Like to look at a fairly large door that is installed somewhere in the Hastings area. We contemplating purchasing a Schweiss hydraulic door in the near future for our biomass operation.   Thanks Bud 

91 Looking for a Schweiss door dealer in Iowa.  Will 18 ft. opening have that opening with a hydraulic  door 45 ft width. Size of motor, price three and single phase.

92 I am getting ready to order a 60' by 120' building and am in need of a 55' wide by 16' high clear span hydraulic door. I am currently looking at a single panel hydraulic door so that I can keep my building sidewalls to 18', but I realize the bifold doors are cheaper and impose less stress on the structure, so I'm not sure if paying for a higher sidewall to accommodate a bifold is worth it. Could you tell me what the total frame requirements would be for a bifold door that offers a 55' by 16' clear span opening? Any input on one vs the other? I am fine with a Schweiss bifold, but am trying to keep my sidewalls of my hangar as low as possible so that the size of the hangar does not overpower my house that will be nearby. Your bifolds do come with liftstraps, correct?

93 We are a previous customer from 2004-2005, or there about. And because Schweiss manufactures such an outstanding door we would like a quote on a 40' X 12' another hydraulic door. We will install. I will also need the weight of the door and also mounting specs to install onto side wall of a wood framed structure. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Steve 

94 We have 4 of your company`s Schweiss bi-fold doors. Bottom drive jackshaft - 320. These doors have a clear polycarbonite panels instead of a soild panel. I wanted to know if you can make this model in a hydraulic door design and what the price would be on them. I need four doors 14" in width x 18' in height. I need one door 20' wide and 24' in hieght. We will once again want the hydraulic door  model. Can you help?

95 I am looking for a price on a 40' x 16' (clear) hydraulic door. It will sit on an eave wall so I am looking for some information on how much head room and pricing, etc. Please contact me Monday AM Thanks 

96 Hi, I have a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door for my airplane hangar. Works great. Contemplating ordering a hydraulic door for my work shed. Is there any way to manually close the door if the power fails? Handcrank or generator drivin? Love your door, it opens so smoothly and quietly. Best investment I ever made. Thanks, Chris

97 Price on a 30' x 14' hydraulic door for a biomass facility. I want a door that seals well and that's fairly well insulated with a walk door.

98 We have a project where the base bid is to provide a 60x 13.6 hydraulic crane door. There is also two alternates to increase the width to 65'-0" wide and 70'-0" wide. We would like a quote for price and the design loads to provide the structure with this hydraulic door. Thank you

99 I need a quote on a crane door for a project in Brunswick County NC. Can you give me specifics on how to measure it up for a Schweiss hydraulic  crane door?

100 I am considering a 40 foot addition to an existing building. It will have 16 foot of clearance under the rafters. I would like to install a Schweiss hydraulic door in the side of this 40 foot addition. I would like to have 16 foot of clearance. I am thinking 30 foot wide. What do I need to consider as I design this addition?

101 New hangar planned for Brookings, SD airport. Would like entry door frame installed in a hydraulic door. Also would like to know what size header is required.

102 Please email me the updated quote #112712 PC for our Boathouse /  Marine project as I will look to place these doors on order. Please note that only one (1) of the hydraulic doors requires a walkdoor, but both require remote openers. Also please send me any credit info that you may require so that we can set up our account. Thank you. Jon

103 I entered info for the 40'x18' hydraulic door but i also need a 30'x18' Schweiss hydraulic door. I will be Lining and Insulating the Interior I want 4-4'x3' Window frames built into each door Please call.

104 Do you make a mini version of your Schweiss Red Power hanger door hydraulic lift?

105 Would you please quote these Schweiss hydraulic  doors in what I call "free standing"? and labor?

106 I am looking for information and a price for two Schweiss hydraulic door sizes, 2 at 15'2" X 4' high and 2 at 8'2.5" that would be divided at center with a mullions to create 4 windows on the 15' unit and 2 windows on the 8' units, Question what would the cylinders look like and how much room would the pump need to be homed in? Please include prep for interior liner and remote control with 2 handhelds.

107 I would like to purchase one of your hydraulic door's. Who would be a dealer in the Maine area? I'm looking for a 12' wide by up to 14' high Hanger style with a entrance door in the lower pannel. I want your one piece door. I'll do the installation.

108 Hydraulic door must fit in sea freight container. Second door width is also 39 feet 5 inches height 17 feet Free standing header both doors Auto locks Remote controle Export order to north Holland. Last order from you, by the way, arrived without a scratch and was packaged very well for set up. We really appreciate the care you put into delivery as well as the quality of your Bifold and Hydraulic one piece doors.

109 Is it possible to get your hydraulic door with a fire rating so it can go in a 1-hour wall? The door would need to be rated at 45-minutes. Thanks.

110 Please send your price and delivery time. HYDRAULIC DOOR : SIZE: 8500 x 6000mm QUANTITY: 12 DOORS SIZE: 6000 x 6000mm QUANTITY: 10 DOORS Specification: HYDRAULIC Schweiss hanger doors manufactured of steel tubing & Cold-Formed steel structural members. Seals : Header seal & Bottom Loop that Hugs the Contour of the Ground. Locking Mechanism :  Standard mechanical back-up switch that disconnects power to door. Control Box: Momentary contact, 3-button controls (Up/Down/Stop). The hydraulic door is equipped with a completely pre-wired pump, including all necessary mounting hardware : Extra heavy duty spherical bearings on 75mm wheels. Door shall be equipped with Automatic Jamb and Floor Locks. The door equipped with weather stripping at the heads to prevent the flow of water into the door installation. Sills shall have a special fabric reinforced high-grade rubber astragal. Electric Motor Operation: UL listed electric Operator. Input voltage 220 volts Single phase. The gear motor equipped with an electric brake. Door Base Safety Edge: This edge stops the hydraulic door automatically and reverses it when it comes into contact with any object. To prevent serious injury or property damage, clear the doors path of travel before operation and keep others away from the door during operation. Devices cause the door to stop and reverse if an obstruction is within the door opening. Optional Remote Control allows for easy opening and closing ( Includes Two Transmitters, Receiver & Remote Antenna) 

111 Can you send me a quote for a 58 ft. x 17 ft. hydraulic door. I also have a hangar with 5 Schweiss bifold doors. do you have a service company in my area in case I need one?

112 I have a new 68' x 300 foot building assembled in 2012 Each end wall has a concrete apron and concrete on the inside as well This building was designed to accommodate a 18' high (east end is a bit taller) by 44 foot plus a few inches wide door. On the outside corner of each door is a 12" x 12" one inch thick weldment anchored securely in 2 1/2 feet of concrete tied with rebars and bonded to 10' deep driven ground rods. I ordered doors from another company in April. In July I learned that the sales person I dealt with had forgotten to get the order in. Can you believe that?  I then contacted another manufacturer in W Fargo, paid for them in July was told first week in September, wait 2nd week in October, no first week in November. Now the calls are not being returned. I would like quote on these two hydraulic door units, and also a time frame. No insulation, a window, I do not have electricity there yet, concrete is laser level, 6 bag mix and I can e mail you the building plans and dimensional information. Please email this comment back. Thanks I forgot that I need this skinned with galvanized 26 ga metal and would like a provision on the inside of there doors for metal halide lights so that when they are swung out that I can have illumination from above. I was told by my neighbor that Schweiss Doors is a very reliable dealer. Makes you wonder how these other manufacturers stay in business. 

113 I have two customers requesting quotes for hydraulic doors in Canada. 1. 80' x 20' h insulated for an aircraft hanger to replace a sliding door system in Medicine Hat, Alberta 2. 40'w x 18'h un-insulated for Ag use near Morse, Saskatchewan.  How much room do you need above the door for clearance? And are the doors self supporting or does the structure need to be made stronger?

114 Door opening is approx. 20'X 15' with steel I-beam at top supported by 4"x 6" tube columns. I am interested in an approx. cost of a Schweiss hydraulic door. As a retired Gen. Contr., I would install myself and would supply my metal wall panels and insulation. My location is eastern Iowa .

115 Attached you'll find the Project of an Aircraft Building that we'll start to build in April. We want to install hydrualic doors and we are looking for suppliers. We need to know the cost of an automatic hydraulic door and pump system the sizes are: width 23.80m 78.08 feet, Height 5.56m 18.25 feet If you need some more information let me know.

116 I am a manager of a County snowplow shed facility near Petersburg, Virginia. Can you quote me a price on a 64' X 18' hydraulic, single-panel door and frame? Does this include the door skins? Do you do installation and how much? Please e-mail me with any questions and your answers.

117 We have a hangar with Schweiss bi-fold door with auto latching that we love. We are doing a building project at our cabin in central Minnesota and thought about using one of your hydraulic lift doors on the boathouse, just like the one in your Schweiss Doors website video. Maybe the best would be to give me a call next week to talk about the project before getting too deep into the design.

118 I need a quote on 1-40' x 16' one piece hydrolic door. non- insulated. please include installation in  Michigan. I assume this hydraulic door will have your new pump on it, right?

119 Please send me a quote on 40x14 hydraulic door  with price on hydraulic pump and all. Include separate pricing on man door with 16 inch window. I like what your door has to offer. You guys at Schweiss are really on top of things. 

120 I have a 20' wide by 12'9'" opening that I would like a hydraulic one piece door for. I was going to go bifold, but think this door has so much more to offer, especially with all the backup systems you have for it. This is for a wood building.

121 Do you have distributors in Canada, more specifically in the Toronto, Ontario area? I see a lot of your hydraulic and bifold doors up here and I want one soon.

122 I am representing a home seller who wants to  purchase one of your hydraulic doors, and I've been asked about the specifications on the door and what the maximum opening could be. Looking for what the maximum opening could be. The door opening is 50 wide x 14 high. The original purchaser lives in Anchor Point, Alaska. Thanks for your help.

123 We are looking for 3 only 18' x 12' hydraulic  doors, but just in case I change my mind, how much extra would it cost to get a walk door put in.

124 Please include information on local installers for our area as well as the lead time to have a Schweiss hydraulic door manufactured & delivered to Ohio. We require safety options, insulation and remote control.

125 Seeking price and availability for two hydraulic boat house doors. We will mount them on a wooden boat house. The door sizes are 8 ft w x 8 ft tall, and 7 ft wide by 8 ft tall. The installation site is water access only so we would like remote openers. Preferred shipping delivery point is to a parking lot with no fork-lift and no dock. We can meet a truck. the door itself should be of aluminum frame with brass or stainless steel hardware because of the humid corrosive atmosphere. The exposed surface materials could be various materials, such as translucent fiberglass, wood shingle, painted metal panel. We are looking to select source and product this fall for installation this spring. I look forward to discussing the options and constraints we have and how to work with you. thank you for your consideration of this request for price and availability.

126 Can I buy Schweiss hydraulic doors to retro fit existing roll up doors? Are there different sizes ?

127 I'm writing you to get more information about your Schweiss hydraulic doors to see if they will work within my current project. Unfortunately, I cannot share specifics about my project due to the confidential nature of our work, but I would like to speak with someone about your products.

128 I need a price on at hydraulic door to fit a 70'x 25' opening with walk through doors, three windows, remotes, deliver to Denver, CO.


130 Need door price and specs for door for a 20 foot opening by 15 foot 11 inches. would like to maintain that much opening and 15 ft of overhead clearance. I have purchased a larger hydraulic door in the past and will stick with that design for raising this door.

131 I need a quote on a 40' x 12' hydraulic horizontally lifting swing door. I want fastest and biggest h.p. electric door motor you have.       

132 Can you quote me a price on a fast opening hydraulic door 16' x 24' with a walk door on the left side with a window. Put your best hydraulic pump, cylinders and spherical door bearings on it.        

133 I need a quote on two insulated Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors with remote openers for  commercial cold storage building doors. Door 1: 45 foot wide, 12 foot high clear opening. Door 2: 12 foot wide, 13 foot clear opening door.

134 My name is Bruce , I am inquiring about placing an order for some Schweiss Hydraulic Doors for my Client. I am looking for high quality at an affordable price. Would you be so kind and let me know the cost of Doors you carry. Also, would you please let me know what types of payments are accepted at your establishment. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back soon.

135 I'm trying to sell a hangar in Wyoming and I might  have to put on a door that goes higher to sell it. Can you give me a Schweiss hydraulic door ball park figure on what the price of a door that is 48 feet wide and 14 feet tall would cost? I just bought one of your doors and I really, really like it.

136 I would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door 50'W 16' H. with a man door and remote opener and windows. Hangar Manufacturer unknown.

137 Please quote Schweiss Hydraulic Hanger doors. Opening size 80 x 20' Manufacturer: Steel Building At this time I am not sure if it will go in the sidewall or the endwall. Also please provide optional labor price with R-19 insulation with ADP-2 / R panel. Would like remote opener and Red Power Pump

138 I would like a quote on a 30' x 16' hydraulic door. Prepped for (2) plyco 4030 ss windows and ready for interior finish. Standard opener and 1 transmitter. This door will be going on a wood biomass building. Thanks Steve

139 I was wondering the price on a door. The ones that the whole door goes straight out to form a canopy, I believe you call it your hydraulic door. 17 by 23. You can email me with prices on other accessories. This will be a biomass door.

140 Would like a quote on a hydraulic door. Size of opening on a steel building is 14 1/2' x 23 1/2". Please include details and prices on man door, windows, remote opener and backup systems.

141 We have a customer looking for 40'x18' Schweiss hydraulic door setup. The building is 60'x144'x18' tall. We need to know the specs for the opening & what the cost of the door would be. Going hydraulic because of the size of door and want the power to be able to lift it and seal it well.  Thanks.

142 I would like to price 2 hydraulic doors that are 16ft high and 20ft wide. need them down in southern Iowa. Include insulation on both, and walk thru door on one of these. If you could email the quote that would be great. Thanks

143 Looking for a 25 foot wide 15 high hydraulic lift Schweiss door. How much would it be to have another 12x12 door on the inside of the bigger door. would you have some one come out and measure? and what kind of time am I looking at. 

144 I would like to get a price on a hydraulic one piece  hangar door 40 x 10. Insulated with walk door, shipped to Utah. What kind of timeline am I looking at? Please advise

145 We need a price and cut sheet information for a 65'-0" wide x 25'-0 3/4" high hydraulic Red Power door. Thanks.

146 Price on a 24'w x 14.6' w hydraulic lift door for steel framed farm storage building, insulated. As I live in a real cold climate I want it highly insulated and fast opening and closing with your new pump.

147  Heard about hydraulic door failures from the other guys. Decided to check out a real, solid one-piece hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors this time.

148 We are bidding a project with a 40'x18' Hydraulic door and would like to see if you can help us with some one-piece hydraulic door pricing, loadings and hydraulic door specifications. The door will be finished on both sides and insulated. Our overall hydraulic door opening size is 40' x 18' but we have some flexibility. The door will be mounted flush with the columns. This is a wood frame building, however we will be using steel columns for both hydraulic door jambs. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or hydraulic door advice.

149 Would like a price on a 45x14 one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door with all the hydraulic door extras. I just won the lottery and I want the best hydraulic door system money can buy! Thanks.

150 I need a quote for a 24' wide x 16' high hydraulic door. Please send quote to my email asap. Is delivery and installation included? How fast can you deliver my door? Please tell me about the  motor and the additional safety features. 

151 We are currently working on a new project with a large overhead door (61' X 16'-6"). I have a few questions about Schweiss one-piece hydraulic overhead doors. Can you please call me to discuss?

152 Hi I would like a price on a 20'x18' Schweiss  hydraulic lift door. I just need the frame and  hydraulic pump and cylinders since we will be putting metal on the outside.

153 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door 60 feet wide and 18 feet tall for a new hanger in Texas. I do not want any door or windows in the door, but do want to take advantage of your new compact pump hydraulics. 

154 Hello, I need a quote on a 30' x 16' hydraulic door and Schweiss Doors Red Power back-up system shipped to northern Utah please include installation on this one-piece lift door as an option. Thanks.

155 IM LOOKING FOR A 25FT WIDE X 16 HIGHT Hydraulic door we will frame out opening to Schweiss Doors spec, also do the install

156 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door that is 11 feet wide and 16 feet high. Would you build a door that size, what would the cost be, what materials are used in building your door, steel tubing, size of tubing, etc. Thank you for your time.

157 need a Schweiss Doors price on a 16x50 hydraulic door, delivered to Billings ,MT, price the cheapest way and also with strap lift.

158 Looking for a 40 X 16 ft insulated door for a new shop were building. Do the Schweiss hydraulic doors come with thermal packages Give us a quote.

159 We need a price for two 60' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar doors for a bid today (2/25/12). I need this price for the doors installed on a new pre-engineered metal building in OK. We got in on this bid process late and I need your price by 12:00 pm today if at all possible. If you cannot provide a firm price, please provide a budget price. Call me at  if you have questions. Thank you, Jim Jacobs

160 I have a  hydraulic door on my hangar. Can I install a remote opener? I want to be able to open the door and taxi into the hangar. I know Schweiss Doors can make it easy for me. Getting lazy in my old age. Thanks, Jon Carlson

161 have a metal building. I need a Schweiss hydraulic door for the opening. it measures 43 feet wide and 13 feet tall.Has Schweiss got one on hand. If not, what is your production turn around and delivery time. I hear you guys are quick. Love your doors.

162 I need a quote and technical data on a Schweiss hydraulic door 56w x 18H. and one 57w x 18H for an aircraft hangar.

163 Schweiss Doors sells all styles of hydraulic and bifold doors on the internet (check our informative web site). We are getting more and more requests for hanger doors, glass doors and specialty doors. We sell, install and ship doors all over the world. Give us a look. You won't be disappointed.

164 Looking for Info & Pricing on (2) Schweiss Hydraulic Doors to retrofit into a Generating Station in Manitoba. The Openings are 16' Wide x 22.5' High & 16' Wide x 20' High. Both to be Insulated c/w Passage Doors. There is a Spec that we need to follow as close as possible , they had Spec'd Multi Blade Doors , but were open to suggestions , that is why I am contacting you. Regards , Richard Alm

165 Due to limited header space we're sure a Schweiss  hydraulic door will be the answer to our barn door needs. Can you quote two doors for us? The openings dimensions are below. If you have any questions just call the number above. Best Regards- Door 1: 12' wide x 11' 5\" high Door 2: 12' wide x 12' 9\" high note: we do want insulated doors. please quote with a window and without a window.

166 need quotes on Schweiss hydraulic doors, hydraulic pumps etc for house on Mau. I noticed you have already shipped several of your quality doors to our Aloha state.

167 two projects going on at the same time. Building a new 70'x120' cold storage building which we'll either put in two 24'x14' overhead doors or two 24'x16' Schweiss hydraulic swing doors. Other project is converting existing 42'x63' building from cold storage to an insulated shop. Will need one 21'x14' and one 18'x12' hydraulic swing doors (both insulated). Planning on committing to a building by the end of February. application is agriculture.

168 Bid on 40x9 Schweiss hydraulic swing aviation door. Let me know time frames Schweiss Doors can estimate delivery of such a door.

169 What I am looking to do is add a 2 car garage on to my house but I don't want it to really look from the front of the house that there is a garage there  I was thinking that a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door with the same look as the front of the house with 2 windows in it and brick/siding to look the same as the rest of the house would conceal it nicely. Would this be possible? It would need to be 18' wide and 10' tall. I am just in the design phase, so a basic brochure with pricing would be the best thing for me at this point. Thanks! Jill

170 We have a customer looking for a 35' wide x 16' tall Schweiss hydraulic door to be installed in a new Pre-engineered building. I need a price for the door, the weight, and how much room is needed above the opening height for mounting. Please call me with questions. Thanks, Jack

171 biding a ag building for combine need price on 30ft wide by 17ft 4in tall metal inside and out insulated Schweiss hydraulic door. 

172 Please quote a 14\" high by 40' wide single piece Schweiss hydraulic door.

173 I was wondering how much 2- 28' x 12' Schweiss Hydraulic doors would cost. I'm looking at having a 36' x 80' pole barn built and would like to have one centered on each gable end. I say i would like a 12' tall door, but what i actually need is the tallest door possible that will still mount flush in the opening, not on the outside. Thank you. Located in central Indiana

174 I am working on my senior design project for my Mechanical Engineering degree. My team is redesiging the opening system for an isolette pod for a premature baby as the sounds associated with these systems can cause intercranial hemoraging. In addition the systems have no self support. Our goal is to not only minimize sound, but to also automate the system as a whole with some type of hydraulic door. It was recommended that we contact Schweiss Doors because you specialize in hydraulic doors. What type of small scale door hydraulic systems does your company offer, what type of price is associated, and would we be able to receive a discount as this is for educational/academic purposes? This is work being done in correlation with West Texas A&M University and Northwest Hospital in Amarillo, Texas. Thank you for your time, Michael J. Kelley, III

175 Need quote on 60' x 16' Schweiss Hydraulic door for an airplane hangar to be located in Dodge City, KS.

176 I have a prospect wanting a price on both a Schweiss bifold and 1 piece hydraulic door for his airplane. Door size is 44'x 8'. E-mail is best way to send quote.

177 I am in the research phase of a project on an aircraft hangar and wanted to get a rough order of magnitude cost for two of your one-piece Schweiss hydraulic doors. One side of the hangar would be a 55 foot wide by 12 foot high door and the opposite wall of the hangar would be a 42 foot wide by 12 foot high hangar. Could you give me the approximate cost I could expect for these two size doors and an installation cost? Thanks

178 I have building I would like to put 2 doors on.Both openings are 23ft6in wide and 13ft8in tall.I would like you to give me a quote on both doors non insulated with remote if possible. I'm only interested in you Schweiss hydraulic one-piece doors. Thanks Brian

179 We are going to turn and existing shed in to a shop. We are looking into options of a Schweiss hydraulic swing door versus an overhead door.

180 I have a farm clear span building that is half round. Most doors wont work. I hear Schweiss Doors will work for me. I need a larger door then building will allow because of the inside tube affect. The door side of the building will be custom framed to the specs of any door of choice. My desired size in a Schweiss hydraulic door/insulated is 19'x10'approximately, is this to small for your doors? my cell is above thank you!!

181 We are building a new shop and I am interest in putting Schweiss hydraulic doors in. We need one 30x16 and one 20x16. If you could call me and let me know price and details I would appreciate it.

182 i am looking to have a price quotation for the supply and installation of a Schweiss hydraulic overhead door as per spec., drawing for the following tender: Highland Creek Treatment Plant.  Do you have a representative in toronto area?

183 Need budget pricing on two doors.50'X20',Schweiss Hydraulic,36\"entrance door in each.I will follow up with phone call.

184 I'm in the early planning stages for a hanger (2-years out) and would like a ballpark idea of the cost for a hanger door. I need a door with an (approximately) 40%u2019 x 12%u2019 clear opening. This will be on a wood-frame/brick hanger. Can you provide me with a rough estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic door or bi-fold door for planning purposes? I%u2019m sure I%u2019ve not provided all the information you need, so just let me know any assumptions you have made in th Georgia, Harold

185 Hi, We are looking to put an automatic door/hatch on the roof of one of our trailers so a pneumatic mast the penetrates through the roof from inside the trailer. Do you do anything small scale like that? And what would a relative price range for the Schweiss hydraulic mechanism at that size be?? We are looking for the hydraulic door to be about 39\"x31\" to be just lifted 90%uFFFD to be vertical so it shouldn't be too much weight. If you could e mail your thoughts. Thanks for your time, Cynthia Little

186 Trying to get a ball park price for a 12 High x 14 Wide insulated Schweiss hydraulic door. I currently have a pole barn with the sliding door that I would love to replace with the hydraulic door. I know your company makes the best doors and the hydraulics that go with them. Thanks, Fred

187 What is the largest width of Schweiss hydraulic or bi-fold door that can be hung in a new 55' wide hanger? Thank you.

188 Please have sales / engineering call to discuss converting vertical bi-fold garage doors to Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift. Photos available if interested. Jason in California

189 Hi, I am interested in getting a price on a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door that is 24'x13' and a 32'x13'. No windows needed. Thanks, Corky.

190 Need price on a 40 ft /11 ft hdr door. Most interested in your Schweiss one-piece hyrdraulic doors.

191 We have a customer that wants a 30' x 15' door in the endwall of a 50' wide building with a 16' sidewall and 1:12 pitch roof. Would I have to install a Schweiss Doors bifold door, or can I go with my first choice of a hydraulic door? Can you do that, and what will the cost be?

192 Earlier this year, I purchased a 50 x 14 Schweiss hydraulic door from you. The door was delivered to  New Mexico and has been installed in my hangar. The Schweiss product lived up to your standards and I can't express how happy I am with it.  Jimmy Martinez (and my wife too).

193 I own an overhead door business in Effingham,IL. I do a lot of commercial doors with every farmer and their brother building machine sheds to take advantage of tax deduction.I am interested in getting a source to compete against someone else and get them out of my territory. Besides that, I've seen your Schweiss Doors and they are by far superior to any others I've seen on the market.

194 Tuesday Morning. Mr. Schweiss Thank you very much for speaking with me. Your thoughtful conversation is much appreciated and I will follow up on your ideas for your hydraulic and Schweiss bi-fold doors. Ben Buffington Snug Harbor

195 We are in the early stages of building a new shop and are exploring the different options available. We would like to put a 40' wide by 16' tall door in the endwall of a 80'X 120' shop. The walls will most likely be insulated to R20 and the door needs to be insulated as well. I would like an aproximate price as well as the deflection requirement for the end wall structure so I can forward that on to the building dealers for building quotes. i thank you for your time.

196 I need price for a project. (1) 55' 4\" X 14' 0\" Clear opening. (1) 44' 6\" X 14' 0\" Clear opening. Each of which are your Schweiss hydraulic doors to have 3070 door in door.  90mph wind exposure C. Shipping to Baltimore coast. Thank you, Carey Fischer

197 I would like a price on a Schweiss hydraulic door 50' wide with 20' clearance. Delivering to Devils Lake, ND 58301 Thanks!

198 Building 60/140 pole shed need 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors. One end door 16/28 and a side door 16/32. please email me a price thankyou.

199 I would like a qoute on a 40x18 hydraulic door with install. Julie from Schweiss Doors quoted me a bifold I would like to show my guy the price between the two doors, also include install price Thanks

200 We are looking for a glass hydraulic and Schweiss  bi-fold hangar door about 65' wide by 16' tall.  We also might be interested in your hydraulic one-piece door as an alternative option. We would appreciate any information you could provide. It would be helpful if you could provide any digital drawings of these two products in either AutoCAD or Sketchup format.

201 good afternoon! I am interested in 2 of its doors for a project in Mexico, I need price and put in El Paso, Texas, weight and delivery time I need 1 door 15 'high x 70' wide, the door is open on a minimum of 30 seconds because it is for the airport fire department I need 1 door 18 'high x 75' wide. both doors need to be very resistant to air. both doors (bifold) also need to know if I can buy just the door frame and the price, weight and delivery time thank you very much look forward to your reply asap

202 i am looking for a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic andbifold door that is 50' x 14'. The aircraft hangar will be insulated a pre-engineered steel building as it is in Northern Ontario.  Please call if you require more detail.

203 Please provide quotation for 1 ea standard Schweiss hydraulic door. No siding or insulation is required. Please include: Cost, Delivery. 

204 Schweiss Doors Price Quote on: Hydrolic Door that is 16' High and 24' Wide

205 I'm going to be building a new farm machine shed this spring and I have no idea what Schweiss hydraulic or bifold doors cost. I'll need one 40' x 16'. Also, could you send me information about the structural requirements I need to be thinking about? I've looked at the info on your website and it's a little overwhelming--there must be a hundred different diagrams. And can you give me a ballpark figure on the freight to  Idaho? Thanks, Bill Ceevers

206 good afternoon I'm looking for folding doors for an airport hangar. As I have is 70 'wide by 45' tall if you could help me with a quote on your Schweiss hydraulic one-piece doors. I would appreciate that. regards Mary May

207 Intersted in a bi fold  or hydraulic door on are machine shed. Would like a price for the door and what it would cost for you guys to install it, general idea

208 90 c wind door does on endwall of a 70 X 100 X 24' eh 3/12 buildin. This is for you Schweiss hydraulic doors.

209 Will be a new building. Need 3070 inside door, will have interior liner panels up 8'. Would like the Schweiss hydraulic door opening to be flush with exterior.

210 Building is 40' x 60' x 22' with 1:12 pitch clear opening of door is 30' x 18'Need quote on your Schweiss hydraulic doors only.

211 Bi-Fold door with straps prcing neede. Also pricing on Schweiss hydraulic doors.

212 Schweiss Doors:  Building is wood frame, tin skinned. I am looking for close to 12' clearance, so I need to know if you can extend the hydraulic door pivot above the door via arms to give the needed clearance. At 12' the corners are close to the roof, so the arms would move toward the center. I am not sure of the pitch, but a guess is the peak is close to 8' at the center of the 40' building.

213   I have a 10 year old  hangar, and on one of their doors (not yours) last weekend I experienced near total cable failure on one drum. As I'm sure you're well aware, \"this unnamed company\" ran themselves out of business, leaving me without an avenue for replacement cables. Have you guys done strap conversions or worked with hydraulics to other manufacturers doors? My tenant is coming to use the hangar 12/26 so I'm a little under the gun on this. Any information would be greatly appreciated.I hope Schweiss Doors can be my knight in shining armour. I've heard you are \"the man.\"

214 I purchased a bi-fold door from you in 2006 and just thought Schweiss Doors would like to know my door is still working like a Swiss Watch. My neighbor has a Schweiss hydraulic door which he purchased not too long after me and he said I should tell you that his door is still running as smoothly as the Orient Express. No complaints coming from this cold windy territory in British Columbia.

215 Dear Sir or Madame, We are a German company established in China in 2000. We are selling and installing garage doors and sun protection systems which we import from Europe or other places. We now have a project which would be interested in large number of doors which fold out to the outside. There are some technical criteria which are curcial if we can use your Schweiss Hydraulic Door products. Please let me know whom I can transmit these technical requirements and you let me know if you can meet these or not, so that we can determine whether to go ahead or not. Sincerely, - Hans VonFreitag

216 Please price out the hydraulic lift door with Red Power Back-up systems. Thanks

217 We are rebuilding our house and attached hangar which was destroyed in a hoiuse fire. Would like to receive information on your Red Power Safety Advantage lift systems. Specs are for a 12x42' electrically operated Schweiss hydraulic lift door.The new construction will be of wood with brick facing.  Thanks Bill and Donna

218 I am building a quonset-hut style metal building (hangar) on my property. The front wall of it will be wood-frame construction. I want a 32 foot wide, 9 foot high opening and I love the Schweiss Red Power System that goes with your hydraulic doors. Appears it has better lift power.  I will handle the installation. I will also need to know about the framing requirements and dimensions. What are my most economic alternatives?

219 Working on a large commercial renovation project in Alabama. Doors would be sized to accommodate existing structural grid that's 24' on center with doors 40 ft. high. Looking at your Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors with Red Power Electrical. Any advice on your part?

220 Looking for a hydraulic door for for a 16'w x 12'h opening. Preferrably a black steel frame/mullion with glass lites. Bottom row could be opaque, or frosted glass. Send Schweiss Red Power Motor with door.

221 Haver a customer out in one of our Yukon River villages who is trying to build a 40'x 44' hanger with the door in the 44' wall. He needs a 40' wide by 11' clear opening. This needs to be insulated and to about R-21. Your Schweiss hydraulic door with the heavy duty Red Power Back-up system sounds like it might work for him. This village is not on our road system and needs to be heavey crated as it will be transported by a barge in the spring when the ice lifts out on the Yukon River. Please send me an estimate on what a door for this hanger would cost and what it would weigh delivered to the docks in Tacoma, Washington. E-mail works well for me.

222 I am pricing a new metal building for a farmer and am working on finding the most economical fit for the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. He is wanting a 60' x 75' building with a 20' x 16' door on the 75' wall, and a 30' x 16' door on the 60' wall. Include your Red Power motors.

223 existing sliders - opening is 27ft wide X 14ft7in height Can it be retro fitted with on of your Schweiss hydraulic doors and Red Power units for better lift power? Pole barn was built in 1992

224 Need quote on 28 wide 18 high Schweiss hyraulic lift door or bi-fold for a steel pre-engineered building. Interested in windows and Red Power doors. Thanks!

225 Now in planning stages of a dozen aviation T-Hangars. Please provide specs on your Schweiss Hydraulic doors with Red Power Safety Advantage. Buildings will be 40 ft. wide. Please provide your best package price with shipping/installation costs to Seattle.

226 Please provide your quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door delivered to Houston, Texas. Pricing is also needed for Red Power back-up lift system. Thank you

227 I have a existing pole barn with sliding doors 20x14 high. I hate these cumbersome doors and want to replace them with Schweiss hydraulic doors. I'd like Red Power motors. I want to keep my height, will I lose any room with these new lift doors. Thanks

228 I saw your ad in a magazine and want an estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power motors. It is a city owned hangar. The existing side ways slider doors totally suck and are wore out. We want a door that will lift up. They don't have money in their budget to fix them (typical Government bureaucracy). so about how much for a 45 ft. wide x 18 ft. tall ?

229 I am bidding on two projects and need prices on 3 - Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power motors. The first is a hanger with a 65' wide door and a 14' tall opening, so I am figuring for a 16' tall door. The second is an agriculture structure. It will have 2 - doors 25' wide and again, 16' tall. All doors are going to be vertical lift style.

230 i am in need of pricing on a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power back-up lift system. Approximately 30' wide and 18' tall. insulated and non insulated pricing if you offer both. I need some information on the weather kit and it will be shipped to Wisconsin.

231 Need a bid for a Schweiss hydralic door with lift Red Power motor and self locking door.

232 Looking at building a 50'/ 50' 14'H Hanger and would like to get a price on a 40' wide Schweiss hydraulic door. The hanger is all steel and I want it all sheeted for the door to be the same as the sheeting on the hanger. Also want Red Power hydraulic lift. 

233 please tell me the hinge height i will be at for an 18' Schweiss hydraulic door. Also include quote on it and Red Power back-up lift unit.

