Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors on Post Frame Buildings

1 Looking for 2 doors bifold one 60 ft wide and the other 40 ft wide going on the ends of a commercial wood pole building with tin covering new construction 20 ft walls. Strap doors with walk doors. Would need the doors end of July 2022.

2 I was just wandering what door is cheaper? I have a existing 96x60x18 post frame pole barn with a 25 foot wide opening and 18 feet tall. I currently have steel sliding doors that I would like to replace with a bifold, hydraulic door, or overhead door. I want to keep it as cheap as possible but still good quality and I want it to seal good because it will be a insulated farm shop. If I decide on a bifold door I want it with Liftstraps and windows above the fold Thx

3 In the process of building a wood post frame hangar on my personal farm property and looking for options on a bifold strap ag/hangar door (to be roughly 40x14). Any/all information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

4 Hi, I am a general contractor from central kansas. I have a 25' (wide) X 16' (tall) opening on an existing pole barn building that is 10 years old. Cant loose any headroom if possible. Looks like the hydraulic one piece door would be a good option. Let me know what you think

5 Building a 18' tall post frame building. How big does my header need to be, also how tall will my opening be? Are they insulated? 25' x16' door. 2 of them. Can I get price on bifold and single hyd swing door. Will be in a half steel and wood barn. K building most likely

6 I need a quote on two 40' wide 16' tall hydraulic  postframe ag doors. I am assuming the hydraulics are electric controls and have no liftstraps? I would  like specs on what you need for lumber or special door framing on existing postframe buildings.

7 Regarding my order for the large hydraulic pole shed doors, I'll also need a 28x18 steel end wall door.

8 I need a hydraulic style pole shed door for an end wall of a 36 ft. wide pole shed that is 15 ft from bottom of rafters to the ground. Price your remote door opener too.

9 I want to compare price of putting in quantity of (3) 42'x24' post frame building doors using your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door system. I would like price of your new hydraulic pump unit and all materials needed for installation and time to install. 

10 Looking for an installed price of a 30'x16' post frame farm equipment building hydraulic door 60x112x18. We also would like a Schweiss door dealer catalog for future door bidding.

11 Need a price for a Schweiss verticle lift hydraulic one piece door with remote door opener and walk door. The opening is 30' wide and 16' tall. We're putting 24 gauge pole barn metal on door. 

12 Fixing and upgrading my pole shed shop doors. Looking for price on 3 doors 14x14 18x14 22x16, insulated hydraulic shop doors with remote handheld openers.

13 I have a 42' wide 13'-6" opening on a wood post  frame structure. We are in the process of framing it and I need a quote and hinge locations so I can brace a hydraulic Schweiss door properly. I want the Schweiss hydraulic wood building door to have a remote opener with two handhelds.

14 Looking to raise a 60x80 shed and need pole barn machine shed doors on each end. Walls are 14', thinking of going up 3' maybe a 40' wide? Submit hydraulic door price with walk door? 

15 Looking to replace float plane hangar door on my recently bought hangar. Your hydraulic door will best fit our budget. Opening is 49' wide by 11' 9" high. The hangar is 50' wide by 12' high at the eave. It is a 14 year old post frame construction made of 6x6 pressure treated posts. We had a Schweiss door on our hangar in Alaska with the straps and we really liked it. Please let me know what the door opening height would be. I am also interested in getting installation and insulation.

16 I need a Schweiss hydraulic steel door 56' wide and 16' high with a strong door truss system, windows, walkdoor and remote opener. I also will need someone to install door. This will be a hydraulic post frame building door.

17 We need information regarding clearances for your Schweiss hydraulic pole barn door systems. How much head room is required etc. if we use a freestanding door header on an old wood building. 

18 Requesting information for installing a hydraulic  40'x 12' in an existing post-framed door opening that currently has sliding doors. This hydraulic  door is a commercial grade door not an airplane hangar door.

19 Looking for price on two 13'8" x 12'0" insulated hydraulic doors. Electric motor operated door, 220 volt. New post frame agriculture building door.

20 Please quote on a 68 x 18 hydraulic 1 piece  post frame door for a construction building. Include your new pump unit that I can position well away from the construction building door.

21 I'm interested in Schweiss hydraulic doors for a post frame storage ag building. Door sizes are 48x16 and 60x16 ft. Have to have lockable walk door for 60 foot ag door.

22 Post frame building door needed. Side walls are 20'. Inside height is 19', at this time I have 7" head room. Must maintain a 18' door height. I think the Hydraulic door will work best but am open to door options using a bi-fold liftstrap door. 

23 Build a Schweiss pole barn door, 40 by 11 foot hydraulic door. This is a pole barn hanger door and ready for the door installation as soon as you can get manufactured door to me.

24 Pole Barn Hanger hydraulic door to be built for Cessna 182 on floats. Hanger will be 65 X 60. Plane is 36' wide. Thinking of a hydraulic door size in the 40's. Please list all door accessories.

25 I'm going to install a 14'4" high by 18' wide existing wood post frame building hydraulic door. How much door room above the opening would I need for a Schweiss one piece shop door?

26 Need wood frame pole barn doors, looking to add hydraulic lift door 18x50 machine shed door with remote opener and door backup system. 

27 I am just looking at all options for a metal pole barn replacement door. Presently has a sliding door on it. I need to keep the height and as much width as possible. An overhead door will drop the door height down a foot. That won't work to pull my camper in. Someone mentioned for me to check into Schweiss hydraulic doors for no loss of head room. About 12 ft 10 inches wide and about 11 ft 7 inches tall is the door opening I need to have.

28 I have an existing pole barn with a 16 foot slider that I would like to reconstruct to facilitate a 40 foot hydraulic post frame farm door. The door is NOT on the gable end it is on the sidewall thus requiring the removal of some posts. This has treated 6x6 post with steel siding concrete floor and 4 foot concrete side walls. It is currently 14 foot to the square but could be lowered to 12 foot. What needs to be done and what would an estimate be to make this change a reality?

29 Building (finished) 660x148x18' wood post (6x6 treated) with a 40x18 and a 30x18 hydro-powered Schweiss door at each end. Do not want to give up any head room if possible... thanks Lou

30 I would like to build a post frame ag building with a Schweiss hydraulic door. How has your experience been with metal buildings: 1. Following Schweiss design criteria for supporting the door loads 2. Customers' reaction in general to big ag buildings with Schweiss doors. Thank You

31 Need quotes on a 30x18 and a 40x18. building not yet purchased, not sure on building construction,(pole or metal). could you quote a hydraulic door both ways installed and with a separate entrance door and remotes?

32 Looking for two 18 feet high 50 feet wide hydraulic  doors for my pole sheds. I want a backup system and walk door for it too.

33 Looking for a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door to fit a 34' X 14' opening on a pole shed. 

34 I need a price on 4 pole shed hydraulic doors. 2-will be 55'X 16'clear 1-at 50'x 16' clear and 1-at 49'8"x 16'clear. All doors to have mandoors. 

35 Hi..I need a quote on a 35w x 18h hydraulic pole shed door with a walk door, windows and remote opener. please..thanks

36 I have a 40' X 80' hangar which is actually more properly called a pole barn in my opinion. It has 6x6 poles on 10' centers with one end (40') open with four rolling doors. Each pole has a constructed steel truss. I am building an airplane and would really like to be able to store both planes in hangar and get either out without having to move the other. To do that I would like to close in the end and put an approximately 50' Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door with a fully self supporting frame. No load on the building with door frame attached to its on foundation. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated as well as rough order magnitude bid on the cost. Thank you!

37 Please send a quote for an Ag Post Frame Bldg. hydraulic Schweiss door 36x18 Insulated, with man door and remote opener system.

