Schweiss Doors - Industrial Hydraulic Doors

1 Sir: I’m looking at getting a quote and specs for a 60’x19’/20’ ft, Hydraulic Door. Do you do this type of door system? When you have the opportunity could you please reach out to me? Appreciative and thank you

2 Underground parking garage door. Must have industrial motor or in the case of a hydraulic door an industrial strength pump and cylinders. Quote for door and installation. Details on free exit key fobs.

3 We are looking to specify a series of operable industrial grade hydraulic doors for a high end central utility plant. Please call so we can further discuss design and feasibility options. -Thanks, Quinn

4 We have a project in Missouri where we need to provide a opening of about 20' W x 16' tall to allow vehicle access into an industrial building. Right now we are about at the limit of needed headroom.   I would like to review bifold and hydraulic door options and get understanding of vertical clearance requirements, and budget pricing and lead times. Thank you, Mark Fernandez

5 Hey! Looking to quote a 20' wide by 10' tall industrial bi-fold door for our brewery. We are looking for an aluminum frame with glass on the inside. Could we get a quote for that and also for a horizontal one? So it opens more like an accordion style folding door? Please and thanks!

6 Looking for a Schweiss door quote on a 40' x 20' thermal insulated strong steel hydraulic door to be installed in a metal industrial building in South Dakota. 

7 I'm a General contractor that will be erecting a metal building. The project calls for (4) 40' Wide x 18' high steel hydraulic railroad dock doors. Can you please quote doors and installation. We will skin the doors with our metal building siding.

8 Looking for a price on a hydraulic opening industrial strength door! The door size is app. 47 feet wide by 14 feet tall! Steel door mounted on the outside of an existing steel I-beam constructed shed! Price with liftstraps and automatic door locking device. Also add a walk door and windows.

9 Looking for more information on costs of large hydraulic Schweiss industrial grade doors. In particular how the door cost scales with different size doors. Also would like to see costs for hydraulic door add-ons and hydraulic door accessories.

10 Looking for pricing on a 50 ft wide by 14ft high hydraulic crane door for industrial Gantry crane door application. Schweiss hydraulic backup system should be included.

11 We are looking to replace a standard overhead sandblast door with a Schweiss manufacturing hydraulic door. Facility calls for a large steel hyd. door. Door needs to be dust resistant door with door backup systems and remote door opener.

12 On my recent industrial crane door order going to Detroit, please include prep for a hydraulic one piece door interior liner.

13 We have a project with the need for a Schweiss hydraulic lifting loading dock door for an existing double loading dock (height 14 feet). The industrial strength door will need a smooth exterior surface and a walk-thru door in the lower section. Please send me design data and Schweiss hydraulic one piece door specifications. 


15 I have a project for a industrial building door, but have to have a rail installed for a hydraulic Schweiss crane door I want you to manufacture. I want to know if you can take a look at the pictures and make opinion for this. 

16 Schweiss hydraulic powered craneway door to be installed in endwall of a new metal building. Need 18' clear. Quote door installation labor and price for a free standing door header if needed and labor to install free standing header. Building will have interior liner door panel. Price fast opening electric door. 

17 40 foot by 14 foot opening on a steel building. What is the least expensive and best style steel hydraulic door for an industrial strength overhead crane door?

18 Industrial strength hydraulic crane door by Schweiss 75' X 25' We need 20' clear. Include hydraulic backup systems in case of power outages.

19 I'm looking for a one piece non-insulated hydraulic operated blastproof chemical plant door. Door size is 36'-9" wide x 18' high and I'll want a fast operating electric pump that provides a tight door seal. There is only 5 inches of door clearance. Can chemical plant hydraulic door truss go on the outside of the building? 

20 We are having problems closing our old roll up doors. Need Compost Facility hydraulic doors to replace them. Want to retrofit doors as soon as possible. Quote a 34 ft. x 16 ft. hydraulic industrial grade door with 2 remote openers.

21 Need price on 40' x 27 ft. hydraulic insulated coal mine crane door at Kentucky operation. This is a dusty, dirty, damp and sometimes cold location and wondering if you provide a powerful sealed electric door motor that can raise it very fast.

22 I bought a bifold strap door from you years ago. Now I am needing bigger industrial hydraulic doors on a new building we are putting up. Looking at a simliar door but 44' wide. Door height is 16'-8" with 16' clear. Great doors. Love the straps on my other door. 

23 Would like estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic-powered one piece railway door. Rough opening in 44L x 18 ft 4in H. Concrete building door. Needs self supporting style door frame work since the building isn't designed to carry the additional load by itself. I am gathering rough estimates for insulated and non-insulated railway doors.

24 I need a quote on one - 58' wide x 18' high industrial building hydraulic crane door and a 58'x wide x 18' high standard hydraulic industrial steel door. These hydraulic doors will go on each end of our steel building.

25 I am wanting a quote and specs. on a underground facility door 40' long x 16' high for installation at a industrial mining site. 3 phase electrical lifting mine door. Must be fast opening hydraulic door with non-electrical backup system. 

26 I am contractor needing a quote for a company that needs a 50x16 good hydraulic crane door. I prefer a door system with a backup system. 

27 Please call me regarding an estimate on a industrial strength Schweiss hydraulic crane door. Got some questions on trusses. 55 ft. x 22 ft. insulated door.

28 Looking for an estimate for a 44'x 21' Schweiss hydraulic steel crane door. Include price for remote door opener and side walk door.

29 I'm ready to order a Schweiss industrial grade crane door. I have your Schweiss Door quote but want to discuss the hyd. vs. bi fold strap systems for this heavy duty crane door application.

30 Price a hydraulic crane door to go into an interior industrial warehouse space. Clear opening is 30' wide by 35' high. Need door weight & door clearance required. Will want your new style hydraulic pump door with spherical bearings.

31 I will be ordering your hydraulic industrial grade steel door, 48x28 ft. within 30 days. Door  installation will be at an industrial park in Virginia. Please send a door cost estimate with door backup systems delivered to the job site.

32 Please have your area Schweiss Doors rep. contact me about my industrial steel door project in Calif. I'll be needing several steel reinforced heavy duty hydraulic lifting doors. Two will be overhead crane doors.

33 I am looking for a 60' bifold or solid one piece industrial use hydraulic chemical plant door! New building will be finished soon. Steel door to have separate access door and windows. Toxic chemical resistant door frame.

34 We require information for a radiation shield doors listed below, a lead lined door, as well as heftier hydraulic door installation details. 

35 I need quote on (8) 55'wide 17' high warehouse doors with man door in each one with your new hydraulic pump and spherical bearings. Can steel warehouse doors be delivered and factory doors installed by spring?

36 Bi-Fold Industrial use Crane Door needed. Should be sturdy reinforced steel frame door 28'w x 19'h. Remote door opener with one walk door. Build this industrial door in your hydraulic door style.

