Metal Building Doors

1 We are budgeting a hanger project in OKC and would like a price for a bi-fold that is 250' long by 30' tall. We are working with Nucor on the building and they recommended Schweiss.

2 considering a building and wanting to put a non folding hyd door on and curious about how much a door would be it would be approximately 16x40

3 Looking for a 30'x18' hydraulic door. The door will be installed to a new PEMB farm shop that's in the bidding phase. Call the number above for any questions

4 I am currently a Butler Dealer and would like to sell hydraulic doors too as part of our product offering. Thank you. I have a project that I need a door to. Motor needs to be 3 phase.

5 have a steel butler building that has a 12 X 12 overhead door witch I want to make bigger looking at going 16 x 16. would like to get a quote for a hydraulic ag door. would like to talk to a rep about my project.

6 Have a PEMB and need door specs for the building company. Haven't ordered a schweiss door, but I'm going to use your door. Need to get the building people straighten out first. Thank you, Kenny

7 I have a Mueller metal building with a 30' wide by 10' high opening. The header in the opening was not designed to carry load, although the columns at both ends of the opening are very robust. I am interested in any design, single panel hydraulic, or bifold, whatever works that is affordable. My goal is to preserve the full width, and as much of the height as possible.