Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Quonset Buildings

1 Hello, I would like some info and pricing on a hydraulic lift style door and an optional price for a bifold strap door. The building is an existing quonset style approximately 75' x 75'. The framed opening is 54' wide x 17.6' tall and currently has a 4 piece siding door installed. Location is Western Wyoming. Please contact me for more detail. 

2 I have a Behlen Quonset that has sliding doors. I am considering whether to build a new building or put some money into my old building. What I would want in the new door is an insulated hydraulic door  with a walk in door, probably a couple windows. The rough opening is 20' 3.5" wide, and 14'6" high. Please provide me with a quote for this door installed.

3 I would like to retrofit my 40 ft long by 46 ft wide Miracle Span Quonsett with an insulated hydraulic  door. The door will replace the sliding doors on the end wall. I would like a quote for the door as well the whole job. Just call me if you need more info. Thank you.

4 Looking for quote on a hydraulic one piece door to fit a new construction miracle truss building

5 I have two Quonset buildings which really need new hydraulic quonset building doors they would probably be 20 wide by 18 without measuring. Is installation available?

6 Retro fitting a wood arch metal clad Quonset type building. Need an opening to fit a 36in insulated man door. Hydraulic quonset doors will be insulated after cladding. Thank you

7 I'm looking to see if you make hydraulic doors that operate well on a quonset hut. Do they require a freestanding header?

8 Looking for a endwall door to fit an old quonset ag building. Need all my headroom for a 40'x18' clear opening. Prefer your Schweiss hydraulic quonset hut door with a walk door. Price remote opener separately. 

9 I have two bi fold doors with cable lift door system, they're great Schweiss doors. I'm now interested in a hydraulic door retrofit. A complete replacement door to get rid of my sliding hoop building doors. The doors are 42' x16' and 32'x 16' I would like to take advantage of a Schweiss Doors installer to direct the door retrofit. 

10 I'm raising the door header and putting on a new Quonset building door. The new opening would be 18 ft wide by 14.5 ft. tall. How are Schweiss steel hydraulic doors attached to the buildings? How much weight/stress do hydraulic quonset doors put on the building? Any reason a walk-in door couldn't be installed? What would be the total cost of a hydraulic quonset door this size?

11 I have a 40' by 100' quonset built in 1980. What hydraulic quonset doors do you have for it and at what cost? I'm in Manitoba so I think the Schweiss one piece door might be best. Thanks

12 I am considering replacing the sliding doors on my  Quonset building with Schweiss hydraulic doors. I need a door quote including delivery. Can I get one with a walk in door within the lower half of the  door and with windows?

13 I want Schweiss Doors to replace several sliding doors I have been wrestling with. Your hydraulic door will be perfect for  turkey growing quonset hut doors. I'll need six doors 18' x 12'. Can door cladding be louvered to allow for air flow on hot days?

14 Is it possible to go to a 40 ft hydraulic hoop building door on ends of a 54 ft wide without beefing up the door header? The sidewalls are 16 ft. the length is 80 ft. 

15 Looking for a door kit that can be finished to match existing building. Height and width depends on the the clearences needed for a Schweiss hydraulic  door. Want to maximize height and width. Hydraulic quonset door size would be in the range of 18' high x 37' wide. This is a steel quonset hut with framed ends finished in vinyl siding, overall building size is 56' long x 45' wide x 24' high.

16 Schweiss Hydraulic door 45 wide quonset building door,  20 foot height. Price Walk door and windows.

17 Looking for a rough estimate for a new Schweiss hydraulic quonset hut door on a 45 yr old quonset building. 12 x 20 entrance.  Building door frame would probably need new lumber or free standing header to strengthen; old door track taken down. I can send photos.

18 Looking for a quote to install a hydraulic hoop building door. Size is 44' wide by 16' height. Going on a rural quonset style hoop building. 

19 55 wide x 21 tall Quonset door. Prefer hydraulic  door installation that does not anchor directly to building (I think you use a freestanding header door for this). Similar to fabric/hoop door installs. Anchors to additional footings. Can go wide for external door anchors.

20 I have a cloth-covered quonset hangar that needs a Schweiss bi-fold strap door or one piece hydraulic door. Hangar has arch-design that is 38' wide and 17' high at peak. A bi-fold hangar door might be best, but I am curious what a hydraulic door might cost and is this door easier to install. Door   electricity is limited so would like an estimate on a backup door generator or solar door set-up.

