Schweiss Doors - Insulated Hydraulic Doors

1 Hello. I'm converting a 40×50' pole barn into a hangar. The floor is cement and the structure is wooden with trusses 8' apart. I would like to put a hydraulic door on the 40' side. Could I please get an estimate of the door fully installed? I'd be happy to provide any more information you need. Thank you.

2 Hi I am looking to get a quote on a 16ft by 24ft hyd door and on an 16ft by 30ft hyd door. I would want them insulted heavily as we are in the state of Wisconsin. If you could respond with some quotes and specs on the doors that would be great. Thanks, Kevin.

3 Looking for a well insulated, thermal one piece hydraulic  garage door. It will actually be a large opening to the front of my house. Mostly glass. Appx. 9 feet tall, 12 feet wide. Thank you.

4 Hi My son is getting one hydraulic door from you, I just wondered how much is a Schweiss interlocking insulation kit for 18x36 door. Thanks

5 I am looking for two quotes on a 66' x 14' high clear opening door. Thermally insulated hydraulic cold storage refrigeration door. Thank you. Johnny.

6 Need a hydraulic door for an insulated workshop. We are still in the planning stage, and are looking for door options. Your doors are highly recommended by many builders that we have talked to. Wondering at this point, how much lead time do we have to give you for spring delivery and door installation in Wisconsin.

7 I'm interested in R-value you can get from one piece hyd. doors whether glass doors or solid green doors. Can we insulate doors? Glazed glass versions stating the door energy efficiency? I am wanting hydraulic style doors: 20'w x 10'h 20'w x 20'h. Also interested in using them in a window application. Where doors would be glazed with fake divided light windows for door openings 20'w x 9'h. Could I put 2 in each door opening so 10'w and 9'h.

8 We have a Minnesota project that has a 80' wide by 27' high hydraulic government building door. The Schweiss one piece door is in our spec. We need to meet MN door energy code, ASHRAE 90.1, 2004. How is the hyd. door U-factor determined on your doors? Does DASMA 105 apply? Does it differ for hydraulic one piece doors? 

9 Need a quote for a One Piece Hydraulic Door with a separate pedestrian door to replace an aging standard garage door. Our current overhead door is 10' wide by 7' tall, but we would like to increase the opening height to 8' with the new door. This installation is for a research base boat house door in Antarctica. Due to extreme climate, we would like some special door features: -140 mph wind rating. Insulation min R 4 -Windows in Door -Galvanized fasteners We want to be sure there aren't any restrictions to existing wood structures that might inhibit installing this highly insulated overhead hydraulic Schweiss boathouse door. 

10 I'm an architect needing insulated hydraulic  Chiller Plant Doors for a University which will house 3 one piece chiller doors. We are looking for a large operable glazed doors for our project. There are three 12 ft. by 14 ft. h openings that are required for installation and eventual removal of each chiller door. One opening needs to be an operable glazed glass door that functions as a loading door. We would like all three opening to look the same. Please let me know if you have any hydraulic chiller door ideas that would suit our application. 

11 The bifold liftstrap door I ordered from you this week needs to be an insulated door. Also, if freight cost is high, I'm close enough to pick up the hydraulic steel door I ordered last month from you at the Schweiss Door factory. I will insulate the hydraulic door myself. 

12 I need a quote for a 50' x approx. 15'-8" Schweiss hydraulic insulated door. I will provide the exterior and interior panels and would like you to do door installation. Needs to be a energy efficient door. This will be a heavy equipment  shop door.

13 Do Schweiss hydraulic doors come insulated? Not sure what you mean by column type but our lumber shed doors are clad in wood so we'd like the heavy duty hydraulic door to have a steel door frame. 

14 I'd like price on 25 feet wide 20 high round building door. Schweiss hydraulic thermal insulated door with walk door delivered to Canada.

15 Looking for a price on a 24' wide by 14' tall Schweiss one piece insulated hydraulic door. I will cover it with steel and insulate it. I require a fast operating refrigerated metal building door.

16 Removing sliding doors and replacing with a Schweiss hydraulic door. We anticipate a height of 16'6" and width of 18 feet. Our goal is to reduce heat loss, so we want a fast opening/closing hydraulic door. We are reducing the size of the opening so we have flexibility with width and door framing material. Provide hydraulic door quote with door installation.