37 My 1998 cable maintenance facility door chatters when going up or down and I'd like to retrofit it with your Schweiss hydraulic doord. This is not a Schweiss door, so will your hydraulic door work for me without having to tear up the opening too much? 


39 Our large Gantry Crane door had been causing problems in not being reliable on opening and closing. We'd like to replace it with a Schweiss Crane Door, size is 3900 sq ft and door is either 60 or 65 feet. Can you help with a bifold or hydraulic crane door solution?

40 What is the maximum width on a hydraulic door? We will need an industrial factory use door, 60'x24'. This is a concrete building door.

41 Pricing and options for existing building to replace stacking industrial doors with Schweiss hydraulic high impact doors. Will need three metal reinforced doors 30' x 18'. These are loading dock doors seeing a lot of reckless forktruck traffic. Insulated doors with handheld door remotes and a row of door windows.

42 24 x 16.6 hydraulic craneway door needed. Want hydraulic door for optimum door clearance to move product in and out of steel building. Craneway door will also serve as a loading dock door.

43 Please provide pricing for 4 total steel hydraulic crane doors. Two will be delivered to each location separated by only 16 miles. Price without walk doors.

44 Looking for a price on 4 steel reinforced Schweiss hydraulic doors - 24' wide x 16' tall. One of these will be a crane door.

45 I'd like to know the ballpark cost for a hydraulic  door for a pre-engineered industrial building (existing). Door would be 80'x15'. Walk door, windows, backup systems.  The installation would be in Janesville, Wisconsin. Thanks.

46 I need a price on a Schweiss door, hydraulic - 50' x 40'. This door is going in a steel fabricating facility that manufacures bridge beams and girts. There is a lot of metal dust and dirt in this facility so that is why I think a hydraulic door might be best. Please give me a call if you have any questions. 

47 I am looking at design options to divide an interior space with a crane door that is 70 feet wide and 45 feet high. There is an existing rigging crane that will occasionally travel back and forth through the area. Is this physically possible with a Schweiss upper hydraulic swing doors? What are the design considerations that we need to be aware of in order to prepare a budget.

48 I was wanting to get a price on a 20' wide x 16' tall industrial grade hydraulic steel crane door. Once order is placed, how long before delivery?

49 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic crane door on an existing building opening size is 60x13. Prefer to have two backup systems. 

50 Please quote a Schweiss hydraulic door with walk door and a backup system located in NY to be installed in a Pre-Engineered Steel industrial building. The door opening size is 30'x10', Please include the correct loads so I can add them to my building quote. Please include delivery to the job site. 

51 We need a price on a 50'x 17' Schweiss insulated  hydraulic door. Customer is in Montana. We will be doing the installation. Love your doors, this is the third one coming from you. This is a hydraulic crane door. Remote opener.

52 We are the general contractors on the renovation of a client's recently purchased industrial manufacturing facility. We are in the process of putting together a budget for work needed and our client is contemplating replacing the "nesting" sliding doors with hydraulic type Schweiss doors.

53 Option for insulated panels if you carry them. 3-36"x24" walk door or at least framed openings Able to accept interior liner. This is a crane door, a Schweiss hydraulic door. I looked all over and Schweiss Doors appears to be the only company that specializes in crane doors. One other company said they would try to build me a crane door, but wouldn't guarantee me that it would work to my satisfaction. I can't live with that.

54 Looking for a price on a 70' x 24' hydraulic crane door at our industrial factory. Steel door should be windrated, and have a walk door. 

55 I've looked at the Schweiss hydraulic door for use as a crane door - very impressive. I have a block building (8" block) with an opening of 22ft. 6" wide and 104" high. I'm going to have to build some type of framing no matter what type of door I decide to use so the width is variable to some extent. Max. height available is 108" to the bottom of the rafter on my truss. Inside clearance is 104" to bottom of trusses. Are your doors in standard widths as in 2 ft. intervals or do you build to fit? What is the max. clearance I would have if I use a hydraulic door in this opening? As I viewed your videos on the hyd. door, I wondered if the speed of the hyds. can be increased? Have you had any problems with wind on the hyd. doors while open?  Please itemize parts as I can provide the skin and insulation from a neighbor roofer.

56 I have a client that need a 48'x14' high crane door for a railroad engine repair building. Exterior needs to match board & batt siding look. I want a hydraulic door just like my Hanger door which you installed last year. I will supply building plans for details.

57 Please quote to furnish & install a 26'3" x 14' 6 " hydraulic mining door, in Kentucky. Must be able to seal tightly and open and close quickly. Insulated.

58 We need a budget price on 2- 65'w x 9'h craneway hydraulic doors, nothing real speacial they are inside no wind load, we will sheet them on site. We will add a 12" rubber flap on the bottom. The doors through the crane way now have parting swing doors. Thanks George

59 Need a price on horz. hydraulic door electric motor/pump operated. Including inside liner material and windows. Door to fit in metal industrial builiding door to be 80'-0" x 24'-0" all required material will deliver to Flint, MI.

60 Bifold or hydraulic door needed for railcar offloading building Clear door opening 28ft x 18ft. Steel reinforced door. Price with liftstraps, autolatches and Power Pump hydraulics.

61 Looking for a price on 42 foot wide hydraulic industrial door it has a 12' high opening, mounted on the sidewall of a wood construction building. It has a 42 foot steel beam across the top. Include price on extra remote.

62 Sales, pricing needed: Hydraulic door 58x18 ft.  Clear) on industrial use building. Option to have it Remote controlled. Please let me know if you need any more info to get this pricing complete.

63 Attached are a few images of the wind turbine that we call the WindBine II. The WindBine III version will be built initially in the buiding we have on order with the Schweiss hydraulic door. We will build two side by side, simultaneously on trailers as you see in one of the images. From there they go into the field and vertical and mount down on the base. I think your hydraulic door will be perfect for this application. Happy as heck I was able to connect with you and use your much needed advice. You guys at Schweiss are the best.

64 Hello Greetings to you and the Company. I will like to know if you do sell Hydraulic industrial doors for  Floor Cranes? And if you do email me with the types that you have so that i will let you know the sizes that am interested and quantity that i want to Purchase thank you

65 I'm the site manager for the head contractor here in Nasva Saaremaa, we are building a shipfactory for BMG ( Baltic Marine Group). I think you have been in connection with one of the founders of the company. Our interest is to use a 13x18m Schweiss hydraulic door in our building for the ships to get in and out of the building. I heard from BMG that you made an offer for them which included transportation. Our interest as head contractor is  could tell us what exactly is included in that offer and what do we need to get locally by ourselves. Also if possible maybe you can send some drawings about the frame of the hydraulic industrial door and information about the forces that are applied to the surrounding construction as then we can know what kind of design work is needed to be done in order to make the door fit. Tomorrow we are starting with the erection of the concrete-element frame so we would like to hear from you as soon as possible as we have to decide on the door subject. Here is the view of the building:

66 I am looking for some pricing information on a couple of your doors for our small industry. The door would be 20' wide and 16' tall, I would like pricing on a hydraulic as well as a bi-fold style door. Bifold with lift straps. Both insulated, mostly for sound reduction.  Thanks

67 I am looking to get a quote for a hydraulic one piece insulated door to cover a 50' w x about 17' t opening in an industrial shop building that a forklift has to bring the product into and the product is roughly 10' high x 45' long, what can you do?