234 I am looking for a price on a 28'w x 14'6\"h Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The building that I am bidding on is a 40'x52' pole building addition for agriculture so it will need Red Power motor. 

235 On the bifold quote, please include lift straps and automatic latches and installation by Schweiss. Also, may I trouble you for a quote (same specs) for a hydraulic Schweiss door with Red Power motor. Can't seem to make up my mind.

236 We have a Project of an Hangar Aircraft Building that we'll start to build in 2012. We want help to install overhead lift Schweiss hydraulic doors and we are looking for installers near to Chihuahua City, it can be in el Paso Tx. We need to know the cost of an automatic door system with your Red Power Safety Advantage systems, the sizes are: width 23.80m - 78.08feet, Height 5.56m - 18.25feet

237 Need a price for a 40 X 16 hydraulic door. Wind speed 10.44 PSF F.O.B. Options I want are: insulation package, weather kit, 3 windows and Red Power motor.

238 How long of a wait would we have if we ordered today? We would like to get a hydraulic door with Red Power lift hydraulics right away. Can you at Schweiss Doors give me a call ASAP.

239   I have an existing pole building that I am considering making into a farm shop. There is an opening that is 13' 7\" wide and the height would end up at about 13' even i would like to not lose much head room if any. there isn't much of a header if at all it is on the end wall. there was at one time sliding doors. the barn currently has a dirt floor which is why the height is approximate and could be changed. what type of reinforcement is required for your Schweiss hydraulic doors as far as header and sides? i would for right now like a estimate on the door size provided including your Red Power pump lift. also this building i believe is about 50 years old.

240 I am looking for an 8-foot square bi-fold with straps, or Schweiss hydraulic door, both with insulated glass, low-e. My windows I'm matching are aluminum clad, black, wood interior (interior material not important).  Thanks.

241 Please price both a Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic door. please price bi-fold with straps. Please price labor separately. Need 18' clear. ALso need design specifications emailed or faxed for both so I can send for endwall design. Thank you.

242 In the planning stages of building a steel agricultural storage building 48x105 15.4 height. Looking at a Schweiss Hydro-Powered for the end wall 40' x 15'.

243 I am working with a customer in the Centralia, IL. area and I need to price a 35' wide x 14' or 15' high Schweiss hydraulic or bi-fold door. the door would include 1'' thermax insulation board. Thanks

244 I have three metal framed openings in a metal aircraft hangar, 10'-0 x 10'-0. Would like to investigate glass panel Schweiss bifolds or hydraulic one-piece doors if you think they are better. I prefer inward opening. These openings are up on the mezzanine level of the hangar and will provide a convertible enclosure for a large inset patio.

245 Please send me price and other important info about this Schweiss hydraulic door. It'll be installed on steel pre-engineered building. Price delivery to the St Louis, MO area

246 I also need a quote on one 14' x 14' Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door with Red Power hydraulic lift to be installed in the same steel building as the door below. It is to go in a sidewall. These doors are for a local farmer's equipment shop. The sidewalls of the building are 18' high and I was hoping a 28' wide x 18' high door in the endwall would work. If possible please the include payment requirements. Thank you

247 Looking for hydraulic door with Red Power door lift package,  and i need installation priced. Job is in Mn. and I'll be heating the structure so add weather kit and insulation package.

248 have a steel frame building and need to add a Schweiss hydraulic door to lift a14'x14' and not enough room for overhead type garage door do not have side columns in yet as not sure what type of door we will be getting at this point it is between an overhead roll up door, hydraulic lift with Red Power unit  or a bi-fold, price is the biggest factor of course

249 Looking at replacing by sliding door on my shop with one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. I need a 34 ft. wide by 16 ft. tall door but don't want to lose any head room. Please quote me.

250 Looking for a glass hydraulic or bifold door dimensions 16wx8h Another 9wx8h a walkthrough slider or traditional door built in Seperate price on each from Schweiss Doors and Red Power lift units. Thx!

251 I need a door that is prepped for an interior liner. The rough opening on my steel structure is 45' x 16' and ready to receive a door. Please quote a \"Schweiss Bi-Fold\" with lift straps or hydraulic door with Red Power Pump and shipping.

252 Would like a bid on a Schweiss hydraulic door with white siding and cold weather kit. Also an install price, Red Power lift system and time-frame for doing it. Thanks

253 I need a price for a Schweiss hydraulic door system with your new Hydraulic Red Power Pump to lift the door which has 18' clearance and 70' wide delivered to Whaoo Ne. I am going to insulate this door. This will be a new steel building and I would like to have the eve height 22' Your comments please.

254 I was looking for a budget quote on a 40 ft. wide by 19 ft. tall one piece Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power back-up lift system for our industrial company. Also do you make a 20 ft. wide by 19 ft. tall door in a bi fold door and if so what would the cost be?

255 You installed a Schweiss hydraulic door on my shed many years ago. If power to the shed were interrupted, what would it take for a generator to open the door and would installing your new Red Power Back-up lift system be of any advantage to me? I have two 2000 watt Honda generators and I'm wondering if they are connected in parallel, if that would be enough to lift the door. I'm not sure if there would be a surge of electricity initially that would be greater that 4000 watts. Also, when I tried pulling the plug at the end of the fuse disconnect box, it didn't come out of the electrical socket. Is it possible that it's screwed into the socket or is it just really really tight?

256 I would like to buy a  Schweiss hydraulic lift door for my new steel shop the door open is 22' wide by 14' tall how match room is need on the side of the door and dose the door mount to the building or can it be mounted and suported by it self. How match will the door cost. How much more are your Red Power pumps, or are they standard in all your hydraulic doors. thanks

257   I am talking to a company about a 50 X 50 X 16 Hangar building to be erected outside of Branson Mo. I am very interested in a schweiss hydraulic door. Would you be so kind as to call or email me a quote for an appropriate door with the given building size and my requirment of a 40 X 12 foot clearance. I would like  windows across the upper portion and a Red Power pump to help lift the door.Thank you!

258 Need door quote for a Schweiss Vertical Lifting hydraulic door. The opening is 40' x 16' on a wood barn. add Red Power back-up system to the quote and it needs to be wind loaded to 70 MPH.  Thanks

259 In the process of designing and building a custom home in the Erie, Colorado area. The building structure will be wood frame with stucco exterior. The hangar will have a flat concrete roof serving as a deck accessed from the top main level of the house. Exterior walls of the hangar will be concrete and wood frame with steel columns and girders. The hangar will be excavated into the side of a fairly steep sloping lot. I need a quote for a hydraulic Schweiss lift door 45' x 15' with Red Power back-up systems.

260 Our local airport has an older Schweiss Bi-fold door. It still does the job for us, but wondering if we put another door on another adjacent building if we could go with a Schweiss Hydraulic door. How would that look? It would be a much larger door and we would like to use your new Hydraulic Red Power advantage to lift the door. 

261 We request for quotation about Schweiss hydraulic and Schweiss bi-fold doors for an aircraft hangar, dimensions: 22.00m x 6.43m. following the characteristic required: The door framework is to be welded Aluminum sections engineered by the door manufacturer as required. The door shall be engineered to resist all anticipated loads without sagging, bowing or conflicting with its smooth and efficient operation. The design shall be furnished, approved and sealed by a professional engineer registered in destination state (if required). The door is to be equipped with a completely pre-wired bottom AC drive, including all necessary mounting hardware, limit switches, and upper over-ride limit to prevent the door from traveling beyond designed opening height. Button rollers shall have mask bearings (extra heavy duty roller bearings) on 3 inch wheels. Lifting mechanisms and components shall be designed with a 5.1 safety factor. We believe your Red Power motor will suffice and also be large enough to lift the door. The door shall be shall be electrically operated.  The electrical operator and controls shall be the manufacturers latest design.

262 Wondering the cost of a Schweiss hydraulic door 24' wide by 13'6\" high for my steel machine shed. I would like the cost for you to install this door. I also want 3 windows 24\" x 36\" framed into the door. Include Red Power lift system. Thanks

263   Is it possible to have a quote by the end of the month on a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power Hydraulics to lift it? Is a winter kit something you sell as well? if so, its needed for all the doors. Please list the cost of any other options. I will not want walk doors or windows in any of the doors. Let me know if there are exterior finish options other than color. Thanks

264 I am bidding a project in Nebraska at an airport, they want a 70' wide x 20' high (18' clear) hydraulic or bi-fold door. Can Schweiss Doors please price this for me? I also need the door lift to be powered by your Red Power hydraulics. I need this as soon as possible. Thanks,

265 I am looking to install a Schweiss hydraulic door on the end of my wooden quonset. The door size I am looking for is 12 wide x 14 high, with a walk in door. Can you tell me the price for the bare door and frame kit with the walkin door installed. I would like this to be a flush mount system with your Red Power motor(s) to lift the door. I look forward to hearing from you at your soonest convience. Regards 

266 I am looking for 2 Schweiss Hydraulic lift doors 80' wide with an open clearance of 15' in the quote add a row of windows and a walk-thru man door. I want a good size, quiet motor to lift the door, so that means using your Red Power system.

267 At our airport in KY, we recently constructed a nested t-hanger with your bi-fold doors on them. For my school project, I was wondering what the cost would be for another Schweiss hydraulic lift door that is 15x42? I need it to handle a wind load 110 MPH, Red Power motor and photo eye sensors  Thank You,

268 I will build a new hangar and would like to consider using the Schweiss bi-fold or hidraulic doors. The width of the door will be around 90 feet and the height has not yet been defined. The hangar will accomodate 4 airplanes, 2 rows of 2 aircraft,  Please suggest what size Red Power motor you think best suits for me for the best lift, and give me an idea of the costs (FOB) involved. Thanks.

269 I am thinking of replacing my glass sliding door on my guest room to a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic lift up and down garage door. Would this door also be able to act as a awning or patio covering when it opend up? The space is the size of a 2 car garage door opening. What would be the cost and what would it look like from inside the room with the door closed and with the door open? Tell me about your new Red Power Safety Advantage.

270 would like a price on 24 foot 2 piece vertical lift Schweiss Hydraulic shop door, thinking of building a machine shop this summer with Red Power back-up system. thanks

271 Regarding your Schweiss hydraulic glass doors (designer series)- I am working on remodeling a garage into a recreation room and need a budget price for a 9' x 12'  dual glazed designer series door. Who carries/installs your product in my area and does your door come with the Red Power electrical lift system ? Thank you

272 I would like a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that is 32' wide X 14' high. It is going on an existing older structure. It is all wood and my contractor needs the details about the door and your Red Power motors before he installs it. Please include delivery to Washington state.

273 Hello We are already a happy customer with a 15year old fold door. Now we need another offer from you on a Schweiss hydraulic door for our needs. pleas see meshurments below and we do need a certificate of quality and Red Power motor lift specifications, for our insurance. Hydraulic door)      12.5x5.3m  2Doors -BxH (incl. guide beam bar for door)      15.8x5.3m  1Door -BxH (incl. guide beam bar for door)      8.5x5.3m 1Door Please include shipping to switzerland, we will also getting a couate from our partner for the shipping. inform us for lead time Best regards Mr. J.S. Schintellegor

274 I am requesting info on a Schweiss hydraulic door for a steel hangar. Wanting a quote on a 70 ft wide door with Red Power backup lift system and the height should be 20ft. I have found a building company in Arkansas. Would you forward the quote to me and them with all the blueprints so I can get a quote from them as well. You can send the info to me soon. Thanks

275 I am an authorized builder. Could you please quote materials and labor for two (2) 70' x 18' SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC  lift doors with RED POWER BACK-UP SYSTEMS located in IL. It's a  100' x 120' x 24' eave height.


277 I'm a architectural designer and I get involved in a lot of barn, shed designs in my area ... and lately more and more customesr talk about these Schweiss \"hydraulic\" and \"bi-fold\" doors so I found your site in a search and I'm sending this to ask if you guys have any \"cad\" files of your doors design and Red Power back-up units I could use to put in my plans to show the proper designs ... of course I would includ your logo if you wish on any design I have. didn't know if that would be something you guys have or not or would be willing to share ? but I'll never know if I don't ask :)  I run Autocad, Softplan and Sketchup (more Sketchup and Softplan) any help or info will be greatly appreciated !! Thanks in advance

278 We are trying to put together a rough estimate to see how big a hangar we can justify building in place of one that we are going to tear down. We originally planned a 2 plane building 92X36 with 2 doors but may have to scale it back to a 60 X 36 with one 44 X 12 hydraulic or bi-fold Schweiss door. We currently have several of your doors and would like to add another when we build. Can you give me an estimate for a strap lift, bi-fold, with a 110v motor (no windows or pass door) for a clear opening of 12 X 44 ft? And also specs on your new Red Power motors if we decide to install a hydraulic door(s) Thanks!

279 Price quote for 40x10 Schweiss hydraulic door w/ all necessary Red Power hardware. I looking for installers and could you recommend someone who is in my area. Feel free to call if any questions.Thanks

280 Hello, I am in the market for a new Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door for my shop. The opening is 16' x 12'. and I have 2' of additional wedge room. So the door size I'm looking for is 16 x 14. It's a sturdy 2x6 wood building, built in the 80's. Size of the building is bout 30' x 40'. The building is heated, so the door would need to be insulated. I'm looking for a price, and any additional things we would need? Do you think we'd need a free standing header? Red Power motor? Possibly a couple small windows for light? Also, can a person get a manual lift instead of a power one? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon, and hope we can do business.

281 Hello, Im interested in a Schweiss Bi- fold doors and am thinking about installing some on a barn we have out in the country. My question is what size header do I need to operate the hydraulic lift door system normally? what is the thinnest support system one can essentially use? can you please tell me the price of a free standing header and prices on your new Red Power motors.

282 I need the weight of a 40' wide 14' tall Schweiss hydraulic door to replace existing sliding barn door. Please price a Red Power pump and free standing header just in case.

283 please provide a quote and door specifications for a schweiss hydraulic pivoting door: 12'-0\" high clear opening 10.25\" wedge (total height = 12'-10.25\"), 48'-0\" wide, with Red Power lift unit. Thanks.

284 My company is providing an erection quote for a new hangar in California. The steel building features (7) Schweiss hydraulic doors ranging in sizes from 42'-6\" x 18'-6\" to 65'-6\" x 18'-6\". I would greatly appreciate any information on how many man hours required to assemble a door this size. Or perhaps a quote on your factory installers installing the doors with your new Red Power back-up systems. Thank you 

285 I would appreciate recieving the following additional information: 1) What is the R factor or insulation value for your Schweiss hydraulic doors? 2) What should we budget for shipping, installation, Red Power door lift system, etc. for a complete and operational door in addition to your quote?

286 40 x 16 Schweiss hydraulic door (with Red Power lift pump)---Supply and Install Quote Request Please 

287 Interested in a 20' x 12' Schweiss Hydraulic lift door for a farm shop. My shop is a wood and metal structure that is ready to have a door installed. Can you include price on your Red Power motor?      

288 My wife and I are remodeling an existing house and adding a large one car (19wide x 24deep x 13high) and want to explore the possiblity of using one of your one-piece Schweiss hydraulic lifting garage doors, 8 high by 10 wide before framing. My interest is to keep the door outside the garage so I can stack cars two high with a lift. I also want to be able to blend the outside with the other garage doors which will be replaced. I got your name from a friend who has your door on his airplane hangar (he really likes it) and I then went to your website. Can you give me an idea of cost, including opener with Red Power safety advantage, and the time needed for delivery once the order is placed? The 8ft by 10 ft size is the full opening I have before any framing for the door is done. How much height would a bifold take when folded, vs. the one piece door? Thanx

289 We have a local customer that would like us to furnish and install a hydraulic hanger door on a small hanger that is constructed of siding and wood posts. The Hanger is not insulated or heated. The opening size is 42'0\"w x11'5\"h and is framed with 6\"x 6\" posts. We have approximatly 24\" of headroom to install the free standing header for your door. Please quote furnish only 1 Schweiss hydraulic door to fit this opening. Please including Red Power unit and freight to: Michigan

290 Hi, We are a small construction company in the \"pole frame\" business in the North of Alberta and Saskatchewan,Canada, installing on average 3 (mainly agricultural buildings approx. 42-60ft x 60-200ft.,16-22ft. high) per week, with a mix of \"large doors\" up to say 30ft. rollups, 40 ft. bifolds and some sliding doors, almost all installed by a local very competent subcontractor. The bifolds, although relatively few, have a long lead time of maybe 4-6 months, and at present we have one supplier in Manitoba, Canada. A catalogue would be of some help, but vital information for us would be some idea of anticipated lead time, details of framing requirements, and of course delivered costs to Edmonton, Alberta, for, say a 40x20 Schweiss hydraulic door and a 26x20.Include specs and prices on your new Red Power back-up lift system.

291 Interested in a hydraulic lift door that would provide 45' clear height and 40' clear width. Quote the Red Power motor stuff you carry.

292 Need a quote on a schweiss hydraulic door 60'x16'. Job is located in Cresco, Iowa. need delivery Red Power and installation.

293 Need a price on 80x18 and 50x18 hydraulic doors, for a 100x120 hangar.80' will go in the end and 50' will be installed in the side. I already own a building with one of your 48x18 bifolds in it and it has performed flawlessly for me, quote a Red Power drive lift motor on the bottom, cable lift. Thanks.

294 I'm building a pole barn and I'm considering a Schweiss Hydraulic door for one or both of my shop doors. We're considering 24 and 32 wide doors that are 15 feet tall. The 32 foot door is in the end wall, and the 24 foot door is in the side wall. We are building this winter or next spring. Could you send me a quote which will include your Red Power backup lift system?

295 Approx 4 yrs ago we bought (2) 40' x 14' bi-folds and they work wonderfully. We are now looking to build another hanger and would like pricing on 2 doors, but this time we want your Schweiss Hydraulic doors with Red Power lift systems . I'd like 12' clear opening x approx 45' wide w/ auto close/latch. Give me es.t on 2 or 3 different width doors between 45 and 50' please. I'm not sure if you have a stock size in that range that is more economical. Our current 40' doors are too tight with a 38' wingspan and the fact that we are going to put 2 planes on each side now instead of 1 each. Thanks Lewis

296 I wanted to know if the Schweiss hydraulic doors have be installed in NYC where the door is at the property line. When the door is open will it overhang the sidewalk. I'm not sure if we are able to use your product since when it's in the open position it will be over hanging where people walk.Is there an extra charge to have your Red Power Electrical installed?

297 Hydraulic version, wind rails, center pin, cold weather seal. Mounting will be recessed for flush look. Metal sheeting will be outside finish and inside will be insulated .Red Power lift unit.

298 I am looking for a quote on 2 steel Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power Safety lift Advantage, for the end of a 62x400 Britespan fabric structure. Doors would be 18'wide and 16'high. Origanally we were looking for fabric door, but any info or ideas you have would be welcomed. Thank you Margie Maddox

299 constructing a boat barn addition on an existing residence. Endloading barn will be 24 wide and 50 long. 5 block with slab foundation, LVL wall studs 18' high. Considering your Schweiss hydraulic door. Will I want your Red Power lift motor for this project?

300 Can you please furnish the name of your Schweiss Doors representative/installer in Houston? I have a custom application that your product would be perfect for. The door is already made - it just needs the Red Power lifting apparatus. I look forward to hearing back soon.

301 Dear Sirs, I would like to ask you for price quotation. \"Schweiss Hydraulic\" Doors (2pcs): 1. 15000mm x 4000mm 2. 18500mm x 5000mm dimensions of free passage space when open -panelling : PU ( Kingspan) -Red Power lift motors Please send me price without transportation overseas & installation costs Regards

302 Need door data for a Schweiss quality hydraulic door and new Red Power lift unit. It'll be mounted on a post frame structure.

303 I need 2 - 20' x 10' vertical Schwiss hydraulic glass doors. Looking for quote to have new Red Power back-up lift systems installed.

304 I am looking at building a new structure and am needing information on what I need to do for support. I am looking at 2 doors between 30 and 45 feet wide. The wall height is 18' below the trusses, how high of an opening would that give me with a Schweiss hydraulic door with the Red Power lift hydraulics. Most likely this will be a post and beam construction. If you have a spec sheet offering the info I need and possibly a price shipped to the Kansas City, Kansas area.

305 The Schweiss hydraulic door we spoke about is 40' wide x 45' high. it will be located in the center of the endwall in a metal building with an eave 48' high. Roof slope will be a 1/2\" per 12\" and the ridge will be 50' high. Under seperate cover i mailed you next day mail drawings showing the appearence of the building with floor plan. Questions: Can we supply and install our building wall panels to match the building. Do you install the Red Power system for this door? Would we install blanket insulation on the inside of the door? How much headroom does your door take up in the open position? I assume this is from the bottom of our header Loading requirements: 110 MPH wind Ss .09- 3.00 S1 .09 and .o66

306 Note I'm giving you opening width & ceiling height please price door size based on your actual dimensions required to my opening availabilty. Also provide an alternate for a 20' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Existing structure is wood stud framed 2x6 wall @ 16\" o.c. Price standard window size in door (2) windows. Price remote control Price complete hydraulic pump system Door insulation? Alternate for the free standing header system? is that an option on a wood stud framed building? Price the 8 seperate options (sensors, Red Power electrical, etc) Price labor by Schweiss as an alternate send details of structaral work required to make the wood stud structure acceptable.

307 I have a Schweiss bi-fold door (20'high x40' long), raised by straps, installed in 2004. The auto sidelatch is a great design, the auto side latches work well when I close the door I discovered the Schweiss Doors are great and Jason is one swell guy He also took the time to describe your hydraulic door design, which interests me now seeing as how I am considering erecting a much bigger building. I've liked your door very much & hope to have many more years of service from it. Tell me more about your new Red Power lift system You guys did a great job! Paul

308 I am looking for a schweiss hydraulic door for my workshop. The opening is 16'x7' with a 12\" x 4\" header. I would also like the Red Power lift opener for the door to be able to be done remotely, to facilitate moving in and out of the building.

309 We have west facing door that is 22'wx14'h, and we can't loose any height or width, I think the schweiss style hydraulic one-piece door with large Red Power motor is the way to go because of the wind it is exposed to and we open it every day in the winter because it is our heated shop for tractor and snow removal equip.If you have any other ideas please share,I like the bifold. doors too. can you please send me a quote on them too.

310 I am currently designing a hangar for a Cessna 182 Q. I will be quoting a new home with the hangar. I need some ideas for size and best door application. I have seen lots of your Schweiss hydraulic doors and it seems like the way to go. I anticipate the hangar will be approx. 40' x 40'. Side wall heights will be determined by door requirements as will the selection of the right Red Power motor lift system. Hangar structure will be metal building. Regards, Tex

311 Side columns and overhead support C Red Iron. The opening is negotiable and so is the supports. Besides your Red Power lift system, is there any other info or specs you need for supporting a schweiss hydraulic door

312 You recently delivered doors for two of my Nebraska neighbors, and I am jealous they look great and are perfect for what I need. I have an existing wood pole building  that sustained some door damage. I would like to replace the two sliding end wall doors with a Schweiss hydraulic Red Power lift door system. I would like an estimate including instalation. The opening is 30ft wide and 15ft high. I want to keep the 15ft height to the bottom of the truss. After seeing your slick doors in operation I'm looking forward to never seeing a sliding door again.

313 Please send me a quote for 5 Schweiss hydraulic lift airplane hangar doors, we'll chosse between 2 sizes. 5- 40 feet wide by 14 feet high 5 42 by 14. Please include price for Red Powere door operating mecanism. door placement is in the side wall, 5 units airplane hangar.These doors are going to Canada, your doors are all over up here Thanks

314 We need a Schweiss hydraulic Red Power lift door for a 12 X 45 foot opening on a wood hangar pole building. This is a non insulated building. We are in Canada and have a base in northern USA

315 We are interested in a Schweiss hydraulic glass door system for our post and beam home. There is 44 inches between each post (five in total with windows) with a height of 80 inches, in-between is single pane glass. Can you tell us if this system would be applicable? Unfortunately the posts in our home cannot be removed to make way for a sliding door system so we were thrilled to see your one piece system in the new home & architectural trends magazine. Not to mention that you also offer a Red Power Safety Advantage system. cheers,

316 I'm building a new wood pole barn for the farm. I definitely want a clearing height of 18 ft or more and my width to be 40 ft. This will be on the end of my building. How much space do I need above that for a schweiss hydraulic lift door? I would like some info on your Red Power system too. I want it insulated and I saw the extra items to seal it up. I didn't know the price on these items. I would also want to see your freight charges.

317 we have an older steel-wood framed building that we are thinking about putting a Schweiss hydraulic door on. We think that the door would need to be seperate from the building, plus not lose any height or width. The opening measurements are 23'6\" wide, and 13'9\" tall. Plus we would want the Red Power lift package, a walk-in door and windows in it also. Please quote us some prices on your doors. Jose

318 I have a machine shed 70 x 160 with 2 slide doors, 16x 36, One is gone for good, But we still need one to work, The sliding doors put on by another company have been a total failure, I have been working on trying to get a door that I can lift with ease. We need the 36 foot wide doors, for large Combine and Implenents. What size Red Power motor should I order?  What kind of wind loads does Schweiss hydraulic doors offer for doors?

319 i am looking for a source of economy residential garage doors - Schweiss hydraulic and bi-fold - open out and up. I would like some information on the lift straps and auto-latches and Red Power hydraulics. thank you C. Beason

320 Please contact me asap for price on Schweiss hydraulic lift 30' by14' 40'by14' door with man door in them no windows i need prices and i need specs for Red Power motor(s) we are looking at getteing 8 doors total

321 This is a remodel of an older hanger home which had commercial roll up doors, now removed. The house is a day-light basement configuration. Attach points will be concrete walls, one paralell with the door and the other perpendicular. Perhaps a \"free standing header\" would be of interest. Am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door with man door, windows, Red power unit and perhaps remote. The best deminsions I have now is 40'0\" x 9'10\". Of particular interest is salvaging as much vertical clearance as possible. Intial contact is best with e-mail since I spend most my life in the air as an airline pilot. thanks, Noel B. Rindle III

322 I am looking for a price for two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. One is 24 by 14 and the other is 20 by 13. I want Red Power motors and want to be able to insulate both of them. Both are going to be mounted on my steel implement shop.


324 Looking for size of a Red Power Schweiss hydraulic lift door. We are putting doors in a steel machine shed.

325 I would like information on a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door. I have two 22' overhead doors with removable center post. Wood building 2.5 roof pitch with 4' overhang. Two end trusses next at 9\" and 12\" then 24\". Door opening hight 11' 6\", hight at side 13' 6\" giving you a 24\" wedge. My current doors are about 1600 lb. The door opening is 6\" lower than the bottom of the truss. Door should be equipped with your new Red Power system.

326 We used a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on one of our abrasive blasting facilities under a gvt contract. And the door works flawlessly. The contract required electronic copies of our manuals. Since your manuals are included with our facility manual, we need to provide electronic copies of your manuals. I looked for these manuals on your website but could not find them. Please e-mail to me electronic copies of the following three manuals. Manual 380.4 Red Power Hydro-Power Doors Manual 300-H Safety Information & Operations Manual, Safety Decals Placement Guide Manual Thank you for your assistance, Regards.

327 I am buliding a shop inside an existing agriculture machine shed (wood pole structure). I have the sliding doors for the entrance of big equipment on the end of the buliding. I guess I am looking to replace them with your Schweiss hydraulic doors. I'm just checking out prices and quality of door for a hydraulic door that is insulated and includes Red Power hydraulic system.

328 I would like a quote for a solid one piece Schweiss hydraulic garage door (no windows) I have a new wood construction garage. Cost of shipping included in quote would be appreciated. What is the R value for insulation on your doors? What's this Red Power back-up system you are talking about on your web site and how can it help me?

329 Hydraulic door To be installed by schweiss. Full frame structure included in door price, Red power unit. We will prepare opening to proper specs. Building is steel. We will engineer opening for door spec'd.

330 quote on 30x18 Schweiss hydraulic door on endwall and 30x16 hydraulic door with Red Power unit on sidewall. New steel construction, Farm Building, Installed, Lincoln, Nebraska

331 Need to price a Schweiss hydropower lift 800 series door (one-piece)70' w x 20' h (both finished clear opening height. Please include Red Power hydraulics, taxes and FOB in price. Also, will you include a separate price for installation? This is for a bid preparation for the hangar project bid in Orange, Virginia. THANK YOU!

332 budget request of a transparent hangar one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door of 44 ft x 12 height remote control be installed in new construction 50x50 in block walls and metal roof. Set it up with your Red Power Safety lift advantage system. Texans seem to like your doors, there are a bunch of you all doors down yonder.

333 I am currently designing a building that needs multiple hydraulic Schweiss lift doors, and these doors will be mounted to the underside of a precast concrete spandrel (unless they need to be mounted at the sides). This being said, I need to know the amount of weight to design for. There are two different scenarios: (4) 40'x20' doors (8) 30'x20' doors Please provide the loads for these, as well as the typical details on your Red Power hydraulic that go with it. Thank you!

334 I have a distribution Company in Mexico and I need to quote a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power lift backup system, this a new product for us, the rough opening is 34 metros wide x 8 metros high, let me know all information you need to quote, thanks and please your commnents... Saludos PD: if you have someone speaks spanish will be better...THKS.

335 Russell Construction would like to have a quote from you for (3) 8'W x 10'H clear opening, vertical Schweiss hydraulic lift doors that meet the following specifications: A. Hangar Doors: Materials: Welded metal frame; steel header, jambs, and threshold built per door manufacturer's requirements; exterior skin of 201D pressure treated plywood with exterior layer of 16 ga. Galvalume coated sheet steel AZ60 per ASTM A792. Type: Vertical hydraulic door, Red Power, electrically powered lift. Operation: Electric motors. Thank you, Manny Sanchez

336 i need a quote on an automatic Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door with Red Power hydraulics, clear anodized finish with insulated clear low-e tempered glass like the one at ING CAFE AT NEW YORK. 1-98\"1/2 X 85\"1/2 QUOTE#BEVERLY HILLS

337 We need a Schweiss Red Power lift hydraulic door electrically operated with an open wide of 20000 mm and a height or clear opening of 5500 mm. Please inform about the electrical power required and about the isolation what is possible due to the winters in Germany.

338 I would like your opinion on installing a hydraulic lift door on my old 1973 built shed. It is 48 x 125 and the end I want to put it on faces south on a hill with strong winds at times. I need all the height and width that I already have. I would like prices on both schweiss doors, bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic. I also am interested in your Schweiss Red Power pump. Please respond, Chad

339 I was surfing the web and saw you just bought a fancy new show trailer.  Are you still selling helicopters out of it?  I'll never forget when I asked the guy who was working in the brand new trailer in 2008 or 2009 at the Iowa Farm and Power Show in Des Moines: \"How much for a helicopter like that one, but with two more seats?\" And he's like, \"Man, I don't know. I just sell Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors.\"  Then I said, \"Sure looks like you sell helicopters to me.\"  It is a seriously cocky trailer.  However at an indoor show I bet they had to be there about 2 days early to get in and couldn't get out until a day after the show.  That part looked expensive.  Keep up the good work Schweiss!

340 Need a price on a 20' x 14' door. We're looking for a quote for both the bi-fold and the one-piece hydro power hydraulic lift Red Power doors. What are the benefits to each type of door? We want advice from the experts, so please give me a call.

341 Mike, appreciated your input on hydraulic lift Schweiss doors a few weeks ago.  How much do you want for that show trailer?  I want to strip it and use it to haul my kids quads to the races.  I have used it in the past but now there is a certain stigma attached to it.  Let me know.

342 I have a customer that is interested in putting a 30' door on the end of an existing building. The building is post-frame construction, 40' wide and 14' tall. The customer would like to have the full 14' clearance. What I need from you are suggestions for which door (hydraulic lift or bifold), price and what I need to do to make the structure strong enough to hold the door. I heard Schweiss Doors offers a free-standing header - would that be an option for us? We would also like prices on additional options, like lift straps, auto latch, Red Power Electrical, remote opening and closing and more.

343 looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump 40 x 16, new construction mounting to a Sunward Consolidated steel building. have own crew for install but like info if you have crew door will be covered in steel. Thanks

344 Hello do you sell to saskatchewan, canada? We are interested in an non insulated, Schweiss hydraulic lift door with electric Red Power opener for our pole storage shed which is 48'wide x 114' long x 20' high . it doesn't have any ends on it . if you do, what would approx. price and shipping be ? and what width would be suitable. currently we have 8\" x 8\" posts in the corner, and a double rafter on each end.we may also consider one for each end depending on the price. thank you, Lynus F

345 Please send me a printed schweiss catalogs about the agricultural bifold and hydraulic lift doors, and your new Red power doors. Also agricultural buildings. Thanks

346 I'm looking for an ag type door. I designed one close to your Bifold but it was getting pricy to do it all myself. When I saw yours just now I was impressed. I have two openings I need doors for one 13'6\" H X 14' W and the other slightly higher at 14'6\" but I only really need 13'6\" height there so I may lower that Header or opening. What are my choices what do you reccomend. The Schweiss hydraulic lift door looked interesting and I see you now have a new motor (Red Power) for it. They  look real heavy duty. Another feature I liked was the shaded area they can create like a mini poarch when they are up. It is a feature I was trying to put into one of these doors. a frame, hardware and great design might be what I am looking for. the siding or covering I could do locally if that adds to shipping and costs. I'm looking forward to what we can work out.

347 Hello Schweiss doors size one 8' x16' one 8' 12' We have heard so many good things about your doors and company. We want to order a hydraulic lift door soon, I can't wait till you call me back

348 I would like to get ordering informaiton for the door seals. I have a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door on my hanger and I would like details on the optional Red Power motor and Weather Seal Kit.

349 Hi, my hydraulic door has a gap at the on the sides what can I do to fix it, please let me know, I've heard that you have a seal kit that should cure my problem. Can I get a price with shipping. David

350 Hello - would you be able to provide a quote on a 45'x11'Schwiss hydraulic Red Power door system? This would be on the end-wall of a new steel construction building - our side column types are not decided yet. We would be interested in the lower motor mount, with the remote. We would likely use a 24\" wedge, with the slant-cut corners. Also - if you could provide an estimate of the time it takes from down-payment, to delivery to the Austin, TX area, which would be helpful for our planning purposes. Thanks very much. 