17 I need a heated shop door and I'm interested in a 38 foot x 15 ft. thermal insulated hydraulic Schweiss shop door going on a tilt up concrete panel shop with 18 foot walls. Also price your remote opening system. 

18 Have a hydraulic hangar door at local airport. My company requires regular maintenance on this Schweiss door whether it needs it or not. Also, I'd like to replace the "bubble" insulation installed several years ago with some with a better R value door insulation. How does foam door insulation work?

19 The temps here range from 95 F in the summer to 0 F in the winter. Can your hydraulic industrial grade doors be sealed well against air infiltration? Can they be insulated? I want a band of glass across the door at eye-level, the door panels can be solid. I use my 24' X 31' garage shop door year round and want to heat it and air condition it at a reasonable cost. Will my contractor be able to install this door? I'll turn the information over to the architect to work out the Schweiss engineering door details.

20 Can I install a glass one piece hydraulic garage door for my home hangar without worry of it breaking. It needs to be a insulated soft opening hydraulic door due to extreme cold weather.

21 We want to purchase a Schweiss hydraulic door and make it a thermally insulated door. What door insulation product have you found to have the best R-factor? 

22 Please provide an additional quote on best R-Factor Door insulation packages and also for your hydraulic door auto lock system. 

23 Please email me the price for 50 ft x 22 ft bottom mount hydraulic door. Cold weather thermal insulated door. My Schweiss machine shed door is working fine, this is for a neighbor.

24 I need pricing for a 50 x 20 Schweiss Hydraulic thermal insulated door and door spec/loading information for a job in TN.

25 Home sawmill shop door ...2x6 walls on 24" high concrete stem walls ... door end wall is 32' wide with 28' door opening, roof trusses are 2x4 spaced 2' apart ...will want row of door windows and man door in lower section of a hydraulic operated  Schweiss door. Can it be a insulated sound door?

26 Looking for pricing for 3-Each 15' wide by 40' tall correctional facility doors. These are to be steel thermal insulated industrial strength hydraulic doors.  These are hydraulic Sally Port doors that need fast opening electric door operators. 


28 This quote is for a 45 x 14 with a 45 x 12 clear door opening on sound reducing doors. We will need this hydraulic shop door installed for our customer as they want us to do a turnkey door project for them. Estimate door delivery date. 

29 Looking for insulated (r-20) Schweiss hydraulic  door to install on existing shop end wall. Probably needs self support painted white with sheeting on both sides unless sprayed insulation.

30 I would like to get a quote on a good sealing thermal insulated hydraulic door, especially during cold winter months. I would like to know how much it is by the foot. Thank you

31 I'm very energy conscience -- do you carry a line of green doors. Want someone to come look at our greenhouse shop and quote us a hydraulic one piece door price.

32 My old hydraulic door used to have a lot of play in it. Your Schweiss hangar door is tight as my mother-in-law. Is that the way it's supposed to be, or do I need to get something repaired?

33 We are owners of 4 large Schweiss hangar doors. The insulation over the years through wear and tear on these doors is deteriorating and looks horrible. This is not the apprearance that we would like for our clients to walk into. What options are now available to us? Can you ship out an insulation kit?

34 Customer is going to insulate hydraulic Schweiss crane door with spray foam. Door sheeting will be metal siding. Please call if you have more questions. 

35 I need a price on a 40' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic  insulated and windrated door for a installation in a steel building, in South Dakota. Thank you

36 I need insulation for an existing hydraulic door that is not a Schweiss. If I sent you the dimensions of the door's framing could you fabricate either foam board or fiberglass sections that would fit this door? Also needing price for a insulated hydraulic Schweiss One-Piece Door, size 70 ft. x 20 ft.       

37 Could I please get a price for the following Hydraulic doors: 1-45'x16' 1-45'x14' Both to have the same specs as follows: High insulated doors Will be covered from both sides (steel) No windows in the door No service doors installed in the door Installed by Schweiss All equipment provided by Schweiss Door will be skinned, located in Mason City Iowa Any questions please call or e-mail.

38 Please email Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door standard head sill and jamb details as well as product data sheets. Our project is located in Fairbanks, AK so we're specifically concerned with thermal resistance. Feel free to call with questions. See tons of your doors up here. Very fine doors!