68 We have a problem and wondered if you could help us solve. We are looking to add two doors at the ends of a wash bay to provide protection from the elements (rain, wind, not thermal, since it is an unheated space). Opening are 12 wide x 27 high.         Desire is for quick opening/closing (5 -20 seconds).  We are looking at industrial hydraulic doors, and could use your expert recommendation. There is no side room for sliding doors. Rail/train cars will enter/exit the space. There is an overhead catenary (high-voltage) wire that is suspended two feet down and offset from center. We could conceivably hang weatherstripping (from the opening header down to the wire) and mount the doors below that. Mounting location not finalized (utilities/equipment would have to be relocated for mount to interior vs. exterior). See attached drawings. Can you help? We need a concept and a budget.

69 I'm working on a project that includes three pump house buildings. Each has a bridge crane inside, which can travel to the outside of the building through a horizontally hinged hydraulic 'flap' door at the top of the building (see attached sketch). The door is opened outward by means of hydraulic cylinders. At this stage of the project the design for building, door, and winch has been completed and in fact some fabrication has started. A late request has come to us asking for some kind of door closing mechanism like you provide with your new Power pump unit. The concern is that the force of gravity on the door may not be enough to pull the door fully closed to its sealed position and we think your beefed up new cylinders will alleviate this. A couple of options we have also been considering are 1) Electromagnetic latches that could be activated to hold the door closed, and 2) Counterweights inside the building attached with cables and pulleys that could pull the door closed. Can you give us some input on this with a quote. The door in question is  20 ft. wide x 14 ft. tall, and we would like a walk door on it.

70 We currently have an in-house order for the supply of a dedusting system including of two wind protection sheds for two emergency ladle tilting stands at a steelplant here in Brazil and are looking for a potential supplier for two fast-acting hydraulic or bifold door systems. Process Description: Remote Controlled Crane will enter shed (picture 4) with hot-metal ladle (see picture1). Inside the shed will be located a ladle tipping stand (picture 2) and a powerful suction hood (450.000m/h of air) from the dedusting system. Crane will empty ladle (picture 3) within 10min inside the totally enclosed shed (closed doors). Heat inside the shed is expected not to pass beyond 150C at tilting stand. Our main concern is that during entry of movable crane with liquid-hot-metal ladle it might stop for whatever reason and burn/destroy the lift and latch straps of your bi-folding door above the entry of the shed. So therefore we are only considering your hydraulic door. DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH HEAT RESISTANT (FLAME PROOF) MATERIAL?  If so, Hydraulic Schweiss doors should have the following requirements: - fast acting (closing off/opening area in 2min max.) - cladding must be temperature resistant (sheet metal, aluminum etc. and cannot be textile-type (unless flame proof) since crane will pass with (open) hot metal ladle underneath it) - resistant to strong ocean winds please consider wind speed up to 140km/h - dimensions of opening: 24m in width and 21,5m in height - entry without intermediate obstacles (pole, crossbar..etc) 

71 I would like a price for 2 each 80' x 25' hydraulic   industrial railroad doors. One of these hydraulic maintenance doors will require a locking walk door with window. The project will be in the Seattle area. The project will be going in early June 2014. The doors will be insulated and sheeted with exterior metal building siding. Let me know if you need additional information.

72 I have a factory building that is 90x120x12 with a 4:12 pitch. I am needing a guesstimate price on a hydraulic door 40'x14' that will be centered in the 90' endwall. He is just now starting to get prices on this project and is unsure exactly what he'll be doing. These specs may change so if you get me specs on this type of hydraulic door I will note that the price and specs may change once the customer confirms what he'll be doing exactly. This will be delivered to English, IN.

73 Need a quick budget price on (2) 135' x 18'  Hydraulic doors for large industrial building. Looking at outside truss, new pump, two walk doors, windows and horn and lights.

74 Please give an estimates for a 42 ft x 9 ft high hydraulic door delivered. I need one of each to go on a industrial complex building. Hydraulic should have safety backup systems. Walk thru door in each.

75 I am looking for a hydraulic door to be used in the loading area of a factory about to go out for tender. The approx. size of the door is 8 meters wide, with an overhead clearance of 6 meters. Please price battery backup system apart from door price if that doesn't come with the door.

76 Need price on 36 ft wide 16 ft tall hydraulic door for a dozer shop. This door should be industrial grade steel and have more than adequate size pump with a good backup system. Delivery and installation in southwest Tennessee.

77 We're building a 40' wide building in our industrial park and we are interested in the biggest hydraulic door with the strongest motor we can fit. We are located in eastern Philly. We are interested in a price including shipping to a business location. Thanks, Gordon

78 I would like to request specs and prices for your hydraulic industrial grade doors. One door will be 60' wide x 22' high, and the other will be for 40' wide x 22' high. Can I get a more powerful motor for the bigger hydraulic door and can both doors be insulated with the larger door having a walk-thru entrance too?

79 Looking for a hydraulic door quote for budget on a proposed industrial building in Middleton, MA. Needs to be wind rated, insulated and have extra remote control.

80 We are looking for a maintenance bay hydraulic  door that is easy to use, one person. Paintable surface. I have PDF and CAD concept drawings available. There will be 8 separate door areas, with same door design in each area. I would like an extra remote opener for each door that can be programmed with separate codes.

81 We have a customer interested in a budget price for a hydraulic industrial grade door, and wondering if this size is available: 80ft wide X 24ft high (clear opening size) They could go to 60ft wide but the 24ft high is necessary. Should be insulated well.  Please quote with recommended options Thanks

82  I am needing a price on two 44 ft by 12 ft industrial strength all-steel frame hydraulic doors, or option two will be two 44 ft by 16 ft hydraulic doors, as I must have an opening of 12 ft clear when open all the way. These doors will have 4 inch vinyl face insulation and need you to supply rubber top and bottom. 

83 We have an industrial client with two 40x40 doors side by side on each end of a large fab shop. The existing sill/trolley supported doors are in poor condition and must be opened with a forklift. This is due to the support at the head that has rotated and bound up the guides. We will have to design a new subframe for your hydraulic doors. Can you give me a budget for four 40x40 (approximate) doors glazed with polycarbonate in the upper half, remote openers and a man door in each hydraulic door.

84 Looking for an hydraulic door estimate based on the information below The building is an existing block building calling for two hydraulic steel industrial doors, both 34' x 21'. Include one walk door, three windows and remote openers for both. 