38 Have a customer with a pole building that has a 36x18 opening, and wishes to utilize the full opening. Can you provide a quote on a Schweiss Bifold strap  door vs. a Hydraulic. If I can provide the customer with the door only price before install, I will get a feel if he wishes to proceed further. Thanks, Bill

39 Looking for costs on bi-fold and hydraulic doors for a pole barn. End wall 19' x 12'/side wall 16' x 12'. If I go bifold I'll want the liftstraps, no cables. I believe the pump is standard on Schweiss hydraulic doors, correct?

40 I would like more information and/or details on a hydraulic door in a post frame building. What do I need to add to the rough opening to get a 40' x 17' clear opening? 

41 I would like information and pricing on 34x16 Schweiss hydraulic door. This would go in an insulated pole shed building.

42 Need an installed quote on a 30 x 18 bifold and hydraulic door. Post frame, new construction. Please quote the cost of all material needed for the install and labor.

43 We are a pole building construction company and have a request for a 6 or 8 unit nested T hanger building. We would need a minimum opening of 42'wide x 13'high for each unit. Has your company installed Liftstrap Bifold doors or hydraulic doors in pole buildings? What structural requirements would you need us to supply or have ready? I need a installed quote for 6 or 8 units ... please call me or provide quote with available options. 

44 Retrofitting wood pole bldg. Existing door is vertical sectional type with tracks that run across the opening and inside of and parallel to the sidewalls. Would like to place a Schweiss hydraulic door on it now. How soon could you deliver?

45 I Am building a polebarn for an airplane hanger, needs a 65' x 16' hydraulic door, And the homeowner wants me to put in steel columns on the sides of the opening. Could someone email me and let me know what size we should go on that? Would a freestanding header work for this? Should we go with an I- beam or a steel tube? I will also have some more questions. 

46 My building is in the planning stage. Need pricing and recommendations for a hydraulic door. I am looking at a 60X60 building of pole type construction. I marked the form for a 58' bifold Schweiss Liftstrap door, but want to change it to a hydraulic door at this point. Should I go full width of building? Thanks, Rob

47 I'm looking at a pole barn 40' wide. Height can vary. Are all doors custom or are there standard sizes. Would I be better off with a Schweiss hydraulic door or bifold?

48 I am eventually going to need 4 hydraulic doors 20' wide x 14' high. I cannot spare any headroom. I would like to start with one door and see how well it works for me. The building is a 60x100 pole barn, recently concreted inside, with 14' of clearance. Unfortunately the doors cannot go on the gable end. (not enough room to road). 

49 I have a pole barn that I would like to put a hydraulic door on and like the idea of a one piece door, size of opening is 25 wide by 18 high. Include insulation, free standing header and a walk door.

50 Have a few post frame building leads that would require a hydraulic lift one piece Red Power  Schweiss door. I really could use some of your brochures even though I have directed people to your web site.

51 We have 2 door openings in a pole building we would like to install new hydraulic doors. One opening is 18' by 13' and the other is 20' by 15' Can I get an estimate as to what the insulated doors cost and installation cost on your doors to fit these door openings? Darryl

52 Thanks for sending over the door hydraulic door quote. I was wondering if Schweiss could offer some assistance designing my door for use on a post and beam barn. I am planning to have walls of windows behind the door, but I am afraid that the current configuration of the hydraulic cylinder's mounting plate (on the structure) will not allow us to have our windows as we designed them. I am attaching a picture. The white frame in the picture is the outside frame of the hydraulic door.

53 I'm looking for a quote on a 24'w x 16'h hydraulic door for a pole shed (wooden structure.) It will be used for a shop entrance door on the sidewall of our building. Building sidewall will be approx. 20' high, is that enough clearance? Also, would be located in central WI along the west wall. 

54 I have to quote a pole barn, 80' x200'x25', for boat storage, need to get a quote on 2- 40'x23' bifold liftstrap, or hydraulic doors, barn won't be heated, but I would like the doors at least lightly insulated and able to seal tight to keep all rodents out during the winter months. The job is near Rochester, NY.

55 The last quote we received was for a hydraulic door. We are doing another quote for a pole barn in the Calgary, Alberta area and will again want a hydraulic door. This time, the hangar has a 42 feet wide by 14 feet high opening. Can we get a quote for a hydraulic door for this opening? The quote to include upgrades should be FOB Calgary.

56 I would like information about installing a hydraulic door on a pole supported building with an opening of 40' by 14', should be well insulated with a remote. This door is to be 19' 8" tall with at least a 16' clear opening. You do the install. Located in Southeastern Idaho.

57 I am looking for a price on a hydraulic door that would have a 10' clear height measurement by 40' wide. This is an old post frame building that I want to create a new opening with I-beams. Will probably need a free standing header, maybe not. Your input is appreciated, you guys at Schweiss are the experts. I am looking at a future project to take down this building and put up a new one around this hydraulic door.

58 We are looking at building a new pole barn on our farm. We are very interested in the Schweiss hydraulic one piece style doors. Need info for the structural load and engineering data for building our building with your door. Also need prices on the doors. The end wall is going to be 40ft wide and 20 tall. We would like to do 2 18ft by 16ft doors if that is possible with these. If other doors (bifold) would be better please feel free to suggest that also. We do want these doors to be able to be remotely operated from inside equipment also. Appreciate any literature, suggestions, and data that you can send us. Thank you very much for your time and info.

59 I have a standard pole barn, 30x40 10' ceiling, looking at door options to ditch sliding doors. building has 6x6 treated posts, 2x6 purlins, and 2x6 collar ties and built with trusses. I would like a hydraulic door that opens without blocking ceiling lights. I can reinforce the end wall to accommodate the added stress of the hydraulic door with your specs. Really like your doors, they're top quality from top to bottom.  Thank you

60 I am looking for swinging upward hydraulic doors for the side of a pole building for a 34'wx13'h opening; i.e. two 27'x13' doors that are hinged and open out and up and give shade. This door would  be used several times a year to bring a big tractor in the gable end of the building, need hydraulic door  to get maximum height clearance. 


62 New construction post frame 40' wide, end-wall application, 15' eave height. Would like a 37'X13' opening, is this possible on this structure with your hydraulic door? It will have 26 gauge steel skin with spray urethane foam for insulation. Also quote as an option a 15'X12' bifold door to be installed in the side wall. This building will be used for EAA chapter 608 to build their kit planes in. Would like 2 windows double insulated. Include an option for a remote and weather stripping for door.

63 Looking for a price (installed option?) for a 16' wide x 11' tall hydraulic door going into a post frame building - gable end. Thanks Pete


65 I am looking for a quote on a 40'X18' hydraulic door for a new pole building. Door will have to be insulated.

66 Planning to build a post frame shop. I would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic 30x16 door. I would also like rough opening dimensions. Would also like info on any special needs for your doors that should be constructed into our Wisconsin farm  building during initial construction. Thank you

67 Need a cost on two Schweiss hydraulic doors with remotes and insulated. Do they come direct from you or through a distributor? Post frame construction. Opening size 24 x 16 on one and 24 x 14 on second. What will be the clear height on each? Lead time and cost?

68 I am looking to remodel my 30'x48' post frame  building. I currently have a 15' sliding door on the endwall which is not wide enough to put my machinery through. I was thinking of putting in a 20' Schweiss hydraulic door, but, am also interested in the cost of your bi-fold liftstrap door. The truss height is around 11'. 

69 Looking for a quote to replace a door with a hydraulic door.  The rough opening is 19 high and 48 wide. wood post construction, similar to a pole barn construction. Moderatly insulated.