351 I need new top and bottom rubber seals for my 42' reliable Schweiss hydraulic-lift door. It received some vandal damage. Can you give me the cost? I'll install. Thanx, Jerry

352 Good Afternoon,could you please provide a budget cost to supply and install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a new build steel hanger with dimensions 12.500 metres wide from conc.reveal to conc.reveal and 4.500 metres high from finish floor level to under side of conc.down stand beam.The opening height is very important to maintain if possible. To be priced with Red Power backup system seperatly the door to fully insulated and clad with cedar timber and to have a sperate pedestrian access door. Thank You Regards Charles V.


354 I am working on a project needing hydraulic lift doors. Is it possible to send the design specifications for the 40'x12' Red Power hydraulic door. My client will be adding a lot of weight to the door, thick sheeting, insulation, plus extra's. Just need to get my ducks in a row. Thanks in advance, Rory

355 WE are post frame builders and have a customer wanting a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with the Red Power Electrical System. I am bidding his project now. Can I also please get a price quote on a 40'x18'bifold with a row of glass? Thanks, Paula office manager

356 Hi We are looking to get a Steel meshe framed hydraulic lift Schweiss door. With the Height of 7.8 Meters and Width of 8 meteres with two acess doors within the frame. Include install of Red Power pump. I can send you the plan and the design and we would like to have a quote for manfacturing and delivery to Sydney Australia. Kind regards Fred K

357 I sent in for you to quote a vertical Schweiss hydraulic lift door early this morning. Please include Red Power system and a shipping estimate. Please include an installation estimate. Thanks and can't wait for your response.

358 Please bid, Two 20ftX 14.5ft and one 22ft X 14.5 ft hydraulic lift doors need priceing and shipping. Waiting for all details to come in to add additional options which will probably include your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps.

359 I have this building that is going to be used for a airplane Hanger. The customer wants a 40'x 10'clearence Hydraulic lift or Bi-fold door. The building is 50' x 50' x 10' sidewalls. Can you have a 10' door in gable endwall in a 10' sidewall building. How much head room do I need above header for door? And does it make any difference if it is Hydraulic or bi-fold? Schweiss Red Power motor or otherwise? Thanks

360 I would like quotes on 45'- 50' x 18' doors. also on a 20' one for a new shop. Schweiss Hydraulic lift or bifold and insulation package. Red Power motors or not. Cost and energy factors will help us decide. Thanks

361 I am interested in a one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss  door and need load analysis for building engineer. Currently we are planning on a 64' by 100' building with 20' sidewalls. The walls will be 6 inch reinforced poured concrete with 12 inch by 12 inch columns on both sides of the door with a 12 inch wide by 2 foot tall header all reinforced poured concrete. We need to know if this will support the door on its own. Price should include your Red Power Electrical System.

362 I would like the following options quoted as well: Connections to allow operation by a tractor hydraylic lift. Remote control. Warning devices when door is operating. Entrance lights. Note:The building is designed for hydraulic doors.Will consider your new Red Power backup systems. Both doors will have a wainscot at 3'6\", 3\" of insulation and an inside liner.


364 I had a Schweiss 70' door installed in 1997 - using the old cable system with the motor mounted on top of the door. We have had several times where power was lost in the area and we have been unable to close the door. Is there any retro-fit that will allow us to manually close the door?Also need some info on your hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Systems for another building we are putting up this Spring.

365 I need a pricing asap for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 80' wide and 30' H to be installed on a new hangar building. Seeing how this is a very long door my GC is going to need information on weight, load and wind stress. Also specs on your new Red Power Systems.

366 like your schweiss bi-fold,but need overhead room. opening 26'6 1/2\"W by 12'2\" high in a barn. door header is a steel beam w/about 12\" to roof line. storage building so power operation is not necessarily needed. however a hydraulic lift door might due because of snow factor. cheper is better than expensive in this case. Give price on your smallest Red Power motor. 

367 I was wondering if you had the number for the hydraulic filter on my pump? I have a \" Schweiss Doors Hydraulic N\". I would just take the number off the existing filter but I am 30 miles away from my hangar and was hoping to shop for some from home today. Thank you

368 We are planning on a 32'W x 16'H opening on my wood barn,but at this stage of construction it could change a little bit to fit the door. Please bid on a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door. Include Red Power Hydraulics. Thanks

369 Need a door for existing steel building. (red-iron frame) My framed opening is 30 foot wide and 16 foot 6 inches tall. I think I would prefer a bi-fold door unless Schweiss hydraulic lift single door is more cost-efficient or a better door. Please let me know a quote and include the Red Power Door System in it.

370 Could you price a 20' tall Schweiss Hydraulic door as well please. I will need to know the required headroom and minimum side clearance to a metal steel building column. Include Red Power Electrical System. We are currently quoting this job for a customer in Harvey, ND. Thanks, Larry

371 36x18 door to fit farm machinery in. I assume that the Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift Red Power doors will be the most economical? 

372 I am planning on putting up a building, just wondering an aproximent price on a 24 and 26 foot Schweiss 1 piece hydraulic lift door with 15 foot clearance, I would like the door with Red Power pump. not lokking for an exact figure just the price range one could anticipate for the door. Thankyou

373 Please submit an estimate for the following 3 Schweiss doors. Two (2) - 24' x 16' swing open door with hydraulic lift Red Power operators. One (1) - 16' x 16' swinging door with hydraulic operator. Please keep the 16' x 16' separate from the 24' x 16' because we're not sure if all of them need to be a hangar type. Also, We need to know structural, mechanical, electrical, and sheeting requirements. We're assuming that you would assemble the framework for the hangar doors and we would sheet and trim them out, but please confirm this.

374 this is for a residence... a top or bottom drive hangar style Schweiss hydraulic lift door. i would like to fabricate the door but purchase the required Red Power motor, drive bar, hardware for such, manual operation (wench?), remote control, etc. i would appreciate a consultation very much.

375 Insulation and Liner Kit for Door Please include labor for installing insulation/liner Hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power. Remote control opener

376 I'm looking for details to integrate a fully glazed horizontal Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a college located in Alberta. Catalogue information, details on Red Power hydraulics, and any techincal help would be much appreciated.

377 Im a building dealer and have a farmer that wants a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, can you get me in contact with sales we need a quote on a 30 wide 16 high door. The owner looked at your website and specifically said he wanted the new Red Power backup systems.

378 i have faxed you rough dimension drawings of what i had ordered with Schweiss hydro-lift door. i need to know the sf weight i will be able to put on your door and what size Red Power motor to push it with, we will be finishing door out in wood plank. thank you.

379 I want a second quote with automatic door opener with remote for my hydraulic lift door. undecided about wood or i beans for the column. i also want a walk in door separate or if it can be in the door that would be ok which ever is cheaper undecided. my quanset is 40x100 and it has a door on the south end 18 w and 14 h by overhead door co none are insulated or heated. Include Schweiss Red Power backup system.

380 I need a hydraulic lift power Schweiss door with 40 foot width and at least 10 foot heighth clear. what type doors and how much is each cost. also how much weight does the truss have to support. Would like Red Power backup system. My team is in the preliminary stages of erecting a pre-engineered steel structure. thanks

381 I have a 40x100 old steel quanset. I want to install a 12' wide x 10' high Schweiss hydraulic lift door installed on the curved side. I would like to have 4 window lights 2 on the top and 2 on the bottum. It is not a heated bldg so door does not need to be insulated.I want an electric opener on the bottum and one of your sturdy new Red Power Motors to handle the door.


383 Could you please send me quote for a 24x16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with 2 windows in the bottom half? We are building a new tractor shop this summer and trying to figure out which style of large door to put in. I have a quote from you on a Hyd. door already and now would like to compare if there is any additional cost to have a Red Power System put on it. I need it insulated and installed in Wi. I will supply steel for you to sheet the outside. I guess add whatever options are common for a farm shop. Thank you

384 Just checking pricing for an upcoming project on a steel warehouse... 44 x 12 Hangar door. Hydraulic one piece lift type, Schweiss Red Power motor. Key word is cheap. Delivered to Oregon. What are we looking at for pricing vs. using the company from Oregon to get it.


386 We are a design-build general contractor from Honduras, with a project coming up in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I would like you to please suggest a hydraulic lift door for us for a commercial use building. What type of motors do you send with these doors. What is the Red Power System your web site hails? This will be a big door. Will you need name of shipping ports?

387 Looking for a quote on two sizes. 40x16 & 30x16 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps, remote opener etc.

388 I am a farmer buying and erecting a new farm shop. Am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I need sixteen and a half foot of height clearance and thirty foot width. Can I buy direct or through a dealer? What size opening do I need? Can I incorporate your Red Power hydraulics? Will the manufacture of the building need to add extra bracing? How far does the door swing out?

389 Hi, I spoke to someone yesterday regarding a project we are working on. I was hoping you could send a product binder, as well as any typical details in CAD for the hydraulic lift doors. The doors would be clad with vertical cedar siding, and would be flush with the surrounding wall (also vertical cedar). The opening is approximately 16' wide, and 8' in height. I will want your Schweiss Red Power Electrical System. Heard very good things about it.

390 I have client in NE wanting to install one of your hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. I would like to know if there are any dealers local to me who could install one for me? Please include your Red Power hydraulics in bid.

391 I am doing market research for a couple of hydraulic lift doors. I would like a Schweiss designed walk in door in one of them and one to be fitted with your best lifting Red Power pump.

392 Please calculate shipping costs for Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift Red Power doors to Europa ,Czech Republic. Thank you sir, Filip 

393 I'm needing quotes on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 16' and 18' high by 40' to 45' wide. They would be shipped to Amarillo, TX. We will do the installation ourselves. Send us specs on your Red Power backup systems and installation of it. Thanks for your help.

394 Please submit price for the following: a} 60' wide x 20' high Schweiss hydraulic lift outswing door b) 60' wide x 20' high bi-fold vertical lift door c) Provide freight price f.o.b., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada d) What would your install price be for each door indicated in item a) & b). e) What is the delivery for each door ? f) Do the doors come with engineered stamped drawings ? How long to get shop drawings from purchase order ? g) Can we get the doors insulated with R-20 & metal siding on each side of door ? We want Red Power hydraulic pumps. Regards, Great Building Group Ltd. Duane, C.E.T.,

395 Got a Hydraulic door from you in 2009 (Great Door). Would like a price on your hydraulic one piece door - size is 14' High by 42' Wide. Door is going on a round roof building that is 20' High by 50' Wide, that is measured from out to out. Will need door and frame and Red Power motor.

396 I need two 44 foot high by 36 to 40 foot Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. I need a quote on these fitted with your most powerful Red Power hydraulic pump system. please.

397 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 24' wide x 13' high. Do you have a distributor/ installer in south west Ontario? I need a price, Red Power hydraulics complete- supply and install. Thanks

398 I have a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, I need a price on parts to add radio controls and photo eyes to this door, thank you fro your help.Really, really like the new door. It was everything you said it would be and glad you recommended the Red Power hydraulics for faster lift. You know your business.

399 We are looking for a 16' high x 28' wide all glass Schweiss hydraulic lift door. We would like to have the door to have Red Power hydraulic pumps. I see you have you engineered and constructed a door like this in several places in Ohio. They are really nice doors. Please call and let me know.

400 We're working on a project that will require Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors, includes a large vehicle maintenance building near St. Paul, Minnesota, and I'd appreciate getting your comments about vehicle doors for this project, which is required to be LEED silver certified.- Maintenance area footprint: Approximately 70 by 700 feet- Bays: 14 maintenance, 3 wash, 4 warm up.- Bay dimensions: 32 by 70 feet. 17 feet clear vertical height to hook of overhead crane.- Doors: Two per bay. 20 by 14, or 16 by 16.- Construction: Slab on grade; CMU walls with brick veneer, or precast concrete walls.- Windows: As many as possible, transom windows likely.- Inside winter design temperature: 60 degrees F.-   What type of Red Power Hydraulics would you recommend? How much insulation makes sense in a loading dock? Remember, we're working with LEED; we need to exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2004 by 30 percent. Still, it seems there is a point beyond which increasing door insulation will be ineffective due to open doors.This was dropped on me just this afternoon and it took to the end of the day to find the information above, but I need something by 10:30 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. At the moment, I'm looking for some idea of what you think would make sense for insulation. Sorry for the short notice!

401 Good morning, Please provide pricing for one (1) 50' wide x 12' clear hydraulic lift door going to  NC.The design code is 2009 NC and the wind load is 90 MPH, exposure \"C\". At this time this is only and estimate, but please also quote your Schweiss Red Power System in bid. Thanks so much

402 We are Estonian market leader for producing sectional doors. In order to offer for clients full product range, we are contacting with you because of your reputation for producing quality hydraulic lift doors. At the moment we have received enquiry for a Red Power hydraulic door as follows. 20 000x 11 000 mm (WxH)I kindly ask you to make us price offer and also send further technical information about this door.Thank you in advance.



405 Attached are the specs. And some pictures of the opening ready for the hydraulic lift door.Also one photo of the last door installed Schweiss Doors  provided. The opening is the same as the last one. I did take some measurements of the existing door. And have the siding on hand as to that size.The door is 48'-1 3/4\" in width. The new one could be 1\" wider. Making it 48'-2 3/4\" The height of each is 95 1/2\" not including the hinges. I have prepared the new opening to match the last door at the header. As per the hinge height. I have 5 1/2\" above the bottom of the header truss to hang the door. Since we talked last week I did look at the Red Power hydraulic pumps on your web site. I would like to figure them in. Would you send me a new quote and time frame. Thanks

406 Hello, We are currently working on a project in which a large hydraulic lift door may be an option.The opening is 18 ft wide by 8' -10\" high.The majority of the surface would be glazing, and using the Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pumps. Can you please call.

407 I am looking for a price on a 14' x 50' Schweiss Doors hydraulic operated door. It should have your best (fastest) Red Power hydraulic system. I e-mailed your company this morning. I need the price ASAP. Please call me Thanks


409 I'm interested to know the approximate weight of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door because I have a chance to buy some used wooden frames 18meters long and in dimension 140x855mm. Include weight and specs on addition of Red Power hydraulic pump. Kind regards

410 Need a quote asap complete door with Schweiss Red Power hydraulics, light weight cladding ,any options such as outdoor limit switches and remotes. Need price on shipping one piece hydraulic lift door and time frame to build and ship to Queensland, Aus.

411 Please quote to me the unit price and delivery date to South Africa, for Schweiss Hydraulic Power Unit and one piece hydraulic lift door. 3phase max. Red Power Electrical System, pressure 5000psi. regards, Jamal

412 Flush Mount, 11 ft clearance, I can send elevation in autocad or pdf if required. Hydraulic lift door can be 13' tall. I need engineering details and structrual loads. I need it to meet SC state building codes. Wind load 100 mph. Schweiss Red Power System.

413 Please offer price of Schweiss hydraulic lift door for our car parking size approximated wide 7 m. high 3 m We need your door structure Automatic open driving by Red Power Electrical System motor power supply 220 V 1AC 50 Hz CIF Beijing

414 Hello, Would it be possible to get a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door please that is 18metres by 4.8metres 59.04ft x 15.74ft. This would need to include the cost of freighting the door to New Zealand and delivery time. Also could you fit with Red Power Hydraulic pumps and supply me with information on the suface covering options. Kind Regards Chad B., Tauranga, NZ

415 Dear Sir/madam, I have your catalogues sent some time back. I have had mails from your Schweiss Doors office. Currently i have a enquiry concerning some doors that need to open inwards. I expect you will get back to me on this enquiry. The qty for openings are 24 nos of which 14 are 7 mtr, 10 of 10mtr for hydraulic lift Red Power doors with shipment by water to Dubai.  Agnelo Renalde

416 We are providing design services for a heavy duty manufacturing facility/warehouse in VA.Client is obtaining hydraulic door design from a separate subcontractor but we do not know vendor name or any product information and feel better about doing business with Schweiss Doors again. For our design purposes please provide general product details (viscosity, specific gravity @ temp, etc) for a typical hydraulic fluid to be used to operate a large hydraulic lift truck entry door suitable for large truck cabs. Red Power hydraulics necessary.

417 Hello - we currently have a building with a wood truss structure for the roof. We're looking for the lowest cost solution for a door with an opening of 43 feet x 14ft (we think - if an outside mount). Currently we have 11 feet from cement floor to bottom of truss. It appears that you have an outside mount Schweiss hydraulic lift door, is that correct as we need to get the maximum height into the building. We're not exactly sure which style except that it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend too much on a building on our property where we won't see much/if any appreciation. Any information you can send on Red Power Safety Advantage Systems  would be helpful as well. Thank you, Vicki, email is best as I can share with my husband.

418 Schweiss, Are you bidding, or are you aware of a project in Milbank, SD? It has two hydraulic lift doors and Schweiss is one of the hydraulic door manufacturers listed in the specifications. Please advise. Thank you. Marnie

419 I am involved in the supply and erection of a pre-eng. hangar having an entrance door opening of 42 ft wide with a minimum height clearance of 16 '- 6\" ft. The eve height will be either 18 or 20 ft. Please supply your quotations for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power motor 1) supply only FOB Key West, FL and /or supply and installed. Delivery would be for late May or June of this year.


421 Low head room required, 9\". side room of 2' each side (concrete block fill). Require 21ft min opening height. Daylight opening is 21ft height x 30ft wide. Schweiss hydraulic lift door, Red Power hydraul pump, remote control.

422 I am unsure which type of building I will have but it will be either wood or metal. I will need the spec sheet on whichever I use as to the strength needed. I will be installing the door myself. I want a remote controlled hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power unit. Also, I would like to add a wood face to the outside of the door to give a designer look.  All I am looking for now is a ballpark figure using the limited information I have given. I will fine tune the figures with you as soon as I finalize the overall design. Ths, Murray

423 I plan to build a hangar this summer. I want a 50 foot wide door that will clear 15 feet vertically. I assume that a Schweiss hydraulic lift door would require 16-18 foot eves. Would you recommend Red Power Hydraulic pumps? Also could you include structural engineering requirements for the building so I can compare costs for wood or steel buildings. The building will be 60 X 60 and the door will be on the end wall, centered or on one side, what ever is easiest. Thank you Reagan

424 I wish to find the lowest price sorry money is real tight. I am 52 yrs young so I figure as often as I am going to open the door I can crank it myself and at a later date install a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic system opener. I realize that aluminum is lighter but I imagine that it is more costly therefore figure steel. I am flexible on the size.. therefore if a different size within close size is better it can be adjusted for. The building is woodsided to look like a log building so I would like the hydraulic lift door to be a flush mount. I am always open to a small road trip and could drive to your plant with pictures to chat all possibilities to get this nailed down if that would be better. Thanks for all your help on this as I have waited awhile to be able to move forward with the door but this spring is the time. Darren

425  I bought the hanger 15 years ago. The sliding door is 40 ft wide so am considering replacing it with a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door with your Red Power Electrical System.  I'll need approx 42 ft. Like your doors, have seen nothing that compared to their quality.

426 I have job where we are going to need a Schweiss  hydraulic lift door. The custmor already has a bifold door and likes it but would like a hydraulic door. The would like a 32' x 14' if they can afford it. There equipment requires a 20'x 14' opening. Would like to have Red Power Electrical system on it.

427 Please send a price quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a 12'w x 10'8\"h opening. Please extend the track above the opening so the door opening height is maintained. Also, price this with Red Power hydraulics. Can you furnish this as a kit to minimize shipping? Thanks, Pat

428 I need a quote for a hydraulic lift door - overall opening is 40 x 18 - therefore the door will have to be 40 x 15?. Or is the overall door size bigger? The eave height of the building is 20'. This quote needs to include Schweiss Red Power Electrical.

429 To whom it may concern: I am looking for pricing on five of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. All  are aprox. forty five by sixteen feet.We would like them delivered and installed in Canada.Three of the doors would need frames for walk through doors. On all the doors we would like Red Power hydraulic pumps for best lift and allowances for windows.We would be looking for delivery in the summer. Looking forward to hearing from you , Luke

430 Can I have a quote for on a  Hydraulic Lift door 14 ft. height and 30 ft. length. I will install this Schweiss one-piece door. Can you send specs for your Red Power hydraulics and any installation instructions you have. The door would be shipped to Muskogee, Oklahoma.


432 We have an 80 x 22 opening (not yet constructed) so it could be amended somewhat. There is also a potential to utilize both ends of the building for Red Power hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. Location is Canada. What would our costs run for one door? For two doors? Would two doors fit on one flatbed - meaning a savings in shipping? Best regards Paul

433 Are there any of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors (with Red Power hydraulic pumps) installed in the southern Ontario area that I might be able to see and get feedback from the door owners?

434 My hanger needs a new hydraulic lift door. I have an approval from the insurance company to replace my wind damaged slider. The rough opening is 39'11\" and 11'6\" tall with a 9\" wooden header above that. Please send prices on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic products with shipping costs and expected delivery dates to Lewiston, Idaho.

435 Option 1 we after price to supply 9 Schweiss hydraulic lift hanger doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps to 15 meter wide 5 meters hight. option 2 price to design and supply the mechanical equipments.we can fabricate in australia. your assistant would be apriciated.

436 Large door, 20 feet high and 60 wide with two Red Power hydraulic motors and two remotes controls. Sure am impressed with your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and the smooth running Red Power pumps. Your company, by far, puts out the best doors on the market. Look forward to getting one

437 We are looking for Schweiss Doors Hydrolic-lift doors, to be fixed on Tarrace, for an Halipad construction projects. It will be fixed above the strair case and it should open for people to get access to the staris and closed flat to the surface floor, and it should be able to take the UDL 250/300 KG/M2 SIZES: 4X5 MTR - 2 LEAF, 5X6MTRS - LEAF, 5X3 MTRS -2LEAF IT SHOULD BE REMOTELY OPERATED WITH RED POWER HYDRAULIC PUMP(S). THIS IS ONE OF THE PRESTIGEOUS SITE OF ONE OF THE FORBES TOP LIST CLIENT. PLEASE GUIDE US TO THE RIGHT MARKETING REP DEALING IN ASIA / INDIA IN SPECIFIC TO FURTHER THE NEGOTIATION FOR AN IMMEDIATE ORDER. 

438 Please quote me a 15'X 50' Hydrolic-lift Schweiss  door, with Red Power hydraulic pump for best lift, flush mount, 4 windows 30 x 40 in the door. This will be on a metal building and installed and  delivered to Montana. Thanks Mark

439 Mike, it was a pleasure speaking with this evening. Please supply me with budgetary numbers on a Schweiss hydraulic Red Power lifting door. Please keep me in mind for the first building. The maximum size I can build on leased lot is 45' X 52'. If it is more cost efficient to make the depth of the building divisable by 6 or 8, I will go with a 45' x 48'

440 Quote: 1) 12\" X 80'-6\" Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Please quote with and without the optional foam cushion B1 if I need that, and include your best lifting Red Power backup system. ** Include shipping to the above address in Wisconsin.

441 I have a 12 foot clear opening and want a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power back up system and wrap around foam cushion seal for it. Do you install in Texas, if so I want your crew to install it so it is done right the first time. I'm sure you are experts at it, cause I know you sell a lot of doors. I've looked at a few, and I got a hankerin for one on my ranch.

442 I am looking for a door quote on a 40x12 hydraulic lift door, complete with Schweiss Doors Red Power backup system and remote controls, delivered to Montana. What size Red Power pump would I need for this door to get it off the ground in a hurry. How about wind loads?

443 Looking for a 46 wide and 12 tall hydraulic lift door. Will self install need pricing and info on Schweiss Door Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote door openers. shipping will go to upper peninsula in Michigan.  thanks jeff

444 Dear Sir/Madam, Good day! I know your company from your Schweiss Doors website that you are a professional supplier who offers so many kinds doors. I  sincerely hope to establish business relationship with your esteemed company. And by our joint effort, to open market in your country. First, let me introduce our company and our new products briefly, we are a professional door accessories manufacturer in China for 15 years, mainly produce: 1.sliding door wheel, 2. door hinge (especially adjustable hinge), 3.end stop,door stopper, 4.upper guide roller bracket, 5.cantilever wheel and so on. These product are mainly used for sliding door, swing door and so on. If there is anything I can do, please contact me directly, it is my great pleasure to help you as I can. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Can you send more information or brochures on your Red Power hydraulic pumps, we don't offer hydraulic lift doors in our country, but would like to add to our services here. Thank you &Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Ping Chin, Jiaxing Zhejiang Province. 

445 HI, Please send us a quotation for a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door system itself only and including estimated shipment fees. Please also include price on Red Power system as well.

446 I am needing the door specs for a 45 x 14 hydraulic lift door (weights mostly that our metal building will need to support). Power that your Schweiss Door Red Power hydraulics will provide.  Thanks, Flo.

447 We have a customer who is looking for a ballbark price on a hydraulic lift door. The opening originally had an unknown (not Schweiss) bi-fold door and still has an I-Beam perimetter frame. The opening is 40'6\" x 12'6\". Any guidence you can provide regarding Red Power hydraulic pumps will be appreciated. Thank you Robert

448 Need hydraulic lift door prices asap installed need min 48' and 12'clear need pdf of door and framed opening. Your Schweiss Doors bid should include addition of Red Power hydraulic electrical system to lift this door.


450 I need at 22' wide by 16' tall Schweiss hydraulic lift door to go in a 8\" block wall. Ceiling height is 20'. Could you give me some door options, such as your Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers. How soon can you get me a door, is there a waiting list?

451 Need quote on 25' wide 10' tall Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your quality Red Power back up system. Also include price on two remote openers. I've seen your doors in West Virginia and am quite impressed with their superior quality, much better than similar doors.

452 We had your competitors 32'x15'6\" bi-fold door that was wrecked during a winter storm this past winter. I stopped by your booth at Dakota Fest (Mitchell, SD) in August, but didn't get a chance to visit (partly because I didn't have all the necessary info at the time. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get a quote to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power backup system. Best number to reach me is my cell. Thanks, Brad K.

453 I'd like to speak to a someone in sales about using Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors on our metal buildings. Would be helpful to get some input on how we quote/design our buildings to accommodate Red Power hydraulics on your doors in order to make it more efficient and economical to customers.

454 I have a customer in need of a 28 x 18 hydraulic lift door Please price out with free standing header, Schweiss Red Power hydraulic electrical system. This will be the fourth door I have ordered from you. All my customers are very satisfied with your product. It sells itself.

455 Please provide specs for a 40' x 16' Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door via return email. I'd like notes on Red Power hydraulic pumps, reactions and hinge locations and dimensions. Deflection limits and minimum recommended flange thickness.

456 We have one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors approx. 60'x 25' and now would like to order another the same size for industrial complex building going up. For this one we will want your new Red Power hydraulic pump installed with remote control and can you provide a remote for our other Schweiss door. This door has been a godsend. Saves valuable time, seals very well and hold up to torturous east coast winds.

457 Owner of marina has advised that building is on property line & bi-fold door would encroach city property. Hydraulic lift door would better suit this. Can you provide price to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump for best lift. Please call.

458 Bidding a job in Orient, New York and would like price on two Schweiss motorized hydraulic lift doors. 1. 8'0 x 8'0 2. 8'0 x 9'6 high. Make sure you quote only your Red Power hydraulic systems needed to open these relatively small one piece doors. Can we get remotes with these doors?


460 Do you ship into Louisiana? Do the Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors come assembled? What is the price of a 9' x 18' Hydraulic Lift Door with all mechanism and quality Red Power Hydraulic components? I've seen your doors - I want one! Or two! Or Three! Shoot me a good deal.

461 I need a quote on supplying and installing 2 of the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors described below please. (1)Schweiss 140 MPH, Width: 45 Ft x Length: 23 Ft, Electric: 240-1PH, Switch Location: Left Inside, Truss Design: Interior; Bottom Drive; 12 Inch Top Rubber, Side Col. Type: Steel Tubes (2): Installation (if separate) (3): Freight(if separate/applicable) Red Power hydraulic pumps.

462 Need a price on (2) 60'clear x 14'clear Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Do your doors all come equipped with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps, how about remote openers. Saw your sample display at Farmfest last summer. That sold me on getting a Schweiss Door.

463 We are interested in your hydraulic lift range of doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps designed for them. We have a client who is looking for a Door Size: 4500-5000m high x 23m wide. Could you please provide details and pricing? Also cost to freight to New Zealand if possible? If it is more valuable we could look at buying the hardware, hydraulic pumps etc and fabricate the Steel frames in New Zealand. We would be interested in becoming agents/installers for this type of product in NZ. We look forward to your earliest reply Regards Jon

464 Looking at purchasing up to four Schweiss hydraulic lift doors.. 26'6\" x 12'6\" 26'6\" x 14'2\" 35'6\" x 16'1\" 16' x 12'2\" I can't lose any headroom on my doors! Do your doors frame to the outside of the building opening? Cement needs? Any doors near by that I can view? Please send literature on Red Power hydraulic pump accessories and a detailed quote with break down for installation costs.

465 Please quote one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door with clear opening of 45w x 15'H. As our other orders this is for the same place as far as shipping. We require Red Power hydraulic pump, Extra steel siding and blanket insulation to in-fill the rest of open wall for 75w x 25h. To clarify, we have a 75'w x 25'h opening and are putting the 45x15 door in this opening centered, we are infilling the entire opening with matching insulation and siding as the door. Regards, Scott

466 I am working on a design for a hydraulic lift door project in Macomb, IL in which he is going to use a Schweiss door. He has not received a quote yet for the door so I was hoping you'd be able to send me the specs for the design and Red Power hydraulic system application. It's a 20' x 14' door. Thanks for your help. Bill

467 I would like a quote on 6 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. This will be a continuation of the Longmont project with a re-designed building to accommodate longer wingspans. 5 of the doors will be 48'4\" center to center on the vertical posts and will be 13 feet clear high. The 6th door will be 51' wide out-out on the vertical posts and will be 14' clear high. If I can also send informaton on your Red Power hydraulic electrical systems. I will send the revised plans when I get them. Cole

468 Good afternoon: Please provide pricing for six 42' x 12' hydraulic lift doors with Schweiss Red Power backup systems. Please provide freight as an option, we may haul this on our trucks. I have attached the spec's for your use. If you have questions please call or e-mail me. Thank You Sam

469 I require a price 2- 19'-10\" x 14'-0\" Schweiss Hydraulic lift doors with Red Power backup systems. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Your doors are best I've seen.  Sincerely, Kevin

470 A hydraulic lift door will have to be mounted on a external free standing header. would you give me a bid on the header also? Schweiss Red Power unit, Switch location left side. bottom drive. Blanket insulation. manual latch. weather seal.

471 Please provide a quote for (2) 46' x 16' and (1) 48' x 16' clear span hydraulic lift doors. Do you also sell Red Power motors separately? The project we're bidding also includes (7) 40.5' wide x 12' high Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Magnificent product you put out. None better.

472 Dear Sir, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dominic, Senior Quantity Surveyor for MAN Enterprise Qatar, a well known General Contractor operating here in Doha, Qatar. Your company, Schweiss Doors USA, is listed as the preferred manufacturer for Exterior Hydraulic Liftup Industrial Doors of the Supreme Education Council Headquarters, a project which is currently in the tender stage. However, no contact person details have been specified in the supplier list so I took the liberty of browsing through your website from which I obtained this email address. In this regard, I request your kind assistance in directing me to the person responsible who can help us with our request for quotation and recommendations to include your Red Power lineup of hydraulics. Kindly provide the necessary contact details including the contact person. Further, kindly provide information if you have authorized agents to whom we could more easily coordinate with in the Middle East, Qatar in particular. Thank you for your time and in advance of your anticipated response.

473 I'm still waiting on bldg completion and will have to have the concrete slab completed before we can have exact dimensions for the opening. It is approx. 40'x16'. One concern we have is what might have to be done to strengthen the 40' span on top of opening. This is a 48' wide clear span building with the 40' opening, however the top span is not specifically stressed for hanging any big loads on it so would have to check modifications necessary to accommodate a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door of that size. The side columns are 6\" \"I\" beam 1/4\" thick. What size Red Power motor would it take??

474 Hi. I would also like: 1. auto latch 2. remote control 3. top and bottom seals 4. cold weather package 5. shipping 6. Red Power Schweiss hydraulics, if I order hydraulic lift door next week when will it arrive? if the door opening is 60ft wide by 18ft tall how tall is the actual frame opening? Thanks.

475 I am a past customer and already have 2 of your bifold doors. I now need 2 more, this time Schweiss hydraulic lift, Red Power, as follows: -19'7\" wide x 14' clear opening for an end wall -14'11\" wide x 14' clear opening for a side wall Please provide a quote. Love your doors. Can't wait to get hydraulics lift models. Thank you. Nathan in Canton, Ohio

476 I am looking for a price on a 40w x 12h Schweiss hydraulic lift door with complete Red Power hydraulic pump unit. I am also looking for a price on two- 40w x 20h. Give me the price FOB your yard. And provide me with the weight and width detail so I can look into shipping options. Thanks

477 I would like a price quote on 1 Schweiss hydraulic lift door, the sooner the better, I might be interested in a 14 wide by 12-14 tall also. Price all to include Red Power backup systems and remote openers.

478 We had a cable brake this morning on an old door when only one lockdown was released. This was the straw that broke the camels back and we want to replace it with a 50 ft. Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power back up system. How much more for an extra remote control? Thank you, Betty

479 I need specs to design (2) hydraulic one-piece doors. (1) 35'-0 wide x 16'-0 centered in a 55'-0 wide endwall with a 18'-0 eave height 1/12 RS. (1) 25'-0 wide x 16'-0 high located in a sidewall with a 18'-0 eave height. Please provide me with all Red Power hydro specs, dimension specs and the weight of the Schweiss doors so my Engineer can design properly.

480 I need a price for the 3 45' x 18' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors as well as one 90' x 18'. All to have Red Power hydraulic pumps for ultimate lift.

