Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Military Building and Hangars

1 At one of our military bases we have a hydraulic cylinder leaking around the packing. I would like to get a quote on a new cylinder and than price of materials to re build the cylinder we have for a spare. It is a model SCH HI 2HP serial number 258905-1-6 door number 22952. please email me a quote for replacement cylinder and rebuild kit for the cylinder. thank you.

2 I'm a structural engineer estimating a large government hydraulic military blast door project (new construction still in schematic design) in Ohio. I need framing, slab and footing specs as well as door loading weights for a steel reinforced bifold door 70 ft. x 36 ft.

3 We are pricing a steel hanger building door at a coastal Texas military airport installation that will need a 54'x16' high hydraulic blastproof door. Must be blastproofed hydraulic door built to military door specs. Hurricane-proof white steel cladding, windrated door with windpins. One locking walk door.  Please call to discuss pricing.

4 We have a customer that needs a strong hydraulic  military helicopter hanger door. The canopy door opening size is 64' x 32'. With remote door opener, entry door  and photo eyes.

5 Looking for minimum door clear space and eave height that would be required on an 80' wide by 40' steel military aircraft and equipment maintenance building door that will operate as a  Schweiss hydraulic operated door 44' (w) x 15' (h). The steel hydraulic military door would be positioned on one of the gable walls.  

6 We have two existing Schweiss hydraulic military use doors located in Utah. One of the steel blastproof reinforced hydraulic doors has a serial number on it - 180652. The US Army is requesting we provide them with a quote to change the existing pump units to your new and improved self contained compact pump. Schweiss Pump on it now works fine, it's an Army upgrade thing. We want to mount new pump on adjacent hangar wall away from door.

7 I have a preliminary quote request for six hydraulic  military doors for a large air base in Nebraska. (Hangar door 60 ft. wide x 36 ft. height) Hangar doors and windows are to be blast proof, steel with one access door each. Door warning lights and horn, photo eye sensors and remote door openers. Call for additional military door specifications.

8 Looking to replace 14 military doors on a hangar at Joint Military Base Elmendorf Richardson in  Alaska. Hangar doors are 69' wide with a 24' clear opening. I would like to discuss options and costs of retrofitting some rolling storage room doors with Schweiss hydraulic doors also.

9 I am wondering what the widest door, hydraulic or bifold door Schweiss Doors can construct? We are a military base and in need of a museum door big enough to display a WWII bomber for public viewing. Will not need a blast proof door but door should seal well. I can give you exact measurements for wing and height clearance.       

10 I would like a price on one 56' wide x 19' tall hydraulic parapet door. Motor operated 220 v. 1 ph. This is a retro for an existing hanger. A new U.S. Army parapet structure is going to be added to the face of an existing hanger to accommodate the hydraulic hangar door.

11 Quote needed on a large military aircraft hangar door for a Dornier C-146A. Opening is 101' x 34'. Our fabric/steel building size will be approximately 120 x 120 with a peak of approximately 60'. Quote as bifold liftstrap and hydraulic hangar door.

12 I was part of a engineering team on several design/build TEMF military door projects with Mortenson at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs that was able to use your product. I do not recall the name of the person in your office that we worked with. Looks like we'll be needing more of your hydraulic blast doors by fall to add to the 146 you previously designed for us. We are very happy with the quality of your Schweiss doors.  

13 I need quote for (4) 70' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic doors and (2) 66' x 17' hydraulic doors. The larger doors are for military helicopter hangars and the others for aircraft.

14 Are you interested on bidding on (7) hydraulic aluminum frame doors? The project is at a Aircraft Corrosion Component Facility at a Naval Air Station in Texas.

15 I am bidding on a project in Kentucky that has your hydraulic hangar doors specified for the project. I am seeking certified installers that may be quoting this project. The project is the Army Aviation Support Facility at Boone National Guard Center. They have two other Schweiss Doors and are really pleased with their smooth operation. I believe they will be a Schweiss customer for life.  Please forward their contact information. Thank you.

16 We have a military round roof hangar with track hangar door on either end and a roll up door for vertical clerance. We are maintaining MD80 aircraft and the T-tail will not fit through the roll up door opening. We are interested in a quote for a hydraulic door quote that will span the proper opening and replace the roll up door. Schweiss door should be highly windrated and insulated, with walk door and all safety devices you carry. Backup system also.

17 We are assisting one of our clients with a cost estimate to install a new 100' wide by 25' tall  hydraulic hangar door on their existing military base hangar. Would you be able to provide us with an approximate cost for the installation of this item?