85 Interested in industrial grade Hydraulic door ( 16 tall by 24 wide opening ) in a wood structure, the door will need to be insulated with white steel on outside. Give me separate price on a couple of windows and a walkdoor. How long would it take to get it to western Illinois and price. Thanks, Jeff.

86 I see Schweiss makes doors as wide as 100 feet and 25 feet high? I'm in the market for a hydraulic crane door for my steel industrial building, but will want it to be 112 ft. wide x 24 ft. tall. It will need to be a steel door with windows, two walk doors and has to be fast opening and closing. You can price a larger motor for additional speed. 


88 I need a quote for a custom made Schweiss hydraulic door that is 40x13'6" This is a industrial crane door that pushes out to a railroad delivery system. Quote to include remote opener, photo eye sensors, horn and light alarm system and one or more backup systems. Please advise ASAP. Your company has been highly recommended. Give approximate time of delivery to southern Oklahoma.

89 Please send Schweiss Door information on maximum steel door width and height, material, and frame size requirements for a 60' wide by 22' high custom manufactured hydraulic industrial door.


91 Wanting quote for a Schweiss hydraulic industrial strength door, 16' x 9', actual size to be looked into later. Installed in front of a set of windows of a control booth door at a Steel company to protect windows while melting process is on. The booth presently has sectional door to be retrofitted. 

92 I need a price for ten 7.62 X 51 Nato 810-830 MS closer for my 600 pound crane doors. Schweiss hydraulic pump, spherical bearing doors with heavy duty electric 3 ph. motor. Walk doors in five of these.

93 Working on a bid to furnish and install a bifold or hydraulic industrial complex door approximately 100 ft wide and 25 ft tall. I need price and spec. For door and installation price.

94 I need a industrial steel door for a nominal 64w 10h opening. I was headed for a multisection slider, but want to explore your Schweiss large flat hydraulic door. Roughly what would it cost? If I'm still interested I'll get with you for a formal quote.

95 look for a price quote on a Schweiss hydraulic  industrial crane  door my opening is 14'3 tall by 23'5 wide thanks

96 I would like a price on a 45x14 foot industrial railroad use crane door with the straps and same size door in your Schweiss hydraulic model. Insulated with walkdoor and remote opener please. What style doors are most crane door orders coming in? Just curious if one is more advantagous over the other. Thank you


98 Looking for a quote on a 40x8 Schweiss hydraulic  door going to Tennessee. This is a crane door. Will I need a free standing header. 

99 I need to get a proposal on two Schweiss hydraulic doors to cover the entry and exit to a paint booth located inside our factory. The opening is 15' x 15'. The construction of the enclosure is c channel and i-beam. I can provide a photograph of each side of the enclosure if needed. This is a project that needs to be quoted and the order released within the next two weeks. Please contact me with any questions or if additional information is needed.

100 We are bidding on a industrial building project that requires an 80' Schweiss hydraulic door. Can you provide this? If so what info do you need for pricing and turn around time. Also, could you price with two walk doors and hydraulic door backup options in case of power outage.

101 Looking to get hydraulic transfer station doors.  Door openings are huge, big like a airplane hanger door. Steel hydraulic one-piece insulated doors with walk thru doors and windows.

102 Looking for Quote, and Details to provide to industrial building manufacturer for a 65' x 20' clear opening. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, I will be needing information and prices also on accessories and hydraulic door backup systems as well as estimated time for delivery.

103 I need to get a quote asap on four 34'x34' (clear) reinforced hydraulic doors which will be placed  at dangerous working environment entrances and exits. Doors need to lock tight and be blast proof hydraulic doors. Can Schweiss Doors do the installation? Please call me.

104 We have a large opening that a overhead crane goes in and out of our fabrication building. It is 7' high and 62'-6" wide. We would like to get a proposal from you to design and build for us to install the top one piece door that opens up by hydraulic pnuematic or electric hoists. Thanks        

105 I need to get a price for a hydraulic door 45' wide x 22' Tall. This is for industrial use and will be used daily and often, so I want your best power pump system and backup system for it.

106 We have A 10 ton overhead crane crane with 65'-0 1/2" runway span that goes outside of the building. would be interested quoting a large Schweiss hydraulic door for this project? What further information will you need from me. Steve

107 We are looking for a different type of door for a building that we frequently move vessels in and out of for hydro testing. The opening is approximately 18' high and could be modified to be anywhere from 25 to 40 feet long. Would it be possible to have a representative from your company come in and look at what we have to accomodate your hydraulic one piece door. I look forward to visiting with you. Thanks, Stan

108 I am interested in the one piece hydraulic door. We are building a new shop and would like to install these doors. I would like a quote and I have a few questions. The door we would like to install is 16' tall, 14'wide. Can you give me a price quote without the Hyd, pump or do you have to sell them together. We have many other cylinders for presses that we will already have a central hydraulic pump for in the shop. We could plumb the door into this system. Can you give me a price on the door and cylinders only, and also a price on the whole package. If you have questions please call me or email me back. Thank you, Dusty

109 In our industrial facility we have 8' ventilation fans in the wall. We are adding on to the building and are going to have 3 pairs of 8' fans in the wall. I am looking for some one-piece hydraulic industrial grade doors to cover the fans at night, in the winter, etc. The hydraulic Schweiss Doors will also serve as a hydraulic door fan cover and hydraulic door sun shade as the moving hydraulic doors are in the east wall of the building. Thanks

110 Requesting price (best price option on hydraulic lift one piece) Schweiss door for a 60' x 20 industrial building. Will require Red Power back up system. Thank you.

111 Hello, We are looking for 2 Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift door Red Power backup systems for a malting plant. The doors will be used as a \"louver\" to allow cold air in to cool down the burner room. We need a total area of 92 sq ft per door and we have a base of 12' wide, so we can move things around with the width and height to match what you can do in your shop the easiest. But, give me a shout on my cell and we can discuss this a little further. Thanks,

112 Looking for two Schweiss hydraulic lift insulated doors for a biomass gasification plant. One is approx 40 ft wide and 20 ft tall, the other is 20 ft wide by 20 ft tall. Will be used to open or close space to protect equipment inside from cold weather. Open in spring summer and fall, closed in winter. No doors or windows. Red Power backup system a must. Need to be in place by Fall.

113 Please provide the structural weight of the door. Voltage of Red Power Electrical System, operator will be 230V. The header for this Schweiss Hydraulic lift door will be steel.

114 I am planning on erecting a new building for industrial use this  summer. I will use very heavy built used rafters 40x96x16, so I for sure want you to include your most powerful Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps to lift this big hydraulic one piece door. I would prefer to use a free standing metal frame header for the door. I would like the door 28 feet wide 16 feet tall. I just want the frame I will finish the rest myself. Could you just give me a ballpark estimate on this. Thank you for your time.

