Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Metal Buildings

1 I've got a old bi fold on a hangar that was built before we bought the business. I'm looking to replace it with a new one or a swing out door. My opening is 52x15.

2 I would like a price quote on a 26' wide x 18' tall door to go into the sidewall of a new construction steel building with 20' eves. The steel columns on that bay are on 30' centers. Would a 28' wide x 19' tall door fit in the opening and how much more would it cost? Thank you.

3 Hi I'm Frank looking for a quote regarding the metal doors below :Three Hydraulic operated doors  - glass and anodized, that lift up out side all doors option 1 single layer tempered option 2 insulated tempered two sides , option 3 low e argon gas 1 hydraulic one piece door 16 wide by 11'10 " tall 2 doors 22 by 17'6" new construction , mounted to steel

4 How large of a steel door can be offered in the hydraulic design and bifold door design? I need an industrial steel door slightly over 100 ft. x 28 ft.

5 I have a customer considering a hydraulic shop building door. He wants a door that is 44w by 20h. The steel structure door will be located on an endwall. The wall height is also 20'. Provide a price on a farm shed door that size, with 4 windows, and a high thermal door insulation value. Include all labor and other expenses for door installaton.

6 Please quote 60' x 24' easy to install Schweiss hydraulic one piece steel frame door with a pass door and 4- 3'x3' windows. Want your best hydraulic door pump and cylinders with spherical bearings and remote door opener.

7 I have a 40 X 60 ft steel building. I want to install a Schweiss hydraulic steel door in the end of the building, utilizing the max width I can get out of the 40' end. Will this take slight modification. What are your hydraulic one piece steel door recommendations?

8 Need 22' clear opening, width 44' -  steel building will be 120x180. Prefer your Schweiss  hydraulic powered door with door photo eye sensors. Make sure this big hydraulic door has your spherical bearings on it.

9 I need quote on a industrial grade crane door. 50' by 15' Schweiss hydraulic crane door to go at end of metal building.

10 I currently have a 20 foot Schweiss bifold liftstrap  shop door. I'm interested in adding your hydraulic door to the opposite end of this same metal building to make them Schweiss drive-thru building doors. Can you tell me what this door would cost and if it is something I can install?

11 Slab is poured, building nearly up. Would like two one piece hydraulic metal doors that are best for steel door spanning 34 ft. wide. Building height is 26 feet and I need a minimum 22 foot door height opening to bring farm semi's in and out each end. Steel door will need photo eyes, door base safety edge, horn, remote openers and backup door system. 

12 I am working with a steel building company to get a hydraulic door price quote. He recommended your company one piece door because they are very low maintenance. I am looking at mounting steel door in a 45 foot wide end wall 40 feet-45 feet in width and 14 feet high. If I purchase the property at auction next week I will move forward with the planning.

13 I purchased a fairly large metal building (250ft x 120ft, 18' eve, 0.5:12 pitch) and I would like to install a large hydraulic Gantry crane door in the west end. The roof beam along the end wall is about 12" with 6 vertical columns (including the corners) versus about 16" or 18" beam and 4 columns for the rest of the building. Is it possible to put a hydraulic steel crane door in this wall? Desired size of crane door is 50'-60' wide x max ht.

14 Need the following industrial steel doors. Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors in each door size below. Include door auto latches remotes and hydraulic door power backup options. Doors are 16' high by 60' long 10' wide by 10' high 30' wide by 14' high 20' wide by 14' high. 

15 I need a price on a new metal building hydraulic one piece door, 44x16'.  Itemiize price of add-ons (window and walk door) and backup system.

16 Looking for a price on a Schweiss hydraulic door for 30 foot metal shop building. Door size will be 22 ft. x 14 ft. Need remote door opener.

17 1. Quote a 50x16 Schweiss Hydraulic Industrial Strength Door installed on endwall of building. 2. Also quote a 35x16 Bifold Door with Straps installed, located in the other endwall of the same building. Quote free standing door header and labor to install. 3. Fax door design information for both hydraulic and bifold door styles of industrial steel doors to building contractor. 

18 We have an existing red metal building door, we'd like to add two 30' wide x 24' tall metal hydraulic  doors to each end. Price and delivery for Schweiss installed doors.


20 I would like a quote for a Schweiss door, a one piece hydraulic paint booth door that would fit a 12ft wide x 8ft tall opening in our metal building. 

21 Would like clear polycarbonate panel, steel   hydraulic door similar to the Colorado glass patio/garage door featured on your Must See Photo web page. Hydraulic door will have to be 60 ft. width. Provide walk thru doors at each end of gate.

22 I have a 1973 Metal Shed that I am planning to insulate this winter. Would like to retrofit the two  original sliding doors with Schweiss hydraulic  shed doors. Retrofit door size will need to be 28 ft. x 12 ft.

23 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic metal door around 45 wide with a 20 foot eve height. Please let me know if you can custom make this metal door for me. Include price for door backup system  and remote door opener.

24 I need a Schweiss Door quote on a 60X20 electric powered oil rig door FOB, ND. Hydraulic steel  door, 2 walk doors. 3 phase electric, steel powder coated door frame.


26 Looking for a Schweiss container door on a 10 x 20 steel unit, 12 wide by 9 high utilizing a hydraulic pump system door.

27 I would like some info and a price on a 30' x 18' Schweiss hydraulic biomass door with automatic door opener. This is a metal door.   

28 I am quoting a steel building door in CA. I need: (1) 70' wide x 28' clear height (6' headroom) (3) 58' wide x 28' clear height (6' headroom) (1) 58' wide x 26' clear height (4'-6" headroom) These hydraulic  doors will be insulated doors sheeted with metal door panels. Remote door openers needed.

29 I am putting up a 72 x 150 steel building and am needing a 36 foot steel door opening on each end of the building. I would like pricing on a 36 x 18 Schweiss hydraulic steel door. Also what do I need for door framing in the opening. What would be the cost difference on a 40 ft door, and a 42 ft door. 

30 I have a 40,000 sq ft old steel building that needs a door retrofit. I would like to replace the old roll up doors with hydraulic Schweiss doors. One roll up I'd  like to widen from 14 to 20 feet. The second door will be replaced with a smaller/ narrower  hydraulic door. Are these steel doors made with built in door headers and doors that my shop guys can install? 

31 I am a General Contractor bidding a 52' X 14' Schweiss Hydraulic Door spec'd. Need complete info on the metal door as follows: 52'X14' Overhead Hydraulic Door with fast Electric Door Operator, top door seal & weatherstripping.

32 Need estimate for 1-48' Wide x 18' High Hydraulic Swing Door For Steel Building. 1- 40' wide x 18' high. These will have your new pump design, heavy duty cylinders and superior spherical door bearings.

33 Quote a 40x18 clear hydraulic freestanding metal door. Door ready for liner panel. Please price free standing door header and its installation as a separate option. Send hydraulic door design specifications for builder. 

34 I am looking for an alternate door to a Renlita door. Would like to retrofit shop door with a Schweiss hydraulic door. Can I install this large metal shop door myself?  

35 The dangerous working environment door to be quoted is a 24x16 mining shaft door. Also quote a 20x16 hydraulic door for the same metal building (opposite endwall door) Please quote doors to be installed. Also let me know door headroom requirements and approx. door delivery date.

36 My company is constructing an airplane hangar for Airbus 380 which will need hangar door(s). We'll  need one or two engineered hydraulic doors. Wondering if one large hydraulic door can span a 75 ft. door opening or if we need two hangar doors. Prefer one large steel door.

37 Looking for a price and delivery on a 16ft high by 32ft wide hydraulic door for a steel building structure. Please price a mandoor.  Can you help? Thanks Nick

38 We need a quote on a 150'w x 52'h hydraulic door. Quote with motor that will give me the fastest opening time. Include remote opener, windows and two mandoors at each side of the door. This will be going on a new steel building.  Thanks,

39 I am interested in 2 or 3 doors 24 wide x 14 tall net when open. I would like Schweiss hydraulic doors with a walk-thru doors in at least one of them. I would like pricing on all components necessary, less the hydraulic pump. I happen to have an older unit that I am sure could operate all three doors. I would need engineering plans to submit to the building dept. as well as this is a new construction project. I would need specifications to submit to steel building manufacturer to ensure engineering is adequate.

40 40' x 16' Bifold door to be placed in the endwall of a single slope new Steel Building. Owner wants Schweiss hydraulic door and remote control opener.

41 60'x 28' hydraulic door to be mounted to steel structure. Please advise if you have a contract with GSA. Will require a keyless entry door, windows across at eye level and Schweiss autolatches.

42 Need 18' steel building doors. Undecided on liftstrap bifold or hydraulic Schweiss model. Please price both installed. Please price free standing header as an option with labor. Door will be lined on the inside. Please also include design information. Please fax quote and design information.  Thank you.

43 Hi, I have just spoke with a Steel Buildings contractor who is putting a quote together for me on a hangar home and recommended contacting you in regards to one of your hydraulic doors. If you could give me a quote with separate pricing on a remote opener, it would be greatly apreciated.

44 Looking for a price on a 50' x 18' Schweiss hydraulic hangar door. Need structural steel header system to retrofit into a steel building. No insulation needed. Cost of door shipment to southern Calif.

45 I want to finish ends on my 25 ft x 60 ft building. I really like the clean looks of your Schweiss hydraulic  doors so I don't lose any entry width. Building is an S series steel building make.

46 I need a quote for the following please. This is a new metal building with 8" "C" channel frames for the Hydraulic Door Openings. I'd like a Schweiss hydraulic door with a remote opener.

47 We're a steel building manufacturer. We are looking for a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door where the door size is 50' wide and the opening is 16 ft high. We will also need the specifications of this door sent with the quote please.

48 On a 14 ft. tall opening, how much room above the opening is needed to have the full 14 ft. of clearance when using a Schweiss hydraulic door? What if I need a freestanding header? This is a metal building.

49 I have a customer that will be purchasing a 40x16 clr Hydraulic door w/a 24" wedge. Schweiss  remote opener.  I am trying to price the metal building to him, can you please get me the specs to design for the door. Building used for biomass storage will be going to Dodge City, KS

50 I have a steel biomass building with a 15'8" wide and 14' tall door what would it cost to put a hydraulic door on it. It has steel-reinforced concrete columns. Don't think I'll need a free-standing header. Should be insulated.  thank you

51 Door to be installed in an all steel building. Need a 24 x 18 clear open hydraulic door. Can you get me a price soon. Also would you be able to give me an optional price on the Schweiss hydraulic swing door in a 28 ft. width size. Thank you.

52 I am quoting a 60'x60'x20' metal building, with 18" 35lb. rafters and columns. I would like a quote for 2-57'x18' Schweiss hydraulic door units with remote openers (will be on gable walls of bldg.). Include windows and walkdoor. I will put R-10 vinyl insulation and 26 gauge sheet metal on the hydraulic doors.

53 Need liftstrap Schweiss metal hydraulic doors for a 50 x 50 biomass building. Please contact/send me options/details including price. Thank you.

54 I am dealer for Steel Buildings. I have a customer looking for a 30 x 18 insulated hydraulic door in a new 80 x100x 18 Building. I believe we should be looking strictly at your Schweiss hydraulic door, due to its great lifting power.  Please get me a quote asap.

55 Looking for a quote on 20 ft. high and 60 ft metal crane door, single piece, Hydraulic door, operated. new construction, BC is providing the metal 80 ft wide by 89 ft deep. Best Regards

56 I require a quote and the specifications for the Schweiss hydraulic door for a customer I am selling a building to. 40'W x 20'H. Steel door to be prepped for interior liner and include remote with 2 handhelds.

57 I'm looking for a budgetary quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door on a metal building that is still in the planning stages. It will be either a stick framed or S.I.P. panel constructed structure supported on a 48 inch poured concrete wall / footing foundation. At this point the side columns can be either steel or wood, whatever you think would work best.