21 Build me a hoop building door. 25w by 13t. 8 foot on side and 13 in the center. My trailer is just under 11 ft tall. I would like a 12 by 14 turn-key ready hoop door to be picked up at Schweiss door factory. 

22 I need quotes for 2 Hydraulic Hang Glider Hanger Doors on my quonset building: 31' x 8' 7" with walk door and auto lock/unlock (115 volt) 54' x 14' frame only (220 volt) Please quote door freight and door delivery time also. 

23 I have a quonset truss hanger and hydraulic door. I need to replace the motor and was wondering if your pump/motor is compatible. My door is in great shape, but the hydraulics are not nearly as good as Schweiss hydraulics. Thank you for your help. Bud

24 Looking for a price on Schweiss hydraulic hoop building door , 50 w x 17 tall ALSO, what EXTRA wood / steel needs be in header and side (jamb ) to support . Thank you

25 19' 6.5" wide 13' 11" tall Schweiss hydraulic door needed for a quonset style hoop building. Will I be needing a free standing header for added support? Please quote with remote opener and backup system.

26 I have one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. I like it so much that I want another on the sidewall of this same quonset building. Can you quote me a 45 ft. door? 

27 What I'm looking for is a price on a 14 foot by 14 foot Schweiss one piece hydraulic or bifold door with straps and what are my options are it's going on a round quonset. I'm thinking I may need a free-standing header. Can I send you a photo.

28 Looking for options on replacing our sliding doors in a 50x80 round steel Quonset. I think a Schweiss hydraulic quonset door would be best. Include at least three windows at eye level, walk door. Your hydraulic doors seem to work very nicely on quonset buildings.

29 Cover all hoop barn 36 X 60 w/ 5' spaced posts side walls with 8' hi steel also on ends. Doors 16'x 24' & 16'x18' with 200" hi post on each side of door openings with (2)12 x 12 for headers on each door. Is there enough support for your Schweiss hydraulic doors?

30 We have a 50 x 100 zipperlock quonset that we are thinking about insulating (spray foam) as well as heating for a farm shop.We will also want to put the biggest Schweiss Hydraulic door possible at one end. The existing overhead door is a 24w x 14h. I realize it would mean removing a large part of the end wall, but have you ever done this kind of retro on a curved building? A 40 x 15 or 16 would be beautiful. P.S. Our overall dome height is 24ft. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

31 I recently erected a 60' wide x 50' deep x 18' high fabric-covered aircraft hangar. It is a "Quonset hut" arch. Interested in a 50' Wide x 15' clear height bifold liftstrap or hydraulic door. Which do you recommend. I'm in a very warm and windy  tropical climate at Key West, Florida. Can you windload your doors?

32 I am purchasing a home with a quonset building. Door on it is a slider. I am looking to convert it to your hydraulic door. If this possible, and at what cost? I have one of your hydraulic doors on my hangar and really like it. Thanks Nick 

33 I am in search for an aviation door to replace my existing doors in my 48' wide quonset hangar. Presently I have two 9' overhead doors with a removable center post. I would like to know if it possible to have a hydraulic Schweiss door with a ten foot height and 40 foot width. I'm impressed with your hefty pump system and the backups available for it. 

34 We have a round quonset and has slide doors now. But during the winter they always freeze down and have a hard time to get them open. The opening is appox. 12' 6 and 16ft wide. We would like to know a price on bifold liftstrap and hydraulic one piece insulated doors. And also do you have anyone to install the doors in Western North Dakota.

35 I would like two quotes for two sizes of doors please. I would like quotes for each style: - Bifold with liftstraps and Hydraulic. Our client's request is for 2 x doors of different sizes: - 1 x 50'W x 20'H (clearance) - 1 x 24'W x 20'H (clearance). These doors are to go onto an existing Fabric covered round building structure in Canada. The End Walls are of Fabric, so the Door Frames would have to have some type of attachment strip to fix the end wall to the door frame. I would also like to know: - Lead Time. - Freight costs to Saskatchewan Canada. Wind (& Snow) Loading. - Are they fully engineered to Canadian standards? - Do hydraulic doors and bifold doors come complete with Assembly and Install instructions? 