70 I have a 50x50 pole barn that I would like to put a hydraulic type door on. The end walls are 12' tall. Can you provide a quote for various widths from 32' wide to the max width of 50'? I am looking for the most economical option and I will have to have your installation crew in Georgia. How much more for a wind-rated door?  Thanks, Mel.

71 I just submitted a request for a steel framed building hydraulic door and now I want same sized Schweiss pole building door one for a wood framed building. 

72 I need a price on two cold storage post frame  building doors shipped to Alberta, Canada 1) - 30'x 18' Hydraulic one piece door 1) - 20' x 18' hydraulic wood building door. Thirty foot door needs a walk door and remote door opener.

73 Need a quote on a single Hydraulic One Piece Door. 24x16 for a pole barn project. I also like your bifold but chose the Schweiss hydraulic because it gives me some shade for hot summer work outside the barn and they are so quiet you can hardly hear them open or close. Some of my horses and cattle are spooky, so the Schweiss one piece is the way for me to go. Also, I like the fact that I can use my tractor as a backup incase the power goes out. You guys think of everything.

74 Looking for help pricing (3) 30' X 18' Schweiss hydraulic one-piece doors for a new pole building style riding arena currently under construction. Each door to have three three foot wide windows set at eye level, remote door openers and lockset walkdoors.

75 I have a customer that needs a rural shop door to repair farm machinery. He needs a 26'W x 16'H Overhead one-piece hydraulic cylinder lift door. Thermal insulated and weather tight door with remote door opener. Walk door installed in the OHD for easy access to save heating costs. Door to go on standard wood pole barn building.

76 Need a quote on two Schweiss 42x12 one piece hydraulic-powered doors for pole barn style  riding arena doors. Endwall door location.

77 I would like to install a wooden post frame building sturdy steel hydraulic door. It has a 45 X 12 opening on a thickened slab. Is it possible to put a under-the-header Schweiss hydraulic one piece door on this. What is the process for installing this post frame shop door?

78 I have a customer interested in a new wood pole building door, a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The one piece door would be 50x18 and go in the end wall modified for the ag door. Please get back with pricing and options. Building will be 100x200x18.

79 I have a 54x120x18 post frame building and I want a Schweiss hydraulic door in it. Could you send me a quote on both a 17x36 door and a 18x36 with hydraulic power unit. Will you ship farm door directly or to building dealer?

80 Would like a price on a 40' X 18' post-frame building door for a new building. Want 40'  clearance. Also drawing on what has to be built in the structure to accomodate a 40' hydraulic one piece door. I have 5 of your quality bifolding strap doors and want hydraulic door this time.

81 Please provide an approximate price for a hangar door, 44' span, 12' vertical clear opening plus horizontal roof truss 4' deep side to side, horizontal door hinge would be at the top of the truss. This is a "pole barn" buiding door. One piece hydraulic Schweiss door with top hinge, 2 hydraulic rams with pump, spherical bearings and controls.

82 I am building an ag pole barn 60 80'. How much are 30' hydraulic doors for each end of the building? Studied your web site and others and found your doors to be of best quality and comparable price.

83 Inquiring regarding a hydraulic door. 12'H x 40'W. The front of the post frame building is flat with a 37" glue lam beam. Thanks for your help, Jim 

84 I'm looking for a post frame building hydraulic Schweiss door for an existing building. The opening is approximately 48 feet by 12 feet high. The building is used for agricultural purposes.

85 Need a 12 by 40 hydraulic door for pole building type hanger do we use our steel for door please respond by e mail thanks

86 Quote for 40' 35' and 30' wide x 18' tall hydraulic farm door. Wood framed pole barn door will go on end wall Thank you.  My friend also wants a quote on a hydraulic hangar door that is 50x15. He said to include remote opener and walk door into price. You can send it to me.


88 Need a price on a 40'x18' insulated biomass hydraulic door with 2 windows for a post frame building in northwest North Dakota, also what size columns do I need in the opening and header size for the gable end opening, the building is 66' wide, also need you to install it. Thanks, John 

89 Wood post frame building 48x50 opening. Will need free standing header for a Schweiss hydraulic  door with walkdoor, windows and remote opener.

90 Need a hydraulic door to fit a 14 by 40 opening on a pole type construction building. Already have the colored steel siding to match. 220 power available in building. Schweiss backup system needed.

91 We build pole barns and have a customer asking about these Schweiss doors as an option for his building. Need some info and prices on your top of the line Schweiss Bifolds with straps and your Hydraulic pump doors.

92 I'm bidding a Post Frame Pole Building Aircraft Hangar. Need the price of an 40' x 12' hydraulic  (non-insulated) door w/ walk thru door and shipping included. 

93 I'm pricing a pole shed and I need a price on a Hydraulic door and what I need for poles - trusses and support. Door will be installed on the gable end wall which is 80' wide -and 20' tall - door size is 45' wide and as tall as we can make it. I need quote on the hydraulic insulated door and installation with a per piece window price. Thank you, Scott

94 Looking for a price on a one piece hydraulic door. Opening is 186-7/8" wide and 12' high. Hydralic lift with door remote clickers. This is a wood frame building with metal skin. 

95 I am building a 58 x 72 x 18 pole machine shed. I would like a price on a 30' wide by 16' high end door. I want a quote on your hydraulic and bi-fold doors. Head room is not a concern. If I go bifold I would want your lift strap system and if I decide to go hydraulic, I want your new pump  unit. I know I will be satisfied with either, because I've seen both of your doors in operation and know they are both quality products.  

96 We are in the post frame construction business and have a customer that wants a 34 wide 16 tall one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door immediately in Canada. Can you get me an installed hydraulic snow load quote and rough hydraulic door  support opening needed.

97 We are pricing out different door sizes and really like your hydro powered lift doors can you also send a quote for a 65 X 21 Schweiss door with your new Red Power System. This is for a post/frame building.

98 I need a hydro-lift powered door system for a steel pole barn. Door is going on a end wall. opening is 40' wide 18' tall. Wind is an issue. Want it with your new Schweiss Red Power motor.

99 Looking for a price on a 26' by 14' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your Red Power system. The building that is receiving your door is an older pole shed. It is wood construction. I brought in an installer to verify that it will work. He told me to get some spec from you. Thanks Joel M

100 planning a 40x56x14 pole building in the UK. With scissor rafters hoping for a 26 wide x 15 high door in endwall. One sidewall will have doors too but have not decided. please make a quote on a hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power Electrical System and include shipping.

101 looking for a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power system 55ft wide X 18ft high for my post framed shed in Canada.


103 I'm looking at putting a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on our pole shed. It has a 22' wide by 14' tall opening. I would like an quote. We installed one of your bi-folds on our hanger 5-10 yrs ago and that one has the straps which work great (wouldn't do it any other way for a hangar, but this pole shed calls for your Red Power hydraulics). You can call me if you need more info. Thanks

104 Will consider installing a Schweiss hydraulic lift  door in an existing post frame building what are the factors to consider? What modifications may need to be made to the existing structure? what is the easiest way to determine the load my structure can handle. Tell me about your Red Power motor.

105 Have a steel pole barn with 14' walls the door way now is 16'x12' tall i need another 1 1/2' in height to fit new motorhome in. Which Schweiss door will give me the most head room, the vertical lift system or the hydraulic lift doors. Also want your Red Power motor in size you recommend. 

106 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that will mount on the outside of my pole building. The building was built with a poor header over the sliding door. If mounting it won't help, another option I should look at is a free standing header. Will want Red Power electrical system. 

107 I have a 60x 200 pole type post frame machinery storage building with a 18x 30 opening in end wall that has a sliding door now. Would like to replace with a hydraulic lift door with Schweiss Red Power backup system.

