Quonset Doors

1 Hey, Im looking to add a second door to our existing Quonset shop. The shop is an older stick build that is 40ft across and 16ft tall, I would like to add a door that is 20ft wide and at least 14ft tall. the issue I am running into is that a regular door will not fit those dimensions being it is a quonset. What options do you offer for that type of scenario? Also it's sitting on an 18"x8" concrete foundation/stem wall.

2 Have an existing Quonset hut - the doors are the big sliding metal split doors. Want to replace with still same size door but need one that I no longer need to pull on to open - as they are heavy and very cumbersum. Wondering if this type of Schweiss hydraulic door would help us and be more suitable. Thank you.

3 putting up a 70 ft wide by 80 ft long mayfair quanset building wanting a quote on a door for a 30ft wide opening and 16 ft tall with 3 windows in it and insulation as well

4 I am looking for a door for a round Quonset. Currently it has two miserable sliding doors. The opening is 20 feet wide by 14 feet tall. I am interested in the most cost effective bifold door solution.

5 I have a Behlin Quonset I'm looking for a bifold or hydraulic quonset door with a freestanding header.. The hole size is 23'9" x 14'6". I like the Schweiss strap style best and I need a man door. Interested in pricing.