Schweiss Doors - Insulated Hydraulic Doors

1 Looking for 14x14 bifold door. If insulated is an option, please price with insulation and without

2 I am looking to get a quote on a 65x18 Bi fold door that is insulated and installed. Location of install is Mineral Point WI

3 I am working on a project that will need a bi-folding door with Insulated metal panel The idea or intent is to allow a box van to pull into the building, with a door clear opening about 12'-0" x 14'-0", but needs to be insulated. We are not able to use traditional sectional or coiling doors as there is a conflict with a track beam for a traveling hoist/ crane. The door in question is opposite a loading dock for another building, so I believe it will be solid; however the designer may change intent and want glass for aesthetic options.

4 Please send specs on a 68'-0\" X 18'-0\" high Schweiss hydraulic lift door system, insulated with Red Power hydraulics. That door will need to be installed also.

5 Looking for a quote for a 40' X 14' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup System. The building is a wood post frame with corregated tin and is insulated the door needs to be insulated. It is in Canada. Also I prefer email contact.

6 I would like to get quote for a 40' x 18' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. With two windows and no man door and a remote entry. I love the Red Power backup system idea. Door will be placed in the end wall of a 60' x 100' new structured pole building. Needs to be insulated. Thank you Rob p.s. Could you send some info in the mail to me.

7 I would like a quote for 2 hyraulic lift doors. One insulated and on non insulated. Would like the doors to be 40x18 with Schweiss Red Power System.

8 I have a customer looking for 1 - 18 x 8 horizontal Schweiss hydraulic lift, Red Power electrical system operated door, radio receiver, 3 transmitters, photo-eye safety, wall mounted push button station (either single momentary contact or open-close-stop). What form of bottom safety edge do you use for these doors as we will need to have one installed? Door is going to be faced with cedar and heavily insulated. I am looking for pricing but also require some form of drawings showing required clearances, backing, electrical requirements.

9 Looking for a bid on a hydro-lift Schweiss door. This door will have a liner and fully insulated with Red Power backup system. Need this bid soon as possible. Contractor is screaming for specs and he stressed that we need Red Power to lift this door. Thanks, George C        

10 Need quote for a schweiss vertical hydraulic lifting Schweiss door. Inside of door must be insulated. Approx R-30 foam with plastic face covering. Include door opening Red Power hydraulic  operating equipment and remote control. Job location: New Jersey.

11 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door (8\"wX7\"h)for a shed project with Red Power pump and/or manual lift. Maybe insulated, or capabale of being insulated after installation.

12 Hi, I want a price on a Schweiss Hydraulic lift door to fit a Sixteen wide buy twelve high opening. It's on a Quanset I would like at least two windows in the upper part of the door. I like the new Red Power hydraulics the best. Also we would like this door insulated. Thanks

13 Have exisiting 40x60 with 16.5 foot sidewall building. 2' of block and 14.5' of wood above that. I'm looking to remove the endwall ton install at 32' x 16 (opening). What would a Schweiss hydraulic lift door cost (insulated) and what is supplied? Header? Steel Siding? How about hand crank but add  new Red Power Systems in future? Self Install? Pick up at Factory?

14 I need a quote for hydraulic lift door measuring 50'X 16' and 50' X 14'. This possibly could be a Schweiss Red Power door with Safety Advantage System measuring 60' X 16' and 60' x 14' depending on the quotes I recieve for my airplane hanger. I will be using a polyurethane foam insulation spray on the door so the weight of the door might be a little heavier than normal insulation.

15 Please also include insulation package as option. Also include remote control. About remote control, does the button have to be held during the door cycle? Don't forget, I asked for your quiet running Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulics for this designer door. Thanks!

16 Hi, We would like a quote for a 9' wide 7' high hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power hydraulic pump. Door needs to be insulated. Also what r value would it be insulated to. Thanks!

17 I have a 10' high X 16' wide (clear opening size) garage door area that I need an insulated hydraulic  lift door with windows. Can I have Schweiss Red Power backup system,  approximate total cost and delivery time estimate?


19 I would like a price on a 16H x 24W Schweiss hydraulic lift door, insulated to the hilt with remote operation and fast, most strong Red Power backup systems for a snowplow storage building. Include shipping and installation to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

20 What R value do you offer with your insulation hydraulic lift door packages? Want insulation for quiet advantage as well as heating. Speaking of quiet, I hear your new Schweiss Red Power motors are very quiet, so if and when I order from you I would want this included.

21 I have fourteen foot sidewalls not sure if I could do a 14 tall hydraulic lift door? Whatever, I do want it fitted with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. Would like it to be insulated.

22 Here are the dimensions: Bi-Fold 25 ft 7 in wide by 13 feet tall insulated door with two simple windows. Red Power Hydraulic Lift Schweiss Door 23 ft 6 in wide by 11 ft 10 install fully foam insulated with two thermal insulated windows. 

23 I am looking for some information on a Schweiss hydraulic lift overhead door for a loading dock. I need to have 8'clear height and 6' clear width when open. No glass, insulated. Should include your best Red Power motor. Would you have such a door and where can I find details for such a door. Let me know. Thanks.Winnipeg,

24 I need a price on four Schweiss hydraulic lift and doors, well insulated. 34x18 opening. All doors fitted with your Red Power units. thanks

25 I am designing the structural framing for the Universal Industries building in Cedar Falls, IA, that is to have a Schweiss hydraulic lift thermal insulated one piece door installed. The building is a conventionally framed steel building (HSS columns,wide flange beams). I have attached a few plan views to have a door installed. I would like a bit of direction as to what is required of the beam at the top of the door as far as attachments go and also want specs on your Red Power back up system. Call or e-mail me.