115 We need prices for Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Hangar doors ...could you contact me. We need a door 88 x 26 feet, please give me Red Power doors, door this size will need the power your new motor offers.  Tnks

116 Buildings at 6k sf each. Each with 2 doors at 20' high and 24' wide. We are interested in the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. We are looking for pricing on new Red Power units. Please contact me, they are for industrial use. We need to discuss pricing and material selection.

117 Dear Sirs, Good afternoon, We have learned from internet web your sight with very interested in your new Schweiss Red Power Hydro-Lift Doors. We think your powerful motor system sure to make convenience at work big ware house ,factory,cargo and etc. We'd like to purchase as belows if you can supply it. *Red Power Motor *Remote Control. Because , we will replace our unit system to former our gate. Could you offer us if you can accept our request? It'll be great appreciate,hearing any from you soon. Thank you. Mr. Lim Soon, Indonesia

118 I desire pricing (and structural requirements for) a 48' wide x 24' tall Schweiss hydraulic lift door that is to be installed withing a pre-engineered steel building. The client is a manufacturer of off road lowboys, bucket transporters, cable reelers for the open pit mining industry. We want motor lift systems to be heavy duty and hardy like you list on your web site for your new Red Power Systems. Seen your work, very impressive!

119 This industrial style door will be shifted 1 or 2 feet off center in a 60' wide endwall. Please quote Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump. Please quote installation by Schweiss. Please quote door(s) prepped for 8' high liner panels.

120 Hello I need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic  lifting door. Please price Optional, Red Power back up system, Remote Controlled, and Installed.

121 I would like a quote on a hydraulic lift one-piece door 32x15.5 ft and/or a 36x15.5 ft door. Price out your Schweiss Red Power backup systems too. How are these doors shipped and cost to ship? Can we get construction plans so to be able to design proper opening and plan whatever proper header and supports are needed. This door is for a new industrial shop building 48x54x16 in Illinois.

122 I am looking for a price on a hydraulic lift door 20' wide and 16' high. It will be for an industrial building and should be fitted with your Schweiss Red Power system to give it adequate lift.

123 Framed opening size is 50' X 17'set up for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with 14' clear opening. Calling for Red Power motors for better lifting power that your fine company offers. Door is for industrial use.

124 We are interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and accessory products. Please send us the catalog on your new Red Power Systems. We are soon constructing an industrial building in Nedw York. Thank you very much.

125 I need a quote soon, on 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors: 1- 22 x 18 and 1- 30 x 20. Tipton, area, Eastern central Iowa. Include price on recommended Red Power heavy duty pumps. We have installed industrial doors before so make labor optional. 

126 I am building a standard 18' tall sidewall 48'W X 72L'X 18'T- 2X6 industrial construction shop that I may put a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on the one gable end wall (48'). We are planning 16' sidewalls up on 24\" stemwalls for a ceiling of 18'. I have many of your doors at a Montana Airport that  I purchased probably 8 top 10 years ago. I want to be able to have as tall of a door in this end wall as possible so if I can go above 14' tall that would be great!! Probably 4/12 pitch will be used. 2 windows in the door, no walkin door needed, strap rollers, all electric, w/2 remotes, and I will supply the 2 windows (approx 3' X 5'), and the outer sheeting to match. Also want to insulate this door someday so if that matters in the build please accomidate. I think I want to stay with the inside frame mounting, how much headroom do I lose with an 18' opening?? If we only lose about 2 feet I may go to a 14' door in a 16' sidewall. Also could look at Red Power hydraulic pumps for 42' and 44' widths if they aren't too much more and wont create too weak of side sheer to the building. Thanks

127 Need price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for an aircraft hangar 50x18. Will want your Red Power hydraulics which offer the best lift. What else do you need as information? This is for a industrial building in Quebec, Canada

128 Looking for an estimate on 50 x 17 Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift door with insulated cold weather kit and Red Power backup system to be shipped to Nova Scotia Canada. Building is used for industrial use so don't need anything too fancy looking, just functional and tough.

129 Current installation is a conventional industrial roll-up door mounted on the inside of the wall. We are seeking a new hydraulic lift door design that can be well sealed and heavilly insulated. The construction of the wall is split face cinder block on the vertical sides, smooth cinder block across top. A wall detail is available. The concrete floor is flat up to the edge of the wall, then it slopes down and away from the building. Include Red Power hydraulic pumps for maximum lift in your quote.

130 I would like a quote for a 10'-0 wide by 10'-0 high clear opening hydraulic lift door. The door will be installed on the interior of a new warehouse and used to separate a receiving room from the rest of the building. We would most likely sheath the door with translucent paneling and likely want it installed with your Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks

131 Hi, I am interested in a quote for a hydraulic lift door on our bucket barn rebuild building here at the coal mine in Beulah, N.D. I talked to Gary and he says you are building a door for him up at New Salem. Gary works here at the mine and highly recommended I have door with Red Power Schweiss hydraulic pumps

132 Commercial/Industrial Division I need a quote for 5 doors for a agriculture pre engineered building. The building will be 150'W x 162'L. One end wall (150') will have 3-36'x16' doors in it and the other end wall will have 2-36'x16' doors.I need the 16' to be clear height.I need you to quote the bi fold vs the one piece hydraulic lift door.I will need to know if there is an additional charge to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps, what the header height requirements will be.This is in the design phase so I don't have any more information that above. 

133 Dear Sir,We are the leading contractors in Doha, Qatar in the construction field for more than 20 years. Currently we are tendering the above project for Qatar petroleum. We request your good self to send your competitive offer for EXTERIOR HYDRAULIC LIFT UP INDUSTRIAL DOOR, as SCHWEISS is the preferred / approved supplier for this item in this project. The detaIled drawing and Specs are attached. Please provide us your quotation as soon as possible to include largest (fastest) Red Power backup system available . Kindly treat this as most urgent. If you need more details / clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.It is also request you to send the name and complete address of your dealer / supplier in Doha,Qatar or in the Middle East if available to enable us to contact them.Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this mail please.Yours faithfully,ENGINEERING WORKS

134 We have a project with a 220' wide opening X 28' tall, can you build a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for that application also and what is the approx cost? We have quotes for a 8 door system, but none of them offer the powerful Red Power hydraulics that you do, something that we are pretty sure we will need to lift doors on a big industrial building like this. Please contact me to discuss.Thank You

135 I need to know if you even provide a 120' wide x 22' tall industrial hydraulic lift door, if not what is your biggest door? If you can provide these I will need a pricing which includes your Schweiss Doors  Red Power Electrical System and will send that reuqest in later Please let me know. Thanks!

136 We are designing a metal building for a boat building busines in Virginia and need some prices on either bi-fold or hydraulic lift doors. The size would be 26' wide x 30' to 32' tall min. Which Schweiss Door would be best suited for this use? We want Red Power Electrical System installed.

