Paint Booth Doors

1 I am trying to build a paint shop room for stripping and refinishing wood. I need doors to fit a 91" tall by 72" wide rough opening with filters. Only interested in your hydraulic one piece doors.

2 I need 2 hydraulic doors 18' X 14' for a couple paint booths. Need to have in process of installation soon

3 I have some paint booths I need to enclose. The entrance side for our product is 48' X 12'. Can paint booth doors be done with a bi-fold door? I need a Schweiss door that seals well. Opening speed is not a factor. Thanks

4 We are looking to replace an existing roll up with a hydraulic paint booth shop door. What information do you need to provide an estimate?

5 We have a 24' door opening that has sliding doors. We want to convert our paint booth shop doors and are interested in a hydraulic one piece door, if possible. It is a Morton building built in 1980. Thanks, Mark

6 16wx 12h hydraulic paint booth door to go older steel frame building in my shop