481 Please price a 40'0 wide x 15'0 tall hydraulic lift door package with Red Power hydraulic pump, delivers to Keefeton, Ok (12 miles south of muskogee, ok) thanks

482 I need a quote and data info for (2) 30' X 17' clear Hydro-Lift Schweiss Door units. Each door will be located in one endwall at the right and left of 60'w X 100' l X 18' eh. If I need to adjust my building height please provide me the minimum required height. Also include Red Power hydraulics. Thanks

483 Please quote a Schweiss hydraulic lift door without windows and with 4 windows 4.5'H x 5.5'W. The Rough Opening will be 14'H x 52' W. Fit this door with Red Power hydraulics. Thank you

484 What is the cost including shipping of the free standing header that would be required for the 44 foot Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power hydraulic door I ordered from you? This may reduce the re-engineering to accommodate the door.

485 We are seeking a supply and fit price for 2 No 16m wide x 7m high (clear dimensions) Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a military location in the UK. We require details of Red Power pumps, 'U' values (thermal conductivity) and air leakage rates as the buildings will be heated. Regards Brian

486 Three Red Power lifting hydraulic one piece doors - 2 @ 50' Clear Width x 30' Clear Height x 35' Total Height & 1 @ 60' Clear Width x 40' Clear Height x 47' Total Height. Wind Rating - 140 MPH , Option Top Rubber Seal, Option Bottom Seal, End Wall,

487 Please quote installing 24'x12' not insulated and 14'x12' not insulated each with operator. Are there any cost incentives to go one piece hydraulic lift with Red Power motors. Gable installation. Thanks Bill

488 Where to find your products in Europe ? I'd like to install a hydraulic lift door on a Frisomat hangar. Is that possible? Thanks to give me all information you have on all your doors, styles, and Red Power hydraulic systems. Dnd may there be a contact in France or in Europe. Best regards, Yann

489 Recently got quote. Need more price choices: 1. 46,48, 50 Schweiss hydraulic lift door 11'-0 opening, 24\" wedge with 3ft walk door in hangar door for door quotes 2. door base safety edge. Red Power backup system.

490 I purchased a 16 wide 13 high bottem drive door for my shop nearly 20 years ago..Its been a great door and would not be without it. Now I need another, same size, but two ft. higher. Would prefer Schweiss hydraulic lift model with Red Power backup system. Thanks Jerry

491 We are interested in getting a materials price on one of your hydraulic lift doors w/ dimensions of 50'0\" wide x 14'0\" high to include Schweiss Doors Red Power electrical motor operation (no clearance or obstruction problems). If we choose to install the door ourselves, how much time and labor cost (number of men to do the job and number of days and hours to complete installation portion of the job) should we set aside. Need your materials and shipping charges, as well as manufacturing time frame and labor time and costs if we do the job, and alternatively what your labor charges would be if you do the job here in Virginia.

492 I have a 11/6 wide x 8 tall opening that needs a non-insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power hydraulic pump/motor backup system. Can you help? Could you price FOB Montana? Lead time? Thanks in advance. Dave

493 I am going to build a hanger in Oakridge, TN. I need information as to cost, overhead room, side clearance on each side of your Schweiss hydraulic lift door and weight. I want 40 foot in width and 14 foot overhead clearance when open. Will a 18 foot high side wall building be tall enough? Are the doors delivered with Red Power Systems, external sheeting or do we use mine? Also I will need engineers drawings for my builder for strength requirements. Does the door casing come with the door? Thanks Kelley.

494 I need specs for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, with Red Power hydraulic pump, that has a clear opening of 4877.00mm high by 16246.80mm wide and a 762.00mm wedge. (192.0079 inches high Also, is it possible to send me an AutoCAD drawing of the door? I'm in Nova Scotia. Can you install here? What time table is there for delivery?

495 Would like a bid on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to fit a door opening of 10'X 40' on a wood hangar that will need a free standing door with its own header. Red Power hydraulic pump for backup system. My brother has one of your doors and says they are the best in the business, by far.

496 Please provide estimate on Schweiss hydraulic lift door for this new construction with an alternate for a steel frame. Also, please specify if you include Red Power hydraulics and installation supervision.

497 I need a price quote on (3) three Schweiss hydraulic lift doors each 70'-0\" wide and 27'-0\" clear opening. This is for a project located in British Columbia, Canada. The wind load is 1/50 year 0.5 kpa. Of course I would like this door to have Red Power hydraulic pumps on it.

498  We are general contractors and have a requirement to install 4 each Schweiss style hydraulic lift doors for a fire station in Honolulu. the openings are 14'x14'. Door panels shall be made of aluminum with clear tempered glass section at 5' high. Doors shall meet wind load requirement of 120 mph. Doors shall be Red Power motor operated. Please provide your best price and availability by Monday. Your help will be greatly appreciated. John C.

499 Location is approximately 90 SE of Dallas. Jip code 75763. the finished Schweiss hydraulic lift door is to be flush with the building and will have Red Power Safety Advantage System, installed.

500 Julie, I have a recent quote for a 40 x 12. It is possible that this quote would be delivered with that quote when ordered. All the hydraulic lift doors are to have Red Power hydraulic. Please confirm that all of the doors will have remote door openers as well. Thanks! Mark

501 Looking to build this summer. Please quote a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with and without insulation, but with Red Power hydraulic pump. Delivered only and delivered and installed.

502 Hello Friends: Please let us know if you have agent in Guatemala. We are most interested in your line fo Schweiss Doors bifold and hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Best regards, Carlos G.

503 I would like to know the cost of a hydraulic lift Schweiss door that would give 15 feet of clearance when open. It would have to allow 24 feet of pass through width. The door would be going on an existing wooden structure, where the size would require and external header. I would need an estimate in time on how for a contractor to install the door. Could a Red Power pump door also use counter weights for manual open and close?

504 I am looking for an installed price on a 24 x 16 and a 24 x18 Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a job in Hamburg Minn.. Do you also have any literture or a small binder with info on door and Red Power hydraulic pumps  I could keep on hand. If you do please mail it to my home Lee B. I cover the southeast part of Minnesota, interest is picking up.

505 Please send all information pertaining to stub column height, etc. for building design purposes. This new building has a 90 mph exposure \"C\" wind rating. I'll be needing a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Advantage System.

506 Looking at building a boat shed-need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door approx. 45 wide with 14/15 slab to bottom on door opening! Would be building this summer in Sitka, Alaska. Would like pricing for Red Power pump door, also do they come in 46/48 dimensions for width. Thanks Don Seesz.


508 I would like to specify a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 40' wide and 14' high. Can you please provide the clear dimensions required above the door, the weight of the door and the forces on the header. I will use a free standing steel header in the end wall of a new wood frame building. Any technical information I would need on Red Power Electrical System you can provide would be appreciated.

509 Dear sir am contractor and am looking for design with estimatiom about aircraft hydraulic lift Red Power hangar door we got from goverment contract to make door for exist hangar please send to me your Schweiss Doors email and i will send for you the deatails for contact scope of work in Iraq.

510 The bottom seal on our old sliding door does not seem to have enough compression to with-hold rain water at a direct flow towards the seal. We believe the best way to fix this is to order a new Schweiss hydraulic lift door. We have purchased and installed 5 bi-fold doors that are all Schweiss doors and the owner is extremely pleased with them all. But for this application we want to have a one piece door and it should have your Red Power hydraulic pump. Could we do the install on this door too.

511 I am bidding on a hanger for a client and I am looking for a price for a 40' X 14' one piece hydraulic Schweiss door. I am looking for an installed price with Red Power hydraulic back up system and I am located in Idaho.Thanks Ron

512 Have a 22 ft opening , need 15 ft open with door open, and have 1 ft 4 in to fit hydraulic lift door into (wedge). Do you make such a product? Door can be mounted to reinforce concrete walls and ceiling. Can we get a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump on this door?

513 This message is for Jermy.This is regarding the conversation we had yesterday about the Schweiss hydraulic lift glass door. Here are the measurements: 76\" wide x 82\" tall Please send me several options on Red Power hydraulic systems with prices, material wise, keeping in mind that we need to keep 3 lights / 3 lights. Please give me a call as soon as you get this message.  Rashid

514 I would like a price on a 14 x 42' Schweiss hydraulic lift door, please quoet with Red Power hydraulic pump. Thank you!

515 Dear Sir.We are interested in Schweiss Red Power aviation hydraulic lift one piece doors, to install in our tent structures.Do you know a company anywhere in Europe who can deliver these doors? We hope to hear from you soon.Best Regards,Milly


517 Dear representative: I'd like to get a quote on a one piece hydraulic lift door for a waste / recycling building, the door rough opening is about 24'-9\" wide x 15'-3\" height, building is steel frame structure. Please include price to reflect Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump and installation in Georgia. Thank you for your cooperation. Carlos

518 I just requested prices on a Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift door, would you send specs on Red Power hydraulic pumps and headroom I'll need - I  need 12 feet of clear head space, thanks Jack would like price on you installing also.

519 Masonry block building end application. 38ft 4in wide and 11ft high. Would like a Schweiss free standing header, header would extend above roof line, approx 2ft high on ends. Would like a single beam header and hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power Electrical System.

520 Hello, I would like an estimate for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, 12' x 40' open space. Including: automatic latch remote free standing header insulated, installation not required. Red Power hydraulic back up system required. Ship to Rochester, NY area no special exterior finish.

521 We are in the process of building a hanger, we would like to use your Schweiss hydraulic lift type of door system, the door width is 35'6 and the height is 9' could you supply me the cost of the Red Power motor. the drive. hinges and remote openers, also i beleive my collegue contacted you and that you are able to supply us a copy of blueprints for the system. kind regards Steven E.

522 Need quote on Schweiss hydraulic lift door: 32x18 door Red Power lift You Install You Install Steel On Door Door Installed On New Steel Building. Gable Framed Opening 32x18 Door goes to MO. Just outside of Rockport. 29 Exit South.

523 Hi I'm looking at prices for your hydraulic lift doors. My opening is estimated 30'w X 14'H and One 30'X16'. Mounting style m. Man door in middle and two 36\"x48\" windows 6' high. Single phase Red Power Electrical System 220. With a 15-20 second lift. Will these Schweiss doors move up to 1'of heavy wet snow? Insulation rating up to? 


525 Need quote sent to customer directly, with a copy to myself. Hydraulic Lift Door: 40x16 Installed by you. Red Power Operator Installed, Wiring by customer. Steel installed on door by Schweiss. Any questions call Shiny

526 Julie I talked to you earlier. Please email prices to me. 40x16 hydraulic lift one-pc just plan jane no opions, except the Red Power hydraulics you mentioned. shipping to New Richmond WI. Do you sell just the hydralic parts if I wanted to make my own frame? thanks Bruce.

527 Like price on a 18x40 Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage System. This will be going on a concrete building. Tell me what else you need to know. How long before delivery if I would order by Wednesday afternoon.

528 Hello Gentlemen! We want to put the gate in the opening (height - 4.8 meters (or 15.75 feet), width - 12 meters (or 39.37 feet). What kind of preparation work? Red Power Electrical System - 220 volts, 50 hertz. Can we buy separate parts of Schweiss hydraulic lift gates needed for the manufacture of gates (to reduce the cost of transportation from USA to Ukraine), and get the drawings for the manufacture of frame, directly on the site? Gates must be electric and manual. Also, please indicate the price at the gates to the collection or set, consisting of nodes required for assembly (manufacturing) gates on the spot. All the best, Yuri 

529 My building is 50ft wide and the post at each end are 6x6 wood pressure treated. The end walls are not enclosed yet but the side walls are enclosed with alum siding. The floor is already concreted so installing a header for your door will be a challenge. The side walls are approx 13' tall. I do not need a hydraulic lift door 50' wide but per your advise in Schweiss website, 30' may be too small. So, I am guessing a 40' opening would work which would give me 5' on either side of your door for additional bracing. I do not know what the height is at area as I am unable to measure in my present condition. I am assuming it is between 14' to 16' high at the edges of the door if it is centered in middle of the 50' opening. I am afraid to ask what you recommend but I really don't know what size Red Power hydraulic pump to get. I have been looking for a door for about 4 years now and so I am really not in a hurry. thanks,

530 I am in the planning stages of building/purchasing a 60ft wide X 100ft long X 12ft eave steel building from my local dealer.. I am interested in a rough price quote on a flush mount hydraulic lift Schweiss  door and what I would have to do extra to accomodate the additional forces and also some info on what I need to consider on header construction and Red Power hydraulics. I plan on having a contractor errect the building but I would install the door and header myself. Thanks, Todd

531 I need a quote on a door. We have installed your bi-folds before and are familiar with them. The building is steel with an opening of 35' 9\" x 16'high. The door would be covered in T-111 plywood and is located in the Park City Utah area. The hydraulic lift door looks like a good choice too, especially with your new Red Power hydraulic pump for good lift. Your Schweiss Doors web site was helpful.

532 I have a customer who wants us to put bifold doors on his implement shed, but I am trying to convince him to go with the Schweiss hydraulic lift door which I think will work better and smoother with your Red Power hydraulic pump. The dimensions that I need are a 20' high x 30' wide and a 20' high by 24' wide. I would appreciate a call and some information on these doors and Red Power hydraulics. I am located in southern IL.

533 I'm interested in your single piece Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift  door. I also need the truss to support the door. It looks like the door hangs off the bottom of the free standing truss. So the rough opening is 12 feet high and 40 feet wide. The free standing truss would have to fit under the 12 feet high and have a deapth that would support a 40 foot door. I would want a entrance door. I would like this shipped to Ann Arbor Michigan, 20 miles west of Detroit. Please give me a price on two small windows in that door say 2 foot by 4 foot. I will not need sheeting for the door I'll provide that.

534 Need pricing on 45x12 clear Schweiss hydraulic lift door and also 45x12 clear hydraulic with Red Power option and 42x12 clear hydraulic wind load is 80 mph C. Freight to Yuma AZ. Need today if possible. Does your insulation work well to keep the Arizona heat out?  Thanks Claude

535 Can you quote me a price on a one piece Schweiss  hydraulic lift Red Power operated door for an opening 39' 8\" wide and 10' 6\" high. I will need a beam for across the top of this door for the hinge's to attach. What size beam would be required? My building has 4\" x 8\" verticle steel girders for the end walls. Can you quote me the price with and without the beam for across the top? Thank you, Carl

536 I am interested in your Schweiss Hydralic-Lift one piece Red Power hydraulic pump door with its own header I need a forty (40) wide and ten (10) foot tall door I need it to swing out. Blessings and Tailwinds Jack R.

537 Good Afternoon, I would like to get a price on this door, with possibility of installation. I had a Plyco bi-fold door that just got damaged by strong winds this afternoon. I'm through with that brand, now I'm going Schweiss Doors all the way. This time I want a hydraulic lift door with your superior Red Power hydraulic back up system. Thank you.

538 I currently have a 40ft door running on cables, with the motor and drive mounted near the roof of my hangar. How hard and at what cost to convert over to the Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power hydraulic pump system to replace this dog? Door was provided through Erect-A-Tube when the hangar was built back in the 90's. Hangar size is 40x40 with personnel access door in bottom section of the door.

539 I am going to build a shop. I am interested in knowing the height of the Schweiss hydraulic lift door opening left after the door is in the open position. The side walls of the building will be 20 ft. and the door with will be 45 ft. wide. I also want the door insulated, and to have your Red Power hydraulic pump with remote door opener. The bottom truss (if any) would be put on the inside. How much time do you need to make the door? I live near Devils Tower, in Dakota. Thanks

540 I have a roller that keeps coming out of the track on a door I bought from someone else. For that matter the door is crap too. I want to replace it with one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and I want a Red Power motor for good lift. Is there someone that can do it in Minot, ND? Or does your crew travel this far to install. Oh yes, I would need door insulated and with two remotes.

541 I am interested in using this for a garage door (9-feet wide by 7-feet tall) to my house. 1)Can you provide a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a bottom drive Red power unit for such a small door? If possible. would you please e-mail me a catalogue so I can choose a type of door and ask for a quote. 2) How airtight can this door close, can it be made that almost no wind will blow into the garage? 3) Can the door be safely filled on the inside with some type of insulation. Thanks Carien

542 Thanks in advance for the information! I would like a price quote and illustrations as to what is required to install your hydraulic lift door and frame in my building. I'm dealing with a 14' high X 29' wide opening. Would request also detailed and specific information on Red Power hydraulic systems and your instructions and diagrams all the better. Thanks, Gene Dailey.

543 We are building a hydraulic lift door system for a customer, approx 12m long by 3.5m high.Can you please price for us your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump opening system with 4 remote openers? Is your system compatible with our electricity? (230-240volts/50hz). Our customer is aware of your product and as nothing similar is available here in Australia he is keen to use it. Regards from Down Under.   James in Waikerie

544 Could you forward a standard specification for your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door, preferably in CSI format? Include all information you have on your newest Red Power hydraulic pump systems. Thanks.

545 I need a quote to replace slide doors with Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power Electrical System, endwall application, opening is 23'7\"x15'8\". Building site is Webster, S.D. Can you quote it installed or is it only delivered to job site? Do we lose any height clearance with your system?

546 I am looking at different door options on a shop that is still in the planning stages, to be built this spring. Considering all options on a 30 X 16 foot Schweiss hydraulic lift door and a 18X16 foot door. I do like the look of your new Red Power hydraulic pumps, there's nothing cheap about them.  Emil

547 Wanting to price a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that would be 180 inches tall by 288 inches wide. Would need to be insulated and fitted with Red Power Electrical System. What would approximate time of installation start once I place an order? You have a fine looking door.

548 I was wondering what kind of estimate I could get for two single piece hydralic-lift doors, 16 ft tall x 32 ft wide. Estimate should  include Schweiss Red Power pump and remote door opener.

549 I would like information about installation cost/methods/timelines for delivery from Schweiss Doors of a hydraulic lift door, one piece, walk-in doors, Red Power Package. This would go to South Carolina and I would need for sure by August. Oh yes, I'll need a wind loaded door.

550 It's Friday and I'm trying to get out of here......sorry for the miscommunication Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door sizes: One @ 42'-8\" w x 20' high One @ 12'w x 10' high. All with Red Power options and backup systems. Extra remote on each please.

551 For Salt Lake City area, Fall of 2012 We need a budget estimate for TWO of your one piece hydraulic lift doors...sheeting will be 2\" Metal Span 42\". Wind speed is 110 m. p. h...can be galvanized or primer painted...we need motorized (or your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump equivalent for NON manual operation). Steel jambs/\"h\" columns can be provided by you or our PEMB supplier (you tell me). Steve. If you can quote by next Wednesday, that will be great.

552 I am looking for a hydraulic lift door 22 feet wide with an 11 foot open ht. on one upper corner of the 11' high opening the distance to the soffit is 16\".on the other end (left side standing inside) the measurement is 36\". so I'm guessing a 12\" by 36\" triangle cutout out of the right hand top corner of door would be needed assuming an 11' door measures 13'. the other end I would leave square. please send me a price. the building is at fort peck montana. oh, the roof pitch is 4/12. oh, oh, I want Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump.

553 Looking for price on 60'x18' door, one piece, hydraulic lift, Schweiss Red Power powered with backup system, remotes, insulated.

554 I would like some info. on a hydraulic lift door 20ft. wide 13ft tall. Our shed in need of a good door. I`m not sure how you would measure your doors for the opening and not sure what size Red Power hydraulic pump to lift this Schweiss door.  Phil

555 I am looking at a steel building from a company I understand Schweiss Doors supply their Bi-fold doors. They quoted me on a 12X42 ft. electric opening door with manual latches cable operated. I want to know how much to have a hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump installed. (I looked at your web site) I am assuming a door of this size will have the internal trusses on the inside of the door? Also I need to know what size (hp) opener it would have as I am limited on electrical. Can you give me a recommended Breaker size? One more ?. What is the main advantage of an aluminum frame over the steel because most of the weight of the door is in the sheeting is it not? Thanks in advance for answering my questions.


557 We are the Russian Company which deals with aviation hangars. We need a hydraulic lift door for aviation hangar made of steel tubes. Door width is 28 metres, door height is 6 metres. The hangar itself is a steel building. Tell us please how much it will cost to make it? Include cost of Red Power hydraulic pump if that is extra. Looking forward to your Schweiss Doors answer.

558 I am interested in purchasing another Schweiss built hydraulic lift one piece hyd. door for my existing steel building. This will be a big door and am wondering if I will need more than one Red Power cylinder for optimum lift? Please have a salesperson call, so I can explain my needs in more detail. Man, you make super doors. 

559 Need a \"RECOMMENDED RED POWER HYDRAULIC SYSTEM\" hanger door building company like Schweiss Doors to build an aviation hydraulic lift one piece hanger door with one of your Red Power hydraulic pumps. What info do you need from me.  Buck in Wyoming

560 Would you please give me an estimate for a 32 X 15 Schweiss hydraulic lift door delivered to Bangor, Maine. I would want one with the highest insulation value available and strongest Red Power pump available. Please respond only by email. I see Schweiss Doors has already done a considerable amount of work in my neck of the woods. You must have a pretty dang good set of doors.

561 Where can I Get the Schweiss Hydraulic Lift and B-Fold Door in South Africa. Word is getting out that your company produces the best quality door in the world with the strongest (Red Power) hydraulics available on the market. Can you ship these one piece doors in one piece.

562 Dear Sir, We are in need of 24 number of Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Red Power hydraulic lift pump doors of size 4000 x 50000 mm for one of our contracting project. We would like to get all the details regarding price and delivery of the doors overseas. We request you to give us above requirements at the earliest. With regards, Mr. Sharjah. India

563 I'm looking for a price on a 40x12 hydraulic lift Schweiss door that will be installed in a building with steel siding, insulation, and half to three quarter wood sheeting on the interior. Project will be built this summer. I currently own another building with a Hydro door on it and would appreciate any comparison on your Red Power lift systems. 

564 I need a 40'x16' hydro-lift Schweiss swing door. Can you provide cost, delivery and any special instructions for building reinforcement to support the door in all phases of operation, that includes your Red Power Electrical System.  Herb

565 Looking for a hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss door, size 55 by 16. Big door, need big Red Power hydraulic pump for greater lift. Needs insulation, remotes.


567 Looking for a Quote on a Hydraulic Lift Door finished opening is 50 feet by 14 feet High. Need full clearance. Want the free standing Header, Have 30 inches clearance above header. Want the Schweiss Red Power Advantage System. (Note) 12\" Cement Block Walls 28\" steel Carrier Beam Need Price Delivered To Alabama.

568 Looking for interior door 10ft wide x 8.5 ft high to separate heated shop area from un-heated garage area. Finish can be plywood or similar. Is a integral passage door possible mounted into the Schweiss hydraulic lift door? Would I need a Red Power Pump for this small door. Would like approximate price & delivery to western Wyoming. Thanks,

569   I have a 40x60 steel framed building I want to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door in one of the 40' openings to accomadate a j-3 cub is that possible-- any idea of cost? Please price out your Red Power backup system. thanks Frank 

570 I'm in the process of budgeting the construction of a new fertilizer storage building to be located in SE Minnesota. It would start in the summer. On the project would be two hydraulic doors with a clear opening size of, 16' wide by 16' high. Can you provide me with a price for these doors? The skin on the doors would be corrugated fiberglass panels and they would lift with Red Power pumps. I'm not sure if that is enough for you to price them. If not please email with any questions. Delbert

571 Please quote FOB Seattle dock. Building will have 3\" insulated panels on walls. So 3\" panels will be on Schweiss hydraulic door, as well as your Red Power hydraulic pump. Please design accordingly. Panels to be all weather.

572 I need a bid on a 44x15 hydraulic Schweiss door with Red Power options. If you pull up our account you will see we have moved, we could really use some new brochers from you we are getting more and more into the commercial market and would love to push your product more. Do you have separate brochures made for your new Red Power hydraulic pumps? We have been using one of your competitions and have been having some service issues. Still like your doors the best. Carl

573 Have you ever shipped doors to Australia? We're intending on putting a hydraulic door in our yet-to-be built hangar and would be interested in seeing if you can ship here, and what the cost would be for a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power options.

574 I am looking to replace a slider door. Building was built by our local lumberyard in 1981. It is a North door opening and the doors can be very hard to dig open in winter months. The building is a 6\"x6\" wood pole building on 8' centers 40'x80' The dimensions are close approximations as to the door opeing. I have checked into overhead doors but they would like to frame the door in and lose about a foot of headroom. They want a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door, insulated and with Red Power pump

575 Building 10 years old concrete floor fully insolated need hyddraulic doors on 1 end and 1 side side door has I beam across top end does not we are using for shop sliding doors have too much heat loss.Include Schweiss Red Power backup system.

576 I have just had a new Schweiss hydraulic door installed by my local contractor. I Am wondering why I didn't order or get a Red Power hydraulic lift system with it.  Thank you Tom C.

577 Need a price for (2) 60'x 20'(opening), with Schweiss Red Power backup system 240-1ph, Bottom drive , weather seal, Please option the install. Thank you

578  We are located in Indonesia. In the next year we hope to begin the construction of a new hangar facility for our flight operation. The hangar door area is as follows: Span: 27 meters (88.5') Height: 8 meters (26') We have considered a Schweiss hydraulic door. Can you help us with the following: 1) Can you build a door of this size? 2) Would you reccommend Red Power electrical or hydraulic actuation? 3) If you can build this door how much is it likely to cost? This will, of course, be preliminary. 4) If you can not build this door, is therea reccomendation as to who might be able to do so?

579 I am looking for a budget figure for a Red Power Top Drive, stationary Schweiss hydraulic door that is flush mounted. The opening is 18' w x 10' h, and will be covered with corrugated metal siding to match the exterior of the building. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me, either by e-mail or by phone. Thank you,



582 I have a 14 x 14 foot Schweiss bifold installed in 1994. Works good but wish it had a remote opener. The door is insulated with metal sheeting inside and out. It is a bottom drive cable system that we changed so it would open faster. We secured the one end of cable to the top of the door rather than having it go up and back down, therefore making it twice as fast. Small door , thought we would be OK as far as drive is concerned and it has worked well for probably ten years now. It Also has an inside truss with a walkdoor and window in it. Now considering a door on my other quonset. But for this I'd want a hydraulic door Red Power system with remote control? Can you shoot me a price, this will be a bigger door about 25 ft. wide.

583 Hello , I'm Suzan I have a pleasure to contact you I really need your advise for supplying an huge leaf or Schweiss hydraulic doors, of the following spec: width of leaf = 10 meters height of leaf - 20 meters weight of leaf = 25 tons No of leafs = 6 leafs what required for helping us: excellent Red Power hydraulic pump method to lift up these leafs. pls include shipping container costs, don't delay to reply yours , Suzan in Beirut.

584 I need a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door system. Motorized with Red Power safety coordination. A 50' long 7' high crane way door and a 24' wide 30' high sliding door. Can you help?

585 We are building a 80' x 100' x 20' metal building and will add one of your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump one piece doors at a later date. We need to know what kind of metal and concrete framework that we need to do on the initial construction to accept the door. Door size 44'w x 14'h. Will need door insulated.

586 Would like to obtain the following for below Schweiss specified door.(15' high by 22' long, hydraulic) Include 3-0 by 7-0 personnel door and Red Power hydraulic system. Weight Anchorage requirements 12 inch wedge if possible (clear opening is only 16'-4\") Door construction materials Potential deflection when fully opened Thank you for your help, James D., Supervisor

587 What is expected useful life on a hydraulic lift door that is about 70' wide and 25'-30' high? A friend of mine has a Schweiss bifold door that has been working great for him since 1989, I'm assuming your hydro doors are also built to last. What is the life expectancy of your Red Power pumps on an industrial steel door this size, assuming they get moderate to frequent daily usage?

588 We are bidding on the Caterpillar Demonstration & Learning Center, in, Illinois. The architect has specified your Vertical Schweiss Hydraulic Door with Red Power hydraulic advantage system for this project. Please have your sales / estimating call our office to review this project yet today. We faxed to you a bid notification letter with our information on  Thanks, Garrison Brothers Construction, Inc.

589 Please provide pricing for the (2) Schweiss hydraulic doors below, both are the same size. The proposed building is in the planning/budget stage, so building dimensions/Red Power hydraulic components, etc. can be adjusted to fit actual door needs. Heard a lot of good things about your doors and new and stronger pumps.

590 I'd like 4 prices Schweiss Hydraulic doors, 1) one door 2) one door and instalation 3) two doors 4) two doors and installation. All doors to have Red Power Safety Advantage Systems. Also how long will it take from deposit time to it is delivered and or installed by your guys? Door is 12' X 40' Thanks

591 I have a customer who is purchasing one of our steel buildings to be used as a hanger and he's asking for a insulated 40ft. wide x 12ft tall Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power Electrical System. What can you provide to us to resell to him? Cost? Delivery to northern California, etc. 

592 Hi- I need a 12'w x 14'h Schweiss hydraulic one piece steel door for my blacksmithing shop. The shop is heated and winters here are cold, so I need an insulated door with good perimeter weather seal. I want a Red Power motor (pump) that will open and close this door in a hurry.  Thanks, Marcus

593 I'd like to understand the cost and applicability of a Schweiss hydraulic door for a shop I've constructed. The door would be approximately 9' wide by 9' high. The building is frame construction with rough 2x6 studs, approx 15' ceilings spanned by 14\" trus-joists. The opening for the door is framed with a 10' header composed of 1 12\" paralam (1 1/4 \") and 2 pieces of rough 2x12. The header is at the top of the wall just below the top plate. I need to lower the opening height to finished door size so I need to understand the installation of Red Power hydraulic pump and framing requirements as well as finish detail.

594 Please quote a 20x14' hydraulic door please include Schweiss Red Power pump option and freight, our customer in Niagra Falls would install the steel door but will probably need a series of step-by-step instructions. Also include a remote opener and backup system.

595 I am quoting a gabled building 100(end) x50x18 that will use a 32x16 Schweiss hydraulic door with remote opener in the center bay of one endwall. The roof slope is 1:12. We will use our 26 gauge sheeting and trim to cover the door. Please provide a quote for this item, with your Red Power System included and delivered to McPherson, KS. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks


597 Looking for a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for an opening size of 32'x18' Please put your recommended size Red Power hydraulic pump on it and include a remote opener.

598 I need a Schweiss hydraulic door with a clear opening of 100' x 20'. What is the wedge dimension? What size Red Power unit would this take?

599 Recently purchased a 72x112 coverall ground mount building. Want a 19 ft. tall opening and as wide as possible, what width would I be able to go? What price if you had someone install your Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump? How much head room is needed for installation?

600 Need pricing ASAP for 55' x 13' hydraulic door with an optional price for a 60' x 13' The 13' height dimension is the required clear height with the door in the full open condition. I also need to know how much area I need above the door for mounting and would like a Schweiss recommendation for adequate strength Red Power hydraulics.

601 We are specifying your hydraulic hardware on (4) 4X8 doors on a certified project for The Nature Conservancy. I need CSI format specifications and some confirmation on the details we're including in our contract documents. Also need pricing and specs on Schweiss Red Power Electrical systems. Would someone please contact me? Thanks, Carol

602 Bidding on the Norfolk (NE) 2 Bay Corporate Hangar project which calls for 2-60' x 23' hydraulic doors. I can scan the spec section on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps and send it upon request. This project bids 5/10 at 10 am. Thank you, Jackson C. Estimator 

603 Need budget for installing 3 Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors for a client. Door opening /- 40 ft x 14 ft. need pricing, loads on lintel and jacks, Red Power hydraulic cylinders... Job to be done this fall

604 Thinking about installing a door that is 10' wide by 11' tall. What would that cost me? Would your one piece hydraulic Schweiss door be best for this. Would it come with Red Power hydraulic pump or would I even need one for this small door?

605 We are in design stages for a customer who is building new construction home on airpark he is looking for a hydraulic door roughly 75 feet wide and 24 feet tall. He is looking for windows in door similar to residential windows and a wood type product for siding what information can you ghet me to get to draftsman in plan. I am seeing differnet door specs and Schweiss Red Power options on your website. Thnak You Silver Guerarro

606 Please provide a quote for two Schweiss hydraulic wood doors (rough opening sizes) as follows: 1 ea. 16'- 2\" x 7'- 1 3/4\" 1 ea. 8'- 2\" x 7'- 1 3/4\" Can the doors be quoted with the door structure and Red Power mechanism apparatus only -- wood skin to be applied in field?

607 I have 4 openings. Three openings are around 12' wide by 14' tall and one is 17.5' wide x 15' tall. I am considering a Schweiss hydraulic and would like to have it manually operated if possible. Also, I would consider putting my own siding on the outside. I believe what I am looking for is the frame and Red Power hardware. I would install inhouse.

608 Have a customer who has a need for a a 10 x 8 door in an existing wood structure that opens out. Your Schweiss custom made hydraulic doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems look very promising if the price is feasible. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Julia.

609 Hi, I need a quote for (3) (insulated) Schweiss hydraulic doors- Door #1 20'6\" wide 13'7\" tall - door #2 26'6\" wide 12'9\" tall - Door #3 23'6\" wide 14'9\" tall. Both with Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup systems/remotes.

610 Need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door w/ 1earn. 3070 in the door. Required clear ht. 17'-0\" when door is open. Fast opening feature of your Red Power hydraulic pump a must, any questions please call me at my home office in Colorado.