39 I am looking at converting an existing building into a heated shop and I am looking for a door that is 25 feet wide by 13 feet tall I am looking at a good thermal hydraulic door as I want to keep as much head room as possible, I'm also very impressed with your   Pump setup. If you would, you can send me a quote at my email address thank you

40 We have a cheap Brand Z hydraulic lifting door installed in a project we designed. The clients are having trouble keeping the area warm, as they believe a draft is coming through the bottom rubber seals. So do you have any products you suggest we use to solve the problem? I can't locate the builder of this door. The restaurant is open and they need a solution fast. 

41 attractive web page. Second...we plan to build commercial in Maine so R-factors are very important with respect to heat loss. What is/are R factors for Schweiss liftstrap and autolatch bi-fold doors and your hydraulic one piece doors? What insulation do you use?  What does the seal at the perimeter of the door or jamb look like? How does it stay tight under wind loads? 

42 I have a customer that wants a building 70' wide x 120' long. Will have dirt floor and used for farm equipment storage. Needs a hydraulic door 40' wide and 20' clear height. How well do your doors seal on dirt, or should I consider laying a small area of concrete or a railroad timber for the door to lay down on to keep the cold breeze out. 

43 To whom it may concern We apply thermal barriers to many new shops and other construction in Southern Manitoba. I have researched your top of the line Schweiss products somewhat and am interested in becoming a dealer or sales person for your hydraulic and bifold doors if this is a possibility with your company. Thanks for your valued response.

44 In cold climates like Arctic Village, Alaska, which door performs better, the Schweiss Bifold or Hydraulic? Which door insulates better?

45 We are inquiring about a budget figure for a hydraulic door, approximate size 72' wide x 21' high (clear opening) in an existing building. Door complete with all insulation, weatherstripping and seals for snow and cold climate conditions we run across here in Saskatchewan.

46 Hello, I need a price on a hydraulic hangar door. It is for an opening 40' x 16'h. I would like it to be very well insulated. 

47 Please quote a 18 ft x 18 ft highly insulated hydraulic door with and without a remote opener.

48 I will need costs for freight, duty, etc. I am a steel building supplier and erector in British Columbia, Canada, and need a quote on your insulated hydraulic door for my customer. Door is 37x15, and it will require photo eyes.  

49 Can you email me details on how to insulate your hydraulic door. I want the ultimate R-factor possible without adding too much weight to the door. Fine door, not a problem in the world with it over the years. Thanks

50 We are consulting Engineers working on a new hangar for this airport, which will have 3 hydraulic  doors. This hangar is for an Aeromed plane and two private planes. The request from the architect is for the heat to be off when the door is open. We are specifying a combination or Unit Heaters and Radiant Tube Heaters. Is there an option for an End Switch to be built into the hydraulic operator or on the door to prevent the heat from operating when the door is open?

51 I am a specification writer and I am in the process of specifying your hydraulic door. I believe one of my co-workers has already been in contact with your company. So far, I know that the dimensions of this hydraulic thermally insulated door are 44 ft high (OH) x 60 ft wide. I have looked through the specifications you provide on your website, but I was wondering if you have a 3 part CSI specification? I am not sure where to begin, or even what division this would fall under.

52 Hi, Any further info on cold weather hydraulic doors (and thermal glazing) options for Ontario, Canada including budgeting would be appreciated... Electronic format is preferable to hard copy.

53 I'm looking for a quote on a 60 ft x 16 ft Hydraulic door. It will be installed in the endwall of a wood post frame structure. Please include battery backup system. Shipped to Cooksville, IL. Is it a problem to install 1 inch thermax insulation on the hydraulic door under the steel siding?

54 Please quote a 54' wide X 18' Hydraulic insulated door in a framed opening in a steel building to be built in Moorhead MN. I would prefer you put your most powerful motor on it for faster lifting and closing times.

55 RE: (2) 16' x 16' (2) 32'x24' Hydraulic highly insulated Schweiss doors for the environmental at mine site in Marathon, Ontario. They are requesting more information from me about your product 1)- The hydraulic pump motor, can you provide a weather enclosed units? Also they are thinking about putting them outside to keep them out of the humidity/ wet of the washbay, what are your thought on this? Common winter temps here are -20c (-4 F) to -30c (-22F) and is capable of dropping to -40 plus 2)- The doors and all components must be C.S.A approved. Can you send me any information you have on the hydraulic pumps, what are its dimensions?