58 Looking for a door 30' wide 20' high non insulated. for a steel truss building ( 60 x 200 x 23 foot eave 2 x12 pitch on the roof).This door will be in an end wall. The end wall is not built yet so it can be built to match the doors needs as of yet. I would like a quote on either Liftstrap bifold or hydraulic cylinder open door.

59 This quote will be for a steel hydraulic shop door the size will be 24 wide by 13 high if thats possible if only available in even sizes please quote me a 12 and 14 ft high as this is going on an existing shop we want it insulated with and opener as well I will pick this hydraulic door up myself so no shipping is needed thanks Russ

60 We are a steel building dealership and we have a customer interested in a 42'x18' door. I am interested in both styles--Schweiss Bifold with liftstraps and hydraulic with Red Power pump and cylinders. I will also need to let my manufacturer know of any special concerns for the doors. 

61 I need a quote for both styles of your doors, Bifold with straps and Hydraulic doors, installed in a metal building. It's a 80' wide endwall with the door centered in the endwall. Building sidewall height is 18'-0". Call me to discuss if you have questions or concerns.

62 45'-0" x 15'-0" clear One Pc. Hydraulic door going in endwall of steel bldg. jobsite: Appalachicola, FL. Door will need to be windrated and I'd like two large windows set about eye level, say 5 or 6 ft. from ground. 

63 Need details and specs for hydraulic doors. Side clearances at jambs and head critical to size metal  building and doors. Planning for 2-60' Schweiss hydraulic doors and 7-45' doors. All with windows and walk doors.

64 Steel Industrial Building 100x80 with 21' sidewalls 60' x 20"(18'6") hanger. I believe your Schweiss hydraulic door would be best. Or do you sell large doors like this with the lift straps?

65 I'am building a steel building 150' by 50' The owner wants a insulated 18' by 40' hydraulic Schweiss door with a mandoor. I would like to get a price on your doors. I have worked on hanger doors for a large airplane Co. In Wichita Ks. Would like the hydraulic door to be installed by us.

66 I have a metal building 54x75 with sliding doors. I have a terrible back and the south door is killing me. Call anytime in the afternoon tommorow. I live 50 mi west of Des Moines, Iowa. or 4.5 mi north of Panora Iowa. I hope your sleek looking  Schweiss hydraulic door will work on the side that is 54 wide. I think the opening is 25 or 26 wide and 14 tall.

67 Building size 65 Wide X 75 ft deep, straight wall steel structure, wall height approx 20 ft (depends on height of grade beam above slab) 12:1 slope roof ridgid frame steel construction. Door rough opening 60 ft. X 19 ft. Require clear opening when door raised of 17 ft high 60 ft wide. Due to needed headroom we will want a hydraulic swing door. Require insulation, R14 minimum metal clad both sides. Also considering alternative of wood construction, 65 ft X 75 ft deep 3:12 sloped roof, 18 ft stud walls with grade beam 1' 4" giving total opening of 19' 4" high X 60 ft wide. Again need 17 ft clear opening when raised. 

68 Please quote a 50x16'-6" clear hydraulic door installed. Please price separately a free standing header and labor to install. Please FAX design information for metal building manufacturer.

69 Attn: Regarding the Schweiss hydraulic door quote for 46' x 16'. Can you please send me the specs for the door to use for our metal building design.

70 Looking for pricing on a 14' wide x 12' high Schweiss hydraulic lift door to fit our buildings (model S) metal building. Insulated, one window.

71 I need to get a price and specs for a 60' wide x 16' high opening hydraulic model door, all metal building. Will be located in the endwall. Man door with window, non-insulated. 

72 Need prices on a 46X16 and 46x14 hydraulic doors and specs for the steel building company so they can get a building price for me thanks.

73 We are in the preliminary stage of designing a snow removal equipment steel building for an airport. Can you provide us with a budget cost for a hydraulic steel door? The approximate door size will be 55'-0 wide x 14'-0 tall with pre-finished steel panel skin on exterior face. The door would be shipped to Russell, KS.

74 Good Afternoon Need pricing on a 50 ft x 18 ft. hydraulic door, electric pump operation New construction, steel building No walk through doors, liner or insulation (supplied by others) -FOB Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

75 I am preparing a budget estimate for a client that is asking for a 50' Wide by 30' Long by 13' High (at Eave) pre-engineered metal building. They are wanting a 40' Wide by 10' Hydraulic Door. In order to design the structure I need spec sheets A-1 thru A-5. Our office has requested this information from your company. If you do not have time to prepare & send the spec sheets can I get the basic design criteria to input into my MBS program, please? Please provide the following: Total Dead Weight, Approximate Hinge Stub Column spacing.

76 Please quote your hydraulic door for a 42 ft front steel building with a 14' eve height to accommodate a Cessena 182 to Alabama 36728.

77 Our company is a manufacturer of rural and industrial large and small metal buildings. We have been having a lot of calls for your Schweiss rugged style of door to be included in our sheds and commercial buildings. If it would be possible could you please submit a price for the following hydraulic Red Power lift door. The door is 60' wide with a 12'  drive through height. It will have a zincalume metal cladding which we will supply. Also have freight included if that's not possible I can work it out. Look forward to your response.

78 I am metal building supplier from Qualicum Beach, B.C. I am looking for a price on a hydraulic door. I am needing a price on a 70X16 including man door and everything, except cladding and trims. Including shipping. Thank you,

79 I have an existing metal building that is 40'x72' x12'. It has a 20' w x 13'h overhead door. The owner would like to replace the overhead door with a 30'w x 13'h hydraulic  door. The door would be insulated with spray foam insulation and then lined with liner panel. Please price window options also. Can you help me out with what reinforced would need to be done to the existing end wall to support this? Please submit quote for this work. Price FOB

80 I have a new all steel building 40 x 50 with 17' eave hgt. My door framed opening is 16'tall x 24' wide. What would be an installed price for a hydraulic door this size and what other additional costs would I have if I were to have walk doors put on the hydraulic door? Thanks


82 Please send design information so we can give it to our metal bldg supplier. Need a hydraulic door quoted with labor installed. Please price free standing header as an option as well as labor for free standing header. Need 18' clear. Your doors are top of the line. Thanks

83 Looking for a 16 foot clear opening, steel hydraulic door. Insulation and cladding included Please figure out shipping to Winnipeg MB, if door is broken down into 20 foot sections, please supply a shipping quote to Grand Forks ND as well.

84 I have a old steel building with scissor trusses, thinking about adding a hydraulic door on gable end, 16 foot tall by 24 foot wide, but corners are close to truss, can't get a slider in because it will be above the roof but if you have the exterior mounting of some sort I can put new post in and tie to the exisiting building, possible?? it is my understanding the Schweiss hydraulic door puts less stress on the supporting post? I really like your new compact pump operation, haven't seen any other door dealer offer this.

85 Quote a 48' x 13'clearance hydraulic door. Goes in the endwall of a 60' wide steel building. please call or email if you need further information. Rick

86 Please fax specifications for Metal building supplier and fax quote please. Please quote Schweiss hydraulic doord with labor and material. 18' Clear

87 This is a request for a 2nd door in the same metal building @ the Marion IN location. The first one works way better than we expected. Wanted to check you out first. Now we know. Send us another hydraulic door with the same exact specs on our last order.

88 Need price for a Schweiss hydraulic door 16 foot tall by 40 foot wide to be installed on an metal  sided building. 

89 Can you get me a price on a 60'x28' tall steel door. As this is big and heavy, do you recommend a bifold or Schweiss hydraulic door? I'm open to all suggestions. Do you know anyone in West Texas who has one or more of your doors that I could take a look at?

90 My steel building is in the design stage at this point, so there can be changes made to dimensions still. The hydraulic door I want when open needs to provide a full 14' of clearance, not an inch less. You can tell me how much taller you need the opening for this. Please include a price for the remote control option and also any safety backup  additions available.

91 I am in need of a price for a 30' wide by 16' tall hydraulic door to install in a new metal building. I am not very knowageable and would need someone to discuss options. This will be going in a new pre engineered building and I want to incorporate into the design of building. Could you price a 35' wide door with the same height?

92 I need a quote on a door for a metal building I am purchasing that has a 12 x 12 opening. Am interested in the hydraulic door. One question, with the door in the open position how much clearance is there between it and the ground. Can you build a stronger door for high wind areas.

93 I would like a quote on a hydraulic door and a bi-fold door 40x18. This will go on a metal building. The hydraulic door should have a strong  motor/pump. The bifold should have lift straps. Both should have remote openers and safety features.

94 I was referred to your website by Steel Building Systems, whom I have contacted in regard to a hangar to be constructed. Can you give me an estimated price for a one piece hydraulic door, 36'wide and 12'high? Non insulated, but with two remotes.   Thank you.

95 I want to install a 40 foot wide Schweiss hydraulic metal door but want a 40 foot building width. Will this be a problem? Can you send a drawing along with the quote. We are ready to build as soon as we can get some of the final details worked out.

96 I am thinking about an all steel building with one end door. It may be 100 foot wide by 125 foot long. If I installed a 16 tall by 40 wide door would I need to go with a bi-fold door. I was thinking a hydraulic door with your new motor/pump. Would that be too big for that style? What size of an opening would I need to install the door? Thanks Allen

97 Need a door quote on a hydraulic steel door for a 25'x 50' opening. New construction, steel building door. We will provide door sheeting. Owner would also like a price on the single hydraulic type door. Project is in Pittsburg, KS. Need ASAP

98 Request pricing for another single hydraulic hangar door with interior truss door support and an integral locking personnel door. Note: Dimensions below are 'clear' dimensions. Same as last hydraulic metal door we ordered from you.

99 We are looking at building a new hangar for our  municipal airport and would like to price some doors. Namely, either a bifold door or one piece hydraulic Schweiss door. Also, can you provide load weights and any pre-prep needed on the hangar before we hang the door. This is going on a steel building and door will be approximately 60 ft. x 22 ft. Which of these doors gives the best headroom.

100 Looking for a 18 ft x 40 ft one piece Schweiss hydraulic horizontal lift door! Steel building contractor is ahead of schedule on our new machine shed. Canopy shop door with windows to provide extra light, insulated, walk door and remote door openers.  

101 Putting together a quote for our "First" all steel  building. We have been bin dealers for over 10 years and now are working ag building doors into our line. I would appreciate if you would give me a call. I would like to have quote put together for a customer by next week. Also, can you send me brochures on hydraulic doors and bifold Schweiss Door products and accessories. I plan on selling a lot of your well built Schweiss doors. 

102 In the plan design and budget analysis phase of a new construction metal bldg. for a private party owner. Windloaded Hydraulic Hangar door needs to be 40' wide and have 14' min. vertical clearance when the door is opened. Looking for good advice and value engeinerring in choosing a door for light use and able to withstand cold winter climates found in Alaska.

103 Need to find a steel door supplier building line. Need a quote for a 40'w x 16't. and 40x14 Schweiss hydraulic doors. One of these, the larger one, will be a crane door.


105 Interested in overhead hydraulic one-piece door for my steel FBI machine shed. What info do you need on my end to consummate an accurate quotation. Fred

106 Need a quote on a 45' x 14' Hydraulic Schweiss  Swing Door to be installed in a Steel Building. Insulated, with remote opener and extra handheld control. Thanks

107 Need a price on a 50x18 hydraulic door for a new Metallic Metal Building. Job Site: Hanford, CA. It will mount on right end wall. Should have adequate or more than adequate pump motor. We will do install.

108 I have a customer interested in puting in a 22x15  Hydraulic door in a steel building. Not sure how much info. you need but give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and maybe I can answer them. Door may require a free-standing header.

109 I need a quote for a 40' by 18' Schweiss Hydraulic door for a customer. I am a metal agricultural  building dealer and will use this door on the endwall of a 80' by 100' building. From what I understand, all your hydraulic doors come with the new pumps and spherical bearings. Is that right?

110 Looking to possibly building a steel truss building  this coming spring when it dries up and was wanting to price a 35' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic door with a man door and two tinted windows.