36 I'm looking for a 14x14 hydraulic quonset door. This is to be installed on quonset hut. Only interested in your hydraulic door and insulation. I'll do the install.

37  I am interested in your hydraulic doors. We have a wood quonset building which we use for our shop. It has just had sliding doors on it since it was constructed in 1967. We have always just picked our days to work in the winter because of the poorly insulated sliding doors. We don't have a whole lot of headroom now so we don't want to lose any with an overhead door. We thought this type of door might be our best option. How soon can we get a insulated hydraulic door from you, we'll do the install if you give us a good set of directions and drawings and the same for our local electrician.

38 Saw your ad in Fastline. I have an old quonset in Minot, ND, and sliding doors mounted on the inside are shot. Had a guy out to look at it and he didn't like all the framing etc, required for an overhead door. He was thinking maybe roll up but they are kind of spendy and it is an old building. Can you shoot me an estimate? The opening/frame is approximately 24x14. Are your hydraulic doors  motorized or can a smaller one like this be operated manually? Just looking for a ball park price to see if it is feasible. Thanks.

39 I have one of your 40' hydraulic doors on my quonset building. I would like a price for a remote. Love my door. My wife especially likes that we don't have anymore sliding heavy doors.

40 I would like to get information on how much a hydraulic door would cost that is 30' wide and 14' tall? I want it for my quonset shed and I want a walk thru door on it, doesn't matter which side you put it on.       

41 I am interested for a insulated hydraulic door for an arch steel quonset building. The dimension of the door is 22m wide x 6 m tall. Shipment to Quebec.

42 I have a customer that has an existing quonset hut that had some wind damage and would like to install a hydraulic door in the existing opening if possible or redesign the the end to install a larger door. He does want the the option of a install man door, battery backup and remote kit. He's seen other Schweiss hydraulic doors on quonset huts and is really impressed.

43 I have a metal building that I am putting up and would like to know what a hydraulic one piece door would cost. I would like to have a 36 inch walk in door, and window. The quonset top is rounded and center peak is 16 feet. The sides go straight up 113 inches and opening is 18 feet.

44 Schweiss hydraulic door for arch building 40 ft wide at bottom front up to top hoizontal rail 12 1/2 ft. the door requires a personel door also with just light insulation.

45 Please quote price for a hydraulic door with installation to replace the existing sliding doors on my steel quonset building. (This is a steel grain storage building converted to a machine shed/garage.) I would also like two additional doors in the sidewalls measuring 16x14

46 I have a quonset, the sliding doors are shot, I have no headroom for a roll up door, would your bifold door work in this application? 22'w x 14'h. If not, will the hydraulic door give me the headroom I need.

47 I need a 16 foot high door for my farm quonset. I want as much headroom as possible in order to get my combine to clear. Sometimes I also drive my semi-truck in. Will your bifold do the trick for me, or should I be looking at a one-piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door?

48 Could you quote me no frills Schweiss hydraulic door with the dimensions below. No installation required. 240 VAC single phase power is available. I am investigating purchasing a 60' Q type quonset hut. Anything I need to know regarding installation on a quonset vs. a standard square building?

49 I am looking for a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door that is 53' wide and 14' high for our Quonset Hangar. I only want a hydraulic door, no noisy cables. Also will want a remote opener and photo eye sensors. Lot's of kids running around the farm.

50 Need pricing and dimension data for (2) 38' wide x 26' high hydraulic end wall doors for new quonset style hoop building door construction in Iowa.  Advise if freestanding door header is needed. 

51 Pricing a 40' x 24'-6" Schweiss custom made hydraulic one piece round roof door for a customer. Please send specs. and details on your new pump and spherical bearings.  Thank you.

52 I have a client in Montana interested in a small quonset building door with a clear opening 56' x 14'. The building is 60' x 70' with the required eave height for either a Schweiss Bi-fold or single leaf hydraulic powered swing door. At this time I have priced an 18' eave height building bi-fold door (18' less 1' for the header and a 3' wedge = 14' clear opening). For the single leaf hydraulic door I have priced a 16' eave height building (16' less 1' for the door header less 1' wedge = 14' clear opening). Please quote both style Schweiss doors. 

53 Need to get a quote for a 42 feet wide 3-phase electric operated hydraulic door 12 feet high to be installed on as a fabric building (quonset style) door. Building is 46 feet wide and will have a 6" X 4" HSS portal on which to attach fast opening electric door.  