108 Hi. we have a pole building of 60/140 at 18.5 feet tall. we would like hydraulic lift doors one at 48/18.5 and the other at 29feet six inches by18.5 tall. could you please send me a price on the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps and the requirements for the structure to hold the doors. do you have do it yours self instulation instructions? do you have do it yourself kits? This may be easier to ship. Thank you

109 Could you give me a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a 30' x 17' door opening? This will be in a new pole building and price should reflect installation of your new Red Power hydraulic pumps.

110 I would like to have a quote on a hydraulic lift one-piece Schweiss door. I am building a 30 x 40 x 14 foot eves post frame building. I had planned a 16 wide x 12 tall overhead garage door but liked the looks of your product, especially with your new Red Power backup system.

111 I would like quote on a hydraulic lift door 35W x 17H for the sidewall of a new Post Frame building with 20' ceiling. building is designed for added load and door should have adequate lift power supplied by your Red Power hydraulics.

112 Looking to price out 3- 22'x16' hydraulic lift door units. We build large pole barns for farmers and manufacturers, and are looking for a swing out Red Power door option

113 I need a quote for a 30' x 16' hydraulic lift door. Will go into an existing 60 wide post frame building centered in the endwall. Installed with your new Red Power hydraulic pump.

114 Can you attach a hydraulic lift door to a pole building. I am erecting a building that will require a 50' X 13'8\" door. So it will most certainly require one of your new Schweiss Doors Red Power motors. I would like to get a estimate some something like that.

115 I have 4x6 inch vetical posts on the outside of building, do I need one on the inside of my barn for tracking? Also I need all of about 14ft of hieght. What is the thickness of the hydraulic lift Schweiss  door itself? That will determan my hieght. What will determine what size Red Power motor to use for maximum lift?

116 I have a customer that has an older building (post Frame) and has an endwall slider 15'6\" x 14' and want to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door but cannot lose any headroom. 14' is a must. I seen the free standing header that I thing would work in this situation. Would also need your input on Red Power hydraulic system. I have someone to install it so I just need a price for the customer.

117 I am contemplating a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door for the side of my post-and-beam-constructed barn. The door would be approximately 32'W x 15'H. It will be lightly insulated and faced in board and batten barn siding. Can you tell me the most cost-effective way to get this done and recommend if I should have Red Power hydraulic pumps for it? Thanks!

118 I have a 54by72 pole shed in need of a new door. The door opening is 14by26 1/2. I'm interested in the price of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power electrical system for this building.

119 I am looking to replace an old sliding door that was damaged by wind. The building is a pole building (built in 1993 by the local lumberyard)used for machinery storage and is not insulated. I would prefer the Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power System and insulation and remote control.

120 Looking at a poll barn type aircraft hangar with 48x60 dimensions. Should be a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump adequate to lift this door.

121 Need price a Schweiss hydraulic lift single door 25X16ft pole barn. Just door and Red Power hydraulic cylinders. I well furnish power unit.

122 FYI , I am bidding a 40x60x14' pole barn style building and need a estimate for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. What application of Red Power hydraulics would you recommend for this large size door and  building? Thanks

123 Pole barn Door. 32x16. Gable end. You install Schweiss hydraulic lift door and metal. Install at Nebraska  Who pays sales tax. What are the options for insulation and Red Power hydraulics for lifting such a door?

124 I am looking at retrofitting my existing pole barn and am interested in putting a hydraulic one piece lift door on an opening that measures approximately 10' wide X 9' high. How much clearance would I need above this opening. Can you supply a door for this size opening and can you give me a \"ballpark\" price range with Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pumps so that I can tell if it is a feasible consideration.Thanks for your help,


126 I am building a new pole building. I am interesting in an estimate for a 20x14' hydraulic lift door (end wall) and 24'x14' door (side wall). Right now I am looking at constructing a 16' high building to clear for overhead doors, but may be able to lower the building height with your doors. Also, I may be interested in wider doors depending on the difference in price. I am interested in an installed price and material only price. What are the insulation options? What Red Power System should I be looking at? Is the building steel installed onto the Schweiss doors?

127 I need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for my pole building, door size is 40ft wide by 16ft tall I want your new Red Power hydraulic cylinders for this door.  Otto Clark, Medford, Oregon

128 I will need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to fit on the end of a 40 foot by 60 foot pole shed. I will also need to know what framing is needed and what size Red Power hydraulic pumps for door. thank you

129 We have an existing wood frame pole barn that we are needing to add a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on. We need 14' of clearance and the door needs to be 18-20' wide. Looking for an insulated door with Red Power hydraulic backup system. It will also have to have its own free-standing support frame built similar to what you show on the round roof building if that is possible. Let me know what cost I would be looking at. Call or email me.. Thanks, 

130 Delivery to Bismark, North Dakota. Post frame bldg and some questions are what needs to be done to the end truss for support on Schweiss hydraulic lift door, what kind of weathersill is there? Door size is 40'w.17'h. How about Red Power cylinders?

131 60x80x18 Schweiss hydraulic lift door in gable end post-frame building. Please e-mail me a quote which includes installation of your Red Power backup system as shown on your web page.

132 35' x 18' Schweiss Hydraulic lift door to be installed on the endwall of 18' post frame building Door to be insulated with foam friction fit no interior steel liner on back side of door Red Power Electrical System for single phase electric Please send required rough opening door dimensions and drawings.

133 This door is for an existing pole barn construction with a 39ft opening. Will require a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pumps for best lift.

134 I have an existing pole barn in Indiana that has sticky slider doors I want to insulate the barn and replace the door on end wall but I need all the head room I have so I cant put a conventional door on but I fiquired something like your hydraulic lift Schweiss Hanger Door with Red Power hydraulic cylinders would work for me.

135 I have 40 X 60 pole barn with concrete floor, currently has 2 sliding doors. End wall door opening measures 13-6 tall and 19-5 wide. Side wall door opening measures 12-7 tall and 22 wide. Would like quote on hydraulic lift Schweiss doors for both sizes and quote to include Red Power System. Please contact me on my cell phone if any questions.

136 Please quote the following 36x16 Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door going in the end of a new 60' wide x 16' tall Pole Building. Location is David City, NE Price Freight, Install and Install of metal fabric and trim. Include other items that are advisable. (Red Power hydraulic pumps, remotes).

137 We are working on a pole building to make into a shop we need a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 24'x14' (with Red Power System) the concrete building has 16' side walls we are going to use for truck parking.

138 I have a building with an open end (14' sidewalls and 36' double truss on 6x6 posts). I need to maintain all headroom and would like to keep the opening as wide as possible. With a standard hydraulic lift Schweiss door, I am guessing that I would need to narrow the opening by something on either side. Also at one time I had heard that you sell a new motor/gearbox and control units. Red Power something or other. Is that still possible? Thanks, 

139 We would like a quote and cut sheets on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Two doors, to be installed in a post framed building. 1 door = 16 foot tall and 24 foot wide 1 door = 16 foot tall and 30 foot wide, Red Power Electrical System operated door

140  I would like INFO FOR A 35' X 16' HYDRAULIC LIFT DOOR FOR A POLE BUILDING can I buy the door frame and all parts except for the steel covering? or isn't that the way it is done at Schweiss Doors. Do We supply the labor? I have a customer that is very serious but you can tell I don't know much about hanger doors. From your web site I see I should equip with Red Power hydraulic pumps.

141 I have 2 very large pole barns that I keep my equipment in, recently built. Right now I have canvas door with like a belt belt buckle strap. I am looking to put a Schweiss hydraulic lift door like you offer because I can't lose any of the width room. I am not so worried of the head room rather the width of the door. Price with Red Power System.