111 Could you get me a price on a 48 wide by 14 tall door with shipping to Boerne, Texas (with extras  like the remote opener etc.) I can install this hydraulic steel door again - the last one went in so easy I thought I was doing something wrong. Great product! Thanks

112 Shopping for a hydraulic door on a steel building. Framed opening is specified to be 55 feet wide and 17 feet high. Will require 4 windows and walk through door.

113 Please quote a 40'wide x 12' high door, no fold, only hydraulic power one piece door. It is a metal building. Let me know what loads need to be quoted in the building. Please call or e-mail with questions.  

114 Need a hydraulic door for my steel building opening size 40 ft wide 20 ft high. non insulated, walk thru door, three windows, new hydraulic pump and spherical bearings, delivered to Idaho 83805

115 I have a new steel building that I would like to put a one piece hydraulic door on. The building is complete and the door would be 48' x 12' (give or take a few inches). I have enough skin to cover the door. Won't need to be insulated. 

116 I have a steel building with a 24ft. by 14ft. door in the end wall. I am wondering if I can put in one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors and not lose my 14ft. of overhead clearance. Also wondering about delivery time if I do get this door from you.

117 I need a estimate on a 40'x16' Hydraulic door with an option to be installed in Ohio. Metal Building 80'x150'x19' door in the endwall. I would like to have an extra remote, lights and horns. Schedule the Schweiss Door crew to install it. How much extra for a walkdoor?


119 I need a quote on two doors. These doors are for a framed opening made out of 2 inch by 8 inch c iron. This is an all steel building. Door Jam #1- 12 ft. wide and 11 ft. 3 inches tall. Door Jam #2- 20 ft. wide and 13 ft. 2 inches tall. Is 115 volt electricity enough to run these? Do your doors come with the outside tin? Can I get a walk through door inside the hyrdraulic one piece door?

120 I am priceing a 50' x 50' with 18' metal building hydraulic door. Can we turn a hydraulic door or a Schweiss bi-folding door into an access ramp? We need a hydraulic retractable ramp to access the metal building. Can Schweiss create a one-piece hydraulic moving ramp or a bi-folding retractable access ramp with a Schweiss hydraulic or bi-fold door?

121 We are a steel service center located in houston we are interested in becoming a sales distributor of schweiss doors we specialize in all types of steel including metal building components, like hydraulic doors. i have a customer in need of quote for two schweiss one-piece hydraulic metal building doors first 16' x 50' and 1 16' x 40'. please quote each metal building hydraulic one-piece door separetly including redpower hydrualics with automatic remotes thank you

122 Am looking for pricing, weight of Hangar style hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a 38'wide X 9'8" tall opening in a metal building. I will need to install a jack beam to convert (2) 18' wide x 9'8" tall existing sectional door openings to (1) as listed above. 

123 I have a customer that is looking for a Schweiss Hydraulic lift door for a steel frame building. The opening curently has split sliding doors in place, he would like them removed, and the header raised. The opening is on the gable end so there is no structural reconstruction necessary. I will have to put an I-beam in for a new header to hang the door from. The door opening is 15'8" wide and the top of the new header is 14'1 1/2" from floor I'm not sure what size I-beam is needed for proper support. The door posts are 4" or 6" H-beams. I would like to get a price on this size door and what ever material is need to be added to the bldg. frame work for the door to be mounted. 

124 Need Schweiss Doors price quote for a door 40 ft. wide 20 ft. high. hydraulic door, its going to be steel both sides and insulated.

125 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that is 16' 10\" wide and 20' high. Interested in your new Red Power pumps.

126 I am in need of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door price. I am a metal building dealer. I have a customer that wants a 40'-0\" wide x 20'-0\" tall door. Can you tell me if this is possible? And assuming it is, can you give me a price with your new Red Power hydraulics? I assume that I will need to provide the sheeting and trim to match our building. Call if you have any more questions and/or need more information.

127 I have a steel building with 16 x 30 ft opening for a door. I'm looking at the hydro-powered lift door. Could I get a quote to include your new Red Power back up System so I can get the ball rolling on this project.

128 We are bidding on the County Airport in Pennsylvania I need pricing on ten Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, 41'6\" wide by 14' high. Red Power Electric operated. The base bid is steel framed building, with an alternate for insulation. There is another alternate for timber framed building. Bids are due in May so I need your pricing soon.

129 I am looking for a price on a 30x18 and a 50 x 18 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to go in a metal buildings. With Feight to Gilman, Il. Please price seperatly for two different buildings. Price Red Power motors separately also with your size recommendations. Thanks

130 Need to purchase the motor/disc brake and gear assembly, up/down/stop switch, seals for the top and bottom of our hydraulic lift door, etc. I already have the round shaft purchased for the winch part of it and can find bearings to fit that. We bought a Schweiss door, I believe it was in 1996, It runs excellent and have had no problems and want to put another one (this time hydraulic with Red Power Electrical system) on the other end of the building now. I started building the frame in my shop and is same size as the one we bought from you in 1996,,,the measurements of the door frame is 28'3\" width X 17' in height. Will be purchasing this in the next four weeks.  THank you, Doug P

131 Looking for pricing on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power motor. 20'-0 wide x 24'-0 high. Have in place a roll up door. Fails or needs complete repair every five years at $10,000. Looking to see if one of your products may be able to meet my needs. One of my venders has been using your doors and speaks highly about you product.

132 We need a quote on a 18x22.5 on a metal building 54x90x14 shed price installed. The door I requested a bid on was a hydraulic llift swinging door, with a row of windows in it about 5' off the ground. Also need Red Power backup system in bid.

133 I have a customer interested in a couple of these Schweiss hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors installed on a steel and wood cold-storage warehouse, I would like to get some info on them to include your Red Power Electrical System.

134 Please quote two Schweiss hydralic lift swing doors 18' clear height with Red Power Door option for them both to be 20' clear height. I see you have already installed quite a few doors down here on metal buildings and aircraft hangars in Illinois. People seem to be very satisfied with them. They gave me your name. Thanks

135 Hello. I am looking to get a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for one of our steel bldg. customers. They are looking for: (1) 75'x24' hefty door Going to NE 110 mph wind Exp. C. Options needed on it should include your Red Power hydraulic pumps and quote with and without insulation. Thanks

136 Building approx. 40X40 X 16 eaves We want a 40' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door X 15' ht. - question is what is the rough opening size. we can make the bldg wider than 40' no problem. Will need Red Power System to lift this heavy metal door.

137 I would like a few door prices. I want to thank Schweiss Doors first for always pricing the door I have you quote. You have probably quoted a dozen or more doors and only have sold me 1. But bid a lot of jobs and try to sell them on your doors once they got over 20'. Thanks This is a new building so if there is a size that works out better for material of the system please price it that way. The customer would like 2- 16' x 40' to 44' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. One will be in the end wall and the other in a side wall. I am pricing a wood and steel building and will want to have Red Power to lift these heavy doors. So if you need more information please let me know. I will design the door openings to your needs. Thanks

138 Two Schweiss steel doors one 16 feet wide; the other is a drive through 22 feet wide both the same height in style of hydraulic lift with Red Power Systems. Can you deliver to Alberta Canada. 

139 Please price us a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door with Red Power back up system for a newly constructed 40'x18' steel structure. I am a truck driver and I would pick the door up.

140 Need a price on a 68'x17' hydraulic lift door. Options I would like quoted are Schweiss Red Power back up system and remote opener. Northern Canada

141 I'm about to put up a 25x30x16 Steel arch style building and the door area punch out is 12 x 12 ft, could I get an estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door with a walk door and Red Power hydraulics for this building?

142 I'd like to get a quote on a 50' wide by 20' high (20' high clearance) Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The building will have the door frame design per your specifications. Do you do the installation? Or is there a local installer? The building is a 64 Metals design. It has laminated wood columns and steel trusses. They will provide matching sheet metal including wainscoting. At this point I believe the door frame will be wood columns with a steel H beam header. I haven't seen the drawings yet. I would like the quote to include your new Red Power hydraulics and safety photo eyes.

143 I would like preliminary cost (budget) by April if possible. Two identical Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors on opposite ends of  metal building. We will install, I need 3 window holes framed in for 3'x2' windows and a walk through door on one door. Also Red Power unit and remote control. 

144 Please contact me concerning a project at Mesa Verde, Colorado and there request for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 14wX16h on the new metal building we are building for them. Looking at your website, I see you now offer a new Red Power hydraulic pump, I'll want to know about that too.

145 I have a customer i have quoted a metal building for. He is wanting this as a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door in gable end of guilding. In the quote I need siding, insulation and Red Power Backup System.

146 For our customer we requiere qty 14 hydraulic lift doors. Structure must be made in painted carbon steel profiles. Schweiss door must come without cover metal sheet. Red Power doors will be installed outside building. See more details below. Thank's

147 I am looking for pricing on a hydraulic lift Schweiss door for an upcoming project. The door, with your Red Power hydraulic pumps, will be 40' wide with a clear opening ht of 20'. Exterior will be insulated metal sandwich panel. Building will be a steel framed metal building.

148 Please quote 35x16 Clear Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system. Need price for install and a price for free standing header and labor for free standing header listed separately. Also need design information to forward to metal building company. Thank you.

149 Quote please Schweiss Red Power Electrical System for Hydraulic one piece 24x15 They are figuring steel frame jambs and I-Beam header

150 I am contacting you on behalf of a client of mine. He is interested in ordering two hydraulic lift doors, one for either side of a 100x200 steel building. The door with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps needs to be 50 feet long and when open provide at least 16 feet of clearence.

151 We are looking to have the hydraulic lift swing door listed below quoted for a construction project of ours asap. We would also like Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage options for the same metal doors only with a 24' width as apposed to the 30' listed below. thanks

152 Thinking to build a new shop. building will be steel. 120x90 with 60x90 of it being an enclosed shop. Trying to get some ideas and prices on the hydraulic lift Schweiss doors, which would be 50x16. Maybe placing them in the end wall 60' of the building. Will want price for your Red Power Electrical System.

153 I would like quotes on 2 sizes of hydraulic lift doors and both styles with your Schweiss Red Power backup systems. (50x14) and (64x16) Steel building, I-beam, and end wall installation.

154 At this time I am looking for general information on Size weight Hinge locations for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door described below. This is not an order. Just require the specs and price. Wind speed is 90 C. Price should include more powerful Red Power backup system for this metal door.

155 Please quote me a hydraulic lift Schweiss Door 60'x 18' to be mounted in a steel building. This is a big door that will need your Red Power hydraulic pump(s) to get it off the ground.

156 Please quote one 50' wide hydraulic lift Schweiss door to be installed in the endwall of a new metal building. Need 16' clear. Send me a door detail showing frame-work and our needed clearance above the door to determine our building's eave height and your recommendations as to what Red Power hydraulics I need for lift.

157 I am looking at a project involving a metal building with a hydraulic lift Schweiss door in the end wall,the building is 50'wide and the customer wants a 48'x12'door what is the min. height above the door and how much does the manufacturer need to beef up the endwall rafter and columns (lbs psf), plus specs on your Red Power hydraulics for lifting.

158 Looking for a 60 foot by 14 hydraulic lift steel door, and more importantly I want your Red Power hydraulics to be powerful enough to lift this Schweiss Door.

159 Building a hanger/shop and needed a quote on a 45'x12' insulated hydraulic lift door, as well as a drawings package and Schweiss Red Power System to give to my metal building and concrete company for the opening. The goal is to build the hanger in the next 3-4 weeks and would need a early summer arrival date.

160 I am thinking about building a new steel shed. I would like a price on a 30' and 40' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I've seen on your website about your Red Power hydraulic pumps, please put them in the quote along with a walk in door.

161 I would like a quote on (2) 16ft by 24ft Schweiss Hydraulic lift doors with shipping include. I would like to have an entry door placed in one of these doors, Red Power hydraulics and i would be installing them myself. This is a metal building.