611 Hi, I am looking for a quote on a similar door to the one I purchased in 2006, but with a slight change. I want a Schweiss hydraulic door with a man door and Red Power hydraulic pump. I am looking @ 2 options this time. Option #1 - 16'wide x 20' tall Option #2 - 30'wide x 20' tall I am quote that is basically the same as the last door, other than the size. You should still have my name and last quote in your computer system. If not, I still have it and could fax it to you if that saves time. Jason

612 Concerning your product, after reviewing your website, particularly the Aluminum Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps (motors), it appears that what is provided, or what can be met by Schweiss, meets and/or exceeds what we are currently searching. Please read below for a brief description of project: Project Name: Upland Animal Services Location: Upland, California 2013 91786 Project Type: Public Works 2013 Dog Kennel Specified Product: Aluminum and Glass Sub-Frame hydraulic door Window System with Overhead Red Power Motor Attached: %uFFFD Arch. Sheets %uFFFD Window details forthcoming %uFFFD Struc. Sheets %uFFFD Structural steel layout and few details %uFFFD Specific to needed area details will be forthcoming Description: Project is a dog kennel that will be used as the City of Upland 2019s main housing, and care-providing facility, the project has been developed to allow the most amount of outside air into the buildings via 2026 hydraulic door windows, roof openings, etc. 2026 Please provide a proposal for your product, per design and per the project specifications and plans. We will have the project specifications and a few more critical Arch. and Struc. Details forwarded to you late this morning, and feel free to contact me at any time with questions or to request additional information. Closing note: The project schedule is tight and requires that we receive the proposal no later than Monday the 15th , but if possible by the end of the day today, in order to help meet this, please do not hesitate to call me the Cell # below. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your response. Sincerely, Innovation. Dedication. Darius M. Superintendent

613 Hi there, We will highly appreciate it if you could forward this mail to Schweiss Doors Purchasing Manager or staff in sourcing team, thanks for your assistance. My name is Wendy, salesperson in Shanghai, China. We are a medium-sized provider of injection molds and plastic injection molded products, stamping parts but cannot find a provider of the type doors you manufacture. We, at this point do have multiple buyers interested in your Red Power hydraulic pump door and your designer series doors.  Could you contact me on this if it is possible for you to provide same and ship to China. For further information please visit or reply with a request and I will be glad. Thank your for your time, we will highly appreciate it if you could consider filing our profile for future projects. We look forward to hearing from you for any inquiries. Regards from afar. Chin Zhou Chin

614 Earlier in the year you qouted me a Schweiss hydraulic door. My client is now ready to proceed with ordering the door, could you please re quote based on a revised opening size of 13000mm wide x 5013mm high complete with a break down of what I actualy get in the order. (I want to make sure the Red Power hydraulic pump is on this door) Delivery time and surgestions of how I get the door delivered to England

615 Julie Do you have any details how a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic doors will get mounted onto concrete tilt up buildings.I have a few coming up and need to confirm these details.

616 Quote on Schweiss hydraulic door sizes 18x14 and 24x14, both with Red Power electrical systems, both insulated and both with remote openers. Installation would be in Waubay, S.D., just west of Milbank in Webster area east of Missouri River. Good walleye and perch fishing here on Waubay Lake.

617 Please provide a quote for the following: Schweiss Hydraulic Door 15'-11\" W x 7'-6\" Red Power motor/pump system. Alt price add for: 4\" insulation steel sheeting man door and remote openers. Any questions please call Mike C.

618 I am interested in replacing 2 slider-doors that are 9'H x 12w. I think what I like best is your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door partly because of your new Red Power hydraulic pump system. I will need these doors wind loaded and assembled by your Schweiss team here in Hollywood, Florida.

619 I need a price on a 12x40 hydraulic one piece Schweiss door with your new customized Red Power hydraulic system for my soon to built hangar. As you may have heard Peterborough Airport is in a restructuring and everyone is building new hangars in a new location in the airport.

620 This is a bid for the the city of Clearwater, FL. They have specfically asked for a \"Red Power\" hydraulic one piece door Total Hgt of door 16' controls left side 240 volt/Single phase Red Power door motor bottom location 12\" top rubber strip std auto locking mechanisms mechanical over travel limit switches 36\" x 80\" clear personal door Need your door design for the steel building design asap

621 Please provide a quote for the following Schweiss hydraulic 24 ft. x 14 door. Please get back to me asap, I am working on a package quote and need your figures and stats on Red Power hydraulic pumps to complete my quote. Thanks, Petra

622 I can send you a picture of my new garage which is now built, waiting for a one piece Red Power pump hydraulic door. Has Schweiss Doors a french representative ? Where can I see such doors in North region of France?

623 Interested in a 80 foot hydraulic also some other estimates on 70' please quote some prices with whatever Red Power hydraulic pump you think will be best for this Schweiss steel door and options including installation and shipping

624 G'day from Australia, When I was at Oshkosh last year I showed interest in your door systems with particular attention to the Schweiss hydraulic door. I am now in a position to give more definitive thought to the \"hows\" and \"when\". I am looking for a 20 metre opening with a clear height of 6 metres. Our supply voltages are 240volts at 50 hertz or 415 volts at 50 hertz. Will your new Red Power Electrical System adapt to this? I would like a quote for a door with or without remote control and auto latching. The next price would be for shipping to Australia, so weights and space dimensions would be handy or can you arrange pricing for that from your end please. I can arrange customs and imports etc. What is the time frame to supply/manufacture kit and what is approximate time to build? I am probably looking to around mid October for delivery into Australia. When it's summer here it's winter where you are. Come visit in January and thaw yere bottom out.

625 Clear Height to Doubled (Stacked) 16\" X 26 lb beam header attached to 16\" X 26 lb colums at 50'-0\" c-c spacing. Schweiss Hydraulic Door will be cased in 6\" on both sides (49'-0\" door) to provide wall space for down spouts. The building is framed and beginning installation of insulation & sheet metal. Need specs on your Red Power Hydraulic pumps.

626 I have an unusual application for a one-piece hydraulic door. I have a 40' mobile machine shop and would like a price to install a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic over head door. Opening dimensions of the rear of the trailer are 86\" wide x 78\" tall. The height can be modified by 12\" more but the width can not be less as that's the inside dimensions of the trailer structural posts. Would this be an insulated door and will it have Schweiss Red Power pump? Please contact me to discuss this project. I would bring the trailer to your location for the install. Laurence P.

627  I need a price for a W 80' 0'' x 25' 0'' H goes on a steel frame, please offer me the Schweiss Red Power options which could be usefull for such a door like that. I aslo would like to know an average of labour needed to weld the parts together once on site. How many men hours to assemble all the mechanical portions of the hydraulic door. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you and have a great week-end. Normand


629 I'm looking for 4' wide one piece hydraulic doors, manual and/or Schweiss Door Red Power hydraulic pump operation only. Big concerns are the need for heavy insulation and very tight seal when closed. thoughts?

630 We are general contractors specializing in shops,commercial and office buildings. We are bidding a 50' wide X 60' long X 16' high hangar. The owner wants a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system, 40' wide X 15' high door. Please quote price and shipping to the project site in Ferndale, Washington. Regards, D L A

631 Would like some info on one piece hydraulic door for a steel building. Schweiss Door with Red Power system would be approx. 40 X 16. Would like to have someone to visit for a price quote and and the design of the door. Also to see if the design we want is possible for the building we are putting this on. Brad. Call the numbers for cell or shop. Thanks

632 Have a project where client needs a 50 wide by 20 tall Schweiss hydraulic door installed in existing  building with Red Power hydraulic system. Need a sales rep in the Arkansas Area to contact me asap. In a tilt up panel building Thanks Scott S. Estimator

633 I previously called Schweiss Doors for a quote on a 52x16' hydraulic door for a new building. We are nearing construction and I need an updated quote  with Red Power hydraulics, automatic latches and remotes. Also include optional pricing on photo electric sensors, warning lights and horn, weather seal kit and hand crank. Please respond by e-mail or phone. Unfortunately, I need the price soon to decide and proceed with ordering this week. Many thanks.

634 I Need A Price On a 50'0\" x 24'0\" Insulated Schweiss Hydraulic Door Complete With Red Power Hydraulic Pump Opener. Thank You Bryan B.

635 Please fax me a quote or email for the following hydraulic door w/Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump: 48' x 11' 6\" clear shipping to Henderson KY no doors or windows. Thanks, Randy U. Purchasing Manager

636 My hangar is going to be 50x50x20ft. How big can I make the Schweiss hydraulic one piece door to where there will be enough clearance at the top of the biulding. Can I get the door at 17 or 18ft high? Will it have Red Power hydraulic pump on it?

637 We are designing the Building so we need the specs for the Schweiss hydraulic door. The Building has steel columns w/ clips for horz. wood girts. Header will be wideflange beam. Power will be via the Red Power hydraulic pump system. Thanks, Daniel

638 We have an opening of 40 feet what is the cost of the best way to go for a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power options on a limited budget?? Thanks, Terry

639 We have been looking for quite some time for a single piece hydraulic garage door that can be flush with the building's exterior and finished to match, with the design intent that the door reveals itself by only a narrow crack in the facade. Looking at your Schweiss Doors website we think that your system might work for smaller, residential applications too. The size of door on which I would like to test the system (my own house) is 2250 wide x 2150 mm high (88.5\" x 84.7\") and weighs 57 kg (128 lbs). Can you supply a suitable Red Power hydraulic operator and remote control? If you can supply a complete system that could be fitted with custom cladding (26ga. galvalume wave in this case) we would be interested too. Otherwise the door and hinge assembly would be custom built here. Can you help? Thanks, Florian M.

640 Following Schweiss hydraulic doors reqd. urgently: 1. Insulated (PUF)opening 8 m x 8 m - 4 Nos. 2. Magnetic shielded (uninsulated) opening 15 m (Ht)x 10 m (Wd) - 1 No. 3. Magnetic shielded (uninsulated) opening 15 m (Ht)x 6 m (Wd) - 1 No. 4. Mag shielded (uninsulated) opening 8 m x 8 m - 2 Nos. Layout details, all with Red Power Electric systems etc. Being sent by email. Respond urgently.

641 Hello, My company is interested to buy 44 meters width Scheiss Hydraulic one piece door with Red Power Hydraulic Pump Systems, please send some technical details, catalogue and estimate the price, how much will be the cost of shipping to Poland? Please let me know so I can report same to my superiors. Malicka

642 Do you ship to Canada? We are looking for the entire steel structure, insulated wall/roof, and doors. Hangers (5 Schweiss hydraulic doors, approx 46x12) with a total of 14,000 sq ft. Red Power options. Regards, Gregg

643 I have a k building that had a 30 foot bifold installed that was damaged in a horrendous wind storm. I would like to buy all hardware, Schweiss Red Power motor and wiring to replace with a hydraulic door. I will get my own metal. The opening is 30 by 14. please give me a call with a price with shipping. thank you.  Calvin

644 I just want an order of magnitude price on something like a 40' wide x 12' high Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power pump activated door. I am not building at this time. In the \"planning\" stage. I'm guessing on the specs. Do not call.

645 I have been recomended to you by one of your customers in New Zealand. I require two 10 meter wide Schweiss hydraulic Red Power activated doors with a clear opening height of 4.5 meters. Please advise your recomendations for this. Regards Craig

646 We need to replace a sliding door that has an opening size of 50 x 16. We would like a price for the Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump system and a seperate price for install

647 Jeremy, Here is my updated final information on our Schweiss hydraulic door. We are attaching the door to a steel header I-beam. The top of the beam is at 16'. A - clear opening b/n columns = 39' 5 1/2\" C - Finished floor to top of door hinge = 15' 11\" D - Wedge = 24\" Let us know if you need anything else to calculate the other numbers. Options to include in the quote (please indicate prices of each seperately): Red Power System/Remote Control w/ 2 remotes Inside Liner Panel - flat sheeting, white Top Rubber Seal Center foam weather strip Side board weather strip Are the Side Rails and the Standard Wind Rails included in the price of the door? Also, what is the lead time for ordering the door? What is the lead time for notice of delivery date? Thanks, Kathy

648 Request INSTALLED quote on a 50-foot wide by 14-foot high hydraulic and for a 50' x 13' and a 50' x 12'. Also all with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup systems. Steel doors. Are local dealers required for installation and receiving of door? Shipping costs to Prineville, Oregon.

649 We're planning to select your Schweiss hydraulic doors to apply to our current project and It would be great and helpful if you could send us thru email your standard brochure & details showing the Jambs & headers requirement for 45'W x 35'H and 30'W x 35'H Red Power electrical system operated one piece doors. Thanks.

650 I'm interested in an estimate for a Schweiss hydraulic door for my pole barn. The opening is roughly 12' tall by 20' wide. I'll want the door insulated, and please include the Red Power pump opener and all hardware needed to install. Also, can you estimate installation time? Thanks, Roger M.

651 I'm looking for a hydraulic one piece door to cover a 20'w x 14'h hole, I would cover it with metal clad siding on one side price it with a remote auto Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pump opening system and also non remote manual latching system. Thanks Alvin E.

652 Planning 3 doors all on same wall. Centre 12 x 12, each side of centre 5 x 10 OR can modify so one door will do all openings ( Schweiss hydraulic door ? ) size 24 feet wide by 12 feet high clear opening. Please quote hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump and  insulated. We will need to reframe the wall it is an existing bar converted workshop Need to decide now, please quote as soon as possible so we can order. Need wall framing details, quote supply and install Thanks Steve M.

653 Would like pricing on 12' high, 40'/42'/44'/ wide one piece hydraulic door with Red Power advantage system and insulation. Assembly by Schweiss Doors at Beaver Island, MI.

654 Dear Sirs: I would like a quote on two of your Schweiss hydraulic doors 12'x12' to be mounted on masonary building. Include remote and Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks

655 Please send me the soonest best quote for both Schweiss hydraulic lift with Red Power hydraulic pump doors. We prefer not to loose any headroom. The door will then have to be shipped from Miami to Anguilla via Bernuth Lines.

656 I purchased a 40 ft hydraulic door from you last year and would now like to install the remote opener option. Can you pls provide pricing for same and advise the Red Power electrical requirements for installation. I can't tell you how much I like this Schweiss door. Thnx in advance, Rick U.

657 We are very interested in your steel Schweiss hydraulic doors. I was browsing through your web pages especially the page titled \"mounting steel bifold doors on steel buildings\" but couldn't find any spec. or cut sheets. Would it be possible to get these drawings (for a hydraulic door) from you to see if it would work out in our building and to draw up the details on the Red Power hydraulic pumps? Thank you for your time, Haemi

658 I am looking for an economically priced one piece hydraulic door that is robust and functional but without the bells and whistles.I understand it will come with your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump at no extra charge. Is that correct?

659 Hello I'm looking for a 45'x 12' Schweiss hydraulic  door looking for pricing on insulation, Red Power hydraulic system and availability in northern Alberta. thanks Roger P.

660 Ideally we would like to provide our own panels. Please let me know if this is possible and how much the Schweiss hydraulic door with a Red Power Electrical system would be for the approximate dimensions provided below. Thank you, Meghan M.

661 I am looking to specify vertical Schweiss hydraulic doors for a project in Milwaukee Wisconsin, similar to the doors I see on your Schweiss Doors web site. The project has a budget, and I need to know what information you need from me to get a figure to use these doors on the project. Please email me back or call and I will be happy to give you any other dimensions or other information you may need. I will look forward to hearing from you and asking about your new Red Power hydraulic pumps and how they can work for me. Kind regards, Cyrus.

662 I have a building with sliding doors that the cement moves slightly in the winters causing the doors to be adjusted twice a year. The problem I have is that I cant afford to give up any head room, but really would like a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with Red Power pump. Can this work for me?

663 Thanks. Have you any agents in Australia ? We have looked at several doors and find your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors to be the best option and quality throughout. If no agents in Australia are we able to purchase component parts from you to build our own here. We have Approx. 6 doors to do at this time, mostly hydraulic style with Red Power pumps. We wish to order a catologue please post one to us at the above address. Would you be able to advise on a rough price to supply and erect in America a standard 60x20,60x15,40x20,40x15 with 1 x hydraulic door to a clearance hieght of 5 meters. So we may get an idea of price ?? Thanks Ian M.

664 Please provide quote for 4 hydraulic doors 50x15 clear with Red Power options .List also any options that are available. What is the lead time for delivery? What would shipping be to Oshawa airport? What would installation cost be? Thank You Hannu H.

665 Provide a quote on the specified  Schweiss hydraulic doors. This application will require a minimum of 16' of clearance. The sidewall where these will be installed is 30' in height so there should be no problem in sizing the opening to what ever is required to achieve 16' of clearance with the doors in an open position. Please allow 6\" or whatever \"fudge factor\" you suggest to make sure that under field conditions we will have the FULL 16' clearance. (This is going into a landfill building and one of the container vessles utilized measures 15' 5\" - thus the concern about making sure we don't encounter a problem. Thanks for your suggestions on Red Power hydraulic pumps and other  assistance.

666 I need a quote on a 30x16 and a 40 x 16 Schweiss hydraulic door with remotes and Red Power backup system. Please quote sheeting and insulation as options. Also a steel header. I will probably install it myself when I return to Indiana. Respond by e mail only since I am out of the country on vacation until end of May. Thanks 

667 We're interested in the price for a one piece hydraulic door that's 16' high by 24' wide. We have a Cleary building. Last month, the strong winds damaged the large commercial ag doors, so we need to replace them. We are concerned about wind load and reliable, safe hydraulic doors. Would like a price.

668 Can you give me a price on a 42' wide by 12' high one-piece hydro power hydraulic door? I'm looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality door so I can save money on parts and service in the long run. Thanks, Schweiss!

669 I need a price on two one-piece hydro powered Schweiss hydraulic doors - size: 30' by 16'. Thank you.

670 Hello sir, I am interested in some of your hydraulic hydro door products and I would like to know if you will accept a wire transfer from my bank. Regards.

671 Building is in the design/budget phase. We are an authorized Nucor builder/supplier. We heard that Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors are the safest doors on the market. We want the best quality, most powerful and safe hydraulic doors available.

672 We are working with a large University on a student union center renovation and are very interested in speaking with a Schweiss Doors representative for your hydraulic door products.We've seen your one-piece hydro hydraulic doors on other similar college and university buildings and garages and we really like your work and craftsmanship.

673 I need a one-piece, smoothly operating hydraulic door that's 8 foot high and 16 foot wide. Please send me a price quote for your best one-piece hydraulic door available.

674 I'm interested in a price of a one-piece hydro powered hydraulic door. I would like to know the price for installation, shipping and delivery. I need to know about your warranty, because I've heard of hydraulic door failures and I want to make sure I'm getting the highest quality hydraulic door that is built to last, with service to back up that claim.

675 I spoke with someone on 2/11/08 about a hydraulic door quote and they were going to e-mail the one-piece hydraulic door quote to me. I may have given them the wrong email address. I am looking for a 30' wide x 12' high single panel hydro door. I also need a quote on a free standing header. I would like the lift straps and auto latch features. My brother-in-law just put up his new one-piece hydraulic door last week and he's very happy with it! Thanks!

676 How tall can you make your one-piece hydraulic doors if it's at 80'0 feet wide? I hear Schweiss Doors can custom build any sized hydraulic door I'm looking for. My new single panel hydraulic doors have to be able to withstand 120 MPH winds. I have used your one-piece hydro powered hydraulic doors before and I was impressed. The brand new one-piece red power hydraulic doors I'm looking for will be covered with a 2-1/2\" insulated panel. I know you guys at Schweiss Doors can work with any type of siding or paneling, right? I am in the design stages of building, so I'm about ready to decide on the hydraulic door specifications. Thanks.

677 Could you price out two sizes of one-piece single panel hydro powered hydraulic doors for me? One hydraulic door needs to be 12'2\" x 6'10\" (WxH) and the other one-piece hydraulic door should be 16'6\" x 6'10\". I am also interested in getting the automatic remote openers. Thank you.

678 I would like a quote on a custom-built one of a kind hydraulic Schweiss door. Please quote with installation and delivery. Please send papers via fax on the extra requirements for supporting the hydraulic door. Do you offer windows and walk through man doors? Please quote. Thanks much.

679 I would like to purchase the remote for my existing 42 ft one-piece hydro powered hydraulic door. The hanger was built late 2006. I don't know who made this hydraulic door, but I trust the experts at Schweiss Doors. Can you come out and inspect my door for trouble signs? Thanks.

680 I'm looking for a sturdy 140 MPH wind load rated hydraulic door. Please also quote adders for a remote control, two windows, and walk-through door. We're excited to see so many great hydraulic door options to choose from. What other add-ons can I get for my hydraulic door?

681 A few minutes ago, I sent a request for quotes on a 14 x 30 one-piece hydraulic door, (comparing it to an overhead). After reading more of your information, I want to adjust my request. I would be better off with a 36 wide. The height of my building will be 16 to the bottom cord of the truss, I would be crazy not to give myself full access. What height door do I need for 16' clear height? I can't believe I'll lose zero headroom. Thanks.

682 I'm looking at my options on a large opening hydraulic door. This hydraulic door will be 40' x 9'. I'm looking to save money and I hear Schweiss Doors offers one-piece hydraulic doors with less moving parts and zero headroom loss. 

683 I would like a price quote for 2 - 20 x 40 one-piece hydraulic doors. Do you offer turn key installation packages? I heard Schweiss Doors will install a hydro power hydraulic door anywhere. Thank you. 

684 We are looking for either a biflod or one-piece hydraulic moving door, 34'wide by 14' high, to withstand windforces of up to 175mph. Opening and closing times are crucial. We also need to be able to stop the bi-fold or hydraulic door in any position. Can you help?

685 Please provide a quote for a steel skin large moving one-piece hydraulic door with opener system and without opener system.

686 We are a manufacturer of postframe buildings and we would be interested in getting a price sheet on your one-piece hydro powered hydraulic doors. We are getting more of a demand for bi-folds too and would like to try to do some business with you since you are fairly close to our area.

687 We're looking for a quote for a large hydraulic door at the exact customized size we need. We are still in the budget phase of the project, so I just need a number that would be close to the final price. With this large sized door, we're also going to need a number for the installation of the hydraulic door. The project is located in Fargo, ND. Thank You.

688 Where could I look at your Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors closest to Farmington, IA? Customers' hydraulic and bi-fold installed doors would be ok. Could you also please send me installation? How small do you make hydraulic doors or bi-fold doors? We need custom made large commercial doors. 

689 Please provide me with detailed information on your Hydraulic Doors vs your Bi-Fold Doors. Hydraulic Doors are all \"One-Piece\" doors, right? Please tell me about the specifications for both kinds of doors offered by Schweiss Doors. Please mail out a catalogue.

690 I measured the height incorrectly on my previous quote request. My sidewalls are 15 feet. So the one-piece hydraulic door size would be a total of 14 feet 7 inches. I'm looking forward to getting the best hydraulic doors on the door market. Thank you.

691 I am planning on building a new structure to add-on to an existing structure. On the new structure I am looking for quite a large moving door. My sidewalls currently are 16 feet. I am looking for a one-piece hydraulic door to fit 16 feet high and 50 feet wide. Please also quote me for 55 feet wide. Thank you.

692 I would greatly appreciate pricing on 2 sizes of nursing home doors for retrofitting an old building. First is a 14ft high by 50 foot wide bi-fold door. Second a 16 ft high by 50 food wide bi-fold door. It is an older building (1988) we are converting to a nursing home and I am strongly considering adding on to the end of the building and would put in a unique nursing home bi-fold door. Steel structured building with a concrete base.

693 We would like to look at purchasing a kit from you for an existing building. I prefer a Bi-Fold door with lift straps What is your standard sizes? Can i get a custom made bi-fold door? I need around 18ft high opening x 26ft - 30ft wide. Now do you sell it as a modular frame that I can put my own insulation in and metal skin on? I manufacture insulated panels in EPS and polyurethane. I can CNC cut pieces to fit the openings and clad it to your bi-fold door free standing frame. I could be a customer of yours as we are going into manufacturing buildings this year. We currently manufacture and supply insulated panels for walk-in coolers/ freezers and portable modular buildings. Can you manufacture and supply insulated panels for walk-in cooler doors or walk-in freezer doors or portable modular building hydraulic doors. We want to take the next step and I noticed your large moving bi-fold and one-piece red power hydraulic doors on the web and figured try one on my own building.

694 I already sent in the other hydraulic and bi-fold doors form. would like to have a quote for a 40 ft x 18 ft hydraulic door that is insulated. We are looking for a unique hydraulic door - it is for a greenhouse, so we're looking for hydraulic greenhouse doors. If there is a more economical door size, would like to know that also. Have not yet purchased a greenhouse building. Priced both steel and wood for the greenhouse and have not decided yet. Which type greenhouse building is easier to install your hydraulic greenhouse doors in?

695 Could you give me a quote on the \"Zero Headroom\" 9'H x 24'W one-piece red power moving hydraulic Schweiss doors please? How long does it take for shipping to Hawaii?

696 I need a quote for a 79' wide x 20' tall large moving red power hydraulic door with a sill height 32' above finished floor for crane passage from a metal building endwall. The red power hydraulic door will require a remote control, (2) notches for crane beams to pass and an alternate price for Installation (crane rental provided by onsite contractor). The building will be located in Texas. Using IBC 2003 12/20-110 loads. Also, email and/or mail a hydraulic door installation manual with hydraulic door product brochure and red power information and your Schweiss Doors business card.

697 Retrofit my hangar with a Schweiss red power hydraulic door. Need large moving hydraulic doors for 40x40 pole building with standard wood trusses. Currently has a 9 foot truss height. I plan to raise the roof about a foot, or convert the trusses to a scissor type for more head room. Can you build a hydralic or bifold full width door with the top corners cut to allow for roof line overhang and still maximize opening?

698 Looking for (2) 25' wide x 13'-7\" high bi-fold doors for a greenhouse, end-wall mounted on existing metal building. Greenhouse hydraulic or bi-fold doors would be below building's gable frame. Need installed quote for one-piece hydro greenhouse doors ASAP.

699 What is the price of a large hydro powered hospital door 30 feet wide by 16 feet high? We're looking for a hydraulic hospital door that moves quickly and doesn't break down. A hospital emergency hydraulic door. 

700 I have a pole shed. 42 x 60. I need a large moving Schweiss patented bifold door with lift straps and latch straps on one end for an opening that is 20' 4\" by 16' 1\". I am interested in a quote of if you indeed sell into Canada. Do you use electric winch only or hand winch? I am also interested in an insulated one-piece red power large moving hydro powered hydraulic door. 

701 1st item: I have a large Schweiss Doors bi-fold door in our machine shop that we built years ago. We use hydraulics to operate the door. I am interested is changing it to electric. What would it cost for the motor assembly from you that I could adapt to our bi-folding door? The door is 40ft X 19ft (16ft ceiling) and is set up with a bottom drive. 2nd item: We are considering building a pole building and may go with a Schweiss Doors bifold door with auto latch straps and lift straps. Opening would be 40ft wide and 16 ft ceiling. What would the price be for a one-piece hydro powered red powered hydraulic door by Schweiss Doors? Thanks. 

702 building --14ft. tall by 27ft door opening for a huge laundromat. Interested in large quiet operating one-piece red power hydraulic laundromat door. Laundry mat Measurements may not be exact. Please give me a estimated price for a one-piece red power hydraulic door for this large laundry facility. 

703 We are a large Italian Company looking to build with a one-piece hydraulic red power motor Schweiss hydraulic door in our new condominium in Italy. See our site. We have a customer request for 6 large moving bi-fold and one-piece condo doors 14 x 8 metres. Wind resistance about 55 - 60 kgs/sqm. Can you please quote for the kits for Genova. Best regards.

704 I'm interested in getting a quote on 2 hydraulic One-piece doors. One reliable one-piece hydraulic door will be 20ft. wide x 14ft. tall. The red power motor hydro door other door is 12ft. x 12ft. I would like white hydraulic doors.

705 I am Metal building installer and have a Client building a 60X60 greenhouse Building and is looking for a 40' or 50' wide one-piece hydraulic greenhouse doors. The building is being looked at 16 eaves and 20 eaves. He is looking for the most hydraulic greenhouse doors by Schweiss Doors for his money can you help me with this. Thank You.

706 Dear sirs, I'm the architect on a hangar project. The building needs two large one-piece moving hydraulic red power motor doors of 65' wide and 18' high. Please send me a quote for these two one-piece red power hydraulic doors delivered at the airport in the Netherlands. Thank you.

707 1. I'm looking into building a 30'x50'x14' machine shed shop. What would be the tallest and widest bifold/hydraulic large moving commercial doors I could install in the 30' side? 2. Can you give me a quote on a custom built one-piece red power Schweiss hydraulic door also? 3. Are these red power hydraulic one-piece doors completely waterproof? I need waterproof one-piece hydraulic doors.

708 We are an engineering company based in Nigeria. We are in the process of establishing a maintenance hanger for light business jets and helicopters, and will be very grateful if you could send me more details on your maintenance hanger hydraulic doors, light business jet hydraulic doors, and helicopter hydraulic door products and pricing. I am sure you have something that will be suitable for our one-piece hydro powered red power hydraulic doors purpose/needs.Thank you and have a good day.

709 Good Morning, Do you ever sell your Schweiss hydro powered one-piece red power LEESON hydraulic doors in Canada? I have a customer looking for a 50' wide x 20' high one-piece red power hydraulic door for an aircraft hangar. Can you supply a budget price as soon as possible? Thanks.

710 I am looking for a new one-piece hydro powered hydraulic door to replace old sliding doors on a Roundtop building. The hydraulic door opening is 14' 6 1/4\" high and 20' 2 1/2 wide.

711 Looking for a one-piece red power hydraulic door to replace multiple wooden sliding doors in a garage operation. Large garage operation hydraulic door opening is 39\" wide x 15'5\" high.

712 Please provide preliminary design information for our engineering. We need large commercial hydraulic doors. Distance from top clear hgt to top of single hinge 36\"? Vert & Horiz Reactions @ hinge location? One-piece hydraulic door framing thickness projecting beyond column face. Note: 90MPH wind load required for this one-piece red power hydraulic door, Exp B. Ground Snow 90psf, Snow Exposure Factor .70, Roof Live Load adjusted to Elevation 600ft = 54psf Live Load. Spec sheets for one-piece hydraulic door parameters indicated. Thank You

713 We have a bifold door on order from your company, Schweiss Doors. We are doing a design build project for the bi-fold doors and my Architect is asking if you have a set of bifold door specifications he could obtain to place in his specifications manual. He would like to make his specifications, as they pertain to your bi-folding door unit. We are also working on stadium doors - do you offer one-piece hydraulic stadium doors and/or bi-fold stadium doors?  If you do, can you send them to him, in word, if possible? Please let me know what you are able to do.

714 Hi, Could you please send me via snail mail information regarding safe, strong, durable one-piece hydraulic doors. I am looking for a strong, safe and durable one-piece red power LEESON motor hydraulic door that will accommodate a plane with the wingspan of 68 ft and height of 18 ft. Thanks!

715 In addition to the custom one-piece hydraulic architecture doors below (3-58x20 clear) i also need 4-43x16 clear and all will deliver the one-piece red power hydraulic Schweiss Doors to same place at the same time. All large moving hydraulic doors need walk in doors in them as well.

716 I am interested in prices on your insulated one-piece hydraulic doors. 20'wide x 16' high. I am in the market for two one-piece thermal red power hydraulic doors by Schweiss Doors.

717 Dear Bifold Schweiss Doors, We are looking for fish Hatchery hydraulic doors. Have 3 open ended buildings covering fish raceways. We are interested closing in the south/west ends of two builds to provide additional bifold door shade for the fish. Each new fish hatchery hydraulic door or fish hatchery bifold door must have 2 to 3 man doors for aisle access. These man doors would be used most of the year. The fish hatchery bifold door would be lifted during disinfection and clean out periods (twice yearly). I can send pictures if needed.

718 Hi, I need to know if my one-piece hydro powered hydraulic door order is on track. These are Excavation company hydraulic doors. Also I need to know if you received my check for the affordable hydraulic door payment. Please call or E-mail to above address. Thanks

719 Hello, Can you give me and idea on a cost for each of your truly custom hydraulic doors, The opening is 7'-2\" tall and 8'-4\" wide, will this include hydraulic door shipping. We need really cool looking one-piece hydraulic doors. Thank You

720 Our client requests that two large (28' tall by 50' wide) one-piece hydraulic overhead doors are used instead of five smaller rolling doors that we have in our original door design. I was looking at your bi-fold doors and the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors and thought they might work. I have some hydraulic door drawings that I would like to send you to give a visual door representation with dimensions and I would also like to know if it would be possible to make a customized hydraulic door design without significantly changing the dimensions of our design. Thank you.

721 I am looking for three one-piece moving hydraulic doors by Schweiss Doors, all three doors have 18 feet clear opening width and one 9 ft high clear opening mounted in center of gable end wall of a 30 ft wide wood frame building. (What eave height is required to get a 9 foot high clear opening for the hydraulic one-piece door opening?)The other two one-piece hydraulic door openings are to be 10 ft high clear opening mounted in side wall of a 15 ft eave height by 56 feet long wood frame building. Space between hydraulic doors currently 2 feet (is this adequate for required hydraulic door framing?) Studs on building 2x6. External door material and door finish to be provided and installed on site. Assume plywood with sawn cedar shingles applied to the new one-piece hydraulic door. Hydraulic Doors to be insulated hydraulic doors.  Construction of building to begin approximately 1 May 2008. When does hydraulic door order need to be placed for an approximate 15 June delivery? Do you provide actual necessary door framing details or provide door loads so structure can be designed or??? 9 foot one-piece hydraulic door with remote control operator, 10 foot red power hydraulic Schweiss doors do not require hydraulic door remote control. Just give me your lowest hydraulic door price so I so not have to waste my time getting other quotes and fiddling with your match any price offer.

722 Last week you sent me a quote for a 25x18 bi-fold door and a one-piece hydraulic door. I wanted to make sure the hydraulic door was insulated, installed, steel installed on hydraulic door by your company, and that you had included a one-piece hydraulic door remote. I also wanted to add a row of hydraulic door windows along the hydraulic door.

723 Will be pouring concrete on our new greenhouse in late Jan. Greenhouse Building to be on site in 12 - 14 weeks. Need a one-piece red power Schweiss hydraulic door to install last. Need one-piece hydraulic greenhouse door prices delivered and one-piece red powered hydraulic moving greenhouse doors installed. Thanks.

724 need a quote on a one-piece hydraulic moving wall door with hydraulic door auto latch, hydraulic door remote, and hydraulic door strap lift. We are looking for extra hydraulic door security in our one-piece hydraulic door moving wall.

725 probable one-piece hydraulic door nursing home building going up 2009. Hope to install large moving nursing home hydraulic doors by Schweiss in 2008. If 12' sidewall what is the clearance of bi-fold or one-piece hydraulic nursing home door? App. cost 12x12 one-piece nursing home hydraulic door.