142 I have a pole shop and I got to do something with the slideing door soon as it is hard for me to open. I saw your doors at the Clay County Fair last fall and was wondering what the two hydraulic lift doors would cost. With snow piled up against the door, is this the door I want. Possibly a Schweiss bifold door would be better. Door opening is from inside of one square wood pole to inside of the other wood square pole. Price hydraulic door with biggest Red Power motor and remote control.

143 Erecting a 60x180x16 ft. post frame building. Need price on 40x14 ft. doors for gable ends. Separate pricing from Schweiss Doors on Red Power hydraulic pumps/remote control. This is for a hydraulic lift one piece door.

144 I am trying to get info on hydraulic lift doors so I can build a pole barn. I need a 22' or 24' wide door 16' tall door. I need a 15' tall opening. I mainly am only interested in lifting this door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump, unless you don't think I need to.

145 Just built a 40x72 hangar pole building and need one Schweiss hydraulic lift door on gable end.Door equipped with Red Power hydraulic backup system and two remotes. Assembled in Oregon

146 Need quote on 28' x 15' Schweiss hydraulic lift door (farm post bldg. construction) with Red Power hydraulics and including installation instructions delivered to zip code 46928. This is the second door I'm getting from you. Really like them.

147 I'm currently building a pole barn and looking for options for a large door (14'X20'). Do you service this size hydraulic lift door? If so, what size Red Power Hydraulic motor will provide the best lift. Your Schweiss doors are popular in North Carolina. I've also seen them on a shopping mall.

148 I plan on building 60x60 pole barn and need approx a 36' door. I want a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your most powerful Red Power hydraulic pump and 3 remote controls. I've seen your doors in action, and I've seen none that lift better than yours.

149 We have a customer who is interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door.This door is being installed on a large pole barn. I will give you the specs: (1) 24'0\" WIDE X 13'8\" HIGH. A. Wood jambs B. Standard pole barn steel siding to be applied to the face of the door by the contractor. C.Motor operated (115v)1ph with your Red Power Hydraulic Lift Electrical System. Remote controls please. 

150 I'm building a farm pole building and would like to install a 12' by 40' hydraulic lift Schweiss built door in one end, and would like to get a price on your Red Power options. Thanks' George

151 This summer I plan on installing a door on the end of my 40'x50' pole building for my airplane. Would like a ballpark quote for a one-piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door system for a 40'x 11' opening. Could you also quote me for a free standing header if needed. I plan on installing the door myself. I'm also wanting Red Power hydraulic pumps if they are not standard equipment. I want the good lift you say on your Web site they provide. Thanks, Brad

152 We are looking at installing a new Schweiss hydraulic lift door onto an existing post frame building end wall. The door needs to be 14' tall and 23'9\" wide. We would like to use the self supporting header. We use the IBC 2006 with a 40lb roof snow load and a 90mph wind load. The owner of the building is a Riding Academy in Pittsburgh, PA . The initial thought and desire is a Red Power Hydraulic one piece door if that is feasible.

153 This Schweiss hydraulic lift door will be installed on a non-insulated wood post frame building. Door will have to be large to accommodate my combine and other farm tractors and machinery so I'm asking you to include your best heavy duty Red Power pump for it, along with three remote openers. Installation in Hamburg, MN

154 I am preparing to build a wood frame pole bldg, and am interested in comparing prices of Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic one piece doors. I think with your Red Power cylinders, this might be the route to take. Do you offer remote openers for both styles.

155 Customer wants to install a 34x18 Schweiss  hydraulic lift door in a new post frame storage building. How can I determine specs and get a price quote for all your Red Power hydraulic system options? Do you have a web site showing some of your work?

156 Please price me out a 25'x15' Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Schweiss Door for a post frame building on the endwall. the building will be 50' or 54' wide located in Elberion, Iowa. Also price out a 27'x15 Schweiss Bifold both to be strap type doors. Customer is deciding which size door to go with. Price with Schweiss Red Power back up system installed.  Please email or fax the prices to me thank you,

157 I am interested in doing a 40 ft. Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a 60 ft wide machinery storage building for a client. It is of pole construction or may be a fabric style building. I need options on your Red Power hydraulic pumps also to present to prospect.

158 I need an estimate for the Schweiss hydraulic lift door complete with actuator, remote control, Red Power hydraulic pump, all mounting hardwear and shipping cost. We will sheet and insulate the door with our own materials. The building will be a pole barn type of structure. Construction has not started yet and we would be interested in any information on how to properly strengthen the building to accommodate the extra loads. Thank you

159 I will be putting up a pole barn with 1 Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The door will be installed on one  end. I would like to get a quote on an aluminum door 44' wide & 17\" high with Red Power backup, the automatic latch option and radio control option. The door will be for a work shop.

160 Cost for Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power hydraulic pump options for a polebarn opening 9' high and 15' wide.

161 I'm interested in a budgetary price on a door for an opening that will be 18' tall and 40' wide. We would probably be more interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door as opposed to a bifold. This will be used on a large pole barn and will require your biggest Red Power motor for superior lift.

162 I am considering putting two Schweeiss hydraulic lift doors on our new equipment shed. It may pose an interesting challenge as it is a cover-all brand hoop building. It will have to be mostly self supporting. I viewed one recently and I think I know how to arrange the concrete and so forth to make braces going back into the building. I would like a qoute for a 35w x18 a 30w x18 and 25w x18 to include Red Power hydraulic pump systems.

163 I am looking to get a quote for a 18' x 40' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I am in the process of starting construction on a new pole barn that is 66' x 120', I want to put a door in the gable end and I want your Red Power backup system and remotes. Let me know what other information you may need. Scott

164 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door  for my pole barn and the opening needs to be 13.5X40. Can you give me any advise on construction and building requirements, Red Power hydraulic systems? Also I need the cost to ship and the cost of the door and motor and ect.

165 This is a wood building, (Pole Barn), but the door opening is being reinforced with steel. The door opening size is approximate because I am still working on the steel bracing. Which would you recommend for this type of structure, the Schweiss  Bi-Fold or the Hydraulic \"One-Piece\" door? Please include Red Power hydraulics, shipping cost in the quote, and a drawing on the hinge placement.

166 I Have a Pole building with 2 14'X14' openings with a man door in between. I saw one of your photos that had a door where the top half was a bifold and the lower half swung out sideways. I really want a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, they can come with man doors too, right? Right now I am exploring my door options and am interested in any information. Is it possible to turn the front opening into one wide door. Or does a door that large mean reinforcing the building. How about Red Power hydraulic units? Do you have varied powers?

167 I need the technical data for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, dimensions 42x12. Loading pressures, bearing points, framing requirements. The purpose is for including in a building quote. Building type is pole construction. We intend to truss end the endwall, and we will need the loading specs so we can accurately quote the customer the building. Our quote may include your Red Power hydraulic pumps.

168 I'm looking for a quote for the frame/hardware for a 24' wide, 12' high hydraulic lift one piece door for my pole barn. Include your best Red Power Hydraulic pump for this Schweiss door.

169 Considering building a hanger 34' x 36' pole barn with a 12 ft high door probably 32' wide. Understand yours is a quality unit and were told to make sure and specify a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power lifting system.

170 I am quoting a post frame airplane hanger for a local city airport real estate deal and I need a price on a 50 x 14 Schweiss hydraulic lift door installed by your crew. We are in the early stages of planning right now. Also have crew install Red Power motor. You make great hangar doors.

171 I need to know if you can fit a 15'x24' Schweiss hydraulic lift door in the end of a pole barn with 14' walls that has a vaulted ceiling. I want the door to have a 20' hinge with 45 corners. Will it miss the over hang of the barn which is a 2x6 fascia and the roof ptich is a 4/12. Will it have Red Power hydraulics on it. That what I want.