162 Please provide a quote for the door itself and then also provide a quote for installation (at Rockford, IL) I am interested in a steel, Schweiss hydraulic lift, bottom drive, Red Power Electrical System, internal truss, without autolatch. The building already has a sliding door on it but it is damaged. The existing door is 42 X 13' 6\" (opening is 12').

163 44 x 13 Schweiss hydraulic lift door needed with Red Power motor. How much weight can be added b-4 problems occur?Your web page notes that the Red Power hydraulics have more lifting power, are quieter and safer. That's just what we want for our heavy steel door.

164 Please send me some technical drawings and specifications on the two variations (Red Power and not) of your hydraulic lift metal door. My Client has recently met with you in the US and is going to place an order. If possible, please forward the drawings in Autocad .DWG or .DXF format.

165 I'm just trying to get and idea on cost. Need to enlarge the end on my metal building, maybe a project for this year. Have seen some Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors in the area, did a search of the web and found your web-site. Based on the info I looked at, a 27 wide x 14 high door with a 2' wedge and Red Power hydraulic pumps will work with the existing columns.

166 Need drawing, price, for a 14w x 11h hydraulic lift up door that has all your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic systems. This is for a heavy metal door.Your doors are the best in the industry, you definately get what you pay for.

167 Need a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift steel door, delivered to this area code in Biloxi, Mississippi for Red Power equipped door that is 30x15. You must do quite a bit of sales down here as I have seen at least a half dozen of your top quality doors.

168 Looking to get a price quote on the freight for a Schweiss 50' x 16' hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System to ship from you to New Brunswick, Canada. The door will be going on a steel building.

169 I am looking for a 50'x 18' Schweiss hydraulic lift  door. I am looking for the r-value of said steel door. I also am looking for advice on what I need for structural to hold this Schweiss door and Red Power system needed to lift this heavy door, and of course pricing. I heard you have the best prices in town Thank you  Norbert

170 I would like a quote on a 60'w X 14'h Schweiss hydraulic lift insulated hanger door. It is going in a new steel building with 8\" girts. Please specify any structural requirements. Note: 60'x 14' is the opening size. Will need Red Power System to lift it.

171 I am an Authorized Builder for Rigid and Metallic metal buildings. I would like a quote for the resale of a 36' wide x 14' high Schweiss hydraulic lift door (with Red Power hydraulic pump) to be installed on a metal building. FOB Chico, CA.

172 We are looking at building a new steel building this summer. This will be a 80x80' building and would like to consider a 16x40' endwall hydraulic lift door. What would be the availability, estimated cost and possible company installation for a door for our farm shop. Will only consider this door fitted with Red Power hydraulic system for better lift. Thank you

173 Please price both a Schweiss bi-fold and a hydraulic lift door. Need 18' clear. Please price a free standing header separately for each. Please price install labor for each door and free standing headers separately. Please send Red Power hydraulic design systems info for both so I can send to metal building suppliers.

174 Please provide a quote and specs for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to fit an overall clear opening of 45' x 18'. My metal building is 50'. My total eave height is 20' with a roof pitch of 1.1875:12. I am unsure as to the door size I need and Red Power motor size - I pretty much do it wrong the first time every other time that I request a quote, but me and my neighbors really appreciate your doors and the smooth functioning Red Power hydraulics

175 We are quoting a metal building in North Dakota and I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door size with an opening of 16x40. Can I get a quote on a door, along with Red Power back up system, with shipping to Garske, ND. Thanks

176 Can I get loading information/door specifications for a 58' x 13' hydraulic lift door to be erected in a metal building (new construction)? The actual framed opening will be 13' clear, so the Schweiss hydraulic door clear dimension will be less than that. Please price Red Power Hydraulic pump to lift this big door, call or email with questions. Thank you

177 Need a quote for a 60'W x 35'H Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door for a solid waste transfer facility in Watertown, NY. This will be on a steel building and will require your best Red Power motor for fastest lift.

178 Please quote: Strap lift bifold door and hydraulic one piece lift door to fit your 12' high x 40.8' W opening. I am looking to buy an existing metal building. It is one the U.S. Govt. was suppose to buy from them, then cancelled. As I undrestand it, the framing fits your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with which your Red Power System correlates with well. Thanks


180 I'm interested in your hydraulic lift door, I have an opening of about 40' wide and 15' tall which because of its size I want to equip with your Schweiss Red Power hydraulics. this is for a metal building.

181 This will replace 2 existing sliding doors with either Schweiss quality hydraulic lift doors. The measurement that I send is the exact opening of the hole.Can I get the Red Power backup system with this. It will go on a metal building.

182 My customer is looking for a horizontal hydraulic lift door 60'x16' can you supply this door and provide a quote which will include your Schweiss Red Power backup system. This is for a steel building, so we will need good lifting power.

183 Could I get a quote and specs on a 36' x 18' one-piece hydraulic lift door? This door will be installed on the end wall of the metal building and will need to be prepped for an interior liner. The width of the door frame out, between columns, is 38'-5\", leaving 38' as the width of the clear door opening. Include install of Red Power hydraulics. The door will be shipped to IN. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

184 I am a Metal Roofing contractor in Tucson, Az.I have a prospective client that wants to enclose a metal building and install a hydraulic lift door to the entrance. [ see attached photo. ] The clear opening is 38-0 x 11-9. I am looking for your opinion and a quote for a door for this application. We are also do Installation that installs and services roll up doors all over southern Arizona. I would like to believe with a little coaching we can install this door ourselves [ maybe ! ] I have looked thru your web site and would like you to send brochures on your new Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pumps. Please give me a call so we can discuss the possibilities.Thank you

185 hello i talked to you about doors last week- how far out are you on a Schweiss hydraulic lift  24x16 and 2 at 18x14 thank. Forgot to mention I need your Red Power Hydraulic System to go with this. Once again it is a metal door.

186 We need pricing and data sheets with loading reactions for the attached project. There is (3) - 43' doors and (1) -  60' door, and all of these hydraulic lift doors will have a 16' clear height. We will be proposing a steel building with at least a 20' sidewall. Because this door will be big and heavy, only provide price for your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps for best lift. Thank you

187 Looking at approx. 24'-34' width to 18' tall hydraulic lift Schweiss door for metal building. Will require Red Power System for best lift. Thank you.

188 Please price 35x13 hydraulic lift door installed with a walk door and provided with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. This is for a metal building.

189 I require a Schweiss Doors quote to supply 2 doors 40 feet wide X 12 feet high hydraulic lift up type to Australia. Will they be installed with Red Power hydraulic pumps? That's what I want. This will be for a metal building with much use. Thanks KGN

190 we need a quote and required details for the metal building jambs and loads for two 16' w x 12' h clear hydraulic lift doors with 24\" wedges. the client wants the door to be covered with wood, do you have any details on a wood cover application? provide alternates for any add ons such as Schweiss Red Power pumps you think may be wanted. need quote and details ASAP

191 I'm thinking i need a outside mount style door i would like a price on a hydraulic lift Schweiss Door. metal door is very big, will need Red Power.

192 I am quoting a metal building to a customer in Nebraska. The building will have a 40' wide by 17' (clear) opening in the gabled endwall for a hydraulic lift door. Can you send me the clear opening and Red Power hydraulic door loading/ reaction information so we can design the building accordingly? Please call or email with questions.

193 We live in Mankato, MN and we would like to know where the closest door dealer is from us. We are remodeling a steel building and are interested in finding out more about the hydraulic lift Schweiss  doors and estimates on Red Power option. Thanks

194 I am considering a building from 64 metals and want to make sure every thing would fit together. How can I assure that a proper fit will be accomplished using your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors? Will your Red Power motor have the lifting power needed. Looks like they are the best on the market. John

195 I am looking for some options on a 90ft wide by 28 ft tall door. It's a no brainer that your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps is best for this big door. It is going in a pre fabricated metal building

196 Hi, Need a 80'x22' hydraulic lift door for my steel building. Solid in color. Also need your top of the line Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps for superior lifting power. These new pumps are in a class of their own!  Please e-mail me a quote.

197 We're bidding a project that specs your door in New York, and I'd like to know if you have local distributors/reps/installers, or would we go thru you to get a quote? Can you send a brochure on your Red Power hydraulic backup systems and Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. This is for a steel building.

198 Hi, I own a steel building and we are looking to put a hydraulic lifting Schweiss door in that would open up a 12-16 foot opening. height of the opening would be 8 feet. the door can open up along the side of the building,.Let me know if I should fit door with Red Power hydraulic pumps.

199 New hanger in Lebanon TN. 60x60 building. I would like a Schweeiss hydraulic door priced with Red Power back up system for a 44ft by 12ft opening on a metal building. I'm excited about your new Red Power motors, they should give your door some extra kick. Thanks Greg

200 I am pricing a metal building out to a customer. The building end use is a hangar. They are looking for a 55' x 16' hydraulic lift door centered in one wall. I'm told that Schweiss is one of the door supplier's they are looking at. I'm wondering if I can get loads, specifications, etc.,  I do not need a separate Red Power hydraulic pump  price as we have decided that is the only way to go for best lift, and from what I hear your price on them is not any higher.

201 Is it possible to convert an older metal building 40' x 16' sliding  door to a Schweiss hydraulic lift door and if so what would be an estimate of parts? Looked at your web site, I want the Red Power hydraulic pump to give me the best lift. Thanks 

202 Hello, I need a price for a 40x14 clear span Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a steel building. It will need to be equipped with Red Power Hydraulic Pumps and be shipped to Redbluff, Ca. Thanks, Richard

203 Large steel building yet to be built requested dimensions to be confirmed at order time. Quote Schweiss hydraulic lift door, shipping to Canada may want to pickup fob your plant. Will this door have Red Power hydraulic pumps (I want them), Is your electrical equipment CSA approved?

204 Just need a price Hydraulic lift door, frame and Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pumps. Door is on steel building is 54' wide x 18' high. Include insulation and remote controls and installation. Location is Folsom, La.

205 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door opening is 16'h 45'w please quote. We can install. Question/ do we supply the metal siding to cover door as well as insulation?Do the the Red Power hydraulic pumps come with the big door Tony

206 There is more than 6' of clearance above the clear height. Would you quote a Schweiss hydraulic lift  door for our metal building (it would not have to be a full height) as a possible option. Should have Red Power backup system and remote control.

207 Need price to two 45 wide hydraulic lift Schweiss doors to be delivered to Alpine, Texas. We are putting it on a metal building that is 50 x 50 and 20 ft. tall. Door needs to be insulated and fitted with your top of the line Red Power Hydraulic pumps.

208 I have bought a 60W x 52L x 20H steel building and need a 45W x 16H Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I'd like it priced and the cost of Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote. I also need a 10 x 12 auto door for the same building and a 36\" passage door. A lot of your quality doors up here around Calgary.

209 Considering a steel building, like to build in August. What is Aluminum door/vs steel door price and does it cut down on weight/ are these Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump installed prices for a hydraulic lift one piece door?


211 Need specifications for a 70 x 28 clear hydraulic lift Schweiss door located centered 79'-0 wide x 35'-0 tall 1.5/12 RS metal building. This big door will require you Red Power hydraulic pumps to lift it.

212 I am building an insulated farm shop and am wondering in which direction I should go. I am thinking about a 20x40 Schweiss hydraulic lift door. My question is.... will I have the same clearance with the hydraulic door as I have now with my old sliding door? I have been in contact with representatives from metal and steel buildings and they both tell me that with a 20x40' door, my clearance will be about 18'. If I go with a Red Power hydraulic pump opener, can I gain clearance or will it be about the same. The door is going to be in the gable end of the building. the building is 80x120' with 20' sidewalls(or 22'sidewalls if needed). There will be a 16x16; overhead door in the same end. If I could get someone to contact me to discuss openings, clearance, and price and just general knowledge, it would be appreciated. 

213 I would like a price quote on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for 2 Steel building packages I have. 1. 52 X 16 with 16 ft hinge Ht. 2. 42 X 14 with 14 ft hinge Ht. Delivered to Seattle Port. will need weight and dimensions as well as Red Power hydraulics.