726 I am researching Schweiss bi-fold doors and Schweiss one-piece red power hydraulic doors for an interior hydraulic door application. I am working on a new science center for a high school; we are looking into one-piece hydraulic \"garage\" style doors that can be opened along interior walls between laboratory spaces for increased flexibility. Do you have any one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door images and red power hydraulic door information about interior applications of your bi-fold doors and your one-piece hydraulic doors by Schweiss Doors? Also, can the one-piece hydraulic high school interior doors be custom made high school moving wall hydraulic doors with glass and/or a translucent material? The one-piece hydraulic moving school door has a dimension of 9' x 9'. How much space is required in front of the hydraulic high school door to open it? Also, for this size of hydraulic one-piece high school door, what are the options for opening the high school hydraulic Schweiss door? Thanks.

727 Need a quote on a 25x16 AND a 25x18 Bi-Fold or hydraulic schweiss doors Insulated Installed By You Steel Installed By You Power Opener Wood Framed Opening. These hydraulic doors are for our local museum. We've seen custom Schweiss hydraulic doors before, so we want one-piece hydraulic museum doors.

728 I need a price on a 35x16 one-piece music studio garage hydraulic door, installed. Location is IL. It will be on an 18' tall customized steel building, on the sidewall. I also need to know hydraulic weights, for music studio garage design purposes. Any insulated hydraulic door for a music studio garage info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

729 I contacted your company by phone on Friday,December 21, 2007 and requested a quote on a bifold door or a timberframe shop hydraulic door.  I am following up with the timber frame shop hydraulic door specifications that we talked about. timber frame one-piece Schweiss hydraulic Door size - 12' high x 12' wide Wood frame building with 8 x 8 side posts 4 x 6 header Steel angle or C-channel will be applied to back of header and posts for additional support 3/4\" pine tongue and groove boards will be applied to outside and inside of timber frame one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door with 2\" of foam in between. This will require \"flanges\" on inside for nailers for some of the boards I think. Request a hydraulic door insulation and sealing kit to make the one-piece moving hydraulic door weather tight.

730 We have purchased one-piece red power Schweiss hydraulic doors before. Total of 12 hydraulic Schweiss doors. Each large moving hydraulic red power door was a 38 feet plus wide hydraulic door. I will be sending you the Schweiss hydraulic door specifications for six more LEESON red power one-piece hydraulic doors. The previous hydraulic doors used the cable for the lift. Now I see that you may have gone to the straps. Is that the standard now? Thank you and I will look forward to doing hydraulic door business with you in the future. 

731 Need a 135 mph wind load on this one new hydro power hydraulic door, with Florida Certification. Oh, and... They are buying the hydraulic door building shortly! We'll be ordering two one-piece hydraulic red power doors from Schweiss Doors, a 50x30 and this one-piece hydraulic door. Hooray!

732 We wish to replace sliding doors on a butler farmstead building 24x13 with that new, red power hydraulic Schweiss Door. We are looking for extra security in our hydraulic farmstead doors. Please provide one-piece hydraulic farmstead door information. 

733 We would like to look at the hydraulic door installation instructions for your one piece hydraulic door. We would also like to know about what kind of time is needed to install a 50' X 16' one-piece hydraulic door with matching custom siding. We have a customer in Utah that wants to do a siding matching hydraulic custom door. Thanks.

734 we are building 4 x hangers and require a price for your one piece hydralic doors. We are looking for the best priced hydraulic doors and the highest quality hydraulic doors - 14 metres X 4.5 metres each opening.

735 I need to consult with someone about my large moving one piece hydro hydraulic hangar door. I need at least a new hydraulic door winch to open the hydraulic door, or maybe even a new door/winch assy. Call me back about these one piece hydraulic door parts. 

736 Please send quote ASAP. Customer wants strap lift bifold door or a one-piece lasting hydraulic door with quality hydraulic door components. He may have received a direct hydraulic door quote from you but is now considering having us contract the hydraulic door project. Hydraulic door delivery would be probably May. Thanks.

737 I am interested in a bi-fold quonset door or a moving wall hydraulic quonset door for my quonset style building, which is approx. 14' high by 20'wide, with a high free standing header. Thanks.

738 Building has a existing schweiss bifold door, rough opening is 18', I need the new hydraulic hangar door with opening for the plane, its height is 16'8\"existing one-piece hydraulic door will not raise high enough.

739 need a quote on 12 each 65 x24 bifold doors with lift straps and one-piece moving hydraulic doors. Project is a design-build television studio and radio station in Alaska, so we need insulated television and radio hydraulic doors for this new studio. There are 3 inch insulated panels for the studio building skin, 2.75#'s per square foot. IBC 2006 Essential Facility 100 C wind 65# ground snow Ss 150 S1 55 call if you have questions.

740 I'm working on a fast track showroom project in Chicago. So we want some really unique, custom built showroom doors. We have a large storefront area that we'd like to completely open up with a cool moving storefront hydraulic wall, and it seems that Schweiss hydraulic Doors might do the trick. We have a 140' hydraulic showroom span, but it could be broken up into multiple one-piece moving hydraulic door walls if necessary. Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss. Thank you.

741 I would Like a quote on 10@ 65x18 bi-fold doors and 20 large, moving hydraulic, all with a man doors in the center of it. We need strong, sturdy, reliable hydraulic jail doors. This jail hydraulic door project is in AL. I need hydraulic door specs on each one-piece hydraulic door for our jail engineer of the jail building and hydraulic door delivery time to the jail.

742 I need to get an architectural spec for a 70 x 20 strap lift electric bi-fold door and a 60 x 20 one-piece red power hydraulic door for an aircraft hangar.

743 Hi Could you please cost for a large moving hydraulic castle door for a existing stone castle opening 14.9mtrs x 3.8mtrs clear opening. Large moving castle wall hydraulic doors to be shipped to a small castle in France. Regards.

744 I am looking to put a opening and close hydraulic door in my grocery shop that serves as a large, rotating grocery store wall, so I can reach groceries for my customers. I believe the grocery store hydraulic door wall opening is 24'w X 14'h. just trying to get some ideas on what to do for this unique grocery store hydraulic moving wall setup. I am trying to estimate the hydraulic grocery store wall cost and would like a rough estimate on a hyd door and a bifold.

745 I am looking for excellent one-piece hydraulic doors to be mounted on the front/rear of Hoop Buildings, or if hydraulic one-piece hoop building doors are possible with your hydraulic doors.

746 I would like to get a hydraulic movie theater door quote with the following dimensions. Movie theater hydraulic Door Clear Movie theater hydraulic Opening Height: 12-6. Measured Movie theater hydraulic Door Frame Height: 13-5. Movie theater hydraulic Door Panel Height for Skin: Top 7-1/2, Bottom 6-8 1/2. Movie theater hydraulic door Building and Movie theater hydraulic Door Clear Opening Width: 46-0. Movie theater hydraulic Measured Door Frame: 46-8. Movie theater hydraulic door Clearance Required: 46-10. Please e-mail the Movie theater hydraulic door quote as soon as possible. Thank You.

747 Hi: I need a quote for a possible one-piece hydro red power hydraulic door or bifolding door with the lift straps customer in Iowa. 2 - 24x16 Bi-fold door or hydro doors. Need hydraulic door Installed, hydraulic door Power Opener, hydraulic door Steel Installed On hydraulic one-piece Door, Your door Crew Doing Everything, Wood Framed one-piece hydraulic Door.

748 Your hydraulic door web site is very good. Is it possible if you can send us your one-piece hydraulic door product catalogs for us to specify in case we need such type of one-piece hydraulic red power doors in any of our resort projects. Tell us about your experiences installing one-piece hydraulic resort doors. We are looking for hydro power resort doors.

749  I'm building a custom home out in the desert and i was going to use a traditional glass roll up garage door, but now I'm thinking of a bi-fold or Schweiss one piece hydraulic desert door? . . . the hydraulic desert door opening is12' wide and 8'tall, . . . can you please give me an idea of a one-piece hydraulic desert door price and a hydraulic door installation timeline?

750 Can I please get a quote for a one-piece hydraulic door with an opening of 42'6\" x 16' high? These will be innovative new grocery store hydraulic doors. Side grocery store hydraulic door openings and header are concrete construction. Thanks. We are looking for very impressive custom made moving wall hydraulic grocery store hydraulic doors.

751 Hi, I would like a \"rough\" one-piece hydraulic door price quote for a bi-fold or one-piece hydraulic hangar door approximately 40' x 16'. The hydro red power door will be installed on a wood framed garage. So we need a wood framed garage hydraulic door. Please include the door price of a hydraulic door remote entry system as well. Thank you.

752 We are looking for large hydraulic circus doors to keep the elephants in. Have you ever made a custom one-piece hydraulic circus building door before? We are looking for a strong, reliable hydraulic one-piece circus door. If you have a one-piece hydraulic door remote opener option I would like a price on that too.

753 We are building a new creative design studio and we're looking for one-piece hydro powered hydraulic design studio doors. need price on glass one-piece hydraulic doors for this design studio. Can you make custom glass one-piece hydraulic design studio doors?

754 hello- we recently installed an open sided machinery building. we would like to put open sided one-piece hydraulic doors on the side that is open. there are four hydraulic door openings on the east side of the building. the hydraulic door openings are 20' wide and 15' high. would it be possible to put a one piece red power hydraulic or bi fold door with lift straps on this as large moving shed doors? we are just kind of inquiring about bifold and hydraulic door pricing at this point between folding and roll up doors. thanks alot for you time. you can get back to me at any time. thanks

755 46' x 16' opening 120 MPH wind load hydraulic one-piece door. Special conditions this is a swimming pool one-piece hydraulic door. The one-piece hydraulic door will stay open all summer season and closed all winter. The seasonal hydraulic door must operate smoothly and safely.- call me Need to see detail as to how your Schweiss hydraulic door attached to what kind of seasonal swimming pool hydraulic door structure

756 Do you have a one-piece hydraulic closer for a sliding hydraulic door for domestic building to satisfy swimming pool safety requirements?We're looking to have a one-piece hydraulic swimming pool cover. So it will be a moving floor hydraulic swimming pool cover.

757 i would also like a door quote from Schweiss Doors on a 30x16 bifold or one-piece hydro red power door for the other end of doctor's office building, and also a bifold door or one-piece hydraulic doctor's office door for an existing 51' steel doctor's office building 24x14 and i may need a header for this doctor's office hydraulic one-piece door as well so price that as well thank-you

758 i am building a RV storage facility with enclosed space. Looking for RV storage facility hydraulic doors. Size of RV storage facility building is 90 feet deep and 292 feet wide. Looking for hydraulic RV doors.

759 Looking to get some pricing on a 42'x 14' bifold or hydraulic door for a recreational center. I am looking for durable rec center hydraulic doors. We are building a parks and recreation summer building and we would like a large moving hydraulic rec center door to let the fresh air in the building in the summertime. Thank you

760 We are interested in using your one-piece red power hydraulic door product for a high end condominium hydraulic door project in Los Angeles. Your one-piece hydraulic condo door product would have to meet the appropriate condominium door regulations for infilitration, etc. Can you get us a one-piece red power condominium hydraulic door? Please have a one-piece hydraulic door sales representative call me when you have had a chance to review this. Thank you.

761 I have been looking at your web sight and I like your bi-fold door with a walk in door in it, and the strap lift and one-piece hydro powered hydraulic Schweiss doors. I want to replace the old sliding doors on my workshop with one-piece hydraulic workshop doors from Schweiss Doors. The one-piece hydro powered workshop door is on the south end of my workshop building and we have no wind break so I want a one-piece hydraulic workshop door that can stand up to our strong Ks. winds. My workshop building is a wood framed workshop and is covered with coragated galvanized tin. Can we get a matching wood framed hydraulic door covered in tin? The one-piece red power hydraulic door is approximately 21 foot wide and 13'6\" tall. I would like for you to tell me approximately what it would cost to replace my existing old large moving door.

762 We are in the process of designing a building for a customer who will be using Schweiss Hydraulic Door that is 40'-0 x 16'-0. Engineering needs some info on this one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door and how our columns are to be set up so it works with the framed hydraulic door opening. Could you please either fax, mail or e-mail me the specs for this one-piece red power hydraulic door so we can get the one-piece hydraulic door engineered correctly. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

763 PLease rpovide qoute for 48' x 16' one-piece hydraulic door for an indoor playground application. I am looking for one-piece hydraulic playground doors. Do you make custom built playground hydraulic doors? Thank you.

764 I need more info on your one-piece hydraulic door product for a large indoor parking facility downtown. Can I purchase and install the one-piece hydraulic parking garage doors myself? Do you deliver to the one-piece custom hydraulic parking garage doors California?

765 I am interested in a hydraulic door application utilizing your one-piece hydraulic doors as a one-piece hydraulic door roof piece that could open to the outside. I would like to better understand one-piece hydraulic door waterproofing details to know if the hydro powered doors could be transferred to a hydraulic door roof design.A hydraulic door roof would look really cool.

766 We anticipate constructing an addition to our museum, so we need one-piece hydraulic museum doors. Specifically, we will need a non electric one-piece hydraulic museum hangar door 100' x 33' with a tail door. We would appreciate talking to one of your representatives about this one-piece hydraulic museum door. I work on Tues - Thur only. Thanks!

767 We are looking a high quality sliding bi folding door  or a one-piece hydro powered hydraulic Schweiss door for our new movie theater. Can we get one-piece hydraulic movie theater doors, electrically operated by remote system? These one-piece hydraulic movie theater doors will be made of wood or steel with powder coated finish for multipurpose movie theater hall hydraulic doors. clear opening width is 16.80 mtr and opening height is 7.00 mtr. We would prefer to have quote with hydraulic door technical details, hydraulic door brochures etc.

768 Hello, We are building a 42x60 concert hall and would like a quote on a bi-fold concert hall door or a one-piece hydraulic concert hall door. We would like a 40' wide and 16' high bi-fold or hydraulic concert hall door with a 14' opening, lift straps and latch straps, 220 volt single phase, electric motor, and autolatch. We will be insulating the one-piece hydraulic concert hall door and lining the one-piece hydraulic concert hall door with metal panels. We need a price quote for this one-piece hydraulic concert hall door. I need to know if you provide the hydraulic door insulation, one-piece hydro door exterior metal panels and the hydraulic door interior panels, or if we get this from the concert hall hydraulic door building company. Thank you.

769 Need two free-standing bi-fold hospital doors 38'w x 16'h (14' clearance) and one hydraulic one-piece hospital door, same size.  Shipment for the one-piece hydraulic hospital doors must be included. Thanks.

770 We are the main contractor for the above project in Dubai and have a requirement for 17 Bi-Folding or one-piece hydraulic hospital doors, approx opening size 5m high by 6.115m wide. There is a requirement for an emergency pass hydraulic hospital door(2.3m x 1.37m)opening outwards in the middle of each one-piece hydraulic door. Can you provide such a bi-folding door or a one-piece hydraulic hospital door with an emergency fire activated hydraulic hospital door, which needs to be flush with the floor so there is no trip hazard and can be fixed securely in the door frame without hydraulic door flexing or hydraulic door swinging open when the large moving hospital door is opened.

771 This is a 60 x 40 hydraulic one-piece door for a wood frame shed with a dirt floor. The post are a 2x10 with a 2x8 on both sides(laminated). Do you make a wood frame hydraulic door at Schweiss Doors?

772 Job: Looking for one-piece hydraulic reliable Hospital doors. I'll fax you the hydraulic hospital door information I have. It's not much. We're looking for a very specific one-piece hydraulic hospital entrance door. It's a hospital, so the one-piece hydraulic hospital door must open and close FAST. Thanks.

773 just need some idea of price on a hydraulic door side door for pole shed. So looking for hydraulic one-piece pole barn doors. 

774 We're wondering if we can get interactive hydraulic door photos of the one-piece red power hydraulic door we're installing in Wyoming. please send us any and all one-piece hydraulic door images that may help us with this hydraulic door install in PDF format. Thanks.

775 I placed an order via fax for a hydraulic Schweiss  door. I need to know the status of this order and the amount that is due. I need the doors as soon as possible. I can send you a check or give you a credit card number, whatever works best for you, but I need this door for a client ASAP. I need to know when we can pick the door up, as I need to make travel arrangements as well. Please contact me via phone. I will be expecting your call. Steve

776 We are currently working on a new elementary school and are interested in specifying a glazed Schweiss hydraulic door or Schweiss Bi-fold door in one wall of the school gymnasium. Can you do elementary school hydraulic doors? What about one-piece gymnasium hydraulic doors? Please send a complete hydraulic doors architectural catalog to my attention at the above address. We will be needing to write one-piece hydraulic door specifications and detail the installation of this one-piece red power hydraulic door. Thanks.

777 I am in the planning stages of building a large manufacturing shop building starting next spring/summer looking at a one-piece hydraulic manufacturing company door at 20-22'X40'. You can just email a rough one-piece hydraulic door quote at this time. Thanks.

778 Need pricing for a 22 X9 garage bifold or one-piece hydraulic door for a haunted house. Have you ever installed carnival hydraulic doors. We need to pick up and move a lot, so the one-piece hydraulic doors for this carnival haunted house must be reliable and lasting with no chance of hydraulic door failure. Please contact me about one-piece hydraulic haunted house carnival doors by Schweiss Doors.

779 Please send me a Hard copy of \"Hydraulic Doors\" Opening Comparisons. I am looking for a one-piece hydraulic door for a hospital we're working on. Do you do hospital hydraulic doors? We need a company experienced with one-piece hospital hydraulic doors.

780 I was looking on your site at the one-piece red power hydraulic door pictures and was wondering if you had any hydraulic door pictures of the hydraulic red power motor doors on a smaller scale. My job would require a 12'-0\" x 13'-0\" tree house door and I will also have (2) 8'-0\" x 12'-0\" one-piece hydraulic tree house doors. Do you have any treehouse hydraulic door pictures close to those sizes that I can show my client? Or even any one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door pictures that are not being used on an airplane hangar. Thank You

781 I need a quote on a 18-4 x 8-2 bifold or one-piece hydraulic delivery back door for a strip mall application just like the one in your designer hydraulic door section of the web page. We are a garage door company in Arizona and will handle the hydraulic delivery back door installation ourselves for the strip mall. We have a commercial large moving door department and have installed one-piece hydraulic hangar doors before. Please call me ASAP for hydraulic door questions because I need to give my contractor a quote ASAP. 

782 We are getting ready to build an 80 x 80 hangar. We are looking at putting a 60 x 18 bi fold door with the lift straps or one-piece red power LEESON motor Schweiss hydraulic door. The one-piece hydraulic door will have 4 windows right in the hydraulic walk through door...This hydraulic door will be 2 tones (bottom 36\" will be a different hydraulic door color...

783 I am preparing a budget for a large addition to the building that houses our local museum. Will be built next spring and need prices on 2-lift strap bi-fold doors or one-piece hydraulic doors for museum openings of 18'tallx30'wide. I think your designer one-piece hydraulics would look great for our museum addition hydraulic doors. thanks

784 Helping a friend purchase a one-piece hydraulic showroom door. Need a hydraulic showroom door bid from you. Hydraulic one-piece showroom door opening is about 45' X 18' but need to measure more closely (later today). Hydraulic door End opening is triple trussed and spaced w/2X6. May need additional bracing for this one-piece hydraulic red power showroom door. Auto latch, emerg stops, straps (not cables) & wind pin/s.

785 I need a special one-piece hydraulic Door with Siding Cold Weather Kit and hydraulic door Self Installation Kit. This is a one-piece hydraulic door for a nursing home facility. Do you make nursing home hydraulic doors? They must be hydraulic doors that open smoothly and quickly in case of a nursing home emergency.

786 I am building my own large moving doors, but I've heard that Schweiss Doors are the best one-piece hydraulic and bi-folding doors for my pole barn. It's basically a one-piece hydraulic door retrofit, but I think I can do my own hydraulic door installation with the right one-piece hydraulic door guidelines from Schweiss Doors. Do you sell any individual hydraulic door accessories? What about door rollers or door hinges?

787 Do you have any examples of your horizontally hinged bi-fold doors installed on a fire station? What about one-piece hydraulic fire station doors? We have thought about vertically hinged bi-fold or a one-piece hydraulic door for our fire station and came across Schweiss hydraulic and bi-fold doors and would like more door info. Obviously, we are looking for the best large moving one-piece hydraulics or bi-folding firestation doors we can get.

788 Please price out a 20x14 and a 30x14 one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door for our new brewery. We know Schweiss Doors builds and designs unique hydraulic doors, so everyone said to go to Schweiss Doors for the one-piece hydraulic brewery doors we're going to need soon. Thank you.

789 We would like a price for the following Bi-Fold doors or one-piece hydro powered hydraulic doors. Price with hydraulic door installed and not installed. Job is in NY 10- 20' x 20' 12- 25' x 20'. These are doors for a county fair building. Looking for lasting county fair building hydraulic doors.

790 I would like to request a quote for a 16x64 warehouse hydraulic one-piece Schweiss door. If possible please give me a warehouse hydraulic door quote for both your bi fold door and hydraulic doors along with the cost for any additional one-piece hydraulic warehouse door materials and hydraulic warehouse door estimates for installation. We currently have a steel warehouse with no hydraulic door and would like to maximize the headroom for installing a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door in our warehouse.

791 I need a price on a 42' bifold aluminum door and a one-piece hydraulic aluminum door. I'm building a wood framed hanger with 18' ceilings for this one-piece hydraulic aluminum door. I'll also need one-piece aluminum hydraulic door freight pricing to Alaska.

792 If I build my own hydraulic or bi-fold doors will you sell the lift strap assembly, or the hydraulic lift assembly, by them selves? If you would, what would the price be for either one of the bi-fold or hydraulic door assembly for a 16'high x 30' wide hydraulic or bi-folding door? single phase and three phase. Thank You.

793 please price hydrolic double swing door openers system, each one-piece hydraulic door 17' wide x 15' tall. Need a reliable hydraulic door opening system. 

794 I have an existing barn that I am converting to a hanger on my property. Going to need to refurbish the one-piece hydraulic door to fit the new structure. I have hydraulic barn doors and hangar hydraulic doors from Schweiss, so I trust Schweiss can build this custom fit one-piece hydraulic door.

795 Please quote 1 each 30'x14' insulated hydraulic door motor operated. I need an insulated, sound proof one-piece hydraulic door that is also a motorized hydraulic door.

796 Want a quote on a 14'x45' bifold or 14'x45' one-piece hydraulic door. Also does the fast opening one-piece hydraulic door cost much more? Last, how much for a hydraulic type door and any hydraulic door recommendations from Schweiss Doors. Thanks.

797 We need to replace a sliding door on a old post and beam warehouse with metal siding. Do you have an installer in this area? We'd like a post and beam warehouse hydraulic door to replace it. Also, we want to match the warehouse siding, so the new hydraulic door will need custom siding.

798 We are inquiring on a bifold door or a one-piece hydraulic door for an opening of 40' X 14' on a new stadium. What sort of stadium hydraulic one-piece door price we are looking at and the hydraulic one-piece door delivery time to the stadium. Thanks Service Manager

799 I'm pricing a one-piece hydraulic stable door 40 to 45 feet in width, 12 feet high. Need the one-piece hydraulic stable door siding to match the stable siding, so Schweiss hydraulic one-piece stable door must be a custom designed and custom manufactured hydraulic door.

800 I have previously received quotes for Schweiss bi-fold doors with lift straps, but door height restrictions and economics have led me to have to consider a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door instead. Please quote for the one-piece hydraulic door suitable for 240 v with freight to New Zealand. Door size is 15 m by 3.4 m

801 hi, we are designing a shipping container for a mobile base camp with our adventure tour company that requires the complete side of the container to lift up as a one-piece hydraulic door and act as an awning at the same time, we came across your website and thought you could help us with this mobile shipping container hydraulic door. the shipping container base camp side wall from the 20ft container would weigh approx 1 tonne with some overkill. our ideal situation would be to use a 12v dc hydraulic pump with the lift cylinders as it will not be near a door power source, but if we need to run a small gas powered hydraulic pump, or use a generator to power the lift we will. we will be fabricating most things in our workshop but need the hydraulic componentry. could you please send me some hydraulic door brochures and hydraulic door prices of components required. Hydraulic hoses can be made up locally.

802 Please send me a quote on the one-piece hydraulic door listed below. This will be a showroom building hydraulic door. The showroom building is 50ft x 110ft. The clear span for the one-piece hydraulic showroom door is 15.5 ft x 24 ft. We would like to set the hydraulic one-piece showroom door on a one foot concrete wall to make the hydraulic showroom door 16.5 ft tall.

803 Would like a price quote on a one piece hydraulic lift door. Shopping center building construction to start soon & we need this one-piece hydraulic door for the shopping center loading dock. One-piece hydraulic loading dock door is to be 48 feet by 13 feet. Shopping center loading dock hydraulic door job site will be in S.D. Wooden structure shopping center building construction. Please contact ASAP, Thanks Again.

804 Hi,I would like to know the material of the one-piece hydraulic Schweiss doors, with hydraulic door insulation and how much space does the hydraulic assembly take on the sides or how low do they have to be since I come out of my porch and go out to the sides, I also would like to know the price on a one-piece custom style hydraulic door that is 18ft wide by 94 inches high. I appreciate your attention and hope to hear from you soon Thank you.

805 I received pricing on the following in June 2005 for a 30'x 14' bifold door with patented lift straps by Schweiss Doors for a gymnasium I was looking to build. I need up-to-date gymnasium bi-fold door with lift straps pricing on this same size of gymnasium door. Also I'd like door pricing for a 30'x 12' one-piece hydraulic door for an indoor gymnasium complex. Thank you for your help with my gymnasium hydraulic one-piece door project. You may e-mail, fax or call my cell number with one-piece hydraulic door pricing for this gym door or if you have any questions.Rough gymnasium one-piece hydraulic door Opening Size Is 30' x 12'. Thank you for your help.

806 Hi - I believe over a year ago I asked this same question, but have misplaced your one-piece hydraulic door quote. I am looking to specify a bifold door or one-piece hydraulic door for a new construction cabana at my own house - it is a small cabana building that has approximately 13' ceilings. I am wondering what it would cost and what would be involved in installing a 24' w x 12' h cabana bifold door or cabana hydraulic door along the face of the cabana building, and secondly - if the height of such one-piece hydraulic door would allow for a pilot/man door to work, or whether it would be disrupted by the hinge. Does a shorter or taller one-piece hydraulic cabana door height change the door price significantly? Also, I seem to remember that the hydraulic door price only included the framing, but that we'd have to skin the one-piece hydraulic door on our own. Can you clarify & provide a rough hydraulic cabana door quote based on this? Thanks!

807 I would like to get a quote for a bi-fold door or a one-piece hydraulic door for a 16' H x 31' W opening on my new bomb shelter. I would prefer a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic bomb shelter door because I know this hydraulic door will seal safely and securely.

808 would like a quote on a 46ft X 14ft one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door including freight. No hydraulic door skin or one-piece hydraulic door insulation. Looking for a simple and plain hydraulic door. Thanks

809 I also submitted a request for a 20x20 one-piece hydraulic door for the same location a moment ago. Hydraulic Doors must be wind coded and insulated. I am looking for a Schweiss Bi-Fold or hydraulic type door; I don't think I specified that in the other door quote request.

810 I build pole barns and I have had two inquiries about bi-fold doors and one-piece hydraulic Schweiss doors both for farm use. I worked for a construction company that installed several of your hydraulic doors and bifold doors, so I am somewhat familiar with high-quality Schweiss Doors. I have never done a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door start to finish, but have worked on large Schweiss doors on several different stages. I am interested on a quote on a 24' bifolding door and 16' hydraulic on-piece door both 14'tall. Thank you for your time.

811 I need a price for one 30' wide by 18' high Schweiss bifolding door with lift straps and another one-piece hydraulic door with auto latch delivered and installed to Texas.

812 Please provide price quote for 16 x 30 bi-fold and one-piece single Schweiss hydraulic door. Please provide price quote for 16x 26 bi-fold door and single door with hydraulics by Schweiss.

813 Schweiss sales people are very knowledgeable about hydraulic doors and bi fold door replacement. Thanks to Schweiss Doors.

814 I am bidding a municipal Community Events Center that has an 18'-0\" X 12'-6\" hydraulic glass hanger door and a 20'-0\" x 12'-6\" bi-fold glass hanger door called out. Can you connect me with a Schweiss Doors salesperson/distributor/installer for these glass door quotes. The project in WA.

815 Please furnish a price for a Schweiss Hydraulic Door, aprrox. 54'x10' delivered to my address, including any hydraulic door shipping costs involved. Provide a listing of any hydraulic door options you offer with the costs for them. Assume that I will be installing this hydraulic one-piece door myself, but if possible furnish a cost to provide a hydraulic door installation price. An e-mail response would be most appreciated Thank You very Much,

816 Hello. I recently sent a bid to you for a bi-fold door with Schweiss patented lift straps and a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door. I need to know if you have some kinds of details showing stub-door connections, etc. Please contact me, and let me know who I should contact as soon as you can.

817 Hi, I am a finish carpenter and i was wondering if you had any promotional tshirts for your company? I'm always ready to promote a superior product such as you Schweiss bifold and hydraulic Red Power doors.  Thanks, Rick

818 We are looking to install the bi-fold style doors or hydraulic style doors on a residential project. The construction type is currently CMU and Concrete walls and a steel beam header at the doors with LVL's wood joists for the roof. The desired clear door openings are 8'-0\"w x 7'-4\"h. I am looking for bi-fold style doors or hydraulic style doors drawings to drop in to my base drawings as well as some general door information. I would like to have an aluminum framed door with glass infill panels and would like to attached cedar board over the glass in certain areas.

819 I spoke w/ Julie about getting a quote for three large moving one-piece hydraulic garage doors: 8' wide by 7'6\" high.  She got the hydraulic and bifold door quote that same day Thank you.

820 I need a quote for 2 doors (one bi-fold door and one one-piece hydraulic door) with operators. 1- 30' x 18' 1- 24' x 18' These large Schweiss doors need to be delivered to MT.

821 Looking for a designer hydraulic door by Schweiss Doors. Would like windows in top half of hydraulic door. (8) 2'x2', in banks of two.

822 I would like to price a bifold/lift strap door or a hydraulic one-piece door for a building with an opening of: 20'6\" width 12'8.5\" height We would like 2 remote control openers for this bifold or hydraulic Schweiss door. We would also like to know the cost of door installation if we would have you install it. Thanks.

823 We are looking to use this product on a small artists studio. the small artists studio hydraulic door would be 9'W x 10'H. We would also like to customize the hydraulic door panels is this possible? Thanks!

824 i need a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic or bi-fold door for TX. 50' wide by 14' tall 220-1hp strap lift. 110 mph wind rating thanks. by the way looks like we will get the airport ya'll quoted Schweiss hydraulic doors for me.

825 Please mail out catalogs that I can offer our door-seeking customers when selling hangars or other buildings requiring larger moving hydraulic doors or bifold doors. I could sell more of your one-piece hydraulic and bi folding doors that way. I need prices and hinge locations for two bi=fold doors and two hydraulic doors. An 80'x 16' clear, as listed below and a 60'x 16' clear shipping to the same location. Both doors should have alternates for lift straps, auto latch and remotes. Please fax to our office ASAP. Thank You.

826 I would like a price on a 12x36 bifold door or one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door. Top/bottom drive differences, lift strap additional cost, and door freight to Maine. I am still undecided about the building type, we will need Schweiss bifold or hydraulic doors for either wood or a steel building. Thanks

827 Dear Sir, We are interested in your bi-fold doors or hydraulic one-piece doors for our timber dryers which we manufacture. We are also interested in marketing Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors and Schweiss bi-folding doors with lift straps in our area. Kindly refer to our website. Kindly send us your Schweiss Doors brochures and prices. Regards !

828 Hi, Is it possible to gave me price on a 15meter X 4meter high one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door and hydraulic door shipping please Regards.

829 Would like to know if Schweiss custom designs  bifold doors or custom builds one-piece hydraulic doors that open side to side instead of top to bottom. Please call me. Thank you

830 Please note the two email addresses. I need a quote on a Schweiss bifold door with lift and latch straps. The clear opening is 46'X 12'. I'm not sure what the dimension is to top of hinge but assume 12\" for quote. New construction. Bifold or hydraulic door should be top and bottom rubber. Bifold door Strap lift. Manual latch, single lever. Please include a door shipping estimate for delivery to Alaska. I have not purchased the building yet. Your quoted will be a determining factor and like all your customers...I'm's urgent. Thank you.

831 I have a contractor that is building a community of about 100 buildings that will need by fold or one-piece hydraulic doors from Schweiss. He wants a local company to install the doors. I need some info on what is required to install the bifold or hydraulic Schweiss doors. He's also needing a door price on one unit asap. Its a 50x15 door.

832 Hello, I browsed your bifold and hydraulic door website it was so interesting, and I liked all the information about technical data and price lists of your bifold and hydraulic Schweiss Doors products. thank you for your consideration.

833 Please respond by email. I am away from the phone during most business hours. I need a rough quote on a 40'Wx20'H hydraulic Schweiss one-piece door. Just trying to decide if I can afford to put that big of a door opening in a new building we are pricing.

834 The door opening we desire is 15 feet high (clear height) by 40 feet wide (clear). We also need the one-piece hydraulic door to be automatic (remotely controlled). Could you also quote a price for large one-piece hydraulic door installation by your people.

835 Need quote for 5 Over head one-piece hydraulic or bifolding Schweiss doors 18'x 25' I will appreciate if you can expedite this door inquiry for me as we need to buy the bi-fold or hydraulic Schweiss door by next week. Thanks.

836 I would like for you to send me info on a Schweiss BIFOLD garage door or one-piece hydraulic door with opening of 13.6 feet high and 25 feet wide. I also need specs for a builder. Do you have Schweiss Doors people in the area that install such large moving hydraulic doors? I appreciate your help with this door info and look forward hearing from you.

837 We want to retrofit our door with a remote operator to one of our hangar doors. We have bi-fold doors but we are also considering remote operated one-piece hydraulic doors by Schweiss Doors. Can Schweiss Doors do this?