56 I'm in the schematic design phase of a "Net-Zero" project, and have an idea on how to increase the thermal performance of a glass wall assembly. I'm considering some sort of dynamic facade treatment over glass that when retracted will allow a visual connection to the outdoors, and can close during off hours to provide a higher thermal resistance to minimize heat loss. I'm looking for a hydraulic door product that can have integral insulation, and minimize air leakage to maintain thermal integrity. The window will be 8' high at most, and needs to maintain a thin profile. The largest series of windows is 16' wide, and are fiberglass framed windows. If we're able to integrate an insulated system over the glass, we may be able to use an aluminum framed glazing system if that helps. I'm assuming your systems are metal framed, so there will be some concern for thermal bridging. We can potentially push the insulation to the outside of the frame to make it continuous, and clad both sides with thin metal or wood. Do you have any other framing options that are not as thermally conductive? I know that's probably a long shot, but looking at your high tech hydraulic designer doors on your website I thought I would ask. 

57 Looking for a bifold liftstrap or hydraulic 26'w and 16' tall door insulated to a n R-10 or better to be installed in Sidney, Ia. If I have a 16' opening can you install a door and provide 16' clearance? I am bidding a 60x60x16 farm shop

58 I need a Quote for a 40' x 16' Insulated Hydraulic Door with Windows in it. This door Will be going in a new post frame building. Door will be located in the end wall. From the Top of our Concrete floor to the Bottom of our Truss we will have 16' Clearance.

59 I need a quote on a 30'x 16' tall hydraulic door. The door will need to be insulated with R-25 Energy Saver (materials provided), after it is installed. I also need to know the power requirements for this hydraulic door. Quote should include installation as well as installation of insulation system to be complete. If you are not quoting all of these items please specify what you are including in your quote.

60 We are bidding a project in the Yukon Territories for a Native Eskimo Corp. Please find attached the bid documents. Please send us prices for the attached insulated and windrated hydraulic doors. Include shipping cost and delivery time. We will need a Schweiss rep cost on site per day, assume 14 days Prices to be good till end of year.

61  I am interested in getting a quote for a hydraulic door. This is for a new shop building currently under construction. The door itself would be approx. 24ft. wide x 14ft. tall. We would like to insulate the door as well to R20-R30 if possible. Also I would like to get info on the structural loads we should expect on the building itself.

62 Project is for a storage heated shop in Prudhoe Bay, AK. Building will be fitted with manufacturers insulated metal panels. Metal panel thickness not finalized. Estimate up to 3lb/sf for panel weight and identify any thicknesses that do not allow for proper operation (fouling) of the hydraulic door system. Saw one of your hydraulics up there and they seem to work very well in the extreme cold and seal well in the howling winds. Insulation is a must, it gets 70 below zero up here. Really!

63 We are a general contracting firm located approximately 80 miles west of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. We are interested in talking to someone on pricing for your insulated hydraulic  doors, the ones with the new pump and spherical bearings.

64 We have an old 59'x21' Schweiss hydraulic steel door on our aircraft hangar. We're looking to replace the fiberglass insulation with newer rigid sheet foam insulation that has a better "R" value.  As the door has aged we've replaced the 6-7 steel cables with nylon straps and are very happy with them. This door is nearly 20 years old and we haven't had a lick of a problem with it.  What we would like to know is your recommendation for foam material and optimal thickness we need. I'd like to have foam that is watertight, white in color, resistant to UV damage, and as light as possible Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated

65 Need a hydraulic door for a lean to build on side of my pole building. 32'x9'high. What would be most cost effective? I live in Upper Michigan and will need a insulated door, I want the best R-Factor insulation available. What do you recommend? 

66 We require a price F&I in a thermal insulated hydraulic door measuring 46' wide by 16' in height. Delivery point is zip 22605 Need pricing ASAP

67 We are bidding on a project at Peterborough Airport. Need a price for budget purposes on Schweiss hydraulic insulated door. Clear door opening 66' - 6" by 20' high/ Please call me 

68 I need a quote and specs for a Schweiss hydraulic  door described below. I have a special request to have this door sound insulated and it needs to operate very quietly as there are nursing home patients sleeping nearby. This is a garage door about a 15 x 9.  Thank you

69 Building a new hanger at our airport need hydraulic  door 12'x39'. Door has to have an insulation package as we live in cold Wyoming mountain country. 

