Lift Doors

1 I would like to get an estimate for converting my Schweiss Bi-Fold door from cables to straps.

2 We have an older (25 yr ) "Erect a Tube" bifold door on our hangar which is approximately 55 ft wide by about 25 high. I like the safety factor with the straps and we (like everyone else) have had substantial maintenance headaches with the cables and pulleys, especially with an older system like ours. This is an upgrade we are looking at for the future (not this year but possibly next year). I like the added safety factor with the strap bearing weights, the reduction in moving parts and the fact that all the main mechanical parts can be accessed without the need for a man lift. Looking for approximate costs for the system and if our current door can be upgraded or if replacement would be a better option for us. If you email me I can get you pictures of the entire door and provide any more details you may need.