18 Myself and the 1st in station visited a military hanger in Ottawa with your hydraulic doors installed. They appear to be very impressive in their design and operation. One concern we have is their ability to withstand high heat should there be a fire in the hanger with the door open. I am not sending this as a complaint, simply clarification so that we can take the necessary steps to keep crews out of harms way. Is there anything that would hold them up should the cylinders be exposed to high heat and what is their approximate rating? Thank you very much, I'm the Safety officer

19 Misc. repairs for various operational problems required for (8) pairs of helicopter pod doors (some sliding doors, some clam-shell doors) Doors were custom built about 50 years ago, for Dept. of Military Affairs. As A/E on call, need assistance in writing a scope of work and establishing a budget for necessary replacements with your Schweiss Hydraulic Power unit. Doors are approx. 40' wide. All will need one man door and three windows across about five feet from bottom.

20 Need a number for one 80' x 20' one piece steel Schweiss hydraulic door with necessary framing for large aircraft hangar on U.S. Military base at Offutt, AFB, Omaha, Nebraska. Include pricing for four windows, 2 lockable walk-thru doors, backup systems and insulation. Thanks- CMSgt A. Rickert

21 I am working on a project where your Hydraulic Schweiss doors are being specified and need to know the specs on the electrical connections for the doors. The project is at the Anti Corrosion Control Facility, Army Depot. I believe you have been contacted on this previously. Once again please include the Voltage and Horsepower informaiton.

22 Please provide a quotation for 81m x8.3m size Schweiss hydraulic hanger home door with  remote control, windows and access door for a military aircraft facility. I will be needing a purchase order number and cost for delivery.

23 Please quote a 40x12 hydraulic door, delivered and installed at Merrill Field. We'd like a reinforced hydraulic steel door with three windows. Also include alarm and lighting system. The military requires safety accessories.

24 We are putting up a new hanger at a North Dakota military installation. Looking for pricing on both the hydraulic and Liftstrap bifold doors. What specific information will you need to provide me with a bid?

25 Added to previous submission for pricing on Military project for Hangar Doors should be provision for backup systems on the four Schweiss Hydraulic doors. Have you had any experience with Department of Defense Door  Projects?

26 The 133rd Airlift Wing needs to replace a sliding door in one of our facilities with your hydraulic or bifold doors. We had one of your representatives come out already. However, I am the new POC for this project. The only information they could find was your name. Could you check with your staff and see if anyone remembers coming out and looking at our doors. If not, could I get someone to come out?

27 We are currently working on a hangar for two new aircraft for the The Armed Forces of Malta. In this regard, we would very much appreciate if you could provide us with more information regarding the hydraulic blastproof door, as indicated below: - maximum clear opening dimensions for a hydraulic  door; - indication of cost, allowing for a 35.0m x 7.5m hydraulic door, with fast motorized control, with approximately half of the area glazed and incorporating an emergency door. With regards to building header and other stuctural requirements for the door indicated/ other related useful data. - whether the door is available to introduce fixed intermediate supporting frames. While thanking you for your attention, we look forward to a reply at your earliest convenience.

28 I am a military government representative specializing in fabric shelters for military camps and bases. I need a quote hopefully by today for 28 hydraulic or bifold doors that would attach to our shelters that will be housing one of either of the following MQ-9 Reaper UAV, F15 Fighter Jet, or CH-47 helicopter. Our structures have angled legs and the dimensions will be 90x100. Your thoughts on whether a bifold lift strap or hydraulic door would be better for this application.  

29 I am working on a possible 6 hangers and I need details. We do not have details or drawings on how your hydraulic door would be mounted to a Sprung. I am a week behind on pricing already. I'm on your web site and am trying to identify what would work for a Sprung mount. Can you help? I am interested in the steel frame hydraulic door. Would you recommend this door to be at either end of our structure and allow an Air Force or Marine Corps jet to fire up and fly out?