26 I'm looking for a price for some Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. 24x18, 20x16 and 35x18 both styles with at least two windows with remotes,auto lock system and openers to go into a EPS building with installation. I'm finishing a building quote and need to get final cost. All doors need to be insulated and have Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thank you.


28 Is it possible to purchase the 4 inch insulation from you for my Schweiss hydraulic lift door? If so - could you quote me a price? Thank you.

29 Need a quote for a 30x16 Schweiss hydraulic lift (type) door Gable end, wood framed building Include in estimate: 1. Red Power Hydraulic Lift 2. your company installs 3. your company puts steel on 4. Insulated Door

30 I am wanting to price out a hydraulic lift Schweiss  door with insulation that is 14 by 24 wide.Also Red Power motor in size your would recommend for this metal door. I want good lift.

31 Dear Schweiss Doors, I't like to visit witht he appropriate people on thursday afternoon. discuss using Foam Supplies one part urethane adhesive to glue insulation in place, and/or making a foam-in-place insulated door using our foam systems. It's non-Ozone depleteing, non-green house gas, and VOC exempt. I'll be in the area, and i hope someone has a few minutes to chat. Sam        

32 I want my Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to be sheeted with 2 1/2 inch foam insulated panels by others. Did I mention, or do I even need to mention that I want them to be lifted with your Red Power System? thanks, Bart

33 We are building two super insulated shops with R 40 in walls and R 60 in sealing. Looking for R 40 doors--16' x 30' and 14' x 14' with air leak proof seal. what is your suggestion? This would be for Schweiss Doors Bifold and Red Power Hydraulic lift doors. Shipped and installed in Montana big sky mountain high country.

34 You might be interested in evaluating a factory insulated approach. It looks like Schweiss Doors currently rely on the installer or end user to apply insulation. If you prefer the board route (EPS,XPS, or PIR) we also make and adhesive suitable for attaching these products to all kinds of substrates. Let me know if I should stop by when in the area. MN is part of my sales territory for Foam Supplies. 

35 I am remodeling my shop and have limited head room. I am looking for an insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door (with Red Power unit option) to give me the most head room available. my door way is roughly 18'6\" wide and 11' 7\" high.

36 Need Schweiss Door info on a clad 10'x8' insulated ( all options, top of the line Red Power pumps) hydraulic lift. labor and material numbers for budgeting pourpous, please call ASAP thank you

37 I need 1 walk door and a 24\" wedge. Red Power as an option, unless it's a standard. The one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door or Schweiss bifold door needs to be 14' clear and well insulated to beat the North Dakota freeze your butt off winters. What's better, bifold or hydraulic?

38 Looking for an insulated door to put on a shop that we have sliding doors on now. The width is 20 feet and the height is 12 feet. Need to know if you install your Schweiss Red Power pump hydraulic lift doors and bifold doors and how much that would be. I'm located in Black Duck, Minnesota.  Rick

39 We recently installed a 36' hydraulic lift interior truss version of your door. We have it sheeted outside and are using it. We were wondering if we can insulate the door with spray-on foam inside, and if there is anything you have can tell us about doing this on your door. The building is going to be heated. We are experiencing a LOT of condensation on the inside of the door and are looking for a good way to seal it up tight to avoid this. Door with your new Red Power pumps is doing its job and living up to it's quality Schweiss Door reputation. Thanks.  

40 Send me a quote on a insulated Schweiss hydraulic aluminum door with Red Power hydraulics. 

41 We installed a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump in early April and another Schweiss bifold door the month before for my female client. The Homeowner has asked me to tell you she is very pleased with this purchase and couldn't be happier. She said that down the line she may want it insulated, is that something I could do here with local insulation or do you have insulation ready materials you can send me. It doesn't get all that cold here in Nevada, she wants to play it by ear until and if she needs it.  Please advise... Karl

42 I am looking for a 44X 14 FOOT SCHWEISS RED POWER HYDRAULIC PUMP DOOR and would like a one piece hyd door so I could insulate the door. My poles are 4 2x8 nailed and glued together, and have engineered trusses 4 to 12 slope, there is a truss at the end of the building. Might consider a Schweiss bifold with straps depending on price.

43 I need an insulated hydraulic one piece door 20' wide by 16' high. I dont need windows, but would like best insulation you can provide as it gets mighty cold here.

44 I am looking for a quote on a 16 x 40 well insulated hydraulic. Also if possible the shipping to get it to Alaska. I am looking for the simpelest cheapest model. ] Thanks Matt

45 Building 60 by 60 most likly post and beam hanger in Crawford CO. Need a quote on both 12*45 and 12*50 hyd and bi-fold windloaded door with locking man door and highly insulated. Thank You James K.

46 Need a hydraulic door to fit a 40ft wide by 16ft tall opening. Do you make two 20ft doors that join in the middle? Need to be well insulated to withstand very cold (North Pole) north Alaska temps. Would your bifold door be better for this?