Pole Barn Doors

1 Good Afternoon, Just looking to see about getting a quote for a 40' x 20' Single piece door if possible. Customer is a pole barn builder quoting a job for a farmer. They will line the exterior of the door with sheet steel, non-insulated. Option Windows. Thank you!

2 Hello. I'm converting a 40×50' pole barn into a hangar. The floor is cement and the structure is wooden with trusses 8' apart. I would like to put a hydraulic door on the 40' side. Could I please get an estimate of the door fully installed? I'd be happy to provide any more information you need. Thank you.

3 We have a 40x64 shop pole barn. We currently have a 20’ two piece sliding door. Ceiling height is approximately 14’4”, I’ll need to verify that if we get close. I am interested in one of your doors and what price point we are talking about.

4 We have a client looking for a 40'W x 14'H hydraulic hangar door for the Pole Building we hope to build for him. He asked specifically for Schweiss Doors.

5 Looking for some bifold doors for my new pole building.

6 I have no prior experience with your product. Considering one of your bi-fold doors for a new wood pole building housing a state-of-the-art saw at a lumber yard. Door opening at 50' wide x 14'-19' height (TBD). Most interested in the necessary all-steel heavy duty frame for such a door. Also interested to understand your lead times and pricing. Thank you, Jonathan

7 Looking for a contact in my area to give me a quote some hydraulic pole barn doors that will match my building. Size shoud be 20 ft. x 24 ft.

8 Considering building a pole barn type airplane hangar with steel siding. I prefer a bi-fold door but will also consider a hydraulic door. I've seen both of your doors in action and their quality is beyond reproach. Can you give me an estimate of cost. I am located in Western New York State. Thank you. Paul Carmichael

9 We are building a Pole barn / Hangar and would like a Bifold Liftstrap Hangar door in one end. The opening is 16 feet tall and 55 feet wide. Both are adjustable, Looking for guidance and a price on a door. Thank You, Phil

10 Hi, I'm looking to build a 40x60 pole building on my property, and was wondering if you could provide an estimate for a hydraulic pole barn door with a clear opening of 14' x 50'. Thank you, Jon

11 I have a 35x40 ft hangar I want to put a hydraulic door on. The building is of a pole barn type building. The opening would be 10X40. I have questions on the structure holding up with the operation of the door. Reinforcing the building might be in order if the framing of the door can't handle all of the torque of opening and closing the door. Any information on this and cost would be helpful. Doug