30 I represent a government military installation, and I am quoting a building which they originally wanted bi-fold doors, but now decided to go with the hydraulic one-piece door because of your new  hydraulic pump unit (He wants power, fast lift/close). I'm wondering how much difference in design of the building this will be. Please advise. He will have a 50x20 in one end and 32x20 in the other. Thanks,

31 I am working on a cost estimate using the Schweiss Hydraulic Doors. Request a budget pricing for eight 14ft x 14ft Schweiss Hydraulic Blast Proof Doors for Army Ammunition Depot in Missouri. We are trying to figure if it is cost effective over sectional overhead doors. Thanks

32 I have attached a sketch of a proposed military use hangar we are working on with an open door height of 18 ft and width of 70 ft. I need to ensure that when the door opens, it will not encroach into the taxi-way setback, therefore, need a dimension from the end of the open door to the face of the building. Please provide this dimension for a Schweiss hydraulic door. Don't hesitate to call me at the number below if you require additional information.   

33 We are bidding a project in Kabul for a military air force installation. Please find attached the bid documents for the hydraulic military door bid. Please send us prices for the attached concrete shelter doors by next week. Include # of containers and include pick up zip code location. We will need a Schweiss rep cost on site per day, assume 30 days.

34 We are looking into building a military use hangar about 60x80 and would like to get an idea of the cost difference between 45, 50, 55, and 60' hydraulic doors in our planning process. Can you please provide cost quotes? Include installation price and backup systems. Can you insulate against hot Texas heat?  

35 I am working with the North Dakota Air National Guard on options for remodeling a hangar and came across your doors. I am looking a budget number on both your bifold and Red Power Hydraulic doors. I do not need a firm quote at this time, as the project if it went forward would need to be bid out. Call me and I'll give you the dimensions.

36 I am a structural engineer working on a project for the Kentucky Army National Guard which includes a six-bay storage building for Blackhawk helicopters. At this point in the project's design phase, I am looking for dimensional information for a hydraulic door. The building will be a pre-engineered metal building and I need to know how tall the building needs to be in order to accomodate  the clear opening height needed. We would prefer the internal truss (not external) but I do not know if that is possible for a door this size (55' wide x 20' clear height). Thank you in advance for your help.

37 We are a Steel Building Contractor and are getting more and more calls to build Airplane Hangers. We are looking for Doors to price with our turnkey hangers. From what I've seen there are considerably more Schweiss Doors on southern state hangars I've been too. I see by your website you offer bifold and hydraulic doors. I'd be interested in both. Can you give me a call so we can discuss a few things.

38 I need a quote for a 20x80 ft door for a military helicopter hangar, both bi-fold and hydraulic single door. Include price on wind rated doors.

39 Need pricing for a 60x16 single panel hydraulic door and/or a bifold door for an airplane hangar at our Marine Corps base in California. Include cost of extra remote control and insulation.

40 Pricing for Schweiss hydraulic military blast proof steel aircraft door, one piece hydraulic hanger door. 68'x34' What is the lag time after placing order? Terms of placing an order? Our base has ordered several heavy duty military doors from Schweiss Doors in the past.        

41 We are building a military base pre-fab steel hangar on Oahu. Schweiss Doors is the only manufacturer we know of with the capability to do a 100'x 30' hydraulic door. Blast proof hangar door is 100'x 100'. Could you give us a ballpark price on a Schweiss one piece door this size?

42 I'm looking for a price for 2 Schweiss hydraulic military aircraft doors and equipment storage concrete building doors 60' wide X 16' tall.

43 Need to get quotes for 2 Schweiss hydraulic  military hangar doors for Luke AFB. Have 3 options: Size 99' Wide x 28' high 28 PSF wind load door, F-35 Plane Hangar Door. Door pockets, with band of translucent panel, Schweiss hydraulic pump, with spherical bearings, motorized. Horizontal Lift Fabric Door, Fabric door is translucent, must open  to move one aircraft through hangar door due to 10' wingtip door clearance requirements.

44 Our firm designs and builds shooting ranges for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. We have a current overseas hydraulic military door project that is requesting ROM pricing for a mechanized door system; door itself will have an armored steel lining and be approximately the following dimensions and weight: 5m wide (16.5 feet) 7m height (23 ft) 6500 lbs weight Delivery of equipment to Provo, UT Installation- TBD overseas (Europe/Middle East) Can you provide an estimate for a motorized one piece hydraulic door that could handle a weight load for a vehicle door like this? 

45 Needing a large 156'w x28'h hydraulic door to go on a military hangar? Include windows, remote opener and a good Red Power backup system. Cost and schedule.

46 I am looking for about thirty (30) ea. Schweiss Hydraulic doors 80' wide x 18' tall for military USAF airport projects in San Antonio, TX.