838 Please send Schweiss Doors hydraulic doors and bi-fold doors catalog to the above address asap. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

839 Please quote a price for: An insulated bi-fold door or an insulated hydraulic door. Door size to be such that the opening after the hydraulic or bi-fold door is raised is 18' x 50'. also include the door motor and complete lift lower mechanism. Please communicate by email not the telephone.

840 I am interested in the automatic one-piece hydraulic door closing system. How much is the hydraulic door closing system and how much is the hydraulic door wireless opener system? The one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door i have is 38' W 14' door height 12' actual opening. the hydraulic door was ordered 8-6-1999.

841 I have 2 openings between large showroom spaces that need to be closed off for large parties and other events. each hydraulic door opening is approx 10' wide and 10' high. I was thinking of some type of Schweiss one-piece hydraulic garage door to split the room.

842 Requesting hydraulic door supply only. If you supply the hydraulic door framing and hydraulic door mechanisms we can install our own cladding. Previous correspondence was for a 40 foot by 14 foot one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door. Could you also price out a 30 by 14 clear opening and a 35 by 14 clear opening? Thank you.

843 Hi, 1st Is there any advantage between a bottom vs. top drive on the bi-fold door by Schweiss Doors. 2nd Relative price difference between a one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door vs. bi-fold Schweiss door of equal size. 3rd What is turn-around time from door order to door deliver?

844 NEED PROPOSAL FOR ONE hydraulic Schweiss DOOR, one-piece-- /- 63' WIDE X 20' HIGH

845 I am constructing a 40'x60' building and wanting to put a bifold door or a one-peice hydraulic door on the narrow side of 40'. I would like to know about rough door openings and hydraulic door height requirements. Schweiss hydraulic doors are custom made to openings; Schweiss hydraulic doors come in any size. I would like to have a one-piece hydraulic door up to 32' wide. Any door dimensions that would be important a new construction would be very helpful. Building will have 12\" foundation with wood walls and brick veneer and concrete floor - the one-piece hydraulic door must match building. Please advise thank you.

846 Hello, I'm interested in a quote for a bi-fold (or one-piece hydraulic aluminum or steel) door to fill a 30' x 9' opening. I'm just starting to get the quotes now and will be building within the next 6 months. Final one-piece hydraulic door installation will be in NC Thank You,

847 I am designing a structure that needs movable walls,and I think your one-piece hydraulic hydro power Schweiss doors doors can do the job if you could give me more tech info on the hydraulic doors as movable walls. The hydraulic door opening is 18'w x 8'h and the door opening is in concrete, col. & beams 16\"deep, the hydraulic door mounting should be flush. 1.Is the depth 16\"enough to support the hydraulic door mechanism and still have space for the single panel door to remain flush? 2.When closed is the hydro powered door designed to resist Hurricane strength winds? 3.Is the one-piece hydraulic door door vandal proof ? 4.does the Schweiss hydraulic door provide weather protection under normal conditions , No leaks etc.? 5.Can the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door act as a temporary roof in locked position, for how long ? What do you recommend for insulation and interior finish for the one-piece hydraulic door to have a wall look when closed? Thanks for your attention to this door matter . Each structure will have 3 Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors, and this is going to be a hydraulic door prototype to be repeated, if the price is right.

848 We are looking for a large Bi-Fold door or one-piece Schweiss hydraulic doors that will be clad in \"Board and Batten\" Hardwood. At this point we would first like to know if \"Board and Batten\" Hardwood clad hydraulic doors are possible, and if so, could we have some general hydraulic door dimensions and door specifications to include in our document package. Thank you for you help.

849 I previously requested a quote for (2) 125'-0\" wide X 28'-0\" high Schweiss hydraulic doors. I received that hydraulic door quote today, thank you. For comparison, I would also like to price (4) one-piece moving hydraulic doors at 62'-6\" (or 62'if you only do whole feet) X 28'-0\" high. Thank you.

850 We are interested in using a bifold door with lift straps or the quiet, powerful hydraulic door in our existing building. The hydraulic door opening will be 28' wide and 27' tall. We would like more hydraulic door info and a quote. Thank you

851 I just build a 40 x 40 building open one side at least that is how it started. The side that is open has post in the center. Can I use a Schweiss hydraulic door in this application. I have a 18\" x 40' micro lam on each side of the post supporting that open side. This is an load bearing side wall this trusses 4' on center resting on them with a 3' over hang. Only allowing 5 1/4\" of the micro lam left to fasten to. Let me know if you can help with this custom hydraulic door project.

852 I would like to request information regarding your bi-fold doors and one-piece moving hydraulic flip up doors. Hydraulic door product brochure and great hydraulic door project pictures would be useful. In particular, information about maximum one-piece hydraulic door width (website states 130'). Can moving hydraulic Schweiss doors be made to any width, under 130'? What is the minimum hydraulic door width? Hydraulic door electrical and structural requirements? Schweiss Doors warranty information? Please forward any hydraulic door information needed for an architectural installation (i.e., example CAD details, etc.). Thank you in advance.

853 I'm interested in obtaining information on glass vertical bifold doors or glass vertical hydraulic doors for a retail storefront application.

854 Need a one-piece hydro power hydraulic door for a building is concrete block with significant rebar and all voids filled with concrete. Hydraulic door needs to be custom built to meet 140 mph building code. End wall columns are 26\" x 16\" with 8 #5 bars vertically in the block. A W14 x 68 wide flange beam sits on, and is bolted to the columns. Building is under construction and should be ready for a one-piece hydro power hydraulic door soon.

855 I bought a bifold door from you a couple years ago. I was wondering what kind of prices you get for bifold door automatic door latches and bifold door remote door opener. Also interested in a new one-piece hydraulic door with remote opener. Thanks

856 I am planning my hangar now and intend to send the drawings to the metal building manufacturer in late November. I had originally intended to use other Doors, but have since changed my mind to bifold doors or the new one-piece hydraulic doors by Schweiss. My dream door is an aluminum bi-folding door with straps. I am considering an opening of 56 feet with a 14 foot overhead unless you have other recommendations on a more standard size one-piece hydraulic or bi-folding door for a 60 x 60 hangar. Can you please forward some Schweiss Doors recommendations and approximate cost for a hydro power hydraulic door or bi-folding door with lift straps fitting this application? Thanks! .

857 What is the major difference in hydraulic doors and bi-fold doors. The door opening is towards the south and we would need the strongest door windload available being right on the coast.

858 IBC 06 120 MPH one-piece hydraulic door Wind load. Would appreciate an installed hydraulic door price.

859 Did you receive my previous hydraulic door quote email? Thank you Schweiss Doors for the fast respond!

860 I want to construct a 40 x 42 hangar. Building is in the design stages. I want to locate someone in Alberta who can supply and install a 42 x 12 clear opening one-piece fast moving hydraulic door. Building will be wood frame with the possibility of using a double truss for support. Wedge should be 36\". Please let me know who to contact or deal with me regarding a hydraulic one-piece door design and price. I am a contractor but would prefer someone who has the expertise to install such a bifold Schweiss door or one-piece hydraulic door. If no one is available we have welders, metal workers and both my son and I are journeyman carpenters. I have an airpark development and we'll need one-piece hydraulic doors for the constructed hangars and hangar houses on the subdivision. Hydraulic door wind loading is a major factor in our country.

861 Price of a 36 foot wide 12 foot clearance bi-fold door for Texas coastal area. Also need a sturdy hydraulic Wind storm area rated one-piece door too.

862 I need a quote on a 12x12 bifold door or a one-piece hydraulic hydro door. The building has 12' sidewalls and he wants a one-piece hydraulic door on the gable end that has 12' of clearance in the opening. He also would like a 3'0 walk door in the right side of this hydraulic door. He would like the door straps not the door cables. Can you please send me a hydraulic door or bifolding door quote. Thank you

863 I have a special need to open two different sets of doors approximately 16'X 8' each. Is this possible with your flip up single panel hydraulic door product? If so how do I go about ordering the hydro powered hydraulic door system and how much will the whole hydraulic door setup cost?

864 we would like a door price quote on an 40' wide x 18' high large moving Schweiss door: bi-fold door or one-piece hydraulic door.

865 Looking to replace or retrofit sliding doors on a pole building about 5 years old. Door  opening is 35 or 36 feet wide and 16 feet high. 18 foot sidewalls. need a price for new hydraulic door from Schweiss installed please.

866 We recently built a 60 X 96 building. The door on the south side of this building is less than we expected. We would like to consider replacing it with a Schweiss bifold door or a Schweiss hydraulic door. The large moving door measures 16 X 30. It would be great not to lose any head room. Would you be able to give us a rough estimate for a new bifold door or hydraulic door of this size. We would also like it installed by Schweiss crews if possible.

867 We require a well insulated kiln door, that's a well sealed kiln door for the front of our lumber kiln. The inside temp. reaches 160 F. and the humidity often reaches near 100%.

868 i would like a quote on a bifold door and a Schweiss single panel hydraulic moving door 50wide,18 high door opening

869 Need full 20' of one-piece hydraulic door clearance.

870 I'm working on a proposal for a permanent outdoor music stage, and am interested in using a bifold door or a hydraulic door to close off the stage front when not in use. What are the maximum dimensions for your bifolding door or one-piece hydraulic door system? The stage covering hydraulic door opening could be as small as 60' wide x 24' high, or as large as 90' wide x 35' high. Are there any rules of thumb for pricing large moving stage doors in those size ranges? Thanks.

871 Please quote a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door. Door opening is 40 feet wide by 10 feet high. Thanks 

872 Please quote with a price for one-piece hydraulic door labor and one-piece hydraulic door installation costs for the Schweiss door. Also figure a separate option to insulate the one-piece hydraulic door.

873 I was given a quote on Bi-Fold doors and Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors on a project that is bidding in NV. I was told that you do not install yet I see on your website that you do. Can I please get a quote on installing the the Schweiss hydraulic doors you quoted.  Thank you

874 The current door has round pole jambs that will be removed and replaced with members of your choice most suitable for the new one-piece hydraulic doors anchoring.

875 I need prices on three doors the first is a 50x14 bifold door with straps or one-piece hydraulic door . The second is a 100x28 bifold door with door straps. The third is a 80x22 bifold with straps or one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door. Do you have an estimated man hr value for the door installation for these doors? The last 80x22 hydraulic door killed me in man hrs. I had no idea we would have so much field fabrication. Thanks

876 Please send a complete Schweiss Doors catalog with one-piece hydraulic door pricing. We sell 100 buildings a month and have 1000's of customers.

877 I need a price for a 30 ft bi fold door and a 30 ft one-piece hydraulic door. Thanks

878 Dear Sir/Madam, I am building a new hangar in UK, and would very much like to fit a hydraulic single door. The hydraulic door idea appeals to me very much. It is obvious we would be unable to ship a complete door, but would it be possible for you to supply hydraulic parts as a kit, and we would make our own hydraulic door. The single hydraulic door would be approximately 39' wide and about 10' high. It seems to me there could be a market for this type of door in the UK, would you be interested in supplying these hydraulic door kit parts - if so, how much and how long delivery, etc.

879 Would like windows in the one-piece hydraulic door, and a pass through door. Need minimum height loss, so I may have to go hydraulic door. I am building within the next 3 months.

880 I will be in Miami next week. Do you have any Schweiss Doors door installations of the hydraulic one piece door in that area?

881 Would like to know door loading requirements and door framing suggestions for a 38x14 bifold door and one-piece hydraulic door in a 40'T-hangar opening with a 16' eave height. T-hangar hydraulic door to be provided by Schweiss Doors.

882 please forward information as I have a customer that is looking for either bifold Schweiss doors with lift straps or single action hydraulic doors 4 door openings; 24,18,14,12 feet wide all 11 feet tall. building is wood construction with headroom constraints you may reach me @ my cell phone thank you for your door help

883 We are looking for a quote on a Schweiss Doors hydraulic swing door, 40'w x 15'h. The one-piece hydraulic door is to be all glazed.

884 Want a 42' wide x 13' hydraulic door, with zero head room loss. Hydraulic door with 3' man door within. 5-4'x2' window openings in the hydraulic door. Would also like a price on a Bifold door the same size as the hydraulic door too.

885 Need a quote for an 80' x 20' bi-fold door with lift straps or a new hydraulic Schweiss door for a new hangar in Canada. Need hydraulic door price options as follows: 1. Lift straps versus cables 2. Hydraulic door base safety edge 3. Hydraulic one-piece door warning lights and horn 4. Hydraulic door emergency hand crank/back-up system 5. Door top overrides 6. Door side latch jiggle switches 7. Hydraulic door photo eye sensors Cladding, Liner, and Insulation by Customer

886 I am doing a Airplane hanger project and I need 2- 70x16 one-piece hydraulic doors. Could someone please contact me and give me a price on these 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors, and some info on these single panel hydraulic doors. Both hydraulic doors will be insulated and the same wall panels as on the building. Thank you

887 We are looking to replace two or maybe possibly four of our overhead doors with a different type, probably a new Schweiss remote opener hydraulic door. The size of the doors are 14'2\" x 18'. Can you please send me hydraulic door information and estimates for this size of hydraulic doors. Please call or e-mail me if you need any other information. Thank you.

888 Looking to build a block building and want to put in a block building hydraulic door. Block building is 80'x100' and one-piece hydraulic door needs to be 60' wide by 20' high.

889 Bi-fold doors are being considered on a project I am working on, but the electrical diagrams and schematics are difficult to read on the electrical manual web page. I might also be interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door instead. I would like to obtain a bi-fold door manual and hydraulic door manual (either electronic file or hard copy is fine) that clearly outlines the door electrical installation requirements. Thanks for your assistance!

890 Hello, I would like to know the price for a 50 ft by 16 ft one-piece hydraulic door. We will install the one-piece hydraulic door ourselves here in Canada. Do you ship hydraulic one-piece doors to Canada? Is the Schweiss hydraulic door warranty valid in Canada as well? Lastly, I would like to know if you have a door sales representative near the region of Canada. Thank you for your time.

891 Dear Madam/Sir Kindly quote for two (bi-fold doors with lift straps) Or (one-piece hydraulic doors) As:- (1)Exterior door for a maintenance aeroplane workshop (35 Meter X 10 Meter) (2)Exterior hydraulic airplane maintenance door for ground support equipment maintenance workshop (4.0 Meter X 4.00 meter) Waiting your kind sooner reply best regards Yours 

892 Our firm is currently designing a new school building for a charter school. This charter school is located in historic California. We are very interested in specifying Schweiss Doors products for our project. The design has a series of large openings where we might wish to use the bi-fold door, or the one-piece hydraulic door. The largest is a 60' wide door, leading into a large multipurpose hangar space. The others either connect the surrounding classrooms to the hangar, or the classrooms to the outdoors. These hydraulic doors are much smaller than the main door with openings no more than 10' high and either 7' or 12' wide. Initially we were looking at aluminum and glass sectional garage doors for these hydraulic door openings, but with the tie-in to the large main bi-fold door of the hangar going with a bi-fold door here as well makes a lot of sense. Pricing and technical information would be useful. Thank you.

893 I have a potential customer building a structure to accommodate one of your \"lift strap bi-fold doors\" or \"one piece hydraulic doors.\" The contractor is experienced and the building is in British Columbia. My company was suggested as a possible hydraulic door installer for this hydraulic door product. The proposed single panel hydraulic door is 23' x 10'. Could please provide me with a set of hydraulic door installation instructions or a phone call to discuss the hydraulic door installation requirements so that I may quote this customer on the hydraulic door installation costs. Thanks.


895 Could I receive from you the door design reactions for a one-piece  hydro door 60'x 22'. I am an estimator and designing a building for a customer in the Seattle area. E-mail, PDF, or fax would be appreciated. If there is a Schweiss hydraulic door website with this hydraulic door info I could not find it. We do not price the hydraulic one-piece door, just design the building to accommodate it. Thank you for a timely response. I have your Bi-Fold door catalogue.

896 Schweiss hydraulic door product was listed on a hydraulic door project located in NYC. Please call to Discuss.

897 I am looking for a quote on a couple of custom Schweiss doors. One opening size is 40'x14' high. This is to be a bi-fold door or one-piece hydraulic door, with a free standing frame that will attach to a wood frame building. The second quote will be Two 60'x16' bi-fold doors or steel building hydraulic doors with steel frame.

898 We are interested in your One Piece Hydraulic door for a new building we are planing on constructing in near future. We would need 5 hydraulic doors approx 40'x 28'. My question is do you have any hydraulic doors installed in New England that we could look at? Thank you

899 I own a Hardware & Lumber co. in Maine. We are in the process of designing and building a new store. I am looking for either a bi-fold hardware store door or hydraulic one piece hardware store door ( actually 2 hardware store doors the same size ) to put in the front of the store on each side of the entrance door. We are planning on having a 12 ft. overhang on the front of the store to use as a display area. I want to be able to just put these Schweiss hardware store doors up in the morning and close them down at night for security. The height of each hydraulic door would be 12ft high and the hydraulic door width would be 36 ft. each. Could you please give me the pricing for doors this size in both bi-fold model and the hydraulic model. Thank you

900 I would like someone to contact me by phone. My hydraulic door opening is 15'-5'' wide x 11'-10'' high, now I have 5'' x 6'' post as a rough opening, will a 4 ply 2'' x 10'' door header be strong enough to support an outside mount hydralic door. What additional will I need. Thank You 


902 I have a Schweiss bi-fold door on my hangar. The stop button on the control box works great and I wish to purchase a new hydraulic Schweiss door.  Please contact me with instructions on how to order the correct new door switch. Thank you,


904 We are looking at using bi-flod doors or Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors for a fire hall project. We plan to incorporate a lot of glass into the hydraulic door and also between hydraulic doors. Could you provide us with some standard details for door jambs and door heads for bi-fold door or one-piece hydraulic door

905 Would also like a email address to send pictures of our awesome Schweiss hydraulic door to u

906 Can you mail me a hydraulic Schweiss door catalogue that shows all the door loads and deflection please. Thanks

907 I need this hydraulic door quote to include weather strip, remote operator, strap lifts, and auto locks. Can a 36\" wedge be achieved with this 1-panel hydraulic door? I need a 14' clear under the hydraulic door.

908 I have a customer who wants to put one of your 1 piece hydraulic doors on the face of a wood roof truss. Can you provide me with the necessary hydraulic door load information so I can find out if this is possible? The customer is in Oregon. Thank You,

909 looking to put a hydraulic door in a building would be on a end wall hole size 7 10 by 14 would have about 2 feet above ceiling height to the roof line was looking to see what your single panel hydraulic doors would cost with remote opener. looking forward to hearing from you thanks 

910 Please send literature for bi-fold doors and one-piece hydraulic doors.


912 I am trying to determine the distance from the top of the clear height to top of single hinge (D), in order to get 16'0\" clear opening for the an aircraft hangar. I need to size the hydraulic door section above the clear opening, where the folded door/one panel door would sit while it is open. Any help would be appreciated

913 I am doing a budget hydraulic door estimate for a community college arts building. The architect would like to use vertical folding glazed community college arts building doors between the classrooms to connect them.

914 We are interested in the price of a 16 foot high-24 foot wide bi-fold door or hydraulic door for our equipment shed. Please contact me on my cell phone. Thank you,


916 We are building a new building and would like one-piece hydraulic door pricing. First choice would be a 1-panel hydraulic door, but would like pricing on a bifold door as well. The hydraulic door opening will be 14'6\" high by 28' wide but would also like a quote on a 15x30 hydraulic door as well.

917 We are building a new building and would like to get some prices for hydraulic doors,

918 I require a quote on two hydraulic one-piece doors please: 1. 1 - 50' x 20' c/w a 3070 mandoor, and 2. 1 - 40' x 20'. Can you provide a hydraulic door quote for freight? Thanks,

919 Can you tell me what the recommended wedge would be for a bi-fold door or a hydraulic door with a 70' wide by 20' high clear opening using the lift strap opener?

920 I need quotes on the single panel Schweiss hydraulic door in the quote section plus 1 Ea. 48x17 1 Ea. 65x17 side wall placement

921 Headroom required on exterior of building for this large hydraulic Schweiss door

922 need a price for one-piece hydraulic wood doors 9 x 7'6'' or bi-fold wood doors (what's best)

923 Do you have standard bi-fold door sizes and hydraulic door sizes or are the custom built hydraulic doors all built to order? Looks like I'll need at least 62' min width and 16' min clear vertical opening. Will likely want \"strap\" system. Also, what are provisions for insulating the hydraulic door? Is there a significant cost savings if the one piece hydraulic door width is 60' or less? Might consider a hydraulic one piece door opening of 60' X 18' as option. Thanks,

924 Looking for info on Bi-fold or Hyd. lift doors. I have a building with a 40' wide by 15' high opening and would like to put a bifolding or single panel hydraulic door in it . Thanks

925 Do you have a hydraulic door agent in Australia?

926 An Architect is planning on using your bi-fold doors or hydraulic doors on a project that I am engineering...this is my question: The structure is wood, the hydraulic door opening he has spec'd is 9'6\" high, which is 5 1/2\" below the wall top plate. 24\" deep floor trusses bear on the wall above this opening. What is the best way to supply a header for your hydraulic door (and the floor)? I can probably supply a 24\" deep PSL that the floor trusses hang on and may be able to support the large one-piece hydraulic door also??? And, do you supply the horizontal loads the hydraulic door will cause, or is it on your website and I missed it? Thank you,

927 Could I have the following included in hydraulic door or bifold door pricing: Strap Lift, Auto Locking hydraulic doors, Weather Strip hydraulic doors, Walkdoor hydraulic doors, hydraulic doors framed opening

928 I am interested in the prices on 16' wide by 14' high one-piece hydraulic door.

929 ALSO REQUIRE PRICE FOR 1 hydraulic single panel door @ 64'X20'

930 I'd like to explore adding a free standing frame and new one-piece hydraulic door to an existing steel hangar. The hangar hydraulic door opening we need is 16 feet high by 60 feet wide. I'm required by city code to provide a stamped drawing to get the permit for installation. Would a steel hangar hydraulic door be available?

931 I talked to Schweiss Doors yesterday about a 24 foot bifold door or hydraulic door for a shop. you where going to fax me some info my fax machine is down go ahead and email me the hydraulic shop door specs. also how are the hydraulic shop doors insulated? 24 x 18 one-piece hydraulic door concrete building with styrofoam forms

932 I need a large moving hydraulic hanger door that is 40' wide and 10' tall. I am leaning towards the one piece Hydraulic Schweiss hangar door, but please send me a quote for both the bi-fold door, and the hydraulic door. Thank you.

933 My hydraulic Schweiss door stops rain from coming in when the door is open. Thanks Schweiss Doors!

934 Dear sir/madam, I am looking for a copy of a hydraulic Schweiss door product brochure, we are in the process of building a new large premises and are interested in Schweiss hydraulic door systems. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards,

935 Looking for a quote on 45 wide by 18 high one piece hydrolic door. I want a remote control. Hydraulic door Delivered to Ohio. I will be installing the hydraulic one-piece door onto wood frame. No special door header has been figured in my building plans. Do I need one? Building is 72x80 with the end wall having the 45 ft opening, so their will just be a normal truss as the hydraulic door header. It is better to contact me by email. Thanks,

936 We design and manufacture dryers and kilns, primarily for the ceramic industry. Currently, we have a project to supply a large dryer for a customer that will require two (2) hydraulic dryer doors, each door approximately 16' wide x 8' high. The hydraulic doors would be exposed to temperatures as high as 400 deg. F on the interior, so they will need to be insulated hydraulic doors. We can install the appropriate hydraulic door insulation, as long as the hydraulic doors are designed to accommodate it. I would prefer bi-fold style doors or the one-piece hydraulic doors, I am open to any style doors. Please give me your comments.

937 Need 2 one-piece hydraulic doors aprox 25 wide x 14 wide with steel sides and top and concrete floor

938 Who is the California hydraulic doors rep for maintenance and repairs on your hydraulic doors system?

939 Please send hydraulic doors pricing info and estimated hydraulic door delivery time. Thanks.

940 We are looking into converting the old cattle barn into a work shop. We are just trying to get a rough idea what the cost will be for a workshop hydraulic door.

941 for the hydraulic door remote department: the new hydraulic door remote works through the hydraulic door, without even hooking up the external antenna...from over 100' away! like having a new hydraulic Schweiss door.

942 Can you make a 10' x 10' hydraulic door with glass panels or hydraulic door frames designed for glass panels in the hydraulic door 

943 I'm looking for a simple bi-fold door or single panel hydraulic door (approx. 5x8) that can have wood siding attached to the exterior face of the hydraulci door for a near seamless look. The wall construction is 8\" CMU Furring Strips Siding. Can send drawings if needed.

944 Could you send updated hydraulic door literature? The hydraulic door information we have is not up to date! Thanks!

945 Hello I am interested in your bi fold doors or one-piece hydraulic door for a warehouse front that large trucks need to be parked. The warehouse front hydraulic door area space is 44ft wide x 20ft high

946 I have 24 x 40 building with a 13' 8' ceiling height. The current door is a 16'w x 12'h overhead door. I would like to install a new one-piece hydraulic door which would give me full ceiling height opening. The building is 2 x 6 stick frame construction with a 4/12 pitch roof, truss's 24' OC. The door is on an end wall. I would like your suggestion for type of hydraulic door door to use and ballpark hydraulic door cost (high/low). Thank You

947 I am going to live in my country house this winter. I have a 50x80 pole building that was built in the 80's. Steel clad, I have two doors on each end; both are sliding and you know what a bear they are in the winter....I was a farm boy who chiseled them many mornings in the winter....anyhow, I want to put my cars and tractor with snow blower, if it snows too much I can open the door and blow my way to the road and get out..... So, the existing door is 24x14......I am thinking about two 10x10 hydraulic door overheads or one hydraulic door overhead that might be a bit smaller.....Schweiss hydraulic garage doors came to my now, what is the most economical way to fill the hole? I am cheap and will try to get the least expensive hydraulic door; however, I also want a reliable hydraulic Schweiss door that works for a long that event, the hydraulic door quality rolls into the lead..... You can get back to me by the cell number. I am working on developing wind farms and will be in ND doing just that.....oh, by the way, have you guys talked yet? I was on the airport commission of years...had to get off as was on too long; however, they are building a circle hangar and I don't know if they have the complete hydraulic door package yet....have a great day. I look forward to your response as I am going to do something here before freeze up.....

948 Am interested in pricing for both cable and strap type Schweiss door systems. Also, include incremental costs for manual hydraulic moving door versus auto latching and cold hydraulic door weather options.

949 I need a quote for a single panel hydraulic door for an opening on my steel hangar clear opening of 60ft. wide and 15ft. high. I need to purchase a hydraulic steel hangar door asap. I am a happy Schweiss Doors customer. 2 years ago I bought 2 large bi-fold doors from you. thanks, call soon.

950 Good evening: We are looking at specifying your one piece hydraulic door product on one of our jobs. As such we would like to better coordinate our buildings with your hydraulic Schweiss door products and were wondering if you might be able to assist us with some CAD details of your single panel hydraulic door products. In particular we are interested in the Bi-fold doors and one piece hydraulic doors. Thanks

951 building shop with 4-14'x14' and 1-20'w x 14' h Schweiss hydraulic doors or Schweiss bi fold doors. One of the reasons for bi-fold door is, I would like a clean interior ( no tracks ). I would like to face the hydraulic door or bifold door with wood to match blg. Operable dual pane windows. Can the operating motor ect. be at the top of the door for a clean appearance inside at eye level?

952 We recently received Schweiss hydraulic doors for a building in New York. We appreciate the easy instructions for the Schweiss hydraulic door. I like the door angle for the I-beam on the sides and the bottom and top rubber door seal. Thank You Please call and fax a set of instructions for this door.

953 For a 18' x 58' bi-fold door or for a 18' x 58' hydraulic door, what does the height of the rough opening have to be?

954 I would like more information about your hydraulic moving one piece doors, hydraulic door pricing etc. My need is for 10' x 14' hydraulic doors for Poultry Houses. Thanks

955 Your Schweiss hydraulic door will predicate the overall size of the aircraft hangar. The original proposal was for a 70' wide x 100' long x 22' eave height I explained to the principles that most likely they will have to go wider and higher to accommodate the hydraulic hangar door which they required. The maximum width a maximum building width cannot exceed 72 feet wide

956 I'm looking for a 40 x 12 hydraulic hangar door

957 The one-piece hydraulic door will be a steel or aluminum framed panel hydraulic door glazed with 3/4\" tempered insulated glass. The facility is an elementary school.

958 I am interested in talking to you about a one piece hydraulic door.

959 Need a Schweiss hydraulic door for the House and Hanger construction Started Yesterday. The Hanger is 44 span by 45 deep. 2x4 studs on 16\" center. Engineered truss roof, Studs are sheeted with OSB and then brick.

960 We require a price for a Bi-Fold door or one-piece hydraulic door 72' wide clear height of 20'.Wind load for Ca. 70mph 3 phase power door. This is for a design budget hydraulic door project will go early next year. Thanks for the help Mike Schweiss.

961 We would like to use one piece hydraulic door on a residence. The entire single panel hydraulic door would be covered with standard nail flange windows, weighing approx 9-11lbs per sqft. I am looking for hydraulic door pricing and hydraulic door detail drawings, also the approximate lead time. I assume the door is all knock down construction? A few questions: How large will the hydraulic door pump and motor be? Are we limited on the location of the hydraulic door pump and motor unit? Can the hydraulic mount directly to the building's w-section columns? If our open is 11'-3\" high, how high off the ground does the hydraulic mount to the opening, and how far off the floor does the hydraulic mount to the door? Do you possibly have shop drawings for a similar one piece hydraulic door? I just want to be sure I am specifying the right hydraulic door and dimensions as we get closer to construction. Please feel free to contact me anytime via phone or email, Thank you for your help.


963 We are in schematic design for a 80' X 60' X 22' pre-engineered metal building to serve as a maintenance hanger for a local Airport. The bi-fold door or hydraulic door opening is 64'wide by 18'high. We need 1. budget cost hydraulic doors, 2. specification with any special hydraulic hangar door requirements, 3. hydraulic door details (hydraulic door drawings),4. hydraulic door power requirements, and 5. specification for a strap and cable bi-fold door. The owner has not decided on the door a strap or cable system. Thanks

964 I would like the local hydraulic door vendors and qualified hydraulic door installers information in my area.

965 Need BIFOLD door and hydraulic door QUOTE FOR 14X20 FT door WITH WINDOWS SINGLE FOLD door QUOTE FOR 14 FT X 20 FT WITH WINDOWS

966 I have a hydraulic Schweiss door system with remote door opener. I would like to purchase a spare transmitter. 3 button for a bi-fold door or hydraulic door.  Thanks

967 Need one piece hydraulic door, all glass. Prefer clear insulating glass, aluminum or steel glav. frame white. Hydraulic door needs to meet 40 psf wind load. Single panel hydraulic door size 7'-10\"w x 8'-0\"h. Hydraulic door delivery to  FL.

968 I am looking to build a metal building with a bifold door or a Schweiss hydraulic door in the end wall. I would like the price for a bifold door with strap opener measuring 36ft. wide by 16ft. tall. Thanks,

969 I have a project where we would like to use four bi-fold doors or single panel hydraulic doors. The hydraulic doors will be approximately 24' high X 70' wide, and identical to one another. I would like to get the hydraulic door design and hydraulic door drawings for the hydraulic doors started in the next few days. Please send send me a Schweiss Doors door proposal for the design through shop drawing stage of the project. Also, please let me know where and to whom I should send the current in progress construction drawings for your use. I look forward to working with Schweiss Bi-fold Doors and Schweiss Hydraulic Doors on this project and I am interested in learning the intricacies of the Schweiss moving door product. Please, contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.

970 What is the electrical requirement for a 45' wide by 13' high bi-fold door or the one piece hydraulic door? Does a man-door work in this height door?

971 Would like a door quote on a 20' x 16' and a 40' x 20' bifold doors or single hydraulic door, I am a sales rep and get asked for quotes all the time on Schweiss bifold doors and Schweiss hydraulic doors. 

972 would like quote on 4 overhead hydraulic \"Red Pump\" doors 10w 12 h, Would prefer good thermal  with extra remote openers.   thanks john

973 I have a hanger project that should be getting underway soon. I am looking for pricing on your new single panel hyrdraulic door and your auto latch bi-fold doors. I read that your Red Power doors have many safety features, can you elaborate.

974 I request your input regarding the framed opening to support your bifold and hydraulic doors, to design with your quality doors regarding.

975 Hello. We are looking into using a glazed hydraulic or bifold door for a residential project. The rough opening is approximately 10' high X 30' wide. I am wondering what type of vertical clearance we would have with such a door when in the open position. Also wondering who I could talk with about cost and available safety options.

976 Needing fully insulated hydraulic one piece doors, endwall (1) 10x10, sidewall(2)8x7 (width x height). Sidewall height is 9 feet, endwall will be 9 feet height - 24 feet from side to side topped with a 9-12 roof design

977 I want a walk door in the left hand end facing hydraulic door, no glass in walk door or main door, and also an insulation package for door The concrete is ready so I need to get a door ordered asap. Thanks Russ


979 Need quote on extra support hydraulic door loaded with all your safety features. Clear height of 19' and width of 65'. Please give budget for freight and also a install price.

980 Need a price for a hydraulic door 38 x 13, no insulation, no man doors, no windows. Electric operation. ship near Quebec city

981 I have a building prospect at Hancock Minnesota that is looking at putting a 40'x16' hydraulic lift insulated door in a new 60'x100'x16' building this Fall. I'd like a price from you guys that I can include with my building quote. Thanks, Daryl

982  To whom it may concern, Schweiss provided a bi-fold door to the Long Beach Unified School District via FTR International contractors. The District requires a representaive of Schweiss to assist them with issues pertaining to purchasing its hydraulic door operation. Please contact the Consultant to coordinate this meeting. 

