Hydro Doors

1 I am Chasing the Price on your Schweiss Hydraulic Door Cylinders and compact pump suitable to lift a 20 Foot Container Door we are Looking at putting External Panel Outside the container Made of Sandwich Panel that automatically opens and closes by hitting a switch. So there No manual Handling.

2 I saw an Schweiss hydraulic container door application on a shipping container on Pintrest. The install was lifting the door of the container. My question is rather than lifting up. Will the hydraulics lower as well lift, I'm assuming it would. I would like the pricing for the hydraulics the electrical switching system. Regards, Michael at Matrix Concepts LLC

3 Hello, Im looking at installing a 22' width, x 15'6" - 16' Schweiss Hydraulic door to an existing wooden pole barn that's being renovated into a shop. I would like some quotes (If i have given you enough info) Im from Southern Ontario Canada. I would be interested in a "build your own design" or possibly i direct install with a dealer. Do you have the information and contact numbers of any dealers in Ontario? Regards, Tony

4 I'm a welder interested in a Schweiss BYOD hydro door hydraulic kit. What information do Schweiss engineers need for me to proceed?

5 Good morning I am building a shop for myself one hydraulic shop door will be 28 feet wide by 14 feet high another will be 18 feet wide by 14 feet high the last one will be 10 feet by 10 feet I would also like them to be black in color could I get some prices to compare to sectional roll up doors emailing would be best thank you

6 Hi, We are a design company based in Toronto. We have a project that we are currently starting to spec out and are interested in discussing the Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors that we have in our design. We wish to have two large Schweiss doors on the front and rear of our laneway house and would like them to be glass. If you could email me the contact of the person I can discuss this with, I can send a pdf of our plans and elevations for you to get a better understanding of the project and what we require so that we can get a discussion going and a quote.