47 - Urgent - Dear Sir, We are willing to bid on two construction tenders in Iraq. for construction of aircraft hangars. These hangars of course will need hydraulic aviation hangars doors to fit two Sikorsky s6 helicopters or one Dash8 fixed wing aircraft. please send us products catalogs, drawings and technical details for the types that can meet military and aviation standards. We are asking for products that already been fitted and worked perfectly against Iraq's hot weather. Also require your largest Red Power back-up lift system. Please send these data to me with the contacts of the sales representative to discuss the drawings and specifications and complete the quotation as soon as possible. Please be aware that we are looking to buy these doors EX works, and can manage the shipping, clearance and erection at sight. and could cover even the maintenance if required. Please know that we have a state of art steel structure factory if needed for support or manufacturing the main doors frame. Thanks and regards, 

48 We are seeking hangar construction contractors to conduct a large project in Yemen. This complex hanger is to shelter 12 military aircraft. The space area is about 119,845 square meters. The project should include all architectural work, civil work, and mechanical & electrical works. More information will be provided if you are interested. Please contact us.Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.

49 We have a bifold door on our new hangar system. It is operated by two 2.7 HP lifting bottom drive lifting motors. They are rated 208V 3 phase. Is there an emergency manual operation system for this door? Is there a generator size that you would recommend in the event of a power failure? We are an Air Medevac service and must be able to open the doors in the event of power outage.

50 Hello Schweiss Doors, We are architects working on plans for a seven bay aircraft hanger to be constructed on an Airforce Base. We need one-piece hydraulic airforce base doors. The contractor would like to use your Schweiss red power hydraulic hanger door with the LEESON motor, consequently we need detailed information about your one-piece air force hydraulic door products in order to draw the hydraulic Schweiss door. Can you provide technical data and AutoCAD details of bi-fold and one-piece red power hydraulic hanger door that would be suitable for a 64' side by 24' high air force hydraulic door opening? We need this hydraulic door air force and military door information as soon as possible. Can you email the hydraulic door AutoCAD and PDF a hydraulic door catalogue? Thank you.

51 I am in need of a 3-button switch for a government contract bi-fold door or a government contracted hydraulic moving door. Hopefully this is enough information to place this government hydraulic door order. Please contact me if you have any military hydraulic door questions. Thank you!

52  We are from looking for one-piece hydraulic Military doors with the red power motor. We search for non-rusting easy functional one-piece hydraulic shutters and hydraulic doors from sizes from 8 metre x 10 metre high for hydraulic military shutters replacement. contact with your price ranges, etc. Thank you.

53 I am looking for a one piece hydro powered hydraulic Schweiss door 30' wide 12' tall for a veterans memorial center. Any info on a veterans memorial center hydraulic door will help. also, will a one-piece hydraulic door for the veterans center handle any wind when open or snow load if it snowed when open? Thanks.

54 We are currently budgeting a large scale hydraulic door military hangar project CA. 140000 square feet of military Hangars requiring 39 steel bifold hangar doors or steel one-piece hydraulic doors in pre-engineered metal buildings. Would like to get a one-piece hydraulic military hangar door quote. Have conceptual hydraulic door scaled drawings of the military hangar I can email you. Please contact me by email or phone Thanks.

55 90 mph wind load on this military hydraulic door. for us army so it's long term - but they say they want the building by 1st quarter 2008. need the full 20' of hydraulic door clearance - so if hydraulic military door & door opening need to be bigger for that to be accomplished, please advise.

56 Military wants a 65' wide by 25' hydraulic one-piece door that opens in 60 seconds or less.

57 We have an order for a Schweiss built hydraulic lift door with your new Red Power pump - military purpose similar to the one displayed on your web site.. Details will follow . I plan to visit the USA shortly and may ask to meet you to discuss the purchase from you. Best regards

58 We have a job at a US Air Base to design a aircraft hangar and we are interested in any information you can give us regarding your hydraulic doors the max span we would have would be 61 mtrs and max hight is to be confirmed. Can we arrange delivery to England via a military ship.

59 Dear sirs please send us price list for 24 Red Power hydraulic  gates width 18 meters(60 feet) high 8 meters (28 feet) -picture is enclosed- in email. Probably you have already done similar offer to Poland.Topic is very urgent, we have to sign up contract for army. Please send us terms of delivery(delivery may 2007) best regards Pawel M. Vice President of Technologie sp. z o.o. Katowice Poland Weste Europe

60 Dear Sirs, My squadron is looking for upgrading its hangar, that houses 3 F-16 a/c, with Hydraulic or  Bi-Fold doors. Please sent us some more detailed information at the address given