214 Am looking for a price on a 30x16 hydraulic lift Schweiss door fully insulated and with Red Power hydraulic pump. This is for a metal building. My uncle has two of your doors, one is bifold, and he swears by them. If he says they are good, then they are good. He's pretty picky about quality.

215 I have a steel building. its 32'-3\" wide and its 15'6\" high including a 15 1/2\" knee wall. i would like to add a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to replace the sliding door on it. Have to have Red Power backup system for it.

216 I would like a quote on a 50foot wide by 17foot tall Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door. I would like price broke down with the door,frieght, Red Power motor, installation. The door will be mounted on a steel building. Thank You.

217 I am wondering where the closest dealer is to me in Oregon, I have a metal building with 2 slider doors now, I am interested in possibly a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, my opening is 24' wide by 16' high I am wondering how much height I will need and what size Red Power motor for best lift.

218 Provide me pricing and data for (2) Schweiss hydraulic lift door units with Red Power hydraulics, sizes will be (1) 70' wide with 18' clear & (1) 50' wide with 18' clear, both will be going at one end wall. spacing will be from left; 5', 70', 10', 50', 5'. Steel Building size is 140' wide X 80' length X 24' eave ht, gable symmetric with 1:12 roof pitch.

219 Please send me technical brochure on Hydraulic and Bi-Fold doors. Especially the hydraulic lift door. How it connects to the Metal Building. Jamb and Header connection details. Loads imposed on the metal building. Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks, Ahmmad T, PE Estimating Supervisor

220 I self-designed and built a 36x70 steel building. I am looking to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door in the side-wall of said building. The door frame and header are already installed. At the time of install I didn't know about your new Red Power hydraulic pumps, but now that I do, I want one. The door frame is constructed of 12 ga material bent into what I call a \"Box-C shape\"(a sheet of material 18\" wide formed at 1\" and 4\" from each side.) I don't know what any load specs may be on this entire building, let alone the door frame itself.

221 I need some sheeting repairs done on my door and was wondering if you had a list of dealers and/or contractors that work on them. I'm located in NE North Dakota. Someone ran into my Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a payloader, but it still works fine. Says something about your workmanship.

222 I am the Facilities Engineer on the Dixie National Forest. I am in the process of trying to get specs, drawings and cost estimates prepared for a pre-fab metal building. I have seen your hydraulic lift doors and would like to have a rough cost. The Schweiss door with Red Power hydraulics that we are looking at will be 20'(w) x 16' (clear opening).

223 I would like to discuss size and price of your Schweiss hydraulic lift swing door. Im planning on a summer build. 60x60 metal building. Door aprox. 44 to 46 wide by 20 high. Install, price, Red Power hydraulic pumps, delivery of door?


225 Provide quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift door to fit into overall opening of 24' high - door to be 50'w x 20'h - eave height of steel building is 27' Figure in Red Power hydraulic pump for better lift.

226 Looking for a quote on a 58 x 17 foot Schweiss  hydraulic lift door for a rigid frame steel building with a full framed end wall. We will supply sheeting but need framed openings for 3 3' x 4' windows and 1 3' x 7' walk door delivered to Kansas City, Kansas Figure install and Red Power Options. 

227 Please provide quote and specs a hydraulic lift Schweiss door - the overall opening is 40w x 14h. Please provide whatever size door will fit in that opening, fitted with Red Power hydraulic motor. Door goes on metal building.

228 I need a metal building quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 38' Wide x 16' High opening. Include Red Power hydraulic pumps. I am sorry but I need this right away. Shipped to Dorchester,  Thank You, and look forward to your response. Jake

229 I have a customer that is looking for a 40'wide x 14'high Schweiss hydraulic lift door to be placed on his metal building. Can I get the Red Power hydraulics and door design criteria required for the supports of the door?

230 Looking for a budget price for 2 hydraulic lift doors, 98 ft wide by 65' high. Mandate is a Structural Steel fabricated and will be bidding this turn key project. Doors would be required to be fitted with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic cylinders. Include all accessories. Weight of doors would be required to design frame around opening.       

231 I have an existing 100'x 100' with 17' side wall steel building. I am considering putting in a 20'x 14' door in an end wall. There are 8\" C shaped vertical beams spaced at 20' intervals supporting a 3.5\"x 13\" C shaped beam along the 1:12 pitch of the roof. I would have to remove one of these vertical beams and transfer the load. What information is required to get qoute for an insulated door with a walk in door. I am leaning more towards a Schweiss hydraulic lift door because of your good lifting  Red Power hydraulic pumps.

232 Need 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 46 feets large / 12 feets clearance for mtl canada. Do doors come with Red Power hydraulic pumps or do I need to request them special? I do want them. Metal building.

233 We are in the very early planning stages of an 80'X100'X20' steel building that will be a machine shed/shop with an office. We are looking at two 40'X20' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and a 16'X20' door, both with Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers. Your sturdy doors are the best we've found after much research.

234 I need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door quote as soon as possible. Price should include Red Power hydraulic pump powerful enough to lift a big steel door. Ship to West Virginia. My brother has one of your doors and stands by it 110%.  Thank you

235 We sell and install metal buildings and we are expanding our metal building line to include hangers and we are looking for a good free standing Red Power hydraulic lift or Schweiss bifold door to go with our buildings. The selection will depend on the attachment and the marketing commission.

236 We also need a door price on 1 55x14 Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door going into a metal building end wall.This big door will call for your Red Power hydraulic pump. Will just one pump do the job? From what I've seen, they provide super lift.

237 Please quote two one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for each end of a proposed boat metal storage facility. We are General Contractors and will need prices and specs on your Red Power hydraulic pumps and any other accessories you provide.

238 I would like a hydraulic lift Schweiss door quote on two openings of our building. Please provide pricing for aluminum door framing and include a steel frame option. Also include Red Power hydraulic system information and pricing.

239 Want to install hydraulic lift door on end of steel building. Door opening needed is 26' wide X 16' high. Bid can include price of Red Power hydraulic pump. Schweiss Doors are in my opinion the best built door on the market and very reasonably priced.

240 Do you have a Schweiss Doors Australian Agent. We are fabricators of cold formed and structural steel structures. We are interested in your products and would be interested in becoming your Red Power door representative. I await your response and further information. Have a nice day.

241 RFQ for one metal building (1) 55ft wide x 22ft high (clear opening) hydraulic lift Schweiss door, FOB Calgary, Alberta Canada Budgetary priced, Red Power hydraulic pump quotation.


243 Please send price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 40 feet wide 14 feet high ---for a 12 foot opening on metal building. Is it true that all your doors now come equipped with only your Red Power motors. They are awesome.

244 Metal building. Would like turn key price. Options- Red Power Electrical System for hydraulic lift Schweiss door. opening dimensions W-40'6\" X h-18'

245 Schweiss hydraulic lift door will be installed in a new steel frame building clear opening size needs to be 40' x 12' Please include cost of Red Power hydraulics and remote control.

246 Hi, I'm looking for some details for a Schweiss hydraulic lift steel door. The dimensions are 8' x 9'-6\". I need to know what I need for attachment for the door. I understand this door comes with your powerful Red Power unit for best lift. The door has a metal frame with glass inserts. Thanks Bill

247 Can you please provide the specs for a door that will fit in a 90 x 25 clear opening. The overall opening size for this hydraulic lift door needs to be 25' not 29'. My eave height for this metal building is 35'. I understand Schweiss doors now all come with Red Power hydraulic pumps. That's good.

248 Need help installing  a 60' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door (think is 18' high). Door on metal building should have two remote openers and Red Power hydraulic backup system for its lifting power. Who does the installs in my southern California area?

249 I have a wood frame metal building 40 x 40 X 10. The front is open for a door. I need 10 foot clearance. I am thinking the Schweiss hydraulic one piece door is my solution, especially now that they come with Red Power backup systems. Please call or email pricing and alternatives.

250 Can you tell me the wedge necessary for 40' x 18' - 20' Schweiss hydraulic lift door going to Texas. The door will be for a metal building with a rigid frame endwall. Include an estimated price range on your Red Power backup system. At the appropriate time I will direct the customer to you to purchase the door direct. Thanks for the assistance!

251 I am constructing a prefab metal shop building. It is 40 feet wide by 43 feet long made of a series of 21 steel arches. Shoot me a price on your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Installation in Grants Pass, Oregon

252 I am pricing out a building for a customer near Daykin, NE. Due to an existing building on site, the customer wants to put a Hydraulic lift door into the sidewall of the new metal building. I'm curious if you have any installation details for this type of condition and for your Schweiss Hydraulic pump system. Also, the door size he is looking at is 36' x 16'. Do you have a load/reaction table or other spec sheet for this size door that I can use so we can apply those loads to our building structure? Great looking doors, the quality in each is obvious.

253 This is for a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door. Dimensions given are for existing opening at steel columns and steel beam. Additional information is available including shops for steel, field photos. Finished floor is 9.5 inches above top of 18 inch square base plates. Existing base plates are suitable for supporting your door and frame assembly. No man-door or windows are needed, but do want Red Power hydraulic pump. Best contact is by email, or email to schedule phone conversation. Thanks

254 I need pricing and specs for a hydraulic lift Schweiss Door. It will go a new contruction Steel Building that is being designed to our specifications. I would like to have a clear Span on 46 feet with a clear height of 13 feet. Also want Red Power hydraulic pump for good lift.

255 I have a 42 foot wide steel building. It has steel hoop trusses with a fabric cover. I would need a freestanding Schweiss hydraulic lift door 40'X 12'. What options do you have on Red Power hydraulic pumps and costs?

256 Please provide me with door data and Red Power hydraulic pump infomation sheet and pricing by no later than 7/11. Each sidewall will have (1) Schweiss hydraulic lift door unit and I will design the steel building to accomadate the door size per loads. Your Schweiss Doors look sturdy.

257 Need quote on 20x15 Schweiss Hydraulic Lift  Door to be installed in a steel-frame structure. Bldg will be insulated. Want Red Power hydraulic pump designed for door this size. Two remote door openers. Door to be installed in gable - Bldg height is 18' beneath the truss

258 Need Schweiss hydraulic lift door for 52 foot clear wing span, need to know rough opening for installation of door into steel building. Door equipped with Red Power hydraulic backup system. Thank you for your prompt attention,

259 I need a price on a 50 x 18 clear hydraulic lift door, Red Power backup system, remote lock and remote. Installed, into a steel building. We will cover the exterior. Deliver to the Wood Lake Area. Will need to know the headroom required. Schweiss doors have been working well for us. Top notch!

260 Hello looking for a door to fit a 40' wide by 12' high metal building. Not looking for a fancy door, no man doors or insulation, would like prices and options. I was quite interested in your 1 piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door and impressed with your Red Power hydraulics. Thanks for your time, I live in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

261 Sir, I have a steel building that needs a new door. The building is 68 wide X 106 long X 23 high. The sliding door that was in the building was 24 wide X 14.5 high. I had a mishap with a truck hoist that was still up in the air and so now is the time to fix the endwall with a new and larger Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Because of freeze down of the slider doors facing the south, I want some kind of a vertical lift door of a larger size to replace it. Do you have anyone who can install the door? Can you give an estimate of what size and type of door and what the materials and the labor would cost? What is the largest size Red Power hydraulic pump I can put in this building? I would like to go around 38 to 40 wide and 16 high if possible. I need an estimate from a contractor for repairing the building back to original state for the insurance company. I will use the money from the insurance and from myself to obtain a better and larger door.  Jim

262 Must have external steel 4x4 with 2 foot header, make quote with and without steel frame for Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your recommendations on Red Power hydraulic lift system that will work best on a large steel door.