70 I need a Schweiss hydraulic door for a 42 x 16 opening, equip with two remotes and insulated to the max.  Installation by Schweiss in Webster, S.D.       

71 We have an industrial project in Wyoming that will require approximately 20 doors. We are interested in the hydraulic doors, and will need some windows- but not sure where in the door or how many. Also they need to be as energy efficient as possible, we will want the best insulation option, as well as cold weather kits. We are still very early in the process but need to start looking at approximate costs. If you require any other information from me please feel free to email me with the questions. How long to make these doors?


73 Need quote for 60'x20' clear hydraulic door installed in sidewall of a concrete building. Please include labor for installation. Need design spec's to send to builder. Please fax today. Also, we would like to spray foam the door with closed cell insulation. Are there any issues with that? Thanks

74 Need price on 42' x 12' hydraulic door as well as shipping info to North Pole, Alaska (near Fairbanks) Door should be highly insulated and motor more than adequate to lift it.


76 Im looking for 3 insulated thermal glass Schweiss quality hydraulic doors for a commercial storefront in a bar/restaurant near Chicago (cold winters!). I could use some guidance on the selection process

77 Looking for a 24ft. wide x 16ft high insulated steel hydraulic door with a few windows. 

78 Need a hydraulic Schweiss Door going on a concrete building in Colorado. Needs to be really  well insulated and have remote opener. I prefer steel, but want to know what you think about aluminum instead. What's your opinion of foam insulation for a hydraulic door?

79 I'm about to start building an insulated 21' x 41' garage with a 2/12 shed roof in Winnipeg. One half of the garage will be a wood working shop, the other half will be a music rehearsal studio. I'm looking for some type of hydraulic door system that will allow us to put in a well insulated door, insulated for warmth as well as sound, that does not require a lot of space for its opening hardware. The opening needs to be around 9'x 7' but there is a certain flexibility on size. I would appreciate receiving pricing from you for both of your door systems. I see by your web site that the new  Power unit can be mounted anywhere. Maybe that's the route I should go, but I do also really like your Schweiss Bi-Fold Door.  Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding design. 


81 I am looking for two hydraulic door quotes for a wooden building we are bidding on. Customer wants an 30x18" high (insulated) door (endwall) and an insulated 35x17" door (sidewall). Please include price for installation, delivery, etc of both doors and openers. Customer is in Parkersburg, IA. Let me know if you need any other information. 

82 Currently have a building with 2 9x10 thermal Schweiss bifold doors but the home owner still want added protection during winter. I was wondering the cost of the hydraulic doors and the specs on what is needed to put these doors on the outside of existing for double protection. Thanks

83 I am building a 48' x 48' aircraft hangar needing a 40' long by 12' high hangar door in it. I am most interested in the hydraulic door vs. the bi-fold hangar door. Can you supply with remote door opener and provide a well insulated door?

84 Price on a 24x15 Schweiss hydraulic one-piece  insulated door. Price on a 24x14 non insulated hydraulic door. And a 24x14 bi fold liftstrap/autolatch non insulated and insulated door. I'm very impressed with the quality of Schweiss Doors, so much so that I'm not even looking at any other manufacturers doors. Your Schweiss Doors website was very helpful and informative. When I do order, could you give me an estimate on approximate time for delivery and installation.

85 Am presently looking for one piece Schweiss  hydraulic opening door (approximately 39' wide 18' tall, (not exact will need to measure). The shop pole shed is 1 year old 60' by 120'. The corners of present opening are 6X6 poles with 18" header on top. This shop is now going to insulated operation hence the required insulated hydraulic opening door. Please call me to discuss & get approximate price. Thanks Dave M.

86 Need new highly insulated door for shed in Canada. Most interested in your one piece Schweiss hydraulic door.  Can I insulate myself with spray foam? Also will want 4 insulated glass windows. Door size is 45 x 20 ft. Include price for two remote openers.

87 Do you have a insulated one piece hydraulic or sectional bifold overhead door that is a 1 hour fire rated door? Which do you recommend for municipal hospital building doors? 