54 I have a customer interested in a 30' X 16' Schweiss hydraulic door ag shop door with lift straps, not a  bifold door. Price and specs so I can get quonset building door designed.

55 I would like a hydraulic one piece round roof  building door. It has a 45 X 12 opening on a thickened slab. Is it possible to install without a free standing door header. I would like to find out the process for installation and cost of the door. 


57 Remodeling our quonset shop building, needing a larger door. Would like a price on a 36 x 16 Schweiss hydraulic with a entry door. This would be like installing it in new construction. You tell me the RO size & we'll make so your door fits. Call my cell or email me to get the ball rolling on a quote.

58 Schweiss hydraulic door 46' wide 12'8.5" tall needed for a sidewall on my quonset building. Will this require a freestanding header? Please quote with remote opening system.

59 I would like a price on a 12x40 door shipped to Whitehorse, Yukon CA. Most interested in your hydraulic one piece insulated door. This will be going on an old quonset hut and I probably will need a free-standing header priced as well

60 I have a rough opening of: 20 ft high 40 ft wide the concrete at the corners on quonset building is below frost depth >3 feet. if a plate needs to be bolted. Hydraulic door, and well insulated, needs no windows or doors. Fix me up.

61 I have a 30 by 54 ft quonset shop with a fairly new  18 ft overhead door from another company that never worked correctly from the very start. I would like to replace this door with a one piece 25 to 28 foot Schweiss hyd door 16' high with a walk-in door. Aprox. cost please.

62 I would like a quote on a 40x18 Schweiss hydraulic door. This door will be installed on a sidewall of a quonset farm building for machine storage use. Please include remote opener and insulation.

63 I am going to replace an overhead door with a Schweiss hydraulic door on my machine shed. The door would be roughly 40' wide by 15' tall. I would want you to do the measuring and let me know for sure what would work as I want to maximize height but will be restricted as it is a quonset style shed. I would like the cost with installation. Thanks, Josh

64 I have a strange request if you have a door design for a fabric building where the side of the building opens up? I work in a mine where a fabric building is used to change tires on 797's. The door that is there runs on cables, counterweights, & winches. The door structure is of the same building material as the rest of the building. The door basically opens up like a clam. Is there options of a conversion to Schweiss door hydraulics?

65 I have a new Quonset Q-series building. I need quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power back up system. End wall opening 40' wide x 14' high.

66 Looking for a 25x18 or 30x18 hydraulic lift one piece door for end of hoop building. I would want this door to be lifted by your more powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps. 

67 Quonset arch steel 50ft w by 40 ft l by 18 ft h Hydraulic Lift Schweiss Door would have to extend beyond the building only at the top corners of the door. Quote Red Power System for this.

68 have a quonset with a 20 wide 14 hi wondering what something that size would cost fitted with Schweiss hydraulic lift door complete with Red Power backup system

69 I have a Quonset hut building with a 12x12 door. I would be interested in the price of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, outside installation, and galvanized sheeting with Red Power hydraulic pumps. I hear they are well worth the money.

70 To be installed in wood framed Quansot style shed. Only needs to be a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power System. Also price additional cost for remote controls. Your fine doors really make a quansot hut a workable building.

71 My wife and I purchased a door for a quonset building and am in the process of installing solar in our building and need the drive motor requirements for door. As far as the watts and amps that it draws. At this point we run door form L/P gas generator and want to run entire system from solar. Will your Red Power hydraulic pump work for this arrangement? We need a strong, but quiet motor. THANKS for the assistance!

72 Would it be possible to have some kind of \"ball park\" quote given to me for a Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar door approximately 42' by 12'. It would need all frame work because the doors we have on now are on a 1947 Quonset hut that has four 10' doors that are on a free sliding above door rail with no bottom attachments.Please quote both a single swing out door with and without Red Power hydraulics.Thank You, John

73 Hello my name is Patrick and I would like to get a price on a vertical lift hydraulic Schweiss door to be installed on my quonset building. This will be a big door, so I will need your more powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps for better lift.  Thank You.

74 I have a 50 by 100 quonset with a 14 by 24 ft opening , it now has a double slider on it, I am looking for the price of a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a walk door in it and Red Power backup system. Saw one of your doors in operation, am thoroughly sold on them. Jack, Spearfish, S.D.