137 Interested in two hydraulic lift doors 60 feet by 20 feet also one 25' x 17'one 25 x 14 feet can you advise me on shipping and prices and could you send me some literature and instructions on your new, more powerful Red Power Systems. We have two industrial shops in construction. Are there any Schweiss doors installed near Yuma Arizona. Can I put my own tin and installation in these doors or do they come complete.  Send me out a catalog and all the information you can about these doors

138 The old "Brand Z" door we have has snapped the cable that operates the auto latches. I have reviewed the installation/operators manual for the repair and cannot find the info on the auto latches. I'm finally fed up with it and want one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with your new Red Power hydraulic systems. It's for an industrial building.

139 We currently have a project for the Vancouver International Airport for 3 airside buildings, a firehall, a maintenance garage and a de-icing facility. All 3 buildings will incorporate significant garage spaces that require a lot of doors. We are interested in incorporating the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps in our design. Our question is whether or not your company is able to manufacture these doors with Kalwall / Translucent Panel door panels? The doors are up to 8m wide x 4m tall, and need to be as weather tight as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

140 We are currently working on a Schweiss project that will have a 50'x16' hydraulic lift industrial use door and would like to discuss options and pricing of your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. Steve

141 I am building a building with 14 doors 25' wide i need to know a contractor's price on a order this large. Price should have Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift system for all doors. Also, how soon could an order this big be shipped to Mississippi and installed by your crews.  Please call me Mike         

142 Replacing 2 coiling doors with a hydraulic lift door in a water treatment facility. Need budget numbers to include Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pumps.

143 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for storage and distribution of 30' long pipe that will be forklifted horizontaly into my industrial building. Also, I would assume that we will need assist with install as this is our first large hydraulic lift door. Will also need most powerful Red Power pump.

144 Thank you for calling me back. I Need a hydraulic lift door for an industrial building 12' wide x 14' high insulated R16 Please give me both prices for assembling inside and on the face of the building It is a steel frame buiding with 6\" wood stud walls What will be the lead time? Schweiss Doors priced to include Red Power Electrical Systems please.

145 Need two hydraulic lift up doors 124 feet x 23 feet for industrial building. Doors should have more than adequate lift which we assume will be accomplished with your Schweiss Red Power motor(s). Please send quote with remote controls.

146 I am constructing a prefab steel industrial building. It a free span made up of a series of 21 steel arches. Size is 40' wide by 43 feet long and 18' at the ridge. I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 18' wide by 14' high. The overhead clearance on each end of the door is 14'-6.30\". IS THIS CLEARANCE SUFFICIENT? Can you incorporate a narrow walk door in this unit as well as a window arrangement? Any order would include the frame, and Red Power Electrical System designed for best lift. I will furnish the door skin and walk door and windows.

147 I'm currently working on a project for University in New Jersey, water demand and reuse. Right now we are at the preliminary stages of the design. We are proposing three operable wall hydraulic lift Red Power units located on the north and south facade for easy access for future replacement/maintenance of the mechanical equipment housed in the building. Your Schweiss Door looks to be a great product for us to use. There are some factors that I need some assistance with: 1. Thermal value-we would like to have a glass wall like in the image from your site 2. Cost 3. Structural Framing requirements. The wall sizes are 55 ft x 20 ft.- 20 ft. W x 24 ft. H and 61 ft. x 24 ft. (sizes may change)

148 We are in the process of designing an industrial building and have a need for a 80' wide by 40' high Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Please contact me with your Red Power hydraulic pump options and pricing to include two remote door openers.

149 Dear Sirs, Can you provide a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that would be either 120'W x 23' clear or 28' clear? I have a customer in Laredo, TX that has asked me to look at large industrial doors with your most powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps for a building they are considering. Please advise, Ruben

150 Need installed price quote on Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. We will supply steel for face of door. Require without a doubt that door should only be fitted with your best Red Power hydraulic pump. Very large door for industrial use.

151 Quote on two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with your best heavy duty Red Power hydraulic pumps, one 64'10.5\"x 20'8\" and one 46'2\"x18'3\". Industrial use building. I've seen one of your bigger doors in use and they are engineered very well and lift exceptionally fast and smooth.

152   I need a cost for two each, 50 foot wide, x 20 foot high Schweiss hydraulic lift doors installed in a presressed concrete wall opening in middle Georgia area. This is an industrial applications. Please call or give me a quote to include Red Power hydraulic pump applications asap.. need today no later than Friday AM. Job will be in Augusta, Georgia

153 I am doing a pipe supply warehouse in Houston. The architect is specifying Schweiss Hydraulic Lift one piece doors that are 22' x 18'. Can you tell me the Schweiss Red Power motor horsepower and available voltages? Thanks.

154 14x60 opening steel industrial use building is 50 long x 60 wide, will require a Schweiss heavy duty one piece hydraulic lift door with top rated Red Power hydraulic lift pumps.

155 We require doors for one of our industrial buildings with dimensions A=8meters, B=8meters. We are actually interested in your Schweiss Red Power  Automatic hydraulic lift door. Please send us your price offer for door manufacture without insulating panels and delivery terms to Riga, Latvia. We are planning to fabricate and mount insulating panels by ourselves in accordance with your recommendations.

156 We are constructing an industrial building 70 x 200. Can we put a 60' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door in a 70' wide end wall built with 2x8 studs? If we can what would be the price on a 18 x 70 door with a walk in door built into it. And can it be powered with Red Power electrical system?

157 We are interested in Putting up Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors in our upcoming factory. We will need  around 10 Doors with width Ranging from 3.65 Mtrs to 6.45 Mtrs & Height from 3.65 Mtrs to 5.50 Mtrs. Shall appreciate if you can send us complete details of the Red Power hydraulic pump product, to enable us to study the viability of the same into our Building. You can mail us the details & hard copy by Post to New Delhi. Awaiting your response.

158 How much is freight to San Antonio for 2 42x12 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic motors? This is for aluminum Door on an industrial building. Do you charge sales tax in Texas? Thanks

159 Looking for a hydraulic lift Schweiss style door 14' tall x 27' or 30' wide for a new installation on an industrial building. Will require Red Power hydraulic pump for best lift I can get. Your doors are outstanding.

160 Need Budget price for two 85' clear steel hydraulic lift Schweiss doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers. Job is for a paint building for ships Thanks

161 Building has 60' clr interior width and 40' clr int height. I need estimated Schweiss hydraulic lift, Red Power hydraulic pump, industrial use door spec for bld mfg design- wedge distance, hinge points/loads, jamb loads, etc. Building code is Boca 2012, 75mph Exp=C, I=1.0, enclosed classification (Condition I). Door will be sheeted exterior with 4\" fiberglass insulation or 2\" spray insulation. no liner panel. Cell phone best contact number.

162 I have a building that I need to have a gantry crane exit and enter. The Schweiss hydraulic lift door needs to be 53' wide x 40' tall. Looking for top of the line Red Power hydraulic pump solution for greatest lifting power. How much weight will insulation add to this door.