172 We sell and build poll sheds across western Canada . We are looking for a new door supplier. I looked at your Schweiss Doors web site and see you have much to offer, including a hefty Red Power hydraulic pump, finally developed for better lift. I'm surprised they can even lift the door they are on. They surely can't last long before they burn out. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Mel

173 My company is building a post frame for a customer and he wants a Schweiss hydraulic lift door in a side wall that is 32' clear opening wide by as tall as we can put in 18' sidewall. Please price this door with Red Power hydraulics and let me know how tall we can go. I know doors, and I can see what Schweiss Doors manufactures is top of the line in every sense, especially your motors. You'll be sorry down the line.

174 We have a pole barn that is 2 years old. We use this for storage of our business equipment. I would like a quote for a 20x12 one piece hydraulic lift door. Also do you provide financing? Should I have a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door lifter for this?  Please contact me via cell phone or email.

175 We have a customer who wants a pole type building 36'x52' but he lives by a airport and the covenants say he has to build a hanger type building, He has to have a hydraulic lift door 36' wide. He wants the wall height to be 14'. A one piece Schweiss Doors Red Power backup system is requested.

176 45' wide by 32' deep post frame hangar 11'6\" - 12' x 40' door Sidewall required for each? Header support options? load for vertical jamb vs.header Auto latch extra cost? Red Power unit for Schweiss hydraulic lift door.  Equipment/personnel required for installation? Approx. cost for window/walk door?

177 40x18 hydraulic lift insulated Schweiss Door and installed in ND in a 60 foot end wall new pole building not yet built. Should be able to clear 18 feet my builder will provide steel inside and out. You supply the Red Power for maximum lift.

178 I would like a quote on a 40'x 10' door for a hanger building located in Warsaw, Indiana. Door will be located in the end wall of a post frame structure. Should be a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system and remote opener.

179 I'm interested in getting a quote on a hydraulic lift door. My building is a pole barn. The rough opening is 38'-6-0\". This is an existing building that will need a new Schweiss door and we would like Red Power backup system for it.

180 Hi, I am looking for a quote on a 36'x13' Schweiss bi-fold or hydraulic lift swing up door. I have client looking to make a 36'x13' opening in a 50' end wall (pole barn) floor to u/s of truss is 15'. What kind of support strength is required at the header? Will want Red Power hydraulic pump on it. Thanks

181 Need two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors quoted. The larger would have an air opening of 9' high x 16' wide. The smaller would have an air opening of 9' high x 10' wide. It would be possible to have a single, much wider door, instead of the two separate doors. 9' high x 28' wide, depending on the stresses involved. Building will be a post-frame building, metal-clad. I would want the door installed for me with Red Power hydraulic unit, by a Schweiss Door contractor experienced in door installation.

182 I am building a pole barn 40ft x 60ft. I had planned on 3 20 ft sliding doors, but now that I've seen your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pump, I must have had rocks in my head to even consider sliding doors. I would be interested in getting a price on 3 20ft x 14 ft doors. I have a center pole at each end. Your doors look great and from what I hear, they're affordable too.

183 This is going on one of our hoop buildings and had a similar door estimated by local company. Their cost may be competitive, but their quality is no where near Schweiss Door quality. And their baby pumps couldn't lift an egg crate. We are looking for the basic hydraulic lift Red Power backup system door as it will be used as grain storage.

184 I got a pole barn with a slider on the side and I'm going to put heat in my building so i want a better Schweiss hydraulic lift heavily insulated door. Can I request a bigger than usual Red Power motor for faster lifting power, or should I stick with the recommended size you think is right?

185 I am pricing a pole building for my farming operation. I would like to have an idea what one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors would cost. I would be interested in a door to cover a 24' wide by 14' high opening. Also, what height sidewall and what Red Power motor would be necessary to accomodate this size door? Thank you, Robbie

186 We planning to build a pole shed 30 by 105 16 foot side walls 1 end door 30 by 16 what would it cost to have a Schweiss door installed with Red Power hydraulic pumps on my farm this summer in Iowa. I can see by your doors that you have a farming background.

187 Have a rafter round roof building with shingles and steel siding. It is 40'x70' with an old old existing 12'x 14' overhead door with opener. Want to get combine in so would want at least 15'x24'? door opening. I think your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump would work best? Would want the door insulated and may do cement repair on the existing floor. Door width has to be wide enough for an 8 row corn head.

188 I have a pole shed shop. Steel sheets inside and outside. The shed is 48 by 36. The dual sliding doors are insulated for heating. I haven't measured yet but  think they are 13ft tall and about 16 ft wide. I was wondering if a insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a couple windows in it would reduce the opening and how much? I will measure the opening tomorrow and check. Also wondered what my cost would be if I install it myself? If this works well the shed right next to this one also needs a new insulated door and it is 13 in hight and 22 ft wide. It too will require your Red Power hydraulic pump.

189 Hi, we had a trailer display next door to one of yours at Oshkosh this last summer. I was talking to one of your rep's about your doors. I have a 40'x60'x12' pole barn that has two doors on the gable end. One 12' overhead and one 16' slider, with approx.10' of wall to separate. The door that I would need would be 12'x38'. The attachment posts are 8\"x8\"on the sides. I would need a strong new header once the wall came out. Give me an idea of what it would take to convert this barn to one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Someone told me you came out with a new improved hydraulic pump. A Red something or other, elaborate.  Thanks, Randy

190 I have a pole barn with a door of 23' 5.25\" Need a price on a hydraulic lift door or a Schweiss Doors dealer in my area. Door will require inclusion of your Red Power Electrical System.  Thanks Jed

191 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to replace sliding doors on pole barn 20*13 on side wall 16*24 on end wall. Fit with Red Power hydraulic pump.  Fred

192 I have a Steel Span Quonset type building the current door opening is 20ft wide by roughly 14 ft tall and would like prices on both the bi-fold and the hydraulic lift doors (with Red Power hydraulic pump options). this is a farm shop that gets a lot of use all year round. Thank you very much. Ansel.

193 This is a pole barn construction with iron clad covering Door opening must be maintain full size. This means a hydraulic lift door will have to mount up on the gable as high as possible. No sheeting or insulation needed. Schweiss Doors 220 volt Red Power Electrical System OK

194 Hi,I have a pole barn with two door openings 10ft wide by 9ft high. Do you offer a hydraulic door for this size? Will it come with Red Power hydraulic pump. Thanks Bill

195 I would like to price a 25 ft wide by 16 ft high hydraulic door for a pole barn for ag use. Would like the price of a walk in door in the big door and please include Red Power pump.

196 Existing metal pole building. Opening could be up to 34 feet wide and 14 feet high, and I need a minimum of 32 feet wide and 12 feet high.Will your Schweiss hydraulic door work well for this? The Red Power hydraulic pump will be on it, right?

197 I have a Pole Barn style building with sliding doors at each end. I want to change them to one piece hydraulic and save my back. Also to include a Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage system. Thanks, Darren

198 We were intested in a Round Roof hydraulic Red Power Schweiss Insulated Door. The door opening is 20' and the height is 14'. How much are the installation fee and the cost of the system? Thanks

199 We are building a 54x72 pole shed. Customer wants a 40x14 hydraulic Schweiss door on gable end. Will this give us enough room for bra. Can I get your Red Power hydraulic pump on this big door. I'll be needing good lift.

200 Looking at adding a lean-to to an existing 14ft high sidewall pole building. The problem I am having is, the height requirement for normal overhead doors.With a bifold door typically how much of the door opening is lost? I am looking for a 12ft wide by 8ft high opening when the door is open.Would the Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump system door work better? Please send me a cost.Thanks Darwin. Do you stock smaller one piece doors for garages? Like what I am looking for.