75 This would be a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for a round roof quonset building.Because door is large I want you to price your most powerful Red Power hydraulic motor for best lift. I see they come in different sizes.

76 I have a round roof steel building. opening is 18 x 40. I need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to open 40 x 14.I would also need the free standing door frame.Can you send me a price that will include your recommended Red Power hydraulic cylinder and remote controls. Thanks

77 We are specing one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors on a quonset bldg. project. I have a couple questions to run by a rep. for our coordination. In mean time would like brochure on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thank You, Peter

78 Interested in putting in one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift shop doors in a Quansot building. It was a old onion warehouse we are using for equipment storage. Currently there are homemade sliding doors (three) they are each about 12' wide we would like to put in a 20' wide door approx 14' to 16' high we would need to make the opening as the current doors are only 12' wide. could you give me  price with Red Power hydraulics and time frame.

79 Need to retro fit a door to a 1967 quonset building, door opening is 14' wide and 16' tall. would be interested in ball park figure of price on your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pump system for best lift.

80 We have a quonset with sliding doors but we have so much trouble keeping the pigeons out as like to keep the doors open so it stays dry and clean. Need some ideas. Do you at Schweiss Doors think the hydraulic lift door should be our choice. I would want it with a Red Power backup system. Thanks.

81 I have a hoop building, hoops are steel tubing. Would like to have 1 walk in hydraulic lift door, no windows. What kind of support is needed for door? Can I get Schweiss Red Power Electrical System for it and a remote control (or two)? Thank you

82 Wooden quonset building, the second door is slightly smaller, but I don't have exact dimensions on that yet. I can possibly come pick the hydraulic lift doors up if they will fit on a 17' car trailer. I am currently in the process of tinning the shed, should the opening be tinned before the door is installed or is there anything specific that will need to be done to the opening before the building is tinned? Will this door come with your Red Power hydraulic pump?

83 Looking for 28' x 26' quonset second floor with open end for maximum sets of 6'-0 x 6'-8\" sliding glass doors, R-30 factor roof area and R-19 side wall. What would be the most economic Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door method or system with interior aestetics? We are trying to be green, solar and photovotaic TD

84 How much are Schweiss hydraulic lift doors? I have a 44' opening? I am looking for the delivered price. Also, how much time from the time I order until delivery. Thanks! Also, curious how much would cost to have Red Power backup system, or is that included? The building style is a quonset hut, so the door needs to sit in front of the building, but attached to it for strength. Also, the size estimates is 44' by 12', but it is not exact if you have a door size close to that instead. Justin

85 I have a slant wall quonset that I would like to put a new door on. I need your help in choosing the right Schweiss hydraulic lift door for the building. The door opening is 23'10\" in width and 15'3\" to the bottom of the steel header. The steel header is only 9\" in width at the outside points of the opening and 13\" in the middle of the opening. I need to keep the full 15'3\" height of the door. Could you tell me what I have to do to mount the door and give me a quote on Red Power Electrical System kits that I may need. Thank You

86 I am interested in obtaining a price quote for both a Bi-Fold and one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I have a round roof Pioneer Quonset style building that currently has a 24' wide by 14' high sliding door system. The building was erected in 1998. If I go hydraulic, I want a Red Power backup system.

87 Have existing quonset building 50x120' end wall door is 24x14'6''H but need a 16'4'' tall opening, width is ok will need a free standing frame as building has not much of header. Our total height of steel building is approx. 18'.Will want Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pump for good lift.

88 Phone will not be answered till I return from deployment. I have Quanset hut 60 feet wide I woud like to put a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door on it. Power it with Red Power hydraulic pump. Showed some of the farm boys here in Kuwait your web site. You may get more than just my business. They were pretty impressed.

89 We have a Quonset Hut with 40' X 12\" square openings on both ends. We are looking putting Schweiss hydraulic lift doors at both ends. What do you advise and what can you tell me about your Red Power hydraulic pump system.

90 This is a steel bldg 32'w x 20' just built, except for front wall. front wall design is not designed yet, but never-the-less we want to order a Schweiss hydraulic lift door along with Red Power hydraulic system.

91 Finally got my hangar up..a quonset hut 50 ft square 19 feet high...the door opening is 39 feet 9 inches by 10 feet high. Schweiss bi-fold or Red Power hydraulic ?...which is better for this type of round steel building ? thanks...jim s.