163 I need a budget number on a supply and erect of two 50' x 15' clear Schweiss hydraulic lift industrial use doors with Red Power hydraulic units. It will ship and install in Fairfield, IA 52556 if you have any questions please contact me. Thanks, Burt

164 Do you have a contact in Australia, is it common to deliver internationally, I heard Schweiss Doors does this a lot. Interested in both your Bifold and Hydraulic Lift Red Power equipped doors for a large \"Down Under\" industrial project.

165 Our business operates an underground storage business as well as underground mining of limestone, I am looking for some form of an Industrial strength Schweiss hydraulic lift door that is resistant to temperature variations. The entrances into our facility have constant temperature variations from the outside temperature creating a very humid atmosphere that freezes in cold weather. Therefore we would also insist on your most powerful Red Power hydraulic pump for greater and faster lift and closure. Our present doors are overhead garage doors varying in height from 12 feet to 14feet.

166 Interested in pricing a 80' Schweiss strap lift bifold or hydraulic door for a steel building mounted on gable end of building. Building will be used for assembly large ag equipment in ND. Hydraulic door will require Red Power hydraulic pump and insulation. We want you to install.

167 I need a industrial door size 80 ft wide x 40 ft clear. Is it feasible with Schweiss bifold or hyraulic type? If both work, which one you recommend, do they both come with your new Red Power hydraulic motors or just the hydraulic door. Best Regards from Indiana, Marlin

168 Need to replace manual operating system to a hydraulic Red Power Electrical System on Schweiss hydraulic doors in Denver area.This is for a warehouse which stores industrial supplies.

169 Dave, Thanks so much for all of your help.... Your installation crew did an outstanding job and quickly I might add. I love my Schweiss hydraulic door and the Red Power option sure lifts this big door in a hurry. You can be assured that I will be ordering my next door from you and have already recommended it to my neighbors in our industrial park complex. Tell Mike to give you a raise and a promotion.

170 I am in need of a quote on an industrial size  hydraulic door that is 60' wide and 18' tall. If you could quote installation and Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump system that would help.


172 We are gathering information related to the proposed construction of a new warehouse-type building on our plant site. This building is intended to house two of our precast concrete manufacturing beds and must be accessed by our travel-lift equipment. We are interested in obtaining your quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door, approximately 50'-0\" in width by 36'-0\" in height. Will one Red Power hydraulic pump lift this door with ease. How much for extra remote openers. How long before you could install this door in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Allan


174 Hello- The company I work for is planning on using one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors on a new industrial construction project. I was wondering if I could get some information about other people who have installed your doors, especially now with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. We would like to be as prepared as possible, and would like to try and find out if there is someone in our area who has installed them before. Please email me with any information you can give me. Sincerely- Morgan P.

175 I am looking for a hydraulic door that can be installed in a warehouse in Ft. Bliss (El Paso) Texas. I need 6 doors with Red Power Schweiss designed hydraulic pumps. Doors that are 10' wide x 12' high. They need to withstand the wind speeds in El Paso and have industrial strength support to allow the doors to be kept open for several hours a day. Please have a sales rep contact me as soon as possible. Thanks, Noel M. 

176  I am a building contractor, operating internationally. For one of my projects (shipyard), I need a Schweiss heavy duty industrial strength door. Width 43 ft, height 36 ft. Can you give me information about what size Red Power hydraulic pump(s) this would need. Cost? The jobsite is in the Netherlands. Could we do the installation ourselves? I have a partner in California, if needed he can arrange shipping of materials to Netherlands. Thanks, Arjen

177 We are currently designing a manufacturing facility for a client in Coolidge, AZ and he would like to open up as much of the endwall of his building as possible. He is looking at getting a clear opening of 100' wide x 50' high. Can your Schweiss hydraulic Red Power Electrical System doors accomplish this? If not, would you have any suggestions as to how this can be accomplished. Please contact me if you have questions. Thank you. Matt W.

178 Please contact me to verify price for 37' WIDE BY 15' TALL SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC DOOR FOR A INDUSTRIAL LOADING AREA -Door should be equipped with your Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system and two remote openers.

179 I've got an industrial building with a slider door. I am interested in a Schweiss hyrdraulic door that is able to be insulated to replace it. The door opening is 16' wide and 14' high. Can you quote with Red Power hydraulic pump, installed? Thank you, Ben  

180 I need a quote faxed to me with spec sheets for a 60'-0\" x 16'-0\" Schweiss hydraulic door with a large Red Power hydraulic pump and back up system. This would be a aluminum door at our implement manufacturing plant in southern Iowa.  Please fax.

181 Along with the Schweiss quote for the three hydraulic industrial doors we would also like to recieve the stresses and weights and such to allow our building manufacturer to see if the end wall will support the loads or not.  Guess I already told you I want your new Red Power system on it. Thanks

182 I am looking for 2 hydraulic doors that will be the full width of our new industrial building. The building is going to be around 110' wide x 40' tall. I also want Red Power Schweiss hydraulic pumps for this big door, how many motors will it take. You can make a door this wide, right?

183 We are working on a mega yacht shipyard building which will need a 124 ft wide x 75 ft high clear door to withstand 130 mph hurricane winds. We would like to get some design info on your Schweiss hydraulic doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps to include with our building design plans. thanks

184 We are currently designing an industrial motiff high end villa here in Dubai. We are interested in using 3 to 4 sets of Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps in our design. The question is do you have a branch near Dubai to contact or we will directly contact you? If the Client decided to order what will be the procedure? We already have a previous approved door but we will introduce Schweiss Doors as better alternative. Could you please give us some idea for the price that we will discuss with the Client? We have 1-set of 3.00m X 4.70m and 3-sets of 3.00m x 6.80m doors. We are about to use another company's glass in the Project and would like also to know if you can only supply the framing or it should be a complete package set? Thank you. Mr. Caluag

185 Need to specify 47' x 27' Schweiss hydraulic door opening for an industrial fabrication shop. Would prefer your new Red Power hydraulic pump for speed of operation. The above clearance is required for overhead rolling crane operation thru the opening. We are currently in design for this building and would require two such doors before the end of 2012 installation in the great state of Georgia.

186 Please send a quote for a 56 x 24 Schweiss hydraulic aluminum industrial manufacturing business door, installed in Conshohocken, PA. Will require a good size Red Power hydraulic pump and extra remote openers as it will be used often and by mulitiple delivery trucks. Ira S.

187 Looking at two 30x30 foot Schweiss hydraulic lift doors one 20x20 foot door, and four 16x16 foot doors, for a new fabrication facility in Meadow Lake, Sask. All with new Red Power hydraulic pumps and insulated. Extra remotes for 30 ft. door only. Can you install here? And when?