983 Could you send us a flier or such that could give us a look at what we are getting a price for. Also send us the bifold information, but most of all we are interested in the hydrolic door. Price doors from 15 to 20 foot door with a heighth of 14 and 15 feet, sliding scale or whatever. Thank you

984 I have customer that is wanting a 40' wide x 20' tall door. Looks to me like the only way to do that is with your \"bi-fold\" but correct me if I am wrong, because I really am prefering and will recommend a hydraulic one piece. Please forward me information package and pricing for this unit. Do you install? Project is in South Point, Ohio. Installation will be in a new Steel Building. Thanks for your help, Eddie

985 I have a 42x60x13 building and would like a one piece hydraulic door on one end. Would appreciate a quote for a door shipped.  Thanks

986 I'm putting up a building with a 60' by 20' opening and need a quote on a hydraulic door. The building is 60' wide so not sure exactly how wide the hole is. Can your doors be customized to any size?        

987 I need hydraulic one piece door 11' clear. please email standard spec. I please need by noon Denver time on Monday. Thanks Much!!!

988 Need a price for a Schweiss hydraulic doors, installed, on a job in Arlington, VA. Installation would occur 4th quarter 2012. I have specs that I can email to you if you would like. If necessary, price could be furnish only, FOB. With or without Virginia sales tax. I left a voice mail message about this.

989 My question is, I am a truss designer and the building i'm doing trusses for is going to have a bifold door or maybe that awesome Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. Does any part of your totally great door system connect to the trusses at any point?

990 We are building a hanger in two months and will require a door. The current estimated size is 40' wide and 10 - 12' high. Hydraulic, please. If there is a standard door that is slightly out of the given dimensions, let me know. Can you provide me with an estimate, Red Power, walk thru, insulated?

991 I need you to price out 24 one pc Schweiss hydraulic doors w. remote openers. surface mount. 220v operation single ph. 1 ea 42 x 16 2 ea 39 x 16 6 ea 37 x 16 15 ea 33 x 16 these are to be mounted to steel buildings. The buildings are not fabbed yet. and I do not have drawings. I am the VP building supplier and erector here in Las Vegas

992 Do you have dealers in Canada? I need a large hydraulic door 38' x 9' 6\", what door do i need and how much will the best hydraulic door cost? Thanks

993 I also want a price for a 29'7\" wide x 13'10\" high hydraulic single panel door. If it is possible I would like to extend the width of the hydraulic door but would need someone to look at the building to make sure it is possible. Do you lose any height with either the hydraulic door or bi-fold door? The hydraulic door height is barely high enough for equipment now and I can't afford to lose any height with the installation of a new hydraulic door. Thanks

994 please email me a quote for your \"bi-fold door\" or \"hydraulic door\" my rough opening is 7'H x 8'W i would like for the hydraulic door to look like an aluminum storefront with it being an all glass hydraulic storefront door, or as much glass in the hydraulic door as possible. thx,

995 Hi I would like to get an estimate on the price of a sweet Schweiss hydraulic door (owner installed) for a 40 x 12 hydraulic garage door(clear height - I am assuming a 14' rough opening will yield a 12 clearance under the hydraulic door). I realize that the hydraulic garage door installation can vary greatly based on the hydraulic door drawings you have provided on this site. The quote I need is just for the one piece hydraulic garage door (I assume that I will provide the siding that covers the frame) and all the winch/attaching hardware needed. Thanks

996 Last week I sent in a form to price a 24 x 15 bi fold door or a large hydraulic Schweiss door. I need a price on this hydraulic garage door so I can finish my bid. Need the best hydraulic garage door so I went with Schweiss Doors.

997 Dear Sirs, We are a door supplier company base in Hong Kong. And now we are working on a project with huge bi-fold door. I belived the Lift Straps System may fit on. There are Three sets of other doors we want to replace with Schweiss hydraulic doors. 1. 1 Set 6254mm(W) x 4250mm(H) 2. 2 Sets 6003mm(W) x 4250mm(H). Please quote me the hydraulic door price. Price should be include hydraulic door motor and hydraulic door related parts. Quote with frames and door and quote without frame and door. And also provide me any useful replacement hydraulic door technical information and drawing for door design. Thank You. Waiting to your earliest response. Regards,

998 what is the $ for a one piece hydro door 40 Ft? are the hydraulic doors cheaper compared to the bifold door or equal in $. 40* 50 pole Barn doors thank You

999 could you please quote me a 65 x 20 clear bi-fold door or a clear hydraulic door going to Mt. standard door accessories. thanks.

1000 I want to replace sliding doors with bifold door or that great looking hydraulic Schweiss door on existing hanger in TX (door about 50' X 18'.) Also am building another hanger in WI in the fall. This hydraulic hangar door would be about 45' x 16'. Would like est'd pricing on both hydraulic hangar doors as well as info on hydraulic hangar doors installation. Do you do hydraulic hangar doors installation? etc. Thanks,

1001 Hello. I am impressed with your hydraulic one piece door product and door testimonials. We are just starting to draw out our house and plan to incorporate designer hydraulic doors such as you offer in the design. For budgeting can I have a rough ballpark price on an 8 foot x 8 foot glass bi-fold door with electric opener and a 10x10 glass hydraulic door with electric opener. Also, we plan to have the red iron house frame built and curious if you have worked with their buildings so they understand your hydraulic door engineering requirements. Thank-you. 

1002 We are needing pricing for an 80'-0 wide x 18'-0 high operated hydraulic door for a private hanger. Please call me so that we can go through the hydraulic hangar door particulars. Thank you,

1003 We are currently working on a project that looks like it would work well with the bi-fold doors or the single panel hydraulic doors. Please send us any Schweiss Doors literature that you can so we can show our clients some hydraulic door project photos, as well as any hydraulic door design criteria.

1004 Bought a one piece hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors in the fall of 05 . Got the hydraulic door in 06 and installed it . My hydraulic Schweiss Doors always stays closed up tightly to the seal and my hydraulic door never cracks open . Thanks to Schweiss Doors!

1005 Interested in using the hydraulic door as a glass wall that is operable. Would like to know how your glass wall hydraulic door system will compare in cost to a glass overhead door. As an example, what would a glass bi-fold door or a glass hydraulic door cost if it were 10'-0\" tall x 8'-0\"wide? Or 12'-0\" tall x 10'-0\" wide? Thanks,

1006 We need install manual for bifold door and the hydraulic door manual that we recently purchase in Utah

1007 What is the possibility to have glass panels in my hydraulic door instead of a metal infill hydraulic door?

1008 I need a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with an opening of 35'X 12'. Can you install a hydraulic door in Idaho? What would the hydraulic door cost be? Thank you.

1009 Dear sir/madam, We'd like to buy two hydraulic single panel doors from your company. So would you please give us the quotation for the hydraulic one-piece door and Automatic Bi-Fold door individually. We look forward to getting the professional door advice from your side to determine what kind of Schweiss doors we want to buy, hydraulic door or Automatic Bi-Fold door? We preferred to get the detail door quotation for both door frame and electric. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks&best regards

1010 Pls advise difference in price of 10x30 bifold door and hydraulic door and between aluminum hydraulic door and steel hydraulic door.. other things equal.

1011 I've had no problems with closing my Schweiss hydraulic door. When I push the button they hydraulic door closes every time. I would also like to know about your hydraulic door remote to open and close. Thank you,

1012 Looking for hurricane doors for my beach house. All the neighbors have the type that roll up. I was wondering how these Schweiss hurricane beach house hydraulic doors compare in price. I have two hurricane door openings that are roughly 15' wide by 84\" high. Any assistance would be appreciated.

1013 we are looking to put up a large pole building and thinking about putting one of your hydraulic pole building doors in one end of the hydraulic heated shop door size will be 20 ft wide and 16 ft height . We need an insulated hydraulic door. I need to know To what the price for the insulated one piece hydraulic door and the requirements needed to mount the hydraulic door it will be on the gable end of the building

1014 Good afternoon, I need a bifold door or a hydraulic single panel door to fit a 9.5'x16' opening. The purpose is to gain depth for insulation for a single panel hydraulic underground storage building door, in Idaho. Thanks

1015 Dear Schweiss Doors, I am looking for a hydraulic door solution for a house we are designing. Is it possible to clad the hydraulic door with some other materials than shown? How long time will it take to get a bi-fold door or a custom made hydraulic Schweiss door (production time, we will arrange door shipping) We need some advice to make the best choice. Regards

1016 I am planning on building a 60X60 pole barn type hangar and wondered what you would suggest for a single panel hydraulic door. I already have a 42' hydraulic pole barn door of yours and have enjoyed it. What are the pole barn hydraulic door costs and what would be the door shipping to Montana?

1017 I'd like a quote on a 32-foot bifold door or 32-foot hydraulic door, with an 8-foot-high clear opening. I'm planning on a hydraulic door for a wood frame building with metal siding. I have a few hydraulic door questions as well, so I would appreciate a call. Thanks!

1018 Can a custom fit corner hydraulic door be done with an external steel frame? Thanks

1019 I'm looking for one, maybe two, one piece hydraulic doors 42 or 45 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Just trying to get and idea about hydraulic one piece door cost and hydraulic door time to delivery if i choose to go this route. Thanks

1020 I am looking for one 14' hydraulic door and two 12' bi-fold doors for my screen porch doors in WI. Please call me. Thanks

1021 I am needing a one piece hydraulic door for a boat storage building. I am looking for a boat storage building hydraulic door to fit at 10 ft w x 7 ft h

1022 Hello, Can you please provide a quote on a 42' single panel hydraulic door with a 13' door height? Please provide us a price for both styles of Schweiss doors.

1023 We need hydraulic door design assistance, hydraulic door specs, hydraulic door details, also schedule of hydraulic door delivery from time of order, for \"generic\" steel building one piece hydraulic door. We can furnish Cad of footprint and elevations to date. Bi-Fold door or one piece hydraulic door, 17' clear, high wind area, possibly cold weather door - Nevada, Automatic door, hydraulic door Windows. Thanks,

1024 I am needing price quotes for a 45' by 14' (clear opening) bi-fold door or the new one piece Schweiss hydraulic door. Additionally I am looking for turn-key door deal, with you guys installing my hydraulic door. I have a steel frame building with rigid endwalls. The hydraulic door opening on the endwall is not presently framed out, so that work needs to be part of the hydraulic door quote.

1025 building manufacturer requires specific hydraulic door design data from hydraulic door specs.

1026 Sirs: I am building a shop/studio with a 10'w x 8'h hydraulic one piece garage door. Do you manufacture a bi-fold door, sliding (2 five foot sections), or single opening hydraulic door in this dimension? The shop will be on a slab. I do not want an overhead door because it will conflict with my 1 ton lift mounted on an I beam crossing the ceiling. Thank you. Sincerely,

1027 Please contact me regarding the proper way to specify the Schweiss hydraulic doors

1028 I am looking for a single panel hydraulic door price on a 54'wide by 14' high building is a wood frame building. need a Schweiss hydraulic door with all the safety features

1029 Need a 45 X 12 (hydraulic door opening) for an aircraft Hangar one piece hydraulic door.

1030 Please price for a bi-fold door and the new one piece hydraulic Schweiss door for an 80'-0\" wide x 18'-0\" opening. This would be delever to Michigan.

1031 Man wanting to build a 40'long x 50' wide x 12' tall hanger in Madison Co. Il near St. Jacob I sell buildings He wants a 48' wide x 12' hydraulic door and a separate listing of all options you provide. Can you give me a price?

1032 We are looking for a solution to living above a busy garage door opening up and down alot which is VERY noisy and vibration comes through the garage ceiling and into the upstairs apartment floor. Would a one piece hydraulic door work for a parking car garage (inside is 4 cars that use the door). we live above it and it is not very pleasant. The garage motor unit is very old and we are arranging for it to be replaced but the garage door repair man says he cannot guarantee that it will solve our problem...there may still be some vibration and noise. PLEASE help. there is enough noise in Brooklyn..we have to find answer to this to eliminate this unnecessary noise. We're hoping your new Red Power unit is whisper quiet, as well as your hydraulic door.  Thank you. looking forward to hearing from you.

1033 Looking at building 40 x 40 hangar and saw your ad on internet. Please advise cost of hydraulic door for that size bldg. Do you also have garage doors. Want dual use of bldg for airplane hangar on one side and garage on other side.

1034 I would like a quote for a 90 ft by approx. 25 ft H your basic hydraulic door and a 55 ft by 16 ft h with installation also You put the door on our shop in Casey Illinois and we really like it. Getting quote for Robinson IL thanks howe

1035 Inquiring on purchasing a Schweiss hydraulic door  with dimensional spec @ 29 ft high clearance and 40 ft wide. Going on concrete building. What have you got for backup systems in case of power outage. Carmine.

1036 I would like to get some basic pricing on a one piece hydraulic door 38x12. I can insulate it myself, but may need you to install.  Thanks Mark



1039 I now have a Schweiss bi-fold door on one of our buildings and am considering putting another door on another building. I would like to know if there are any Schweiss hydraulic doors in our area so I could get one as quick as possible. I am located 20 miles northeast of Devils Lake, ND.

1040 Schweiss has provided 3 aircraft bi-fold hanger door systems to my friend John in New Mexico and he has purchased 2 additional doors for his garage and workshop. One is a cable system with a manual lock and 2 are strap closing and automatic locking. I want a door too, but prefer a hydraulic one piece door. Would you please email pdf files for these door systems. I was unable to download from the website. Thank you Bruce 

1041 Please Fax a price for a 40'x15' hydraulic door. Top and bottom seals. New construction steel framing. Red Power pump. also please send height requirements Thanks, Dan E.

1042 I am interested in a door for our new hangar. the front opening is about 74' the hyd looks like what i would want, but please quote both the bi-fold and hyd. What extra safety features does your hydraulic door have?

1043 I have a customer that I am pricing for a Steel Building. He wants a large end opening with a hydraulic one piece door. Door clear opening of 50-56'x 14'. Do you have local installers? How much would a turn key purchase cost? Thank you, Gary.

1044 Could you please send me a quote for a 10X40 one piece  Schweiss hydraulic door and quote the following options seperately. 1. Remote control 2. Walk through door 3. Metal siding 4. Extra remote

1045 I have been looking for this type of hydraulic door for a while. My opening is 90 High X 167 wide. I have two piers with no header. Can I contruct a header from wood, or should I use steel? I also need pricing. please call me ASAP. cell phone is preferd. Thanks

1046 Quite a while ago you emailed to me a quote on a Hydraulic N 40' 0\" X 10' 0\" w/ 5\" wedge. Actual door height was listed at 10' 5.00\" Left/Inside control, 220-1PH, 12 in. rubber. Your quote was with shipping. I am sure the price has changed. I am getting ready to do something with my sliding door. Can you give me an updated price.

1047 I would like to have 13 feet of height available with your Schweiss hydraulic door when it is open. Do your doors come in standard heights, or can you custom make them to my specs. I've seen two of your doors near Big Lake, Alaska. They certainly look very sturdy.

1048 I have listed the larger of the door sizes needed for my current project, but I need to have the complete quote for (2) 16'W x 20'H and the (1) 30'W x 20'H (listed below in click boxes). They will be put into a steel framed structure (i-beams and wide flange col.), but to avoid possible additional structural requirements I'd like to look at the option of a stand alone frame for the doors as well and what bracing may be required. I would also like to know lead time for the listed hydraulic doors as well to ensure I can stay on schedule. I have checked the Catalog request box on your fantastic web site, but would like to request a copy of the catolog via this message just in case that did not register.

1049 Dear Mike, Just happened on your new web site, very nice! My 44' hydraulic door works great and I still have the yellow VW Bug. I didn't plan on having it this long, but it's too much fun to drive. I have 69,000 miles on it now and have not had any major problems with it or the door. Let's see if the door outlives the bug.  Flynn H.

1050 We have a customer interested in a 20x12 hydraulic  door. I sure would like a catalog and price list with specs. Thanks. RT

1051 How much for 40*10 or 40*12 HYDRAULIC door is end wall mounting more economical? Looking at ordering a aluminum or steel door with remote opener and backup systems. thanks k

1052 Hello I'm Seung from Cooper Carry in Atlanta, GA We are considering to use bi-folding or hydraulic  door for loading dock entrance and if we go Schweiss bifold we want it be folded to inside. But all of your pictures shows doors folded to outside. I'm wondering if you can provide it. If not I'd be more interested in your hydraulic Schweiss Red Power door.

1053 Got a quote in Jan? I think. Need to affirm the numbers, work out particulars and possibly modify the requirements on a hydraulic door which I have now decided to order from Schweiss Doors. Glad I waited, I now see you have a new Red Power cylinder pump unit. Looks great.

1054 If I have a 60' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door, 16' clear height, in a 90 MPH area (code= 2006 IBC), what is your recommended wedge height? thanks,

1055 Please send me information on you one piece Schweiss hydraulic doors with pricing. Thank you.

1056 Could you send us some ideas on replacing our overhead door with a brand spanking new Schweiss hydraulic super door. It is getting older and requiring more maintenance. The door opening is approximately 60 ft wide and 22'8\" high

1057 How much, and is this a hydraulic door or just very similar? I've heard that company went out of business but that your Schweiss Door company has been in business for over 30 years and still is. I am interested in your hydraulic model door. Please get back to me.

1058 I need a quote for a 14'X 65' hydraulic door going in a new prefab steel building. single phase. EMAIL QUOTE ONLY PLEASE!

1059 We are designing the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting station building at an Airport. I was looking at your bifold doors or hydraulic fire station doors. The client doesn't want steel doors because of the harsh environment close to the ocean. Do you have all-aluminum bifold doors or all-aluminum hydraulic doors? Or what will the alternatives be to steel door assembly? Please let me know. I would also like to obtain Schweiss Doors product literature for future reference. Thank you.

1060 i built a pole barn type shed,in 2004, 40 x 82.5 with a 15ft leanto addition, we have 2 sliding doors that are insulated and lined, they are heavy and do not keepout the draft, and freeze to the snow and ice. i thnk i have about a 20ft x 16.5 opening for a new Schweiss one piece hydraulic door now. I know Schweiss hydraulic doors keeps out snow and ice. Would i need the shed to be reenforced before i would buy or hang a by-fold door or one piece hydraulic door? what approx would a pole barn shed hydraulic door weigh, i would like the strap version of the opener with the auto locks and opener.

1061 looking for a quote on 5 Bi-Fold doors and 5 one-piece hydraulic doors 44' x 14' with man door, to be installed in Florida.

1062 Would you please inform me of material used to built your bifold door frames and hydraulc door frames. I heard Schweiss Doors can customize all doors: Wood hydraulic doors, Steel hydraulic doors, Aluminum hydraulic doors, Galvanized hydraulic doors, etc.

1063 Excited about the Schweiss model door we're receiving this week. Is the hydraulic pump motor on the right side looking out from the inside of the door?

1064 would like basic pricing for an 8 x 20 hydraulic nonbifold one-piece door

1065 I am renovating an existing building into a small shop and were wondering about one of your large moving hydraulic doors. The hydraulic door shop opening would be appr. 8ft. high by 12ft. wide. If you could quote me a hydraulic small shop door price, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

1066 I'll be building a hangar in the near future, and would like a quote for a 38' wide, by 14' tall bi-fold door or one-piece hydraulic door. Thanks,


1068 I need a reliable Schweiss hydraulic door designed for wind loads up to 110 mph. I trust Schweiss hydraulic doors, because I know they're wind load tested. I would appreciate more hydraulic door wind load information by email. Thank You.

1069 Good day to you, I am installing a hydraulic garage door 14 feet wide by 8 feet high made of polycarbonate (120- 150 kg)which will also be used as a shelter/shade during rainy or hot weather. So I need to have the hydraulic door open by swinging up and all 8 feet of it exposed. (just like your animation hydraulic door with zero headroom loss). Can I simply purchase the hydraulic door components minus the door ? If so, how much does it cost? Thanks

1070 Hello, Need Quote for Bi-fold door w/ lift straps, & walk door. Please also quote one piece hydraulic door. Free standing header. Thank you!

1071 We're looking for a Schweiss residential hydraulic garage door. I have a client looking to use their garage as a room but be able to pull their car in when they are not in town. This is a second home for them. Residential hydraulic door opening at present 15'7 X 7'. There is room to make the hydraulic garage door taller. What would be the cost on a residential garage door like this made from a material that would work by the ocean with perhaps some windows across? Just a ballpark figure is what I need. Thank you.

1072 Please email me a quote for Hydraulic Door, (not Bi-fold door) 12'High X 16' Wide. Thanks

1073 Could you send us updated information on Hanger hydraulic one piece doors? Any hangar hydraulic door literature or hangar hydraulic door pricing would be appreciated.

1074 We are designing a new University football stadium with seating, lockers, rest rooms and concessions. We are looking at using a bi-fold door design or possibly a one piece hydraulic door for the concessions windows instead of coiling shutters. The bi-fold door/hydraulic concessions door will need to be a cold weather design package with a metal skin, with an approximate door size of 4'-6\" h by 10'-0\" w quantity 6. We are looking for stadium door installation and stadium door operation detail information. Thank you

1075 storefront building opening 15 foot high and 24 foot wide can you give me hydraulic door prices or door options that i might be interested in for my new storefront doors

1076 I am very interested in your bifold doors or one piece hydraulic doors, and I like the affordable prices. I am able to build my own door frame by buying my own metal and doing my own welding, and buy the lifting components from you.

1077 building boat storage condos..need boat storage condo hydraulic doors. (8) 20'x24' and (7) 16'x24'.

1078 I am a contractor and I have a customer inquiring about bi-fold doors and your recommended one piece hydraulic doors.  I would like to have the price of two 12'x14' insulated bi-fold doors and insulated hydraulic doors.  I would like to have the drive motor on the bottom of the door. Thank you

1079 I am an engineer and am looking for all hydraulic door design, hydraulic door engineering and hydraulic door installation instructions for using your Schweiss doors in a wood post frame building. Thanks

1080 I would like a quote on (2) 9'-0\" x 11'-10\" bifold doors and the same for the hydraulic doors.

1081 Hello, I am designing a hanger and would like a quote and specs on a bifold door and the one piece hangar doors as listed below. The a-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4 sheets would be very much appreciated (PDF format if possible). Thanks for you time

1082 Please quote hydraulic doors with man door without door installation. Thank you.

1083 I would like more information about hydraulic door installation and have a saleperson contact me on my mobile number.

1084 I would like to replace 2 overhead doors that measure 9'6\" wide by 12' high with 1 solid troublefree Schweiss hydraulic door. There is a 3' walk-in door between them so the hassle free Schweiss hydraulic door opening will be right at 24'X12'.

1085 We have a customer that would like a bid from us for complete construction of an airplane hangar. I would like to know what hydraulic hangar door questions I need to ask the customer to get an accurate bid from Schweiss Doors.

1086 Need hydraulic door price to compare to other type doors. Thanks.

1087 need price on hydraulic shop door 24x14.5 insulated hydraulic door with windows

1088 Can supply a photograph if helpful. Hydraulic door only, must preserve header height. Would like to reuse existing (corragated galvanized / painted), siding, can that be done? Has 8x8\" wood columns and 10\" steel I-beam header. jlw

1089 I need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to fit a 34x10. I'm building a pole barn and enclosing it. Can you send quote with a man door. Price door to include installation.

1090 Quoted (9) 60'x20' now need (10) 60'x18' Quoted (1) 50'x20' now need (1) 50'x18' Please also quote (1) 70'x18' All hydraulic doors to replace sliding doors? I also need (1) 26'x120' that stacks to one side. Thanks

1091 Out side mount free standing header looks like the easy's to install one of your hydraulic one piece gems. Also include 2 windows and extra remote.

1092 I am in need of (3) 14'x14' hydraulic lift doors. Everything I see on you website is explained quite well. Do you offer products that have a horizontal fold? We are trying to spec a door for our fire stations. The client has trouble with the doors being damaged by the fire trucks leaving and not being able to see that the doors are not all the way open. this is why we are trying to switch to the horizontal one piece doors. Do you have them? Can you lead me to someone who does offer them?

1093 Please send me a price for least expensive 36' x 14' hydraulic lift door. Thank you, John

1094 We have a project at Vancouver Island. The architect specify 4 no. hydraulic Schweiss doors, glazed aluminum sliding (vertically) door. I find your company have similar product in the web. Could you please sent me a price (supply or supply & install) for our budget. Thanks. There are 4 no. sliding door of size 3.5x3.2m (11.5'x10.5') Looking forward for your reply.

1095 Please quote a 40 x 14 hydraulic lift door. This a farm application. Ship to Orangeburg, SC 29118 thanks in advance John G. Will this door have an external truss for added strength?

1096 I need specs for your 70x18 Bi-fold and hydraulic doors for a customer. We will need a rough opening for awalkdoor in the lower portion of the door.  Thanks, Brandon 

1097 Looking for price and availability on 18x30 one piece Schweiss door, Insulated,w remote opener. How much extra to have a walk through door installed and could a walk thru be installed at a later date if I think I really want one?

1098 Looking for a well insulated hydraulic door, low maintenance to fit my budget. Something simple for my contractor and I to self-install. I spoke with someone today and received a quote. Please forward me materials on this door and the specs. thanks

1099 Change to Hydraulic , I have a good fab shop ready to install I live in airpark and a lot of people have gone to hydraulic and they have nothing but good to say about your Schweiss manufactured doors. I am in a rush, got to keep up with the Joneses.

1100 I need a price on (9) 60'x20' hydraulic doors and (3) 50'x20' hydraulic doors. Does Schweiss doors offer quantity discounts or breaks on installation. We are located in Nevada. Thanks

1101 I need 16 ft opening on a 17 ft eave height for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, insulated and delivered to Washington state.

1102 I'm looking for a price on a 50' wide 14' clear hydraulic one piece door any help would be appreciated Thanks, Matt

1103 I'm looking for a quote to replace a customers existing sliding door with a Schweiss hydraulic door. The size is 44'0\" W x 18'0\" H It includes a Personel Door 3'0\" x 7'0\" The existing Bottom Section Construction is 3\" Sq. Tube Top & Bottom Rails with 2\" Sq.Tube Vertical Mutions at: 34\",72\", 120\",168\",216\",264\",312\", 360\",408\",456\",494\" The Personel Door is located on the Left Side, (OSLI) between the Vertical Mutions at 456\" and 494\" Please email or call with any question. Thanks, David G.

1104 I am looking for a 23 1/2 foot by 16 one piece insulated hydraulic door. Do you have one of these and how much would it cost? How long for delivery, I'm in western Minnesota.

1105 I would like to know if the hydraulic door can be used in the middle of a building, to seperate a heated shop from unheated machinery storage. The building I am talking about is a 60 x 105 with 16 foot sidewalls and 18.5 center ceiling height (vaulted ceiling in the heated shop portion)I was thinking about a 50 x 15 hydraulic insulated door or something like that for maximum storage use in back of builing.

1106 Where can I obtain information on the price for different size hydraulic doors? Thank you, Len S. Tell me what information regarding sizes etc. that you will need. Can you also give me a list of accessories available, i.e. backup systems, motors, etc.

1107 I am bidding on a post frame building and have had the customer ask about a hydra-lift door. I need to talk to some one about this have several questions. I've heard that your Schweiss hydraulic doors are the best in the business. What makes them better? Thank you.

1108 I faxed a revision to a bid for my hydraulic door to show the height of my finished opening to be 12'. I also sent by fax, a drawing of my building with actual measurements so that there would be no mistakes. The first bid was for an eleven foot /- tall by forty foot wide door. I needed to change this to a door that will travel to a full open position of 12'0\". I also instructed you to use the above email address. I really need to get this door ordered ASAP as it is My understanding of a 5-6 week lead time. Use the cell number to contact me anytime and before faxing. Thank you, Gary Y.

1109 I am inquiring of the loading related to a 16 ft wide by 18 ft. high hydraulic lift door. The building is concrete block with steel columns on the inside supporting the roof system and is located in Northern  Canada. The opening is concrete beam lintel and concrete column system. I plan on designing a structural steel frame system to go on the outside of the opening and above the door opening such that the hydraulic door will provide a clear opening of dimensions provided. I would appreciate an unfactored live and dead load imposed on the structure by the door and any hints as to the approach of the design of the frame to accommodate the door would be appreciated. The door would need to be fully insulated with a man door in the system. Are there any distributors in Canada and in particular weste Canada? Should we require ordering directly from you can you give a timeframe fob plant from time of placing order to supply of the door? Thanks for your help Jim S,  

1110 I would like to speak with someone in regards to Schwiess manufactured hydraulic doors (1- 30'X 16' and 1-32'X 14')and obtain pricing on same. Please free to contact me. Thank-you in advance for your assitance. Kevin M. Pres.

1111 Would you also send me a quote for a 24' x 15' hydraulic door as a possibility for the same location as the 20' x 15' door listed below. Thank you

1112 Looking to replace existing 14'x16' overhead door(s) with something wider in your hydraulic style. Minimum width 18' wondering how width affects price of the door. Currently looking at a door that would be primarily self supporting, but we are capable of adding additional framing into the building if required. One of the sliding doors is currently broken, so I would like information as soon as possible to see if there is a possibility of saving some money on repairing a door I intend to replace.

1113 Please provide a quote for (7) 60x20 hydraulic doors including shipping to Fullerton, CA. Sheeting and trims will be by an area building company. Please include (1) integrated walk door, weather striping for all sides, and start and stop controls (wall mounted) with constant down button. Please call if you have any questions. Seizmic 4 70 MPH wind UBC 1997 / CBC 2003

1114 Hi I am looking for info and pricing on a hydraulic lift door. The door opening on my metal building is 39'x10'-8\" please call or e mail me with info. Thanks Bob.

1115 We need a hydraulic door 61 x 20 now would you like to give me a price. I need a insulated door quick before winter sets in. Thank you Alan

1116 Purchased Bi Fold from you. Interested in one peice hydraulic door. Approximate size 24Wx14H. If your hydraulic door models are anything like your bifolds, I'm sure I will be very pleased. You've been in business for many decades, so I'm sure Schweiss Doors knows what they are doing.


1118 Please provide a binder of your hydraulic door  products that includes average lead times for orders current price list sizes available

1119 C H Palm is requesting a SPECIFICATION in 3 PART CSI FORMAT for a door as follows: Bottom Drive, Red Power, Internal truss Safety edge and warning lights required Emergency Back up Hand Crank required Require the electrical service necessary to operate this hydraulic door. The project is about 50% through design. Thank you.

1120 Our aircraft hangar (40' x 30') has one of your cable actuated Bi-Fold Doors. The door is 40' long and each bi-fold panel measures 7' making it a 14' high door. Four cables are used to raise and lower the door. The cables pass over pulleys at the top to decrease the stress on each cable. We would like answers for the following: (1) The existing cables are showing signs of wear and we would like a price and delivery quote for a set of four replacement strap systems to have available when we deem it appropriate to install. We also have a sliding door which we would like to replace with one of your hydraulic one piece doors. Boy will that be a great day! This door is a back breaker. It is also a 40 x 30. We would want your new Red Power pump unit to lift it. Sound insulated with backup system.

1121 Contemplating construction of a new hangar. The bldg. will be 60 x 45. I am talking to local  Builder on the actual building and they wanted me to get information on the specs for a hydraulic Schweiss   door.

1122 I need a specification in Word Format for the hydraulic one piece doors, electric operated, to edit into specifications for a D-Day Museum here in New Orleans. Sizes are approx. 25 ft. wide x 15ft high. Metal siding will be applied to your door frame skeleton 

1123 I would like a price on a door 46'w x 14'h hydraulic, no remote, no doors, no windows, matching the wind loads being met by the building mfgr ken. steel truss. Please respond by written estimate in the mail. thank you.

1124 Please tell me how much that hydralic door in white with shipping in all would cost me, the size i need is 10ft 1 by 78 in thank you much

1125 I had been communicating with Julie S. last year and placed my price lock order with her. I just sent an email to her with questions and it bounced back. Anyway, here is the email I sent:  Question(s): I'm planning on and have been quoted a 40 X 14' hydraulic door. I can't remember, what is the vertical clear opening on the 14' high door? (with a maximum wedge) How about 12'? What seems to be the 'norm' on residential airpark hangers that you get orders for? Am I going overkill on a 14' high door? Do you guys have an insulation package available? Recommendations? Re: the vertical steel going down the sides of the opening for the wheels to roll on; am I responsible for providing that in my building, or does that come with the door? FYI, I'm leaning toward a building (post and beam) now. Does that effect you? Alan B. 

1126 We have an existing bi-fold door that was damaged and we will need to replace. The door is all steel and insulated. This time around we are considering your hydraulic door. Can it be easily retrofitted into a bifold location?  Thank, Lenny V.W.

1127 I am requesting pricing on two 62'x 18' Hydrolic swing doors. I would like windows with a walk door in each of the doors. I would also like an option for insulation and remote control. Thank You Scott M. Marvel Construction LLC

1128 Good Morning, I need a quote on a 29'x15' hyrdaulic  door delivering to Alamosa, CO 81101. You can email it of fax. Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you, Garry

1129 I need a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, Red Power pump electrically operated, opening is 45' wide X 16' tall. If you do installation, I need a price for that as a separate item. The door will not have a personnel door in it. I will provide a 26 GA steel sheet for the skin for the door. The hangar will be in the greater Jackson, Miss. area. Thanks Gene


1131 I am building a 40-42X64 building and would like to use your door on the 40-42ft. section. Please provide me with a standard Schweiss hydraulic lift door price with Red Power hydraulics (of your size choice) included. Your doors are definately the best I've seen. It pays to buy quality unless you want headaches down the line. 


1133 I am interested in putting a new Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door in a old wood pole type building that we use as a shop it has sliding doors in it now. I think it will need a free standing header to make it work. The RO is 20.5 feet wide and 13 feet high there is about 4 feet above the door to the roof line on the outside edges. It would have to be fully insulated. Please send me any info on your new Red Power hydraulic pump sizes and some idea of pricing if you can.

1134 Just ordered a hangar from a steel bldg. contractor. He's a good friend and even though he supplies doors for his buildings, he recommended that I purchase a Hydraulic Lift Door from Schweiss Doors. Apparently yours are superior. Opening will be 10X38. Looking for your least expensive, color matched door to allow full access to this opening - with Red Power electric motor system.