92 60 X 80 Hangar Quote round roof pitch roof with 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors one on each end and Red Power backup system with remotes.  50 x 14

93 Old round roof steel quonset needs door. Quote hydraulic with Schweiss Red Power electric power operator also. This door needs to be insulated. I like  the bottom drive. Salesperson can call to discuss suitability of project Canadian supplier unable to supply before January WE NEED NOW!

94 Existing blgd is quonset hut Q50 x 17  with open ends. I want to add a 10' x 40' hydraulic one piece Schweiss aircraft door to one end. I'm assuming it will have your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump on it. How much for a backup system? You do a nice job on quonset bldgs.

95 I have one of your BiFOLD doors in a 90 year old farm barn which I am well pleased with and now I am needing a replacement door in a 40 x100 foot Quonset building which I now have a 20 wide by 14 ft high over head in the end of the Quonset building. I would like to install a 28 x 14 ft Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with Red Power hydraulic pump, is that possible in this Quonset building? I'm near Independence, MO

96 Need information on the Schweiss hydraulic doors and will need a quote later on a 40' x 12 opening quanset building at airport to put one into. But need to get info first Also let me know what I need to look at when looking at this building and how it would work? Also Red Power hydraulic backup. Gary W.

97 Looking for a custom Schweiss hydraulic door. I hear Schweiss hydraulic doors require zero head room loss in a 40 x 48 foot quanset.

98 Quonset type 50 X 50 hangar about 2/3 complete. Would like a quonset hydraulic one-piece door price estimate and door installation availability date for a Schweiss bifold door with lift straps. Quonset door opening dimension is 41 X 12.


100 We are looking to replace our sliding quonset doors. the dimensions of the inside frame if 13' high X 2' wide. can you quote us a price on your hydraulic door? the lowest price possible.

101 I had sent an E-mail to you but realized that I didn't send you any of my contact information except for the E-mail address. Like I said in that E-mail, we are considering buying a school with a Quonset building attached. Because of the way that it sits on the lot it isn't much use to us but if we could add a hydraulic door on the rounded side instead of at the end for a reasonable price then we will purchase this building. I can't recall the exact size of the building but want to say that it is approximately 50 x 70.

102 We are looking to put a Schweiss hydraulic or bi-fold door in an older quonset hut building. The sliding doors are shot and we would like to replace them. The opening is 23'6\" X 14'8\". We were wondering if they can be ordered with any kind of insulation on it. We want it highly insulated.

103 Do you have some of the names of round roof building mfg. that you have worked with? I also want to see you about a bifold or hydraulic door when I figure out what size building I'll be getting. Your doors standout from all the rest I've seen.


105 I am interested in some of the features on your bi-fold and hydraulic doors. I am looking at putting a new door on our quonset. The building in pretty long so we figure a good door would probably help keep it sealed. I am more interested in certain features. We have the resources to build most of the door itself. The components are what I am looking at. Motor, straps, frame around door, accesibility, cost of project etc... Thanks Jordan

106 I have a galvanized metal \"Quonset\" building with a opening of 281\" wide and 192\" tall. Give me a price on hydraulic \"Red Power Pump\" door to fit in there. I want a lockable walk-in door and some windows in the door and at least 2 remote controls and a touch keypad to open it from the outside. The easiest way is to e-mail me if you have any questions. Thank you,SD

107 I have a 40 (depth) by 50 (wide) Cover-it Quonset style hangar and want to put a hydraulic door on it. Willing to contruct piers or bracket to tie into the steel tube structure but want a solution pre-fab if possible. What do you suggest?

108 Need hydraulic door for 40' wide 10' clear quonset hut (round) possible? Insulated and installed in Colorado. Price?

109 I would like to get some price quotes and recommendations. I would like to purchase two hydraulic doors for my steel quonset building. There are two rough openings, one is 19' 9\" wide X 14' tall (clearance above door is approx 12\" at the co ers). The second one is 11' 9\" wide and 12' 4\" tall(clearance approx 18\" at the co er\". I would need the free standing frame. I do want windows in them the number of windows will depend on cost. This is not a commercial building so the doors will not be in constant use. I am interested in the Red Power pump lift (electric). Also interested in insulating, depending on cost. Thanks