263 We're going to Build a steel framed steel equipment storage building about 50 - feet long * 40 feet wide. floor would be crushed stone. We planned to put 4 doors 12 foot wide * 14 foot high along one long wall (50' -). After seeing your doors we think that we might be better of with 2 of them say 20 feet wide and 14 feet high. Questions: Do your Schweiss hyraulic lift doors come standard with Red Power pumps. Do you sell complete doors or assemblies or parts? Please give us a budget estimate of the cost of the doors complete and the cost of the components if you sell them that way also. Jeano, We're located near Windsor Ontario and directly across the Detroit River from Detroit Michigan

264  I need to know what to tell the building company what loading structures/framing to design into a steel building. The building I am ordering is a 45 wide X 88 foot deep, with a 2:12 pitch and 16 foot eves. The structure with red metal I beam frame. I was thinking of a 40X12 Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door... but if the bi fold door is more economical I would use it instead. Two things, I need some sort of loading requirements to send to the company putting together a building package, and a price quote for the most economical 40X12'opening. if it does not curtail a major cost maybe a 40X14' I would also be insulating and want price on Red Power pumps, thank you for your time and expertise Sincerely Tom

265 Can you give me a budget price for a 38' insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical system, frame and hardware. This is for a metal door. Thanx Vic

266 I'm looking for door specifications and loading information/reactions to place a 24' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power lifting mechanics  into a metal building endwall. Please call or email w/ questions. Thank you -

267 We need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door quote. The material/equipment specs are as follows: Rough opening 45'-8\" x 16'-6\" Open web steel header Steel door framing only, (G.C. will install door insulation and exterior skin) Provide operator with pre-wired Red Power Electrical system controls Can you provide an alternate quote to install, door frame, header, jambs and operator? Please contact me.

268 I need a quote on three 36' wide by14' high hydraulic lift doors with related framing for a steel building. Will want fitted with your best Red Power hydraulic pumps. Shipped and assembled by Schweiss Doors personnel near Boston, Massachusetts.

269 I am preparing a quote for a metal building that will have side by side Schweiss hydraulic lift  64'x18' doors and would like to know what some ballpark figures for loads I have to account for are. What size Red Power pump will lift this big door? Could you help with this? Thanks

270 Need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door quote. 60 x 20, need 20'H clearance when door is open.Due to fact this is a big heavy steel door, I want you to put your most powerful Red Power hydraulic pump on it for greatest lift possible. 

271 Please quote a 40-0\" x 18'-0\" clear opening Schweiss hydraulic lift doors delivered to Le Mars, Iowa. Include full weather stripping w/ center seal and bottom seal. Please include a Red Power option,  auto-latch. Need drawing provided with design details so that I can properly design and quote a steel building.

272 We are bidding on a maintenance building which will need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The steel door will be big and in need of Red Power hydraulic pump for better lift. Also, two remote openers.  However if you should need anything further please give me a call. Thank You.

273 Just starting to shop for a steel building I would like to know the approx price difference or either 10' or 12' height on a 40' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power System. Thank you Jerry

274 Overall SPACE steel bldg size = 60' wide x 60' long x 20' tall. Center hydraulic lift door on endwall. Include Red Power backup system for strength in lifting it.  Sincerely, Dave

275 I am looking for a price on 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, 1 - 50' x 20' and 1 - 40' x 18' both on metal buildings, non insulated, with Red Power hydraulic systems. Also time frame for availability. Delivery will be to Moose Jaw, Sk.

276 Need a quote on 2 hydraulic lift doors 36w x 17h in endwall 24w x 16h in sidewall I input the info for the 36 x 17 in the fields below but I need a price for both these doors with Red Power hydraulic systems.This is on a metal building.

277 We have a 60' Schweiss Door on our Hangar in Dayton, Ohio. We like your doors so much that we now want to place a hydraulic lift door on a bigger steel building. Door will be heavy, so will require your Red Power hydraulic pump specially rigged for great lift for this type of aircraft storage application. Alan

278 We're designing a 12,000 sq. ft. Metal Building to be a Fire Station and Ambulance Service Facility. The main street elevation will have 5- 14'x14' sectional doors. On the opposite side of the building we would like a single door with a minimum width of 32'-0\" or- x 14'-0\" in height. Is this possible when we have to design to 90 mile an hour winds in this area? Can you give us some information on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and literature on Red Power hydraulic system? We need a strong door with fast unfaltering lift. Thanks

279 Please price Schweiss hydraulic lift door & labor to install Please price separately: Red Power hydraulic pump, free standing header & labor to install. Need 17' Clear on metal building. Bet Minnesota has more of your doors than any other state. I hear you sell all over the world.

280 Looking for pricing on 45' x 18' clear hydraulic lift  door for all steel building near Taylorville, IL. At this point in the pricing would like all standard features included, that does mean Schweiss Red Power pump, right? If you could let me know the design information to get with the steel building fabricator. Thank you, Jason



283 We are a commercial construction company that specializes in Metal Roofing, Structural Steel & Pre Fab Metal Building Erection. We are interested in reading more about your Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic Lift door products. Would you please mail a catalog on them and your Red Power hydraulic pumps. Maybe we can do business.

284 In need of a 40' X 12 or 14' hydraulic lift insulated Schweiss door. Need a price on the \"steel\" door (with Red Power hydraulic pump) as well as a price on shipping to Seattle where door will be barged to Haines, Alaska. Thanks

285 Metal Building Contractor. We would like to request a price quote for a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door 40' wide x 14'-0\" high for a Hanger Building we are quoting. Please quote Manual Operation with option add for Red Power Electric System Opener. Any Questions email or call on cell.

286 I need a quote for a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Hangar Door with Red Power Hydraulic Pump delivered FOB to Hamburg (Germany). For wind, unless you have more information, consider 90 mph wind. I am quoting the metal building and would appreciate any preliminary specs you could provide to run my quote. Thanks E. S. Sales Engineer

287 Seeking quote for two Schweiss hydraulic lift 50' doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps and remotes. Please provide service contact near Sanford, NC. This will be for a steel machinery shed with man door and remote opener.

288 Erecting a steel frame building. Need quote on  16X16 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power backup system and remote openers. Haven't seen your doors, but talked to a friend of mine in Omaha that has two. He really likes them, and said it's about darn time I get one too. 

289 The Schweiss hydraulic lift doors I will need are for a steel building size is 100' x 100' x 20' the door size will be 55' x 16' and will be going in the left endwall. The building will have metal panels walls and IBC 2006 with a 90 mph wind load. Red Power hydraulics needed to lift this big door.

290 I need a price and specs for (2) 50' x 15' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. The doors will be centered on each endwall of a 65' x 130' x 16' metal building. Red Power hydraulic system requested. Going to northern Idaho, so needs insulation.

291 I need price for Schweiss hydraulic lift steel door ,I need 16' clear height and 55' clear width. I need to know rough opening size for above mentioned door. And also your recommendations on Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks, David R.

292 I'm looking for a 16' tall x 50' wide hydraulic lift door for hangar use to install on a steel building. Is there any additional cost for Red Power Electrical System and Schweiss door with one view window? We don't need a walk door at this time. The hangar will be at in VA. How much header room do you need for mounting above the opening? Thanks, Joe

293 We have a wood frame metal building, with a 26'w x 13'h opening, currently with double sliding doors.Interested in replacing them with a Schweiss quality hydraulic lift door with your new Red Power motor. Do you have an installer in the Oklahoma City area?

294 Please quote a hydraulic lift door with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump. Need labor quoted separately Please quote a free standing header. Please quote labor as well. Quote each separately. Thanks Need 15' Clear. Will be installed in a new steel building

295 I have a 40'x30' steel building I would like to put a hydraulic lift door in. Here are some of the specs: -The front (30ft. wide) has two regular overhead garage doors. -The side walls are 9ft tall. -All steel building, bolted to all concrete floor. I am wondering if you can put a door in the side (40ft) to fit a Champion Citabria (34ft wide, 7'6\" tall). If you could quote both 35' and 36' wide door,and both 8' and 9' high with Schweiss Red Power backup system. Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.

296 Hello. I'm looking for prices and additional information for 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, which would be clad with corrugated metal, have 1' wedges, and one would have a ribbon of 2' high windows just above the center. One is for an end wall, the other for a side wall. The building is new construction in NM. Both doors would have Red Power hydraulic pumps and have 16' wide by 8' tall clear openings. .

297 Will be adding to an existing metal building Need to know how much clear height I will need to have under structural frame for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power System. Extra remote opener. Need to know approximate weight of unit What would ba approximate delivery time to Amarillo. Ready to procede ASAP

298 I need a price of a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door installed in Springview Nebraska. Red Power electric system, 480 volt. with sheeting in white. It is going on a metal building they where told the building is going to have a insulated door. Thanks 

299 I need a quote on a 16x24 one piece hydraulic lift door and I need to know how much space the folded door takes up because I need 15ft 6in of clearance. I have not ordered my steel structured building yet so I can change my eve height. Please quote your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump of appropriate size for structure.

300 Please quote Schweiss Door with frame system (self frame)with foundation requirements for project cost evaluation. Also to clarify: 10' height is for hydraulic lift door clearance when open. Equip with Red Power Electrical System. This is for a new metal building going up in New York state.  .

301 I want to install a 40' wide x 16' clear hydraulic door on a steel building. need quote and loads imposed on building. Want Schweiss Door Red Power hydraulic pump(s). Building nearing completion in northern Ohio. Time frame for delivery and installation appreciated.

302 What is maximum door width possible for given building width to allow for door frame? For instance is 1 foot at each side enough? Is it possible to have a man door built into Schweiss hydraulic lift door? Can you give ball park estimates based on size & height? If so - say 40' wide - 16 ' high - bifold, strap or Red Power hydraulic pump. thanks

303 Just starting to build a steel building. Looking at maybe 100 x 100 x 20. Half will be used for a shop, wanting a 40' Schweiss hydraulic lift door (with man door) on shop not sure about the storage side door? Both doors to definitly have Red Power hydraulic pumps for greater lift. Getting prices now to get started. If we can pull this off within our budget maybe get started on building in early or mid summer. Hope to hear from you soon.  Aiden

304 I live in Oregon about 100 miles south of Portland. I would like to know the price of a 16x35 and a 16x45 hydraulic door with Schweiss Red Power backup system. Saw one of your doors just outside Portland at a winery. It was really decorative. Mine only needs to be metal.

305 Steel Building is sized: 40' wide x 80'deep x 25' height, hydraulic door on endwall with Schweiss Red Power backup system. Schweiss Door installation in Utah.

306 Need a price and design information, clearances and loads for a Schweiss hydraulic door 40' w x 11'9\" high clear opening. It is an existing steel building. I will need the applied loads to prepare for your door Advise delivery. FOB Ontario Thanks Wilson

307 We are building a new steel pole building and will need two Red Power complete Schweiss hydraulic  door systems.What information will you need from me to get this order started?

308 I have a 50 x 100 metal building with a framed opening of 24 ft. I need to install a door in this opening, although it will be operated only occasionally. I have been told that sliders will not work. Could you tell me if a Schweiss hydraulic door would work here and if so the price. I do not have electricity at this site, but can get it so I can use Red Power hydraulics on this door or will your Red Power backup system do the job for me? Sure like your doors, very popular in KS.

309 Looking for solution to replace high lift wooden door with a Schweiss metal hydraulic aluminum door to minimize impact on overhead crane. Building is designed around standard high lift door frame opening of 14 ft high x 20 ft wide at 100 mph and an R-Value of 13. Metal building girt thickness is 10 inches with a surface mounted insulated 2-1/2\" metal wall panel. Looking for a ball park installed with Red Power Electrical System cost near Albany, NY. Also, looking for any information on design loads and location on metal building frame.

310 We are looking at erecting a steel building(90'-320') with the door clear openings being 36'w by 28 and 30'h. I would like some information and pricing on your Schweiss hydraulic doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps if possible. Thanks Shannon

311 Contractor near Fort Worth, Texas looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door for a new metal building. Opening about 42'11\" wide by 20' tall. Wanted to talk with someone about your Red Power souped up pumps, pricing and turn around. Thanks!