188 I am working with some clients that are building a 36' x 72' building with a 9'-1 1/8\" plate height. They have a designed a gambrel truss with the lumber company that will have the bottom chord step up 5' in the center 28' so the ceiling height in the center of the building will be 14'. They want a 28' door. They also want a 14' tall bi-fold door. Will this door need to be mounted on the outside of the structure? Also, with the size of this building and the size of the door they are wanting, would it be necessary to have an engineer design the loads on this building? I am a home designer and am not familiar with this type of door system and its structural requirements, loading etc. Any information and/or guidance in what direction to start on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance.

189 We are in the process of building a large manufacturing building. We would like a price quote on a bi-fold door that is 16 X 60 and also for a 16 X 80 and the weight of each. Also we need the technical specs in order to give them to the building fabricator. Thank you for a speedy reply. 

190 We need a quote for a pair of bi-fold doors for our industrial warehouse. We're looking for a professional look and a well built set of bi-fold doors that don't require a lot of hassle or maintenance. Please have a representative contact me ASAP. Thank you. 

191 I am working on a warehouse conversion to a performance and visual at space, and am planning on specifying a Schweiss hydraulic door between the performance space and the sidewalk (to get equipment in and out). The necessary size is about 8' wide by 12' high with a 4' high fixed panel at the top. We would like this to be insulated (for sound purposes primarily) and with wood finish. Also with new Red Power hydraulic pump. Depending on the cost, we may specify a second door 10.5' x 14'.

192 We have an opening for a industrial manufacturing facility one-piece hydraulic door that measures 19'-9\" x 15'-6\". We are interested in the cost of your industrial manufacturing folding door. What additional information would you need to offer a quote? We need safe, reliable hydraulic one-piece doors.

193 I am not sure if i want the one-piece hydraulic industrial door on the side or the end of the industrial building. also do the side walls need to be more than 14 feet tall for this large moving one-piece hydro industrial door application?

194 am planning to build pre engineered steel building used for crane storage - 50'x125'x25' eave height. is it possible/ feasible to install bifold Schweiss crane storage door or a hydraulic crane storage Schweiss door with 5 ton overhead bridge crane in building?

195 price for 50x20 bi-fold door and one piece hydralic door. The one-piece hydraulic door will be used as a bridge within our large industrial facility. Can you transform a Schweiss hydraulic door into a moving hydraulic indoor bridge? We would like to discussed this bridge concept for a new type of hydraulic industrial bridge door.

196 Hurricane force winds brought down my existing rolling door on my industrial manufacturing building. My old lousy roller door came right off, damaging my building and my equipment. I'm sick of large moving door failures. I need a reliable, sturdy, one-piece hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors that can stand hurricane force wind loads. Please help me get the new, unbeatable one-piece hydraulic door I need for my industrial building.

197 I am looking for a 60 ft wide by 16 ft clear opening one-piece hydraulic door for an industrial application here in Tennessee.

198 Looking for an estimate on a 10x38 Hydraulic Red Power door to go on a concrete industrial building. I would like it to have a walk thru door and any and all safety features that are available. How weather tight are your doors?

199 we have a customer who is looking for a hydraulic one piece door for his existing industrial building. location Caledonia Ontario can you give us an idea on price and delivery


201 We'd like a quote to have you folks do a \"turn-key\" installation on a couple of doors for our industrial factory facility here in Chicago. We'd like someone to visit with us to see what we have and what we'd like to do so you folks could recommend to us the best doors for our application. Please advise. Regards, Phil J.

202 Please provide quote for a hydraulic and bi-fold door in specified opening for this industrial building. Drawings can be made available if more information is required.

203 I please need a quote on a 58x27 Schweiss insulated Red Power hydraulic door with 24' clear when open. This will go in our industrial complex in Chicago.

204 Please quote two hydraulic Schweiss doors as described below. These doors are to be used in a manufacturing facility and will be opened and closed every 20 minutes. They will be clad with very light material such as vinyl fabric. Please quote rush showing price and delivery. Best regards........Brent

205 Looking for bids to provide and install craneway (Hydraulic) door on end of our industrial complex building. Approx. opening is 80 ft wide x 10 ft. high.

206 We are making plans to build a new mfg facility-possibly interested in your hydraulic doors 7)24x16 doors 1)26x16 door. Can you please shoot us a price. Insulated door to be installed in Nebraska. Would like by next month if possible.

207 Please provide door data today or at least by end of week. I also need a 65'x20' hydraulic lift door quote with door in the endwall of our industrial concrete building as part of the same quote. If you have any questions please call me Thanks

208 Also need info on hydraulic door installation requirements so I can quote a cost on the hydraulic door install for my large industrial concrete building.

209 65x16 bifold strap door or one piece hydraulic industrial door with remotes and extras

210 I am needing pricing on a 30 x 16 hydraulic door with walk thru locking door for my clients industrial factory. The building is a wood frame constructed in Oberlin, KS. The building dimensions are 40 x 100 x 16 clear height. 

211 Wanting to learn more about bi fold and hydraulic lift doors. Going to build a 60 x 96 industrial building that will need doors on front and back and one on each side. At this point I prefer the one piece Schweiss hydraulic doors. They seem to be very well made.

212 Need 18 ft clear. Plan on 20 ft sidewall, if it will accommodate your door. Industrial complex building is 80 ft wide.  One piece hydraulic Schweiss door. Please call with any questions. Thanks, Jan . Sandpoint, ID

213 New industrial building in Boston. Exploring options: 2 doors at 16' high clear opening, 100' wide each. or 3 doors at 38' high clear opening, 100' wide each Either Bi-fold or One-piece. Can translucent polycarbonate be incorporated in the door?

214 This is going in to a new steel industrial building. Into the end wall. The area is IBC 03 code and has a 110 3sec wind load. What will you need for measurements?

215 We are looking for information on the availability and feasibility of installing a hydraulic door on the endwall of an industrial plant that would allow a crane to be removed for installation and servicing. Height approx 40 feet, width approx 110 feet. To be mounted at an elevated location, approx 70 feet above ground. lower portion of door would seal at a horizontal wind truss, post framed wall below. Ball Park type budget price would be beneficial to allow client to review feasibility further. Would you recommend a bifold or hydraulic door for this operation. You guys at Schweiss are the experts when it comes to doors.

216 Hello, I'm looking to get a budgetary cost for a 70'wide x 22' high hydraulic door for railcar entry into a industrial building. Please advise cost for hydraulic door with fastest operating Red Power pump system and installation. What sort of locking device is available.  If you do not handle installation please recommed an installer in the Metro Detroit area. Regards, Mick T.

217 Not exactly sure on the door size. The industrial building will be 120 X 60 with 50ft wide doors. I believe the doors to be 16-18 ft in hieght. I need the estimate for my business plan as I am ready for the building numbers.I would like the hydraulic doors and bi-fold. Thank you!

218 I'm interested in one, perhaps two, 32-36' wide x 16' high Schweiss hydraulic doors to go on our manufacturing building. Can more than one door be opened by the same Red Power motor/pump?