88 We would like to price a Schweiss Liftstrap Bi-Fold Door and Hydraulic Farm Shop Door. Need a 30 foot x 16 foot insulated one piece door. Are the Bi-Fold Doors and Hydraulic Doors both insulated?  

89 I need pricing on a 40' wide x 14' or 16' tall well  insulated hydraulic one piece door and bifold strap door it would be installed on a post frame building. This is a cold storage building door.

90 I have a new Schweiss 45' x 14' hydraulic lift door for my hangar. What type of insulation process would you recommend for a cold weather door?

91 We are looking into putting a 30'w x 15'h utility hydraulic door into an existing wall of our shop. It will be on the gable end of the steel framed building with exposure to the North. We are looking for a quality Schweiss thermal grade hydraulic door that will seal out the wind and elements. 

92 I need a quote on a Schweiss Hydraulic insulated Hanger Door. 54'-6" x 16', with a walk thru door and windows. Please email me any information.

93 I would like to get the price of a 30 ft wide by 19.5 high insulated hydraulic door. It will be located in a building separating the heated area from the cold storage in a farm shop/machine shed. How's your schedule looking for delivery yet this fall?

94 I need a price on an installed 40' wide by 20' high insulated hydraulic door, we plan to insulate this door with 1/2" insulation board under the exterior steel and spray foam over foam sheeting, then an interior liner steel skin. This will be going into a new opening in a 2x8 studwall ag shop. no windows or walk door. The site is located in north central Minnesota. Please let me know what your schedule looks like. Thank you Burt

95 Hello, I would like to know what the insulation value is for your Schweiss hydraulic one piece hanger doors and a price for one that is swing open and 40 wide by 20 feet high. Also include price for extra remote and insulation. Red Power please!

96 Looking for a price on a 40' wide X 14' tall hydraulic door on my refrigerated storage facility. Door should be metal and well insulated with rapid up/down control and remote control.

97 We are looking for a quick price on 4 Schweiss  insulated hydraulic hanger doors for a project in northern Ontario. Tell me about insulation R factors, lift straps and remote controls.

98 I am interested in a 16 tall by 16 or 20 wide Schweiss hydraulic door. If I go this way there will be two of them, one on each end of the building. WHat kind of cost and delivery time am I looking at? Thanks, Burt ps. I would want windows and an insulated door.

99 I have an opening for a door that is 8 ft wide and 83.5 inches high. Can you build a insulated, warm and quiet one-piece hydraulic door for me and what would the cost be?

100 Need a quote on a 32x18 bi-fold door or an Insulated Steel one-piece hydraulic door installed by your Schweiss Doors crew. One-piece insulated steel hydro power hydraulic door installed on new building. Need insulated steel hydraulic door for wood frame, hydraulic door Power opener and custom built hydraulic door Windows across center of the one-piece Schweiss hydraulic insulated steel door.

101 Could you please email me back a Schweiss door price on a 14' x 13' insulated bifold door or insulated hydraulic door? Thank you

102 I am trying to get a price on an insulated one piece hydro powered hydraulic Schweiss door that is 12 ft X 12 ft.

103 Please send quote on 2  hydraulic Schweiss 16'x16' doors. Also what is the effective R-value (insulation value) of the door. Thanks, Dave


105 Do you provide CAD drawings of your automatic bi-fold and hydraulic lift Schweiss doors? If so, how soon could you forward these to me? What type and variations of thermal insulation do you offer. We live above the Arctic circle in Alaska.

106 I need an option for an insulated and non-insulated hydraulic one piece Schweiss door if it is available.


108 Please quote 18x20 Schweiss hydraulic lift door with electric opener, we will supply tin, but can you send it will insulation. Thanks!

109 I would like a price on a 20W X 16H  hydraulic lift door. Needs to be thermally insulated to the highest R-Factor. Include Red Power, extra remote and a horn.

110 We have 2 hangar buildings needing 8 \"hydraulic-type\" hangar doors 55'x17'. Can I get a budget/bid price on these? The hangars are located in Couer D'Alene, Idaho. Doesn't get all that cold up here, but I do want some insulation in the doors.  Please send a brochure as well. Thanks Pete R.

111 I have a hydraulic door and would like to winterize it as it does not have any insulation or weather stripping. Need information on what is avaiable and the cost as I want to do it.