312 Looking for 2 doors, Schweiss hydraulic, to hang on a metal building with metal siding. One opening is 20ft. wide and 16ft. high. the other opening is 30ft. wide and 16ft. high. we will install. builiding shown on website. Can you send installation instructions for your Schweiss Doors Red Power Pump Electrical System. Thanks Ansel

313 Looking for an estimate for a 24 X 14 1 piece Schweiss hydraulic door. I know there are options on your Red Power hydraulic pump system, but give me a basic price delivered to Wisconsin. Steel door needs to be insulated.

314 I am building a 40' x 40' metal building with 10' eave heights. I would like a price on a 35' - 37' wide Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. Red Power hydraulic pump. Installed price (to Texas) and not installed price.

315 Please provide a quote to furnish (2) each 40' wide x 18' clear under open Schweiss hydraulic door including Red power operators, freight to CO and 2.9% sales tax. This is to be installed in a metal buidling. IBC 2006 Design @ 100 mph wind. Call if you have any questions. Thanks, Candy

316 Need a quote for (1) ea 36' wide x 16' tall hydraulic door in the endwall of a metal building. I got a quote for the custom endwall opening, so only need the door and Schweiss Red Power operating mechanism from you. Also, would like a ballpark of how many hours labor you recommend for assembly and istallation. Call if you have any questions or need further information. Would like to have pricing sometime tomorrow if at all possible.

317 Im looking at building a steel hanger. The manufacture of the steel building requires the door specs before they can design the building. If you could email me the specs for your Schweiss hydraulic door that would be great. The size of the door I need is 40 feet wide by 12 feet high I am also considering going 45 feet wide by 12 feet tall. Could you please send me specs on Red Power hydraulics and pricing on both sizes. Thanks Ben S.

318 Schweiss Hydraulic Doors needed for a Steel Frame building. 2-40'x 16' & 2-24'x 16. How soon can your crew get to northern Minnesota to install these and can you tell me what size Red Power Hydraulic Pumps they will have.

319 We had received a quote once before. Our sales person was Jeremy. The metal building has now been redesigned and we would like to get another quote reflecting the changes, with the major change being us wanting your newest Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system. We would also like to know a bit more about the framing needed for the door. Can it be a combination of wood and steel, how big does it need to be, etc.? Thank you. Janette

320 Need price on 24'w x 13'h Schweiss insulated  hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic backup system for metal door.. Please contact me on my cell phone in Saginaw, Michigan.. Thanks, Joe

321 Please quote a hydraulic steel door for a clear opening of 50'0\"x20'0\". The overall building height is 25'0\" to the eave. I'd want your Schweiss new Red Power unit on this for the best lift I can get.

322 We are a provider of steel buildings & I have a potential customer requesting use of your one piece door in an aircraft hanger. What I primarily need are specifications for the listed 56' x 12' Schweiss hydraulic door (weight,  Red Power hydraulic pump dimensional requirements, etc.) for our engineering to properly \"load\" the gable en-wall of our structure. Any associated literature would be appreciated. Mike

323 I am seeking information on installing one of your 18' H. x 50'W., Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power options in a end wall of and existing pre-engineered metal building. If someone could call me I have a sketch that I could send that we could use as a point of reference to see if this can be done. Thanks, Jerod B. Director, Facilities & Special Projects

324 Dear Sirs, information further down, need to know if you could supply Schweiss hydraulic door to Germany, with Red Power electrical system 220/400 V 50 HZ, power supply. I would need the door in Aluminum or zinc steel, for corrosion protection. Appreciate any information and or a quote and delivery time. Best regards Juergen N.

325 Steel building--end wall: 20 ft wide 16 ft high Schweiss Hydraulic Door, frame is ten inches deep-CEE channel. Does it come with Red Power Electrical System or is that extra? Are remote controls available??

326 We would like a quote on (1) 45 x 16 and (1) 50 x 16 Schweiss hydraulic steel door for our project in Selah, WA. In your pricing include Red Power Hydraulics with backup system and an extra remote. We are planning on a 16' framed opening. Building drawings are available if it would be helpful.We may go with both doors or just one.

327 I wish to get a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door for an existing metal building. The building was built by Floyd Const. Berryville, AR. it has steel trusses welded up from angle iron, It will require a framework for the door that can be adapted to the building. I am leaning toward a bottom drive Red Power unit with an extra remote opener.

328 Looking for a one piece hydraulic door to fit in a 30 x 16 opening without losing any headroom.What would such a \"insulated\" aluminum door with Schweiss Red Power options run me. How much less would a steel door come in at?

329 We are in the design process of a new metal fabrication facility. We are looking at Schweiss hydraulic doors for the building's bay openings. We would need to get a quote on doors that would give a minimum 22' opening and would be 48' wide. We would need five (5 doors. The Red Power hydraulic pump door would be our preference due to the clearance space needed for the one piece door. The doors would be left in the open position during operating hours unless the weather dictates closing.

330 I have a steel structure, oval in shape I think, that could use a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. It's approx. 18-20 foot high and 20 foot wide. Do you have one this size and could you send me some pricing on insulation, remote openers and installation information and also specs on your different size Red Power hydraulic pump systems?

331 Hey I have a steel building and a need two hydraulic doors I would like to have as many windows as possible and a man door in each one, remote opener, plus your better quality Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps, that would be great if you could give me a price

332 I need a quote on a 60'0\" (W) x 22'0\" (H) Schweiss Hydraulic Door with a Red Power electric cylinder system. We will sheet it with metal panels that match the metal building it will be going in. Please let me know if you provide installation or if you have supervision. The job will be in Johnson City, TN. I need taxes and freight included. Please e-mail me specifications for items like weight so I can design the building properly.


334 I would like a quote on a 64' x 10' Schweiss one piece hydraulic door including installation and recommended size hydraulic Red Power pump. This is a steel door.

335 Would like a quote for a bi-fold and a one piece hydraulic door 24 ft.wide x 16 ft. tall with remote control. Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Red Power Pump Door to be installed on a steel building with the sloped side walls built in 1975.


337 56 FT. 16 CLEAR please have a salesperson call me as we are ready to place our order for a Schweiss hydraulic door for the metal building this week. If we can get your new Red Power Hydraulic Pump System that would be cooler than the other side of the pillow .Thnks Robert W.

338 \"G'day\". Need a quote please for a Schweiss hydraulic door on a new steel building. Building will be 42 X 50 X 14 ....In talking with \"many\" steel building companies I get different sidewall height requirements for your 12' vertical clearance door , so please advise whether I need 16 ' side walls or not? Door with Red Power backup system and remote opener to be shipped to Greers Ferry, AR.

339 Could you give me a rough quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door including installation and Red Power hydraulic pump system to fill an opening 58' wide and 20' high on a metal building? I would want your men to install it here in Canton, Ohio. I've seen some of your doors down here already.

340 Sir I would like a quote that includes shipping on a 40 ft.X 12 ft. Schweiss hydraulic door for a new steel building. It should have Red Power back up system and be insulated. Installation will be in Payette, Idaho. I've noticed a few of your doors up here, quite a few on hangars.

341 Need pricing on Schweiss hydraulic, steel, 44 ft. long by 18 ft.6\" tall doors. Also estimate on installation of Red Power Electrical System (with backup system), remote openers and removal of old doors in South Texas.

342 Looking for price on 40' wide 16' tall hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a machine shed nearly completed construction in Adrian, Michigan. Steel door, Red Power Hydraulic pump, remote opener, insulated. What else do you need to know? I'd want it by next month.

343 I have a 16 x 12'3\" opening. I am interested in info about a Schweiss hydraulic door for a metal building and what I would need for a Red Power hydraulic pump system. Thanks George. Louisville, KY

344 Please quote metal doors with the following: free standing headers weather seal kit top & bottom rubber 3'x6'10 Walk doors each (Schweiss hydraulic door size may be adjusted) price for Red Power hydraulic pump/backup system and automatic latches in lieu of manual.

345 This metal building is not build yet. It is in the planing and development stage. Just looking for a quote on a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door with Red Power backup system. I would also like a price on 46x14

346 Need pricing on a 36' x 14' Tall Free Standing Schweiss hydraulic Red Power door for Metal Shed. Could I get an extra remote opener for it?

347 Could you provide an estimate for a 40' x 10' Schweiss  hydraulic hanger door with Red Power pump electrical system mounting hardware and opening size. Thanks, it is for new construction metal building. Bob F.

348 Please price two - 48' x 18' Schweiss hydraulic doors to be placed in the endwall of a 200' wide x 90' long metal building with 22' eave height and 1/2:12 roof slope. Price with Red Power backup systems and man doors.

349 Need a quote for both Schweiss hydraulic one piece  doors. 40 wide by 16 clear heigth. It will go in a 60 by 60 by 18 steel building. It will be installed in the endwall. Need Red Power hydraulic system.

350 I am considering buying a building and would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic metal door with Red Power hydraulic pump, auto-lock and remote opener. Metal sheet to be provided by builder. 24x14


352 Needing a price on a 32' wide by 16' tall Hydraulic door to be mounted to a new metal building. Whichever mounting style is the best we could make work with our building. Also an option for Schweiss hydraulic backup system and installation in Arkansas City, Kansas.

353 Please give me an estimated cost and a contact to talk to. I have questions on pros and cons of a 14 ft wall with header as bottom span of truss or a 12 ft wall with the header located in the truss 2 ft above the bottom span of the truss. The truss is 50 ft long with a 4/12 slope. This is for a Schweiss Red Power pump hydraulic steel door. Thanks

354 I require a quote for a Schweiss Bifold Strap Lift Door and the same door in Red Power hydraulic pump model 42' Wide x 14' high to be used in a pre engineered metal building at the Watertown Airport in Watertown, WI Please include information on what components of the door and installation we will be responsible for, sheeting, insulation, power requirements and associated details deemed necessary for the metal building supplier. I require the typical detail information as soon as possible and a quote for teh door unit next week. Please contact me with any questions-Thank you!

355 Please help us compare the cost for 2 smaller bi-fold doors vs. 1 large bifold door. I can create the bay openings for the lowest cost alternative. This is not an aircraft hanger. It is a steel building that I want to make secure so I am also interested in the auto latch feature. For various reasons I do not want a roll-up or tilt-up door. Version A: 2 bi-fold doors, each 12' x 12' - Version B: 1 bifold door, 24' x 12'. Thanks.

356 We are working on drawings for a new Shop Addition to a machinery manufacturing facility in Illinois. It will include two new vertical bi-fold doors for openings required to be 30 ft wide by 30 ft tall, clear opening. The bi-fold doors will need glazed openings at head height, aluminum construction and be fully insulated. We need details at head, jambs and sill for detailing an all-steel building, as well as load conditions (vertical and lateral) for our structural engineer. Budget/installed pricing will be helpful. Thank you.

357 Looking for prices for a hydraulic door to be mounted on the end wall of a fabric covered steel structure. We manufacture steel buildings and we have had a number of requests for 30 foot wide doors on the ends of these 60 to 80 foot wide buildings, to better open and to store large farm equipment. At this time, I have one specific request: I'm looking for two large hydraulic doors of this size, one on each end of the steel building, since it will be used as a combined maintence shop at a dealership. Can you also send me some information on mounting requirements for the frame? We are looking at quote the complete package to the dealership.

358 Looking for a 40'W by 18'Tall hydraulic one-piece door. Will be installed on a Steel building with a steel support structure. I am especially interested in insulation and security.

359 I have requirements for a door in our materials warehouse. It is a Cleary Steel Building and it is unheated. There isn't enough room inside for a roll-up door, and it was suggested that we do NOT want a \"slider.\" A garage door company in Iowa suggested I contact Schweiss Doors regarding a bi-fold door with lift straps (no cables). This door will remain closed the majority of the time; however, we would like to have the access to the steel structure if necessary. I would also be looking for installation, so please quote the bi-fold door installation too.

360 I need to know the framed opening dimensions and header space required to provide a metal building company with a 50' x 18' bifold door with lift straps and auto latch features. They are not interested in the steel cables. 