201 Need two Schweiss doors for a wood post/frame building. openings are 31'8 3/4 \" and 23'7\" by 18' high Looking at your Red Power hydraulic doors and bifold doors What would you suggest for a door this size? Also need asap how long delivery time? Will Red Power give me a faster and better lift than your bifold strap system?

202 I need to add a Schweiss hydraulic door to my quonset style hanger at the McHenry Airport. The opening height is about 12'3\" and the about width 40'2\". The interior is gravel and joins the taxiway blacktop pavement. I have AC power into the hanger, so your Red Power Electrical System should be no problem. Can you do the installation? Your doors are tops for hangar use.

203 I have a wood round roof quanset style building with an opening 14' wide by 13' high. I want to replace the existing sliding barn doors with a more efficient and easy lifting Schweiss hydraulic door fitted with reliable Red Power hydraulic pump.

204 I have a round roof steel building that I want to turn into an airplane hanger. The end wall is 45 feet wide and it is 19 foot 7 inches tall. The plane needs 38x10 feet for clearance, but I wold like to go to 12 feet if possiable using a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pump assist. What am I looking at for a price if Schweiss Doors does the install?

205 Finally building my quonsett style hangar...39 feet 9 inch wide x 10 feet opening...thinking about hydraulic one piece with Red Power hydraulic pump and walk through door...what kind of support do I need...Jaydon

206 Hi - I have a newer pole barn with 20'W x 14'H sliding double door. I would like to know the approx cost to convert this to a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power option. Could you give me a call on my cell phone for discussion? Thanks - Sheldon

207 I am working on putting together a shop and am looking for a hydraulic door cost. I am look to put in a 30x16 and a 14x16 the large door would have a man door and both would have some windows. What would doors like this with Red Power hydraulic systems cost and what kind of framing would need to be done on a pole barn? The poles would be 8x8. Thank you Napoleon

208 I'm in need of an insulated hydraulic shop door to put in my Quanset building i plan to make into a heated shop. It will also need a walk-in door in it. Its size is 20Ft. wide by 14 Ft. high Please give me a price along with Red Powr electrical system instalation costs. I live 200 miles west of Fargo ND.

209 I have and old 40'x72' old quanset shed with half the shed made into a heated shop. There are two old 8' sliding doors existing but no walk in door . Your Schweiss hydraulic with a walkin would be perfect if would work and was in my price range. The doorway is apox. 16 wide and 12 high. Can this be done economically with your Red Power hydraulic pump? Another problem is my location, Regina Saskatchewan. Is there a business anywhere close which you supply to, if not how could we do it.

210 60'x 100' post frame construction ag machinery storage building. Looking to place a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pumps at each end. Would like a quote for the two insulated doors.

211 Schweiss hydraulic door system requires Minimum of 38 X 14 feet opening and maximum of 39 X 15.5 feet on end wall of free span pole shed. Does door come with metal siding or can I put the siding from the shed onto the door. Does it come with Red Power hydraulic system for extra good lifting power?

212 My wife and I are looking a purchasing a farm property near Owatonna MN, and we are working to determine how much we would need to spend on improvements if we were to go through with the purchase. There is a 36 x 48 pole barn on the property that we would like to convert to a hanger / shop. I am interested in what to expect for the cost of adding a Schweiss hydraulic door with souped up Red Power motor that will allow me to get my quicksilver sprint in and out. The building would have heat, so I need something that seals reasonable well. I am looking for something more towards economy than feature laden. Thanks, Steve

213 Looking at pricing for a Schweiss Hydraulic one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pump to replace double slider on my pole barn. Will have to have the ability to be insulated. Installation near Indianapolis, Indiana.

214  I have a 60' x 130' x 14' Pole Shed. The bottom of the trusses are at 14'. I need to install a 14' x 14' one piece hydraulic Schweiss door to accomodate a 12'-10\" RV. The door is going in the side wall, how do we install a header to hold up the end of the trusses and install your type door to accomodate this. Will one Red Power motor lift this heavy door to accomodate this  RV? Thank you!!

215 About how much cost for Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door for pole barn ,opening is 13 ft tall, 35 ft wide to Indiana.

216 I have a 40' x 80' straight walled quonset. I would like to have a Schweiss hydraulic door put in on one end that is as wide as possible and as high as possible. (Around 30' by 16' is a guess???) I am located 39 miles from Grand Island, NE and wondered if you would have anyone available to look my situation over if they are attending Husker Harvest Days. Bring information on your new Schweiss Hydraulic Pumps. I look forward to hearing back from you. Pooch G.

217 Looking into a hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump for my farm shop a 40x60 pole shed wood frame interested in a 28 wide by 16 high looking for prices and info would like free standing so it could be placed on the outside of exsiting building. Thanks Sam

218 I am Building a pole machine shed & am looking for an inexpendsive 24 x 16 Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with one of your smaller Red Power hydraulic pump systems. I have the poles set.

219 I am building a Pole Barn with OSB sheeting and vinyl siding. A buddy and I were talking tonight and thought, \"why not make a hydraulic door like the hanger?\" My current rough opening is 16'3\" wide and something like 122 inches high. If I put a Schweiss hydraulic door on the outside, I could hing up higher so the bottom of the door comes up to the full height of the bottom of the rafters and I could place your Red Power hydraulic system off to the side or above the floor. Can we talk about this? Thanks, Mike.

220 I am currently planning a large utility building. I would like to have a 40' X 14' hydraulic door with Schweiss Red Power application for equipment access. Pole Barn is 40'X60X16'. I am looking for a price and information for the barn company. Jon Y.

221 Looking for Schweiss hydraulic door 45 x 12 with Red Power electric operator installing on wood pole barn please give me a price with approximate freight to zip code above

222 Need a price quote for a Schweiss Hydraulic Door. Price should include installation of door and installation of steel door sheeting suppllied by us. Proposed building is aprox. 12 miles north of Park Rapids, MN. Door will not be insulated, but will need Red Power pump and backup system. The building will be a post frame \"pole barn \".

223 Buildng a pole barn hangar. Rough opening 40 wide by 16 high. need quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system. Need door to Billings, MT by August. You do install here, right? Really think your doors are well built and very functional, especially on post frame bldgs.

224 This is an existing building, built in 1977. It is a post frame building and I would not like to lose any head or very minamal at best. Looks like your Schweiss hydraulic door would work best for me on all counts. Make it with your Red Power backup sytem and insulated.

225 We are building a 48 or 50 by 60 pole barn hanger. We would like to get prices on both a bifold door and Schweiss Red Power one-peice hydraulic door with a backup system. Our builder will install the door.I've seen your doors on other hangars but not on a pole barn style. Which style door will work best. How does the bifold backup compare?

226 I have a 30' wide by 14' tall doorway on my pole building farm shop. I am intersted in a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door to maintain the height. Could you give me an estimated cost? Can it be attached to the current construction without additional framework. Where can I place the Red Power hydraulic pump unit, anywhere?

227 Post frame construction contractor needs literature to share with customers. Just a set or two will be fine. Please include literature on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps/systems. We will try to use the site as much as we can but it would be nice to have hard copies. I'm gonna sell some Schweiss Doors for you. You can count on it.

228 I am converting a pole building into a heated shop and want a price on two different size Schweiss hydraulic doors for a [ 13ft.h] [15ft.w] opening. Wanting Red Power Electrical System, Schweiss hinges and remote opener.

229 I have got a post frame building with a door hieght of 18 feet and width of 72 feet. is it possible to span this with a hydraulic door? Can I position the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump unit in other location than on the floor?