361 I'm looking for a price on a 40' x 16' bi-fold door. I would like to know how much extra the installation costs, assuming you install commercial bi-fold doors in my area. It will be framed on the end of a metal building. I would like the strap prices and the cable prices - even though I like the lift strap idea better. This is going on an internal truss on a farm shop building.

362 I want a quote for a 65 foot wide by 22 foot high clear opening bi-fold door with lift straps. In order to get a price for a finished metal building, I need to know how much headroom you need for the bi-fold door. I need 22 feet from the finished floor to open position door height. Could you please get me the information ASAP? Thank you.

363 I have a steel building that's 60'-0 wide x 18'-0 eave. The steel building will have main frame endwall and we're looking for the largest one-piece hydraulic door possible. Can Schweiss Doors custom build a durable, lasting hydro power hydraulic door that's 54'-0 x 14'-0? Please advise.

364 I need a price on two bi-fold endwall doors. One bi-fold door is 30' wide by 15' clear opening. The other bi-folding door is 35' wide by 15' clear opening. Pre-Engineered metal building. At this time, I have a proposed eave height of 18'. These bi-fold doors with lift straps by Schweiss Doors will be on an endwall, 1:12 pitch. Call with any questions. Job is in Illinois.

365 Retrofitting Your Round Roof Building - Side Wall I have a 40x80x14.5H round steel building and I am interested in the above mentioned one-piece hydro powered red power motor hydraulic door. I am curious as to how the building is cut and supported along the top and sides where the building is cut and what kind of roofing and trusses are used for one-piece hydraulic doors of this type. Please give me more details. Thank you.

366 I am looking for a one-piece red power motor hydraulic door quote only along with approximate door weights and door attachment points. I am working on a hydraulic door design build with a customer and I need to have information for into the metal building one-piece hydraulic door design.

367 can you give me a estimated one-piece hydraulic door price on a one piece hydraulic steel hangar door for my 42' wide by 12' high steel hanger. I built the steel hanger and have all the hydraulic door equipment to do the hydraulic door installation of the framed hydraulic door.

368 Am dealing with a contractor for construction of a site built weld up steel building in late winter. We are looking for a one-piece hydraulic insulated door for this new steel building construction. Do you offer one-piece hydraulic steel building hydraulic doors?

369 Would like a quote on a 60' X 18' Bifold door or a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door erected in a steel building. This steel building one-piece hydraulic door must be reliable, durable and safe. We need absolutely safe one-piece hydraulic steel building doors and we trust Schweiss hydraulic doors first for our steel building project.

370 I am quoting a hangar building at the Airport. Building will be a pre-engineered metal building. Would you fax or e-mail me a one-piece hydraulic door quote and weight/reactions (for pre-engineered metal building)for a 44' clear width by 15' clear height bi-fold door or single-panel hydraulic door. Door will be exterior mount on metal building.

371 In reference to Bid. Thank you for your hydraulic door quote. In order to complete my quote to the end user, I would ask that you provide me with the single panel hydraulic door specs, ie. hydraulic door weight, hydraulic door hinge points and hydraulic door moment loads imposed on the pre-engineered steel building. Thanks,

372 We are looking at adding a one-piece hydro powered Schweiss door to an existing 80' X 180' steel frame building. The steel frame building hydraulic door size we are looking at is 18' wide X 16' high. Please provide a steel frame hydraulic door quoted price installed. Thank you!

373 we have an existing steel building that we would like to put a 40 ft bifold door or one-piece hydro power hydraulic steel building door in.

374 I am looking for two overhead doors 12 feet wide and 10 feet high. I would prefer galvanized steel doors if it's within my budget. I would consider a Schweiss galvanized steel hydraulic door 12 feet wide and 10 feet high also.

375 I need pricing for a 56 ft. X16 ft. bifold door or single panel hydraulic door. this door would go in the endwall of a new metal building in FL. 140mph wind the building will be 60x90x20 designed for the hydraulic door wind load. also want price if you install the metal building hydraulic door.

376 Please give me a price on the hydraulic door or bi-fold door as described below. Give me an idea of how the door exterior metal skin of the bi-fold or hydraulic door is to be installed to match the metal building. Please reply with email to let me know you received this request for a door quote and when you expect to have a price back to me. Thank You,

377 Could you please provide us with your hydraulic door product catalogues as soon as possible. We are distributors of pre-engineered metal buildings and would like to offer your Schweiss hydraulic door products along with ours when requested by our customers. Also I would like someone to contact me regarding a specific large hydraulic door project we have. I need to know if a deflection criteria is required for 50' and 40' 1-piece hydraulic doors.

378 Hydraulic one peice door (1) 32' wide x 16' high (3) 16' wide x 16' high we will install thes one-piece hydraulic doors on 80x100 metal building. Frame for metal building will be I Beams. Metal hydraulic Door frames will be 4\" x 6\" rectangular tubing.

379 Designer hydraulic door Steel opening 9'11\" W X 11'4\" T Steel frame for wood deck and galvalume siding

380 Please provide a quote for the following Schweiss hydraulic steel door. Also, provide alternate pricing for installation, locking walk thru door and an extra remote control

381 I would like an approximate quote and how long  delivery would be at this time. Would probably be looking at using a free-standing header on a metal building. On bi-fold it would be bottom drive with straps and external truss. On hydraulic it would be Red Power, walk thru doors on both styles, moderately insulated. Not sure of the wedge measurement yet.

382 Julie I need a price and all the technical info on a 60'x 17' clear height steel hydraulic Schweiss door as soon as possible. Thanks

383 I am a metal building manufacture in south Texas. I need the design loads on a hydraulic door to go into an endwall of a metal building. The door is 60' x 17' The building will be built around Austin Texas 90 MPH wind load Also need Total Door Weight with 26 gauge / R panel sheeting


385 I am planning on putting up a new steel building (wood frame) in 6 or 7 months. I would like a quote for a new one piece, hydraulic door. 30'wide and 14'high. Needs moderate insulation and I would like some sort of backup system.

386 I need a quote for either a Bi-Fold door or a Hydraulic Schweiss door for my new metal shed. The building is 85W 100L 25H(Eave) with a 2/12 pitch roof. The door needed is 25H65L clear. Please quote ASAP!

387 I also would like a quote for a 24x14 hydraulic lift metal door. We may be interested in becoming a dealer.

388 I need to purchase a 40' X 18' bi-fold or hydraulic one piece Schweiss door for a client. this door will be included in a steel building purchase. Please send me prices. Thanks, Kathy

389 Hello, I am in the process of purchasing a steel building. Is it easy to fit your Schweiss hydraulic doors to these buildings? Do I need to inform the building mfg. of the type of door that I am using?

390 Door opening size is 20 feet wide and 13 feet high, on steel building. Has side sliding doors now. Want insulated door to replace existing. Hope your factory isn't backlogged, I need this door before the snow flies. I hear Schweiss Doors have quick order to delivery times.

391 I am looking for a price on another of your hydraulic Schweiss doors this time FOB Vegreville Alberta. The opening clearance is to 50'x 25' needs to be insulated. The installation is in a Steel building. I need the weight and the wedge hieght. Door will not be needed untill fall. What is the best door for this application?

392 Please figure a 60'x16' tall door going in a pre-engineered steel building the Building is 100'x70'x22' the rigid frame endwall that your door goes in lays out from outside left 16' from corner then 60' door then 24' to corner please price hydraulic door materials installed or separate price

393 I have a customer interested in (3) 14' wide x14' high hydraulic doors. Please give me some idea on the cost including shipping to NH. I would also need to know what else I would need to purchase to make the door complete. Thank you, Mike H. Able Steel Buildings, Inc.

394 We are put a bid on a steel building going to MI. We will need door spec's on these steel building hydraulic doors. there will be (2) 70Wx18H steel building  Doors the . The steel building is 80w x 160L x 22h with a partition wall down the center will 70' hydraulic steel building door fit?

395 I need the pricing on a hydraulic one piece Schweiss metal door with a opening size of 56'x16'. I also need the \"hinge height\" or clearance needed for it too. I would want a electric opener and freight to here.

396 I need to get a quote from you for a 24' wide x 15'5'' tall Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The customer would like to have the door insulated. Also, what do I need for support to hang the door? The building is a steel building.

397 Sales: Please quote the following door options for a project located in rural Henry Illinois Building Code: IBC 2003 County: Steel Building with a 20' eave Hydraulic Door installed in a endwalll Option #1: 36' wide x 17' tall door with (4) insulated windows. Option #2: 40' wide x 17' tall door with (4) insulated windows. Call with questions.


399 Please supply design informaiton for 42'-0 x 14'-0 hydraulic door per your quote Sellersburg. Design information needed would be Hinge locations Point loads Panel lengths. Actual clearances, horizontal and vertical Weight of doors any other information that would be helpful to design our metal bldg around your doors.

400 we're looking to erect a steel building with a 30' long x 15' high opening for a hydraulic door that is durable yet inexpensive

401 I would like a quote on a door for my steel building. it is a new 30x40 steel building. the gaurage door is 15' wide by 12' tall . It is a auto gaurage/work shop. Would want price on hydraulic door installed at Chapel Hill, N.C.

402 We are quoting a Steel Building with a 90'x 20' Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power Hanger Door. Please send me erection instructions and specifications as well as cost for all the bells and whistles. Thanks, Jeff L.

403 Looking for a quote on a vertical hydraulic door 55' x 12' Prefinished metal siding and insulated. Also with walk through door.

404 Can you please price for us a hydraulic door that would be 40, wide and 11' tall complete with metal siding finsh and the top of the top section to have some windows. Power on site would be 110 volt and single phase. Please note we would need to have a clear openng height of 10'-6\". Please fax or e-mail drawings and the quote. If possible a frieight rate to Kelowna, B.C. or size and shipping weight. Thank you and have a great day.

405 Please send prices to order a hydraulic lift Schweiss door, a 40x14 door. I won't the door out of light angle iron and sheet metal skin. Thanks John

406 Please include separately a price for a free standing header on my hydraulic door with delivery and installation in south Texas. The metal  building will be erected sometime in March in Alice, Texas. Thanks, Sunny V.

407 Please price quote a hydraulic one piece door 95' x 24' to fit on end wall of Metal Building. Put your most powerful Red Power pump on it, we want it to lift fast and smooth.

408 I would like a quote on a 75W X 20H hydraulic one-piece metal door. Please quote me on the door just being shipped to me and also a quote on Schweiss installing it in Ketchum, OK.

409 The \"K\" Building is a steel Frame building with wood purlins and girts. Our endwall frame will be steel with wood nailers please provide options for remote controls. Only want your Schweiss hydraulic door. Thanks Dan E.

410 This is an replacement of a sliding door on a Steel Farmstead building. On the endwall of the building. Door will be about 20 ft. wide and 16 ft.tall. I want a hydraulic operated Schweiss door.       

411 A friend and I have an opportunity to purchase a used 50X100 metal building and we need to know what the cost of two Schweiss hydraulic doors would be for the buidling. We would install ourselves.

412 I need a price for 6 Hydraulic doors. The doors will need to be 22'wide and have a clear opening of 24'. Please contact me as I need to know how high I need the eave height to be. The doors will be going in a metal building sidewall. What do I need extra to carry the door? Please respond ASAP. Thanks, Les

413 The building is a cinder block building, with concrete floor, and the end wall where the hydraulic door is going has a steel header measuring 12\" high, 8\" wide, and spanning about 14' across. We want a metal door.

414 Hi , we are a Steel building manufacture and our end uswers have used your door on many occasions. I would like to know what the maximun vertical deflection is allowed when doors exceed 30 feet wide. I ask this because another door manufacture has only specified a deflection in inches and we would like to know what is acceptable in this Schweiss hydraulic lift door format L/XXX where XXX is the allowable deflection Example L/180. Also recommended size of Red Power motor which will deliver ultimum lifting ability. Thanks

415 I am in the process of building a metal building with two 14 X 14 Feet doors and would like to give the New Hydraulic lift door (single not folding with Red Power hydraulic pump) consideration.