230 Our current Schweiss hangar door works fine - never a problem. We are designing a larger building for a neighbor (Mr. Mark J. - Goldendale WA) and believe we will construct a pole building with a clear opening of around 44' wide and 20.0' from finished floor to bottom of truss. I'm inclined to go with a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power system. Could you have someone give me a call? I need to talk about truss and building designs. Thanks, Doug

231 Hello, I would like to speak with someone about pricing a 50'x 14'0\" Schweiss bifold door with wind rails to be installed as a new post frame building bifold door (truss in endwall) I'll look forward to hearing from you.

232 will the one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door work on post frame construction?

233 I need a quote for a 45 wide door with 16 feet clear height. That should be 19 feet tall. I would like is priced with auto latch, remote, and strap options. The delivery will be to Tullahoma TN. I have bought hydraulic doors from you before so you may have me in you database. Love your hydraulic doors, but this customer wants a bifold for his post frame bldg., make me the best price you can.

234 Need price, delivery time, etc for insulated 40 x 10 hydraulic hangar door with Red Power pump. Square post building 40 x 40 x 10 ft high.

235 I would like a comparison between bi-fold and hydraulic. I have a quote on bi-fold from last March so I need an update on that as well. I need two doors each 45' wide with a 14' clear opening height. The bi-fold is strap lift with the automatic latches. I think your new Red Power pump, however, has me sold on the hydraulic door.  This is on a pole construction building.

236 I am building a 40x40 pole barn for an aircraft hanger, 12 ft high. Looking for a one piece hydraulic insulated door. What range do your remote openers have?

237 Will you quote a hydraulic door for my existing pole shed, material and installation? The RO is 15'-6\" X 35'-6\". Steel I-beam header. Installation by Schweiss. Door needs to be insulated, please include Red Power unit appropriate for this size door.  Please email or call for details. thanks

238 We are running a quote on a hanger in Eau Claire, WI that will have a 60'x18' hydraulic one piece door. The customer wants an option of having an aluminum and insulation. Both prices will include installation by you. We may run this building as a steel building. For now, let's price it as post frame. Thank you

239 Do you have installation instructions for attaching doors to wood post frame buildings, can you send them to me. Thanks Alan

240 I am building a R.V. shelter that is supported by posts 11' on center. The bottom of the header is 13'. The structure is still being engineered so I do not know the header or post size. I would like to use a one piece hydraulic door to fill the space between the post. Can you give me an approximate cost for a door this size, and also the header height needed for it to open under the eaves? I have not decided on wood or steel construction, and the opening size given below is approximate.

241 We are builders of post frame buildings. We have a customer who is looking to build a 72'x80'x18' airplane hanger. He is looking at putting on a 64'W x 16'H hanger door on the building. I need to know if your doors can be used on a post frame building? If they can then I need to know the price of the door both bi-fold and hydraulic. Thank you Leonard A. Sales Rep

242 Hello, I will be building a hangar in Spokane WA. It will be 50x50x14 pole building. The rough opening is planned to be 48' 9-15/16\" wide by 14'. At this point the trusses are regular 2x6 truss with a single truss on the gable open end. Should I do double truss? Appreciate any advice and quote on both bifold and hydraulic door. Feel free to call me if necessary. Also would like to get any show or promo discount available (Oshkosh or Arlington). Christian

243 building a 50 wide x 40 hanger. Building will be wood post frame with metal siding. Need a 45 foot door. Any help you can give with detailing for door mounting would be helpful. What is the weight of the door at the hinge attatchment to door header? Also approximently how much force will exerted at the attatchment point of the hydralic cylinders?

244 Please quote for me a Hydrulic door, 30' wide, for an 18' high pole building. Include shipping to us at Sandusky, we off-load at site. This is a general quote, we will add frills or options later. Please indicate my dealer cost. Thanks, Paul PS you may fax it to me if you will

245 We are in the planning stages of lining and installing a new door on a pole barn this summer. The building has sliding doors now. The opening is 13'H X 16'W. The header is a rafter. We are considering a hydraulic door but will also consider a bifold door. Could you help us with some information and a rough price. Thank you! Dan S.

246 Pole Barn Building, door mounting on gable end Standard: hydraulic Red Power pump & bottom seal 1- man door Option: 1- Free Standing Header, extra remote control.

247 I have a 42' wide by 10' opening wood pole hanger, I would like to put a single hydraulic door on it. What would the price be with insulation and an extra remote control? Location is Sturgeon Bay, WI.

248 Need a Schweiss hydraulic door on an existing pole building replacing a sliding door. Can you also provide an option for the support? What other details will you require from me? My twin brother got his slider replaced with your door and he will be buying this one for me for my birthday this fall. Millie.

249 I am looking at building a new pole building 30' x 50'. I would like a 12' x 26' openning once the door is fully openned. My neignbor is also considering a hydraulic Schweiss door on his new pole barn. Can u tell me what a bifold door would cost and who could install it in Richland Center, WI. You may be able to ship two doors togther.... my neignbors building will be approx. 1000' from mine. -jim-

250 Wanting price and headroom requirement for 45'x 16' hydraulic lift door, to be installed on gable end of post frame building,also would like some info on a man door. I will be at the office all Thursday. Thank you, Rich S. 

251 This is a pole building all wood frame with sheet metal roof and siding; this is a rough measurement. I hope if there is a little or- it wont make a big difference in price.I like the one piece door; but will settle with what I can afford. I like to have the auto door opener please give me price on all options. Thanks alot James S.

252 Planning on building a new post frame hangar at my farm airstrip.looking for the best buy on a one piece hydraulic door that I could cover with my building siding,and would most likely install door myself.

253 I have a wood post building with a 28'X14' opening for a door.What would the cost be for a hydraulic door and what are the options??

254 I would like a quote on a hydraulic lift door. My building is 50 feet on the outside with no end walls. The clear opening is 19'2\" high by 48' wide. The building is pole construction.I have the siding already. Will the doors need any prep work on my part to attach my stucco siding?

255 Building aircraft hanger 60' wide by 102' long by 14' high Door will be in one end wall 50'x 12' need price for hydraulic door & extra bracing needed for Post Frame & Steel Building. Include extra remote control, insulation and make sure it comes with a Red Power pump.

256 This door is to be placed in the end wall of a pole building that has 12' tall side walls with a roof pitch of 4:12. Should be hydraulic lifting one piece door with medium to high insulation value. Thanks Rich

257 Looking for a quote on a large new hydraulic door for existing pole shed/shop. Installation, if you install or us? insulated door? door openers? Door with or with out windows. Give me a call if you have any questions. thanks

258 I am interested in building a pole building or a metal building of approximately 40'deep X 60'wide X (12' or 14')high. I need at least an 11' high clearance on a 40' wide opening. I would like a price quote on an aircraft style, hydraulic  electrically remote operated door (operator mounted at bottom) and shipped to Bishopville, SC

259 Quote a price for a 18' x 12' hydraulic door for a pole barn Just need a quick quote, to decide if I repair existing sliding door or replace with a hanger type door. Thanks Dave S.

260 Have a pole barn/hanger with a 40' wide by 15' tall end wall opening. Header is a 5\" by 21\" glue lamb beam. Side posts are 8\" x 8\" pressure treated wood set in concrete. Hydraulic Schweiss Door could be fastened near top of glue lamb beam which would give height of door at 15' plus say 18\". Have 220 /110 volt power available. Would appreciate quote. Thanks, Wiley B.

261 The ceiling height will be 12' in my pole building. I need 12' clear height when the hydraulic door is up. The width of the building will be 36', with a roof pitch of 6-12. Based on my call with you, it looks like the door will need to be 14' tall to get a 12' clear height.

262 Please call me @ listed #'s. I need A 36'w x 10'h hydraulic lift door for a customer w/ an arch style building. He wants the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump on it for better lift. Please contact me ASAP.